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Dm Capital Cilj'i ' "Finest" Polios
Force on the Wain AiixionsSfat
A Limo Committee Appointetl ,
with a Bristling Brush ,
'Sarcastic Comment on the IV cent
Jail Delivery.
A. Con Man' * Nnrratlvo of His
Crooked C roor Clljr Items And
Btato I'crnoufils ,
Monday night saveral pullcomon and
ether subalterns felt thai tholr ilmo had
eomo , and many wore the walls which
fchoy gave utUranca to. The city coun-
oil mot and the matter was brought up by
Mr. Ullllngsloy , who offered a resolution
that the council appoint a committee to
Investigate charges of corruption and
fraud on the part of pollcomon. The
committee was appointed by the mayor ,
and consisted of BilllngtUy , Dalley and
Dean. The Investigation will doubtless
provo o bigger farcu than the jail do >
Thin la putting it on protly thick to bo
inre. It U ( seldom tlut the
BEK indnlgco In poetic comparisons ,
bat a few llnca from Wudsworln
atrlkca tha nltiutltm no well that they uro
given :
"Groat God , grant that every eceplred child
of cloy ,
Who cries jjreaumptiouj , 'Hera the Hood shall
stay , '
Hay In its prc&reji sea thy guiding hand ,
And ceaja his acknowledged imrposo to with-
Btaud ;
Or , Hwopt in nngor from the intuited shore ,
( Salt Creek )
Sink with hU servile Lands to the no more. "
Ills honor IB nuking a desperate fight
against public opinion and putting on a
bravado equal to that of 'Tho ncouturcd
child of clay , " bat the true conduct of the
poliso will oartaluly oomo out , not In tha
"Investigation" nh'ch ' the mayor has In
augurated , but from other sourcoa. Hla
honor took occasion to compliment the
police for it3 noble ouduoS during the
atato fair week , nud tliq tafty thus admln-
istored tall upon the police gathered iu
the room like riin dropi on an arid soil.
An csprceston of fillet sprtai over their
countenances which was bcautlfal to cou-
BlllingBlcy , tha clnlrmiu of the invos-
tipfation cjtnmlttco jnat appointed ,
nmllcd benignly over his desk at the
reassured coppers as it to say ,
"Boys. you have nothing to
fear from mo , " and things assumed
the aspost of a love feint. Mayor Burr
suld that the police force of Lincoln was
ono of the finest iu the Gauntry , and
that cash moaibr'j individual conduct
during fair wesk wsa beyond reproach.
Ono gentleman who I/atoned / to tha pro-
ceodlngi said from the nature of things
aa represented by the mayor and ono or
two councilman , each policjnun was
justly entitled to a gold medal , which ,
bo would BUKgent , be struck oil Imme
diately. "There Is no money In the
city treasury to pay for them , " a aid
another man , which assertion struck with
such forao npon the advocate of medals
that ho left the hall , and was seen no
The jell delivery will also ba a subject
which will como before the commit tee.
It was pretty unanimously decided ,
however , Monday night tint any one ,
with a tooth-pick , could have got
through the twenty -four Inch stone wall
of the yacd in a very short time. "What
ire want , " Bald one child of innocence ,
"Is a boiler-Iron cell to put those
fellow a in. I bollevo this is the only
thing that will hold them. " The rest of
the gentlemen agreed with him , and
doubtless as eoon ai the money is raised
the cell will bo contracted on plans fur-
nlshod by Pen Oonrvlllo and his associ
ates. Ac a matter of fact there Is noth
ing the matter with the call from
which the men escaped , and with the
slightest eire they would all bo In custo
dy now , and some of them could have
been clvcn terms In the penitentiary.
"Yes , " eald Councilman Billiogil.'y ,
"wo ara going tp glvo this roarer a
thorough overhauling and sift it to the
/unormott dregs. The Investigation will
no held Friday or Saturday and the com
mittee will issue subpoenas and ether
process in legal form and according to
law. " The gentleman assumed a stern
cait of features as ho utttrdd the 1 st
words , and hU eyes fluhod something
akin to fire. If the city jullor and hta
associates had boon on the ground cer
tainly tboy would have resigned their
places Immediately through fear of the
When King Francis the First was cap
tured and confined In Midcld by Em
peror Charles Fifth , of Spain , Frtncls
became listless and wocry because ho
loved the fresh frto r\ir cf nature , His
high born nature could not stand the
tramils of a prison lifo very well , but he
h i tiinanago It some way , for he was
Impiiconod several year , but though by
the special ) of the authorities
ho was grantid privileges out of the or
dinary kind. .
In mo lorn history nnaligouicisas have
boon met with , for Instance Boss Tweed ,
was given all thU hla heart could desire
and money purchase during hid incarcera
tion in the Nan York tombs.
Looking over the vast number of mirac
ulous oacif.cs frjm the beginning ot his
tory there Is no particular instance whore
a crowbar wai found In the cell after
the birds had flown. Lincoln is the first
case on record whore BO many paoplo of
the same crooked turn of mind wore
kindly furnished by friends the moans of
eeospo from an unoocgenlal place of tem
porary rctidcuoo , and this will bo the
cubjeot which Councilman Bllliogsloy and
his tsioclates will hmetlgate. Snecesa
t } the committee , and the BEK trusts
that tholr Isbora will provo unlike former
tffirtB of the tame character ,
From the amount of hand-shaking ,
however , between members of the com
mittee and thtsa under its ban It ii con
cluded that nothing but smoke will arlie
from the afftlr , ana a white-wash report
Tory Ilka the Nebraska railroad commti-
slonora' reparton ratlrcad * will be adopted
and pitied unanimously , thus plaoinp
things in their for our smooth working
condition , before the BEE came to iuvtdo
the eanctlty of the ring.
The DEB reporter had the pi emu re
Monday evening of a short conversation
with ono of the seventeen goutlemei
who escaped from the city jail and hlr
ctncr , which ho teemed very proud pi
and anxious to enfold. It will bs given
as related to the reporter. Ho said th <
for rojtons of hit own bo had given th *
ginUemin at the city jiil the cuphonloai
tttlo of John Doe , but that mob. wtir C %
a blind thrown at confiding Llncolii
" " intd he "IB
policemen. "Aly name , ,
Illchird Preston and I was raised in
Poihdolphia ot English parents , I have
worked Lincoln easier than ny place I
ever was In boforc , and would God no
Ironblo to operate here for any length of
time I might with to stay. "
Giving the gist of Preston's story it
wan about as follows : Daring hli early
childhood In Philadelphia ho became ac
quainted with Bovornl notorious crooks
there who have alvrajs beou classed BS
the finest workmen of their kind In the
United States , Under the tuition of
these export tutors Preston soon became
proficient in the art of lightening pockets
and did not confine his operations to
Philadelphia , bnt traveled all over the
country. In 1875 ha went to St. Louis ,
and for nearly a year was successful In
his operations among lonnpora In theatres
and ether public rororta. Ho was finally
caught In that city , but no specific ovl-
donoa being brought against him ho was
released after a shott term in the work
house for vagrancy. Sluca that tlmo
Preston says ho has traveled through
Now York , Maryland , Pennsylvania ,
Illinois , Iowa and the fairs ot Nebraska
and the wear. In company with
a confederate ho will go
on board a train , sits down Inn car di
rectly in front of the man ho wants to
work , and juot before the train Is to
leave will glva a sign to his partner , who
will got up and walk out on the platform.
During the time ho has seated himself
beside his intended victim , ho has learned
where that individual is going to. Ho
vrhlspors the Information to his confede
rate as lie walks through the car to the
platform. The confederate suddenly ap
pears at tbo door of the car and yolle ,
"All passengers change caw for Omaha , "
or some ether place as ho feels disposed ,
and in accaidanco with the des
tination of the person whom
they Intend to vlotimlza. Of eourio ,
npon hearing that ho Is in the wrong cir ,
the victim grabs his gripsack and makes
for the door. Mr. Preston b right
after him , and when ho gets to the door
tha confederate given the man a push back
aticl DS thla is done Preston deftly gooa
through the man's packets. A few years
ago Preston say a that while in Ohtcngo
the chief of police , who considered hlrn-
oolf prct'y fly , Invited him
out to ri.lo to Lincoln pirk. The chief
know that ho was crooked , and Preston
told him that bin TTOI k was sr > slick that
no Chicago police could catch him. The
chief denied this , and eald that ho could
find any man at any time or place who
naa crookod. Prestos , In a spirit of
banter , told the chief that ho could take
hla watch away from him before they got
to North Olark street , and ho did it
notwithstanding the chief had been
notified. *
Preston says his forte fa in working
hotels with "ontsidars" and other devices
to iet at the rooms of guests Holsnorr
quite old , and ho told the reporter that
ho would eoon have to give up the
busincDB as ho found that ho could no
longer gat around sufficiently to moat the
requirements of his crooked trade ,
Yesterday morning a farmer , whoso
name could not be learned , had his leg
broken by the team which he was driv
ing running away on O street. The man
mis tikon to the hospital.
James Kclley , with his wife and
nephew , loft yesterday for a three weeks
visit to Iowa.
Lite Monday night Oapt. Post , of the
police force , with a special officer , went
to the corner of Twenty-Grit and P
streets upon n telephone call , They
caught John Sharp and a woman called
Alillio Leonard In ihgrantl dellctu , and
arrested them. Sharp was fined yester
day for disorderly conduct , while the
Fair Millie was placed in the calaboose to
work out her fine.
Hon. O. P. Mason delivered a very
effective and scholarly address on med
ical jurisprudence laat Saturday before
the medical class at the university.
A number of gentlemen desire to
know why work has baen stopped on
the now city building on the nmkot
J. D. LiOonrte , Omaha ; Miss E. Lan-
: um , Crate ; L. H. Smith. Kearney ; G.
W. Shldlor and wife , York ; D. Vand ,
Crete ; G. E Mars ton , York ; E Shel
don , Nebraska City ; Judge S. McDowell ,
Beatrice ; Geo. E. Taylor , Olny Oentro ;
Albert Johnson , Suttee ; A. Alloo ,
Omnhn ; Walt. M. Seely , Bennett ; W.
Iv Beans and wife , Bea'rlcf ; J. W. Mo-
Loud , Divid Olty : W. H. Vance , Weep.
ng Water ; B . Gallagher , Champaign ; / .
W. Stowait , Nebraska Oltj ; 0. M. Oar-
tor , Ashland ; S , H. Stewart , Omaha ;
A. 0. OroBsthwalto and wife , David Ctty ;
P. M. Etteibrook , Auburn ; L J. Brltt ,
York ; G. S. Alexander and wife , Syra
cuse ; E. A. Rassoll , Ord ; J. Gero
Walker , Greenwood ; A. S. Msnsfalder ,
M. D. , Ashland.
A euro cure for Blind. Bleeding , Itching
md Ulcerated Files has Leon dlecoverod by
Dr. Williams , ( an ludian remedy ) , called Dr.
Williams' Indian Pile Ointment. A single
) ox has cared the worst chronic cases of 2r or
30 years standing. No ono need suffer five
nlnutoa after applying Una wonderful sooth-
ng medicine , Lotions and instruments do
more harm than good. Williams' Indian
L'llo Ointment absorbi the tumors , allaya tbo
ntoneo itching , ( particularly at night alter
getting worm in bed ) , acts as apoultioo , glvca
netant relief , and is prepared only for 1'ilea ,
tchlng of private parts , and for nothing else.
Dr. Frazler'a Magic Ointment. Our on ns
by magic. Pimplea.Block Heads or Grubs
the lotchea and Eruptions on tbo face , leaving
SalUlrin clear and beautiful. Also curea Itch ,
old , Uhumo , Sore Nipple * , Bore Lips , and
obstinate Ulcers.
Bold by druggists , or mailed on receipt of
! cent ) .
Retailed by Kuhn & Co , acd Schroeter &
Becht At wholesale by 0 , 1C. Goodman ,
Jlobbart of $500.
William Gardner , a physician , arrived
n tbo city Monday , from Colorado , and
proceeded to get on a mammoth drunk.
About midnight he WAS brought to his
lotol hopelessly intoxicated. On awaken-
ng yesterday ho declared that $500
in cash , a gold watch , and a oheos for
$500 more on an El Paso , Texas , bank ,
and been stolen from him. Do found
solaaefor his loss in filling up with whisky
ag ln.
A. Alliisiiit ; JIclrcHR ,
If there Is any lady la Omaha whose
name Is or over has been Mrs , Margaret
Kelley let her oorno to the front. Post-
ai aster Coulant received jojtorday D
lolttr from Glona , I1U. , asking for the
( thereabouts of ono Mrs. Mtrgsrat Ivel-
ley , who has just 'fallen bed
'o eomo large poaiessloni In
Dunn county , Wisconsin. The
letter lUted that the Udy h d formerlj
Balded In Galena , but hud since moved
ut west , and when last heard of va-
.bout to marry , which , being a widow ,
ho had the privilege to do. Thus hei
amo may be almcst anything to day ,
A ClroivliiR DP m and for Two i'llma-
rie f Ilio Itniipant Factions
A Veteran Talk * ,
As ( ho October days draw on apico
and political war clouds gather on the
horizons of both slate and county , the
veterans begin to lend the weight of their
judgment to the ( peculation which la
atattlng into life. Already the corners
have their evening rallies , the grocery
stores and "taverns" tholr all-day cssom *
Wages and oven the busy citizen halts a
moment to drop a word or obtain on Item
of advlco on the popular drift.
Omaha is not allowed tbo exsltomont
of being the scene of olthcr itito onvon-
tlon. The capital this year will bo per
mitted to enjoy the crowd and nolso.
Lincoln is certainly in a fair way
to have enough of it as the whole tur
moil of both conventions is centered
there within two days , Oatober 14th and
15th , republican and democratic. How
ever , the county fight will bo warm
enough in Douglas and the loaal popula
tion ncod entertain no apprehensions of
political stagnation while tno riot is on at
The democracy enters the campaign
with factional differences In Its ranks
as of yoro. The standards of Bojd-Mlllor
and Morton-Brown will bo Haunted on
the flanks , weakening the center as ever ,
perhaps. A spirit Dgalastlntor-partystrlfa
is growing among maoy members of the
democratic party in Onuha. These gen
tlemen , with a livelier Interest In the city
and county than In the otate , are desir
ous that the Issues of the quarreling fac
tions bo excluded from the local cam
paign. To that end , they suggest that
two primaries ba hold hero , ono for the
salootlon of county delegates and the
other for representatives at tbo atato con
vention. The county democracy , tboy
maintain , hni no Interests common to the
state patty and will bo only hampered
lytho Introduction of the UtUr's din-
Botittona. The 1 cul fight Is ono of can
didates wHlo the ntruggle in the alnto
convention Is upon the basis of personal
"What Is the IEOUO batwoeu the two
factions of the state democrats , " was
naked cf a prominent old timer who Is as
cnthuelaattcally for Morton and Brown
ns ho la eUsporatoly opposed to Boyd and
"Issue ? Yof , yes ; there must bo an
Issue between dlffdrencoa. Wh } , I don't
know , only that B jyd wanta to run thing ]
and bo the next ecnitor , and Morton
wants about the same thing. Dr. Miller
la Bond's grand chancellor , and exorcises
agioddcalcf Boy d'a power. Mr. Brown ,
on the ether band , h the Morton repre
sentative in Douglas county. Yes , that
doss pretty neatly renolvo the situation
to a fight between rival champions , each
bickod by hla retainers and henchmen.
If you want to look at it In that li ht ,
it doeo seem strange that a crowd
will subserve with blind devotion
the ambitions of ono mm and that fac
tions will bo created whoso on y platform
is some big fellow's anxiety to "get there.
It is hard to tell how matters will wjtk
this yesr. Iu my jadgrncut our aldo hag
hadtho best of it all along. If you take
noticaof the federal appointments made
alnco the change of administration ,
you will see that the South
Platte chief has his collar on a
great majority of them. You see Boyd
made desperate efforts to secure on ofiica
within the party which might be called
the chairmanship cf the patronage com
mittee. la that high station ho could
have worked hla point by currying the
Eivor of the ontlro democracy and put
ting the whole lot at his back. But
wo boat him at h'a own tsatloi , I rather
believe. This war of factions is so bitter
and so foreign to real pnblic Interest that
I hope it can bo kept ont of the county.
In a general primary the quarrel would
be spread over all , and the glvo and take ,
buy and sell prccess might give us local
candidates unfitted and not popularly de
sired for the offices which they aropnt Into
the field to attain. This would provo
disastrous to the county democracy ,
which will need every atom of its avail-
ab'o strength to make a showing , and I
therefore hope that two primaries will be
hold. "
_ _
United States circuit Caurr.
The following new cases were com
menced yesterday In U. S. circuit court ,
ay Judge Hull : Now England Mort
gage and Security company against Hen
ry M. and Elizabeth Blair , to foreclose a
mortgage on land in ET&11 county , $500
American Freehold Mortgage company ,
cf London , England , against Joseph W.
Aglor and Emma Agler , foreclosure on
farm in Wayne county , $000 ,
Dnndeo Mortgage and Trust Invest
ment company , of Dundee , Scotland , vs.
W. A. Shepherd ot ux , foreclosure on
land in Antelope county , $500.
Late Police Notre.
F. Winters was arrested Tuesday after
noon for stealing potatoen from a grocery
store in South Omaha.
Mrs. Dancin was j tiled for disorderly
nnduot , having been engaged in a nolgh-
jorhood quarrel ,
The cases of tbo saloonkeepers , charged
with keeping open after midnight , have
3eon continued.
Jewish Fcftkt of Sucootn or Bootup ,
Thli autumnal harvest feast obeomd
by the Hebrew people commences
, hls ( Wednesday ) evening at sun
down and lasts olqht dayn. On the first
tnd last day divine services are held in
; he Jewlth aynrgoguos.
Divine services to-morrow evening at
the Jewish Temple on Barney ftroet ,
will commence at 7:30 : o'clock and Thurs
day morning 10 o'clock. _
niado Away Wltti elio Wfttob.
Henry Page , a small colored boy ,
snatched a vest ( containing a watch ) bo'
longing to a laborer on a South Tenth
street building yesterday , The man gave
pursuit at cnce. Theboy dropped tbo vest
but hung on to the watch , and managed
to make good his escape. The caio has
been reported to the police , who are on
tho-lookout for the young thief.
The Sr. J , > U'H Gomlnjr ,
The management of the baseball park
received a tolcgram Tuesday from the St.
Joe toim , seeking Information BS tc
whether $175 guarantee will be given
them for two sanies to bt > played bore
Saturday and Sunday next. A telegram
tiaa been sent bick to tbo effect that the
noaranteo will ho Given , and in all proba
bility thp obamp'ona ' of western Mlsiour' '
tnd the Union Pacifies will meet ouc
more this season on the ditmond.
A Daylight Kobuery ,
The house of William Aldstidr , oc
Sixteenth and Ljavonworth itreets , was
entered by tnoak tblovos tomotlma be
ttreen the hours of 4 nd G o'clock Mon
day afternoon , Mr. Alstadt was down
town , while ) his wlfo and daughter wor
also temporarily absent. Thla affordo ;
( ho thieves a fine chance to get In tholr
work , and they filled their pockets with
p'undor. Mrs A'a watch and chain , am
Miss A'a bracelets , together some jovolry
belonging to Mr. Aldstadt , and n Urge
quantity of silverware , were taken. Tbo
entlro amount of valuables taken la oitl-
mated at $100. No clue to the culprits.
Police Court Docket ,
Judga Stonberg disposed of the follow
ing cases In police court yesterday :
Charles Hayes , dtunk and disorderly ,
$3 and coats.
J. R. French , drunk and disorderly ,
$5 and costs.
Peter Oonlon and James Lonland , dis
turbance of the peace , $15 and costs ,
committed In default.
Kate McNamara and John Keen Intox-
cation , discharged.
Fred Mahans , obstructing street , $1
and costs.
Al Butt and Charles Spltng , drunk
and disorderly , discharged.
Tlio Survey ot Proposed Itonto of tbo
Missouri Pacific to the Oily-
Other Ilallroael Mutters.
The Missouri Pacific surveying corps
ma just finished a two weeks'examlna-
lon of routes from its present terminus
at Pjpilllon to this ci'y. Two routes
were selected and staked. The expodl-
Ion waa kept very quiet and the result
of its labors IB known to fow. The BEG ,
lowcvor. camped an its trill and Bocnrjd
iold no > oa of the preferred ronto. The
irat stakra wore sot a few miles beyond
the old Union Pacific survey and grade
on the couth eido of what is
cnowu as the GtilY.-n farm. Slrik-
ng the northeast corner of Dr.
tlill'r'o farm , the ronto runs wcat by
oath to the Molls s place , thenoa through
he valley in Mock'd farm , thence south
west to Peterson's place , where It will
croas the Union Pacific and connect with
.ho present line of the company , about
broo miles boyund P pillion. This la
ouo of the beet routes through Douglas
county , and Is abiut four mllea shorter
than tbo Union Pacific. The grade la
not very heavy , though ono or two deep
cuts and LIU must bo mado. Tbo line ,
5 la eald , hvery cloBo to the proposed
Auhland cut-off which the Burlington
company surveyed laat year.
East of the Miller farm the route fol-
ows for some distance the lovely valley
of the llttlo Paplo , until it striken the
old route of the Union Pacific. The
onto Into the city is nrt generally known
> ut it is generally belinvod tha old sur
vey referred to will bo ntillz'.d , as It will
; lve the road a connection with tbo Belt
Jlno in the ravlno south of the county
) oor farm. The roan will doubtless como
ute the city on the north sldo of the
Jnlon Pacific from the Summit.
P/epiratlona have been made to begin
grading this week , and n largo force of
nen and teams have been engaged.
All advices from Rock Springs yesterday
are to the eft act that the situation IB un
hanged. The Chinese and the white
op-men are working'whila the miners
are btlll out. The Chinese are yet foir-
ul of tholr lives and rofneo to enter the
nines except under military protcotlon.
io demonstrations among the refractory
whites have yet occurred and the rosnlt
of affairs can not bo forenoon.
Mr. Odllaway IB not pleased that any
mpc rtanoe ehonld have been attashed to
its receipt cf a number of threatening
ottcrc. Newspaper sensationalism , he
raids , ha no tendency to aislst In solv-
ng the present problem and
lerfectly restoring order and
inlet. The letters which ho
has received are of no Importance , and
are In every ciso anonymous. They are
similar to those which railway officials
customarily receive in tlmos of trouble
with employer , and indicate neither oon-
cert of action between any considerable
number nor the intention to carry ont
ho thrcatb which they contain. ' Mr.
Jallaway la llttlo cDiicernod In these
iulster missives , and declares that they
are a poor method of attempting to alter
ils plans and intentions.
The Cheyenne Sun has the following
with a cowboy hero : As a general thing
f a conbiy does anything moan it is her
alded through the length and broidth of
he land , but If ho does anything com
mendable cr horolo it Is scarcely spoken
of. The pasiongflr train from Gtoelay
hat ran to Fort Collins on Tuesday , on
bosrd of which there were sev
eral Choyeuno passengers was
iut a abort dlatsrno behind n
roavy freight , which , In speeding along ,
.ore . ont ono of the rails , bnt as the train ,
with the exception of the last car , had
iisiod , tbo displacement did not throw
my portion of the freight train from the
rack. A dangerous gap was left , There
was no ono near to discover it but a soil-
ary cowboy. Knowing thtt danger
hreatened any train that should ba
along , he "camped on the trail' in earn
est. The passenger train came whirling
past in about ton minutes , and with the
; reatest difficulty , the cowboy aucceeded
n stopping it , which ho did by swinging
tis coat and standing his ground in front
of the engine.
W. F. McMillan , csiistant general
relght agent of tha Union Pacific , hisrc-
umed from attendance upon the claesifi-
cation meeting at St. Paul.
Ah , alias George , Litttll , Chinese con
sul at Hobcken , N. J , where ho IB
known as the Celettld Rose , Is in tbo
city , on bis way to Rook Spring ) . He
ms a little crockery god In bis pookot
acd will raise tbo hair of the white men
f bo finds that hla countrymen have been
Kobett Poland , allaj Windy Deb , was
run in by Officer * Horrlgin and Matza last
evening as a pimp and
Fire broke out In tha Hamond pork pack
og house In South Ounha last night , hut
was extinguished before any damage was
0. E Havne was quite severely Injured
ait eventntt by belcg thrown to the pavement
and dragged by his team of horses for tome
ittle dlitance. He received a numSor of
uruiies and one of Lla huuds was torn quite
bully. It was a lacky eec pa from a serioui
- Tha Snunderi county fair will be held at
Wfthoo on September SO cud SO and October
1 acd 'J , The principal feature of the fair
will be the ratoi , for wMcb ? 2(00 is offered
iu cash pilzra. Some very tine hortes have
lieen teemed , among which are a number of
3aunderd county celebrities in the hone ilsth
Hue. Altogether the fair promise * to be the
mut successful evtr held in Saundrn county ,
The Plans of ArcWtscl Meyers far tt
New City Hall Adopted ,
Throe HiiRpondcd Poltcomon Bl -
ntissoil Prom the Porco Now
oaicors Appointetl
Other Dullness.
The regular meeting of the city council
was hold lait evening , President Beohol
In the chair , and all the members present
except Sohroder. There were a largo
number of outsiders presant , consider
able Interest being shown in the dispo
sition of the oisos of the suspended
[ loltcemen.
From the mayor , approving certain
ordinancas passed at the last mooting of
, ho council. ,
From the mayor , approving the ordin
ance granting right of way to the Union
? aclGo ra'lroad ' across Tenth street , with
certain suggestions in reference to future
; rautlng of such privilege ! . Placed on
From the mayor , opprovlnc the conTact -
Tact between the city and El ward D.
Mlahan to grade Eighteenth street ,
rom Outollar street to the alloy lurth
of Martha street. Filed.
From the mayor , appointing W. J.
tnincdy , I. S. Hascall and A. 11. Sauer
a appialscrs to assess damages "by tbo
hango of gtado of Thirteenth street.
From the mayor , nominating lion T.
7. Brunnei as a member of the board of
public works for the unexplrrd term ,
ion Fred W. Gr y , resigned , lliforrod.
From the , rnaratul , reporting the BUS-
nntlon from duty of Officer Joseph
iDwloa for Insnbjrdirm'iou ' and broach of
laclpltno. Referred to the commlttco
n polico.
From the marshal , asking Instructions
rom the council In regard to the removal
f dead animals from the oticats causing
n Intolerable nuisance , as the garbage
man refused to remove thorn unless pay
ment was guaranteed , Referred.
From the city attorney , reporting
dvcrsoly to the eale by the city to G o
L. Hcngbndof certain property on Sixth
treet , but recommending that the prop
erty bo leased. The loaoo was ap-
From the city attorury , recommending
hat the atsoasment on property belong-
onglng to D. J. J aydou be reduced
rom § 1,095 to 5445 , Adopted.
From the city attorney , reporting that
10 had prepared an ordinance , in cmpll-
nco with the request of the mayor and
onncll , authorizing the marshal to make
xpendlturea for the detection of crime.
From tbo city treasurer , reporting bids
'or ' district paving bonds from the Omaha
joan and Trust company at 102 , and I
rom Blake Bros. & Co. , of Boston , at I
03 | . Bonds awarded to the highest
From the board of public works , sub
mitting the estimate of 0. H. Watson
or building sidewalks up to September
G. Approved.
From the board of public works sub
mitting the final estimate of J. E. Kiley
or paving Howardstroetbetween Eighth
nd Ninth streets , amounting to
4138.11 Approved
From the board of publia works snb-
nlttlcg final estimate of Ei. J. Brenuan
or paving Farnam street , from Fifteenth
; o Eighteenth streets. Approved.
F/orn the board of public works sub
mitting the final estimate of W. J. Buck-
sy for curbing Farnam street from Fif-
centh to Twentieth streets , amounting
o § 3,026.88. Approved.
From the board of public works sub
mitting the first estimate of the Barber
jphalt company for paving St. Mary's
vonuo. Approved.
From tha board of public works sub
mitting the contract for sidewalk con
traction for the quarter ending January
, 188G , In favor of Charles Gardener.
From the board of public works sub
mitting the contract for the brick work
f No. 1 engine house. The contract
nd bond was referred back to the board
f pnbllo works.
From George F. Mayer and Marion F >
Tunkhouser , repretcnt'ng ' that property
jolonglcg to thorn had been damaged by
liu change of grade on Dodge street , and
bat if no compromise was effected , they
would carry the matter Into the courts ,
From J. B. Rowley , representing cpr-
aln fire insurance companies , complain-
ng that the assessment list , as made up ,
mpoots upon the companies three times
lie amouut of tix that is assessed agilnst
ndlviduals and other corporations , Ro-
From A. D. Jones , representing that
ho nppralsemout on a lot belonging to
ilm was unjust , and asking that an ad-
ustment bo had to save lit gallon. Ro-
From William II. Foitor , withdrawing
ho tire plats of Foster's addition to the
lly , and Baking for the return of said
) lat . Granted.
From the city water works company ,
ubmlttlng a bill of 87,521.33. Re-
erred ,
From Ballou Bros. , OB ngonls for Dr.
Mercer , informing the conncil that the
ont of the quarters occupied by the city
n the city hall will be raised alter Oato-
> er 1 , and asking for a conference in rc-
atlnn to ir , lUfrrrod.
From Charles Splltt , presenting a bill
f $54.75 for the removal of dead ani
mals from the streets daring July and
August. Allowed.
From E. J. Bronnan & .Co. , present-
ng a bill for extra work done in paving
rirnam street , amounting to $1,207.48 ,
From John Peterson , city acavflpgrr ,
again presenting his bill of $887.50
or woik dono. The full amount of the
> ill was allowed ,
From reildents In Godfrey's addition ,
asking that the grade of Charles street
bo established. Referred to the city
engineer to prepare profits.
From S. Ii. Q. Olark , Informing the
council that the Omaha Belt railway di-
rectora have accepted the right of way
irdlnsnco. Referred.
Fran property ewers on Bait street ,
) etltlonbg for tbo establishment of the
curb line and to bnvo the width of siden
* alks regulated. Referred.
By Goodrich Tout the city clerk bo
instructed to comply with the request of
he Insurance oompinles in regard to
their ftisessments end the city treaiurer
bo Initrnoted to collect tsxes upon that
bials. Referred.
By Lie That the gas inspector bo
directed to have tbo names and numbers
f streets printed in Urge plain letters
ind figures on all gat limps located on
itroet corners , Referred.
By Leeder That the building known
i engine home No. 1 ba i amoved to a
point on Izird street just cait of Six
teenth , and fitted op as n hose houss.
By DAllcy That flvo gis lamps bo
nlaced on north Eighteenth street at the
iute cction of ShetmMj , Clark , Grace
ann Like streets , and one between Grace
and LvVo strcots. Referred.
By Fnray That Uio cl y engineer bo
Instructed to survey and profile tbo strip
of public ground between JefiVnon and
Sanndera streets and report thosamo at
the next meeting that the earno may bo
dedicated for a street. Adopted' ,
Recommending the passigo of tbs or
dlnanco establishing the grade of thi
alley between Twenty-fifth and Tweaty
slxtn and Farnim and Barney etrotts ,
Reporting that the communication .
the city treasurer in regard to thn taxc *
duo on the lands presented by William
M. Foster as Foster's addition was time *
ly , and advising that the city attorney
proaont an amendment to the "addition
ordinance" to the effect that in future
all plats of proposed additions shall bo
aocomptnloa with n certificate of the
city and county treasurers that all backer
or delinquent taxes have been paid.
Roaommoudlng that the petition of
property owners on Irene strett for re
pairs bo granted , and the shoot commls-
ulciier be Instructed to do the work as
soon as possible. Adopted.
Recommending that the officer ] BUS-
louded by the marshal for drunkenness ,
10 dicmlttod from the fnrco. Thn report
rrns signed by Mcsirs. Leo snd Thrnno ,
of the police committee , Mr. Loeder ,
ho other uornbtr of the committee ,
tiled that he thought the suiponthn of
.ho . bflicora was the result of splto work
on the part of Oattiln Sullivan , and
.hat two of the men , Fuller and Lowroy ,
wcro not guilty. Ho therefore moved an
amendment thatthomarnhal bo Instruc'od
o rein-tnto the two cflicers. Mr. Leo
tatcd that ho could not defend auspondod
men and still comply with hla oath of
oflle. Mr. Dailey s condod Mr , Locder'a
uicndment , but tbo m t on wns lest by
a vote of 10 to 1. The report of the
ommlttoa was then adopted.
: Recommending that tuo plans of E. E.
Meyers , of Detroit , for building the chy
iall bo adopted , and that Mr. Meyers bo
raploj-cd as nrchltoet of the building , ns
.ho . propositions made by him nro very the city , and the work should
not bo dohyed any longer. The agree-
nont trill bo made by Mr. Meyers to
imtt hla charge for all hla work to $5,000 ;
no chnrgo to bo made for plans or cer
vices ( n cnso the city fa'ls ' to secnra a bid
rom n rcspcnslblo contractor for the
recttoaof the building according to the
tlans within the limit of $190,000 ; Mr.
Ityera to become responsible for all
amsges incurred by faulty plans or in-
erlor material ; also sgrootui ; to deliver
otaUod drawing * for the basement by
bo 30th of September. The report was
Gen. O'Brien , reprosen'Ing Architect
Brands Tunica , appeared before the
council and asked that his client be
hoard. Mr. Tunica stated that ho had
drawn up outline plans but had not sub
mitted them to the commtttoa in time.
Ho now asked that they b 3 consideroi.
During a diecnanlon which followed a
number of letters -which had boon re
ceived by the committee from local
architects wcro read. Most of them re
fused to bid on the bnlldinp , and others
desired to bo paid for drawing the p'air ,
and to bo Informed about the material
to bo used. Thooo who wished to bid
asked for mora tlmo In which to consider
tbo matter , and their lottoro were vagno
and unsatisfactory.
Communications were received from
the mayor appointing John Brady , Mar-
bin Shields , and H. P. Hnzt to fill
vacancies on the police forco. Referred
) o committee on polico.
After pasting a number of ordinances
the conncil adjourned.
A. Gambler aria a Doctor Arrested
for Complicity In the Joniuon
Diamond Itoobcry.
I/ato / yesterday aftarnoon the police ar
tested E , G. Hondorahotc , a gambler of
this city , for complicity In the robbery of
Jonason'a jewelry store aamo three or
Four weeks ago , whoa about $1,100 , worth
3f diamonds and j owelry was etolon ,
Hcndershott , wh en qucotlonod by a re
porter , B&ld that ho did not know why ho
was arrested , and was porfootly innocent
of the robbery. Ho does not boar nny
too good a reputation , however , and was
arrested about a year ego for a big jtw-
alts robbery at thu Billiard.
Liter In the evening Daputy Sheriff
Orowell and Ofliccr Tom Oormtck went
out to Fort Omaha , and tharo arrested
Dr. J. J. Soloman , who , it Is ololmo'J , ia
Ueudorohott'o pal. It is Bald by the do-
tectlvea that Soloman hss baen In league
with Hendcrthott ; that the latter , who
Is believed to have stolen tha jowolryj
disported of part of It to Dr. Soloman.
"No , I can't ' tell you why they should
want to arrest me for this thing , " Bald
the doctor to D reporter. "I
know nothing about the robbery
of this man Jonoson. But I do know
something of the msn who robbed him.
On the day of the robbery a man came
to mo and asked me what I would glvo
him for a lot of diamond jownlry that
ho bad to cell , 1 told him thai I had no
money to dispose of In tlut way , bat , if
Bttls'attiiy , wonld glvo him a horao ,
buggy and harness belonging to mo , in
oxuuuEgo for the jevels If everything
proved satisfactory. Neither of as wore
prepared to make the bargain at the
time , and we eepirated agreeing to moot
again about 4 or 4:30 : o'clock in the after *
noon. That same morning I went to a
tocond-handdealeron South Tenth street ,
and asked him something about the valno
of the diamonds , He asked tne if I knew
of any one having any diamonds to sell. I
told him yesand dotcribed tboto which had
boon offered to me. Bo immediately told
me that tbey must belong to Jonaaen , aud
t gether wo went and o lied upon that
gentleman. I told Mr , Jonasen that I
would help him to find hla jewelry , and
with his detootiVd Iioncooted a scheme
by which be waa to watch the ( illoe until
thodiarnondthief shouldreturn. Both * did
not turn up that day , probably having
been scared off. SInca that time I have
szeti the fellow several times , bntnewr
under auch clrcnmstacea that I could
call anyone to arrest htm. I arasony m w
that 1 over saw him or that I e\er men
tioned the fact of having seen htm. "
Both Solomon end Uenderahott art
In tbo county jilt , the latter bavin ? bed
rumanded tlihhor In default eif $2,000
ball , llondgrshott has not jet bun
idemtlfied by Solomon as the -indn who
cifdrcd to sill him the "aparki. "
The jawolry , which wta atolun on the'
morning of September 7 , oantUta of one-
pair of dliruond ear drops , ? 000 ; eovei
chlrt studs , $350 , ni five onset dU-
raonde , $150.
I'rof. W II Allman is at tl MillarJ ,
1' D Sturtevant , of Geneva , ftat the J'ax-
0 H Jewell and wife , cf Sidney , ara nt t >
W H Dicklnion , Weeping \Vntor , is at tho'
0 0 Valentine , of Lincoln , is registered at
N S llanllofr , of NobrAsVa City , is stopping
Vf" II Vanes , \Tccplnjr Water , is stoprJnp ;
Mrs W II Ultkloson , of W4hoo , is a R t
at the MilUrd ,
J A Bennett nnd wltr , ot Sherman , ar *
registered at the Afillnrd.
John P Williams nd A ( > Bo MOD , uf Lin -
ooln , are at the Mllhrd ,
Mr. Joi ih Tj vy , bmlnws nftont for L w
snco Barrett , ii in tha city.
At the Metropolitan are J 11 Klcbard * , Co-
rrmbni ! Ml D Knyr Cambrldfie ; Thotnrui
DUmcu , Grand Island ; A Miller , .Norfolk *
klr Urry Wlnterf , Sidney ; MtaMolllelluik
md child , Grand Wand ; S W llnipcr , Kock
Jprlrgs ; P II Sullivan , Springfield ; llonry
Villoland. St Jnmos ; William McOoimlek ,
V Cannon , Blair ; At II White , Columbus ;
nmoa ICalloy nnd wifu , Simon Kelley , Lin-
loin ; James Clinsr , Plattsmouth ; J l > Crans
Initinai ; G II Gl fiord and wife , Lincoln
) 1) Clapp. iimwOud : , Ntb ; DOWCB , Noolo ,
n ; S L Winters , Woodvlno , la ; J T Allor ,
It Joseph ; L > S Kinselln , 1'nnama , In ; J K
) aulcls , Arcadia , la ; J Jonoa , Hock Sprkgi ,
yo ; P O Wright , Mnrtlmburg , 0 ; Jacob
Urst , Pcoria , lilt ; A L Hawkins , St Louli ;
A Bent , Poarln , Ilia ; James King nnd wife ,
LOoVuk , In ; L McVtill , lown City ; G E *
mltb , Chicago ; Mnrk M Johnaiu , Dlr on ,
I's , aud M.t Ullllng and i later , Uauvrr , U
Joe Noodlmm , cm of the nniUcuri of the
ly , madna romirknlilo run from the billiard
arlorn at the Millnrd hotel Itet orecing , ecor-
igGl'Jpciato in ouo hour and filty ininutsi.
roit TUB Ti-.ciiau.vr or ALL
The largest Medical ; nntltiito Wont of
Mlsolaslppl Rlvor.
Ifty rooms for the nccotnodatlon or patltntj Tb *
lirtlcian unrt Burgeon In chnreo of the Inetltutn h
aa flxtoon years' or successful practice.and t > aklwt
y assistants of rnro experience 03 .gpeclalUU In
iclr Tarloufl tlcpattmfnti.
WIUTK roil CiRCULiitcm Deformities and Traces , DIEAB
ioMXOMKK , lMln , lumor , Cancers , Oturrh , If-ouchl.
> , Inhalation , H'flrlcllT , raralyils , Epllo | y , Kldnof
* o , Kur.Skln and Dlontl nlseaics W rite for
i PIUVATS , SrrciiL and Mmroua DlicancF , tk'tnlna.
eaknesn , Snorraftlorrhcca. Syphilis , Olcet , Hirlcture , Varl-
tcolo anUatl tl > eanes of the Urinary nnd Roinal nr a&J
i808trofttoJb/cotreipondflncoorrcrnonaHy CnnQdcDtlU.
eJlclnesBeoi by mail or express without nirvrkn io UJ1-
ito content' * or neniler. Atlr niiaUIotttrK to
mm THYSELF , ,
ft Cieat Medical Work on Manliood
Exhausted Vitality , Nervous and Phvelcal Belilllty
'remitro ' I ccllno In H < n , Krroreof Youth , md the
ntold mlKcrica resulting from IndUcrctloti and ox-
csaee. A b ick for every man , \oiuig , middle ogod
nd old. H contains U5 prescriptions ( or all acute
nd chronic diseases , each ono or which Is invalua-
'o. Bo found bj tha author nhoso experience for
3r > tB IBsuch as probably neror before fell to the
Jt of any phyelclan 3'Opines , biund In beautiful
'rcnch muslin , embossed cavers , full fe'llt , piiaran-
col tobc ailncr work In c\ery sense mechanical
toiorynnj professional tnan oiiy oilier work In
bit country lorSICO , or the monufill bo rclundctl
i every Inatonco. rrlceonlySI by mall , postptld.
llustr ted B mplo OOc. Send now , ( lold medal
warded the author by the National Medical Asao-
latlon , to the odlrcra of whlih ho refers.
The Science of Life should bo re id by the jounir
ir Instruction and In the aflllctcd for relict. It will
cnollt all. London Lancet.
Tliero Ii no member of soclctv tohom Tlia
cloncoof Llfo will not bo useful , whether } outh ,
arcnteuirdlon , Instructor or ( Icr yman. Argo-
Address the Tcabody Jledical Institute , or Dr. W
I. I'arKcr , No. 4 UulIUnch street , lloston , Mass , who
lay bo consulted on all diseased requiring skill anil
s orlcnc. Chronlo and obstinate dlao iscs that
aAo balllcd tha skill f 11 otli- If\'AlV
r plijslclans , njio laity. > uch JViiWlt
OitcdHUcccslully wlthuut an In- raiif VC17117
mco of failure , itlntlmi this paper * It SIjlJU
Council Bluffs
and Chicago.
The on to Uku ( or De < ilolnm. UtratiaU
iwn , Oodu Jlaplila , Clinton , DUlo , Ohloaga , Mil
Mikeo na ill points oaat. To the pwilo of Ha
tank * , Colorado , Wyomto ? , Utah , IWto , Wev U
rc on , Wuhlngton aud Culllornla It ottori rapcrlot
lv nt gee not possible by any otliet line ,
Among a taw ol the nutucroua points ol inperloi *
y enjoi od by tbo patrons ol tlilo road botweoa
malm aud Chicago , aie Ito two train ) a day oi DAY
OACUKH which are the Bnost that human kit nd
igenulty c&a create ; ltd 1'ALACK SLKUl'lNQ CA.I13
hloli ro modeliof comfort And elegance ; Its PAH
Oil DRAWING HOOil < ! AHB , nnsurpaased by &DT
id 111 widely oelebratod PALATIAL DINING OAU9
IB equal ot which cannot be found elaowhere.
At Council Illutfn the trilni of the Union Paoltta
y. connect In Union Depot with these ol tlia Chlca
a &Korth nUrn Ky InCbloago the ttamn ot thli
no make doeo oonnootlon with tboee of at ] e ait or a
net ,
For Detroit , Colombo ! , Indlanapolle , Cincinnati ,
tijtura Failg , BuOMo , I'lltiburg , Toronto , Uontrcal
oston , New York , Philadelphia , Baltlmott b.
ifCton and all points In the Kait , uk the ticket
jcnt foi Ucketa via tha
Ivoawltntbe b * t ocommodations AJ/ ticket
j nt Mil tlckoti vl thli line.
[ .nuauiTT. itanAiK.
atneralUinaiter , Gea.r < M. Ajoit ,
Oer. Agent , 14H Farnanflt. Oinahi , Nea.
Royal HuvantiXiOtfery
Drawn at Havana , Cuba ,
Every 10 to H
TioVtti In fifths , Wn > lot f S , Fraction ! pro tata.
Bubjcct 1 1 no uaulpulathn , ut t c nlrolltd by tbo
iattle < lulnto' < at. Itl tie ) falrctt thing In tb ua
to fUlPaK7&09. . , UK Ilroul
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