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. r Mar and Nebraska Blight Run the
Wheat Market ,
Humors Again Assume the
Mastery in Trade.
A DIstroHslnR Shortage nC Unttlo at
Once Appcura UoldltiK For
Improved I'llcco.
Special Telegram to Tlio BEE ,
CHICAGO , III , July 17. The wheat market
was very nervous and unsettled to-day , hav
ing been influenced In a great measure during
the first half hour of the session by tbo pros
pects of a bad understanding between 1'ng-
land and Russia , but was tubjected during
tba remainder of the day by homo Influences
The receipts generally showed a falling oiT
and there was bettor Inquiry reported for
wheat ; Imparting a stronger tone to the mar
ket. The makrct opened rather firm , and
under fair buying advano d } c , and then , un-
i der Increased offerings , foil back Jo. This
decline , however , wis followed by a stronger
\ i feeling , and an advance of fjc , duo In a
measure to advices reporting damage to wheat
by blight iu Nebraska. The receipts were
/ smaller , but larger receipts were estimated
for to-morrow , The exports nf wheat and
IC wheat lu Hour from United States
If for the year ending Juno 30 ,
11 are reported to be 129,000,000 bushels The
inarkot closed on the regular board &c higher
than yesterday , but rose again on the after
noon board to 92J3 for September , closing gc
higher than yoatcrday , with ctill higher
prices being paid on the curb. One of the
cauws assigned for the later advance was a
report that wheat had advanced seven cents a
bushel in St. 1'otersburg , owing to the proi-
pects of war and .1 severe drought in southern
Kuesla , Some of the heavy boar operators ,
who had been industriously covering their
short sales the preceding two days , it was re
ported , took courage to-day nnd uegna to "ell
short again , but n a result of the day's trad
ing the bulls appeared to bo in control of the
There was cnly a moderate speculative busi
ness transacted in corn , nnd the feeling
developed was weaker. There was some
shipping demand but buyers dldnot _ appear
anxious and there was no competition for cash
offerings , The receipts are increasing some
what , and the estimated receipts for tomorrow
row are largo. The market opened easier ,
then advanced } @jjc , later declined Jo , aud
closed @jjc under yesterday , but rallied in
the afternoon , about jc.
Oats ruied dull and easy , closing i@ic |
under yesterday.
Mess pork ruled irregular , declining 67lc
but ruling irregular toward the close.
The sales of the day ranged :
Wheat July , 87g@88Jc , closed Sale ; Aug
ust , 89J@89jc , closed 894c ; September , 91i@
92c. closed Jlg@91Jc ; No. 2 spring , 83@88jc ;
No. 3 spring , 80c ; No. 2 rod , 9 @ 'Jlic ; .No. "
red , 88c.
Corn July , 4(51 ( © I6gc , closed 4Slc ; Auuat ,
J5J@IGiJo , closed 45Jc ; September , 434Gic ,
r closed 45jfc.
The receipts of light are not at all up to the
anticipation of tbo "bears , " who started in
this week to inako a low record on prices.
Iilght receipts In Kansas City and St. Louis
compelled a few of the bast buyers in those
markets to come to Chicago in order to fill
their orders. This demand , In addition to
some improvement in the local account , had
the elTect of stimulating values , , which were
to-day 15@20a higher on the ordinary run of
iat cattle than on Wednetday. Low grade
native stock shows nn advance , and oven
Teians wore a big 10c higher. Of the latter
the receipts have dwindled down to thirty
or forty cars a day. Prices have ruled so low
during the past eight or ten days that all con. .
cerneahave concluded to stay out for a while ,
so that a light run may be looked for until
there is a substantial improvement in prices ,
There wore several loads of really choice
V , natives that sold at S3.00@G,1D , and several
$ loads of prime that so > d at f6.GO@D.80 , with
fair to good medium at S5.00S5 25 , and com'
mon grades as low as 51-10@1.SO. "Fat cowi
and heifers are making good prices , but old
and common stock is about as low as at any
time. Stackers and gfcoders fare quiet
with prices as low as at any tlmo in tbo ptsl
month. Shipping steers , 1,300 to 1,500
pounds , S5.iU ( ( 10 ; 1,200 to 1,330 pounds ,
35. ! 5@5.D5j U5U to 1,200 pounds. 8J 85@5 'J01
slop fed Bteer , § 0.25@5.85 ; through Texas
cattle , tOc higher ; 1)50 ) to 1,050 pounds , S1.C' '
@ 4 25 ; 750 to 030 pounds , St.SO@3.73 : ; COO ti
700 pounds , S2.SO@3 25.
Trade opened slow prices rather weak and
before the market was fairly established prices
bad dropped about lOc on the ordinary run ,
mixed and packers making a good 15a drop
since yesterday mornlnp. The general market
wai a shade firmer thnntj at the opening.
Hough and common may bo quoted at $1 10
@ 4 lOjmixuJ , ! ? 1 3J@4,40 , and boat heavy at
? I.50@-I.GO ; paoilng and shipping , 250 to
300 pounds , 31.20 © ! . 40 : lightweights ; 130
to 110 pounds , $4 40@4.70 ; 180 to 210 pounds ,
A VenoraUIo Fraud Sentenced.
Pmi.ADKLi'UiA , 1' * . , July 17. Joseph F.
Cottringor , secretary and treasurer of the
Central Transportation company , of 1'enn ;
gylvania , charged with the embezzlement of
$117 , 00 and forging certificates for 112 shares
of the company' ' atockr , pleaded guilty before
fore Judge Verkes this afternoon , Counsel
begged mercy for the prisoner , who is aged
CS and the hard of a highly respected
, family. A largo portion of the stock , it was
f asserted , hud been over Issued by thadefondont
twelve or thirteen years npo and It was a well
known fact that a largo amount of money
which the defendant had received for the over
issus was paid In dividends nt 11 ! per cunt per
annum to tha very "persons who got the
stock so that he profited very little himself in
the transactions. Ho btgan In ft small way
and kept it up in ordrr to prevent tbo first
fraud being discovered , The prisoner hid
nothing to s iy In his own befalf. Tha judge
sentenced him to Imprisonment for four jeers
at separate and solitary confinement in the
county prison.
Sheridan at Ft , Itcno.
KANSAS CITY , Bfo , , July 17. A 1'ort lleno !
dispatch states that Generals Sheridan and
Mil01 reach d there Wednotday afternoon ,
after a severe journey. A conferenca wag
hold yesterday with Agent Dyer , Inipector
Armstrong , Col. S , I'otter and Sumner , Gen ,
Sheridan will remain several days investigat
ing aflnirs. Quiet prevaila at tbe agency. All
tha young Ohnyennos are out , and are said to
be hunting ,
The Illinois State llimso.
CHICAGO , 111. , July 17. A conference was
bold here this week between tha board of
state home cammimonera and Architect
lioyuton for tha purpose of considering plant
for the completion of tbo state house al
Springfield. There were present at the meet
ing the following , constituting the board
John McCreory , of Springfield , preiident
George Lnnt.of Waukegan and N. Divelbiss ,
secretary of the commission. It was
determined to entirely remodel
the front entrance nnd steps and to use
sranito steps In place of limestone. In fact ,
Illinois limestone will be discarded In the
completion of the building , except that al
ready cut nt Jollot and on the capitol
grounds. Grantto will boused for tbe portico
columns and In many other exposed places.
The lower corridors of the rotunda and part
of the offices will be finished in marble. The i
inner dome wll be principally of Iron , with
an ornamental rich glais center.
WASIU.VOTO.V , July 17. The president has
made the following special civil service rule :
"Appointments to the 150 placoi in the pen
sion office to be filled by the act of March 3 ,
1881 , except so far as they may bo filled by
promotion or transfers , must be separately
apportioned by the appointing power lu a >
near to conformity to the second oection of
the act of January 16,1883 , as the need of
filling them promptly and residence and
qualification of the applicant will permit. "
The section above rofoned Cb provides that
the appointments shall be apportioned among
the states aud territories and tbo District of
Columbia upon the basis of population as
ascertained by the lost preceding census.
Desmond wai born in Massachusetts , but
hiu resided in Iowa since boyhood , lie has
had the office of bent ! of Clinton county for
many years , Jtegan 19 a brother of John II.
Kegan of Texas.
The president to-day mode the following ap-
ppolutmentt :
Pension Agent Gilbert It , Xirger , Colum-
buf , O ,
Commil of tbo United States Alexander
Daulzal , of Kentucky , at Nanten.
United States Marshals W , M. Domnond ,
for the northern district of Iowa ; Hubon I1.
Pleasant ? , fbr the custom di trict of Louis
iana ; Richard 13. Kengan , for the eastern di -
trict of Texas ; Charles M. Newlln , for the
district of Delaware.
United States Attorneys John M Bur
nett , for the southern district of Alabama ;
Charles U. Ilavroy , for the northern district
of Mississippi , George K. Ulrd , for tha district
of Main ,
The secretary of the treasury has appolntod
D , L. I'orkins chief of a division In the Sixth
auditor's ptlico.
The resignation of Isaac A. Taylor , Indian
ppneral at the SAO and vo\ agency has been
CHICAGO , 111. , July 17. Mary Kleman , the
girl under indictment on the charge of poison
ing with intent to kill the family of her sister ,
Mrs. Michael Freros , at Iliso Hill , and who is
said to have poisoned her sister and father a
year ago , was placed on trial in Judge Au-
thony'a court to-day. But little time wai
spent Ia securing a jury. Miss Kloraan was
dressed In deep mourning , and watched the
proceedings closely. She seemed slightly nervous -
vous at times , but quickly controlled herself.
Mrs , Frerce , sister of the prisoner , took the
stand and showed no sympathy with
the prisoners and seemed decidedly on
the aggressive. She said that on Thursday
night prior to the poisoning the defendant
proposed that tbey have soup. The witness
acquiesced and soup was accordingly served.
MUu Kleman refused to eat any herself ,
paying she did not care tor any. Shortly
after eating it all were taken sick and con
tinued so until Thursday when they were
much butter. On thnt day Mary proposed to
have more soup and again refused to eat any ,
They wore again all taken sick and then became -
came suspicious. She saw a gray substance
in the soup , and a paper found in the yard
also contained a similar powder.
Isaac Poole , M. D , said ho was called in to
attend the sick persons and found undoubted
evidences of arsenic poisoning.
Henry S Cirhnrt , professor of the North
western University was next called. lie
made n test of the powder in a cup and found
unmistakable evidence of arsenic.
Natbam P. Williams , a druggist , testified
that ho had examined the powder , and eald
ho found undoubted evidence of arsenic.
Other testimony of a similar character case
was given to the jury at 3 o'clock.
Shortly before G p. m , the jury returned
with a verdict of guilty , the penalty named
belnc ono year in the ponitnntiary.
Ilio Day on the Turf.
PiTTsnuRn , Pa. , July 17. The Howard
Driving Park association closed to-day with
on attendance of 0,000 , The races were ex
Kirst race Unfinished , 2:27 class , fivi
heats , which was trotted yesterday was won
by Inez in the sixth heat , Head , second ; Will'
iam Arthur , third. Time , 2:211. :
Seond race Class 2:21 : , trotting ; Zoo B.
won ; Walnut , secgnd ; Albert France , third.
Uost lime , 2:171. :
Third race Closi 2:34 : , trotting ; Lady
Mack won ; Grey Dave , second. Host time ,
2:23J :
Fourth race Olats 2 24. pacing ; Argyle
won ; ExceUior , second : Bill F , Third , lies' '
time , 2:174.
Bniamo.v BEACH , N. Y. , July 17. The
attendance was ( i.OCO , and tha track fast
The fourth race waa the great event of the day
and it 1s said that in point of time made , dis
tance run , and racing of the two horses , it
was one of the moat exciting ever seen on an
American track , Tbo race was a dead heal
between Barmim and Fosteral , and after an
interval of only twenty mlnutos the inn
off was only two seconds less time than tin
race.First race Three quarters of a mile , to
maidens of all ages ; May W won ; Commander ,
second ; Poet , third. Time , 1.10 $ .
Second race Sevan-eights of a mile ; DR
liah won ; Shelby Barnes , second ; Kva K ,
third. Time , 1.28.
Third race Mile and an eighth ; Llaai
won Franklo B , second ; Lucy Lewis ; third
Time , 1,571.
Fourth race Milo and three-quarters , al
; ei ; Fosteral and Barmim ran a dead heat.
ettlo third , Time 3:1.71. : IB the run oil
Barmim won , Time 3.09 } .
Fifth race Hilo ni a quarter , all egos
America won , Cardinal McCloaky second
Bonnie Australian third. Time 2:11 : $
Six th race Milo and amiarter , two tmrdlei
Will DAVIS won , King Tom second , Shortcak
third. Time2:21J. :
CuttliiK Hated to Favor tno Par "VVcHt
SrLoaiM , Mo. , July 17. A private clrcula :
Irsued by Oommisiioner J. W. Midgley ,
states that the farmers of Colorado and Utah
not being able to inarkot their wheat in con
sequence of the high rates of transportation
and being greatly cramped far money but
having plenty of grain whlct they cannot sell
the rates from all points iu Colorado and
Utah to the Mississippi river will after to
morrow be reduced , about 40 per cent.
Gone ! Clll/.uns nt War.
KBOKUK , la , July 16. A Memphis , Mo. ,
special eays that In an altercation between
Ifirata Fogge , of Scotland county , ana Syl- l
venter Hilbrant , this morning , shots were tired
itby both , Fogge'a taking effect In Ililbrant'a
bowels and thigh inflicting ; a tirobibly fatal
wcund. Vogga went to Memphis and gave
himself up , Itoth are good citi/ens ,
1 Acquitted ol'an Old TnetV.
NKW YORK , July 17. William A. Goddard
a Minneapolis merchant , who was clerk for
Auitin Cirbln , the banker , In 1873 , and stole
§ 15OCO , from that firm while In their employ ,
was arraigned in general sesilona to-day.
etAfter he took tha money , which belonged to a
: customer in Germany , lie disappeared , lie
afterwards kuow to have '
; was performed aev-
eral heroic acts during the yellow fever
scourge In Memphis , From there
ho went to Minneapolis , where
be became a prosperous merchant
and prominent In society , In court to-day
Corbin's counsel stated that as Goddard had
made restitution and a good name for hlmsell
he did not care to press the charge. Goddard
presented Judge Oowlng with a petition In
his favor , signed by 503 cltlrenn of Minnesota
seta , including Governor llubbnrd nnd
Mayor 1'illibury. After somn deliberation
Judge Cowing discharged Goddard on his
own recognizance.
KAXSAS CUT , Mo. , July 17. Tbo follow
ing was telegraphed to-nlgbt to Secretary
Lamar :
"Wo are informed that Inspector Arm
strong recommended the employment of the
military forces of the United States to cut a
passage for Infectious cattle , There has boon
no judicial ascertainment of the rights of the
parties to this controversy , Citizens of the
United States resident in Texas , Colorado ,
Kansas , Iowa , Illinois , Michigan ,
New York , Massachusetts , Virginia ,
and Missouri , who nro owners of
the cattle , whoso health would bo affected by
such an Invasion , through the undersigned
their committee ask the government before
it uses tbo army to enforce the rights claimed
on ouo side nnd denied on the other to dis
patch n competent veterinary to the spot to
examine the situation and report to you the
condition and character of the herds which
the troops are expected to lead aud the prob
able effect on other cattle which the passage
of such herds through the country will pro
"They respectfully ask that such \etorlnor-
ian bo cent at once.1
"W. A.
. "TAOMA4 A. ] < KK (
"Committee. "
Pirrsnuna , 1'a. , July 17. Last night the
residence of Joiiah Avails , a two story log
hut , three miles from Grahampton , in Clear-
field county , was destroyed by fire and six oE
his children , ranging In nge from G to 15 year ? ,
wore cremated , Kvnna was awakened by
strange noises and under the impression that
Imrqlnrs were about , took his gun
nnd went outside. To his horror , he
discovered the dwelling in flames. Before ho
could reach the children , who wore sleeping
on the second floor , the roof fell In , nnd in n
few minutes tbo building was all ablaze. , His
wife and throe younger children sleeping on
the lower floor were taken out safely , but the
parents were forced to see their other children
Serish. This morning a hundred people were
rawn to the scene. The remains of four
children , charred and unrecognizable , were
gathered up and buried in one coitin. The
other two were apparently reduced to ashes ,
as no trace of them was found. The parents
nro cra7.d with grief , and the whole commu
nity is excited over the horror. The father
insists that the fire was the work of a Incen
diary , aud in this opinion others share.
CLEVELAND , Ohio , July 17. Last night
was quiet in tbe Iron ward. The streets were
deserted early , and there was no excitement.
Very few policemen were on duty in the
ward , and none at the mills. Tbo announce
ment placed In the mills this morning , stat
ing that the mills will bo closed indefinitely ,
or until the men are willing to return to
work. The police authorities feel confident
there will be no more trouble until the mills
start up or the men are paid off. The strikers ,
however , make threats and assert that they
will yet be masters of the situation. They
are now divided into factions , one of which
is ia favor of giving up and going to work ,
the other in favor of standing firm to the
The strikers still continue to drill. They
have secured their settlement for firearms ,
and have secured a formidable collection ,
composed largely of weapons of foreign manu
facture , Within two or three days they have
purchased 400 reunds of ammunition at a gun
store in tbe city. The police are working on
the case nnd expect to make a number of
arrests. To-morrow the Cleveland rolling
mill company will pay the strikers off , nnd
the authorities are of the opinion there will
te trouble.
Found Dead in tbo Road.
Special Telegram to The BEE ,
BEATRICE , Neb. , July 17. Isaac Ault , liv
ing near Ilolmesyillo , was found dead in tbo
road to-day. lie wai a farmer about 00
years old. The causa of bis death is unknown ,
A coroner's Inquest has been called ,
A niulliatton Snake Hunt.
LOUISVILLE , Ky , , July 17 , Tom Hanlon ,
aged 37 , in Jill with delirium tremens , broke
a window pane to-day and with a triangular
piece of class stabbed himself In tlia loft lung ,
turning the glass round and round. Ho made
a horrible aperture , into which he thrust hla
hand nnd pulled out a portion of the lung ,
Ho Is still living , bin will die.
Tlio GroRRorlos Must Go.
ST. Louis , July 17. It is estimated that
253 wine and bear Baleens hae been closed
and their proprietors gone out of business
since July 1st under the high license act , nnd
that some 4CO , or about a quarter of all the
saloons , will ba shut up during the month.
It Is only small places remote from business
centers that have so far succumbed ,
Cheerful at IIin Own Hanging.
KALEIGH , N , C. , July 17. Katon Mills ,
colored , a noted desperado , was hanged this
afternoon In public in Halifax , for the assas
sinating of Henry Pontontwo years ago. Five
thousand porione , many of them colored ,
witnessed the execution. Mills was cheerful
to the last. lie made no confession ,
Revival In
MILWAUKEE , Wis. , July 1" . The fishplate
mill of the Bay view worku of the North Chicago
cage Rolling mill company will resume work
Monday morniog. It in not known when any
other departments at Hayviow will resume ,
but it is thought tha time in near.
niiddlotnii Citta n Neat Kewftrd ,
TORONTO. Canada , July 17 , In the houiH
of commons this afteruoou a vote of thanks to
the olficers and men engaged ia suppressing
the northwest rebellion and a vote of 820,000
to General Middleton were unanimously
FranolH Rerun u Ucctlne * ,
UTIOA , N , Y , , July 17. Ex-Senator Fran *
cis Kernan declined the appointment of gcy >
eminent director of ttie Union Pacific rail
road , recently tendered him by the presi
dent ,
Accept oil a Collet ; " 1'rt'Hldnnoy.
FAiKTTK , lowu , July 17. J. W , BieucH
accepts ths presidency of tha Upper Iowa
university , ti which he was elected to-day.
Gone to Hulld B Mountain Kallroad ,
MILWAUKEE , \VU , July 17. Kight hund
red men left Kau Claire to-day to engage in
C3nitructiou work on thi Itocky Mountain
division of the Canadian Pacific railway.
It Arises Against tto Management oi
Ihc Brolica Back ,
England Will Undertake to Lead
the List in Admiralty.
Russian Opinion * B to tlio Afghan
Complication Paul's Divorce
I'ronoimced ,
Special Telegram to The BKK ,
LONDON , July 17. A deputation of im
portant citizens , bonded by the lord mayor ,
called upon Lord George Hamilton , first lord
of admiralty , to-day and urged the necessity
of strengthening the British navy. Lord
George , in reply , mid the government intend
ed to secure the best professional opinions as
to the actual condition of the navy. If the
advisors decided that tbo navy was at present
efficient the government would give that as-
tmcancc to the public to allay nl.trm. If , on
the other hand , It should ba found by the ad
visors that the navy lacked in ulllcionoy und
that active stops wore necessary to strengthen
It , the government would not hesitate to ask
parliament for the funds necessary to place
England foremost among maiitime powers.
In the house of commons this aftarnoon
1'nrncll dwelt on the mal-admlntstratlon of
law In Ireland under Karl Spencer , whereby
innocent prisoners had been condemned and
executed : and others sentenced to lift-long
penal servitude. Ho moved that In the
opinion ] of the house it was the duty of the
government to institute strict inquiry into
the idenco and sentences of thaMaamtrasna ,
Barbakilla , Crosamaglor , and Castle Island
murder cases. "Had the Irish executive , "
said ! Farnoll , "Imitated the customs of
the English homo oflica in tlio caces
when the cullt of the prisoners is
doubtful by ordering Inquiries on the spot in
the cases inontlonpd , the prisoners win were
still living under the sentences of unjust con *
victionp , would long npo have been released
from custody. "
1'nrnell said the crown solicitor , Bolton , had
in n single cise insisted on forcing four or ,
five innocent men to plead guilty. Said Par-
pell : "Speaking cooly , as I can , I believe that
if ever a murderer deserved to bo placed on
trial and sentenced to death , that man is
Crown Solicitor Bolton. "
Corbatt. homo rule member for Wicklow ,
seconded Paroell'd motion and hoped the gor-
rnmeut would take a lesson from their pro-
ecossors. "whom the Fnrnellito vote deprived
f office.1' Sir Michael IIIcVs Bench said the
resent government had nothing to say con-
ornme tbo merits of the case and nothing to
ay in defense of the late government , fie
: Ireland , would make a careful personal in-
uiry into the subject , but the government
It compelled to aslr the house to resist Par-
ell's motion , which was derogatory cf Earl
pencer , a member of the late government ,
arnell's motion was negatived without a
Robert Bourke stated in the house of com
mons thin afternoon that the government
ould do its best to obtain an early issue of
ho Egyptian loan of 545,000,000 ,
During the debate Sir Vernon Ilarcourt
armly defended the government. Lord
andolpb Churchill praised Parnell'a calm-
ess of demeanor nnd the argument with
hich he idtroduced his motion. Churchill
ild the present government would successful-
/ govern Ireland only _ by dlveattnpr
lemselves of all responsibilities for nil
10 acts ot the late government.
: their had been a miscarriage of justice , In
egard to which he expressed no opinion , It
ould be brought to light , He , therefore ,
ppoaled to Parnell whether it was wise or
, ir to press tbe amendment. Parnoll said the
equest was reasonable , and asked leave to
Undraw the motion. Mr. Lewis said it
loked like a compact between Parnell and
le government.
LONDON , July 18. The News , in a loading
ditorlal to-day , says the signs of on alliance
etweentho Marquis of Salisbury and Parnell
re obvious. ' 'We know of nothing more dis-
rediUble , " It adds , "in the hls-
ory of parliament than this com-
imition of conservatives and Parnollltes
n n attempt to decry their predecessors un-
ess it be affrontery with which the compact
9 disclosed The marquis has made Parnell
nore completely than ever master of Ireland
nd almost master of himself. "
MADRID , July 17. Negotiations for a com
mercial treaty with America , have been ro-
towed. Foster insists upon the Battlement
f the claims on America for indemnity duo
inder tbo award of the Washington orbitia-
ion commission and a more exact fulfillment
f the first protocol of Febtuary , 1881 , which
he Spanish authorities in Cuba are evading.
There wore 1,629 , new cases of cholera , and
j 2 deaths from the disease yesterday re-
orted from all points in Spain.
TlllPOLl , July 17. The potto has decided
o strengthen the defences of Tripoli. A
Turkish transport with 1,103 troops , a number
of guns and torpedoes have already urrivad
and other transports with men and war mu
nitions are coming ,
LONDON , July 17. The decree divorcing
llarquts do Oaux from Madamu Patti has
)0ou pronounced ,
DUBLIN , July 17. Tbo failure ot the
slunater bink caused a run on other Irish
tanks , The Hibernian bank has been corn-
jelled to require seven days notice of inten-
ion to 'withdraw deposits. Shares in this
bank declined yesterday two pounds twelve
The people protest against the action of tbe
jank oillclali in requiring a week's notice and
he excitement runs high. Michael Davitt
IAD left hurriedly for the xeaslde , to a'void
affiliating himself with the demonstrations of
; ho depoiltors ,
LIMKRICK , July 10 , At a meeting of the
shareholders and depositors to-day , a rutolu-
; ion was adopted expressing unabated confi
dence In the Munster bank. Mr , Sbaw'a pro
position not to withdraw the deposits for six
uonths was agreed to.
DUBLIN , July 17 , ] Jarl Carnarvon , lord
lieutenant , publicly announced that he will
recommend that the government give all
reasonable help to the Munster bank.
CORE , July 17. A committee of the chare-
holdora of the Munster bank , appointed to
devise means to adjust the affairs of the In
stitution , have appro > ed the proposal to bor
row sufficient money in England to liquidate
the bulk's present indebtedness ,
ST. PBTKBSBDBQ , July 17. The Journal of
St , Petersburg comments on the orronnous
views held by the Britleh press on the Xulfikar
paes question. It rays Hussla understood that
England pledged the ameer the/ulliksr valley
between Heri-Uu'd and the mountains , and
egiecd , In principle , to leave the position to
him "It is not supposable , " Biyg the
Journal , "that England has also promised the
ameer the easterly mountain pisjgg which are
now eubjecta of negotiation between that
country and Ilutiia ,
Hicks Beuch ftated that the government
h id no further information from the Afghan
t rentier than that iii&da public yeisterduy ,
> Tbo government has ordered tbe formation
of a permanent fortified camp in Grodnn ,
capital of the province of Grodno , formerly a
port of Poland.
LONDON , July 17 | 1:30 : p , m. Consols
opened at 99 3-lfi : ; now 031o. Paris advices
ttato th9 bourse is firmer this morn'ng ,
2 p. in , Consols 09&0. &
EASTSAOINAW , Mich. . July 17.-Every
thing quiet this morning and the situation is
unchanged , No additional mills started up
BAY CITY , Mich , , July 17. No particular
change in the situation to-day , from that of
last evening. All works running yes
terday , continue to-day. Dirda.ill &
Barker's salt blok started to-day at the tame
pay and terms as before the strike. The
militia made a parade last evenln , through
the streets Hoed with people , The best feel-
iog prevails between the citizens and soldiers.
Too strikers have come down to the Idea that
Interference with the establishments desiring
to run will not ba tolerated , and It has been
abandoned ,
Tbo departure of fifty two of Pinkerton's
men from Sapinnw City last n'ght was duo to
the fact tluttlm mill owners are paying oil the
men and making preparations for a long rest ,
and do nnt cnro to incur the expense of main
taining 1'lnkertou'a foice. Koity-clght Pinkerton -
kerton men ara still retained here. The men
of Hamilton , IWcChuo & Co , , whoso mill has
been running , were intimidated last night nnd
declined to go to work this morning , hence
the mill is apaiu shut down , and will not bo
started until the strike is over.
It is reported that the mon employed in the
saltworks qf 12 F. Gould , at Carrollton ,
which has been in operation , were driven out
of the works this morning by the strikers
armed with clubs. The works were shut
down and turned over to the sheriff . State
militia are employed in guarding the water
works and other property. The report has
gone out that the average wages paid the mill
employes waa only § 1.25 per day. Investiga
tion of the pay rolls of tha mills shows this to
bo a mistake , nnd the average pay to be 81.75
per day. Ttoro Is no talk of concession on the
part of either employes or workingmen ,
Myer' mill starts to-morrow morning on
the following terms : Stoppages occur occa
sionally in all mills ; the men go to work ten
hours at full pay. If a mill stops , the lost
time will bo charged to the men , and at the
end of the month they will maVn it up with
out pay. The agreement is entirely satisfac
tory to bith sides. This gives ground to the
hope that the plan may be generally adopted.
ELDORA , Iowa , July 17. Buckeye town
ship , this county , is all agog with excitement
in consequence of a unique and horrible trag
edy enacted last night at a farm house four
miles from this place. Miss Grace Rand , a
beautiful girl , nineteen years of age , was : i
member of the family of George Johnson , a
farmer , whoso wife was her eister. The
ladies customarily occupied ono bed in the
second story of the house , while Johnson and
the hired man slept together down stairs.
List night tbo family retired as usual , Mrs.
Johnson with her sister and the two mon
a room on the first floor. Miss Rand foil
leop quickly and just as Mrs. Johnson had
early lost consciousness die was aroused by
ma one approaching the bed. It was her
usband. He leaned over the bad , kissed
or affectionately , bade her good niuht , and
ft the room. Immediately after her hus-
and bad gone Miss Johnson was attracted by
range movements made by her sister. Put-
ng her hand againit the girls fne , she was
rror-strlcken to feel the blood gushing from ,
or sister's throat. A moment later the girl ,
rithtng In the agony of death , rolled from
10 btd to the floor. Mrs. Johnsod struck a
ght and discovered the girl lying dead ,
> r throat cut from ear to ear. The hired
man came in answer to her screams : and in-
; antly started to alarm the neighbors. When
to nearest arrived , Johnson too was found
ying near tbe door with a broad gash in his
iroat and a blnody razor lying beside him.
As the coroners Investigation has only
ist begun no hoory has been brought to
? ht in opposition to the ono generally held ,
mely , that Johnson who had violently ap-
osed her approaching marriage to ayoung
nan of the neighborhood , loved his flater-in-
aw and In insane jealousy murdered her and
ook hia own life.
Jardlno Erects His Spine.
KANSAS CITY , Mo. , July 17. Father Jar.
ine , of St , Mary's Episcopal church , refuses
o resign his rectorship , as requested by the
Episcopalian clergy of this city. Ho repeats
'tis denial of published charges , and proposes
o stand an ecclesiastical trial ,
The Weather ,
WASHINGTON , July 10. Tha upper Mia-
ssippl valley : Warmer , fair weather ,
outherly winds.
The Missouri valley : Slightly warmer , gen-
rnlly fair ueatlior , southerly winds ,
"Wool Ilmtcs Reduced.
CHICAGO , 111. , July 17. At a meeting to-
ay of the Enst-liouud Freight association , it
raa agreed to reduce rates on wool from the
ilissiesippi river to the east 62 cents for com-
iressed and l0 ! cenla for uncompressed.
Gnn. Grant's Condition.
MOUNT MoGREoon , July 17. Gen. Grant
ilopt fully eight hours last night and in dozing
.his . morning. Weather bright and warm ,
, nd thej patient may ride in the Invalid chair
his afternoon ,
Base Hall.
NEW YORK , July 1C , Boston , 2j New
York , S , Ten innings.
PHILADELPHIA , Pa. , July 17 , Philadelphia ,
j Providence. 0.
SWHIIK 1'ur a IlouUlo Murder , ]
IIUTLK HOCK. Ark , , July 17 , David
Ackles , colored , was hanged at Helena , Ark , ,
, o-day , for the murder of Frank Burrell and
Scylla Flancory last year.
Heavy DamaK'i hy Flro ,
NEW YORK , July 17. Thurber , Whyland
k Co 'a grocery establishment was damaged
JJliO.OOO by fire to-night. The Insurance is
Deaths From Sua Htrokn ,
JERSEY CITY , N. J. , July 17. There were
eight deaths from heat in Hudson county to-
dap. Five of the victims wore children ,
I < ' * llurc8 ,
NEW YORK , July 17. The failures during
the past week were 225 , against 185 last week ,
and 204 tha week pririous to last ,
t euro ,
A travelling man by the name of W.
S. Adams , for aomo St , Lonla cloak
houeo , created a email stir lant evening
by rushing into the I'arton hotel office
and calling on the man there to protect
him from 31 r. Cole , of the firm of Lowry
Oolo & Co , , who ho claimed attempted to
assault him , Hla etory was that he had
mot Cole In front of the hotel and was
Introduced by an ex-clerk of Smith's ,
whereupon ho said to Cole , "Why , your
name h Goldsalth , and 1 mat you list
summer ap in St. Paul1 ' Mr , Uclo da.
nted the statement they had n
few sharp words abont It. when ho ran
Into the hotel oflica , c\llocl for protection ,
and the matter ended. Mr. Cole conld
not bo aeon Ust evening to got hla nldo of
the atory.
MnJ , Crrol's Promotion The Col
ored Troop * .
Maj. Carrel , rocoutly promoted from
the captaincy of the Ninth cavalry to n
position , os major of tha FJrat , Is in the
city visiting the people about the army
headquarters. Maj. Carrel lus many
friends lu the department and dlvioion
who will bo pleated to learn of his pro
motion. Maj. Carrel has boon lu the
army slnco 1850 , and distinguished him
self In the light artillery service during
the war. Sluca that time ho has made a
splendid record In the west as an Indian
The Indian Investigating commiltoo
are now at Pine Ridge agency.
In reply to a letter from Gen. Howard
to Gen. Schofiold , division commander ,
asking him to allow the Omaha troops to
bo transferred to this department lu titno
for the rltlo competition , Gon. Schofiold
has asked fora "little delay. " It is
probable that the transfer will bo made
in tlino to havoa full quota of the Omaha
toldlora present. .
"It's strange to me , " said an army
oflicor to n reporter to-day , ' 'that yon
nowepapor people don't have something
to ( . oay about the Ninth cavalry jast de
tailed ! for service in this department. The
Ninth civalry Is composed of the first
colored troops over In the department of
the Platto. The experiment of thnlr In
troduction has sacceuded admirably.
"There are a great many people , " con
tinued the army oflicor. "who Imagine
that the colored man does not make
as bravo a soldier as does the white man.
Thii idea ia radically wrong , as Is proven
by the record of the Ninth. The black
mon are hard fighters and conragoous to
the latt extremity. They can always bo
depended upon , too. a
The Ninth cavalry have been well re
ceived ! by the people of Nebraska so far
as they have gone. Very Httlo or no
race prejudice haa been exorcised against
"There is another thing that Is re
markable about the colored soldiers they
rarely or never got drank. On pay day ,
Instead of going off and filling up they ,
content thom.solvos with purchasing un
limited amounts of pastry cake , pies
and tarts or candy. These they take
off in secluded places and Indulge them
selves to an unlimited extent.
"Yes , the colored troops , of conrso are
ofliccrad , . by white mon. On the whole I
think the introduction of the Ninth Into
this . department Is going to provo a good
thing for the department , "
The following cflicora have boon
ordered to report In person , July 31st , to
Captain Evan Miles , Twenty-first In
fantry , commanding department rifle
camp , near Fort Omaha , for duty as
competitors at the next competition for
places on the department rifle team :
First Lieut. James 1J. Jackson , Seventh
Infantry , Fort Laramle ; Hecond Llont.
Edward H. Browne , Fourth infantry ,
Fort Nlobrara ; Second Lieut. Zerah W.
Torrey , Sixth infantry , Fort Douglas :
Second Lieut. James A. Guodin , Seventh
Infantry , Fort Wathaklo ; Second Lieut.
Elmoro F. Taggert , Sixth Infantry , Fort
Major Jabob F. Kent , Fourth Infantry ,
having reported by letter to these head-
uarters Is assigned to station at Fort
A general court-martial Is appointed to
meet at Fort Omaha , Neb. , at 10 o'clock
. m. , on Monday , the 20th day of July ,
885 , or as soon thoroaf tor as practicable ,
or the trial of such persons as may be
properly brought before It. The follow-
og oflicers have been detailed for tbo
: onrt : Oapt. William P. Curtis , Fourth
nfantry ; Capt. Jacob B. Kawles , Fifth
irtillerj ; Oapt. Charles J. von Herr
mann , Fourth Infantry ; Capt. Thomas
. Qainn. Fourth infantry ; Capt. Joseph
leetl'o , Fourth Infantry ; First Lionten-
nt John J. O'Brien , Fourth infantry ;
first Lieutenant William H. Ooflin , Fifth
Ttillery ; First Lieutenant William II.
lamllton , Fifth artillery ; First Lion-
ennnt Butler D. Prlco , adjutant Fourth
nfantry , judge advocate.
A general court-martial ia also as-
lolntcd to moot at Fort Laramlo , on the
! 0th , with the following detail for the
onrt : Capt. Daniel W. Bonham , Seventh
jnfantry ; Capr. Henry B. Freeman ,
Seventh Infantry ; Oapt. Constant Will-
lams , Seventh infantry ; Capt Charles A.
Coolidg" , Seventh infantry , Flrat Lieu
enant Francis Woodbridge , Seventh In-
'antry ; Second Lieutenant Daniel A.
Frederick , Seventh Infantry ; Second
Lieutenant Daniel L. Howell , Seventh
nfantry ; Second Lieutenant J. Espy
McCoy , Seventh Infantry ; Second Lieu
tenant Solah R. IT. Tompkins , Seventh
Infantry ; First Lieutenant Charles A ,
Warden , Seventh Infantry , judge advo
cate. .
Blr. GlmrlCB I'Van ' els Adams , jr. , anil
Parly Get In at filidnlglit ,
Charles tfrancla Adams , jr. , president
of the Union Pacific railroad , and his
party , arrived about midnight , and are
quartered at the Millard hotel. Being
Bomawbat wcaiy with much constant
travel , and at that late hour all elicits to
got Mr. Adams for an Interview were
meti with refusals , Since leaving here
about ten days ago Mr , Adams has been
over and Inspected the outlro Union
Pacific system between the Missouri
river and Liramle , wHoh takes In the
Kansas PadGo from Kansas Olty to
Cheyenne and all cf Its branches
Wherever bo wont the people met him
with propositions for various Improve
ments , and all received assurances
that the Union Pacific would
be on the look out for their best Inter
ests and advancement. Mr. Adams'
yiows rogardsug the building of viaducts
in tills city have already boon not forth
by him In a poreonal letter to the mayor ,
but U Is presumed the oommlttoo of coan-
cllinen and citizens who called on him
before will [ do s > > again white ho
la lioro. That matttor , ho trover ,
'It la understood ho has left
entirely with Mr , Galloway , general
manager of the road , ( o ba attended to.
Mr. Adsras will probably leave for the
oist about Monday.
Senator Mandcrson Tdlto of Ito Swift
Trnoes of the By-Gono Races Still
Ext tint-
( V St to of Igivnrnnuo Unoqttnlcil In
tlio United StAtes
A reporter for the BKK callad on Senator -
ator Chnrles S. Mandorsou , at his roomer
in : the Billiard hotel last evening , to leant
something from him about his recent trip
down Into Now Mexico , that will prob
ably , everything considered , bo of nioro
aim lets general interest jast now , Inas-
inuch as there has boon nioro or less talk
wlthtn the past few years of admitting
that territory to the union. Senator
Mnndorioii la a member of the United
States tonalo oomraittoo on tsrritorlos
nnd also on land claims. Whllo
aihi visit to Now Mexico at this
time naa not an nlliclal one , ntlll
he . mode quite an investigation Into
the ntato of alLure down thcro ,
itnd will report hla observations
b the ccjamlttos when coougrcoa convenes
next Docoinber. Bel ro entering Into
uiy detailed Btory of the senator's jour *
tiny , it may bo remarked that ho will
llseourago the Idea of admitting Now
Mexico ai a state In her present condi
tion of ignorance and un-Ainerlcnnl/.dd
customs. Said Mr. Mandnraon , there ia
IK other aeotion of the United States
that embraces as much illiteracy
among Its people as docs this
territory called Now Mexico. The popu
lation , numbers about 125,000 , and fully
100,000 of thai number are of the Mexi
can or Spanish races. Of tills 100,000 ,
COOf per cent are lllorato , Ignorant slaver ,
living , moving and having their being , In
11Pi stratified condition , that la absolutely
plttlful. Of COIHO there are educational
facilities In the territory , but they
can only bo enjoyed by the wealth
ier classes , who are able
tc pay exorbitant prices for
the * enlightenment of their children ,
tlcc ? educational facilities are under the
control and [ { conduct of the Oathollo
ohuich. \ The American people , however ,
who live in Now Mexico , are enterprising
and well to do , but tney don't coem ,
many of them at least , to bo particularly
anxloas about Insisting on having the
territory admitted Into the union as a
state just yet awhile. The fair ctlioo
Bookers , who are there would like to have
itVI done very much , but they are not yet
very numerous.
Whether the territory should bo ad
mitted as a state or not , It is in such con
dition that congress mast look aftar It ,
probably more than has over been done
before , and attempt to elevate the people
to a state of onllghtmont that will admit
of their becoming a state In the union.
The senator thinks that this end will
probably have to bo reached through
a system of common schools
and compulsory education , under the
control and Boppoit of the government.
If there la a country nndor the tun , de
clared Senator Mandorson , that Is In .
need of compulsory education , that conn-
try is New Mexico. Not only are the
great majority of the foreign clement IK
literate and Ignorant , but they live llko
anlmala , subsist on very little rough food
and go clad In the brhfont kind of attire.
"It was very funny and remarkably Inter
esting , " nald SenatorMandenon , "boncto
the aifferonca between thoao old adobe
towns and the now American towns that
have sprung up within the past few years
about railroad stations. The old City of
Mexico was an interesting place for the
Bon&tor and Mrs. Mondoraon who accom
panied him. They vidtod the cathedral
that Is 250 years old , and marked evi
dences of habitations that existed there
'ong ' before Plymouth Rock or Jamea- >
own , were awakened from tnolr sleep of
olltudo by the eounds of civilization.
nho surface of the country , however ,
ooked now as though It had been mode
Ithln the past century or two. In ad-
Itlon to a general Inspection of the
ountry and the people , Senator Mander-
on also in ado some Investigations into
many of the claims that have for years
"icon a source of an annoyance , trouble ,
nd agitation to congress. Those claims ,
r most of them at least , originated nndor
ho treaty made forty yean ago for the
orrltory , the moat Important of which la
hat known as the McGarrnhan claim ,
'ho ' senator and his wlfo vhrilcd tho.
mnous Laa Vagc shot springe , which have
cen undo by the Santa Fo railroad
ompany a moat delightful , attractive-
nd charming place. The Now Monta
uma hotel , is ono of tbo finest hostlorlcs
n the country , but , for come raason , or
thor , it is not crowded with guests thin.
In about two weeks Senator Mnndor-
on and Senator Vest of Missouri , start
on a trip , out through Oregon , Wyom
ing , Washington and Dakota territories ,
which trip will include a visit ; to and in
spection of the celebrated Yellowstone-
USE. ,
Che Greatest jETadicQl Jjrmrph of the Agol
e , HuweJico tll' ln la
Ibe bead , wlt'i u dull vcnaatlon lu llik
fcucU pnrt , > iiln un7or the shoulder.
LIudo , I'ullncim nflnvtio tine , vrllU uilU- .
Inclinntlov to czrrllan at body or mlml ,
IrrllulilUtyortimi -r.f.ntTBplrltn , with
a luuliuffol ImvlnnnrulpcKuI Bomoduty ,
Wrrvrlueii , DI/zUo * * , 1'JatterlDB nl tba
Heard Data bu ( r , iha eyes , Hcndacba
uvur tlio rlcht. eye , Koulemnuii , vrllh
Ulful ( Ireiinin , Ulcbiy colored Uilno , and
TOTT'H VlLi'tl are especially adapted
to such cviiKV ) , ono dOBO effects such o
ImtiKU of feeling into ust onlili the sutfcron
They In crente the Alu > rtltoR'j | cause the
txxJy to TuUo on rje l > , thu ttin njntem li
iioiirlMicil.nnil bytnclrTomc Action on
thu tH/e , tools are
/ ;
nrortj'jv.l. 1'rlonUF.o. 4 Murruv St..rV.Y.
j lw B U < J HBft SCa eJ a Baa
UIUT llAiit or WHISKRIIB changed to n
aixissr liiACK l > y ft slnslo oppllcutlon oj
tills UrK , It Imports a natunif color. nct
Instantaneously. Bold by lruejlats ) , or
* ntby express on receipt of 01.
' " W rviurrnySt , . HovYork. .