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Tuesday Morning , September 15 ,
Office No. 12 Pcttl SU
Delivered by carrier to any part ol the city
or twenty cents a week.
II. W. TILTOK , Editor and Letsoo.
Roller , merchant Ullor , for fine goods
The work of paving It expected to-jom-
menco In a few days.
The Athletics doirnod the oxprcsamon's
nlno.on Sunday by a acoro o'f 17 to 11.
Attend the grand opening at 'tho Poo-
plo's store Wednesday and Thursday
The supreme cotrrt Is to m'ot hero on
the 21ar , and the United Elate * courts
on the 28th.
Grand opening at 'tho People's store
Wednesday and Thursday evening.
Everybody ia Invltod.
Permit to wed was yesterday granted
to Jacob Korth and Jonnlo Barter , both
of Portsmouth , Shelby county , Iowa.
The grand fall opening at the People's
store promises to bo the grandest affair of
the season. Everybody welcome ,
Everybody Is Invltod to attend the
grand opening at Elsomaa , RoddaAUo.'a
People's < atoro Wednesday and Thursday
Yesterday morning Juitloo Shnrz tied
the matrimonial knot uniting Mr. F. E.
Klmmo , of Ohoyenuo , to Miss Cecilia
Hoogor , of Omaha.
The case of Lowls , charged with as
saulting Bcccroft , baa boon dismissed ,
and the cruel war of expressmen may
now bo considered ended.
The evidence waa all got In the case
of FoMoholmer vs. J. T. Stewart yester
day In the circuit court , and the argu
ments were commenced.
The police court waa unusually devoid
of Items yesterday , and the judge had to
look at the calendar tvlco before ho
would believe that It was Monday morn-
Peter Peterson , who accidentally shot
himself In the ear At Avoca three weeks
ago , Instead of dying , as everybody sup
posed ho would , Is In a fair way to re
One of the great needs of the city la
some systematic and thorough cleaning of
the paved streets. Then when n heavy
rain comes It would wash the pavement
clean , Instead of covering It rrlth deep
Homy Ellis , who Urea about eight
miles south of here , displayed at the BEE
office yesterday some wonderful corn ,
measuring twelve to fourteen Inches to
each year , and presenting a curious show
ing of varieties.
The Ancient Order of Hibernians have
completed the general arrangements for
their ball In Masonic hall on the 1st of
October. They propose making It the
greatest social event over given hero
nndor the auspices of that society.
Mason Ling , of Ft. Wayne , has ar
rived hero and Is stopping at the 'Ogden
house with his quartette. Ho Is a re
formed gambler , and proposes to make a
lively attack on sin here , giving street
addresses , and having hla singers to draw
the crowds.
There are several cases to come up In
the supreme court hero , which are of gen
eral Interest , among them being two cases
against the city , ono of M. Gllfeather ,
the other of Scofiold and Gavin. Ono
prohibition caao Is on the docket , It be
ing that of J. G. Lemon vs , Henry
Tom Bowman , as chairman of the
democratlo county central committee , has
called the county convention for the
th. All other calls , such aa have been
published without any signatures , but
merely "by order of the county central
committee , " are pronounced to bo spuri
ous , and to have been got up for the
purpose of misleading and causing a
squabble In the camp.
The alloy along aldo the city building
Is In a much moro borrlblo condition
than the oemotery , and there scorns to bo
more death to the tqaaro Inch , than
those fighting the cemetery -claim for
tbat pleco of ground. The whole build
ing Is filled with a stench which at times
Is unbearable , and the doors have to bo
closed to enable the cfliclala to stay there
to transact needed buslnota.
Yesterday alternoon Willie Olmatead ,
con of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Olmstead ,
entertained a large number of hla yonutr
friends at his homo on Sixth avenue.
The little folks were very hospitably en
tertained , and a merrier lot of children
never celebrated the birthday anniversary
of one of their mates. The entertain "
ment lasted fruin 3 o'clock until G , and (
nothing waa left undone to make the
youthful guoata enjoy the hours , which
wont by only too quickly to salt them.
BliU AV-niort.
The undersigned will receive bids till
Sqpr. 3 , for lupplylng the Institution for
thuDetf and Dumb with moat , Bidders
will indicate dlffcrentgradea with ratea for
each. II 0. UIUMONP ,
o o d 1 wk Siipt. Inat. D. and D.
Substantial sUUkde of tltla and tea.
citato loans , J , W. and E. L. Squire ,
.102 Pewl atroat.
Iuim > v > n ,
The T. N. Br y stock of1 boots und
hora will be removed to-dty to ICO
Main street , two doors btlow ( ho old
stand. T ! o ttnck will bo cluced buc at
groitly reduced price * .
r. N. UIIAV , Proprietor.
B. E. BBAOII , Manager ,
If yon with to tnaku Itglu'uuteJy from
Ten to Fifty Dollars per day , wiito to
JudJ & Srnt'b , No 34 Fourth street ,
Council Bluff * .
Further Faou AS to the Citrovr of the
Parties Before Coming Here.
Tho. arrest of Howard and Dost , In
thli oily , for the larceny of uomo goods
from Mrs. Grltnmoltnan , lus called forth
too following facts from the Sioux Olty
Jonraal , the pair and the woman hivlcg
had rather an Intonating career there
It appears that the woman has boon
landlady at the Milwaukee house for
some months , passing as MM. Doss.
Abcut August 1 she left the bed and
board of Ohrls , taking with her as ho
claims , an $80 cloak , a ? CO silk drosr ,
of his , besides some table silver and bed-
olothoi. Ohtia would hardly bo recog
nized on the street wearing his § 80 cloak
trad $00 silk dross , but ho wanted them all
thoiamo , booauio they were his. His
boarder , W. H. Howard , the big man
with the blonde mnstacho that frequents
the foot of Nebraska street , went before
Justice Foley on the 5th Inst. and aworo
to a warrant charging her with grand
laioeny , In that she had stolen an $80
cloak and a $ GO silk dress from Ohrls
Dosi , The warrant was Issued and
given to Mr. Howard , ho saying that ho
did not then know where the woman
was and when ho found out ho would got
an officer to sarvo It. Justice Foley
says that Howard was not deputized as
an officer to servo the warrant for the
woman's arrest. Tbo woman's connec
tion with Mr. Doss had a somewhat nn-
nitul origin. She came to the hotel as a
boarder. During the abaonco of her hus
band In Sioux Falls , an attachment or
something sprang up between the land
lord and his boarder. The husband hoard
about It , and omo down to Sioux City.
The report at the tlmo waa that Ohrls
paid the husband a fair cash prlco , ho re
linquishing all right and title to the said
wlfo and consenting to a divorce. After
that Mr. Doss and the ex-wlfo got on
well for some tlmo , but during the sum
mer trouble arose , and culminated as
aboro stated.
Dr. Wllo , ' Eye , Far and Throit
pjclalUt , Boom 5 , Eve. ott bpok.
Tbo Attempt to Close the Haloone on
The chief of police gave his orders Sat
urday that no saloons should open on
Sunday. A like order has boon Issued In
times gone by , but has seldom been enforced -
forced strictly , but this tlmo It was ac
companied by a throat that all offenders
should be arrested and fined. The order
was not very generally observed ,
the front doors being pretty well
shut up , but the rear doors being slightly
ajar. Yesterday morning the filing of
complaints against the offenders began.
Informations were drawn up against Mrs.
R. A. Gibson , Oliver Lower , F. 0. Ger-
stonberg , Mike Nolan , Smith & Meyer ,
John Kramer , M. Boohing and William
Lacy. Just what will be the result Is
hard to toll. The mayor sayo ho will not
allow the saloons to run on Sundays un
less the council so directs him. Ho pro
poses to throw all the responsibility onto
the aldermen , and to bo ready to clear
himself before the saloon men ,
putting the blama on the council for not
telling him to lot them ran , and claiming 1
all the glory among the temperance folks
for taking this stand against the saloons.
If the council should advise him , on the
other hand , to let the back doors be open
on Sunday , ho will still retain his pose as
a reform mayor as long as ho Is In the
presence of the righteous , and then laugh
at them as he moistens hlsjlps behind their
backs. The people will not be blinded ,
however , to the fact that the mayor la
the chief executive officer of the city , and
the head of the police.
Death of Mr. John Rain.
Mr. John Bain , a former resident of
this city , died Sunday night about 5
o'clock , at the resldenco of his son , John
G. Bain , near Florence , Neb. Ho had
reached the ripe aga of 84 years ,
and had been In 111 health about two
months. Ho was recently wth | his chil
dren hero , and under medical treatment ,
and seemed to be Improving , but soon
after his return ho began to decline again ,
and desplto the tender care of friends
and the skill of physicians , death claimed
him. Mr. Bain was born in Stanhope ,
Durham county , England , and came hero
In 1857 , and lived in this city until
about ton years ago , when ho went to
make hla home with the son at whose
house ho died. He loaves two other sons ,
Robert and William , both well known d
residents of this city , and two daughters , n
Mrs. Bilph Simpson , and Mrj. OhaiAu
Proctor. The old gentleman had many
acquaintances and friends in this city , tl
and the announcement of his death will f
cause sorrow to many , The funeral will
ba held at the residence of Mr. B. Simp
son , No. CIS Washington avenue , at 2
o'clock thin afternoon.
Quarrel Over a License.
Yesterday Fred Gorstonberg was again
on the war path. The trouble seemed
to bo concerning his saloon license , It
seems that the conrt recently issued an
Injunction restraining Braafeld from
running a saloon any longer , and Bras-
Gold then sold the saloon to Gentenberg.
The government license which Brasfield
had taken out , still hung on the wall as
as required by law , and th ! , it Is
c'almeil , was so changed as to road ,
"Brasfotd & Oo. ' ' A ' gov-
tnraont official got after the *
matter , and Brasfeld fearing that he
might got Involved ia trouble wanted to
get possession of the license , and make ;
Goratenberg ijet out a near ono for him >
self. Ho Bought advlco , and ai a result )
ho got a constable to go with him , so as
to protect him In case of trouble and pro
ceeded to the saloon , and despite the pro
tests of Garstenberg ho took down the
license , and put It tn his pocket. Ger -
tcnberg went off in hot haste to have
nmotlilng done about It , and wanted
Bratfeld arrested , and tbo constable Im
peached and a great many other things
lone , bat the quarrel had not ripened
nto any case la court up to list evening ,
hough the air la thick with threitjnings
ind breathings of fire.
' 'I Can't A ( Turd to Wallr. "
Snoh w s the remark made by an old
iltlzon , who bad been looking ever the
took of and ' ' .
carriages baggie's , pbiu'.onr ,
ito , , now being cfftiod. at specltlly low
irlcei at H. F. Hattenhauer'a factory on
fourth street. When one can get auoh
iis'-claas ' work , all home made , and
uado on honor , and get It at such re-
uarkably low prices a ; Mr , EatUnbauer
U now offering , ono really cannot afford
to wait , for the opportunity will soon be
over , and henca the old cltlien was right
In aaylng "I can't afford to walk. "
Dr. Warren , ol Shtnandoab , was In the city
yetterday ,
Co ) John Fox and wife have gene to the re
union of his reeiment.
8 T Smith , of Judd & Smith , has gone to
Marshalltown to attend the fair.
UIsi Magglo Boulter , of Omaha , la In the
city , visiting her aister , Mrs L Oocke ,
Dr Wade Gary qoes to Red Oak with Us
liable to attend the races there this week ,
LO Baldwin , who la ono of the directors
of the the Ktato fair association , has returned
from Des Moines.
Judge James has gene to Kansas to look up '
cbanocs to Invest In lands. lie will doubtlois
find plenty of them.
Dave Btubbs is now a father , and with an
"I tell you ha's n bouncer , weighs cloven
pounds , " smilas all over ,
Ira S Copron , the day cloik of tbo Ogden
houic , left last evening on an eastern trip , 01-
pecting to bo nbaont several days ,
B R Ball , a late partner with Frank Cook
in the real cstato business , has bought out and
is running a restaurant in Omaha ,
E L Ford , of Kanins City , travelling pas *
longer agent of the Chicago , Burlington &
Qalncy , was in the Bluffs yesterday ,
Frank Bentley , bookkeeper of the First
National btnk , cf Hubert ) , was greet
ing Council Bluffs acquaintances yesterday.
Mrs Dr IIanehetstartad last evening to vitit
friends in Illinois. Mhs Smith , her cousin ,
accompanied her , and will spend tbo winter in
W J Tostevin , son of county surveyor Tos-
tevln , is In the city greeting bin old fiiends ,
Ho Is connected with a paper publhhed in
Loup , Neb ,
Louis Blum , a prominent attorney of Chicago
cage , who hat been sponllng icvoral days in
this city , the gneit of Henry Friedman , left
yesterday for Atlantic on prof asslonal busi
ness ,
The City Council ,
A meeting of the city council waa held
last evening. The stock yards company
asked a reduction of their assessment
from § 30,000 to $2,000. Referred.
The council decided to visit Pierce
street In a bodr Thursday morning and
BOO about narrowing that street.
1 ha city attorney reported against al
lowing the salary of the chief of the fire
department until his tltlo la decided.
It was determined to cohtinuo the pres
ent ga contract until the next regular
The city engineer was Instructed to
ralso the paving at the corner of Main
street and Willow avenue.
The clerk was Instructed to advortlsa
for blda for filling My nster street , Eighth
and Ninth avenues and Eighth street.
Tno Y. Itf. O. A.
Literary ] and social will bo held to-night I
at 8 o'clock. A good tlmo may bo ex
pected. l Free to all , and both ladles and
gentlemen are Invltod.
"How to Cook a Husband , " .
Essay . Miss Ida B. Wallace
Song . Messrs . Brlggs and Goobring
Reading . E. T. Gilbert
Reading . J. L. Bnyco
Recitation in tbo Sign Language by Mrs.
JIcDermid , formerly of the Deaf
and Dumb Institute.
Organ and violin
Messrs. Bourlciua and Smith. )
Recitation . Frank Compton
Reading . Win. Paulson
Mrs. Huboner , of Columbus , Ohio ,
Mrs W. D. Sloan , ol Nebraska City ,
and MM , E. Hamlln , of Omaha , are In
the city , the guests os Mrs. J. J. Bliss.
IOWA HE 313.
There are 10,059 school children In
Des Molnes.
Many hogs are dying of cholera In
OMB , Page and other northwest counties.
A convention of the presbyteries of
northwestern Iowa will bo held in. Du-
buquo to-day. H'
Enoa W. Butterlck , living near Algo-
na , accidentally shot himself while hunt
ing , dying Instantly.
"Twelve freight cars and an elevator
tilled with grain were burned at Inde
pendence Friday night. 11
Captain M. T , Russell , of Des Molnos , fr
has been elected president of the Iowa
war prisoners' aisoclatlon. fa
In the Cook herd of Hereford's , near
Odebolt , is a full blooded calf , five faF
months old , which weighs 700 pounds. F
At a recent election Ottumwa voted to
donate $30,000 to the Milwaukee rail
road ocmpany for depot grounds , etc.
A watermelon has been marketed In H
Dubuque that was lerontien Inches long , of
three teet In clrcamfereuoa and weighed
Forty-four , pounds. bl
While going to church hat Sunday
Mrs. Fetor Brown , of Clarion , waa
thrown from a carriage onto B boulder
sod received injuries from which oho
died the tame day ,
Miss Lillle Klmball , the young lady
ffho ahot her alleged seducer , W. T ,
Qlles , at Bedford , laat month , and who
irith her father , has boon In jail awaiting
trial , was acquitted by a jury laat weok.
A Gorman boy at Cedar Falls was bitten -
ton by a doc tout ycara ago. Tuesday ho
exhibited signs of hydrophobia , tearing
bit bedding to chredg , breaking up the
Furnlturo and doing such like pranks.
Five men were required to hold him dur
ing ono of his piroxjsms.
For two months officers have been
ooklog for Liwson J. Baldwin , charged
lih the murder of Martha Ilotubaugb , II [
kt Birmingham , by means of abortion.
Saturday night his hiding place was ascor-
alned , and ho was arrested. Be waived
x mnation ( , and was placed under bonds
f § 2,800.
Mrs. Auguit Anneberg , a DCS Molnos
rotnan abuut to become a mother , Im-
iglnod her home was Invaded by burglars
tnd made such a racket that neighbors
itmo to her sstlstance. This only In-
ireated her fears , and , securing a re-
olvtr , shot and teverely wounded Chas.
jowls , a druggist.
o 31 N , Main St. , Council Blufla
Telephone No. 141.
All work fint clus.
fA.coa siars , T
Iftorney at Law11
The New York
552 Broadway *
Council Bluffs. Iowa
TJXATION rdesign-
ed and constructed.
in Tall its branches.
This conmanv have
one of thebest assort
ed stocks ot plumb
ing goods in the west.
Estimates furnish"
ed. I
Harry Birkinbine
Telephone No.
MetcalfUers )
and 34:4 : Broadway , Council
Bluffy Iowa.
Mens'Fall& Winter Wear
Wens' and Boys' Business Suits .
Hens'and Boys' Dress Suits.
3hildrens' every day & Dress Suits.
vercoats for Men , Boys and Chil-
_ dren. .
- " "
Merchant Tailor Suits
Her chant Tailor Overcoats ,
ilerchnnt Tailor Troweers.
Uqual to the best , to order ,
Lt half the pr ce
rat mens1 Suits and Overcoats
ean ' roens' Suits and Overcoats. T
rat mens1 Trowsers. 1 I
Snamless Shirts and Drawers in
Scotch wools , medicated Scarlets ,
xtra heavy Balbriggans. fancy col-
red Wools and mixed qualities \
torn 25e each to 84.50.
Dunlao nnd Stetson's Hats for
all of 1885.
Furnishing Goods cc
Gloves , Neckwear , Suspenders ,
fandkerchiefa , Collars and Ctiffa , N f.
first class qualities and leasona-
le pricas.
Uletcalf Brothers ,
Retail Department ,
4:2 : and 844 Broadway , Council
. .Am .
Mrs. D. A. Benedict's ,
Ko. 337 Broadway , Council Bluffs ,
Of all kinds Of every style
taiie ( o order. ready made.
No 33/ / wt
, 33Broadway , Oo
Office & Pusev ,
Council Bluffs , Iowa. CE
Established - 1865 r
noa opricxn u.w , UPDHE
astice oft Peace.
ornoB OTKB AUDUOAV ixruui
. IOV7A.Vo
KOTIOK. 8p dal a rtrtlnmen no ai Lot !
round , To Loan , Tot Sal * , To IUa Wants , Board.
la ; , to. , will b Inserted la this eoltmm al the low
rat * ol TEN CENTS FKR LINK lot th * Ont InMrtlOD
ted nnt OKKT8 rxn LINK lot each rabMquent In *
tertlon. L re Jr rtlMtnenU al 001 offls * . Mo , IS
Peat I itrott ntar Broadway
WisrtD-Thrte or font apprentice ! at Uis.
Koberts * diessmakloR eiUULthmtot , No. Si
Pearl St.
RENT \ new seven room house , inquire ai
FOR BALI-Houses lotiandhnd. A. J. Stephenson -
son , 6C3 First Avenue , Council BlnffJ .
fen nrrr A six room house , ten mtnntei walk
Jj from builntiB , city water , well and clitorn. For
rent cheap.
FOB HKST-NO. 1EO Harrison trreot , three rooms.
I Poail street
NO. 63 For sale or rent , on Tory liberal terms.
The Coun-ll Blufls Taper Mill , complete , with
the largo boarding house and Hire * acres of ground ,
No. SO Alm | Inesnipropertyln Cherokee , Cherokee .
ceuntT. Iowa , will tiado for .western lanflf. Valae
about $1,000. /
No. 89 A bciutltnl homo In the town of Hauling ,
Mills county , Iowa , for Nebriika land. Value , (3.100. i
t o. 41 A ( feed buslncsi property and also a good I
residence rropertv In the town of Chcnvo. JtoUin
county , 111. , low down tr cish or will eichango for
western lands.
> o 179 A tplendld farm , well Improved , 040acres
In Dickinson county , Iowa , joining the town of Spirit
Lake. Price , tor a shot t tlmo ; $35 per acre.
No. 184 to 137 Are four Improved ( arms In Phillips
county Kansat , oaon with a small Incumbranoo.
ThecqultMnlil be exchanged for unlncumbored
lid land In Nebraska.
No. 183-480 acroo In Holt county , Neb..partly
tmprori d , at a big bargain , n ants to exchange for
No. 6-Aflne two itory brick ristdenco , me of
tbe best locations In Council HluOs , lil trade for
zood unlncumbercd KansuorNobragkalands. Value
No 65 aud 11 Are two other beautiful hcmci In
Council BlutTi , which cash payment will buy at a
No. 68-A baautlful submbin location In Iowa
Cltv. Iowa , will exchange for western lands. Value
The above are only a few of our special targalns.
If you'Ae get anything to trade for tell , or want to
sell anr real estate or merchandise , write us We
hav * several good stocks of Roods to trade for lands.
Council Bluds , Iowa.
jr. L. UnBEVOIfiB.
Union Met Ami ,
Ho. 607 Bro&dwa ? Council Bloffa.
Railway I Time Table ,
Tie following are the times ol the arrival and de
parture of trains by central standard time , at tbe
local depots. Trains leave tranafor depot ton mln
ate ! earlier and airlvo ton mlnatos later.
raoiooand HOBIUHHTIIB.
0:25 : A II Mall and Eipross 0:50 : r M
12:10 : r if Accommodation 4tO : p n
6:80 : P M lExproas 8:05 : A M
:25 : A M Uall and Express 0:68 : r M
rlS : A M Accommodation 6:45 : p u
5:80 : T u Expreea [ 8:00 : A II
1:20 : A 11 Mall and Express 0:60 : P M
5:25 : P it Expreaa 0:05 : A M
:45 : A H Uall and Eiprosa 7:10 : p u
: SO r uccommoJatlon 2:00 p M
; 45 r u Expreua 8:60 : A M
! :15 : P U Local St. Louis Expreaa Local
8:00 : PM Transfer " TranaJer 8:20 : PM
0:10 : A u Hal ] and Express 7:25 : p M
8:05 : p x Express 0:25 : A H
:20 : A M Mall ( or Sioux City 8:50 : r II
:80 : r 11 Exproaa ( or St Paul 8:26 : A II
.1:00 : A II Denver Express 4:85 : p 11
1:05 : P M Lincoln Fata Om & R V 2:26 : p n
7:55 F Overland Biprcsa 8:80 : A II
Leave Council Blufls 0:65 : 7:55 8:30 : 10:50 :
1:40 : a. m. 1:80-2:80-8:80 : : : < :28 : 6:25 : 6:25 :
.1:16 : p. m. Leave Omaha 0:26 : 7:25 : o:60 : 10
i:15 : a. m. 12:60-2:00 : : 8:00 : 4 : j 4:66 : 6:66. :
In Council Bluffs having
Ind all modern Improvements , call bells , fire
alarm belle , etc. , ia the
Nos. 216 , 217 and 219 , Main Street.
fliorough Instruction on the
Piano autl Organ ,
foice Culture andieoiy
'ersons desirous of receiving in-
tr net ion in the above will please
all on or address
Ho. 620 , First Avo. , Council Bluffs.
329 Broadway , Council BluiTi.
] ianos& Organs
lold on Monthly Payments
All kinds of repairing on Musical Inatin-
isnts a Specialty ,
Kiel Sale Stables ,
cms and JIul eon tarly | on baud , for sale at re-
Ull orlncuload lt .
All Stock Warranted is Represented ,
bolertlo and rota'l ' dialers la Binlnaml B lol D y.
I'rlcei reasonable. Sttufactlon guiraoUcd.
or. 6th Av. and 4th St. , Council Bluffs ,
B. Eice M. D.
or other tumori remove ! without th
I knife or drawing ol blood.
BHONICIISEASES : ) , "Uktod - " ' 4
Dvor thirty je r _ pr ctlc eipttUnc * . Office
Caticst , ounollu. Ulufli
ciultioi Cfra 4Ht
Formerly of New York
Cuttles and Fitting EttablliLtnrnt
. 34 Pearl St. , Council Bluffs ,
Herkness Brothers ,
We shall offer at CASH SALE , until sold , a large in
voice of COTTON FLANNELS at 25 per cent below the
prices heretofore f si e d ,
10 dozen Blankets at 1,25 to $2 , worthirom $2 to $3.
These goods wera bought at Auction Sales and will' not
be duplicated. Parties will do well to secure them while
Our new stock of
PLAIDS , Etc , ,
usually attractive and never so cheap as now of
fered ,
New Carpets
Are received and our stochis tvell assorted for
the early jfall trade.
Rugs , Door Mats , Etc , , Etc ,
ir House
Rubber BootsSlioes and Artie
. - Aim ] v U1L v
lastern Prices Duplicated.
Send for Illustrated Catalogue.
Warehouse nnd salesroom , 41 N Main st , Council BluflV , Iowa ,
Office 412 Broadway
Brick buildlnpa of any kind raised or moved and . BMIefaction guaranteed. ITramo botu
o , d on Little Giant trucks , tbe beat In the world. .
1010 Ninth'Stroot , Council Blufli
j. m. PHILLIPS ,
Boots & Shoes
Employ no traveling * gentg , thus , rnving Iheir cxpeotes , to cuitomen ,
Agent ( or J'ara Uubber Company Wiitu for prictu
rl3 Broadway , Council Bluffs , la
00 Heating Stoves from $3 to $10 Each.
Cheap Cook . Stoves and General House Furnulilog ( Joodi , Including New and Bscond
and Furniture.