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Tte SbaJows of Deal ! Dtepiij
on tic Grail Collage at McGregor.
The Balmy Mountain Breezes Boar
No Healing on Their Wings ,
Ilie Waning Day Mkcly to
Eternal neat to tlio Grout Com-
niftnelci Scones Around
the Hick Itooni.
Mount McOrc > ; or , .Iulyij. : I a , m.
KcsplrMlonn nro 5U , and tlio tmlso
Is so r plil as not to lie countcil. The
hypodermics , which have boon freely
ndinlnlBtorcd thronRli the nlRht , have
no longer nny marked effect. The
Utility IB Httll astir.
MT. MoGBEaon , July 22. ! ) a. m. The
actual condition of Con , Grant ia pronounced
unchanged alnco the laat bulletin , except that
the general Ia Bald by Dr. Douglass to bo
growing weaker. Some food has been taken
and retained this morning , The patient ia
sitting with a slightly inclined head , conscious
and clear of mind. Dr. Douglas cent for Dr.
Hands. Dr , Douglas anticipates the end Cur
ing the day or evening.
12:20 : i ) , m. General ( irant's condition is
reported unchanged slnca ! > o'clock , except a
gradually increasing weakness.
2 r. M. Dr. Douglas just reported that the
patient haa just taken and retained a cup of
mill : and tbo physicians think that if there
hnj not been a slight rally the past hour , the
general is at least holding his own ,
2:15 : f. m. The members of tbo general's '
family and Dr. Newman are grouped in a
darkened room near the eick inau , Observing
evidences of their feelings the general said :
* 'I do not want anjbadyto be distressed oh
my account. "
3SO : p. m. Drc. Sands and Shrady
have just arrived by a special
train , which also brought U. S.
Orant , Jr. , and wife. The newcomers re
paired at once to the cottago. A singular oc-
curreuco at the cottage has juit been related
hy Dr. Plowman. At five minutes of 1 o'clock
Gen. Grant a > ked the hour of the day. "Ono
o'clock , " spoke ono of thoionear him. Soon
afterward the cottage clock chimed twelve
strokes , and the general counted them. Then
ho wrote on a pad that ho observed the clock
was wrong and deairod to have it etriko the
tight hour , which was done , and the
instance passed as ono moro of the
remarkable episodes of the general's
later eickneis. There has been a reoccurrence -
renco of hiccoughs today.
I p. in. The physicians met at once with
Dr. Douglas In consultation after leaving the
cottage where they found the general in a
critical condition. No ono of the staff is
willing to predict anything beyond twenty-
four hours , through which period it is deemed
impossible that the general can survive ,
though the probability now is that much less
time marks the limit of the general's life. A
chnnfo for the worse was anticipated as
the day closed. The pulse is now over ono
At 10:30 : , however , it was stated by reliable
authority that the general waa in a slightly
bettor condition than two hours ago.
From the present condition , which
borders npon a lethargic state ,
the uatient may quietly drift into final
consciousness. During the afternoon the ex
tremities of the sick man have baen cold and
in tha visible symptoms are signs that nature
puts out when death is chilling the powers.
The general , as the night passes , soema to bo
suffering no pain , though the lines of his face
are tensely drawn and the furrows of tbo
brow are knitted as he lion upon the cot be-
alde which the family are constantly watch
ing. At 1 o'clock the general was not asleep.
His bands and forearms were colder than two
hours before but his feet were
not so much BO. His pulse and respiration
bad not changed. The patient 'a
mind waa yet clear and comprehensive of the
events and utterances about him. Between
10 and 11 o'clock Dr. Bhrady had accosted the
genpral and ho answered in a husky voice and
promptly. Stimulants were being uaod , but
sparingly , and there waa an experience ex
pressed by the medical authority about 11
o'clock that the closing crisis may occur
either at 1 or 4 o'clock to-night.
At midnight Gen. Grant remains yet quiet
though not asleep , The coming hour is being
anticipated with great anxioty. At midnight
bottlea of hot water w ro placed at the gen
eral s foot to Induce warmth and mus
tard draughts were applied upon the
stomach and breast to preserve the flagging
circulation. Dr. S mds is resting at the hotel
and Dra , Douglass and Shrady are ut the
1 a. m , The general remains In the atmo
quiet condition. His pulao and respiration
are unchanged , and there is a feeling that ho
may tide over the midnight season of weak-
noda and until 4 a , m. .Hypodermics of brandy
are being used ,
2 a , m. The family h astir in the cottaRe ,
though there no visible indications .that point
to other conditions than at the time of tbo
Ian bulletin.
a a. in Gen Grant is In n somnolent con
dition. Inspirations have grown shallow and
the general IB no longer able to expectorate
because of his woaknesr , which ia Increasing ,
There seems but little potsibility that tbo
patient will survive the night.
The early morning hours at the Grant cot
tage were cool and refreshing. The ther
mometer at 2 o'clock thia morning marked
72 ° . this was the equable temperature main
tain oil in the nick room while General Grant
remained in New York and to it was this
morning added the Bweot odor from the pine
trees which bend o\or the cottage roof.
Agentlo 'bree/o , sweet and delicious swept
miles and mlloa down tha valley and from the
mounthlns , It stirred the curtains iu the
window tear which sat the sick man nnd
fanned his face more gratefully than could
the careful hands which were waiting near.
Between 2 nod 15 a , m. the pray tint of an
other day crept up the horizon beyond the
green mountain * , perhaps tno laat earthly day
of the Blck it nu bitting within tbo cottage par
lor. About nnd all round the cottage waa
atill and quiet , except the occasional twitter
of Borne birds In the birches or pines. Occas
ionally Henry , the nurse , wandered out on
the plazit for fresh air and a glimpse of thn
night Once at about II o'clock Mrs. Grant ,
attired In a looio g t n of white came out
an the veranda , and teatrd hi-reell in one of
the many deserted willow chairs which were
scattered In group ) about the piazza. Ten
minutes she sat motionless and looked away
to the east , where tno gray tint of another
day bad grown to full promise.
Her face rested upon one hand and eho was
evidently wrapped iu the folds of thought.
Suddenly there cama a sound ot a laboring ,
rattlioc cough from within. It was the gen
eral clearing the affected parts of his throat o !
mucus , Mrs. Grant left the piazza quickly
and seated herself by the general' * side ,
dlowly fanning the ick man' * face. Uhe
coughing waa not nevero but incidental Col.
Fred. Grant entered tbo room while the
nurse wa aiding the general and took i
place beside and Unbind hu father
The morning had passed three o clock
and the time had come to administer
food , The nurse touched the shoulder of Dr
Douglas aa be lay asleep on a couch in tin
same room. Ho arose and administered fooe
and afterwards cleansed the general's throat
Ai tha phyniciau laid anda appliance again
( Jan. Grant leaned forward in the chair am
ngniGe'l a desire tint the lamp should be
brought. The nurse brought the lamp and
held It at the sick man'n shoulders , and at tb
moment the general turned hla face toward
tha light and upward to bid the nurse bring
pad and pencil , His wish was
not instantly understood , and turning a
trllla farther the general repeated the wish ,
This time hia low , husky whisper wai inter ,
proted and the pad nnd pencil were brought.
He wrote but briefly on the slip which ho
handed to Dr. Douglas , who at once pansod it
to Cnl , Grant , It wag a prlvato family com
munication , After writing the general re
sumed a half reclining petition. At 5 o'clock
Dr , Douglas wan a.'ousod anil sent a Mimmoiu
for Dr. bands , and the general settled down
In the chair and dc7 d , Dr. Sands was sum
moned only tint \d might slmro the responal-
b.lity nt tbo close of the niehtand not with the
thought that any bid could ba rendered by
him or any ono during the day. Stimulants
were pi von the general Lut he grown weaker
huir by hour ,
The morning Ia clear and mercury nt 11 the
thermometer registered 80 degrees. All visi
tors are kept from the cottage and a Sabbath
day quiet prevails about the spot. Dr. Now-
nun is with the family , who ara nuletly
waiting the end , The general's mind con
tinued coherent and clear. He sits much of
Iho tlmo as ho did last night with his eyes
closed. U. S. Grant , jr. , ia expected to ar-
rlvo this afternoon , when the family
circle will ba complete. Dr.
Douglas has just left the cottage and
says the general's pulse la very weak and flut
tering. The patient , once during the morn
ing , attempted to write but succeeded in writ
ing only the date , tlio effort being greater than
the little remaining strength warranted. Ho
has spoken at Intervals but hia voice ia very
feeble. During the forenoon food waa taken
and retained. With the declining day the
physician believes the general will also rapidly
The development of the general's ' weakness
during the afternoon waa not particularly
noticeable from hour to hour but between It
auJ U o'clock thora v\aa a clearly , though not
violently , marked increase of weakness. At
8 o'clock it was possible to measure the pulao
beats but at G o'clock one of the physicians
stated that the puleo boats could not be
counted IIPCMHO they were BO frequent and
fetb'.o. During the afternoon the blood tide
had so quickened that it moro rapidly were
the system and exhausted the frail bisi ? , if
any existed , upon which might ba placer
n hope that tlm general might ra'
ly. The point was reached at fi
o'clock when there was little to bo expected
from attempts to administer food. Soon after
G o'clock Hnirison came up from tbo cottage
and told Doctors Sands and Shrady that Dr.
Douglas desired to BOO them at tha cottago.
Thither wont the doctors , lemaluing but a
short time and then coming again to the
The family , beginning G o'clock , came to
the hotel to dinner in twos , the others re
maining at tha cottngo in the mean timo. The
family dined In a private room set apart for
their use at the hotel , in order , at this
critical time , that they might bo secluded
from tbo curious observation of many visitors
md guests with whom the general's condition
_ 'rom hour to Lour had been the topic of the
day. The closed and silent cottage all day
suggested mutely the enactment of the last
cone in Gan. Grant's earthly existence.
As the sun went down a cool breeze Hko
Jiat of last night sprang up and again laymen
on the mountain endeavored to persuade
bemselvea and others that a cool nlplit would
iring renewed strength to the patient and
ialp him rally thi o'jgh the night. But such
vas not the opinion oi the doctors who were
prepared to attend tbo general's death-bed at
i moment's notice or to wait through the
lours and into the night for the end. Moro
ban that , they were prepared to find
ho patient nlivo In the morninp. At 7
' 'clock , however , as the three physicians were
jt dinner , Harrison came to the hotel and
called Dr. Douglas , who went at once nnd
nlonn to tha cottago. Soon afterward another
nessenger from the cottage summoned Drs.
Shrady and Sands , and they repaired to the
ottago , closnly followed by Dr. Newman.
? fce exits of the doctors ar tte clergyman
rom the hotel were , IIOR , ver , so quietly
fleeted that few know they had been sum
moned to the cottage. Arrived there , they
ound the general evidently sinking. The
-cneral seemed restless. "Would you like
to lie down , father ? " asked Col. Grant , who
noticed the restlessness , Tha general nodded
ind nt the same moment essayed to rlso unas-
itted. But the effort waa too much for htm ,
and ba Bank back Into the chair , and the
colonel and the nurse aided him to arise , and
hen supported him to his bed , where hu waa
carefully lowered to a reclining position and
mrtly on hia face. Dr. Douglas then rolled
he chairs back , and one of the physicians
laa since remarked that the general has now
eft his chair for the last time.
The belief ii that the general baa at length
am down to die. The family are all gathered
at the aide of the sick man and again Dr.
Bowman , at about the same hour aa last night
and at Mrs. Grant's request , knelt beside the
reneral and prayed. Heads were bowed and
lilent tears were on the chocks of the men as
well as the women. The doctors sat some
what apart and the family was near its fast
sinking head. Then , after an hour , death
seemed little less rapidly gaining on -l
the man it has pursued just nine
nontha to-day for it ia just nine
months ago to-day that Gsn , Grant walked
Into Dr. Douglas's ollicu to seek hia profes it
sional aid for the rancor that haa done what
Foes and war could not Then the doctors
and the clergyman strode out upon the piazza
and sat near the parlor window and Jeeso
Grant joined them at times , but the other
members of the family remained in the sick
room and watched and waited , while the gen
eral answered "yea" and "no" to several
Time pmcd slowly indeed and at length at
i15 ; o'clock Dr. Douelas loft the cottago.
"How is It , doctot ! " wai asked him ,
"lie is dying , " said the gray haired
phyician ,
"Will ho live an hour1 was asked again.
"Oh ! yea. nnd poasibly more , but he is passIng -
Ing away1 was the response , and after a lit
tle tlmo at the hotel Dr , Dou laa returned to
the cottage. At U o'clock tht ) general's pulse
waa up to the point of 105 beats to tbo minute
and fluttering.
After his rally , and about 9 o'clock , Gen.
Tirant tank into a sleep that was described
by a witness as the peaceful and beautiful
sleep of a child. This condition , however , Ia
not ono to command jnfidence , for the pulao
boata are atill rapidly fluttering , and the res
piration , which normally la 11 to the minute ,
is now 41 ,
I'lio Mercury HUH Way Up.
NEW Yon ic , July 22. At 1 p. m. the ther
mometer registered 89 ° . Six daatha from
lieat were reported. At II p. in , ; 1C more ca a
eca of sunstroke were reported ,
NEW YonK , July 22. The thermometer
hero at 3:30 : p. m. was 1)2 ) ° : at 0 , 87 ° ; at 0 ,
80 ° , and at midnight , 78 ° . A cool breeze
set in towards entiling which was very re
freshing , There were thirty-seven strokes
during the day , Ton fatal.
I'liiL.M'KLi'iUA ' Pa. , July 12 , The oxcea
uivo beet continues to-duy and there were
many prostrations on the streets , In the
evening a alight breeds allghtly cooled the
atmoshere , There were eight deaths froir
sunstroke ,
LOUISVILLE , Ky. , July 22 The mercury
waa 05 ° here to-day until relieved by <
shower this evening. Six fatal casea of eu
stroke are reported ,
Indian lllK ) > 'H ' >
Sr. PAUL , Minn. , July 22. Senator Har at
riaon , of tbo Indian committee , Is here to
take the testimony of General Saoborn , ir.em-
bur of thA comrniielon which drew up the
treaty with the Sioux affectlne the rights of
the Winnebago and the Crow Creek reserva
tion * . When Sanborn'a testimony is cpnclu
ded the committee goes to Montana to inves
tigate the Crow cattle leases.
Killed Hia Girl's Huubaml.
CAIRO , 111. , July 22. John Daniels mar
rind a daughter of one Burkina at Mound'
Junction tbis alternoon. Murkena opposoc
the match , and met him to-night and killo '
him , Murkous was arrested ,
TlioRlolIno llc' atta rowlpanptl ,
Jlocu ISIAND , 111. , July 2-J A heavy
wind , followed by rain , blew op at 2:3 :
o'clock and ia consequence the Mollue regatt
wi" postponed till tomorrow. t
Concludes to Cleanse Okla
homa tf Cattle Men ,
Gen , Sheridan Eeports That the
Territory is Abused ,
Call Tor the Asiurnneo
tlio 1'rcsUlont Vllaa Discusses
tlio I UU Subsidy.
Special Telegram to The DEE ,
WASHINGTON , July 22. There was n para-
raph sent Monday about the removal of an
owa man by Comtnisiionor Atkins on ac-
ount of an effort made by him to commit
ribory , which proves incorrect In some par-
iculars. The facts ara that J , J. Franey , of
Council Binds , was lately appointed Indian
rader. His father , 13. u , Franoy , has been
n town a good while trying to get an ap-
itppolntmont as Indian agent. Congressman
Jero Murphy told Congressman Fredericks
but Franey had offered him ( Murphy ) 85lO
f Murphy could help him pet the
ippointment In the Indian service.
.Todericks repented this to Commissioner
Uklna , wbo rcmombcrod that the application
f n man named Franoy had been before him ,
, ho son being in bis mind , nnd ho at orco
rave orders to the appointment division to
lang the matter up till further orders , If
i'r.uioy had not been appointed. The com-
nlsilonor looked into the matter a little moro
, o-day and found out that it was Frauey , the
other , who was accused , and it wai the son
vlioin ho had appointed nn Indian trader ,
The commissioner said that tf bo found any-
hing dubious about J. ,1 , Franey'a reputation
ie shall remove tha young man at ouco , but
bat if ho appeared to be nil right ho would
lot remove him on account tf any quarrel
lotweou his father and Congressman Murphy.
Young Franey was appointed on the recom-
nendntion of Van Manning , ex-congressman
rom Mississippi , Speaker Carlisle and Mayor
Vaughn , of Council lilutls. As soon as Com
missioner Atkins got to the department to
day ho sent for Manning and told him what
ie had board. Manning leplied that
hero was not n particle of
easou for suspecting the young man of
anything crooked ; that if the old man tried
o bribe Murphy It was in order to get place
or himself , and not to get a place for his son ,
and that Murphy and the senior Franoy had
tad a bitter quarrel , and Franey slapped
Vlurphy's face , oa F street in this city a few
weeks ago , and this was probably all the
oundation that there was for the charge of
iribery. Atkins has taken no action In the
case yet , but he will have Franey thoroughly
nvestigated. Ho will not punish him for any
Ins his father may have committed , but he
will remove him Inatantly if he finda any
OOBOII to doubt the young man's honesty.
The pieeidont to-day appointed the follow-
ng postmaatere : William J. Fleming , Fort
Smith , Ark. , vice J. K. liarnes , suspended ;
lenry Cook , Michigan City , Ind. , vice J , I' .
'oters , suspended ; U , J , Love , Huron , Dak. ;
ice J. Cain , suspended. The president this
afternoon appointed William H. Moffott , of
STow Jersey , consul of the United States at
Athens , and JnhnDelvin , of Michigan , consul
, t Windsor , Out.
WASHINGTON , July 22. After mature con-
ideration , the president nnd cabinet have
eached the conclusion that the leases of lands
n the Indian territory , held by cattlemen ,
are invalid , and It haa b en determined to
ako steps to have them set aside. Gen.
Sheridan has reported that no permanent sot-
leraent of Indian territory can ba effected
vhile the cattlemen are in possession of tbo
lest landa , and it is the intention of the presi-
lent to remove tbo distributing element and
oservo Indian terrltoiy for the exclusive oc
cupation of the Indians. The method of pro
cedure has not yet boon determined. A presl-
lentlal proclamation may issue , but It is re
garded by well-informed persons as moro
irobable that the action will bo begun In the
Jnited States courts of the west division of
taneas , having jurisdiction over the territory ,
coking to a declaration of the invalidity of
The following promotions have been made
n the scientific force of tbo geological survey :
I'homas C , Chamberlain of Wisconsin , geolo
gist , from 83.0CO to § 3,600 ; Charles A. White
< f Iowa , from pahontologlst at $2,400 to
geologist at $2,709.
A delegation of the Grand Army of the
Republic , consisting of S. S. liurdetto , John
5. Kountzo , J. M , lieges , John L'almer ,
ICdgar Allan , William Gibson , James
W. ICaya. J. 1' . S. Cohen , and K.
Ii , Loring called on tlio president
; o-doy by appointment nnd submitted
resolution passed at the recent national en
campment , nt Portland , In relation to tbo
rights of veterans to bo retained and appoint
ed to positions in the government service.
Gen , liurdetto presented the resolutions and
eaici the veterans had implicit conlidenca In
the president's notion toward them , but that
they wore desirous of securing an expression
from him relative to the action of his subordi
nates , Cleveland replied that he was In
Favor of the enforcement of the law. The
mestion of a man's military service entered
into the consideration of nearly every appli
cant for every oflico , , nnd was given much
weight. This was especially true In nppolnt-
montz to poatoilices , "It must always ba .
understood , " the president continued , "that
the man thus recommended must bo compe
tent. " Commanders liurdetto and Kountze
assured the president that un
less a man wai competent there
was no expectation that he would 1)3 appoint
ed. The president said that there were many
instances whore men had fine military rec
ords and wore deserving , but bad not re
ceived training that would fit them for posi
tions. These of course could not Iu ap
Mr. MolIoU , who wan to day appointed
United Ssates coneul to Athens , is an Kpisco-
pnllnn minister. Ho wna recently appointed
consul to Beirut , Turkey , but the appoint
ment was withdrawn nt the request of tbo
Turkish minister , who enid a consul who was
minister was not wanted ,
1'ostmasterGoneral Yilai to-day said that ho ,
had no intention of reconsidering hia decision
against distributing $100,000 appropriated by
congress for the transportation of mails in
American eliipB , In regard to the threatened
termination of the Australian service by the "
1'aciljc Mail fctoamship company , at the ex
piration of thecontiact term October next
he said that while ho was disposed to faver
American steamship llnea where he could
consistently , yet the department would have a
no dilliculty in forwarding the Australian
mails on a schedule as fast us that now in use , ,
and moreover the eervica would bo moro fre 8Cn
ment and cheaper , At present the Austrllan n
mails leaie San Francitco onus a month , and :
letters written just after tha departure of a ec
steamer lie In the postoilice cearly a month. ill
By the Suez servlco these letters Cjiild ba sent luJi
thort intervals , and would reach their des Ji
tination in less time than at present :
After the cabinet coniultation , and in ac
cordanca with the advice of Gen , Sheridan ,
the secretary of the Interior has decided to
turn over to the war department the complete
control of the Cheyenne and Araphoe reserva
tion in the Indian territory ,
A telegram to-day from Inspector Arm
strong announced that t'je ' count of the In
diaos on the Cheyenne and Araphoe reserva
tlont was prngresiing quietly and that no fur
ther trouble was apprehended ,
MncUln'n Houru about Hun Out ,
CIIHAGO , III , , July 22 , A Giilesburg
special iay > Judge Shope who haa just returned
turned from Nebraska ; l'.eprecc < nt&tiv
Mehale , of Chicago , and Kmory A , Storri
MicVm'a lawyer , arrived here thu evening i
quest of Justice Craig Shope had refu ei
? hear an application for
cdas in Mncklu's case paying there
were three judges within roach
> ut if justices Craig and Scott were not At
tome ho would give n hearing , Scott is not
at homo and Shopo rnd Craig , after a consul-
tatlon , announced that they would hear the
application to-morrow at S A , in , Bath deny
loving been trying to evade rit ° i who Is
apparently much excited ,
1/3NDON , July 22. The Standard's Vienna
orresponilont says Leo will take charge of
ho American legation hero until autumn ,
when n new minister will bo appointed. Mr ,
Kosson will present letters of recall as soon
n the emperor returns to Vienna and will
hen go to Ameiica. In the meantime Koiloy
Iraws his ( alary. Fresh propoials
were received from Rusiian government con-
orning the Afghan frontier.
In the course of the debate last night intho
l IOUBO of lords Salisbury delivered an encoin-
nm upon the high minly courage displayed
Dy Kntl Spencer in thn performance of his
utioi as lord lieutenant of Ireland ,
BKIILIN , July 22 , It Is now arranged that
bo meetlngbetween Emperors Frauds Joseph
f Austria , and William , of Germany ,
ball take place at Gastein oa the 7th of
iVugust ,
MADRID , July 22. Incomplete returns of
! io progress of the cholera in Spain yesterday
bow 1,752 now caaoa , G85 deaths. Of these
3 now cases and 0 deaths were in the city of
ladrldIS ; new cases and 10 deaths in the
rovinco of Madrid. Oasoa have appeared nt
liicuca and Carccros ,
ST. 1'ETEiisni RQ , July 22. It has been do-
Idod to add lifty torpado boats to the Huj-
lan lleot In the Black em.
CONSTANTINOPLE , July 22 The grand vi
ler , in on interview with llobart Italia , said
e recDgnizad tbo necessity of Turkey form-
Dg an alliance with J-'ngland.
LONDON , July 22.--A dispatch from Yar-
nouth pays a life-boat containing fifteen men
trated from there this morning to.rescuo the
renr of a brlgantino which is In distress ,
ere reaching its destination , however , tflo
( a boat struck n sunken wreck and sank ,
light of Its crow were drowned. All the un-
ortunate men were married ,
A sensation has been created in arittocrntic
ircles by the report of a fistic encounter bo-
ween Lord Lonedale and Sir George Chet-
vyd. The fight took place in a well-known _
ashionable resort iu Rotten How and lasted
en minutes. A number of members of the
obility and other "gentlemen" witnessed the
ontest , The trouble between the men grew
ut of the attentions which each were paying
-nngtry. .
Dispatches just received from Assouan say
lajor Greenfell haa telegraphed Tlntch that
bo messengers from Gebra report that the
lahdi died of smallpox on Juno 211th.
The Louderdale peerage case has been de-
ided in the house of lords In favor of Mej.
Jaiiland. There were t\vo claimants to the
eerogo. Sir James Maitland nndMaj. Mait-
and. The latter contended that he was heir
f the fourth son of the sixth earl of Laudor-
ale , who married Mary Mac Adam in Now
York In 1772 , two days before his death.
In the hearing before the house of lords
Tnitod States Henator Edmunds , United 1
tales Minister Thelpa and Messrs. Fowler , '
itephena , Nash and Clarence Goiy cave testi
WHISKT connsE.
CINCINNATI , O. , July 22 Correspondence ,
otweon K. S , Thon.Bon , chairman of the pro- ,
ilbitlon state committee and Asa S. IJushnell ,
hairman of the republican state committee ,
will bo printed bero tomorrow , in which
'hompcon asks liuslmell to arrange for ono
r more joint debates between Judge Foraker , at
bo republican candidate for governor , and ,
ho Itov. Dr , Leonard , prohibition candidate
or the eamo oilice , upon tha question 81
t issue which ie , Mr , Thompson lays ,
'between your party and ours , viz : 'The tax
ation vs. the prohibition of the liquor traffic , '
Cant , liushne'll replies saying that there is no
ucu issue. Many republicans favor prohibl-
ion and many oppose it , Tbo party Is
neither for or against. Ho regards that ques-
Ion , a > non-political , to bo settled by the poo-
ilo Irrespective of party. It has in ita plat-
onn recognized the right of the poole - t
> le to change the constitution ,
nit that , meantime , because the prea-
mt constitution must govern until
i change is made the republican party has do-
larod in favor of the taxation o ! the liquor
ratlin and a regulation to suppress the ovila
esulting therefrom. These positions Juggle
-'oraker would maintain , but as an Issue is ;
not existing It Is proposed that ho would bo
ibligod to decline the proposition. Another
easou why the discussion could not take a
> lace Captain liusbnell says , is that ;
) r , Leonard In a speech had
declared that the first step toward ;
irohlbltioii is to kill the republican party , " ,
bus making himself the avowed ally of the , o
democratic party. To have n di ctiB Ion bo-
ween Judge Foraker and Dr. Leonard ,
here fore , would be to have a candidate of one
if the great parties of the state debating with
.ho nominee of what ia only an attempted
diversion In favor of the other great party
of the state. If tbo democratic
tarty will promote Dr , Learnard to the head
if its ticket and make him Ita leader at ho Is
low its acknowledged ally , Judge Forakor ,
ip was sure , would be glad to discuts with
lim any or all questions Arising between tlie
tarties so presented. ]
PliaADKLFHlA , 1'A. , July 22. The commission -
mission Inquiring into the mental condition of 1 ;
fohn McCullough this afternoon rendered a
verdict that McCullough IB a lunatic , and has
jeen so for napaco of BIX months last past , but
noys ] some lucid intervals , yet
a incapable of managing hia i ;
person and oitate. The tchedula placea
bo value of hia real estate at $200 , and
personal property at fll.Ml. The court will
irocably appoint a guarantee tuiit and safe
committee for the estate and William F ,
Johneon as a committee of the person of Mc-
JonlniiBy CniiHua Duel.
I'imiil'Ro , I'tt. , July 22 , Charloa Koenlp , the
draughtaman , nnd Frederick Rich , a ma $ this
chinist , fought n duel with pistols at Mar
shall's Hollow , nine miles from the city , thin
norning , Two shots were exchanged at the
irst tire. Neither party waa hit , but at the
econd Koenig received a ball In the side , In-
llctlng perhaps a fatal wound. Warrants
liave been Issued for both the principals , me
Jealousy waa the cause of the meeting , Klch
ias disappeared ,
Visitor ! Dy Hiurlcniio anil Ualn , ( '
SHENANDOAII , Pa , , July 2 , One of the , v
most terrific and destructive rain and wind
storms ever witnessed m thu section panel
over the Cnltwlsaa valley yesterday afternoon
dealing out destruction to firm houses one
crops. The rain , which fell la torrent ) , was
preceded by a violent hurricane , which up
rented trees and blew down fences and barns
The damage to cropa along the valley it estl
mated at 50,000.
Eosio.v , Mass , July * > At a meeting of f
the republican state central committee to day
lieorge I\ Hoar waa chosen to presiuo At the
next republican state convention mil Henry
Cabot I-odg& an chiinma of tha oin'.mttee on
_ ,
Chicago ] Speculators Uokcrtakc to Force
the Market , and Lose ,
. . .
Wheat Affords Bat Little Inter
est , While Corn is Firm ,
Cnttlo Commftitil Trices to Hulr tlio
I'ltroliftBor. According to tlio Yuri-
OIIH Brands OlTcrcd ,
Special Telcpram to The BKE.
CHICAOO , 111. , July 22. The temper of the
wheat market was decidedly beaiiih all day
owing to the receipt cf moro favorable advices
'rom the spring wheat diitricts and easier
'orclgn markets. Tha market evinced weak *
ness at the start , ulfeiiugs being very largo
rvith buyers holding otT. There waa no out-
ilde support / ami the Inugs Boon found
hemselveii at the mercy of the short ? , many
) f whom covered thtir sales when prices had
jroken off a cent from yesterday. There was
voiy little support of any kind apparent
during the entire session and the market
: bsqd for the day IJc under yesterday. The
oceipta are smaller but the shipments son
Inuo light.
Corn There was n fair speculative business
n corn and the demand for cash wna good.
The feeling , iu contrast to wheat , was firmer ,
losing io higher than yesterday.
Oats The market allowed very little ani
mation. The July option wai a ehado firmer
while the new crop futures ruled somewhat
Provisions Ruled steady and a shade
ThowliPiit sales ranged : July , S7ji@S8je ,
: losod S7tfc ; Augunt , 8Sj@8'J.rc | ' , closed 88Jc ;
September , OOjtgOlt'c , closed ' .I0i)0jc ( ! )
Corn July , 15fa IGc , closed 45c ; Aueu t ,
5J@ 15Sc , closed 'IJic ; September , 15@133c ,
closed -ISie.
Cattle. Fat cattle are rather scarce and
oiling equally as high as any day this week.
Medium and grassy natives are plentiful and
laroly as strong us for a day or two past.
Prime to choice , 1,250 to 1,351) ) pound natives
old \t $ . * > .50@5,70 , and fair to good , 1,150 to
,2GO pound steers at S3.00@3.5u. Grassers
no matter the weights are selling at from
SI 25 to $1.00. Texans were selling
bout the same as yesterday. A consign
ment of Indian territory etoors sold at $1.GO 4
. and a consignment of the four sixes Tex-
, ti3 brand sold at $4.15 against a similar
consifnmont n week ago at $4.23. Low grade
Fcxnns sold down as low as $2.25 , and the
ordinary run of canning stock continues to
ell around about ? 3.0. : ! Beat fat native
cows and heifers continue to sell at high
trices. Trading in stackers nnd feeders w s
imited to the few loads bought on speculative
ccount. There were no country orders
on the market Shipping steers ,
1,350 to 1,500 pounds , $ . " . .40@G 00 ; 1,200 to
1,300 pounds , ? 520@5.G5 ; 950 to 1,200
pounds , $1.70@5 20 ; through Texas cattle ,
steady and firm ; 050 to 1,050 pounds , $3,75 ®
in ; 750 to 900 pounds , $3.03@3.75 ; COO to
00 pounds , $2.00@3 25.
Iloga The opened rather brisk with epecu-
ators booming prices , In some instance paying
jf lOc more than at the close of yesterday.
Regular buyers , however , failed to follow the
id van co , holding off until the speculators had
jought nearly all tbo fresh arrivals. Then
lie latter soon discovered that they
lad foiled to call tha turn and
helr next movement was to cut loose
ant take the best prices they could
get , many of them finding they could not un-
oad unless at from 10 to 15c lower than they
paid in the morning. Hence , the salesmen
wh had Into arrivals bad to take lOc to 15c
OBI than current rates at the opening of the
narkot , Rough and common may bo quoted
$ ,00@4.15 , and best heavy at $4 C5@4 70 ;
packing and shipping , 200 to 32."i pounda ,
SMO@4.G5 ; light weights , J3C to 170 pounds ,
CO ® 1.80 ; 180 to 210 pounds , 84.20@4.4D.
CHICAGO , 111. , July 22. At a meeting of
he managers and egonU , to-day , of the roads
interested in the western freight association
was agreed to make rates to Omaha the
same as to Council Bluffs. This reduces the
rate to the former place by the amount of the
bridge tolls and removes the source of n little
lissatisfaction to shippers nt Omaha who have
icrotoforo paid them.
Kcpresentatives of the lines belonging
o tlio Colorado railway association
aold a meeting to-day and took the
irst stops In the formation of
new pool. It was agreed to form an assocla-
Ion of pooling all business between Colorado
nnd California , nnd covering all revenues be-
ween Ogden , Deming and Alborquorque on
ho west , and Colorado on the east , the same
bo called the Colorado and California rail
way association. Thi lines Interested in the
now pool will include the Union I'aclfic , the
Denver & lUo Grande , and the Atchison ,
Topeka it Santa Fo , It la expected that to-
norrow the organisation will be perfected , its
duration determined , a commissioner ap
pointed , and a schedule of percentage pro-
15aHo Hull ,
rirraiimia , Pa. , July 22. I'ittsbnrg , D ) (
Srooklyn , 3.
NEW YOHK , July 22-Detroit , 2 ; New n
York 7.
PHILADELPHIA , Pa. , July 22.-Plill delphIa ,
St. Louis , 3 ,
CINCINNATI , O. , July 22. Nogamo. Rain ,
LOUISVILLE , Ky , , July 22-Louisville , ; t ;
Athlethics , 0.
BOSTON , Maw. , July 22 Boston , 12 ; Buf
falo , 7-
PitoviUKNCB , R. I. , July 12. Providence ,
Chicago , 0
ST. LOL-IH , Mo. , July 52. St. Louis , 3 ; ap
Motronolitana , 0 ,
The Iteil Man Ilnnpi > narc , as
FORT KENO , July 22 , The enrollment of
Cheyenne and Arapaboo Indiana wa-i completed
pleted to-day and showed a falling elf since
last census In 1B74 of 2.1 OS people. By out
count the government will gain annually
$1)0,000 In the issuance of beef rations and
815,100 In Hour rations The two triboi have
only 1)00 ) men and 100 of these have now been
enlisted as scouts.
Illililled liiTnoir CellH ,
MINDEN , La. , July 52 , A hundred aiuiei
men forced open the doors of the jail las
night and proceeded to where were confinei
two notorious negro deeperaiioes , Clcen
Ireen < and Jchn Figures , The mob Bred a
them in their celU until they liad filled both
with | buckshot. The mob then dispersed ,
Y/ASlllNOTON , July 22. The upper Mleala
tipyl .valley : Occasional local rains , wind
generally southerly , liftht temperatur
The Missouri Valley : Fair weather , excep
local showers In the evening , variable wlads
generally itationary temperature.
Tlio D y on tlio Turf ,
SARATOQA , N. Y. , July 22-TuU
extra day of the meeting here.
Flrit race Une mile ; Powbattan won ;
ralla , icconJ ; Conklmg , third. Tfuip 1 13.
Becondtace Six
olds : Oaceola won : Klkwcodr oecond ; llind.v
third. Time , 1:18. :
Third race Sweepstakes , ono mile nnd fifty
yards ; Farewell first : April Pool , second.
Time ! , 2:18J. : Farewell was ridden ! > ) Mur
phy , April Fool by Withers. Boechmnn by
Onoil ,
Fourth raco-Whl7glg fustfCol. Ulnrk , see
end ; Charley Marks , third. Times 1:10. :
BniOHTON BBAPH , July C. The attendance
to-day was lnrg nnd the track pood.
eec Flrat 3 race Mile and one-eighth ; Nimble-
foot won : Ubcrto , tecond , Miss Daly , third.
Time , l.r > 71
Second race-Mile ; Joe I , won : Inconstant ,
second ; Kulogy , third. Tlmo , 1HJ. :
Third race-Mile ; Tattler won ; Frank Mill ,
len { , second ; Belle B , third. Time , 1 I U1.
Fourth 1 race Seven eighths of amllo ; maid-
cos , nil ages ; Wonder won ; Uushbrook , second
end : Ganloy , third. Time , 1:311. :
Fifth race Mlle nnd a quarter , nil ngcs ;
Xettle won : Bennie Auatrallan , second ; Xing
Fan , third. Time , SH1J.
Sixth rnca-Onn nnd a half mile * , ever six
hurdle * ; Jersey Maid won ; Will Davis , second
end ( ; Wimbledon , third. Time , 2:02. :
Firat Slnco the 1V r.
ASHEVILLE , N. C , July 22. The first en
campmcnt of etato troops , hoU since the war ,
commenced nt this place to-dny. Nineteen
companies of the North Carolina state guard
arrived this , morning nnd nro in camp. When
the train with the soldiers nrtived within ten
iiiilcfl of Afthovillp , the conch bearing the
Uoldsboro rifles turned over , Fourteen of
them were injured , four seriously. Train
loads of visitors nro coining to Ashorlllo from
Tennessee , North Carolina , South Cnrollhn ,
and Virginia. The city is decorated with the
national and state colors.
Another OhlcnK" Kftllrontl.
MILWACKKK , Wis , , July 22. The Wisconsin -
sin Central railroad haa arranged for the ueo
of the projected Chicago it Grcatwoatern rail
way for entrance into Chicago and terminal
facilities there. The Central Is yet without n
connecting line from this city to Chicago.
Notional Temperance Society.
OCEAN GnoVE , N. , T , July 22. The Na
tional temperance society convened hero this
morning- . The day nnd evening are devoted
to address by delegates from various parts
of the country.
Dontli of Jmlgo T. Iiylo DIcKcy ,
ATLANTIC CITY , N. Y. , July 22. Judge T.
Lyle Dickey , of Chicago , who came here re
cently to bo cured of a complication of dis
eases , principally heart troubles , died teA
A Child Katcii by n
PIITSDORO , July 22 , A ferocious bull dog
ttackcd a three months' old child of Mrs ,
oining , of Allentown , yesterday , bit ell
10 right foot and otherwise mutilated its
ody. Tbo child will die.
Indian JDopradatlona in Arizona.
NOOALES. A. T. , July 22. A Mexican j'ust
rrivcd from the Cunonea mines nnd reports
: mt fifty Indiana , in tbo mountain near there ,
tilled ono American and two Mexicans andre
ro stealing stock.
Pacific Const eea Lilons.
an rancisco'Chroulclo. ' "
Ten or twelve years ago an act was
assed by the legislature making it a mla-
omonnor to kill sea lions anywhere
within a one-mtlo radius of Sea Hock ,
nd over elnco that tlmo the aoa lion haa
oen regarded as a privileged character. ,
nlvo or six years ago the iiah Industry
rat began to assume important dlmen-
, OIIB : ; It WAS then that canneries began
oC loom up , and In the course of three
cars folluwing grew to really gigantic
roportlon- . Firms In this city engaged
n foruialilng supplies ot all descriptions
o fishing outfits did an Immense btisl-
esa , and the outlook became as promts
njj na that of any Industry on tlio
cast. Soon , however , the aoa lion nnia-
nco manlfcstod Itself , and at the present
1 mo the fish industry In and around San-
rancleco bay la nearly paralyzed.
The sea lion la a lever of luxury , which
oubtlcss means to that species of animal
; fo a place to lounge on the eunny tide
if some ragged clil ! ' , and plenty to cat
irovldod by somebody else. During the
ay the animals are soon In great abnn-
anco floundering about the rocks near
ho Cliff IJouao , but toward night they
Isnppear and in immense bands flock In-
o thu bay through the entrance at the
olden Gate. The fishermen usually
tort out about 4 or 0 o'clock in tha af-
ernoon to sot their nets and do tlio groat-
r part of their work between that hour
ml midnight. The aoa lions seem o )
lave comprehended the processes of the
iahormen and evidently lie In wait for
heir approach. When a net \a \ not thoeo
nrlously Intelligent croaturca lirat make
heir presence known by a low grunt and
slowing noiao along the surface of the
water , and in n moat Incredibly short ;
pace of time ilczana and hundreds tf
ompaulons appear. They rush at the
uots , celao the fish , tear them loose
rom the meshes and devour them
with the rapidity of machines. If tbo
and happens to bo few In numbers , not
qnal to the consumption of all the flah
the nets which they attack , they will
ear the fish out and play with them ,
omotlmee , many fuat In the air , and
ithtftwlso destroying the game of the In-
lustrlous fishermen BO that It is not an
mcommon oscurronco for the hungry
ollora of the bay to lift 150 fathoms of '
net without securing a single fieh. The
ions can ba aenn almost any time chaalng
and down before the nota In great
numbers tearing the moahoa , breaking
ho cords and doing a vast deal of damage
side ! from destroying all the fish , andre
ro BO fotrlesi In thla riotous work thfit
hey will approach within a few feet of
ho liohcnnan'a boat ) .
Tradu In tbo merchandlso of fishing
lit has been reduced to considerably
eta than ono'third of what It wi * two
years ago , and the Italian ? , Portugese
md othora engaged in supplying the
local fish markets , Instead t-f making It a
ptylng enterprise , are reduced In many
instance ! to actuil want. A man well
Informed on the fishing Industry elated
that the vailoua canneries hero and elsewhere -
where are not doing business of S10C
now where two years ago $500 would 0.
not cover It.
The rav&xea of the sea lions ara not
confined to any one branch of doatruc
tlou , but to all kinds of fiahlng done with
nota , and they display a remarkable Intelligence
telligonce In banting up the haunts of
the iiihermou and being on haud whsi
the nets are eet. Along the wharves &nd
sheds monopolized by the fithormen may
bo aeeu great piles of unused nuti am
other equipments , and the principal da-
maud at the houses dealing In rnppllos lifer
for occasional small quantities of tniiio o
rope for repairing.
Gotlloagland'a figuror. on your lumbo.
bill , whether yon buy of him or not , and
you will cave money ,
The Collapsed Ship Builder Feeling the
Fnlscofllic Government ,
The Acceptance of the Dolphin
and Other Ships Probable ,
llol > C3onr the Jersey Mariner , Tnlks >
Almut ICofloli ml UH | KelnMona
With the Gmeminent ,
SpcoJal Telegram to The Box.
NEW YOIIK , July 22. The Trlbuao says
George U , Weed , ono of the asiignocs of John
Roach , received an nnswcr yesterday to .a
telegram to Secretary Whitney ; asking lor an
immodinto Interview , The nrtower consented
to an intsrvionr and enld the eocrotnry would
nrrnngo for It to Jay. Whitney will return
from Newport to-day No attachments
bava been made on Roach's property , nor
have any ot his creditors nlgnified n purpose
towi embarrass him. The relations of tlio firm
with the government ) must bo defined before
any solution of the situation can bo hid.
Wood is hopfill there will bo no trouble that
the ( government will recognize tbo validity of
the contracts nnd accept the Dolphiu ,
BOSTON , Mass. . July 22. Kx-Secrotnry
Robeaon passe J through Boston to-day , and
during hia brief stay was seen by n Journal
reporter , who asked him to speak of tlio fail
ure of John Reach and Its causes. His time
was too short for nn extended interview , but
he expressed his Ideas of the subject briefly.
"It was what mi ht have been expected , " hu
anid ; "in fact , what must have happened
under the circumstances. Roach , from the
magnitude ol his transactions , HJO compelled
to carry on much of hia budnoss on credit ,
and when the United States government sot
itself against him his credit was gone , and ho
wn driven , iu Belt-defense , Into bankruptcy.
Roach's position as a business man bos for
many years been wonderful , when It ia con
sidered that ho mada
It Rololy by Ids own ex
ertions. What Roach's roeourcoa nro no
jlliora , of course , can know ; but
ho always appeared to bo a wealthy
man , and no doubt was what
lie eucmod. Only the force of circumstances
boa put him into the present position. When
tht whole question ia summed up it amounts , .
tote thla , that by breaking him down it is hoped * *
to hasten the introduction of free ships. Ho
altvnys had been opposed to letting in ships
fro of duty and naturally haa had free tra
ders and tariff , revisers agalast him and
through the navy department they have ap
parently crushed him.
"Thoro is prevalent siisapprebcnsion , " con
tinued Robsson " '
, "concerning Hoach'a con
nection with the navy department daring the
years : I waa its secretary , The fact is , con
sidering Roach's.facilltise , ho had two of the
best yards in the country , he did not have hia
share of the work that Traa coatrncted. When
four double turrotted monitors wore
constructed- Roach "had only one ,
the Miantonomob ; another went
wont to Cramp , the third to Hunt and Hol-
lin < s'BWorth and the fourth was built in Cali
fornia. When the engines for tha eight sloops
weio to ho constructed Roach did not bid for
them , Tha Atlantic works of Boston put in
the lowest olfrr , but it was for only two. In
lils dilemma , Roach , who was approached ,
sail : "I don't want this work , but it no ono
else will take it at that price , I will. " The
work was offered at the figures named to
other concerns , and all ofit taken by them.
In those eight years Roach built more than
em hundred iron ehipt , not moro than five of
which were for the United States. In fact ,
but a small percentage of his work has over
been for the government , "
Che" Greatest jfodlcftlJriTimph of tie Age I
Iorc ofnrpctltt , Iluirrli coitl ve , Tain In
Uio hcnil , with a dull ennntlon In ; thi
6ncU pnrr , 1'iiln undrr tlio rJiOBJiIrr- ,
Mmle , J'ullncjs after eating , wltJinill -
Inclination to exertion of boJy oi nilnil ,
Irrltnlilllly of temper , /ow iplrltti , rrlth
n fnclinuof havlnir nrsloctcil i.on e duty ,
WcftrincBN , l22lnc'Ai ) & , I'luttcflivz nLtic
Uuart , Doti boforollie nycii Jlt.niluchn
uv r the rlffbt eye , ItmtlconiMa , with
Utful drenniH , lllclilr coloro-l U ; Ine , am ) I
TUTT'H X'lLr,8 are cspecmU y ntlaplcd.
to euch eases , 0110 doao c Hoc la aucli u fc "
hnnKiioffcnllnprastonatonliht uosulTsrnr ' ,
They Ilicrcmo tlie AplietlJe/ cauno the
hmly to Tiito oi t'leHliithm tlio nysU'm K '
ciourUlicil.nml hytnolrTouts Action on .
Iho , , , , , , JUneitlve . , . , , OrganIlt-it tr.'ltiiulHeru- -
i. i i > ri tifin. .1 I ntiirlay St..tV.V.
1 w& Ii O w * Hunmu j rp u Ban
( JUAT llAiit or WmsKiW changed to 11
CLQSSV IILACK by a slp. lu application oj
this DTK. H Imparts n. u.1 tunf color , nct
instantaneously. Holil b y Dnigglits , or
out by expression recafp t of I.
yfnco.44 Murray S' * . . How York.
Imported Beer
Irian | ? er..Uararla ' Crilmbachcr , lUvarla
'lister Jloliemlan , ' K &lser -.Dromon
ludnreUcr 8t , LOUJ I Anhausor fit. I.oula
lout's MllwaulroCf ( 8clill i-P Lmor.MIUaukeo ,
K'd Omu * | Ale , IXirtor , HomostloanJ
Khluo Wines.
ED MATTBEB , 12 J 3 Farnam St ,
TJ , B. D3l'081JxRY ,
S. W. Cos , Fernam and 12ih St *
Oapithl , - ilOO,000,00 i
0.V. . HAMILTON. I'rus't. /
W. T. UARUUV , Oeabi. ! I
. , "M , OAIDWKLL , 11. F. Sunn ,
Accounts Bolicltod And kept ouboct | to tight ,
Certificates o ! Uepcxit Issued payable In
and 12 nionthi , bearing lotorost , or on de
mand without intereat. v
Advances suado to cuiitomeri or approved
ocurltiw at market rateu of interest.
TholnteroeU of cuatomeri are closelyguwd
ed uad etvery facility compatible with jirincl-
plea of sound bankmgfroely eitended ,
Draw tight drafts on Kngland , :
Scotland , taf all parti of Kuropo ,
Bell Uucopwu pniiago UekeV * .