Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 16, 1885, Page 5, Image 5

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MPI7T1VP f\t Till1 llWI'WP
MEETING Or lilh IwliUS ,
Considering Various Matter * 0 wn ° ctel (
With the University.
lncfpxsc In tlip ViirnlH'i' of
- A DujlM'i'itk
Tr l \ \ VIICiii
in Iti id' .
| JK011 Illk HI t 1.INCOI S lit'ltr U.1
llio bo.nd of URCHIN of tbc nnhci-ily
met joalcnlnv inoniiujr. Mi' Ma Hut it-
bum , G < ! i > , Hull , : ind Mailalu'ti Sccro-
tnr.v IJjIf pit'it'iiti'il lii- it-poll , , wliich
( how * that MIIL-C the lit : nipi'liiig tin'
ouicl ! | IIUM lifi'ii rcnouitcd niitL = cit : 'd
witli comfort nblc opcrn ohnir * , tlwn Mount
hcitiii : < ; ! iiip.iinlus hiicon : ( placed in
good working order , and tlial Llic Mute
roof iuul out M painting lisibfcrn com
pleted On rciitosl | of : i commiltipc fiom
Hit * Mil ions Jiiciaty ' odd-ic * tin- Wild , on
motion of Hcjjcnt MiillnbVii. i-oii-cntcil to
supply go * . for HIP weuKI.N moclinfji lo tlio
amount of $1 a tnontli. tbc bodi'tii" *
to pn.r for all used in I-MM-JS
i f that. The rcsiximtioii of 1W.
Uooi < ; ij Ilownid ! H libi'.triuei was
loud mid refi'rrctl to tin * piojwi tout-
niHlfii Tin1 rlintiLt'lloi1' * icpoil "Binwoin
inerciise of till ) JUT cent in tinmi nllmrnl
i f Iliti Fi ' Inn , in rl.i1" . tor tiniircont
term over last .M-ar. During the summer
vueation tlmlj live eontitie * wric Mihd
bv iopreM'iiUiti\iH of tlio faimll-v. . Tin
object sibonl nnilit-tfjnn ol
wu1to tiling a
tin'1 M'liool1i . > in iniiii tindistlit I "clmol
to llio uimorii.Thr.x . . tune udomtod u
standard wlieicb.v pupiK bniu : com
pleted the piiculid ! eoniM ) of bUid > : it
tin * Inxh M-liools arc adimlti'd ! oitli' i'
tlm ! a > t jvnr ol tlie lntinidiool 01 tlie
FiiHluititii jcar ot tin ; nimomt.r Tlie
t'lutncellor reports llm institution its tloiii"
cvucllent woiK. Tin-re antlni'u tltinc-us
many students hcio from Kails is a , tliuio
iiro i\cln.i.slia students in tins Kan
sas university MiMem
and westcin MalelonlribuU * to
tin- list of imitrliulali'- , -\\liile \
nearly nvery section ol our own ' -Into is
largely rc'tiN'seiiled 'J'lici e \ * a ( I'eri ' east'
in tlie'nttendiincc of ( be Latin sclmol , l > nt
u more than coricspondint ; moiu.iu ! in
tm Univeisily piopi-r Tins is s.rnl t < i he
due to two rim-is Fust , The "owl work
doin > by the ncetcdittd ' cliools m the
stale hi prepm hi } ? pupilScLOiiil , The
inure.isod n'liniument lor adniM-ion to
the Latin Pishonl
It is the design of the lie ird to nWjlMi
the Latin sehnol as soon as thi-sii ac
credited M-hools become merthe
Stale so as to alloid oiipoituinitiiis to
pupils to piepaie lliemsiM\ei at home
This mo\e was lic im two . \ears : i. o , and
alreailv thenaie nineteen schools on the
list , and others working up to the "land
AN I\UM : i mi
About t > o'tloek ye-teidiv : jmiiniiiift
the liaiuNonu' usidenee ot 11 1 . Noble ,
the photo/rrapher / , at the corner of t our-
leeiilh and Chtioets , caught iiio tliom a
deleetive line The llames wcioi oxlin-
cuished by tbe depaitment belorc the
budding \ \ ; ; is seiiousl injured , Bml the
contents neie soaked with water , stained
with smoke and otherwise d.mi.itfcil. Ah
Noble's loss ih pl.ieed at ? - ' . . ' ( ) -insured
in the C'ontiiiLiital of Kccali for
! fl,0i(0 ( Wi .1 L O-lmrn , wlio ( -iuiied
tin- cast end of the hou-e , will Ui out
sonio H ) ; insnied foi $ iMlni ( ) ) tin Ce !
man-Ameiuan of Iliuhn tuu
sin. i ANOiiir.u nvn.itoAn
The 1-itcst thing in tlieiailw.iy littei.stlic
Kaiisis Oily , W > andotle A : Noitliu.cMei n ,
llio papers of Wliith wtsio placed on icy
ord in tlio sccictiiry ot Mute's ollleo ju < i-
teid'iy. The capital is pliicud ut ? : ioOO.-
Olld , and tbc ineorpoiators aio IIS \ \ .
Jiought , A. I ) . Yoctiin , C. II. IKeLncb ,
0 T.Tiluii and LV Kcpluc ur The
lonte is Irom "a point heiealtea to be
designated , " on the boiitliprn boundary of
Nebraska , in I'.i\\neo fountnorlliMi'st
thiough the fount ie * . of I'sivvnee , < i.ige ,
Tlm > or , Nnekolls , Clay , Adams , Hall ,
liufmlo , .Sherman , Cubler , Hhnne , Logan
and Cherrs , and -such p.irt of the uountry
\ve.-.t of Cherry as may be necessary to
reaeh the noithwe-tern lermiiiu-a , which
\t \ to be at a point the junction ol
Cherry county with the noitliein line of
the Mate. Nothing is known lieuMS to
the fiitheiij of the scheme
' 1I1K UMSil S li\V ( )
licfeionce was made in the III L a lew
daVh ago to n petition from coitain husi-
ness men at uljsses , asking the r.uh\iv
commission to condemn tlie Ilurluigtoi
& Mih-iouri depot and ceit.un othea build
ings at that place as mi'iKim es , aiwl ordei
heir icmwal from what isclamii-d to be
lie ) pnbhe hquare The conuiiissjo
'loiind that the dojiot WMS built OLI block
SI , which wa- < deeded lo the company b >
(5. McCarthy , who obtnineil thotilli' Iron
tlio original patentee , and that tleu com
pjiny's light to the premiMis couliB not hi
Mns.iiled A petition asking lor llir open
ing of another Mi eel on tin
south hide of the depot _ wu-i de
nieil as impiaetic.ible as it wonlti
L-iive the company without loom for the
handling ol Us li.iinetc A lepurt de
nyingall the retpie.its ol the pettUoiiers
Was nlade up , and about to be auloptcd.
when Commissioner Cowdtry , who hail
made a peisonal examiinitionof thutprem
inis , retUM'd toMgn it , and iiih tc-il upon
itH modille.ition so its to demand sllio le
moval ot the objectionable corn fiibi ,
which , he uaid , wem uniiiiestLuiiuhlj
imi.s.meeH of the order. The report
m it. in iti. iimendcd form will ho illM'ii ed bj
the board to day and probably adopted
.1 1) . Pan lull. A. 0 Cabs and J. F
Landing Inn o tiled with the Mieiel iry ol
biate , tlie aitieles of Incorporation ot the
Amoiiean District Telegraph company
Clio capital is f0OOI ; ! ) in ! ! 00 MKI re.s ot
if 100 ( taeh , to bn p.iid in lull and uon ae
hotiaiihlu The pnvilego of increasing
the capital to iiiO.Otll ) ia icseneil Tin
pilneipiil otliee willbu in Lincolln. am !
ihe blip , ness will be tnuicneti'd heuu and
in other cities of Nebniskti , Iowa , K'Ui-
H.IS and Mis-soiui , and the tunilorio * of
\ \ Coining , Utah , Montan-i and Idaho
Tlie eomp.mi ' * to operate lelejjrnphiL
lines and do a general nic > seiigei : ind de-
Ilvon bnslne-s ; , The right to pu rrlwv
and hold mopeity , and ni.uuifacti'co , re
pair , ami lease apparatus , and inuki
contraet8 concerning the xinic isehiiresi
ly stipulated
The Cr\Mal ( Sptinga HIamtfatining (
coinpiinj is the name of a new oi : iui/u-
Uflll l rn - l iw VV.II.- . . . 1 < u. U
. . . .M. . . . . . . . . i.juee , ix > , . .
! ) rt'.Kw , AdelU-rt O. Tailor , Frank N.
riul.ipo , llohcil A Uiown , Wilton h
Drukoand Kand.ill S Uentho , for the
imn < o ol operating woolen , and
leeil milks , at 'o Mai Spimgs , Fi uiklin
county. The capital i" f.'iO.tHXl. . in fKi
shares , Thu umoiint paid in | 7,500' '
jiuTisr : : WII.L :
A meeting of the boiud ot publlo lands
ami buildings was held jestciday- re
ceive the tepoit of .Mr Kus ell , who aeted
nsbcnietary for the party on its cjsUirn
tourof iiihiicetion. It is hinted th.a con-
.siikirablu ( d-aitibfacth : > n was expressed nt
the meiigiei a of the report , more real
information legarding the object niul 10-
bultoftho in\cMiL'ation being fuuilshed
in the HEE of Tliuuilay labt. Jinny
ralnnble points lire utterly ignored uud
on the whole , as a public doi'iimusit , the
nupor is tlovoid of interest , The liotird
duoided to continue the mlverliseiiwiit/oi1 /
proposals lor binkiii ! ; the test welJ , and
receive bids up to the & .M inst. , In no-
rorilinu-e with ju turms , whic-U nro
that the hole blutlL hu six tluelies
hi dhimeter , and lined with
h-on tubing of Mitllc'ent thickness to
rtuilo nil llow * of fivsh w ter
) J the 100 kot , to n total rtppth of2,000
'cot , are \i\\ \ ted the boat d rr < er\ing the
right to diipnnlinup Hip v.ork at , in >
'inn \ \ hen ( hiCMls wpll w is .nnk on
imeriinii-n1 .M'Mtc | a M'in of brim Midi1
r < % i' < in' tren ( tli \\as struck iit a depth
of 'Ml feet , and -.liiHig salt < i contm
ted to lion unlil the dull na < > < cd the TO
Tool mark The oirmon in tin east i
that ( lie br > . > t mine li < > revitl be tound at
an atu.ier of 8.10 feet Heine piofe"- driller' , do not w.tnt to ship he.i > >
imohincry here to ink a well bv the foot
il the Iminineni ink of being choked oil
by Ihe bonnl before they lure earned
enough to JMJ the treight at the regula
tion price The eo t of pulling down
and lubing a well of ' . ' ,000
feet is riUnnted at 4f5iHli > Thu
eastein imui will piol > abl > take tina - a
basis in m.-iking tin ir bids , and put in a
sliding scnle , fjiintiiig a big price on the
llr t Hit ) fi" i and grailually woikiiig
down -o that a itl ! < ) fool job will insiin-
thi'in .1 good pinlit As a eompetcnt well
Milker It.ippeiH to lue in Lincoln , how
ever , it i-"trirdl.v piobible thai the ' ln'inu
Will w < uk
ctnttofs TASK
Supt Malhiliett , of the reform chonl
at Kp.irne.lejioita a emiouv ei-i1 of
w lull the attending pin Mcmti e.illhe.irt
fllseui : ( ' ( Nmoii'i thu iuni.ites is a bnof
lo , Aiel Dt'dront , who wasiMd from
llealiice about MX weeks ago for i > elt.\
laiccn.s. Thiiisd.i.v hist An-ly fell in a
Mupoi. and afict twelve hours of s.-em
ing slei p. suddenly up , and went
into a Mile * of ten d 1
which hist"d nearly and hour. Durin
the p.iroMsm * he' waver \ Molent , aiul
was ie > tiamed with ditliudt.v fiom in
juring Imns-clt it taking a number of
the oldei mm.iles to hold him \ \ hen
thu convulsion * ceased Aiehj dioppid
oil' loileop again , onlv to w.ike up in
at the unit of twelve hums.
biimUy tin' bo.\ had a lucid interval , iliu-
ingwlnuli lie'aid he win tionbli'il tint
same wnv ut home , .mil had to be tied lo
Ihe bed Al laM , account * be wasiuu
rnv imiu-
Tbe boa id of ntiiniuti'ii * ot the stale fair
will mi et til tlio Windsor hotel Monday
uu-iiiii ; ; next at 7 o'clock.
Mi < Minnie Cimdr.y of _ Mini ial Point ,
\Vi- , who has been visiting her -inter ,
Mi- ( ! j\l \ Luinbertaon , in this cil\ , ,
started lor home Moud'iy
The ( . ' IMII.-V of the l'h-i-ant
Hour club will be held at Ti mpl < - hall on
the cning ot the ! > % 'd
Lincoln will be well represented at the
meeting ol the Legion of honor m Oin ilia
Tlmrsit.o Among the delegation will be
Judge Anuisa Cobbuii ( J. C .McBrule ,
Lieut L S llmllei.U S A . Maj. C W
I'leu-o , Licul .John H. Clark , Lieut. J II
McCla Maj X ( i. I'lanklm , den M
Moutgoiuei and Liuut N. S. llarwoml
Asa lesiill ot Mauagir ILithawa. ' .s
i Hoit to compel llio .Joinmil stall to give
up their "outside" correspondent P , Sam
Cox tosigncd Ins position as oilj editor ,
and now hlo-i-onis out as lite icpu sent.i
ti\ i ; of the Omaha Herald , Kitn-i.ii City
Tunes , Chicago Tribune and other
join mils.
Moses ( ininey was bound over by .Ins-
ticc Biown justorday in the Mini ot $11)0 )
foi telling nun tgagcd pioporiy
A gentleman well posted in lailwty
math is sa.ys it is M'iy piobible that the
Union I'ucillc dire-tors at their lie vt meet
ing will de\Hi ; a plan for raising money
to build bram b mads in Ncbia-ka , and
that a line to the noithwc-jt will be among
the first
1'innk Xchniiig , the dashing young
diuggist , is homu again attor a shoit
MSII m Omaha.
Newt Dolan , the uv-eomict arrested
Monday foi Htcaling hats fiom Dennis'
stoic , languishes in the county jail , being
unable to p ty the line ot $107 : wn" scd by
the police judge It is s-upposcd that
Newton \ tbe duel of a gang ol eiooks
now in the cilj
S 11 S'oinborgerVahoo , Dr Miiriain ,
Omuha , John Dale , Omaha , W. 15
Bai Liii , Columbus , L. . ) Copps , Hastings ,
J Hinschkolb , Beatrice , N .S Harding ,
Nebraska ( Jity ; A Jo eo. Syrai Use , A U
Tottun and wile , Seward ; C. A Slevan- .
A 1) ) MeCandlcs- , Beatrice , K M I'lonl ,
Blue Springs , Ueoigc V Sawyer , West
ern ; William V Manning , Onnuia ; Jacob
Hero. Crete , M T lluTl , , J ! . K.
Ingluiiait , Omaha , lleoigc Kelly and C
li.irlman , Onuilia.
; uul I'leaelnni ; .
De.teun White ( w'ho is a pioperty
owner and null a teal esHle ageneyj
1 ( Jook moining. Deueun Itlaek. ' '
Deacon Itlaek " ( iuoil morning. "I
thought T would diop in and ask yon
ho\voii , how jon liked the new nimisler
ye teidt > I'mo sermon , w.isn't itv"
D.V "i\cellent : Nevei hcaid but
ter Ho is a M-ry cloipient manandis _
\t'ry hnppy in ( lie selection of hid sub
jeets. "
D. B "lleniarkably bo Sorinmis on
subjuet ? that touch the sympathies ure
bolter for us all than the di-eussion of
points of doctrine. "
D W "CVitainly What could be
luippior than bis subject justoiday.
'Sulier little children lo come unto me"
How tendeily he spoke of tlie little ones !
1 dechue it melted my heart to huir
him "
( Kilter n lady who lias business with
Deacon W )
1)V. . "Well , mu'iini , what can I do
forjon ? "
Lady "Havo yon got 11113 hou = os to
D W.-"Yob'iii. "
L "I'm looking lound to find a good
house at u leasontiblc lent "
D.\V. \ "Have yon any children'1" !
L.-"Yes "
. -
D W. "Then I can't let yon have a
hoiiM ) . Don't want any children in my
houses. "
Lady takes her loayo , and the deacons
leniime their conyuroatiun on the si
A curry-all ih convenient to liavo
wheie theie are a number of children.
So is a euro-all for puiiib. aches , scahls
burns und bnti es. This St Jacobs Oil
hits proved to bii.
Mow to ainko a UiulT3lan I'ny.
A licit man in West Held , a little conn
! r > village southeast of iMatiooii , Illinois ,
Hired a num lo dig out a ci&torn , iigi cu
ing to pay iK' for the job Alter it was
done the neb man ncizcd the lahuiui's
tools and locked them up , alleging that
the ci.stein leaked. reiilly a nine
to makii thu workman lake less | niy. Thu
latter dissembled his inge and Induced
the ilch man to descend into the fi.s'.cm
to examine it. No soon or had hu done
o than the laborer drew up the ladder
and btood guard over the cistern with n
club , \OIHII that thu other nliould not
conic tip until lie li.ul MMll'-d thu bill.
The impriioned ono yelled "iMnrdor , '
and "l'in > , " in lusty tours , and a eiowu
of neighbors gathered But when tlu v
learned the iroublo no onu would interfere -
fore , und.they .et him May until ho
l > IIiis I'lTlIHt" IMIjRS
A .sure ruie Tor llliiut. Dlepdln , Itrlilm ;
nnd UliTiiited I'dw luw bt'eii ilisuo\eieil by
Dr.VlllUuib , ( nil Indian rcnuMlyj , called Dr
Wlllkiuia' Iinllun 1'ilo Ointment , A siiulo cured tlie worst chronic CUM'S of i > er
! X ) jcars t-timiliiiK. No one lu'ul tiulTer li\e
uiliiuti'3 after upjiljlute this wuiiilurful hootlt
iiiR medicine. Lotions and Iiu-trtiiiieutido
more harm limn tfood.Vlllhiuib' Indian
1'ilo Ointiiiciit iibxirln tbe tuuuiis , alias tlio
InteiiM ) Itchliis , ( partk-iilnily at iilulit after
L'l'ttlau' w rui in bcdj , acts its a poultice , elves
instnnl reltoi' ' , ami H iirejiannl only for I'llej.
itcb 11. of iirlvatii parts , ami lor nothing el e.
SKIN DIHI\SI.S : : oiuucn.
Dr. frazlei's SIiiKie Ulntmuiit cures as by
majrlc , I'laiiilca , ItUok HeaiU or ( Jiubs ,
Illutclii'.s and Kiuiilloim on thu face , If.uiui ;
llio skin clear unit ui'.iutlfnl. Also cinvi Itch.
b.tit Klii'iim , Sure Nipples , bore Lips , und
Old Obitlniite Ulct'i . . . . .
Sold by dru gUtd , or untiled on i-ocalpt of
Ki'uiliod by Kuhn & Co. , anil Srluoctor &
At vholu , ly bC. . F. UooUuiuu.
Showing the EvcuU of Yesterday in lown
and Nebraska
' 1 be ItitittM'itiPii of that State In ( " 'on-
\eiitioii-A. C'hllil'i I'nint rail \\\K \ \ \
\\w \ \ Seiliietlou A
Ci link's Sul
low.-t Siiiirmc Com t Occ'Ulons ,
) s Moms Iowa DPP TifSi < orialTol-
jiniii J TliPsiijirpinoi'innt tiMl.v > iciulPi'Ctl
the fnllntthi diplsiiuis :
Kdvvaid 1C Uooiltmw vi ( ieeijjp S Litph-
flclil. a | jK'IiHilHIP ! < atne v > IMvvlii 0 Litih-
liclil , aipellnnt | Webiier ilNtuct couit. Al-
Couiidl Bluffs i.'ik'eo 49. I. O. O F. . v *
IJhrul.i Phillip * 11111.1111111 Iteiiii. Pnltinvattn-
Ilile cilettlt court Alllrmed.
Mills r < iuutNalluiinl buiK. appellant
.Mills roiniH. Mlll-t il lni I ( din I IteviTspd ,
Wnietielil , llew.inl A Co. , et nl. appellant *
vilv. A. utclHter , ciretlit couil
ChiiMi-o. Mihvniikpc l SI. Pud Hnlhmid
roiiiniin npN'lliiiil | , \s ISoliell Sliui coiuilv
lrciinci. : . it til P.iln MlorlK'iill mult. At-
MIIV K. TnuiiPi v < .Inhii A. llonmm ,
ludie ill the cireini i uri. ceitiuiarl c * e oi
tuule'iilit , A tilt nted
CniniiiPii ial llxdiamre btuk\B M ir > k-
Leod. ot til. appellant. Ceiro Ootiht ilbtrlot
1 0111 1. Allliined.
l . I' , s.tu.ver , n.pelhiil | , vs John I' . Bras-
si if. et nl. Johnson dlsiiid c > unt. Alllrniod.
Tunis Vun Hum < ipiellant | , v S. II l.'ed-
man nnd I ) . Ueibiiau. .MMiit iiincr\ district
iiiiuf lto\ei-cd.
0.V. \ . Itikei vs 11 IJvnn , .Srott
( tiitrn t rouil , Ueveisoil.
l n.u' ( iiirmo. aiuiullant. v Uiel
et nl. Wells district court. Altliuie
Ctlv ot lUuliiitftuii 1 $ , ,1. Palmer , iiini'l-
laiit , lies Miiiui" . coiuilv circuit eiMUt. le- !
Mrliicmii \ > WHIN Duvvii" , Pol
taw.ill mile distin t court. Atliimcd.
( . M. K'ice \ - .1. I ) . Hiillicit , aiipellant ,
Mills ( tistiietcnuil. Anilined.
.1 oil n I tail I m , ' . nvivlliiit vsC. P. Bopxrh
et nl ; the siines ; the -\\\n \ \ < , Des .Mollies cu-
cult court. Itcverscd
N. J. Bond vs tlie Wahash. fct. Loul * , V Pa-
cilic Kniluaj coiupauv , aitiiellaut ,
Umle i iumt i oint. ftevcisod.
Mcllssi Biertvs P. i' . IlairN. et al , aiiel- | ]
I , nils.Mills ill-ill k't com t. Atlliined.
W I. . Wood , appi-llant. v- . . . ! . 11. WliMIci ,
Preiiiout eiiciiit couit.llliiueil. .
H.twkcM' ItiK ternu'ii Alee ) .
OSKUOOSV. Iowa. Mee. IV fbpppinl Tele-
Riani. Tito annual niccllnc ; of the lovva
Buttui and Cheese axsiH'latlon eonveiu'it lieu-
to il.ij with a htiic atlcnilaiire trout all pirU
of the state. The allcrnooa si sslon v\a >
aUen up witli rcpoits , the prlucliiil UUP lie-
In h > .S ictar.v J.itllei , irhingMiiup vei.v
iateicstnn ; Infoiinatlou about ( he ( 'icMt
fiaiuN Hut have lecoatly been dNcovcied in
the d.iliv pioiturt. Tlie coiinintle. ' on
legislation lepoitcd a bill foi the
Mipincssioti nl the hands and
pioviilliiK - . cic peiriltie1' fet violation ol
tlm law against in.tuufacltirius nud ' ell-
nij ; liugus hutU'i n piei > cnlliig it to lu1'- } ! !
unie. In the evening .the assoi intiou was
\\cli nmcd bv the m.noi of Ihe dtv and ud-
ilres-os were delivered bj the jiresideut ot
Ihe asiori.itlnn , Mi. Slti > i limit , and bj ilcmv
\Vallace , editor of the Homestead. The
lauc.illonihiiceat the nieetiin ; ai ues well
forione oil iuteicst in the iiiiiioitunt Indus *
tij lepiCjt'iited. _ _
Seven Thonsauil 1'oc Her Slu.
Oi.i.-Nvvonn , Iowa , Dec. \ > [ Special Tele-
( mni.J One of the most exciting civil suits
cvei tiled In Mills county was concluded this
afternoon. It was a suit lei damages tot
seduction brought by ilary ti. Bind against
S. W. lUuhnei , a pioiiiiiieiitjctim ? motcli.uil
of MaUcrn. The jury gave the iflrl a verdli t
of ti'.OO'J. ' There was a Inr e attonilance dm-
iiiKr tlie dial , niulvheu \ Ihe veidlut was an-
noiiiii'i'd the crowd testllied its ajiineoialiou
of the result b > loud applau-su in spite or the
c oiut and the shenll. The damages avvaided
lit buhot cd toi \ tlie latgest ot the kind CVIM
Kiveu in the Uite.
Uleil ay HeLivcMl.
Oir.vDi.os , N'co. , Decn. . fSiicelal Tele-
Kinni.J A notiiiious outliwaud miirdeici
namcil N. B. Poul , alias "Jidil ! > " Foul , was
tound dead jesterday in Cotlouvvoi l cieelt.
about twelve mile * west ot this place. His
body wa.s lound fio/eu iut the ict . which obliged to bo chopped out beloie it umld
be let-oveied. It is not known whether the
deceased was miuilered 01 frozen to death.
Ford had led n bird life lor a number olr
jenis , anil Iris Ill-en known as the
ol thice men.
re.trt'al Kail.
LINCOLN , -\ebv , Dee. l.V [ Special Tele-
Kiaiu. | Williuu Doile , ulnboiei , lives with
bis wile uud a y-jeai-old child m the second
end stoij ot Dulin 's Halmui bidldiui ; on
buveiilh stuct , ojiposite the Ituilin tuii
dt'jiol. This afteinoou while M is. Dojlo was
at v.ur ! ; the child fell out of the window ,
striking liuad on thu twenty
lectbulow. Lr. ) Lane Is fcai lul ot a fatal ie-
sult as hpmorihaieot the brain iiud othei
lutuinal injuries vveio sustained.
; ; ( Iiclr Cn ] > itnl.
LiNfoi.N , Neb. , Deo. 15 fiajtcclnl Telt-
giam.j A jiapei was Hied with the seeretaiy
ot state tins afternoon Hliowmi ; thecnp stock of the Omalia ( ias eomjimy IMS
been lucieased fiom ? JJOXM , ( to S50J.UJU.
lion llogiin nt ( Jriuid
( iit.VMi I--I.A.M ) , Neb. , Dec. 15 , [ Sjicelal
Teletjiam. ] Ben llopm , the rcloimed juujl-
list uud gambler , will deliver his lec-
tuiehere to-iuunow ulKht , the 10th lust ,
A. K. Tou/.tlin arrived yesterday
In his special ear attached to thu regular
momlng " ( i" train. Hu hpent the day in
tlm city , luiung this evening tor the
The "Q' " new palace dining car , the
"Cosmopolitan , " eainu in jeftciduy
in the legnlar train.
W ( iruun , Union I'nciflc ngonl > U Ca-
glc Hockt Idaho , is in the eitj on his way
lo New } ork.
Jno. 1. Blair , of Blalrstowu , N" . J. . a
heavy railway htoukholdur , is in thu eh } ,
stopping at tliu Millard.
nrcrltlcfl ,
The clearings jo teiday were $107-
O.M.It ) .
The Ladles' Musical society mould to-
moriow alteriioon.
The case againJCfiin y'Cs.iorii for
* - " " : : iiuiior to miiun-i has been dis-
' 1 hu Young Peoples' missionary society
of the l-'ir t Coiigrngationul clinreli Intvu
prepaied u b.i/.aarwliiuh they will hold
no\l I rldity c\o. Kvory one in\ited.
The body of lllllo Walllo Sylvester ,
whosepiirunta formerly resided in Oina
ha. has nrnved hoio tram ( Jhiea ft and
will bo intured in 1'i-ospuet Hill ceme
Deputy Marshal Ban It of Grand Island ,
was in the city ieiterday onhiswat
f i oiu Sioux 1'aIU , D. T. , whither ho took
Chailes A Keene , a lorger , captured at
tir.ind Inland a few dajs ago.
The funeral of Mrs Frpyhan , the lady
who dropped dead Sunday evening , look
place esteulio froi tlie rusidenco
of the family , at 50 ! ) I'leasiiiit Rtrcet It
was largely attended by the friends and
relative ! ) ol the deceased.
A team of black bionchos harnessed to
n light buggy , driven by u cowboy-look
ing individual , took fright on Immun
treot near Thirteenth nt J o'clock > oater-
day , ami run u block until they collided
with u telegraph post uml wrecked the
\ t\1tiKO\D r\ON\T1J T\fiK . Mr. Ittntil'lilitk.4 of Hie bpnr
Cioin KpiitiMtl loOmnli.i.
Joiiii 1 tlniifitulM.M ! D C IMaii who
haM been in Omnha fet the p-isl day 01
ni. expect to IKiu- t dav f"i t Loni
Spf ikiii" witii n iit'll i I ! foi tbe Bi I last
nigitt , Mi Hltif snd. iluilfH-nit airnm-l
C'uidng ( ount.v would not in all proba
bilit.t eoiup tip ibr until May next
Tlm suit aii'ps out of th' of
UV't Point to jr.ij liotnN issued for inter
mil impiovpiueiit fwttir and mill ptu-
p'i-e- ) . The bond-with intcie t aniounl
lo between $ 'lOiW and ( UO.OiM . ) , and were
bought ly Mi. Bliur veurs ago. A de-
< 'ision on ci01 ; ha > been given in Mi
Blair-t.tvor in the-npienie couit of the
state 'Ihe piviutv in the piesciit iasc 5s
moving toecuie a new ttial
In fiuMier eouveixitimi Mr Blair re *
matkcd that the Noilliweslern blanch
fioiii Kenniinl lo Oin iha would Inbuilt
at once. "The fin i is , " he .said , "Oin dm
is becoming an iui [ " > itinl point , and is
bound to command attention The Notth-
westcut for iU own inletenl ought to get
in heie a- soon us pi > s-iblc Tfie illsenm-
mal'iin which M > me jieojile chum 0111 lo'id
h i > pun lited again" ! Omaha aiiuumU to
niilbiu" Oniiba slupiiens elaiili. lui 111-
-I nice , that we coniiicl cun-ignoiv tobill
-.loi k e title and hogs to 01 thiougli
tstoits Citv. iiislfid < if to Out.ilia Novv
the l.tcl is , tint in S'onCd.v ' . a liltle
higher ) uiees are paid than in ( hnaha ,
and --Inppeis have pivteiTed toend their
; ock lo the fonncr point rather linn to
thelaltci Nc , sir , all the him and civ of
discrimination : Omaha indieu -
loui "
"Will the Missuni i Vnllcy gi nel.ll nlliei s
he removed to Om iha' "
' Vos it is probable that thev will
Omaha is thi ) best place for them , and
iust ns BOOH a- the hire trom Kpiinard to
thieil \ is eoiupleled thej will be ic-
nioveil lii-ie "
"Ihivv is Vandcrbilt'-denth teceived in
i.illroid circles thiougliout the eountr.v "
"Hadn't caused much of a ripple
Things an going along just the same
His i.tilioid ptopeihcs me in the handset
ot Coineluis and Twomblev , who are
shaip stirevvd men. vvitli a thorougli in
sight into their father'busine . "
Ai ahcnd ) inlnnued , Mr Blair leaves
foi St Loinwlicti he will clo-e up some
biisincs ? pertaining to the St. Louis , Ilan-
uibil i.VKcokuk. . ! t-iniill load tunning
from St Louis Ut H inuibal. The road i-
a -mall one and lei some time has been a
lo-iug concern Its name has been
i hanged lo the Si Louis. & Hannibal , ami
at u meeting of the -stock holdei - the
other das Mr. Blair vva- elected nrosi-
< li ut
THU KIO.M-MI : ; \ \ < vv.
llo\v Cliiulron People l'ievent Intei--
Ceicnec Wlili Tlieir Sioi'l. |
Andie ( . 'Ini tel und Jo'm ' Leon , w ho
leii'iitli gave w re-taug exhibitions here ,
returned tioniChadion Monday evening ,
where they had gone lo exhibit their
skill The men wic-tled beloie a ciowded
hoiiac , and coitsiiter.ible intcie-t wa-
mauilcilcd When the match
w.tended , A noted Itcavv vvoighl
of the town , named Vo- , ch tl-
lenged the winner Leon , to wrestle
two best in three hills for tlio house receipt
ceipt- Leon accepted the pioposition ,
iiiil ( a big ciowd pro-ented it-ielf to wit
ness tlie contest : . Kvoiybody seemed an
xious to have the local celebrity win.
and Loon vv as told that if he threw Voss
he would | ) rob.ibl.v , be killed When ( lie
match begin , aii otlieei stationed hiiu-
sell the stumbling num , und with
diawu levolvci tliitutuiied instant death
to any who iuterteied Tlie ln l lound
Leon sueeeiided in throwing Voss over
Ids he-id iftorn'eoiHPst ' of seven minutes ,
wining the llrst fall It required ( hiitv-
tluee minutes to decide the second lall ,
wine h was won by Leon , lliit. giving him
the match Leon s-ijs he doesn't want
to live in t hadroii. limy are too careles *
then- about a little thing like the life ol a
-ui'.jlc man.
The Dellcjicios of tlio Cliiistnias 31tu-
kctsI'rii'O1 - nit Vaiieties.
Now that winter has commenced in
good cainest , the maikeU- are assuming
a decided holiday aspect In the way of
vegetables and Iruits theio aio the usual
winter varieties to note As tor moats ,
fish and game , the stulls and "hops are
well Mocked , end the housowite can in
no reason complain of lack of
with which to propuc "good Cliriitmas
cheer "
Small binlHtich a- snipe and plover
have diMippoaied liom the collections of
gatre , but ducks are now taking their
place , and then giy pluiiiage form a
iiandsonie contra , l. The Christmai beef
andratittoii come in with their Heavy car
cas > es. Cireen vegot.vblu.sate plenty and
quite low in pin. " , as for instance , celery ,
lettuce and spinach. As for fruits quite
a variety is lo bu noted
file 1110 = 1 toothsome food al present in
this line are the white lishand trout , sell
ing for 10 cento a pound and black bass ,
winch sells forU'iccntsii pound Oregon
salmon of delicion- tvor sell lei liUcentn
apiece. Flesh codhsii is to be purchased
for 15 cents a pound , while Halibut and
eels ale vvoith 0 cents a pound Lob
sters , though Munitioned nnqnotably ,
scaicu in the custom markets , are to be
purchased m Omaha at"i cents u pound ,
rlonndeis me woith U'5 cents a pound
Fre h miekeiel bungs IT ) cents a pound
.Smelts have commenced to come in , with
the advent ot niiow , und though not
plenty are Hollmg lor'J'l cents a pound.
IJlack ha-s and i .oiipios me selling for
1 , ' ) cents a pound , oiriped bass aie so
Ecane as to bo uniuotud |
Osh \ is , ot st indiiid iiuality and sl/.e ,
are selling at 101 ents I'hc selects bring
00 cents
The black basi which are duo ami de
licious , will piuvn extra toothsome if
stulled with liu'liU seasoned mushed
potatoes and b.iUnl in a pan with a lard
ing ot salt jioi k. 'J he > Hiiotild bo bailed
lieijnenily wlnle in tlie ovnii und lo min
utes time imiy bu allowed to eveiy pound
of itsh.
MKAIS , ruin iuv AND omr.
There have hoeii uo muterhtl chatige.s
In too Hue of me > itn
Th"t ' oui01 s'uloln sell for l-f eeuts
runip-s and ujipt f ji.ujol lound steak nt
l.'J. Ho.isting ; ibj , lii'in and juicy , can
be biui iit from in to i-J Louts \ > al is
oxtreinclv hL.iree uii'l ' comes higli , from
lil toil ) i outai , cording lo Ihu enoieenus'i
ot thu part hweut bieuds cull be pur-
chasedal . ' 5 conli u pair , ( \jrii hoof is
nulling .it fiom ,1 to Id cents , ueeonLng to
cuts Prune hgut mutton can be h id toi
l.'J cents , minion i Itojis 1 , ' ty 10 cunts
Hum id vvcnth l. } i nuts in bulk , 0 cents
dliecd Pork , 10 to l.'i centfci. Sainago ,
It ) to 1 ; ' ) cents Viuuon , rich and juiuj ,
can be purchased lor O eenU The ten-
di rloins of steers killed tor Chiiitmus
will IJB.liue , uud should bo spoken tor in
C. Inckena are woith 12J cents a pound ,
tinkers and dial.4 n cents a pound
Prnule chiekeus no seat cent ! W cents
apiece ( Quails bring 0 cents apiece
Duoks ( mallardI are xoarcely in Hca on.
They can bo purchased for U" ) cents , huge
fiUo hquitrel and i.ibbit , dtooscd , call
be purchased for-'u eouU.
M.OiTAlUlJ5 ; A.SU Fill ITS.
Onions are belling at U9 cents n peck.
New tin nipt , uio worth SO cents it peek
lltitabagus W cents L'ubbage is bring
ing It ) to 15 cent * a head Potatoes ,
bo tU'uriclicti , aruwoilh Do to US. bnlt
Luke potatoes uiu K'-lltuu tor tij cvnU a
' bn li ! Stvcit iM..ttoo ! aie woith Co
! 1 Pints , \ pi ik
I Hiitibard and Murblrh' ' id .pi isln .
I cll for 10 h ' .Vi cent , " apiroe
Cnn-ots arc worth W cents a peek
O stiT plant * ells 1 bunehtw for a qinr
l'tri\\ ! i "old at : ' rents a bundli-
Pa'-Miip- ' ! " > cetil * u peek Yankee
pumpkin * arc woitb from 15 ( o SS cenls
each , -v\ect pie pumpkins the same.
Celer.v u > \ ? al .VI cents n do/en. Xow
liol lion'-e lettuce and tadi-hcs fid ecnts ,
Hit It-
I'loridii or.tngeaio woilh il" > to i'i !
eent.- iln/cn H.uianas are woilh trom
J.1 to * iU ct'iiis a do/en , ( tiape * of the
Malaga variety sell foi . ! 0 cent- pound ,
while Catawba giipcs-ell tor il a has-
kct 11 tisiiis can b < bad forfiom ll > tel
l cents u iioiiud , dried curunt- ) lo l"i
a pound Caiuiuul cilrous are woitli.-O
cenU a pound. 1 igs aie woilh from ' ' "t
\ lo ; ! 0 ei nts A pound , cooking ligsJll cents
a iiiiund Cianbiriics ate selling fur
from 10 to 15 centa qnatl Calitoinia
penf- are woitb 11 centa ] iauinl
Apples choice Michigan virlelies , niv
woith 0.50 u baud , New York sttte-
if.J ( U a b.n rcl.
lllHTI.KM > l.UH .
Butter , dairy , is bunging from 00 to : t" >
cents a pound' . The best eroiincry
be nurelia-ivl al ! > 1 ci'tita pound Kgijs
sell for the t ndatd price of 'W cents a
I' 1'nrnKi'nph * *
John Piirccll. of Purecll Bro < , of N'oilh
Bend , vvaat the -lock .v.ird-s jestcrda.v
Lieiitciiant Chase left yesterday for Ihe
Santep agency to inspci.1 the is mng ot
13. 11. Flvnn.ot BullilofJip D T , is
in tin * eUv pmcln-iliig furniture foi a
hotel which IIP will .hortlv open in tin-
low n
l.h'titonnul ( ii'chhlc ( icncrnl llow.nd -
aide dc caniie | , in piace of Captain Sladen
reimitpd for dnlv ut llio auny head-
( piasters c-lerday" He v , as formurl.v sta
tioned ul Litlle Peek , but h is leeentlv
beoii in I'm ope on a lea\e of absence He
U a genial , talented officer and w ill be at
valuable acquisition to thu st ill'ol ( ten
cr.ii Howard His brother vv. is the ( us
olliei't' killed in the war of the rebellion
liavitig bad hibe id t iken oil by a can
mm ball at the battle of Big B-thcl
, roliu Grant , ot I lie Buber Asihall |
company , lelt ye-lerd.iv lor Wu-hington ,
I ) C , topend the Chi istmaholidavs
with Ins fainil.v
Si\ls liurv * - I'coohailoiU's.
I'lii- evening the king laugh-
niakeis , Salsbuiy'1'ioiih tduitrs , open
their engagement at Bo.\dS opera house
They will appeal in ' My Chum , " and
Tom , Pick , and Many. " Kcscrvcd seat-
aie now onale at the bo" olliee.
l > hlit'l Care Ilir Alone ) .
The Boilon Kvening l\ecord of Satin -
. . - President J-'liol sat in his
-anctum in tlnucisity hall the othei
moining busil.v at vvoik , his seciotir.v
came m and announced that there was a
gentleman out-ide who was very anxiou- .
toec the picsident of II.irv.ud niitver-
hiton some very indent busine-s
Other matters were put -wide and the
-Hanger vva- shown up He pioved to
be a man ol middle lite fiom the west ,
app.uoiilly witli a way ot going light to
the point' He began by looking the
p.-esident over and 'Si7ing him up "
"Aie yon Dr Lliot , tlie pii'iidcnt of
H uvard college" "
" 1 am , sir '
'The he ulo' thu hull thing ? "
"Yes "
"President o' tlie scientific school ? "
" "
"I am
"President o' ih' ' ) law -chool' "
' Ye.s , sir "
"President o' the medical school ' "
"Yes. "
"That's it , then , " said the visitor , "an '
I've conic to Ihe right place , an' you're
I ho man 1 want toee. . I'm fiom the
west , an' I've come more'n one thousand
mileMom' ) ' . ain't no object to me "
Ho rose with gioat enthusiasm , and
stripped oil his coal and ysl "J've got
something the matter with me , doctor , "
he went on "It s been a troublin * ot me
for j CUM. an' I'm bound to Iiud out what
IMS' Money ain't no object , as I said I
want yon toex'iniinu my chest , an' 1 don't
caio what it costs Here wo go "
Tlm piosidcnt had some dilliciiltv in
explaining the situation , but dually suc
ceeded m turning his patient over to a
iirofc-sor of HIP medical school Theie
is an impression at thu oollego thai this
incident is the moit genuine liibiito of
admiration that llaivaid halecciyed
for some lime
The GlicirilTy rouiliiolor KcMCinlilvs a
'I f.iiooian Who ; Vas Killeil
in nil Accident.
Pennsvlv.inia Letter "Yes , sir , " said
an ohl Ad.iuis county fanner nt lcd ! Hill
Junction , I'enn , the ot'iei ' day , "Iaw
that that li.iiu with mv own eyes at one
o'clock ' Wcdm'id ly morning Jt s a
ghost train and it don't make any noi-e. "
"Whole doou live , misteraskid a
" 'Bout h-ilf vvnj hclween here and
Kust Berlin , " VV.IH the reply , "ii'id thar's
old Tom Bnekcr , just across the track
from my latin , he .saw the phantom
train , lee , on Tuesday moiniiig , about
the s imc hour as I saw it Wednesday.
What he saw was jist what appealed lo
me a dun engine , with a headlight like
tt jack-o'-laiitein , and tun or lifleen coal
ears u-lollenn' behind And there on
the top ol the caboose at the cud of the
triin stood Joe Williams , just as ho used
to in life , with his arms folded "
"U hut Williams as was killed in this
accident the .function ? "
"Yes , sir , the veiy same Williams Did
you know him * "
"Knew him like a book. And when I
remember whit ho told me once what
you tells me positively skeer me. "
"Well , what did ho lull jonv" asked
thu Adams county tanner , shifting his
"Why , I ii'-kcd him once if lie wasn't
afi.iid he'd git killed a ralhoiding some
dav , and ho said he 'lowed he would , but
that it he did hu would haul cot'l for thu
duvil'soiigino. "
And now f-oirnhudj , "cos the phantom
train oveiy night.
atr1ol oT Yuniuue I'm' a
View ol' hcoiiorj ,
Yiiginlu Cil > J'ntciprlio Captain
Kcelel , in u dcsetipiivo aetount of u re
cent dip through the numiitinii-i ( > ' ! n.vo
county , thus portrays the Mimmit of
Mount Whitney , one ol the iiindodt
mountiilii j'llcs on the face ol eaith
"Thu cnliio biirfaco ot the biuuiint
proper , variously estimated ut fiom lour
lo live ui-icn in o\teiit , is eov'iioil with
granite blocks and blubii , enough to build
twoorthrei ; tat Peter's , or even ono ol
the pyiamidH The incline is .slightly to
the west Looking down troni the ajiex
brought n shudder over mo Avoilieul
fall of some 1,000 luet down to the hike
that looks like u spitok i f silvnf Now ,
when yon crawl up to the edge to look on"
this awful sloop Ihe voiyllesh HI-CIIIS to
ciawl on jour IMIIOS It U truli stall
ling to look into some of the yjwniiig
eliasi.ift Htirroundlng this grand eleva
tion nearly Illicit miles above the sea.
Thu sky was not porlectly clear , but wu
could soy Lone Pine distinctly , and
Owens lake wiii luaiulj outlined so tin as
it lay in our view The whole valley
looked more liken sea than turrit ilrniit.
Onu intcnutiiig fact fcti ikes you thi > mo
ment you ( wet your eyes around fium lids
height- you know every objuf.t u huluw
| Hloomlng Mr > uot'a < tofles.
i riu eiliii ( - ' me ling held in the Ms
-otiie Irill la < t evening was lugelv al-
tended and v PI v cnth'i-i ' i-tu I'hc ob
ject of ! his meeting wa- tolint a niMiii
faelin ing boom fiir this citv It vv t- d <
cided to iporgani/e the old bond ot trade
and about llft.v m w nii'inbci * wctn added
and a committee appointed toeuire
still olheis Si-vc'-al comnmn'u aliens
were rend concei nlnji the location of a
clock faotoiy , vinegar f-tclorv and a
ninjr et tbl'ishmeiit Conuniltces v\erc
t ntipo'mtpd lo further inve-Hejaie each of
1 i these enlerpti'scs The nipcm < f hcaiiilv
J ciidoi-sca Ihe action of Ihe cit.j council in
exempting horn taxation for live year-
all new factories shirting here wtlh a
capital olo.0')0 ' ) The meet ins adjourned
su'-jcct ' lo the cull ol the < linltmnti
A Tumiflali - .
'lliomccrt given h.v Hie Mine Kiy
company hist evening was fair , hut did
not meet Ihe expect tttoiisof the lliiitorin < ;
not ice * given i hem b.llicjnc
Di ( at'i died at Ontatio , Canada , jcs-
lonln.v morninc. He wis the father of
Mrs , J L Mow art of Ibis < -itj.
The SCIMJIC n YOIIIIU Ho-lon rellow
( iot Into.
Che.vclinc Leader "Dili vou In afahout
the $ ciape a B sl < > n man mil into heie
last juminer'aid Ihe hotel clerk as he
cocked his feet on the desk in trout of
him and settled hick lor a talk
"Don t think 1 have , ' --aid the report cr.
" ( ! o ahead , and if I ii ivc lieaid it I'll
wli'-per ' 'chestnut- vou "
" \\cll \ , lids cliap was -boil sighted , and
after adjusting Ins single-bum I Knglish
ejcgla PS , lie icgi-tiicd Ins name and
. ! , to loom loil.v live , and his
baggage was taken , up stairs by Nip
Then this .voting man limn Boston
walt/ed .straight out in Hie count i v to
look fur bugs , geological fo il- and cow-
ho\- \ At niglit he ambled b ick and
stumbled up st iirs Bv mis' ' tko he got in
( lie wrong loom Heciiti led forly--cv.en ,
which was occupied b.\twu nice girls
liom Ontuliu , w ho at the time were eu
joving a walk. On then letniii to their
loom , as it was d irk. thev didn't noliic
young Botoniiwh | ) d'oiil on their bed
> o llii'i turned on Ihe ga- and began
tlicii' toiht-for Alter
making toihtfornppci
wa-hmgand powdeimg I'icii ' face- , one
-aid 'Oh , Mamie , I'm g"ing lo ti.v a
little ion e to niglil. Xow , dun t let me
] ) Ut on tou mucli. ' Ashe s ud tinh r
ojt-fell on the .voting tinnpie.ul out
on Ihe lied. Bedlam began at ome
' I'heio'u man , ' I hey -ereainid m
choiiis 'Help ! I'iii1' Mnnlci " This
hullabaloo awoke 0111 liiend fiom Boston
who haw led at the top of hi- lung'Co
wa.v \N tut aio " vou doing in m.v loum- '
Ml'- our , ' . - | ) the voting la
die- , hid behind the towel lack 'Illi
nium i- mine , ' jelled Bo-ion. 'Oh , go
out' 'This is loom fin jvsjvcu and it'- .
ouis , ' ( ried the gills This bioiight our
Bustoii tnend to his -cn-es ami he has
til.v withdicw , .sa > mg t < i the army of
vv.uleia and othett. who weic besieging
the dour 'JtV all a mistake. 1 gel into
the wtong loom Just like my darned
stupidity -and- ' ' \\hat \ is jour mime4'
ii-ked ) ) , note book and pencil
icady. 'Name" excl.umi d Boston. 'Darn
m. > mimo. Just put it down as Fool
Pl'irn , Darn Tool ' " .
An OKI Colored Wonian'ii Ceiiiein-
hrance ( Jcorne Waslt-
Aunty Mary Smith of Philadelphia wa-
notoiieofViitiliinirlon \ 's numerous body
servants , but -he says she saw and wait
ed on him , and tliat this is gloiy enough
for one per-son. Her memory is of the
pat of so long ago that she cannot tell
tlii * . number of I be jeir * Aunt Mar )
was vi-ited the other day 1 > 3 n Phihulei
plua Times ropoiter , who tound her in
the Ihnd stoiy front room ol the tene
ment hoiiMi IOS ! Lombaul street , which i.s
a nckety old shell , with dark and nar
iow stairwiiy.s , und fiom the conlu-ion ol
tongues on every baud each , room ap
jioled to be inhabited by a lamil ot a
ditleiunt natiouulity Aunt Mary was
alone when the reportoi euteied by an
imitation from a iath"r stiongv'oice
within The ohl woman sal leaning ovei
the stove , in which a low liie vyiis burn
ing and she motioned her visitor to a
( eat
inn ici ffitin i ( ) > !
"Kid I cvei see C eoigp Washington' '
1/iws , \CF. Sce'd him anil waited on
him , lee How old am ! ' And she
went on echoing tiiu questions ami giving
the uiiswpis piomptly. "I don't know
how old I is , honey. My giandson took
de Bible w hi him to Cannd-i nriny and
many 's a v car ago , and I 'silorgot when
1 vvasboiu. I wiis a slave but 1 didn't '
have 11113 right to be , foi 1 am an Injun , ' '
And she ran her Imireis thiougli hoi
thick , kinky him , which was us winte as
tleecc " 1 b'loug to ( Jeueral U'liile Mv ,
mother saved old missus' life by hiding
her trom the InjuiiH when there was nil
npiising al tlicii home in , S.
C. De white fo'ks ' loll dale an' cum to
Cold Spring in New Jei-cy , nc n Nev\
Binnswick. 1 was born ( hue and dal i
whin I saw ticntral Washington
"liOOIt-MIOKIM ! l.ini.K Ml. ( .Alt.
"He visited dc houv often and when
ever he would cum bed s-iy ' \\hars \
my good looking liltle iiiggai"1 And
I'd emu in and courtesy MI'Here I is ,
mai-p.ili , ' when ho would favau
know what 1 wants , don't jon * ' 'Yes ,
hir , 'J'il say , 'brand. ) ami water' l > cn
I'd coiutcsy iigain. ) > e genel didn't
think ilat anybody could lix him his
brand. ) nnd water like me , " and the old
woman lo > scd her a cd head in u piond
w aj and bur dull evcs gleamed with ic-
newed light. Then she grow lollcctive
and ntiei a few moments die said with
home emotion
inc. Lnjniu : > ntooi's IK Tin. ni.viii.u-
"I will nevei forget delight bilwicn
do 'Muiio-tn and de Kuglisli culdicin in
their leil cuatn CJenel \ \ ii.shingluii vva-
at olc inurnah's house de diy Info' an'
hu said dat do on ! ) way he could win de
battle whluh wan coming was wid niggur
tioops , Jle hud a whole lei ot niggaM
tiom Virginy. an' he told dent it de ; ,
would light like mint' ' men ! : r would
iriod- > * i ilfjw Jrtcuom alter de battle
I'jiiy asked him to give drm a plcnlj oh
vyhiiky vvld { 'impoivdul'lli it I1 it was to
make dum biave. | ) e whisky nnd < k
jiowdei gUL t > > ih m and dny lit like
wild eats on Iniutuu budge and de Ln-
, } \th \ wii ! > w lnpied ] Oh my , oh mj , MIII
just ougliter sued how * do nlgjnri > wiif
jiilcd iiji nil in a heap dead
in u .MI MOU IIF I.AI ni'nr
' Atiei di , war , ' she said , "J waf. bold
to John Cunnelli , who lived in dis ciu ,
on Cltestnnl htii et. above lentil , on de
borr. ) spot whur u big carpet More am at
now Air ? Moiris , who was a sister of
Ih > , hoi > White , lived mix door , and dal
was whur ( lenel Lafjcl , used to cum.
Dc Widow Morris give a big partj fei de
( ienel once uud all do in do city
mai died up and down de sticcts hinging
and diiiicinir , and when dey gel lo do
house whur'do ( iuncl was hu cum out on
de steps and bind dat hit mudo him awful
pioud l < i tc how much di ciillud folks.
Ihoeght < J ) bim My d1' niassali , Con
mills , was might } mad , kase huva - not
invilcd lo do cejition , and ho made hii
slu\es htan' mighty Miaighl lor a mouth
Jlltl NUJ' llhl.UNU 'IO llll.'t'AI ' 111
' 1'nii .sue , lie did not bulling to do
iii.iht | } lolkn , foi ho had been do pnt.on
Lceptr ub de iiliy I rcmcinbui dat be
wiug'.vtno to wldp meoiicotkaso I siirM d
missus , un , my ole iii-u he liunrn ahont
it an num to de Ittmv ' > swi me I fell
yci lie w is in nit tip nn" tu.inth gel to ;
quatllu'itti dey cunt mighty IIPBI liRht-
in' . One was tm one side oh' de fuico * n *
dc udder was on de tiddei an' decus , pd
until dc fence fell II tt oil df glolllld ,
NcdPi o'c ' noi HIJ olc man over.
worc after '
The old wont in wu < a kcd hovr slip gel
along. SUP .slid "M } rent has been
paid twenty jctiis by an old hdy who l < <
now lee old'lo leave her lieu e hut < hp
riMiienihei.4 me ever ? moth lltr nnnin
is Mrs Vnux and she n the mother of
Mi liichatd Vaux No , hone } , 1 don'l
know mv age but I isveiy old
] ( -piot t T < I' I Rrw'ial rrK M to li lVi.
Nutnivinlt I imt * orUiiu
' ' ' Ity U t p ' / '
s JgX Velerinary Specific :
jj * ' turolji ( > < o pf
Cattle , Sheep
DOGS , lions , 1'OtILTUY ,
In usf for over 20 jpnrs by J'
Sloclvbrccdori , llorao It. 11. , Ac.
Uccd by U. S. Covcrnmcnt.
Mounted ou llollirs & Book Mxtlcil I'ron.
lluni | > lirojii\MfiI , < ' 'o. , * O1 > i'liltim St. . tiV.
, _ _ _
u iiso W jonrfl Tit B only iif ei > ft ! fiil tonic Jy for
Neivous Debility , vita ! Weakness ,
nnd I'tostr ittnn from mrr nmfe tr otltor CAUB .
frl it r iul. < irfi > MUh'i < l lar * . M tl poniln ( 'r $3.
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nio l n inn Hi I > -l brnli-l lt rliulnit I hair Call. ,
The Fomouo Albert Lea Route '
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1'cifeci Mil
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Boyal Havana Lo litery
Drawn al Havana , Cuba E\ery 12 to H Djy
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