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" 1.3 lt i Exploit of llio Wohrasia Firji ia
the \7r.r far the Union.
lnIO oil Tiilciriilonoci ]
3Iq | ourl I'Nutr Cotulpimyd I'rlo-
oiiscd Ncbrnnlcn's
Hlinrc In ti ) AVnr.
Written for tliu Hi : * : * In 1803 tlio census
rlimvcd - of ' in
ix poiutl-xtirtti only 'J8.030
i omul number * , In NclnMoictx , llion u lor-
1 1 lory A prctly HIM nil pojml'xUon out of
Whliili tirKiU'jvu-iriniuutof a thousand
mc < nlA tljh'tmrini ; of ID'il , for tlio xxir
tliul inn ! tlicn In-Kim. When llio tu-xva
uni-lii'd N'obni'.ka Unit tlio Amoi'Iuiui en-
t yu luul KOHU ilowii bi-foro : i tlomustic
fou al Siiinptcr , lliu lionrU of its lu'oplo
were * timid uttli n < < lunch Indignation
and \/illi : i-i strong : i ili'lormiii'itlon to
\lmlii-iitu lh < honor of llio Ihijj mid ivo
the Union , 11 = 1 X\-IIH fell hy the iiooplu of
: my | > oiOpii of lliunotUiornsliit1" * . Thuru
: i If-iro thiit Ncl'nilii ! uliould bo
in Iho giviit strng lu , though
it was IriU1 , : IH .stated by Of. Milltsr , in
his rrcimt "lloiiioiwii , " that. most of
tliiw , wlio imhnvil the First Nulnnska
of Infantry , joined it with ( ho
Hint tliu rc'jimpiit would liosta-
Ljyj tiio froiilici * of tliu territory ,
> ' : irrter.iiu - tliu tfiilitury posU , Fort
Kearney , Fort Kmulull , : md other point- * ,
Iroin xvhluli United Status troops \vero
bolnvillnlnijWii for serviee in Iliu tumUi
iind aaHiirimcus xxt-ro undoubtedly px'cn
by t-oiuo to Unit oll'i'fl , tlioit"h not -by the
\vrilol * ; no.ouu hud nny mimority lo give
MidiimSuraiico , or jiled es. uo wore
unler'uig the scrvico of the United States ,
and would bo obliged to go
wherever ordered. As troopn
would bo needed to guard
Ihu bonier ] of Nebraska a .vinst llio at-
larks of hostile Indians who might tuko
advanta o of tiu defcnituleas conditiyn
of'oiitiur , it was natural to'mijiposu
that a vegiine.nt raised lioro would bo
nssifftiril to that Hervieu. liitslnuss con-
sidiM'-lliiiHs . puiptrd , n strong doMroto
liavvhu ( ? Ktiiont ! detained in a kind of
homo guard service. Furnishing Mip-
lilies for a regimunt of men and
trains , it .Was foreseen , would bring a
largo amount of business to Omaha and
I he other impoverished towns of Nebraska
for all had tulr more or less severely the
uflcotH of the dina.sUouH panic of ' 57 , and
hone , had ivcoVored from it. The writer ,
whH\vaM.s' _ < tleuted as the eolonel of the
i-egimonl"JjOie\ | all the lime that it iridyred boiUh ultimately , oven
if it.shotilil at be btationcd on Ihu
Tl will bo remembered that the pres
ident first called for T.l.OUJ men. When
it wai rumored that ho would roou call
for uOJ.OGi ) tlirue years men , or for the
war , the writer addressed a luttur to
Simon Catr.eum , thevn .secretary of war ,
requesting that niid.iegiiucnt bo allotted
to Nebraska , and it was so included iu
the call. In e.isd"ito troojis had been
raised in liti.s txirrHuj-y , he hud filly de
termined to go" to Sfc > Lon3s and enlist for
Rurx'ico in onto fldmmiuul that would
reach the tront. AftLr a great
hard work thu orgitmzntiou of the reg
iment was c'omplo&d. CJov. Saundcr.s
was instrumental inTsceuriiig two com
panies from Iowa to join it , one of them
commanded by C.ipt. Boxvon , now Sen
ator Bowen , of Colorado ; and Lr. Millar
rendered valuable" assistance to the ro-
cruiliujjjvyonts who hud been sent to
St. Jo"e torrsiu < volunteers.
yiiH-iTglmentliavinfj been mustered in ,
the coloneljli > le < * raiicd ! Uen. Fremont ,
then In command of the western depart
ment , headquarters at St. Louis , asking
for authority to take live companies to
Fort Lcavenworth , to obtain arms for the
regiment. ( Jen. F. responding favorably ,
he , xx'Jlh ilvo companies , prooeedeil by
steamer to that point , and procured the
arm < < , ammunition add uqniiimonts.
While there , thnycommandur of the
[ test informed the Writer that ho had re
ceived reliable intdrmalion that four
union men had been arrested as union
.spies by the rebels , uouliued in thu jail at
Imlependonee , Missouri , sonio distance
/South of Kansas City ; , and \yero to be
, hun" the iiexj. Salimlay. We were a
kind of roving , fndependent eompauy ,
. without. ' ortlfiM to report to any one.
Jtere was an opportunity to rosenti four
: union men from a cruel , inunerited fate ,
and also a chance to try the regiment
with a little service in tlie Held ; M > thu
i undersigned determined to make tito
. movement. Capt. Sully , afterxvardsCJen.
Sully , who commanded an expedition
against the Indian * , in which the Second
iNobraska iwrved , aeeompanied Uin expe
dition. "J'akrftg tlui stoamur , and moving
; dowiV ) / > 'Independeneo Landing , some
ninew. m'des ; or j.o. from Fort Leaven-
1 worth ; 'wo disefiibarlfcd , and inarched to
the town , eight miles distant. Wo had
one pleeo of artillery along , and the men
( were furnlseil | ; with new arms. Wo
did i ) t JJiUow whether there were
ny , jv'L , ' . f ° lval there or not.
, \a wjapi r aehedl the band was directed
Ui play llio Star bpangled H.inder , and
' then , as wo entered the city , to strike up
. Yankee Dooodlevlilch was done , and
_ with a vim was played till thu column
bulled In the publiu square. It V.-IH
, learned , that , lieariug the ixites of thu
Slnr Spangled ltiiijur : : was the llrst inti-
malion the pcoptr4iad of the approach
of tlm federal tvotfp.s. tt'lui morel aotivn
. lecessloybits wevo. " greatly alarmcMl , and
witJiortUWhithi Jo learn more , nislled to
the livery stable , sei/.ed horses without
asking , with or without saddles , and
vushod furJeusly out of thu oitv in an op-
Uosltud'nitMiou.inakiiig for hiding places
fa the limner. Planting the llolu pleuu
in llui v\-.v/3 \ and throwing out pickets ,
after ascetfMnlng thu renorl of the con-
linument uT'lhe union pn.souer and their
iiitjiiKlcd'eSX'ciition was true , taking ono
company ttnd pressing a citl/.en into tliu
service to Mad us to the j.til , wu proceed
ed Ihllher. Halting tlio eonipany in
front , the wjjter , aeeouip.inied by Capt.
Sully , asVetidod thn tep.s and gave a
heavy knock npoiii the door. It Was soon
opened by the jailor , , u hen he said lo
him , "Von Imve four union men hold a *
spies in your jail ; auditing execution ,
havoyou not ; " Upon his replying in the
alllrmatlye.Jio was told lo bring them
immediately , an order which he < p.iitklv )
obeyed. Taking llio prisoners with tu
wo retraced our march to the and
returned to tint fort , having ac > 'om ] > li hed.
the purpose of thu expedition , Tin ) peo-
wlo of Independence were thoroughly
frightened by thu .sudden appaiillon of
invicn Irnojis In llieir miiNt , and they
\Vt-fe notltied 1'ial if any morn union men
\ \ iu molcMcd there , w wouhl return
and r.uii their tou'ji.-
'hero ara timivhen it is pleas
ant to be inthe possession of
power. It was a"n agreeable thing t ( >
do , to t. Mnaiul I lie instant release of
the > o Union men hiving then ; in a pun-
JJPOII under the .shadow of the g.illowVal-
ready creeled , uitli no hope of leleane.
: xnd to poaMiis the | ) wer to enforce I liar
dom.uid , to open tvu ! prison doui-s , uiid
set the c.iptlvejj fu-ti.
Vs xvo marohed uw.i.\ . the men told mo
the ) xvcnt hitting in their celN , brooding
liver tliu fate that awaited them when ,
suddenly tluv notes of Yankee Doodle ,
from a bi-.iss Ir.unl , C.IIIM lloaiiug in
through tlui gr-ited , narrow xvindows. j
At licit thu cu'.iM notacco'iiit for it and i
were amiixed , but lliesotuid > ap , oieliud i
nearer and neiin-r , and givxv more and '
inonj dihtinet they then felt lint their
deliverers xycre at nand They said thu
Midden iransillnn from black despair to
the bright ivality i > f their deHxcrauru
cans.'d feolinsi xvhioli no languaro could
deseriho. ,
Tliroo years aft.'rwards , ivliilo f.itllng
in front of iny ( out onoevciilngdoun on
the borders of Lou'siana , an ollleer in
the. uniform of a captain of eaalr.came .
tip , and K.ikls ' ( ! ' , do jou remein-
ber lo ha\o ever s on mo Ivtoro I joined
your command r"
Replying ( Jiat I did nut , lu * then said :
"lo you remiimbpr ri'leasing four union
i prisoners from ludnpelidenee jiil : in
July , VJt ? "
' 'Very wt-ll , " was my reply.
"Woli/'saidlm , "T am one of them.
1 am Captain riiaptnaii , of - Kansas
cavalry , " a regiment xvlilch had reeenlly
joined me. 'l-liabxvtxsiinolhercompetisa-
tion for having ftiadn the move on Inde-
lieiidoneo jail
The Fiisl Nebniska did nol nil tint lethe
the territory till its tenure ot service ex
pired , and tlu/ii / it reprg.xniKed as a vet
eran cavalry' regimunt. and iU lirst
coloiiol did not return llll the war had
closed. It is nol believed now llial any
( . 'iti/i'ii regrelteil that tile regiment xvent
into tlm xv.xr in lltusoulJi , for it made u
splendid record , and it is a . alisfaetion
noxv Ui knoxv thai Nebraska did her
whole duly in the work of .saving llio
union. Sim chn claim her full .sharo of
lite glory of iUi consummation.
M.'L'ii.vvr.i : .
( itt.\.MM Idl.ASD , Sept. id.
Amuriean Architect : . Aleviiudor Hum-
boldt , anUhaUMit' , ! of "globe trot
ters , " is often tpjOlell Us having called
Prague llio modi beautiful , inland eity ho
had ever .seen. If thn quotation U not
authentic it ,1tcertainly' ben trovalo.
Without rivalling Huihbohlt , I liavo been
many cities In many limds. vet but very
texv whether iijlan'd'or .seagirtwiic.n (
are worthy even : to bo compared with
Prague for beauty. Us charm is half
natural , half ; and the two
factors harmonise and 'enhance one sm
other so admirably Oint it .seems as
though nature , hiid Worked wilh a pro
phetic i\e upon the artLst , and the arlist
alxvays xvlth a grateful cilro for her.
Tlm city lies on both sides of I lie Moldau -
dau a wide 7X1X11 Vigorous stream dotted
wilh wooded islets whom it makes a
right-angled turn , aid ) Hews cast for
auliilo iitte.r having llowttd duo north.
On the. right bank , in an amphitheatre of
lulls , lie. tito Alt-Stiult and the Ncu-Sladr ,
onee separalo quarters divided by a wall ,
but noxv blending , together and appe-ix--
ing'of quite anuquitv. At the extremity -
tremity of thu Nen-6ttdt that is , at tlic
up-stream extremity of the town rises
t lie-hill cidlcd Wysenerad , xvlicru the tirst
lounder.s of the town established tlu-ni-
selves at least as early as the ninth cen
tury. Hero in 87lxviu built Pr.tguo'slirst
Christian church , thu second iu all
The historic interest of Prague is as , and also nsA-aricd and aj > pietnr-
o.sqmo. u.s ita-aichitceUinxllntcre-st. It is
a serious story en6ugh if * understandingly -
ingly pondered. 15ut to'tlio aVerage ignorance -
noranco of the casual tourist it does not
seem serious so much as brilliant , and
ag.iin , entertaining in quality. It is very
dim and misty in its earlier portions , and
the barbaric Bohemian names xvhich
mark Ihu chronicle sound as fantastic
and unreal as the nomenclature of some
remote mythology. Even when we get
doxvn to tinner foundations , and think of
the great religious xvars xvhich hero had
their center tor hundreds of yeans , even
t'.xen , I fear , our knoxvled e is likely to be
but superficial. Who /iiska xvas , and
Huss , and Jerome of Prague aim \\allen-
stein xvo knoxv , and xvhat weroj Protest
ants and Catholics. But this is by no
means enough of a clue to make plain
thu nia/.y tales of local leaders and of
endless warring sects and quarrelling
congregations and brotherhoods ( ironic
term ) xvhich form the staple of Prague's
wdd record.
The Coint'ortH Americans Mnjoy in a
Uurbcr's Shop' , To-Day.
Baltimore American ; The men who
patronize barber shops in the United
States arc not aware , perhaps , tfoat they
enjoy a boon denied to their In'clhron iu
other countries. The truth of this state
ment was learned from tltft'-liltrbur on
Korth Calvort street xvho declared that of
all places on earth the United Status was
the bust place to get a clean , comfortable
shave. This compliment to the b.trber
shops of the land of the free xxras paid oa
the strength of the. vast improvements
made in barbers' chair boars the same.
relation to a harbor shop that a xvell-
draxving steve does to tlm Kitchen. The
pride ot a barber shop is the chairs. The.
lurber may bo skillful and sxvift , the
soap pure and fragrant , the brush eisy :
and gentle , the toxvels clean and xvhite ,
but these all togc Jjer could uot atone for
the absence bf au ytxsy-ehair. To the
United States bolprigsituo credit of get
ting up barber-chairs that are as easy as
a feather bod.
Among the .liiteatst losi of chairs are
many diversities. TJierojs a , xvinter chair
ahd a summer 'chair ; which possesses
some of the features of both. For sum
mer use the latest fashion is a c.'ino elmir.
It is largo and roomy and affords the
greatest ease , -A person can recline in it
xvitli as much ( join fort jiis m a Iounge.
For \viuter usu'-thero ijs-lh'o upholstered
chair , which is a perfect gem for comfort.
Tliu combination chair is reversible , and
can be used in xyinftytfajid ! milhmer. Tlm
more fashioiiaLlo'-baTbor.s ; hoxvever , do
not advocate its use , but prufer a separate
chair for xvintor and summer use. Many
men just step into a barber shop ( o get a
little rest and tint bathed. Then
the casyehair a lsj lik i iv charm. Thu
easy chair has dohii ifiupl f or the barber.
In America theru-fjnorp shaving done
at the barber shops , tlfnnft in all the bal
ance of the xvotld , 'Iiv Franco the barber
is engaged by tho"rii0.ntl ujid0all at the
house of thq , cniton < bf | oply ; his craft.
In England most of lliomnishiive. : ! : tlicm-
selves. NoxvItoi-pjutIiuloiK ; > ftixn > you Iind
an easy and comforfjibloy''llirbur shoii.
Amerieans Iind a { jrfwtidcl ) ! oMroublo in
getting a good shayikHfjniad ; "
* * ' " " / ' * v * " ' * "
Slinft \
St. Louis Whliir'TJiiiy xvoro
young , had bepn jtjst > niarried and
came to Saratoga ' < ) ( \ , tl > er bridal -
dal lour , taking rooms ' M. tliJ > ' 'Ma- .
sonlo Hotel " At 10 pi'ui. they retired
and Hjveri thing' xva.s peneeful until .about-
midnight , when thag 9ir # of the hoii n
xvere aroused by liiuirjtigV ; < prrifio ! shriek
from thu room oeeitnlrir l J" Iho uexvly
married couple. Upon Colonel Allen
going to inxe tigi\tu , ialHsr ht found
the bride at Ihu top'ofIhu liilis in lur
night robe , and upon k'ning Jiim .situ im
plored him to MVI ! her froM ) .1 ni.iu xvlo )
was In her bod-romii Coloift'l Allen
bonl thu night oho,1 ! ; xx'iior/oiid ! | | o'llv
tint husband , and he xx'a ' * hitUffr rxcitcd.
\Vhen asked the eailsn of , tie | 1'u-ket , ho
said , "I just knoxxi , axyokei unil > eping
Lily , my xvite , lcopiiuj.iu > ficifulU ; Ujmv
hide , 1 placed my am Krijiinil'-hyi' , and. just going In Kiii her. ' * IJj could.
get no finthoruHh bis , c\planiUion. for
thu simple reason thai Llh liadretnnied ,
and tin owing hur elf on her Im b.ind's
) iccc.xild ! , "C'harley , jluar.Charluy , dear ,
forgixomo. I docltiro I forgot we xvoru
maiviedl" Iluforo II o'clock ihu ne\t
da > thu happy pair left for parts un
known ,
IVw People Would ll.ivu Tlu > UUt ol *
St. P.iul Hei-ild L.ulr , in rog'stnry '
oIllcH"I'm afr.nd that tittle girl xx-on t
dnYor a mrae. s'lhifttfsmill 1 .should
hi'i.tato . ti tnist her xvn.i the b.tbr "
Clerk -"Hur si/.u , xvo look upon
as her greatest leeommi'inlatlon. You
should remember that xvhun she drops a
baby it doewn't have vnry far tea fall.
* * ' *
It3 EoieGt3 : nnl EcautiKi Poinlod On. , ii
Tlo Lnciitmlitlcs of 4.1m I'i-osont
teni < irT ! \ atoThe ! Injustice of
1'rotecilvo I ) ul tea.
"Tlnlw nuiiitt Is he who linth hh tiiuircl
just. "
It Is xvith Rival pleasur I nolo the di -
cussion of the I ibor question at 51s very
\ilals. 1 am pleased to see the Dm : , as it
alxvays IUH In en , sl'indingoit the frido of
the oppressed , unllinehiugly , amid Iho
taunts and sneer j trom these xvho are the
champions of those xvho live of the sxx-cat
of other' ' hroxv. .
Many good and noble souh are In s m-
pathy xvith I hive xvho are Mruggllng for
right and justice , hut null ! lalo they have
cherished their hopes in the darkness of
their oxvn bosoms. At last , however ,
they sir beginning to think aloud. Let
the good work go on and a belter and
brighter day xvlll dawn upon those sons
of toil ; nay , all xvill bo benolittcd , for .it
is only in pea e and brotherhood that x\-o
can realize the fullest cnjojmcnt of this
I like Mr. Maoearlhy's plan oft and lav.
Of course , I means a
lav upon land irrespeelivo 'of Iho im-
provcmonls : Such a plan Is not only the
most just , it is the most easy and feas
A'j C belong to the rising generation
and take no interest in the dead issues of
the past ; as I keenly feel the injustice denote
to the producers of all wealth for agess |
xvilh but .slip-lit amelioration , and as I am
one xvho xviU not flinch front xvhat I deem
the paths of truth and justice , I dcsiro to
present a fexv facts apropos to the ques
tion.Noxv xx'ith your kind permission T xvill
point out the effects of biioh a tax. But
before going on , letns clear up some |
facts , xx-hieh , simple though thov bo , are.
persistently and dogmatically rtveV-
looked or ignored.
Iu discussing political economy ( the
labor question ) xvii have three primary
factors to consider , viLand , labor '
and capital. The moaniugof these three
must bo distinctly understood , anil they
must have a fixed meaning.
Laud is the product of nature : the gift
of Cod to man. It is a fixed factor.
Nothing man can do'ca n increase or
decrease it one io.ta. It is indispoilsiblu
toman. Without land ho can hot live.
and those xvho lio.ld Iho key to use , hold
llio key to the life of his felloxv man.
Wilhout it the laborer cannot exert his
labor and produce xvealth. Labor is the
poxvor of man , with or without the aid
of machinery , to produce xveallh. This j
he only do by hax'ing lecourse , dii ;
rcctly or indirectly , lo land. Wealth is
the product of labor , and that alone . It
is the accumulation or saving of labor. ,
It is a factor xvhich is not fixed. Its increase - '
crease or decrease depends upon the cX" '
ertion or ix'ant of it by labor. Wealth isri .
also checked bv taxation , and thoheavierii
the lav the greater the check. A '
tax for example of fifty cents a piecu
upon fruit trees xvould greatly tend to
diminish the production of this staple.
If a tax of $ i a piece bis levied the plant
ing of fruit lives xvould eeaso , and everyj j
body having them xvould bo quite liable j
to chop them doxvn. !
By this .simple example it xvill be seen
that no matter hoxv small , the tax upon
production ( xvealth and capital ) the ten
dency xvill hu to check : it. A tax upon
xvealth is , in tact , a tax upon labor.
Dr. Adam Smith has xx-ell defined cap
ital as that part of xx-e.ilth xvhieh is used
to produce morfl xvealth. Hy placing all
tax upon land all other tax must bo re
pealed. Let us see xvhat these are.
I once read an editorial in ono of the
Lincoln dailies. that taxation is in reality
a very small item , so small that it is of
no consequence in our social fabric . Let ,
that editor xvi pc the blur of ignorance ,
xvillful or real , out of his eyes and look
around him. We have a protective tari.T
of about 10 per cent. Some of it goes to
tiic gox'crnment txnd a goodly share finds
its xvay into the pocket ? of monopolies.
The tendency is to make llio articles
"protected" morju expensive by 40 per
Take a slate and pencil andtHguro out
th'j amount of tax tlio consumer ( laborer )
xvho consumes $ .10 ! ) worth of xvealth ,
pays at that rate . Wo often hear of the
interest of taxpayers ( moaning those
oxvning property. ) It xvill be soon , hoxv
ridiculous this sounds to ono xvho does
not take- his mental food already masti
cated and digested , ready for assimila
tion. But the unthinking are blinded
xvith lite delusion , jl having been con
stantly dinned into their ears ; that the
foreign manufacturer pays Uhis taiu'1
Splendid scheme to have Johnny Bull
pax/onr taxes.
Ioas not the importer advanou the
amount , ho receiving it from the jobber ,
thu jobber from the merchant , ' and ho
from the consumer , xvho finally pays'tho
full amount plus Ihu interest ? Uescond ,
oh ye god.s , and deliver us from sluch
folly ! Tlm plea is gix'en thaC ; it keeps
foreign products out of the country ,
"proluotj" our laborers ( may bo oilo
fourth ? ) and thereby makes ixvages high.
Well , that is curious. That'H snroly
burning the house ( o a pigr
Suppose our manufacturers. could pay
? laday. If there aru txviec or thrlee
times as many men to do the svorlcas lint
needed , xvould they do it , ' Biuide.s , it
makes Iho living of laborerMnueh higher.
Does not the consumer ultimately pay
this lax , together xvith thu interest ? Some
xvill doubtless point to the fact that good
xva esciim. ' xvith the advent of ilia pres
ent tarih" . But did tlic.eomu because of
it ? Let us 8.00. The present lariu" bill
xx-as pansjd iu IPtJl , xlmrtly after whichever
over j.OQV.OOC ) able-bodied men wen *
mobilised. These not only produced
nothing , but consumed much tand dt-
btroyeiT more. It dews not take a college
| iroti > ssor to see that the Mipply of labor.
ers xx-Uf. greatly ivduml. Wngo > since
tin ; cliHD of ihu war lia\i ) hcn steadily
declining , and , although they raise. HQW ,
and iliL'ii. ( he tendency is constantly
down a tar'ul'.u-i high as the inooti could
nol make wages a-goo.l as the ducndu of
the xx.uv
But here is another , and far more im-- , caiiso xx hy xvuges xxeio high
fi'iiee our high tarn ! ' . Tins U pcr > iU'iiUy
ignored. Iu Ihu x' anil month
this taiilVbill bvtv.mii a l.ixv. ( here xxa > al
so thu pre < jnt ImimMead ! , ixpa i'i ! , be
ing thu same as free land. ,
fhuiig'i ' th > ) im' had to xvado , for"
m'lcs throug'i thinly settled dlslrict.s ,
I Ice tip prnoi'b'ul bull th it xv\ded aeivs.s
a stream 1 1 get a drink , he found lefugo
on t'rt'i ; l.uid in tlui far xy st , and xvhih )
one army Mi'l f.tciii'j ' ; tw ! soiith ,
nnothur XXMS bearing toxvard ( lie kOUiii ! '
sun , s-'flving free homes , thereby still
nmiM thinning the mippl' , of l.ibor. It is
thu fi\iu goxcninvnit land xvhieh ha.s
beou , is , itiul , : ; > him ; us il lasts , will bo
.Ihu canst * of go > , l xvagus. But in a fexv
.brie ) x'oat's all xvill hi > gone , and when it
is IhuiSv gou.t ih gru il tide of emmigiM-
lion \ \ il i-n'.l bu'k ; iiiion th i cr-nvd'Hl '
cities It ui n Iki x\-jll \ lo st. t i that frco
ir ide 'x "I not m ik thing * ni'icli ' bettor ,
Thistixx'1 ! imir , vii nnlteri soniexvliat
! > 'ibx i ( u-i Tme , xx'.igis xvill not be bet
l"r. urn I" ' not < ] 'iite > > ) high , ( hut this hits
iu i" > . ( MJ t ) , , > n narrated ) all miei'ssancs
ot I i > x 11 b che.ipitr , and f.\m \ li"s can
I v for li'si. | e < m IHMJ xvill bit ueces < ary
to carry cm tradu , thereby diminishing
intcroat , in-1 'uaUmijt.iC' tloxx' of motley
easier. Another sllglii lav { * Ilia .
rent pixld , nol tit Ilil-jovermnon | fur Its
ui.-iintJ'tKUKT , bill to imlixiduals , l.noxvn
lit Ireland , as gracious liiidlorK This
inlinilelx .small Ins Is nil ( lie xxa\ from
onc-fonrlh lo Miroo-llfli ! < * of nil that Is
pioduced ty labor on farming landsome
times hi cash , ftoinrliinc-.s In shares.
l cllip < - It Is muoli morf. It is we'll lo
noU > thai as n country advances In popu
lation and-flvilii'.ation , land becomes
moro oxponslxo and consequently this
n.ntlax ; tit the fatno limn wage * bceomo
loxvor iind loxxer until II reaches the min
imum of : i bare e\islcn'c. (
Now If llio protective- tariff bo wiped
out as It should ho II xvould eheaiien all
things "prolceted" yhich are mainly Iho
necessaries of life , II xx-111 lessen dim
cost of lix Ing Miinnxyhero near forty per
cent. Consumption .xvill ho Mlmnlated
nnd so xxill ooiiiequqntly production.
That tiee tradci is tlm eauso of loxv
WHIMS Is ns-ttiineii. IH\CIUSU ! thnv are luxxi r
in Rutland lliiin in the llnltrd Slnlos ;
but I ask , xv hy are wage's still lower in
( Sermany and oljiei * moro or Uspio -
dmteil lountrlex ? The fact is thai
neither free I rack * or ! proleetion ! the
canst. ' of loxver orhijrl'i'r. wages , and the
iihim ! 15 * cau.40 niU5lo ) sought oNexvlioio.
There is no doubt. ll/il / ; Icftir.la1ion xxill
haxe tomoofi'oct , lint not-very mueh. i
Hy placing all tl-vi'kj'x upon land it xvlll
knock the bottom oill Of land iiee-ula-
tion. It xvill make IIOIKI' iiMit cheaper
hy loxverinic "SCound renli , It would ulti
mately ( onliM.Mtn.M'oiuul lent , that i * .
jt xx'ould nationali/.ej-jnd. Il will mai.e
land free to an.1ono"deMi-ing lo ii-u > il ,
thus removing one barrier to the free UM-
of everyone's poxvors. TliUx'jO'ild breakup
the compelition among laborer ? , the. nnc
lliini tlio reverse of an auction sile , xx'hieii
makes wages loxv and the. laborer's lite : i
jniscry. If laborers could not iind re-
"imincr.vtivo eiuploymcnt they could luixe
reeonrso tolauil , tliegrtjai reservoir upon
xvhieli all niitnt ultimatelydepend. . Ke-
member thai all need not. yo. Some xvill
bo required to supply IIIOM ; xvho do go
with xvhal tlioy cannot themselves read
ily produce.
Tlio Knighls of Labor hit llio nail
squarely on the. bend xvlien they declared
the primary cause of loxv wages the mo-
nopoli/.ation of earth's bounty , and .Mr.
Maccurthv , by being in. favor of a laud
lax , .stands precisely on the same plal-
The plea j iven that thK sslem has
never been tried is veryw'cak. Why , wo
xvould .still be scratching ( he ground
xvith a. stick and grlmliug corn xvjth a
mortjir bill ' . This
by evperimcntiii'j. re-
publio xx-liat is it out an ( ixpe-ritnunl , an
evpeiimenl at xx-hieh European xviseaeres
sneered before it t consummation ?
If this : \itielo siiotild meet the eyes o ;
some funnels xviio own a little pa'teii o.
ground , it is very likely ( hat Iney xxill
leel bliy. I would Migj esl to f-t'cn that
they lo'so no sleep over thy ni.itter Jit
.mother article I xx-ifl siioxv that inst nil
of it beinj ; a burden' ' upon thtjin it xvill on
the eonlrarx * be. : i great benctu What
'ort'ect it xx'ill have upon railroaiK mer-
eliiint.s , eta. , I will poius out in tno same
paper. Yours truly , A. U. ( ' 'ion. '
bb'TTON , Ncbi
An Austrian Liady's Stolen Ncclztacc
ami its Itecovfcry-
Vicuna is inuuh ti-j-Kituted over a scau-r
dial thero. The cou.isess of L , a irreat- .
/Jady moving in tine court * oirelcs tticnj , ,
.jis pas.slouately fond ot pejidt > n foe * , ) ,
jjs'uu ia the female eoiuite.rp.xrt < it" l.oi\vj
' . .U'opas * in "hotliair " A lew xvoen-i aui
'tho countess received a x'isit trom mi- ;
vfoxx'clcr , who verystronglyrueom'naGc' < <
her to become the purohusfir : 01 a mo .
inugnijie.cntt "ropo of jiearls , " ' " mr
are quite unique , mad.ime , J.Kssnreyou. '
said thu joxveler , "ami the prim * , to
you is piily. , a IiinuJraJi i.J.'iou aml
alorins. " t "Only H . " i di' d * thou
sand flovins. , " ' repeated the. counl-
oss , xvith a smiliitj "but n'impartc.
Jet mo have a loolf - tjyour jcms. 1 feel
slrorifj enough loi'jiftft the tiimpialioii to
buy. " Thereiipoujj'llio jeweler opuneil
the casket xvitieh contained In * tivosure.
, ,
nipon the countess > - osooner , had
rtum ht sight of y ! on tents than
1 dverxvhelnied the'li'.wijler xvith a heap pi
questions. "Whorej when , hoxv did you
ootni ) by thcrfc piirjf ( ? Ilvyr inuuh ii\d \
yon give .1 mean frplji xviom | did VDII
buy them ? " "I dijn.pthuy ( , thcmaUiil , "
replied thu asUmj/iea / jexvoler ; "uuithi.-i *
do- they helene : to'lii ( : , . Theywerq memv
intnisttMl to ntcs by'/i.'Wy / w sell on eom-
mission. I should \tiivc \ ji itated a lou. ;
. tinui before biiyin * ; s ucli ] > uarls : is thew > ,
for xvhieh one can not find a customer
every day in the yuar , nindame : no , in
deed , they might have been upon my
hands for months years. "
At the urgent request-of the countess a
footman wafj at once dispatched lo bring
the lady who had deposited tlm ie , rls
xx'ith Mr. tp the puliicn of thu Coun
ters of L . After a brief dehiv ilie/
latly arrived , young , handsome , unii cle- j
gantly dres eil in the lieighth of the
reigning-fashion. Khe listened xvith a
subdued smile to the ( Series of questions
xvhich the Countess of L addressed
tohor. Nettled , but still retaining Hie
command of her temper , tu | : countess
the motto engraved'on 'tho side of the
fastening , "however you canu Into po--
He ssion of these pearly you xvill hiinli.v'
vontuio to ilisptito that they lnlonsto { ;
me. Four yenM ago \lu\y \ \ Huddenly dit. '
uppearcU from my jexx-ol ease , uirl noxv ,
after all inquiry hail proved fruitless , |
they are found xvith' you ! I am liniler i
great obligations lady xvho has restored - I
stored to nits thai xvjijeh Is mj-oxyji. " Tlui
countcas aeeomprfnietljtlicsi ) xx'orlU with {
a bow and a smile of profound irony. In '
an xver to thi.s tirade the lady uttered not
u xx-ord , Jiut , opening a small reticuhi ,
xvhich she e.irned in Jier haild , proilueed
a highly scenled bilji't'doux : iiui handed
it to the eountesi , xvho ilarled a it a nor-
pent had hlung her , and fixvooned * ipoii.
the spot. On recovering oqiiiciou ncs-- )
Jluv xxenl straight to her writing table ,
xvrotu a check tor the amoimt demanded
by the huh , and g.ivc it to her xvilhoul'
uttering u'-ingle xvnrd. The billct-douv
xvas in ihu luiiiil xx'rlUng of tlm countc.vi1
only -on.
lloxv tlio Uuilcrtalrer ( Jot I've" . *
Dc'troil L'ojt"Somo follw regard tlui
uegro a ) ehildi-ih and siinple-niiuded , " .
said tbe South C'.troljna itndertiiKer , tui (
h" borroxx-ed anotlii' , * match ( ( I light hN
* ' but it ' - * do look
cigar , doesn't nhx-ii3-i to
Upon'em thnt xx.iy. It xvs | oiil- J.isl
xx'itek otin of 'em beat tn.i out of 10 ( is
tlick as grciaso I xv.a < ; .illrg in in1 ollifo
sjroxx'llng'ilifiut hard times anil the diS-
likn of people to t ill into my sjmpnthi-tle.
eiuv , xvhc'ii in xx-alked a nejrro. He xx is
the pietunt of lie.xlth and a jolly follow.
' ' 'Mow's limes ? ' snys he ,
" ' .
" 'Iloxr ni'.ii1 ! lor'iiciilliiifor me ? ' .SX.VH
he. - ' '
" 'Whenr'
" ' ' '
' "I'll gix'oyou thatt'olllnovcrlheroand
si'oyon put iindi'1 * llyl ground this after-
lioiin for sj.1 ! ! ! , an.I IhKt'i 10 oil' the nigu- iirleo ' "
" 'Dun,1 KIVS hxriinl hn put doxvn liH
X.'amt I'll'bo kieked to deati ! if ho
diilu't hang liim Julf' ' xritliln two hours ,
and before night I Inll U ) hnrv him. 1I pl.tnued -'IH'iili ) beforeio ! earn > In.
I gut even , tli'iuyh "
"Hoxx " '
"IIiirn'tf "I fi 'sf'Y ' , aiu | .sold it for
! ? l , and put t'l c i li i' in Mo. ' , . ll
For nwij'i * it.Vo / 'loll-irs resnlehl
of Dinh'Tx. C * ri. - < .iUo'veil a "
live frog l.'it : ut.ii'i * duy
Damaged our stock of clothing- about three thousand dollar , whij
amount the insurance companies paid us. Therefore being paid for tl
da-mage done by
We are enabled to make a great a scrifice without , ate
to oxirselves. we have a line of suits that we sold at a
$12. The insurance companies allowed us $4 on eacn sur
aged by
I3ut the damage is invisible and we will allow the purchaser ; fche $4 re ]
auction and sell it for $8. We have another line of suits that itfe sold aj
a bargain for $15 , which were also damaged b. , '
snv y
338 *
' .
Ei r
' * 'iiT'T ' ' * * * ' * 'M M n T"N "m IT * . * VT * * * n
< -
l And we will sell that same & 15 suit at a reduction of $5 allowed by th
i insurance coinnanies , aiving the suit-to a purbhaser for $10. O.ur spao <
1 is too limited to say more than that'all goods foxind in our storey UP-W- -
ageaby - _ . -
v - > F' *
w o * - ? *
. Will be sold at a reduction of two-thirds to one-rhalf. Bememoer we au
, cpnstantly receiving new goods , and - -beyond- doubt the finestmerpnani
. tailor -nacie clothing ever brougnt f.ot Omaha. Our new-clothing has noi
been damaged by Fire and Smoke'but will be sold on the basis .on Whicl
we , started , "Honest Goods at Honest .Prices. Don't forget our place * tuc
' \ 13JO ffiOUG-AAS STREET , Kir.
' . " ' . * * '
pposite Wood's Museum. ' Open Evenings Until 9 OOioc
X'.i qiiS-er clex-.itor Jo all lloors. JJK. Uiiurauuun SticcU
floiice ! Nbtiee3
To.-U who anlircawd or uOll tcnl , nq mutter'
liu\r' ' Iciiij ; the hUuitUiitf , coino nnd ifo hnulAtl. ' ,
Kdiimld illsuutu.i , M'ticro nicxljoiiuis have foiled to
phu rollel , u hptcinlttrtnio ; one , ciino nlPUi ;
lu-uliHl tiy Hio At.uciiutlo llciitni , Iho ouly nuro
i'KL-M | . < > trotii imy cIlM'rtM' . I-oi'CMinilJ '
l : lor iinclutcttinentoi
3wf f Largest Merchant Tailoring ITousoTn the World. A ftill and complete
line of PEECE GOODS for
Noxv on hands at THICKS that w YOU , An exnminatlon of good *
iiil pthica b all xvo ask to satisfy the L'ublta that for
' " " * " '
\ Business Suits to Orfler , $15 , $17 , $20 , $22.50/1 .
4 - ' $ S5 , $26. | I. !
| i Dress Suits to Order , $25 , $27.50 , $29 , $30 and
M < *
Overcoats , $17 and upwards.
Also Ixclii6iv ! < ! ManuriU'tiiiers of tlio Cclchnilfil
( (
I ! KeySton8"ancpojiqu8rer"OressShirfs !
i , , r \veoniynNknniNsrKrnoN ; of'.ifr ' . 1:1 : rGANT : IJNK OF IIKCIaouus ; nnd
rJ9 * > : u ruiim.iriiHin of ntir lirifiM liflani vmi nrili'r elM-xxlieru.
. ' car * HU MM' I-ont-HI' TIlK I'LACK. J3a
; l o 'TTrrn
ic , '
2 tailoring & Ageney >
J. F. VAH 8ICKLE , n/lanagor. /