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Eclhcred by carrier In nnypartof the city nt
twenty cents per week.
II. W. TILTON , . . . Malinger.
JltisiNFPS Omen , No. 43.
NIOIIT 1'DiToit , No. S3.
Stubbs. the linttcr.
New spring { roods nt Roller's.
"A gotnl fumloy liors for sale , " tlcco-
rnlcs u llionilwny allow window.
Griind opening nt lliu Parisian millinery
elorc Knstor wock , April 22 and 2U.
The funeral services of Miss Kmmn
Uarrelt were hold yesterday nftcrnoon.
Ladles , bctir in mind the opening : it the
Parisian millinery htore April 22 and ' , ' . ' $ .
DTho Gorman Ladles' Aid society will
give a grand Ksister bull in Ucno'u hull
Monday , Airil ) 20.
OA11 call and sco the line display of mil *
llncry K ° odH ut tlio' Parisian millinery
store. Spring opening April 22 and 23.
The linest line of millinery goods ever
brought to Council Hliiffe will lie found at
the Parisian millinery fctore. Opening
April 22 and 23.
The store of Henry Eisuman & Co. is
now supplied with an elevated rapid cash
Hysiuni , us IH also tliu Bankrupt store uud
John lU'tio it Co.
TTE. " Daniels , late of Iowa City , n
brother of Mrn. J. 11. Carso , lias bought
the grocery store of J. I' . Filbert , and will
take possession the first of May.
Those who desire to attend the enter
tainment to be given to the cbijdren of
the school of the Home of the Friendless
can secure tickets at BuslineH's.
The doings of the council last evening ,
ns well as of the board of trade , were
necessarily crowded oil' this page , and
will be found on another page of this
Charles liaitghn goes to Crawford
County to-day to close n $0,000 , business
transaction , lie exchanges six houses in
this city with u Mr. Mnnson for n 210-
ncro farm near Deuison.
Wanted Room and board in the city ,
for lady and 8-year-old child for the sum
mer ; private family preferred. Address ,
for one week , stating terms and locality ,
Q.P. X. Ucic ollico , Council Blufls.
A lurgo number of the grain men on
the lines of the Milwaukee ifeSt. Paul and
the Chicago & Hock Island , were at the
Ogden house yesterday , consulting about
matters of special interest to them. Their
doings were secret.
Dick Webster and Joe Webb , two boys ,
are to have n hearing before Justice
Hcndricks to-day , on the charge of steal *
ing two sheep from Pace & Schmidt's ,
and a lot of meal tickets from Taylor
Woolsoy's restaurant ,
fa The county auditor has wearied of
doing nil the telephoning for the county
offices , and has concluded to take n , vaca
tion by removing the instrument to the
clerk's olllco. There should bo an instru
ment In each of the olllccs , so as to make
it handy all around.
At the entertainment on Thursday
night , given by the children of the Chris
tian Home , at the Scandinavian Baptist
church , corner Seventh avenue and
Seventh street , the price of admission
will bo 25 cents. Fifteen cents to chil
dren. Doors open at 7. Exercises begin
at 8 o'clock.
The fence about Bayliss park is to bo
removed at once. This will deprive nu
merous summer loungers of an old roost
ing place , but will add to the beauty of
the park. Some of the lumber will bo
used in building protections to the high
ways at dangerous places in Fairmount
pa rk.
Henry Jamison and William Wallace ,
the two colored fellows from Omaha , ar
rested on suspicion of being connected
with the robbery at Boquct's barn , were
* -yesterday released. They wore given duo
warning not to bo soon hanging about the
city and getting into such suspicious
nearness to crookedness again.
Itis probablothat arrangements will bo
made by which n running and trotting
meeting will bo lield on the track hero
August 81 , September 1 , 2 and 8 , to bo
followed by a like meeting in Omaha
from the Uth to the llth 01 September.
The two associations arc planning to
gether on such a programme.
The police have arrested several parties
as being suspicious characters , but still
there are several whoso characters arc
beyond suspicion who ought to be run in ,
their record being known to bo crooked.
These follows have been notified to leave
the city , but while some have flown ,
others linger still.
It was stated the other day that William
Dakan , of Logan , a prominent stock
man , had disappeared , and that his cred
itors wore jumping on to his property ,
believing that no had absconded. It is
now claimed by his friends that his 'debts
amount to about $12C09 , and his assets
about $18,000. He is expected to return
homo soon , and it is said that ho will
t . make some sort of n settlement with his
r creditors.
rI rt The ladies of the churches are specially
t entitled to praise for their enterprise and
t pluck. The work done by the Episcopal
jadics has been ono of the chief causes of
the success of that building enterprise.
The Presbyterian ladies are alike enthu-
elastic , self-sacrificing workers , and by
their influence it has ucen decided to go
ahead with the building of the addition
to the now Presbyterian church , thus
completing it according to the original
The expressmen are agitated over the
license question again. Some time ago
the common carriers agreed on the kind
of an ordinance they wanted , and hired
nn attorney to draw ono up , which was
duly passed by the city council as by their
request. Now it is claimed that some
are not living up to the requirements of
this ordinance , and particular stress is
laid upon the fact that no license is being
collected from the 'bus lines. Yesterday
some informations were filed , and it is
proposed to have the ordinance rigidly
enforced ,
Last night , nt 9 o'clock , Officer Unthank
nrrcstod "Soapy" Brooks on general
principles. Brooks was considerably in
ebriated when arroited , and had entered
Jim Snoddorly's store on Broadway and
was about to leave as Unthank laid
hands on him. It is said that "Soapy"
Urooks has been the means of getting a
10-yoar-old girl in a compromising condi
tion , and that she now lies in a critical
condition not a block from the Broadway
dummy depot , and fears are entertained
of her recovery ,
Gentlemen ,
Ask your dealer for a wine-colored rub'
ber coat with velvet collar. Wo sell them
at wholesale only. Z. T. Lindsey & Co ,
A. ! ' . & A. SI.
Excelsior Lodge No. 251) ) , A. ! ? . & A. M. ,
elected the following olllcers Moutinj
night :
W. M.-C. M. Harl.
8 , W. Wailo Cary.
J. JJ * IP. Stepnenson.
Tr , gF. 11. Wind.
cuP-3nt Sheperd.
Dressmaking , cutting and lilting bj
Miss Uleason , No. 81 Pearl street.
Substantial abstracts of titles and rca
estate loans. J. W. & E. L. Squire , 10
Pearl btrout , Council BlutTs.
A Woman Tells a Gauzy Story of Being
Murderously Assaulted.
A Strnnucr Hurled Like n Dog Per *
BtmtilH of lownns Visiting the
BlulTH Tlic Doings of
the Day.
A Fizzling Sensation.
Yesterday n rumor was set going that a
woman had been attacked in her house
the night before , and had been horridly
cut with a hatchet. The report , like
most of the kind , proved to bo greatly
exaggerated. The woman referred to
was Mrs. 11. C. D.uiiels , who lives in a
little house in the alloy running west of
Pearl street and south of Broadway. The
IKI $ : man , in company with Officer Cous
ins , yesterday made inquiries at the house
as to what had really occurred. The
husband of the woman seemed quite
nervous , and could not , or would not give
a very clear statement about It. His
story , in effect , was that lie had bee.i at
work during the day painting for James
Burns at No. 1010 Tenth avenue On re
turning homo about 0ilD : o'clock Monday
evening ho found the front door of his
house partly open , and his wife lying on
the kitchen lloor unconscious , her head
bloody from a wound , and blood upon
the lloor and upon her clothing. He
picked her up , placed her on the bod. and
running out of the house found his little
girl , whom he sent alter Dr. Mel. Bell
inger. The doctor came and dressed the
wound , and pronounced it not a very
serious one. It was a scalp wound about
two inches back of the right ear. The
husband claims that when his wife was
able to talk she said that a man hud
como to the house about 5 o'clock that
fternoon and had asked her if she had
ny money. She told him she had not
nero than ton cents or so in the house ,
.lo then choked her and struck her with
he blunt end of a lather's hatchet. She
enow nothing after that until she eamo
o herself on the bed. When the husband
'ouud her the blood was dry , and the
latchetwith which the sensational attack
ivas claimed to have been made had been
washed free from blood before any ono
utsido of tlie family saw it. The hus-
and , on being asked why he did not
lotify the police , or some one , when he
bund that such an attack had been made ,
eplied that he thought he had bettor
ceep .still about it , and that by doing so'
10 might find out who the man was. Ho
jcomcd satisfied that the woman know
rory well \ylio the man was , and said she
lad told him that slio would not "givo
lim away. " The husband claims that ho
nad loft his wife about $15 in thn house ,
nit that he cannot now find a single cent.
.lo conlidentially told the doctor that ho
bought his wile knew more about it than
he would tell , and got the doctor to
question her , while he stepped out of the
house. The woman evaded all questions
of this sort , and said she would not tell
the name of her assailant. Then she
would declare that she did not know.
On being urged to give some description
of the lejlow , she said she believed ho
ivas a white man , wearing a full beard.
. ) ne time she described linn as probably
85 years of ago. and later she said ho was
quite a young follow.
She claimed that her memory had boon
affected by the blow , and quite likely it
may have boon , together with other ex
periences of the afternoon. Several
heorics arc held by those who have
stoned to the tangled and sensational
statements made by Daniels and his wife.
Few take much stock in the story that
any stranger made the assault , and there ,
seems much doubt as to whether the as
sault was made at all with a hatchet.
The most plausible theory drawn from
the statements and the actions of the
nan and woman is that she was entertain-
ng some friend or acquaintance during
ier husband's ' absence , and that they
had some difficulty , resulting in blows.
The anxiety of the husband to get her to
tell the name of her assailant , and her
determination "not to give the fellow
away , " together with the fact of the
husband keeping so clohe-moutlicd about
the affair , rob tlie sensation of its proba
bility as a brutal assault by a tramp or
peddler , and give rise to the suspicion
that there is more yet to bo told. An
other suspicious point learned is that the
woman went out in the afternoon to a
neighboring cigar store , and bought a
cigar to take around to her house. Per
haps she smokes cigars herself , but pos
sibly she had some smoker in tlie house.
Boor and Shoo Dealers.
Remember wo duplicate Chicago prices
on rubber boots and shoes.Vo have a
complete stock. 'L. T. Lindsey & Co.
"Only a Pauper. "
There was recently found in Honey
creek the body of an unknown man , who
bad evidently perished there in wander
ing through the fields during some of the
storms of the last winter. The coroner
hold an inquest , but could learn nothing
to point to the identification of the body
or throw light upon the manner of death.
It was decided to bo best to have the body
buried right there , and the coroner made
an arrangement with a farmer living
near there , named Bybco , to bury the re
mains , for which ho was to receive the
munificent sum of $3.75. The funeral
took place , and nothing more was done
about it , except to get the county board
to allow the funeral expenses , until the
latter part of lust week , when it became
noised about that the man hud been bur
ied like n dog , not oven a rude box being
given him. Sunday the coroner , learn
ing of these reports , wont out there with
an express wagon and took up the body.
It did not require much taking up. ac
cording to reports. It seems that a liolo
had been dug about two foot deep , and
the body dumped in this , then two rough
boards were put over it , and a llttlo dirt
shoveled in. The body was taken by the
coroner , placed in a county collin , and
decently interred in Fairview cemetery.
If thefiionds of the unknown over iden
tify him , as there is a possibility of doing
BO by the clothing , etc. , they will nat
urally feel that he died in an uncivilized
section of the land.
Dealers in ladies' and gentlemen's rub
ber clothing are invltod to send for sam
ple garments of our wino colored goods ,
Chicago prices duplicated.
/ . T. LINDSEY & Co. ,
No. 41 North Main street , Council Bluffs ,
Avoca's Sensation ,
Arch , ( 'oilman , who is resting undoi
the cloud of having killed a man at Avoco
last summer , is reported as having go )
into still further trouble , and to have
caused quite a little sensation in Avocc
Monday night. As the statements arc
given it appears that Coll'man had beer
drinking , and got wild with his recoul
troubles with his attorney , Fremoni
Benjamin , who has sued him for $3,50C
fees. It is suid that Cotlman in his ex
cited state went into the house of Mr
Ashboy , who is n railway man , ant
throwing upon the table $120 , declarei
that he would not need the money anj
more as ho was going to kill a man tha' '
night. Ho then started out on the street
gun in baud , to .hunt for Fremont Bonja
mill , ihe guuuinpexpedition was inter
rnptcd by tlio appearance of a constable ,
who arrested him on a charge of threat *
oiling to kill. Coflfman gave bonds in the
sum of ? 2,000 , , and Is to have a hearing
to-morrow. ,
The other side of the affair 13 quite dif
ferent. It is claimed that the arrest of
Coir-nan is but n continuation of a deter
mination on the part of Fremont Benja
min , CofTman's former attorney , to
bother and harass Coll'man. Ou Monday
morning notice was served on Coll'man
thatW. U. Cuppy. as administrator for
the cstnto of Main , whom Coflman
killed last summer , had commenced
suit for $10,030. Main was a man who
had no property , and was buried at
public expense. To Cofl'm-in's mind this
suit was started by Benjamin and Cuppy
to further irritate him. The woman ,
who is the chief witness as to threats
made bv Coll'man. and who claims that
Coll'man tried lo kiss her , rente a house
from Itanjamln , and is said to be friendly
lo that side. ( Joflnum had been arranging
some business with Iho woman's husband ,
and ho had been lo Iho house once or
twice to talk to him about it. Soon after
thu notice of the $10,000 suit was served
Coll'mau was told to look out for some
thing more , and as ho feared sudden ar
rest on some trumped-up charge , ho hur
ried to get rid of $120 which ho hail In his
pocket. lie went to the house of Mrs.
Acton , and handing her the $120 , told her
they were after him , and for her to
keep tlie money until he called for It.
She claims that while In there ho tried lo
kiss her , anil caught hold of her , btlt she
resisted him. Shu hits llled a complaint ,
jharging rape. Tlum oamo the charge
ilso of threatening to kill Benjamin.
There is to bu a hearing this afternoon ,
mil Coll'man claims that lie will be able
o show that It is a "put up job" to get
liiu Into more trouble.
City Council.
The city council met last evening.
The committee on police reported tha
hey had contracted with Mrs. Bradbury
'or meals for thu city prisoners , at 15
cents , cash , a meal , the food to be such as
lad been furnished. Extra good mcals-
'or prisoners working on the streets
, voro to be furnished at 18 cents.
The city engineer reported a change of
; radu on Bluh" street , and an ordinance
n conformity therewith presented , ac
companied by tlio written agreement of
property owners interested. The ordi
nance was read the first time.
The ordinance changing grade of HlufT
slrect near intersection of i'ifth avenue ,
was given a second reading , and referred
to judiciary csmmitteo.
The ordinance giving rights to the
American District Telegraph company to
construct lines in tlio city was passed.
The city engineer was instructed to su
perintend the erection of poles and desig
nate the places of locating them.
The city engineer , > vho had tabulated
bids on sidewalks , reported that for six
foot and four foot plank walks. G. S.
Miller and Phillip Beta wore the lowest
bidders ; on three foot plank walk , M. A.
Mooru was the lowest ; on six foot brick
walk , and grading , William Sicdcntopf
was the lowest. Thcso bids wore side
walks already ordered , in different parts
of the city The city engineer was hi-
struotcil to prepare contracts.
t Tlio city engineer and street commis
sioner were instructed to look after the
flushing of sewers , and to call upon the
lire department for s > uch aid as might bo
James Gouldcn requested that his con
tract for filling on Eighth and Ninth
avenues bo extended until next fall.
Referred to committee on streets and
The council then adjourned until 10
o'clock this morning.
The council then met as a boarJ of
It was ordered that properly owners
clean and fill the alloy in block 10 , 15ay-
liss' second addition.
The city marshal was instructed to give
a general notice for spring cleaning of
Tlio city marshal was instructed to
strictly enforce the ordinance forbidding
throwing manure , etc. , on the banks of
Indian crock , and cause such obstruc
tions to be removed.
You can find the wine colored circulars
at Huvorstock & James' , also at Hark-
nes ? Bros.
For the latest style ot drcssmaKing' ' see
Miss Gleason. No. 81 Pearl street.
Personal Paragraphs.
Roy S. Tuttle loft yesterday on a six-
weeks business trip through Nebraska.
George Consignoy , of Cedar Rapids , is
in the city for a orief visit to friends.
Mrs. Cy Parker has been called to Lo
gan by a telegram announcing the ho-
rious illness ot her father , Mr. T-3. Perry.
11. S. McAllister , of Kansas City , of the
American Refrigerator company , and II.
S. Nelson , general freight and passenger
agent of the Humcston & Slionandoah
Hallway company , were iu the city yes
terday ,
lowans in the city yesterday : George
Fagun , Adair , N. Hodgson. Avoca ; I ) . 15.
Harrison , Anita ; G. J. Wagner. Adair ;
C. D. Dillin , Neola ; T. S. Campbell ,
Noola ; W. E. Simpson , Mnrno ; W.
Wheeler , Casey ; D. S. Kinsella , Panama ;
B. H. O. Meara , Cedar Rapids ; H. En-
rccksen , Davenport ; II. J. Klenzo , Adair ;
1. L. Dudley and wife. Atlantic ; J. W.
Chase , Red Oak ; E. A. Abbott , Marshall-
town ; H. C. Colvor , DCS Moines ; Charles
S. Burr , Tuma City ; George A , Fry , De
fiance ; C. A. Brace , Persia ; G. II.
Dougherty , Eurling ; J. B. Christiun ,
Hamburg ; L. Sherett , Panama ; W. W.
Crawforil and wife , Aston l.T. Spungler.
Walnut ; W. H. Neirley , Walnut ; Frank
Glass , Persia ; B. P. Lewis , Atlantic ; J.
H. Scofield , Walnut.
Money to Joan by Forrest Smith.
Money to loan on city and farm pro- ) )
crty at o and 7 per cent interest , by F. J.
Day , successor to Odoll & Day , No , 80
Pnarl street , CounciUUuffs.
Rooming the Blurt's.
The regular monthly mooting of the
board of trade took pluce last evening in
their rooms , No , 103 Pearl street
The report of the secretary and treas
urer was received and placed on file.
Several reports were made by different
committees , which wore read , approved
and placed on iilo.
Several parties are in the city looking
for locations for factories , and conferred
with the board lust uyening , and it Is
thought substantial encouragement will
bo given them , in which case the names
and kinds of factories will bo made pub
lic in a few days.
Dr. McLcod , oculist and aurist , No ,
502 Broadway , Council Bluffs.
Nabbed For liuri-Iary.
Tlie police yesterday afternoon arrested
in Council Bluffs two suspicious fellows ,
giving their names as Edward Milehan
and Dan Franks. They answered well
the description of two men wanted at
Loayenworth , Kan. , for the burglary of u
jewelry store there. Both denied having
Leon fa that state nt all , but a Leaver
worth pawn broker's ticket , found on
one of them , told a different story. The
sheriff has been telegraphed to conic
after them , uud will arrive to-uight or to
An artist Disj-utitoU With Hnnsne
Chicago Herald : "Yes , I've boon oul
west , " saiil a natty , cigarette-smoking
big-oravuted young nuin on un
bound train , r'but 1 dou't hke'it. Yoi
sec , I'm an artist oil portraits are my
specialty , though I do dvcrything in my
line. Well , two weeks -ngo I settled in
Kansas City. Rented a studio , put up
my sign , and wa'tc < J for cuslomors.
Didn't want lo put on lee much style for
a new place , so I * hnd my sign read
' minlcr'iintc.idof 'artist. ' Waited about
ton days , and never a rai at my door.
Finally a man callcda big , strapping
chap , with muddy boots and an enormous
slouch Itat.
" 'Air ye a painter J' he inquired , look
ing mo over. 1 " '
" 'Yos , sir,11 replied , modestly , thinkIng -
Ing him some cattle king with a big slack
of money and a big heart ; 'Is there any
thing I can do for yoji ? '
" 'Air ye a fust rate painter ? ' ho in
quired , still lookinzr at mo curiously ; 'kin
yo do a good job at 'most anything ye
turn ycr hand to ? "
" 'I will try to suityou. ' savs I , 'if you
will be so kind as to favor mo with your
order. '
" 'Wall , young man , I don't take slock
m ye , but if ye'll promlsu me good , hon
est work 1 uiicss I'll get yo to come out
in the country 'bout four mlle and put
two coats o' while on my hess barn. '
"I slarled for Chicago the next day ,
and hero 1 am. "
This Bpnco is I'tjacrved for
Ilark : ess Hi-o's. " Spring An-
iiounccment ,
i n
i n
b J-
n > i
tt 115
11 . . t
- 'If
U. it
1 t
/J ti
f I
1- . d
To Allow Anyone to Die o ! Diphtheria t
DURING the Inst B\x \ years tlicro has not boon
aduath from Dlphtboilu In any cnso wliuro
Cunc was vifod. It lias been the means of sav
ing thousands of lives anil .mltrht have saved
liumlruJsor thousands moro. Indlsponsiblo In
putrid EOI-O throat , in timllgnnnt slnilct fever ,
changing It in 4B hours to the clmplo form. In-
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Putrid , Cancerous Ulconitlcm of the Womli and
all Catarrlml conditions. 1'rlco (2.
Full printed Instructions how to use the mcdl-
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Dyspepsia ! Dyspepsia !
Dysroptlc. why llvo In misery , and dlo In dla
pair with cnncor of the ( stomach f Dr. Thomas
Jellerlt3 011103 every case of In.Mtrc'Sllon nnd
constipation In \cry short timo. Best of icf-
crcncos Kiven. Dyspupsiu Is the cnuso of ninety
per cent of all diseased conditions. I'rlco $9
lor two weolts treatment.
From tlio Council Muffs Dally Horall :
Mrs. E. M. Gerard , wlfo of Rnginoor Gerard ,
of the Union 1'nciflc , tlijs1 olty , bus been n KI cat
Bulforer for mnny ycura , rwlth what was sup
posed to bo cancer of ihp ihr'oat. It was eo bad
that she was threatened ] with starvation- Her
general health was complpfxily broken down.
She could only swulkn UfRiia food , and oven
that her stomach could not/jugest or assimilate ,
I'liyslclans of Council Jiluffil and Omaha t'avo
no relief Dr. Jofforls't , > f Jll9 | city , was culled.
Infourwoeks' time he'iurjjd her throat , and
tins completely res tort * ? lif < r gencml lionlth.
Had Mrs. Gerard not obtained relief soon she
would have died from lijoo * poison , the same
condition that destroyed the lfo of Gen , Grant'
Dr , Jolferlcs' UIitliorlii | > ( oJiclno is infallible in
oil kinds of sere throat. t
Can only bo obtained' his Olllee.
No. : u S. Eighth bt. , CounWl HlnuV , Iowa ,
Or Bent by Exprcsj on llozolpt of 1'ileo.
I hare n quantity of sound , well cleaned seed
which 1 oiler at seasonable figures. Seed of the
crop of 188) . CorrcEpondcnoo solicited. F. 0.
11UTI.FH , Bchallcr , lowo. a & N.V. . Ky.
Council Bluffs Bus
Carriage Transfer Go.
Lewis & Arnd , Props ,
Fasscncrcrs and bagao taken to and from
all tialns. llussee , cuirlaeos and bag-jiipo wag
ons make connection } with all trains. Prompt
attention slven to all culls. Special rutcs to
theatrical troupes and commercial men. Car-
riugesrun uuy and 'nltfhu Olllco at 0 rderl
House , Telephone 1-i. Also at ( Iechtclo'8
Hotel. Lcutcoidursou the hue * .
.EZOtrsES or
Agricultural Implements , Buggies ,
Carriages , Etc , Etc. Council llluffs , Iowa.
Corn Shellcrs , Stalk Cutlers ,
Dlscllarrows , Scodors , Corn Planters , 1'ood Cutters -
tors , ito. : Factory , Hock Kails , Ills.
Nos. U.01. 15J ) , 1605. 1507 Main St. . Council niuffj.
Mnnuf'ra an 1 Jobbers of
Agricultural Implements , Wagons , Buggies ,
Carrl ffo . and nil kin 13 of Farm Mno'ilnory.
1100 to 1113 South Main Street , Council lllufc ,
Iowa ,
1'rcs.M'rcns. V.-I'ros &Min. 8o3.ftCoun.3ol. .
Council Blti'Is ' Handla Factory ,
( Incorporated. )
Manufacturers of Axle. Tick , Slo.Uo nnd Small
llandlcn , of otory description ,
Carpets , Curtains , Window Shades ,
Oil Cloths , Curtiln fixtures , Upholstery OooJs ,
Kto. No. 105 llro'tdway Council Ululfs ,
CMAIIS , ron.iccp , ETC.
Wholesale Jobbers In tlio
Finest Brands of Cigars , Tobacco & Pipes.
Nos. 23 Main nnd 27 1'o.irl Sts. , Council llluffs ,
FruiUnd Produce Commission Merchants.
No. 14 Voarl St , Council
Manufacturers of
Fine Craciers , Biscuits aai Ca'w ,
Council ItlHff * , 7oio.i.
Importers&JobbsrsofCrockery.Glassware .
Lamps , Fruit Jars , Cutlery , Stonownro , IJar
Goods , Fancy Goods , Etc. Council Ululfs ,
Yftolesaie Druggists , Oils , Paints , Glass ,
p' Sundries , Etc. No. 23 Main St , and
No. 21 Pearl St. , Council lllutls.
M. E. SMITH & CO. ,
IdipDrters and Jobbers of Dry Goods ,
Notions. Etc. Nos. 112 nnd 114 Main St. , Nos. 113
nnd 11 j Pearl St. Council IllulTH. lotvn.
Wholesale California Fruits a Specialty
General Commission. No. 613 Broadway ,
Council Blairs.
Fruits , Confectionary & Fancy Groceries.
Nos. 10 nnd 18 Pearl St , Council Bluff ! ! .
Jobbers in Staple and Fancy Groceries ,
Nos. 117 , 119 and 121 , Main St , Council Bluffs ,
Jobbers of Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Also Wholesale Liquor Dealers. No. 410 Broad
way , Council Blnirs.
P. C. UE VOL ,
Hardware , Tinware , Gasoline Stoves ,
Itcfrlgcrator- ! . Nos. OW Broadway , and 10
Inln stioot. Council Blulf * .
Manufacturers of and Wholesale Doilors In
Leather , Harness , Saddlery , Etc.
No. 25 Main St. . Council BluUa , Iowa.
Jobbers in Hats , Caps and Gloves.
Nos. 3K nnd 311 Broadway , Council BluCfc.
Iron , Steel , Nails , Heavy Hardware ,
And Wood Stock , Council Blairs , Iowa.
D. H. MoDANELD & CO. ,
Commission Merchants for Sale of Hides ,
Tallow , Wool , Pelts , Grease nnd Fura Council
lllulii , lowu.
Wholesale Ucnlois In
Illuminating & Lubricating Oils ,
8.Theodore , Agent , Council BlutTa. Iowa.
Hard Wood , Southern Lumber , Piling ,
Aud Bridso Material BpocliiHlPS.WIiolusalo Lum
ber of all Kinds. Olllee No. 1JO Muln St. ,
Council Illuirs. Iowa.
Imported and Domestic Winas & Liquors ,
Agent for St. Gottlmrd's Hern lllttora. No , 13
Main St. Council illutls.
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors ,
Ko COO Main Ut. , Council Uluffi.
N. scuuaz ,
Justice of tlie Peace.
Office Over American express Company.
Farm at a Bargain.
Well improved farm of 107 mica tor t > ale ;
> i miles fiom Council HUilIs. AiMicss
Council Bluffs.
: w. .P.
Brick lulldliii ? anv kind rnl p < l or moved ami satisfaction Rimraiitecd. Frnmo homes raovci
onUttlelllfiat trucks-tho best la the worll.
803 Eighth Avenue mul Eighth Street , Council Bluffs.
NOTICK. Special ndvortlsomonU , such ai
tost.Fountl , To Loin , Po 3il3 , To Uont , Want !
noarditiff.oto. , will bo Inserted In Dili column at
thclow rate of TBN CI5NT3 I'RU LINK for tlu
flrstlnsortlon and F1VU UI5NT3 1'KU LIMU for
each subsequent Insertion. LO.IVO alvortUj
tncntsnt our o.llco , Ko. U 1'oarl struct , no.u
Uroadwnjr , Council Bluffs.
" 17UK SA1.K Old impors , In quantities to suit ,
- - ? nt tloo olllco No. 11 ! 1'earl street.
HUNT Five room eottimp. Inquire nt
FOU Fourth stioot , or of McMlckon , Ultt
1'lntncr sticot.
JS WAI.Kini , No. U3 Mnlll stioot ,
SWAN ( Citizen's B ink ) , real estate ami iner-
chandUo oxohiuiRO brokers. Our books tire full
of special tmraulitx , but It Is Impossible to nub-
llsh a icllablo lli-l iramthofnut of so many dally
changes. Wlmt wu ask is : If you want to sell
ortrailo anything In our line , write IH and we
will send you n iitlo of bargains to select from.
Lands Improved or unimproved , city or town
property , utosks of ( TOO U of any kind In any
place. 11 such you liavn or such you wnnt let us
uoarfrom you. Swan & Walker Council
226 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
Railway Time Table ,
The following Is tu ° I"0 ° r arrival nnd
departure of trains by central standard time , nt
the local depots. Trains leave transfer depot toil
minutes earlier and arrive ten minutes later :
0:20 : A. M . Mall and Express . 0fiOp. : M.
K:40P. : M . Accommodation . 4flOi : . M.
CIOP. : M . Bxpiuss . : ttA. M.
Oi00 A. M . Mull and Express . OifOp. M.
7-15 A. M . Accommodation . 6:45 : p. M.
( ior. : M . ExpiesrS . OOJA. : M.
0:20 : A. M . Mail and Uvpress . 0:50 : p.t. .
0:101' : . M . Kxpress . 0:03 : A. M.
0:40 : A. M . Mail and I3x press . 0:50P. :
U0r. : M . Uxpioss . 9:03
1:15 : P. M.Iocil ; SI. Louis KxnroSH Local .
UUO : p. M.TrmisferSt. Louis Kx. Trunsror.'J.iO : p. M
10:10A.M : . Mall and Kxpress . fiOTP.M.
UU5P. : M . Kxpross . 0:2oA.M. :
7:13 A.M . . .Sioux City .Mull . 8:30p. : M.
tiO : ; P. M . St Paul Express . 8:23 : A. M-
lOiiKA.M . Denver Uxpross . 5 : < 5P.M.
2iap. : M. . . Lincoln l'ass.Om. & H. V..2:05 P. M.
7:50r.M : . Overland Kinross . 8:15 : A.M.
Leave Council llluirs 7:05 : 8:0.1 : U:30 : 10:33 :
11:30 : a , m. : 1:30 : 2:30 : 3:30 : 4M 5J3 : fl : * )
8:45-11:45 : p. in. Sundiiys-7:05 : 0:3J-ll:30--u. : :
m ; 2UO : ; ioD5 : ! : 0:30 : 11 :43 p. in. Leave Oinn-
ha-0 : 5-7a3-8:50-10:00 : : : 11:00 a. m : 1:00-2:00- : :
y:00 : 4:00 : 3:00 : : 0:05 i:15 : 11:10 : p. in. Sundays
Uii : 7BO-Si : : : 11:00 : a. m. : 2:03U:00 : : 5OJ :
(1:05-3:15-11:10 : : p. in.
No. 29 Main St. , Council Bluffs , Opp. Postoffice.
R. BICE , M. D.
or other tumors removed without
the knlfo or drawing of blooi
CHRONIC DISEASES or on kiJ3 , 8peoiaitr.
Over thirty yours * practical oxnorlousj.
No. 11 Pearl Street , Count 11 lllull'i.
Oiiuiiia Dinal A 'n
Cor. iGtli and Douglas Sts.
Filling nt lowest price , with rolil , Mlvor nnd oilier
oomLImttluna Oohl pluto nnd tontlmiauB ( ! um Toctli
Best Sets of Teeth. ,
Former price tH. 1'crli-U lit nnd l/ost material. All
work guuriintt'ctl.
Council Bluffs Office ,
Fetubllshc-l 1857.
337 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa.
Are absolutely puru , as represented. One K > !
Ion lll cover two liumlioJ und Illty
iect two coutf , and "III stay on longer than uny
other paint manufactured. For bale by
Dealer in Drugs , Paints , Oils , Etc.
CO7 Itfftiu Btruut , Council 'Bluffs.
Practices In Slate nnd Courts.
ltoom.3 7 and B , Slmzart Block.
Horses and Mules
For all pui poses , bought and sold , ut retail and
in lutR Large qimntlltca to select num.
Gih Street , Near Pacific House , Council Bluffs.
The Highest Market Price
For all kinds of second hand household
goods and
andSTOVES. . v %
60S Broadway , Council Bluffs.
A.C.lluiiMi.VM , Prea. L.W. Toi.i.r.vs , Vice-Pros.
JAMES N. Iliiow.vCiishler.
Council Bluffs National Ban ,
Capital . $100,000
Authorized Capital . 200,000
Stockholders Represent . 1,000,000
Do a ffonoral banking busln si.
Accounts of banks , bankers , merchants , mim-
ulactuicisand Individuals rosolvo.l on favora
ble terms.
Domestic and lorolgn exchange.
The very best of attention ulvcu to all bual
ness committed to ourcaro.
= *
Horses and Muloa kept constantly on hand
for Frtlo at retail or In cur loads.
Orders promdtly lllloJ by cvitract on short
notice. Stock ooUl on commission. .
SHLUTUIt & linUiY. Proprietors.
Stable Corner Kiftli Ave uio unit fourth St
Council lllulfs lown.
, Mattings ,
Window Shades.Etc
Wholesale and Retail.
Sprint ? 18U6 Our stock ig now com
plete and contains the newest ( Icsi fiB
and coloring's in all grades of Carnota. '
Cnrtains , Hups , Upholstery Goods , ctci
POPULAR PRICEB-Mail orders ofcr
tended to proinpfy. Fine Upholster1/ ;
Work to order.
405 Broadway.
Manufacturer * of all elzos of
Automatic Enarines
Especially Designed for Hunnln ?
Tubular mid Locomotive Hoilera.
Now Mossillou Throalujrj.
Carey and Woodbury Horse Powers.
Portable and Traction Engines ,
Factory Massillon , 0. Branch House
510 Pearl St. , Council Bluffo.
China , Gltisswnro untl Lninps ,
N1S. . Homer & Co. .
No. S3 , Main Si. , Coimoil mufTi ) , In.
Locking Bracked far Fences
Any pint rea'llly litken out or luplacoil. I'ov
pluku or rail feuom.lion orwooJ , uuiniot bo ox *
coiled lor railing of any eort. For pailloulurii
wilto C. J. IIIX'KMAN. inventor.
Council lllutra.
Pluto and county rights for sale.
In Council muffs harlnir
HTire Esoa/pe
And all niuaeru ImnruvorauutB , call buTi ' , Ur
ulitrin bells , etc. , istuu
V&ESTON UOUSEt , 111 and S19 , Hftln Btreat ,
41 XV linilKI U > n- l 4 *
' , . '