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The Names of the Participants in the Glove
It Happened on tlio O. It. V. Ilond
Oilier Itnllrrmd MixttcrH A Gcr-
iimn's Dlflnppoliitniciit No
I'OtB In Oinnlm.
The ShcrKr in "On. "
Thorc has been considerable specula
tion ns to whether or not tlio authorities
would tnko any action in regard to tlio
contest with hard gloves which occurred
n few miles outside the city late Sunday
nlpht or early Monday morning. Tlio
matter has been brought to tlio notice of
Sheriff Coburn , who has received a par
tial list of those who wcro present. Ho
understands , however , that the contest
was in no scnso of thu word a prize light ,
that it was conducted in an orderly man
ner , and that nlether of tlio principals
were injured to any great extent.
Whether tlio shcrlfl's ' list is correct or not
is uncertain , but it probably comprises at
least 80IHO of those who wcro present.
Under no circumstances will action betaken
taken until District Attorney Kstcllo re
turns , and it is exceedingly doubtful If ho
will , under tlio exiting circumstances ,
bo inclined to give tlio matter any seri
ous attention. The compiled statutes of
Nebraska road as follows upon tlio sub
ject : .
Sec. 7 If any person shall actually cnRatje
as a principal In any preinuditatuil light or
contention commonly called a prize % ht ,
cveiy poison so offending .slmll bo Iminls-
oni'U in tlio penitentiary not less titan ono
year nor inoie than ten years , and pay the
costnof prosecution.
See. 8 If any person shall bo engaged or
be concerned or attend any sucn light or ran-
Icntlon us Is described In tlio last prcmllng
koctlon , ns boxvr , trainer , second , umpire ,
assistant or reporter , every person so ollend-
Ing shall , on conviction , bo llilcd In any sum
not li'bs thiin $5 nor mom than S100 , and im
prisoned In the jail o tlio county not less
than ten days nor more than thieo months ,
and ) > iiy tlio costs of prosecution.
Sec. 10. If any two puisons shall agrco
and wilfully light or box at fisticuffs , tlio pur-
bens so offending shall bo deemed utility of
an affray and upon conviction thci oof shall
In ) lined each In tlio stun not exceeding § . " > u ,
or bo Imprisoned la the county lull not ex
ceeding 10 days , or both , at the discretion of
It will bo scon by this that glove con
tests of any description whatsoever nro
forbidden by tlio laws and that all partic
ipants arc rendered liable to line , impris
onment or both. The matter is to a largo
extent , however , in the discretion of tlio
county autlioritios who , unless they see
lit , need pay no attention to the uU'riir.
A Disastrous Accident on tlio O. Jt.
V. Other Muttcra.
Telegrams were received yesterday in
the oflico of the general superintendent of
tlio Union 1'acilic announcing that the
Lincoln express ( No.12) ) on the O. & II.
V. branch , bound for Mury.svillc , Kansas ,
was derailed that morning near
Barncston by some cause unknown.
The cars wcro badly used up.
Ono child was instantly killed ,
and a gentleman had an urn. broken. No
further particulars of the allair are yet
known. t i ,
The evening overland train"stlllgoes in
two sections , both heavily loaded with
The general passenger agents of roads
in Nebraska hold a meeting Tuesday at
the B. & M. otlico in this city , for the
wirposcof organizing a pool on Nebraska
business. There were present , Messrs.
Eustis , of.tholJ. & M. ; Stebbins , of the
Union Pacilio : Unchanan , of the Sioux
City and i'aciiic ; Toasdalo , of the C. , St.
r. , M. &O. ; Gowan , of the St. Joe and
Grand Island , and Townscnd , of tlio
Missouri Pacific. Nearly the entire day
was devoted to n general discussion of
the project and all agreed to enter into n.
contract for the muintonnnco of pooling
rates. Matters are constantly coining up
between the lines in this Ktalo requiring
joint action to adjust and settle , consequently
quontly the suggestion to form an asso
ciation for that purpose was rccoivjul
with approval and has boon almost con
summated. Another meeting will beheld
held in a few days to complete anil
adopt the agreement.
Salt Lake Herald : It is generally un
derstood that Mr. Urrrows , thu now joint
ticket agent-oleet , who camo'on to us-
BHino charge of tlio Union I'aeilio and
Denver iVJKio Grande combined olliccs ,
and who , since his arrival , has been con
spicuous from hi.s hob-nobbing with ox-
Cov. Murray , and his numerous state
ments relative ) to his "inllueneo" and
"power" in a political way. will bo re
turned to the seclusion that Omaha
grants , and that the local business
will bo combined ns intended ,
but cqnducted by Mr. Jicnson ,
the present Union Pacific agent as chief ,
with Mr. F. F. Kcclcs , the present Denver
& llio Urando man , as his assistant. Mr.
Shelby and Mr. S.V , Kcclos hold a con
ference over the matter yesterday and it
"is nn open secret" thatMr. Harrows' ap
pointment was reconsidered. Mr. Shelby ,
who was called on by a Herald reporter ,
said hu could say nothing whatever about
the mutter at present , and the lessor
Union Paollio people are equally mum ,
either from reticence or ignorance. There
was . \ freer spirit across the way , how
ever , as well us around the Utah Central
olllce , and the prevailing impression in
both places was thatMr. Harrows would
not count pasteboards in this section in
ny considerable hurry.
Story of n Ocrmnii who I3x { > cctctl nn
Ono of thu most disappointed , not to
say maddest muii in Omaha yesterday was
( Jcorgo Henry SwirUlamlor , an employe
of the smelting works. His sad stale of
feelings was caused in this way.
About tlireo years ago , George Henry
was drafted to enlist in tlio German ar
my. Ho gave up his calling and entered
upon the life of a soldier. After -short
time ho grew tired of his lot and deserted
tro army , slipping over to America. Ho
landed shortly thereafter in Omaha ,
Where ho lias since been working ,
A few weeks ago Swart/.lander saw by
nn advertisement in a St. Loais paper
that the German consul at Chicago had
nn ofik'ial document addressed to him
( Sivart/.lamlor ) . Ho came to Judge Weiss
nnd told him of the circumstance , re
marking at the same time tlmt he had no
doubt hut tlmt the advertised luttor con
tained information that ho had fallen
heir to a fortune in Germany.
"You are sure of that , are you ? " asked
tlio judge.
'Tea ' , " replied Swarl/.lander , "I am
_ ? nro of it. I have been expecting the in-
Ficrilance for * .omu lime unu now I am
* positive It has come. "
Judge Weiss wrote to the consulate in
Chicago , and Tuesday the ollleial docu
ment oamo. H was enclosed in a rt > gis
torcd It'tlur , It looked very important
indeed. Sw.uU'.laiuU'r was-hi-nt lor. Ho
came into the room with it smile of cagor
expectancy on his face. 'J he u-al of Iho
nvelopo was broken , and Judge \ \ cus
commenced reading. Gradually the
smile on Swartzlander's face vanished.
Gradually it was displaced by n look of
anguish , and inch by inch nis jaw fell ,
until , by the time the judge finished readIng -
Ing tlio document , his face had assumed
the proportions of a very long collin.
The document was nothing more
than an olllcial summons for Swart/-
lander to appear in Anspach ,
Havarin , on Tuesday. Nov. 0.1830 , to an
swer to a charge of desertion from the
German army. The papers were duly
made out In the name of his royal high
ness , the king of Havaria , and wore regu
larly stamped with llio high seal of state.
Judge Weiss has written to the German
authorities , stating that Swart/.landor will
not answer the summons on the date indi
cated. The court at Anspach will consequently
quently pass sentence upon the deserter
bv default , and confiscate his properly , If
aiiy can bo found. In this way Swartx-
lander will lose the inheritance ho is ex
pecting , and furthermore , will bn pre
vented from returning to Germany , lest
he should be arrested and made to borvo
out the sentence hanging over him ,
Owlnc to Iho Non-O)9crvti' ! ) co of a
Imw Pnspetl lly the lm t
"Do you know that the city of Omaha
Is without a monument or record to re
veal its location on the banks of the Mis
souri , or to show its legal lots , streets , al
loys and blocks , and length and breadth
of the same ? " asked Gen. Kstnbrook of a
UIB : representative. "And It seems
strange , " continued he , "that Mayor
Hoycl should have failed in his message
to call the attention of the council to this
fact anil to impress upon that body the
importance of taking action upon this
matter. "
Gen. Kstnbrook , upon being asked to
explain , stituVTIio matter arose and was
put in issue in a case in which I was con-
corned. The court decided that the law
was such that there wcro no legal lots
on which taxes could be lawfully col-
JocteU , but said it was against public pol
icy to so pronounce and establish the
law , and it found something bettor and
superior to law to base its judgment in
that case liryant vs. Kstabrook , re
ported in the Kith Nebraska. Mr. lias-
call , comprehending the situation , asked
mo if there was not some way out of the
intuldlu. I told him that San Francisco
had been in a like condition , and that we
could get out of it as that city had. Ho
asked mo if I would prepare an amend
ment to obviate the difficulty. The
council passed , a resolution that this
should bo done , and I did it. Andrew
Itosownter and James Creighton changed
the amendment slightly , but the essential
features remained the same. The amend
ment provided that the council should
have the power to create or organize a
board of engineers to go out and Hnd all
the lines of the lots as they had been un
derstood and agreed upon the occupants
and owners , to .sot stakes and establish
monuments by which tlio location could
bo learned , and report the same to the
city council , where the report would bo
subject to examination for throe months ,
and if tnere were no objections such re
port was to bo and remain the record of
the city in all courts. It was then to bo
a matter of record. Nothing whatever
whatever has boon done by the city un
der that law. There wore several amend
ments to the charter , one of which gave
power to the council to compel the
street rail way to do certain tilings , and
another gave the council the right to con
trol .rail way crossing. The railroad and
street car companies united to resist the
law , and they made this very point ,
which I have raised to kill tlio entire bijl.-
At a meeting of the street car and rail
road officials , ono of them said it was a
scheme of mine to get rid of paying
taxes. In nuothcr bill pending the same
question is involved with another .very
important point , to-wit.tho fact that after
the Jones' survey , Byors was retained to
extend the Jones' survey , and under
the Myers' survey a new
map was issued , and Poppleton
& livers' map was made to conform to
that. Jn that map the lots wore changed
on Ninth and Tenth streets so as to front
north and south instead of cast and west.
That question is involved in u suit now
pending and entitled Rhodes vs Easta-
brook. It has been submitted to Judge
Wakeley on briefs and arguments. Tool
ing doubtful as to some of my views , I
called on Thomas M. Cooley , of Michi
gan , who lias given an elaborate opinion
on this and other questions involved in
the case , sustaining mo in every particu
lar. That opinion is now in the hands
of the printer to incorporate into the
brief. Similar cases have arisen in Wis
consin , Illinois and Louisiana. In view
of all this , it does seem strange that the
officers of this city can bo persuaded to
go ahead without paying any attention
whatever to the law in regard to menu
ments. It is too serious a matter to bo
longer neglected. "
AVImt the Thrifty Housewife Can I5ny
In the Local Marts Prices.
New caulillower is ono of the delica
cies at present obtainable , though scarce ,
selling at from 20 to 05 cunts per head.
Onions are selling at ! JO cents a poclc ,
while yellow Salt Lake onions bring 40
Parsley is sold at 5 cents a bunch.
Parsnips at 25 cents a peek.
Now hot-house radishes 00 cents a dozen.
Lettuce live heads for a quarter. Now Cal
ifornia celery in mammoth bunches sell
from in to 20 cunts per bunch. Spinnucli
from the southern states has now made
its appearance and sells for ! 55 cents a
peck. New green onions , three bunches
for a dime. Watercress 1 cents a bunch.
Pio-phint 15 cents a bunch. Oyster
plants , three and four bunches for S5
cents. Wisconsin cranberries , 10 cents a
quart ; choicest Capo Cod , 10 cents u
quart. Jersey sweet potatoes , CJ cents
nor pound. Turnips 20 cunts , a pock.
Hutubagas 3 cunts per pound. Carrots
2.1 cents a pock. Salt Luke potatoes , 85
cents iior bushel ; Nebraska potatoes ,
from ft ) to 75 cents. California aspara
gus soils ut 25 cents ycr pound.
Now California oranges from 25
to10 cents a California seed
less oranges sell from 45 toTficVitsn do/s-
en. Lemons bring from 25 to U5 cents ,
the outside price being for very choice
ones , Hummus are worth from 25 to 35
cunts a dozen.
White fish and trout are soiling for 15
cents a pound. Salmon steaks are worth
23 cents u pound ,
Fresh codfish is to bo purchased for 15
cents a pound , while Halibut steaks are
worth 25 cents. Eels are worth 20 cents a
pound , Flo mi tiers are worth 121 cents a
pound. Striped bass are so scarce as to
be unquoted. Sea perch are worth ISJoa
pound. Suit codfish tongues sell for 13
cents n pound. Frosli lobsters are just
coming in for thu season. They sell at 25
cunts per pound. North river shad are
now to bo purchased ; they are arriving
in liner condition than this market has
over seen thorn. They sell ut $1 each for
rou and 03 cents each for bucks.
Fresh perch are now in the market ,
and sell at 12 } cents a pound. Fresh
catfish also on hand , sulliing ut 15 cents n
pound , Uuflulo is just in season ; fresh
caught , 10 cents a pound. Pickerel are
now in the market , fresh , and Bull at 12) )
cent a pound ,
Oysters , of standard quality and size ,
arusu'lllngai 40 cents a qt. The selects
bring til ) cents a qt. Cans 20 to 40 cents.
The best cuts of sirloin sell lot 15 cents ;
rumps and upper part of round steak at
12 } . Hoasting ribs , linn and juicy , can
bo bought from 10 to 12 } cenU. Veal is
extremely scarce and comes high , from
15 to 20 cents , according to the cliolccncss
of the part. Sweet breads can bo pur
chased at 25 cents n pair. Corn beef is.
selling at from S to 10 cents , according to"
cuts. Prime leg of mutton can be had for
12 } cents ; mutton chops 12 } to in cents
Ham is worth 12 } cents in bulk. 20 cents
sliced. Porl. , 10 to 12 } cents. Sausage ,
10 to 12 } cents. Venison , rich and juicy ,
can bo purchased for 20 cents.
Uuttcr , from 20 to 80 cents a pound.
The latter price is for the best croamory.
West Point butter , of the finer brand ,
sells for.Vm. Eggs have n standard price
of 10 and S cents a dozen.
Wanted to exchange for stock of Hard
ware and gonural merchandise , 500 acres
of line Thayer county ( ) ; live lots
in Genoa ( Neb. ) ; gooil store building
( bust corner ) ; good dwelling ( best loca
tion ) in Kssox ( Iowa ) ; also eighty acres
one-half mlle from town of Kssox ( Iowa ) ,
seeded in blue grass For further par
ticulars , address John Limlcrliolm , Cen
tral City , Nebraska.
Stray Leaves Gathered from the Re-
portor'fl Note Hook.
"Do you knows how I got tlicso
clothes ? " said n bright llttlu newsboy
who appeared resplendent in a neat now
The reporter pleaded ignorance and
thu continued ' 'Yer ' Mores
boy ! see more
ways 'n ono uy making money in every
pcrfcsb. Do printers lias wat doy call
shylouks , who buy up do strings in ad
vance , and dcso same sort uv fellers in
all de trades. I don't thinks ot quite on
do square , but I started in a month ruro
to gut some now clothes. After buyin'
my papers I had just fifty cents loft , and
will dat as a starter got $3. Ycr sco
some of the boys shoot craps and play
kcrds , so sometimes doy'll ' come round in
do moruin' dead broke , and won't have
I enough stuff to buy doy'ro ' papers. All I
does is justtorstuko xmi. Givo'em 50 cents
in do morning on condition 't give mo 75
cunts when doy guts sold out. Sometimes
used tor have $1.50 out In do morning ,
and would make a nice little boodle. I
had tor give the stun" I made from my pa
pers tor my mother ; but what I cot on do
side was mine. Didn't let the folks know
nothing bout it 'dough 'cause doy might
make mo give it up. At nights I use to
keep do stuff in a hole in do wall and
would take her un in do mornin' .
Counted up yesterday and found 1 had
just $11.80 ? 8 for a suit uv clothes , ijli
for a pair uv shoes and eighty cents fer
to blow in. "
The ruling .passion for saving was
strong on the little fellow's mind , however -
over , tor ho was seen a few minutes later
driving n hard bargain with a boy less
fortunate than himself , who was endeav
oring to negotiate a small loan.
There is ono beggar in this city at
least who has a novel method of proce
dure. He is n very ordinary looking
tramp and there is nothing about him to
suggest that he is n "departure. " Ho
has an old cigar of the "two-fer" brand
that 1 o carries in his vest pocket. When
meal time approaches ho accosts some
kindly looking stranger with the ones- "
tion :
"Mister , do you smoke ? "
Whether the answer bo yes or no , the
tramp thus proceeds :
"Now , sir , I tell you. I am a poor fel
low out of work and haven't had a bite
to eat to-day. I've got a cigar here that's '
nn imported Havana , and if you'll
kindly give mo a little money I'll ' give
you this cigar. "
The "imported Havana" does not look
particularly iuteresting.und in nine times
out of ten the stranger , who is touched
by the plea , gives up his money and
refuses the cigar. This beggar , withal
has a novel method of doing business ,
has no memory for faces , and frequently
ho will try to work the same victim
twice with the same cigar. One well-
known business man in this city who
responded to the beggar's first plqa , upon
being approached a second time and of
fered the same cigar , blurted out : ' 'Why ,
you d scoundrel , that's the s\mo ;
stinker you wanted to civo mo yesterday !
Stand ell' ! "
"I have some little faith in lotteries , "
said a well known Danish
citizen the other day , and I
regularly invest in them. No ,
1 have never made any great stake , but
can say that the total of my winnings ex
ceeds the total of my expenditures for
tickets. I shall still continue to invest ,
hoping some day to draw a big prize.
"I knew one man in Denmark , " con
tinued the speaker , musingly , "who had
most remaikablo success with his lottery
investments. Ho bought a ticket three
years in succession in llio government
lottery , and every ho drew the capi
tal prize , which was about ! ? 150,000. The
total of his winnings was $450,000. Ho
was a poor painter when ho struck it so
handsomely , and his success completely
turned his head. He started in upon n ,
life of extravagance. Ho spent money
lavishly for fast women and fast horses.
Ho gave banquets which were noted for
their elegance. In fact , ho lived like tiio
wealthiest member of tlio noblesse , and
would not bo distanced even by the king
himself. In a short time his money gave
out. Ho has never drawn anything in
the lottery since , and to-day ho is as poor
as a church mouse. "
Chicago , Rock Island & Pacilio Il'y.
freight and ticket ollico removed to ItJOCi
Furnam street. Telephone No. 78J.
Hniihcns Talks About Lance. 5
Henry Hnubous , tliB.clork in the First
National bank who was lined $10 and
costs by Judge Stcnbcrg Tuesday for
assaulting II. C. Laago , svns asked this
. morning for his version of the afl'alr.
"I've got nothing to say about the mat
ter , " said he. "You can publish what
ever you please. "
"How did you happen to hit him ? "
"Oh ! just because ho got In my way.
Ho hud no business down by the cracker
factory. I live there , he don't. 1 know
what he was doinc there , because he's
been there before. I won't say what ho
was doing , but if he ever gets in my way
again I'll give him another licking. Let
him sue tor damages. 1 can pay him all
the damages ho'll get. If ho wants my
money to keep him it won't be the first
time no's lived on his friends. "
Mr. Haubctis said that there was not a
woman in the case , and instead of being
accompanied by a lady ho was alonu
when the afl'alr occurred.
Public sale of Short Horn cattle at Lin
coln. Nob. , April 14 , 1830. Fifteen cows
and heifers and twenty bulls. For cata
logues apply to Col. F. M. Woods , Lin
coln , Neb , , or Williams & Lacy , Lacona ,
Knlclits of Honor Now In Session-
Some of the 1'roecoilliiKs.
The grand lodge of the Knights of
Honor , of Nebraska , is now in session In
this city. Tile first session was hold
Tuesday , at which time a committee on
credentials was appointed and reported
the names of those entitled to scats in the
lodge ns delegates from subordinate
lodges throughout the state.
Committees were appointed and n
number of reports wcro referred to the
proper committees without reading.
DAbont twenty visiting Knights wore
present , and n very instructive and en
joyable session was held.
The lodge mot again yesterday and
proceeded to business of n secret nature.
Latu in tlio afternoon the election of
officers took place. The grr.nd lodge
adjourned last evening , and visiting
members departed for homo.
The Gnn Club.
; The members of the Omaha sun club
hold their annual meeting Tuesday ami
elected officers and board 'of managers.
The result is as follows :
President , JeiV. W. Bedford ; Vice Pres
ident , Geo. W. Smith ; Secretary and
Treasure ) ; , C. M. Lane ; Board of Alanii-
eers. Tom Cotter , Gco. Kay , Goodly
Brucker. The club has decided to oiler
an elegant badge , and a $125 gun as pri
zes for thn first ai.d second best averages
made by the members during the coming
season. .
The annual tournament of the club
will bo held on the llth , 12th and 13th of
June. _
To Enforce the Sale.
The case of Paul Waack against Lovett
& Woodman was on trial in the district
court yesterday before Judge Wakclcy.
The suit is brought to compel the specific
performance ot a contract selling a piece
of land in Wiicov's addition to Omaha.
The dcsptitc arose on the question as to
what land was actually pold.
Asthma Cure.
Tills invaluableepeclflo readily and perma
nently cures nil kfiuls'of Asthmn , The most
pbstimito nnd loner fitundln ( , ' cuso3 ylold prompt
ly to its wonderful curlUK properties. Jt It
known throughout tuo world for Its unrivaled
J. L. CALDWELL , city of Lincoln , Nob. , TTriles ,
Jnn. 25 , 1M1 : Since uslnir lr. Hair's Asthmn
Cure , for moro than ono your , my wife has boon
entirely well , nnd not even n symptom of the
disenso has npncivrcil.
WILLIAM 11KNNKTT , niclilnnd , lown , writes ,
Nov. 3d , 1683-1 hnvo been mulcted with Hny
Fever nnd Asthmn since 18.VJ. 1 followed your
directions and nm happy to Buy tlmt I never
elept bolter in my life. I am glad that I am
nmoiiff the many who can speak BO favorably ot
your remedies.
A vnlunbloOt pasro treatise containing slmlint
proof from every gliito in .lie U. 8. , Ciuiada aad
Great Urit.nlnwill bo mulled upon application
Any drutfglst nothavins It in stock will pro-
ou It.
An rttIt at tvrrllilnrfenld cfeiiulilu etTer.tivwuwlotrrtM
tooU rH. eur i Pn r > * l * . DlurUo-t. Fmr Ml Aeu . tnl til
di.orj.ri of tilt ni Mitc Orrtll. A Kir d > r * lupirt ft | K1OB.U Hirer
19 e lluf of cbucp u. . and to ftll umD > .r driakf. Try It , Bed
Iwvtr. err.uBtrif.lti. itk Tour Kixtr r dfimi.l fit tbljm - *
KlU , u > uuUrii.ri.ll > rUl./a.II IUG1 KT i tOM * .
J. W. WffPFISaAlUT , C5L2 AOEUr ,
Bl UllOAUWAY N. r. _ /
Architects and Doing Superinl's '
OMAHA , HEB , and DBS MOIRES , to ,
OIllco , Cor. Hth und Fornam Strcotfl , Uooinll
Gconnc BiuiLiNOiiOK wltli V. M. Kills.
Prepared with t jieclnl re gnrd to hc li.
No Amnionl.1 , Lima or Alum.
O Ell A HA
13th St. Cor. Capitol Avonuo.
Chronic St Surgical Diseases.
DR. KlcWSENAMY , Proprietor.
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ami InMtu ( ill tocoiuotitiil Invcstlgntufor themselves
< ir correspond \Utli us. I.onj ; experience In treatIng -
Ing cncs by letter enables in to treat many casca
tc.enttilc.illy without seeing them.
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nrnccs , Club Feet , Curvatures of the Spine ,
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l operations.
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ufflctured and for pale.
The only reliable Medical Institute mklng
Private , vSpeoial $ Nervous Disease :
from hatcvcr cause produced , successfully treated.
\Ve cm remove Syphilitic poison from the eyetcm
without mcrturr.
New restorative treatment for loss of vital power.
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will fund you , In plnln wrapper , our
uvox I'nivATD , SPECIAL AND m.nvo < js DIEBASI.H ,
UniKAnr OnaANS , or eeud history of your cuso for
an opinion.
Persons unahlc toKl us may lie treated at their
homes , by correspondence. JU'dlclnes anil Instru-
inentH tent by mail nr express SECUUKLY PACK.
ED FUQM OUSUKVATIO.V. no marks to Indicate
contents or ponder. Ono persoit.if Interview yiro-
ferrcd If comcnicnt. Fifty rooms for the accom
modation of patients. lioard and attendance at
rcasonible prices. Address nil Letters to
Omalia Medical and Surgical Institute.
fnr. 13th St. and Caoltol Avo. . OMAHA. N.-B. *
Best Goods in the Market
Aslc for OUT goods anil sco tiiat the
bear our trade niai-K.
( Successors to J. O.Jacobs , )
At the old stand , HOT Farnnm St Orders by
tult'Krnpli Kollcited and romtl titt
Telephone Is'o. " >
ON AFKIL 1st ,
Wo will open our
Horse and Mule Market
Cor. . Howard and Hth Sis , , Omaha , tleb ,
With Bovernl car loads of good stock , and will
keep ron'tantlv on limid a full us-ortinciit of
lltAltvr and DltlVIKG HOUSES In car lots or nt
" " " " '
W. D. HOHKRTSON , Prop'r.
Offlco No. 1105 O St. , Works S.1J. Cor. P. & Oth.
Lincoln , Neb. Contb' Clothing Cleaned and llo
Crne Bro's. Manufacturim
Wroughtlron Pipes , Pumps , Beltingand Hose
And every variety of materials for
Steam and Gas Fitters and Plumbers , Ele
vators and Factories.
± -a = tlx St. ,
GROSS ASSETS , DECEMBER 31st , 1005 1CO.OS0.30
A certificate of membership in tills Association furnishes benefit nt tlio lowcs
Men nnd women , between the ages of 17 and 03 years , who are in good health ,
may become members.
There is no changing from one class to another , and assessments do not increase
with advancing upo.
The Company lias a guaranlco fund of $100.030 paid tip in cash , which is an ad
ditional security to that furnished by nny company in thn united Status.
It has a Reserve fund which provides for a non-forfeiting pollov and a paid-up
Uho Company is located in the West : its business is con lined to llio healthy West ,
and applications from persons residing ( n malarial districts ace not accepted , which
will in nro few nsscs-uncnts , and a consequent exemption from nny onerous liability.
A local Advisory Hoard , composed of not less than live leading citi/.ous of oaoli
vicinity , may b formed , who may act as advisory counsel in tlio settlement of claims
by Iho death of iifiiiboro mid as to the admission of applicants to membership.
A member who lapses his certilicntu may re-instate tlio aamo at nny limo upon
satisfactory evidence of good health , by tlio payment of nil delinquent dues and
JNoiiisuranco company in this or any other country has cvor failed by reason of
of the death-rate' ovporieueo Tlio failure in each instance has boon canned by pecu
lation or sncctihition. The snfu guards introduced render both impossible In this
Our business is confined to tlio endowment for old age , nnd the payment of the
widows anil orphans after death.
The policy is more liberal , and the plan more secure , than any company in tlio
United Stafs.
Co-operativo Fusuranco Companies existed in England 000 years bofor.j . the slock
plan was thought of , and the same companies exist to-day , some of them having
nearly ono million members. When managed judiciously , they cannot break , Wo
guarantee every imnniso wo maked with § 100,000this being in addition to the $100-
000 provided for as a Reserve Fund which is a more liberal provision and oiler than
any oilier company makes.
f h3 Strength of This Association Consists of
The cost of lifo protection in tins company is less than any company in the /
United States. The company is good and payments prompt. * fj
This Association is now entering its third year , and lias a. largo membership ,
which is constantly increasing.
At dcatli or maturity of endowment the member receives his interest in the
Ucscrvc Fund in addition to llio amount duo on the policy.
All policies become nomforfuitlng after the third year to llio extent of the mem
ber's in the Kosorvo Fund.
AGENTS WANTED in every town nnd city where not supplied in all of the
states west of the Mississippi river and north of Kansas. Good reliable canvassers
can obtain most favorable rates by writing to the company.
The Mutual hasconsolidntedtho mombnrshiiiof the "NebraskaMutual , "
"Farmers' and Mechanics' " and "Lincoln Mutual , " and with its own members in
sures perfect protection.
"Wo regard the Western Mutual as ono of thu very best life insurance associa
tions in tuis country , and expect to sec , at no very distant day , it covering the entire
lioid of the hcalty West with its active , gentlemanly agents. " Daily Express , March
2 , ItiSU.
LINCOLN , February 1,1880.
II is horobv ccrtifie.'il lhat the Western Mutual Itanovolont Association Insurance
Company , ot IJcatrice , in thn State of Nebraska , has complied with tlio insurance law
of this state , and is authorized to transact the business of life insurance in this st t
for the current year.
, , Witness my hand and the seal of said of said oflice , llio day and
I SIAL. : [ yar first above wiitten.
< , ' II. A. 1JAHCOCK , Auditor Public Accounts.
Omaha National Bank , the company's financial agent , al Omaha , Nebraska.
Hi-fur by permission to lion. J. II. Millard , Omaha , Nob.
All communications should bo addressed to
ox-irvEiR. o. S-A-Binxr ,
Secretary and General Manager , BEATRICE , NEBRASKA.
OTIS HAYWES , Agent at Omalia.
Fine Business Lots at tlie South End , and
In tlio north cnil of this Town. Two and one half miles from the Omaha post-
office ,
± 9OOO
flies © a ? © Quarter tae Lots , .
( Taking Into consideration the ttrcots nnd alleys ) , nnd are > old
One Quarter Down ,
llalanco In 1,2 nnd 3 years at 7 per cent.
The Finest Suburban Lots ,
Around Omnlm. 2JO feet nl > eve the Missouri Itlvcr. Nonhcro CBO about Omalin uro located gncli
eonio eltcs for HoJcst , siuillum orKlex ml home * .
Investltfnto tun nnd tucuro tome of tills line property.
Before a Higher Appraisement is made.
DON'T 1IICUIJVK a word of this until you Imvo thoroughly Investigated It.
Tlmt this property In only two nnd one half miles from Omunii'a builncss center.
That tlio iiUltudo U hliili.
Tlmt the location la bountiful ,
That muplo trees uro planted on cacb side of the streets.
Tlmt each lot contains 'J,00d 9'iunro feet with 20 foot ulluy.
That the streets are 80 nnd 100 loct wide.
Tlmt there are six dummy trains each wiiy , besides the regular trains.
Tlmt the street cars run to within ono half mile of there.
That the street ears will run there this your , . - " . . '
That the prlco Is ono third less man la uikod for property thu same distance la otbcr directions.
That the lots aru ono tlilrd lawr thiin most others.
That they are Lucked by a eynillciite rei > resontln t I0.030.0W.
Tim- there hus ah eady been expended uotweoit H.U3I.01) ) nnil iJ.OM.OOJ.
That tlrcro l u tlno system of waterworks , f urnlaMnu puio sjuliig water ,
That Iho rullways all ccnlor there.
Tim t South Umaliulsu town of Itself.
That it hus Its own railway station.
That It has lu own newspaper ,
In Fact
It hns ovcryOiIng to make tlio p H crty the very best paying Investment In Itcul-cstate today.
Look Into It. Examine It Carefully
Don't Buy SL Lot.
Until you Are convinced tlmt there Is noposilblty of Incurring n lots. The hnndsomo residence lotsnru
one mile this sldo ( directly north ) of the UMO.N STOCK V.uius wueru arc located llio
Immense IDrecsed. Beef ,
Beef OazvM.iM.rj Es
Which In ten years will be the T.ARQKST 1NDUSTRV In the weit and will make property worth per foot
what Is now asked fora lot. The drainage ot the above Institutions I * perfect and Hews south from llio town
Any real estate utent will sell you lots. Man with horse nnd carriage at the ( llobo-Jonnml once , it the
"gummlt , " South Omaha , hu maps and price Hits and \t \ always ready luahuw property , Kor further In
formation maps , prlco lists nnd descriptive circular ! , address ,
IVL A , UPTON , Manager
. . Ojnaha , Nebraska.