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/ MTVTI ti vtMitnin Titr >
The Hcndriclcs Memorial Exercises iu the
United States Court.
A Urutal llnpc Cn e-Tlio
Frauds A Hlrlko AMIOIIK tlic
Jmir Ifnrdwni'C 31 en in
Convention , fOIc.
After pxaminiup one witness In the
case againslJnck Martin , charged willi
counterfeiting , llio court suspended busi
ness for the day. District Attorney Lam-
bertson aroo and moved adjournment
In the following words :
In view of the sudden death of Thomas A
llcndiicks , vice piesliient of the United
Slate" , at his home in the clly ( if Imllnuap-
olln , WcdnoMlny Insf , and In * .low of the
fact that this day has been sol apait for the
final oWqtiles , nnd for ( ho observance of np-
proprlate iiirniuilnl exercises In honor of the
illusliloiis < lcnil , theiofor It would stein most
lilting and ) > rni cr that this eouit , one of thu
co-ordinate bnini.-hes of the ptvcrnmrnt ,
should reuse from Its Inboisol the day out
nf ( liicrcpiid loUie conspicuous vlt lues nnd
eminent abilities , the SIM vices and steilliu , '
character of Mr. llendrleks. and from due
icsjiect to the blu'li oilire which he held and
M ) acceptably tilled. Thcreloie , 1 mine yotir
honor , that an adjournment be granted of
the couit this day out of respect to the mem
ory of the deceased. "
I Messrs. Woolworth and Ualdwin fol-
owed with appropriate remarks nnd
the court formally adjourned for the day
Following was Mr. WoolworlliN
speech , which he road frommanuseript :
The sudden death of the vice president Is
an event of factious moment to the nation ,
and demands solemn notice In the courts of
the tcdeial juilsiliellou.
In thii civil polity ol the country , his rank
was next to the chief mniflstnicy. Jlisolllcc
wascieateil to supi ( iienmf prompt sue-
cession , In thofU' . of vacancy in the presi-
dcncy , so thai , the supremacy of Hie Inw
should continue without suspense. Hut by a
reversal of thu order , lie , aualnst the misfor
tunes of whose demise .solicitous provision
was made , survives in the exercise of his du
ties , wldlo he who in the exigency was to
. succeed to ( hellish functions himself Is dead ,
So do thn devices of men come to naught.
Uy a singular and wise provlson , the organic
law ordains for ( ho vice presidency Inactlvl-
tfes rather than a Isu epait of the strife and
passion of the administration ; so that the
personal character and relations of the in
cumbent illicit be held in reserve , and , if un
happily called thereto , he should come to I ho
chief magistracy a new man and of hlRli char
acter. Xext in rank to thu president in
whom are vested exhausting and transcend
ent power.he ' was charged with duties little
less than formal , and responsibilities that
iinfrciiucntl } are giavc.
And yet in the country , amid Ids fellow
citizens , be held no second place and wielded
a scepter of no small potency. Ho was a
great character , and men paid him the homage
age of their first and reverent attention. J5y
a long career of nalilotie service , lie had
earned the right to speak lo thu people ; mid
they gave heed to his words as those of a wise
man , and they were largely swayed by his
opinions as those of a pmv , honest , faithful
leader. Xo second plucc was his in the pub-
lie. confidence , and no uncertain memory will
lie yielded his name in tin * national aH'ccllon.
It was not the olllce which -Mr. llendrlcks
held that made him Illuslilous : butlijs ser
vices , ills character , his life. Among the
semiloifi. and mlnicUmr with the people , ho
was a grand liiruro. Nature had set her mark
upon him. Ills goodly Joini rose In dignity
among his fellows ; his amide brow , Ids mild
lint glowing eyes , his benignant countc'iiaiice
traced deep with the lines of thought , til bespoke -
spoke a wise , a serious , a vlgoio IH mind ,
And his gracious and graceful heaiinu , never
lofty to the lowest , never ImrMi even to ml-
vcrsarics , told the tale of a life full of charity
and service and self discipline. Such be
was as a statesman. lint to the
bench and bar of the federal courts
liu was more. In these forums , where great
cause.- : are mjilatcd , qiiolions of the last im
portance debated , and final judgments pro
nounced on the gravest issues , there lie most
and greatly exenistd ; himself. His giaco
was that of iheeoiiMimmntt' liyerbls ; diet Ion
( lie purest KiigliMi ; ids thought us clear as
the waters of ' ( ho deep and silent river ; his
illustrations as abundant as the experiences
of life : his leas'onlng as cogent as the vital
truth ; his tiulhiuliicssas certain as the en
lightened conscience of HID good man.
'Ho was a lawyer all Ids life , lie beitan his
career at the bar ; be ended It there. He held
to his profession amidst thu cares of otllce
and the excitement of party strife. When
chief magistrate of Ids state , he tried causes ;
when senator In congress , lie argued In thu
courts ; from the i popular assembly , lie turned
to the Judicial forms and illustrated them
with ins great advocacy.
Jlu was more than a statesman and lawyer ;
lie was a devout Christian and faithful mem
ber of the Kpbcopal church. Senior warden
of St. i'aul's cathedral , member of the diocesan
cesan council of Indiana , and at one time its
chancellor , and delegate In the general con
vention he spared neither labor nor thought
nor money for the church. Ho believed in
her dogmns , he rejoiced in her services , ho
received her saciaments , he died in the cath
olic faith. Ho rests In peace , and a perpetual
light shines upon him. With what , terrlblo
frequency this people has bcon called to
the open grave of her cieat servants.
One of thu lord oh let justices of
Kngland , pronouncing judgment in thu great
contest about the earldom of Oxford snid , " 1
heard a great peer of this realm and a teamed
say. when In : lived there was no king In
chiislendom had Mich a subject as Oxford. "
And then speaking of the mutability of hu
man nobleness lie said , "and yet time httth
his revolutions : There niu-t boa period and
an end of all temporal things , tlnls rerum , an
end of names and dignities ami whatsoever
Is terrene ; and why not of do vere' , ' Wliciu Is
Itohnn ; Where's Mowbray ; whero's Morti
mer ; nay , which Is more and most of all ,
where is l'lnnlaanctTlioyaroenkiiiieillntlio !
urns and Kcpulchcr.s of moitality. Ami so
we. looking upon the great fame of our coun
try's recent dead exclaim , Where is Grant
and McClellan , and thu other great servants
of thu country In thu day of her distress : and
now , vu > , name with them Thomas A. Hen-
dricks. Where arc they'.1 Kntombcd in the.
urns and sepulcliers of moitality. Such
is thu human greatness , save another life fol
lows after this.
Mr. lluldwln's remarks diflercd from
those nf the gentlemen preceding in this
fact that tnuw wore extemporaneous.
Thu speech was brief but paid in olo-
qnent terms , a splendid tribute to the
dead statesman.
Anil the Tulo Thereto AHA
A petition for divorce was filed yesterday
in tlm district court ; thu story of which ,
if it bo true , is a somewhat 'remarkable
one. The title of the wilt is WiU'ltim Scott
vs. Marian Scott.
According to tliu petition , the plain-
tift'isan old man , ( JO years of ago. Ho
has bcon married to the defendant
something like forty years , The prayer
of the plaint ! ! ! ' relates that during the
last Ion j oars of this timu Mrs. Scott has
boon guilty of extreme cruelly to her
husband. Sim has beaten htm repeat-
? iHy , Ills saidwitli ; clubs and sticks , etc. ,
calling him hint at the same timu such
names as bride , dog , drunkard and
scoundrel , Sim has also , it is said , urged
her children on to deeds of violence
against him , and taught them to wil
fully chastise him on thu slightest provo
cation. On one occasion , it Is alleged ,
the plniutill' was get upon by bis eldest
daughter , Mary , who beat him cruelly.
On maiiy occasions , It is alleged , the
plaintiff nas been driven from homo with
the blood prickling down Ids faro , from
wounds inlliefpd by Mrs. Scott and the
children'The jdaintlli' stales , that this
tori of ( lung | ias boon going on for the
past ten > .years , nnd that within thu last
twelve lias boon attacked by
tils wife at-jcrfstu do/on times.
To onp H' ' ° pUtriiuc \yJuittfiu \ petition
states to M "H lonj ? soriO'J of orm-lll'S ,
two or other three months ago ,
Mrs. Scott tiled information boforu tun
comiuiseion of insanity of Uoughiscounty ,
li at her Imbniul was ins.uic. Ho was
brought before Inc board , nnd after n
carolul examination was discharged.
Mr. Scott inninl-iin * that he i perfectly
sane and able to take elinr o of the prop
erty , hN wife's allegations to the
contrary notwithstanding. He says
in his petition that Mr. * . Scott
has rnado to his friends an oiler to allow
him a certain amount ofall money from
the income nf the property , provided he
would leave her alone. Tin ? the plain-
lifl'in tlio nclion is unwillin to accept.
The properly owned by Mr. and Mrs.
Scott i of iioinpoiiMdcrnblc value , union"
other tilings there being a. valuable lot
or. Douglas street , on which there is a
building formerly occupied as a bakery.
Tliis lot alone \alued at 12,000.
The petitioner prays for relief in sever
al directions. I'liM , ho seeks absolute
divorce from Ids wifn. Second
lie n ks that a receiver bo
appointed to collect rents and maintain a
general control over the proj > crly , and
third , that an equitable division of the
property bo made ; and fourth that ho bo
given custody over as ninny of the live
children as nfay choo. = o to live with him.
Mrs. Scott was scon by : i scribe yo.-ter-
day , at the residence on the north side of
Douglas street , between loth and Kith.
Shu was nikcd about the truth of the
various statements in the petition.
"AH 1 can ay , " . | io replied , "is that
Mr. Scott Ts Insane. "
"Hut ho was discharged by I ho board
of insauilj ? "
"Yes , because his ease wn hard
ly bad emiutili to send him to
Lincoln. At least so thu clerk of the dis
trict court informed my daughter. "
"Is it true that yon have beaten him ? "
"My husband is in uno. That is all 1
can say. Ho is not responsible for his
declarations. "
A IIltln ttii'l llnpc'il liy An Unknown
A case of rape under peculiar and ag
gravated circumstance" , came to ligld
Monday evening about live o'clock , little
Kmmii ICranse , a twelve-year-old girl ,
left her homo near Mul/'s brewery , sent
on some trilling errand by her mother-
She had gene but a. few steps when she
was met by two women , one of whom ac
costed her and remarked that .sho would
show her something nice if she would
accompany them.
The littlis girl , as she says , followed them
without thinking that any harm would
result. The two women look her oil'
into an old barn near by. Here she
was set upon by a man , who threw her
down and made her a , victim of his lust.
In the muunlimu the women lied , and the
girl was left on the spot in a semi-uncon
scious condition. Thu name of the as
sailant is unknown , but the
two women who connived in
the crime arc believed to be
neighbors of the. ICraus'es nnd their iden
tity is a matter of wcll-nigli absolute
Fred Krause , the father of the girl , is a
watchman in Mutz's brewery.
The Pci-ixjlfalors of Which suto
Arrive Jlcrc To-XijIH From
Deputy Marshal Allen arrived last
night from Denver with live
prisoners , who were indicted at the
last term of the United Slates grand
jury. They are charged with having de
frauded and conspiring to defraud the
United Slates of : i largo amount of pub
lic lands bv causing various persons to
enter lands at the. North 1'lutte land
oJlicc nnd thn MeCook land oilieo under
the names of fictitiousparties. Many of
these were employed in Denver for $5
and.expenses to proceed to MeCook and
North I'latto land olliccs and en
ter the land in the- names of
fictitious persons. Some of the
persons so employed * have niado
as many as half a entries of
Innd all under fictitious names who never
went or slept upon the ground or entered
it properly. Most all of these swore they
resided in Cheyenne county , Nob. , and
had made the improvements required hy
law , and th-it they were all residents o'f
Denver , ( . ' 1 ratio. The number of fraud
ulent lam. a tries made will reach from
101) ) Io200. U is thought that the defend
ants arrested are backed by a largo mon
ey syndicate , nnd several of the defend
ants have remarked that there was a mil
lion of dollars behind them. It is also
understood that largo fraudulent entries
were made in the land ofiices in Clioy-
enno , Wyoming , by the same parties.
The names of the parties who arrived
hut night are arc as follows : .Ino. C.
Turner , Frank , Hugh Hvan ,
Alanzo M. Wells , James Dormin. They
were all locked up in the county jail.
A Poor IlonrdliiK-l'iiicc.
Kd Kane , a suspicions character , was
arraigned before Judge Stenberg yes
terday. Ho is a perfect wreck , being an
inveterate opium eater. In fact his intel
lectual powers are so completely
shuttered , that ho is butter lit for thu lit
Bane asylum than the prison. Among his
other foibles is that of thieving , llu can
not restrain from this propensity , and
will invariably walk away with anything
ho sees , if his fancy so dictates. This
time ho had stolen the overcoat belonging -
ing to a young man in the Knmiel house.
"How long have yon been out of jaih"
asked the judgu.
"About livu days , your honor ? " was the
' 'Where do you livu ? "
"Near thu Emmet house. "
"Where do you board ? "
"At thu Republican ollleo. " This re
ply , unexpected and comical , brought
down the house. The judgu reasoned
that Kunu if boarding at this hostelry
would get nothing to eat but liberal
hunks of the 1'ier.son sensation , which
would bu enough to account for his thin
and general disorderly condition. Ac
cordingly in order that the poor follow
might bu not tempted to get on a Homier ,
thu judge decided to turn him over to the
county authorities to bcQlookcd after as a
Thieves Operate ivifli the Alii of
I nij8 ( A Gootl Haul.
The residence of A. L. Uergsten , Sev
enth and I'inu streets , was entered by
thieves Monday night , who gained au en-
.trance by forcing open the rear door of
thu housu , Mr. anil Mrs. Hcrgstcn slept
on the lirst lloor , and in their room Is n
closet containing some .silverware and
other valuables. The thieves entered
this room and ransacked the closet in
the most thorough manner. About $ r > 0
worth of sHrenvnro was taken , and some
$18 in monov from a mirso in ouu of thu
drawers. There is no doubt but that thu
family was chloroformed , as a strong
odor of that drug was perceptible iu the
house this morning , and a sponge which
had evidently been soaked with chloro
form was found. Mr. Hergi-ton says
that ho is very easily awakened
and Is conlldent that had not
the thieves operated with the aid
of chloroform , they would have awak
ened him , There is no clue to the rob
The Cilj Hull (
* Mr. B. K. Myers toll-graphs from De
troit that ho will bo hero on thu IfHh lust. ,
with the plans for the city hall ready to
submit to thu council.
Kxcinpllllctl In the 3U-PI Inn i"l AVoik-
iriK * ' "f Iho Women's ( . 'hrlMlnn
Aid Association.
Tue annual meeting of the \\omen'i
Christian A. . < 1 association , was held in the
basement of th ? Kngli h Lutheran
church , yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock.
There was an attendance of about iifly
well known Indie ? , and the : ittondanr > i >
would have been much greater had it
not been for the umiMinl attraction of
nn Abbott innlinoc.
Mr * . W. 15. Doolittle , president of tin-
association , occupied the chnir. Mrs.
Dodge neteifsis ccrolary. The ineoMng
opened with n "Heading of the Scrip-
lure ? by Mrs. Jlnolittlo , after which Mix
Jardimufureil prayer. A short poem
" " then road after
on "Active Piety" was ,
which th" roll was called by Miv. Dodge.
Acommillee on nomination of ofliecrs
was then appointed and consisted of livu
members. Tin- minutes ) vas thenivnd
by Mrs. Dodge , and approved by the
mooting. The treasurer , Mrs. Dr. hud-
inuton , read her report , from which the
following excerpts urr made :
mriivii : : : > lirniM ) TIII : yin. : .
l-or building fund . ? KWI
I "or general fund . tttvsi
from "chaiily ball" committee . ! V.v.M.Tl
. .
I'rom ircueral fund . -I- "CO.-tn
l''iom "charily ball" fund. . 2.2-il.Tl
J'alaiice on hand luM year . i'.sno"
Funds now on band . Srtlf. to
Consisting of
ISulldliig fund . siJSVi.l
( .Iciieral fund . : .W.i' > r >
- SCl'.MO '
The report of the matron , Mrs. M.
I'ligsh-y , was replete with interest
Another poem on "Christian Liberty"
was read when the annual report was
read by Mrs. Dr. Moore. Tliis was a
carefully prepared document and .showed
up the beiielieeii-e of the association in
semiring temporary homes for moro than
" 00 women and children ; securing per
manent employment , through its agency
to about ( he same number ; distributing
! ! 0t ) Ions of coal , 10 > ) pairs of shoes and
actually keeping not less than KUO fami
lies from starvation. ' The report fur
ther showed that the * 1VH.71 reciVed
from the charity ball committee had
been accounted for'to I he same , and been
expended as directed for only four
things : food , fiielelothingand medicine.
There are now on hand ifiUJ in tin- build
ing fund , which , however , cannot be ex
pended until the city redeems it s promise
of donating a lot to the association. A
paper , "What is the true end and aim of
Women's Christian association work ? "
by Mr.s. S. W. Inglinm , of Cleveland , < > . ,
was read by Mrs. J. C ! . Ihiines , of this
city. This was followed by a vocal solo ,
"Your mission , " by .Mrs. A. P. Wood ,
after which Mr.s. Doolittle delivered the
president's address. The report of the
nominating committee was made after
which the election of ollieers took place ,
as follows : I'lesidont , Mrs. IJarr ; lirst
vice president , Mrs. .1 , J. McClain ; second
end vice president , Mrs. L' . L. 1'errine.
The hymn Christian Sympathy followed
and tlio Doxology brought the meeting
to a close.
Iio\v lie May JJc Jtclcascd JVoin .lull
anil How Ho Looks iu Jlis Cell.
Since the committal of John F. Lnucr
on ihc charge of murdering his wife , Ids
counsel , John M. Tliurston , has been
hurrying up the work of preparing to se
cure the former's release on : i writ of
habeas corpus. The motion will be
brought up on next Thursday and argued
Lauer passed a sleepless night anil as
his cell is isolated saves for thp adjacent
quarters of a condemned murderer , il
can be imagined that his dreams brought
to him no soothing fancies.
His cell is on the second floor , llio
farther cast of the two especially con
trived for the restraint of desperate char
acters. Vet that has no significance , in
factns the chamber is snacious , well
ventilated and Hooded with light. In
the center of the room , itself secured by
heavy doors and barred windows , stands
a cage , seven by eight feet in lateral di
mensions nnd about six mid a half
feet high. Its grated door is locked
and its lattice frame work is of steel .so
highly chilled that no liie or saw can
make an impression and no heavy sledge
bent ! or break its unyielding temper.
In this enclosure , upon : v pallet lay
John Lnucr when the reporter called tins
morning. The prisoner lay with n blank
et drawn clo.-eiy about him , nnd at inter
vals would shake as though with a chill.
His face betrayed suffering nnd he look
ed altogether Hke. a sick man. The re
porter asked him if Iio was ill , to which
lie nodded assent.
Laner had little to say. Ho remarked.
however , that his committal without bail
was no surprise to him. Ho did not
know whether a writ of halloas corpus
could bo obtained for him , but was satis-
lied that Mr. Tliurstbn was confident of
being able to do en.
A few friends had called in Iho morn
ing , but up to noon no ( lowers or delica
cies , as is so frequently the custom , had
been brought for him.
Army Xotcs.
Gen. Howard left yesterday for
Kansas City to deliver a lecture on " ( ! en
Grant. "
Col. Henry , department instructor of
rillu practice , lias prepared his report of
the standing of the various po.sts within
his jurisdiction , in the matter of target
practice , during the year IbW. The fol
lowing are the figures :
Foil liridgw . fiaor
Kurt Douglas . 5T.KS
Fort I.aramlo . 7-Ur
Koi t McKinney . 7li.w :
r'oit Itnsscll . ci.C ! , ( )
1'oit Sidney . ra.u
1'ort Steele . itt.liJ
Fort Xlobrara . WJ.OH
Fmt Omaha . 47.r :
Fort Koblnson . 40.IM
Fort Waslmkle . Rl.M
( 'mill ) Medicine Hutto . IM.OO
Cinnp 1'Ilot Jlntlo . liy.40
The work done by Gen. Hatch , Ninth
cavalry , at Fort MoKinney , standing
.second with two months practice is most
The barracks being built at Kvan-ton
by the Union 1'aeiiio company , for the
accommodation of the troops now sta
tioned there , will consist of a main
building 'JlxlUl feet on the ground and a
wing ! i xM feet on ono side. Thu ceiling
wilHw ton feet high. The building will
include a well equipped kitchen , tailor
shop , barber shop , etc. , and lifty-two
iron bunks. A porch nine feet and ten
inches in width and 1'JO feet eight inches
in length will run along thu sutu facing
the railroad. A high , tight board fence
will enclose the space , two sides of which
is formed by the main building and
wing. _ _
Hallway Mutters.
Largo quantities of materials and sup
plies are being shipped daily from this
city for use upon the linrlington & Mis
souri extension now in progress from
Kllwood to Ognllnln. Thu contractors ,
Mallorv & Ciishing , sent out live car
loads of teams , wagons and implements ,
ami lifty men followed this morning ,
Mr. Hackney , the selected successor of
1. II. Congdon , tne renlgned superinten-
doiu of the Union Pa ciliu motor power
and car departments , left Kansas City
lnst night and arrives hure this morn-
EC. G. Hurt , superintendent of the Iowa
dixision o the Chit.tgo& 'orthwestern ,
is Iu the city.
tt. P. Itumphrle ? , traveling ngcnt for
the Chicago V Atlantic , Is In the cit.y.
K. W. Winter , gem-rat nianngor of the
Chicago. St. Paul , Minneapolis Ar Omaha ,
arrived ypslcrdav by special train
from St. Puiil. Mr. Winter's present
business here is connefltcd with the pending
ing injunction suits of hi * road against
the Oinnlin llelt line , llo i slopping at
the PnMon.
KM.MA Aiinorr IN i.TKAVIATA. .
Another crowded greeted the
i-lo'o of the Abbott season hero la t night
nnd lUloned to u splendid performance
of "La Trnvinta , " an opera which con
tests with " 11 Trovntore" for the rank of
Verdi's masterpiece. So well did Miss
Abbott MiMain the role of Violctta ,
meeting at once its dcmnnds for song
and drama , that Mio has won the assur
ance of perpetual big butties ? from the
Omaha public.
"Li : Trninta" re-riets ( Its active duties
to lvn members of the east , and last
evening the work devolved upon Miss
Abbott and M. Micheletin. How well
they met Iliti requirements of their parts
the plaudits { 'rooting their every ami
and duel loudly attested. The singiii"1
of Mr. 1'ruette should not bu overlooked
as it earned him in Ihe .second act a call
before the curtain. The chorus
nnd orchestra were both in harmony
with the excellence of the lending part" ,
and the grand opera was rendered
perfectly and smoothly.
"LiTrnvlnln"i : n musical adaptation of
Dumas' drama "Cnmille" and sustains
the strong emotions of its prototype. It
\vi\s \ with much plcu.unthat the evi
dence of Mjss AJibolt's dramatic taji-nl1-
Vi'ort ! ijeroeivud in her excellent delinea
tion of the character of the ill-fated nil-
venturers. Mr. Miehclena nl'o proved
himself an actor , so that the opera was
well acted and well sung.
The Omaha public has been generous
to Miss Abbott on her present vi.-it , for
not less that $ : ) , i > 00 were receipted at the
three perlormnnees , and "altogether the
people spent for'opcrn in the two days
past , fully * r > ,000.
A Coiii1o ol * Itunawnys Who Arc
Headed Tor Omalia.
I\Iar \ > lml Ctinimings receiyed a letter yes-
torduy from Chief of Police Tnllar , of St.
Joseph , Mo. , directing him to be on thu
lookout for a runawaj wife who is badly
wanted in that city. On llm ISth day of
November Mrs. Charles F. Genshoen left
St. Joe in company with a "fly" young
man calling himself Frank LongkKo.
They were headed for Onuilin when last
heard trom , and il Is supposed that they
are now in this city. Mr. " . Geiislu-en de
serted a family of several small children.
Her husband , who had never suspected
any iujidulity on her part , is almost crazy
over hw wife's act.
Mrs. ( lenslieen is described a ? a woman
21 years of age , -1 feet 10 inches in height.
She has bine or gray eyes , light hair , and
of general light complexion. She is
round-shouldered , and lias a sear on her
right wrist. The police are ou the look
out for the guilty couple , but as yet have
no trace.
If. of 1 * . ltlKiiiutric < .
At the regular annual meeting of
Mjrtlo lodge , K , of P. , on Monday last ,
the following ofliecrs were elected for
for the ensuing year : P. C. , W. F. Man
ning ; C. C. , W. W. Wells ; V. C. , Charles
Connors ; Prelate , W. F. Baker ; M. of E. ,
Dave Kaufman ; M. of F. , M. F. Miaul ;
K. K. ot S. , K. F. Simpson ; M. of A ,
Fred Fuller.
After the honors had been conferred ,
David Kaufman , the newly elected M. of
K. , 'generously invited the attendance ,
numbering about liftv , to Higgins' res
taurant , whore a delightful and short-
noticed supper was spread before and
enjoyed by all the gallant young gentle
Awaiting n Word From Home.
The remains of David R. Kolms , the
brakeman who was killed on tiio Union
Pacific' track in Council Bluffs on last
Saturday , at last accounts were In Un
dertaker Biirkct's rooms , ou North Six
teenth street. Sonic friends of tiie de
ceased in the Bluffs had telegraphed to
his relatives , in Connorsvillo. Pa. , to as
certain what disposition would bo made
of the remains , but had not received any
answer. Kohns was engaged to n young
lady named Dijrling , in Council Bluffs ,
and was shortly to nave been married to
her. The violent severance of the
plighted tics has worked severely upon
the object of the young man's utlection.s
Police Court Docket.
.fudge Stenberg had n full houfo , yes
terday. The following cases were dis
posed of :
Ed. Borkenson , drunk and disorderly ,
$5 and costs.
Mrs. Dillon , intoxication , discharged.
11. A. Nichols , drunk and disorderly ,
$5 and costs.
Ed. Gibbon , disturbance of the peace ,
? . "i and costs.
Pat Fox , disorderly conduct , * ! ! and
costs , committed.
Sam Love , disorderly conduct , dis
Ed Kane , suspicions character , ordered
into custody of the county.
Dave Ilnrsl , suspicions character , 20
days in tlio county jail.
John Ritchie , Charles Florence , suspi
cious characters , given 10 minutes to
leave the city.
KcIoaMMl ,
Sam Love , a "dandy dark , " faced
Judge Stenberg yesterday to answer
to a charge of disorderly conduct , the
real charge against him buiug that of
stealing a woman's dross. According to
the htorv ho tells , ho had' ' n quarrel with
his "solid woman , " so "just to spite her"
broke open a trunk ami'took therefrom
n dress and gave it to ono of his friends
with intimations "not i to tell dat Li/o
about whah her dress was. " Li/.o con
cluded to turn the tables , and soul I'olico-
man Donovan after her property. That
olllcor not only secuivd tlio dress , jjm m-
rested Love.
Upon hearing , I rva Avns dismissed
with instructions not lo play any moro
jokes of that kind ,
Oradi ) of l.oavcmrin lh Street.
Tlio people on Leavenworth are divided
In .sentiment as roganls Uie bencllts they
are to derive from the compromise ordi
nance which last niglit passed thu coun
cil establishing the grade ot that thor
oughfare. And j'ot , il Is the only ono
that could have been accepted , when 1hu
bonctit of the greater number WAS con
sidered. It is a question of tearing down
bills or filling oven to thirty feet of some
of the hollows- ( ho street. To each of
these ant found some objectors , and
their next stop they say will bo to light
thu Improvement in the courts.
Held for R.vuinliinllon.
Victoria Howard , the colored girl
charged with stealing a clonk from Hro-
deriek , the clothing man , was held by
Judge Stenberg yesterday i * 'i- i cr
examination. Her bail was lived at
11,000 ami iinablo lo give it she was re
manded lo jail.
Which i i .Soon to IIP Opened on I'hM
Shcrldnn Avenue * ,
'fhe underfill grow tli w hieh lias taken
place in thr southwestern part of Omaha
lias ncco-sitafed an engine house in that
vicinity. Uecogni/.ing the fact , though
tardily , Iho oily recently had moved to
Phil Sheridan avenue , between Leaven-
worth street nnd St. Mary's avenue , the
old 1'aston stable , whieli hn now been
so altered as to answer iliv purposes ad
mirably A new joft has been inserted
which will le n ed in part for dormitory
and other purposes. Tim former will be
connected with Ground lloor by means of
stairs and tlio sliding pole , now in use in
nil our engine lioit. < e . The first lloor
has been plastered , and the side * wain-
scotled , in the rear , will be s-tatloned
stalls for llio hor--e , while iu the front
will be placed tlio steamer nnd lio-o : cart ,
'fhe building is loeateil on a large
lot , centrally located , and in the
midst of ono of the most
promising neighborhoods of the city.
The barn was secured in exchange
with the Puxton lot. It cost sf-.ViO to move
it from Nineteenth and Fnrnham streets- ,
and the improvements which it has un
dergone have cost about $ ir > 0moriNo
cheaper engine hou-e was ever erected
in llus eily , and nearly all of the changes
made iu in it have been made by mem
bers of the tire department. The build
ing will be ready lor ocenpany by Satur
day next. Oing \ to the lack nf pre -uro
in the hydrants in tliat part ol' the eily.
one of thn tire engine's which was used
before the erection of our water works
will be located there. It will manned
by four liremen , including the driver of
tlio lie e earl.
The CclcbrnttMl rUnnon & Iliiinllii Or
gan and I'lnniis in Omaha.
TinMUMMI & Hamlin organ and piano
company are about to establish an agency
in this city of their celebrated instrii.
meiit.s. Mr. K. M. Kppsteiu , ivpre cnt-
ing this company is now heiv to look over
tlie field and will doubtless offer n valu
able opportunity for a successful business
to an eliieieiH representative , ifneb Ran
be found. Mr. E. is stopping at the l 'o/-
HIS TiMiini ) on ;
DA boy named John Simms , living on
the river bottoms near the bridge and
employed at ( lie nail works lost the lliunib
of his right hand in a peculiar manner.
He was sharpening the. point of a raking
hook on ono of ihe large grindstones
when his baud slipped and his thumb
was thrust'against the ' tone. So rasping
is its surface and so fast does the stone
revolve , that in an instant jt had ground
off the boy's thumb to the lirst joint , 'fhe
injured lad was led to the ollice of Dr.
C'albraith and the wound dressed.
Hardware Men in Council ,
The \uirdware \ dealers of this city to
gether with many of the trade from
abroad , have been holding : i meeting to.
day in rooms 133 and 1'U of HIP Millard
hotel. The purpose of the meeting i.s to
establish .some uniform currency of
prices , to reach bettor arrangements with
railways and ( o take various itep.s of ail
van ( ago to the . Among the vis
itors arc Messrs. C. W. Hackett and Adam
Decker of St. I'uul , Minn. ; Win. West-
fall and C. Sehrciber of Dubnqup , la. : I.
1. I'ulkn. of Ft. Dodge , la. ; and ! ' . A.
Gardner of Connecticut.
Pai-nelliicst at I'latlsinoiilli.
A large mass nieeliug was held nt
riatt.smonlli last nightfor the purpose of
taking measures to aid Parnell in his ef
forts to obtain IcgNlutiyo independence
for Ireland. Among thosu in attendance
from Oinalin were Hon. J. Sterling Mor
ton , Hon. John Hush , lion. 'I liomas
lirennan , ex-seerelary of the Irish Land
League , Hon. Hobert U. Livingston , Hon.
Sam. . ! . Chapman nnd oilier local speak
ers. A largo delegation will "o down
from Omaha this evening to lend its voice
ami support lo the cause of the meeting.
Vesterday morning the class in politi
cal economy at the high school had a
discussion on the merits of protection
and free trade. Four scholars were
chosen to represent each side. Tho-e on
the protection side were Mary Ludington ,
Nellie Hall , Victor Uoscwnler , and
Cliarle.s MeConnell ; on llio free trade
side , Julia Nuweomb , Augii.-lus Detwilcr ,
Art Uoso , nnd Enoch Kllion. 'flic argu
ments on both sides won- well chosen
and prcsenled. A vote of the class gave
the victory to the protectionists.
Striking Pavers.
The pavers on Thirteentii street , twen-
y in ninnbcr , struck yesterday
against a reduction of hours and wages ,
John Fox , the contractor , had been pay
ing * 'i.V5 for ten hours daily work and
as llio days are growingshortor and dark
cuts oil'work so much earlier he determ
ined lo lesson the working day by ono
hour and reduce the daily nay by twenty
cents. The men refused thc .c lerms
and < mit work. The matter will either
be unlimited or new men obtained.
Tlio Sloukyards niu/c.
There is still considerable mystery
about llio South Omaha lire of Sunday
morning. No little talk of arson is in
dulged in , though as to where tu ! < blame
is to resthero ( is by no means a unanim
ity of sentiment. Some people believe
th'nt Alex Wiftlmrl Is responsible for the
lire , while others insist Unit .Jones him
self ; started iho blaze , simply for spile.
The loss ou the building and
property i.s about .flS.OOU.
Tlio Wrong 1'ornon.
Mrs. Julia Wade swore out a warrant
yesterday in police court for the arrest of
'her husband , who had ill-trailed her. The
warrant was placed in Iho bauds of Policeman -
man James Hratlyfor ervico. He made a
bad mistake and arrested Julia herself ,
instead of her husband. She was released
when brought into lliu police court and
Uriidy will "try It again.1 '
Theatrical * at llio I'orl.
The olllcurs nnd ladles nt Fort Omaha
have prepared for another theatrical en-
tertninmcnt , on Friday evening next ,
December . This Is Ihe second occasion
of thn scas-oii. nnd as thu presentation of
My Uncle's Will and The Old ( iuard ,
some several weeks since , was so success
ful , II was felt warrantable lo again call
( ho hUtrionic ability of tlio talented folks
who make up ( ho post souioly.
Married , November 20,1885 , at llio res-
idencp of tliu brido'.s uncle , Mr W. D.
Duller , 551 North Illinois street , Indian-
po .i. . by Iho Hcv , J. P. 1 > . John. I ) . D. ,
ofDuI'anw university , ( eorgu \ \ . Bur-
ton. of Orleans. Neb. , and Alma lloliiinii ,
of Indianapolis Indiana.Address for
thu whiter , -Nico , Alpos Maritimcs ,
Franco ,
Distillery JiiiH' | > veinolitfl.
The Willow Snrin a distillery'is now
running nt one-half capacity on account
of new and costly apparatus being put
in , The machinery , which U of the
latest ftiid nlosl nppnn oil sort , will hi
ready for operation probably to morrow
\\heii \ the lmpro\cmenl i completed tin
distillery will bo ono of llio inoM lim-h
o < | tilppoil in the United Stales.
Mnrtln was Drunk.
Pre\ ions to the adjournment of the
United States conrl yesterday , ono wit
iio s was examined in tlio Martin case.
His name was John McCarthy , wlu
Mated that the counterfeit money pas.sei
by Martin had been borrowed by ( no de
fcndnnt , nnd further that tin- latter \\n *
intoxicated at the time and unable U
distinguish between pure and pnrioii <
roinv Thr ease will be continued to-day
N'o Decision Vol.
Judge Wakeloy informed a scribe ycMor
day that all arguments iu the mailer ol
the Pnddork-McCormlek demurrer had
been ninde , but that he would rcmloi
no decision until two or three wcek.
hence. Both parlies to tin- suit li.-m
been ir'ivL'ii two weeks time to lilc sup
plonii-ntary papers.
Tlit' Xow lloulorai-iL
City Engineer l'oewatpr informed r
? eritio j estordny that he had propnred pro
liles , eliv , of llio new boulevard and was
working upon an estimate of Ihe eosl
thereof , to be soon submitted to the oil.1.
council. The whole diagram and ni-eoin
panying statement will be full and com
jileli- .
Art-tied ToOfurrotv.
The injunction of the Milwaukee road
against the Belt Line came up for hear
ing before Judge Wnkcley yesterday ,
but tlio hearing of the arguments wa
postponed until lo day at i ! o'clock. .
r.O-Klny 5O
Fifty patterns' line Clmiubi-r Set. * in all
woods , at greatly reduced prices. Will
continue only until sold.
1200 , ISOS and 1310 Farnam street.
I'crsoiuil Paragraphs- .
Clark Woodman left for the oust
yesterday afternoon.
Louis Bradford has been spending a
few days in Chicago.
U. M. Epstein , general agent of tin-
Mason & Hamlin Organ company , is at
P. E. J. Mackid , advance agent for
Weslbrook > fc Hacker , the bicyclists , is in
the city making arrangements lo open at
( lie rink next week.
JolmLiseo , ClarkK. ; . L. Martin , Fair
mont ; J. N. Lyniun , Hasting- ; . W.
Hurt , Ki.-ing City ; liobcrl J. Doan , A * > h-
laud , are at the Canliekl.
Long , the yonnp man whom Kads
tracked to Alton , III. , and charged witli
absconding , had gotten out the latter's
reach by just a day at the latter place.
An old man named Drowning , of Fair-
bury , in this state , is now iu jail here ,
charged by tlio United States with Pend
ing an obscene loiter through the mail
to a man in Missouri. Itrowing is about ,
00 years of age , and says his letter told
the truth ,
Julius IVyckn , of Wiednmn iv Co. . one
of Omaha's most popular business men ,
will leave this afternoon for a three
months trip to ICurope , lie will spend n
portion of tlio time in visiting Ids parents ,
who reside near Hamburg. It i.s rumored
that he lias purchased two return tickets.
Mrs. S. T. Smith arrived home yes
terday and through her , the loss sus
tained through the burglary of Thanks
giving night , i.s approximately ascer
tained. Mr. Smith says that the stolen
articles will aggregate in value close to
. " ,000. Xo clue to the whereabouts of
either thieves or goods has as yet been
obtained. _ I
Jpseph Hobbms and wife left last eve
ning for Mexico where- they will spend
thu winter.
The crticism on "The Mikado. " and
the spicy interview with .Mi Abbott in
ypstorduy'.s Herald was the work of
Miss Minnie Kath.
Tom Williams was arrested last niglit
by Oflieer IJrudy for threatening to Kill
Helen Kininiel ; Kill Moruu and Pat O'-
Doinii'H for drunk anil disorderly , and
Pat llannon as a suspicions character.
The People's theatre was well ( ill ed last
night , notwithstanding the counter at
traction at the opera house , thu company
being Niblo's Iluinply Dnmpty. The
show i.s a good one .with many pleasing
features. Peters and Holly , as usual ,
formed tlio great attraction.
[ u Nebraska and Iowa during the week
ending November 23 , 1883 , furnished by
William Van Vk-ck , of the postolh'ce de
partment :
Established Grover , Sewnrd county ,
lohn J. Hriggs , postmaster ; Lloyd , JCnox
county , Lucy A. Middlekaulf.
Discontinued Warsaw , Howard
Postmasters Appointed IJarlouvillo ,
Frontier county , John Harkius ; Kuda ,
liiiffnlo county , Edward J. Scott ; llyron ,
fliayer county , Cyrus Klack ; Lake ,
I'hclps county , Carrie Page ; Long I'ino ,
Urown coiinlv , ( ieorgu W. Love ; Lyons ,
I'url county , Christopher Van Schaiek ;
lii-ynohls , Jull'er.-on county , C. D. Moore ;
Itochellc , Sliornian county , Mrs. A. M.
Oust ; St. Cliarle.s , ( 'inning county , Adam
Schiferl ; Schwedt , Stunton county , For-
linand Midler : Willow Island , Dawson
county , O. M. Collins.
Establishedfiilpin , Madison county ,
Hiram L. ISigolow , postma-ter ; York
shire , Harrison county , James N. Ab-
jolt , postmaster.
I'o.stnmsterri unpointed Alia , Kuciia
YJ-lii county , C. E. ( 'aincront Clevcs ,
Hardin comity , ( Juorgn Kleekor ; Cones-
vlllo , Muscaline county , Klclnird 11. Wol
ford : Corrcetionvillc , Woodbnrv county ,
M. E. Crowther ; Delaware , Delaware
county , Clara Hefner ; DeMer. Dallas
county , J. L , Meek ; Ourncr. Hnncook
county , Hoberf Elder ; ( Jreen Castle , Jas
per county , Hexekiiih Woods ; ( iueriisoy ,
I'oweshiek county , Miss Maggie M. Uir-
nuy ; CJn&s , Taylor county , Mr.s. Margaret
Hush ; Hentonvilhj ; Mills county , b.W.
AVhomi ; Hnd-on , Kluok Hawk county ,
Samuel L. Willison ; Linden. Dallas conn
tv ; Louis Moore ; Luther , Hoonc county ,
French Luther ; Maples I'ivor , Carroll
county , John Meis ; Swan Lake , Lm-
mill county. Ned Midroney : I emiilctoii ,
Carroll county , Peter Now ; t'lo , Monona
county , Enmmit < > . Dorothy : Wankon
( unction , Allamakeo eouuly , Julius
DiheontinuednolJy.l'lyinoutli county
ri.stolliio ill
The decoration of the poitolllco , in
eommenioratlon of tlio death of Vice
i'rcsldoiit Hentlrieks , is a- decided ad
vaneemonl upon that which unused so
nucli coii'siiru at the time of ( Joncral
Omul's death. The middle part of Iho
milding , on Fifteenth street , has broad
lands of black extending from HH > cor
dec lo thu pavement , 'J IICPO arc loosely
interwoven at each of ( ho stories with
feMoons lightly falling between the nu-
irovlscd sombre pilasters. 1 hen1 is
lothingiiifipuing iiikhowork. It looks
ndeed like u mecliunioul tribute , and
could scarcely Imvo been it s demoiiKtra-
tlvu. On thi ) north und a few black
clothes lines do duly by falling over iv
mtlonal Hag and strongly biigauhl the
artlstie skill whirh evoked M > much cnli
cism during the obsequies ol lien , drant.
his tip A STORY Y
Cnrdlnnt tlfoOlt ) kcjj ' Ancudiilo ol'
Aroblilslio ] > llu > jlio- and u I'cnn *
Cardinal McCloskry was fond of a good
joke , llo liatl n keen and lively H-IIW of
the hinnorous , and his fnc-nlty of dis-
criminnlioii is said by lhoi-o who know
him inlimnlely to Imvo been of an ex
ceedingly higli order. It is known that
he was po sp i-l of nn nccurato literary
taste , and Unit IIP was a severe anil
criilenl vcholar ; lint to all except the e
who stood on tlii- closest terms of in
limnc.y with him il may spom slrnuj. .
thai < ( resrrvpd ami austere n man
hould have been af much nl homo in
plon = nnt society as in the pulpit. That
sijeli was the ea.-o , however , is fully
vonclicrt for. One of llio bc-l stories his
EminpiiPi- ever told , and ono wldeh he
frerpiently repeated among his Intimate
friends1 , was the following incident re
specting Arehbi-hop Hughe * : :
One wet uiglit iu IStt" the archbliehop
was summoned to Ihe parlor of hi ! > resi
dence in Moll stivpt by a man from
LiiKi-nip count v , I'a. , who gave his name
ns Wheeler. He was a < liirdj backwoods
clmvactcr with a loiidvaice , an honest.
open countenance , ami a candid s-pon
taneilyof manner ( lint was plelure qne
in the cxlreiue. On oiitcriiig the jiarlor
the atchblsboas ] familiarly tiddrpsvpd
us "Mr. lliijrhi"t" and > vn a-ked to tauc
a sent lie declined ( he invilalion. how-
jner , nnd for n few moments stood gaz
ing al the M ranger in blank u loni < h
menl. He sectn perdc\pd. ( The visitor
performed all the honors , and did most
of the talking for the lir-l live miniitn- .
He explained that il was Ids intention lo
enter the I'oman Catholic fold , ami thai
ho had coinc on to have tinceninoin
performed by the hijilu-l church digni
tary he know of. F : thcr McCunc. an
old pric t in central I'cnn lvauia , had
instructed him in the rudiments of the
faith , and he thought ho was about pre
pared to begin hi- noieeship. .
Archbishop Hughes became interested.
HP listened to the man patiently for o\
oral minutes. The stranger talked and
talked , without the remotest intention
apparently of coming to a .slop. He
would not ho interrupted. He. talked
about the weather , polities , crops , even
thing but the subject under considera
tion. The archbishop paced nervously
up mid down the room , 'filings were
gelling desperate , 'flic vi-ilor appeared
to appreciate Archbishop Hughes' di -
eomtiture , if lie did not positively en ji v
il , and every now and t lion , by way'of
parenthesis , would remark :
"Sit down , Mr. Hughes ; MI down , ami
make yourself at hojiie.1
Although UiNVls ! uttered inlhesin-
pcrpst manner imaginable the , novel ! v
soon wore off , and after a while from the
dint of frequent repetition il ceased lo be
even original. The archbishop could en
dn re it no longer. Ho was not in an
over cheery mood nl ( lie. time , owing tn
the dreary state of the weathei ami was
not disposed to tolerate iiimson.-e. Hit
decided lo bring the interview to an end
if possible , nnd ( irmly said :
"Sir , 1 am in my own bouse , nnd can
ntnnd up or sit down , ns I please. "
The IViinsylvnninii was not in thelea-l
abashed , lie failed lo see ( he force < > r
the remark , as a matter of course , and
again n siired ( ho archbishop that hu
ought to sit down. At length an oppor
tunity presented itself and Archbislioji
Hughes bcgai to inlcrrognlt- ninn as
to what he knew of tin ; ( ' : ilholic religion.
lie began with the ordinary questions in
the introductory catechism , which llm
neophyte said he had studied.
"Who made you ? "
"Why did IIP make y > iiv"
"To know Him. love. Him and servo
Him in this world and be happy with
Him forever in I he next.1
"Where is Hod. "
"God is everywhere , but i.said princi
pally to reside in Heaven.1
"Where is Heaven. "
The man Jiesitntod , paused and for
once was silent. Suddenly recovering
himself , however , he nnswoYcd :
" "Well , Mr. Hughes , that iiu
wasn't in the book , but -but 1 Mippo-u
it's up above. "
"Now , then , " said the archbishop ,
looking squarely in ( he man's eye- ,
' what does tied do in heaven ? "
Thai was a poser. The Pennsylvania n
was bewildered. Ho scratched bis head
in a vain eltort lo think il enl , but .some
how the idea had never Mruek him be
fore. llo was almost on the point of
giving it up , when Ids face bright cued as
he responded :
"That question wasn't in the book ,
either , Mr. Hughes ; but between .von and
mo 1 guess ( 'oil is in Ills own house up
( hero , and can stand up or sit down as
He pleases. "
Archbishop Hughes bur.- 1 out into a
hearly laugh , and grasping the man's
hand shook it warmly. They were warm
friends after that.
Cardinal McCloskoy related this anec
dote with such an evident appreciation
of thepointof the story , and with such
nn eloquent elaboration of detail that it
never failed to produce unlold mirlli.
[ Now York Star.
> Iiisical Union Hull.
At Iho Casino skating rinl : to
night ( ho Musical Union will give a eon-
cert and ball which will be one of ( ho
biggest affairs , s'o far , of the present
social season. The full band of lifty
pieces plays in concert and the dance.
Muslo will bo furnished from Ibirty-iivn
instruments. Five hundred ticket- have
already been sold.
Absolutely Pure.
i mi lmnnllmiry kliiil * , " ' ' "
iiicuiupt'l ' I on wIMH in mlll'l'l'l" ' < low . .
"i ' . aiym or , | , ( . | ii' ' " > v-.i.r ( * . n.
. ' "Wdur Ou ,
only In CMIH. Jloyul Iliikmif "
WiilUli-fU JO