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    r FHE EE.
Unexampled Devotion of Irish Americans to
their Native Laud.
Influential Americans to ( leturn to
I > in to Work lor Irish Na-
( lonnllty at the
Tim Trtnli Ifcart In America.
Nr.vviYOIIK , Oct fl. A lai-ge meeting of
gcnttcincn who have been prominent in IrMi
National Letigiio matter * in this city nnd
lliooklyn , was held this afternoon at the
office nf .To n Kooncy , No. 145 IJni.ulway. for'
the imrpo c of taking into consideration the
best and most effective means of assisting
1'arncll In the coming elections for mcmbcis
of tiai ( lament.
John C. McHuIre , of Hiooklyn , was elected
chairman , and ( icucral W. Kirvvin bccic-
Itesolulions vvcic adopted , Felting forth that
thn general election about to take place for
mcmbcis of the KngtMi pailimiicut "ofters to
the people of Ireland nil opportunity topiovo
their lojally and devotion to liNi nation
ality , seldom It evereoualled in thu history
of'tlmt nnloi Innate , inWmciiu'd and IHMIC-
euted counti v. " The ic-.olutloiis tuithci n- < -
frert the sleadfast and uuswciving ndclityof
tin ; Irish people to the can MI ot national Inde
pendence and the meat tcMilts accomplished
under the leadership ot 1'arncll
nnd Ids associates : emphasi/o the
oppression and depopulation tor Iielnnd
thioiigh the system ot l.mdloidlsm ; give
warning to Kngland that .she has not only
depopulated Itclnud to deal with , "that over
ten millions of her exiles ot the Iiish race on
this continent look on w ith anxious eyes nnd
w Ith strong aims and willing hearts to lender
such nsslMniicc as may be needed by their
brothers lu Ireland to accomplish this end. "
They conclude us follows : "Resolved ; That
wesend lilty of the lepresentatlve men ol our
race lu tlio United States to assist , Hon.
Chailes Stewart i'.unell and his associates In
the hustings for the puipuse of electing the
candidates selected and appioved of by that
licorlc and trusted leader.1
Following Is n partial list of those who me
named to pcifonu this service :
Itev. Jus. County , Woieester , Mass. . Itev.
li. O'ltcllly , Uetiolt , Mich , ; Itev. JM. J ,
Dorney. Chicago : Hcv. Ii. ( ! corgo C. Hctti
St , Louis ; Itev. Father Cumin , UulTalo , N.
Y. : llov. James T.ialTe , llionklyn , N. Y. ;
lion. P. A. Collins , Boston , Mass , ; Hon. , | os.
J. ( TPnnofrhiie , New Voik ; llon..lolin Hoylo
O'itdlly , Uoston : Hon. .John F. Fincilv ,
Chicigo ; Hon. William K. KobiiisoijflJrook-
Ivn ; Hon. M. S. Ulannon. Davenport , Iowa :
Hon. Martin A. Foian. Cleveland ;
Judge I'lerdergast , Chicago ; Hon.
T. V. Powdeilv , Scnmton , IVnnsvlvanla ;
M Alexander Sullivan , Chicago ; .InmcsMooiicy ,
Uuffalo , N. V. ; John Deiov. New Vork : Ii.
William H. Wallace , Dr.J.'C. McCuiic , ( Jen.
> 1. Kliwin , Ceil. Dennis K. Hiul.e. Miles
O'lirlen , of New York ; John C. McGuiie.
Michael Me.igher , P. J. llniwav and John
JJooney , ot liiooklyn ; M. V. Wllhaie. Phila
delphia ; 1) . C. Kecly , Kocliester. N. V. , nud
lluuh J. Canoll , Pavvtucket. H. \ .
The meeting adjouintsl biibjcct to the cnll
of the chnli man.
CIIIOAOO. Oct. ft Ex-Congressman John
F. Vineily being asked to-night vvlivllier lie
would accept tliu invitation teiideied him to
visit Kiiglund and Ireland to woik lei the
the Pninell party dining the coiiilui ; cam
paign , said that he had leceivcd no lutlm.x-
lion that any .Midi .scheme was on toot.
Without giving any reason fm dcclluiui ; , Mr.
I'lncrty'N.ild that lit ) should piobably uot be
oneot the pioiioscd party.
Of the gentlemen named thn following
liavo already slgulticd their willingness to
go :
Kev. Dr. O'ltellly , Detiolt : Itev. M. J. Dor-
ncy , Chicago ; Ucv. Dr. Ceo. C. HctLs , St.
Jonls : ( ieneiul M. Kiivvin , New Ymk : John
C. Mi/iiilie , Itrooklyn ; Ilimli J. Cm mil ,
Pawtnckcl , IS. L , and lion. Jolm J. Kooncy ,
New Yoik.
Money for their expenses will bo forth-
t CJIIOAOO , Oct. ! > . A levnndei Sullivan , ex-
jiresldent of llio Iiish National League of
Ameiica , was seen lit his lioiur to-night bvan
associated incss lopoiter , who showed Id m
an account of today's juocecdlugs at the
meeting of this New Voik lilsh-Ameiicaiib
nnd asked him thn question jioint blank :
"WlllvougoV" Yen- prompt ! v came then-
ply : "No. I shall not go , LK.HIM ; 1 see no
liencdt tolic deihcil to the movement lioui
fiiieh.ilslt. . The K'tiplo ol liulatid are not
fiiiircilng for oiatoiy nnd do not nied
to bo mged to Hiippoi-t Parnell.
They nndcutand tlio Iiish cause too
well , and they rcalUc the necessity ol organi-
7ntlou nnd milted notion. Tliev need iiuu.d
nnd ninleilid itld fmm their khidrcd In the
United States. A much better MM v lie than
visiting them in Iiclnud can be icmleicd to
the Iiish ix'opli'by the gentlemen named In
your list II they will pioceed toenlaiirelho
membeislili ) nf thu leairnc In the United
Slates and to lalsu funds to aid I'aincll , lust ,
in electing , and second , in compensating
niembeis of his party alter thcli election.
Aftei that , If we have surplus energv and
funds , wo ought to old In establishing ait ami
industiinl Fcliools , and by other means aid
to levlvc tint indnsdies and commcicu of lie-
laud. Thcie would linvu been somu
courage in going ( iv cr dmlng cociclon di > s
ami speaktngpl.dll KnulMi in blunt Amcil-
can fitjlefoncciiilug tliu IJuglMi cow.udlce
In siippifsMiig ficc hpeecli. Now.
enjoys tree Hpeech when slitidocs. However
juiorshels In all else , sins K alwajs ilch In
oiiituiy. 1 fnvoi tlie policy of aiding hei in
dllcttloiis wheiu shu | K piMir Hint inn be done
bettci lu this tommy Hum lu licliiud. "
An Afeiiiflujr Urothcf.
CiiAin.Ksioy , N. C. , Oct. 0 , 1) . W. A.
Ciilbreath , bi other of Culbicalli , who was
murdei d by maskid men nl IMirelitld. has
swum imtwniiauts tor lneniic.-l of tuentv-
four pei sons In the sin'alled Iv ndiluir , iiidud-
ing Memphis CulOuMtli , sou ut tliu muulcu-d
wan ,
ew Liglit.
h Oct. ft. A Sun special fiom
( re < 'ii Klver Mys : Some testimony of a
Murlllng character. Klvcn to the guild jury
to-day , is < alculated to tlnovv now liirht oil
tiaiisaetions nt itock Springs dm Ing the re
cent riot there Tlio Ilev. Tlumtliy Tldrlo-
wav , Conuregntlonal minister , who icslded at
ItncK Sprlucs with his family dmliii ; the ilot ,
iiiadii a norn Mntcineiit Miow Ing that ihe
Chincj-ect t lire to their own limiM's in oidi-i
topivvtut the white men fiimi Mililiim ; tliim
of their money , which we , bulled in thu
giouiul undeineath tlieli dwellings. Sul c-
( jueiitctriitnlmt column this was the tan1 ,
lei as WMIII as the nduamen nliiiucd to
Hock hpilnps thev commeiicod excnvailuir
under the niliin ami In one Instance rcco vend
ov w r sfntxx > . _
The Kleollons in ] ' 'nuicc.
PAIIIS , Oct. . The H'Mills of tlm elections
thnumli TraiRw jcvtrrday , for members of
the cliimbcr of dtpiillus "sofarns oniclalli"
leportediiptu noon to-dar , Imvw crenlrd n diirnrhc , and plujrlii amonp membrrs
of the rabliut und tlich eolleaeiirs. The eon-
tervHtlTrs en the otlici hand mwttd with
itnthiiMa m orrr the fact that they Miumicd
In polllm. nsuch lnr rr vote tlian thr must
kauKiiliie until ii > at d , iiiaLInt : rliauves in thr
tnblnet iciuixUe. Kriurii i-lunr tl-at
. chty Mats in J7of the
ucrartuirnts und have aio beaten two cnb | .
MCk mlnUter * nud md * A seiond IwlUit nee-
cssiiry ted f dethefnteof'tuo othns , The
leMiltn of the clrctioii * lu Lille , MaisellK-s
nnd ParlH lian not vM lif-eii didaicd.
VAKIR , Oct. S.-M.rtultfht.-In ilithtr-oun
( H' | iriiuinitrt IMciiiHtTVutlN.- HI icpult-
jlcaiisliivve i < en vlw ten. Tim iou vuathif
haxoralni'd iiluetj-ilia'Uf eiit- and li t llvu.
It will be uvccMJiy to luwo 'JW .second Ul-
lots ,
LuMioTJ. Oct. r , . The Pail * . loriMpimdtut
of the Dally New * for -nxti lb i * letiou nf
JXKI roulliin andlCO nidli-aU , thu i
'Clemenceau Is lendlnc the solid rndlcnls and
becomes a political power nf the nist uiairnl-
tuilc. No i ejmblicnn government Is possible
without him. ' '
tPvttis , Oct. 5. The Orleanhls elected yes-
terdnv wern chosen on the b.isis of promises
of protection ngainstAmciic.ui ccieals and
bacon ,
OAI.VKSTO.V , Oct. S. A dispatch from
IJusk. Tex. , to the New Fays : Yesterday nt
( lie terminus of the Kansas City Aulf !
Shore line , near Lupktn. Tex. , sixty con
victs working on the rend mndo a desperate
bieak for liberty , Just as they had Mulshed
their supper. With a deafening shout they
stalled up in a bodv and lushed for uelnh
Ing woods. The guards opened lire on the
lleeing convicts with deadly effccKl Last
rciwits say that twenty-live of them weio
killed or wounded. Tim prl oncrs run lu
otic large body nnd the guards simply emptied
their rcjicaUng lilies nud small arms Into the
moving mass. Itmnoisof an Intended mu
tiny lu this , e.imp have been rile for some
w i cks past. TliCMi i iimors w ere. sti cugtheucd
by the tacUhnt many convicts were seivlug
lite sculeuces and weie known to lie desper-
nto clmrnelcM , nud extm precaution * were'
bolng taken. Kvery means possible Is
tk'Iug used to iccnptiue thu twenty-live who
Micccedcd In eluding jlie rllles of the guards.
All avenues of escape aio being gitaided , ami
posses : uc being omanlzcd to scour the coun
try. The scene of the ottlbicak is some miles
lioui any telegraph ofllce.
Political ICscltcincnt , In Denmark.
Coi'ixn.Ui.v : : , Oet.I. . The diet opened to
day , and it Ispiobablc that the session will
bo tlie most slot my that the people of Den-
maik ever witnessed. The relations of the
contending parties aie "trained to the utmost
nnd violent scenes mo anticipated , ns an at
tempt will l > o made to force the king to com
ply with the vote of the diet at the pievlous
session to foico Ids obnoxious mlnlsteis to
leshrn. His majesty will also mobably be the
subject of a serious discussion for having
levied taxes by lojnl dccieo when tlio diet ic-
fused to vote them , and saying that he was
determined to continue so to do until tlio
repiescntativcs of the people ictuin tea sense
ot what he conceives to be their duties. The
people throughout Dcnnmik me gieatly ex
cited at the aibltrnry action of the King , and
mayors all over the country icfuse to levy
the illegal taxes , ami numerous political pi os-
ecutlons resulted from dcnonstratlons agalust
the government. "
The PltiKiioiti Canada.
iM Oct. r . There were thirty-
seven < leaths from small-pox hero Saturday ,
litty-nine yesterday.
A VICTIM'S nr.r/nmous Fiti.VK.
MOMIUIAI , , Oct. 5. Braneau , who was se-
cently taken to the hospital juuipr'd tlirouuli
a window last night nnd mil thioiigh the
stieets with only his night clothes on. He
ran Into a p iss.igcway and commenced
pounding on the door of a .icMiU'nce. The
inmates lieeominir nroused went out nud gave
him a beating. A constable Bonn arrived and
piodiiced n light when to their horror they
saw that HID man was sullerliig with small
pox mid that their bands weie covered with
blood llowlm : lioin pits on his face. Tlio
medical health olllcci was telegraphed tor.
liiancnu was can led back to the hospital.
Tom Bowman's I toward.
COUNCIL ULUHI-S , la. , Oct 5. [ Special to
the JlKi : . ] A dispatch was received In this
city today fiom Congressman Jere Mmnhy ,
of Diibiupie , stating lliat Mr. Thos. IBovruian been appointed postmaster of this city ,
and that the formal announcement ol the lact
would soon bo made.
The removal ol the present postmaster ,
Aimour , will doubtless be laid at the door of
"offensive partisanship. " he having accejitcd
the icpubllcan nomination for ( ouuty sherltT.
Armour jumped at the first chance for another
oil ice , believing that his icmoval fiom the
postolllce was only a question ot time.
Mr. liimmaii Is a civil service it-former of
miituic ugc , and editor of thu Globe ol this
city. _
ironic Itule or Rlooil.
l oxnoN , Oct. fl. Painell , speaking nt an
open ah meeting in Wioklovv , said tliathoiue
Hilc would stop all the disloyal pro
ceedings nnd oulr.iges and thirst tor
( lisuiiioii. The Irish , he dalmcd. would
then become like their countrymen
in IJritNi ctilouics loyal eltUens and piojis
tu the constitution. An lush parliament
would be compelled to protcit native ludus-
tik's u kngland in order to obtain to a
fair start , hut nidi piotcctiun would
not last loin ; , probably not longer than two
or tluce H - concluded by warning
Knglnnd unless liouic tide was granted ,
llic lilslmicii vvimld Miunt-r 01 later have ic-
vcine and would help in dcMioj lug the Bilt-
Ish Emplic. "Cheers. "
Rome More Appointments.
WAsm.NOiorf , Oil. 5. The jiiesident to
day njipolutcd tlie follow lug postmasters :
Kilvvurd T. Uesh , Ncllgh. Neb. ; Fone-t L.
Whcdim , Yoik. Nib. ; W. N. Swall. at Helvi-
deie , 111. ; Peter MiC.imley , ( Jiaud Hapids ,
vVis. : 'J'liomas How man , at Council Itlulfs ,
vice Philip Annual. sii i > fiidt'd ; Chn . ( i.
Law lei , aUMpcndul.
Tun UOUMKLIAN nivor/r.
Co.vsr.v.vrisoPi.K , Oct. ft. The
dois jebteril.iy held a conleieucixm thu Iton-
ineliaii iiicstlon | , In tim ; a few hour-t. The
dl-ciisNloti took a vvido iaiic'u tli.invas an-
tclpatedaml provoked oinc dirfcieiue of
opinion , vvlucli has not .Act In en v. ttlcd.
'ililsin.i ) dcl.iv the delivery of the Identical
note to beuldiesHd to the povveM and nltci-
waid lo be submitted lo the porte.
A Stx-Ilouml tttioek-Ont.
SvK.vci'i. , N. Y. , Oct. 5. A piuo fight
took plmo tldb evening between Jolm Slieil-
dan. of Chlinuo , and Thomas ( illlesple , of
l'lillaih > liliU | , on the bink ol Hie SCIIL'C.I ilvcr *
neai 1 1 en' . Six idliiidi neir lunulil. .Shell-
dun was knocked sen eleIn IR. | inst round.
and tinlij'ht given to ( iille-iilc. Uuth cuu-
weio b.idly puubliucl , Oulj
Doycottln u Woman.
Dirm.ix , Oct. S. Notice was pnsted yester
day Ht thu fates ot HIM. Moigan O'Counell's
homestead , Kildysart , oulci ing members of
the league to shun her at inn * . * and not Kit In
the same palleiy with her , Mis. O'Ctiniifll
nttemltd maraud was sole occupant ot live
Tliu IMttblmrc Uollor Kx
PirrMii'iion , Ott , 6. Jacob hinder and
Cnvvle > fttelu. Injured lu Kilday's boiler ux-
plosluu , dlid last nljcht , luaklntc four druihs
o far. Twotitht'is aiu Ttiy lunr and nr * not
expected to live.
Tlio Itoumellan Itevolt.
LONIIOX , Oct. 5.A dlnpatch fiom Htilln
to Ihe iSlaudaid fa > K that the powers have all
uuim-d to aiUlt-t the poite to ucopnUe Ihu
uiiiun ut Kuumvlb ntitl Uulgaila under the
j > iuualultv dt thu sultju.
Tliu Uilke Scundul.
LOKDOV , Oct. 5. Thi' ( Jlobu tonlay denies
Out thuMSOof Crawfoiil versmSlr Chailes
Dilkeliai been dioi ) | > rd. Thr tiial , It eajs ,
nill juubixlily louuulf in Unuiulitr ,
Itnslneaa rnilnre.
t'wirAtio , Oet. 5. lUirivk A. ItlolnnUou ,
u hardtnup dralci > 5 LakiMiect , uudv an a-
xljcnmtnt lo-d.ij. LUibllUiea Kivtn ut
fatxi 'UOO.
Xivr : VIIHK , Oct. 5. Julius MendeUohn ,
fins , no.slgiud tinliiy vvltli
The CUulcrn ,
tl t. fi. Tier1 ar * 1W uen MVO f
fiii u i < i ' * 4--oll flfclii this tllsra&ii r n
pul tctl 4i i * i.- . .KJ , ; r tf rdjy.
News of the Past Day from the Seat of Na
tional Government.
Tlio Internal Alabama Commission
Monetary filiovv of Hotter
-Times Increasing Cus
tom Duties , Ktc.
WAHtijtoTos , Oct. f . The treasury de
partment Is receiving an increased dcmnud
for small currency , which is rcgnided by the
ofllclnbj of that department as a sign of a re
vival of tlio business of tlie boitntty.
The commisioncr of customs lias instructed
the customs ollicen to make n ictmiiattho
closu of end i quarter of nil the uncl.timud
merchandise in the public stoic , bunded
wniehotibis or customs house. No sudi 10-
tm us appear in the accounts of collector as
now rcmlcicd.
Mr. A , H. Dickeisoit , of New Jersey , lias
been appointed chief of division in the olllco
of the coiuptiollcr of the ctiricney , vice F. A.
Miller , lesiu'iied. Mi. Dlekeibou wsvs recently
appointed chlct ot division in the sixth au-
dltot's olllcc.
The court of commissioners of Alabama
claims met lids morning after its summer ic-
cess and resumed the consideration of current
business. Judge Ilurlan , piesltling judge of
thu com t , made public announcement ot the
icceiit decision ol the first comptroller of the
treasmy that mimics of only such cmplov es as
weie named in the oig.mic net would bu al
lowed in Buttling of the pay accounts
of the court nnd said tliat tlmieloio
if the other einplov es continued In their pres
ent duties , It would be with the e\Hetation | !
that pmvl'don will be made for their pay by
eongiess. The icgulor toices have notified
the court that they v lll continue In their
present duties with that undcistaiidiug. All
the principal attorneys tor the claimants before -
fore the court have signed nn ngieement to
pay certain sums of moiic } to loan or advance
to clerks or other employes ot the court , not
to exceed the amount duo to such persons ns
salary and nutliorlrcd by existing law. This
action Is taken on the ground that the ex-
hitherto inclined by the court mo In
10 opinion of the attorneys just ami
icasoiiable. such as thocouit was authorised
to Incur ; that all such expenses will mst bo
deducted from the money now in the treasmy
befoie the balance will be apportioned among
their clients ; tiatbyiea- ! ot such fact such
expenses aio in tlio end to bo paid tlich
clients , and that unless omo provision is
made foi paying clerks and employes , the
court will not be abln to dispose of UsbuM-
and the IntciCbts of their clients will
WASHINGTON , Oct , 5. The postmaster
general has made pi ivate Inquiry into the an
tecedents of Mr. McKnighl. w ho was iccently
appointed to n position in the postal caul
azmieyatCastleton , N. Y. , and hnsaatlstied
himself that he Is not Identical with the con
traction ol the same name who , it Is alleged ,
has been guilty of Irregularities in this city.
WASHIKC.TON , Oct. 5. Minister Foster
called nt the state department this
morning and spent an hour with
the secretary nnd assistant secretary of state.
The exact nature ol his errand cannot bo
learned from official sources , but there is iea-
son to believe that ho has come to WashiiiK-
Um toieport what the Spanish governmentls
w llling to. do In the matter of u purely com
mercial treaty nnd that ho has not
made or entertained on the part of this gov
ernment , any proposition fora new recipro
city treaty. Ut is known that Secretary
Bayard thought thu reciprocity treaty which
failed was onesided attnir , which proposed
among other things to teiiiit 82.5,000,000 of
revenue annually on sugar alone without , In
hie opinion , securing any adequate nd vantage
in compensation , it being nlso Ids belief that
the price ol the commodity would not be
materially i educed in American markets. On
the other hand he was nlivo to
annoyances to which merchants and shiji-
ow tiers uie subjected by icason of the Cuban
onerous regulations and excessive taxes and
lines in the ab encoot any any commeicial
ticaty between the United States and Spain.
To inilifaU ; these annoyances , lessen the
tun dens upon shipping and geuerallvto re
duce the friction ol our Cuban trade were
the purposes with which he icopcned negotia
tions through Mr. Foster ut Madrid.
WASHINGiow , Oct 5. The commissioner
of the land office has been informed that the
operations of 11 , C. Hloumlield , an English
man , manager ot the Arkansas land and
cattle company , recently convicted nt Denver
of piocmlni ; fiaiidulcnt entiles upon public
lands , weie ot the most audacious character.
All or the cowbojs In his emplov were forced
to make entiles In his behalf , and then he
would Fet up "papermen. " or in other wonts ,
made entiles in names of persons who bad no
existence. His conviction , it Is hoped , will
haven wholesome eftect on othciswno have
been guilty of like practices.
WASHING-ION , Oct. fi. Commissioner At
kins , of the Indian limcan , left this city to
day on u tour of inspection tlnough vailous
Indian reservations. As the lloluinn Investi
gating committee is nbout to visit some ot the
northwestern agencies , the coinmlsslonei
jolnul tlio eomudttte , which lelt this after
noon foi Indian Tciiltory. From the tcni-
toiy Commissioner Atkins will proceed to
San Callus , N. M. , nud make personal Inves
tigation of tlio condition of aflaiis at
that agency and of tlio tioubles that led
to theueioiiltiioievolt.
WARiii.vdiON. Oct , 5. It has been
ascertained that nn engiosscd bill
nuthoil/liig the nttoiney general to
begin proceedings looking to thn annulment
uf patents obtained thioiigh finud or mis-
icpieseiifullou , together with all papers
iclating to the mcaMuc , has dl'-appcaicd from
the Ides of the srn.ito committee oil patents.
The bill was passed last Fcsslon by tlm house
of lemesentatives , and ictcned by thuseimto
to tliu patent committee , but was not
bifliight bcfoio the K'ntito foi final action.
Senutoi I'lntt , dialimaii 6f the committee on
patents , has vviltteu to this city rcmi sling a
itioiougli investigation of , the clicumstanccs
miiiouudim ! the dlMippcmnuco of thu bill.
Olllu'isot the department ot justice do not
uti.idi any Importance to the IONS , holdlugtlio
ntttoincy geneial as ample nutlioiity under
the existing statutes to Institute iiiltb to test
the validity o thu 2 utents.
Ni.w YOIIK , Oct. ! > . A special fiom Wash
ington to the Post ttijs : Some of the leading
fileiidsof the Hennepln canal pioject have
leiently dlsclosid an Important feat me In
their pioiiiinme ; for the coining winter.
Their war ciy i to be. "No Hennepln , no
ilvei and haibor bill. " Supporteis of the
project iv cio las.t jcar cmlmimssed
by tlm ( jueMlon which was raised In
the house. The objection was that the new
committed on ilversandhaibois had no juils-
dlcllou over the subject of canals , and that
( unu'tuieiitlv Its leuuit liad no standing lu The ) iiellmliury dcvUo that his
been Hiitvcbtid as netcssaiy to ovcicome this
difficult ) Ib to change the name of the imw
m < i and liaiboi comiulttce to "the eoniinltteo
on wati-rvTiiih. " Tlib , it is maintained.
woulUt'he tlioconuiilttiu jurisdiction ,
Ho Helped Ifnnj a Jfan.
SiiENAMioAit , lovv.i , Oct. n. C. I ) . LcMer ,
stoik dealer , eommlttid mdcldo to-day by
Mmoting at Burlington Junction Sprinxs.
lie wni a nell-knuwn man and an old filcud
ot J'lcsUltnt Cleveland , having bum deputy
slwilir of i : ie county. Wcvv York , whui
Cleveland was shei Iff. No cause lor suicide
Olil Hooslcr AVnr Horses.
iNDiANAi' , Oct. & 1'iirMinnt to a plan
Unit lion. W. JI.KngllMilian l ecii maturing
for the past eight ycam , n reunion was held
today of thu hiiivlrois of the Indiana consol-
Idntcd coiircntlon of 1830. The body con-
hUtidof lJ.Umcmbeis. . Ofthe , thirtj-tlneo
aiejctalivk- nineteen aiiHireicd to thu
roll rail. Piouilnentamong thorn were Vic *
PiesUU-nt IK'udrlcks , Hon. W , II. EuL-llih ,
w'crolary of the touvciitiou. Hun. w. s !
Hiiliiiesf , ticucnd ( U'oigo WhiUm-JU fair ,
pusldi'iit of thu convcnuou , Uvuenil Williuiu
Mckiw ISuuu , uf Wiuhimrtuu , JuJi , Uouta
I * . Poole , formerly nt the supremi' court.
Amonglbo enl ) ent nro ( Jcucinl K. II , Mil-
loy , ot Wyoming tcrrltorj. tcncial ! A. I' .
lloreynnd Clnistophcr U. ( indinin , of lied
Wlnif , Mluti. Mr , Cmr presided , nud Mr.
Knglfsli acted as sccivtiri. There was a pub
lic meeting to-night , Inigcly ntteudcd , nt
w hlch seventl addresses w ere made. A mom ;
the spoakcii weio Vice President Henditcks.
Hon. W. II. Kn Iisli , ( iciicral liimn and
Colonel Klcliar dTaylor.
Tw o
Nuvr Om.KANSi Li. , Oet , 6. The depraved
condition of the civil service under the pies-
cut democratic i Ing ruleIn New Oilcans is
shown in the indictment by the grand Jury of
David llurko nud William Hrennan for stab
bing wlih Intent to kill. The victim was an
old negro preachci. w ho was on his way home
from church. I3iukc. who was dtunk , jostled
him off the sidewalk. The negio ran ,
nnd linrko nud liicnunn nud thu gam ; of
hoodlums , of which they nro chief , overtook
him , knocked him down , beat and kicked
him , and then stabbed him nnd lelt him tor
dead. Httrkonnd liicnir.ui nm deputy keep-
eis of the Hoys' House of Itefiige. lJuiku is
awaiting a liuvv tilal on n ciiiu :
of buigiary. He escaped conviction
by one juiyiuan holding out at
the term of court , since which time
ho was detected abducting and Fcaiclilug one
of the witnesses for the piosccullou. JJieu-
nan , one Sunday morning last summer , shot
and killed a ncgio He was gambling with ,
nud Is awaiting tilal lor nianslaughter. upon
the arrest of these parties under their new
Indictment their bond was piomptly
signed by the Hon. Patiiek Mealey.
commissioner of police and municipal head
of thu coiiectioual and retoinmtoiy Institu
tion' . . and
icllglous gentlemen1 , ivp'cscntiiiK all jihases
ot Catholic , Piotestant nnd llcbicvv laiths ,
oigauiwl as a prisons and nsv lums commis
sion and petitioned the council to tmn the
house ot ictiigu over to t ( urn , but the
council liasielused togmnt their icipicst , as
It would mateiially diminish thu pationagu of
the department of police. The Institution Is
elmmcteri/ed by the city papei-s as "Mealey'.s
College ot Cilme , " nnd thu tacts lustily it. In
the old times the boys weio educated and given
their choice of half n dozen industries , and
weio taught to support themselves ; now they
play cauls and dice , nud when they come out
aie haideiied sinnen. , lilted only for politics
or the penitential ) ' . J
nt Height on HoncJi.
NIVT YOIIK , Oct , 5. This was a day of
ehangc.s and tarptlsus at Brighton licadi.
Favorites .tiled autocratic In some of the
races , and disappointed their b.ickcis sorely
in othew. Tlio track was lumpy but not
Five-eighths mile , for maiden tvvo-j ear-
olds Laura ( i.uiison won , Grace C. sCvOiul ,
L H. D. , thiid. Time , 1:07. ,
ThreeitiaiU.'rs of n mile , for maidens , all
ages Kushbiook won. Whiston scumd ,
linniMOIIlelte third. Time , l:20Jf :
Seveu-Ulghtlis of 'nt mile Pilot won ,
Nomigo second , Jo Muiray thlid. Time ,
MlTe Tom Martin won , Weasel second ,
Uavltebcl third , , Timb , .
Mile and an eighth , .for . tlirce-j ear-olds
King ( icoige won , Strabismus second , Lucy
Lewis thliiC Time , ii
DccrcuHC oT
Niw Yoitu , Oct. p. The New York Daily
Commercial Bulletin | { jf October Ctli esti
mates the lirHoss of September at F0,52.5,000 ' ,
which Is less by 838700,000 than in September
of list , and some SSOO.pOO less than tlie a cr-
nge Septeniber fire waste of the past ten years.
The Uulletih givesalist from Its own file ; ! , of
Kio flre3.'whero tlm reported loss was 810.000
and Upward. BuUhere weioonly-hevciMirus
of 5100,000 ociuore- ( Hiring the month nnd only
one which ex-eccUe 5.3o6,000. The lewness
of large lirps I8i consiriored tho. cause of so
favorablo'nnd hopeful a sign. Tliu diininul-
tion of jinx ! loss in.botlr , August nnd Septem
ber Ls pioiiOunced ap encounigsng symptom.
'The Hnnic Old Accident.
DES Moi.vns , Opt fi. Ycsteiday noon
while Jolm nnd Henry Boi ton were hunting
near Altoona , Iowa , the former was fatally
injured by the discharge of the gun of the lat-
tet. John had climbed thioiigh a baibed
wire lenco nnd Henry waH following him ,
when thu gnu caught In the fence , being dis
charged with the above lesult. The load
struck the injured man In the right thigh.
tearing It nlmost completely away. lie lived
DES MOINIS , Oct. 5. Edwin Good , aged t )
years , was mortally wounded this aiteinoon
near the International distillery by thu acci
dental discharge of rnevolver lu the hands of
n companion. They thought thu weapon was
not loaded. '
A U\K \ Lnnd Suit.
Oxroitn , Miss. , Oqt. fi. An important suit
between Col. U. II. Evers , of London , Eng
land , and Thomas Wilson , of Chicago , in
volving the ownership of 1,000,000 neiesof
land in tlds state , has been finally disposed
ot in the United States dlstilct i unit heie b >
a decieo of Jud'u Hill , In which all tue
lands ai u awarded to nnd ruvert back to their
oiiginnl owners , Col. Evere nnd associates.
The Cheese Market.
CHICAGO , Oct , 5. Intei-Ocean Elgin , 111. ,
special says : On tlinboaid of tuulo to-day
thcro weie regular sales of C.100 pounds of
checso at OJ © I ? c for skims. Kegular pales
of butter nggiegatcd 10,7-10 pounds ntiile.
Private sales of l.uas boxes ot cheese and
I9 , ' 00 pounds of butter were made. Total
amounted to SlO/JbO. .Uunicsslou In butter
trade is generally rcgimlcd as unnccuu n table.
Union Paclltc Finances.
UosroN , Oct. fi. The following is from the
odlclnl statement of the earnings nnd ex.
punscs of the Union Pacific railway for Au
gust : E.uulm'S , J.yfiliK ? ' ; , a decrease of
SHl.ViT > eomp ired with the same mouth last
year. Kxiwinses and taxes , 9ttU7lHt : , an In-
cre.tsoof iH,5Tl. : ! Surplus cam Ings , ? lo\ > . ! , .
l M , a dcciease of S2.J1,143. For tliu eight
months to August lilst , carnlnKS , 81fibOOivj } ,
an Incieasu of 007l-'l ; surplus c.unlngs ,
t.ail.lW ) , ivdcciua 'Mif 8K5-V1U
A Iti CUnnl.
Dnrijoir , Oct , 5. The custodian of the
Sault Ste , Marie canal reports to Gen. O. M.
Pee that tlm hiiHlnussof the canal was greater
during thn mouth , of September , tlian any
month in its history , exceeding that of the
previous month by more than lfi,000 tons.
An liiteic-it ng fact in that connection IH that
the tiu.tudllu | lor tlie month named cxcmtid
that ol the Sue * caful nearly ; UuuO ) , tons.
The' TVcallior ,
WAHiiiNfiTOH , ( ) ct. ? . For the Missouri
vallej : Fair weather , slowly i Ising tempem *
tine , variable vvludK , geucially shitting to
south nnd nest , mid lower b.iumietcr.
Mo.NiooMKiir , Ala. , Oct. 5. There was a
light f lost licie last 'night.
linuir , Oct. 5. Snow lias been icjiorted
from Maiehall , in the lovvei part of this .state ,
" o
A Hlnza on tlio DooUft.
Jiusrv : ; Cirv , Oct s. Fire bioke out to
night lu Taylor'd inncldno shup and HIOII
couimiinicatrd to N. iV H. O'Dounell's < ooi > -
crane wiuchoiine , Coky'n dry dock and Jones
A Whltmuie's diy dock , Thu lots vrlll tuob-
abiy itach
KnlKhtnof Lnlior
HAMILTON , Out. , Oct 5. The annual gen
eral IISM mbly of the Knlgld ? of L-dior opcurd
hero to-day. Grand MuMer Workman Povr-
deily , Of fjciantop , J'a. , pu lded. Theie
weiu over 200 delegates
nt thn Altar.
SAN KiiANr tisro , Cal. , Oct. 5. The Sjdney
( Austi'alla ) IIerld annourn-efl the munUgti
of Dion liunccU'-auU to M s ThuindvKt ! uu
ScpU-mUer U.
AtPiil' ii ;
( lpliU-Athlrf .
Al 1. I > . .i : , L
A Full Complement of the World's ' News
Exclusive to the Beo.
The Cnpoi'Dl'Throo Hloh Young Men-
A Sutisatioiuil Dhoi'co Onso
lu CliiutiKu I\Ils- \
Slirarlnj ; an
n , Oct. 5. [ Special to the Ur.i : . ]
Saturday afUunbon .loliii A. 1-5 ncli , Jnmcs
D. I , > nch and Thomas Ljnch , the three sons
of Tliouus Lynch , the rich distiller , weie ar-
re.sted at tlio ln ( anro of Lena ll.uu , awoman
living at Ml Wells btrect. The evening bc-
fitro these young men called at her hou e ,
and foiclngentiauee , cut off her long blonde
half. Various nud coulllctlnj ; lepoits have
appeared ill the p. peis , but the leal facts In
the case weiojJIVen to the Hni : icprcti'iita-
ll\c this nioinlng by one of the bons. Said
he : '
"Wo ha\e known for some time that
father was paying considerable attention to
this \ummn. It annojed usgHMtly , not for
billy ieason advanced that wofeaieda step-
niotlier , and in conseiiuence a smaller dl\i-
hion of the estate , but because she Is a di-
voiecd woman and u woman of no standing
whatever in toclety. Wo continued to suffer
this annoyance , recognklng father's pcifcct
light to choobe Ills own companion audio
enjoy her boelety as he pleased without a
word ot intcileienee lioin us until when , the
other day , woreccUed a letter written as we
lei'l i-atlsiied at the instigation of the woman ,
in which it was intimated that she or the
writer posseted u knowledge of l.icts which ,
if m.ulc public , would Miiliih the tame and
good name of our niothci , nowdead , and
that this stuff would bo d M-lo'-ed if we did
not encourage our father's attentions to her.
That letter of course made usery angiy , and
we determined at once to .see this woman.
We were placed in it delicate position , and It
was agreed that the woint we could do
was to cut oft her hair , asaiciuinder of our
determination not to have our mother's name
carelessly handled. It Is a matter of deep
and sincere icgrct that two u&u were foioed
to take any .steps in this unpleasant affair
but mother idolized us bojs , and we In turn
reference her memory and will defend her
name against the woild. "
James D. Ljnch is widely known and well
received in the best social elides of Chicago.
In his manner and bearing he Is pollbhed to a
marked degiee , and his accomplishments are
many and vAi led. lie has good standing in
business ciicles. .7. A. Lynch Is engaged in the
commission business on SouthWater htieet ,
and has been \cry successful. Thomas
Lynch , Jr. , is a gentleman of Icisuie. Mis.
Banis a dhorccd woman. She lives in the
lower part of a two-story brick house that is
sadly in need of repair , at No. 521 Wells-
street Wlicu t isltpd this .morning she re
fused to open her'door , but"shouted her re
marks through it. . As near as could bo learned ,
bhqfiaid : "AValttill'rbursday ' afternoon when comes up before Justice Kcrnlen , and1
jon will see the hand I hold. "
An T mhczKlinK Spouse.
o , Oct. 0. [ Sjiwlal to the Bin : . ]
John C. Whlto , in former years a piominent
citizen of Chicago , but now a resident of Kio
Janeiio , Drazli , in his capacity of secictary of
tlie legation for the United States go\ em
inent , is the principal defend nit in a suit be
gun to-day in the superior comt by Ids wife ,
Susie C. A. White. This lad > is residing in
Uassett , Neb. , and is a daughter of tlm late
Thomas Ashley , of Westlleld , Mass. The
parties Tvero mauled lu New York October
12,1870 , and she s ys that she then was jios-
hes.-cd in her own right of about SM.OOO di > -
rhcd fiom legacies. She further
she lived with her huib.tnd oh. and on during
tilps to Kuiojie , biief bta > s in this country ,
and also in the capital of li.\ !
yll , but she ins been sejiarated from
him for the past twelve months , ouinic
to Ills alleged ill treatment of her. No siiccl-
llc acts of cruelty arc cited. Some j ears ago ,
she claims , her husband induced her to in
trust him with the investment of omo of her
funds. Yielding to his glowing descilptlon
of the ] ) iolitnblu nature of the purchase of
real estate on thu north Mdu ol Chicago , she
ays she gave- him LOT ) foi that purpose , and
ho assured her , she asserts , tint tlio value of
this land would double \ciy shoitly , hu being
well acquainted in Chicago. Shi ; says that
she believed her husband , and also that ho
had bought the land in her own name ,
as well as some alleged government land
bOO acres to buy which , she claims ,
she gave him 2OOJ , and n scties
of additional smaller sums altcnvaid.
Lately , she sajs , she emue heiself to Chicago
to Investigate and found that her husband
had misstated things to her. Instead ot "on
the north side" tliu land was located in Lake
View and was not nearly so valuable. Itvvas
rccoided In his name Instead of hei's , the
title being clouded besides. .Sho also claims
that ho mu't Imvn appropriated to lilb own
pi Ivato nso rm of the s 1,000. Ho had
a Uussiun fin' capo and MHIIO oil iiatntlngs
which had been her own pilvato property in
jiaymcnt of that sum. As to the govern men t
lands , film found things still worse , she says ,
uceilalnVllllatn C , Kvying holding in
ti ust for her hush mil.
I'raycrn Against tlio I'laKi'V- '
I. , Oct. . ' * . [ Special tolliuDr.i : . ]
Iteterrnce was imulo to the small-pox epi-
demlo In fce\end of the Catholic ihuichcs of
this city jeslcidaj. I'llc ts earnestly en
treated the people to submit to the counn'h
of the medical nuthuiltles and vatvliulr at
once. At St. Jamci ilmich Futhfr Flllatuult
dellverrd a foicihle uddu. * ; . lit .said ilut ,
althougli lioliail attended liuiuludi of snull-
jiox patients during the last fourUcn JI IH ,
hehad nevrrciintMtttd thrdl ea c. He be
lieved it was owing to lih having lircn > wcl-
iinltil. Theaddicvi nindcaKicnt iiiiiiic Ion
in thccongicpntlon , whldi Is thearlMocintlc
French congregation of the ilti. Hun
dreds rxprtsird thdr intcn Inn of git-
ting vatfluated at mice , and a heavy
niln "si 01 m prevented an out door
procession of the Catholic congirgatlons to
Invoke the intercession of the A'iifcln Miuy
toKtaytho progress f ( lie ejudemlc. The
pioccFslon took plaie , howercr , lusido the
Ficnoh palish t'huich on Notre Dame sticet
whli'h was crowdtd , fully 10,000 people liflng
present A statue of the Virgin , which wan
carried in the piwe lon , Is a u'ly old it-lie
belonging to the seminary of St. bulplee , and
vras brought fioui Franco early in l.'io elgh-
tceuth ( Ciitury , and has h''ii used for onu
hunditd nnd iltty jear in tliucn of nj > eclal
rvlurnlugof tlianUs tor uiecluruucli. . .ifvd.
Tlie jiroixn&luuMIS pn lunled ' < > Uis ! . mllv uf
the church , vvlthscvcral nssistants , all in their
. Stolen Art Treasures.
HOSTOX , O-t. B. [ Special to the Ur.t : . ]
Some tlmo List night , burglnra entered the
house of Fied L. Ames at North Kaston nnd
stole from his art gallery four of ' > 's ' most
\\litabiu paintings. Ono wu.s the woik of
MejerAron Uruiucr ; another by.I. P. Millet ;
the thlid by Thcodoio Uon eau and the
lointh by Xebee. They weio all removed
fiont their fiames. Tim plctuics aio well
known to aitKts and buyers , and U would ' o
useless to try nnd dispose of them in tin
country. It is thought they will bo carried to
luiopu ? and suld ntsomo nut of tlio way place
Mr. Ames went to New Yor'.c Suiul i.v nisli
and ho is the only one who c.xn give any in
foimatlon as to their hlstoiy and real value.
A Pauper PlUVrer.
Si'iii.N < iriii.n : , Neb. , Oct. ft. [ Special to the
llii.j : : Last night one of the paupers In the
S.upy county poor house showed his great
usefulness to his keeper , Mr. S. C. Spramie.
by sidling f 10111 the liiuiily two oveieoats ,
tlnee suits of clothes , one satchel , watch , pair
of boots and about S17 lu cash , thu whole
amouutini ; to about SIM. llo was traced to
Spilngtiold Sunday nioiningheio It Is
thoiiilit ho took the ir 5 tiain tor Omaha ,
making good his escape.
Ijiitonin 1'ark Itnces.
CivciXN'-VTi , Oct. r , . The track was heavy
nnd the weather cold. The attendance for
the opening day was large.
Seven furlongs K.ltor won , Lady of the
Luke second. ( Jrcv Cloud thitd. Time 10. : !
Mutuitlsjuld JSH/i.1) .
Mile Ii Mi I/ms won. MeHovvlIng second ,
Mocking Ilirdtliiid. Tlinnlis. :
Tliiee-qmuU'is of a inilo O'Kallon won ,
Sir. Joseiilt. second , 1'oiterAslie tlilid. Time
1:20. :
1:20.Mile and one-sixteenth Mira won , Little
Fellow second , ( Sujdette thlnl. Time 1ri7. 1 : .
Mile and nuo-ounrtor Freislaud won , ConkIng -
Ing second , Loftln third. Time 'J:1 : X.
- a.
TlicSt. Louis Fair.
ST. LotriM , Oct. 5. The St. Louts fe.stlval
began tiHlay with the opening of the
twentieth fair of the ngilcultural and me
chanical association. There was a large at
tendance. The fail excels any preceding one
nud N especially stronir In the line of stock.
The trotting races nt the fair giounds tiack
tMln ( > although In high clashes , hi might out a
number of irnod goers and attracted iiiueli at
tentlon. The track was fiom the Lite
tains , but will become hard and last with
good weather.
Tlnee minute class , mi cheats , tlneo in live ,
puiso Sl.KX ( ) , divided Dick Stauffer won ,
Hoval Mont second , I'rlnce Kdwaid tliird ,
Kuelid fourth. Hust time a:27 : > .
. mile heals , puiso g .r > 00 , divided
7Clltle Killmru won , Li//io Wicks second ;
( ilndis thlid , Kcleivncu fourth. Beat time
Sao : > 4' .
CoiniiiiitiistR in Council.
CINCINNATI , Oct. 5. The congress of the
fiocialistic labor party was opeiud to-day by
W. L. Kotcubcry , secretary ot tlie national
executive committee. About seventy-live
delegates are present from all parts of the
eountiy. The leport ot the national execu
tive committee , showing tlie growth of social
ism dnriugthe past j car , was lead. Tlio ic-
mnlnder of the day was spent in considering
n platform.
Ono Hundred Miles Ilicyolfng. '
BOSTON ; Oct. 0. Tho-ono hundred miles
bicycle race was won by George Weber lu ft
hours and 57 minutes , boating the world's
rccmd by 14 minutes , and the best Ameiicun
iccoid by 1 hour and 20 minutes.
A tier Weber , Ires came in second in 7
liouiN , r minutes anil 10 seconiU ; McCuuly
thiul , 6 bcumds later.
An Equine Obituary.
Lr.xiNr.roN. Ky. , Oct. 5. W. II. Wilson's
great dotting stallion , Indianapolis , died at
C.vnthiana this afternoon. The stallion was
shipped fmni 1'coiia , and by mistake was
brought to Lexington instead of Cynthlann.
Airiving licio on Saturday lie was led to
Cynthiana , a distance or twcntv-six miles.
Kxposme brought on inllamiition and liu died
this nftcuioou.
An Instruct Ivo Contrast.
The weighty commercial disadvan
tages under which any city labors , whoso
jicoplo mo ruled by a few corporal jon
influences , is well fihovvn by the Phila
delphia Kccord in an article which we
publish below. While railroad compe
tition does not always compete , especial
ly in a new country , combinations rare
ly combine for any length of time to this
detriment of powerful communities , able
to throw their trulliu avvuy from linen
vvliiel ) refuse to tieat them fairly. In
cities especially , in ti multitude of
railway lines undo difl'cicnt manage
ments there is wifely :
A Now Oilcans contemporary , trying
to convince its reatjeisof tms necessity ol
moiu adequate railway facilities in be-
curing the trade of the large urea of
country naturally tributary to that city ,
holds tip Chicago as a model worthy of
imitation and Philadelphia as an awful
( ! \aiih ) | < , of tlie policy which should bo
avo.ded. Althuii ; h Phlladi Inhiu li.iHim
excelled natnrul advantag < > s for manu
facturing enterprises and is favor
ably located for foreign , coastvviso nnd
interior trade shu line * hur.solf criilcd | ) )
iind hemmed in by rcitnon of insiillicicut
lines of eoinmunicatlon noith , went , south
unil southwest , Kite has two tnuik lines
of railway , which own or eontiol all the
shorter lines or canuls with which tlnsy
might othurwlso compete. Philadelphia
inturcMs am tlms inadi ! subuulinato to
the interests of her railroad companies ,
and t-ho is nmdu to occupy u secondary
posit on compared with Now York The
oil trade hnsbcon forced away from her
wharves Having gieat natural advant
ages for obtaining cheap fuel she Is
nevertheless obliged to purelniMi high-
priced coal nnd line lost her distinctiu !
pliicu UP thu lii-ht miinnfucturing city in
llio country ,
On tlm other Isaml , fliieHio ! , which
started 1.7J years behind Philadelphia In
the race for commercial importance , unil
hit' ] no better natural Advantages , lias
tvvmity-two independent lines of trunk
railway radiating in every direction and
including ncari.v ! K,000 ) niiles of tracks ,
Her luhiincuniunt IKOIUI of tlie marvels
of moih.rn cirillra on , ivnil it in largclv
dur to the fact tliat the han cnltivutitl
rritli encigy , riirnr tnrsfl nnd foresight
the development of eariying facilities for
tlio < tiit < > nof tlifj UpperMlss'mippi valluv.
.She iius built railroads , and the inihoa R
have , in ictnrn. tilled her wundiouscn
with tlio greati it ntoie of lrm jinidnu-
tion to lie found gathured in one place in
any pnrl of thu r > orld.
Ii IK not to lo ) VTondcred at that the people
ple of Now Oilcans nvu bid to look to
Chicago and to look away from I'hilnd"- !
phia in eonsidering the futtirr nf that
nii'troiiis ] ) ! , Hut Tflmt will our
f ti'emcd eontemornry | ) on thr jnlf
that , in thr opinion l our railway ofh-
cials , Diilndelpliia has alrrmlj- too many
rxi IVJITS I _ under a dirldrd control unil
that ( hey mo M'h inni to brln nil the
line ! ; iimkT one rnnnuKi'TIient t If our
vontfiiiiorury ] luul waited a little loiiKrr
to run its parallel between Cliie go ,
striding aliuad under t'io ' iuipnlhr of com-
In i-ompar.ttivt ) impniluneu throu > ; li thu
nmligii iiilhuiicc of railroad vomliinu
tioiiD , it could liavu m u tin t'ic coiitnui
nioro slur tin m .iiatynf million poo.
t unit ii i i K n cnnoiu n : nninly
> < "i ' ) ( < > ( thu CliiiutiK iT jiiro.
Live Stock and Cereal Speculation at Oliin
cngo Yesterday.
The Day's Tcndo on 'Change nml in
the Ynrds The AVhcnt lit
Knullsli Orniu
CmcA no , Oet. I ( Special to tlio Ucc.l
Wiin.vr Trading In wheat was uii u limited
scale to day niiil the ficllng was generatly
rosier , There vvius expectation of nn increase
of from 1,000.000 to 2,000,000 bushels ill the
visible supply report nnd a huge 1'oitlon ' o (
tlio tr.tders seemed Inclined ton wall Its publi
cation befoie taking mo hand In tlio market.
Foreign maikctsero leported vciy llnu vv , h
nn advancing tendency , but this was coun
teracted by u fear of Increasing tliu stocks.
The nmihet opened at bO c for Nov. ember ,
soldolfto Mihc , iccoveicd to BCj&j on fair
bujlugand the wiong quotation of British
consols on the "ticker , " opening with nn nl > -
parent decline to We. causing the mmkct to
forgo < nilclly to We. When thu consols quo
tation was toieicted to read OHJfc , thcro fol
lowed n sudden ic.ictlon and before the dovvn-
waid com so was Mopped , Novemlicr Imil
again touched W ! , ' c , It milled wiiiuw hat nrd
closed on the icgular board at 8f. < e. There
was an easier feeling In thu afternoon nnd
the nun kct closed } jc lower , llccelpts were
free at noithvvc.stcin points and receipts licro
for to-iuoriow weio estimated larger tlian
Conjf Thcie wnsa stronger feeling in coin
and oats and prices \\ere advanced u frac
PROVISIONS Piovisions ruled very weak
\eiy gcneial selling pressure. Pork
closed NXgific lower than jestcrdaj' Whllo
laid was Oo lower ,
Chicago Live Stock.
CIUCAOO , Oct. G. [ Special to the Uii : : . ] v
avm.i : Thoieceipts of cattln for the day
were 8XX , ! ) against S.U.V ) last Monday. Trade
was slow and prices lower on everything ex
cept Hist class loin native steers andlirst
class grasvfcd langers. Second class com
mon natives wciubtiong nnd lOe low 01 than
on Friday and Tcxnns were 10@15c lower es
pecially on ( .aiming sorts. Among the ofl'ci-
ings Unlay weie 5,000 to { iGOO , Texnns unil
westerns , about half and half , which would
leave about 3,000 natives of nil sorts. Ono
train of prime Lingers "aveiaglng about 1,200 ,
sold for 85,00 , equally as good n price as at
any time last week , nnd a few loads of prime ,
1,400 to 1,500 Ib. natives hold at 85 83 , Thesu
were the two highest bales of the day and
they represent the two host lots of corn-fed
nnd grass-fed cattle on the market , A'fowj
loads of good northwestern Texans made
nearly as high "prices us last week
but there were exceptional sales and
pick of stock ottered. were of lo\y fprfdai
-Native stocks such as COWB , bulls and Bero' ] > by
steers weio not wanted unless at extremely
low prices.There was u fair supply of stoblt-1 * '
ers and jearlingH but llltlo ortib'domand.
There weie only live loads of stock calves 011
sale , and the , chances weio that tliey would
sell equally as high as last Week. Choice-
corn fed natives , averaged 1,500 to 1,000"
pounds , S'i.7.1i@rj.B5 ! ; good 1,800 to l' , JO
pounds , P5.oo@5 rx > ; fair , 1,000 to 1,800 pound ? ,
54.00@-1.60 ; common grass , 1,100 to 1,250
pounds , SaarKi .OO ; cows , 800 to 1,200 pounds.
GU.2rx3tf.GO ; fat western native * , 1.900 to 1J ! 0
pounds , S4.-iO@.i.SO ; fair llc-shy , 1.100 to 1,200
pounds , ? 3.2.jJ.7'j ' ; fat western hnlf-hiccd's ,
1.100 to 1,300 pounds , 84.00@1. ! ; fair lleshy ,
1,0V ) to 1,200 pounds , S.1.25@iJ.75 ; good west i
( > in Tc.\aiiH , 1,000 to 1,000 pounds , J3.-10@y.75 ;
fair 000 to l.OCO pounds , t2.22@3. < 0 ; caniiern
&TO to 1,000 pounds , S2.75@3.35 ; shipping j
Btecis , 1,350 to 1,500 pounds , Sr .15@5.85 ; 1,200
to liOO ! pounds , SS.WXgl.lO ; MO to 1,200
pounds , S3.7r@i.oo. Stockers mid fecdcm
sold at sa.XKiKUO. Cows , bulls and mixed ,
S2.00@0.bO ; bulk , S2.75@3. < 0. Thiough Texas
cattle , about 1,500 head , cold at
S2.GO1.10 for cows , and nt C'J.ti3 © ) .
for steers. Western rnngcm wcte in largo
supply and pilccs weie unchanged. Natives
nnd half-bleeds , S3.1035.00 ; cows , $2.bOg8.80 ;
wlntcicd Te.xans , SD.ltXg.5.75. Snlcs-lMO
Montana , Wil Ibs , SS.OO ; ISil name , 1200 Ibs ,
4.i5 ( ; 212 Wyoming , 1211 Ibs 154.00 ; CO Wy
oming < ows , ! > T5 Ibs , S3.00 ; DO Wjoniing , 12CO
Ib- . , SUn ; 2.-'i Nebraska Toxaus , 10VJ Ibs ,
SU.A ( ) ; ISO Oiegon , 1110 Ibs , S-J.BO.
Itorriplh of hogs for the tiny were 20,000
against 17,51)7 ) last Monday. Tlio market waH
falily actlvuand pilees rathnr Iriegulur , but
In : t geni'i.d ' way a big 10u lesser nil around.
At the cliibu about all were sii'd , butthcroVIIH
a weak and uiicrii.Un undcicuiixint , nil an
ticipating a big inn and lower prlceu for ( hu
lemalndci of the week. Itough nd common
Fold at pil.50fiM.Wi ; fall to goiMl pwkliic port1 ,
.i75ftC'J.M ' ! ; cliolco heavy , 8M : > * > 3MO. Wliun
fclllni ; nt the outnldit thu lot wun ninlnly
made up of 'jhoU-e I'lillailclpliiaa end market
pigs. Light sold at st.l : K < iUO for ordinary
and SI.1-Vu > t,20 for singeing jilgu. Ilouglinnd
mixed , fcil.W Kpaeklng ) ; mul shl plig.y. ) > 3
to.'STO HIM , S.iy ! ! < l,05 ; light wclghta , ' ! . ' ) to 170
Ibs , tilHOdW.l'i ' ; UO to 2.10ltk \ , ta.E00a.65 ;
okips , { ? J.75 ( < .I.50.
Bonio Collrotivo
Cinr'Ado. Oct. 5. Tlio folluwln/ / ;
taken fioin the ofllelal htnt'imi-nt f the boaid
of tiadi ) villl he ] ) o tcd on 'clansa to niorrow.
'I'll vrhowtho amount of grain In . * > ight in
the unll'Ml Hlati'Hinid C' n\dn * Siitutday ,
Octotx'i . ' ! , and the Amount of lncrv-win- ; .
uieaAt ! ortr llui jiKctdlng week ;
In slcht. Jnrr o n.
Wheat . 45HOOOl twyv.vj
( ' ( II II . 4C2IBUS : 1 V.II7
Oats . '
Uarlcy . 405.WT 3JUo , :
* lf ) 'ira'n.
Amount ot gialn in stoio In
dat nami'il ;
Wheat . 1V'1"OIB '
Coin . MJ.WW
Oats . 10S.I1U
Hye. . 171,071) )
Bailey . WjtOO
Grnin Tratlo.
N , Oct , 5. Tin * Maik
of thf Knxlioh itln ; tridr ,
| Mlf of nlud bare prtwkllrd Mvilh
In lint pouth anil fiiovy lu the 'north.
A iniitcilal poitlon of the hMTMi in the
niirtli nf Kiiglatu ] and in Scntlai4
outi < l4ndiiig. ' 1'lik Ml r > ot Enrlni
dining tlibrrfc weio VJ.4W
ut Uls ft ) .vullir.t TH.'AII ijiiai-m nt
. Us 4d timing the r -tfAiidlu } ;
Hkfk U jc r. Trdr in Nwirljfji In
Muvr And > Aliu f < re njfninat Knytrfi. Oil
cd.i'l ti.uli1 | l loTr ; ix rar < ( r Wat * itrrhi d ;
IT , u ruifoi'n n ri' Kiilil , four v < nv r.-ttb < ( riwj : ,
4iid hint ri'iiulintJ , liulipll < x two of fnili- )
mul ol ) ' . Th ruM -
uia unit 't : m ruMloday
TV. * * tinlt and di nixilullii | | < . tiiifikt i T.ln.iU
wcr. ' nut of luiidllliiu. mid kii > vw V IMIH. _ ,
uitiifll Kuuir Tr.iH lr d ) . C-r- * * * tl ( > ndy ,
i i'u ' > i < udt' dfalt'i O./K v rriitui ;
A 11 ii i ii , n