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llandorson Addresses the Senate on His
Military Bill ,
Senator 1'iigh I'njH Hit Ilosjirots to
the OiiotirntH | | of Silver Coin
age Work of Hie House
WASIIIKOTO.V , Jnn. 11. A number of peti
tions were pti'scnled , prajlug for the MIS-
jicuslon ot sliver coinape.
Mr. llarrlsoii repoited favorably fioni the
committee on terrltoi ic In iidmit lilolu ) and
provide for the oigaiil/ntmii of tlie tenltoiy
of Lltirolu , *
Mr. Htitler reserved the ilKht to submit n
minority lenoit , it after mid cousid-
i-ratlou of the nmjority icpoit he should con
clude to do so ,
Mr. llmrKon , from the sntno committee ,
lepotted adversely on the icsolutliiu hctcto-
loieolTeieil by Mc.s rx. Uutlcrand Vest , call-
li\K \ for luriuiilns us to the orpini/.atiou of
a state Koveinmeiit In I'aknta.
. The resolutlunsvcio placed on tin'calen
dar ,
Mr. Fro inttoduced .1 bill for the relief of
the American men-haul marine.
Mr. M 01 cm i ollmd u resolution iclatinc to
the tiustees piovldud for by tlio I'lali bill to
matinee the propelty nml nlfaiis of the Mor
mon ehiiieh oik'aiil/.atlon. 'I'hu prcnmble to
the revil lit Ion icc-ltiMtliutthe union of church
nixl st.ilo in the joint admiiilstiatlon of loin-
ji'iral ami spitItnnl nllaiisoC imj chiucli or
H'llKiollH heel IsdaliKt-ioiH to the fiecdomof
i elision * woi-slilp nnd violates the principles
of the constitution ol the t'nlted Mates. 'I he
icsolutlon bctH lorth , iimon other thlu ,
that In tthe uplniun of the .senate it Is
not within the power of ronmcs * to appoint
olllcersof HID united .States to iwilicltiute
\vlththeolllcei ! ) of uiiy clnurli 01 n-Ilulout
heel In the iii.tiiap'ment of the atTnlrsof u
chinch or Meet , and that ills In violation of
the constitution for the president to appoint
nny Mich oilli-cr under any l.iw. At Mr. Mor-
traii's icquest the tesolutlon was allowed to
He over.
M1 Mander.suii calh'd up his bill to Increase
tin-1 .li-ii-m-v ot tin ; Infantry bi-.iucli ot the
uini ) . The bill piovlde.s that each I n fan try
leu'inii'ut .shall consist ol twelve companies ,
one colonel , one lieutenant colonel , thice
majoi.s , line adjutant , oiie < iuaitermaster , one
j < | imilei mnsicr'.s.sergeant , and one chief inii-
' Hii-ian. All appointments to original vacan
cies above tliu tfruilo of second lieutenant ,
in-itwl : by this act , shall bo Tilled by tiunloi-
ity In the Inlaiitry branch of the seivlce.
Mr. Maudeihon addiesscd the senate on the
bill. Our aim > , Im said , had never brought
the hhish of shame to the check ot the Ameii-
-an people. To die disgrace ot congress ,
however , no wailllceemeinciicy that had ever
arisen had found us picp.ucd. An illtistta-
t Ion way found in the fact that the capital
had been captured by a British foico HO
pcatcr than : i,500 men. Fifteen thousand
inore union men on the Held of the lirst
I hliinas.sis would have clnicd the civil war ,
nud the maintenance of that number of men
irom the time ol the Mexican war to that ot
the icbullionhoiikl not have equaled one-
tilth pint of the money cost of the civil war.
to say notlilni of the fe.irlul loss ot hunuui
life. The Icthai ( ? > 'of congress In tlie mat
ter of placing our aimy , navy and coast de-
leiicesin pioiicr condition of etllcicncyvas
inexplicable in view of the notorious facts as
to their iiihUlllciciicy lor emergencies , and of
the leneatcd iccommendations of piesldcuts
mid other executive olllcers. He did not be
lieve with llobbes that war was the natural
condition ot mankind , nor witli othcis , that
war vvnsfcoon to disappear. However much
wo illicit dcsho to have peace , wo should not
forset that the most coitalu method ot bccm-
iiiB peace was to be piepared lor war. Not
only wcie we liable to happenings of
foreign war , buto weio constantly
menaced with Indian outbreaks and for
oven the latter we weie unnrcpnieil. Mr.
JluudeiMin spoke warmly of the uneasiness
prevailing in thu west and the constant fears
entcitaiiied by thousands ot .scttleis that thu
Incarnate devils would commit savage atroc
ities upon I hem and tlielr households. K\cry
branch ot our army , he .said , had made more in mililaiy oigaiii/alion mid meth
ods than tlie inlandy. Not a single ICiuo-
pean power now ictains the single huttallon
feystem for infantry icgimcnts , nil having
abandoned it j cai sago as not adapted to a
state ol war , and theieloie not lit to he main
tained In peace. Uvoiy civlli/.cd armj had ad
vanced beyond us and was ie.nly to meet im
proved arms with imiiiovcd organisa
tion. Our piescnt plan had no
expansive power , and thercloie had
to be rcoigaiiized In time of war , thus
violating nu important maxim of military
science , that the peace organization should
be such as to admit of piopcr expansion In
time of war.
Mr. Mauderson lead e.\tenslvely from mil
itary authoiltlcs Kinopean and Ainciiean
to sustain Ids views. ( One of the merits of
his bill , lie thought , was that It would involve
u considerable number of promotions , pio-
vlded congiess would decide to Inlly ollicer
the iccoiistiuelcd orgaiil/atlou. Ho main
tained that promotion \vas necessary to
establish and maintain piopcr uspiit de
coip" , and Insisted that no successful busi
ness man would think of keeping an clllclent
emplojoln the same grade or position for iv
( jtuutcrof a century.
Mr. Hhilruddic.sACd the senate on Iho bill
hoictofoie intioduccd by him , to provide for
the erection of u monument at Washington
to Abraham Lincoln , and another lo Cien.
( Irani.
Mr. I'tigh called up Mr , Heck's silver icso-
lutioii and addiL-.s.scd the senate on it. With
the aid of all the teaming iu the woild , Mr.
1'iigh said , the Kicatest statesmen weie still
grappling with tlio money qm'btion at pre
cisely the same point at which they began to
grapple with It. rfo far as the United States
was concerned , theie had never been a time
when ourpaperor metallic currency had been
boMiinitl and healthy as it was to-day. This
condition ( it altaliH , nnd the piciiiium
on our bonds , constituted u gilm ha
lite on the iirophccles of the oppo
nents of the legislation hitherto enacted
b > on tlio money nue.stlon. Noth
ing was moie to be desired , Mr.l'ugh thought ,
than that the banks , bankers and federal
treasury should stand a.sldo and allow the
( ! ic.shain law to have full and tice operallon
on out-silver cmicnev. He had miu-li couli-
dcnca In the practical ideas , .sound judgment
I and Integiityiif I'lesldeut Cleveland , and his
i devotion to constitutional principles. lint
iu my democrats would differ with the I'
iicutoii the uioueviiucstlpn , ami on thu de
tails iilfectiug the taillf. Thc&o micatlons
weie so fai-ienehing nnd eomplleiitcd in
their operations as not to be emublo of u solution balisfactory to nil honest In-
iiulreis. Hn ( Mr. I'ugh ) had given
the piesldent's message much consideration ,
but was constrained to dlller with him Iu ie-
mud to money. Mr. I'n h ipioted ligmes
Irom the Now York eleaiinf house to show
that only iitiout : > } pert-cut , ot tlie dealing tiansactions were lepresented by cash ,
the icmidnder being made uj ) prliiehially by
tluvks. was confiontcd , ho said ,
with an ofliclal announcement that our busi
ness relations had leached a crisis In which
wo niiihl suspend the coinage ot silver If we
would M'cine an Intel national lelalion be
tween gold and silver. The teal point involved
Mr. I'ugh believed to be not tlio suspen
sion , but the total stoppage of silver coinage ,
nud If silver i-olnago weie oiispended now it
would be a blow that would directly and
Miccdlly feud to tlie consummation
ol un organl/ed conspiracy of capitalists to
M-euuuihMilntueiintiol of all our curieiicy ,
and theiegiilatlou of thu volume and consequent
quent jiuicha-tlng power , Mr. I'ugh believed
ho spoke tor the southern ix-oplo when he
wild that tlnee-foiirths of them would tit-day ,
If oppoiunity ( weie given them , vote against
tlunnoposltlini to suspend silver coinage.
The petition.- ) that eamn to congiess tuvor-
ing suspension \\eni ull on printed blanks
nnd signed mainly by bunkers. Mr , 1'ugli
rrllli-ised the nigumeut ) ! of thnsecieturyof
treasniyiind of the president. He inquired
\ \ liethu.we wera to take the mem dictation
of the president iu this mutter , and In-
pitted that the executive oilk-ers weio
under obligations to enforce the laws of con-
KICJ > S. Why had these laws been lumily vie
lated ? Had congress abdicated its powers to
thoexocutive department of the government ?
The national banks , who weio the liseal
ngcuts ot thu poveminent , should not , Mr ,
I'ugli thought , have bomi allowed to become
monitors ot u clearing hoiiso tlmt discre41ted
the silver certllicate.i of thu t'overnmeiiL
if The national banks had evaded thu law of
congress by agreeing that they would not of
fer silver reitllU-ates to the clearing houses
nud thciisfoie none had been actually icfnsed
by n dealing house. A Now York nun jKiiter ,
ho said , hud squarely Ideutllied the evasion.
M'hy was silver opposed by thu national
tanks ? Because silver was the only medium
of our ciiiruncr which they could not contiol.
" .Stop the coluajfoof hllver , " said Mr. 1'ngli ,
"jtiul thuio bin Us will bccuuio absolute men-
archs of nil Ihey survey. ' ' "The opinion of
.lames1 J5. lllaiiie. " ho continued , "would
have influence ! w ith some. He from re
marks made by Mr. Hlatnc while In eon-
press , to the effect that the e-tihllshment
of n noii-niotnllle gold standard would IKJ In
jurious to our industries nnd commerce , nnd
that the United State * could not \vlsel > treat
sliver us the Kinopean countries could. Uoth
nietnl * . Mr 1'iiich insisted , were nere sary in
order to conntciact the constant tendency of
money to contract under the vast Increa'-o of
the \ahic * of the world. He quoted from
an eminent Knirllsli authority ( (5o ( ehenl
td < how that no gold standard country In the
world had advanced In prosperity l n decree
at all to be competed with that ot the double
stnndaid of Hie r lilted blnte .
\Vltliout concluding Ids remniks , Mr.
I'mjli gave way to Mr. IMmundb for .1 niotlou
to to into c.\eciiti\e session.
Mr. A'auce cave notice nt the rlo c of the
inoiningbusiness to-monow he would nsk
the fennto to eontlnuc consideration of
Mr. Heck's ic elution ,
Mr. Coke irnxc tiotli-o that on Wedne day
next he would a k PCM mission of the senate
to submit some lemarUs on the same sub
ject.The judicial salary 1)111 was then placed
pro lonna bcloie the senate , and the doors
weie closed lor an executive session. When
the } ieoi > eiiel tliCM'tinte adjourned.
WA m\OTO.Y , Jan. 11. The call of states
was Hsunied , nud the following bills weie
olfeied and rcfeired :
Uyitr. Wheeler of Alnbamn Autlinilzlne
females to enter lands under the homestead
IJy Mr. Henley of ( ' ( dorado To tnoiiiote
the Inirodiietlon of fiesli water In the Colorado
rado desert.
Hy Mr. lioscrsof Arkansas Apnioptlating
3100,000 for the Improvement of the goveiu-
uient ri'seivntlon at Hot Sipiings , Aikansa" .
15y Mr. McICemia of California 1'or the
aiiilutment | ] ot a bo.ud ol two army ami
two navy olllcers and one civilian , aiithoi-
ied to construct two gun ton inlries , one in
Calllornia at Male Island navy > ard or at
Itenlcla nrseunl , ami one nt such other plate
asthuboaid may deteimeiie , at a cost not to
exceed SltOJ.OX ( ) for each foundry.
Hy Mr. bpiln ger of Illinois A icsolutlon
directing the committee on claim * to in-
qulie into the expediency of < lug a geu-
eial law tor the iisccitalnmcnt ol lacts iu ic-
gid : | to each claim by a judicial tillmiml be-
foio action by cougiess , and nNo Into the
niopilcty of formulating a measure to pio-
hibit the adjudication of claims hj cougiess.
Hy Mr. Townsheud ot Illinois Piovldiug
for Issue by the trcasui } of silver ceitilieates
In denominations ot one , twoaiul livedollais
each. This Is nn umeiidmeiit of the silver
act of 187S , under which leu dollar ceitili
eates am now Issued. Its object Is lo supply
the need for additional small bills uspait uf
thu circulating medium.
HyMr. Moitlson ot Illinois Aiilliorlztiig
the secretary of the navy to tit out mi e\pedi-
dltlon to obseivo the total eelliiscon August
21) ) , 1N > 0. Also ptovldiiig lor a new naval ob-
seivatoiy ,
Hy Mr. Gore o Delaware To provide for
thu construL'tlon of a .Htcamcrulslng-vcsscl ut
war ol twenty knots sliced.
IJyMr. I'ajs-m of Illinois To lestrlet the
ownership or real estate In tciiltoiies lo
Uy Mr. Weaver of Iowa To retlio nationnl
bank notes and to pievent the lluctuatloiis
of currency by the substitution therefor ot
tieasury notes. A No , to jiiovido for the
issue ol finctionnl pnncrciurcncy.
HyMr. Jloutwcllot Maine A icsolidion
calling on the secietaiy of the navy for in
formation concerning the truth or lalsity of
cettain statements which have appeared in
the public press , as follows : 1 That tlio
commander < > l the United States navvjaid
at Noilolk , Ya. , has caused the honorable in
scriptions heretofore home on the
cannon captincd by Hie United Slates mili
tary or naval forces to bo obliterated ,
2 That he caused to be icmoved Irom the
dry dock a tablet placed theie nt the time It
was it-constructed , and beailng the insciip-
tiou , "Uestroved by the icbcls in lbW ( ; re
built by the United States government hi
1VKV a Tlmt because ot Ids piotest
against the removal of this inscription
the superintendent in charge of
the work of lebuildliig has bi-en icinovcd
tiom his position , and a poison who was en
gaged in military sei vice against the govern
ment appointed in his place.1 That in
illsrocnitl of a giatelul iccoguition
of iho sei vices , bncilllccs and siiller-
ings ot persons honorably discharged
fiom tlio milltaiy or naval seivicu
of the country , a number of such poisons
have been dismlssrd from employment In
the Norfolk navy yaid and their places filled ,
by men ( .who longht against the
government dining the icbcllloii.
If these allegations are bound
to bo true , the secietarv of the navy is
directed to inform the house upon whoso
older \\hatautliuiityand in pursuance
of what public policy , If nny , such inscrip
tions weiu oblitciated and such pcisons db-
misKcd liom the scivlce ,
15y Mr. O'Neill of Missoml Donating the
prove Cieur lakes to the city of St. Louis.
Hy Mr. ( Smut of Vcimont To enable the
coplc to name their postmasters.
Hy M r. Heald of Idaho Authori/.iug a sil
ver bullion fund tor the purchase OL silver
Imlllon , toiegulate the colmue ut silver and
for thu Issue of.silver ceititicates.
15y Mr. Joseph of New Mexico To divide
tlie teirilory ol Dakota and to cicato the ter-
lltoiy ot Lincoln.
Uy Ir. Warner of Ohio For the Issue of
treasuiyceitllicatoj on deposited silver bul
lion , aho dlrei ting the payment of the sur
plus In the treasury in excess ot 550,000,000 on
the public debt.
Notwithstanding tlie largo number of bills
Introduced ( luting the last call of states , the
call to-day hioiight foith ir > 0 additional puip-
osillous which Incicases to nearly 4,000 the
number of measures now awaiting the ac
tion ot the house committees.
Tlio speaker then called on committees for
iepor N but with tlio exception of the judi
ciary committee , which u-poited twoortlireo
private bills , theie was mr icspoiiso to the
call.Adjourned. .
Tlio Oswcjjo Itlvei- for ( eil niul Syi-ii-
CIIHO liuinilutcil.
SritAcrsi : , N. V. , Jan. 11. The ice gorge
in Oswego liver becomes firmer and larger
every hour , as Immense quantities of Ice ate
constantly coming down tlio river. The
water bus risen morn than two feet since last
nlnht and Is ilslng several inches an hour.
The damage aliendy done cannot bo esti
mated. Fully soventy-livc families linvo been
di iven fiom their homes , and othcis aie con
stantly moving out. The families are poor ,
and as fast as they me icacucd are tinned
over to the poor authorities. All the teams
available are being used to lemovc flour and
other goods from the mills and inanutae-
tiiiles. The gialu Iu ( hi ) millis wet. Should
the water lecedo tlio mills and tnctoiles will
ho idled with Ice , audas many ol them had
large contiacls on hand the damage will bo
veiygicat. Hundreds of people aio thrown
out or employment. 1'iofo-jsor Hojntou of
this city was telegraphed for tills morning to
consult with the authorities about lemovlng
thu gorge. Ho visited the place nnd ba\s 11
cannot Im done , and leais that the is to
come. The gorge Is now two mile.- , long and
The council last nicht failed to { etiV
quorum , and ndjourned until this morn
ing nt IU o'clock.
MM. J , T. Most returned last niyht
from an extended visit east ,
The business of the council this morn-
liig will be thu contract and bond of A. I * .
Goulden ; the bond is for about $5X)0 ( )
worth of grading , They will also till the
vacancies of three members of thu board
of the city library.
An Iowa Hotel Hcoruhcil.
Monk Duryea , manager of the O den
house , received the following dispatch
from 1) ) . Fillowny , the proprietor , who
also runs the Northwestern hotel in
Cedar Hnplds , Iowa :
Jan. 11 : Fire in Fellinan's cigar store ;
burnt through our rooms up to the roof ;
twenty rooms flooded and badly dam-
ngcdj nobody hurt ; Mrs , Filloway and
I'loronce badly geared , but otherwise
comfortable. _ B. FIU.OWAV ,
A Now Jersey man once said hat the
people in thu btatu rather like mosqui
toes , because they felt so good when they
worn gone , There must bu some suua
feeling in tlio minds of those who have
sufl'ured the pangs of rheumatism and
been peedily relieved by the use of St.
Jacobs Oil.
The Olosing Chapters of a Moat Remark
able Elopement.
Ami liotli Jletnins to Tliclr Natl\o
llcatlli The Malodorous ICsca *
padc ol'a Married Man and
a Wayward Girl.
Klopcrs Itctiirned to Tjll'c.
CIIICAHO , .Jan. It. [ Si > cclid Tcleirrnm. ]
7. . T. O'ltoiirke. it will be remembered , Is the
l.iw > erlio tr.uisictcd business at SI , Louis
and MlssMnr } Lnrneil , the nttiactlve daucli-
ter ot Allieit A. I.arnctl , tiea.sinerof the W.
1'rost .MaiHifnt'turlni , ' company , resided in
Chiciisro with her patents at 'J. rt Dearborn
.street nt the time of hoi injsterious disap-
pealtnire. She formetly taimht seliool at
Kitknoml. ntid Itn * theie , to her O\MI teat
cilefnntl slmiiiL- . that .she bwame acquainted
with the head of the O'lloiiihe Intiilly. Slie
is said to lime been aery Intliiiate trieiid oC
.Mrs. O lloinke. and was regarded as one of
the family. Some time In .Inly ot
hist 3 ear Miss I.arncd to her
liome in Uicaio. ! O'lioiuke folloueil. arilx-
In hcic September Ii. To his tclalhcsaixl
liiends in St. Louis he stated that he In
tended to putchase property here and peiiiia-
nently locate in Clik'a < , po , Ids family to follow
him. Atrivim ; hcie , O'linurkc put up at the
Shurmaii house. 'I'liursday , September ! ! , lie
called at the Lamed resilience on Dearborn
Micet Next day lie put In nu nppunrniicu
and took stipjier witli the family. Kaily in
the e\enln ho invited Ml < s Lniued to take u
boat I Ide with him. She asieiited , and about
(5 ( p. in. the couple stntted out for a tow. Up
to tlio ptetent time their wlieieahoiits
had boon a profound mystery ,
and a gieat many people bpllud them to be
slcopim ? In the of the lake. It was a
fo.jiy nlstht when they etiihniked and as thev
weio never seen to letinii. it \\as Ihoucht
that they had became belonged , drifted out
into the lake and run over by a piopcllcr or
( UKmid drowned. The boat was found Sep
tember G nt the foot of Slxty-thiid stieet halt
full of wuler and witli both oar.s ml stu
This strcn gthencd the supposition that the
occupants perished.
.Ntiineious theories were advanced as to
the filltuif the pair. A.s theie was not enough
wind on the lake the night they cmbaiked
to bait a mclUK shell , the lilea of an olope-
incut gainedetiiieucy. When the boat waa
found she was ildim ; on lier keel , and this
led people to belle\e that the occupants had
been pitched into the water. Jltit the idea
that they had mil away was scouted by the
relatives and friend's of the nilsslng couple.
They and uiany others claimed that it they
had not been drowned they would be piclic.1
up by some passing vessel. The fiiemls of
the couple llnally ceased tlielr Inves
tigation and came to the conclusion
that a liuthcr search was useless. Hut it was
still maintained that they ueio drowned , and
that the bodies had drilled to the Michi
gan shoie in some lonely spot. When an
intimation that the paities had pinbnbly
clojieil reached the ears of Mr. mid Mrs.
Lamed , they resented it with hot Indigna
tion and cousldcicd it an insult. "Even to
deny suuh a rumor , " Mr. Lai nod said , " 1
would it-sard as a reflection on Mr. O'Kourke ,
myself , and my daughter. " The scene hi
the O'ltourko household In the absence of the
man whom not only tlio law but human na-
tme demanded should be Its protector can be
Hut the public will bo greatly surprised to
le.uu that the boat in which Mr. O'ltoinke
and Miss Lamed emliaikcd was notcapsi/.cd ,
and that the couple , alter lowing on the lake
until daik , landed satcly 011 a pier at the
foot of Thhty-ninth street The cr.ilt was
set adrift and the lovers walked to Oakland
station , boaulcd one ol the Illinois Central
suburban trains , and rode dovui town.
Aulvliig nt the Michigan Ccutinl
depot they took n night train ,
and in n few hours weio nt
Detroit , Mich. They obtained rooms at n
hotel , but as O'ltourke was short ot money
they subsequently moved Into cheap lodgings
In a modest part of the city. As O'itoinke's
pinse rapidly becoming empty , he began
to look mound lor employment , i'inally lie
found work a-s a poiter hi a diy goods stole
on n small salary. Miss Larncd kept house ,
and under an assumed name they lived to
gether In one room as man and wife for
nearly four months. Tiling , finally , of the
icsult of his nefailous intilguo with Miss
Lamed , O'Homke indicted an anonymous
letter In n disguised handwriting to his de-
seitcd wife. The letter stated that her
husband nud Miss Lamed weio living In
When Mrs. O'Houiko received the epistle
she Immediately communicated with ( he be
trayed gill's father , . The latter at once em-
picked a detectjve , who went lo Dcttoit and
finally located Iho pair. The poor girl was
only too glad toieturn to the shelter of her
p.ueutb' home , even though a cloud did hang
over It An otllccr confronted the gill when
O'Kourko was absent , and she was taken to
Windsor , Canada , to awall the arilval of her
father. Hcfoie leaving their quondam homo
the gill left n note for O'ltoiirke , stating her
Intention of lotuinlng home. The soiiowful
father found his daughter at Windsor , and
Sntuiilny , Jnntmiy' ' , they arrived at Chicago ,
and the gill is again under the cnie of her
Miss l/aruedlsn good looking blonde , 20
years ot uge , medium size , with n well
loundud llgurc and always dresses handsome
ly and I u eood taste. O'HoiikoIs ! ! 3ycaisof
age , 0 lect I Inch in height , daik complexion ,
and weais spectacles. .Soon alter the illsap-
peaiauco of the couple Mr. and Mis. Lamed
icmovcd liom'J.VJiiDeaiboii sticct ton moio
i emote pa it ol the city ,
Oily News.
None of the lire plugs are frozen as yet.
Mr. Charles B. Anson and Miss Myra
Jlallb.v wore married in this city on sab
bath , January lth ( ) , at the Seward street
Methodist church , by the pastor. Huv.
Charles W. Savid e.
The item which is going the rounds of
the press that the Ames monument at
Sherman is defaced by patent medicine
advertisements is false. The monument
is entirely free from any such evidences
of vandalism.
The annual meeting of the Omaha Fair
and Exposition association will bo hold
this afternoon at the rooms of the
Ixiard of trade Reports will bo sub
mitted of the ntVairs of the association ,
and a board of directors will bo elected
for the ensuing year.
The body ot Mr. James McMillan , who
died last U ediu day. was sent to
Keck Island , the late home of the de
ceased , last uvening. It was intended to
send tlio body last Thursday , but the rail
road blockade has mmlo it necessary to
hold the body until now.
Marshal Oiimmings received a letter
ycaterdtiv from Justice . L U.Kdmundsof
Ureoloy.Col. , making inquiry as to wheth
er there was a convict in the state peni
tentiary named H. F , i'iorco. Mr. JM-
munds says that Pierce was formerly a
resident of ( Irceloy , and at one time city
marshal of the place. Marshal Cum-
inings. of course , knows nothing of the
facts , but will refer the letter.
The opening of the now exposition
building will probably occur about the
middle of iebrnary , ami the mami'M-
ment has concluded that tlio lirst enter
tainment shall bo n grand promenade
concert by homo talent. Arrangements
are being made to gather together the
city's musical talent and commence
truming for the event.
The Musical L'nfun Orelicolrn Trent
at Turnotllnll Sunday.
llio Musical Upiou Orchestra gave n
grand concert Sunday afternoon at the
Omnli.i Sladt theater. The audience
filled the home and gre.-tcd the perform
ance with and enthusiastic ap
plause. Following WHS the programme
1. March Salute to Omaha ( new ) .
. Stciiihau. cr
'J. Selection Heart and Hand . Lecocq
: ) . Uu'ttuie 1'iqtiu Dame . Suppe
4. Overdue Marltaua . Wallace
f > . Conceit Polka Ccislcr . Ulal
0 , Walt/ Live and Love ( new ) .
. McluhaUsor
T. Cornet Solo Liebcstraum . Wagner
12 Ml.Vf IKS INlKIIMlx-ilON.
5. ( irand Selection Lohengihi . Wanner
! ' . Combination Twcnt > . Steiuhatiser
10. ti.notte L'orgct me not . ' . .Ciiese
The entire concert was one of those in
comparably charming musical entertain
ments \ylnch the organi/ation can so
uiily allbrd. The orchestra's overture.
"Muritana , " which has not been heard
since the Sncngerfeit , was admirably exe
cuted. The cornet sojo of Mr. Liua
new member , on his lirst appearance in
this city , was mpturous-ly tcceSved and
the performer was recalled three times
by tlio audience. The new march com
posed by 1'rof. Steinhau er , "A Salute to
Omaha , " was played for the lirst time
mill his new wait"Live and Love , " was
wildly encored. The gem of Iho after
noon was the Grand Selection from "Lo
hengrin , " never before placed in Ontnha
and only attempted by the largest orches
tras. The Musical Union is making
grand strides ; time , execution , Inunioiiy
and everything which goes to make up
good playing seemed as near perfect as it
is possible to attain.
It is to be hoped that the orchestra wiL
repeat the concert at the opera houe.
llather Absent -Ml niled.
"What would you think ? " asked Mr.
J. J. Jacobson , a handsome and jolly
commercial traveler from New York to
Clerk ileus-haw at the Paxton last night ,
"of a man who would make a purchase
at a store and go away , leaving his purse
on the counti-rV"
"J should think ho was - "
"Well , you're right. That's exactly
what ! did. Paid over some money at
the Millard just now and then walked
away leaving my purse containing $100
on the counter. Clerk happened to know
my name and sent tlio poeketbook over
to mo. Two 3 ears ago played the same
trick right here in Omaha. That time I
left my poeketbook with several hundred
dollars in it , lying on the counter at tlio
Western Union ollice , after 1 had just
sent away a telegram. Came back to the
Pa.x'tpn , and went tip to my room , never
missing my money. Pretty soon in
rushed a small boy , out of breath , saying ,
'Mister , they want you over at the tele
graph ollice. ' I tiiouirht they had lost
my messaire and Kveut over there lire-
pared to storm. You can guess that I
was very much Uikeii back when they
showed me the puree I had left on the
counter. "
Jtobbeil Ills
It was reported to the police yesterday
that the residence of J. W. Atkinson ,
Nineteenth and1 Clark streets , had
been robbed early in the morn
ing of a number of valuables.
The thief is a man. named Dick-
son , who halls from uio lUull's. He was
employed by Atkinson several days ago ,
and has been sleeping at his house. Yes
terday morning he was called early to
build the fires , and after doing &o the
family supposed he again retired. When
he was called at breakfast time , however ,
lie failed to respond , and it was discov
ered that ho had left the house , taking
with him a watch and chain belonging to
his employer , u pair of gold cull' buttons ,
u revolver and a number of other valua
ble" . A description of the thief was left
at polieo headquarters and an eil'ort will
be made to apprehend him.
A nirtlulay Party.
On last Saturday evening , Jan. 0 , 1830 ,
Mr. and MM. J. T. Wciton , at their resi
dence on Twenty-sixth and Douglas
streets , gave a. most enjoyable birthday
party to their little daughter Oracle on
the attainment of her tenth year. Miss
( Jracio is a lovely child and well de-orvcd
the honor. Mi-s Ahuio Shaw and Key.
C. W. Savidgo were present to assist in
making the little people imppy. The
guests were Ko-s 'low le. Charlie Koao ,
George Gish , Marty Kennard , alary
Shears , Kmmett Murphy , Stephen Long ,
Milton Long , Jennie Wist , Hlaneh Parker ,
Jennie Gish , Mabel Kelley , Nora Emer
son , I'dith McC'oy , Mosliior Colpct/.er ,
Alice Parrotte , Franklin Kose. A most
elegant sunper , consisting of all
the good things of the
season was served. Then came the
games and plays enjoyed by all. Many
handsome ami iiM'tul presents were
brought for Graeic. among others a large
life like picture of her mother in a hand
some frame. The party was agrand sue-
ccs-j and the little folks went to their
homos witli merry good byes and happy
James Stevenson went east yesterday
E , W. Si mural has returned Irom
Washington ,
K. M. Genius has gene on a six weeks'
business trip to New i ork City.
General Freight Agent Miller , of the
H , it M , , lolt for the east yesterday.
J. A. Munro , general freight agent of
Union Pauilio , left on a trip east yes
J. D. King , formerly postal inspector
hero , but now occupying that position at
Denver , is in the cUy
W. G. Homonway has returned from
contra ! Dakota , when ) ho has been thu
past week on legal business.
Mr. 1) . K , Fuller , tlio popular drygooils
mini of Tootle , Maul iV Co. , loft yesteiday
n his lirf l trip fur JSSO , uuticl puling
a good Irado.
lleul Kstato
The following tninsfnrs wore filed Jan.
! ) , with the county , ' durk , and reported
for the UEB byj Amu& , ' Heal Estate
Agency : ,
W .1 Connelll and wlfnto Ole W Christian
sen , loti : , Hickory Placu. add Omaha , wd
V'F J Maestrick uiid'vvlfij'to ' ' Ournlia Hell K It
Co. , 100 leet thiomjh'lutsai ami HO , block 'J ,
Uiookllue , Douglas Co , v l S.'Htt.
Mmy L Smith ( single ; to Frank K Cuttlcr.
lot 1- , block 14 , Jlanscom Place , Omaha , w d
Andrew J Ilaiiscom and wife to Xelle Hen-
uett , lot ' . < > , block 10 , llitiiBCom Place , Omaha ,
w d.
. d..leturlt Conkllnirimd wife to Lymau Itlch-
nrdson , lots ii , 7. 10 , 15 , CO and ai , Mayileld ,
Douu'lasCo1 .13o. ;
A KToiunlln ( single ) to Djloy&Olsoii.lots
11 mid w , block : ) , Hillside add Omaha , w d-
John LMcCngunnnd wife to.Iolm Ihimlln ,
lot 12 , block i , Shlun's udd Omaha , wd-
Saiiiuel S Cmtlsaiid wlfoto John Mc.Vce ,
lot ii , block f , Uclvidcie , Omalu , w d-sSU ) .
Herbert .1 Davis ( single ) to Willton O
llililge.4 , lot 0 , block 2 , Plaiuvlew add Omaha ,
w d
Overcoats for Men , Hoys , Youths and
Children at hard time prices. See themut
SlIUlUMAN UltO.'b & CO. ,
Furnam St.
The Semi-Annual Apportionment for the
Districts Completed.
Cnolilcr l > ritt'liml ol1 the Western
Union Short In Ills Accounts
A WOIIIIIU'N Connection
AVItli I lie fuse.
Tor Ktlucnt Ion.
County SuporiuU'tuUMit Hrnnor ycstor
lav tlnfohcd the suml-uuntuil appor
tiouiupiit of school moneys for the sever
al dlMriets of Douglas county. Ho had
. J10' ! to proportion out to the ills-
trlrK Of this $15,237.117 wn from the
Mate assessment and the remainder cam *
from county revenues , sftSt.JIO special
ta$1,000 liquor license , $155.07 tiur-t ,
$17. IS do ta\ . There are 1 1 , 131 scholars
In tlie county and Omaha with 11,803 ro-
ceivedlSlT78 ) , The ne\t best id Klor-
once with Ml pupils and $271.71) ) , cliv-ely
followed by South Omalunvitli'JOl and $ . ' . " > *
of the aportioumeutVatei ) ) loo.175iupils ]
and $ ! > : i ; district ! J7. just out of Omaha
.south of I Ian-coin park , 105 and gJ'JJUO
No 1 1 , loutli of U'atorloo , with live pu
pils and * S | , is the. smallc-t district in the
county , and possibly in point of school
enumeration , the smallest in the Mate. .
The apimttionmcnt gives 87 cents per pu
pil and the "one fourth" divided equal
ly iimon < ; the fiflj two and onu-linlf dis
triet- " gives oaoh ilMrirt JTIUJll.
It may interest those not informed to
learn IHMV tins "one-half district'1 is con
sidered There are three fractional school
districts in Douglas comity two between
Sariiy and Douglas ami one divided with
Dodge county.
Ol course this apportionment is not
adequate to maintaining the schools for
the half year , and the remainder of the
( tots of public instruction is obtained in
each district by special levy. There are
four districts \yhieh at tlio last annual
meeting of April of ' 85 levied no school
tax , for the reason that they had funds
sulliciunt with the anporlionment to run
the schools without it. The remainder
of the districts levied from 'J to 'JO mills.
Omaha levied ii mills.
The total resources of the city from
April 7th , ' 81 , to July 18th , ' 35 , including
$14,71)1.0 ) ! ) , the balance on hand , were
$ ' . ' 0'.1.O.V. ,40 ; the total expenditures be
tween the sumo dates readied sf'J IS.GTiT.i.'O ,
leaving a balance of ? ' , ' ( ) , 10'J.i ! ! ) on hand ,
There was also on hand in the citv sink
ing fund at the same date , $8Uttl.J. : (
The city carries liabilities in outstanding
bonds to the amount of $150,000.
A AVcatcrn Union Man AVliose RookH
AVIll Xot Ilnluncc.
A rumor has been alloat for snvcrnl
days that there has been "crooked" work
at tlio Western Union telegraph
ollice in this city , and investigation
proves the rumor to be true. .1. 13. I'ritch-
ard , who has been cashier for tlio com
pany since September 5 last , has been
found short in his accounts for from ! } -500
to 5UOO. Iwer since he entered unon the
duties of his position Pritehanfjias at
various times indulged in dissipation , go
ing on protracted spree.s and acting
in 11 reckless manner. Witli the
beginning of the now year he
started out for a "time , " and as it
continued the company concluded to dis-
ponse. with his services. Accordingly
on .January 5 1'ritchard was discharged
and lii.s accounts were examined. Jt was
found that his books were in bad shape ,
and close inspection revealed the short-
Among tlio larger items on which
Pritchard is short is a bill for . ISo
against Mrs. , f. (5. Fountain for money
sent by telegraph to her husband in
Chicago. The bill was presented by
the company to Mrs. Fountain the
past week lor payment , but she as
serted that she had paid the money
when she sent tlio order of her husband.
This statement , however , is doubted in
some quarters , for rumor has it that Mrs.
Fountain is in part responsible for 1'ritch-
ard's downfall. Jt is said that the cashier
was wont to spend considerable of his
time and money on this woman , and Unit
she would frequently converse with
him by telephone whilu in the
otljce and arrange meetings with him.
I'ritchard is a married man , his wife and
three children residing in this city , and
stories are told of Air.- . Fountain calling
at his house and taunting his wife with a
Knowledge of liin whereabouts when she
( the wife ) was iu ignorance of where her
husband was.
Airs. Fountain , having become aware
that her name was to be iit-ed in connec
tion with L'ritchard's defalcation , called
at the ! : ; ollico at a late hour last night
in company with her husband and denied
all kouwledgo of the allair. She asserted
that she did not e\un know L'ntchard
and that she never had any dealings with
him personally to her knowledge.
Pi itchard'- . shortage ! will be met by his
bondsmen , who are amply able to make
good the lo s.
Ths OraatonTlcdical Triumph of the Ago !
I.aai ofuppot I te.Uoirnli ) costive , I'ulu Iu
tlio bend , vrllli a dull acnsntlau In tlio
bncli purl. I'nlu un--r iliu nlinuldrr-
bladc , I'nllnoc * nftcr nailimvllU adli-
Incllunilou to ojroillouof Luilr ormlnil ,
Irrlfitbllllyoficnipur , I.ownplrlu , witli
a foellnenf finrlnn ncelectod roino duty ,
Wenrini-ca , UlzrluuKX , 1'liittcrliiir nt lUo
Henri. Dot * licfinpllio c-ye/i / , llcnilncho
aver Iho rlclit rire. llciitlesiiions , ivllli
II I fill drcuma , Illulily colored llrlnc , anil
TUTT'S I'ltr.B are especially aflnpfoil
to cnch cnson , onn tioso otrccta euuh a
1 her XiirrcnSB tlio Apnctlt e , ml cuuta the
body to 'I'uUc oil Flemi.thut ilia ajitcra la
nourished , nn < 1 liylhclrToiilo Action on
ttiu IlleejttiveUrKRnn lcjciilurMtoulsiu-a
prqilucgiJ. WlcinaSe. . _ < ! tfnrruy Nt..r .T.
Jlruovatoi thu ImJy , mnkt-s liualthy HesU.
FtroiiKthen5 tlio weilc , j-upalni Iho vaitea of
Uio cysteni vrith jmro bk > od mid hard imuclo ;
oiQct ) the norvoua nvstem , luvlxoratu-t Urn
bmln , and Imparts thu vl or ot uiaiiliood ,
8 1 . Sold liv dnmnlRls.
Ob' if 10k11 : iliiriKy.SI , ,
IIOUT. u. mwtuN. , jii.nx , vrAr.racn.
TolcpbonoilQ ,
Plumbers , Steam and Gas Fitters
r.sllnuitis fiiriiltlicd , or ulll cull iicrso
j\jeni.s for the Impuriul ( ins Mui-hlnu. - '
2lo ti.UJth bt. . Om-iim , NcU
General Insurance Agent
Ilin-KESKNTd :
phccnU Insnrunco Co. , Lundun , Cash
Assets . ,
Wvaii-liut.ter. N. V. , AtvuU ,
OluiisKulU , A-ots
Iriiril Flio. 1'lnl.iilullililtt , Assut l uUM > j
Nttrlluiiipi.Uliu , Casu V.s oto. " . . . . . I.UIU.WJ
Lite Insurance.
0. T. TAYl.Olt ,
for Nebraska , Colorado nnil Wyoming.
OIIUc. router lit Ii nnil
tlio | > > piiliir Toiilltui
Fire Insurance.
rL i ; .t i / , 1. 1 s
211 South ThlitiPiith Stiwl , Teleplioiic No.KSJ
Notthrru ASMIIHIUV Co , Ixnulon. linirlnml.
( lilcnt Insuriinct1 Co. . Hnrlford , Conn.
t'nion lit iininrt' Co. Sun KraneKn > . Cul.
Nntlonnl Kite liiMiriincv Co. , Hnrtfoni , t onn.
riit'iiiun'sriuul In * . Co. , Snn rinnel'co , Cnl.
Wosti'in Assiiuinuc'Co. , Toi-onto , Out.
iY. R HATCH Kit ,
( Irnoial Vsciit
Provident Savings Lifo Assurance Co.
ot XPIT Yoik.
107 South rourtccr.tli Sin-el , Oninlin.
ChenprKt ln uinnro in or olTcrciI by nn"oiil
lino' t'oiminny. Actnnl nvmiue ji'iirljro t
iturliiK tbc cnlriiilui yenr 11-11 , 1S.14iiiil l& : > , IU
KU 10 , "
_ _ _ _
,1. C. HN'KWOLD ,
Dry Goods ,
Tim elrnnut tirli'k corner Moro.SM nml Cum
liiK klHutH. Ini" Just lu-i'ii opciuti ttllh iiKonoial
Meek of flnple nml Inncy iliy iri > i l , boolt.ilioe
lints mix. j-'lovi-t , noiklnt ; Hot lie" , unit n lull
line of untlcu'lotliliiu. 'I ho best iiutillly nml thu
low r t pi lci" . Cull anil .vi . _
M1JS. K. KKU1T ,
Milliner ,
At EltiXlflih t.i < i1nlniri ! thrtvlmr imslncji In
nillllnciy nml fnnoy Kooils. nml nl ° o keeps u mini
liei of iMiipIo > ei < 4busy on | IIIL-MMillsunil | | KOIICIIII
Jrc'nnuklimrasliloimtilu niul sl.\ll-li Riirint-nl
emi b > hint ill Mi p. KlKht'fl for MTJ lnw lltoire
A Hint oiilui ssitlslU-s nil unil seutnos p liiinnie
MltS. M. M. KINCS ,
Millinery Goods ,
Tor nnjtlilnK In Iho mtlllnrry nail fnnoy
.iiio jnn oiiiinol do bclti'r limn to patioiil/o MI.K.
M. 51. Kliipr.SIISCiiinliiirSr. The latest 8t.vlcK.tho
most beniitltul work niul the veiy lo t-si pile-ox.
Is the jvlaro for the penplonf N'oith ct Oinnlm
to trniln bocnnso It Is c-cnlnillv loenleil , nt the
corner of Cumlntr mid SiiiiiuliM-s sis. Tlio slock
IB the boat unit thu pncosus chuup us any.
Grocers ,
Th I * firm cnrilcs n choice freMi t-tock nnildoes
n bniincss on the mmille-ft piollts , and hnncu
It has u bis tiade. liny joinfooteiies nour
home and not u mile or two invuy. Xo l'j Cum-
liiT ( street.
llcalura hi
Staple & Fancy Groceries
rirlil nml Garden Perils. Southn'ost corner
IGth and Callliunia stu-utd.
Groceries , Fruit , Feed.
Special dealer in poultry anil all kinds of piimo.
Ojvtois In M'UMin. ( ioods ileltVL-red II-L-U ut all
bourd. S. Goldstein , Till So. llith street.
Fancy Groceries , Flour , Feed , Etc.
3'oultry , l-'icsh Jlntter and YWa sjieclnlty
This Him Ini" IOIIJT been noted as Iho Icnilmjrono
In t hulr line lor tliu I hltd wind tiadu.lwn > 'suii-
tui piNniK : and up to thu times with iilunty ol'ov-
nrjllihiff that is ooil kupt coiistiintly In stock.
iiW cor 10th mid Doilgo stioolt.
1' . M. HACK & CO.
General Store.
This hou o fiirnldlics your i/ooiU nenr bomo ,
irjoiillvoln South Omuliii. MI tlmt uliun } ( in
BOI n wrniifrfil/ulii u lump clilinnov or u tlronj , '
[ louml ot bntlor , yon wont bu loiucd to walk u
nillo umlaut riun.vciby the earn to ut It o.t-
chimgcd. li u , lte > mid ll 'l K. 7th at.
Books and Stationery ,
JI7N. lOthslrool ,
ItollKlous books n B | < i > clnlty.
PrescriptionsPerfumery ,
JKi Bl.\tcuntb St. , Corner stnrn Masonic Hall
Coi. Dud u and tith Sticuls ,
Medicines and Chemicals
I'miuy nud Uillbt nrllclun , HpmiKOS. Ilrnshoa ,
I'l-ilnmuiy oto. ' -
, 1'liyslc-iiuH piuMiiiptloascaro-
Inlly coinpoiindcd , und eiders uiiNWuiedvllli
cam and dispatch. Our block ol incdlclno It
coiiiilL'lc | , iiiiaiiiuu ( . enulnu unil of thu bujt
) iiiirs , I'nlnts , Oils nnd Sliilloimry. Kuicka 1'llc
Olntnicnt ciiii-notuiy iiiiiu , I'lito &UCCIIK. Kr >
iiy box WiiirunU'd.
Livery Stable ,
'o. "IliS Cuniiiiw atroi-t. Tlio luiullnx fcaturn of
lilbexmllunt htublu Id lib | | \ury. but HMClul |
cpmlimmt In uliicli t'lfiil cnio Is idvun is thn
iiinidliiR ollioici'h , A block of Inn OH fur sale
> r UJkcliiiii'U ( \ > III I'U ! > upl on liiuid. JJun'l
tiu pluce , ClliniiiK btit'ut , No. 2IU4.
Wines , Liquors & Cigars ,
Ml South 18th St.
JOHN KA.VK in nttendunco.
Choice Family Liquors ,
I'orcliolco fnnilly ll'inora nnd whirs for rook-
ni ; piiriotit-ii | , i-nur .Musb Wli | kyMurylnnd I lye ,
KlniiliuiiortcU llrHiuliiis , Aluund l'oilervi > lt or
cud to A. U. BuoivUBu's , ULi ti. UtU hi , Uinali.i
j. c. VAPOK ,
Merchant Tailor ,
Sixteenth Street
Fine Suits to Order ,
r.nplMi ntiil I'lt-iic-h v.tllhifr , pnnts imltorm.
Sult , the riMr. : f. * > VM > tTrwAiiiw : SVTIS - O-
11OM in' VTAMK.MI is CMSK. LnrccM Mer
chant Tailoring t"ltil > l Witiirnl couth < if I'lxrimiu
M < UI illttorent pallet tu < > t ( rood * In select
tioni. Cnll niul c\iiiilno peed * . Itcpnlrlnir
neatly doneaiilS Ulli Micct.
,101X ! KKKVAV it CO. ,
Merchant Tailors ,
4161(8 ( Ml It Mrorl ,
Pnll from &X ) tip. HIM FIMMN to select from.
A 111 nlHiijjriinrnntcol. . Wo ntnko n fpcolulty
ol Bivod ctiinibV InHliu"-'siilU. IH'M trimming
niul Hist clii'-i wink. Itcpiilthiit lu'iitly done.
llmrMnblMiod her eU'iriint ilri' smnkltiir | > nr
Inrs In th new luilldlmr oeeiipyhiK thnS , w.
rot tier nf St. Man 's inc. mid l.tli ot. Ilavlnn
hud u law ( itlieiietu-ii In tlio rtri-w mnklnfrdn-
imrlmi > iil nr tin * most fiunoin inntiitfnrtuioM
in New York elly , ntiil ii'lnu ? . T. Ta > loi'n voiy
Ftipcrlor * y t > iii of entllnif. ho fi-cl < nblo li >
irmnantco .utl rnctlon Tlio le ) t of luft-ronooj.
nro lin Itod to fivll.
Miss KANXIKi : . DOWNS ,
line nliiiR-o RXIHM Icnoe n n ptof 's lonnl
nnikcr. Snl l l not Ion In \\-n \ to nil , lioth In
pilce mid woikiiiniHilp. Cull iiiul hiivo n Tow
nilntiti's tnlk for Unit costs imthlnir , mid you
inuv uvo ii irooil siini nnil linvo licltnr work by
hodoliu. No 111 N llilll Htrcut , uivst sUlo , bit !
Oipilol AVP niul Dodtcoslici'U.
.s. ,1. KXOTI : ,
Dressmaker ,
No.lllN. milistrcoi.
Hn n IniTO mid lnci-ca liijr Inislni'Ss In
tnnklntl. cnttlnir iiiul Illtliiir. Itrlnw i > ll kiio ii
us ii hiipnlor and ovpcriunrcd nuiUi r or Indies'
suits , un nlmmliiiKM' of liusliu-ss Is oaxlly scctirod
"all or iiddrras as ulio\o mid thu most prompt
attention 111 IMJ ntTOidi'd.
Fashionable Dressmaker
No. 10 < W Davenport Stioet , South Side , DC-
t \\fi-ii inth and ITth.
Owliif ? to my ItUKcly Inrn'iisliiK'
Inno been ohllifoil to nml.u tills rhaiiKO < > r IT | -
dcMicc , nnil am jiropaicd to incut all my old uiirt-
tomorn and us iiuiiiv now ones us iniiy iinno. I
Kiiurnnlco jiurlout nt and untlro 5,111 Isfiiction.
WnrrnntoiHho bo = l cut ) of eoCToo In the oily.
Monte rnnmit bo ciumlleil Hoard l > y thnveok M ;
siiiwle menl e. 100 people ihdly In uttuiulunco ,
501 SKlt list rent.
71VX10tli street , near Hurt ,
Restaurant , Cigars
AND CoNi'irruXiuY. : :
Steals to order A hirjin palIOIIIIKO Irom rotrulnr
liiiidcrsloa [ ; ( < > ilm.-ur the Kiuut raihoud Hliops
aniltliuNiirtnvsternilopot. Itooms L-HII ho BO-
cineil In this purl nt town cheaper ttiim hi uny
otliur i cs | > euliiblu locution Iu Oimdnu
The American Cafe ,
Ijulics' nnd ( Scntloinvira Itcstanrnnt
JlcalHvull cookud , well tuasonuil and wull
sorv cil.
Hull supper * n snooliilty.
llouri' nnd muni tlcKutd , 11. Host cupof colTeo
In HID oily.
J , W , Jones ,
llnsnwoll rnrnished , well liopt , tidy
honso nt No 171't Cnmlnu1 ft. , nml nil \\lio
lilin n lilnlnlll bo ii-Kuliu ciistoinpra. llodooi
his own cnokhiK mill Ills wllo attcndx to the res-
Innrnnt , liencu Ihurn Is Ui&t uhtss Tuiu mid ever -
r > thlntr as it should bu
Tlio nrntest nnd be t conducted ciiislno In the
northern piirt ol town. Try IIH for onu wuok.
No. I-- ! 1'ltli ' iiL-nr L'lileuKO tit.
The Norns Restaurant
Ib the \ cry host entlncr liouso In the city. Try It
nnd jou will bo F.itlslleil.
Tickets for U'l mc-iiU n.W.
JJourd by the week Sl.2.1 , Jfcnls , 25o cnoh.
IClh Bet , Douglas and Dodge Sts.
JIIIS. .1.1' . 1JILLUPS , i
Restaurant ,
HUD Just the lur a and commodloni ros-
tanrant , HiliniU-d at No. : nw N IHili hi , , and ulm >
lilted It up with u llnuLonti-ctloniii } Bland In the
fiont , whlln Iho kltC'hon and dlnhiK room In
most completely 1m niMicd. The rates uio
JU.50 | ) t-r week for duv bo.ird.
t )
Union Re'staurant ,
Co ( Ten and l.iincli ronm , KIT Ifarnuy Rt. , bet. I''IU
and Hill bH. OlIIIKU 1111,1. Ok' 1'AICK MlAI.H HliltV-
i.n A-i .M.I , MODUS , . Day board if. ) W und ! pur
\\ci-k. Alia.Viillur , Tiopiloliuai.
Restaurant ,
"IISI lli hi root.
Ilnlwr-i-n rnrniiin and UoiiKlax. fiula the bust tu
blu hi the city , Alt-al * ut nil liouis.
$500 Reward
'or n lietler cup of colTeii lliiiiiciin Im had nttliu
I'luiiiiijB J.uilkiH mid ( IcnlB iiihlamunl. Uynteia it
Kpccliiliy. Kvliiuu fioui hill ol imii llii-ud.but-
i-r und iiotiitoM Korvcd with nil incut mid vgti
nduiN : 1'orlcr hoii'n Hteiil ; iVi , cliolcn rjn ulcuk
'fxj , Hlrloln Hti.-al. 'Mi , nintlon uliopH l c , pork
-hopd I'MI , limn und VIIHH IV , llvur unit biicon Kx1. ,
nnd oii-iylbliiK- inoporlloii. iilub , llth elrvut.
) , L , binllli \ Co. , I'lopiJutiiiH.
For rcid homo style with lionuwnndn brand ,
iniuuuMikliitr und liuiiui bljlo ol MUVIOII OIO
Irs , O. W. fu ! < > iniiiirH Jlomo llo-iiiuiiuiit nnil
.UBf-li llooin , Hi'KiiIni iiiiiitl lliiknlrt oi'liourd by
lie day or week. Oysters ei-rvt-d tu order.
7JO and 712 S. llth Stiuut ,
0. .M. ( ilPI NI-il : , I'loprletor.
J ) y bonrd t'l W I'tr week.
mid I.odKhiK Jl Wpur wook.
Employment Office ,
At No , "IT PiMK'iuli nl , , i Hill run ii I UK , fur/ | Im , MI ! l-i . i iiu | vi-ly , hi-rtiinu lei
I'll1 , t. n . in .I'M ' luiiiiMicd on uliurl uu
it- . > n v > . - i HIII. J i