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OFFICE , NO. 12 , PEARL STREET. by rfirrtrr In any part of tlio city at
twc'iitj-cents per week.
II. W. TII.TO.V , - - Manager.
Tr.t.ttpjioNtts :
NKIIIT r.DiTou No. 2.1.
New fall goods at Holler's.
Now York Plumbing company.
The very best cabinets at $3 dox. at
Two drunks constituted the business of
Hie police court yesterday.
One do/en cabinets and a large panel
for $2.30 at Schmidt's nailery.
( . ' . 1) , Luccock Is taking .some line nlio-
lographic views of Lake Manawa.
A colored man found in a box car ,
using a Htolen hide for a pillow , has been
sent , to thu county jail for ten days.
The Harmony mission social has been
postponed until Friday evening , when it
will be entertained by Mrs. 1) , O. Brown.
Ollicer Lewis found a cra/.y man run
ning about on the bottoms yesterday ,
barefooted und with no clothing but shirt
and pantaloons. Ho brought him to the
city building to lie cared for. The man
gave Ids name as Frederick Buschalina-
bon. Perhaps his name made him mad.
The champion cromtctcrs of the Fln > t
and Second wards are contesting for the
honors of the Held. K. T. Bryant and
Mr. Halllnger represent the hirst , nnd
Ira Scolield and A. 1) ) . Foster the Second.
The Second warders have won the hrnt
of the series , and it is dechucd that the
First shall be last.
The "Tox" for
CMSO against keeping
open Saturday night after hours was yes
terday dismissed , there being no appa
rent ground for the prosecution. The
cnso against Bierworth was also dis
missed. The charge against Kost and
Hionck for neeping open on Sunday re
mitted In their being lined 10 and costs.
Died , Wednesday , August 18 , at 4M
a. in. , of cerobitis , Walter , hon of II. T.
and Maggie E. Hoist , aged one year and
twenty-two days. Funeral from the resi
dence of Mrs , M. E. Amy. No. S.Tl South
Sixth street , atI o'clock this afternoon.
Rev. Air. Macke.y will olllciato Little
Walter was a twin brother of Harry
Hoist , who died Mav 20.
D. O. Bloomer , as attorney for Mr.
Howe , has presented a request for the
council to makv a tax levy to pay off the
judgment of $10,000 gained by his client
against the city on warrants held by him.
In order to hasten thu payment Mr.
Bloomer is preparing to secure a writ of
mandamus from the courts forcing the
council to make the necessary levy to
pay the judgment.
C. S. Clark , who arrived among his old
friends hero to take a position on the
evening prohibition .sheet , has dropped
out almost as quickly as ho dropucd in.
He was not in practical accord with thu
cold-water policy ot tlio paper , anil ho
suddenly severed his connection with it.
Yesterday lie Marled on a visit to friends
in Marengo. Clarke has many friends
and well wishers here , and it is _ to bo re
gretted that hu could not remain among
The city has no place in which to care
for the stranger who may bo picked up
sick or wounded. The need of a hospital
is apparent to anyone making frequent
visits at the calaboose , and seeing how
the ofllcers there try to care for such
subjects. Jt would not cost tnncli to start
n small hospital sullicient for the citv's
present needs , nnd thu lack of such a
place is.ii disgrace lo a city of this size.
A move should be made at once.
13 Cabinet Photographs $3. Quality
the tincst. Shorradcn , ! 117 Broadway.
Electric door bells , burglar alarms , and
every form of domestic electrical appli
ances at thu Now York Plumbing Co.
A Financial JMncli.
Frank Stubbs , who recently opened
here one of the linost merchant tailoring
establishments in the west , is having
Home financial troubles , which it is hoped
will soon blow over. His stock was seized
on a chattel mortgage given Ollicer &
Pusev for $2,500 , and yesterday there was
an attachment made for $2-78 duo Skin
ner & Co. , of Chicago. It is said that
tlie stock amounts to over $7,000 and that
the total liabilities above the mortgage
do not reach $ lfiOO. The hope is that the
matter will bo speedily adjusted so that
the business may continue and the young
man's credit- and property bared. Tlio
establishment is one of the most credita
ble in the city and Mr. Stubbs seemed to
bo doing a good and Increasing business.
The financial complications which re
sulted in the closing of the establishment
yesterday call forth many express ions of
sympathy for him and hopes that ho will
be soon bo able to got upon his feet again.
See that your books are made by More-
house & Co. , Room 1 , Everett block ,
Where Wore They ?
To the Editor of tlio HUB : At the
moating called to express the views ol
tins community on the brutal murder of
Rev. George 0. Haddock , there was a
noticeable and marked absence of all the
city and county oflloials. So far as coulr
be observed not one was in night. Has
it come to this , that those sworn to en
force the law do not darn to join in even
n mild expression of disapproval of a
most cowardly murder of one who was
seeking to have law enforced ? Some of
the ollielals might possibly have good
excuses tor not being present , but it is
not possible that all had , The indlflur-
once of private citizens is censurable
enough , but thepublie lias the right to
oxpcot some snow of backbone ant
richtoons indignation on tlio part of its
olncials. Why did they all absent tlu-ni-
solves ? A. OVKUTON.
Perfectly satisfactory accommodations
at $2.00 a day at the Pacific house. Give
it a trial and bo convinced.
An old IJHW Suit ,
In the circuit court yesterday the trial
of the old case of Doty vs. Mallard was
again on trial. This case has now been
tried live times , nnd has entered on its
sixth , Three times it has bemi decided
in favor of the plaintiH'and two times in
favor of the defendant. The plaintiff
originally claimed § 1.15for wages holding
cattle tor Dr. Mallard , in Aiulubon coun
ty , and iiOjWt ho costs arc much more than
Hpootnl Notion.
I will rccolvo all moneys duo the ( 'oun.
oil Ulna's Driving Park association , 1
I m responsible for nil dues and premi
ums that may accrue at the fall meeting
Aucust 81 , September 1 , a nnd a.
Personal Paragraphs.
Dr. T. IK Lacy has gone to St. Louis on
E brief trip ,
" "B. Sillowny , ot Cedar Uaplds , Into pro
prietor of the Ogden house , is in the city.
Miss Emma Joulyn. who > has been vis-
itinir her sister. Mrs. II. N. lilton , and
aim. P.M. Pryor , loaves to-day for her
homo In Jnncsvillc. Wis. , but Intends to
return auif spumU winter hero.
J'kfit-flass tiu work , roofing , etc. , a
noInty ) ! at Cooper & Ncuco s.
Oharlea Barter Loses a Hnnd in the North
western Yards.
A 'NcrrntiH Keeling on tlio Saloon
Question- Irate 1'nrcnt In
Scnruli of nn Kit
T.nst Mis Hnnd.
Charles Hnrter , nifrhtswilclimaii in thn
hlciifro & Northwi'storn ynnls , met witli
: i serious accident at an early hour yes-
iertlay niornniK. 1" coupling curs Ills
left hand was canKlit anil wus so badly
inaslmd that it became ncce ary to am-
imtaio It at the wrist. Dr. Lacy performed -
formed the opc'ratlon , and the injured
man was tsvkun to his home , No. 1100
South Seventh street ,
It is wlilsnorcd that cro lotiR there will
bo sonic sensational onslaughts upon the
saloons of the city , which are running as
open as befoic the passage of the prohib
itory law. Of late there have been par
ties purchasing liquors in llasks in dillbr-
cut parts of tlio city , and the evidence
thus gained is being cared for anil looUcd
nflurso as to present it in duo form in
the pourtfl. This fact has leaked out and
it has been followed by exaggerated
rumors as to what will bo the next move
of tlio prohibitiouisUs. Everybody is
watching eagerly cveiy indication ot a
new nhaso in the strngclo and it takes
but little to sot many tongues wagging
wildly. A day or two ajra tx gray-haired ,
rather ministerial lookinggcnth'inan was
in Justice Hcndrieks' court drawing up
some papers , lie was u stranger hero ,
nntl in less than half an hour tno report
sped all over the business part of the city
that a number of the saloons were to bo
sei/.ed under the Clark law. The fact
was that the stranger was an attorney
who was hero looking after an attach
ment case which had no savor of intoxi
cants connected with it.
Another rumor quite prevalent is that
a raid is soon to bo made upon the Coun
cil HlnlVs saloons by n band from outside
of the oily. It is said Ihat a company of
100 armed men will r'do ' in hero early
some morning and proceed to soi/.o stocks
of liquors. Tliis is about as wild a guess ,
probably , as the otner , but it is believed
by many.
Smoke the Manawa cigar , made by
Frank Levin , 312 Broadway.
Saloons on Sunday.
The saloonists seem to be greatly
mixed us to what the ordinance is in re
gard to keeping open on Sundays. Some
think they can keep open if they do not
sell ; and others that if they keep the
doors closed thny can sell to those friends
who are fortunate or unfortunate enough
to be inside. Judge Aylosworllrhas de
cided the ordinance to provide a penalty
for both of these odenscs. lie holds that
if a saloon is open to the public , even if
no drinks are sold , the keeper is liable tea
a line. Ho also holds that oven if the
saloon is not open to the public , but
drinks are sold to any onu that consti
tutes an oQ'onso under the same ordin
ance. The excuse is made now that the
doora have to bo kept open to accomo-
datc the boarders at tlio lunch counters.
This seems to bo the most perplexing
ytiz/.lo for the city authorities. There is
no ordinance providing for the closing
of lunch places and restaurants on Sun
day , and some who run saloons are
charged with availing themselves of the
lunch counter as a shield for keeping
open. The council should take some ac
tion by which in such cases' the bar
should be so enclosed a § to vendor it im
possible for u rinks louo soul from it
without detection.
All the comforts of high-priced hotels
at this Pacific house , and a saving of 50c
to $1 u day. Try it.
Shoot tlio Hat.
John Boim at tlio Ogden house likes to
get a'joko on his "Joe , " and he had his
lill the other day. Joe has a white hat
which ho occasionally puts on , especially
on [ state occasions. John got Joe's hat ono
day recently unit setting it up in a back
room as a target , and some of his friends ,
who like to try the rifle , innocently put
several holes through it. John rushed
oil' and told Joe that I lie boys wore shoot
ing his hat full of holes , and Joe started
in on the war path. The shooters had
considerable difliculty in persuading Joe
that they did not know that it was his hat
and liis pride , and there were several
laughs and still more holes. .Too planned
for revenge though. John had a white
hat , very much like Joe's , which he also
reserved for state occasions , the lake , etc
Joe got hold of this , and the next day
came sauntering in with it on his head ,
and John and his friends worn practic
ing again % yitli the rillo. Joe remarked
that they might as well put some nioro
holes in Ids hat , and accordingly set the
hat up for a target. The boys , including
John , plugged away at the hat until the
crown looked like a skimmer. The hat
was completely ruined Imforu John found
that it was his own tile , and not Joe's
at all. I'eaco was only restored on Joo's
promising his employer to limit him up
another cage of white rats.
Always buy your moats at Star market ,
No. SJOl Broadway , and got the best.
iSatisfuution guaranteed.
Fruits , confectionery and cigars , best
in the market always in stock. Frank
Witherell , ' . ' -'I Broadway.
Hlie AVus n YOUIIK Tiling.
On Monday last there arrived at Idol's
hotel , a young couple , claiming to bo
from St. Louis , and registering as Mr.
Charles Koch uii'l ' Miss Lizzie Poppoiv
hagcn , both from St. Louis. They pro
cnedcii to secure the needed license , ami
ivoro soon married in the hotel parlor
by Justice llnndrleks. Yesterday there
arrived the irate father , who claimed
that the girl and her lover hnd run away.
liu hunted up the record and found that
voting Koch had represented the girl to
be of age , whereas it is claimed by him
that * ho is only just past fifteen years , The
couple in the meantime had gone to
Omaha , nnd thither the angry father
went in hot Imte , threatening to have
his now son-in-law arrested for perjury ,
or obtaining the girl under false pre
tenses , or something of that sort.
Pacillc hotiao recently ronovated. Coo'
roonib ; money saved ; comforts gained.
In Jail.
A man was found in liardiu towr.shi )
wandering about in an apparently dazed
condition und brought to this city ant
ploced in the comity jail , Ho was ex
amined by the physicians , with a vlow
of having him tukcnto an insane asylum
but It seems that ha is suffering fron
sonic- temporary Ailment , needing care
and rest nioro than any thing else. Ho
gives Ins name as Bogardns , and claims
to bo u cousin of tlio famous shot of that
name. Ho says ho is from HutuliiiiKoi
county. Kansas , and wns making hi * waj
across the country to C'urroll county , this
State. Hu remembers of feeling oucui
nnd sick , but beyond that can mvo no In
formation about himself. Ho will be
cared for for a few days , until his case
etui bo more definitely determined.
Highest prices paid for county ,
city and school bonds. Odell Bros.V -
Jo. , No. 103 Pearl street , Council Bluffy
_ _
Ueguhir meeting of Harmony Chapter ,
No. 23 , O. K. S. , this ( Thursday ) evening
it 7:30 : o'clock. A full attendance is re-
picstcd for the transaction of important
mslncss. By order of the W. M.
Klrklnnd , the jeweler , has re jorod to
J2U Broadway , Singer ollico.
Substantial abstracts of titles and real
estate loans. J.V . it E. L. Squires , No.
101 Pearl street , Council Ululls.
A Day ofUvclieinont Caused liy Mcx-
Ican Humors.
Atlanta Constitution : A reporter
strolled into the Kimball house at seven
) 'clock last night in search of dis-
iuguished visitors. While scanning the
register he felt a hand upon his shoulder ,
ind turning , beheld Captain \YhacK
Uailey , of Augusta.
" " said the "do
"Young mini , captain ,
you want logo to Mexico ? "
' 'Some other I'veniug , " replied the ro-
lortcr , who had not forgotten the hard-
: aek and i-orghum syrup which prevailed -
vailed us the chief articles of food in the
south during tliu war between the states.
"Well , " said the captain. "I am raising
n regiment to light the Mexicans , and
nm ready to enlist any able-bodied young
man. "
Ten minutes later the reporter was told
ni interesting story by an enthusiastic
military man.
"Two " he slid "of
companies , , ono
iiinilrcd men each , wore raised at At-
anta to-day to light the Mexicans. Cap
tain Wh'ick Balloy , who was the b'iglor '
of the oh ! Atlanta artillery , arrived in tlio
city to-day , and at once began raising a
third company. Uy five o'clock ho had
sixty-seven names , among thorn being
some of the most prominent young men
the city boasts. "
At this instance another enthusiastic
military man interrupted.
"Have you heard the latest ? " he in
"No , " said the reporter , "what is it ? "
"Mexico is massing her troops on the
Texas frontier. "
"Is that all ? "
"No ; tlm secretary of war has tele
graphed the governors of the different
suites requesting them to issue proelama-
mations calling for volunteers from
amen < r the organized state troops. "
Tlio reporter soon discovered that it
was generally believed in the hotel and
on the streets that Governor McDanicl
liad received such a telegram. It was
rumored also that Judge II. E. W. Pal
mer , clerk of the executive department ,
who had opened the telegram , had tele
graphed Governor McDaniel , who was
on a visit to Walton county , to return at
once to Atlanta. Inquiries at the execu
tive mansion developed that Governor
McDanicl had returned to the city at 0
The reporter , who was in a hurry ,
sought the telephone.
"Six hundred and six is wanted , " ho
The handsome young man in the cen
tral station was wide awake and connec
tion was made in fifteen seconds.
"Hello ! " sang out somebody in the ex
ecutive mansion.
"Hcllol" responded the reporter. "Is
Governor McDuniol there ? "
"Yes. "
"Please say to him that it is reported
that the Mexicans are masing-troop3 on
the Texas frontier , and that the secretary
of war has telegraphed the governors ot
tlio different states asking for volunteers.
Ask the governor if he has received such
a telegram. "
"All right , " was the reply , in a voice
wliich suggested much excitement.
Twenty-three seconds elapsed.
"Hcllol" gtjjpg out somebody at the ex
ecutive mansion.
"Proceed , " replied the reporter.
"Tho governor directs mo to say * hat
ho arrived in the city at 0 o'clock , and
that if tlio secretary of war has tele
graphed him ho has not heard of it. "
Despite this reply , it was generally be
lieved by those who waited in tlio hotels
and on the streets to receive the latest
news that preparations for war were
being made. Excited croups of men
discussed the situation. The general
Sentiment was that 'he ' United States
must light or substitute the oravon crow
for the eagle on its coat-of-arms. There
is no sort of doubt that a regiment ot
1,000 ineir could have been raised in At
lanta last night in two hours.
At 9 o'clock the reporter sought his
quarters. From the time of his arrival
until midnight ho was kept busy replying
to telephone calls.
"What is the news from Mexico ? "
would bo asked.
The latest would bo given , and then the
reporter would return to his labors. Just
after midnight a free American citizen ,
color white , silently Inebriated , halted in
fiont of the night entrance to the Consti
tution building.
"Shay , " lie said to the watchman , "I'm
fnm'ly man , all way fr'm Texas. I'm for
wall. Yisli , shir , wah ; wall wist Mcx'co.
Whero's ean'n of zho army ? "
Ho was informed that the "cap'n of army" was scouting around for re
cruits ,
' 'Well toll 'im ' T down
, shay put mo as
'Fcruto. I'm lightin1 man. I'm a daisy ,
an' don' you forgot it. Whoop ! "
A bl no-coated , brass-buttoned cop ap
peared upon the seono.
"Shay , cap'n , " said the slightly in
ebriated , falling upon the cop's ' neck ,
"I'm ' for wah : wah wiMox'co "
"And I'm for preserving the peace. "
replied the cop , collaring the slightly
inebriated and loading him away.
There was no later news from Mexico.
A Oossipy Intorvlowon tlio Army , tlio
iiiilluiiHiuul the Washington
Park Club.
Chicago Tribune : General Phil Sheri
dan is in the city for a few days and was
scon by a reporter for the Tribune at the
Palmer last night. Ho was looking welt
and doubtless feeling so.if it is permitted
to judge from the good nature and lo
quacity ho displayed in tuisworing the
questions propounded.
"Is there anything now in army affairs
general ? " ho was asked ,
"Nothing. "
"You passed through the city sotno
days ago ; did yon go east or west ? "
"To what point ? "
"Jefferson Barracks. "
"On any business of public interest ? "
"No. "
"Are there any changes or promotions
of Importance contemplated iu the imme
diate future } "
"Nono , "
"What has been the character of the
latest advices from Arizona , concerning
the movements of Goronimo and his band
of Apaches ? "
" 1 have received none. "
D"Can you toll mo nothing about army
or Indian affairs that will interest tlio
public ? "
' ' .
Those replies wore not of a character
to provoke inquiry , in any particular di
rection , nor yet ot a kind to suggest a
possible tlicnio ( or conversation. The
reporter , however , was growing ilesper-
ate , and , in the hope that subsequent
questioning might give him something
to hang to , commenced again.
"You are the president of the Wash
ington park club , general * "
"Yes. "
"Wore yon pleased ith the .success of
the meeting which closed Saturday ? "
"Yc ? . " i
"Was it not regarded in racing circles
05 an unusually long meeting for the
' 'Yes. "
"Is there anything now in connection
with the affairs of the club ? "
"No. " '
"As president of the club I suppose
you attended a number of themcctings ? "
"No. "
"You were at the track the opening
lay ? "
"Yes. "
"Did you consider" the attendance ns
encouraging ? " '
"Yes. "
"There was nothing , then , during the
necting to discourage the members of
the club ? "
"Nothing. "
"How long will you remain the city ,
general ? "
' Several days. "
"Will you go from hero to Washing *
ton ? "
"Yes. "
' Is there anything outside of army and
club matters that you care to talk about1'
"Nothing. "
The atmosphere of the general's room
wr.s becoming very close anil warm and
the reporter felt the necessity of the in-
vigoratiiiE influences of the lake brce/.c.
lie prepared to take his departure , and
when on the point of leaving war almost
imralyzod to hear the general break
: hroitgli thc monasyllabic rule which h.d
roverncd him thiough the visit : " 1 am
always glad to toll you newspaper people
inytlung 1 know , but when 1 havcn'tany
news I can't talk at all. Good evening ,
sir , good evening. "
The unique idea ot a Concord philoso
phers "No mere collectivity can bo a self
No aggregate , unless pervaded in every
| iart by a continuous whole , can possibly
ittain any irdepcndunt selfhood. A self
s one which is separately alive. In this
form it may c.\iht without kuowiiiK it ex-
tsts. The self can know itself only by
liscrimiting itself through hclf-rclated
listinctions in itself. "
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Fall Meeting.
Trotting , Pacing nnd Running
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Fire Esoa/pe
And nil modern Improvements.
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Established 1S5T
B. RICE , m. D. ,
Or other Tumors removed wltliou
the knlfQoi-UrttwInjr of blood.
DlSeaSCS ofallltlnds a specialty.
Over thlrtr yonrs" prnctlciil experience.
No. 11 I'omlSt. . Council
PC' " Consultntlonliua.
in N. Main St. , Council Bluffs , la. , ami
20'J S. liHhSt. . Room 10 , Omaha , Neb.
Mamifuctuior'H Aiontlor the
Tents , Awnings , Roofing Slafc , Man
tels , Plato niul Window ( ilass , Show-
Cases. Elevators ( hand and hy
draulic , ) &c.
rates , Real estate handled , In
surance written and all kinds of
bonds bought by F. J. Day No ,
39 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs ,
Established 188 ! ,
BOOK BffiDfflG
I.cdgorni , Journals Coiinly niul
ItaiiK Woi-It of nil IUmU aKjico
Prompt Attention to Mall Orders
Room 1 Hvorct Block , Council BlnllV.
Standard Papers FJsed. All stylus of bind
ing m Magazines ami
O. 11. Ntttlnniil Ilnnlt , M. I ! Smith & Co. ,
Oiti/on * ' lliiulc. Jleor" , Nrllj & I - > . ,
Una Niitluiml IlHiiU , ( I II. InKilrunoo < < > . ,
Officer } : } j oi , Uuaif .C. 11. buviujj * Uauk.
Agricultural Implements , Buggfa ? ,
_ _ CmrlnRp , Kto Kto. Council niuffg , low *
Mnko the Original and Complete
Hay Loader , also Rakes , Cider Mill & Press" ,
Nos. ir.Ol . , 151 , l.VB ntnl I.VJ7 ? outti Mulu Street ,
Council Hitiirj , Initn.
Mnnuf'r. nn I Jobber * of
Agricultural Implements.Wagons . , Bnggfoj ,
C rrlRfrr . nmi nil kin Is of l' rm Machinery.
1100 to llto South Mnln Street , Council muff *
tonn ,
r.O. Oi.r.Mos , T. H.Donii.u , aro.tfwntunr.
I'rcs.ATrrns. V..l'ro . .V-Mnn. See \Couni l.
Council BluTs Handle Pacfory ,
( liKMrporitti-d. )
Manufacturer * of Atlo , I'lcU , Slolpo and 3m U
. of every dc < cilpllon.
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades ,
Oil ( loth * . Curtnln I'lxliiro * . Cphnhtory Oixxlf.
Ktc. No. 40ft llronilwrvy Council IHulT * ,
n. HTC.
Wholurnlo .lolibuin In the
Finosl Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes.
NOR. la.Mftlu ana 27 Pearl Su. Council llluffj ,
Fruit and Produce Commission Merchants ,
No 14 Pearl St. . Council 'tlutfj.
11AKLE , HAAS Ai CO. ,
Wholesale Drngghts , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
' Sunelrlofi. Ktc1. No. 21 Main St , and
No. 21 1'eiirl St. , Council Illntlg.
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
General Commission. No. 511 Broadway
Council Bluffs.
Fruits , Confectionary & Fancy Groceriaj.
Nos. 10 and 1 ? Prnrl St. , Council UUitTs.
Joboers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
AlK ) Wholesale Liquor Dealer' . No. 410 Broad
way. Council Illu'.r .
JIunii'ncturers of nn 1 Whelp nlo Doilorj la
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. Ko Main St. . Council niuTi , Iowa.
Jobbers in Hats , Caps and Gloves.
Nof.at2 ami 3U nrontltrajr. Council IllulU.
Whole ale
Iron , Steel , Kails , Heavy Hardwire , ,
And Wood Stock. Council IJlutK Iowa.
Commission Merchants for Sala of Hides ,
TnllowWool , 1'cltsOicinoanJ Furs Council
lllutrs Iqwa.
Wliolesnlo Donlera In
Illuminating & Lubricating Oils Gurtlai
E3TO. , ETC.
P.Thcodore , ABC-lit , Ooiincil Illuffa. Town.
'lLtxa , tyre.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumbar , Piling ,
Anil Urlil : oMatciliilriiioclnUI < sWliolosaln Lum
ber or aU Kinds , uiiico No. 130 Main at ,
Council HlulTs. Io\rn. \
, *
i 11
Imported and Domestic Wlnai & Llquars.
Auont for St. ( iottliam's Ilcrli lllltoM.
MnluSt. Council lllulls.
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
-Villa . . CiiuncH lllujf.
HO ! for the LAKE
The Steamer OLtlE MAY
Nmvly fitted up , nnd under the clinw of a
EUlllful engineer and pilot , IsnottmiiKlnu pleas *
uro trips on
Wo will ijlvechnrtors to p i ties for ono hour
or any li'iutth ot tlmo dcslted.
Iliitua of charter jrlvuii and onlcr * l/ike-i nt
o'llcoo.S31 Main s t. , butwuon lionr-l ( .1 . to IU U.
m. 1. . D.VIIII & tU.
Ppcclnl iiilvo
ToI/Min.Tor Siile , To Jtent , hnnm. IJoarillnir ,
etc .will hn Inserted in thU roluinn r.t llto loir
rateofTHNOUNTrt I'KII I.IN'H fortlio Mm mser
lion und I'l vo Cnnta Tor l.lno for nueli Kiusn'iuent '
Incvi lion , Lotivo ndvfrll'Oim'iits at our offleo
Wo. 11 J'cal etroct , Jlroiidway , Council
JllulU. _ .
/ "OK KIOST A nliio-ruuni and store
Wo 1017 _ Mnln _ St. _
-An nss-lsttint cook lit tlio Osd
T7IOU RAlTlS Old iiapors. In nimtitltlos to
-I ? at lleo offlo'j No. 13 1'fiul utroct.
, JtU'FFfi , IOWAn ,
, \n cjcocliv'ut educational liittlmtloii , fur Teh
cd with all the modern Impiovomoiitd , con
ducted liytlHiSlSTHUS Or'CHAIIITV.U , V. M
For term otllTO months , t > ? 6.
Tirm * U-tfln Orit Monday Iu Pcpti < mt > cr nnl
flr t Monday In February. For catulcsfiios U *
RlSTl',1 ! Bri'SHIOJt
St. I'runcll Academy.CouucllUlilttlo