Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 25, 1885, Page 2, Image 2

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    Combining 1KOX with Pt'llK VEOCTAIII ,
TOXICS , qnltkljr nnd ( ornplcltlr CI.KASSE
ind KSmCIlia THK m.OOD. quicken
the action of the Liter ami Kidney * . Clears th
complexionmakeslh < - kln raootli. Hdocano
Injaro the Icelh , raao lieailiene , orproclnee tor
Phrnkluu anil DrnggicU erorpthoio recommend | i
Dn. N , R. noaotTJi. of Mirlm. M M. r r : ' . '
recommend lrown' Iron Dillon m a Tuliubto ton
fornnrlchlnK th blool.anil rmnrlnff nil drsjwpti
Kjmptonu. Itdo-MnotUurtthatoelli. "
In R. M. DFMEELTJ. IlrroliK In < l. wr ! "
UATO preserilmt llrann' * Iron Ulttera In canes t
nnirmU anil bl.Kxl illwwi. ehu when a tnnlo w
nowltvl , and It bus proven ! thoronglilr * thf clory.
JInW I. IlTTlNfl , 2rt St. Marf St. , New Orleans. Ij >
Mint "Bnnm'n Iron lilltor ) relloTPd mo In acaf
nt Wood nodonlnK. and I beartlly com > end It t
tliow nccdlnit a purtflrr. "
The Qennlno bafl Trade M&rk and crofisoiA rod line
onwtapper , Tnlinniintlicr. Madoonlrby
KO\V > CIIIMIJ.VI. : pp. , n.u/rntoiti : , MI
I , Dnn' ItADD nooK n cful and attractlre. cor
talnlnirltst nf prlros for rorlpos. Information K\HK \
coin * , etc. , clvtn ftvfiiy hj all ilnalen In modlclno , t
mailed to anr mlilro on receipt cf 2o. etamp.
, orwi' * y. ttt ItRPflP UK At\ !
\VrninKi ( In plain envelopes ) two Ktnmpi.
* * .H.CUJUffi. M. D,18S 80. CllKKST. CKIUQO.
For thobcncQtof eudcrlDR humanity , I Jtcm II
o&lymy duty to give thla unsolicited testimony In
l vor < I Stvllt's Specific. JJy wife his bocn aflllctod
wlthEezomifromlofanoy. We tried ocry known
remedy , but to no avail. She was aKoaflllctod with
a periodical ncn ous headache , sometimes followed
by an IntormltUnt fever , so that her life Locarno a
burden to her. Finally I determined to try Swift's
Siiofifla She oimmcnccd BCVOD noeka ago. After
taking the first largo bottle the dlgoaso scorned to
Increase ; the burnln ? , Itching and InlUmation bo-
cnmo unbearable. She , however , perseuored In the
use of tbo medicine. After taking the ecoornl bottle
the InlUmation began to subside. After ( he third
bottle the Inflamatlon disappeared , and gore spots
dried up and tnrroil white and eaily. and Qnally she
brushed thtmoQln an Impalpable white powder
resembling pure silt She la now taking the sixth
bottle ; ovcry appcaraeco of the dlacaso is gone , and
bcr flesh Is soft and whlto aa a child's. JJer head
aches have dliappoarcd and ehs enjoys the only
good health eho hat known In 40 j oira. No wonder
the dcemi every bottle of S. 8. S. Is worth a thou
sand times Ita weight In gold.
Any further Information cinccrnln ; her case will
be cheerfully given by herself at her residence , 135
Uullett Street , or by mo.
JUUN F. BRADLEY , 41 drhwold St.
Detroit , Uicb. , Miy 10 , 23SS.
For sale by all drugglit ] ,
P * W' H V115 ; St. k Drawer 3 , Atlanta , Qa ,
= s TMKI,7 ; ; = S".ss =
3gBg j j ? i fSpraiai
Onni-l am uslnir your Vluid titmct Bed Oloret
BoMom and wet Cora press for Cancer on tbe breuS.
. naamwelL 1 m uCUBod It U tbo beit remedyTot
Canerr known. You are wrlcomo to iu tM for thm
Ite pcctlully , MU3. L. A. JOHKSOH.
- - . " - . ; - . .jno IIM for omotlmo b mnmirtel
wltn Bomctblng Ilkea tcrof nloua at riue. ind found tvl
fUet until .be gm o jour totrvt of Jtw/ClOTir wi3C
1 iim nappy to > ay aba ha < experienced crrcat relict.
th ] i ImUilljhiTtottmonlalor
mr appmUtlon a
offoru In behalf of uuraonli/
your uuraonlirJOch you
. lnir yonr Eit II d OIoTtr ,
° , e ° i , * ° r Pry lpt\a \ . and hT not bocn
lnoo. HlalienxiiUry wltsmek Thlak you
W. M. BEIBEnt.
t n. fljTOan , of Orand It Plil , Mich. , tayt-lfttr
two Ioct nadrlwd Win to use laage't Kit. lied Clorer
T r bed cua of Kcipmo , or i'orer Bore on tha lea.
Only u > * d two poundi of your Solid Extract lied d
Jun now welL
Bprlaif UedlclnaTonlaand general Dlood Part
t-Avictim of youthfullmprudenco
r.u.lng J'remnture Decay , Nonroui Debility , lout
Wanbood , Ao.haTlnc trfed In vain everr known
I'ri-mutnrf TIcoI > no fromcrrorscrcxressps ,
I.OHtl'cmc ? Jicaei of the KliIni TB. Iliad-
a r. and J > roiiiitu ninnd ClIJMiO tvlthoat
fetainui'h Medicines liy the tlareton llolus. Vn-
rlrncvlucu red wliliout surgery. Treatise nnd lc -
ttnionlal irfi' . Allcorreiiiionncnroconndpntlal.
Man and Beastw. /
, Mustang Liniment Is older than
most men , and tused more and
wore every year.
Eccentric and Implona Preacher
Bringing the Profession into
A crazy preacher of the Sam Jone
stripe , but with far loss eonao nnd do
coney , 1 nt present holding forth in th
back-woods of Ohio. His name U O , II
Manger , and his notions and bl&tphomj
ontltlo him to n front teat In a lun&tl
asjlum. In a speech at VYashlngtoi
court homo In that ttato , August 15th
ho announced that ho was once the gtoat
eat slnnor In the state and on trro differ
cnt occasions cimo within an ECS of kill
log n man , being provonlod only by thi
Intervention of other parties. Ilo Bay
that ho one tlmo contemplated taking hi
own life , but that God Bared him to en
gigd In the work to which ho Is now devoting
voting himself. Ho wont to Hnntlng
ton , W. Vn. , after first receiving tbi
special orders from God to preach , ant
there engaged In a aaccetsful rovlva
meeting. Ho then came to his old home
where ho had reveled In aln and Iniquity
and organized a Sunday school and prayoi
meeting at his residence. It was abon
thla tlmo that ; the zealous yonng evan
gellat whipped n 13-ycsr-old glr
named Gortlo Wilson , who lived with thi
family , because aho would not pray loud
enough to ault him. Ho got her dowi
on her knee * , and aho aald aho did no
know heir to pray. Ho waa determined
to tench her , however , and , securing BOV
oral sticks as thick as a man's finger , hi
dealt her a number of blows until ho
screams aronnod the neighbors. Ho wai
arrcatod by the S. P. 0. A. , and , rofci
Ing to give ball lor hto appearance thi
next day , ho waa sent to jail. Ho sale
ho wanted to "go to jail for Jeans. " Hi
naa released from custody in a few mlu
nto , however. In ono of hla normons recently
contly Mnngor eald : "IIcll la full of bet
tec people than you professing cbrla
tlana aro. You nro nlco follower !
of Ohrlat. You are followers of the devil. .
That's what you nro. But yon alnnon
need neb think that I am Blighting you
for yon are a sight worao thui the ]
aro. You young women speed two-third )
of your tlmo before the glaaa , paddlcj
yonr broaata , putting on falao backs
bang yonr hair , and powdering you ;
facoa ao that you will look attractive t <
the young men , and then go out upon thi
streets and try in ovcry way to seduce
them. Yon are worao than the men sro
and If you don't quit all thla foollahnoaa
and take off this iinory yon will go to hell
where you belong. "
How Horses Are Irnlnod.
Detroit Free Press.
"How do you go to work toj traln r
horaol" asked the loportcr.
"I aoloet my horao , and I try to gel
the must intelligent ono I cm find. You
know there la aa much dlfforonco between
the Intelligence of horses aa between
men. "
"la that BO ? "
"Sol Of conrae , It is. I'vo ooonhoraca
and men that couldn't learn anything ,
and I'vo met plenty of men leaa Intelli
gent than my horecn. "
"What ia the firat leeaonl"
"To impreaa on the horaes the fact that
rro are to bo regular churns. Yon can
teach an Intellfganfc horse in a vary nhort
imo that you wunt to bo hia friend , and
mco you gain hla confidence and friend-
hip , yonr next care must bo never to
bake that confidence or diaaopolnt
ilm. "
"How do you teach them to undor-
tandword * of command ] "
"How does a horao learn the meaning
il 'whoa , ' and the cluck of the tongue ? "
"Th&ts universal horse talk. They
: now these signals by nature. "
"Thoro you are wrong. The Arab , the
taasack , the American Inalan , the
Hrcaaalan , each have signals entirely
ifferont for those commands. You could
try easily teach a horse that the won
biscuit' waa the signal to go ahead an
hat 'kottlo , ' or any other word , wan th
Ignal to atop. All there ia to training
torao la to know at firat what yon wonl
ave them learn , and to know every do
ail of the method you hive formulate
0 teach thorn theao things. Then abac
iito kindness , yet firmness and patience
rill bring the desired result. Ask an ;
lan who loves horses and ho Trill tell yo
bo aamo thing. "
"Do you enjoy it ? "
"Well , rather. I have moro goo
illd sport with these horsea than yo
m Imagine , and they oojoy It , too , Of
m I pats thorn without noticing thorn
ad yon ought to sea tbom. They h&v
oen slighted , and will ahow their Indlg.
ntlon or grief , just aa the mood Is , In
arlety of ways. They will snort
hlnny , etimp their hoofa and do every
ting bnt talk. And I never neglect to
low that I hare noticed their demon
ration. I generally go back and 'muki
? ' with thorn unleis I want to puniah
to of them for soma oversight or failure
discipline. "
"Do they know that they arn bolng
inlahod m euoh a way ? "
"Indeed they do , nnd will at aa though
amo was oppressing them. They're
oat animal and ought to bo counted In
ono of the fmtnrea of the hereafter. "
"Porhapa they aro. "
"Sometimes 1 fool certain that they
a. Yon know there ia every ovldonco
at our mental existence Is Immortal ,
fact , wo bellovo that that la what wo
II our soul. Now I verily believe
ese horaea have mental funotlone , if ao ,
ly should they not live In the hereafter
well na ourselves ? "
"It Boema plausible. "
"It dooa truly , and I toll yon frankly I
n'c Dellpvo I conld bo happy anywhere
tor leaving thla life if I should fail to bo
eotod by my horses. My wlfo and
lldron of oourao come first , bnt after
em I love my horeos. "
"What do you propose doing with
om when they become old and decro-
t ? '
"My locson cloaca in Omaha next
scember , and then I alt all go to my
imo in Oakland , Gal. Then I aball ro
'o from the ahow business and my horaes
tire with mo. I shall keep them all as
og ns they lire. I'vo got u good homer
r them and I'm tired of traveling , "
"Do yon tuppoao the horaoa will con
at to retlro from public life ? "
"They'll go anywhera where I nuy bo.
1 atop there they will atay with mo
atentodly. "
"Won't yon get restlesa youraelf ? "
"Possibly , bnt I think not. Wo can
vo plenty of life and excitement in and
3imd Oakland , for ita the greatest
nntry you over aaw. "
E. W. S , The only proprlotory mod-
no on earth that over received gold
idala and awarda at World's Faira and
: poitlona Is 8r , Jacobs Oil. They
ra glron to it for being the belt pain-
/IBtint tileivolljn ,
usas City Journal.
igent W. H. fl. Llewellyn , of the
acaleroa Apachoi , baa resigned , or
; teu out of the way aa "an offensive
: tls n. " Just what Mr. Llewellyn's
mbllcanlam should have bad to do with
uiuiagomeat of the Apiohea we can
not understandbnt ho ha * been ft roarkei
man over since-the proient admlnlatmtloi
came in. Hla management of the Mea
caloroa Apaches haa been moat creditable
marvelous. They were aa refractory n lo
of Indiana ns there were on the otntinon
when ho took charge of them , just at thi
time when Victoria wai raiding am
murdering through through New Moxl
co. Mr. Llowollyn reduced the Indiam
to tubjectlon and baa kept them tract
able and peaceable nil during thi
times , the many times , the Sai
Oarloa Apaches have boon out and trlei
to poranado them to an outbreak. He
Llewellyn , la n cool , determined am
moat courageous man , nnd haa had a ro
nmkablo career. For a long tlmo hi
waa cmoloyod In the secret service bnroai
of the United States , having his head
quartora in Omaha , and whllo there woi
much renown for breaking up the Do
Mlddolton gang of horao and cattl
thieves , who depredated tnrough weatori
Nebraska , Wyoming nnd the Niobran
country. The accounts of the oxtcrmlt ;
to which Llowollyn went , joopardlzlni
and risking hia life in hli efforts to brcnl
up thia murderous gang of doiperadooa
la ono of the most thrilling atorlen eve
written of frontier llfo.
Many cosmetics for the comploxloi
have from tlmo to tlma boon put upoi
the market. But none have atoo d th
teat as haa Pozzonl's medicated comatloll
a If In powder. It ii on absolute euro fo
all blotches , dlacolorattons , frocklosotc
For sale by drngelats.
Bit Moses Montcfloro's AVIII.
London Jewish Chronicle.
Wo are enabled to glvo a brief ontlim
of the will of Sir Moses. It wai execute !
in January , 1882 , and la of great length
occupying about twenty largo folli
sheets. The valno of the personalty 1
between 350,000 and 380,000. Semi
of the Invoatmonts have Increased in val
no during the laat few years , nnd it li
provided in the Trill that the bulk of thi
investments shall bo kept Intact , but may
under exceptional circumstances , bi
transferred to consols. The toatamen
commences with a touching and charac
teristic expression of thankfulness to Got
for having preserved him with unclondec
mind and cheerful aplrits to hla 08tl
year. Ho pralaos God for the more ]
vouchsafed to him , and prays thai
the bonoficlont works which hi
waa permitted to further may oontlmn
aflor hla death. Ho directs that hie
funeral shall bo conducted with almpltc
Uy , and a careful avoidance of pomp ,
The executors are Lord Rothschild , Mr ,
Joseph Sobag , Mr. Arthur Cohen , Q 0. ,
M. P. , and Dr. L. Loowo , each of whom
la to receive 1,000 , beeidcu other specific
gifts. Mr. Joaoph Sebig la the residuary
legatee , and to him ia bequeathed East
Ollff Lodge , Runagate , with ita appurten
ances , grounds and estate attached , con
sisting of about thirty acids , which are
practically entaileda proviso being added
that if Mrs. Sobag should survive her
husband aho is not to bo dispossessed.
Falling direct helra male to Mr. Sobag ,
the property is to paaa to Mr. Arthur
Cohen , Q , 0. , M. P. , or hia sons. The
lease of the house in Park lane , with ita
luralturo , is IcfttoMr.ArthnrOohen , but
the bulk of the pictures are reserved for
the Judith Theological college , Ramjgato.
To Mr. and Mra. H. Gnodalla Is ba-
ineathod the life Interest in about 35- ,
)00 ) ; after their death half reverts to the
istato and half toward endowing the
Samsgate synagogue. The Judith The-
iloglcal college adjoining ia alao largely
mdowed. Upward of 30,000 la bo-
[ uoathed to the Congregational and
tharltablo institutions in Jerusalem nnd
ho Holy Land , and about 15-
100 to charitable Institutions in
Jondon" and Ramsgato , aa well
a some gifts to the churches of Rams-
ate and neighborhood. To the Spanish
nd Portugese Jewa' congregation ( the
harltlea of which are largely benefited )
a bequeathed 500 , and to the United
ynagogue 1,000. About 20,000 are
baorbod In various personal legacies , the
! at of which Is very long. Few , if any ,
f thoao to whom Sir Mose
vinced affection or esteem during hi
fetlmo are forgotten , bnt many hav
led alnco the will waa made though only
broo years have olapaed. Among th
eraonal bequests are 5,000 to his nlec
MiesNellie Montefioro , daughter of Mr.
Icratlo Montofiore ) , 1,000 to Mr. one"
Ira. leadoro Spielman ( son-in-law an
aughtor of Mr. Sebaft ) , 100 each to h !
tany granduiecea and graadnephowa
ad 500 to the chief rabbi andMrs. , Ad
ir. The names of Lord and Lady Ham
iond and of several clergymen also figure
t the long list. Al | the bequests ari
ft free of legacy duty. Hla horaes and
irrlagoa are loft to hla coachman , and al
Is devoted , faithful servants recoivi
inultleo or legacies.
TlioKeglon ot the Congo.
Tbo exploration of this part of Africa
> ena up a vast field for American com1
orce. The chief drawback la malaria ,
blch attacks atrangors and prostrates ad-
mturors. The bent antldoto to malaria
Brown's Iron Bitters. There are not
any drug stores in the Congo region ,
it all lojpcctablo drugglata and dealers
medicines In thia country are supplied
th Brown's Iron Blttors , and apnak
[ ? hly of It.
Xlio Way To Anchor that Button.
n Franciscan.
He drifted Into a sample saloon the
her day. wiped his forehead , felt around
hli pockets , and said , with a pleasant
illo :
"Well , aa It aaemi , I hive jutt one 10-
nt plcco loft today , I'll take a drink. "
When the four fingers of Antiooh ,
rve-tangler had boon secreted in his
molest recoBsoj , the customer fumbled
long his keys and laid something on
0 counter. As he did ao ho said.
"Great Seottl Just look at that now ! "
"I BOO it , " said the barkeeper , acorn-
Uy regarding the alleged dime.
"It's a auapendor button. What of ill"
"Why , I didn't look nt it , you know.
inat felt In my pocket , and I'm blamed
1 didn't think It was a dime. Ahem I
mppoBQ you'll ' have to put it on the ice
ill tomorrow. I'll drop In and fix it. "
"Oh , of course you will. Take thla
d fix It now. " And the oocktall-dla-
user handed over a needle and thread.
"What's that for ? "
' Why , for yon to saw that button on
tb , right now. You may make the
no mistake somewhere else ; now her on
eng , "
But the party with the button waavory
ich Insulted , and went out swearing
it prominent pioneers didn't have any
3w In this community any more ,
btn 3Ut > j wa * alck , vt garc liar Cutoris ,
lien the irai a Child , the crleii for Cfutorla ,
ita iko became Ulaa , the clunjj to Of itorla ,
lan alit bad Children , ill * gat * UteU-Cu toria
Recent DUoovorloa Some Rich Find
The Mineral Ilcsourccs ot
the West.
The Mormon Find.
EL PASO , Tex , , August 10. The in
nartant announcamcnt comoafrom Com
lltos , Mexico , to-day that the Mormo
colony which recently located there hav
dltcoverod n silver bonanza In sever ;
old mlnoa which they pumped out. Th
colony was located as an ogrlcnltun
colony , and the colonists were selccto
with thia vlow ; but it few odd mlnoi
among them took poorly to agrlcnltnr
and bought five abandoned mines , tha
were worked over a century ago. Afte
clearing away the debria In the large ;
mine , and following the dip of the vein
they claim to h&vouncovcrod an Immona
lodpo of very rich oro. Following thl
vein they oatlinita nearly five mllllona c
silver already In sight. Word hai boo
eent to Utah and a great Influx of Moi
mon minors h anticipated.
Firat Discovery or Gold In the Rook
Park County ( Col ) Bulletin.
A good deal of Interest has always boo
attached to the question where the fin
gold waa discovered In the Rocky moan
tain i , Two or thrco placca claim th
honor , and nt the risk of tearing them n
with dissension , wo shall advance n noi
competitor. In 1857 , tlr columns c
United Statoi treopa were sent fror
bioux City , la. , to rolnforco Gen , Alber
Sydney Johnson , who , with nsmall foica
waa encamped on the Wasatoh range Ii
Utah , and preparing himself for an nt
tack , aa the Mormons were very throat'
onlng. The mounted troops hurried t
the front , bnt on reaching Lodgopol
Crook , In Wyoming , tholr horeca were si
tlrod that they were forced to halt. Dur
Ing thfn halt Lieut. J. Alexander and i
soldier named Slater loft camp for an antelope
tolopo hunt. They were on the bank o
a creek n few mllea from camp , when 01
stooping to got n drink , Slater Ecoopec
up some pebbles among which were parti
cloa resembling gold , Ho called the lieu
tenant's attention to It and both agceoc
that It waa gold , but on going back t <
camp the men pooh-poohed the idea o
finding gold osst of California , and thi
matter dropped. Whllo returning oaa
the next year the lieutenant mot multl
tudoa of people in search of the prcolou
metal. The lieutenant was too busy ti
look the matter up , and at the broaklnc
out of the war he joined n rebel regiment
from Georgia. In the moantlmo the sol
dier , Slater , died. A short tlmo alnci
the writer met the lieutenant , who wa :
visiting Colorado for the first tlmo slnci
1857 , and ho then related the .facta vri
have narrated. His story Is ontlrelj
Deadwood Mlnon.
Redding Independent.
Tha five-stamp mill at the McDonald
nine is kept running day and night , and
It Is crushing nine to ton tona per day ,
Fhe depth of the shaft ia 125 feet , wltb
100 foot of bacha. The ledge ia twenty
nchcs In width , and the ere runa from
? 20 to $150 to the ton. In the past
ihroo months the owners of this bonanza
lave taken out. $112,000. The ton-
it amp mill of the Wart mlno la running
lay nnd night. The ere is low-grade ,
unnlng from $8 to $15 per ton , bnt they
lave ere enough in eight to keep tholr
nlll running for throe years. The owners
if the Ground Hog have just recently
' In their 200-foot tunnel
, four-foot'ledgo - ,
rhich gooa from $ G to § 10 a ton. The
Vermont mine is looming np fine. The
reln ( s over four feet wide , nnd located
> n tha ridge that divides French Gulch
nd Doadwood. A. F. Minear pur-
haaed this mine the firat of the week ,
nd intends pushing developments na
eon as possible. Ho has ordered a
Inntlngton mill , which will be shipped
0 the mill Immediately , The Kline
illl hau been bonded by Mr. Shadlck
nd Tom Simons haa baon placed in
hargo as auparlntondcnt. Considerable
rork is being done at thla mlno in the
ray of cross-cutting and drifting. At the
v"m. T. Ooleman mlno , located east of
taadwood , the 10-atamp mill la crushing
rat-class ere at a lively rate , and la
folding largo returns. In connection
1th the Scorpion tharo are numerous
ther prospects which are daily panning
nt largo sums of gold bullion , which
'oadwood ' and French Gulch districts ar
otedfor. Outside of the McDonald
ono'of the mfnes have reached a dept
slow the bad of the gulch. What tha
istrlct sadly needs is men with capita
ho can afford to prospect the mines to a
aopor depth.
roeodlnjtly Rich Deposits Found In
the Caves ol iSnttlo Mountain ,
RED CnjT , Col. , August 15. Lia
renlng it was reported in Rid Ollff tha
1 oxtonalvo cave had baon encountered
the working of the Percy Chester
Ino on Bittlo Mountain. At first i
as thought to bo a gigantic hoax. The
ory as it waa told sounded llko a menu
cntal fish yarn , and nobody believed It.
j-day , however , It has boon explored ,
id the account of this trip ta marvelons
doed. Two men were nearly three
mra in visiting and examining the dlf-
rent portions of the strange cavern.
10 Percy Oheetar In In'quartzlto , a rook
rmatlon where largo caves are not comA -
A little over a month n , o a cave was
at with near the tfurface , the floor of
ilch was covered with a muddy talc ,
ilch ran high Ia gold and silver. Il
vo a boom to property In thia locality ,
d In the brio ! tlmo ainoo then $10,000
treasons have baon taken out and mar
The first civo was thought to be a
mdor , but it is an infant in comparison
th the present one. About 150 fcot
> ra the surface the workings broke Into
empty apace , and on exploring the
vo it was found to bo 400 feet In length
d the width Ia unknown , but from 30
100 foot , At one point there appears
bo a running stream , and near tbo cm-
' thera ia a lake , or rather a email
Further experiments were madowhich
eve that the dimensions are far moro
tensive than tho'preiont fignrea ; but
w for the commercial point of Interest ,
te floor of the cave hoovered with talc ,
allar to the ere that was first found
ar the surface. It had n thlcknets va
Ing from a few Inches to moro than two
it , and small nuggets of bright gold have
en discovered. Many tons of bonanza
neral are hero broken ready to bo
avelod up and shipped to market. Quito
furors haa been created by thla dlecov-
r , and moro startling details are prom-
d. It la anppoeed that thla cave cuts
roaa the Golden Wonder and Parrgund
nes , that jcin iho Percy Cheater , and
i ownera feel proportionately mora
althy in consequence.
Concerning the Percy Chester , It may
worth whllo to atato that a few weeks
) Manager U. E. Armita o , of tbo Bel-
i mine , aold it for $2,000 when it was
iply a prospect , It hu paid for Itself
several times already , and now the noi
owners belle o themselves millionaire * .
Hero la another apt Hluitratlon ot thi
peculiar nnd atrango nnonnlles of the so
called sucooislul minor.
DltcnvorlcH In Oregon.
Baker City ( Ore. ) Sagebrush.
The last stage from Pine Crook bring
in the nowa that prior to the dopaitnr
of the stage from Cornucopia partlc
were arriving In camp , bring with then
the specimens of ere from now dlscovoi
lea made a few miles distant. The rlcl
eat find , perhaps , la the ono made b ;
Frank lies , John Loguo and Sid Merrill
about five or atx miles northeast of Cor
nncopln , on whn1. la called Ollff rivci
The vein ia exceedingly largo , and prc
aontsn well-defined ledge of froo-mlllln
ore , from which the most handsome pro ;
poets have been obtained. Their dlsco\
ory la probably an extension of what i
called the Slmmona ' mlno , which I
claimed to bo ono of the richest dlaoov
orlea In the whole district. Prospector
are scouring the country in every dlroc
raotlon , and hardly n day passes but noi
finds are reported. The mineral nrca I
not limited to only a few miles In oxtonl
but stretching far north , east and woa
Into the high grinlto mountains the ruin
eral bolt can bo traced , and rich proa
psota have bron found ,
Jamoa W. Virtue rotnrnod laat Sania ]
from a trip to Malhonr. Whllo at Mai
henr ho paid n visit to the rocout dlecav
cries attuitod at the head of what I
called Quattz Gulch , and prospected th
or * . Mr. Ylrtuo says the formation i
not of quartz formation , but of docom
poiod bsdrock , and in an Immense qnan
tlty , the width of the dopoeit being between
twoon twelve and fourteen foot , am
prospecting aa high $200 and $300 ii
gold per ton. The owners nro down to i
depth of ton or twelve feet and no sign
of the deposit giving out. The enl ;
qnoation aa to the valno of the find la ti
what extent in depth it extends. Thi
owners intend pushing the work of development
velopmont aa fast ai possible , and , if jus
tided , will Inaugurate aoma prooeis foi
working the ore , whioh is free milling.
An Oregon Camp
Wo clip the following from the Boisi
Statesman of July 28 : Mr. Kelley , at
old-tlmo minor , returned from the nowlj
discovered Pine Creek mines , situated It
Union county. Ore. , about northeast o :
Baker City. He states that the camj.
consists of ono small store and two 01
three companies who own from fiftouu tc
twenty-four locations each ; of this num
ber bub two show any promise 3omt
pretty f too gold and eulphurola of allvci
ora. No work of development of anj
couacqaonca has yet been dono. James
Virtue offered to put In n ten-stamp mill
for one-eighth Interest for six loading
lodges , provided the campinlca would
pay him for milling , but the offer was re
fused. On the other hand , $10,000 waa
paid by another party for a llko Interest
in the same mines. The odcoa are at an
elevation of 5,500 fcot above the oca ; the
country la well watered and timbered ,
but very rough to travel over. A good
wagon road runa within ono mlle ol the
camp. Mr. Kelley advises all persons to
keep away , aa the country has boon
pretty well prospected , and the showing
thus far made ia not such as to induce
poor men to waste any time in the fruit
less task of hunting a "gold mine , "
The Case of Marshal.
3 Q Francisco Call.
Several eastern papers have referred to
the fast that the state of California did
lot provide for the alleged discoverer of
; old in his latter years aa in a nogatlvo
lonao an act of Ingratitude. It will bo
ilfticult to establish the fact that Mr.
Vlarahall performed any especial service
'or the state. Admitting that ho waa
; ho first to discover gold in paving quan-
itlos , ho did ao In the pursuit of other
> ccupations. Ho devoted neither time
sr money to the prosecution of work to
lemonatrato the existence of gold. Ho
vas ono of the party who dug n channel
or water to servo a purpoao of tholr own
tnd ono day when the water waa turned
iff , particles of gold was found in the
hannol. He had simply struck a gravel
pad without purpose and without stcrl-
iso on hla part. Mr. Marshal is not
: nown to have devoted either tlma or
nonoy to the benefit of the people who
ashed to thla caaat when the discovery
i gold was confirmed. Ho looked eater
or hla own interact as closely as other
ion in the state at the timo. Ho waa
lever subjected to much expanse aa a
onsquenco of hla discovery.
A Dreadful Disease ,
Head , ponder and profit thereby. Kemp's
lilsatn for the Throat and Lungs is conceded
y all who have used it to excel any prepara-
ion in the market as a complete ) Throat and
iunp Healer. All persons afflicted with the
readful disease Consumption will find
? eedy relief and in a majority of cages a
ermnaent cure. The proprietor has nuthor-
; ed Schrotor & Conrad , Druggists , No , 211
> th street , to refund the money to any party
ho has taken tlireo-fourtha of a bottle wlth-
it relief. Price GO cents and SI , Trial site
. Blue-Eyed Beauty from Germany
GocaAVettto ilo Married.
ow York Journal , 10th.
"Ia Nobrnika very far oil ? " asked Elsla
! cck , a blue-eyed , fair-haired German
alden of Mr. Van Duzar , aa aho landed
; Oaatlo pardon yoiterday.
His reply staggered her.
"Must 1 wait days before I meet him ? "
IB aakod.
Three montta ago her bothrothcd ,
olnrlch Horn , loft her in Germany to
ako a homo in America.
Ho went to Nebraska City , and after
aklng all arrangements for her recaption
nt for her to come to him and redeem
jr promise to be his wlfo ,
Elala started immediately , and every
> Iay seemed to Imply a new dro&d that
to would miss him.
One of the evening trains bora the
uihlng maiden to her sweetheart in the
ostern conntry , where aha taya should
uld live happily oa almost nothing "Jf
olnrlch was there. "
Nervous Debilitated Mon ,
DU are allowed a tree trial Jor thirty dayi of
0 ute of Dr , Dye'd Celebrated Voltaic Belt
th Ulectrio Suspensory Appliances , for the
eody relief nnd permanent cure of Nervous
jbihty , loss of Vitality and Manhood , and
kindred troubles. Also for many other dls >
sea. Complete restoration to health' , vigor
d manhood. No rlik ia incurred. Illuatra-
1 pamphlet with full information , terms , etc ,
tiled free byodclreaeinK Voltaic Belt Co. ,
arehall , Mich.
"Whoro filcDonough HtundB
STill Tribune.
Politicians doatring to know the course
it the Tribune will tike in the icuato-
1 campaign , if the contest narrows
wn to a Van Wyok ar anti-Van Wyok
no , may rest assured that wo will be
ind ou the eldo of Von Wyok and the
Jf lo , every tlmo.
AIinnCHA , wont cases relieved nnd
eU by DtnrFX'fl 1'raie MALT WUIBKBT.
commended by leading Physicians , ( Sold
Drugguti and Grocers ,
It Is n very common practice for a ma
starting in business to announce hla
self on hla alga and business cards r
"Into with" so and so , his former on
ployor. lias n person any rlijht to d
this ? Can ho bo provonlod by legi
moans from so uilog the name of his foi
mot employes ?
An opinion on this novel and intei
ostlng question has jast boon rendered b
Judge Woatbrook , of the Snprom
Court In this Stnto. A jowellor who lia
been employed In n jewelry store opcno
n shop of hi ? own in the same town
Oa hli sign and business card
ho mod tuo words "late wit' '
Jamoa P. Van Wyck. " The lattt
complained that the effect of this nn
nouncomont would bo to tnko nwny hi
customers and Injure his bnslncaj. Thor
was no allegation of fraud , Judg
Wealbrook holds that the defendant hat
no right to roako such use of the nam
of hla former employer. Ho soys
"Nothing in moro completely the prop
erty of A man than his name. No per
son can use it without the owner's con
sent. The nso of the plaintiff's name ti
make conspicuous the rival business nnc
name of the defendant is a clear vlolatloi
of the propotty rights of the plalntlfT. '
Judge Woatbrook dooa not clto any an
thorlty or precedent In support of thl
vlow. IIo roaches his conclusion b' '
reasoning. Wo think the conclusion
wrong and the reasoning unsound. Who :
a person has boon fur a lonj
or a considerable tlmo In the sorvlca of ;
business honso or firm . widely am
favorably known , that fact raises i
presumption of hla capability to oarrj
on the same bnslnoao for himself. It Is i
fact which , in the absence of fraud o ;
unfair dealing , ho has n right to announce
to the public. In music or art It wouh
seem rodlcnlons to deny to a person thi
rlghttruthfully to represent hlnuolf 01
herself as the pupil of n well knowi
teacher or artist. The principle la thi
same In business.
This vlow of the law has been taken
by onr oinrt of nppealo. A firm ol
dentists dissolved partnership. Ono con
tinned business In the same placp ,
the other opened another office. The
court of appeals hold that the former had
no right to represent himself as sucoeasoi
to the Into firm , since such wzs not the
caso. "But , " said the court , "ho maj
lawfully doscrlbo himself no formerly 01
late of that firm. Ho would state slmplj
a fact belonging to his own life , na mud ;
at if he wore to state the tlmo cr place ol
his blrtb , the name of hii father or In
structor or the college from which he
graduated. All this might bo done in
good faith.
The Voice of the I'ooplo.
The people , as a whole , seldom make
mistakes , and the unanimous voles of
praise which comes from those who have
used Hood's Sarsaparllla fully juatiGos
the claims of the proprietors of thla great
medicine. Indeed , theao very claims are
based entirely on what the people say
Hood's Sars&parilla has done. Send to
0. I. Hood & Co. , Lowell , Mass. , for
book containing statements of many
Jnros. _ _ _ _ _
Advancing Civilization in India.
3t. Louis Globe-Democrat.
A sign of advancing civilization in lu-
; lla , reported by the Bombay Times , is
that the custom of wear shooa has been
idoptpi by all , oven the very poorest ,
Inhabitants of the prealdoncy. Thirty
rears ago hardly a pair of shoos could bo
found on the foot of Hindoos , except
those of the nppor caatea ; now everybody
ivoara them , and the manufacture of shoes
ias grown In India b ) a position
> f considerable importance. This
s all very Interesting , but
hero Is an obverse to the medal which Islet
lot qulto so comforting to Americans.
Dhiny years ago American-made boots
, nd shoes were sold In England and .ell
ivor the western part of the continent of
Snropo at lower prices and to greater ad-
rantngo to the users than thoto produced
in the soil upon which the wearers stood.
Phis was all thoreaultof the greater In-
; ennlty of Americans in Inventing labor-
avlng machinery , and its effects were EO
narked , at the time , that tbo thoemakora
if Northampton and Norwich , which were
hen the chief shoe-manufacturing centers
f England , wcro brought to the direst
istresa. Bat the war came and Its con.
cquont necessary legislation , and the
boo Industry , oxcoptjf r homo conanmp-
Ion , was destroyed. To-day , in splto of
11 our mechanical genius and our ao-
uowledgcd financial skill , tboro Is , prac-
Ically , no foreign trade In American boots
nd shoos. Why this 10 , or why this can-
Itlon of affairs chould continue , Is a tub-
act which would repay the closest In.
ulry. It not only affects boots and shoos
nt manufactured cottons which thirty.
vo years ago successfully Invaded the
larkotsof Manchester and n good many
thor Industrial products. Perhaps the
resent administration , in the few short
ours of rast between discussing appllca-
ons for the country poatmaatorahlps ,
light put in some good work in Inquir-
ig into ttla matter and suggesting a
'ILESI ' ! PILES ! ! PILES ! ! !
A aura cure for Blind , Bleeding , Itching
id Ulcerated Piles has been discovered by
r. 'Williams , ( an Indian remedy } , called Dr.
rillama' ! Indian Pile Ointment. A tingle
> z has cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or
I years standing. No one need suffer five
Inutua after applying this wonderful sooth-
g medicine. Lotions and instruments deere
ore harm than good. Williams' Indian
ilo Ointment absorb ] the tumors , allays tlio
touso itching , ( particularly at night niter
ittlng warm in bed ) , acts as a poultice , gives
slant relief , and is prepared only for 1'IIes ,
; hiuff of private parts , and for nothing else ,
Dr. Frazlcr'n Megio Ointment. Cures oa
by mnglc. l'implosBIaclc Heads or HGrubi
o lotcbes and Eruptions on the face , leaving
iltskin clear and beautiful. Also euros Itch ,
3 , Rbumo , Sore Nipples , Bore Lips , and
batmata Ulcore.
Bold by druggists , or mailed on receipt of
Retailed by Kuhn & Co , , anil Schrooter &
jcht. At wholesale by 0 , E" . Goodman ,
Sneak Tlilevog.
A member of the genus t noak thief on-
red the clothing atora of J. P. Lund ,
Fifteenth street , near tbo opera houto ,
turday afternoon and tided the cou
nts of the cash drawer , taking $20.
10 act TTRB not noticed , as all were out
nit looking at the Daiant procession.
Clio Favorite Washing Compound of tbo
annas fabrics without injury , and , without
i laborious scrubbing necessary with ordl-
y eoap , For ealo by grocers.
A Mlsilni : JUg ,
Dr. Lolaonrlng's horse which was stand-
; In front of hla office on Sixteenth and !
pltol uvenuo , Saturday , was stolen by
no one and his not uluco been found ,
search hai been made for It in
try direction. There Is absolutely nee
e to the miscreant who is responsible I { !
the theft. I i
1,1 ,
* .
* * ! , ; Abfotittft'i - * * * -
Free front Opiates , Emtllrt Hint 1'otions.
t * r Couali , Pnro Tlironl , IIonr cnrs Inflafnti ,
Cold * . HrvnrtillK Croup , \Vhooplnc ConaV
Aktlimn , Qnln.j , 1'ntnntn Client , tndclhir
ITMIonirflheTtiroat odljune * .
Price no cents n I'otllc. Fold by Drncclst * * n1 Uf l-
f r . IMrtlei vnaMe to l < ttiee IMr dmler la promptly
etl .t for them \rlll \ rccrirf lira boltltfKfvrtHcAoreu
tlUit > ytcnaini ; one dollar to
IIIK A. onn.rn ronrlKT ,
f ) uwaeriAnil AtunnrACturcm ,
lUUInorr. Birj llnd , C. S. JU
II rltr r > r" < ' ! * < txldmtl tmo .
Ncrvaut Pfosir tlon , Debllllr. Mcn'rJ n.n ,
Phr < lcal Weakness ; MercurMI and : Ui < r t < < ?
t'nns ot Throat , Skin or Bonc , Blood IMltbiildg ,
oM Sores and Ulcers , r trttui ' .lit nr n
i eeiiinlti iti i uiat > rlaeli > lM. r r lr , I.
OUiiaie * Silslng Jto-n IndUcrellon , E e ti-e
V-.ipnsuro et Ir.dulcjentc , whi nndeet f t >
i > tlcnlf elrctil DMtoriieil , dtMlllf , fllracm f
m rj. fmpltioa lb M , pbileil < Kv ; ,
werilon to lit ,0-1,17 a r fenilii , eoalnii.V f ll > , , , t .
rendering Mitrrln e itatirocer or untitvirr. to
A Positive Written Guaranta ®
ly In all tcnbl . VMIcl trt ie < ren
rr jhlet , XntlBh or Osrnnnay
JtcylWne aborB di 4 > a , In a * < e or f u lt ,
. . . , . ,
S0 .picner rr > 0i ! mef p ( - . > i.\ , tilt ,
entatai a' tje Mint , dmtutl er lu lilUr > WTO i
, X. Iliosl i : CM i
JTMW tr 7 o ti E-saKv lwj - '
Jamss Medical Instilulo
Chartered by thcStnteof Illi
nois fop thccxprcca purpose
'of ' ElvlnEimmedlate rclielln
Jail chronlc.unnary and pri-
avatc diseases. Gor.orthcea ,
iQleetandSyphillsln all their
complicated forms , also all
diseases of the Skin and
Bloodpromptly relieved and
pcrmancntlycured by rcme-
, , - Special I'rartIce. Seminal
Weakness , Night Losses by Dreams , Pimples on
the FaceLost Manhood , Jtosltltf If/cured , Uicro
isnocxiicrliiicntliHi. The appropriate remedy
is at once used In each case. Consultations , per-
Bonal or by letter , sacredly confidential. Med
icines sent by Mail nnd Express. No marks on
package to indicate contents or sender. Address
DR.JAMESNo.204WashInfllnnSChicaflOlll. !
At IhooldetnnilHlT FirnatnSt. Orders bytclo-
traph solicited ondipromplly attended to. Telephono-
Arrr UaitapetltnctonlerrezaQiIUrtT ! r. Downni errr ( I *
iali worlil. tmrei njiT ptt. . jjtarrjuak , P tet tn& Acn. , ftnj ILK
K Cl ' . ' ud C U nilluafr ctrlEjfB.1 Try ft ,
| j. Ei otCTnTrtofal we. or drareta for Ud rciulu
' .suiiniiiEo.vs.
s ,
Plnttsraouth , Wob.
Brro c i of thorottRhbrod and high grain
lereio d and Jersey CattleB
And Puree end Jersey Kerf Swino.
lirect Line for England , Fxtmcfr
and Germany.
The neimahlpa ol this well known Una u
Iron , In water-tight compartments , and art far
shed with every requisite to ratko tbo partsig
> th eato and igrceablo , They carry tbo Unlto
; itos and European malls , and leave Now Tor
taodayasnd 8atuid ya for Ph mouth ( LONDON
lerboufr.U'AKIS and HAlfBUUF )
Rates , First CablnfCO-glOO. Steer ago ( o nnd
am Hamburg J10. Q. I ) , IllCHAUU & CO. , Ocu-
al Pass. AROnt , 01 Broadway , New York anj
ashlngton and La Lello streets , Chicago or Henry
undt Mark Hiiiaou , r % E. Moore ? , Harry r. Ioul
uaha ; Orouewlr &Solioono'er I Country.
imoke G , H , Mack & Go's 1 ;
Cleveland , O. , Celebrated
icstS for 25o ck'ar In Amcrlci , and Excelsior tc
Cigar 1'ro eminent above all others.
Our Cat Doca Not Scratch
Co Clfjiraboro all competition , for gala and
controlled by
D. W. SAXE and J. W. BELL ,
: cnnard & Rlggg. Drilgf , L'uoolaNcb ' ,
. a Chapman , " "
vani & Juduon , D use , Hastings , Neb.
OHty&Chlmi , Drugs , Ctlumbiis , Neb ,
, O. DoIIuveu , DrufD , Counol Iliuffn ,
U Q. Morgan & Co , Druni'ouudl Jowa.
uiEcbragc , liooks , eto. , I'remont Neb.
r , II. IXirncr , Bookd , ctcb'iemt | {
: . If. Wblttlessy.Druss , Crete
a poiltlvo roiucdr I or th atom dln t I brtti
thoaia df0tcfti icitlia wor > t kliiUttuUof lonff
.dlnirliATul'Ofu . ' cured. ludeed.feuitronRltiDyfalia
J nlc > cr.thatlwlll nIT\VO HOTII.MJ1BB. .
tUer with a VA I.UAIII.lSTItliAriBU cii tiili dli u9
uytufftirer. ( llvaoiprulliiDdr U.addr-li.
' Ull. T , JL. HUlOUM.let J'.atlB ! . , Ne < Yoife
iw depattraeut of Driko Unlv irtlty , Dei Xlolntl
i. Hood for CatUoirue. AdJrits A. II. McVejr ,
4 or J. B. fink , Hccrctiry , cue Cole MoVey tt
Iowa tntsiwkj