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    ' * t ' * VT""V * * " "V 'V'J
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, OKT I V' * . ,
THE , NOVEMBER 13 , 1885.
Bocmol Tracts Bold at the Etito Capitol
Building Yesterday ,
A Imrtj IxxiUlnfr for Her Hooroant
llunbaiul Illjy llobbiifii ' OrMr -
ltiK In tlio Cllj- *
Ijlncolti NOWM.
fwtnM TIIK nnp/s nunisui.l
Tlio sale of state saline lands occurred
yesterday at the west entrance to the
capltol building. There was n much
larger crowd present than was antici
pated. At the hour of sale , 11) ) o'clock ,
the ball was filled with gentlemen who
desired to bid. The auctioneer opened
up with thu northeast , quarter of suction
fl , towaU , range 5 , 100 acres , which had
boon appraisedI at $11 per acre. It wan
knocked down to A. K. Orl.lith , of Lin
coln , for $10 per acre , making fcJ.OGJ for
the parcel. The following sales were
afterwards made : Northwest quarter of
section 8 , town 1 > , range , r , Kill acres , ap
praised for $10 and sold for $ ! ' ) per acre ,
total $1,1)20 ) , to Charles Green , of Council
Uhills , Iowa ; southwest quarter of BOO
ton ! 8 , town 1) ) , range 5. KM ) acres , up-
praised at $1 > .M ) , sold to 1-red Ilojrgon , of
Philadelphia , at $ .1.60 per neriii total
$1,1,00 ; southeast quarter of section H ,
town I ) , range 0 , Hill acres , appraised at
$ . aoldjo w. P. Phillip nt . ; ( , total
$ I7'J. | A. K.Orllllth bought two moro
parcels , John 1) ) . Shea ono quarter POO-
lion , K. L. Uohbius bought two quarter
section , and T. P. Quiek bought one
quarter Mjetion , paying the highest price
ot thu day , being $ ltl.-lo per aero. The
B.-ilo aggregatetl $ 1,0IS , while it was
purposed to dispose of $20.IMO
worth. The price , while low
in each case went above the nssosHod
valuation , which condition was pre
sented by the law. The laud is all in
Lancaster county and that disposed , of
yesterday is within from three to six
miles from the city of Lincoln. Under
thu law , hail not the public sale reai/'d !
$ JOI , > 00 , the board of public lamb ami
buildings had the power to oiler Iho
property at private sale for a certain
period. At a recent meeting , when the
matter was considered , it was uirreed by
the board that all sales should bo at
public-auction , which would cut oil' that
class of jobber who might have an idea
thai they could got I hem cheaper that
way. 'llio amount of ; UIH ) , ) anil more
having bton ( bold for cash , there was up
necessity for the board's proposed action ,
nnd the sale wits adjourned until
April , labO , when $ : i,00 ) > l worth more of
thp land will be ollcrcd.
The Pound case closed yesterday morn
ing. Aitor.liidgo MltqluiU charged the
jury , that body of gentlemen retired to
nialco no their verdict. The lawyers and
other ( titjintcrestcd indiv duals in the
courtroom thought the charge a very
one-sided nllair , and the instructions all
leaned toward the prisoner. The prose
cuting attorney offered a fiericy of eight
jnsM'uctionf ot Iho ordinary character in
elicit cases , bill Iho court would not sub
mit them to the jury , with ono exception ,
the eighth instruction , which was that
should Iho jury noljm able to njrree on a
verdict of murder in the. second degree ,
it.still might convict tie prisoner of u
lessor cr me ; t nit IB to say manslaughter.
There is a great- deal of.u.dvorso comment
in the city over this , 'and charges are
freely m.tilethat nn undue inlltionoo has
been used. Tucre is no positive proof
that .such was the C.-IHC.
Ono gentleman said , ho would civo $ ' ' '
to have Pound convicted , so that he could
BOO whether the goyernor _ would carry
out h's ' promise of executive clem 'iie.v
towards the prisoner. Another man said
that Pound ought to be cleared. "He
ought to have Killed both of the hlanket.v
blank anyway , and i
am sorry lit ? didn't. "
"You bet your lifo , that's dead smmro ,
anil don't yon forgot'it , " chimed in another -
-other man , who east an admiring look at
the man making the first speech.
Public opinion varjes in the manner
indicated above and in' about the same
circles of society may bo heard like ox-
prcosions. llt8BANI > .
Mrs. Kate Spitsine is in the city after
her recreant husband , I' A. The
lady lays multiplie tv of charges at the
door ol her , and , if true , ho must
indeed bo ungrateful for the lavish
amount of aiicotiiMi MM. Kate wastes
upon an unloving and unkind husband.
no told a reuorter that at present Peter
calls hit ; liomo Deiitou , Nell , a small sta
tion about twelve miles from Lincoln.
1'oUir ban been upending Ins money in
riotous living , and in tlio < clanmr and
gliltor of capital eity lifo ho so'-ms ' to
Jnivo Jnjjt his bead altogether. Among
other things. Mrs. Kate nl'eges ' that Peter
is enamored of a lady in this city who
runs a liashery , Mrs. Kate is boarding
at the Kimu olaee , vainly trying to win
back her husband a uH'cctions , but up to
the present time her struggles have
borne no fruit. The neglected wife says
plie is hcnndali'/od at .tlie carryings on uf
her hnshuid ; anil Ino Ian , and she
nsketl the nporter how Him would be
able to stop it. " 1 have a notion to beat
tier out of my boartl bill , anyway. " ami
Mrs. ICntu puckered her mouth and
Binjlcd us if she had struck a line idea.
In addition to these grievances the
lady alleged that a certain so-called
clerical gentleman who stopped at the
liouso had made improper advances to
bur , to her great annovanceand chagrin.
As slut left the olllco she observed will ) a
eigh thut Uiis was a hard world any wav.
A robbery occurred at an early hour
yesterday morning at the privato'board-
lug hoiiM ) No. 17yj M Mroot. The room
pi a boarder named Thonms A. Ilrigham ,
n fitocl ; man Iroat Colorado Snriir.cs , was
broken into while hit was stooping and
four sf'iO gold pieces , one $10 gold piece
anil § ! ! > In greenbacks and silver
taken , besides a gold watch and chain.
Thoru was no clue to the robbur.s. The
sumo burglars entered the room of n
imintcr who lodges in the house ami $ . ' 0
In money and some clothing were taken.
At an earlier hour the residence of Mr.
Kelley , the lawyer , was broken into ami
u nilvorrateh , un and other
wear ng apparel stolon. are the
larucst burglaries which have occurred
In Lincoln for smiio time nnd the police
nro at a loss to account for them.
Special Pullman car Swectw.itor ar
rived in Lincoln vest-inlay In the regular
ovorlantl train from Omaha , bearing a
load of distinguished citix.ens on their
way to .Sidney , Nob. , where ( icnoral
Morrow is to bo prost/ntr-d witn the badge
bought for hint by his friends
of tno lust ( i. AIt. . encampment nt Meal-
rlco , A number of ladiea anil gentlemen
joined the parti ) ' 'ui " > d moro will ho
taken up at Hasting * anil Juuiata. There
will bo a grand reception given at l-'ori
Bidney thm nvening , wfien thu presenta
tion ( B to be miidti.
< IT rri'Ms ,
A light snow full in Lincoln early yes-
tordai" morning , < tunl the weather was
quitu wiiiterish , It uloarod np later in
K tun duv and was ideasant.
The funeral of KdilioKltmtsch occurretl
yest-ertiay aiternoou at ; o'clock.
Tliu juimbor of traveling men making
, Llniuitliuir } | ) lioadqimrtcr-s is very large
at prcpcnt ,
'ho liwal market Is well Kiippliod with
nl kinti.i of wild iranie.
A purlyof fiiirveyurdiirriyisdjiithu citj
yestordny from the northwest. They had
nccn miming 1 10 line for the Chicago &
Northwestern branch from I'romonl to
The Uurllngton & Miss nri Hlvcr mil-
road is enlarging its yard room in this
city , anil has qtiito n largo force of men
at work laying track.
C. L. I'rcvitt ' , Kiq. , n folpgrnm
yustorday from Washington Mating "that
Ins wife wiis very tick nt that place unit
not expected to Hvo. Mr. FreviUloft Im
mediately for the na it , followed by thu
oondoliuio ; of u large circle of warm
The filreots nnd alloys am still in n horrible
rible condition , and sadly need the nlton
iton of the iinthorities at once. They
will not be likely to get it.
During tlio closing hours of the Pound
case L. C. Hurr ono of the attorneys for
the prlhoner , miule a wide play which ,
oven were it true , might with proper re-
card for I ho memory of a deau man ,
whether ho was a cut throat , murderer ,
horse thief or anything else pf thu sort ,
bettor Inivo been left unsaid. When the
coat which trillin ! were nt the time he
was killed by Pound was exhibited in the
court room Uurr went np to It , nnd tak-
itiil hold of it , said with a smile that it
Was ono he had owned and had been
stolen from him.
STATK Atttiv\i.s. :
\ . II. Howon , Hastings ; J. II. Helper ,
C. S. Ailing. Sewn rd ; , T. T. Dule , F. O.
Fowler. , Cliarles MetProf. . Straushur-
L"r , ,1. M. Richard * . Omaha/ : . Hritt ,
V , rkj P. U. Hale , W. P. Hall. Holdrego ;
lohn Denmnn. Alma ; A. T. ( illclmst ,
Howard ; . lolm .1. Cagnoy , Plaltsmouta ;
T. Dron , Fremont.
\VImt the Housekeeper Can 1'iirotinso
In the laical rtlnrlw 1'rlueJ
nnd Varletlos.
Onions are selling tit ! 55 "cents a pock.
I'oets are wortli So cents a peck. New
turnips are worth 20 cents n peek. Cab
bage is bringing Ji to It ) cents ( i head.
Potatoes , best varieties , nro worth f > 0 to
( M. Salt Lake potatoes are coining in ,
selling for 7/i / cents a bushel. Sweet po
tatoes , home grown , 4 , nnd Jersey sweet ,
( ij cents a pound.
llubbard and Marblehoad squashes
sell for 10 to 33 cents apiece.
Carrots nro worth t oonU n peek.
Oyster plant solid < l bunches for u iiiar- |
Parsley is sold at 5 cents a bundle.
Parsnips at W c.Mits a po'\ ! . Yankee
pumpkins an ) worth from 10 to 'J ! ) cents
each ; sweet pie pumpkins the same.
Celery sells at fiJ conls a do/.en. Now
hot-house letlueo and radidlius u cents a
The markets nro not well stocked in
the line of fruit. Catawbagranos 7o cents
to $1.110 per banket. Concord grapes to-
pound baskets , 05 cents. Ivcs seedling
grape.1 } retail at 10 cents a pound. Cal
ifornia grapes are selling at about M
cents a pound. Malaga grapes sell at ItJ
cents a pound. ' I'lirsian dates 15
cents a pound. Cranberries are
worth 10 to 15 cents a quart.
Lemons x ! ( ) to15 cents. Florida oranges
are now in the market selling 50 coiits
per do/on. Pears , diilercnt California
v..rietos , 1'JJ cents a pound.
Choice cooking and eating apples , ! W
toId ceuta a puulc , $ J.OJ to $ J,5J per bar
Tn the line of fresh water lish , white
fish , trout nnd bus-1 retail at ! . " cents j er
pound ; pickerel is selling at 10
cents ; croppie and perch can be had for
li cents ; catfish _ sell for .10 cents a
pound , lilne fish bring 20 cents a pound.
rresh Columbia river salmon are worth
' . "i cents a pound. Fresh eels feoil for LO
cents a pound.
Salt water fish , are again iii the
nvirkut at the following prices : Fresh
halibut 33 cents a pound. Codlish ami
haddock , 15 cents a pound. Mackerel ,
! " > cents each. Lobsters are worth t'i
cents a pound. Shrimps are snlliui ; fur
W cents a pound. Oystora , New York
counts , 50 ; selects , -lir , standard , -10 cents
a can.
Codfish tonguea and scollops arc n
variety and can be had throug.i the bal
ance of the winter. Codlish tongues soli
at 'JO cents a pound. Scollops , UJ cents a
Prairie chickens arc very scarce anil re
tail -lOoents each. DUCKS are selling :
teal , ' > cents ; mallard , ; > " > cents. Quail
are just beginning to come In , and sell at
l ! > i cents eauh.
The boat , cuts of sirloin sell for 15 emits
rumps and upper part of round steak at
l.J. Hoasting ribs , linn and juicy , can
be bought from 10 to 1 'i conts. Veal Ls
extremely scarce nnd comes high , from
l.i to 3 ) cents , according to the clioieeness
of the part. Sweet breads can be pur
chased utTi cents a pair. Corn beef is
.selling at from o to U cents , according to
cuts. Prime leg of mutton can bo bad for
lJ < HMils ; mutton chops UJ to ! , " > cents.
Ham is worth l.'J cents in bulk , 'JO cents
sliced. Pork , 10 to l.'J cents. Saupago ,
10 to IS } cents. Spring lamb is .selling
for ? I for fore quarter and $ l.'W for liiiiil
quarters. Spring chickens are worth from
, to 40 cents apiece
John , No. \Ve.st57th . st.Now
York , suffered from inflammation of the
car , which was very much swollen and
soimiiifn ! that ho did not sloop for three
nights. Everything was done for him
without avail. He took ipnq Biandrotli
Pills which acted powerfully , pains
ceased and swelling greatly reduced
took six Pills the two following nighU
and was well.
An Old Sol I lor Oonc.
The funeral of Moses llotaling , who
died Wednesday at his home in Douglas
county , twelve miles from Omaha , near
the Washington county line , will t lo :
plaoo this morning from the resi
dence of Jos. Uoliorty , t/lU Pivi.s.on
street ,
Mn-ses llotaling was nno of tlio oldest
settlers of IJouglan county , and is known
to every old resident here. He was horn
in Albany , New York , Suptnmhi.T # , iMl ,
and in 18 > 7 moved to the wilds of Ne
braska , settling in Don 'hi * county. He
was formerly a resident of Omaha and
conducted a general grocery store near
the tint Military itridgu , known as the
"Foroat "
The din-eased was an honest , true man
nnd a man rexpeeted and beloved by nil
who know him. He leaves a widow uiul
three grown up children.
"Delays Aio
If yon are pule , emaciated , havri a
hacking cungli , with night-.iweats , spit
ting of blood and liortnesd of breath ,
3011 have no time to lo n. Do not hesitate
lee lunt ; 'till you are pant mro ; lor.
taken in its early stages , consumption
can lie cured by the use of Dr Pierce
" ( ioldon Mcd'cal ' Dlscovi-rv , " as thoiii-
uiids can testify. Uy ilruggUts.
ISr.rnas Ulows Ills Uu lo ,
The promissory tidings from \Vashing-
ton were only ton true and tiucod | , | wave
ling floated yeMorday in tlio cold
bree/.e it had pre-unnounoed last night.
The chill ! > el in early lijst evening and
gained intunit.v a night advanced and
a snowfall set in. It is estimated that
three inches fell here , but the wind blow
it elsewhere , Temperature lp-day.-
MK ) a. m. , a-J deg. . JU.OOa. m. , 41 tloj ; .
l.n : ( in. . HI dez. ; a.UD p in.VI deg. Ho
) orts along the railways show that In
ho western part of the state there liavn
IMIII high wfndii. light MIOW * and u turn-
i triiturp at from 1 to Id
Enilway Mattsra TLe Heailiuattors Ooa-
tract Tirao Ohangcd-KJarhon Miners.
linttcrcd Dcnuty Confessed Ills
Crl mo Court nmt Volloo
No\VB IjooaJ I'ov-
crty , 10 to.
Itnilwny News.
The contract for the new nddllion to
the Union Pacific. lii > : ulip.mrturs was hit
Wednesday nlghttoJ. F. CouH.tho builder
of the now Douglas county court honso.
The monetary terms are private and ait
that is known of the contract is that iMr.
Coots ngtcea tu finish the work In 110
days. The ground will bo cleared at
oncu and construction put under full
headway na fast as possible. It is neb
intended to put on the lil'lli floor over
the entire building this year , and the
present work will bo completed before
the other is commenced.
In connection witn tnusmattorof head
quarters improyoniciita word should be
said of the persistent claim of the Kansas
City press-that the general oillces are to
be removed to that city. A high otlieial
of tlio U. P. said yesterday that all
miuh statements were the balderdash -
dash and the vaporingof * an over-u eon-
ing ambit. on. If it were not intended to
keep tlio headquarters here , wnat would
be tno purpose of increasing space by * t > 0
per cent. ' 1 lie prosoiil builiimg which
now , W'thsomo little erowdingot course ,
accommodates the olheea of tuo untiro
bi > lem would certainly bis largo enough
lor the ollieea of tne Nebraska d. vision ,
and there would bo no need of the
present .additional building , Tno
statement t hat Mr. Adams was negotiating
tor the purchase of the Kansas Ciuy union
ilepotvto accommodate tlie headquarters )
is equally noiiseudioal on general princi
( loing into ell'ecl on Monday next , the
Union I'acilic will issue a now time card
Involving the following changes in pas
senger trains :
Denver express Leave at 10i" : ) a. m. ,
instead of llU : ; arrive. at r > : 'JJ p. m. , in-
sKsiul of1:10 : p. m.
Lincoln passenger Leave atJ-IOp. : : m. ,
instead of i-'M p. m ; arrive at 1:15 p. m. ,
instead of U:10 : p. III.
On the same date , the Union Paeifie
will put on a daily passenger between
Stroinshurg and Lincoln ami at the same
time open the Loup City branch.
The iHis.ionri Pacilic also changes to :
Arrive at li : * ' . ) a. m. instead of < > : iM a. pi.
and at 6 : ' < * > p. m , instead of 0:00 : p. m. ;
leave at U.J ) ; ; ; a. m. iuslead of 11:00 : a. m.
and at10 : p.-m. instead of InOJ p. m ,
The Union Pacific miners at Carbon , who
.struck about a month Sitioe , returned to
WOI-K yesterday unconditionally. At
the time of the strike ttiero were 4\n ) men
in the camp but under duress of hungry
idleness l. 0 have lolt tlie piaco. 'J'he
lull iTinaining number , however ,
went into the mined this morning
and blurted to work. These miners
declared at the lime of the walk-out that ,
although there were no coolies in Car
bon , tnev would not return to work until
every O'hinaman had been disni'issud
from the company's emplov. The celes
tials are still at w'ork , hut the threats of a
coming winter have driven the miners
from tno priiio pies of rebellion baek | o
bread winning. Every Upion Pacirie
mine is in operation and the out-mil is
) n.-t regaining the standard it held b > -
lore the Hock Springs riots and their nl-
t 'tiding troubles. 'J he mines at Lous
ville , Col. , where tlio miners .struck at
the same time as did those at Carbon ,
have gone out of the hands of the Union
Pacific , and work has been resumed
Just at the moment that the new 81.
Paul depot is completed and ready for
occupancy , it is discovered that tne gas
service ia not supplied with connections
with the main , and for two or three dus
tins necessary labor will require , ifio
formal opening of tae depot is deferred.
J.I. . Dickey , superintendent of the
Western Union and Union P.ioific tele
graph companies , went to llantings this
morning to hold an interview witn Gen
eral Manager McCool , of the St. Joe &
Grand island , relative to that road's tel
egraphic service.
( jeneral Manager Callaway and ( ion-
oral Superintendent Smith , accompanied
by Mr. H. 1) . Pike , of tae Union P.icilio.
went to Kansas City last night to attend
a meotinir of the Union depot company
them. Mr. Callaway goes east boioro re
licorgo H. Dan'cls , commissioner of
the Colorauo pool , was in tie | eity to
The gent lemon of the loeal North
western olliee have mounted on the walls
a larg pair of Phittdoutscho wooden
shoes , on which the siigire tive legend is
is inscribed : "We have no pas.ies t'orour
triends , but will gladly It-rid tho.-ic. "
J. M. Johnson. freight
agent of thu Kock Island road , is in the
city. _
IIo\v Wooltlriilso AVas Tolsl That Ho"Git" Ho Will Visit tlio
For some days past it has Ijocn hinted
that H. L. Wooldridgo , the street car dri
ver who shot Waller Huokel , had some
other motive for leaving town than a do-
sro to visit his relatives in the cast. Just
what this motive was , however , did not
doyolopo until yesterday.
It seems that Wooldridyo received a
message delivered in pur. son by a delega
tion of three marked men , to the cll'cot
that un'e ' ho wanted to get into KIT. our.
trouble ho find better leave town at once.
He was iiiHtruetod to say nothing about
this matter of his warning , but to paec ;
up Ins grip aii.l U > , ivj o i tu : lirU train ,
\Votdrid ! ; j t.uii ; lit b i-st t. ) ooinily wit i
the warning whie.i ho rooj mid lolt
on Tuesday night's train ( or the mint.
The slory of the oirotimManco was re
lated to a reporter fin- the B > ; i : to-day by
.lamo.s bimpMin , _ who is an int.uiato ae *
( | uainttnee of Wooldridge's , anil is now
employed us a brick uiatiun nn tlio
hpoelit .building , bio far as is known
Slmpsun i the only in. in to whom Wool
dridgo eo ulii I tid the ( .lory of the warning
he h..d rrc-ijivi-d , and in telling h m about
tuo occurrence he urged h m totlnihtr ot-
eit secrecy , at loaM until heWooldridgu ( )
hlhiiiKl hay < taken his departnro. In rn-
iiuehting this pledge of aeercey , Wool-
dr. d o explained , as already intimated ,
that it wouldn't bo .safe for him to have
the .story of | IH ! warning bruited abroad ,
as he might get into trouble.
"I don't know as I ought
to you H bunt tliM. "
said Simpson | o the reporter yesterday
"However , as Woohlridgo \ gone
I it won't do any harm to tell you
wnat I kimw. On Monday , the day be
fore ho received tliaf threatening letter ,
Wooldr dgo m > 't me ami told me that ho
had | iid | a terrible i\pnrieuou : , having
been H annul at the piMol's point that lie
had two days in which to get out of town ,
or el.ju bo shot down. 1 a&kcd him to
tell mo all about It , ' 'lit al llrat Im
wouldu t outer into any dot. tils 'I
passed my oath that I uouhln t | , < li anyone
ono what had ciCLiirn-d. ' lu > s.iid. 'and
I don't ' believe 1 ought to du it. ' H ,
filially mudo v i > hu mind at
last to toll fn\i\ \ Itu s..iil that the
WHS wulkltik- alone North Seventeenth
Mrect very Into'one night thn latter part
of last week ( t think ho said Friday
night , but t woii't bi snr. ' of thatl , when
suddenly ho h-'iird foofsteKs | behind hint.
Ho hurried nlung , as he was in a so-
eluded part of town.and was afraid that
something might happen to him. Ho
glanced over bis shoulder , but could see
nobody. He Inpl a sort nf idcd , though ,
that ho was being followed , and coukud
Ids revolver , keeping it. all the tlmo In
his hand. Just thfn ho heard a rushing
noise behind him , .and before ho could
.turn about threw masked men walked up
to him and si'i/i'd ' him by tlio arms.
Of course ho 'Wa'S powerless In their
hands , and after a little resistance. ,
made up his mind to await consequences.
Ono of the men gagged him so that he
could not cry out. 'limy then drew re
volvers and pointed them at his head ,
threatening to shoot him if ho stirred ,
'Wo won't kill you this tune'thoy said ,
'but if you are not out of town by Tues
day night you'll bo a dead man. ' They
went on in this style for .some time , malting -
ing all sorts of threats , and finally they
released him and told liiin to 'git , after
first making htm take an oath not to re
veal what had happened. Wooldridgo
lolt the sKt | in a hurry and wont at ouco
to his room. Ho has never said a word
about the occurrence except to mo. "No ,
I don't think Wooldrldge will return
to Omaha , though he told mo
just before he left that , ho thought ho
nrght. Ho Is a bravo fellow , but I don't
blame hi n for wanl'ng ' to put miles be
tween himself and the .spot where Huekel
Ml. "
If Slmpson'aslatemont of Wooldridgn'.s
experience bo true , and there is no reason
to doubt but that it is , the naUiro of tlio
Mrivt car driver's desirn to visit relatives
in the east is fully explained.
TilK VKlMil ) AV03IAN.
TIow a ltrot Mi-lTp Darling Wnnlcil
the Pollen ( o AVCIIKO Her.
A cab whirled to the curb and stopped
in front of the police headquarters last
evening at nightfall , and as the driver
llnng open the door a woman alighted.
She was of graceful figure and handhomo
attire , but a heavy veil covering h.-r fea
tures left to the rounded contour of her
physique and the airiness of herearriajro ,
the sole evidence that she was young and
b milifnl. She strode swiftly across the
sidewalk and unhesitatingly entered the
lobby of the jml.
"Is the marnhal in "
? and the sweetest
possible voice tloated lialf-inulllcd
through the folds of the heavy veil.
"Ye.s'm , he's in"and tlie chief him
self With the words arose and stopped
The sweet vo'co ' then askid a private
audience , and the marshal and the lady
retired tothoendof tne apartment.
"Marshal , 1 want you to arrest a worn-
nn for assault and attempted murder. "
Tlio voice had changed pereeptibly and
tiiis demand \yav' made in sharp imperi
ous touod , while'with a swift movement
the lady threw u ) > her veil. The marshal
( ilarlri ! with surprise at the disclosure.
The face migu't have been ordinarily
handsome , but. iow-rthe ) pollen chieftan
blinked in amazement a pugilist in dis
tress never wore such a mug. The fair
visitor did all her sight-worn With one
eye , for the other was shut a tight as a
bank safe. Her1 niHo was skinned and
knocked awry , whiliyone-half of her up
per lip hungswollen'ly down to herohin.
This piet.ireof inflammation was relieved
by a lattice work of cuts and scratches
coyi every yich pf skin on her face.
1 Great Huavingsi" exclaim id tuo
declaration mi ht have Jjcon howled
by the woman had the situation been
more seeliisive , but as the voice had to
be repressed , it was hi.ssed fortii. and the
rush of uordy blew the .swollen lip into a
Mart ling jlub-a-dub-ilub accoiupaiiiinent.
Not noticing the inaivihal'd ao.tly incred
ulous wnistle , the disfigured female con
tinued , vehemently :
"Yes , it was a woman and little film-
devil with more miiM'lu tuan a horse.
You aee , wo live together and the other
night .she couldn't go out , so I tilled her
place in a carriage drive with one of her
friends. This was night before last and
meanwhile wo had a jolly time on the
outside. When 1 got homo this evening ,
siio was laying for me at the door an I
before I could take o.t' my cloak she was
up and at me. She hit mo in the jaw ,
banged me in the eye , cracked me a clip
in the mouth , threw mo down , pulled oif
my hail am ! tore my clothes , scratched
me all to pieces and 'knocked me out of
shape. 'Ihon she rushes upstairs and
tossi-n all my things out of the window ,
and coming down again hustled me out
of the house on my head. What do you
think of that ? "
" That's pri-tly rough , to bo sure. Have
you got any witnn- " . . ' "
" 1 guess not , for the two fellows w'th
me proved to be blokes and ran away.
They were nice limks , tu iy were , and I'll '
make it hot lor them witn tueir way up
folks. "
The marshal after studying the situa
tion conclude tliatituas a family row
in whieh no legal interference coul.l oper
ate lo satisfaction and no advised the wo
man. She protected violently for a while ,
but at last yielded , dolariiig that she
would get porsma ( ) satisfaction and
create three swell lunorals.
ssKn ins C
How a VOIIIIK Pit anVas Induced lo
Nelson Do Itlanglet Is the name of a
young man who is now in a very serious
"lix. " Some weeks ago ho borrowed
from an acquaintance , C. It. Nelson , the
well known land agent and loan broker ,
on South Tenth street , the sum of $ * > 0.
Itoforo he ( lid po , however , Mr. Nel
son asked him what he wanted it for.
The young man replied evasively that ho
had ot into trouhlo.aboiit a girl , and he
wanted soinn < MHJI i to "smooth things
over. " Mr. Ncihoir look his note and
handed over thu money without further
questioning , Tlili 110(0 ( became due hopie
time ago , but on tlm m-opor day Blangl.-t
fail 'd ' to h low up. Mr. Nclnoi ) wrote
him letturs requcritiii ! ; him to
como and s ittle nj > , but Htanglet paid no
attinitioii lo tln'ii. ) j'inaly ; ! Air. N'olson
lost palieiu'o and , started garnldhoo pro
ceedings in th'o ' court of Justice
Drandid. The papers WITO made
out and scrveil and Wedneri-
day Hlaiiglet i-iimo . around in a
Inworlni ; rngo and cci'uiinbnpod to abn o
Mr Ni'.lMin for Iniving sued him. "Ho
ought to havieohuiatfit fieen m i first. "
liu said , in aYrj c' > ciled manner to
Jnde ISrandcH. ' '
: ; , _
"It htrllos ; mo liir.'you ! : ought to have
gone and seen hmi"rVplird the judge. "
The eonversnt on went on In this w.iy
until lilm : < rct | lost al | caution and in a
moment of bravado , cuiifosscd lhath <
had iieodtMl the $ ill \ > pr' > inr < an iibor-
I o'i upon \oung wr'inan ' whom he hud
HI dneed. He became seared Ihon and
trieil to covi < r lip the secret , but was
hopelessly tanalei ) up and ni.ulij a full
confrsslini. The cane Is biiii'i inve.sti-
gated and may lead to further interu ting -
ing di ulodiinis.
Iliillnil Kijiles Court ,
Thegranil jury returne.d indictments
iigninHt the following parlios yesterday :
ilno. J. Martin for counlcru'itlng
at Lincoln. Usher H , Shafrr for i a .iing
connli--fi-it money it a. id H'j.rli
I' , hwarfwood . . i lot-
i inlM'xzli.iy r .cir -
t'-p- -il.SiU'-r i r , . I , .
.1. C' IiuJ.i-.ifd , thy ru'ivi'i-d iu..n >
cnscd of cmbMzlln'j mailed moncvs from
thp Omaha Medical Institttto w S lortnnl-
Iy discharged.
The court took up the rmsp of Ncwcom-
bnr vs. Uohrer ami was oocttpied with
the suit throughout the day.
Will tlcptcvtn tlio Cow.
Jutlgo 0. W. Doano commenml re
plevin proceedings in Justice Anderson's
court yesterday lo gut possession of his
cow , which was impounded Wednes
day night by tlio force of
the enterprising pound master ,
Danio.1 Horloy. Judge Doano ex
plained that llu > bovine had been brows
ing abroad , and had boon placed in lim
bo , ami although hn wus willing to pay a
satisfactory prh-o to got her out of
pound , ho was unwilling to .submit to the
( xtortionato demands of the ponndmag-
tor. He proposes to make a test case of
this and determine once for all whether
the pound ordinance is a valid ono. The
case will doubtless load to some interest
ing results.
It appears that the poundmastor and
his men were unusually busy l-ist night ,
as some thirty cows' or moro were cor
ralled. Among them was tliu bovinq of
.Justice Anderson himself.
Police Court loctot ! ,
The business in police court yesterday
was decidedly ulim , the following
cases boingdispo.sed of :
Nellie IJnash , inmate of house of pros
titution , $ . " > and costs.
M. J , Tanner a-ul Walter Powers ,
drunk and disorderly , discharged.
ItociMU Iluppenlii ti In tlio 1'lnroi-Ills-
KiilK1 ii I'rltchartl Crook.
The great Bilenco that spread over the
country sineo the collapse of the
the mouutiuii locked Cieur d'Alene re
gion , was rudely broken a few days ago
by the appearance of a paper Iresh from
a , in Murray City. A copy of
it. wrapped neatly in bacon canvas ,
found its way into the ! : : olliee and sa
luted the pcissors artist with ' 'Good
morning ; we've arrived , headless , 'tis
true , but sound below. How do you like
us ? Drop in and see us. Look at us all
over , and then subscribe. " "The Ca-ur
d'Alone Uecord" is its modest title , but
it chums to. fill "An Aching Void" in the
journalistic Hold thereabouts. Of the
manv soaial and mineral events Record ,
cd we glean a few choice nuggets of
border journalism.
The uristocratio clement of thu town
organized a social club and placed the
dues at $1 a hop , an outrageous price ,
which angered thn tailings of society and
an indignation meeting was called to
protest and organi/.o an "opposition go-
. "
The Flume Pool pay-day was billed for
the tth , when the sluice-boxes of the
town wore expected to oversow with
nuggets ,
"i-Jloiiuent Phil O'Hourke" and "genial
Dutch Jake" had started troin town "to
inspect their bonanzas o i Jackass
Prairie. " 'lo prevent a sudden calm in
that assthf'lio region the ole pient Phil
was armed with "a pair of bellovvs. "
KlectiM ! lights , telephones and tele-
irraph wcro promised the isolated resi
dents of tao town as hoon as the spring
had sot in.
Forty-livn children attend school "in ale
lo ' hut np the Flume. "
There appears to be an abundance of
the "tuiTo balled uncles1' in the town ,
and one cnU-rpris'iig Lev ! oilers to buyer
or sell "aiiytiimg fro.n a , tootii-pick " to a
( Judo su I of clothes. " „
"Dick and Doc" arc caterers to "tin
queen of the ( ! em saloon. " who had
recently added a papered "club room to
her prescnpt'on department , " over
which slip presides witn a dignity becoin-
inir her title.
The dramat'c art is not overlooked by
the placer kin s of the valley. - > A thril
ling serio-comic tragedy" ot local appli
cation , entitled "Did you Ever Send your
Wife to Eagle ? " had completed a run of
three nights with only one death and the
serious "wounding of a tenderfoot who
attempted to shy a Bouquet of autumn
leaves al. the comedionne.
The "primativo explosion of giant
powder , " wo are inlormed , frightened
every person in town except Skimmer-
horn , "who dashed frantically into
Dutch Jake's saloon and took u Mill'drink
from Jake's private bottle. " Skimuic'r-
horn is the snorter of Prilclnird Creek.
The society column of the paper convoys -
voys the sad inteHi enco that "Miss
Sophia Magin , Hie belle of Famine Alley ,
"has it biinyan on her rijlit foot" whieh
unfortunately prevented her from t'ip-
ping her "No. sixes" at the last hop.
Tlio oll'ort of "Miss Augusta LaupluiM1" lo
till the vacancy , ' 'JVIIM a failure , " owing
to an indiscreet eflbrl to outshine all ot.i-
crs in an "owl colored .sJk dress , cut
bias , with a bnsted train a la pomposity. "
Jerry Flower.- ) , the popular liasii sling-
cr of iioiinington , .stumbled onto a rich
placer claim through the death of an
undo in the oabt. The clean-up was
estimated ai $ UOOJ. To celebrate this
lucky load Jerry gave a supper to thirty
of his bachelor Irieuds "at the Mimp-
lions parlors of the Palace Hotel. " " I'lui
menu consisted of oysters , beer , whisky
and champaignea" "Sonsrs and stories
moistened the o lor of the evoniiur "
"The party broke up ( V ) at an early
hour" next morning , and "tuirteon men
fell in the onga 'inent. " Jerry now
startda several pois higher in the estima
tion of his friond.-j.
"Mullled pistol shots" in Mrs. Yost's
saloon caused the reporter to "hustle up
the struct with the crowd , " where they
found "Mrs. V st holding a smoking
oh Id In one hand a pintol in the other , "
"while 111' w irtiil-wi e ir > j s ot h jr , HM
band wa.4 lugged to jail by the watch
man. "
"The untiro history of placer mining , " , "JuniithiM no
example of an underiakiiigot' niuui-
molli proportions MS that now being so
rapidly pushed by the llr.droek Flume
Pool ( o. It ia in all re-pocts a giant on-
Uirprlnn , great in its conception , great as
an evidence of t m fallh of men
In the Cmiir d' Alne , and worthy lo take
rank amo'ig the most stupendous enter-
jM'i.M's of our time. Think of it ! a mammoth -
moth bedrock drain , 10 feet wide at the
boltom , dug to a uniform irraij | of J in
ches , per rod , nnd extending from the
north fork of the ( 'iiiiir d'lene to tlu
mouth of Hutto cnek ; oiglit miles in
leiittth. "
The spiritual wants of the community
will bo attended to by | > r. .Me C , Lan-
hlnu , who "is nutonis ilnirly well minted
in j'Jxo Ins and Hevclat ous , and iuiowd
tliu diitertiiUM bi'twei'ii thu vajnt' ot two
dmioi-s and tour arcs on a square deal. "
Convincing proot of the iMincy quali
ties of the country in furni-lied by Clabe
JIHIO.S , Vi'lio. ilt"r ; a chasoof s < voii honr-s ,
"shot and killed four salmon tro u , whine
"ggrc.gnto weight was -II poiimU. They
fiir.iished twonty-twii men with heartV
suppers with eiioiigh Iwll t < i Jiorgo eiyjit
men at ( ireakfant. "
A singular fatality ! < noted in connec
tion with the towns that pnmg up Hko
mutihrooiiH In a til ht , wnen Ihe'uiir
( I'Alonii country wao in its glory two
years nn. Two-thirds of lialiiilrum was
burned dou u. aiiil ha.s not bi-eti rebuilt.
It IKr.ap is ! . ! | nud absitltit-jy dust '
andii-licj \\'li''r < that quite I..rgit
.tnod tltei'i- is I. > t I'-ll a Hlogln ( ; lnof Ilui
i i > > i . . > : n. ' burned and i i/u.t
Al i i will. < rcuk thuu .11 ,
perhaps , u half dor.on sliRoks , ono wlfh
Its roof collapsed and lliu others union-
anted. Access from the side to
( 'tour d'.Vlono ia now only hnd Jinni
Thompson Falls , and even there the
waters * ootn lo s ng a requiem over tho. o
who perliihed lu their Hood.
Inoompiirablo.Indlspensablo , Infallible
Ucd Star Cough Cure.
Tlio Costly Dishes l-'i-om Wlilcli
Ion lOatrt IM Chops nntl I'oiatoos
The common usage among wealthy
persons of giving elaborate dinners ,
write. } n Cleveland Leader correspond
ent. has lirougiit about many changes
and many iinprovoments in tahlo-waro
ami the dororalion of the table , 'llio
change , according to the Now lork Sun ,
has ni'i-ii In tan increased richness
ot cflcct , and is marked by tlio nuh.stltu-
tion ot mnssivo silverware lor the decor
ated china and porcelain which ua.s pop
ular lor several jcais.
The fashion of giving heavy dinner
parties i-oems to have been copied truni
tno Kngli h. and tuo provallm , ; styles of
silverwiiro are also copies ot tne tint Eng
lish models. Japanese work , hammered
work , and oilier st.viea have had their
day , and fashionable silversmiths now
manuiiii'turo ' only imitations ot tno old
Ujicon Anne or ( luted ware , nnd tiio ( lower ami leaf patterns ol L ig-
lish and somolinies Lroiieii
Olten tlie llutetl and repoiibse atyles are
coinbinod , a J plan uliiuh gives a very
l.andsonu ! onoet.
The old operaticuarrying sevjral
tlishes , to he tilled with tr.nt ami now
ers. and wnioh obstructed 1 10 view
acre > s the table , are entirely o. it of Use.
Candelabra Kprimdmg * hranenes
take their place. Tiiese b./ar while wax
candles lilted with small retl .similes
which , by an ingeiiiou.-t uevice , dosoeni
as lliu candles imrn down. A woll-iitted
table ha-j two eandalahra and four final I
candlo-alicks , each carrying a single can-
tile , lu the center of tae laiilo is a low
silver diih roM. ug on a plateau and in-
ti'titletl for flowers. At the tour corners
ar four comports for him bens , and
beyond these , al each end , a lane comport -
port for Irmt. All are covered with ricn-
ly-iihaseil Lvpuims. ) work , that , on the
comports being composed of vines and
grapo.srelievcilpernapsby pierced work.
The dinted ware is s iuilerbut , nolso rieh
The olosonons ot' the Inntut.oii of tno
old ware can be hOi'ii by comparison with
an teapot at a Johu street jewulerls.
It wa.s made in dingbnrgli in 1717 , nine
years alter the introduction of teas into
ircat ! Hi-Jain. Its age is determined by
the hall marUs. It is work , but
of a kind far inferior to tno work now
tlouo in America. The art ot working in
silver in tins country is much in advance
of that in Ktiropo. There is now on ex
hibition at Tiffany's a pitcher in repousse
work of marvelous tin sli. It is valued
at $ . > 00 , and it wotiid not be po iible to
imiko another like it in Kuropo.
The toiidonoy of silver tableware has
been toward smallness and compactness ,
and this has all'o.nd tin si/.e 01 the
smaller ware. Tlie butter-plates , salt
cellars , and popper-pots are very dimin
utive , and as a rule they art ; tlacijrated in
the same manner as the larger pieces al-
tliough there are many odd and rikin ; ;
designs. Anew soloist ) ! ' a diminutive
H'uw-pan. Others imitate shelN , leaves ,
fruits , and flowers. A silver cigar-light-
cr. to be passed around alter dinner , re
sembles an antique lamp. U has a
handle at one end , and at the other a
wick , which burns and sucki up alcuhol
trom the bowl. Peppor-pots come is
mushrooms ; salt-cellars , strawberries
ami acorns , and the only limit is tlu ;
imagination of the dodi ; ner.
A leading has a specialty in the
use of the Indian chrysanthemum as aji-
plieil lo silvcWaro. It has a very solid
anil ornamental cilect. They als >
manufacture sets of Indian co.leo
spoons , like the apostle spoons of old
Lines. The tops of the handles are
hammered out into .shapes that represent
Indians going through their various
danci's. 'The work is very delicate , and
the ornamentation oil handles and howls
is conied lrom _ ' wigwam decoration.
These spoons are inclosed in boxes t ov-
civil with deerskin , unlanned. Olner
Indian bon-bon spoons have tin * figures
in bas-relief and richly colored "with
enamel. These designs are distinctively
In Franco the teacups are somct'mesof
silver , but this fashion is not. favored
here , as the metaj floats too can'ly. Oc
casionally hilver is used for coll'ee cups ,
ami when decorated like the Niello or
Tuba ware , with hhiek and red inserted
metal , has a pretty olli-ct ; but as a rule
tiny cups of richly decorated porcelain
for co.leo form a part of tin * i-'g dnr din
ner set. An attempt was n a Lo to intro
duce the French style , but it was not
Biiceesiflll except for cups.
The KUli.ilitntioii and use of silver has
been carried so far that lucre are silver
tablurushes and crumb pans , silver
tongs for lilting asparagus , silver li.-di
knives and forks' smaller thiin those used
ordiniirlyy , small silver butter knives lor
tti'- separate use of each guest , s Iver call
bi-lls. s.lver toasting and j ieUle forks ,
silver bon-bon sets , and indeed all wood
and metal nse.d at the tabl i and even in
France has been supplanted by silver.
It is ea.-iily kept in good condition an I
reail Iv repa red , n goo. I quality which
line china docs not possess.
The custom of making ten at the table' '
has been newly intro-luced from London ,
and tlio silversmiths Itayo tried their
hands at making very elaborate tea cad
dies. The majority an ? in old Knglish
repousse work. The lid is generally
used to measure the amount ol tea to bit
uso.l. Fruit plalod and nalfers in etehotl
silver are an expensive novelty. Tlie
plain is covered with varnish , on'whieh
the artist etches an original de.-iign. It
is then exposed to Ihu notion of acid ,
which oats into the silver only where the
varnish has been scratched away. The
result Is that the drawing is roproiliioeil
in the most elalipruto manner , and re
tains the full spirit of the original. .Some
of the des'itns ate sporting and hunting
scones , i n I the drawing are clever. In
making i ep work liu i ) ia lir.-t
Miarlcd < i.i roughly I'loin the interior ,
which b laen lilleil with foment. Tito
chaser then finishes thu de .gn Irom thu
outride. *
Oold ( ferv'ces nro very rare , although
they are veiv $ ervioo.nble , n they do not
tarulrili , Mrs. Catlmrinu Astor haa n gold
M-rvlco , and the tashlonable Jeweler. * .s.iy
they know of other persons who hu\u
tiiem. but th iy dei'liiin to give nmnes , as
it would be an Milvurtigi munt lo thieves.
Persons who fancy the gold color use sil
ver gilt , which , when heavily plated ,
wears well and looks well on a snotvy-
wh.tu tabtu-cloth. There Is Mmiething
too royl : ; ahoiil a gold yerviee lo su t
mo-it Ainerieans. and perhup its security
would ho tint ean.s ; of lee much IIIIN ety.
The larg.1 ! ! piiieos of a t-ilvi r nervico hi
repousse work co > t from 1,0 > ii a sol up-
vvard , anil a gold servieiJ woul.l < : o i fuliy
iixteon times as iniiuli. Hut.-h n * iur\ice 's
not kept In .ituck anywlie-e ) in thU toua : >
try , ami would only be made tu ordur.
Seam ld uvo Way.
i. . Nnv. U. While live men .
uum'jliii.'iii n dull Mij'il | g-il > iy uiu
'a\o win. Two tit Hie nit'll vl' > ' 111-
Miiiil.y jiiiiuil. the lldid die.d Mi
uiui twu aroiiut oxj ouil m live.
HU elclc.
When il.a w.\i a Clitld , ab vriful fur ( iulorla ,
\VLnn u'.io ! 'i ' nil * Ji miecluii to L. * lorl ,
Vi'Utu iL u.u
leclnlomi Koniloroil l > y ( lint
on Tticstlnyovcinbcr 10.
Lixcot.x , Ni-h. , Nov. I'i- [ Special to thd
llKK.l--Tlio following dcvlslnns were ron
dcrcd by the ( iiipreino ctnirl ot Iho st.ito nt
tlioir silting on Ttuvsilay. November lu :
KliiK vs. Slato. ICiror tioiii ( 'HIM county.
Aillunnl. Opinion by , J.
1 A uvojii.7aiicci ; tor the itiipearanco of a
IxtrKiui elm'vetlMII ' ! an olleiiMt iniin ouii .i-
lion of record ant ! IKVOIIUS such wiit-n la sen
nnd n.cil III llmrimtUo wiilehitls lettirmthic.
J Uy the provisions uC tlie criinlnnl cod ,
n UTiigulziiui-o tiiKea hy a just eo tu I , o
pt'tiro , uctltiK iw an e.vinuiilnir ni unlat mte , tuv
coiaes an oUiliitliin ; oc recortl ivtieit tclnineil
by the JiiMU'C ut tunnco \ \ to the cleix of tlio
tlibtih-t conn anil Is by him en.eird ( in uniitt
us rtHiiuritl liy Sceuen ; > i iif tliuerlialnul
; i A itTOjsnlitsMico proiKT , unhvi when
taken out 01 oinut , .snuual ma bo finned ;
but whin It Is pioperly tun. n and L-oriiueil ,
the suiiitUrc.s ; | t'l ' the leiom/iM liui > bo
Healed as sinplusa e nnd the
he.d vulhl. IrvNln vs. Ihe s.atti , 10 Ail ) . : i.
4 The criminal einlo dues not iviuilie n
ri'i-ognl/Jiiue taken b > ujus.leiuif the iu-nri %
win1 n ctnii ) ; its an c\i\anniti c iiKigisirau' , to
IHintoieil upon hisi.ocliet.
ttVheie ine person \\it.s eharjjeilwith the
roaniitsSiiui el ml oil'eli.-o , amt ujioii bo.n {
heal 10 It.dl by Iho examining ina lsiraus
enteix'tt Imoii itT.i'.ulxilui'e wi.h.suailie tor-
hts tip | > iNuniieo at the next tuna of the dts-
limt eoiiri. uiul s -toiiomly > | the suite ,
undeuinniitKU a tiiiue In aiuitl orHhite Wheiu
lie was art'i'Meil anil laiprisoni'd. aim thus oy
htsown vininiia > aet leiiileietl It out m' Ins
power lu appear in llu.sMate to unswor to Uia
eiluie with wn lu i la : wastliarned , held
ihiv-e luuUsini itcoiisiitutu no tUiiensu to an
uetioii ii .dn.-t Ids hiuetles iipuu his -
iiixuiieo alter lori'olliirc.
( \ U'lieruu uv.ogiii/aiu'o was iflvon for the
appearance t < i a iloiciiuiiiu to answer u
ciiitr oiuiiin.-t iiim lor mieony , " lutitl that
the met tliiit tin ) coinpliiliita.s , deieetive
cotilu nut he : is > erleil an a tleieiiMSloan ai.t.uii
njKin Mich iecoiiiz.iiueiiliir : ; loi'ioiiure.
.limes vs. State. Knur trom Uum'ir ;
loamKeveiseil. . Oplntnn by Mnxwoii , J.
i T.ieui't"io prov.tle ior ] rasicullnK of-
feiihes on iinonii.u on and to di.-pttusi ) w.lh
the calling ul'fiiinid jnri-.s except by tutler o (
tno tl.i . strict Jmlxitt , " waiuh took ouent Juno
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wall the eiurk m tile e.nari , > hall leqiilie n
irinil Jury , | n widen ease it shad he drawn
in tae manner pi in UK il by law.
a Tim aiuiitiiliy m icinilro a Jury lo bo
summoned mini tuo losiiinderti is repealed by
'laito vs. Tatri > . Appeal from FlUmoro
countv. Allliiueil. Opiaieii by Maxwell , . ) .
I mill T .siciuin met'elinpiorMoj eiuuplled
statiue , enthliil Dlvoico iiiid Ailiiiony , iv
w iut upon niitaininn a d. voice for the caisj
of iiiloiiiuu ; , et ; ' . . m her liiwLnunl , Is en-
I. tied to tluwir In lily lunus In tliu s.iiao. iniin-
nei us it' lie were IK.UI.
J li'hhu make no domain ! for dowrr rttul
tliecnuit m inaUiiuiulivihiiiaoi tin proimfiy
ol the lm.-4 > : iinl la the nature of jiei'iiuiUent
aiimony awaids a sum In LMM.-IS lu ne.r , U wl.l
ho deemed tu include nil her Inlercht In lliu
huMj.iiiil siiiliue iiiid will uir ner e.aiiu for
( low. r. cnntrai-y inient UsaovVu In
: ! Uptni a tllvorco hcinjf irranteil , a dccrco
in lavnr of il.o wi.o lor j e.'inaueiit alinuuiy
Will bur her u hl lo any lurthcr tiain.d
ligiiuist the estate nl' the hiiHhainl.
I'.iulman V. C. toner. from John
son county. Aiiiriiictl. Opinion bSI.ix -
\\ii.l , J.
1 Where there are conilttn > u.s In 'a' con
tract lor the ha.o o , leal LSUUO iimklnKrtiiiio eeiice 01 the ciili-ai.'t ( and' ' pr.ivnlii (
tor a t irieliure in ca e in ilei'nultaun , itivei > > . -
iin e in part paynicnl on the voirtraet is a
waiver of Ihe condition as to'all' ' ' delimits
then ixi > iin . A
\ \ iieio a contrivRt provides that ; itrtou
the pa.MiiL'lit 01 ma-hall of I he purclMso
money , the vomliir i-ihoald cxecnln aiielU to
Lie imrcliaMT and taUon mint a e iipini the
luiiil ennveyeil tt seeine tlio nn-
pud ) iui\hiso ; menev , held that a. dfcreo
that t 10emlee pay ihe entire pur-
c . : e price lu the time of the exeiuitinn ot III1)
deed wen il mil. lie set iiMikon b lnl/pf t o
v > mlor iiiiie .s there weiehpoeial uifiiis \V/
he biould nut iceniyo tlie uiuiioy.
WIIKKI.J.NU , W. V . , Nov. 11. Klght'milcs
south ol thiscity nUjiit ihislv iliiinhiy eyxn-
invtdio .Muss Hanih Lti ett , a well known
lady , daughter of a prosperous farmer ; wrs
en r.iiile li oni her huiiie to the town of
iMoiiiulhVilic , iwd mi e.s away , ami when
pa.-in alini , ' an nnrieiiiuntcd poititm
of the road , hho was : > e / , d by a
ni'Kro who iii-inj ] ; iijiiin In r from : i
leiice ciirner ami eained into the wttudi ,
a short ili.ti : nee , whine , aiiora li.Tr.ble strug
gle , he Miieeijid ( ! in iiiiira iiig her. The p' war ) ni liHiiily wounded In thp
cmirnutif her desperate iiuhtwlih Jay assail
ant , and lay mum the ground for alwat two
hours Ix-lWo MIO regained Millleient strength
to iimUo her way to the nearest honso amt
( 'ivoihe aiarin. Crowtls of armed molt are
tlio hills lor the nemo. There Is
hirdly : ; i iliMiht that If captured ho will bo
himgeil at OIILO.
A I'rcnolior'rt SJnlt lor Slrtmler.
Pirrwnuuii , Pa. , Nov. U. In the supreme
court to-day win argued tin : suit of JJev. Jphn
Wllde.s against Jolin A. WeKee , Alex Me-
.MilliKan. .lamas I ! . W. Shun an I David 11.
WilMin , ol this city , for lot mini ; an unlawful
conspiracy to dcfam thu plaintiff. The
plaintiff ways the ilelemlunts coii with
( J. M. Elliott. .Mary . , J. H. Pickensnn I
Diincan ) ! . lii'ho s in the common wv a th of
Alahaini , .1. M. I'.ir s , of Illinois. un > l ftjv.
U.ival 15 , ( Jrori ( , 01 Now VorK , lodel'umu Ills
i-luiracter. 'I'ne plaint ff in a onivil imn ( ,
ami wa-s sun l l > y ( he fiveilmen s hiireau lo
tuiieli and iiii'ut'li in Ahtbiim.t to the colored
people , lie became uniio ai ar down there
nnd was tried In un court mill
imally removed Iroin his position. Tlio do-
In tuis suit , he lft'Kcrt. were Inslrn-
mental In oaiis ii. ; his removal us well a.H hav-
imr puhlislieil a slander ngu nut him tiiat ho
was u muiiiiiiiiiiiiae on cci.ain anbjccLs. Tno
ilci.'iiliii :
A Unsplio of Thirty Duyo.
NKW out. HASS , Nov. it. KorU unit
phy , iieiil''Mceil lo ho hanjrcil Frlihiy , have
hi-eu ( trai t d a resjijto lor thirty tla. > s py ( I.o
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