Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 17, 1886, Page 9, Image 9

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1" IlV
MinMcr * , Ml loimrio , Mnnagors
oJ 1'nttorlcs Work liof > , I'limtntlons ,
Niirfts In Hopltnls m ftiort , ctcrj'
ted } fvcrjwhuo "holms
over Blvcu It nil iul.
t At 1.1 Ml LLIII. IOII
Til HO AT , Ac.
AI 1' rtTrnsui.v ,
ON KUITH ron LiniM !
BURNS , 1 HOS'l-1HTKS , A a
Prices , 25c , , GOc. and $1,00 par Bottle.
of Imitations. JS3
Nebraska National Bank
Fnidup Cnpital . . . . . $250,000
Surplus . . . 30,000
II.V YulCS I'lPM.Iellt .
A. K. 'loii/nlln , v'iro I'l evident.
\V. 11 S Hn lii's , C.i hk-r
Dllll (10H ( .
W. V. Moiso , .John S. Colliti" ,
11. W. Yiiu-s , Lewis S Heed
A K Tou/.ulin
Cor 11Mb anil Kurnnin Sis
A ( icneiiil B.uiKhiK liii'-me-s ' Tiins.ulc > d
IVJioK ) TITA1.I1Y lj fallliif. Brain WKAINKD anJ
K.MIA US fl Korl'owcr I'UKVI A-l HM.Y MAS I
Kl mnr Bna a pnrf l nnil reliable cure In UjS _
DrlslnSm hj rror.JEXNClVIAt.l'.oMarliTlrjnca
Adopted lir all 1'runc'i 1 lir l Inn and Ulne rnpldiy nuil
euwiinXiilly Introduced hero All weakrnlns lotto * and
flmlnn nrinnrllr cnecled. Till VIIM" cI'ltiK news-
twp rnndiniillc-MendorMmrnta.itr. ,1 ItKi : . Commitv
lion ( onlco or br mall ) with nil cirlnVnt doctors I III.P.
C1UIAUE AilENClf. No. 174 Pulton Street. New York.
State Agents
Omaha , Neb.
Tansill'sPuiMh ' Cigars
wore sliipLMjJUiu hi,1 tlin ]
toearu , wlthouc u drum
mer In nin employ. Nootlior
liotiso in thu vrorlit run truth *
fully iiiakaHuch u utinwltii ;
Oiui agouti Mruler uuly )
wanted lu ouch town.
R.W.TANSILL& CO.,55 State St.Chlcago.
- 617 Ht. Charles S . , St. lonli , Mo.
Arccolirir.laiUef two > I < dleilC lt t" , hmitrnnloiirtr
engaged lu Iboiptolal Irwitmenlor Cuanitic. NBRTOII , 8 ri
ted Biouu lu 4iu lhan anr otUcrl hyilelin luSt.LouIa ,
j eltj t > nrm ibow and nil ota reildttota > now
Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
Physical Weakness ; Mercurial and other Affec
tions ol Throat , Sklnor Bonos. Blood Poisoning ,
Old SorCS and Ulcers , ar < trtatrd vllh nopiralleleii
aucee. * . on UUit iclfnllflo i rlncli l i , H rtir ] rrlrklelj.
Diseases Arising from Indiscretion , Excess ,
Exposure or Indulgence , vbicu produce > " * ° r ih
rollowlng ITLCtu Dcrrouiorn , dcLlllty , illmQfsi or Blbt
amldcrcellTe meraorr , ptmi Iciou tba n * * * , aj
areriloo loth * luclal/or rrtntle * . oooruiloa of Idea * , cto ,
rend rlnc MorrU o improper or unhappy , an
pcrmiiieatl'flurad. ' kampliUt(8A pag oalboatioTe , feet
IntcalrdcnT * * ! ) . frects any adilre'J Coniultklloaator *
Cctorbj tntll free , lnvte ! < laul tMetlre btlJeatlil.
A Positive Written Guarantee ilren ineT < rye .
ratio cut , HeJlcloe jcut ererj her tj mull or eipresi.
BOO PAOB9 , FTTfE PLATES , elrztnt cloth ui4 ellt
fclndlcir icaledfor SCo In ie u * oreurret > ej. Orcr ilftj
wonj rful i > * aptclur i , true to me ) rtl 1eioutbe rollowloc
lubjceti : whoiaftj tnsrrr.wbouot , wlifi tnanboot * itomaa-
bow ) , pbyitcftl JefiT , ePsti orceUb % < * ; nod exeeif , tha pb/g.
l loj of rvprtdueuoD , n4 m r rnoru. Thoie mtrrlttl or
tarn * , pa * r eoTrr.UOo , Addreit > ifcbo t [ > , YfLHUtr.
IIornc * l.lcrtru5iacnetlc licit *
lrurttconi ) > lniil. iluaratitcrdtbfi
only o'io Jn the world conerallnff
n continuous /-fr/r/tf / Mau el
- i , * m Porafi > rlrhl * nuii FHcilhe. Avoid frauda.
fi * 1 ( > Y rlU ) ii cured 8c nrt Munp for pamphlet *
Al. 1'LKOUilC 111 I/rs I Oil O1HKABKS
Pinctlco lliiiitcil to Diseases of the
Glasses fltlcil Tor all forms of defective
Vision. Artificial Eyed J user ted.
A lluino unit Oil } hcliool foi Voutlf
u , rixijieits * r. l. UullKlittull ? itltitiitti
on ( li'ini-'i'td" n llulunts. I.nitfo groiindB. Tn
.Ml IJ LI ! , > Ul 3ith St. , Wai > liliiKliiiiD | C'
Do you want a pure , bloom *
lug Complexion I If so , n
few applications of Hngnn's
ify you to your heart's cou-
tout. It docs away with Sal-
lowucss , Redness , Pimples.
Itlotchcs , nud all diseases and
imperfections ol'the skin , It
overcomes the Unshed appear *
nnco of heat , fatigue and ox-
eltomont. It makes a lady of
TllIIlTY appear but TWfeN-
TY ; and so natural , gradual ,
and perfect nro its effects ,
that It is impossible to detect
Its application
Thnn n Vote.
' 1 licy lrdltil togetljor tlirouiU ; the
And us UH- > lingered on tiicirn \ ,
In Icrsril tonci he told his lo\c ,
Tlmt milliner dix ) .
His nrdrnt sous ih ( > , trcinlillntr. licnnl.
Ami as her slaiice ? soiicht tlic fcwnrtl
"Spent , darling , "peak , " tlio loxcr wlil :
"Oli , MIJ tnj iilcaillnirt nrc not \nlnl"
Sliunnsut'iud not , but liun. ; lici head
And I0'licilacnln.
"Tlmtoil ait1 difllilont and slij.1
llov.ild. "llio-p ilownnut looks tlciioto ;
You \\ill not pil ( > V then > ou andl
Will take aott .
"It is nil ra ) tliliis to do ,
A b.tllot. s\\t-etc < l , cnstlth me ,
The question belnt' , hliall e l\\o
United hcV"
Acalnlie let her lavlies fall ;
Then nnil inured \\ltli nelini
1 Drni , lnelh > need \ \ cotc nt nil.
Why can't \vo jml
KOII run
There are 0,000,000 widows In India.
Gum Is the iiicl ] of eontentnient to \ \ 11111:111. :
Suspended aniiiiation Thu gill lu tlieliaui-
HtK-ocodesltfiis are seen ill clasps , hi.icc-
rtinnil I.H'cliin .
Ciouhettriinnilni ; of linen or cotton Is used
foinsh dresses.
White veiling chesses are. trimmed with
l > .ile grccu niolru antlitie. |
l.aro dre cs , If made nt homo , arc as Inex
pensive as tliey aie llecti\e.
Late inching Is pa e. bias bands of tulle ,
lls > > c nnil et-iinlnu liinini ; t.ikeii Its | ilace. girls are said to be M > modest that
tlic.\ will not work on tnipiopei Ir.tctliins.
Tcnnh .torkluis ? hiiM1 the linilenieuts | of
thug-iino cmljioidered upon the liontoftho
le ; ; .
Collars are ra .tencd at the side , a bow 01
else loops oT ribbon being tic ilguuur jis u
HiHer bells and belts of Itnthcr oina-
inented with bIKci me iniitli used \\Ulisuiii-
Kour-lcaved elo\ei brooehes ot mat il\ei
or en.iinel seem gieatei favorites thau thu
ou.uij.i for luck pins
Tailor made costumes nre fninlshed with
Ihreu MMs , ono ot the miiteiial , one ot pique
nml one of nankin.
I.ace jiins ot - > ll\ei aio In the form of n
slnglu blosvom , wltli n io\ursiblu eentiu of
Holiemlali stnues.
Kohemlnn eut silver ornaments have a da/-
/ llngeliLi't.Mien \ the liglit strikes them
the } scintillate like ; ; ums.
.Scivirenlile fubiuy of linen and wool aic
llghtei Hi. in all wool. The mateiial Is ex-
leedlugly moderate in price.
Sateen In delicate eolois , made up with
piece Kid1 foi ins ancllcUhennd in < " \ pensive
iliess foi afternoon or evening vveai.
Two rows of watered ribbon at neck and
wilst foim a iashionaklu piruie , the new
1:1 ecu beluga ia01 ilucoloi lot tills pin pose.
Mrs. ( leveland was the iccipieiit of no less
than live pendanth as wedding gltts to weai
with the diamond ueeklieu given her 1 13 the
Jliss Aunlo Flimiu. a bljujl olociitlonisl.
who la both iirvtty and tnlentoil.cieated < p.iite
a sensation among the I'iMitisj Ivanla editors
at Atlitutlc Citi laht week.
Frocks for ehililien tiom two to four j cars
of age have low blouse bodices. Tim sk'irt is
shirred to the bortico and has two llnmues
trimmed with leather stitch eniDroldeij.
Lace dresses have Urn foundation made of
china silk of sott tiuisli. The extieme light
ness and beaiititul coloilntr of this mateiial
lendei it especiallj adapted for the purpose.
A Wonnn's Labor union has been incor
porated at .San Kinneisco tor tlio purpose of
mauufactiuing wealing appaicl , e'-ubll-hintr
Inundrles , eating houses , lustauiants and
reading lonms.
oA Mioit maiitlnol tastndes of lace and a
loiseletot velvet 1ms shoit sleeves ot lace.
Tht1 hiitheollar is bouleied b.l.nge cut iet
beads. The mantle is secured at the waist In
a celntuie of velvet ilbbon.
dibraltiii bangles of biivei 01 gold me still
fashionable. 'J hov are worn lee elj without
the connecting lltik. Xuvei less than eight
should lie vvoin and somitiines tluco times
tills number aie seen on one arm.
"Dress ! ' ' exclaimed a Chicago chl. "II all
depends on the way vou hv\ing it. Ttiut is
thu scciet after all. The Kngllsli
woman ( aunot ivvinit It at all ; the Americin
womiiii swings itprettycll , lint the snliigliig
of a I'jench woman iatt poem. "
'J he much-diessed heroine of this year's
Mimmci icsoits is n live-veai old heliess of
millions. She bus with hei ovei a hniuliod
dri'sse-s , manj rreneb hats , a vvakh , and
mm h jewcliy , v1th oven dlamoiiits. Kigliteen
trunks are necessary tor the vv.udrobu of her-
sult and family of dolls.
1'udictlons to tbo conlraiv notwithstand
ing , pale gieens are in hlshvojjue. At a
t.i-lilnnnblu gatlieilng leientlj In the eoun-
ti\ delicate toeen was the prevailing coloi.
'I lie new I cm gieeu is the coloi ot tbejoung
fronds ol the tern. It is less tiiing to the
comph\ion than would bo supposed.
Miss Walmsloy of Xatcbitoclies , in a limit
on ftavoit I'lerre , Li. , killed two nine feet
alllu'atois In a single dav last week. One
of tlio rnptdes showed light , and imulo a lush
lot the lioat , but Miss Walmsley letalncd hei
coolness nml shot him thiougli the head bc-
loiohcie.tchcd It.
A choit miiutlo oftiiiii'd iMii/o i caches
onlj a little below the waist. The front is
round mid at the back are bioad-plalted
hasipic * . A full Mill ot broad lace hordcis
theniant'o. ' The short skeves ol laie trills
simulate a shoulder rape , and a jabot of lace
finin the blub velvet collar , studded vv 1th
bead pendants , trims the trout.
A jealous Xuwport woman n few night'
111:0 went thioiiBli the pockets of hei husband
while ho v\as in bed asleep , e\peetlng to liutl
u love letlei from another woman ; out , in
stead , tiudlng only an old pocket-knife , a
dime , two units and a dun loriiousu lent , sue
wont b.ick to lied and Impilnted a kiss on bis
c.ilmlj blcejiing toiehead.
At a dinner party last wlntoi tbo cool wea-
thei had done considerable duty In supplv Ing
conveisatlon , when a plump , nap } > ) -looklnj |
mauled VMimaii made a lemaik about ( eli
feet. " .Stnely , " said a lady opposite. "Mrs
- , .vou arc not troubled with cold feetV '
"Yes , indeed , I am verj much tumbled but ,
then , thej me not m > own. " Hei husbanti
blu hed scarlet.
" 1 see , " said a Now York hello , as she
laid down the paper and took up her folk
with a pleco of toast attached , "that thej
complain n good deal that Ucneial Miles has
not jet Kotim ( ieionlmo's tiall. Thoyough !
to send soum ot these West I'oint cauots out
afterblm. if tliev ever fall to uct on over )
trail in their nclghboihood , thieo liops 111
them have not enabled mo to ob civu It. "
'lilt-lllt ! .
A \ \ liltuInged JHolit ;
Its niunu UTS Dnclil ;
lie sned to a senueiteitd pacht
The day was hacht ,
JXcecdliiL' hncht ,
Enough toioast alliadenlacht ,
A single jacht.
Hut like an iurow out bo shacht ,
Ih ) know not w adit
Would bo iiib luclit ,
Until his t > allbont wont to p.iclit
Xow , In Ids cacht ,
All is a blacht ;
Jlo'll never go again , I vvacht !
1) HOI'S.
Thu angler sits upon the sward
And waits to feel the tug ;
And there , at inteivals , Is heard
The gurgle ot the Jug.
Opoi.itors In wool moths.
A horse fiequently wins a race on thu spur
of the moment.
Pity the decision of a Philadelphia Dogberry
the Ink eraser Is ndeadlj weapon.
" 1 aim to toll the tiulb. " "Yes , " Inter
ruptcd an acquaintance , "but j on are a v ery
bad shot. "
Mr. Cleveland doesn't know how toplav
second liddle , but he handles the zlt-thar with
unanimous success ,
Committeeman "What animal Is the mot !
capable of attnchliic ltb < Mf to manV ilcat ;
of the elass " 1'ho leech , sir. "
A Chicago clergyman * ays every chrUthin
who smokes a cigar associates with the lowest
and vilest class of society , bo hC docs If be
eatbn tcelslcak.
Guest ( rising excitedly from the table ,
after tasting an ollvufurthe tint time ) "It's
fcorry I'd beio dlnturb the hilarity of tlio mat
ing , but 1 belnve somojokei's been salting the
gustlierricb 1"
llusbniid "That fence wants painting
badlj ; 1 think I'll d.o | ( mjbelf. " Wife
'Vc * , do It yourself If you t'dnk it \ vnntto
be done badl > . "
nld .Johnson , tuklnir his friend's
nby. "hclmsKot bis mother's tj'H-niid mv
lair , " he mldcd.ns tin1 iufnitt prodigy gtabbcd
dm Jiv the loi'ftclp.
Fashions mav ihance and Impiovemenlsbe
undo In rod mid reel , but the old stv lo vvav of
carrj Ing thi1 bait In a , UQ Uet Husk still te-
nnlns foi flsl'Ing e\cirtsion .
"YouiiK man believe In nothing nowadavs'
said Mrs. liamtbotham. with nihep sigh
Why , theie's mv nephew , Tom , whovvns
nought up ns n ( hri-tian and now he's an
I mil coming bv , and by : You will hear mv
ilalntlvncr.v In mcent-i wild nud gentle asu
amb ; I'm not cumin * on n fiolli but touive
small liojs the tolu sing hoi the small crcen
apple that 1 am.
Customer "Wus that eaibonate of .oda
jou gave urn about ten minutes a o'1" Drug
cleik ( lookini : at a boltlei-\\ \ h > , no. How
stupid of me. It wnsstnchiinie. rllcliniiKi *
the boltles back azalu. and 1 hopt the mistake -
take will not oceui nirain. ( iooii dav , sii.
"N'ocitv llfo foi me , ' s.tid a Yermont man.
"gimme tlieeounirv an' nboiit one huudied
' ' m.itislied " "llavtMo
nripsu' litnl mi' I m - .
petupprettv earlv In the nioinltitr. eh' "
"Not veij : it o'tlock in summer and 4 hi the
wlnlci. " "Well , what do joudoevpiiings1. ' "
D've mean ailei it gets tew diuk ter
vvoik'.1" "Yes. " "U cosii 1 go lo bed. "
Ho Didn't Until the ICaitli ,
/.inn I 'nli n
Ho ald ho had no vs Mi to bo omdeiit , w Ith a
btnkbook lotuntl. and distended and
empiilcnt ; but he didn't wish to live like
the tuiinltlvu Quakers , or bulcht'is or
bakers , or ciindlestlck-m iKtrs. but in
line blown-stone , suirounded bv statues.
and stt in a lawn ol some tmlv suu-n
Applause for dear clothing was not vvoith
the winning : lie desiied no vvauliohe ot
pinple and linen , but hi' didn't wish in
go nttlied like a alloi , 01 diess In a uni
form suit like a jailei , and nil Hint ho
wished was some two do/en ehaiiL'es ,
made up In good stjlo b > a fashionable
IIo wished no rlebiands toghulden his pen-
He01 to coddle Ids stomach Ilkechionlc
dyspeptics ; but be wished a cuHno and
a'Tiench cook to eatei , a piolessional cv
jicit , no cominou place vvaltei , no gtatu-
esijtie , biMrdliu'lioit'c , Imbtrllo Ijungler
to bcnttrr his ihaos of pic and potato.
Ho whhcd no small aim > of liveried depend
ents , no uniloiuied lackles and clinging
attendants ; but he didn't wish to live
like a heimit or but in pleiitilul
leisuie as bettei and vviseiand ; some
tweutj seivants and some tmty good
waltcis would make life woith living toi
him and Hli/a.
A son of F. K. Mncke > will appear in Louis
.Inmcb1 compiuj
bjdneV Itoscnfeld is to wnte a nlaj foi
Minnie Maddein.
Minnie Oscar ( iiay is about to visit II < T na-
thocitv , Dublin , lieland.
Kale Kois > the and Mine. Anna Diasulll
iccenll > Bailed lor J.lveiiiool.
"Yovi hair dressed Mikado foi " 5 cents , "
is a New Yoik advertisement.
Jacques ICtugei has been engaged tor Con-
ried'b " ( irpsj Haion" company.
' 1 he widow of ( ilacomo Mejeibcer died las
vveelcnt Wiesbaden , in hei bJdjear ,
( Uistavu riohmnn was married to Mai lo
Ilubeit at New Hedfoul last Thuisday.
Osmond Te.xrle's new piny Is to be called
"Kenneth Gordon" instead of'Man toMan. "
Annie 1'ixley's manager denies that she is
to leave the stage because ot hei son's death.
M. U. Tmtis had decided to tij thcotliei
side of the Atlantic with "bniii'I of 1'osen. "
Manager A. M. Palmei has purchased the
right to the new modem English iil.ij % "Hai-
"Underthel'olarSlui , " b > Ulay Ciieenennd
Dav id Uelnseo , has luet w illi SULCC'-S In han
A lenoit comes from Palis that Mabel .lor-
dnnwlll shoitly wed the Hev. Abhlej iiur-
row in that city.
Anuic Stuau ib the name of i handsome
Jltostoiiiau wlio proposes to snine in next sea
son's stellai liiiiiament.
C'hailey Iteed , who may now bo called nu
ex-minstrel , is touting tliiough Nevada and
California vvitli a coined } lomptny.
Charles Coote , thu well known comedian ,
has been engaged lor ( ieor e S. Knight's
"Ovei the daidon Wall" tompany.
"Ship Alioj I 01 the Sailor's , Dmuhtei , " is
the title ot a play in which llauy Meiedlib
is to ajijiear In tlio load ne\t seabon.
Hobson and Criuio will appear next , season
in "Mcriy Wives , " 'She htooiib to Con
quer. " "Comedy ot huois" and "Mauled
l.ile. "
The laigest theatta in the woild In the
opera himsu in 1'aiH It covets ueaily thieu
aciesot gtound and cost about tvvcntj mil
lion dollais.
Mine. Modjcsk.i Is the wonder of timid
women at Muuteiey , Cal. , as slio dives and
swims in da//ling tostumes in the wi\es ol
Monteiey ba.v.
Miss Tvndall , an American actiess , and
Oeiliude Kellogg hive engaged to support
Cioncvlevo Waul timing liei taicwelltour ot
Dining I.awience Itairett's i-oplembei en
gagement at the Stai be will piesent T. H.
Aldneh's now two act drama , "Mom-do- , '
toundcd on an incident 01 thu Xapoleonic
The company of tl.p National Ojieia at
Mobcow intend next wlntei to vibit 1'aiis ,
Vienna , lierlin , llambmgand London , with
the object ot piuduung Russian opcias In
those cities.
The lamoiis violinist Wilhclmjl has re-
tuined to thu Fatherland altei u veisiiucss -
till visit to Constantinople and othei castem
cities. Ho has brought an east-soulhein w Ito
bad : with him , a genuine Turk.
Tennj son's "Deckel" Is shortly to be acted
In thu open air at Coombo house , England ,
with ( ienevieve Waid as Queen Kleanoi.
Heimann Ve/in ns thu gicat pi lest. Imly
Aichibald Campbell as Kosimond and the
Karl ot Kilmoiey as Henry II.
On his way hometiomKnglaiid Itiiblnsteln
Intormed n lilend of Ids that his uioiits out
ot tliu 100 recitals be has given Muio last
Octobci leachedSlOO.fKX ) . No other pianist
evei made so much money in HO slioit u time ,
or had such .1 "golden tour. "
.lames C Duff has arranged to pioducu
Clmrles H. llnvt and Kdwnul holomon'snew
opeia. 'The Maid and the Moonshinci , " at
the Htamlaid theatre about the 10th ol
Aiuust , with Lillian Hiisscli in tbo leading
female tole. hignor liiocollnl is also re-
poitedto hnvu been engaged.
The last night of the season at the London
h > ceumlb July ill. "Faust" will buplavciltoi
thubenelilof KlleuTeirv. ' Claudian''nttlic
I'lincess tuns one weekfongei. Ihen "Ham
let" will bo plajcd foi loin ninhts. Mi. Wil
son Dai and his compaii > will tlien play
In the piovlnccs until their departuie tor
Xework. .
home ot the 'lurman slngeis who vveio
Identlncd with tlio pioductlon of ( ieimaii
Optra In this country last season have pro
voked thu vwath ot tlio ( ieinmn emplin be
cause they have remained longer than their
Icavii of nhsenco wniiantrd , but ns compe
tent Hingeisof opein niuscaicu in America
nnd thu country Is somewhat bigger than
( kriminy they HID prolnbly not veiv much
distill bed.
Henij Irving banmieted Pattl and Xlcollnl
at Itlchmond and piesentetl to Pntti n mother-
of.jieailfan adorned with three genie plc-
tuies and coveted with point d'Anglelene
lace , liaion Itothhchlld sent Put 11 as a wed
ding gift a toitolbObhcll papcr-knite , with
tlio name "Pattl" pet in It in a bla/o of dia
monds. Pattl's onlj appearance on thn stage
this > car will bo for the benetlt of Col. Mn-
pleson nt Diury Lane.
Despite nil adverse ctltlelsm tbo American
opeia Is pushing ahead. Organi/atlons with
local boards ot directors lutvo been toimed
with the follow ing capital : Huston , iiO'J.OOO ;
Chicago , 8100,000 ; Philadelphia , fcwlooo
Waslnngton , fc.W.OOO ; hi. Louis. 5 )0,000 ;
Cleveland , 450,000 , and Louisville , y.'S.OOO
with olheis In progicss. Of the money thus
raised thrpo-iiumteis will bo invested In stock
of the central tGimunj nnd theothci nunrtci
letaintd for u local guarantee fund 01 use ,
fne vocal part of thoXatlonnl couseivaloiy
Is now already established w Ith a select staft
of prosessoih , headed by Mine. Fnr cb-Madl
and Jncipies liouthy. Dining the past Kea-
son sixty puiiils , selected by competitive ev
nmlnailoii ! ) fiom vailuus states , leceived tree
Instriiotloii. A stipulation Is that after gradu
ation all shall contribute ono-quaiter of their
earnings ovurSlJ/OOujeai / tUr Ine Jem's to
carrV on the woiu.
Sanih Uernhajdt's entry Into Ilo { do Ja-
pclro was affected with more than her
vvonted ecccntilclly. Klaboiatoarraugemcnts
had Deen inado for her arrival. Thu Ur.ull-
la us and the French competed which should
show her Jl e greatet iMstiuetlon , lloth eeut
! to vtrJcomC her. Can .nups wore
to b > nt her dls ] ftal on Inndlnu. nnd floral
tributes weieiintnm-d in nstoiitidlnc almn-
dn'nce. Hut Ui puMt nrtre s d-ellued all
Lbeso honni > , nivl ) iinicml of tikiiubne of
the bulls n-iit locmlileher to elfect a moro
sneedv nnd dltnlficd landlnir , siie enteied
Hra/lf by the crtsfrmi house wharf. When
Iho olhtr memb'is of the eompnin disem-
Ii3i k' LUioro wns micMi Hiiolnttsc ain.l mi wi-
tHn li-tu' vv. < lt3hvi rrt < ; 0"6ied To Ihc'iUIS-
| ii-od tiagedlenh ( . lint v\hcn the mistake
wasdi'ioveicd the Inoi title it Ion was quite as
meat ns the untliiHnsm. nnd ns tieelv o\-
ptesscd. The projected fete , eiitltd In a riot.
ilit1 police wcio Active nnd cneigetic , and
half ado/en ilolemu'ie ciptuicd.
1 lierc vveio tWit'.lap uipse and two eoloieil
men In the late gradiiittng claw atnn
Next full's firMiman olnssnt llaivard will
exceed AIO. tli lanjest in tlie hhtorv of tlio
collt'Ci1. ;
Milwaukee Turners aio propo im : to lot
the piibih1 Miionls UM > theli KVmiia . | iiun.
lulls iinil to.n heiB : i certain hum ( .Mill tiny.
'I ho Itoslnn tllobo thinks tint the cm si1 of
tlio vrcicut oollrgo roniM'Iftlio iirpvnlllnu
extravnennre , nnil adds tint rich patents ate
vvhollj to blame , t
' 1 ho ( . 'oiictml school of phllosoph.v opened
WcdiiPMlav mnriiliiK with a loctuic b.v 1'm-
ftssoiV. . ' 1. lUpN on " 'Ilio Philosophic
htuietuieot tin1 Divine Comedy. ' '
A. nephew of tlw late Klntf t'etewnjn Im"
just complPtr/d a fix jean course of thpolnso
cnl studle in StocVtuilni. nnil his Intentions
an1 , It Is s.ud. to ( lev ole Ills eneijries to the
tiiitliei enlistment ol his o\vn people.
Geimanv has elirlit schools of loipsliv ,
where live ve.trs' u lnlii | ; in ipiiilu'd | ot tlinso
vvlio sppk positions under tlipjiou'inmciit , al-
tlmtuih u eoiiise of stitd.v half ns Innic mnj bo
tuKen b > amatcttU. 1'ranre.suppiuts a Millie
school lit Naucj.
Of the last Unip class of \ .ill1 collet1
lifts-seven will stud ) law. tveiiiseven \ will
entei business , cloven will sillily medicine.
< -K will eiitci tlio mlnlsti ) . louitccii will
teaeli and live will studv cui.'iiiceiliv. ; . I'lio
liyuies sneak foi lltiiit | ! < elu's' . but thev titUt' a
darkei slunk1 wlioiiAVt1 an- told that tliPV dlf-
IPI llltln 11 om Hui'-r L'iveu oveii' H'ai ' > tl > < ?
sinioi class nt Ynl * .
I'lio cost psi rlilld in .ivpiaire iitleiidanoi1
foi tliu 't.i'o-i'hnols intlic ptluoiptl Austral-
Inn ooIoniP' , and for thu beniel scltonN in
LiiKlntiil nml Wale is as lolluw : Total
e ext ) ioj child of tlio nvoingi1 attpiielauct1 lu
tlio stall1 vcliool * ill New .Seititll Wall" Ui ! " > .
l'd : illllo ditto In vle-toil.i t"i'-- . 'i'jd ' : ditto
ditto ill built ! ) AtlMim'ii x i is ; uiiin elltto in
Queensland ifl 7 - . s' ' d ; lioard boliuols in
l.nRlnnd and \Vak-s M W * . l'd.
Ot tlio 140 nipmliPis ot tlio t l.issiri.uluated
fiom Ynlo collcce tills voai lOMnvi-iciillfd
to lniiiirii's | i-oiKeiiiliiK ihi'ii pxpt'iidltiups in
tlip linn jcaisot thoaeadeiult11 OUIM'Ihelr
iiiiswerb exhibit ijuitp as pieat a divci-sitj In
Vale as exists in llajvnid. vvlieic it hns be-on
liequciitlvnllptiwl lit Lite that tlietc exists n
ilcinoiall/iiiK inlliieiivu betweiMi studpiils.
'J'hu averano of tlie 10(1 ( is MViO pli jeni. 'I'lio
pxtrpuics toi any one jeiu were SIM and
fr : : > ! ,0. 'Iwrntv , tljrco inoiub rs ot tlioe-lass
liavrcaincd theli own suppoit dining tlui
coin se.
Tlio I'ust ( "oloied Haptlst eliuioh of Xnsli.
v Illi1. 'I'pnn. , ins a VW.o O house , vv Ith a mem
hei ship of i'0 ' , * ) .
t Thor.ithcelial at .Milan Is to have a new
flout , and a pike ( iT bSK)0 , ) is olle-icd tui thu
best eli'siicii , and sninllci pii/eb foi less nicrlt- ;
motis ones.
There vv ci e 161 1'iolestant cliiiichc" < In Jn-
jinn , .lanuaiy 1 , Ibbn , with UOJ eommuiii-
cants , 'J.TOO of whom vveio added in l So. 'I he
total eontiibutionsivvonj ) , 01 SrMlr ( >
moie limn In 1 34.
Caielinal ( ilbbons uiccs that a Koman Catli-
olicdailv pape-i bo otatilishul in eat b ol the
laigoi cities that will vie vvith the seculai
piobS In its lesouiws , reliabilltj , and In the
talent ot its vviltcog.
The icceiptb olitiio Uittish and roiolun
JJIblo societ v vv PI Q &U3nith.V. | . The total Is
sues of the two sotle'tics lot thc'veai vveio
. ) , W1 ! , > 144 , oi an nvratmo of about 1 h,000 for
eaeh vvoiKniK day.
The Hight Ituv. l > i'.TutiIe , who tops fiom
his Utah mission td be bishop ( I'tct.-stant
r.piscopal ) of tit. Loijis , is a musciilai clulb-
tiau , and has beiMi Irncrvvn to pltt-li atrontior
roimh neek and bcelsemt'ot astn o coach.
n'Jhpro aie feirtvsJluiichesat Kyausville ,
Intl. The Baptists faro ropie ented by 10 ;
.Methodists , 0 ; I'iebb3terans ( ! , 5 ; Catholics , 5 ;
( iciman KvanKellcal , . : ! ; Lutheinii. 'J ; Jewish ,
' ! ; Kpisuojinl , u ; ( > hrislian laud ; Unitaiian , 1.
KOIII Chinamen vvcie lately haittsed ] bvthe
iinstoi ot the First J'rebbj lonan cliineh , Knit-
sas City , Hen. Ur. T. bchlej Sehafl. Thev
sought linj.tism ol their own aceoid anel cx-
hibitpil .1 ( , 'oeitl iindei itaiidlugol the iltuand
doctllnes of Christlnjiity.
i'athui Alfiud A. Cm tig , just appointed by
tlie pope to the sOe ol Wilminu'ton , used to 1m
a I'lotestant Kpiscoiuluin , and was foi some
\eaisbeloie his conveision tlio assistant min-
Istei of a i itnalist Ic and highly fashionable
tlmoioehiuch ol that denoiuliiatlon.
Siirgpon ) said inoneol lilgiucont seimons :
"It ( ioa told mo to ( jo out tothcteuiPteij and
\ \ t\e mv pocket ImiiriKeiehlpt ovei themiivps
ot the dead and make them live , 1 would do
Hand thej would live , toi God would Ivr-
me tlio power if liPKavu me the command. "
'Ihc huildiu } , ' funtl ol the Yoiinj ; .Men's
Ohilstian assoflntltni at liidianniolis ] lias
nearly leaclied SrJO.OOO , and It Is expected to
complete the fund ot i5,00 ( ) tills wepk. All
thu i'lote'stantchuiclii s intl.crlty luvenuidu
contiibiitlons and some Individuals aio now
doubling iheii subscriptions lathei than sco
the enteiprKe tall.
Methodism has quite a hold upon thu
British West Indies , and the centennial
aimiveiscrv ot the planting ol the chinch on
the islands Is about to be eelelirated. His
about ono hundiedrjcars slicjDi. Coke ,
vvith thiec missionaries , landed in tlio eitj ot
hi. .John's , Antlunii , nud cstabllslietl ( lie ilist
Wesleyan mission In the West Indies , 'lliu
isl.ind.s now contain t ! " > 7 Methodist rliiinhps ,
besides 10T oihei iueachlnjilaces. { . 'I liens
aie ovei 4.5,000 ehiiicli memoeis , and a total
oi 1M,000 ) attendants iipon the eliuiehes ,
The published icpoitof the Baptist MIs-
sionaiy union reveals lemnkable nitlvity
aniLuiowliii ; power On thopaitof lliu de
nomination. In tlui past seven > eats the ic-
roiptsol tlio union liitvo been $ 'J'J\ib.s ) . an
Incieasoot iiilpui cent ovei thereiclptsol the
picvloiibseven jears. Thunumbei of mis-
sionaiies has increased lioin'.bl to uv.i. Ovui
700chinches have bucn oifranl/eo and 407
chinch cdllicC4 h.ivo been built. It IK now
claimed that live-sixths ot the Uaptlsts ol thu
vvoildmoln the United Slates.
Manjiu'a joiing man mi't like i-cltln'
alon..slduot him nights and heal ing him tall.
pretty ; that'H thu IIIM prijei. Thuio's lots
and lots o' meetln' nftei that.
> fothci ( reading the bible to hei fem > cai
old L'lil ) "Ami overj moiiilngand evening
Klljah was led bvtho nivuns , who luoiulit
him bread to eat " Little gill "And was the
biead buttered , molhci ? "
An old lady on her deathbed In a penitent
mood bald : " 1 have been a Mnnoi more
than sevcntj jcms , ami didn't know it. " An
old cotoicd woman , \vho < hnd lived with her n
long time , exclaimed : 'ILoul ! 1 knovved It all
the time. "
Buffalo Courier : Wheai lockets weie soarIng -
Ing Monday night , little. Klla , ol Xiagara
fcticct. U'tat.4 , was in dolldit , sav o toi a slight
fe.ti that was on hei niinil. "Mnmnia , " she
asked , "don't jou iiuUltho angelb will bo
A little ciinp told by ) iU inolhei to sa > his
pia > eisandnsk loi'vyhatJio wanted , prajed
toi "one hundred bmthcjrx and liftj sisici.s. "
Tlio mulliei was to ( lisiited | vvith the peti
tion that she hurried lliollttloslnnet oil to
bed bo foi i ) ho could fc.iy Amen ,
This Sunday law busiilfMS In waking all the
Inhabitants up. > ow < lor Instance , It n
voting man t'o s lo sue his girl just In fun
Sunday , ho is all right , but It ho means busi
ness thu fraud juiy will be onto him in a holy
nilnute. [ Albuquo'tjiio JN. M , ) Demociat.
A Vlulnia City saloaukeeptr. [ vtho was
niaklngmrangcmentg till -a blugglni : match
in that city , asked a tlerg ) man for the loan
of a lot of chairs fiom the diapel on which to
seat the spectators at the light. Ho ollerud
the minister , \ ircc Ucket for the use of the
A great Pcdobaptlst lavvjci went to his
own biother , a. liaptist preachci , now iiastor
In Virginia , and asked for baptism nnd to be
permitted tliureaftpr to lemain in the Prcs-
bjteriau church. Tim preacher said : "Xo.
brothei ; 1 can't put my mark on jou and
put > ou Into another man's jmsture. "
A little Xow Orleans girl asked her mother
jhp other clay how It was that Adam ami Eve
came' Jo leave the Garden of Eden , nnd was
told tiTxt the dev 11 entered the cuiden in tlio
form of iM > ereiitnnd | ttiiiir-tcdturm , and Cod
banished CVm. i'he little ghl pondered and
then said : 'Mammahy didn't ( hid bend
the devil awn. x instead of Adam anil cvuV
'Ihey were in tlN t'ardeji tirst. "
, "Mv dear children. " said Deacon HticraB ,
In hfs addiess lotbe''iiiicliis chtxi ) , " -iiii >
mv la t xislt 1 notice tinny UPW fnci1" amoiur
jou , and It tills mv hrul with ioCan vou
tell me , deal i hlldriMi what has taiMnl thN
provvlnp ntkndaiu'e ? Wlutt Is it Hint bilutts
these briirhl jontu tacos to tlio Snhbath
school'1 What Isit ibat " I know , " Inter-
iiiptpd an excited little bov on the fiont row.
"It's the p'eiilc ' season "
Minlsloi's wife ilodkiiiR over Iho papei
You aio referred to In this mornlnu's vapor ,
mv deal , ns "a distinguished elerp.vman.
MinisterH'm. . 1 thoiurld mv sermon jes-
Icrdtv vvottld nltiaet attention. Is it nub-
llshtd tn full. 01 onlj n ) iiopsls irlven ' W Ife
Nelthei.ou me sp iken of n * "a distin
guished i lei ej man" In innncctlon with the
patent medicine testimonial jou > cnt to Di
( Juack
Llnilia tiiiettpllttlo : twelve vearolil
bov paid u visit to a l.ako stiett Innillv last
week Next door lived n hid a tew
jouuirci who called on the vlsltn and made
an acquaintance. On Ins letuii homo his
mother a-Uoil Who is that lltt o bov visit
ing next dooi" " "Well , 1 don t just know
who he Is , mamma. " lepllcd the little fellow ,
"but thev call him John , mid he l < not John
the Baptist. " Ami ho looked up In MirpiUo
because his mother smiled.
ItlH Ucnt Gill On n StilUo.
Anieiienn Huiho'itlor "Moio ttoulile
about capital , " said the tinln bov , diving
into his I'liost foi n lust biinitnor s tiingti
? inp to soil to n { rrnnuer
" \Vlmt now * " itski'tl the brakptnnn
pultiiifr li.u'k : i da'ly p.iptn-and lifting u
kiln-dried oiangc
"Best strike " tlip
pirl > on n , replied
news npi nt "DeiuaniU hoiter liourt- ,
Siturdiniyht : : ; 8 to 10 , vvitli fifteen inln
ntps Intel mission to tuko lueatli and
listun tor the old man : tt ! ) o'clock , extra
caianicls for oveiliine , the new pirls to
be taken on without poiiH'iit of the
) > ieseiit force of ciniilojees , nml half a
tiny oil for the inutineo evuii time u new
dude conies to town "
"What's iMulnl ) piliiR to do nbout it * "
"Haul tellinc. ' said the news agent ,
with ; i vveun smile "I'm lioldinij out
liistnovv , ami olV'-r ' to take her b.iok nnd
sijii tlu % old schedule ami no questions
nsked , but theie's a suivoier's p.utj
camped liizlit outside of tow nn'Mikado'
conijiany mtikin' u lour nights stav ut
tlio ojiera house , iind : i bnlvution aimy
stoiminjr the town , untl tlie frill holds
the kov to tir ! > situation Reckon I'll Imve
to give in nml sign the new sc.ilo. "
Theieisno oxeiisc1 for coughing since
thi' diseoveiy of Hetl Star t'oiigii ( . 'mi1
So cents
Proiliicinir n vieli. lieiuitifttl GLOSS titul
Ko Stnreh yet introduced can be com-
imral vvith the MAGIC.
One pnekacri' will do tlio work o I two
liouiuls of oulinary sturrli.
Sola unilir cunrniitccof llic inaiiufiictuier' .
Apcnts. Omaha , ! eb.
, 'London" ' Trousar Stretcher ,
Patented in f'uropo nnrt LT S
foi co'obrdtoil Joint Ilumllton A.
Co .Stiolclicr. TnKp baaffing out
of knees , tostoics piinliilsons to
oiiiftiuu thnpo. Onlv piit'rt btrtooti-
crcoiiioliiliKcsjrcw rod IrreoneT !
Hot ) > \ | th clamps All otliqr * In-
| -frnifei'lnniS Diiirmuf hnil only
Stretcher lor Oontlomnn's use
Hy i v press wcuioly imUcocl , jirico
? J fio. VVrltp fet cliculars . /
wanted In eveiy cltj. O W. SIMMONS & CO ,
Itoslon , Muss
/ml other * MUTLiim ; into
ncrruua lUhlllly ( ixltuusltn
. ( lironlo ilbenECif } iHnilurb
iletllno of youni ; or old nro
n < n.lllrely fund by Dr.
HuincV fanu us I Ivetro *
Jfuciieltu ISilt. Thousands
In the Union IUITO IIP i n curm
lyfelt 1 nlLiiliilnnii fold ID
> iatH W liolo faailly tan wrnr eamo licit J'ltctrlo
K * nBntorlvi > rree Mlth nmlci licllH Avnlil v nrtlilc < a 1m
Hntliini anil l hocus ccmlKinle" Floctrlc 'Irnaari far
ICupture. 70tl curwlln'Hf . fitnil tlAiupfor immphlct.
Cuio without iiioiti-
POSITIVE clno. I'lilontol Octo
ber lt > , ihTrt.
Ono box will euro
tliofflost obtlnntocn'oln four-days
No nauseous do-.cs of cubcbs , copalb or oil or
Eaculnluooil that nro cortnln to pioiluco dy pop-
elft by do-tri\injr tlio c online of tlio biotnuth.
l'rUoSl.50. Bolilliy all ilitu l-ts or iniilloil on
jccclptof 1'iico. Tor further purtlculius umit
forclrculur. P.O. Dox nil. /1TTDD
T. C. LL uiT CO. , ( ill KK.
w w " "
New York.
CatnloRiios nnil i'rlritfioii uppllratlnn SoWby
u bestCorrlnjp llnllritmund Dialers.
_ able Aih'nss. COO CIN ,
Or IIio l.liiinir llalill , 1'osKlK'Iy
C'urctl liy Administering Dr.
IfuliiCM * UolUru Hiircllin.
It inn bcelVPii Inn cup of lolfpcor toanltbout
tljn LnunltilK nf ll > < > I'ereiin tuklnt ; It Mnbculutrly
hr.rmlt'sn , nnillll ( ITict a | > i nniincntnml spicily
Cuiolii I'nr the pntltnt Is a nnnloralocr' : or
n uiLUtiullorieK It lias tudi KII ! > lu Ihou-
nu.idscf rases , and In t\tiy instonicBjierfptt euro
lias foi lo .MM. It nriiir Inlls 1 ho cjntcui once
Impiiunalcil ultli llio.siittl ? . , It brcomtaan utter
Iiupi i3lbllt | ) fur tlio lUjtior npiicilic tonln
Ken SAJ.K IIY roi.Lowi.vo DUUHGISTS :
KTIIN it CO. , Cur. 1 5 III nml O nsla * . nnil
Ihlli iVCnnilni : HH ( , , Omnhc , Neb.i
A. IJ. POST lilt & ItltW. .
Ciiui-cil IlliiflN , Imvn.
Callnrnrltc ( ur pan'pUItt lonliuiiliiK l.urirtfeJs
i 'flliiioiilnlx Ircinllii bfl uiiu'ii and mcu ( nm
- | o (
O.M : uu MOIIK AT .
I PAV all rtprco charge * to nil pulnl wllldn 300
nultft. l.ootVariinjff v tu Mint from Boml tv o cw *
itauij ) forllUiilrnti-4 cutaloiruc. Jltnlloa llii [ | ,
MUSIC , Boston , Mass ,
WOULD Ml lnnruclor , JUUctuiluiiulast yt ir ,
llntroubh limtruttlonit In vocul und Inntriiiucntal toil *
lie. 1'huiouMcKJririin tunln/ , HUB Ann , Onitury , 1 Her-
mure , hrcnch , ( jcrmuii uuU Itnlliin laiiKUuirti , Kng-
Hill brunrliui. ( lyuinustlts. etc lultlutidtiif JlUouril
uiidruuiii wltli Mfnrn hpnt und clLctrlnlluht llVtuili
nor term F ALL'mtM lii-eln Huitfmbei il. 1SU 1'or
lllufIrutcil"Mlcndur ( , vIlli ( ullliiruriniitluii.uddreii , IJ
1OU1UKK lllr..l-nuikliiib.lo ! > toil.Ma 5
KUi : 01' NK\V
Iteculur four jcar cnurte . > folloWn 1 , 1'or the
< li tec o of lljclitlur of Silcnie. u uneralcuu ku.uliu
I'loctlvu ciiurkei In riiuuUtrr. Illolut ) ' , dciilnu'r ,
MtttliouiitlinanCI l'by lc- * . II. tor tlio iliKroo nf Civil
Knulnoer. InUudlnK , bosidt's tbo u > uul | irufc luiml
ttuilles. n li i lluitiom or I'lei trirlty lu thu Art * . I 'on
vraduuto Inn rucllun In Illfhrr Mutlienutlon l/r | 'lilcn.
Annlttlciil unit Appllel ( hemlitrr uuU Aituylni : ,
Uloldny. rii ) > lc , ninl AMror.mny , l : ntnl in ( uxuinln-
ktlun > set t lull unit Utli , latii. Vui- rue liil couriti
uOvllicriiiuriuutltiiui | ( > l ) lott Aollte 1 rtttsurtr.
Samples and Prices furnished on Application
- 1 .V
1B ( > liroil O t'HM'KI ciT rmtorurM 1'iuil H "I ln\rh on uiri nnif > r I \ur nltlii nr.inu
t'Uuri'i , VV'i "t Jlt'i ' MrcM NcT \ V ork niltp < l ) ) < l > iM li ( irihtlitie i i not CM ton mil
. . . . lnuli > rimkliul ulutmt'r my iUniwll i ftwcr *
1 KOI ECVOII Miecr il\o ) ffurI wnm UUUntu fi-vor wort- "It i > rpii t , il tli il t n n unibla to illBi'M luoil of
un kind < xri'p' FlalP lire ul | H muleil nllli liiimmw
und * , TC < ultlnn Hnn ly In net ruj pro'ti ntlmi unil >
nml niiulo lint * Ilkp piv.lcr , unil tlion Imlloit I H tB-
nipliincliolln , which ronlpied all ivo"k lnipo i > llit ) < nml iliicnil lu u ini'rit i-ki'li'tiHi. innilTorlnt" i ro lilde-
life Itself uionstnntlio tor VUTtrHnif merjtlilni : nirllHlilp , I | iuirli pi | one nt jom lltor | uUj. inu ] ,
rccoramaniled froiuqulnlna ti cohiteb' , 1 wim 1 r- Iniiif utpruptiiiili.iiiii | | < iil lu two wi-ok * w is nt'li t
BUMdl ! to nut an n ll > iMv\ I Uinl but nm > < lilll < atn li-inlv mini Alti ni > riinlh roiiat lnef wail
nflcr nr < l My neutral health hcinimt perfi-u nml vi i'iiMi" . HIIVI' iiuiiinil tlfli-o i poiuiil *
In mis yeiir 1 Inrrciiipd from 171 to "UO p > unili 1 lui 1 to'I li i > p > nml jinful All ihc iirHlff untl lliankt
follmvlnu hummer in' ' tlmu when 1 win ptcn Urh ariMlur | e > tlu lltinivs I1 * ! ! I tlinnVi l.nil.fur tlila
niihjou In tlie Iroubli 1 nrJ lr ) Iliiliim 11 PailS A Mi' < \numvhiif hp > I IIDNM'll Si'iit
lULVKvriu , hut Ilia onMn > hud Intm tompl"'UI > liictnn , I * I
routcil unit I illd not encounter lilm nor haTe I mm Vii Kiitoensih I'mrb tJW
liltn p HOI.viv.N 1'AOen ijjwillliimstiict N.
The 1'ad will prevent more lckllet than all UK Pill ami nu hruttndjm lll Curo.
.One of tlie Best andTargest Stocks in the
United States to Select From ,
Assortment for sale to the Trade by -
Display at their warerooms , 13O5 and 1307 Farnam Street *
the largest assortment of Pianos and Organs to be found at
any establishment west of Chicago. The stock embraces the
highest class and medium grades , Including
Prices , quality and durability considered , are placed at the
lowest living rates for cash or time payments , whllo the long
established reputation of the house , coupled with their most
liberal interpretation of the guarantee on their goods , affords
the purchaser an absolute safeguard against loss by possible
defects In materials or workmanship.
taos & 1307 PARNAM STREET
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