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Nebraska the Trno Home of the Honest and
Industrious Husbandman.
Prooccfllngn In tlio Pound
Icr Uftflc The Mltoholl Quo
AVnrrnnto Cno - A Ilnclcct
of Lincoln
[ nioM me DEK'S LINCOI.J nunxAu.l
I'rof. Oeorgii li. Lane , who has charge
of Uio state census nnd mat.-rlal sUilhtics
referring to thu growth of Nebraska , has
just llntfhud tliu compilution of the corn
crop of ISJt. It Is tabulated , and u com
parison is made betwuen ll und Ihu yield
for 187U , whioh was Ihu year laken for the
government cimstn of 1HJJ. As will be
HIHSII by refurenuu to lliu ligures , tliu in-
crousu during the llvo years intervening
botweun tlio two stalumenW has very
nearly doubled I'rom ostimales re-
ouivud , it IK leurncd that thu increase of
acreage In IBil over IdJl in fully t"i per
cent , und thu inerunsu In yield about
ID pur cent , which will make this year's
oroii aproximatu l.,0U > M,000 bushels ,
which goes to Indicate that "Corn i.s
King. " 'J hu lollowing i.s thotablogiving
thu yield in cacti county :
lt . ISTtl.
Adnnm : ! , isilW(5 (
Antciope l--i > , ! - ! .
IllllllH "
) '
Jliown l
Jiunitlo 1,7
llutler ! , ! !
J Inn U.MS' , IHO
COM 5 itiij.- : :
( Xxlar lUr.HU
CllllbO *
Choyciino i,0io ! )
Cherry r.'j.vjo ,
Clny nr.MiiiM
Cundni ; ,
Ouster 1.UM.770 ,
Dukulu. . . , U3li.ol. . 4IM.4W
Jn WDOII rxs'iji (
Dlxon Wil.l.'itl
jodu'o : ,5ihM
nonplus it. ! > irur
Dmidy fi.lliH
IMInmro B.O J'.i. U
Kronl lor ! K > , : iiil
Furmis WU..VU
< ! > * : . (5" ( ' : > ' ! : f 1. ' U ' , s'J.-
t .
Oosper Wl-i-0
Grtxiloy jSHiiu :
Hull l.twixil
Jlltrbcuck 1S.5.T. 3,1.11)
licit K i , tWT hSl-J |
JI owunl fi'.HiV , ) : tooNV )
.1 elTersou : , !
Kearney 1IB7J7S , :
Kovu I'aha 10"iWW
Keith IO.W.O
KlIOX .Vi7XJ'J ( '
r.nueaslor fisitirj
Tilnroln lsr..H ! > 1,11)5 )
r ) "nn U.tiM t
Lout U > rl I t
i. , . . . , u lr.v > , : ll I
Mtrrlek lllOT ( ) :
Nomiiha . H,3'l.l ' A 2UW,7iO
NucUolls . 'JIvSiT I'.ci.iKN
Otoo . . | , : a..vnoi
'a vviico . ti'i" T , 151
Icico bl.lilll
frJO.l 10
oik . 'JUi''b,7fi iU7r.iirr.
tlchardfloni..r -Vi-i
Willow . AViH7i :
l,5d.q ( )
Saun ileix . ( i , : > ls , . > - o
Howniil . rvisS.Kl
Shcudan . : i.iHW
Shorinan . ( W4.17 : ! .os
Sioux . * . nn !
Hlnuton . r.t' J4J,7l.-i !
Thaycr . 3,0 ri.r.l ,
Vnmw . 4iu,07t ;
WiiHh'Ington . iV.f.,07l ) )
Wnyno . rwioH , ) .
JVobstor . 1 , l > .Vi , m 711,07:1 :
Wheeler . IB.bSt Ib.S'.X )
York . 3,70lHl ( (
Ton'y .
Total IW.HWT ! : C5-LOiH , :
* No corn crop lejMirlcd.
tMut foiincd.
The trial of A. L. I'ound for Uio killing
ofhunes Grlll'm was retiiunud in the ili.s-
trlct court yesterday morning at u
o'clock The dot'ensu oallcd Mih.s Alornc ,
tin umployo in the land commissioner's
ofllo'i , who ti'stilied that she was iiidt
coming out of the amtilor's ollieo when
the ( irnl uhot was tired. Hho thought thu
ahot was from the ruvolvur huld by Cinf-
fin , nnd it waa pointed in thu direction
whuro Pound Htuod. The wittuws said
slid WRH cool ami collected vvhen all this
oocurrod , but there is a dillurenco be-
twcon her testimony and that of Leu and
Dlmtniokfi , who .sworu that ( irillln faced
them und that he stood to the loft of
The next witness for the prisoner was
J. Milton iloltman , private Heurolarv to
hlg excellency the governor. Mr. lIolV-
ninn said hu had just oomu down
etiiirs nnd had flood in tliu hall , as near
( is ho oould judge , about ton seconds
when I4ie vvas iircd. The vvit-
ncJ thought tlmt ( irillln did not raise Ids
band until after Pound's lirut shot. There
8 aUiaeropanuy between IloDinun'a evi
dence und that of I'ound himself , whom
the prosecuting attorney thinks Is tliu
boat witness hu had in the cariu. Pound In
LU tcHtiinnny first tmid that his
hot was lired in the air and that the
second shot was lired after ( irillln com
menced to hobble on" . Again hu Maid
ho knew MoGuiru and Crilbn were tins-
pornto clmraeters and that hu did not
euro to luce them , leaving tliu infurunuu
thtvt his lirat shot had not been tired in
the air , which BtJitemont is bcwt corrob-
ortvtod by thu fuel that Hovunty-two buck
shot wuro | > icke l from Unllln'H body ,
whioh waa moru than onu barrel would
hold without bursting ,
1'ho other witnesses examliiod did not
develop anything new.
During thu production of thu oylduneo
no ruferenuu was made to thu part hid
excellency , the governor , pluyod in the
homicide , and unytlung tending that way
WMR tmnilully UNeluded. as it waa , doubt-
lua , Uiought it might injure thu govern
or K boomlet wliluh lie is carefully nurs
ing In his hot-hoiidj down in Saliuu
Tlio dlatrlut attorney deus not uxpeut a
oonviction , but ti.xpcets to hang thu jury.
When ( pioationud way ho did not mink
tlio chances at leat > t uvun , hu hintud
darkly at various inllucueoH , but would
not put hia suspicions in u tangiblu
Hlnipo ,
The ( ino warranto oasu brought against
JudKw Mitchell by Hon. J. O.Vat.Min
nnd otluirH , of Nebraska City , camu uji
ycriterday in thorttipreme oourt , it being
Ihu day net for answer by the defondunt ,
Mltoholl. Instead of answering , his at-
Ujrnuyadomurnd to thu pleiulmg tiled
by Uu ndttior , > \ atson , on the ground
that hu wits not the iiropiir party to bring
tlio ptooeudingtt nnd that under Ihu utai-
jute regulating quo warranto prouoodinjrs
the attorney was the only person
who la niithorui'tl to br ng thorn.
Tlio atturnuy gunoral waa talkutt to by
ft HKK rujiortur on tliu mutter. Hu had
refused to bring thu prooendln but hu
Miove-d tnal Air. Watson had a right to
Irlng jlium in eiwu of tliu itttornuy gun-
enilV rotiiMtl to do so. Ho hud not
thon-'ht It iiuoccsjirv to dWnrb Milelioll h
tlUn. nnd ho did hot think thu people
wanted it distntvcd. Ho mud it was rii-
on thu ulruott ol Lincoln that the
ouprcmo oourt would go Into the validity j
of the law tinder which Mitchell acts , In
its written opinion on the mandamu.i pro
ceedings brought by J. Sterling Merion
ngainst Stcphcnson , the clerk of Oleo
w.w AVF.iotiisn sfM.r. .
.T. It. Osbonn1. of this city , returned
from the south jc-.terdny , where he has
been on business of nil important charac
ter At Jclt'ci on Cit.xIo. . . , he mot a
young German namid Kohlimin , Irom
New York , who Is the patentee of an
automatic double acting scale , v , hich has
material point * over any nthcr scnle ever
inouted. . It may be used In an eh" , ator
In weighing grain as it runs from the bin
into the car. The scale is an egg-shaped
sheet iron apparatus , having two com-
partmcilU. The grain runs into one
compartment until It U tilled ami the
weight iipceitained. when the How Is
automatically transferred to the hccond
compartment , without stopping the ma
chine. The woighing"U eaid to bo very
accurate. Mr. O.shoruo has hive-led
S''O.OOJ In the Hcale , and John .SeaUm , thu
foundry man , has also taken an interest.
It is tiio purpose of the gentlemen to
commence tlm mannfacluro of the new
scale shortly on a large basis. Thus It
will easily bit seen that Lincoln Is rapidly
coming to tie ! front.
INTOKMA rmss\t. : .
Tin supreme court handed down nn
opinion yesterday of considerable inter
est throughout the state. In the criminal
eaMj of 1' rank Joues , on error from fum
ing county , the uucstion of thu law doing
awa.y witii gra d juries and allowing the
district , attorney lo file informations
against prisoners , Instead of indicting by
grand jury , came up for decision. Tim
court held that the law applies to all
case- where grand juries were required
aflcr the act in question took otVeet , which
u as. Tune 10 last. The informations , ac
cording lo tiie construction of llio court ,
are perfectly legal and thu law valid in
cvei'i particular.
Kddie ICloutsch. eldest son of Major J.
1) . Kleutseh , died Tnc-day night , alter a
twelve ( lays' illii"ss. of typhoid fever.
Deceased was a bright young man , and
would have attained hi.s nineteenth jcar
the 1 ith inst. The funeral will occur to
day at J o'clock from the family
donee , corner of Nineteenth and M
Night before last agangof seven loughs
jumped on to Policeman Torn Kearuahan
and proceeded to do him up. Tom made
a brave light and finally hauled two of
them lo jail.
The statements made by Webster and
others about the high appraisement of
lands on Kighth and Ninth streets is
shown to have been false by the re
port of the appraisers themselves A.s
tirst staled in the I'.r.r. the amount ap
proximates # . ) ( ) , 000 , while tin-no agitators
had it up to $ ij ; ( > ,0 H ) at one time.
Tlio trustees of Picrio University , Da
kota , have tendered the professorship of
ancient languages in that institution to
( ieorgoCi. Hitchcock of Lincoln. Hitoh-
cock is a graduate of the .State Univer
r red Harrison , the popular young at
torney , hasjuotrelnruedffromii tendays'
business trip in the south.
Hon. J. II. Stukel , the well known
Thaycr county orator , was in the city
yesterday on his way to Omaha.
Hob Currav , Palmyra ; ,1. N. Edward ,
Seward ; t ) H. Kilboimi , O. Hildobraud ,
Grand Island ; J. P , Conger , Syracuse ; U.
S Maker , Fairhury : Lou Crouer , Omaha.
.1. S. Miller , Albion ; W. II. Ferguson ,
Aurora ; J. M. Davidson , York ; G. P.
Chisman , York ; John D.iwson , Alma ;
D 1) Johnson , Wynmrc ; Charles Ogdun.
Omaha ; Lieutenant Governor Sucdii and
wife , Ashh'.nd.
No n.imo is better and moro pleasantly
and widely known than that of Mr. J.
A. Po//.oni. For Years ho has made him
self famous by the elegant perfumes and
complexion powder that bears his name ,
( ho latter haying found its way to tiio
belles of Paris , Germany and London.
Kvcr.\ body _ admires beauty in ladies.
Nothing will do more to produce or en
hance it Hutu u use of Mr. Po/.zoui's pre
She AVouIilii't Stand Ir.
A voting man from Pennsylvania came
to New \ork last week lo have some the
atrical printing done , and at the job of-
lieo ho explained that the company was
composed of amateurs who wore to make
their lirbt trip on the road.
"Then , " said the gentleman who was
helping him on his bills , "yon will , of
course , follow the rule and advertise that
3 on arc from the Union Square theater ? "
"Well , I don 't know. "
"And I shall nut on that you are all
well-known stars. "
"It might do. "
"And we must advertise that your play
had a rim of 0 ) ilights in this city.
"Hut it hasn't. "
"Makes iio dill'eronoo about that. I
Khali say that the Start Herald , Times ,
Tribune and Sun mention it as an un-
qnalilied success. "
"Hut they haven't. "
"That's all right , you know. Wo will
say that you have a carload of special
Bcenory and your own orchestra. "
"Good "
gracious :
"And it will bo wise to add that in Chicago
cage , Milwaukee and St. Paul you had to
turn away people by hundreds.
"Say ! you mustn't do it , " protested the
young man. "Tho heroine of thu play i.s
a Sunday .school teacher and down on
lying. She's going to furnish the cnsh
to pay for the bills and gat us lo the lirst
town , If there's any lying on the bills
she II bust the whole trip and leave mo
with two Alpine scenes , a Mulled dog , a
thunder storm and a backyard in Hoslon
on my hands for the winter. Wo'll tc.ll
thu truth on the bills , and if wo bust on
the road there's some" show to hold a
prayer meeting and appeal to provi
dence. "
"WTien ] t l > 7 was ilck. we p re h r CaotorU ,
When ibo TCU * Child , slia cned far ( aatorU ,
When ho Ufvcaino Mini , ( lie chin ; to CutorU ,
Yftieu alia had Ctiildruu , itio giro Uioa UaUotiu ,
Fatal Ne IlKcnce.
UTICA , Nov. 11 The coroner's Jury In the
rase of Mrs. Pratt , killed In the Occident , on
\VcstShoro railroad , near Little KalU ,
Monday , relumed acrdict chai lm ; the
i.dho.iu company with gioss ni'ifliKenco in
nut liuNliiK pio\ld d a culvert where the
\\nsliuut occulted.
Ijivcr , HIilneyH , Stomiioli nnd Splcou.
TliH ( inruly vuKvtutito mvpiuiitlcm ,
IIOMw ) uolulnuttsl iw u Kiuiilb Jkxllclnu ,
urielimtcil lu ilioboutli in iteA. luncto
Konlly nit tlio boucU und klilnoy uml ( x.r-
rocts llio iwtlnii of tlio I Ivor , mid Is ,
Ilicrcforo , tlio I > OM iu\iiurutory | inwll-
flno , wlntlpvor tlio siol.iiiH4 nuiy pruto
to bo. lu till coimmm ilUviuucn U will , mi-
liy any oilier mullclnii , uiru.x a
Itcuulutor U fiifu lo ailtnlnUtor In itny
conJIlionof llioiiybtciu , uml iiuilor no clri'iun-
bt uuxticnn It < lo naim. It Mill Invliamilo lIKe n
KliiKtnt wjno. Inn It Unu IntiulaiUnK Unurntro
tiilumllo inH'iiiifniiiit | > ; will pronuite InUtvov
t Ion , ilUsliuuo liwuliicho , iiil xonorally Uinu uji
1'iviiiiiiHl t > y
J. 11. XHIUN & CO. , Philadelphia , Pn.
HAwk hfi.w3 Who Oapinre Dhhonost Knights
of the Punch ,
How Great Corporntlons Arc Do-
fVniulcd-Opporttiiiltlcs Tor Crook-
cilne s-Conductors Who Homi
tlct Rluli nnd Then Kottro.
Now York Telegraph : Tltoro Is
naturally a variety of practices resorted
to by conductors in order to defraud the
railroad companies. Among the most
primitive and rockier proceedings Is the
knocking down svstem pure and simple.
A passenger pays , for instance , u certain
fare , which is iwckelod by the conductor
without issuing any drawback or receipt
nor entering the tare on the ollloial
memorandum. If n "spotter" i.s In the
car tiio casn U clear against our con
ductor , and ho will summarily bo called
lo account , lint this rough way of doing
the crooked work involved generally lee
great a r\t\\ \ \ and more subtle devices are
o-nployod. A prudent conductor will al
ways Inspect his passengers carefully ,
und serntlni/.u ouiry face before ho
ventures nnd hazardous operation
Thu fact is that ho prides himself
on his supposed intuitive faculty tof
being able to drop on any detective
no matter in wiiat guise he may travel ,
and 1 have frequently seen entirely inno
cent passengers nnd irgoiug the unpleas
ant ordeal of being si/oil up by the con
ductor , and the entire train crow. The
short fare racket is worked on a big
Bcalo all over the country , especially on
the lar western ro.ids , and m.iov un lion-
o > t granger evinced no eonse'nmlions
scruples to Htaml in with the conductor
in dul' the ro.ul of its legitimate
faro. The "short" is rarely imnl in Iho
body of the car , and not likely either tone
no accepted under .such elroumit.inces.
You must know tiio conductor , be
vouched for , or convince him that you
are all right. A s.iorter , takes gi'iior.illy
a bland on the plalform after the
train has st.irtcd , or he goes into the caboose -
booso for an unobserved moment , lo
band the conductor all the way from
one-fourth to two thirds of the regular
fare. The milcnsc books all'ord nNo a
very good opportunity for crookedness ,
and it is , furlhermoie , u comparatively
safe scheme.
TIII : uKi'MMEit H\vr.s nxvnNsi : .
Commercial travelers as a rule are
quick at taking advantage of this ingen
ious way of making an extra prolit in
conjunction with the conductors. Hav
ing their traveling expenses naul by thu
lirm , the manipulation is ( tone in this
style : The drummer cultivates the no-
qnaiulanco of the conductors , or vice
versa , and after mutual conlidence has
been established a bargain is made to the
olloet that w.uiiover one drummer pre
sents his mileage book and gives his des
tination , the conductor will only detach
coupons for a cpiarlor or half the dis
tance , and divides thu ensuing prolil
with the passenger , who of oourie is
charging allowances for the full amount
of mileage to Iho lirm he represents.
There is , however , some disadvantage lo
this confederacy with garrulous drum
mers , ami tlio plan favored by the best
bharpors is the fr.uidulunt punch.
Concerning this trick it might not bo
amiss to say a word or two about the
railwaj ticket brokers as bearing direct
ly upon the subject. The methods
through which the members of this fra-
toruity always are in u position to supply
thu public with tickets at cut-rates ap
pears quite perplexing to the mind of the
uninitiated ; but as a substitute for an ex
planation the question might bo pro
pounded : Why do cnnduclorri occasionally - '
ally perform a sham punching and thus
hocuro a private slock of nucancelluJ
t eketsy Ot course il would be prepos
terous to insert that the scalpers obtain
a bigger tmrt of thulr lickcls Irom this
60U1CU , although a number of paes siru
on record in wnich the unoancclled tick
ets have been traced by de.Ioetives to the
broker bhops and the guilty conductors
shown ui ) . I might tJtill go on quoting
various other schemes resorted to by dib-
honoet employes , but you will aheady
understand the game and see how vigil-
tint a spotter must be lo keep track
of the conductor and his opera-
lions. During Iho early part ot last
year a goldun harvest , about the finest
m the annals of western railway history ,
was made by the conductors on the
Hoeky Mountain and Idaho division of
thu Northern Paoilio. That whole HOC-
lion of the country had become infected
with gold fever on hcar.ugof the alleged
rich discoveries made in the Co'iir
d' Alone mining camp. The allair was a
gigant.e Irani ! so far as the claimed pros
pects for placer mining and surface dig
ging U concerned , and it is an open se
cret that the directors of the Northern
Pacitlc made use of the most unscrupu
lous methods in "booming" the mines
that they might llecce thu poor dupes
who rushed into the camp. In the ollicial
statement it anpears that something like
a million dollars was cleared by the road
on the shameless humbug , and the prof
its would have been much larger if Iho
conductors had faithfully turned in all
the big cash tares they received. It is
authentically reported that several con
ductors knocked down as much
us one hundred dollars a day on an
average ; this sum dooms incredulously
largo , but then you must bear in mind
thiil traveling in those regions is very
expensive , H and 10 cento per mile being
the rate , and on diblanc.cs of many hun
dred miles each fare will soon run up to
$20 , if.lii nndtU'J. . A gang of dotoetive.1
were htartod on the road to check the
amount of passenger tratllu , and it be
came very soon evident that uvory
umployu had gouu in for his share of the
plunder , Tliu most Micuesnful conductor *
during tun boom have biilouquuiilly en
gaged in hotel keeping , liquor business ,
or liguro prominently as gambling-housu
proprietors and managers of typical
western dives. An ex-conductor runa a
big saloon at pro-unit in Helena , Montana ,
and there is a well.founded rumor atloat
that ho drew a deposit of ftll.OJJ from
tlio bank on the day ho received notltica-
lion of his discharge.
mi : M"ijri'Kis AT ins OLOUI'ATIOM ,
Lot mu lii'.it of all lu-rfiiro you that thu
life of a r.tllvva.v detective. IB not a very
enviable one. He is hired on thu ex
press condition thai instructions , how-
iivor repulsive to his eharaeu r , must hu
strictly complied with. Furthermore , hu
ban no abiding | > laeu whatever ; the inter-
CM of the Mirvico require * a continuous
shitting around with the operatives from
one load to another , in order to reduce
the chancca of attracting suspicion by
the railway employe * . It is thus a m > ua'l
thing for a bpottor to tiavel through
every btato in Iho Union in thu courau of
a few mouths , and his \\ork in really
harder than moil people would Imagine.
Naturally ho must assume diU'urcnl rolo.- >
to meet anv tiincrgotuiy and throw o t'
suspicion. You line him pi/sing as a land
speculator , iiiitiranco agent , drummer ,
gambler , newspaper man , mechanic ,
miner , wood chopper , or tramp ,
all according to the particular
job hu has gel on hand. Then it
is noceaiary for him to have confederates ,
an it would be imposilhln to cover the en
tire train without iih uuincu Thu general
course is to assign one opcratlvo to each
car , limn chocking every fare the conduc
tor collects , but Inis forbidden to make
Hii } movement which might direct the nt-
Umtion of tlm conductor or brakomau
upon him. Tliu art uonsUts In evincing
tlm toast poijhlu | concern , and nlwiuis
luivu a slr.iight tory lo toll when hu en-
Kiigci In conversation with other passim-
gui'4 or paly ol thu conductor At the
indof the jourmy each opcrativo
out n report revering n ccilum iar. and
s.-nds it to hiUHUnner1 ? . wn > in it is com
pared with the } ! O ml tie tor's balance sheet-
These reports arc > erv , tlalmrat'i atlairs ,
eper.fyingovcry sifiglo fare , nud giving r\
full description > f the tr.uis -tinu ob. < m-\
cd. The formula l fashioned Knuctlduu
like this :
liuaxini ; ( nam * of M.itlnn ) . II. M.m
In , Ictt side , thirteenth MtM * licard to
make nn luniilry nhout fare to a oeit.iln S.u-
llen. Conductor ref. rred to his tarilt tmlo
nnd sihl : "U H'S V Pi enicr hniuled
soxcrnl tillls tonindiictnr , who loturncil MIIIIO
sliver coins In clianiv ; . He tlii'reuiwm turned
av.ay without Issldiuc any ihiiwbai'k cheoU or
entering tiRMiiuniiKlinn. I found an oiiixir-
timlty to eiiR3 e In conversation with IMSM.MI *
per and learned fn'-lil-jitnllv tlmt hn Is a rest-
( k-ntof Id d CIiiiulii ! , nil I u'i > iiu to iVu-
\cr. Ills uniim Is Auilrcxv White. He left
trnln nt lMi\cr.
Here is the alllda\t ! , and should the
conductor fail to account for the faro
Jtho indications of dishonest intent bn-
ing very apiiarentl , he will be charged
with theft. The operative Is frequently
instructed to pay cash fares himself and
the most conclusive proof Is derived by
this trap if the conductor doesn't rcs'ht
the tempting bait. Mi-aldcx spotting tlio
cash fares a number of other duties must
bu performed by thi ) detective. Ho ha *
to be on thu lookout for all f-ortwof
crooked transactions , report whether nil
tiekoUs are properly cancelled , the con
dition of car and cloMH , how baggage is
checked at ons , if conductor or
crow is obsi'rvcd to sleep , drink , smoke ,
or u c protano language on duly.
Sometimes it is next to imp isslblc to
catch a conductor although suspicion
re-ts upon him , nnd n detective is then
put on to sliadow liui man in order to
learn h s habits.cnmpanious , and
behavior in private lite. Through this
source very valimhlc testimony is often
procured and cireun t.iniial evidence
turnished showing the suspected parly is
a di.s-.olme fellow , spending much more
than his Hilary would justify at the
gambler's den or in disMuatinn
It would however he a mistake to sup
pose that passenger and freight conduc
tors are the only p irtics made subject to
the observation ot the detective spotters.
Almost every railway ollicial , inclu ling
station masters and higher functuaries
have their doings "ecrolly waK-hed nud
oven the most trivial violation of the
rules are reported to their superiors.
HC'III-.MI.S 01' ' ' VtZXOEANfT. .
The employees Without exception en
tertain a bitter hatred to the detecrlvo
hervici ! and in this age ot' dynamite as a
redress lor all f-ort.s of grievances it is
r.ither surprising no attempt has
been made to blow up the spoiler headquarter
quarterVomicaiice has so far only
been executed ag.iinst a few de
tectives out on tlio territories ,
where the public as a rule are in
sympathy with the conductors
and rejoice in the sport of hunting down
an awkward spotter. By the way , there
is one of the lust m n in the -woe .sta
tioned as a kind of Mipcrlntondtint at .St.
I'aul , Minn. , whose name would sound
familiar to the elder gonerat.ou of Now
Yorkers , and especially to the patrons of
the old liowery theater. Ho is honored
with the title of""ctiof ! spotter" by the
Northern I'acilio employes all along the
road , from Diilnlh trj Portland , Ore. , and
he would htrdl.hufiliyc : ; to-day if he had
hesilated in putfingj his bulldog revolver
where it could accomplish the most good
in critical n.oifaours. Yes , the spotter
system has got the conductors down to a
line point , and the firm who started the
business has muio : n handsome fortune.
liitor < , tin ) wor'd-r-'iiowue-
Invijor.itor , impirts n dollcion-
IInor lo all diinrfsnnd emes dv-pe isia , diar
rnip.i , lex.-i and rtjm-.i Try it. hue nwaio of
coiuiierreits. Ask join fciocer or your itnii :
Hist lor Hie licuuine Aiitostur.iiniinutiiuturid ) )
oy .1. l ! . JJ. biu c'it A , Sons.
A Jloui'cr oti ljen.
"Giant Turtles , " ly ; Uharies Frcdencl :
Ilolden , in ht. Nicholas for Xovomber. A
number of jo irs ago a party of KngliMi
uatur.ili ts , with several native atten
dant" , penetrated a _ previously unex
plored portion of India lor the purpose
ot establishing stitious , und eventually
opening ii | ) n country very rich in nat
ural advantages. Upon reaching a hint-
able spot , tiio workmen commenced th.-ir
task 01 erecting a Kuo.itaiiUal building.
It was necessary to have a large cellar ,
and a deep excavation was mado.
The earth was dry and sandy , and was
worked with case. The absence ot largo
htone.s vas noticed ; indeed , there was
found no hard substance that would have
interested a geologist , lint late in the
atternoon of lue lirbt day's work , one of
the natives struck his pick against a re
sisting substance. Another blo > v , and
ttic imlpmcnt broke tnroiigh into a hol
low space. The earth being scraped
away , a largo smooth object was ex
posed , of so btrauge an appearance that
the attention of tun commanding ollicer
was called to it. He at once pronounced
it a bone.
The fact that they had como upon the
grave of a btrango animal created
excitement , and all hands went toork
clearing away the sand. As they pro-
grc.ssed , the.r wonder and ama/cmont
increased ali-o ; their discovery began to
assume the hhape of a dome , and ap
peared to be rounded oil' . Finally , when
lour lector more of sand had bcon'cleared
away , they saw a hut-shaped ooiect , ttial
boomed , through the hole made by thu
pick , to bo partly hollow , The natives
one and all tuereiipoii declared it n hut ,
or house , built by 001110 of their ancestors ,
that had in course of time been coxcrod
by the earth. Others thought it oao of
tut ) dwelling-places of a strange people
wno lived under Ineearth ; but to tuo Jvn-
glisu natnr.ihsU there w.-i.s a more Himulo
explanation , tor the curious WJH
tile shell of n gigantic turtle belonging
to an ago long post. The work piogre ud
rapidly ; and thong ! ) when oxpoacil to the
him some par Us broke in pieces , the o.itire
hboll was miceosstully uncovered and : i
complete restoration of it was made.
Tuo snoll was that of a land-tortoiHO.
Hundreds ol thousands of years ago it
had lived und died--and the , s.ind ,
and vegetation had gradually covered it
up and prcberved it as a monument of
the ammal wondirs of that ancient time.
So enormous vas the Miell that when
the nand mid d.rt were removed , hex end
of the men era v , led Into u , in fuel , it.
might h.ivo lii-cii usd as a house , and on
a subsequent oi' < ; ; hi | | was ho used by a
party wmcli teen reliigo in It during a
Mi.iUc.ii Miowcr
Th Createat'jja lcfl 'friatgph cf tjo Ago !
SYMPTOJyis"o'F ' A
I.03 ot'nt > ltilio , Jlutrfloconllvc , I'aln In
tlio licailrIlU a dull eonvatloii In llio
bacU iiurJ. 1'iilu uii' * v tUo nhoiilJcr-
liiado , Kullnrsi uflcr uatlnc , irltli tnll > -
inclinatlan to ( .xcrtloa of boilr or uilod ,
Initnlillllrortiaipcr , liO v iililio , wllli
afoellnBofliiiTliiiriirclo'toit rmo iliity ,
Wearinets , llzznea | ) > i I'lullurhisnl ilia
Henri , Dot * buforplka oyco , Ilcncluclia
attir llin rlcl.t rrr. Ui'sllrmnen , with
filial til ntiiu , UluUlycolorea 1'rlne , ana
TDTT'S I'lLLSaro especially mlaptert
to oucti cagun , one tluao olTcctq cuoli n
clinngnr > fliellii8n tOisl ! < > nUlitlio uircior.
Ttijr Increase the Aimellte.tntl cuute lh
tody t.i 'J' L.c cm t'lc > l > rlt > ui h 6/itrni U
nnuvUlxil.i. > i hyilii'IrTojilc Action nn
Inn UltcillreUrzti ! iltrciili\rM < uoH'Ta
{ mjiunl. l'rlcoarn.I I l irrav.St.IV.T.
Urauv.itrs the boiljr. mal M hc.iltiiy ilsioj ,
8tr"njt > em Itin t\ii. ri'.alrilbi | wa.U > 5 ot
\i nysU'iu with | iru lilucvj nnl l.unl UIIU .IHi
toaot Hit norvoiw fjdlom , t : Uor&Ua the
l'riliiui.t lnip ; rt Hia vi or cj
PI. i.'Y liV ( rnH f .
UIt illumtrift. , Mew
A Ncn V'otk Cjtnlno Tlmt
UN Sintx. |
N V. T l. jr i , ill.SpciiUujr of < lot-- ; , ' '
snid , lud . - Itiunl , "tlui do xomU-'t uorf
stttry I o cr heard wni toltl itio when I
w.i outin W. .st-lictlcr count v llils nm >
nv > r Tlii'h ucrc two fnrmcrt. out there ncfxun wratiKliiiffoxcr u line fi tire
when tlioyvuro iouiifj inon , nnd nt inlil
die si Mi llioy lutd como to be ulmost worn
( nomitvi. Uuo of thc-m ouncd ti bulldog
nnd ( he other wus thu im ) > | iy i > o. c or of
n bcnntifull.v marked co.lcn do lluit
pr.uiued along under his muster * u'aguit
JH hu drove to town , and .ivo the \vuolo
turnout H n uir of lutnnso re-
Plioctulnlity. tno day the nvin who
ou'ned Iho bulldog wim nluulil ; ! out by
his iito n the owner of thu coach do
ilrovo by , and the happy and conlcntcd
look on the fuco of thu man In tliongon
and the do under it drovu the iron duep
into hU > oul. So ho orlod out. ' .Sick
him , Hijro , ' to Uui bulldog , and the do ; ; ,
bavin ; * ttocn looking at the 8111110 ccn < j
with about the Mums fcidinj ; . mudi'thrco
jumps , and the beautiful and contented
d ( jc with the imibor.Uo coloring w *
\vril liln in Iho dust , whllo the bulldog
was feasting on hia uar nnd looking hnp-
) iy ax a man who has drawn thu iuukv
nunibor nt a turkey ralllc. If it hndn t
bnun that both nci hbor-i went pillnr.H in nnd prominent in tint com
munity , there would have been iiniru | of
blood shed buforo tlio owner of tlio bull-
ilos pried hi.s uanin. ! ' j.iws apart ami
liberated llio spotted pup.
"That , niijht whim the ooaoh do 's
owner sought his couch ht > turned rest
lessly over tlio yccsii feithors until hU
f.illier'.s clock in llio sitting room had
buckle 1 down to the wor * ot tolling oil'
the honr.s of a new born d.iy. Then out
ol the darkness came thu nucleus of a
m.irvcloim idea that , as ho rolled it like
a sweet morsel amonjr the organs of hi.s
brain , budded and blo nmcd into | H-r-
fcot and beautiful proportions After
tliis the tossing cuiwcd , and the snoring
of the 111:111 : blended in sweet unison with
the ticking of the clock.
"When tun m.irnlnjr train left for Now
York nc\.tdiy one of its .i s nij.'M was
thu man to whom the idea w.u born.
When he walked homeward at night.
with a lowVi/.ed , sjuaru-jawcd , and
bonfwlml seared specnnun of a liulldo '
at his heels , hu hunimed a lively air , ami
ni he hummed stoutly. The envious
neighbor ami nN unvio.u do st.ui > lin
at ttic ifato saw thu him ptisa over the
WeftelieKtor hiljs when a wagon wilh a
Rlioitcd do ; crniling at the end of a pii'co
of wool twine tied to the forward a\le ,
drove into tiie road. As his eye rutted
on his neighbor and his dog he bmilcd
nnd said "Good morning ; . " Ti10 | , ui | .
dog heard lliu sound , and turning , paw
the siotted | dog under thu wagon. Ho
licked bis chopa in gleeful mood , and
moved hi-j tail aright.
"Tho varicgited caniuo p.uisad and
for tic ! fray , wliile the man , twinu and
wagon moved on up llio road \\ithout
him. When the bulldog naw that he did
not whine for mercy he Blackened up a
bit and whether he had not
bitti-n oll'a largo clmnk of mottled ea-
nine than ho wui prop'tred to masticate.
Hilt there wann't much time to think of
things like this , and so he shut his eves
nnd opened wide hi.s mouth and rushed
ahead again. The reception had lasted
only about two minutes when the most
disappointed and chawed up bullilog
that one would encounter in a lilytimo
or.iwled away and hid himself in the
ooruer of a ten-rail fence. Thou the do.c
with the doited skin Rhook bin sides and
trotted happily along and overlook the
wagon. The man got out and hugged
him , wliile he laughed until the tears ran
down his uunburncd cheeks. Then he
took him to a neighboring pump , washed
the spots away , and s Mt } him to II'H Now
York home. If the entire population of
Wcslclinater hid eric I 'Sick him , 15igu'
alter that day it would have bison as so
much waste of wind. The cure was of a
permanent chariot "
I'HiKS l-l. . . , . .
A HIIIO euro for Blind. Blecillii'r , Jt
nnd Ujccralcd I'lkM hivi been illscoveicil by
Dr. Wlliums , ( im Indian reined ) ) , r.illcd Dr.
Willliiins' Indian 1'ilu Oiiitiueiit. A r.hiilo
box luus cured the \\oi > t clnonic cases ot i'i or
: .0 yeu sUiudia , ' . No one need .sutler live
minutes niter nmilyliu this wonderful ttooth-
imc ir.rilicine. Lotions and Instruments do
iiiiue harm than trood.Villlaitts' Iiidiin
I'ilt ) Ointment ubsoilis the tiunurs , nlli\.s ; tlio
iutcnso itcldni ; , ( imiticulaily at nklit'after
L'littaiL' u.-irni in hi'd ) , nets us a poultice , niv > .s
insluiit roliel , and istiicmied | oiny for Piles ,
ilchliu' of iiiivatu part.s , anil lor ntitliliiKclie.
Dr. Fiir/icr's Ahiitlc Ointment ciues as by
nia.'ic , PiniiiliM , It nek He.-uls or Ciubs ,
Illolchas and Kniptlous on the face , Iciivltij
the Hliin cletirnnd beautiful. Also cuics Itch ,
Suit Klieiun , Sore Nipples , tiuie Lips , un.l
Old ObsiiiuiioUlrurs.
Sold by < luiggibU , or niailcd on receipt of
59 cents.
Kelailcd by Kiihn & Co. , nnd. Schroder &
IJccht , At vhojosdo Itv C , V. ( .iuuil.n.ui.
lloiv She 15ron lit Jilm Around.
RIarnage. says tlio San Francihco
Chronicle ; , Inus long been eousideivd as
more or less of a lottery. It in like a lot
tery in moro than the drawing. Drawing
a blank oncii only makes you go into it
again. Tlio fact in , to lose a husband or
draw one she has go' to get rid of i a re
flection upon the woman , and wounds
her vanity. She fools who must marry
again jiiht lo fihow it was not httr fault ,
und -she is much likelier lo bo happy in
tuu .second venture. Thu experience of
the helps her to u butter understand
ing of the second , and the impleiisantnt-ris
of the loss teiiehi3 ! her to yield very often
where her natural inclination would be
to kick Hut there's ono woman very
happy now , whose husband probably
will never know that ho was brought up
lo'the Hurntch In a very aimplo but oH'ect-
ive way.
" 1 have como to ask you if yoocan help
me to HOIUII work , "Him said She was a
tinoly educated , vurv attractive woman.
" .My husnand has turned out < | uito wortn-
It- : ) . 1 have had lo loavu him , and 1 am
now compelled lo hiipport mywlf. "
" 1 am very sorrv , but I am nfraid I
caiinut { rive yon any work. Do you pro-
JIOMI lo mipporlyuiirciolfr"
"I've got to. "
"Look hero , that's nil nonmnisn. You're
young , pretty , attr.ietivo. Why don't yon
marry again f
"Alarry .igain ! Never. I've had enough
ot it. "
"NonsciiKo ; you'll liuvo better luck
( hid timu. Hiivcn't you any admircrsr"
"O . "
, > C8.
"Any ono you liku ? "
"Ycri. Tluro's young gunllnman
very miioh gene on nu. llj'dvdl o.l' ,
hav a very nice position. "
" J'hat s. tlio mm. Von nvirry him. "
"lint IIU'H bashful and bau'.vard ' , and
1't'ogotto do boinelhing rignt aw.iy.
have no money. "
"Tnal s biul. "
"Do yon mind assisting me to bring
him to tuo point ? "
"L'urUinly not. Toll inn hov/ , and I'll
be luo t happy to do anv tiling "
"iV'ell , " and blni lii-lt.itcd ; "if you
wouldn't mind. Von MIO. he'd very , very
baokw.irk , but lie'h very loud ot im- , and
1 tiiink he mc.uiti bus ni i. Now , if yon
will put on your bnst clotuen and eomo
up you . * > , hc'rieommg to call upon
inn to-nignt - "
"Certainly. I'll call to-night with
pleasure ; but "
"Of I h.ill not tell him you're
married you mi 1 Tit in 1 ; an I if you'll
well , hu mignt jealoiiu , porh.ipi ! ,
and Unit \rnuld bu Huiiu-thiug , you
know. "
"O , I sec. I'll bo thero. "
So thu lady wont o I' , and the ndvUcr
dn-sM-d lilmsulf in { 'i.tvcoiiy array and
( .uili d at her l > iii.- < i lli : bunhfui lover
u ; n i here uml it v u- > not lilteen minutus
v ui uiUlij jualoui of tlu , new
l > cui. : The rival uorked il tip for nil it
was AMirlh , and when the backward
adorer got to the iMtammatory ( vjint
of jealousv where n light wna probably
immirent' the confedi'rato lit oul , leit
him the Meld , nnd lu the brief ovidnua *
lion of the next ( ivu minutes ho had com *
milled himclf to an immediate marriage.
iilio deserved him
"Procrastination Nthc thief of tim > . '
Is a proverb which can hn Illustrated in
iminy wnya. A slight aehlng in the limbs
or joints is felt , and delay in treatment
may bring about a severe attack of rhen
mutism. In all such oases use JSt. Jacobs
Oil It baniolii'S every pain.
HUM We io\v.
Clncinnnti Spokeaman : Twcnty-tivo
years ago Wo were : < JUODKK ( ) of people ,
now we aie nearly 00,000,0 X ) . Then wo
had 111 cities and towns of over HiiU ) ) in
habitants , now wo have ! W'l of . ueh cities
nnd tnuns. Then the tolttl iiopulationof
our cities wsus 6IK10OJU , now it la about
K'.OOJ.IKU ) .
Our coal mine1" then produced H,003 ,
ni ; ) ) tons , now WOiW , ( ) ( > 0 tonn. or si.\ times
ivs miieh.
The iron product amounted to 000.033
tuns of ore ; to . foots up over S.twn-
IMU tons a year , nlmoiit u nine-fold in-
In tHllO our metnl Industries employed
about 55.0.W hand.s , consumed $ i > ) . ) , U)0.- )
IMU worth of malorial , and turned out
about $ I8UXUJ.1 ! ) in annual products.
T i-day these indiftries employ HM.OOO
hands , consume .si : < , ) , OlKIUU of mater'al ,
and their annual product amount.s to
$ lin,0l ! t,0l 0 a year.
lu 18IU the wood industries imiiloynd ]
1 ! ) 1,00) ) perrions ; to day they employ ; ! ! ( > , -
OMlnlo lluv.iiue o ( their annual pro-
duel has trebled.
The \\o-ilcu mdnslry oinployed (1J3 ( per
sons then , and now employ 100 , i ) HI.
while our home m.ll.s. winch produecd
goods to tlio vattio of sjyj , < WOll > in 1SJ > .
now turn out an annual product of
I'mallv , there is cotton. In IHt ) wo
imported 'J O.oilO.OOU yards of cotton
goods ; in \\coulyimportjd 7JO.UJJO
In the meantime the number of hands
cmidoyud id cotton mills has
inorcaM'd to 'Jjil.Oilil , and wo export ovi r
15 i.OOll.OJIIarda ol cotton goods a year ,
iusto.ul of importing X J 7,00 , utJ ) yards as
wo used to do.
In thu meantime we have nearly Ii\
times as many miles of railway and dou
ble the uumb.-r of farms , yielding moro
than double the number of bushels 01 °
In the production of sheep , we had
2JtMiOJt ) ) of them in IdtiJ ; to-day wo have
ovot' 10,0 m.on. ) of them ; and whereas we
then pro luecd in tills uountry ( ) lt , ) M.O.IU
pounds of wool ; now we pnidueo "Jll-
00 MKU pounds.
Finally , the total of our exports has
doubled. In I8'i I it stood at $10 i.OO.I.Oo'J . ,
and now it btands at about
The Swiss Ounrtl.
The pope has his own soldiers , who
are not very m.iny , anil wno gjuerally
net as gu.irds to the v.inom paru of la i
Vatican Behind the bion/.e doors , which
an ; enornious harred galc-s , we saw BJino
of thubii soldiers , one of \\honj will ask
ustor our pcrmosios , or permits. I am
Mire you never beheld military gentle-
mini Tike them before. They are called
tiie Swiss ( inard , and are drcscd in a
uniform of Honing liiuiu and breeches ,
torincd ot bro.ul st ripen of
black , red and yellow , long UojUnigs
Mripcd in bl.ick and yeilotv , and o.i
si ito o > ! u.t ious luoy w ar br is < h d nU
with heavy vvliitu plum , and carry hal
berds or pikes with ax-ncnds at the umlri.
The olllcors1 dress , of thuMime dcsignt ii
of bright silk , and thov make a ilux/.Iin
appeaninee. Thc > o men appear as it
they belonged lo the JMiddlu Ages and
had nothing to do w Hi our modem
times ; and tuey very properly neeni M ,
for their uniform was d 'siirne.l by
Mieliaol Angelo , not long alter the dis
covery ol Ami'riu.i , and their continue
has never been changed. It used
lo be the custom of m.iny of the pot 'ii
tales of Europe to have iicrsomi i
guards compo- I of Swiss soldiers a- .
tuny were considered more huueil aii.l
trustworty than any othurs. InValt -r
Scott'Hinentin Dnrward" yon will
learn a great about the Swiss guards
ot I'r.iuce. In I'.iri" . thu porter at. tuo
doora of great hon ns is .still e.ilk'd " 1'iiu
Swiss , " altiiough he is almoit always a
Frenehman. And these guards of'thu
pope are now , but I hey still re
tain the old mini . -ll-'roiu ' 'L'ersonaljy
Couduetod , " by Fntnk 11. Slookton , in
tlio St. Nieholas for Xovoinb-'r.
ltilllcnl Inloeprotntloii.
"What is te meaning , S.imuel , of thn
iihrase 'go to , ' woieh is fre.ipiuutly lound
In he soripluros ? " u S.inday-sehool
loacher according to Drake's Tr.ivolers'
iMagaxine , asked a big boy in his bible-
' "I ain't aure Unit I knovy , " replied the
lad , as he Hhuillett and hoMtatod.
"What do you think' What is your
impression of the meaning of thu
pliraMi ? "
"I don 'Hike to tell. "
"That is nonsense. You ought not to
be too modest. What do yon think it
means ? "
" 1 guess , Mr. Richards , that it stands
for 'go lo sheoll'
"You are wrong , Hamnol , very wrong ,
I oan'i imagine how you could have been
led into hiieh an error , lam qnito sure
that our Chinese brother hum could give
a bolti-r interpretation of thu phrase.
What doi'H our Chinese brother think is
meant by 'go to'y"
"Alice 'como oft"1 "
flameo ! promptly
answered Wang Lee , as he went up to
the head.
Coughs , Colds and .Surj-Thront yield
readily lo li. II , 1 oughuvs & Sons' Ciipm
cuiuLongli Drops.
Tlio l.ulcnt Tor
Ulica ( N. V. | Herald : "Havo yon
notiuiid the latest idea with tue liulicsr"
said an obs > > rv.intSnitliiicld street shoe-
dealer yis-itunlay.
"iS'o. What is itr" asked the reporter.
"A now ft.vlu of walking ; don't > u
fico ? Thu real fashionable young lady
doesn't dwadlu along now ivs if she was
going to have a toutli pulled. Instead of
t.iat , Him liiku aipiiek , Hpringy gait , not
ii.vuutl.y as if she was in a hurry , but as if
Mhe enjoyed walking and vv.i.s running
over with animal | iirit-s and in good
health. That is the Idea they winn to
carry out Sumnur is over , un.l every
young lady is huppoud to have Intuit
oilier in tliu country or at the tuiashoro ,
and come back full of vigor. It isn't tlm
proner thing at all now lor a young l.nly
to he tired. She may be 'slightly
tatigued,1 but 'tinid' H too greet nn ac
knowledgement of 1 think
that the idea is a good ono , any way , and
the very nppoaranee of goo 1 health will
br ng heallli. . At leant it will bring out
door uxuruihu , and tnal is tlio nuxt thing
Dr. Hamilton \\iimm , Kolectlo Physi
cian and Surgeon , ? JJ N , liith uimut ,
near Wcbbter. Day ami nigat calls
promptly attended to.
Now kingdoms m iku now laws. Nuw
in Wit nru tyriinnieal. Klgnttor'rt Mam
moth ( , ' o limg ll'iiisu Is ( ho old btand by ,
l > uru while us snow.
Angora Yarn at I'.itoh'd.
Qmick ads nru played out by wvcry in
telligent pur.iun. Kltjuitur's Mammoth
Clothing lioiiM ! don't tinvu to.
Mothcn , ask for Williams ft llovt1
ntiHHc.b'uBiirmg Imol ( ihoev. "They vveiu
good. " bi/os il to J , llvo widths IVleu
TIIIUUM. 6 : COOK , 1UJU Farnam St.
Itaynnr * Nepotism.
Clncvuuutl Hnqulrer.liunoa A. *
nrd , HMinof the Ketuetar\ % nt.tlv , lins
IMI > n appointed by tin * president to nn
heeiotary f Ari.-oua tctrilor , ) . II o
youttfl man , who Is but twotit.\-hvr. .vc.irn
ol ago , Is credited lo Mar.U'ind lu.tiail
ofOolatanro Ilo rt'ootitly jtrndtinlod nt
n Virginia Tollcua nnd mis since boon
touching sehi > ol. ThN appointment
makes conspicuous three vorv
things1 l''ir-t ' , that Secretary Itnyntd , u
spite ) f the I're.sidenl's order , Is p
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The Great Invention ,
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The Great Rock Inland Route
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The Famous Albert Lea Route
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Nebraska National Bank
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II. W. YATKS , i'reaidont. "
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W. V. MOK.SR , JOHN s. cWVjr'g ,
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All Sorts of
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