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    OMAHA n
Dicrctary Whitney's Instrnctions to the
Naval Appraisement BowJ ,
ti3Cho Frco Delivery Service Dlvlillng
the Hi)11.4 in Missouri Ycstcr-
ilny'w Appoltilmcntfl Notes
Tlio Country's Crulficrs.
UN , Sept , 23. A letter has been
rent by the sceietary of the navy for" the In-
lormatlon nnd guidance of Iho naxal board
recently appointed to appraise the xxork and
material of the uncompleted cruisers Bos
ton , Atlanta and Chicago. The secretary In
structs the board that''The conti act Is your
only rek'ience for jcmr authority and duty. "
The validity of the contiact , ho declares , Is
iinu ° FaiIod and sajH unlike tlio case of tlio
Dolphin there Is lieie no spccilic requirement
as to speed. No suggestion or Intimation ,
sajs thu fcccrvlary , has ever been
made by tlio dcpaitmcnl that tlio
work upon tlie'o Unco ships has
not been properly performed. The letter
ROCS on to Bayou : are not assisting in
ihocairying out of any secret compromise or
arrangement between tlie parlies , the terms
ofxxhfchyou are not adviu'd. " The MICIC-
lary incidentally rcmaiks tlio goveinment
xxlu doubtless Itnd It xvlsc locomplctulhe xes-
scls xvhcre they lie , but that tills calls for no
consideration from you. The duty xxhlch the
contract Imposes upon tlio board is defined as
being to examine the xxork and material In
tlio tinco fchips and ascertain and dw line Iho
fair maikctalue thereof. Including n icaMHi-
nblonnd customary pintle upon so much of
the xxoilc us shall liaxe been batiblactorily pei-
io far as the government is concerned Uio
secretary sajs the board cantreat tlio xvoik
performed and the matciial nt hand as the
parts of a completul bhip , and determine tlio
value , pie latlng the xxork satisfactorily com
pleted xvitli the xx'ork required and a-sccrlain
tliercby the 1110 rate proportion of the con-
tracl ] irico thai tlio xvork reptcsenls , This
mipgesllon is stated to have been concurred
in by the assignees , and by the counsel for
the contractor. Tlio method to be actually
adopted , hoxxevcr , leinains for the boautto
Japan Bulldozed by tlio Poxvcrs.
DWASIIINOTON , Sept. 23. Tlio Post to-day
prints an intervlcxv xvith lion. John Blng-
hatn , ex-United States minister , who is quot
ed us saying , "I tried to aiangc a treaty of
commerce betxYcen the United States and
Japan seven jears ago. The trcaly was
draxvn up and II was the only decent com
mercial tieaty that had ever been offered to
Japan. But befe-p it xyaa signed the Euro
pean powers heard ot It , Germany and Eng
land hcut their agents and Ihclr gunboats to
Japan. The agcnta called upon the foreign
minister thcio and pointing doxvn Iho haibor
tlioy icmarked : "Do jou see those
gunboats lying there ? Well , by all
iho powers those gunboats rcinesont ,
wo forbid you to conclude aiiyticaly xvilh
the United States ot America until treaties
haxo hrst been arranged xvilh our gox-eiu-
jncnt Thereafter the foreign minister called
upon mo xvitli a draft of the treaty I bad pro
posed , but xviUi another clause added , 'pro
viding that Uiis shall not take ellect until
similar treaties have been enleied into with
2urocan ] poxvers. ' I asked xx hat the mean
ing pt that xv.ri and ( Jio minUitcr pointing to
the Irpndads In the harbor , said
hq xvas afraid to offend the Emopean
powers. I steadfastly refused to join
iEuiopean poxxers In their outrageous tieat-
jnenl of Japan. I believed it xvoiild not be In
accord xxith the policy of Washington ,
"Fplendship xvith all nations , entangling al
liances with none , " I told to the president
tlio other day tlio story I noxv tell > ou , onlv
not so fully. He appioved of my conduct oil ,
tinough , ami Is going to continue the policy
of Ocorgo Washington.
Free Delivery Service.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 23. Tlio postmaster-
general is about to issue an additional circu
lar of Instructions to postmasters xvhero the
special dollvory scivice has been established.
Among other things the circular will advlso
postmasters to Impress upon tlio senders of
letters beat ing a special delivery stamp tlio
necessity of an nccimito address , giving tlio
name ot streets and number ot houses xxhcrc-
tncr practicable , or failing in that icspect , an
indication of the business of the pei-
Hon addicbscd. This lost piecauflon
.is deemed necessary In small towns
whcio no system ot numbering hoiibcs
jiroxTxIls , and xxheio Uierc may bo txx'o or moio
individuals bearlugslinllar names. The pub
lic xvill also bo icmhidcd of Iho adx'antage to
ho deiix'cd irom writing requests for returns
of non-dcllx'cicd matter.
Presidential Po'itmnsters.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 28. The president to
day appointed tlio following pohtmaslcrs :
Edward Van Do Ca.steelo , Dcpcre , Wis. : Mil
ton 11. Wcstbrook , Lyons , loxxa , vice T. H.
Beers , suspended ; E. 1C. Wagner , Shelby
Vllle , vice 11. S. Webster fauspendcd.
A Pair ol' AppointincntH.
WARIIINOION , Sept. 2a.-J. J. Albright , of
Albany , xvho was appoint oil us a skilled la
borer In tbo treasury department a few dnys
ugo , at a salary of bl.OOU per annum , xxas to-
aay apiiolntrd a chief of division of the sixth
auditor's olllce.
V. P. Snyder , chief clerk of the United
States trcasuiei'H olllce , tieasury depaitment ,
his : been upiiolnted chief of the dlvlbion of
records , mulls and lilcn , In tlie olllco of tlio
eecretaiy of tlio trcasniy , and will assume his
noxv duties October 1.
Dividing the Spoils.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 28. Senators Cock
roll and Vest , and ncaily all tlio icprescnta-
tlvea from Missouri , RI-O In this city. Tlio ob
ject is to endeavor to secure the displacement
of the Incumbents of the vailoua federal of-
flvsln tlmt ftnto by democrats , Oxxing to
iho failure of the members of congie.s.s liom
Missouri to agree upon any one of the nu-
nun n us Applicants for the Utlcralolllccs there ,
no chnngu have yet been nmdo In that state.
The presence heioof almost the entliu dele
gation In congress Is xmden > teed to bo lor tlio
pmpose of coming to an agreement upon Uie
alato. Tlio ollleo over xvhlch the greatest dlo-
nircenieiit has exiitcd Is that of the
nustcr at St. LoulH. It is said to-night , on
good authority , tlmt an agicement has been
readied nnd the name of William
Hyde , foimcrly of tlio St. Louis
JtcpubUcau , In to bo pie > ciited to the
president to-morrow ns the unanimous choice
or the delegation. The agieemeiit between
the members ot the delegation , reached to
night , Is said to bo that the city of St.
Louis shall 1m given the collector , postmaster ,
bU.rve.yornml United State.s marshal , and Iho
appraiser nnd district ottoiney blind couio
10111 outside the city.
Increase In Silver Circulation.
WASHINGTON , Sept. at * . Statement * prepared -
pared nt the treasury depaitment shoxv that Into circula
tion directly from the mints during the past
txxo months Is ncaily double thoniuoimtsiml-
larly Issued during a corresponding period
last year. Tha Issues fiom tlio mints during
the ixo k ended September 2d xxas JO,577 , us
against $4&5 , & > 5 Issued dm lug a confepoiid-
ing period Jast year ,
A Comul'a KejKirt on Cholern.
WASHIKUTON , Sept 2S. A from the
United States coniiil at > Ini filles ttutea Uiat
whlloUic muiibcu of dcilh , friiu cholei-a has
ixtmuh detreaMil at Mur--ll1 s iHidj'lVuloii
sluee Augut.t i-M , Ith'i * ! ' L.I > iu " . i g in tlio
diMilvt iuniiitlth' ' o I-1 * . " ' -texci )
thf i.i t nuiii-.aU 01 i . tiie o
tic ! < b t icctl t o > o act ot im
pnidoiico on tlio twrt of these attncked.
Xt st often t .u Infection ho * hcon
convojca in ciolhlnR or textile material.
Tliclr eupldily leads persons to wear or sell
the ganncnts of those xxho have died of
the cholera , nnd they or the = e xx ho buy them
sutler In consequence. It lias been made
evident .that defective drainage Is tlie main
cause of tlio spread of cholera and typhoid
fever , nnd tlmt n diminution of tlio quantity
of o/ono In the air Is followed by a greal In
crease In the number of deaths from the
A Batch of Indian Agents.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 28. The pic ; ldcnt to
day made the folloxvltifi appointments : To
bo ngenls for Indians , W. L. Poxxcll , Vhgln-
la , at Nenh Hay agency , Washington terri
tory ; John Y. Summer ) , Missouri , at Qua-
paxv agency , Indian tcrrltoiy ; M. W. Stevens
Michigan , at Macklnaxv ngcncy , Michigan ;
Charles lllll , Nebraska , nl Santco ngoncy In
Nebraska , Vice W. II. Spaldlm : declined ;
Moses Knoll , Kansas , al Sac and Fox ngency
Indian territory ; 11. H. Williams , Mi-oibslppl
Croxv agency In Montana ; Fletcher I. Coxv-
art , Alabama , Mescalero agency In Now
Fourth Knto Postmasters.
AVASHINOTOSSept. . 2s. Tlio postmastcr-
Gcneral appointed thofolloxvlng postmasters :
Illinols-Al Uoblnson , Peter Walker ; Me-
Inia , K 1) . Simpson ; Assumption , It. W.
Ciiitwoll ; Nexv Athens , Ilcmj lJuje ; Latham ,
. . x rnlvln.
nWis onsln AtColemanNellieE.Mar hall ;
M1UV jkichnrilV. , , . , UUI/KC ; Valley
aursuroxo. August Hoiumcier ; rsoxv rros-
pect , Ellen Michaels ; ICnapp , P. L. Decker ;
Scott. (1. ( A. I-eyk-r ; Pulelter , Itasmus John
son ; Thornsvilk ! , Adolph Xlmmurmanijtttle ;
Chute , .losoph hcn c.
Iowa AtTs'ashville , J. It. Halley : Olln , W.
A. Miller : ( iiand Mound , Win. ritzgenxld ;
Ely , F. J. WnitCbbeck.
The Political Ao Came Doxvn.
WASHINGTON , Sept. JW. CapLtln Sherman
A. Johnson , chief ot the dlxbion of rccoids ,
tiles and mail , ticasury depaitment , has ,
at the iiHiusstuf Secretary Winning , tendcicd
his resignation to tal e elleet Senlember ! W.
It xxas accept'it to-dnx' . Captain Johnson
xvasappo nteil = fr m Ohio in UC9 anil has
been eoiiitantly m sol-vice ever since. Thcie
mo no charges against him. Ills successor
h .s been selected and will bo appointed in a
low dnys.
the Coin.
WASHINGTON , Sept. US. Tlio xvork ot un-
loidlng the silver coin off the United States
steamcrs-Yantic nnd , began thib
morning. Tlio sllx-cr is delivered at tlio
xvharves to agents of the Adam's expie.-
company , xvho liax'o charge of all arrange
ments tor its removal to the United States
tieasury , whcio It is stored in a laigo silver
xauil receully constructed. It Is ctpectul
thai it xvill take about ten days lo remove the
cargo of both vessels.
Tlio Settlers Obeying the Order.
WASHINGTON , Sept. 2.3. Agent Gossman ,
telegraphed Commissioner AUcins that ho
hasuotllied cvcrj' settler on the Croxv creek
rcserx-ation to quit in accordance with the
terms of Uie piesidcnt's ptoclamatiou , and
oxprofiaos the belief that they xvill obey the
notice. The commissioner declares that Iho
ecltJers nnibt leax'o Uio icservalion ex'eti it it
requires the whole force ot the military to
accomplish the removal.
Waifs From Washington.
WASHINGTON. Sept 23. The postmaster
general tendered a decision that .salaries of
postal employes cannot ho attached for debt.
The pobtinastcr geiioml to-day rcnioxedT.
15. Croncio and E. T. Spo'oiicr , employes at
tbo postal card agency , CasileUm , N. Y. , und
ajinolnled J. W7 McICnight nnd James Pur-
cc.fl to 1111 Uio vacancies.
( icn. Ha7en , chiet tilgnal ofticcr , has sailed
from Liverpool for home , and is expected ill
tlie signal oftlco before the end of the picsent
Milton Snyler.
Now York World : A tall , ciegnificd
looking man xvalked into tlie lobby of the
St. James last evening and stopped a mo
ment at the noxx's-slixnd. Halt n dozen
gentlemen stood near by conversing.
Said ono : "I xvill buy cigara for the par
ty if any one. will toll mo xvho that man
is. " The offer was not taken up. The
gonlloman in question was "Milt" Saylor
of Ohio , xvho a foxv years ago xvas speak
er of llie house of ropresenlatix-es , bolding -
ing tlio position next to the president in
point of poxvor. Such is fame ! Mr. Say
lor has short-cropped grayxvliiskors , thin
face , high forehead , gray eyes and a very
gracious manner. Ho still adheres to tins
congressional black , but said ihut he xvas
altogether out of politics.
Fixed Up a Ticket.
AnnnnnnN , Dak. , Sept. 23. About forty
represcntatix'o republicans from all sections
of the territory held a meeting at Mitchell ,
Dak. , Saturday. Full congiessloiml and
state tickets for south Dakota weio agreed
upon , and the members pledged lo sccuio their
nomination at u convention to bo called by
tlic icpublican tcriitorial committee , xxhica
meets ut Huron to-morroxx' . Among tlie nom
inations agieed upon xvero tlio lolloxvlug :
United States senators , J. A.Plckler.of Faulk
county and W. W. Urooklngs , of Mlnnchaha ;
members of congress , John BInckcmoro , of
Hyde , and V. P. Kennedy , of Hnnxn : lor
govoinor , J. H. Klnc , of Chamberlain ; lieu
tenant governor , John P. ( Jieunan , of Yank-
_ _
Convention Preparations. ,
BOSTON , Sept. 2t ) . A delegation from the
icpubllcau stale hcailquaitors left hero this
morning for Springfield to arrange the local
preliminaries lor the blnto convention Wed
nesday. Tlio ticket of last year xvill doubt
less bo accepted , xvith the exception of A. W.
Heard , In place of State Treasurer Qlcason.
It is not expected that any attack xxlll bo
madaupon the mugxx-unips , xxho xvill bo rop-
mscnlcd by Hichard If. Dana and Kogcr
CHICAGO , Sept. 28. At a meeting to-day of
the Chicago committee on eastbound trafllc
rntis on grain and provisions , rates to Ncxv
York xveio advanced to 20. and 2.r cents , re
spectively. This advanuo lud been virtually
decided upon 1or some time and xvill go Into
effect Orlobcr 1.
BAI.TIMOIIH , Sept , 23 , Humois of nn nr-
ruimcimmt iMilxxeeu the Pennsylx'anlu and
lialilmorn A Ohio lailroads. by which the lat
ter will stop ils now mad M Philadelphia , nro
dlHcicdltvd by Uio lialtimoie & Ohio oniclals.
Sr. Louis , Sept 2S , It Is understood limt
Ceo. Olds , goneial tialllc manngcrof the Mis-
bouri Pncuio railxx'ay , xvill January 1 accept
a position on the Canudlan Pacific. 12 , P.
lllpley , general trelghl agent of thn Chicago ,
liurllngtonAQiiIiiey , is mentioned as likely
to nil thu vacancy thus created.
lloasou Tor Congratulation.
Santa I'o Leader : Santa Fo is getting
on nicely. Every man has. his oxvn xyifo ,
and Uio season of elopement is virtually
over , Old ttugs tire holding doxvn tlieir
cud of tlio lo * ; , und the gny and buxom
mo atloat. Picnic parties up the canyon
uro all the rage. Tha heated term U
nearly over , ( lardcn sass is plenty , nnd
thousands bask in the sunlight of pros
perity. We ought lo bo as happy as kit
tens , Wo return thanks.
Their Annual Ilunil Shako.
Huioiu.NOTON , 111. , Sept. 28.-NA formal an
nouncement xvas made to-day of the annual
reunion of cx-inlaonersof xvar to bo held In
Dlooinlngiou October 21 and 23. Every ex-
prisoner xvho cpmea xvill b the guest of Uio
people ot lilaomlugton , and bo provided with
lodging and board and entertained during his
slay. All communications relative to the 10-
nni * h > l be addrosed to Ivory 11. Pike
or Lexrid . ijai i . Ijloviulngtoii.
Eowling Anti-Vaccination Mob Let
Loose in the Oity of Montreal.
Smnshliig WlndoxvB In Public Ifcnlth
IiiRt lint Ions niul City llulldliiKs
The Opponents > P Vacclnntloit
linn Thln a Their Oxvn AVay.
A Iliot In jMotitrcnl.
MONTH KAI. , Sept , ! J8. In cousocnicnco of
the inauguration of compulsory vaccination
to-day , n hoxxllni ; mob this ovcnliifr surround
ed tlie cast end branch health ofllce and com
pletely xvrceked the building. The police on
duty xveropoxxerless and the mob gnthcilng
strength from this marched upon the central
oDIco In the city hall. By this tltrie , however ,
.11 lot alarm had been sounded and a stiong
foico of constables weie gathered together
Inside , but hnving no ono to command them
\xeiedilxenoutottlioxxay llkohhcep by tlio
mob. After the poimlace smoslied the ecu-
tral otlleo they turned their attention
to the pollco station. Kex'olx'er
shots xx ei o ficely lired at the police to scare ?
tiKin. The police tiled over their he.uls only
to bo leeched xsith jceis nnd laughter.
Things now looked so had the pollco xveie
aimed \\illi rille-s and fixed bayonets. The
constables quickly clmtgcd the mob , dubbin ; ;
theenn\d n lit and luiinnd succeeded In dis-
perslng them , but not before they
mid xrrceked the greater pitillon of
the court house xxlndoxxshieh are ojiposite
tlie city hall. Thu mob buiku iiji into dif-
tcivnt bodies mid proceeded to xvrwk the
xvindowH of tlio Herald olliee and the xvln-
dow.s of the lu'.ilth olilcer , chaliman
of the finance eommittet ) and public v\fcina-
tois. A number ot an eats wore made. Tlio
city is in grtat excitement. Jt is thought the
liotxt'ill bo continued to-morrow nL'hU The
police xx ill patrol around public buildings all
night , xxhilo themllitaiy xxill to-morrow bo
held In icadincbs to quickly attend any tu-
niolt. _ _
A '
AIH.VRTOK , Ara. , Sept. 2S. Judge Ceo. W.
AViud , editor of tlio Eiaminer and Comniou-
wx'alth , attorney for Washington county ,
while about to enter the Colorado hotel yes
terday afternoon , xvas firpd upon by Dr. W.
Jr. WliUe , Independent candidate for state
senator , who bad been concealed in a store
loom nearly opposite the hotel. White
stepped out of tlio door and discharged one
ban-el of his .shotgun loaded xvilli buclcsJiot at
Ward , Avho fell face foremost , but
recovered to his knees , drexv a ic-
volver and iircd three fchoh at a young
leUtixe ol White's , xvho xvas acios.s tlie stieet
and xx horn Ward thought had tiled the shot at
him. White had stepped Inside the stole , but
hearing the filing came out ag.iin and tired a
second barrel at Waul , xxho fell a wxiond
time. While hoxras lying on the ground , txvo
ot Wlnte'fc mlatives xvulkedupaud lired hPX'on
-shots at Waid , all of winch took effect.
Ward is in a xcry critical condition and It Is
thought he cannot live. Dr. White and his
t\xo iclatives h.ivo been arrested and xvero
bailed out In Die sum ot Sr.OOO each. Great
excitement prevails , but no tear of further
violence is entertained.
A Voice From the Tombs.
Nr.xv YORK , Sept 23. The Tribune this
moming prinU an intenicxv xvilh Ferdinand
Ward in xvhicli he sUlw tlut the position ho
occupies is not known. He says tlio facts ot
which the public has ncx-cr l > een informed ,
AX ould clear him of all suspicion of fraud in
connection with the business of Grant iVs
Waid. He stales it Is not his f.udt that the
statement lias never been made and intimates
that It had bOen withheld by those xxhohave
nnlaxviul and usurious claims against
the nrm. In conclusion he says : ' -lien. Grant
kncxv nothiiig about tlie busidcos of ( irant &
Wanl. If I could liax-o gone nnd seen him
aflcr the failure and explained to him from
the books tlio nature ot many transactions ,
ho would , 1 think , have been satisfied , and
would not have leeouled nn unfavorable
opinion ot me that lo | did. But he , likeoveiy
0119 e-Lve , has blamed me for things that I
never did. Light xvill , hoxxcvrr , ho tlnoxvn
unon my traiibactions sooner or latci , and
strange things xxlll bo clejiicd up. "
Arrested on a Serious Oluiro.
OSIIKOSII , Wis. , Sept. 28. John Kenvln ,
deputy city clerk of Neenah , Wis. , xvas to-day
committed hero lortrial upon serious charges.
Miss ChrislliioLaGrange , residing at Nccnah ,
suicided bypolbon. Before death she stated
that Kei win nad outraged her coming from n
dance. Kcrxxln xvas lonnd Saturday night
and brought here for sate keeping. To-day a
Nucnnh justice nrilxcd in Oshk-osh to hold an
e\amlnatlon , n.s it xxas feared to take Kerwin
to Ncennli. the brothera of the cirl having re-
.solxed to shoot him on sight. Kcrxvin xvnivcd
examination and xvas held in default of
SOtWO bull.
A Heavy Defalcation.
BOSTON , Sept. 28. It is stated the
bank examiner , xxho has been investigating
the aflalis of tlie Frnminghnm sax ings bank ,
xxhose cashier , C. T. Adams , committed
suicide last August , has di coveicd that
Adums xvas a dctaulter to the amount of
Sv.k.S,000. ! Adams' deatli xvas Midden and un
explained at the time nmnhough there were.
suspicions of Irregularities , no sueh extensive
defalcation was looked for. The hank ox-
iiiulner applied for an Injunction lestiatnlng
thu liom doing buMncbS until 1U nllali.s
can be btralghtcncd out.
Church Dcdtcntlon Old Settlers' Tlo-
iiiilon ,
ICr.oKinc , loxx-a , Sept 88. Tlio ncxv St.
Petci's Catholic chinch , oneot tholaigestand
liuest In the state , xvas dedicated xvllh 1m-
prcsslxo ceremonies jcslciday. The chinch
xvas eiecii d al a cost of 250,000 , and xvas com
menced In 1KS1.
The trl-htato old settlers' reunion occurs In
this rlty Wednesday , ( ioveuior.i Sheniian.
Oglesby , Jluorlioad and oilier nol.Uilcs will
bupiOMinton the occasion and deliver ad ;
Ilnllxvuy Troubles in
Crrv or MKXICO , ( via Galveston ) , Sept.
28. It Is noxv six days since there has been
mull and passenger communication by rail
xx lib tlie United Slated. Attain that pulled
out from hero Saturday nip-lit could get no
further than Sail Juan del lllo , and a train
xvhicli should him * readied hero last Tuesday
only KOI as far as Silas , whcio it xvas com
pelled to stem on account of teiiowed xvash-
outs at Uhlnlepcc , tibox-a Qacrla. It Is hojied
to get the liack In condition and bring tlie
train In hero to monoxv xxith all dclajed p.n-
bengers and imilN.
DlncI of Qmall POT.
NIU.IGII , Neb. , Sept. 1W. [ Special to the
DKIC. ] Txvo deaths fjom small pox occuned
yesterday on The Wllloxv , eight miles north
of. Ncligli. ilrs. AVnalibuin Katon died Sun
day moriilng at 2 o'clock , und if rs. William
Potter nt 10 p. in. tlie same day. Mrs. Potter
Is u sister of .Mrs. W. A. Simmon : ) , of Ncllxh.
There Is one case nol expected lo llvoHt tins
xvrlting. The ieJt are all doing well , and
seven cases tire now on hand. Dr , J/c.-u/v' . of
NcJIgh , is attending them.
An Outrn e on the
Sr. Loi'18 , Sept , us. The colored Dajitist
general association , vrhldih a been in be.s-
slon licro nearly a week pn&t , closed Its work
to-day and adjourned. Among other pro
ceedings Unlay they adopted le-iolutlous
charcing Urat in some jwistoAlc * In thex
the Wcfilcru Baptist lleralil , pub'lshetl
Kcokuk , Is throxvn Jnlo Uio wosto basket
p d Is not delivered to Mib ciiirn * . A
comnilltcO WAS ftppmhtcd to lux'csii-
gate the matter and tf nccc.s nry communl-
cato xvltli the jiosuhaster general on the
subject , _
TJio Itoiuncllnn AlTnlr.
LONDON , Sept. 2i Hlsmarck being op
posed to a formal conference ot the poxvers on
the lloumellan ciucstlon , Loril Salisbury has
agreed that the kcopo of the proposed meeting
of ambassadors nt Constantinople be limited
lo nn exchange of vlexvs on the question at
Issue , xvllhout any formal voting and xvlthoul
thedraxvlmr out ot any protocols. Salisbury
has Instructed the llritNli ministers at Bel
grade , Uuchanisl nnd Athens to urge the gox--
tirnments to xvhicli they nro accredited to re
frain from action in connection xuth tlie
Itotimcllan levolutlon. Wadding ton , in an
Intcrxicw xxlth SalUbiuy tinday , said the
French foreign minister xxould co-operate In
limiting tliaiuvolutiiin to Koiunell.i.
Piiii.iiri'oi' Sept , 1W. Prlnco Alex
ander ordeied the clx il aud military million *
lies on the lionllcr of ISuluaii.i and Macedo
nia to maintain order In tlieir rcspcctlx'ti dis
tricts. The populace on both sides of the
Ilalknns are verv cnthu lastlc over tlic nnion
belxxien Hulgnrlnnnd Itotunclla. A num
ber of men It.ixeoCleied to enter Iho volunteer
sei x Ice In suppoi lot Ihc union. The ladles
are Conning a red cioss society and me mak
ing preparations for tlie care of the sick and
\xnunded In cxviil of xvar.
IhU.ciKADi : , Sept. 8A The military author
ities hnx'o taken possession of the rniixv.iys
thioughoul Sen In , und ordinary travel has
bren slopped. In addition to the rewrx'cs ,
00,000 l.indxvehr have been called for actlxe
The Km-opcni ! llnpiio. ;
KOMI : , Sept. 2 > ' , The icpoitd received to
day indlcato that the eholer.v is tuorea ! > lng In
this city. King Humbert pioposes to visit
the Infeetiil districts thcic.
MADUIU , Sept. ! * . There xxeio MO ncxv
ca cu of cholera aud 203 deaths fiom the dis
ease repoiU'd yesterday throughout Spain.
The cholera Is spreading throughout the
Alp1' mountains in s-outlicastcrn departincnLs
ol France.
Tins municipal njithnrillea ot Madrid ex-
tendrd tin- tight of wilTrajre to xx-omcn.
lloxB ( , SepLas. Km # Humbert has aban
doned his intention ( iff visiting tlio cholera
infected city ot P.iIenuA. and lias int > t id do
nated SJS.OOO toxxaul riilicving the Mitteicia
there. '
AHattle Itu-.nliiciit.
CAIUO , Sept. S3. The , Abysninian cxpwli-
tion under Aloula , adx'Sneini ; to the relief of
the garrison at Kassalais , meeting xvitJi
opposition from the Arnbs , xvho hnx-o boon
messed in sufllcient nfmibcrs to attempt to
bar its further progrds. The lateht report
fioiutho exiKxliUon W Uist U.OOOAmbs oc
cupy a fortilied positionIrom xvhlch Uicy will
linx e to be drixen bcford further aclx'.ineu cum
bo made , and tlut u. bmle Is imminent , as
the Abyssinian general te-determined io ai -
complish tlieiehef ot'thcplrrison for which
he id to ba paid a lai smn'ot ! money.
AiTCSteil unil JilbcratcU.
PAIUS , Sept. sa A despatch to Uie Tempo
fiom Aden hays thrf Uiitish vice consul at
i'eileh causctl the arrest ofAbu Baker Pasha
on tlic charge of treachcuy in conniving at
tlie French occupation of Awbabo. The
commander of the Ifrench gunboat Meteor
demanded Uie relcari > ofPdsha , on tlie ground
that he xvas under FfViictrjQotceUon , and ho
was accoidingly liberated : . A , British man-
of-war ha.s IKOU orderedlo JJeilch.
No Cabinet 5It5otl s Yesterday.
Loxuoy , Sept. atW-Tho cabinet council
xvhiuli was to havcficcc. l.idd to-d.iy lias"bcen
poslponcd for a weejr , Tno Times , In a
leading editorial , ; ic r * ts the iiostponcinont
as it considers tiat ! the condition of Ireland
loqnlnvi Immrdiivta'AtU'titKiu. 'Llm columns
of the Timcrt UMay rAittiJn > aany letters on
Iiisii matlcii-s , tn'eludinsrone. from a lieutenant
ot an 1 1 ish county giving piUable dctatld of
bo . '
) cottlng. _ _
The Porto Alarmed.
nCONSTANTI.VOI'LI ! , Sept. 28. TllO JJOltC llrt-j
become alarmed at persistent reports to tlio
efiect that nn Italian expedition was being
fitted out for the purnofo of seizin c Tiipoli.
and bos ordered reiniorfcmenls to be sent ut
once. The btrengtli of the Tutkish lioops in
Tilpoll is to bo raised to 15.WX ) , and great
energy Is to bo dlspkixoa in nutting the iuita
theie In belter condltloh lei deluiue.
The Gonpstn-Vietorlotis.
Nnxv Yoniv , Se ] > L W. The Capa May chal
lenge cup xvill go to England as one of the
Uencstn'f ? pr'ues , she ha' ' . Ing won her last and
easiest victory hvbcatliU her foimor compet
itor , tlie Dauntless , in ii race fiom Sandy
Hook lightship urouml Cane Jlay lightship
andielurii. The ( IcnLijLi had the lead nt tlio
start and kept it throughout tlio race.
Skipped Witlj the Fundu.
DUIII.IN , Sept. 28. The financier reported
Friday last to bo a defaulter and absconder is
Thomas Strickland , manager In Ireland for
the West of England Fire and Assurance
company. Jluhas-yriltten to fi lends saying
lie has been ruined i > y heavy losses on the
stock exchange and tlmt ho xvill not return lo
Ho Spoico hy the Card.
L6NDOX , Sept. 28. Lord llof-ebcrry , in n
speech at Heigato thltf evening , said that in
mid It ion-to tlie liberal programme xvas in-
eluded uc < iuKHIon anij colonial federation.
Ko--eberry thus , undoqhtedly with the sanc
tion of ( Hailstone , recognizes and adopts the
salient fcaUnes oD Clrmibcrlnln's piognuame.
Crcntrla ( Illot.
AitSTisnuAM , Sept. is. The confirmation
of the hontcnco rcccntlj | passed upon Socialist
Van Ommcren created n riot here lo-day ,
during xx hlcii a mnnbeij of persons xvere. moio
or ICM seriously Injmvd. Only fourancita
luixo been made io far. i
i Driblets.
ON , Sept , 2i The Uilrd and lastof
tlio bciles of laces l > etxxcen Ocorgo and dim-
mlngs xvas run to-day , i dimming ? won. Dis
tance ten miles.
it ,
Aiming to IJrjjuk Them Up.
IlAniiisiiuiia , Pn.j Sept. 28. The nltonioy
general to-day proceeded , against nearly a
score of mutual Insuianco companies in this
state to show cause xvh'y tliclr business should
not be susjHinded. Theynera all proceeded
against in lbii ! , but bail llui proceedings btop-
pcd on account of a claim that they -veio
complying xxlth the law. * It is now tlio inten
tion ot the attorney general to break up all
of them.
A Petrlllod Woman's Jaw Xext ,
Nuxv York Graphic ; "A petrified mule
hoof has boon found' in Pennsylvania ,
Thin surprises ns. Wj "had no idea a
mule could keep HV hoof btill long
enough for that , ' '
And JIo'H Apt ( O IJBK the Car , Too.
Detroit Free Press ; The statesman
wlio so far forgets himself as to run after
n street ear .sullcrn a fall in public esti
mation xvhicli twenty-five year * of pen-
uuce xvill not repair ,
Will l > o Ljrnolieil If
GUAM ) 1'omcs , Dak. , Sept. 28. John
HuUihiUhon , uuly Sunday moinltig , mur
dered I < ockie ifcL.c.11) , in Ea-st Ciuiiid Forks.
I'artleo are awircliiue for the murderer xvlth
tlio Intention ot lynching him it caught.
Cuban lufurgcuU. Shut.
NBXV YOKK , Sept. 28 , Jliguel ynnirr.
Ounncs , consul general cf Sp In , rec-eiveil n
illiquid ! to-day , clatinp thut LMU IMUO and
tient'iT.l ( ioiu-ilOH , txxo CiUiau kwli M I nrt
i shot In auibiislt by
Additional Details of the Massacre of
Americans at Sonora ,
The ncmnrknblo Escnuo of T\vo
"Whites li'roni tlic Mnrniullnr Hnnit
Attacked hy Sixty of iho
Uostllcn They I'scnpe.
The Imlltui Mnssncrc.
To.MiisioNK , Arizona , Sept. i7. ! [ Ch'caso
Tiiuos special. ] P. (1. Hatcher arrhcd liom
Sononi at a lalo hour last night , The follow
ing additional details of the mnssxcro of the
Americans by hostile Indians ate given by
him. Mr. Hatcher Is the owner of what is
known an the American i audio , near
Naeasori , Sonorn. On the 1Mb lust. Indians
jumped the ranchc and ran off all the hor-es.
Hatcher followed , and while In pursuit cn-
counteied the suivlvois , with a detachment
of Lieut , Davis. The stoiy as told by JIcDer-
mott , who was not killed as picvioiibly re
ported , Is as follows :
A paity consisting of Messrs. JfcDcrmott ,
Hhiltlson , ( iandicw , a German named Trcd ,
and Mrs. Hello Ua\is left Naeasoii the 16th
lust. They vereall mouitcd ] on ildlng ani
mals , and wcixs well armed , mid the outfit ,
which was a good one , was packed on buiros.
The country thiough which they had to pa s
wan \ery lough , and they had made about
twenty-lhe miles when , about a o'clock in
the afternoon of the 17th , they were suddenly
attacked by about thirty Indians In ambush.
AB fcoou na the lirlng began Jfattibon and the
rSennan turned and ran. A bullet from the
Indians knocked the cartridge bolt clear off
the Geiman , leaving him with but one cait-
ridgo. Mrs. Ia\is xvas mounted on a horse
nnd r.i'uicd with a double-barrelled hhot-gun.
Quickly dliinountinghho lired the shut-gun at
an IinliiUi who was near her. AltJie. rcjiort of
lier gun her horse stalled to run liout her , but
she was quick enough to vnatcii a sack of am
munition from the saddle before thcanimal gel
away. She lirui n couple of Miota , when she
notk-cd McDcrmolt lighting from n cly ex-
jKs ) > eil position. She orderctlhini back where
ho liad some cover , and tlio light went on.
AYhcn ( tandrcxv feu < > he wnttohlin and sc-
cured his ritlc and belt of munition. 15y this
time tlio Indians were pressing them so
closely that the plucky twain were obligwl to
rcticat. This they did in good order , nnally
succeeding in gaining the brush.
The Indians then juocceded to loot the
pack-train , killed live burros and one horao ,
and took such of tlio provisions anil goods a-s
they desired. From concealment McDcnnott
had nt one time the drop on two Indians , but
ilrs. Davis said they were out of tlio light ,
and 11 they could escape with their lives they
had butter do bo than attempt to clean out a
baUh of lifty or blxty hobtiles , so McDeimott
did not iire. As soon cs night caiuc the
two fought to escape. Being
unfamiliar with the country they
wandered aimlessly till morning and part of
the lollowlnt * clay , when , foilunately. they
met "Davis' detachment ot United States
tioop.swho had ninety regulars and tifty-lwo
Indian scouts. Ofllcers cared lor tlie fugi
tives and procecdcd'to ( lie rccno of ambush ,
where the remains of Oandrcw were fountl.
Afli r uurying the remains Lieut. Davis tcok
the trail and pursued the murderous hostileu ,
while Mri . Davis and ifcJJerniott were
sfairtcil backrfoward Nacnsori untter R small
corf , " This paity had not tmrel d far wlien
tlioy meta party ot citizens with u escort ol'
llfly Ltcxican tioopson tlie way to the scone
of the light to bury , as they supposed , the ic-
tualna ol Sirs. Davis CJandrcw , and > IcDer-
mott Mattison had made his way to Nacas-
orjand n ported Uio Tight and the killing of
the paitics above mentioned , which report
lonuud the basis of yesleiday's
Hatcher is a well-known I'aciliu coast cattle
man , and the foregoing details may be relied
upon implicity.
Hcnvy Attachments.
BOSTON , Sept. 28. On Saturday attach
ments to tlie amount of 500,000 was granted
by Judges IJarrctt anil Donahue , of New
York , against Jordan , Mnr = h & Co. , of this
cltv , in behall of cei tain cloak manufacturers ,
audit is said that other attachments ot the
name sort are to bo placed. Mr. Jordan says
In le'ation to this that the claims by tlicbo
paitics amount to between S17..0i)0 ) nnd
bCCO.OOO , and Hint they will contest them , und
if the couit decides against the nrm the
claims will bo paid. Sir. Jordan thinks tlie
affair a conspiracy ngaiiut them , concocted
through the niulium OL one of their employes.
Opposing Sunday rtiiplcl Delivery.
PHILADELPHIA , Sept. 38. The Ministerial
union , of Philadelphia , to-day passed a reso
lution protesting against tlio action of the
postmattcr general in ordcrlnc letters to bo
delivered on Sunday , under the immediate
delivery system , as an infraction of the Sab
bath not contemplated In the act under which
tlie system is being organized , and appoint
ing a committee to call on the piesldenl nnd
pobtma&teijgcutiral In relation to tlio matter.
Twenty-four llour to Iieavc.
SKATTLH , W. T. , Sept , 23. A wimp of
Chinamen at Newcastle coal mines was vib-
Ited last night by n masked mob , who , after
Borne parley , agiccd to ( jlvo the Chinamen
twenty-four hours to leave thn camp , threat
ening to riddle with bullets all found at the
end of that time. A special train has just
started for Newcastle to orlng tlio Chinamen
down to tills city.
7'fuat 8un cr for Ilia Crime.
CLEVELAND , O. , Sept. 28. Lev/Is Webster ,
charged with killing Farmer Jiariingfon and
maiming Jfrs. Hairlngton , was to-day ,
after a brconil trial lasting twenty days ,
ngalu convicted of murder in tlio llrst degict1.
'Hie case has attracted much attention
thtoughuut Ohloand has been u bcnsation lor
A Now Trial Granted.
IxniANAi'OLiBi Sept , 23. In the case of
Nccdham vs. John C. New and John C.
Wright , n sull charging fraud lu tlio sale of
stock of the old First National bank , nnd In
xvhicli the Jury gave a special veidlct of fc54-
700 damages , Judge Wnlktr.of the supreme
court , to-day granted the defendants a new
trial , deolniliu ; the verdict t-iitliely uu-
Providing Aniunt | Siuull-pox.Q
DULUTH , Minn. , Sept. 2S. Tlio nicmbcra
of the state board of hcallh are In ( ho city for
the purpose of taking precautionary measures
against the Introduction of small-pox by ves-
Fl3 ) arriving fiom Canadian ports. All lum
bermen intending to work in the plucrius
tills winter must be vaccinated before going
into the woods.
The Woathcr.
WASHINGTON , Sept.4. . Upper Mississippi
x alloy : Occasional rain , variable winds be
coming northerly In northern portion , lower
temperature in northern portion , nnd higher
temi > eraturc ,
Missouri valley : Fair weather , northerly
winds , lower U'liiiieraturo with cool ave lu
the noithern portion and Dakota.
Rnrmuii fines for Llhol.
"HARiroitD , Conn. , Sept. 28. P. T. Uar-
num has brought full for 350,000 damages
against tha Globe for publishing a statement
to tlie general c-lfoct that the elephant Jumbo
w as fatally ill , aud that llarnum. for lulviu-
tihliiK Jiurposcj , connived with having hiui
kitlc/t by a rallioad engine.
The Bunlrcre1 llnvhooiic.
HiN.s'UArous , Sept. 83. The Ameilcan
banku's association xvere Informally tntcr-
taliitu hero to-day by lu lofaiKinVo 'rim *
wore drlveh about tlio city , bnnquctted find
paid a visit to Lake at i. . . ' 'l ' a lids afto-
Jioon. This cvcnliiff most of the party went
to Duluth , while others lumruep honuy.
Inviting the President.
RICHMOND , Vn. , Sept. -Mameeting of
the common council tin evening n Joint rebi-
lutlon was adopted luxItuig fioddontOlexc-
land nnd his cabinet to xislt ItlrlimoUddnr-
liig the state Inlr , wliieh beslns ll < o if.'d of Oe-
O i.
Uneasy Ahont the Dauntless.
Nr.w Yoitif , Se ] > t. ! 38. At u late hour ia-
night no tidings ol the yncht Dauntless liaxo
reached thli city. There Is some nueaMness
coming to be felt ns to her condition nnd
xx hcreaboute , as Mio Is known to have lost her
top mast.
Flower's Plnco I-'ot Ptllcil.
Niw : Yoitu , Sept. 'JS. The place mnilo
X'acant hy the xxilhdiawal ot Kosxvcll 1 * .
Flower , on tlio stale democratle ticket , was
mil tilled by the state committee to-night.
The matter is deferred until noon to-morrow.
( ! ov. Slocmii Is said to be the choice of Uov.
Hill and a majoiity of the committee.
A Plcdcc to Pnrncll.
NnwYoiiK , Sept..vs. At n meeting last
cscnlng of the Eighth waidUianehof the
liUli National League , n cablegram was sent
toChnile.sStewnH I'ainell , alDublln , pledg
ing S1OJO for the parliamentary fund.
A Kntnt Fall.
LonAXsrour , Ind. , Sept , 28. John Uros-
ler and Heniy Davis , biicklayci > , cmplojcil
on the new Insane asylum , weio latally in-
Itiied to-day by tallim ; thlity-llxo lecl and
being bruised in the debris.
Tlio AVhlsky Sinkers.
I.OUISVII.M : , Ky. , Sept. ua. Tlio Kentucky
DlttlHers' association met heixi to-night hut
did untiling of importance except to leeom-
imnd aconserx'ative policy to l > o pursued le-
gaulini ; tlm production of xvhisky dining Uio
coining j car.
Base Hull VcMtcrdiiy.
At New York Mctiopolltan 10 , St. Louis 4.
Six innings ; darkness.
At HrooKlyn Brooklyn S. ClnclnnatllO.
At Baltimore UaltimoniS , Loulsvlllo .
At Detroit Detroit 14 , Providence li.
At 1'liil.utelphia Athletic 0 , Pittsburgh
Tlio Cnnon'o First Lecture.
lUyrpAi.o , N. Y. , Sept. 2a Canon Farrai-
Icctuicd licro to-night on "Dante. " This is
Farrar's first public appearance in tlio United
Stat < s. lie was \\ell icceivcd by a large au
dience. .
Thn neat llicyclc Kccord.
SPIHNOFIKIJ > , M ass. Sept. 27. Illchnrd
Howell , champion bicyclist , made a half mlle
in this citv tills afternoon in 1:13 : U-S , beating
tlie world's iceoid for that distance by 1-585
Sundiiy night , or early .yesterday
niorniug , burglars cfl'cctcd an
entrance into Fruchauf'c ncxvspapcr
and book storcf on Farnam
street Tenth nnd Klevcnth.
They pried open the back oor , first hqr-
inc in and breaking the lock on tlie in
side. Several valuable pieces of jewelry ,
$10 in cash , and .about $200 worth of
incoracham pipes belonging to J. P. L'ar-
nsien , were stolen. Thu thieves evidently
took their limo for things were ilrelly
thoroughly ransacked. Tlicrc is no blue
THE tllCplAN.
1035 Farnnm St.
" "Strangers and citizens alike
nro .safe with us. "
will take place
to wliioh you are cordially invited.
Wo have more millinery in our More
than sill the other stores combined , and
sell it at prices which cannot be met by
any one. Wo cannot ihow ouc-tenlh. of
our block on the first floor , so if you are
not suited there ask the clerk to shoxv
yon the up-stuirs stock. Wo have the
only full line in tlio city of THE JERSEY
HAT , so popular in tlio east , and at very
loxv prices. Wo have secured the
services of one of the Uest Trim
mers of tlio East , to xvhom we pay
tlio largo salary of ? f > per day , after hav
ing puiil railroad and other expenses to
this point. Ladies will bo sure to huvo
Ihoir xvoi k done in tlie latest styles and satisfactory manner. Be sure you
1'JUCE LIST is NOW READY to bo is-
.sued f loin our WHOLESALE DEPART
MENT. Milliners xvho are buyers
xvill do well to send for the sumo , HO us
to compare our prices with other houses ,
no matter xvlicro located.
The Hickmnn Bazaar Company.
O'Dounhoo & Sherfy Iloport Their
Stock Complete.
Noxv Silks in all colors.
Now Velvets in all colors.
NDXV Dress Goods , latest novelties.
Nexv Shawls and Cloaks.
Nexv Hos'mry and Underwear.
Ncxv Notions and Yarns.
Nnxv Linens and Domestics ,
Noxv ( Scuts' Furnishings ,
Now Household Goods.
Wo do not keep any goods , the quality
of which xvo cannot recommend , if you llie best value for your monoycomo
and do your Irnding xvith us.
ICth , next to Postolliec.
OPEN oar. IST.
American Cafe for Ladies and Oentlo-
men , 503 S. l.'lth , cornin1 Howard. Board
per xx'cek 1.00 , 21 meal tickota $1.00.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
< . . . . . .
Dr , Ilamilion Wurron , Eelectio Physi
cian and Surgeon , 100 N , lUtli Mi cot ,
near Webster. Day and night calls
promptly attended to.
Latest novcitiua in men * goods trim
mings and vclvcU ut Melunliivv
10th and Wobslor.
On Uio Hut Question.
Frederick , the leading hatter of Omaha
and the wont for thu past llfU'on years ,
has this fall Mirpaascd all former nfluit
togix-o hirt patrons a selcetion of all JIK- :
vailing styles in the eu ; > l , from the hirg-
csl stock of genU'yi > nth' $ ! nnd oiiihlren'H
hats nt the very lowe-st prices. All goods
made to order ,
Tlio clieapeit plueo in Omaha for gouts'
furnishing goods is ut McInnJs As Hui- !
soy's , KJtn and Webster ,
M. Ilclliuan & Co , urn closing out llieir
entire wholesale stock of clothing and
gents' furnishing goods nt Jew tlian iiuin-
Croft loans money on Diamonds and
Flno xvatchos Room 4 , Withnojl block ,
Waniu < l To rent a hall fonv term o
two year * for n beorot dooiety.
1C. , Lock Box 7U'3 , City ,
Union Ijiilior ,
Price , Shennan & Co , "a ce
Pliiladelpliiu llat.s. all hand m nk < by
union workmen Every hut w ? > , vntctl ,
Vnr Hula liv It , S S v
Natives anil Prime Qrassora the Only Grade *
That Brought Good Prices ,
. . _ * _
NoClinugo toNotn In Hogs A Down-
\varlc Tendency Developed lu
Wheat The PrlccH all
lluuml of Yesterday.
Chicago Iilvo Stock Market.
CHICAGO , Sept , BS. [ Special ( o the Untt.J
The lecelpts of cattle to-day were 1 > ,600 ,
against 7,8-U last Monday. Natives Hint
suited the shipping niul dressed beef tnulo
x\ere ( pitckly sold out nt fully as high prices its
ninny tltnu last xxeck , and In some Instances
a shade higher. Low grade native steers had
to compete with a big inn oC xxcstern.s nnil
Texans , selling for what they would bring. .
Among the lungers was a train or two of
rattling good cattle , as prime grasscis as have
been heio tills M-IKOH , averaging l. : 00 and Up-
xxauls , und selling ulaboul as high pilecs orf
for any tlnio tliH.seaMiii. To.\ans , t-o fnvan sales
\\ould shoxv.xNcro elling about llio Mine an
lat t week. Native cow stock and other low
guides ol butchei.s' Mock was not over plenti
ful , yet there all tlialhueiued to \\tuiltil. .
Them Is no Imptoxemont in Iho outlook
lor such and as long as tln'io la n plentiful
supply ot Texau.s puces will rule low. Moat
of the. dealers In stockcis and leedeis ate an
ticipating a bettor this xxook. The
Te\as tuver t-earo luu abated and si better
feeling all mound is expected. Pi Ices at
pre-sentaio veiy low. There wcio only txx
fiesh lo.uis of daily cal\es at the opening anil
loin or live loads In all on the A.
laigo number Were shipped out on owners
aiTotint on Satin day , owners pieferiing to
take their chances olhoxvheie than accept of
fers In tills mul > tt.
to choice cows. $ 'J.WV ) .00 ; infeiior to
niodiiiiii cows. jmoi to choice )
nortlicin range cattle , § 3.50@5.05 ; milch
cows , per head , WKSKjO ; block culxes , per
head , & < 3l& . Shipping steers , 1P.SO to 150O
Ibs , W.'IOia.-i.SO ; I'ix ) to W.O Ibs , jn.OOCg5.60 : ,
ino to 1'JU ) Ibs , S-t.iiXtti.W ) . Sleeken * aniV
fcedeis unchanged ut S'J.H3.80. ( Cows ,
bulls and mixed , S1.76@I.W ) . Hulk. S .OOC
4.0J. Through Texas cattle steady ; about 2W1 (
bead. averaging ( HO to 1000 Ibs. bold ut 83.00 *
ffiJ. : ) lor the bulk , S2.GOa.U3 lor cows , and' '
$ .i.00@:5.7.1 : lei steers. WeMvin rangers steady ?
natives and half breeds , sa.COfifia.OS ; coxvsr ,
$2. M@3. ; wintered Texans , SS/JS aTS.
Hale.s 'iO. ) Montana , l.'B'J Ibs , 5f5.05 ;
Ibs , ty.75.
HOOH Uecelpts for the day , 18,000 , against
18.525 last Monday. This maikqt opeiied
rather weak , xvith irregidor range of prices ,
and sales xvere made both higher and lower
than Saturday , but In a general way them
xvas little or no change. There xvero
fexxer loxv priced sales , and a Icsa
number sold at high prices than Sab-
unlay , und most of the salesmen that
had completed their puiclwscs reported their
averages about the ( ,41110 as Saturday , llouirli
and common. 55.BO@l.fi5 ! ; fair to good pacK-
iug sorts , 53.fcO@tf.Du ; and tjie best selected ,
and elosoly assorted luuvy shipping sorts" ,
$ ! ! . ! H'J. ) < i.1) , the very best In the jarils nelllnE
xvllhln Uiis i-ango. Llghtaorts sold at SiUKKfoe
4.K ! ; mixed , 5-J. . (3a ( . Packing and ship
ping , aso to 'no .ibs , sJ.rAtf4.05. : Light
x\eights , 130 to 170 fbs , S8.WX 'J.70 ; ISO to 310
Ibs , y > .00@1.30. Skips , j3.75t3'UO.
Chicago Grain Market.
CHICAOO , Sept. S3. [ Special to the BEE. ]
There xvas a doxvuwaid tendency In wheat
to-day , bul the market showed some stubborn-
nesf > amllhcio xxras good buying on all tlio
bicaks. The oulsido news xvas not of a
thar.ictci to affect Uio course of values very
much in cither direction , but the olfciingK
xvere more liberal than usual , and with pos-
bibly an inclination on the part of tlio boars
lo hammer prices in llie expectation of an
incrcaMi in the visible supply. Thu market
dropped to a point lW@lc uudcr" the latest
liguicsof Siumday , tallied and closed at
about medium figures. Kecnlnts at
northxx'estem points XYCTO rojiortcd to bo
hugcrand tliero xx'eio predictions that offer
ings fioui hands would bomouj liberal In ,
Iho , next lexv xxeeks. Cable advic/f.t quoted : '
him loiclgn maikcts , xvilh no i . .clul ad-j
vance , howevci , in pi Ices. The latest trad
ing mice of the day xvas one cent under Sat >
COIN : Corn XV.OK veryslc-ady and attracted
little attention. Fluctuations xvero conlincct
to a nanow range and piicas at the close
bhoxxcd little change fiom SaUndiiy.
OAT.S Theio xxas veiy Jlllle trading In eaU
bul prices inlcd stcaily and u shade lirmnr.
PitovisioNfi lluled quite xxeak. I'rlces
for pork dropped COfitfJ c , rallied lie ,
and clo&cd btcady. Lard closed a 2 > lmdo
H Grain Statement.
CHICAGO , Sept. 28 , The following flgurcH ,
tnlccn from an ofllcial Htatemonl of. the board
of trade , to bo ported on 'Change to-inotronl
bliow the amount of grain in the Unlled
States and Canada on Saturday , September
'M , and amount of increase or dcciea 'e over
the preceding week :
Wheat , UfMA \ , 'iOC.OOI.
Coin , 4,5Klm\i \ incmise , 2Mmj. ,
Oats , l.aiB.WO : Inen-iiho. 01.1S ) .
Itye , ! ! fi ! ,4W ) ; deeiease , 40,715.
liuiluy , 'JOsnH , ; inci-eaho , a3tKI.
Tim amount or grain in btoio in Clilca on
the date named was :
Wheat . , . 13,703 , 55
Coin . , . , . 4Sy,7ia
Oats . 41,4111
Hyo . . . 14TU1K
Uarloy . 17fn ! )
Knvlow oftlio ICiiKllHli Murker.
IjONDON , Set. | ) U8. The Hark Lune Jc -
picss , In its review of the gialu tnnle , my.t :
Tlio wcitther has been chiuacteii e < l by eleo
trlcal ralnstorniH , and In uonm loolitU's by
snow , The work of gatheilng the liuruj > t in
vlilually llnibhed In Kngland and Iielimd.
In Ki'otuud a laigo pioportlon of the crop IH
still uneiit. Tliohoason tax on autuuln nw-
ing. hales of Kngllsh wheat during thoiyeek
w ere f jns , ! ) fjuarters. at ! iOs. , 10(1 , agifli Ht.77-
GUI ) , at 'Wd , during the coi rcsitondln ) ; week
last y r. Si-llcra f foifign wheat are liiTncr
in their views. Tie demand lm not JIM-
juoxed. la the olf-i'oasl market sellerH iuo
llrm. Kovcntctm cargoes uiiUed. > fluo'c < u'-
K0w w ere hold , lour weio xvlthdmr'n , Li ht
icmnliicd , Including two of Cnlit'oi/ija. To-
ilu > 'ri murkft wa.s hlow to dituppolulnient of
bellers. Hour wm < itik'l. Coin lirui.
Dairy Market ,
bept. iii Intci'-Orean'fi J I/jlii / ,
111. , t > } 'Cclul : On the boaid of tiadt : today
butter dwl Incd 1K ° "ver last wtek'u juices.
le/ul ! / r sales weioitlVidOpiMuidH atUlo JVo ,
chcobc olltrcd and no regular iak'4 noted.
Piitiiru Jack
Md. , Sept. 'J3.- The
IHo pasnt'4 their t'xuiuhuUoiiu a.'j
' i-.uli'lt. ; ItobeilShiiniion and Thoinus
Kliriiltl , of liiwa ; ( ieoigo PfiKiiim , VUgln.j ;
IiniiH DrIfiKb , Dakota. DUsgs Ii the falidl-
dale who wiu. li.u.i-il Iliocitditba \ i w days
and for wlik'ti Cadet VVyllo was d fc-
A I/ovoi''s Hulcldo.
Br. 1.0013 , .Sppl. 'Js. Atun Inquest
ternoon on thu lemalnu of Col. V Htone ,
champion bKj < ! M , whidl. LSnlwoa u1ilil ,
It wasdneUuj'd lhat lie < n-un ! * , , < nijind
i > y jirsicnie t t in