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    THE QjttAHA DA1JLY BEE : FRIDAY , JULY 10 , 1886.
Sentence of ono of the Most 0old-Blooded
Murderers on Record ,
Smallpox Ilnclng Slow Obedience to
the Surpticy Ijaw McctlitK ° T
n aioillos Itciult of Ijato
Liquor Hints.
Di s Moixr. , In. , July ir.-lSpcoial Tele-
Rrnin to Ilio IJi.l Judio MeHenry , of tlio
Seventh district court , sentenced Henry
Furrj , tlio tiiiuduror of Floyd West , this nf-
tcinnoii to tlio pnltontiary for life. In his
npi.cjl to Ilic coin t for clemency IIP rlnlineil
lie wes Impelled to do tlio deed by spirits who
urge'd him to do thrt net nnd tnal ho knew
nothing of the thing noi thought of It. Tlio
day before his rontisel asked lliu coiul to
cither sol aside the vcrdlnt or pass n mild
sentence , on the ground that the prisoner
was evidently a monomaniac on the subject
of spiritualism and Unit ho was controlled by
spirits nnd was thctcforo Insane. Judge
Mcilonry claliuoil that Insanity did not ex-
culpiato a man Horn the Riillt ot a crime
unless how as absolutely without soll'-ronliol
of mind nnd body nt tlio time anil before ,
nnd after , which was nut shown bv
the evlaeuro In Urn pivMjul ease.
Fin ry w at ) tried and convicted fur the mui-
derof Flovd Wastul Ituimels on Kpliiuaiy
17 , IhSfl. It was one of the most cold-blooded
crimes In the annals of the state. Tlip mur
derer broke In thn night , and taking on axe ,
wont to West's room ntid sent thn weapon
crashing through his skull. West cximed
without a mutmur. Ills wife , awakened by
the blow , arose to grii | > thu uuirdcier and
was struck several times. Kunyvas cap-
tnrod In n neighboring lioiise soon afterward
nnd bronchi to jail. In sentencing him ,
Judge Mcllonry .said ho was ) si bad man
to be at large , vvhetiiei iindei' tlie control of
bad spit itsot not ,
A Great Falllnj * Off In AH Grains
Kxocpt Corn.
Dr.s MOINKS la. , Jnlj IV-Special [ Tele
gram to the Uii.l Advance sheets of the
monthly croo report of tlio Iowa Slate Agri
cultural society say that 1,270 concspondents
rcpoit the condition of crops nt 10J per cent ,
nn Increase of 1 per cent over the picvlous re
port. Although In certain localities , whcio
notn diopot ruin fell dining the month of
-June , the corn has good eoloi , is crowing
finclv and promises a laigo yield. In winter
wheat 323 correspondents place its condition
nt 10 ; ! pel cent , a dccie.ise from the June ic-
portof : i per cent. In sprint ; wheat l.iiGO coi-
respondcnt ropoitthe condition of the crop
at 89 per cent , a dceiease of ! > M l > cr cent fiom
tlio formei leport , caused chiellv by chinch
bugs. In poitlons of the state
the exhume eliyeathe.r has affected the
jirosiM-ctlvo yields. In bailer , 5JO leports
jpluco Its condition at Si per cent , a decrease
f 18 per cent in less thirty days. In
winter rye , 800 icporta place its condition at
07 percent , a dceiease of 1M per cent ; spilnit
jyo , condition SU pel cent , a uccie.iso ol U\ $
pur cent. In oats , l.siis coitespomlents pl.ico
Its condition at 81 per cent , a decrease of 17
per cent from tlio June icpoit. The falling
oil Is caused by the dry weather. In timothy ,
\'xa coriospondents place Its condition at 83
percent , a elect ease of 17 per cent from the
Jnnoioporr The net result shows a fallinc
off in all kinds ol giain , except corn , \\lilcli
promises nn uuusuallylaigo ciop.
Dnckwnnl in Coining Forward.
Das MOINJS : , In. , July 15. [ Special Tele
gram to the Bee. I Although the law passed
by the last general assembly requiring nil
foreign corporations doing business
In Iowa to Incoiporato hero went
Into effect July 4 , but two com-
jianles , the Nebraska Telephone company
nud the'Noilb Urltfsh'Amnrefcarttilo , inaur-
/'nnee ' company nave complied with It. ' heir
articles have been lilcd with the secretary of
( date. The law allows lor latitude until
September 1 nnd It is expected that by tlmt
time thoio will bo a very general compliance
with this new Sweeney law.
Illn IlclatlvcH Discovered.
* lies MOINUS , la , July 15. [ Special Tele-
cram to the BEE ] Mr. Klclmrd Howard , the
foreman at the International distillery who
tiled fiom Biinstroko last week , was a mem
ber of Princess Alice lodge , Sons of St.
George. But when bis colleagues armngcd
to bury him , no trace of his lelatlvcs could
found. Tim members ot the lodge have been
hunting for them ever since and liavo just
discovered a cluoto bis paht history and ilnel
that ho has n father and sister living nt Hal-
ford , In Llncolnshlio. England , wlio will
ow bo notified of his death.
They'll Take the Pot.
DA.VEXi > onT. la. , July 15. [ Special Tele
gram to the BEK. ] A number of the mom-
bora ottlio seventh judicial district met in
this place to-day nsn non-partisan convention
to nominate delegates for the district
"Judge convention. They chose the following :
W. p. Brannan. Muscatlne ; John N. Hogcrs ,
Davenport : ami A. J. Llpplnwlll of Clinton.
The district Is overwhelmingly democratic
nnd the democrats will nominate a btralght
ticket and take the pot.
Tlio Doctors Hnvo n Fcnst.
DKS Mounts , In. , Jury 15. [ Special Tele-
cram to the Bii.l : : The Jasper County Med
ical association hold Its annual meeting nt
Co I fax Springs to-day. In the evening n
banquet vvns given to which prominent phy-
Tdclnnb from adjoining counties were Invited ,
,1'hcio was a lariro nttondanco of doctors who
Bat nronnd tlio boatd , nnd toasts were re
sponded to by the leading medical men of
Central Iowa.
Another Ijlquor Riot Chapter.
CMNTOX , In. , Juno 15. [ Special Telegram
to the BUB. ] The outcome of the liquor
ilots n few dn > s ago was seen to day. Justice
{ scarinnn bound over to watt the nation of the
Orand Jury , Joe MuKinloy. Dora Shlebley.
nnd llonry Kiebs , charged with Intent to
Kill an old nmn named Abbott , who was a
witness In thollquoi prosecutions and their
nftack wasconcuined wltli the quail el that
loll owed.
s Ilia Ann Torn Off
FONDA , In. , July l.r > . [ Special Tolegiam to
the BKK. ] Mr. Burk , of Williams , n brakeman -
man on the Iowa Central load , met with a
Borlous accident In the yaids heio to-day
while attempting to mnko a Hying bwltch.
Ilu was thrown down between the earn , and
Ills right arm wns completely severed from
Ills body near the shoulder. Amputation
wnspiiifoimcd at the shoulder Joint and It Is
thought tlio patient may possibly UNO.
Ilu rat ul PI i ) inDealer. .
fr.s MOINKS , la. , July 15. | Speolal Tclo-
kpram to the HUE. ] William Townsend ,
wholesale Hour dealer , assigned to-day to J ,
G. Jtouiuls. Ills nssots nio S8.8CO , liabilities
, due as follows : Wlnona Milling com-
< nny , SI05 ; Ci-oston mills , SIKi.GO ; Same ,
§ 4U20 ; Ciosby Milling company , fOOO.75 :
George S. ( .auctt , S IO ; CUUeiib' Nntlouni
Lank , 53.COD. _
Sniall-1'ox In Iowa.
DBS MOI.NIS : , la. , July [ Tele-
cram lo the HKI : . ] There IH n lutl outbreak
of wnall'iiox at lialnii , In Woith county , near
Die btnto line. Tliero Imvo been some littecn
or twenty victims , and ono has just died.
U'he state boaul ot health has tuken biinltaiy
chaVgo and Is onfoielng a strict quainutlnc.
Hutu in I own.
CitKSTOJf , In. , July 16. [ Special Telegram
to tlio Hr.i : . ] A much needed rain tell In
this locality last night. Lightning btiuclc n
t Massena , causing- slight damage.
near by wassovcicly bliooked.
The Drown Verdict.
DKS MOIKES , la. , July 15 , [ Special Tele-
jftam to the UKK. ] Muunger Weaver was In-
Sirvluwed this mornlne , Ho bolloved lro\\ !
eiUHy but wns eatlsliedltli the verdict. Ho
11 loved the trial a bonelit to thu state , In mnk-
dff oftluork iiuno curufnl. .
Tlio Scnnlc Piitu In the Day PatchIng -
Ing Up the Hill.
WASHINGTON , July 15. In the senate to
day. Mr. I'eigh , from the committee on privi
leges and election's , picsented n icport In the
election ca e of Senator Tnjue.
Mi. Hoar , on behnlf of blm < clf nnd Mr.
1'ryp , piescntcd the dissenting \lewsof the
iiiitidtlt } .
Mr. Plvnits mnilo n 'op.irato report , prescnt-
ln tllo lesof himself , Mr. Teller and Mi.
Kogan. All the icpoits weio onlcred printed
In ono document nnd were placed on the cal
endar to be called nt any tlmo us prlUlcccd
Mr. l.oimn diked leave to call up the joint
ievolution nuthoiblni : the secretary of arto
nrrepttlio deed and conveyance of the land
known as Hlghwood , Like county , III. ,
twpnIHito mllc-s north of Chicago , contain
ing fj'b ' acres , for military purposes. Mr.
I.OK < IU explained Itas a purchase for S" 00-
( XWbythe Couimeiclal club of Chicago nud
tendoied lo the gordnment.
Mr. Ueck objected and Mr. ga\o no
tice hoould call 11 up at a fntiiie date.
Mr. Wllbon , of lov.a , olfeied a resolution
that ltitUL'iual ; addresses , annual messages
nnd Mich messages as may bo deemed of gen- public Interest of the several presidents
ot the United States bo nnanged In chron
ological order and pi Intcd as n senate docu
ment. Itefeiled to the committee on print-
lllL' .
Mr. Allison submitted n confeienco leport
on the legislative nppioiulatlon bill , tlio
committee ngieclng upon all points of dis
pute between the two houses , except as to
the following points : Clerks for senators
( notchaliinen otcommlttees ) ; salary uf tlio as
sistant treasurer nt Haltlmoie ; appiopilatlon
foi three rleika for the civil servile commis
sion , and lehitlng to tlio compensation ot
Internal revenue accnts , survoiors , etc. The
senate still further insisted on its dlsagtce-
mrnt with the house on these points.
Tlio senate icsumcd the consideration of
the rhcrand li.tiuor nupropriatlon bill the
nmcndmcnt adopted us In the commltlco of
the whole , being the lirst to Do disposed of.
Tlio lir t point on which them wns division
on the amendment ( oflcicd originally by Mr.
In falls ) to Items for the Mississippi liver
piovldlngapottion of the nnpropi ration for
rlinn Point and Lake 1'iovldenco leaches bo
confined to complete repair and maintenance
of levees throughout sueh roaches to the
height of tv\o feet nbovo the Hood of 18bJ ,
ana to tlio completion of permeable woiks ol
consumption , Tlio amendment was adopted.
The next question wts the amendment
( originally ollered by Mr. lluirisoii ) to the
fame item , to add to the proviso autHori/lnu
tlie commission to lepair , 01 build a line , it
necessary to the navigation and commerce of
thei is ei , tlio w oids "out not below the i caches
\ > hieli aio being improved by them , miles * It
shall bu necessary In older to pie\ cut or close
an injinioiisciovasse or outlet. "
Mr. ( ilbson argued against tlie amendment
as an insidious attack upon and attempts to
condemn the Mississippi river commission.
Mi. llanison advocated the amendment
and said the Intention \\os to piescnttlio
question vthothci the senate would author
ize the Mississippi commission to enter upon
the goneial system ot leveeini : the Missis
sippi tiom its mouth to Cairo. Tending the
decision ot tills question the hoiibo joint tos-
olutlon oxtendlni' tlio temporary piovlaoon
foi expeiibcs ot the goveinment to July 31
was picscntud to thu senate nnd passed. Mi.
llariibon's amendment was then uzreed to.
The amendment , otlered by Mr. Hale , stiik-
iug out bectlon 2 , which legislated against
dumping refuse matter in harbors , rivcis or
tribulaty watei.s , next came up. Instead of
the suction blriickouttheie had been insetted ,
on motion of Mr. Conger , a pioviblon author
izing the bccietaiy of war to establbh haibor
lines nnd establish lines where deposits ot
( lull ] is ot mines or stamp work can be made
without injury to navigation. The question
wns on striking out and insciting. It was
agreed to. Amendments striking out sec
tions ! i1,5 i , 0 , Taiid llvvoroallagmed to. All
umendments acieed to by the senate in com
mittee of the whole having berjn disposed of
the whole bill was open to amendment ,
Mr. Teller , retelling to hisvotoon Mr Gib
son's motion to suiko out Mr. Harrison's
amendment lo the Mississippi river boctlon ,
said ho learned from Mr. liiown that he un
derstood paired ou tliosorjuestlons.
Ho theiofoio moved to reconsider the vote
by which that motion to .strike out wns 10-
jected by a tie vote , Mr. Teller having voted
In the negative. The vole was leoonsidered
and the matter again eamo up for action.
( Juestlon was then taken on Mr. Gibson's
motion to btrlko out Mr. Harilson's amend
ment and was ngiced to Yeas , 27 ; nays , SJO.
Mi. Logan moved lo increase tlio nupro-
priation for the Illinois liver from 5100,000
to 8150,000. Adopted.
Mr. McMillan , chaiimnn of the committee
pn commcicc , moved to btiiko out nil alter
Ilic enacting clause in the bill , except that in
each case the amount bo icduced pet cent.
Ho expressed that the house bill , lit round
numbcra , was gl'5,000,000 , the amount re-
poitedby the committee on commerce S18-
UCO,000. tlio amouutagieed to by the senate In
committee of the whole 000,030 more and the
amount under the pioposeds.'i per cent re-
auction will bo 14,000,000. An extended dis
cussion followed.
Mr. McMillan said ho submitted his substi
tute by direction of tlio committee on com
merce and ho nnd the other mcmboisof the
committee , during the 'discussion which fol
lowed , explained that they , personally , and a
majority ot the committee , favored the bill as
it stood , but were constrained to recommend
a reduction In the belief that If nuy river nnd
haihor bills wcio to bu had the reduction
mubt bo made , and that so iar ns the senate
was concetned , It would doubtless pass the
Mr. Edmunds thought the proposed reduc
tion was wise. It would bo better to make a
reduction of 50 per cent.
Mr. Miller said Mr. Kiistls wanted to hwcll
the bill through with hostility to tlio adminis
tration In order to force a veto. It was an
open secret , he said , that airaugoments were
being made In nnothoi body to buiy the bill
provided ccitnln things weio done , or pro
vided tlio amounts wcto increased bovond a
certain point. Them had nlso been floating
about thu coitldois of the capltol , In thu cloak
looms nud on thu Moor of the senate , state
ments made and rcpoated day after day by
men who represented the executive , by men
who stood close to it , tvho did not he.sitatoto
say ( not \\hl.spnis. . but outspoken words ) ,
"If this bill exceeded a certain point It would
undoubtedly meet the executive veto.
Mr. Salisbury asked Mi. Miller whether ho
had any Information from the niesidiMit or
any poisons Intimately connected with the
president that ho Intended to vuto the bill. It
was nut tight for the senator to chargotho
president \\lth nn attempt to inlliionco the
action of the senate , because no president had
ever been moioc.uoful In that lespcct than
the piobont executive.
Mr.Miller replied that ho made no such
ehaige. Ho had no Information whatever on
thu subject. Ho merely stated w lint the men
w ho stood before the country ab the leadois
of thn administration rmi ty .stated tor \ \ eeks
nnd weeks. If the bill oweded a ceitnin
sum It would undoubtedly bo vetoed.
Thodlseusblon was continued bv Messrs
Ittddlcbeiger , Call and Humh. The latter
ciltlcizcd tlio committee on commeico and
tetorrcd to the minors of a presidential veto
as something which came under the ground
by thobowerago system between thu vvnito
house and cauitol.
Mr. Congei , a member of the committee on
commerce , icbontod thoicferencesto his com
mittee a dcharactcil/ed them as "Insidious
attacks upon thu committee. " All
thiough thu bpecch lie said nn attack had
been niudo on the motives , sincerity ,
honesty and honor of thu committee.
At the close of Conger's speech , which was
eeitalnly bitter tluoughont , the senate , with
out coming to a vote , adjourned.
Additional Crop lloports.
l'AiKtn ! : , Neb. , July 11. [ Special to the
IJuu.J Coin Is growing finely , though In areas ot crnvcl hinds it Is b.-xdh
binned. Wheat and oats average well. The
piospectforllax Is dull. The late bovvn is
not m > for want of moisture. Potatoes piom-
iso \ \ ell now. It has been dry tor two v\eeks
and over. An abundance of rain in four or
Iho days would tiring a heavy crop ot corn
and potatoes. Small gialn will be shortened
somewhat. It will icach perhaps 75 per cent.
NOIITU PJ.A.TTK , Jvob. , July 14. [ Special
to the HKI : . ] There has been but little dam
age to wheat and oats In this vicinity. liar-
ley und i ye iiiado big crops ; corn planted
early on old ground la yet doinij well and
will make a good crop It ruins fall In a week.
Late planted corn and on sod , and potatoes
and garden ttuck are suffering.
liuslnoss Failure.
GAi-VEbroj. , Tex. , July IS.-The News'
t > pec'al says II. Spohn & Co. , merchants and
ranchers of Kncinal , Tex. , mndo nn assign
ment. Liabilities , 573,000 ; assets , 8170,000.
An Interview Whioh Suggests the Hawksyo
Senator Tor the Presidency ,
Tlio Impression Orowlnc ; That Cleve
land Will Veto the Ulvcrnnd
JInrbor Itlll-Tho Uvtrn-
dltlon Treaty ,
WASHINGTON- , July 15 [ Special Telegram
to the UI-L. I The Kvcning Critic lias a long
Interview with n veteran statesman , once
prominent In the affairs of the nation , who
says Senator Allison of Iowa undoubtedly
possesses many popular elements for a ie-
publlcan presidential candidate , Ho Is a
man of limited ability nnd great legislative
experience , having been long In public life
nnd mnde nn Inoffensive rccoid. iNo man Is
piobably better versed In the alfalrs of the na
tion , lie is cautious and diplomatic , nnd no
one so long prominent In the patty moves
along with so little filctlon. Ho is qulto
likely to bo boomed by the Ulalnu Influence ,
having been a life Ion ? and devoted adherent
of the Plumed Knight , but In his fidelity ho
nlnnyssonuiMccd his course ns not to give
ollVtiso to the bitter nntl-Blnlno faction In
the party.
"How do you diagnose the outcome'.1" was
asked by the icportcr.
"It Is too early to pi edict results. The
only show the blundering democracy hns to
win Is lost. Tlio lopubllcans have nn excel
lent lighting chance , which they will Improve
by picbontlng an unbroken front. They nio
lee anxious and the contest to
permit of a divided couiso. They blow
about the mugwumps. They have become
classified into political barnacles that nnd
nothing else and each party will pray that
they will attach themselves to the other's
wit.r , rr.r.vr.LAND Tin : ntr.i. ' . '
There Is agiowlnirimpicbslon nt botli ends
of the capltol that the president will veto the
liver nnd hatbor bill In ease it leaches him.
There are , Indeed , bciious doubts in the minds
of a good miny people whether It will over
get to him , for the changes made by the sen-
: Uc are so numcious that It Is qulto posstblu
that the house may permit It to drop out of
sight rather than to attempt lo icconstruct
and agicc upon a compiomlse , when they
know that a compromise Is going to bo
slaughtered. If the senate amendment , ! are
agieed to In the house , the bill will nppiopiL-
iitealmost twenty millions , a sumeven grcatoi
thin than nppropilatcd by the lauious bill
which Piesldent Arthur vetoed.
inn r.\niAnmo.v TKIA.T\ : .
Nothing can bo learned at the state dcpail-
ment this moinlng relative to the alleged
signing of tltecxtindilion lientv between 'the
United States anU ( Jioat Britain. During
Secietary l < 'icllnghu > ben's apminlsttatiou
Coiigiessman Majbtnj nnd ox-Supcrintend-
ent of 1'olico Conley , ot Dctiolt , called upon
the secretary of state and set forth that ow-
imr to the small list of extiaditnblo crimes
embiaced in tlio existing treaty , the bolder
towns of the two conntiles were over inn by
cilminals. Secretary Fielinghuysen told a
correspondent subsequently that negotiations
were pendinir that would piobably result in a
tioaty which would make It Impossible tor
thu malfactors to escape the penalties for
their crimes by crossing the Canadian border.
These negotiations were not cut slioit by a
change ot administration , but have been con
tinued by Mr. 1'helps at the court of St.
James. An attucho ot the British legation
heio bald this moinlng that he knew the
Canadian people had urced the homo govern
ment to take the necessary stops to secure n
wider scope for tlio extradition treaty , and ho
lidded that negotiations loojclng to this end
have been pending lor some tlmo. He was
unable to say w hat result had been reached.
Mr. Bellmont , chaliman of the house com
mittee on foreign atlnhs , said to-day : "I
knovv'nothiiigof the alleged treaty , but un-
Jerbtand that something of the kind has been
In ptogress for some time. " '
An effort is being made by some Nebrns-
Icaus to defeat the confirmation of Charles H.
I'ottor ns agent of tlie Omaha nnd Wlnnebngo
Indians In Nebuuska. A string of chaiges
lias been tiled with the senate comm'tteo ' on
Indian nlfnirs ngainst him. The charges ic-
late altogether to his conduct in oflice. Pot-
tei , it is alleged , is inxjn hlsollielal capacity ,
| ) urmlttlng Indians to soil timber on tlio robot
bet vation , baiter their annuities , etc. Pet-
wnnlly , Potter stands without blemlhh. However -
over , it is stated that tlieso ehaiges grew out
of inattention , and that ho will have tioublo
In seem ing continuation.
NOT i\cr.t' ivi : IN AstnincAX noos.
The follow ing extract Is tnken'fiom i\ re
cent icport imufo by Consul General Haiti at
Berlin to the state department : "It Is a note
worthy fact that since the exclusion of our
hog products , cases of tilchlnosis have not
decreased In Germany. On the moinlng of
lunoutlm meat of twenty hogs slaughtered
for a saus.igo butcher was mleroscopajly px-
umined by an expert. The meat of fomtoon
ot the lioL-s was condemned. All was full of
trichinosis. In many instances pieces of meat
not larger than ono crnln of oats which , alter
beingcrushcd , repio ciitcd asuifacoof n little
moio than thirty-nine one-luindredths of nn
Inch contained toity and more of the imrn-
sltes. The authorities congiatulate tlioin-
sches upon the vigllnnce of the public meat
inspectors , though thu consumeis become
mote convinced eveiy daj * of the fallacy of
the thcoiics which led to the exclusion of'tho
American pork irom the German market.
WOItKlNO I'Olt THE lIl..NXii'JX. :
Qtiitua number of the Illinois and Iowa
members of tlie hou > o hold a meeting to-day ,
to formulate a plan by which u majoiity vote
could be secured for tnu Henncnin canal ai > -
pioprlntion when the rhcrand haibor bill
shall be ictutncd to the house. Several of thu
members biioko brielly upon the subject , but
no definite conclusion was leached. Another
meeting will piobably bo held to-moirow.
The sentiment ninoim these present to-day
was tlmt the house will allow the nppropihi-
iMi'itovnMr.xT.s roit MXCOI.X.
Senator Van vVjelc to-day proposed nn
amendment to the biindry civil appioptlatlon
bill , giving 8.VX ) for Improvements in the way
ot a fountain , walks , etc. , at the government
building at Lincoln.
Tliero Is a tear , which Is paitakcn ot
by democrats , as well as tepubllcans , that the
president will yet exuiclsn his veto power In
a way that will make gicat Inconvenience
and much cmbairassmont. Somutlmo ago
Mr. Cleveland warned conutcbb against
banking up on him n Inigo number of bulky
bills with the expectation that he will sign
them without leading them , simply to laclll-
late nil Join n men t. Ho announced that ho
would sign no bill without reading and un-
dciKtandmg It. and knowing the needs tor
It. Ablll wasicceutly defeated which gave
tlio president authority to veto a paragraph
or section , or any portion of an appropiTation
bill while approving of the remainder of It.
Tlio defeat of tlio mcasuru was , to nso tlio
phraseology of an old member , "to keep the
president from becoming too technical , too
meddlesome , and at the same tlmo too dis
respectful with and to congress. "
The icmilt Is that If a clause , a nlnaso , or n
parnirrnph in nn nppropilation bill Is object-
fonablu to the piusldent , and ho retuses to
subscribe to It , ho will have to veto the whole
measure , Thus , If 310 Is appropriated to a
man or purpose which the mesldent believes
to bo unnccoDbury nnd which liu dislikes , the
whole hilt , piobably approptKiting S20uOO-
000 , will bo vetoed ; nnd the veto may come
to congress within an hour of tlio tlmo llxed
for adjournment , may ralso a row , and pobt-
puno adjournment indellnltely. This nuts
llu ) day for the dissolution of congress Into
the uncertainty , although nearly everybody
fixes It between the < 3tn nnd SOth Inst.
Denials nnd statements nud explanations
teem the columns of tlio local n-s well ns the
outside pi ess in connection with Impending
changes In the cabinet , and those collaterally
connected with tlio administration go so fur
as to deny. In a negative soitof way.thatany
change Is talked of. It Is as near a tixod cer
tainly ns anything can bo in politics Hint .Sec
retary Manning will not till the hard position
of thu treasury after October 1 , and these
who should know say ho will retire before
th cud of September ; that he will remain
until the president returns from Ids summer
tour , and men. and before the rush of the
fall business begins , will his resignation be
Attorney General Garland authorizes the
announcement tbatho will hie away to Hominy
iny mil , his woodland retreat in Arkansas ,
as boon as COIIKIUSS adjourns about the 1st
pros. Supplemental to thU announcement
is the statement , alao authorized , that he hns
not iccorrrcd from lib * .se\cro Indisposition
of last sprlnc. nnd that his vacation will con
tinue till October. It 19 notorious In Wash
ington that Mr. Garlaitil wants to leave the
cabinet as soon ns hcican'do so with credit.
Time and again has lie laid , in denying his
reportedptcclpltatoretrcat. thntho would not
leslgn under lire. A , n umber ol times , how
ever , hns ho Indicated that ho would IIHc to
leave public life. He believes he can make
twlco as much money br half Iho Work and
have n more enjoyable tlmo In pilvnte
life. Mr. UarlanU fs a tine lawyer.
In easy circumstance , and since ho does not
IlUO'fcuch active life as . now in nnd feels
that ho Is the sourceoti cmbnnnssnient to
friends , It is but natural to piesume , If no
other than ulterior reaspns existed , that lie
would like to retire.
It makes no dlffcieneotvhat reasons exist ,
there are reasonsniul good ones and a.mplc ,
for saying that Secietnry Manning
tlcally bid adieu to the treasury department ,
nnd that about August 1 , Mr. ( Inrliuul will
lollovv the example , so far as the dupailnfhit
ot Justice Is concerned. There is no politi
cal feeling In this prediction , It M based on
fact. The selection of successors to these
officers will not Involve any sacrlllco to tlio
country , or Imrnrd or excite any Interest. It
Is safe to snv the places will ho filled' , by men
who will keep the maclilueiy In tlio usual
motion.Ot.KOtt.VnnA.niXK IVIPOsrriONS.
In congressional chcles much Is being
said about the extent to which credulity of
the farmers throughout the country has been
Imposed upon In connection with the passage -
sago of the oleomargarine bill. Without any
authority so far ns the people can ascertain ,
certain parties sot Uihcadquartcrs | liotes early
in the session nnd began to speak tor t ft
dairy Inteiosts of the country , and demand
committee meetings and organized ac
tion In congress. At the same Instant circu
lars by tiio 10.0000,000 and ) , ODO , bcznn to
Issue to thu buttci-makcis everywhere , im
ploring them to petition congress lor tlio
passage of the bill , and asking for contribu
tions ot money to carry on 'tho expense of
thu workhoio In the interests of the cow
owners anil In opposition to tlio manufac
tures of imitation butter and cheese. For
months these nppcals to the country for In-
lluunco upon congress and for money
for the cnuso ol the dlniy. No ono
"knows whether theic wore liberal responses
to the nppcnls for linanelal nld. Petitions
ponied in by the carload almost. The tight
of petition is guaranteed In the constitution
of tins United Htate.saml Is thopiopcrwayto
speak. The sciiillnir of money to men tor the
pin pose of calling for petitions wns gi.itult-
otts , uniiecessaiy and a waste. Ktiottshnvu
been made hero from time to time by bogus
attoniej s to bleed the soldiers ot the country
of haul-earned money to "Inlluunco the pas-
bago1 of favorable pension legislation"but
they iiaxo failed. Tlio soldiers nndfnrmi'ts
hnvo cnotigii Influence within the power ot
petition to got their deserts , and no money is
needqd In any diiectlon.
Tin , AND iiAiutoi : HIM. .
Wnate\cr the motive 01 sense ot Picslelont
Cleveland uiay bu in declaring his disap-
pi oval ol , the ordinary way of piop.iring river
nud hiirbor bills , ono icstilt IK sum to follow :
I'ohg'icss will givomoto attention to tlitf ic-
potliol , jgoveinmcnt engineers und tlio de-t
nmndsof wmmeiceas they mo ieiotted ) to *
the war and tieasuiy dcpnitments , and lebs.
to the pruttngs of patties and the
bearings nppioprhttions lor river Imptov'e-
ments may have upon concessional dlbtilets.
Mon in.both branches of cOngiess are now
fiep to ackndwlpduo that it is all wionc to
penult political inllucnce to contioi the piep-
utxtion ; of rivet nnd iiaibot bills , and > et ale
asttankln thcli acknowledgment tlmt Whoio
the distilWitlOn of thu money is pointed out
in these bills that it Is physically impossible
to torbear polltlctil un denitions. These-
cohgiesa because ot tlnrpoliticalbcaiingit
contained and itb nctelect 01 uusinuss consiil-
cratlons. I '
The suggestion of Pn'sldont Cleveland
that the way to ImproVe liters and harborson
a business basis Is to aflpiopilute bo much
cneh year and nlaceftfat'the disposal of. the
chief cxecntivo upon tht- order of the geei c-
taryof war was nlsd'fiu ' tested by tluee or
tour ot his piedeetfssor * . Especially did
President Aitliur adyochre this plan. And
congress is coming tofccqsthe wisdom of it.
It would cnablu ce/n eliftutlon In the work.
The trouble with the bid iihd piesent system
is none , or lew , ol'tlifl'iinpiovements are
coUipletedJbca\jso dDa HcK of funds. An
imnrbvainent. rc < iiilrni'r8250iOOO gets -Sioo.-
000 by this congress atlelBM l guti , ljut ftiture
congresses by tef using , to appropriate n sulll-
clont Sum to complete tnowoi/c makes n dead
loss to tlio gpvornitient.'i-
It is held that tlio future plan will neces
sitate no deliclencles , and create no surplus
es. to bo lost. Local considerations will have
no weight. Go'vetnment enirluoers will se
lect tlio places to bo improved. The torces
will thcio 1)0 concentrated , and no other work
begun till that is competed. By this plan
tlii-iu will bo less work in progress , but 'all '
begun will bo completed. No onohcic bo-
lleves the liver and haibor bill of to-day will
ever become a law.
Mrs. Jane Blackwell was to-day appointed
postmnster at Varna , Saline county , vice
Isaac Smallcy , icslgned.
wKsrr.n.v t'osTAr , CIIAXOHS.
Time fichedule.s ot Star mall loutcs in Ne
braska have been ordered changed as fol
lows :
Otis to Marquette heave Otis Tue.sdavs
and Saturdays at 9 a. m. ; aitlvo at Matquette
by 10 : : * o. m. Leave Marquette Tuesdays
and Saturdays at U a. m ; arrive at Otis by
12iOp. : m ,
Nnnda to Taylor Leave Nunda Saturdays
at 1 1) . m. ; arrive at Taylor by 5 p in. Leave
Taylor Satutdays at 8 p. m. ; atrlvo at Nnnda
bv 1" m.
Dot p to ! arfleld Leave Dorp Saturdays
at 1 p. m. ; orrlve nt Gnrfield by 6 p. m. Leave
Gaiiiold Saturdays at 8 a. m. : aufvo at Dorp
by 12 m. Leave Gartluld Fridays at 8 a. m. ;
iiu ivo nt Arnold by 12 m. Leave Arnold
Vildnys at 1 p. m. ; utrlvo at Garliold by
5 p. m.
Chances have been made in Town tlmo
scheduleb as follows :
Jubilee to Jessup Leave Jubilee Tues
days , Thursdays and Saturdays atiW ; : ! p. m. ;
nrilyont Jo > > sui by 5 p. m. Loa\o Jessup
Tuesdnys , Thersdnys nnd Saturdays at 1 p.
m. : nirlve at Julillce bvii5)p. : ! m.
-Alia to West Scott Leave Alia Mondays
and Thiu.sdaybnt 1 p. m. : anivo nt West
Scott by 3 p.m. Leave West Scott Mondays
andThuisday.s nt:5:80 : : p. m. ; arrlveatAlta by
fiROp. : nt.
Al ona to Seneca Leave Algona Tuesdays
and Satin days at 8 a. m , ; ntrlvs at Seneca by
! > p. m. Leave Sonecn Mondays and Fridays
at 8 a. m. : nulvo ut Algona by n p. m.
Highland to Klgin Leave Highland Mon
days , Wednesdn.vsnnd Fridays utillp. : : ) m. ;
nrti\ent Klu'ln by 4Wp. : m. Leave Klgln
Mondavs , Wednesday * nnd Fridays nt 2 p.
m. ; nulvo nt Highland byH:30p. : m.
Oxtoidto Nora Leave Oxfoid Tuesdays ,
Thursdays and Sattudays nt 8 n. m. ; iiiuvo
ntNorn by tl p. m. Leave Noia Mondays ,
Wodnosdnys nnd Fridays a ; 8 n. m. ; airivo
nt Oxford by 0 p. in.
Cribbing Clerics
WA8iiiNOTe > N July 15. Acting Sectetary
Fttlichlld to-day biimmarlly rtiamlBsed the
chief of division and tvVocletksin liisonice
foraiscredltnblocond/iVl'lt1 connection with
the oxamlmUIonb -promotions. . It seems
the chief ot dlvlsloii'ljad been liibtructed to
prepare cxaminatloni | K'is for promotion In
his otllce , and after ilolugbo Eiirreptltlously
furnished copies ot.iho ouestlons to tvyo
cleiks under him. A higli olhclal of the
ticasury department HArttef he has bceil con
vinced tlmt this pracHeiums beim in vog\ie
and that the uuthorltleiV'Utet ' rinlned to put
a stop to It as far as ixv slbje. )
WAsiiiKOTONJiilylSj Tlie jircsldent sent
the following iiomliWWnMu the bonatoj
Douglas W. Taylor , Poitland , Ore. , to ho biir-
voyorgencial of OrdLMjijj Lewis Williams ,
Mlssouil , to bo commissioner for the distilct
of Alaska , to reside flf JtOieali City ; W. K.
, ,
monte , Cnl. ; Gilbcit y.i Williams , NowYoiU ,
agent at Cheyenne nnd A rapahoo agency ,
I. T. ; recolvei-3 of public i nonoy , Lukti A.
Burke , Aberdeen , DaU. ; WUJJain 0. .Hobbs ,
Sprlttelleld , Mo. ; James .S. Welch , Iletrolt ,
Mich , : Commodore Jamej L. Jouett , to bo
rcnradmlml ; CommoUore John H. Itusseli ,
to be teat Admlial ; Captain John li win and
James A. Green , to bu commodores.
The I'urooll Kuiid Picnic.
DES MOINKS , July Ui.-SpeelalTelcsrani |
to the UKK. ] An Immense picnic will beheld
held hero August -UH to raise a contilbutiou
to the Pninell fund.
Jitdgu Wakcloy will ouSaturdny morn
ing render decisions in tlio tolldwlng
cases- Kuhn va Schcnibriin , Stitt vs
Steele Elliott vs Waltoliuld , Estubrook
YS Hntherot , Alstadt ys Now.
The Anarchist tJnry Sconreil nnd tlio
Prosecution Opened.
CmrAoo. July 15. [ Special Telegram to
the BJE.J Thcio were but clehteen peremp
tory challenges remaining for the defense
when the woik of seeming n jury for the
dial of the anatchlsts was resumed this
morning. These wcro quickly exhausted.
K. B. Sandford. nged about twenty-four
years , wns the last talesman called. He said
he hud formed a decided opinion on the
question ot guilt or innorcneo of the ac
cused , but noveitheless ho thought he could
give them a fair ti ial. He answered satisfac
torily all tlio questions put to him , and then
Mr. Foster , for thodcfchso , after consultation
with his associates , said ho would challenge
the juror for cause on tlio grounds that ho
had formed an opinion. The coin t overruled
the challenge nid ) at the afternoon session
States Attorney GilnneU announced that tlio
piosccutlon h.ul concludded to accept Mr.
Sandford ns the twelfth juryman. This
completed the panel , nud the final four
were told to stand up nnd reccivo the oath.
Theic was a general teellng ot relief when
It was icallzcd that Inn long nnd labor-
oils task ol scouring a jury was nt length
ended. After n few mmutos consultation ,
State's Attorney Grinnell at ouco began his
opening addiess to the juty on behalf of the
people. Tlie State's Attoiney. ns ho began
his address , had n big map of the scene ot the
Hnymaikct outracc can led In nnd placed
before the sworn twolvo. Ho asked the jur >
to sit In judgment dispassionately and bu
guided wholly by the evidence tlmt would bo
adduced before them. The institutions of
this country , he said , nnd IMCII trampled
under footund belittled bi the conduct of
such men ns puicticcd in the Hamaiket
mooting of May . The cltl/cns of this coun
try believe In the institutions of the countiy
and believe that these Institutions aio above
cavil and have been .since the Declaration ot
Independence. But our citizens , with their
Ideanof llbeity , have bi'cn piono to put too
much confidence In sttangers who arc ene
mies of the government. Gilnncll continued
by saying that he will show lu the testimony
that August Spies , onoot the defendcts , had
repeatedly called on the Inboilng men to aim
themselves with iltles and itvnaiulte and
tileati out the police.
After de ctfblug the featmcs of the plot to
blowup the police station simultaneously
nnd snck the city the state's attorney bald in
conclusion : " 1 will attempt to show you who
throw the bomb , nnd not n single conspirator
will bo placed upon thb stand whom we will
not c.orroboiate by witnesses. " When the
state's atlo'rnoy ceased the attotnoys for the
defense said they would make no statement
for their sldo until the evidence was all In ,
To-morrow the examination of witnesses
will begin.
" "
' The House I'rocccdliics.
"WASIIINT.IOS , July 15. In the house , Mr.
UandnlLot Pennsylvania , from the eoiflmit-
tec oil nppiopilations , lopoited the joint
( csolntlon continuing in loico until .htlj : U
the provision of the joint icbolutlon prov id-
ing tempoi.irily ( until to-dav ) for the ex
penditures of the government. Passed.
On motion of jlr. Price of Wisconsin the
bill was passed prov Idlng for hold ing tei ins
of United States com t at Kan Claire , Wis.
Mr. Morrison of Illinois fiom the committee
on rules , reported tlio resolution orderlmr
night sessions foi to-day nnd Snturday , to
night's session being for the consideration ot
labor business , Satinday's tor the considera
tion of business loportcd iioui thu commit
tee on minting. Agreed to.
Mr. llolman biibmltted the confeieiico le
port on the legislative nppropiintion bill.
KVKXISO sr.ssio.v.
At the evening .session the house passed
the lollovv ing bills liom the committee on
labor :
To prevent tlio employment of convict labor
and alien labor on public buildings or other
public woiks.
Amending the act to prohibit the impoila-
tion of foreigneis and aliens under contract
dr agreement to peifotm laboi in the United
Practical mechanics , laboteis and servants
in the Dlbttict of Columbia In their wages.
Thopeiinte bill providing for the payment
per dfem ol government employes lor deco
ration day nnd fourth of July.
Directing the commissioner of labor to
make an investigation in icgaut to convict
laboi In the United States.
The bill extending the piovislon of the
eight-hour Idw to letter cairlers , gave liso to
some opposition , nnd pending action , thu
house , nt 11 p. m. , qdjomned.
Carl Sclmrz on tlio Pnii-I31cotrlc Scnn-
nal nnd Manning's Illness.
Ntw : Yonic , July 15. [ Special Telegram to
theBr.i.J CarlSchurz In an intcivievv last
evening about Attorney-General Gmland's
nufortunntePiin-Klectiic connection said : ' It
is not my thought rtt nil that Mr. Garland is
anything moie than an unfortunate. lean Im-
nglno how ho was drawn into this Pan-Electiic
matter. 1 do not think that he had any ap
preciation of fact that the speculation was one
of millions. I urn Inclined to think rather ho
thought ho was pelting a fewhundreaddollai.s
worth of stock for Ids legal services , and that
it was only n modest Arkansas fee that was
given. I can rcmembci how it was with the
great Ciodlt Moblllcr affair. There wcro men
who saw their associates making money nnd
they thought they could moke some too. It
Was ti pitable sight in some cases. "
In f nitlier conversation , Schnrz expressed
the opinion that Manning's dopartmo was
most untottupnto In the cnreer ot the ndmln-
istiatlon. He icpcntcd two or tlueo times
that It was decidedly nntoitiinatu. Advices
fiom Albany say tliatSecietniy.Mnnnlng ImB
surprised his mends by his vigor hlnuo ho 10-
tnrncd home. He lemmked yesterday that
helolt pietty well , nnd nslde fiom blowness
of movement and slight uncertainty in walk
ing , ho seems neatly to Imvo recovcied fiom
his Illnc.-w. If ho experiences no rectinenco
there Is every icason to believe he will be
back In the trensury department in October.
While ho Is hero ho will hnvo an oppoi tuulty
to Atialghton out the democratic light in this
county , vviiuio a committee of ; < 00. headed by
Edw.ud J. Meegan , are kicking ngninst the
Manning machine.
TUB wortiirToii' SPOUT.
and CnnudlniiH Ucgln the
, Slioot at AViinlilodoin.
LONDON , July 15. Tito liglit In Wlmblc-
dom uuiing the illlo contest was good , but
the wind wns rntlior strong. The match ,
which had been nrrnnged between the mem-
Ix'tsoC thoiioiibu of louls and the inembois
of tlio lion-o of commons , had been aban
doned because it had been lotind Impossible
to compete , owing to the absorbing Inteiest
In the elections. The shooting of the Hint
btago ot the contest for the queen's pri/o was
finished today. CornotalSouter , of thn Ab
erdeen lilies , made t o out of a possible 105 ,
taking the tnonzo medal. Thn highest Can
adian hcoras weie nmdo by Bell. Uussell and
Wilson-ta , & 5and75.
Racine at Wublilnton Park.
CIIJCAOO , July 13. At Washington park
Mile ; Bob Fisher won , Lafittu .second , Solid
thlid. Timo-lJ4. : Mutu.iU paid SlS.bO ,
Five-eighths mile : Ban Bowman won.
Jacobin second , Witlirow thlid. Time
l:0ix. : MutnaU paid $ 'J.W. ' !
Wiibhlngton pit It cup , two and n quarter
miles : K. J , Baldwin's pair , Volant ! nnd
Lucky U , walked over , Lucky B tinlstilng
lirst. The non-staitcrs were Modesty and
Extra race , one , one nnd nn elirhlh miles ;
Alice won , Buchanan second , Modesty third.
Tlmo 1WH : , Jlutitals paid S'17.00.
Mile : Wanentun won , Handy Aitdo second
end , Biddy Bovvllna third. Tlmo-l-J'JW ,
Mutualspald 5R10.
Hurdles , nno und a half miles : McCnl-
lough won , Will Davis second. Guy third.
'I inio 2W. Mutuals paid S17.70.
Momnontli Park Races.
MONSIOOTII PAIIK , N. J. , July 15. Handi
cap for all ages , ono and one-sixteenth miles :
Dry Monopole won , Anarchy second ,
Hackciag tnlrd. Tlmo I M.
Tyro btakes , lor tivo-year-olds , tlirco-
fomtlismllo : Tromont won , Ha > eller aeo-
onii , ( iueen Kllzabeth tlilrd. Tlmo 1 :19H.
Barnogut slakes , for threecarolds , ono
nnd one-half miles : The Bard won , Quito
second , Winifred third. Tmo-2:45 ! : } { .
Sweepstakes , ono and ono-fourth miles :
Favor won , Elizabeth second , Huearkease
third. Tlim-3IA :
Stilling i-aoc , one and onp-Mxteenth uillw :
Lclrela won , Phil Levels second , > Vhlzgl ;
thltd. Tlme-lr : 7if. ,
Steeplechase , over Hail course : Colone
Watson won , Joe Shelby second , Ch.ulC )
Epps third. Time 8:83. :
Tlie Base Unit Itccord.
AT ST. Lot is
St. Louis 0 ( I 0 Q 0 3 0 1 0- 1
Dctiolt 0 . * t
Pitcher ? Kirby and Baldwin. First base
hlts-St. Louts 6 , Dotioit 11 , Eiiots-St.
Louls. > . DetioltH. Umplic Cinno.
81. Louis 0 00000910-1
Athletic o o i a u o o : i : i-n
Pltchois Nottli nud Atkinson. Flt lbisc
hlls-St. Louis 7 , Athletics 1:1. : Kuoib-
St. Louis t. Athletics C , Umplio Btnillev.
Kansas City . . . .0 000000 1 1 2
Chicago . . . . a 2 0 'J 1 0 1 0 * H
Pttelieis Wt'idmei amlMcCotmlcK. Phbt
base hits -Kansas Citr > , C'hlcairo 17 , Ki lors
- Kansas Cm 0 , Chicago J. Uniplte-Con-
A-i Pint.nrt.i iiiA
Philadelphia . . .3 0 0 0 0 I 3 0 -6
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 U 0S
Pilclicis Feigiison and 1'adboinno. I'll at
basu hits-Philadelphia W , Boston 7. Kruus
Philadoipliiti 7 , Boston U , Umplic Voik.
AT CivctXN'.ut
Cincinnati 0 2020300 * 7
BiooKlyn . . . . 000000400-1
Pitchcis-Midland and Porlci. Flist bnso
hits ClnclnnutlO , BiooklynO. Eirois Cin
cinnati 4 , BiooUjn 4. Umphe Walsh.
Ar PifTsnntu
Pittsimix 2 o o o o 3 i o o-n
Metropolitan 0 0010001 I-U
Pitcheibr-Lynch and Morris. Flist ba o
lilts Plttsbmgs 10 , Motiopolltans7. Kirors
PltUsbuigs3 , Metiopolitnn 1. UmpliX ! Valen
NuwYoik. . . . 0000030 * -ft
Nationals 0 2
Fhstbaso hits New YoiUs 11 , Nationals
5. Etrors Nationals 0 , New Yoiks 5. Um
pire Cut rj.
Louisville 0 o 2 o o o t 0 0 : i
Baltimore 1 00000400 G
Pitehois Kllioy und Uavvbcy. First base
hits Lotiis\illu n , Baltimore 0. Eirois
LonlbVlllo 0 , Baltimoio 0. Umphe
AfTuIrs Oil the flloxlcitn Border Grow-
Ins ScrloiiH.
Nivv : OIIMAJ : < S , July 15. A special to the
Times-Democrat liom NC.UVO Luiedo. Mex. ,
says : Cononel Cluiles Wlnslow , United
States consul at ( iiierrj , airlvcd heio jestur-
dny. He rcpoits that tlie insurgenU in that
bcction aio galnluz stiength and will make a
junction with the icvolutlonlbU now scat-
teicd o\er the distiicts boideiini ; on tlie
Ulo ( iiande. In this upiising , as in one last
December In Ncuvo Leon , tlio hand of
the government can bo been. Theie
is no doubt that botoro tv\o months are past
tliobtatoof TamaicllD.iswill bo under iiilll-
taiyriile. The civil goveinment of Cannlis
hab been deposed nnd a milltaiy goveinor
appointed fiom the City of Mexico. No en
gagement has vet taken place In this legion.
G VI.VKSTON , July 15. A special to the
N s liom Liucilo says : For several da.vs
past them liavo Illinois ol sciiotis tioiible
along tlio Mexican boulei on the Ulo Grande.
Ycstciday telegrauib v\ete received from the
city of Mexico otdeilng tioops to bo bUitioued
atNeiiNu Laivdo and down tin * i Ivor to sup-
) ) ievs the contemplated leyolitliunnry out
break in tlie btate ot Tamaullpos. To-day af-
Inirs assumed n giavci attitutle. from the tact
that a number ol Winchester lilies have been
piitcha.scd hcie with which to arm a volun
teer company of N 'ti\o Lai cdo to assist In the
defense of tliatcltj. The latebt leports 10-
ceived to-night icpicsent that a btato of ginvo
uhuni exists nnd that a bciious conllict will
occui between the government foices and the
Captain D. C. Kinguian lias boon or
dered to Fort Ilobinbon , Neb. , on public
The tunurnl of Christ Lurton , who was
killed by a falling bank of earth , took
place yesttuday afternoon.
11. T. Clarke is having plans tlra\vn tip
fpr n row of leu thrco-stori' brick houses ,
to bo elected , on California street , south
ot Crcigldon college.
liiwlstreot's local ujjenc.y ; received word
yesterday thntW.Y" .'dvvcll , n drug
gist at AfcCook , has boon closed on at
tachments by creditors.
A. L. Strung , for allowing ono of his
employes to ninkc u bonfire on Sixteenth
nnd Davenport , was lined $5 and costs.
James Douglas was lined $1 and cobts
for leaving his horse unhitched.
The Hon. John A. McShanc went to
Chicugo hist evening on : \ short business
The { Trading on the Lincoln end of the ,
new brunch to that city of the M. P. his' :
been completed and yc.stordnv the
two construction trains sent out left that
city with snpplicb for the truck.
Second Lieutenant Charles K. Noycs ,
of the Ninth infantry , hns been relieved
from duty at the Bollcvne range in con
nection with the depnrtnicnt rillo coinpo-
tion , nnd ordered to report to his com
pany ut FortD. A. liusbcll , Wvo.
Mr. M. Hullinnn has mndo tlie lirst con
tract for n Grant shitr and stone walk of
any ono in lliu city. It is to add lo thu
beauty of his robidcnco on SOInry'savo-
tttiuOninlia never witnessed such nn nmonnt
of tr.ivol as nt present. Travelers nro
heading to nil points of tlio comnass nnd
tlio city is contributing its full bharc to
crowds wandering to nnd fro.
Gi'orsolJurinestui1 , in fun I son of Adalpli
Bnrmcstur , nged ono year , .seven months
nnd twenty-one days , died yestciday
The funeral will take place this iiiorninjr
James II. McShnno and his two chil
dren were pubscngcr.s on tlio Q labt evening -
ing with n pleasant Ohio visit in iiroj-
"Doc" Ilnynes , of Iho P.iellic Express ,
hns stinted lor the ( Jnrdon of ( ioila in
L'olorado for a dosurvcd.ication ,
Mrs. David Wilkio left ycsloiday for
her rnnoho near V > ooil Kivur , Idiiho , to
icinnln until thu heated term is over.
Mr. Jlpnry Hardy , prupiietur of the 09
[ out store , went ciibtThur.sdny nfternoon
nn n btibinobb trip , und will ho nli'-ont
from two to three weeks. Mr. Hardy
will visit Chicago. Now York and Boston ,
For the purpose of securing novelties of
loroign und domestic mnmifnctnru for
[ ho iitiunn and liolidnp trade , of which it
is liis inanition to oiler the peopln of
Dninlui the linest stool ; ever bliown liore.
Mr. Hardy is ono of the enterprising
met chants of the city whom wo are glad
Lo commend to the notuoof our renders.
District Court.
Sterling P. Anderson who has
in this county for several months back ,
lillcd n | petition Jfor divorce yestonlny
from his wile Lillie , to whom ho was
iiiurriod on the fourth of 1'nbrunry ,
iitTtpton Iowa. She lived with him hut
a slioit time und ho claims has now wil-
Inlly deseitoil him for the past two y > uus.
For which reason he dcsiius n divorce.
Mr * , ninltinll Fined.
TlioMiilhnll-Sliinrook family feud wits
settled in the district court yesterday af-
turnoon. A motion for n new trial for
Mis. Mnlluill , who vvns convicted of an
nsaanlt upon Mia. Sliinrock , wns over
ruled by Judge Nevillu , wno lined dm ( Us-
fcndunt $50 and crijts. Mr.s Mtdliull'ri
attorney threatens nn appeal
Huildlni ; Permits.
Inspector \Vlnllock \ issued btuldi , ) per
mits yosterdiiy ab follow.- , :
Mrs. Leah Hasowaloi , loinotlollng
dueling , 1711 Douglas . 3 4,000
Afilcan M , K. Chinch , parsonage ,
Eighteenth and Webster . . . . 1,000
James Binmell , 1 story tramo cotu e ,
Cherry betueun Fourth .mil I'll Hi 1,000
W. N. Williams , frame cottiwo Diaku 1,100
A. J. Hotold , block 3 htDiy iramu Mote
and tenement , bummers . . , . 0,005
Oeorce Snjder , 1 story frame , Twentieth
eth near Mason . 'At J.
Six penults aggregating . "fi.lOO
The Death of Mrs , Doran Eecalh on Earlj
Day Grimdi
Tno nnllnrd Cnsc Again Tlie llctnln *
l \Vt\IH-Mm. . MiillinM Klncd
The City's l''lnniuos
Oilier liocnl flatter.
A Trajjody UrcalliMl.
Tor nearly twenty years a woman who
figured In n tragedy in the eaily history
of Omaha lias been living in a quiet man
ner in her llttlo home on LJnrt btreet ,
earning n tnodust living for her
self by doing washing for sa
loons and it'.stauranU. She lias
avoided making aeqii.iiiilatu'es and
hns lived so noaily the life of n rceluso
Hint lior existence has been unknown ot-
cept to tlio parties witli whom
.she 1ms been thrown in rota
tion bv her work until her death ,
on yesterday , revived tlio story of
the tragedy in which she was n promi
nent figure. The woman was MIH.
I'lorcC'Uoran , whoso remains are
now lying at tlio undertaking
rooms of Dnuol & Maul prepared for
tliu burial , which takes plneu to-day ,
In 18UU the woman , then a Miss Fioreo ,
young and comparatively handsome , was
married to an Omaha carpenter , an old-
crly man named Doran , who was a
widower with ono son , Iternhard Dornn-
ten a joung ninn about twenty years of
ago. Soon after the marriage an inti.
iniicy was alleged to have sprung UP be
tween Mrs. Uoran and her handsome ,
step-son , resulting in a tragedy whleli
cost onu man his hfo and ruined the
Dor.xn lamily. The old man Doran , con
vinced of his wife's faithlessness , secured
u warrant fiom Justice of the IVnco
Graham for his son's arrest on the charge
of adultery. Tlio warrant was placed in
the hands ot Jerry MeSlinuo , n constable ,
who was M'tit to ai rest voung Dor.iu. lie
was accompanied by I'at Kockbud , an
c\icb&nmn , and n lawyer named Mul-
cahey. Thuy drove to Doran's home ut
tlio corner of Thiiteuntli and 15 , rt , and
asked lor young Doran's arrest Doiuii
biirrenderod and blurted to go with the
ollicer when he was assuultud by loek-
bnd. Ho called tor MeShaiie's protection -
tion , which was not forthcoming , and ho
turned to defend liiin.selt. Ho drew a
Spanish dirk and commenced to make
desperate lunges at the tlueo num. Poor
McSliauo vvns tirst caught nnil the knife
plunged entirely through his hond. Ho
vvub taken home , where he died tne next
day. Muluahoy was stabbed novoral
times in the back and came near
dying Doran then escaped und was
a fugitive lor several days but was finally
captured by Captain baundeis and a
posse of men. Mob violence was pre
vented anil a fair trial secured for Doran.
lie was convicted and sentenced to Urn
years in tlio penitentiary. When the
prison burned in 1871 lie escaped and is
btill at liberty. The elder Dot an secured
a divorce from his wife and loft the coun
try. His death has since beun loporled.
Tlio death of Mrs. Doran removes the
last participant in the tragedy which
will hereafter live only in the memory of
the old timorb.
How They arc to lie Hun Togotlior
In September.
Secretary Wheolurof the Omaha fair
board is btibily engaged with' n foru'o'of
clerks preparing details of the forth
coming show : it the fair grounds. This
will bo tlio second fair given by the
Omaha Fair anil Exposition association.
It is intended to make it thn best that has
over bcun hold in this state. If the
weather be propitious the management
fool they will liavo little dillieitlty in suc
ceeding in the aim mentioned. It will
open on September 0 and close on the
llth. The entries will close on Monday ,
September 0 , at 12 o'clock. Mr. Wheeler
lias just issued the premium list for thin
year. It is a book of 100 pages ,
copiously supplied with advertisements
together with a list of nil the prizes and ,
in fact , all the information concerning
the matter which a person might roquire.
Mr. Wheeler desires It to bo undur-
etood that it is the fair board that lias
charge of the exposition which id now
being prepared to take place in the exposition -
position building on the corner of Capital
avenue and Fittecnth street. Thov liavo
maJo arrangonionls with the managers
of the buildinpfortheusool lliosamodur
ing the exposition but tlie management
of thu latter will bo in tlio hands of the
fair board. These gentlemen , too , are
working hard to inaku the undertaking a
success. They feel that one entertain
ment will aid the other and , at the bamo
time , unable some entertainment lo bo
allbriled which will Keep people in town
over night and which will also bo of in- to tlioau who may not bo devoted
to pursuits. In fnrlhoraiieo
of this Idea , Mr. Limngor , who has been
appointed manager of the exposition , will
leave for Chicago to day to lonrn
something about the manner In which
the exposition thenis conducted.
To tha Editor of the Bir. : . Allow me
simply ab an outsider to speak of a work
that is being cnrridd on in this city by a
few ladies that I am Mire is not fully ap
preciated by most of our citizens. In
factit is impossible to rcali/.o thu extent
of the work without seeing it. Hut allow
nui in a fuvv woidh to tell something of
the work that tlio ladies ai o doing at thu
Buckingham on Twelfth blruot Only a
day or two ago n young man Jrom ono of
the lirrtl fainilioBin thu eiibl , a gradiiata
f Yule college * , was brought there verg
ing on dolhiiim It-emeus. l'hn ladies
Kindly nursed him , urnl with the assist
ance of one or two young num. labored
with him hour after hour nil thiongli the
night and day , bringing him back to
reiiHon anel manhood , and pointing him
lo a higher power to save him fiom his
nppotltu. That bamo afternoon
four men came in to nlgn
the pledge , and one blood at the door as
ho took Ins bottle lilted with whisky and
dashed it on the irtound. Tlieso JadicH
have in the last six months rescued over
lifty young men , most of whom Imvo bu-
come good e'itl/.ens and member * of some
of our phuiclios. And yet Hn-sn ladies
liavo to beg day aftnr day for the moans
of .support , \\lnmtliey \ \ givu their time
and all lo tliis work , should not the cltl-
/ens of Omaha Hiippoit il , and not limvu
them to fear that each month will be the
labtv Mrs. Clark is peculiarly adapted
tei thib woik and is accomplishing grand
things. In eonoliision I want to Hay that
I am writing this without the ladles'
knowing it , and with thu dcsiro that it
may aroiuo someone to rome to their
help. G.
An Uxccllrnt Hand.
The Second Infantry band now fita-
Honed at Fort Qinaha , having arrived
about thirteen days ago fiom Foil Lane ,
Idaho , is certainly oil" of the lineal even'
located nt the post Lust evening tlmy
favored the UKK vuih u bci-onadu , which
was lu'titily appincintod. The band
iiumlii twenty three ) IIH mbois.nll thor
ough muiiiei.ur. , and is under the loader *
.ship ofV Wcelcmoyer-