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: Allen Ends 'His Life < in Madam Loop-
cr'e ' Assignation Uonsc.
2lilnninnn'H Telegram A
fi-oMI Moutntm Arrcstetl Com-
Hfiloncrfl Award Damages
VnrloiiH Other Itcnm.
Kntclilu In n Itn nlo.
Jfack Allen , a hack driver , killed him-
f in Madam Leeper's Thirteenth street
; nlo about half > ] ) ten last evening
'shooting ' himself through the head ,
t . eeniB that Allen entered the
ice by a back door and called
u girl named llertio Allen. As
entered thn room Allen spoke
her nnd then handed her
ard. As she turned to read it she was
riled ] > $ the report of a pistol , and
kill" around yaw Allen fall to ( her
> r with thu revolver in his hand. Her
canm attracted tlio attention ot every-
ly in the hoii'-e , and some one ran at
en for a policeman. ItoundsnuinVhn -
was found near by and hurried to the
no , but when ho arrived the man was
id. Ho placed a watch on the hoii'o
I went to the coroner's olllco , but that
cial was absent , as was also thu slier-
A physician was then siininione.d ,
0 viewed the remains , after which they
retaken to the undertaking establish-
put of Dre.xol it Maul.
n the excitement attending tlio shoot-
; llio girl , ( .Sortie Norton , throw away
1 card given her by Allen , but later ft
H found in the room. It was a plain
Mncss card , on the back of which was
Ittcn : "J.-D. BoHiiell , Canton , 111. "
( in is supposed to bo his right name ,
Jiough ho has always been known at
plain hooper's as Allen , ( icrlio Nor-
i was the only ono in the establishment
/h / whom ho was acquainted. He had
fin to sec her frequently at difl'erent
lies , and was considered as her "best
Bnil. " He formerly drove a hack for
Jbaro , thu liveryman , but left the city
lie time ago. going to KansusCity and
In Moincs. Ho returned to Omaha last
bdnesday and visited Gertie that night ,
{ intended to go to Kansas City , so lie
wined the girl , hist nightutli o'elpck ,
I when he came in she was surprised
ice him.
. number of loiters were found in the
n's clothing , all addressed to J. 1) .
en , most of them being from the girl ,
lib. They were addressed to 414 'West
itli street , Kansas City , and 2100 Sixtli
set DCS Moincs.
is said that the dead man's mother
dcs at , Canton , Illinois. Ho is about
nty-oiglit years old , tall and has a
it mustache. Sheriff Miller will act
coroner nml hold an inquest this
A Mule Story.
was dull in real estate Thursday and
en Lou Hill's spirited horse shied at
mlo on the streets , the dealer in house
lots had Buflicicnt leisure of mind to
dy the mule an instant.
wasn't much of a mule to bo sure ,
fas little , lean and lank , the survivor
a tougli experience. It was
lent that the owner didn't
lie much ' of the mule for
Bind placarded the animal's back witli
, large-lettered announcement. "For
. " Lou Hill rein and
o. pulled up obey-
his bargaining instincts demanded of
man what price he set on his bcauti-
How muoh'll "
yer give ?
Eight dollars , " replied Mr. Hill fora
11' , and what was his surprise when
man led the mule over to him and
iding up the halter said in tones of
dent satisfaction , "the mule's yotirn ,
c jnoyor eight. ' '
hero was no Hying the tradOj so Mr.
I cashed down and drove oil leading
animal behind the buggy. Later
the evening with tlio long
ud "white "
elephant" on
s hands , ho led it around to Frank
ngo's store and paraded it about to
infinite amusement of the crowd that
miblcd and the mighty indignation of
Humge. When the sport wearied
Hill stabled his mule and drifted
tlio Puxtou hotel and meot-
| James Way , tlio livery man , ad-
sscd him :
mil , 1 have a mule ; what will you
i mo foi him ? "
[ Ten dollars , " the horse dealer re
ed and immediately started with
inzoment when quickly infoimed that
ilignro wan satisfactory. It was a bad
gain , perhaps.but Mr. Way was equal
ho situation , and put up the mule for
.illlo , twenty-live chances at one dollar
> oo. The list was quickly made up
1 the result shaken out at dice in the
room. C. 1) . Woohvorh was the for
ate speculator , and to bo fair lie put
, ' the mule again on a $10
lo. Once more ho won , and
keep up his reputation
the square tiling lie started another
ralllo , reserving two tickets for tlio
ses Hunna , the charming prcslders at
hotel news stand. Luck went again
i Woolworth's investment , and Miss
lie's ticket look the cake the mule ,
lor. .
tlio IVircfl.
horn was ti slight tempest yesterday
liu basement of the Omaha National
ik building , where Hollins & Mo-
ortor , the grain commission men , op-
to. The breeze was occasioned by the
louncoruenttrom Col. J.J. Dickey , of
Western Union , that ho had received /
er from Chicago to discontinue the
wU > wire that has heretofore con
ed the market report from the Chiea-
exchange to Messrs. Rollins & Me-
lorter. J'lioro are four wires running
n Chicago into the Western Union
co hare , and onu of them is so con-
ictcd with a loop arrangement that
market reports can bo sent directly
the oilk'o of thn linn. Of
Irso the private messages which are
' over this wira are compelled
pass through the ollico of
IliiiH & MoWhorter before being re-
red hi the otlico of tlio Western
on. There are a numbyr of
kelecrnuh operators , at " pros-
[ nameless , who make the
[ In commission rooms their head-
rters during the day and , of course ,
have no trouble in reading tlio pri-
. messages as they pass over the wire ,
H not Known that any private telo-
1114 have been given away in this man-
but certain it is that the Western
on has determined to remove the
the "tickers. "
ptation in taking out
wire now runs directly into the main
u , where the market reports are
m down and sent. , to Rollins &
Vhortor by messengers. Yesterday
rnoon the market reports were dod -
d several hours by the change.
"A HHt In tlio Wall. "
drunken man etaggorod Into the
ollleo yesterday , and common-
booking about him in n dazed stupid
iner , as if searching for something ,
iyas about noon , and the corridors
6 full of those who were waiting for c
r mail. The disciple of Hacchus 1
nblcd through the crowd , and dually \
r treading on about Boventccn pairs '
of ladles' corns.nnd jostling over n dozen
or so of small boys , cuino lo .1 hnlt. A
gcntlomnn stepped tip to him mid told
him unh"q ! ho nad some business in tlto
building , ho had better leave it nt once.
"Wlin/ypr mazier wiz ynot" Wirieked
the drnnkoit individual , ' [ want reel ,
some stamps , nnd < lnnehur forget itl"
"li'.li can't nnd do winder , "
"There is the window"replied the gen-
tlciiiiiM , pointing to the very nurrow
space nt the south end of the corridor ,
where stamps are sold. "Whow.or maz-
zor win yoo , " hiccupped the
intoxicated individual excitedly.
"You think I'm a fool ,
chy Why 3-00. znlsnozzln but a crack
in do wall ! " with a leer of satisfaction
at his own brilliant joking powers , tin )
fellow stopped up to the window , pur
chased ton cents worth of stamps and
stumbled out upon tlio street.
"That man is about right , even if ho is
intoxicated , " naiil the lady at the stamp
window to a reporter who had witnessed
the ludicrous occurrence. "There is
hardly throe fent of room in this stamp
apartment , and 1 fool all the time Us
though I was crowded between two stone
walls. I wish the thing could bo changed
in some way , "
Itausoli's llnckct.
Nothing has yet been heard of Ernest
Itmitcli , the grocer who skipped out so
suddenly , Monday afternoon , leaving
debts and debtors behind. In truth , the
ab eondor turns out lo bo a Smith on ti
small scale.
Yesterday morning the following claims
were "proved up" in Jus'tico Anderson's
court , and corresponding attachments
\\oro issued :
Willrollkt Hurgdorf , fiO.20.
Louis Holler' f 100.08.
MeLauglilin & Co. , $ ( (3.80. (
Kmil Herbert , $ ! ! :
1'arotlo & Swone.y , J10. < 50.
Consolidated Tank Line , $28.
John IMnz , $18.1)2. )
Clark Bros. & Co. , $180.18.
R. Hingham & Son , .f-i'J.OO.
Co win & Warren , $ -41.
Michael Wallen/ , $100.18.
McShanofc Sehroodor , $31.151.
In addition , Allen Bros , have in tlio
county court a claim for sjiiiOO. All in all ,
the claims , .some of which will never bo
satislied , will amount to about $ J,000 ,
while tin ) stock and fixtures appraise for
about $1,100. Judge MeCulloeh has
issued a special order of vondi , and tlio
stock will bo sold by Constable Edgorton
on October IS.
A Cliinnmau's Telegram.
A Chinaman entered the Western
Union ollleo Thursday and after standing
about a few minutes , attracted the atten
tion of ono of the gentlemanly attend
"Well , John , what can bo done for
you ? " was asked.
"All , yah , clickcty click click , " exclaimed -
claimed the coolie , nrightening up and
tapping the counter to illustrate the
hand movement of telegraphy , "telleo
Wun Lung in Linkum gib mo lail load
tiekeo mo come. Sabee ? "
"You want to telegraph One Lung at
Lincoln that if ho will send you a , rail
road ticket you will come , is that it ? "
"Yah , Yanallee samee ; Clickety , click
cty click click , " and the coolie oncu
more rapped the confer and grinned
"All right. What's your name ? "
"Wu Siii. "
"Konol Wash High ; thirty cents. "
"No , no. no. no payee ; lleo country :
two cent , " and the Cliiniimiin produciul
a two cent stamp. However , after un
derstanding that liis message would not
go without tlio thirty cents no reluctantly
paid it , and left , muttering something
about "going out to Lock Splings and
hangeoMolican men totelcglaph poles. "
A Montana Man In Trouble.
Yesterday Mr. Cmnmings received .a
telegram from Deputy Sherih" Fail-field ,
of Mel rose , Montana , asking him to ar
rest n cowboy , G. W. Groves , who was
wanted in that city for obtaining money
under false pretenses. The telegram
stated that Groves had purchased a limit
ed ticket to Sioux City , and would proba
bly go thcnco to Omaha. During
tiio morning , Ofliccr Horrigan
was detailed to watch the
Incoming Sioux & Pacific train
and at once spotted a man who
answered the description of the telegram
to n "t. " He admitted that his name
was Groves , and was placed in confine
ment to await the orders of Deputy
Sheriff Fairtiold. Groves claims that the
only crime ho committed was to go oil'
without paying for a suit of clothes , hav
ing promised , as ho says , to pay the bill
in a week or two , when ho could raise
some money. Inasmuch , however , as ho
had over $1500 in his pocket when arrest
ed , the olllcers are inclined to believe
that the story is a fishy one. n
o nt
Commissioners' Jloport. t
The commission appointed by Judge
McCulloch , of the county court , to assess r
damages on property condemned by the 11
Bolt Line railroad for right of way , made 11r
their report yesterday. The following r
are the iliimiiges allowed :
I ) . T. Mount , land 81,30070
Miirthcna Saumluis , land 785 20
Maithunii Biuuuli'is , buildings 400 ( X )
.liunes . ( . Drown > 20
Mrs. Adi-lla A. Whitney MX ) 00
John I ) . CiclKliton l , o 70
Mrs. MarthaICcdnmn < > SO
The commission appointed for similar
purposes for the right of way for the
Chicago , St. Paul , Minneapolis & Omaha
railway , assessed damages to the prop c
erty of August Benzon , bwnn G. Johnson d
and John H. Hazard at $11 ; to property
of Henrietta M. Caldwell , August Ben- fi
/.on and Swim G. Johnson at $ I7.'J5 , and fit
to property of A. S. Paddock , Grace t V
street , at $ .5.
Took LOR lint ) .
A gentleman named Daniels arrived in a
Omaha yesterday from Creston , Iowa , In
search of u man mimed Joseph Lois. It
seems that Lois was arrested at Crest on
some time ago and was released on bail ,
Daniels becoming his surety. Leis then
came to Onuvhii , and Daniels , fearing he
would forfeit Me bond , came hero to in
duce him to return. He met Luis about
noon , and it watf agreed that the men I1o
should go to Creston together last night. 1' '
Hnt when the time arrived Leis failed to 1'li 1'a
show up , and Daniels is of the opinion li
that ho will svo his face no more. liJ liT
They Obeyed Orders. J.
A pair of mules and an ambulance |
from tlio fort created considerable ov
cltement on Douglas street last night by
running away , The driver had left them
untied while ho went for a drink , and t <
thu mules couldn't wait for his return , j ]
The crowd on thu lower part of the street a ;
yelled "whoa" as the outlit approached aS
preached them , and in trno military [
manner tlio mules obeyed the order and
cumo to a standstill. The driver oama
pulling up in u few minutes , recovered
possession of tlio animals , gave thorn a
good pounding and started for the fort ,
loi1 Forgery. ' * 1 !
A man was arrested nt the Arcade last
evening by Detccjfyo W , H. Turner , of
Kansas City , on a warrant charging him
with forgery , and taken to tlu > county
jail. Tlio amount involved Is only ,
W. W. Halvln. who lost his satchel on
the street car has had it returned
to him.
The old No. 2 hose earl , ti relic'of old
tire days , is being repainted and refitted
and will bo used for the now No. 5 engine
John Howard , gen of Gen. Howard , is
still quite ill , tillering from a severe at
tack of pleurisy , but is believed to bo out
of danger.
CountyTreasurer Hush was busily en
caged yesterday in checking up the do *
linriieiit | taxes lor 1831 , which are quite
The work of relaying the street car
track on Thirteenth street has com
menced and it is thought the rails will all
be in place by Monday.
Mrs. A. Huclili , the old lady who loft
home Sept. SH'tli ' , has not been heard
from yet. Information should bo sent
to Drug store 111 ! ) South Oth St.
Mrs. Turtleson , an old lady living on
Sixth fitreet , between Pacilie and Pierce ,
was bitten on the arm by a big dog. last
night , The savage animal was shot at
The sewing school for girls opens on
Saturday at l a. in. , in the basement of
tlio stone church , C.iplttl aveniio nnd
Eighteenth street. Busy mothers , send
your girls.
Jack Kirby , the hack driver charged
with robbing the Iowa granger of agold
watch on Monday , was tried yesterday
in police court and acquitted. Ho man
aged to make pretty clear proof of an
Hichard McCormick is having Archi
tect Vos-s draw up plans for a brick block
of four stories to bo put up near the cor
ner of Thirteenth and Howard , ground
plan to be BSxGfl feet. Work will bo com
menced this fall.
Marriage licenses were issued yester
day to Patrick Carroll and Mrs. Catharine
Ganee , Wilholm Krambeck and Miss
Annie Sehlopkol , James E. JSl'rios and
Matie J. Potter , and Henry Liindwelr-
kamp and Catharina Haior.
The city marshal of Neosho , Mo. ,
writes to Marshal Cummings asking him
to arrest Jake Pccora , an Italian gam
bier , who is wanted in the former place
for "jumping bonds. " Pccora was
formerly a well known character here ,
but. left the , city some time ago , and has
notsiiico boon seen.
Geo. V. Martin , of Murengo , Kan. , has
Written a letter to Marshal Cnnimings
asking him to arrest Theo Shutl'iiss , who
is wanted in that city for some alleged
criminal operation. Shaft'uss left Wamcgo
about September U. Ho is about five foit
eight inches high , well dressed and a line
County Commissioner Tim mo came in
from the country yesterday with a curi
osity in the slmuo of a branch of an apple
tree , eighteen inches long , from winch
liung eighteen apples. The fruit was of
good medium sr/.o ana so ripe that n sud
den shaking of the branch severed the
steins. This is conclusive proof that Ne
braska is a great fruit growing Mate.
A meeting of Bohemian citizens was
licld last night in Ilofman's hall on South
Thirteenth stives for the purpose of or
ganizing for the coming election. The
meeting was called to order by Louis
[ Jerka.Esq. ; F. W. Handhauer was elect
ed chairman and Jos Palik , secretary.
After the object of the meeting being was
stated bv the chair , the following gentle
men addressed the mooting : John Ho-
sicky , Frank Kaspar , Geo. Hofman , Jos.
Kovan and Louis Uerka , The mooting
was well attended.
Mr. Barbpska , the tower clock builder
of Iowa City , who has received at tiie
state fair a diploma on bis clock and
some weeks asro took measurements of
: he high school tower , has bent in a prop
osition to the school board to supply a
clock for the high school. Ho oilers to
'urntelt the clock with a four and a half
'oot dial , black witli gold letters , for
$00 and one of larger dimensions for
r)00. ! ) The proposition will be laid be-
'ore the board at its next meeting.
The shooting gallery on lower Farnam
street was invaded Thursday bv Lieut.
Merriam and his brother Col. Merriam.
of Cheyenne , both of them crack shots of
the army. The proprietor of the gallery
opened his mouth considerably when
Col. Merriam stopped up and niade ten
bulls-eyes out of cloven , nnd his jaw fell
still lower when Lieut. Merriam scored
eleven bulls-eyes out of twelve. Hoth
gentlemen came and went incognito ,
leaving the astonished bystanders to
wonder who they were. The next day
both gentlemen returned and lircil twelve
shots apiece at the target. This time the
bhooting was exactly reversed , Lieut.
Lewis Merriarn scoring ten bulls-eyes out
of twelve , and Col. Merriiun cloven.
Personal Puea
A. II. Necdig , of Norfolk , at the Pax-
ton.J. . 11. Hunter , of West Point , is at the
Carl Garver , of Valentino , is quartered
at tlio Millard.
J. H. Alter , of Grand Island , was in
the city yesterday.
A. C. MeCnrcle , of Superior , is stop
ping at the Millard.
A. Harry and W. T. Shiland , of Fre
mont , are at the Millard.
F. H. MOWCH. of Pacific Junction , is
registered at the I'axton.
Mr. I. W , Lansing was in the city yes
terday and made a brief call at the BKE
C. E. Lord , baggageman at the Union
Pacific depot , leaves for St. Louis to-day
to sue the Veiled Prophets.
Mrs. Ira M. Davenport JR now in the
city visiting her brother , Mr. James G.
Carpenter , on Farnam street.
Mrs. Harriet N. Simpson , of Mont-
clair , N. J. , is visiting here at the resi
lience of N , J. Hnrnham.
Mrs. George Canfii'ht has returned
from Hocklord , Ills. , where she went to
place her daughter. Miu.s Lii/.io ; in
school ,
Coroner Drc\ol , C. J. Mentor and a
number of other sportsmen started last
evening for | Ior.Ko Shoo lake on a fishing
and hunting expedition.
C. II , Mc.Lcan , of Now York , is in the
city on u visit , and h the guest of Frank
J. Itiimgo , with whom he graduated
from Harvard college in 18.V5.
E. G. Hvloy , grand roproscntativo to
the I. O. 0. F. grand lodge held at Balti
more , returned from that place after
making a short visit to his old home.
Mr. Crane , who took the part of "Pip-
po , " in the "Maseotto , " at tlio opening
of Hoyd's opera houpis by the Fay Tom-
pleton troupe , is in the city. Ho IK now
traveling salesman for a Now York
James Younp , Fremont ; D. S. Draper ,
Phittsmouth : 1) . A , Lord , Columbus , E.
. Flaniig.ui and wife , Missouri Viillc ;
Win. Hall , Pierce , F , L. Larrabue , Man
chester , aruat the Cantield ,
YcBterdaj-'fl Fire Alarm.
About 8 o'clock yesterday some ono
took fright at the spread of the llamcsln
the rofimo which is always kept burning
nn the garbage dump near the bridge
ind turned in an alarm from box 10 ,
Sixth nnd Pacific streets. Tlio services
if the department were not needed how-
iiver. One of thu horses In the hook and
ladder team fell on Tenth street while
lolloping at full syced and was severely
"Hunt's Kemedy is valuable and its
liencllts are permanent. Cured mo of
kidney disease. " SULLIVAN FENNEK ,
Providence , U. I.
Hunt's Remedy , cures speedily bilious
headache , costiveness , dyspepsia ,
strengthens tlio stomach , nnd puritictitho e
THE run I oil not to contain n
tlclo of mercury or any injurious sub-
nr.IUNdKSIKCT OFT1IE UVKll , Kit ) .
If your liver Is out ot onlrr. . then your
wliolo system l ilcrmifrpil. Tlift tjlorxl is
Impure , llio lncnth offensive * you Imvo
lii-mlnclio , feel liuiiruld , dispirited nixl
norvous. To prevent n moiofftlousoon-
illlloti , tnko nt once Slminous
T.1VRR JlKQUIuVTOlt , Jf you lend a wvlontury
uuuil liro.ormirrcr with KID.NKV Arramo.Ns ,
nvoM Ftlmulnts nml mho Simmons LUcrKcuu-
lulor. Sum to rellovo.
If you liavc entrn nnytliliiff him ! of ill-
| tc < tfaii , or fool licnvy nflo * mcnta or
Floppier nt tily lit , tnko nh > yo nnd > ou
vill feel relieved nnd clucp plcnsnntly.
If you nro n ml cniblo suircrcr with
CONSTIPATION , I\srKrsiA nnd IliuntTA-
MSS : , R'ck tcllof nl once In Simmons
l.lxcr Hcuuliitor. It iloos not icnulru
i-oiitlnnnl do-ilnj , ' , nnd costs but n trltlc.
It will euro you.
If you wnkoup'ln tlio mornlnff with a
bitter , bad tnsto la jour montli ,
niJ/P | Simmons Liver Ilciriilnlor. It corrects
inivu the lllllous Blonuicli , Sueutcns tlio
llrenth , nnd C"lunn us llm Kurrcil TOIIBIIO. Cmi/-
niiKN ot'ton need FOIIIO pafo Cntliuitiu nnd Tonlo
to ux'rtnppronchlni ; flckni"n. Simmons Liver
ItCKUlntor will uilleVii Colic , Ileiidncbo , Sick
Stomach , liulitfo tion , lj sent cry , und llio complaints -
plaints incident to clillilliood.
I reinont vs. Oinnlia.
All arrangements are complete for the
game , on Sunday afternoon , between the
Union Pacifies nnd the Fremont Gray * .
The contest promises to bo u close and
interesting ono. The batting order :
ntUMo.vr iiiiAVH. rxio.v p.xni'icH.
Sevenmce Vlrst base lloekwell
Iiiulwlg Center lielder. liandle
Molli'r Second b.ise Van Dyke
Doimherty I'itelier Sallslmiy
lo\\ilMi ! Short > tti | DoimlicitV
Lamr Thlid base MeKelvey
( iiiodeniitiih..Center lielder..Lawiene
VelMiin Lett fielder Hmnill
Wood UlKht tti'lder. Cnmleld
The Athletic bnselmtl club has entered
the tournament at Yilliscn which take- ,
place Oct. ( i and 7 , and is priming to
show the Hawkeye men how baseball is
played in the Nebraska metropolis.
Parties intcrcMcd in the regatta are. ar
ranging to have a tub race on the pro
gramme next week.
Ordered Out of Town.
Business in Judge Slonberg'.s court was
very light yesterday.
William Green , a frequenter of gamb
ling houses and a. tough character gener
ally , was arraigned for vagrancy. The
judge sentenced him to CO days in the
county jail , but suspended sentence on
condilion that he leave town within an
liour. Green picked up his hat anil
started at. a dog-trot gait for the Bluilu.
John Maher , a dilapidated Hpeeimcnof
manhood , barefooted and clothed in
rags , twirled his Jiat nervously as ho
stood before the judge to answer to
charge of vagrancy. He said ho was go
ng cast to look tor wock , and nccor s-
nglv ho was released oq n promiuc to
Kkedaddlo instantly.
A New AVnrp.
General Tratlle Manager. Kimball , of
the Uijion Pacific , baa inhis oflico two
specimens of a new pottery ware pent to
lim from Denver. The articles are a
drinking goblet and a miitclt safe. The
ware is very pretty , resembling cut mar-
jle of a streaked white ami purple drab
color. It is claimed to be made of
smelter slag and glass , and II. II. Tain-
lien , dealer in curios at Denver ,
las the patent. Mr. Guy C.'Barton has
seen a quantity of tiie stufl' bqth in west
uid east , but is not prepared as yet to
> ass fjvvorablo judgment upon it , nor
Iocs he credit that it in made of smelter
slag. It would prove of great value in-
Iced to Omaha if a process could bo dis
covered to utilize the refuse from the
city's lartro smelter , and the merits of
his new "wareill bo closely investi
The Union PnclJlc Comptroller.
The announcement of the appoint-
nent of a comptroller of the company
nnd the selection of Oliver AV . Minck for
that ollicc as it appeared in the BKK ees-
torday aroused considerable comment
and created no little stir at Union Pacifiir
headquarters , The intelligence is half
credited , half doubted and all through
tlio auditing department a small Hurry
of excitement prevails in expectancy o' (
changes which may result from the now
Absolutely Pure.
TliH ponder Jiovrr vnrlo * . A inurvel of
ptu-iitftli und w Iiolot-oinono-is. Moru tvoiiuiiilcul
tliiin tliu onllmiry klmln , imil uuiinut bubolil In
txiiniirtitloii with tlui multitude ) utlnwlofet.Mior :
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'And we invite your attention to our mention of special arrivals
daily ; and if you interest yourself enough to give notice you will
always find something in store for you at the Only Misfit Cloth
ing Parlors , 1119 Farnam St. . we will have on sale today , the fol
lowing special arrivals from the leading merchant tailors
throughout the United States.
buy a heavy Cassimero Pantaloons which was < made for . ' ' $ 1 00 ,
$ 4 JO Will provide you a pair of Pantaloons which can't bo made for less than $ 0 00 ;
$ 5 00 I or : i p.iir of Pantaloons no tailor will make for loss than ' . . - $13 00
$ 0 50 Yli'3 pair of Pantaloons will no doubt prove your size , was made for $18 CO
! > ! this pair would not pay for the goods , was made to order for $16 00
8 < > ' . 'i is ans purely Knglisli , my boy , and was made perhaps for 3'ou for 319 O0j
S ' > . . " " ' . . . " ' 'V'C-MVair.ia mudo from a French Fabric , as tine us is mudo for $20 00' '
' ] .i1is jvgood Business Suit , equal to any you can have made for $2G 00' '
Tii'is ' a Fall Overcoat , very elegant , was made to order for . * $30 00
* 18 01 Js t'n ' price of that Cork Screw Sack Suit , nindo for . - 535 00
V" . ' ! bay tiiat New Market Overcoat made to order for $39 QO '
TiiN represents the price of that Four Button Cutaway Frock Suit made for § jo oo' '
$21. , M 'Vli'itt will buy that Prince Albert Suit made by n Merchant Tailor for JJ.JQ oy
$15 20 I'v-r .1 Fall Overcoat made to order by a leading tailor for $09 50
$37 f.O T > ' .s will be found the price of thatRoafor Coat and Vest made for 555 QQ'
$11 C ) l-.vr ' 'uit double Breasted Sack suit made of 'Scotch Cheviot , for gg QQ'
? : ; j 10 V.'lll buy that Overcoat trimmed with Fur in show window , was made for § gg OQ
$1'J20 H movjiiLs the price of that Frock coat and vest which was made for § 35 QQ
S3i 0) ) \ . i'i buy that Fall Overcoat lined through with Raw silk , was made for § ( jg QQ
T .N it a Frock Suit , size J13 breast of cork screw worsted , was made for . ' § 03 00
Y > ! i will buy this a straight cut Sack Coat full suit lined with satin , was made for 505 QO
$17 85 This is a. Heafcr Coat and Vest of fur bnver , was made for 5139 00
$33 00 Buys that Fur Beaver Overcoat beautifully lined and was made for $07 fit )
$ ia 20 Birys that Business suit in Frock Coat plain color , was made for $37 to ,
$03 00 Knglisli Mellon new Market Overcoat was made to order for JJQ 00
11 15 This H a Coat and Vest alonn in Suck Coat , was made for 39 00
SU1 U5 This birys that Full drass suit Swallow tail coat , was made for jp7o OQ
§ 12 80 That Youth Frock Suit1 , Button , cut away , made for j$25 $ 00
? M -10 The other full dross suit Swallow tail coat made for * $53 oo
§ IC 70 The other Fall Overcoat made of Worstend cloth for $33 oo
$10 00 Now wo come with a handsome Frock coat ami vest , was made for § 33 fQ
S 5 10 Prince Albert suit as fine sis any man wears , was mudo for § 73 QQ
# 33 00 Good enough Frock suit dark color , was made to order for $ | g oo
$10 no . You must see this , an Overcoat was made to order for f 4jo oo
$81 75 Full dress suit last received , Swallow tail coat , was made to order for , § 70 OQ
We feel assured you cant pass us by if you need anything in this
line we are styled , Omaha's Pride or the Future saving Enterprise
for man , once you call you will call again
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our changes daily.