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Gladstones Oimntcg has not Forsaken
sakon Him ,
Grnnrt Old Man Answer * . Vic
toria' * Appeal for Help sunln'n
Dentil-roll Notes.
LONDON , Juno 21. Mambera of the Glad
stone ministry went to Windsor Castle to-day
and delivered up the seals of olllco. Soon after
they had retired from the Castle members of
the now ministry arrived and went through
the ceremony of accenting ofBco from the
the queen nod receiving the seals , making
nets of obeisance by kissing the hand of her
majesty. A great crowa assembled at the
depot upon the arrival of the train bearing
the now nlnistry. Salisbury and. Northcoto
were loudly cheered , especially tha latter.
Churchill on tbo contrary was received with
mingled cheers and groans ,
In the house of commons this afternoon
Gladstone road the correspondence between
himselt and Salisbury relating to the recent
dead lock in the cabinet. The letters of
Gladitone convey to the new government as
surances of general support on the part of the
liberals but make no BpeciGo pledges. Sev
eral new writs for election were ordered to be
issued and the house adjourned.
The correspondence which Mr. Gladstone
read comprised a ecrios of letters , the dates
ranging from June 17 to Juno 21 , In which
Lord Salisbury demanded pledges of liberal
support to enable the conservatives to finish
the absolutely necessary business of the session
by giving the now government a precedence
on these days fixed for supply or appropria
tion hills , and If no other way of meeting the
difficulty were leasable , to let the name of the
tax remain nt 8d for the remainder
of the year , leaving the deficit
to be mot by an issue of exchequer bonds on a
temporary loan. Lord Salisbury explained
that it would be uselota to take the office
without the support of the liberal leader , be
cause an appeal to the country under the
teats bill would ba impossible before Novem
ber. Mr. Gladstone , in reply , gave assur
ance that the liberals had no wish to embar
rass the new government. Alter con
sulting his colleagues ha informed the
queen that he _ conceived it would
be contrary to public duty to compromise the
liberty of the house of commons by giving
specific pledges not to oppose the remaining
business of the session before possessing all
the facts bearing upon such business. He can-
eluded by assuring the queen that the facili
ties for expediting the supply might reasona
bly be provided aud there would bo no at
tempt to withhold the ways and means re
quired for the public service , but ho could
give no specific pledges in regard to undefined
HOME , June 24 , A fearful explosion oc-
cured to-day in the powder mill at Lucca.
Few of those employed in the mill at the
time escaped doatb or serious injury. Already
the bodies of twelve of the killed have been
LONDON , Juno 24 A dispatch received
here says an American who recently passed
through Batoum a town In Asiatic Russia on
the' ' Black sea coast , states there are many
gun factories in full operation there nnd that
they are being worked secretly under the
names of hospitals , asylums , etc.
BOMBAY , Juno 24 , The fortifications
around Her\t , designed primarily to protect
that city against assault by the Russians , is
being rapidly pushed to completion.
Ten lacs rupees are to be sent to the'nmoer
ot Afghanistan to aid the ameer to place the
country in a better state of defense ,
LONDON , Juno 24. Charles Wnrrou Adams
and Miss Mildred Cilerldga , daughter of
lord chief justice of England , wero'married
to-day. The marriage waa private. Lord
Coleridge was asked by hia daughter to at
tend , but ho refuted , nnd , in consequence , no
other members of his family were invited ,
BOMBAY , June 24. Rumora are circulating
here that the nrreit by the Russians of the
clerk of the British consul at Koahd , Persia ,
while bearing n note to the Russian com
mander at Sarakhs , was deliberately planned
by the Rnislans.
CAIUO , Juno 24. A rumor has roachol here
that Kossal has not fallen , The garrison Btill
refuses to currender to the forces of the
Si. PeTilusBuna , Juno 24. The govern
ment has iisued an order forbidding news
papers to make nny reference whatever to the
action of Uuesla In the Afghan affair.
.ID . , Juno 24 , The official report for
Monday for the cholera districts of Spain is
at follows ;
Valencia City , new cases 27 , deaths 15 ;
Valencia province , now cases 43 , deaths 198 ;
Cutellon De La Piano province , new cases
100 , deaths 20 ; Murcia City , new cases 82 ,
deaths 29 ; MurciA province , new cases 207 ,
deaths 73 ; Oorthugena , new cases nono/deatha
1 , Cien Pazuolo , now 01903 8. deaths 4 ,
In the city of Madrid on Tuesday there was
one new cose and three deaths.
Tbo minister of the interior in ths cortes
stated , owing to the favorable ropoit by the
commission appointed to Inquire into thi sub
ject of inoculation with cholera microbes
aa a prevontatlvo sgainst the spread of chol
era , tbo practice of inoculation would bo al
lowed to continue , but only as an experiment ,
annwiii ,
I'OIITLAND , Me. , June 21-The streets are
crowded again to-day with hundreds of thou
sands of vliltors , Everywhere tba uniform
of the grand army of the republic it conspicu
ous. The secret executive cession of the
national encampment Cbegin at 11 o'clock
The commander in-chief said four yours ego
there was a mctnberihip of nearly 40 000
On March SI , 18S5 , thirty-eight departments
reported 5,000 potts and 270,100 mumben
The question having been raited as to whether
the fate comrade , B. F , Stevenson , o
Springfield , Ilia , was really tha Cnt mover In
the organization of the grand army , it I
deemed but liinplu justice to his memory , as
well as to his family and comrades , to state
that all authentic record * confer upon him
that very great honor.
Continuing his report the crand commander
atkvs : "I am opposed ta tha perpetuation o
the grand army , believing tha mission of our
great comradeship will hava been fulfille
whan the lut comrade his joined tha fina
muster out. Knowing there is nothing In
tha grand array of the republic Inopniidten
-with the most exacting ptrton or strictest re
ligion , I deeuud I ( lor tbo interest of th
Older to appoint a special committee to lay it
nature and workings before the proper cath
olio authoritioi ot the United States
that they might know our organization
ihad nothing to conceal and that ou
.purposes wete commended by a !
* * J * *
who understand them. The committee re
ported , having fulfilled its mission , that as
surances hn ] been given by Archbishop * Rj n
and Gibbons that nothing could bo found In
the alms of the wand army to prvent any good
catholla from becoming a member. "
Thocommnnder- . chief deprecated partici
pation In politics as rm organization and earn
estly advcc&ted the Mexican pcnsionbill _ and
n Mil to grunt rihablod unldiers pension from
the date cf dlstbllity. Resolutions of sym
pathy with Gen. Grant were adopted by n
unanimous ilsing vote. amid great
The grand army cf the r public to-day so
lectcd nn Frrvccieco as the next place ol
It Is stated that at the secret session of the
national encampment to day' Conirado Loring
of MauachuiotU , offered a resolution , which
vaa referred to A committee , providing that
ho grand array of the republic organization
avers giving a pension of $3 per month to
ivcry soldier now living who took part
n the war of the rebellion , whether disabled
or not ; that all legislation on the subject of
mniiona shall bo cancelled and that the
100,000 applications for pensions now
on file shall bo withdrawn. A _ for
mal session of the women's national
eliof corps ojionod to-day with speeches by
? a t Grand Commander Vandervoor of No-
> ratka. and Past Grand Chaplain Foster of
few xoik. Mrs. Logan was introduced to
be aisombly and in a few words thanked the
elonatos for the manner in which they
frccted her , After adjournment Mrs. Logan
leld a reception ,
BOSTON , Mass. , June 24. "The Journal of
Jen , Gordon at Khartoum" Is the name of a
: ook , voluminous extracts from which are
[ iven ont to the newspapers to-day. The
> ook was to contain n portrait of Gen. Gor-
on , two maps and thirty illustrations ropro-
uced In fac-iimllo from sketches by himself ,
'ha diaries are In six parts , and each one out
do has the remark , sometimes repeated three
moa , to tLo effect that "It should be pruned
own prior to publication , " A
irominont feature of the extracts
s the condemnation frequent
nd bitter which Gordon terras the "Indecision
f the BlitUh government , " In this connec-
ion he writes : "It is not easy to get over a
oollng bitter of the hope of the existence of
10 expedition being necessary owing to our
laving fjljou. " Iio believes the Soudan
lotikl be given ( o the Turks and incidentally
efericg to England says : "Its principles
ro party intrigue , If our enemy were do-
otod elsewhere it would produce ten fold ,
udia sways all of our policy to
o our detriment " In a similar manner Gor-
on touches upon a marvelous variety of top
is , but Is constantly recurring them as the
tiort-comlugs of the English administration.
'Oh , our government ! Our government ! " bo
writes , "what has it not to onswer foi ? Note
o mo , but to these poor people. I declare , if
thought the town wlehod the mahdi I would
ivo it up , BO much do I respect free will , "
u another place , n passage of apparently in-
icating the tone of the entire book , Is tha
ollowing : "I conld , he says , "write volumes
f pent up wrath on this subject Jf I did not
litnk things are ordained , and all work for
he beat"
Burchnrd AVill Not Down ,
NEW YOKK , Jnne 24 A Washington
pecial to the Evening Post says : "Burchard ,
lirector of the mint , according to present in-
ormation , has decided to teat the power of
ho president to remove him from office.
Chere are two offices in the treasury created
> y special statute , the tenure of which , it Is
assumed , makes It impossible for the president
o suspend tha incumbents unless tha senate
ball consent. Tha offices are these director
if the mint and comptroller of the currency.
A. request has been made to Burchard to reIgn -
Ign { which he will undoubtedly refuse to do.
3e is net in sympathy with some financial
views of the treasurer , and is in Borne reapecto
opposed to the secretary's policy. From ths
mtaot of the Administration he has interposed
egal and other objections to the plan of the
new treasury officers. There have been many
: onfllcts of opinion and Burchard ia regarded
jy the new treasury officers aa an obstruc-
ionlst It has been the Intention for some
lime to secure his removal. It had been
loped he would resign. Three chanrea have
been made against him , Ono Is that liv per
mitted a defaulting subordinate to resign ,
others are that bo is guilty of error of judg
ment , inefficiency , lack of executive ! ability.
and has been carolees in the management of
lilver purchases , Burchard'a friends also hold
that it is due him not to resign when such
charges are made.
Confiiuation FoiNwd Rebellion.
PANAMA , Juno 24. The now regime In
Spania does not seem to share a happier fate
than many of Its predecessors did. Loeal
opinion , both native and foreign , condemn It
as arbitrary and oppressive , and nothing less
than a dictatorship , inteniely illiberal and ab
solutely irresponsible. A forced loan was the
first matter undertaken , the sum being fixed
at $100,000. Tbis was assessed In such a man
ner that the poor were called on to pay as
much as the rich. Only about one half
was collected. Now the iulersproposo [ a new
scheme a war contribution of 8300,000.
This amount is to be levied on those who
favored rebellion"thoso who nuisted in the
rebellion and those who have been obdurate
in refusing payment of the previous loans ,
This measure means the confiication of oil
properties of revolutionary sympathizers or
Tlie Suit to Ject JUn-rleon.
CHICAGO , 111. , Juno 21. Attorneys A. W.
Green , John Jewott and Norman Williams ,
acting for the friends of Judge Smith , who
some time since decided to contest the elec
tion of Carter Harrison for mayor , hnvo fin
iahed their bill of particulars , the same being
filed with the clerk of the county , The bill if
vary lengthy , covering forty-teyen printed
octavo pagei , The points presented in the
Instrument have all been discussed and pub
lished repeatedly since thn election , the prin
cipal being charges of fraudulent voting by
different means , and many alleged evidences
of gross irrffluUrltlM in the making of re
turns. _ _ _ _ - - . _ _ _ _ _
Jealousy's Dunulo Funeral.
INDIANAPOLIS , June 21. Ewly this morn
ing pedestrians on Meridian itroat were horrified
rified at soelng the apparently dead bodies o
a man and woman lying In un alley a few
feet from tha tidewalk with their throats cut ,
A patrol wagon was called and tha bodies re
moved n ) speedily as possibly , They weio
found to bo Robert Phillips , a colored laborer
and wife. The haebind had cut her throat ,
and then his own , using a common cate knife
The woman wat dead but Phillips Is sttl
alive , but cannot recover. He had been mar
ried three months , Jealousy Is supposed to
bare been the ciuso.
I'oUon In Canned Bleats ,
ROOK ISLAND , 111. , Juno 21. Seven fami
lien of thin city have been tick since Sunday
with gastro enteritis , caused by oatlnp com
pressed beef. None ara seriously ill. The
general * ymptoms are vomiting , purging , am
chill. Whether the palson Is from the tin In
which the meat wo * canoed or the meat itnel
the physicians ore unable to determine. Tha
sick ara all now doing well.
Tlio St. Paul Tones Down.
CHICAGO , III. , June 2 1. Tha Bt , Paul road
gave uotlca today that It would extend its
notice of withdrawal from tha Colorado-Utal
pool thirty days from to-morrow in view o
the pouibillty that ths approaching meetincr
of the general managers may settle the quoa
tlon of percentages to ita satisfaction ,
flu Play in Met Illinois Leiishton
Members Charged by a Ooiumitteo
With Bad Conduct ,
Greenbacks Figure Lmrgoly la llio
Laws of tlio Sucker State
Tbo Report.
CHARGES of connurno.v.
SrniNoriKLi ) , 111 , , Juno 24. In the house
the general tax levy bill came UD on motion
oflCronkrito. The amount was reduced from
.wo millions A year to ono million and a half-
Tbo bill was then ordered to third reading.
The house struck out the senate rider to the
normal school bill which provides that no part
of the appropriation should be uiod until the
loard of trustees deeded to Julia Bakowell
orty acres of land given by Bakowell long
.cto to the state tor a purpose nevorfulfilled.
Clio bill was then sent to _ third reading.
Ctvo hours were spent in wrangling
over the report of the contingent expense
committee. It was finally t-oncurrod in. The
onato bill regarding lease and bailment
on condition of sale of railway rolling stock
vas called up but only received 13 votes.
Juinn ross to a question of high personal priv-
lega and denied certain charges made by
filler , The charges were that
Juinn charged thirtr-eight dollars
or visiting Joliet penitentiary , when Qalnn'n
only visit to that place was to sea "Dutchy"
) 'Keefe. Quinn denied the charge , Baying ho
lad not been to Joliet for four weeks. Ho
asked Miller to apologize , the latter made no
move aud Quinn offered a resolution of 011-
uro which llamas would not entertain. This
) rotight about great confusion , during which
he speaker declared the IHHHO adjourned ,
In the senate this morning n number of
ipuso bills were advanced , The drainage
} ill , nmondiug the old levee law of 1872 ,
inssod. It is n vn'uminous document , but is
atended to simplify the law * on that subject.
A number of smalt house appropriation bills
vero advanced. The house convict labor bill
vas called up and advanced to second road-
ng. Tha Chicago park bill was culled up by
Senator Mason and passed. It provides that
u additional tax of ono mill shall be added
or park improvement ! ! In that city. It only
fleets those districts in which parks are lo-
ated. The store bill was taken up under a
uspension of the rules. The bill provides
bat employers shall not pay employes in
anything but money , and is aimed to do away
with what is commonly known aa truck
tores. It was strongly opposed b ; Itinehart.
iefore the completion of the debate the senate -
ate took a recess.
In the house in the afternoon Quinn did
not prees his motion for a vote of censure
against Miller , and the Craft's bill paused en-
, bllng park commissioners or corporate an-
, horitie& to take , regulate and Improve and
control public streets leading to public parBs ,
and pay for such Improvement by specinl as-
essment on contiguous property. The senate
illl allowing the clerk of the criminal court of
a county to hold office until the November
election , 1580 , was advanced to a third read-
ng. The senate bill providing that medical
colleges , surgeons and physicians ehall have
; he ute of unclaimed dead in penitentiaries ,
loapitala , bridewells , asylums , etc. ,
passed. The aanate bill authorizing
: ities and villages to convey real estate held
38 them for school purposes to proper schools
officers pissed. There were but twentv-threa
votes In favor of the bill appropriating 875.
100 to establish a training cchool above llock
Island. The nenato geni-ral appropriation
rill passed. The senate bill appropriating
$100,000 $ for erecting in Chicago or Cook
county an industrial school for the blind was
not ordered to third reading and is dead.
In the senate this afternoon consideration
; f the truck bill was continued , Senator Ham-
Iton taking n stand in favor of it. At 3:20 : ,
others wishing to discuss the bill , it was de
cided to make it tbo epecial order for to
morrow at 11am. A good deal of amusement
va > offered the senators by the speech mrde
jy Senator Southworth on tbo bill , declaring
Lusk creek not a navigable stream. He baa
drawn a map showing the courua
of the stream , its tributaries ,
etc , , which were , of course all
ictltloua and his speech explaining was quite
udicrous. The bill passed. A large number
of house bills were advanced in order of their
reading , this being the last day that bills on
"iret reading can possibly get through. The
tiouso bill providing that members of th *
board of appeals of the board of trade aha
? ivo a bond of 85.0 TO , and farther that no per
son interested in either the buying or selling of
Train shall be arnomber of the board was passed.
Senator Ainsworth called up the house bill
restricting the sale of liquors by certain per
sons In less quantities than five gallons to
persons within n radius of two miles ont of
any incorporated city , town ur village , and its
opponents tiled to keep It back by continued
motions to adjourn. The bill was advanced
to Bscond reading , after which the senate ad
journed , '
The long lookod'for report of the investigat
ing committee was received in the house this
evening. The report , after stating what the
committee considered its duty , went on to say
regarding the charges Bade by Speaker
Haines and the affidavit ho flourished on tha
Boar of tbo house , that when the committee ,
called for the document Haines had sent it
buck to its maker , Tubbs , district superin
tendent of the Western Union telegraph com
pany , and the committee had great difficulty
In obtaining information. The Tubbi affida
vit , the committee says , sets forth that Rep
resentative Baker bad offered for S2,60Jto
defeat the telegraph bills thn one intro
duced by Singer. Tubbi was finally
got before tha committee and testified
that Baker had madoauch n proposition to
him , On the other hand they have the di
rect denial of Mr. Baker , As to the tiuth or
falsity of the charges , the committee leaves it
for the house to decide. In regard to the
charge that Odmpball of Hamilton , h&d bon
purchased In tbo interest of certain butter
bills by a committee from Elgin , tha reports
gave tha testimony of Bartholomew of the
commission , wliicu states that HItze , treat-
urer of the Elgin company told
him that he had pai'l In all
t > Hamilton $1,100 for influecca in this butter
bill. Uitze could not be pot before the com
mittee , but the committee are of the opinion
that enough testimony IB in their possession
to ciuse the indictment of said Ilitza for At-
temptlntr to corrupt members of the legisla
ture. The committee does not make any
comment on Campbell's conduct , but leaves it
to the house. In regard to the charges
egaluet Bruce Kennedy ard his connection
with the canal claims bill , they state that evi
dence damaging to that gentleman was
offered , but that the report that
he had been influenced in the interest of the
bill , arose only through a thoughtless joke.
When the report was read Speaker Haines
took the floor and defended LIB petition , at
the Bame tiino arraigning the committee f er
putting inch u report into the house , which
ha claimed was Intended to smirch the honor
of members of the housu. He spoke for nearly
two hours and wai followed by Baker ,
who , in Very caustic remarki , characterized
District Manager Tubba , ol the \Vestern
Union telegraph company , who accused him
of having tried to Bell himself out , an in
famous liar and perjurer. Mr , Campbell , cf
Hamilton , also denied to the house the
charges that had been preferred cgaintt him.
He averred that to far as he was concerned
there was never n cent of money p id
out in the Interest * of the butter bill ,
Mr , Meisick moved that tha report of tU
committee be received and placed on the
table , tbu committee discharged , and no
record of It spread upon tha journal of tbo
bonne. At 10 p , m. the house adjourand.
Cloao of Commencement HCHSOII.
IOWA OUT Ia. June 24. The quarter centen
nial celebration and regular commencement
exercises of tha itate university doted to-day
aim' tte closing was n btilltaw
most compk tent judges it li princunotd r o
greatest Jltew. ; ? 6TCnt 5n tl10 hl toiy of" low * .
Nearly 1,000 K'ra'n' ' ' ftct former student' '
roro prciont. Ov10 * ln" scjjo ° 1 graduated
twenty-two yorniff ttfn > xho B duating
classes for seven jw h vo numbered over
ono hundred each yew , , > ? no.w Ijwof the
BUto requiring n two JC.M mle * * of ft , ono
year courBo largely rnltk ced the number.
The orations of the gradnsU . ere practical
nnd well received , Judge Ro.htook admitted
them to practice in the suprrmtp.uJ . -The
nlnmnl elected the Hon. W.V , Baldwin of
Burlington , cln s of 18G7 , preside.11 { ot 'ho
ensuing year and W. I. Evans , orals' " ' The
annual alumni oration was delivered by the
Rev. W. E , Brush of Auimosa , clnsi ok ° ' '
It was n masterly argument in favor of the
power of mind nnd too necetstty of religion
in directing the course of the mind.
President Pickard gave n reception lasV
night , and this morning the collegiate class
was graduated. There were sixteen orations
> nd thirty-six graduates , a number of them
being ladies. The board of regents relieved
Prof. Hlnrichs of nil connection with the
academic faculty , leaving him professor in
the medical nnd ptmrmaceullcnl departments ,
The board also passed n resolution expressing
their disapprobation of n profouor of the uni
versity eignlng pormlta for persons to tell
liquors aud of taking part In the prosecution
of liquor suits.
DENVER , Col. , Juno 21. The following imt-
iculars of the Indian trouble in the southern
tart of the state are just received : Saturday
evening a party of Indians camped on Beaver
rook , n tributary of the Dolores river , sixty
nllos west rf Durango , They got Into an
altercation with cowboys about horses which
bo cowboys claimed the Indians were trying
osteal. Ono Indian ran ton tepee , where
here were three other bucks , ono * quaw , ono
lapooso and boy. The cowboys followed nnd
iponod fire on the Indians In the tepee , kill-
ug four bucks , a squaw nnd the papoose and
vounding the boy , who got away. Tim
night at 10 o'clock in Montezuma valley
wenty miles distant e man named Genther
at roadldg while his wife was preparing for
icd. Their childrrn were asleep. The wife
icard noise and ran out to find the homo on
firo. Genthor hastened out to put out the fire
md waa shot receiving seven bullet wounds ,
Us wife ran to assist him and was shot in
ho shoulder. Before ho died Genther told
lis wife to got the children out of the house
which ( he did hiding herself in the brush
.ill the Indians departed. Secreted by the
larkncss , with four small children , carrying
an Infant In her arms and leading another ,
ho wandered all night through the nago brush ,
bart footed and in her night clothes , finally
eachltu a noighbor'd house about morning.
? ho Indians helped themselves to whatever
hay wanted biforo they departed.
Mrs. Genther at last accounts was in n
very critical condition. The body of Genthor
waa found , burned to a crisp. 'J
A Times special says : "It ia reported that
> .0 Indians are ready to make war if tha ro-
ult of the inveBtlgation now being made by
Stoltstoimer is unsatisfactory , Indians were
een moving westward on Monday. On
? uoaday they were followed by two compan-
ec of cavalry. The whole country Is terribly
xcited , "
MOUNT MCGREGOR , June St. Gen. Grant
mssed another restful night fast night , sleep-
ng from the time ha retired until 2 this
morning , when the doctor cleared his throat.
Vhen hia throat bad besu washed , the general
aid in a comparatively clear voice : I feel
> etter than I have sinca I oame up here. " He
, hen slept till 4. when the doctor attended
lim again. From then he slept until between
I and 0 , when he was aroused. Dr. Sbrady :
vill arrive here to-day to prepare the official
inlletln of the patient's condition for the
Medical Record.
So far as from being prostrated by his un
wonted work of yesterday , Gen. Grant , after
sight hours sleep lost night and this morning ,
iaa resumed his work to-day. He sat during
the forenoon in the parlor nnd wrote nearly
in hour and revised some proof sheets of bis
jook ,
{ Grant spent much of the afternoon on the
itazza. At 3:30 Dr. Shrapy arrived from
Mew York and was greeted very warmly by
, ho general ,
and Itelber Acquitted.
PiiTsnuno , Juno 24 The jury in the Rid
dle and Reibor conspiracy case renpered a ver
dict of "not guilty , " and it placed the costs
o Directors Oavitt and Carroll , the rosecut-
ore , The greatest interest was manifested by
the crowd which filled the court room and
corridors leading thereto , when , tha jury announced -
nounced the verdict in the Riddle-Relbor
case this morning. Lively applause followed
the announcement of the verdict , but it wes
euppreisod by the court.
Aft-r tha defendants had been conRraatulat-
cdlliildlo knowing there was a writ for his ar.
redt on a judgment obtained by C. 0. Stew
art & Bros , went into court and gave bail in
810,030. Amount of judgment against him
waa $5,00) , He was released from custody ,
nnd was again the recipient of congratula
tions. The attorneys for the depositors say
.ho result of the trial will undoubtedly win
'or them civil suits now pending against the
directors for negligence.
Mistaken Defectives.
KINGSTON , Ont. , June 2J. F. L. Thorpe ,
of Chicago , arrived at Rideau Lake recently
to enjoy some fishing. He noticed two men
watcbiag him closely , end ho subsequently
became acquainted with them and they wont
fishing together. Landing on on Island to
partake of some refreshment ; , Thorpe was
drugged nnd spirited away. When he came
to his sensed ho wai told he was Scott , the
Manhattan bank embezzler , who decamped
with $100,000. The strangers were detectives
who were after the § 5,000 reward offered for
Scott , Thorpe soon proved hia identity and
released , the detectives bearing all ex
A Hogufl Butter Bull ,
NEW YOBK , Juna 21. Tbo dairymen of the
atato ara not satisfied with the recent decision
of the court of appeals in the test oleomargarine
garine case , Tooy state that the case was
not a test caia at nil , but a bogus suit gotten
up by theqloomargarlne manufacturers against
ono of their own number , and puehed on to
the court of appeals upon n pretended state
ment of facts which did not exist in the casa
at all and with no evldenco on the part bf the
people to contradict it.
Tlio First Colored Blsliop.
NEW YOBK , June 31. The Rev. Dr. Bam
uel Ferguson wai consecrated , this morning ,
bishop of the Protestant Episcopal church , al
GrAce cnurch. Ho is the first colored membe
of the American house of bhhopi. He will go
to Cape Palmas in about two weeks , where ho
will remain permanently.
for Epidemics.
CHICAGO , June 24 , The executive committee -
too of the International Medical association I
holding a secret session here. About fifty
delegates wen present. Tlio conference ii
stated to have reference to some united courro
'of actlou in event of any general epidemic in
the United States.
Hcnditoku AC Harvard ,
BOSTON , Mass. , Juno 21. Vice Protideu
Htndricku arrived here early thU morning
He was met by the governor and escorted to
Harvard college to participate In the coin
mencement exercises.
s fif tto People in the Southwest
No Efforts Taken to Freyont tlio
Oteyeune Outbroalr ,
Donth of Minister I'll dps nt him *
InclaontR of Reform GOT-
crnmonr ,
WASIUJKHON , June 24 , The outbtoak of
the Cheyenne Indians which WAS threatonoa
an Saturday Tnstbas beca brewing for a yenr
ar longer. Army olliclalj hcko attribute it tea
a dissatisfaction on ilia pajt of the Indians at
the lowing of tfceir rtwervntlcn to tbo cattle-
tnon. The Cheyctiuo irtervntlon is ono of the
argoat In Indlita tatritiry. It comprntn
nbout 4,270,000 ncrw. Of thli uinouat more
than SOO.CCO acres M cvitrtiltal by cattle
men , who ar ertzlng vast herd * . The Indi-
> na are divided ou tlm question cf leming the
nnd. a majority nppurintly being opposed to
t. It ia find hero by clllclsla that'
the cattloinon hnvo tesorted to question
able methods in securing control of
ha ranches. _ Reports on file at the olllco of
ho commiaMoner of Indian affairs indicate
but tlio leasing of the lands was the original
sause of the trouble among the Indians. Im-
nediately after assuming- his duties as ageut
) jer informed tha interior dorartmcnt that
rouble was threatened and Unit unless pre
cautionary measures were tikon an outbreak
vould be inevitable , lie naked thiit 1 000
: avnlrymen bo eent to the icservalion. As a
i reason foe his statement , the agent said lili
predecessor had not exercised strict control
iverthe Indians ; that they had been allowed
p do as they wished Dyer , on assuming du-
ies at the agency , endeavored to control the
Indians. Ho reported to the commissioner
> f Indian affairs that they laughed at hia
ittempta , and boasted that the government
ould do nothing with thorn. Agent l > yer was
n Washington some weeks pincc. He urged
hat 3,000 cavalrymen be sent to the raserva-
Ion aa soon as possible to scare tha Indians
nd show them that the government had suf *
iclent force to punish them if neoessary. Ho
bought if this method of influencing them
was adopted , they would bo controlled with-
ut bloodshed ou either side. Ho said the
3hoyonnes worn as warlike a * the Apaches ;
bat they were well armed and could put from
,2CO to 1,500 warriors on the warpatb at any
Secretary Manning has requested the resit ;
atlon of Horatio C. Burcliatd , of Illinois , aa
Irector of tha mint.
The department of state ha ; received notice ,
hroueh , the Belgian legation at Washington ,
hat an international congress of commercial
aw will ba held at Antwerp in September.
\.n invitation is extended to this government
o send a representative to tbo congress. As
hero Is no provision of law or appropriation
wallablo for sending a delegate to represent
he government , the secretary of state has in
cited the Now York chamber of commerce to
lame a delegate , to be endorsed by the de
partment. The programme to be considered
> v the congress comprises two subject ) , viz. :
Maritime law and bills of exchange.
Col. Donby , United States minister to
Ohina had an interview with the president
nd the secretary of etato to-day prior to hia
leparturo for China.
A dispatch his been received at the state 1
lepartment announcing the death of T. ti
'helps , United States minister to Peru.
Mr. Phelps died at Limn. Ho was abiub
30 years of age and entered the navy in 1641 ,
ontinuing In its service till 18G4 and serving
with distinction as lieutenant commander
under Admirals Kogera and Pooto during the
war of the rebellion. After reiiqnlng he ba-
Damn interested in private enterprises
nnd was connected with the Pacific
Vlail steamship company for several
reara. He also served as commissioner of
ho District of Columbia. President Arthur
appointed him minister to Peru on June 2Gth ,
.883 , which post ha was occupying at the .
.imo of bis death. lie wns to hnvo been re-
ieve ; ) , however , in a few days , n , W. Buck ,
if Kentucky , appointed to that position by [
President Cleveland , having but recently
sailed from New York to Lima to assume the
duties of his office. Mr. 1'helns loaves a wife
and one daughter , The latter is the wife of
Mr. Levellon A. tirown , chief clerk of the
department of state.
George L. Howes of Charleston , S. C. , has !
jeen appointed a special agent ol the bureau
of labor , vice William L , Trenholm , who de
clined his appointment. Andrew S. Caldwell
of Boise City , Idaho , has been appointed
special agent of the general land oilice to ex-
imlno'fraudulent land entries , and Joshua
C. Spscr of Indiana , has been appointed
special timber agent of the same office.
An order has been issued establishing a
jally , except Sundays , exchange of through
registered pouches between the postmmtors at
A-tchlaon and Omaha , to go Into operation
an July G , The pouches leave Atchlson at
11:20 a. m , and leave Omaha at 10:35 a. m , )
Special to the Denver Trlbune-IlepubllcaD.
DOBANGO , Col. , June 22. The air has *
> eonfull of rumors all day , and stories ol
ndian matsacrea and troubles. Out of the
mndred wild stories your correspondent has
mcceeded in learning the following as facts :
A messenger came from the Dolores , near
Great Bend , this morning with a note from
bounty Commissioner William May ask-
ng Dr. Winters to come down imme
diately , as the Indians had killed his neigh
bor , by the name of Gouthner , and had badly
wounded his wlfo Mrs. Geuthner , The mes
senger , nlao stated that the Indians had
jurnod Geuthnor's house , barns and h&y-
itacks. It Is olio reported from the Indian
agency that the cowboys had killed a family of
[ ndlanaconiisting of BX , that one young buck
who belonged to the same family was wounded ,
but got away and came to the agency at Ignacio -
nacio and told hia story , and at once 250 war- 1
rioM came to the agency and demanded re
venge. Agent Stollsteimer pacified tham by
agreeing to go to-day witutwenty five of their
number to Fort Iiiwlr , there to get an oicort
of soldiers and go with them to the scene of
the trouble on the Dolores and Investigate
the whole matter , oeo who commenced the
trouble and get the bodies of their six dead
Indians. Accordingly the Indiana passed
through the city to-day with the agent on
their way to Fort 'Lawis.
Another mesienger arrived this evening ,
who brings the report that a party of Indiana
mot Mr. Joe Dougherty , the brother of Cap
tain Daugherty , of the twenty-second United
States infantry , now stationed ut Fort Lenrii ,
while on his way from here to his home near
Mitchell's Spring * , and killed him and have
taken his wife Into captivity.
Capt. Perilne , who w&s la camp In the
Montezuma valley with three coinptnies , tent
Oapt. Daugherty with his company to tbo
scene of the murder , and it Is stated to
day that the commander at Fort uowls , hear
ing of the action of Capt , Perrine , ut onoe
sent out a company of cavalry to intercept
Oipt. Daughorty , fearing that ha may lose his
discretion and seek revenge for the death of
Ills brother. His brother' * wile wen the
daughter of Mr. Mitchell , of Mitchell's
Tneiu ate a great inaiy conuicuncr stories
an to who commenced the trouble. The cow
boys claim that the Indians did It. And en
tha other h&nd the Indians and the Agent
clilm that the cowboy , have carried out their
threat to kill All the Indians l th ° y fmd
off their reservation. It does no , ? .mltcr M
fnr as Ilia roMilt l concerned. I , ' 0 nre
four valuable lives lost that ore wort * . ln"ro
than all the Indians in America. Mr , Joe
DawRhorty's little family of children , whoa8
nt their grandfather's at Mitchell Springs , ar
to-day made fatherless , while their mother I
probably being ca-rled nway catitlve , to tub
mlt to Insult nnd the ravages of the tnvng
Indian * ,
T1U5 TWO OlloailOS ,
norn AND iiiUKn TALK wimonovKit ON NK
Special TelegrAm to the BEK.
CHICAGO , June 21. JI yor Uoyd was aV th
Grand Pacific Init nfsht on his way hem
from Washington whore ho fctlll persists Id
sttjlrg , ho and Doctor Miller were invited t <
confer on the distribution of olHcea for the
gaod of the party. "Everything was plcnsan
nnd harmonious , " said Mayor lloyd. " 'am '
vacancies in Nebraska offices will aaon begin
to bo filled. I do not wpcct many removals
will bo made , I am opposed to this mothoc
of the secretary preferring charger against n
rauu and then having him removed without
jriviog him ft clwncu to defend hhra-lf , An
indictment should not bn n cnnvlctijn. It Is
unfair and unmanly. I was surprised at the
number of removal : * that hnvo already been
mtdo. For example , over one-half the inter
nal revenue collector.- who held their office
fur no fixed term , hive been chancre ! ! It
ioeins to have been the president's idea to-
rlvo the collectors about four years , and
ivlifro they hava had more than that they
were to go. A nnw policy hai been inacqu-
ated , which , I bclievor will bo continued
icncefortb , whether democrats ate successful
n'ST ! or not. Itis to ccntinne men In ofliee
Or their fnll term where thsy have given up
ill other business to enter the nubile service ,
11 case they have satisfactorily performed
heir duties.
"Who is like to be the nowlnternal revenue
ollottor In Nebraska ? "
"I do not care to say , as it might arouse n
onnict. "
"And who is going to bo the United Status
aarshal in the place of Biorbower ! "
"Garland told Dr. Miller and me that Bier-
lower had acceptably filled the oilice , nnd
hat he would not bo removed. Ho will prob-
bly resign , however , in the COUMO ol time. "
The Daily News has tha following from
Vnshington ;
"Senator VanWyck , who has virtually con-
rol of nil appointments in Nebraska , said to
ny that tne senate would not hesitate to con-
rtn the president'e nominations next winter ,
xcopt in oases where the man nnpolnted was
leraonally objectionable. Van Wyck thinks
ho democrats make mistakes in trumping up
barges against republican incumbents and es
pecially in dismissing office holders on the
round of offensive partisanship. Ho Bays
ha republicans ought not to bold iifiico under
democratic administration , In removing
hem he believes the fact that they are re
iublicans nnd that democrat ) want their
lacca is sufficient.
"Walloping Wlfa-Beatcrs.
BALTIMORE , JJune 24 , Henry A. Myers ,
onvicted of cruelly baating his wife , received
wenty lashes to-day nt the bands of tbo
heriff. Since tbo conviction of Pyers nnd
dyera there is much loss wife-beating in
Ke I Estnto TrmiBforn.
The following transfers were Bled Juno
13 , with the county clerk and reported
or the BEE by Amen' real estate agency :
Jane M. Porter and husband to Edwin
Inney , lot 37 Porter'a add to Oinaha , w
, $2,000.
Jacob Rice ( o Simon J. Rico nw | sco
3-10 9 o Douglas conr-ty , q c $450.
laaao S. Hnacall and wtfo to Henrietta
lascall MoMahon , lots 13 and 1C Hoses ! !
nd Rogers aab division of lots 50 , 57 and
18 Okahoma , w d $1,400.
Wenzel Woleuenskyand wl'o to L. W.
) olby , a 155 ft of e& of lot 15 Djuglas
iounty , w d , $1,500.
Charles W. Hamilton and wf < o 0
frill Hamilton and Frank S , w d , lots
.4 and 15. Sunnyeidu add to Omaha.
Alfred D. Jones to Philander H Reed ,
o , t& of lot 8 , blk 140 , Omaha § 2 00.
Philander H. Rood ( lingU ) to Sophro-
lia Jones , q o , s cf lot 8 , blk 140 ,
) maha. § 2.00.
Alfred R. Duprono and wf to John P.
lawklns , w d , o 75 foot of subdivision
1 of lot 3 , Capltcl add to Omaha.
Mary A. Elliott and hatband and
ithers to Henry Croft , w d , lot 11 , blk
2 , SbulU' 2d add to Omaha. $800.
Bids will be received for stands in
Jascill's Park on the occasion of tbo A.
X H , plcnio , July 4 , up to noon on Sat-
irdny , the 27th lint. The committee r < ; -
lorrep the right to reject any bid they
At the Metropolitan , J. L. Ward , J. G ,
Prossen , Edgar ; WalterJII. Toss , Weeping
Vnter ; W. E. Smith , St , Poulj J. S. Young ,
Slk Creek ; Porter Field , Pramont ; T , R.
eiebton , Plnttsmouth ; J. H , Hamilton ,
fork ; Robert Council , Friend ; Fred Lavin ,
Lincoln ; J , G. Glazier , Udgar ; B , P. Har-
nan , Fullerton ; J T. Smith and s'ster ,
Plattsmouth ; H. A. Spihor , David City ; H.
Doty , Oakland ; 0. ] ) Pitch , Fullerton ; J. 0.
ICuhl , Bchuylor ; F. Davis , J. 0. Fleming ,
Lincoln ; J , H. Marsh , Greenwood , Neb , ; 3v.
F. Tnft , Ke. > ne , N. II. ; J , W. Latimor , H.
iV. Darnell , Milwaukee ; Mrs. W. Y , Right-
noier , G run-old , In. ; G. 3. Careen , Cnlcago ;
rbomas A. Hartuian , Wheeling , W , Va. ,
md B. J. Collinf , of Itock Island 111.
fhe Qreatoat Medical Triumph of the Agei
J.ojnofnppctlte , llinveli coitlvc , 1'nlii In
lUo bead , vvlih a dull neniiatlan In tb *
tacli pnrt , i'uln under the tiaulrtor-
blade , I'ulluMH after eating , with * UU
Inclination tn exertion of liodr ormlmt ,
IrrltiUUUyorioinpcril.o r plrUivrlth
a foollneof tiavlna noclnctod HODIO dutr.
\Vcarlue5i , Illzzlneai , IMutlerlna nt tbn
Heart. Don before the ert > , Iloudncbo
over lUo right eye , ltc tlBs nci , with
Otful droums , Illchlr colored Urine , ana
TTJTT'H 1'JI.I.H are especially adaptoo
to such cases , ono tloso Directs ouoli o
Tlicy IncrMxie the Anuctlte.aml cauiw tlio
ftodyto 'i'nUo 011 Fle U. thu tu 7 teiu U
nou H1ici > , Bncl bytnclr Vuiilo Action on
UBAT HAIR or WIUHKCICB chanuod ta u
QLOSST IJI.ACIC hy a single ujniUcutloa ol
this 1 > TE. It linynrta n natural color , ncU
mstantancout'.y. Bolil by Urugfc'Uf I , ot
* cnt by exprf n on receipt of 91 ,
? ( TIo9,4 * Wlurmy3t , H0W York ,
ttonoy MaJc in Wh al ani Fjrst-class
I''ho Ooronl Advances and the
Stock TouoliB its Highest Mark ,
JInnily Nobrnska CattleOlln HioTop
ofl't-'rlccs Other Kfnturcs of
Special TeloRTam VoTho BKB.
OHICAOO , III. , Jnu o 21. There was greater
acthlty in the ufcout market to-day , together
with a lower raogs of prices. Liverpool ca
bles reported ou odvanc * of one shllllrg per
quarter for Kngllsh who t ftiJ Uiis suslalaed
llio ma 3tet hero at tba op k DK nd caused
prices to rnlo a shade hinhcr during the first
lour. Offerings then grew hn vvlor on reports
sf improved prospocti in th-s winter wheat
belt , though uono of the rvporttfl'idlcatod any
imtir al chungo in tbo itnntlon , There were
: ouuter telegrmns oantendbg , thn * Jpo Kanias
: rep would not exceed six 101 lilons of
Mishels , and that Hie ( t 'ilifornin
nrop vould' not cxcord oncf-lk 'rd of
ha jieldof laBtyoar. The dbolino- . 'ought
ut cousldnrnllQ ! ( , ng property , but' nl'tir a
loelinaof IJo the-oBterinirs apixitrod ! o hava
> eon absorbed ntul n Btaadior ferllng fcilo"ocf ,
ho tnarkit cloting for the day { b nbovo the
lottom and IJc undtr yotterdr y. The an-
louDcemont that rail freights vnmld bo nQ-
anoBcl ou July 1st , had aoino ifFect upon the
narltot. The rioelpta hero were small , but
nrgor receipt ] weru promised for tu-morrow ,
"he export cleanups ware fair.
There was a fairly active tnidoo earn but
iio advance of y vcturdny was alinoct ontirtly
> at. Speculiitlvo olTenngs wore l.'xrgp , aad
ticrp-wr a steady decHnn of 3 to Ic ; Larger
ocoiptBere ostlm ted for tu-morrovr , which
elped to weaken the market. Ducrag the
ist half of the sosslouitho feeling was ctfeadicr ,
nd prices closed Ju to go under yesterday.
OAT9 ,
Oats r.iled dull , und' ' in oxprctation o { ' in-
reasid receipts closed J @ | c lower.
Provicicns nuiet and a shade easier.
The prices and sales of the day rangod'aa- '
allows :
Wheat June , 87SSOc , closed 87o ; Jbly ,
SJ@89Jc , closed 88 Jo ; August , Sui < clic ! ) ,
c ; September , t 2i@94c , closed
Cora - Jane178 ® WJe. cloeed17Scj. .
uly , 4G3@47Jc , cloaeUi7ct ; August 40 @
7Jc. closed -15 0 ,
OatH Juno 321@32 2 : closed : t2JJulji. : .
ii@32Jj. closed SS SSaio ; August , i7J LSv-t
loaed i72c.
On the afternoon board wheat was firm ,
t Jo higher ; cirn , Jchighcj ; oats , uuchangidp.
orK , 2 0 higher ; lard , unchanged.
Aiiiong the fresh arrivals were nbcut 100 >
ars of Bteer4. Tnero wa * it brmk demand for
rst class lot 1-KO tg 1 500 pound beeve ? , and-
rices ruled a Htmng ICc higher , making an
dvanc * of 2.ig3 c ai : oiipuied with last
eek. Premium corn-fed eteers Rold for
10 highest Morn January aad February ,
araely nt Sf 9 : < 51 > .17J , and ulcers at $0 OTfa
DO. The litter piico IB an advance of 20c
nee Monday. Light liacdy 1,100 pounds
nd upwards Nebrakas continue to command
le outside figures , outselling the heavier
reighte , and on this clnta the ndvnnce is close
p to 30c from n week ago. Texans wore
gain quoted Oo higher , 'i'lio advance is cu
) und lot ] of suitable canning stock more
lan ou any other. Low grade natives ore sell-
ig at low lipures , but the bottom has not been
Bached. BtocWers aud feeders are dull. Tba
ecelpts were light , but few ( peculators oner-
5.50@5.75 ; D30@l,000 pounds S5 00@5.0U ; .
irough Texas cattle 100 carloads corn-
3d , S4,60@5 00 ; eratBeif , 'J50 < rl,050 pounds ,
3 , U@4.25 ; 7 0@900 piundi S3.4'3.GO ; COO
700 pounds , Si75@3 ! ; DO.
II003 ,
Trade o pened rather week and slow and la
ome instances at lower prices , but as the
artuoon were away tbo demand became more
ctive. At t ho close values were equally ae
igh as at tun close of yeotcrday Hough and
ommon sold around about § 3 90 % 4 00 ; faire
o good mixed , S .05@410 and best heavy ,
HGIH2) ; packing and shipping , 250 to
CO pounds , 84 OIO4 20 ; light wol elite , 130 to-
70 pounds , SI lc@-V 40 ; 180 to 210 pounds ,
3 90@4 10.
Klllod in a Co'.IMon ,
ST. LODIS , Mo , Juno 24. A collision oc-i
urrod between n freight aud an nccummoda-
ion train on the Wabash at Wood. loci ; , eight
r nine miles from this city , about noon to-
ay , caused by llio wa'.ch of ouo of tha con r-
uctois being behind time. Engineer Stow-
rt , of the freight , and Conductor Mann , of
ho accommodation , were killed. Time puc-
engers were wimudod , but rot seriously , aud
he engines of both trains badly wrecked ,
D.'crco AKB'IIBC ' UioMoknl 1'lAic ,
CLEVELAND/ . , Juno r-1. The couit ilc-
Ided to-day that the receiver of tha Kiclito
? late railroad tlmiild uuy Blielher : Me-
Jourkcy of New York SiiOO.OOO per voar for
entals of the SO.lO OfO worth of rolling stosk
nedpn the road. Kbotlier & MtUuurkry
ued for § 400,000 , the sum named in u c-jutract
node threu years ago.
VnnIllnt < cmc iOi-itiiue ,
treumi.liiilillatri.V : (
liriillyiialhufviill l'r \vhlcU they liroiintile ,
Murtnto or THI
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Rhlccjjo , III. at , Loulo , Ma.
Bi-.Prlca'e Cream Baking Powder
Dr. Price's LiipuUn Yeast Gems ,
licit Dry IIui Ycuit.