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The Official Torco of the Embryo State
Quartered at tie Capital.
ToAVnlcli the Com so of Their Cher-
lulled OhJcot A llimst for tlio Pen
sion Coimiiigfiloucr Democrats
Seeking Scnnto Conliol.
To Wltitcoq Dcft'nt or Secure Success.
WASHINGTON' , Jan. * [ Special Telegram. ]
There was quite nit accession to the Dako-
1ft L'nthcriiif , ' hoic to-niitit. ; fceliator'lect
Edgorton , ( iovinioi-elcpt.Mallette , Represen
tative elect Koneu , Judge John II. Diake ,
nnil ntlici iironiliu'iit men In the statehood
movement , nirived mid have taken npart-
ini'iits al tlio > ( hotel fni llic wliitci.
Senator eli-el Moody 1ms been licio a couple
ofdas , so ( hat only one icpicscntallvu is
needed in make picscnl the full complement
of national olllcers the proposed state hay
K'kiloil. They Intend to lemain until the >
meet nosltlvo defeat or achlcvo full
fcticcps" . They weio all' een b } } om cotres-
pendent t ) night nnil wcie found to bo full of
enthusiasm , nnil conlidint that Ihcy will suc
ceed III havlllgHio loliiloiy divided mill tlio
HHithcin h.ilf admitted to statehood. Their
lust woik will botoa'ceitaln thu temper ot
tliu members of Iho house. .Scnutui llarri-
bon has expics ed Ihu belief that thu 1)111 lie
will n'poit iHim the eommittcu thu liist of
next week will prss the senate by the I6th ,
nnil tlio Dakotalan * . will liy to have thu lav
of the laud In the house bv that time. They
will .select some able advocates of their move-
input to see that tliu honate bill is leioitcd
baelc to the house fiom the com
mittee at the eaillcst possible day ,
so that It mav come up foi final consldeia-
tlon within a month or two tf possible. They
believe a nuinbei of domoci.itlc members
will speak in bel'iiirol their bill , and that no
rppuhllcan wllloiiose ) | it The } are all un-
nlloiaulv opposed to admission of tlio whole
tenitor } imi state , pioloning to remain as
at present to coming In as a whole. How
ever , the } will attempt division alone If they
can get nothing else , providing thu tcnitoiy
is divided on an east and \ > e t line on the
foitj-sl\th standaul paiallel. lliey spinn
the suggestion that the people of Dakota
want statehood lor the olllceM > oils nlone , or
thai lime is any division of sentiment oil
pail } lines.
.JudgeKdt-'cilon , retelling to the inslnua-
lion made in the press dispatches } csteulay ,
that it Dakota was admitted to htatehood
mid bo became a senator , hu would rctnui to
Ids ante-bellum politics and act with tlio
democials , .said that his lepiiblicanisin
was well known to to the lepubltcati scnatois
and he was perfectly willing that they should
piss judgment upon it. Ho was a icpnbll-
can , lies-aid , lime mid simple , and Intended
alwajSM ) to he. A resolution is to bo in-
tioduicd in the senate giving Senator s-clucl
JMgorton anil Mood } and piobibly the two
lopiescntatives elect and ( ioveinor-elect
3Icllelte , tin * pi iv Iliges of the Ilooi of the sen-
nte , and it Is likelj the lioiibu w ill e\tend the
tame com tesies to them.
Jt begins to look as though Commisblonci
nt Pensions IMack would get a pictt } Ihoi-
ousli masting befoieliogcts away fionitheie-
puhlkaiisol the senate and house. There are
a mmibv'i of demncials , too , In both linuiches
of congics * who aie dlssatislied with .Mr.
Black's wav of doing buslines and they will
help make tlio coming Investigation of the
pension olilce llv el } for Its chief occupant ,
who appeals to consider hlmselt above a con-
Biessman , nnil todlsiOjMid theii letteis and
icijuestb whenevei ho vvMics. One ptoml-
nent western repipscntattvo is quoted by
this even Ing's Mai as i-ajlng that ho novel-
went to see Ul.iek he did not ( eel as If he
wcie humiliated. " 1 am nothing but a mem-
bei of confess , " ho "aid , ' 'but as an Amci-
Ican cltl/en I teel that I should re
ceive hall vv.i } decent tieatment horn public
boivauts. " Senatoi .Mitchellof 1'cniisjlvania
clialrman ol the senate iciiblon eoinmltti'e. is
said to bever } indignant ovei having been
lefusod an Inter v lew b } Commls'.loiioi 15lack
the othei day. Ho iailed at the pension olllco
and asked to sie the oomnil-sionei. 'llm
mev-enger at llrst icfiiscd to take his card in.
] Io lie Hail a light to enter , and
commanded the mos ongoi to announce him.
"With much itluctance the messenger I'om-
jilted , hut ictuined to state tint ( jen. Hlaek
was busy and could not he dlstuibed. "Does
ho know1 who I am ? ' ' nked the senator.
"Yes , hli ; but he's bnsv , " leplled the molsen-
gei. "Well , " said the SBiiatoi.and howent
tit one' ) Into a doputj 's 100111 anil icqiiested to
bushovMi Into the pie ° enco of thu commis
sioner , o\piotslng thu opinion tliat as tliaii-
rnan ot the pension committee he liud a tight
to see pension olllelals on business The
deputy took him Into the loom wheio Jilaclc
Kit looking ovei his mail. As they enteied
Illaelc looked up lot an instant , and then ,
without saying ' woid , went on with his
work and completed it heloie btopplng to see
what hilsltoi wanted.
am : DKMOUIAII A.VD run si VAII : .
Thndemoci.itsaio Hauling vriy t-aiefnll )
on the m iko up ot the senate in the nest
rnngies . Developments In Xtnv S'oiK ii -
L'cntly stiengtlienrd theii hopes of a demo
cratic senatoi liom that Male to Micueil
f SVnuici ailllct. Theii allaneu Ih laigelv
upon the ehaiieo that liu'hts between lepubll-
can laetlons will give them a mnjoiily In the
leglblatme. IX Sonatoi 1'latt Is waging a
billet llt'ht foi conliol of the le lhl.itiuo
elided last full , pait of tlio meinboKihlii
of which vote feu a henator , bis object
bulir ; to defeat .Miller's plection , and If
pn-slblo lestoiu himself to the place 1m held
Hlong with Conkllng , vacated In IbM. i'lalt
will piobably hucteed In piuvenllnjJ Milk'i's
lo-elettlon , mid thu loimhllcans fe.u that
contests In the icpubliean tanks will give the
demoeiatsole - . enoiu'h to elect u United
States benator. As them is a lighting chance
fora senator In Connecticut , New Jei-.oy ,
California , mid Michigan , sanguine demo-
ciat.s do not abandon the hope that with thu
nld 01 Indlamt they \\lll ba\ua m.ijuutj in
thu last half of Clevelaud'b teim.
w isni.v : : : I-OSIAI. ixi OIIMA i lov.
Iowa postmastois wcro commissioned to
day as follow * . : Clmilt's i : . Cameion , Alta ;
Tobias C. bmclzer , QuniiyJames : 11. Hough ,
I.ou KK'pporwas commsIoncd ! postma'-ter
tit Itockton , Xeb.
The tlmobcliediilo of the Star .Mail touto
from South Side to iiicwer , Neb. , has been
oideiod changed as follows : Leave Huuth
tiidu Tuesdays and l'ilJi : > s nt S a. in. ; an ivu
atUrowerbyflp. m. J.eavoHrowciVedne > -
da ) s and Katiudays at 7a. in. ; auho at South
Side by 4 n. in.
'IhobliVH qiies > tlon continm-hto attract at
tcntlon. Mciubeis w ho uomo b.u-k fl'Oin their
ronstliucuts come full ol It. They say people-
nro opposed to tlio biupcnsioii of the coliingo
of the-dollar. They want U to continue. At
the hamo tliuo the moie thoughtful of tliu
members boo thu Impropilfty of maintaining
two btandardss > o wide ] ) dissimilar in value.
1 > KIIKONAI. A.NI > OlllKIIW Ibl' .
CoL Tlioiujsi A. MuPaillit , MII UJII United
Slates army , Is oulcred by the secretary of
war to report In person to the roinmandliiK
general at Omaha , Xeb , as medical director
of the department of the 1'lattc.
.1. T. Ilar-kwoith , of Ottumwa , Is nt the
Oen. Weaver Ins appointed Abram C.
Weaver clerk of his committee on expendi
tures In the Interior department.
Itepresentatlvps rrcdericksand Murphy , of
Iowa , and Dorscy of N'ebraska , wcie among
President Cleveland's callers to day.
A VVC.VST vnnr.uiY ornrn.
WASIIIVOTO.V. Jan. 8. [ I'ie"9.1 It Is
rumored in army elicles the pi evident will
shortly rcpommned to congress the passage
of abillaiithoii/Inghim to till the uillce of
Judije advocate general of the aiinv. Oen.
bwalm , who formerlj held that olilce , was
sentenced by court maitlal to suspension for
twelve jeatN , at the end of which period he
will bo placed on the ictiied list. It is said
thepiesldcnt deslies to till the office , but Is
unrcrlaln us to his powprs In the pipmlses.
A plan has been sugucskd that he nominate
a pi rson for the olilce , and let the senate pass
on the legal questions at issue.
HIM MI si M.VM : ii ! roiiT .
The St. Paul , .Minneapolis AManitoba : mil-
waj cump inj , h iv lug taken the position that
Hie loiil does not como within tlio spiiit of
the langiiaKo of thu act ot .June v , ISM.
which HHitilies a sjslem of ii'pmts fiom the
* ! ) < : iHid land prant loads , foi the icason that
the government made Its giant of land In
this ca e thiimgh tlie stntu ui territorial gov
ernment , . ill. Montgomery , assistant
attorney cencial lei the in
terior department , has decided
that without doubt the statute applies to all
companies , coiporatlons or Individuals which
aieovMieisof lallioads that have been built
In whole 01 in pttl upon the ciedlt 01 by aid
of subsidies , In elthei bonds or lands ot the
United States , whether such credit was
loined by such subsidies given directly to
the builders 01 Hist piopiletois of Midi loads
or to theii piedecessors in Inteiest.
AS A MAinn : or rnnm.SY.
Judge Moody , chosen United States ccn-
atoi bj the lo-sMalme which met at Huron ,
Dak. , a lew dajsago , was at the capital to
day , and Judge Kdgcrton , his colleague , Is
expprled toairlvo heie to night. H is piob-
nble that a resolution will be Intiodticed In
the senate when It meets next , admitting
them to the Moor as a mattei of courtesy.
PAI'llAli 01.13 VMMIS.
Secretary Whitney lias decided not to con
vene a couit maitl.u In the case of Pajmasiei
Oeueial Smith of the navy. Jle will appiovo
the linillngs of the com I , and submit thu case
to the piesldeni foi his action.
Senatoi \ \ INoti of Iowa , today reported
favoiably liom the committee on poMolllces
and post loads the bill inttoduced by him to
piohibit mailing new spapeis and othci pub
lications containing lutteiy advcitibcmouts
An Autl Silver Or un Very Gicntly
Kivv : yonic , Jan. 8. [ Special Telegram. ]
The Tiibiinu's Washington special sas :
"Memboisol thu was and moans cominlt-
tcu in.a } ho classified as follows ; Protection
ists the , nil republlcaiib ; hec traders seven ,
and A. S. Hewitt. In ever } tiling except Ihe
votes the minoiity of this commltteo Is
stronger than Iho major It } . Kveibody
pricked up his ear when thu coinage commit
tee was i cached. Would It be slhei 01 iinti-
silvei ? The loading ol the iiimes thrc'v lit
tle or no light , upon either. It is certain that
Miami , Lanham , I ) } mini , Pulton and Puller
muopposed to the suspension ol slivei coin
age , while It Is equally tutu lint Scvmour ,
llemphlll , Scott , James and I'ock-well I.ivoi
It. Little , of Onlo , would lavoi tlm restora
tion ol the old law. anthiii 1/lu , but not in
quiring the soeictiry of the ttoisuiy to coin
btaiidaul dollars In any amount , with Iho 10-
shlcllon , however , that thu coinage should
be limited to a. sm diet amount , while the
Intrinsic \.ihtoof the dollar icmiins below
par , oi below the h.uie appioslmating pal ,
sa } 07. Little , theiefoie , maj bo set down as
in tavoi ot siiipuiHioii. Thu olhei mombeis
ol thoconimilleo aio Norwood ol ( Jeoigia ,
who is duj-ci Ibed as a "friond ol sliver. " and
McCieaiy ol Kentucky , who. as soon as his
appointment was announced , bocimo u < c-
ticmcl } lion committal. Ho had piononuceil
viovvson the subject , lie said to a eoiiospond-
cut , but lie declined to reveal them. Upon
JlcCieaiy's attitude and vote , theioloie , the
action of ( lie coinage committee , it it takes
any , Is likely to turn. "It is a neutral com
mittee , said ( > on. Win nor , after scanning the
libtmiNlotuly , "and , " ho .idded , "it's action
will bo likely to depmid wholly upon Iho
shapuin which the question of slhei coinage
is presented to It. "
Kefeiilu. ; to the now house committees , Ihe
Tribune savs : "On thu whole the choice ot
committees is not eneoniaging. All Influen
ces which have made the democratic hou-c
d ingeious in thu past , so dangerous that dem
ocrats and republicans havopracd In Icivent
thanksgiving when such iioiisu adjonincd ,
seem to bu especially favoied by Spe ikei Cai-
li-kuind cnilowd vvitli Increased powoi lor
mischief. Theio will because foi rcjorclnir ,
Indeed , II this session of oongre'ss ends with
out haim to the country. "
W.\smv < . ro.v , Jan. b. The Utah bill was
taken up mid quickly biought lo a vote.
Whllu Iho bill was on tliu Una ! passage , Mi.
Van U'jck iiltomptid loh\ the duties of the
pioposed fun it eel i hiistces upon thunieinticis
of tlio pic'scnt Utah commission , but was
ruled out of ordei. He asked Mi , 1'dmi'iids
wliulhoi ho had any objection to Mich an
amendment , to which Ihu senatoi answered
tliat he had.
The bill then pis-pil Yeas fS ! , noes 7.
The ir.rvn weiu Mcsiis lllah , Cull , ( iibson ,
Hnmpt'in , Hoai , Moigan and \pance.
.Mt. Honi , psplainhig ids vote , MM ho
vohd tigaliist the bill onlj bccaiisu of the sec-
Hmi disiiaiiPiiisIng women , but even with soithin In hu would havu voted lei thu
1)111 had Ids votu been neecssai } to Us p.ib-
"Aiijouriuil until Monday.
'Iliot'tah ' bill , as It parsed Ihu cenatp , Is
substantially us lupoihdfiom thn committee.
The onlv I'liaugu ot conseUenco ] rs thu ad
dition ol a section pioviding Hint maiilugu
between IIUIMIIIS within thu hmilh dogicuof
eonsaiigulnlly , hut not Including that dcgice ,
shall bo deemed lucc t and punished as such.
Colored Ilnrboi-'u AVJiltoVlfo. .
Ciivr.r.VM : > . Ohio , Jan. S. IneKoilon ,
thuwhlto glil who eloped with Haiber , the
eoloied toiisorial mtist. Is in I'.diiObVllIe ,
Oldo. Thu hn = band was to-day at work at
bis cliah in a harbor shop In that town ,
as feieno as it nothing had happened ,
and the wile appealed happy , bhu
sa > s hercholco was no timing matter , and
the matiiago was not thoicsult of any sud
den 01 iintcMsonlng Impulse , but vvusenteicd
upon attnr inatino thought and delibeiatlon.
'Jim glil'.s tathei Is In Davenport , Iowa , at
piesent , and the mothei , who has been pros-
tinted by by thu shoelc , has disowned hei ,
Itouud Over for Jjll > il ,
CIIICAOO , Jan. 8. The case against M , J.
Cahlll , Kditor of tlio Chicago Pilot , charged
wltlicilmlnal libel by Very Hov , P , J. Conway -
way , vicar general of the Catholic arch-
dloccbO of Chicago , came up to day bcfoio
Justlcu Di.oton , who held tlm defendant
ovei to thovilmhml couit in bonds ot 5.MX ) .
'Ihucliauowas b sed on an article In the
Pilot , rellectliirf upon thu vluu general's dls-
ol cc'italn chinch IniiUs.
Very Nu.u n
Coi.uJlin s , Ohio , Jan. 8. Tlio house of
iepH'heiitatlu-3of the state I eglslatuio to-day
adopted a lopoil beating all but onoof the
dcmocrullu icpicsuntatives from Hamilton
county. Aftuivvaiil tlio point was raised that
one less than a mijorit ) of the member *
eh c ted tothoIrglshihiiuhadvoUd forthoies-
olutlon. Thu spe.iktr chaiigLd Ills decision
and declaud the resolution not adopted.
The vv hole subject w as submitted to tlio com
mit tee on pihileges and elections.
Iceberg Laden Blasts That Create Goal Deal
ers' ' Broad Grins ,
The Storm Intends Iiotir the Moun
tains on Iho West , .Manitohtt on the
North , SI , 1)0 u Is on the South ,
anil Trmellnn to the Gulf.
Inlonso nt St. 1'nul.
ST. PA m. , Jan. a Signal Ofllcer Ljons
sas : "Ac-old wave with high \vltul and
snowcxlends with universal scveril } fiom
noithein Montana as far south as bt. Loui ,
which Is thu most < -oiithorn station liom
which 1 nt civ o direct advices. The tliermoin-
elei reglMeis 10" above' at bt. Loitla , with a
slight snow. The crest of the wave
seems to have been transfercd from
Montana to noitliprn Minnesota , St. Vln-
cent being the coldest point In this state ,
with Hie merciir } down to ts ? below yore ,
with a northwest wind blowing tvvcut } miles
MI hour now. Theio Is a alight moderation
Deported from Helena and the siinouiullng
countr } , show lug tliat the force of the wave
has been broken In tint section , Itoports
from the Northern Paelllo show
from 2o ° to ntu below In
I ) tkola and Montana. The storm has abiled
on this line and tiaiiH are tunning fairly
well. The mercury at ( ilendine is : ) T ° below ,
at Paige ! iOJ , In Mtniiedos.i 10 toJJS wlille in
Western Montana It is 10 * above.
Manitoba retioits tliu mercury at Poitland ,
Dak. , 33 ° , Ciookston'ri" , HallockiX)11 ) , Mouis
2J"and St. Cloud 12 ° . On the Northern Paellic
a regular bll/zaid Is In progioss. The Omaha
road report that snow Is blow ing so v lolcntly
on the Xcbiaska division tliat oideishavu
cone forth abandoning all tiains until
alter tlio wind and consequent ( hitting
ceases. On the Sioux Clt } division , tlio ther
mometer stands at 30 * below , and tliu w hid is
drilling snow. At Muiillan Junction on
the eastern division it Is 10" above ,
whllo at Hammond it is 'JJ below ,
Themcicury on the Dnluth road averages
sbout 10" below , w Ith quite a snow storm at
Dnluth. The Minnesota A Northwestern ic-
poiIs snow all along Us line and tliat the Il
linois Central is blockaded.
Advices this evening Indicate that the
Xoithern Pacific , St. Paul & Dnluth , and
Manitoba are all limning smoothly. Mil
waukee , Omaha , and Chicago tialnsaioon
time so fai as hcaid fiom to-night.
General Throughout the West.
CHICAGO , Jan. 8. The bli//aul raging at
piebont throughout Illinois , Iowa , Kansas ,
Xebiaska , Dakota and Minnesota is declared
to hu ot wldci extent and moiolieicu In cb.u-
actei than known before in } ears. Allwcbt-
ein tiains aio late , and many have been
siio'wed innnd abindoned. Yeiy little can
bo leained conceining them or of the effects
of the faloim , owing to the blowing
down of poles and whes and
the stoppage ot telegraphic com
munication. 'Die tcmpciatuiu
out Dakota is ald to be fiom UO' to-JO below ,
with a bli//nd blowing. A tole iam Horn
Paige sas the theiinometer uvisteicd ' _ ' ( >
below at noon. Yosteidav was disuibcdas
the roughest expoiieiKO tlratclt } has jet hid
in Hie way ot bolstcious weather. Uismaiek
icpoiteda high wind , wilh the thcimoma-
tei : i" > u below zero. A high wind is
picvailingatbioiix City , and the tempoiatuie
is-Ou below/oio. Omaha logishiPil'-O * bo-
low. Tele iaph comiiiunicatlon w Ith Omaha
has been culoll neail } all day. California
telegrams wuru being sent by vv.iv of bt. Paul
and the Xoithern P.ieilic , with onlv one
wiiu woiking. A telegram from DCS Moines
sijs the cold wave continues
them with n high wind
and driftingbiiovv. All through trains west
ot theie aio blinked ami branch loadssnowed
undci. The Chicago A : Ituilmgton tiains aie
tuck last in driltsaboiit tifteen miles south
ot Des Molno . The Wabash ion ! south
liomlhat city Is bully drilled. ' 1 he PI. Dodge
and Xairovv ( iaiigo roads have been aban
doned. The snowstorm pievailed through
out Illinois all day , bnttho wuithei has not
been very soveic so tai , but h is been glow lug
coldei to-night. All tlio loads to Omaha aio
icpoited pi.uticalh blocked in cenhal Iowa.
At midnight tno snow lias nearly eeised to
fall , and tlicto bum , ' not sulllclent wind to
causa much ilnflnilailimul travel is not
matenally ImpulPil. The tcinpciatmu Is
still II de-ricps below /eio.
AI Denver.
livrii , Jan. b. Thu bll//ard in eastein
Coloiado , Kansas and Xebiaslti , which sub
sided Wulncbda } and allowed the snow
bloclcadu to bo raised , was renewed late
Wi'diiPcilay night with gieat vl or , dcmollsh-
inn' tclegi.iph wiics lei milca , and iclilllng
cuts on the Santa Pe , liiiilinglon , I'nion and
Kansis Pacllio loads vvitli snow
and sand to such an extent
that all tiavcl was compelled lo suspend.
Xol a single dam Ictt Omaha or Kansas
Oil } lei Denver } esleida } . Xo trains have
aulvoil fiom the east or denaited liom hero
felnco Wednesday niijlit. when thu tempoia-
tnie ol ( olonulo loll Hu between mid
night and ! > o'clock. Veiy Ilttlo snow has
alien dining thu stoim. An Imuiensu
niimbei of cattle havu been dilvon
horn thu noith hv the v , Ind and
dilftingMiow towards Aikansas river , when *
they vv ill h ivu to stop as thu rlvi'i is not
ho/en so lliev can cioss. Xo gicat lo s Is ex
pected unites the ( old continues two or Hncu
weeks. I'lenty ot glass Is uiicoveicd to kiup
Huiiiallve. 'lo da } has been vv aim and thu
snow melting. Thubtoim , it is thought , lias
ic.u lied its end.
Iirt Molncs , Iowa.
Di.iMoiM.s. luwa , Jan. S. Tlio bii.'zanl
lius nigod licio all day , with HID meuuiy ia
tolb bolow. Itoports fiom all parts ot the
state indicate that thu stoi m is vei } geneial.
A laigu niimbei of membeis of the leglski-
hnu aiu blockaded and unable to icach laic.
Xot one-third of them nro In town at
jncbcnt , though thu legislatiuu Is to convene
Monda ) . Thu lallioads aio having much
dilllculty to keej ) ojien. All thu nairow
gauge lines into this city are clobod.
Tlio 1'oit Dodge rend lias been shut
up lor tlnco da\s. Tliu Diagonal is
dosed , and has a train stuck at Valeria. The
Chicago , liurlington giilnc' } liadonu train
In to-dav on the branch , thuiigh the imin
line west of Albla Is lepoiiul closed. The
liock Island and Xollln\e tetn aio both
clobcd westbut thu Uoek l.slaml In moving
cais east on the main line. The Wlnterm
branch Is ahandontd , Tliu MilwaukeeIsuUo
closed and thu liuiliiiL'ton , Cedar Itaplds tt
Xoithein Is reunited closed north ol VVest
Libelty. The Wabash is open to the south.
Sioux City.
Sioux CITV , Jan. 8. Thu high wind and
cxtiemo cold continues , and tliu weather Is
pionounced the mbst sevciu over experi
enced. It is not usual for the meicmy to
fall bo low during Hie pievalenco of a high
ivlud , and all precedents are broken
by Ute present frigidity. Tlio ther
mometer was 'JO9 below dining the
day , with a cutting noith wind. All trains
are practically abandoned. The Sioux City
iV I'acille. Is open , but makes no connection
with the NoiHiwostoiii , which is
tl-rlit. Thu wuathei is too cold to permit any
cnoit to bo made to open thu roads
At St. I.oulH ,
ST. Louis , Mo. , Jan. 8. The BIIOVV here is
drifted , but there has been no serious deten
tion to business , Thu thermometer to-night
was between zcio and fig below , molding to
location , and Iho wind weeps through the
fctitets tweutj-livo to thirty miles au hour.
Heports from Interior tovvrs of Missouri and
tlio central and southern tfcrts of Illinois In
dicate higlr winds , low tenperatnre , but not
much snow , liailroad trivol has been Im
peded In all illmtlons , but so
far not seriously In this stale
or south of here. The Oimha dlv Islon ot the
Wabash Is blocked , andsono brandies ot the
Missouil , Kansas & Tevas In southeastern
Kansas are seriously obstructed , but tlie main
line Is in operation. Trilns aie generally
delayed fiom one to Hirechoms on Missouri
roads , and the eastern roads nre fi cling the
weather somewhat.rlh * full foico of the
stonn Is said not to have Icon felt licic ) ct.
The 111 Jokailo nt Voik.
YotiK , Xeb. , Jan. 8. [ Jpeclal Telegram. ]
- ' 1 he snow blockade coa.inucs. Wo have
had no train or mall slice hit Saturday.
Wcdncsdaj the snow llow train passed
through at " o'clock , readied Grand Ishnd
the samu evening and relumed to Lincoln
the same night , having Scared the track In
good shape. About mldiight aiiothei stoim
arosu and continued all day } estenlay and
last nlghl. As It blew from the north It
idled all cuts that had been dug out and
bomo new drlflsate hlghu than the old ones.
As I'mas Taiirm Hay.
WsiiiMiTos , .Ian. I' . 13 : ! > 0 a. m. The
i old wave now extends from the noithein
portion of Ihe tipper Mississippi valley , and
thence southiastwaid tolho Atlantic btatos ,
envoi mg the gulf sla'es and Tennessee.
It has been umisiiall } < e ere In the southern
stales. It is advancing ! toward the middle
Atlantic states , and wlU bo generally lelt
dining Saturday night and bund ty. hilling
frosts will occur as iar&oUlr as Tampa bay
In rioilda.
Al Doxll'e ImKc , Dakota.'s LAM' , Dak. , Jan. 8. Hv as av
below vero early this morning. Passenger
tiains woredelajeil six- hours last night , and
freights weio abandoned to day.
Davenport lovvn.
DAvr.M'oriT , Iowa , Jan. 8. The blb/ard
reached this city last night at midnight.
Snow has been tailing all day. A hoav } wind
is diifting the snow badly. The tlieimomeler
Is 6U above.
At Cincinnati.
CiNcixxATr. Jan. 8. It has been snowing
heie since 2 o'clock this iftcrnoon and about
foui inches is the average depth to-night ,
vvitli the snow still falling. Thu temperature
is about L'oo above this evening , and is fall
ing. . . . . .
Clny Center. Kansas.
CLAY CIN rnrt. Kan. , Jan. 8. Iho severest
bll//aid that has v Islted this part of the coun
try for several } ears Is now raging , lleavv
snow fell the gie.itci part ol last night and
is now drilling badl } .
IiKlIcntioiiB Kor
M tssouiu VAi.i.m fair wcathei , fol
lowed in northern portion by local snows ,
winds gencially , blowly ilblug
Thu cold wave has reached Xow Orieaii' .
Advlcsobtatu tlio wcatliei is the seveiest
Two men weio found in the sheets of Mo
bile , Ala. , badl } fiitfcn last night.
( J'llvoston is being trealcd to a regulai
neil hei.
The cold wave will Stop at Tampa bn } ,
Serious liovv , the Kesilft of the Box-
Siakcrn' Strike.
Cmr Vie , Jan. 8. A portion of the West
side polko loico woio engaged this nioiuing
in escorting omplocol Maxwell Uios.
box tactoi } lo Ihosceuo of their labois. At
7:120 : o'clock , hlty-slx1 workmen assembled at
the Tenth sheet station. Thu officers aicom-
paniid them on liluu Island avenue cais to
the tactoiy. Anothei bitch ot .seven cm-
plojos came with six ollieeis as a guaul and
a lew otheis sltaugled to thu lactoiy without
mi escort. * One ol the litter , who gave his
iiamo as O'Connell and who lives on Wentworth -
worth avenue near Twentv-sccond btieet ,
was theonolo luinlsh Iho sensation , ol the
moi ning. Hu walked liom Wontwoith
aveuuu along Llghtionth btreet as Lu as
llalstead witlioiit being molested , but at thu
uiiiiei ot the I.iltet btiee.t . two men suddenly
attacked him , one ot them attempted to strike
him with a club. O'Connell was on the
nleit and diauiiu a Knife plunticd It into his
assiilant's bie.i'it. The injtned mm stag-
geied , Hie blood gushmg tiom tl.e wound ,
and calk don his companion toi help. O'Con
nell took to his heels vvitli all possible sliced ,
not stopping to Inquiio how badly thu man
was hint.
Thf Knights of
ST. Lous , Jan. b.Tiro district asscmbl }
KnightsoL Labor , will convenu In ils hibl
annual session at 10 a. m. today at Llght-
stoiiu'a hall. This district embraces the
doiild bonthwoAlein system , taking in tlnce
states Missoui I. Kansas and Texas , vvitli
about 8,000 mi mbei s. Tliudlshict nssombl )
wasoigaiii/cd In July last , but temporary
olllceisonlv weioelecled at the time. At the
session to day a peimanent oi anl/ation v\ill
bo peilecled and newollkei.s elected. Theie
mo Ihiitv-hvu assomlilles in tliu city and
Last bt. Louis , having a total ot SOD. Thuie
weiuaboul eight } delegates expected to da } .
More Mined Than Can ho Hold.
Sr. Lei is , Jan. 1. Woik In the Lexing
ton , ( Mo. ) Coal Mining compaii's inlnu lias
bien stopped , throw In , ? 800 men out of em-
plovmeiit. Thu suspension will loiillnuu
hn somu Him' . On one switch .vosteida } al
Hippompani'siniiio theiu weio iilncU-seven
( .us of coal awaiting shipment when theio
should bu a demand foi it.
Ksc.ipo of
LIIIM : HOCK , Ark. , J.i i. h , The news
lias icaclieil heiu that the pinlteulliii } con-
vhts who hive bo-ii emplopl ( In tlio mines
at Coal Hill effected thulr es ape at li o'clock
on WcdiiPsda } . They tunnolcda ilUlancu of
Illleen feet. The woik was commencpil at
thu time of the stiike , whh h OK lined thoiu
about three weeks ago , \\ascontiniud \ up
to the present time , but was loucealid tiom
thu otliceis. A siaicli was made Hiiongh the
mine lot the puipum of iiniling tlie passage
1) } which they had usciped , hut coulil not be
louird , HIP } liiving kept it olospd behind
them , so Hint no n aiu was left. Twoottho
convicts weio lecajituicd , Imt Ihu otbei foni-
teen niadu their escape , lilooil-hoimds and a
iipsso aie In imisult , and the delegation is
lieadingloi the Indian eounti } .
A Da in Jtreiik'n Avv.iy ,
LAVIAHIA , Pa. , Jim , 8. Thu dam aciots
Wubaslr creek , at ileeve.Hlalo , burst tills
inoining , Tliu pai-senge'i train Jrorrr Potts-
villu was just ojiiiosllu , wlien It broke . Thu
backwatoi htiiick tiiocais and rm into tliu
heateis under them , causing a vast volume
.ot steam to mlsu aim cm elope the
ontiiu tialn. 'Ihu lUbsengcrs woio
voi } much filglitoriPil. 'llm ciiglno
how over , escaped tno flood and pulled tlio
Unlit salel } thiough tire water , Iho hacks
ot the Philadelphia & Heading wuio niiuli
washed and completely Inundated , delaj ing
all tialiis. Tlio burst was caused by the In cak
ing of an old tunnel in thu abandoned
KecvcMlalu colliery ,
John Sherman's ThnnkN.
Coi.umiUH , 0. , Jan. 8. At the opening of
the loglslatuie this inorniiii ! the following
to'e'o'iaiu was read In e-acli blanch , being ad-
diebsed lo Hie sjieaker of thu house and piCb-
Ident of the senate respectively :
WAbiriNoro.v , D , C , , Jan. -Plcaso convey -
vey toHioroimhlhaii nieiiibtr- the general
asbumbly , mj inofoiiiul and great thanks for
their nomination as senatoi.
senatoi.JdllN SlliMA.V. : ! !
Tlm Chicago l'r s Cluh ,
CnrcAi.o , Jan. 8. J. F. IJallantjne ,
managing odiloi of Ihu Chicago Dail } Xows ,
was i-hi M iirualdeut ot the Chicago Pieis
club last night ,
O I n'lf t n TA TA 11T ( PIlTtl T IT
Ridiculed Into Resigning His Monster
Military Title.
Kor Ijpattlcttco , Shoulder Sttaps and
Ill-ass Buttoned Tojisory Mlulstof
Winston KeslKim Ilia Illinois
Knn for llic Nevvspaners.
CiiicVoo , Jan. " . [ Special Telegiam.J A
Washington dlsp-itcli says : The stoiy of
our new minister to Pcisla ordering a got-
geotis uuiloim to mark his appeaiance at the
feliah's com t created nimh amusement heie
among people In the state dcpiitmenl who
came in contact with Mi. Winston white ho
was one of the ablest pupils In the school of
diplomacy Secietaiy Sew aril established.
At the depaitment the statement was
made that the stoiy could not
bo hue , bce.mso the only rcpiCMMi-
tatives of the AuiPiican government who
vveio entitled to weat uniforms at foreign
courts weie e\ union soldiers ol the 1 ite win.
Those wuic entitled to vvo.n the unlfoim of
their army tank at tint time and none other.
The f.u-l that civilian dicss was to be worn
by all olhei ministers aluoid was included In
the Institutions usual ! } given , and theieloie
must have been made known to Mr. Wins
ton , though no special shess would belaid on
them. This Is the statement ot an
who thought it should bo suillclent to ills-
ciedlt the stoii that M. T. Winston proposed
todon the unlfoim of bilgadiei general In
the "Illinois National Cln ud. " At thu bame
time the belief picvatls tint when hero .Mi.
Winston unfolded his plans of going abioad
in unlfoim , or at least , undo cautious en
quiries on the Subject , among some of the
people In dlptomitlc elides , and that tliej
plajcd on his Innocence and uncomaged
hint togo ahead. (5oO leby was seen al
Springlleld last evening and said : "Somo
lime ago while in Chicago 1 met Mi. Winston
on the street , and was intiodnccd to him. In
the coinso of thu ensuing shoit convocation
1 req'icsted him lo wilto mu
conceining the people ot Peisia ,
and especially notethe mllitaij
and militia organisation , mattcis I take
gieat Inteiest in. In icturii for this I piom-
isedlo wiitohim the news fiom Illinois. Ho
agieed to "diekei1' and biigjcsted ; that I in
vest him with some olilce , It possible , In older
that lie might putMiohls investigations with
somu sl.ow ot authority. 1 told him I
thought that would bo a good plan. When I
came back to Spiingheld , I could think of but
one office in mv gill , thatot biigadlei gonei-
al of militia. The state allows llneo biiga-
diergeiieiiils and but two have assignments ,
o i concluded to make out Mi. Winston's
commission as biigadiei , which 1 did
December H As lie has no assignment 1
saw no Use In aiUeitisin the fact. While I
admit that the title and nnltoim will make a
gieat impicssion on the bhalfs people and
Ministei Winston s impoitinco will bo in-
ciea > .ed in theii ejes , noveilhcless theic is
considerable mcuimcnt among the 'milish'
ovei the appointment. " "What il the shah
would ask Mr. WlnstoTflibont the battles he
louclit and tlio womuis hn iccctvcii in the
civil w.u ? " remaiked one veteian saicastie-
The climax of the alTali came this aftei-
nooii. Thu republican picss , not only In
Chicago but throughout the entliu country ,
seeing in the matter ot .Mi. Winston's easily
acquired militai } title so much lot Micastic
comment , havulald to wltha vengeance , and
thu democratic minister lo 1'cisla has been
the laughing stock of the community. So
mm tilled did ho become ovei the tun poked
at him that this aftei noon he sent by mail to
tiovemor On'lesbj at Springheld a missive
which was to the etlccl thu ' 'brigadier
geneialship ol the mythical Third brigade ,
Illinois National CJtiaid , is hereby resigned. "
Mr. Winston Mints relieved of the possi-
bihtv ot being oideied to return on the spin
of the moment liom his miiiisteiial po-t on
tlio shores ot the Caspian M..I to assist In sup
pressing sonio lev v i lot within the
coniincsof the Suekoi State. The .Aslntie
monaicii comes In toi ashaio of icllel , and
the Amciican goveinment liom possible di
plomatic tioiiblcs , slnco tlie oppoitunlty is
lost toi an annc.d invasion of a lilcndly pow-
ei's domain by a lull biigadu ol thu leseive
foice of an alii n iiovvet's military protectors
' 1 ho resignation of Cemial Winston n.ilui-
allj eaiiios vvithittho resignation ot his son
and ad-de-cimp ! , thereby disbanding the bil-
gade. those two olllcas embodjing the en
tire foico ol the oiganl/ation. Some
obloipiy Is tciug ) dliected b > the minister and
Ids h lends at tliu gaiiulousness ot the mill-
taiytalloi , but lei whosc'Indiseieelntleiancu
the biigado would piobably have cmbaiked
lor Tehuian without any public com
ment being made of tlie tact. The even
ing papers to diij pilut pictures ol Mlnlstei
Winston as he appeals In rnlllt.ii } attire , and
tlie plchnolb not unlikt ) tliat piesenteil bj
James 1'Mc , .h. , when commanding the
XIntli Xew Voik regiment.
Hie United States legation at Teheian will
tin luloiu have tin its new clih-1 .1 gentleman
wluMsImpli ) ( Itj ol diess.ind abioiicu ol olli-
cuil pomp will lie all that thu most Jellei-
honlin heait ( oiilil ile iie. Thii sudden
change ot licait N asdilud In tome to un
intimation horn Washington tl al this wou'd '
piovea vvlso cimisc' . It ben 14 iiiuk'istooil that
hecietaiy lti.vaid did not i.iii ! to have a
iipc titlon ol his doubles lesputlng the ap
pointment ot auib.issadoia at loici n couiis Til AX A IUJX/AKI ) .
Tlio Kin 111 8iv allow hiK Uiil'oi'liiiiato
SHI N VNDOAII , Pa. , Jan. f , The excite
ment at lioston run , wheio the block ol
inlneia' lioiiaes was swallowed by a inlnu
bleach jester da } , was lencwod this aftei
noon when auotliui lai o aiea'ot'suiface ,
upon whkh Is located eitilit blocks ol houses ,
began to settle. The people lied liom thu
houses in let ror , leaving all thclrellects be
hind , 'J hu giounil hassettled about tout ft 1 1
and thu houses aio twisted out ot all shape ,
and arn oxpictcd to go down at
any moment The bridge between Uos-
ton inn and the village on Hut opposite
slduot the vallej hits bun swiptaway bj
the Hoods , and it Is onlj bj a long , clu uitous
route that the homeless people ( , ui coinoj
their hoiibehold goods to win lu thoj can iind
bheltei , About twentv-ioai l.uullles havu
been driven horn ibeli liomus b > the cavo-ln ,
Tlio Dry Goodh Alnrkot.
MAXcnn-iicii , Jan. 8.Thu ( iuaidlan , In
Its commeicl.d aitlcle , sa > s the market Is un
changed. ' 1 he sales of cloth have been mod-
eiate. Ordcisotait ) Impoitanco aiu Invlsi-
bin , owing to llm In unless ot pikes , cswelal-
Iv lor India and China gooils , thougli theiu is
a .tali inquiiy at below thu uiiiunt priccb.
Yamsaiu quiet.
A Storm in Ki
LONDON , Jan. 8. A huiricanu has prev-
vailed along the noith coast ot ( Jrcat Hiitaln ,
causing seiioiis danmgu to piopuity. A life
boat was oipsl/ul In the harbor at Whlleha-
ven anil onu of the ciuvv diownul. hex nil
Kinill wiccks aie rcpoitul. Hie wuathei has
modulated and a tli ivv set In.
'Jlio ! ' "ii > ncli Cnhlnot.
PAHI , Jan. y. Thu maJoiUy of thu Pails
newspapein expiess satlslactlon with tlio
now minlstij. The } Uescrlbo it as a cabinet
of conciliation.
xmvs or XIIUASKA. : :
Plnttstnoiitli I'rovhiK One oT the
Stnto'x Uest Cities.
PI.ATTSMOVTII , Neb. , Jan. s. [ Special. ]
At ( lie annual meeting of tlie Plattsmoiith
board of hndo very llatleilng reports wcie
shown of tlds cil's piosperlty in thepn t
jear. They showed among other notable
impiovcmcnts tiio liist jcar's work of tlio
Plattsmoiith Canning coiupinj , whieli pild a
dividend on tlie jear's work of M per cent ,
and al o the establishing of gas
works In the city by tlio Plaits-
mouth ( las and Klectrle Light company.
' 1 he fact was also announced at this aiinunl
meeting tha t tlio Hurlington V : Missouri had
rc'cntl } iicauliedb } pmx base a large amount
ofeit > real e lale. which Is a definite assiii-
auco for the coming > eai of extenslvo rall-
load Improvements In thu cltv. Including a
new union depot building. 'I he Platlsmnulh
boaid of trade iiave as their otll ers for the
coming jeai Joseph V. Weekb.ick as presi
dent , 11. M. HushneH as Hciclar.v , and a
bond tt seven dlieelois from among our
most eneijclle business men. Tlio slgnn of
the times aio ver } piomising for Plaits-
In the Pulpit.
.Scm M , Xeb. , Jan. K. [ Siuclal. ] lion
Hogan is conducting a biiciessful tevival
hole1 , lie deliveicd his liist dseoiuo | on
'I'liesdav night to a huge and attentive audi
ence The " -civ Ices aio being held In the.M.
1' . ehnuli , Sehnjler Is awakened and good
icsults aie sine to follow.
New York Moi c'linnl Do lioiior to
Co > . Hill.
Ni.w Voitu , Jan. K A banquet was ten-
del cd to tioveinoi Hill lo night at Delmoul-
co's b the Diisinc'-s Men's
} - Dcmoer.itlc asso
ciation of this city. Theiewere Illtj invited
guests outside of the guests of the uvenlng ,
and thu .00 punuokis ot thu compliment.
Tliu banquet hall wus tasletull }
dccoiated and the tables richlj
laid. Hack ol the guests' table
IIUMJ : a porhalt of Andrew .lackbon , and the
velvet-bound menu cards contained pm-
traits of "Old lllikoij" nml the guest ol the
evening. Alter the edibles had been dlbcusv
ed , letters ol legiet vveie read liom Hon.
Samuel J. Tlldcn , thu members ol thu na
tional cabinet , ( ieneial llaiicoelc , Coveinor
Patteison ol Peunsjlvanla ; Uoveinoi
Abbott ot New Jeisej , ( loveinoi l.iuol Vir
ginia , Chailes A. Dana , idltoi ot
the Sun , and othcis. The i.ibliul oltlceis
plead pressure ol ptthllo duties , while the
otheis stated they weie prevented fiom being
piesent by pluvious engagements 01 bj ill
( ! ov. Hill , in rcpljlng lo the toast to the
guests ol the evening , eiiunciatul the pilnci-
plcs ol his adminish.ition as he enun
ciated them in Ills mess.igu to
the legislattiie , ami then salii : "Those who
oxpci t me to antagoiil/e the national aduilu-
Istiatlon > vill b ( > dlsipjointed. ) 'that admin-
islral Ion needs no detensu at iuhinds. . It
Is ailministiiing tlio goveinment wisely ,
siti-lj. siiccisstultv and to the sitlslactlon
of the people. Ot Picsidint Cleveland's
honest } , coinage and tine deinociitu } theio
i in bo no question. 1 had tlm liouoi
ol being assoi i.ited with him in tlie state
goveinment lei twojeais and our iclatioiis
\veie and ha\e uvei since been of tlie most
pleas ml and coidiil ch.uai.lei. 1 respect his
slnceiil } ol purpose , hi- > sterling integnlj
and pail } leaitj. " 'I ho goveiuoi then
piocecded to eiiumeratu things
width thu now dcmcuatic administration
bad not alone , which it , wns said , would be
done. Amoii , , ' them , it had not jetttined the
negroes toslavoiv run assumed tlio conledei-
ate debt. It had not levied political as , ess-
ments. and had ictalned In otlUe leiiublicans
\\hopeiloinieil Hull duties lailhhilf } .
Tliob.inquet lasted till a late hour.
Iloiii'lxin I' at Coliiniliis.
Coi.uvim s Ohio , .Ian. b. The Jackson
club at Columbus , the leading democratic 01-
gani/ation ol Central Ohio , g.uu theii third
annual banquet this evening. 'Ihcie weio
MX ) guests , iiieludiiua nuinbei ol Ohio eon-
gicss membeis ot thu le islatmu and state
olllcials. 'Ihe aiiangements and seivieu
weio complete. Hon. II. J. liooth , piesldeiit
ol theelnb , was mastei ol ceiemonies , and
Hon. P. I' , Powell mastei ot toasts. Among
the speakeis weio Heniv
\VatteiM > not Louisville , and Hon. Allen ( !
'I liuiiii in. A telegram ot regret was read
tiom Hon. bamnel J. Tilden.
\VIXD A\l > Kl It K.
in DosiniyiHK n Wnrclionso ,
\VIh H KOHS of 'I In re Ijin's.
LoL'isvu.i i , 1C } . , Jan. S Late this after
noon , dining ilie he isnou stoi m , the liont
and middle ) iait ot the laige , loui-oi\ ! \\aie-
housooccuiikd b } H. P. Porwood and Co. ,
TiabnctlCo , IJalmfoith it Co. , allcolton ami
commission meieliants , lull biiilduily , and
ovciluming a stovu , st.uted a ilest.m IIM *
liie. 'I ho building \\.is Idled vvlllr lotion.
tobacco , molassi s and ilrv goods storage * , and
thu llaiues Sjiliad all ovei tlio.phiio
instantly. Theio weio elcvui pci-
sons in tin ; hulldiiu when It lell.
I'eter Peikins , poilei , heaid the eiash
and gave warning lo seven men on HIP MO-
end llooi , who escaped h > jumping liom
back windows on lo a shed , ( hules IStam-
iorth , loloied poilei. give the alaimon the
liist lldoi and stalled lot the lioul dooi. Jt Is
thought he was ( .uiu'lit and killed hv tailing
w.illn. M. II. \ \ iLIit , nmuiigei ol the pi ice ,
and. ) . P. lialnislonli , one ol the proprietor * .
weie In llieii ollkis on the liist llooi and
slatted lot the dooi , but it Is believed the }
weioeaUo'ht in the wink.
Match tltikoiN Sroruhoil.
Sn > M IA , Mo , Jan. S V Jim was disoov-
eud last nlghl In Mitchell's match tat toi } in
one ol the principal blocks , and lei a lime II
was feaied a lt)0oO , ( ) , ) lihi/u was imminent
owing to the teiilliu gale ami snow sloim ,
coupled with the Intense eo a. 'I'ho Dioiiit |
action ol Ihu mo deniitmenl , however ,
pi iced the lire iniihr lonhol In lei o It rol a
lieadwav.and HIP loss w.i > < mntmed to thu
eonleiiti.ol Ilie building when * it oiiglimted ,
and will not exited lOUJ ) , tlioiuli no
aidllatu estim tie has ' obtained , 'Iho
loss Is paiti } loveidlh } iiibinaiice.
Aiiinni ; liiimher
Sr. Louis , Jan. 8. Last night the IIio de-
Iiaitmenlw.ii called out lei a hie that bad
hi en dlscoveied In the oillcu of the Jo n A.
( ianchal Lumber company , .situated on
Ilioadway. Cave and Kighth htioels , Thu liio
spread with rapidity among Iho line diessul
Innibei plhd unilei tliu studs , 100 teel In
depth b } 'M In width , and caused a loss on
stock and building ol , with insuiiiucii
In bomeiompanies on ( lie enliio liimbei vaiil
alcir > , ( XJU As to thuoilgln ol thellip It iu-
mains a mjsti'i } . hut the supposition is Hint
it oilBliwted in thu southwest comer ot thu
ollice , wheiu them was a stove1.
OlH-ilin ll.ill ItiiriK-il ,
CW.VII.AM > , Jan. ti. At li : .u this nuirn-
Ing lire was dlsaiveied In thu third Mory ol
tlio ladles' hall connected with thu college at
( Jbeilln , Ohio. Thu huildliig is a Inkk
stiiuhnn , thiio htoiies high , and Is
owiudhj thoeolle.'e. It aipimimodales I'M
females and ] ( X ) main sludeiiti , 'J hu inmalui
escaped In tlutii nU'lit g.umenls. ' ] hu hall ! >
a vMecL , The losi will iiiobabh apiuoxlmate
Al Laiiri * ! , Inil ,
LAUiirr. . Ind , Jan. b. A lire } csleiday
dpstrojcd W. T. btplley'sgroipi } and liquor
stoie , and the stoics of Mis. S. A , L.vnn , J ,
T. Haikman , O. Hn/aid , and T. J. I'oiil.
Tlie total lo-- . is about ybi.OOJ , liisui.ime ,
SlOjikxi. "IhMu men weiu in listed on sus
picion ot iiicfiidiaiism.
I''iri' on n Stramnr.
LONDON , Jan. s. A blight Jim opiniod
jesteiduy on thu Union llnu rleaiuei Alaska ,
at Li v 01 pool fiom New Voik. It was so in
ONtingiiishod , alter destrov lug alow brdesut
totton and nuiiiu ut thu beltings oi tin *
* XT ivn i vi i 11'in mo PIMIIU
f\N \ INSANh I'AlIIlutS ' CRIML ,
Murders His V/ifo and Two Children by
Outtfug Their Throats.
The flight fill Prod1 * Committed on
Sunday tiiivt Hut Not Discovered
Until Ycxtordnj-Intense
A rntnlly Cold hi Death.
JIMIIK Cm i K , Mich , , Jan. \ - Neighbors
bors noticing the absence of PCTMIIIS arontiil
Dr. Mai Hn White's residence , In this city ,
bioke Into tlio house this nf let noon and
found the eiiliio f.imil.v with tliolr throats
cut from ear to oat Dr. White and wlfo
weio ijlnir on the ( loin and ( lie two clilldien
In bid. It is thought thov havu been dead
since Sund.i } night us the } have not luen
M-oii sineo then.hilo \ is believed
become Insane and munleied bis family.
The loom shows ev idenco of a terrible sting-
gle between the husband mid wife. No
olhei cause Is known. The coroner's jui } la
now In Mission.
Intense oj.ellement prevails over the
tinged } . The family con-lsled of White and
wlfo , and Uesslo and May , aged I and 1'J '
} CMIS. Mis. Willie's bodv was b } the side ot
the kitchen Move1 , diossod as she came fiom
the clnmh , with a tonlble out on the chin ,
and with hoi tliioalcut. White lay In front
of the slovo. with a gioat cut on his neck.
Hosslo was found upslalis on thu bed
with hei thioat out , and on the Huntla } .May
In a pout of blond , liei thioit cut fium oar to
0,11 ami the head noail } seveied from the
bed } . The walls throughout the house weio
spatleiod with blood , It is supposed that
Wh t > * took little Ui'ssio up stills , cut her
throat , then called May up , had n shmrglu
with her , and waited for Ids wife to como
homo iimiichinch and shuck hei wlthan a\o
mid cut her throat. White Is a cousin of thu
White who was munleied In the Crouch
slaughter near Jackson.
IMiuis for Iho Kcoi'fjanlzjUlon of the
Niw : Voinc , Jan. 8. [ Special Tolegiam.J
Thu Times this moiniii sa.vs that the toi-
lowing outline of thu ptoposud plair tui the
ivoigani/itlon ol Iho Tosas Paclllc was
widely quoted on Wall sheet josti'idiy :
Tills m ikes Iho capital stock Stl'- )
( XKOOi ) ) . The holdeis of the pie-cut stock aio
to bo given 10J shues of now stock lei : ! 00
shnesol the rueseiit stock. This will use
up about Sll.OiO.OJO oi the new slock , Ihe 10-
malndei , iihoiiti,0)J,0)0 ) ) , Is to bo sold In thu
maikel. Piist consolidated Uimdlioldeis aiu
to reecho ft percent binds atpn , Intoiost to
begin July 1 , ls7 , and Te\is Itios lo lecolvo
: ! 0 pei cent in now " > pet cent bonds mid 7 per
< cut in an income bond on the Rio ( Itamlo
division , and thuov Urloans I'aeitle Hist lo
receive "iQpor cent in new r > ) ier CPU ! bonds
and * ) U pui cent In an bond on that
division. Thu present land gi lilt bonds aio
to leceive lauds of the oompinv , ahead } held
against these bunds , in lull .settlement ol'
theii lion upon the piopuitv. It is said this
plan has been agieed toby Iho people who
contiol a majorlly of the securities of the
Without I \
CmcAdo , Jan. b. Tlieeastein tiunlc line
managers adjourned tonight to meet next
Thinsd.iy In Xew York. The bossion has
boon mitknd b } thu ut iio-.t seciec } , and the
enl } Informatiin obtainable is that a con-
tiact has been adojitcd togo into opeialion
Januai } 11 and that a commission
ti lei the wcstcin oinMiii/ilion
and an aibltralor lei tlie Chicago
pool , have been appointed. So lai as known
the Chicago A ; Atlantic toid hasnotgivun
I'oiintenaiicu to tlie meeting , and Hie Flint &
Pole M.uqiioltt1 10 id distinctly lolused to
c o-opei.ile. Tlie opinion Is pievalent Hi it
thu meellng was piacllcally withoul lesult.
Thu ' 1 hues to mot tow vv ill publish tin ) n.uiio
ol CCOIKO It. ii am h ml , foiim il } vice piosl-
deiit of HIP Liieioad , as Iho man chosen lor
comlnibsionei ol the oi0rani/aion ( ,
Death ol'n ? -Houri ( Ant'iont.
IINIIIAI. . , Mo , , , Ian. N LollIu ( hilllii , a
eoloiid woman who elalmi d to bo ovei 1-0
veais ol a e , died jobleida } . Shu has a
ilaiu'litii heioMeais old. hovoial old clt-
i/ens place hei age at fiom 110 to liO.
lo Spo.ikoiri on
J"iom ( in Idilirwi / / ) / li inudM Moody.
1. Don't talk lee iniicli.
2. Don't talk unless \ou me jiosted ,
! J. ( iivo the best youlmvu.
1. Don't talk when pi oplo aio asleep ,
Wake some ono man and 3 on will hold
tliu lest.
ti. Don't try lo show oIKyoirr1 leainin .
I ) , ( iel , bold of tin- most stupid man anil
V'U'll hold the lest ,
7. Don't Hv , Imt ilon'l bu nfriiil , to
make people lan li. Milk Unit hdops ono
vv.iy will the other , *
U. Do ; don't to to bu seine onu
I'lhO ,
' . ) Avoid rani and pulpit ( mie.s.
10 Don't talk lee lon A man in
London , who pi e.ii'hod until tlio | > ioIu | )
nil lell , said ho thought it win : i pity to
stop when theio was aiiboily to hear.
li. Don't hesitate to lejieat what ( Joel
IL' . Don't l.onp on talkiii' ' jtiht bcc-miso
V n ate holding tliu aiuliencu. Seinl
them nwiy : , liiin iy.
Hi. Wliilo tlio | H ojilo aio atlieiin usu
the tlmu with son' ; .
14 Shoot vvlipiu people shunl As tlio
old Qiiuki r said to tlio bm lar. " 1'iieml ,
I am Ki"n towhuot vvliuio tlieu .stanils.
1'huo had buttur et out of llio wiry "
in Don't 'jesttuo ami movu about lee
nincli , anil ilon't talk with 30111 hands in
jour pockets.
Calasrh Cured
Catarrh Is a very picvnluit disease , with
distressing ami otTcuslvo bjiniitoms. Houil's
Pnis.iparilla ulu.s icaily relief and njiccdy
cure , horn the fat It , u-t3tliiouili ; tlm Mood ,
and thus reiches every juit of the nyhtcm.
" I buffered with ratii rh fifti i n ye iri. Took
Hood's H.irs-ijurill. i ami J nmiiol tioubltilaiiy
v\lth catarih , aril my general licaltlt IsiiiiuH
Ijotlcr. " I.V I.II.I.IH , Postal Cleric Cliltfago
i at. I.ouh ltalliu.ul.
"JMJffricd with catarrh Cor 3 yparsj tried.
many wonilc'fii ) cures , Inlitkrs , i-to , , sj'uinl.
In nuaily om huii < lrcdilomisvvlllioutbciiiflt.
I tried JIood'H Kirsipnrlll i , anil was citullY
11. A. AIIIIKV , WurcustcrMujj. .
IJood * Hirsijiarlll-i Is tharartcrl/cd liy
tlmu I'Ctull nllii-s : 1st , Ihu combination o ( u lt9 ) ; 2(1 ( , i\\u \ \ J > ro ] > ( , ittoii ! Jit , Uiu
process of tccmini ; the nctho medli lual
( lualltlcs. 1 1io result Is anicilldno of unusual
Mrcnilli ; , cHcrtln cures hitliuto unkaoi.'ii.
Hi'i.d foi book containing ndilltlun d cyldeiico ,
"hood's Hinuiarllli tones up my stlcii , .
urifies my I loul , bluiptus my ai I'ltllc , ami
to iiiihu mo over. " J ) ' . '
llt' lslui ut Dccda , l.imcll , Mass.
" Hood's 8m ipirlllt tieat all otlirrn , mid
iiw rHiiisnpiilitliirilii. ; | " J li.MiaiNiiiow ,
JwV lUnk blittl , Wcv. VuiU City ,
Mlood's SarsaparlUa
Fold liy all drurislsts. tltUfcr3. ; Made ,
only by C. I. HOW ) ft CO. , I.owoll , Jl - .
SCO Dosco Ono Dollar.