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A Coming Street Merchant Has a Hard
, Tussle with a Confidence Shark-
Two Htiralnm Sentenced The Iiamt
Syndicate Bqualililo Ati Interview -
view wit h.IJosler Col.Chase's
A New Trick.
A novel species of confidence panic wns
reported at police headquarters yesterday ,
the victim being Mr. C. C. Field who
owns a candy store near Twenty-fourth
nnd Cntning streets. That gentleman
while in Ins store Monday night , was ap ,
proachcd bv a tall , neatly dressed
etrangor , who proceeded lo lake Mr.
Field into his confidence nt once. He
said thai ho litid jusl mot a young lady
friend whom ho desired to treat , hut
found that he had left his pocket book
at homo. Would Mr. Held kindly lend
him one dollar , taking ns secuniy his
gold watch and chain ? That gentleman
is nothing if not obliging , and he
promptly opened his cash box and
produced the dollar. The fellow
Instead of handing over his watch threw
down an old brass ring , look Iho money
nnd galloped through the door. Mr.
Fluid followed him and overtook him at
the corner of Saunders nnd Cumlng
Blreels. A short anil warm encounter
followed , which resulted in Ihe conlt-
deuce man being knocked down by a ler-
title right-hander from Mr. Field. The
fellow jumped up quickly , however , and
was soon on his feel again. He started
on"at n rapid gall , and niiitle his escape in
Hie darkness. lie has not been seen
ulnce. but as his description is pretty
wall known it is probable lhat he will not
try the operation on upper Cumlng street
Dan J Ross , the -sprinter , is slill be-
f- hind the bars of Ihe city juil , awailing a
i hearing on the charge of disposing of
t of mortgaged property. To a repor-
r tor yesterday he staled lhat ho did not
I know what ho hail been arrested for ,
I though ho did not pretend lo bo entirely
i innocent. Ho said that he expected lo
* have Ihe charges compromised.
i It ( lavrlopcdycstcrday that in addition
to'being charged with disposing ot Iho
, mortgaged property of Hill iSs Young ,
Ross has another and far more serious
1 charge lo answer. Sonic weeks ago ho
was in the employ of Duncan & Wallace ,
the piumblng linn , as their book
keeper. Ho forged an order for
fS5 on N. B. Falconer , the
clrv goods man , feigning the
firm name of Duncan & Wallace to the
order. This order ho gave to Mrs. Ross ,
telling her lo go down nnd get i Is value
in goods. She did M > , and wnile she was
selecting Ihe goods a boy was sent over
to Duncan & Wallace's to see if the or
der was correct. No one happened to bo
in at the lime except Uoss , who of course
assured the boy that the order was good.
When Messrs. Duncan & Wallace re
ceived the bill they were astounded and
, at once charged Ross with forgery. They
were compelled later to pay the bill and
it is probable that a prosecution for for
gery will grow out of the case.
He Claims That tlio Sale of the Symil-
cnto Property Was LiCRalt
Montlay evening Mr. A. H. Swan of
the South Omaha Land syndicate left
for the east. Ho was accompanied by
Mr. Boslor of Carlisle , Pa. , the gentleman
who , it is claimed , lias purchased the
property in Soutu Omaha belonging to
r the syndicate. Mr. Bos.lcr was met on
f the train by a Ben reporter , and grac
iously an-swered a number of ques-
ons propounded to him.
"I am going home"ho said , "to Car
lisle , 1'a. , but 1 shall return before long. "
"Has the question of your purchase of
the limit syndicate property been agreed
to by the minority of the trustees ? "
"It lias not. But that does not make
any difference. I have nought the prop
erty in question , or at least Mr. Swan has
sold it to me , and I intend to stand on
my contract. "
' 'Is that the contract which it is alleged
Mr. Swan was authorized to make with
the 'Scotch syndicate ? ' "
"No , sir. Mr. Swan was never author
ized to sell to the Scotch syndicate any
more than to you or me. Since I have
been hero , 1 have looked up the resolu
tion which authorized him lo make Iho
Bale , and Ihere is not a word in it which
epccifics Iho Scotch syndicate as the
party to whom the land must bo sold. I
nave taken legal advice on the subject
and am informed the sale is a legal one
and 1 propose to stand bj the agree
ment. "
"Who are your associates ? "
"Their names I do not now desire to
mention. "
"How much ready cash were you to
pay ? "
"The full amount , $700,000 , "
"Were you required to make improve
ments ? "
"Yes , but 1 do not care to speak about
that now. "
Mr. Hosier , it will bo perceived , enters
a Hat contradiction to" the story of the
minority of the board of trilslccs ,
An IntPi'pHilnjj llcpnrt Mmlc up by
Assistant United Ktatcs Attor
ney Jtnrtlott.
E. M. Bartlett , Esq. , assistant United
States d'btrict ' attorney for the district of
Jfubraska , has jus ; completed and for
warded to Atloi Hoy-General Garland his
report of the criminal nnd civil cases in
the United States district and current
curls during the year extending Irom
July 1 , 188r to July 1 , 1880 , The report
is full of interesting facts and ligurcs
which loll a tale highly cirodjtablo to Dis.
trict Attorney Lnmbertson and his Inde
fatigable assistant Mr. Bartlctt.
According to the ropoit 5 civil cases
to which the United States was a party ,
wore terminated during the year , and of
these 0 were judgements for the United
States ,
The aggregate amount of judgements
obtained during the year , in favor of the
United States , w w $5,005,85 , and the
amount realised from such judgements
during the year , $1,054.85. The number
of civil cubes pending ' .n the United
Btatas courtfc , July 1,1880 , was 9 ,
Of the number of crim
inal pci'M'd.lions terminated during
the fibcal year ended Juno 80 , 1880 , 47
wcro based on infringement of the inter
nal revenue laws , 11 of postollieo laws , 3
of the pension laws nnd 40 for miscella
neous ofionses , making a total of 110. Of
these there woio 20 convictions in inter
nal rovcmio ensos , 8 in po.-tofttco cases , 3
in pension cases and 25 miscellaneous.
There wcro but two acquittals during the
The aggregate amount of lines , forfeit-
nrcs nnd penalties imposed miring two
ties imposed L , . _ . _
TJio total number of criminal prosecu
tions pending July 1,1S80 , win. 51.
The report then goes on to state f ho
disposal suits to which the United
Stains was not a pnrty ( bankruptcy CJT-
copied ) . Of these cases , there were 481
commenced during the yrar , and 410
terminated during the same period. In
870 of these cases the result was a judg
ment for plaintiff , and In 80 a Judgment
for defendant. Of the same number ,
lOt were dismissed or discontinued. Tlio
total amounts of judgments for plaintiffs
Was $703,277.01 , and Iho amount of judg
ments for defendants was $1,023,17. The
number of thcso casespcmllng July 1 ,
1880 , was 837.
Milton Hogcrs SUM to TCtiJoin the Snlo
of the I/nml.
Yesterday mornlngMilton Rogers filcda
petition in the district conn , to enjoin A.
II ( Swan , Wm I'axton , Thomas Svvobc ,
Frank Murphy. C. W. Hamilton , Peter
K. Her nnd James M Woolworth , trus
tees of the South Omaha Land syndicate ,
from selling the property owned by the
same. The petition sels forth that the
association was formed May 7th , 1883 ,
for the ourposc of buying and selling
laud , and that after tlioy had purchased
about 1,800 acrcssouth of Iho city of Om
aha , they issued bonds to the amount of
$1-IOO,000. Of these , Rogers tookJfOO.OOO ,
which gave him one-twenty-eiglith Inter
est in the association. The cost of tlio
land unon which thcso bonds were is
sued was but fcUT.OOO. For the laud sold
and others sources , the syndicate have
received bills receivable to the amount
of $175,000 , , and slill retain 1,000 acres of.
the land bought. The total assets of
chc syndicate are $1,500,000. , It is
thinned that on the 2-td of July , by
virtue of authority , alleged to have neon
obtained from Iho trustees , executed a
contract of sale lo J II. Bosler. of Car
lisle , 1'a. , all of the property of the syndi
cate , including the notes mentioned for
Iho sum of $750,000. One third of this
sum was to be in cash , and the remainder
to be paid on the Istof January , 1837. On
the 2 th of July this alleged contract of
sale was ratified by a majority of the
trustees , namely , A. W. Slmw.W. A Pax-
ton. P. E. Her and J. M. Woolworth , thn
said Bosler being , it is claimed , associ
ated with the above members for the pur
pose of carrying out and consummating
the fraud. The plaintiffs further claim
that the price at which the land is sold is
inadequate to satisfy the rightful interest
of the bondholders , and that the scheme
to soil is one of deceit and fraud , and if
carried out will lead to the irreparable
injury ot tlio petitioner. For these reas
ons he petitions that any and all of the
trustees above mentioned be enjoined
from in any manner attempting the sale
of the property mentioned.
Midsummer AVIckcclncRS.
Clerk Jerome Pectyol , of the police
court , preparedyestcrda. > | his.'statementof |
the various offenses recorded in his court
during the months of Juno and July ,
following are the figures !
_ . June. July.
Robbery 4 . . .
Kinbc/zleiiient 1 i
Obtaining iocds by false pre
tenses 3
fugitive Irom justice 1 3
Latently 25 15
Maliciously destioyliiR prop
erty 1
lnllio icltiK witness 1
Abs.ittlt and battery. 23 10
Using horse without Irave 3
Variants and suspicious per
sons 19 147
Obstructing anolliccr 1 3
1'cddlliii : without license 1 9
ObstitictliiK street 1 0
Intoxication ISO 177
Carrying concealed weapons. . 0 1
Cruelty to animals 1 1
Prostitution 108 153
Storinp combu < tlbles. . . . 3
Dltftuilcincuof llin peace 51 88
Fast driving . 14 1
Nuisances , ; 5 4
Gaining ; 14 10
Distutblng religious meeting. . 3
Keeping saloon open alter
midnight. 3
Leaving team unhitched 2 7
Intorlcring with telephone
wires 1
li < Viirjiiip : firearms 3 4
Iniimti'.sdlsnnleily house 3 8
( Saining on Sunday 10
Soiling mot tgageil nioperty. 1
Uttering and publishing forged
check i
Total 024 C57
Railroad Pointers.
Mr. A. Montmorcncy , the able and
energetic chief clerk to General Mana
ger Iloldredge , of the B. & M. , is taking
a much needed rest in Wyoming.
Westbound passenger business on the
Union Pacific is fairly quiet since the G.
A. R. exodus has ceased.
Assistant General Superintendent
DiuKinson , of the Union Pacilic , arrived
in the' city Jycsterday morning ( .from
Kansas City
Nelson station , on the western branch
of the B. & M. , fourteen miles north of
Superior , has been opened for business
with S. E. Davis as agent.
Mr. S. B. Parker , chief clerk to General -
oral Passenger Agent Morse , loft last
night for St. Louis , and it is rumored
that ho will not return to Omaha alone.
The Pnxton Ilnuso Walk.
Yesterday morning , the work ofjlayingja
new sidewalk around the Paxton hotel
was commenced with a great deal of en
ergy. The walk will bo of stone-flags
sixteen feet wide , and extending to the
curb. The old plank walk is being torn
up , and its supports are being removed
to enable iron braces tc bo stretched
from the inner wall to the curb. The
latter will bn cut down six inches at the
west side of tlio house , and the rest will
bo graduated to the Fourteenth street
corner , where lho-1 present level of the
curb will be maintained. The objection
able height of the walk above the curb
which has heretofore existed will bo thus
removed. The stone used in the walk is
brought from Cleveland , Ohio.
Opposed by Her Children.
A man by the numo ot Henry Adams
complaincd.'at polion headquarters ycstor-
day'aflernoon that ho had been locked
up in a room by the children
of a Mrs. Wilkins , a widow
whom liu had engaged to marry , against
their will. The ceremony was lo have
taken pltice this afternoon. Mrs. Wilk
ins is wealthy. Adams had known her
but four days.
The Hay State Cattle Company.
John A , McShanc left Monday evening
forJCustcr , Montana , where thoJUay State
Cattle company , of which ho is presi
dent , are now receiving several largo
howls of cuttle from Tovas , which are
coming In droves of 3f)00 , each. Two of
IhesQ diovcB have already arrived , and
eight moio are now on the road and will
roach the point proposed within a few
lie's Left the Country.
Cotter , the Union Pacific brukoman of
freight train No. 23and who enabled
train No. 47to , run into it alElkhorn Mon-
tcrday morning , has skipped from the
country , and will not be in u hurry to ask
for ins wages.
Stamp Sales.
The sales of stamps at the postoffio dur
ing ( ho mouth of Julv amounted to
? ! ) J5H and of envelopes to $3,600.03 , ; ; tn inrreasa of thirty-seven per
cent. ovr 1'iosa ' of last year.
Men Who Have Nothing Else to 'Jo Bat
Tind Faalt ,
A Few Facts for the Thouchtful nnd
KarsecltiR OUCH to Think Over
Tlio Heal GHtatc Boom.
It takes all kinds of people to make a
World , and there is probably no one class
more largely represented than are the
cranks. There are cranks on every sub
ject , and in large numbers too , They
arc generally men who are perfectly sat
isfied with tlipmsclfos nnd Iheir jutlg-
menl , but are dissatisfied with every one
else. Omaha , ll is sad to say , comes in
lor her share of thcso cranky mortals.
They stand upon the street corners , con-
gregalo In every public house and place ,
and do iiulhing but find fault with every
thing that is said or done.
There probably is no one thing at pros-
cut that the cranks Hildas much fault ,
with as with the real estate boom which
Omaha is enjoying nt this time. They
shake their heads , knit their brows and
say , in a tone which is intended to carry
conviction with ils every vibration , Ft
can't last , there is bound to be a big
break before long. For the past four or
livn years they have been saying the
same thing , and notwithstam ing their
predictions the price of real estalo has
sleadily advanced , and it is now worth
150 per cent more than it was t\vo years
agoThey say it can't last , but it docs , and
the real estate market was never in as
healthy a condition as at present. What
reason is there for thinking it will not
continue so ? Was there over a time
When the growth of Omaha was us rapider
or substantial as now ? Was there ever a
time in the history of this city when men
in all branches of trade and manufacture
wcro as prosperous and thrifty as at
present ? Are not Omaha's stockyards
and packing houses attracting the at
tention of the entire country
and causing the investment of largo
sums of eastern capital ? Even
Chicago , that invincible city ,
looks upon Omaha's packing houses ,
stock yards and stock Interests through
the green colored goggles of jealousy.
Then , too , look at the public improve
ments , which are being made this sea
son. Mile after mile of pavements and
sewers are being put down to say nothing
of the two magnificent and costly via
ducts , which are in course of conduc
tion.All these things speak louder than words
and when the question. "Will it last ? " is
asked , it is not necessary to "read the
answer in the stars , " but take
a look around you , ride over
the city and see everywhere the
substantial public improvements , the
magnificent buildings which are being
erected , and answer for yourself. There
can be but one answer , and that is , that
it will last and not only last but the prices
of real estate will advance slill more in
the next year than it has in the yst year.
This stands to reason and tin sound
reasoning persons will see it at a glance.
In view of this fact it behooves you to se
cure some choice i real estate with the
knowledge that it will prove a paying
investment. Thn finest city property
market is " Pface"
on the to-day "Mayno
and "Orchard Hill , " both for sale by C.
E. Mayno. Lots in both these additions
are going very rapidly and it will bo to
your interest to call early. If you want
a bonanza in acre property tale a look at
"Newport , " which is also for sale by C.
E. Mayno. It is by all odds the finest
and cheapest aero property ever offered
for sale in Omaha. Call at the office of
C. E. Mayno , Real Estate and Trust com
pany , southwest corner of Fifteenth and
Farnam streets , where you will find con-
.veynnci's to _ take you out to any of the
property which is for sale.
Stray Leaves From n Reporter's
' The Union Pacific has been very un
fortunate lately in the number of its ac
cidents , " said a passenger conductor ,
yesterday. "And. I don't know where
Ihe epidemic of catastrophes is to ceaso.
But it has been pretty fortunate in that it
has had but few injured people in all its
wrecks. How they escape , is more than
I can toll. They get jammed in cabs and
cabooses , thrown from the car tops and
shaken up all through their system and
yet the train men generally have come
out without injury. It's one of the mys
teries of the business. Another thing I
can't understand is why freight trains go
to pieces so often and pabsenger trains
hardly ever got into trouble. And yet.
the latter have to use the same track , roll
over the same switches and run risks
precisely the same as the heavier trains.
It's all for the better , I expect , both for
the passengers and the road. "
"I have often heard of Kilkenny cals' "
said a Douglas street merchant last
night , "but I have never found so good
an illustration of them of late years as is
shown by tlio attitude of the B. & M. and
Union Pacific roads on the river bottoms.
One road throws a track in one direc
tion ; the other finds it out and straight
way aims 'to head iloIP by constructing
a cross line in advance of Iho oilier.
They have been playing Ihis game for
months back , and Ihe result is that the
bottoms are crowded with trucks held
down with loaded cars , which reminds
one of a Chicago depot yard. Those
tracks are run at all angles and describe
all si/.es of circles , and some of them dip
into Ihe slough and others try lo climb
up the opposite bank. The humorous
feature of the thing is thai each road
claims lo have secured its point and holds
that the other has been worsted in the
deal. "
"I believe tlio fact that Ihero is a largo
encampment of gypsies near Iho city has
somelhing to do with the largo number of
burglaries and foot-pad criminalities
which arc being committed all over the
city , " said a well known citizen to a re
porter to-day. "The gypsies , from time
immemorial , have been a restless , roving ,
thieving sot of people , and they are
pretty nurd citizens generally. 1 think
that if the marshal and his men would
drive these people a respectable distance
from this city that there would not bo go
many burglaries committed. At least it
would be uorth while lo waloh Ihoso fel
lows , "
Preparations for the coming rifle con
test between the soldiers of this depart
ment are being actively pushed , and
there is every indication that the contest
will be a success. The rlflo range nt
Belloyuo will bo completed August 15 or
thereabouts. Target pits , liriug slands
and spectators stands have been erected ,
They are Holng Sued by a Firm of
lirldgo liuildors.
Judge feWakely yesterday was en
gaged in hearing the case of George A.
Fox & Co , , vs. the commissioners of
Cumlng county , The case is being tried
hero by stipulation , and upon its conclu
sion the decision will be formally deliv
ered in keeping with that of Judge
Wakeloy , by Judge Crawford of Cnming.
The suit is for H mandamus to compel
the commissioners oi the county men-
tion to award the complainants a con
tract to build a bridffn nonr Beomer , over
the hlkhorn. The contr/tot was adver
tised to bo lot lo the lowest
bidder. I < ox & Co. bid * 8,000 , that being
the lowest sum , vliiU the contract
was let for'$4,000. , The pJaintlfflK repre
sented by II. ( J. Brome and J. M. May-
bee , and Iho defendant * by M. McLatigh-
lln and Judge Bancroft , of DOS Moincs.
Chief Engineer Adams , of the Bolt Line ,
has been on the stand , nearly all the day.
A I'.rotlicr of Col. Olmso the Victim
of n Violent Death.
city received a telegram from La Neville ,
Minn. , informing him that his brother ,
George , of Chicago , had , yesterday , been
seriously kicked by a horso. Half an
hour later , a second telegram wns re
ceived announcing the death of the in
jured man. Mr. CScorgo Chase was fifty
years of ago and had been engaged in
the dairy business in Chicago. Ho was
in this city on a visit to Iho colonel ,
three weeks ; igo and was then met by
many of our citl/eus. On leaving Omaha
ho wenl lo vlsil his son , Harris , who is
engaged in Iho cattle business at the
place mentioned , where his death has
tnktm placp. Mr. Chase leavns lliroo
sons nil grown to manhood. This is the
second brother of Col. Chase who has
been killed by a her e. The funeral will
lake place to-morrow , the remains Doing
interred at La Kevillc , Col. Chase is
deeply grieved over his brother's decease.
They Must Not Drink.
Marshal Cummlugs has promulgated
an order that no policeman , while on his
boat , shall be allowed lo go inlo a saloon
for any purpose whatever except in cases
of actual necessity. This order became
necessary because several of the men
lately have been indulging freely , so
much BO , in some instances , that they
were unable to attend to their duties.
One or two of them have been discov
ered in a beastly drunk condition ,
fit subjects for a "drunk and
disorderly" fine at tl.o hands of Judge
Stcnberg. One policeman who has n
beat on North Sixteenth street was found
about three o'clock the other morning ,
lying against a lamp-post minus his hat
and coat. Ho had been robbed while in
toxicated , by an enterprising and auda
cious thief.
J. L. Wilkic , manufacturer of paper
boxes , 10G S. 14th street Omaha.
Texan Outrages.
One , of the clerks of the Pacific express
company yesterday received a hand
bill issued in Dallas , Texas , calling for
a meeting of the citizens of that place to
protest againsttho outrages rocentlytom- :
mittcd by the Mexicans. It is headed by
the line : "The American flag insulted
and American citizens imprisoned and
shot down in cold blood by Mexican au
thority.1' Then follows ji statement of
tiie outrages , and tlio Ustpf speakers and
from the warmtlrwith which trio , out
rages are detailed , one njay readily un
derstand that Texan blood is at fever
Opelt's Hotel , Lincoln Neb. , opened
March loth , tirst class in every respect.
Spoiled { Meat.
A rather interesting. , suit was on trial
before Ju&tico Anderson yesterday that of
John M. Yerga vs. Porter Bros. Mr.
Yerga claims that Porter Bros , sold him
a carcass of beef which within two days
thereafter became spoiled and unfit for
sale , whereas , as is alleged , , if the animal
hail been ( properly slaughtered and
cooled , it ought to , have kept in good con
dition at least tendays. , Yerga therefore
sues for the value * of the carcass , $5-1.
Porter Bros , deny the allegation of the
plaintiff. Justice Anderson has reserved
his decision.
Unolo Sam's Money.
"The internal revenue collections for
the last mouth , " said Deputy Collector
Evans yesterday , "arc very heavy. They
have been exceeded by those of but one
other month May , 1885. "
Following is the tabulated statement :
Lists S 180.21
Ueer stamps ) 1S,44'J.00 '
Spirit stamps 218ir.1.80
Cigar stamps 4oii.5 : >
Tobacco stamps IDti.T'J
Special stamps 0,034.84
Total 5217,039.74
Carroll's Sentence.
Tom Carroll , the alleged burglar , cap
tured by Caplam Cormack and Officer
Ormsby on Saturday night was fined $25
and costs yesterday on a chargcjof assault
ing the captain. Judge Stenboigrefused
to entertain the complaint of burglary
against Carroll because of insufficiency
of the evidence.
James Ryan was given thirty days as a
suspicious character. Ho had just been
released on a writ of habeas corpus from
confinement in the Wnhoo jail whore iio
had been placed on a charge of burglary.
The Capital Hotel , Lincoln.
Charley Kitchen , of Iho Capilal hotel in
Lincoln , is doing a rushing business. Ho
has just completed what ho calls Ins
unno'x a largo addition to tlio hotel ,
necessitated by the increase of travel.
Dowev & Stone , the well known furni
ture dealers of Omaha , are shipping two
carloads of elegant furniture to lit up the
now rooms. Omaha people are assured
of always receiving a hearty welcome at
the Capital hotel.
. Kcrlca's Actiicliincms.
Justice Bcrkn jestordrvmorni.ig issued
anjattuGhmontin favor of Henry Hart and
against a broncho owned by William
West , who , it Is claimedowes the former
$8. Another attachment against furni
ture was granted Kllza Ford , who wants
lo have satisfied a claim of $18 against
Charles Scott , who , it is claimed , intends
leaving town clandestinely.
CK'phnna' . Homo.
Dr. Armstrong of the Orphan's Homo ,
PlaUo counly , is in the city , and will
meet the Omaha committee on Tuesday
evening in the lecture ropm of the First
Hapust church. It is hoped that
there will be a full attendance of the
committee , and the people oi ( ) mahageu- |
orally are invited to be present to con
sider the mailer ,
A B. & 31. C'ol/islon. /
Monhaynighltwo trains In the B. &JM
yards came together near the ice-houses
at thd foot of Jackson street. Several
cars wcro smashed , and several moro
thrown from the track. The wreck was
cleared early Ihis morning.
C. A. Broslar , of Bay Cilv % Mich. , one
of the Sloman mortgagees , is in the city.
Personal Paragraphs.
Mrs. Louisa Mohr has returned from a
three weeks' trip to Now York.
Mr , and Mrs. S. J. Ho well and daugh
ter huvo returned from Canada.
Mr. Fred Nash , of the Chicago , Mil
waukee & St , Paul road , was again at his
desk yesterday iiiorniucr.Q
Mr. W. H. Blsbeo , carpet buyer for
9. P. Morse A : Co , left for Philadelphia
and New York last night lo maUo fall
purchases tor his dopiutinetit.
On or about Sept. 1st , 1886.
Real JKotato Transrara.
The following transfers were filed
August 2 , with the county clerk , and
roporled for the BEE by Ames' Real
Estate Agency :
Jos F. Hanson , ( single ) to Joseph II. Blair ,
block OS. city ot Florence , Douglas county ,
q c Sl.OO.
Maiy E. Dunk , ( widow ) to V O Lantry ,
lots 4 , 5 , 0 , 7 , 8,0 , 10 , 11 , 12 , 18. 14 , 15. 10 and
17 and 18 , city of Florence , Douglas Co. , q c
Mary E Dunk , ( widow ) to V G Lantry ,
lot 3 , blk loa , city ot Florence , Douglas Co. ,
w d S3T > 0.00.
K lienry Beal and wife to Rudolph Bcal , N
v of e X ° f lot 3 , blk 5. Park Place , Orn lm ,
w d S1.5&0.00.
Isaan B HiscallsiiiRlo ( ( ) to Michael Barrett ,
lot 4 , blk 8 , Ilascall's subdivision , sec 5 , 14 ,
13 , Douglas Co. , w d SGOO.OO.
Jacob Levy and wife to Barnett Rehner.
lot 13. blk 3 , Jetter's addition to Omaha , w d
Delia French and husband to John O
Itogaii. n 40 ft of s 80 it of e 52 it of lots 7
and 8 , blk 100 , Omaha , q c S100.00.
Marx Stuhr and wife lo Clans Stovers , e %
of s w if sec 14 , 15 , 13 , Douslas Co. , w d
GeoiRO L Miller and wife to Martha II
Beebe. lot 5 , blk 5 , West End addition to
Omalw , w d 1.500.00.
John SnodBntss and wife to M II Gable , n
w J/ sec 13 , 15 , 12 , Douglas On. , w d 528-
Clara T Kapp and husband to Helen C
Itaup , Iot3 , blk 5. Sluill's second addition to
Omaha , w d Sl.OO.
nA CTioupand wife to Edgar Zabriskle , s
80 ft of wKof lotBlaudwK of n of lot
39 , llnrtman's addition to Omaha , w d
Omaha Smelting and Kelining Co. . to John
H Hiirte and otlicis. lot 0 , Olseirs addition lo
Omaha , w d-SbOO.OO.
Jerry Mulvlhill and ollicts lo Waller G
riieliw. lot 5 , blk G , Ilanscom Place , Omaha ,
W d 82,600.00.
Charlotte Elizabeth Bcntou ( single ) to
Isaac IchllT and others lot ! 20 , Tultle's sub
division of s K of n ok and n K of H e X ,
sec 5 , 5,13 , Douelas Co. , w d-S'J , 100.00.
Laimon I'1'rug and wife toGeonre Bays ,
lot 7 , Pruyn's sub-division oC lots 1,3 and 8 ,
blk 5 , Lake's addition to Omaha , w d
Andrew J Mvatz and wife to Lnrmon P
Pruyn , lot 37 , blk 31 , Walnut Hill addition
to Omaha , w d-SUOO 00.
Edward Nolan ( single ) to Larmon P Pruyn ,
s K of lot 10. blk 1 , Lake's addition to
Omaha , w d-SbOO.OO.
Clms McCormick ( single ) to Herbert E
Gates , lot 7 , blk 8. Mr.Monuick's addition to
Omaha , w d-5N,000.00
Call Schmld and wife to Anton Pokorner ,
o 100 ft of lot 10 , Btirtlett's addllion to
Omaha , w d-SlWX.00 )
Slale of Nebiaska to Pelor Glandl. s c H
of nv X see 10. 15 , 13 , Douglas Co. , w d
Alfred Mlllaul ( single ) lo Abraham J
Frledloender , lot 5 , blk 114. Omaha , w d
Weather pormltling , the Musical
Union orchostrawill give a grand open
air concert in Jellerson square next
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Pierce , of Rlair , are
in the city. Mr. Pierce was , some lime
ago , coroner of Washington counly.
and is Iho gentleman whose mysterious
disappearance caused to much comment
a few months ago.
There will bo a basket picnin at Weep
ing Water , Nob. , oi < Thursday. August 0 ,
under the I auspices of the English Lulh-
ran Sunday school i of this city. Train
loaves u. P. depot at half-past 8 in the
morning Tickets for the round trip :
Adults , fl , children , 50o ,
There is considerable poison ivy m
Hanscom park that ought to bo cleared
away wilhout any delay. Several per
sons have already been poisoned by con
tact therewith. One of them , Mra.
row , was very severely poisoned , BO
much so ilial she was confined to her bed
for several days.
Olllcer Tom Pelronet , one of the most
popular and Ihorouglv liked men on the
police forco.has been suspended byMaish-
alliCuminliigs. Mr. Peironct Is charged by
Ihe marshal with circulating ilisrpspecfr-
ful reports about him. The trouble will
probably be aired thoroughly before the
police committee.
Yesterday evening Mr , and Mrs. John
Schenk and their Jitlio daughter Lulu re
turned to their home in Dayton. Ihcy
have been on an extended visit lo the
west , part of which time hey nave spent
in tins cltv ' ns Ihe guests of Mr. and AJrs.
John A.'Creighton.andlhorcst among
Iho pleasure icsorts of Colorado , MM.
Schonk is a sisler of Mra. John A.
Run Over.
Tne passengers on Iho Grand Island
trainyosteiday1 morning reported Bthal a
traelin&salesmanliiaiued.Wilson had been
Watches , Diamonds , Fine Jewelry , Silverware
ho largest stock. Prices the lowest. Fine ropatrluff n spcot.ilty. All work warranted. Carn
Douglas and Ifith street , Omaha.
Property of every description for sale m all parts of the city. Lands tor sain In
county m Nebraska. A complete set of Abstracts of Titles of Douglas County kept.
Maps of the City , State or county , or any other information desired furnished
free of charge upon application.
QEO. BURKE , HanfiRor.
REFERENCES : Merchants'and Farmers'Bank , navi l City , Neb. ; Keirupy Nation-it
Bank , Kearney , Neb. : Columbus State U.inlc. Columbus , Neb. ; McDonald's Hank , Norlb
rialle. Nob. ; Omaha National Bank. Oinahn. Neb. , „ , . . . L ,
Will pay customers' draft wilu bill of ladme attached for two-thirds value of stock
Academy of the Sacred Heart
Terms , 3PeLyaTole in
Including Board , Washing1 , Tuition in English or French , Instrumental muoio
TJso of Books , per session or five months , $150. ,
References are required from persons unknown to the institution. For furthest
nformation apply to the Bt. Kev , Jas. O'Connor or to the Lady Superior.
run over at that place by a train on the
St. J. & G. I. road , and lost one of his
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never rnr ! s. A mnrvo ! atpnr-
Hy.stroniftU and wliolfisoinnno's. More econ
omical tUari the oidlnarjr kinds nnd onnnt be
sold Jncoropotitlonitlitlio multitude or low
test , short wolglitftluro or pliosimiito powders.
Bold onrr In rans. UOVAI , OAKi.ia PotrDEa Co.
iC8 Wall et. . DOW York.
rempleton & WMtney ,
Dealers in
llock Sprliitfi , IlllnoU , Missouri
and lou-ii Soft Coal.
Office -318 South Fifteenth st.
Yards Eighteenth nd Izard sU.
P. BOYEB & CO. !
and Jgii Work.
1020 Farmvni Sireot , Omalm. Neb.
Cor. 13th STREET'andOAWOLAVE ,
AMI tiikurirroxT or
Woh Tethif rllltlr9 , niipuratmandremc
the nucceiiful treatment of cyorr form u ; i
rcqulrlna cither medical cir Mil-deal treatment , nnd
tnvltenllto turaa mm InvcttlKHtofortUeiaielvpior
correspond wltti ua. I-tnti eipcrlonco In truutlnir
canct br letter cnablei ua to trim niuoir canes
tclmitlttc&llr without poolmj thorn.
WIIITK KOH CmCUJ.AH on deformities nnl
nrncoi. Club Koct , rurvaturo of the Hplnc. DIB-
HAbE OK WOX1HN. I > ll > . .Vumori , Concerr.
( 'atarriJlinnchUlilnliHlation.Fii ! : > ttrlcltr.Parul fli !
KpllcpKr , Klitnor. Kye , iar , bUn , Uluud ui.rf nil
eurfflcal oncirntlon * ,
Tru c , unit all klmla of MeUluil and burultal
Appllancei. manufactured and for hale.
The only reliable Medical Institute making
PrlvatBi SpeciaU.Nervoiis Diseases
wbttqrer cuutd produced , cucccfciriillr treated.
Wu can remove BjrpUIHllo polsou Irum the jitoia
without rncrciirr.
New roiuirattro trentmorit fnr loin of vital power ,
nnd coniult ua or icrul unrao nnd poat-onica u < JJrc < ii
plainly written enclose etaaip. uadnawlll enat
you. In plain wrapper , our
OI.KUI1 , VAItK-OriSI.H. f/rilHmillK. AND
or cndhl torrof your mso for an opinion.
I'orrona urmblu to vl3lt in may to treated at tb lr
unmo , by correp < : dcnco. Mpilirlnc * and 'n tnn
nutnl fiit l > 7 rat t or uxpreM BKCUKIIhY TACK'
ii : > ! 110 t ODSKItVATION , no murk , to Indicate
CJinlonlaitender. . One ( ivraonal Interne * preferred
If tonreuiout. Klfly roomi for tbu accommodation
ot patients. Hoard and attendauco at rrafooab'M '
price , /.ddriu all Letters to
Croatia Medical & Surgical Institute ? }
Cor,13th § 1. , and Capitol Avo. , Onalia , Neb. / ,