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Me * otto Day al tie Cipilal t
Mat ; .
A Few People Hippodromod by n
Pair of Thacs ,
The Governor ana Treasurer In n
lltul Light in Court tiCRnl ,
Eilucntlonftl and Personal ,
Imported by Tbo DEB'S Bureau.
LINCOLN , Neb , , Juno 14 , Tha toft glove
contest Saturday evening was opened with
a friendly eot to between Miller of Chicago ,
and Smith of Omaha , which for six rounds
was uninteresting. At 0:20 : It WAS announced
from the stage tlmt nn intermission ot twenty
minutes would tnko j > lnco to nllow the mer
chants , who could not closa their e lores before
10 o'clock , to attend the contest. When 10
o'clock cnmo the homo did not fill up , so
another adjournment of thirty minutes was
announced to glvo the saloon keepers an op
portunity of attending , However the saloon
keepers did not coma and at 10:30 : Driscoll
appeared upon the stage and entered the
ropes. Ho is n laigo , well built man welch
ing about l2o ! pounds , his flesh being rather
soft. Ina few minutes Milto Haly entered
the ring Ho is compactly built , hard ( loth
and wiry , weighing about 105 pounds.
There was some dispute about
the refforeo during which some
party thinking to settle the whola business
climbed upon the stage , but was soon cj .ctcd
by n policeman , lid llennesy was agreed
upon with John Shocdy for time keeper , lid
Miller , of Omaha , seconded Driscoll nnd John
.Ithoin , Haley , Time was called and the men
shook hands. The first round showed that
Haley intended to wear his opponent out by
dodulng nnd falling , Driscoll got in ono lick
on Haley's shoulder , knocking ; him under the
ropte , nnd Haley _ struck Driscoll once ia the
stomach , staggering him. The round ended
without interest or harm. Befnro the closa of
the second round Driscoll throw off his gloves ,
and the referee announced that Haley had
forfeited the Tight lor falling down without
being hit. This ended the grand farce nmid
hisses and groans from n very meagre audi
ence ot bidly mixed people. It will ba a
long time before thu people cf Lincoln will bo
naked to entertain another soft glove contest
for gate money.
Saturday evening another test of the new
water works wan given. Soon after the hose
bad got to working nicely the euglno opened
out and part of the time thrown stream higher
than that of the water works , although not
iiuito ns steady. At times the water from the
engine hose would fall far below that of the
water works. It Is claimed there was a leak
in the mains , Ic scorns very sttango n test
cannot be made without there being n defici
ency somewhere about the water works.
In the dittrlct court Saturday , Judee
Brandy , of Tecnmsch , presiding , there was
tried tha ciso of tha State vs. John 13. Me-
Gnlre and Ueorgo Howard for entering the
store of Messrs. Mirger & Miller , of this city ,
and stealing silks nnd other goods amounting
to over SIOOJ Tbo goods were shipped to
Omaha where they and the thieves
wore captured , A pica of guilty was
entered by the dofente and tbo judge
pauad n ono year sentence , first upon McGuire
Guiro , who | s only seventeen years of age ,
and has a widowed mother living in Omaha.
Then turning to Howard the judge sentenced
him to three years in the penitentiary. Al
though Howard is but twenty-two years old
he has served ono term In the penitentiary.
The fitato vs. Alvin McGuire for partici
pating in the robbing of the state treasury
last winter was called Saturday. Tnis (9 ( a
case which has many pecularitios from the
fact that the governor and state tro.isurar
seemed to have been engineering the ntfuir or
at leant counselling with the detective associa-
I , v tion which claimed they were cognizant of the
If < N f intention of the roboera , nnd assisted in
planning the ciptura of the trio andjthe mur
der of one of them. It sounded very strange
to have ono holding the exalted position of
governor of n commonwealth testitylng and
acknowledging in a court room tint be assist
ed in planning the cnptnro of some thieves
whom ha was aware intended at eomo futnro
time to attempt robbery. It lookd
Tory much as though the governor had bsen
inveigled into n schema to assist in booming n
new detective agency , and certainly tbo blood
of Griffin will hover near tbo governor's door
step. From the evidence given it would seem
that the drtectlves worked the case up nnd
encouraged the project of robbery. The jury
were out about three hours and brought In a
a verdict of not guilty as against McGuire ,
which verdict voices the sentiments of a Urge
number of citizens. Mr. C. O. Whedon nnd
li. D. Steam * , counsel for the defense , handled
this caio caretully and developed many facts
, from the witnesses which wera not generally
known , and which certainly were no credit to
the detoctlvoj or state officers the governor
and treasurer who took part in the scheme
\ of capturing the robbers.
' ) Chancellor Manatt dclivorod ono of the
commencement uddrrsses ut Daane college ,
Crete , last night , The chancellor u now on
a ten days trip through the plate , holding
eliminations lor ontrancJ to the university
nud wilt ho nt the following places : Omaha ,
Tuesday , June 10 ; 1'alls City , Wednesday ,
.J ma 17 ; Tukainah , Thursday. Juno 18 ;
.Kearney , Saturday , June 20 ; Jtod Cloud ,
Monday , Juno 122 ,
It Is tha intention of the supreme court to
adjourn the coming term from July 7 to Aug
ust 11 , nt which. , time cases will bo heard us
follows :
First district , August 11 ; second , August
23 , third , September 15 ; fourth , September
2 ? ; fifth , October 0 : ilxth , October i0 ! ; sev
enth , October 27 ; eighth , November ; ninth ,
November 11 ; tenth November 1U. Briefs
inuit bo served by plaintiffs in error or appel
lant , fifteen days before commencement ol
bearing of cauios from thia district. In all
cases filled after Juno C , printed abstracts of
record ara required to ba prepared and served.
The calendar for the term will be printed nnd
f n a copy sent ta each attorney having causoi for
, ? l argument , early in July.
V The board of canvassers met at the office of
the superintendent of public insructlon this
mcrniuK and canvassed the result as given
below , The oanvass was delayed n few days
in order to let nil possible votes come in
before counting. The following ballots were
caitfor board of directors : W. W. W. Jones ,
5liJj G. E. Howard , 314 ; H. H. Bowers , 318 ;
II. M. James. 303 ; Anna Gray , 176 ; M. 8.
Honn , 159 ; W. W. Dmmmond. 105 ; B. J.
Barr.OOjW. Rich. 05 ; J. P. Sprecber , 91 }
Jennie Owens , 88 ; William Valentino , 8Gj M.
11. Morgan , 85 : K W , Parsons , 70 ; M. B. C ,
, True , 74i u. O. Greonlee , C9. Supt. Jonof ,
> , Prof. Howard , Bupt. Bowers , Jupt .James ,
r and Supt. Anna Gr y h ve received the
highest numbsr of votes and are tber-fore
elected as the first board cf directors. The
boird will meet at nn early day and lettlo
upon n plan of wotk nod organization ,
i The following address was presented to
tha Hon. John Dillon Sunday afternoon , at
3:30 : , on his arrival at Lincoln , en route frou
Colorado to Ireland , tha Irish citizens meet
ing him at the depot as the train came in
* ' 0nr people hero in Nebraska , growing wit ]
the growth of tha boundlesi west , gaining
under a benefilclenjt government the llveli
hood that has been denied to s
many of our people m Ireland
look with loving eyes nnd warm hearts to th
way of hope that is surely dawning for the
dear old land , and we watch with unremitting
ardor for every Indication of approaching na
tlonhood , We remember with heartfelt fttA
tudo the noble part that John Dillon , Ire
land' * patriot sou ; Imi taken in the itrugl
u | the past few yearn , his manly bearing to
ward our Saxon enemy , his burning eloquence
his scathing rebuke * to the oppre sois of ou
country , his sacrifices and Bufferings as n prU
oner for the cauoa of Ireland ; and we oaruett
ly pr y God that he shall again confront , wit
the courage that hai ever characteruod th
worthy descendant of the gallant rebel of IS
John : 11. Dillon , the s mo enem
tha * still Blonds between Irelan
and independence ; tlmt , havln
. sojourned , oven for so brief n p ce , under tn
"V kindly ttars and stripes , and having drank li
the exhllirstlng atmosphere of America , tin
very esicenca of which ii liberty , he will b' '
rfllnvigoraled to again enter upon the good
"In once more commingling with our borth'
era in Ireland , wo ask you to bear to them
from us a message of Jove and sympathy
Tell them for u to bo brave and peuevere ;
the end to bs gained Is worth all the lacrlfic
they have made or ever can make , Tell them
wo watch and pray with them , and that w
look with'tho lame yearning , hearts that they
themselves do , to the cherished goal of ou
national hopct ; that we shall not waver in ou to the grand old cause till th
end is reached , Tell them itbat though wi
bo tckttored from the Atlantic to the Pacific
and from thohkea to the gulf , wo nrc M one
man where Ireland's good is at stake.
"Finally , we beg you to convey to Mr
Parntll and his faithful followers our heart
felt congratulations In tbo splendid victory
which they have just achieved over the Glad
stone-Spencer ministry the authors of the
most cruel And infamous regime that has over
cursed our country tlnco bloody 'US.
"lu kidding you , dear friend , good bye , wo
need not toll you that you carry with you oui
sincereat well wishes for your safety am
happiness , and , not far Intho future , wo shall
we nope , have the honor of Erecting you
again amongst us as the representative of
prosperoun people and n victorious cause ,
JOHN Fm.GKRAU ) , state delegate , Irish
national league of America ; JOHN A. TEM-
rr.EloN. secretary , Lincoln branch , Irish na
tional league ; MALACIII GRACE , president
Colts club , Lincoln ; CHARLES HEOAIITT. president
idont division No. 1 , ancient order of hiber-
nians , Lancaster county.
Brnkcmnn on Itnblnaon's Circus
Train Suddenly Killed.
During the heavy etorm that awopl
aoroaa control Nobraaku yesterday Thorn-
la Sullivan , n brakeman on John Robin
eon's circus train , which had just lofl
OolurabaB , was atruck by a bolt of light
ning and instantly killed. Mo damage to
the train ia reported. Snlllvtm's body
nrlvcd hero oil tbo 4 o'clock ' train lost
ovcning In a rough box , and was con
voyed from the depot to BurVct's nndcr-
taklng establishment on Sixteenth atroot ,
whcro It wna drcesod , placed in a neat
coflio , and will bo sent this morning to
DOB Molnoj , Iowa , for burial.
Cholera's Third Year.
Chicago Herald ,
The cholera usually rnna for nix years
and makea a circuit of the globt before
disappearing. The present epidemic ia
now on its third yoir and has proceeded
from the jungles cf Ash a3 far westward
as Madrid tuid oaino oilier places lu
the Spanish peninsula Two ycara ago
It raged meat novoroly in Egypt. Last
year It was epidemic in Southern Franco
and Italy. Thia year it resumes its
march westward at Madrid. An to the
probability of the plagno crossing the
Atlantic this year opinions differ , but
that ouch n vhltstton la now possible la
not denied. Although the epidemic of
1817 , the first cno known , did not roach
America , that of 1B2C , starting in the
aamo place , was speedily communicated
to this continent in two places , cases ap
pearing almost elmultanoonsly at Quebec
and Wow York. The disease followed
the water routes west and south , and did
not entirely aisappear from United States
territory until 1832. The epidemic of
1812 broke out in .Now Orleans and con-
tinned for seven years , but the visitation
of 18G5 and 1871 , ono beginning In Now
York end the other in Now Orleans , were
of ahortor duration. The track of the
disease ia always along the great routes
of travel , and when once gaining a foot
hold In a country its progress in thcso
days is rapid.
The last rovcro experience that Chicago
cage had with the cholera was in 18GG ,
BO that there ere now thousands of pjoplo
hero who hayo no conception of tbo na
ture of the ordfiv' . While the dijoaao
haa never boon aa destructive of human
life In this country as it has been in Eu
rope , Asia and Africa , its prcsonca here
has Invariably filled the paoplowlth alarm
and rasnltad in radical changes in habits ,
diet and clothing. Probably the fact
that Americans read extensively and are
well posted through the medium of the
preis may acconnt for their immunity
from the frightful ravages which the dis
ease has invariably made among the more
ignorant and wretched communities of the
old world.
The epidemics of 1830 , 1815 and 18GG
caused the people everywhere to adopt
preventive measures which were thought
to have great efficacy. Care in diet wa
considered most Important , of conreoand
frnits were almost entirely discarded.
Watermelons and cucumbers were looked
upon as poisonous , and oven ripe peaches
and other harmless fruits were per
mitted to rot. So heavy wore the losses
by fruit growers and dealers in the east
in 1830 that for a few yearn a'tor the
plague disappeared no ono wonld raise
melons and other objectionable vegcta
blea and fruit for tear that they could
neb bo disposed of , Boiled rlcs , mush
and milk , and oread and milk became
thu principal articles of diet in many
families , and meats and other heavy foods
were pirtakon of very sparingly.
Camphor came into universal nso as a
disinfectant , and nearly everybody were
come of it on the person. Flannels were
woin all summer , and plasters of various
* inds were need on the chests and backs.
Of courto many things were done
under each circumstances which wtra
without flense or reason , but the most
.mportant measures were thoio relating
.o diet. Tompsracco nnd simplicity in
rlnking and eating , at all times deslra-
lie , are never mora no than during a
iholcra season , Care in these respects ,
with elcnnllnotfl otpatson and habitation ,
rill accomplish about all that it is poasl-
lo to do in the nay of prevention , and
t is none too early for a general adoption
if simple rules to this end in every
American household and municipality.
f. tbo day Is undoubtedly JAMES
'YLE'S PEAHL1NE. It cleanses the
irtlos * . and most elegant fabric without
njury and with little labor. For ailo by
; rccers.
Cleveland wild tbo Children.
WASHINGTON , Juno 14. Cleveland attend-
d chlldrena' day services nt Dr. Sunderlands
ihurch this morning.
Ttat pure , sweit. sale , and effcctho American
dlstlllatUn ct Witch-Haiti. American Tine , Canada
Fir. Uaileold and Clover-Iilownn ) , called Stnford'r
Raolcal Cute lor CaUrrb. with one box Catarrha
Itesolrent acd one'Sanford'i ImprovedInb ] lerall la
ackage , may nowbo bad of all druggists for SI
Askfor8anford' lladicalCuie
Complete Local and 1 Constitutional Treatment to
-very formof Catarrb , from n Simple Cold orlnfluon
i * to loss of Smell. Taste , and lleirlnfr.Cough.Dron
chilis and CaUrrhal Contumptlou , in every pack
Clergymen , Vocalists ,
And Public Speakers without number ono their pres
ent utefulnctu and tacccM to Sanford's lladlcal Curler
lor Catarrh.
Hev.Ur. WlgKloi lavi ! "Ono of the best remedle
lot Catarrh nay. the bett remedy we ba > e foundlu
alifotluiecf suffeilng Is Banford'g Kadlcal Cure
It clears Iho b < oJ and throat 3 thoroughly that
taken each morning on rising , there are no unplcos
ant secretions and no disagreeable hawking durin
the entire day , but > u upproccd ented cletrnoei o
voice and retpmatory organi. "
Sold by all druggliti , Price $1.00
Potter 3rug & Chemical Co. Boston
Weary imlTcrer from
niicumatura , Neuralgia
UftminP * * ! FirCTTllOWe ' k u-d > era Lungs
HatUC'810Coujh and Coldi , Wca
Fl AG-rCQSt Hack * , Weak ttomach an
" * /lalC v Bond * , Ijer > ep la , Femal
\\'MVnt8 , Shooting I'llns through the Loun an
Uack.lry lhe e p'oatcrs. PlaoiO e > cr the pit of th
.tonuch . , they pretent and euro Ague Palm , lllllloui
Colic , Utcr Uomplaints , and protects tha lyitom
rom a tbo'uand ( Ui. Z6&
MOTKT TO LOAH On r at estate In unm * of ? P0 MI
upvirds , to An ; amount. Omaba Flnano'a
Eichange , 1M)3 Farnam SI
Money to loan On cc'J tcra'8 In sums ot $25 ixn
upnardt , tinny amount Oaaha Financial Ex
change , 1505 FtrnamSt.
Money to bin-On chattel ! In am < of $5 and up
wards to anv amount , at low rites. Omaha Flnanclt
Exchange , ICOJFnrnamSt.
Money to loin On peed securities ol any kind , li
any amount , at the Omaha Financial Exchange , 150 ?
Farnam St , up-stalrs , 228-tf
to loin * t lowest rate ] 1 Intercjt by Botnl
MOSHT Douglas Sts. 07811
TlToNKT toloan In rums ol 9200 nod upward * on
IVlflrst-olass real osUte security. Potter & Cabb
1615 Farnam st 6IJ-U
VfONEY To loan on chattels , Woolloy & Harrison
'VI ' Room 20 , Omaha National bank building
838 II
MONEY TO LOAN-On real estate and chattels
D. U Thomas. B37U.
Vfosir I MOSRT 11 voxKr 111 Money lo Loan -On
1V1 chattel socmlty by W. It. Croft , room 4 , With
cell building , N. E. corner 15tn and llirncy A tier
years ol experience aid a carctul study o ( the bust
ness tt loaning money on personal property , I Imvo
at last perfected a system whereby the publicity
usual In such catoi \ donn nway wltn.nnd I am now
In a position to meet the demands ol all vho become
tcmpoiarlaty embarrassed and dcslro to ralio money
without delay and In a quiet manner. Housonccn-
ere , profcsjIonM gentlemen , mechanics and others In
this city can obtain advances from $10 to $1,000 on
such eccurlty ns household tnrnituro , pianos , ma
chinery , horses , wagons , warehouse receipts , secur
ed notes ol hand , etc. , without removing tame from
owners residence or place of business. Ono ot the
advantages I odor Is that any part ot anr loaa can
be paid at any llrao which will reduce the Interest
ire rnta and n't ' loans renewed at the original ratns
) l Interest. I hare no brokers In connection with
my office , but personally superintend all my lo n .
Ihiue prhate offices connected with my general
oflico so thai customers do not come In contact with
each other , consequently making all transactions
trlctly piUatc W. H. Croft , room 4 , Wlthncll
building , N. E. cor. 15th and Haruoy. B37-J-U
\,1 ONRY Loaned on nhattols , cut raM , II.
ITJ tickets DoughtandtoU. A. Forman.IlB 8.18th 81
V f ONEY LOANED at C. F. Reed & Oo's. Loan office
> 1 on furniture , pianos , horses , wagons , personal
iropeity of all kinds and all otho rirttcloB ot value ,
rlthout removal. Over HI National Bankcorner 18th
nd Farnam. All business strictly confidential
MONKTf SO LOAU In snma of SSCO and upward.
0. 7. D vla and Co. , ItcM KiMi and Loan
Agents , ItOS Farnara SI. ' 810 tl
[ ITANTKD A good girl Immediately. Mrs J. II.
V T Cornea , No 2813 Charles street , botwo n Irene
nd Jones 983-lflp
WAMEII A [ oed competent Gorman elil for
general housework ; none ether need apply ,
917 Chlcngo etrcc ! . 283tf
WANTKB Good laundry finisher , am ) number ct
glrl for general boost work. Apply at the 0d !
tollable Omaha Emr.bymcnt ofllcc , 217 North 10th.
RANTED Olrl for general house wort ; email fam-
V ? lly ; Sowaidttrcet , 5th house abo\o King. Mra
Vilght. 255-lGp
T ANTED Pcam'.trcss who cm cut and fit , 1210
Dodge St. 211-13p
'J17AMBD A Rood cook and n nurie slrl to RO to
'V Chojonno ; good wages Mrs. Towar , 714 N.
Dth St. 270 16p
\ girl for hcuse work. Inquire at 2311
California 6t. Oormstn priferrod. 21D-16p
AVTKU Nurse clrL Apply Mrs F. II. Howard ,
CanOeld Houso. 261-tf
TTASTKD Olrl or middle aeed woman. Oermin
fT or Swede preferred. Apply Immediately 1103
lowatd tt. 253-lEp
Tt7ASTtD A coed girl for genoralhouse wcrk Apr -
r V ply to N W. corner of Leavcnworth and South
\onue , ( i2d. ! ) 257-13
A elrl to do general house work. X.
Steven' , 917 .tf. 21st st. 25'J 16p
T7 ANTKD Nurse jrlrl who lives in the city to come
t V In daytime and t > Ke CJra of infant. Apply 110
outh 24th St. 243-lf
TfT Immcillately , a second ttomnn cook at
r V Uccidcntal Hotel. 24 } tf
WANrKD-Hrstcossglrlfor kitchen work ; mu't
be pool cook , wnehtr and Ironar , $5 per week ,
318 Capitcl avc.between Itth snd 14th tit. 195-13p
TTAKTP.D An old lady to assist In kitchen , Apply
rV 102 North 12th street. 218-13p
TX/AXTF.D A girl to cook ana nlsa a dining room
V t Rlrl at 1811 DoJeo et. 109-13
Olrlat 1640 Sherman n\enue.
109-tt J. M. Counsman.
ANTED- First class cook end laundress , -303
Farnam. Sirs J. JL Thunton. * 171tl
Tt7AXTED Three dining ro'm fit's , 2 laundry girls
r V 6 kltehcn girls or.d dish ashore , 8 nurse girls.
120 Farnam Street. 10J-tf
- good girls for Drat and second work
la go < d families ; wtges * 3 , 81 and S4 0 , HSO
arnam St. 108-tf
AKTtD-Qcod female cooks for hotel ) and private
W bocrdlng houecs , oil 11SO Farnam 6L
ANTED Thrao ezpeilenced women cinvasfors ,
Wi fO per day , guarantee ! ) ; room 7 , Hcdick block.
870 tf
AXTED FIret-claes dining room girl at the Met
W ; ropolitan hotel ; none otner need apply. 824-tl
iT7ANTED 100 men and teams for now railroad
VV v/ork. Free transportation to and from
o.-k. Ayplyat 1012 Harnoy St. - F. K. Irwln &
? o. 287-15
Live agents to work Life and Accident
V > Imuranco far a strong Now Yorit company in
very town In Ncbinskfc and Iowa Good comin'a-
on to workera Addrcan E C. Wllccx & Co. , Qen-
ral Agents , Kansas C.ty. Mo. 276.27
i * ANTKD A. worklngman \vholoralo flour store ,
InquireSunday rnurnlng , between lunnd 12 , at
chlei-ingcr's Clothing eta re , 1219 Farnam 81.
81 13p
WAXiKD-lmmedUtu y , 40 good stroru men that
aiousid to track v.oik , 11JO 1'aina'ii street
? o othersned apply. 2iOtf
'TTC/'AXTF.D Thraomtn toielltt new an ! popular
book on monthly paynigcti , b'g catnmlsilon.
Addreaa It. L. butler , Omalm , Neb , 145-13
T01 im clgarraaliO9 wanted. Inquire of Oco. B
Godfrey , Ficmont , Neb.
W ANTKD Flo good paper hanger at 118 North
18th : street. W-tl
TXTANiiD Byyoungmm cf larce llus'iiess cxpsr
V T fence , of good adddrces. a good naleiman and
mrd wcr cr.apoaltbn with a giud house whore mer.
rlt will be rocognlzsd , Acdieia "F. K. " Ueeofflco
70 ISp
rponoTCLii HltuatlonHanted uy an ictlvo joung
JL manwbols accuitomcd to right work ; have
worked In otEce , lunch counter and bar , Address A ,
B. A. , Uee olllce. 271-15
Situation. Voung man of 28 years de-
WASTKD a position as collector or to da general
nutsldo work ; references and cash security. K. C. B
iteo olllce. 270 15
ANTED-Bluatlnnmlddleiged | ; man , anything
W huncrable ; boiita ana goaa rcferenccir.iddresis
Y n , 510 814tn ct. i W0.17p
TlTANmD Situation by ttjoungrranajgotiil baker
orvtillworkat nytbln ; good cfercuccs. Hugh
UcAllUtar.QeDcnl Demery , Onuha. 23S.2p
ANTIII Ey an Auieilcnn laly a poiltlon to d
W housework In a email family. 610 Blunders et
- fojnlon i o travel In NebraskaKeneril dry
WANTKUfojnlon ; preteriol ( mm July litlargo ;
acquaintance In statebc ; l referenru f rompietent cm-
ployeri , Addiewbox 45 , Wymoie , Neb , 100-16p
17 < OR Bt.vT-Kurulsbeil hou'o on car line , during
JL1 July and August , to family without children.
S27-15 Ball & Shrlur.
ij'OR BK.IT-5 room ci/ttaija ou i'ui | > ieiQUiavcnuti
I ? boiutlful location ! will icll ibuturnlUre n
ninthly | aymeutf , or rent It lurnUhed , or Bill th
propoity on aay piMnentr. C : K Mayno & Co.B
\V. corner 1Mb and Farnaro. _ _ _
TioiiBiXT A n w hou.e , earner v eb ter and ISi
J btreet. Acdr w 3. 1) . Ihomas , Pott offlco
- near Clark lt
1 stable room tit 4 Iursea,8l5p r m nth. Inqulr
UK. A 804 norto 18th. S72-tf
n OEBE > T Cottage roora and bouse rooms. J
IJ I'pln'tHoeUl2S.BthBt. 831-tt
on BK.NT Three itory brick ttoro liulljlug ; en
F quire ol KJviard Korrla & Oa. , room 19 Crouce
nt. 1 * GUI - tI
YlfAMKH One good carpenter to rent ! rostra in
\V stead ) ' woik. S , S. Hardy , 10168. CentcrSt
City. SCMBp
TTT ASTKDTcr r uv a honso n d l > i tor abon * t'JStO ;
W ean pay eniMhlrd Cllh. AddrtuJ. I , WlSk ,
\Tt7AsntD-OooJ agents to Mil book ) anl Albums
V cm monthly jnrrnents ; dalary n ? corrm'Mlon !
call at or nddrc SOrtf ISth tt , Om\ha. 176 ICp
IXT'ASTFO One miwntlbls and well kno n person
V r In each conn' y North , West akd South , to rnin-
Iga the Airenrr f T the sale ol the hotisv hold .I'tar-
rnncya firrllr Dru ; store n,1 Jlfilcil Imtllnte corn.
bined. Price o l.v 10 dollars. A household bccotnl'y
and bait stIIInir article t\et In tb market' No com *
fctlllon ; tiad7 raploTnicnt&.l the year rotrad For
Particulars airt drcuhrj adilrees "The San Chcmlial
o. , " Incorporated , 243 W. 4th St. , Cincinnati , 0 ,
W ANTKD D nnfnrnhhcdrocmnnltabte tor
nous * keening In a private hoase by a mm and
wife. Ad Jresi "TUP. " Ute f tfl.-e. 130-17p
A OKSTSWAXTFD. AiVlrcss St. LoubElcctrlo lAmp
xlCo , St Louit for circuUr , cats and terms ot tha
{ (1 ( candle poser Marsh 7.lcctrlo L mp. 311-JlyH
tTAHTKD Every ady In need of a sowing maT -
T chine , to sco the new Improved American No ,
P. K. Flndman & Co. azent * ! 22(1 ( N Iflth. 830W
T7V3H RKSTEl.'gant sulto ot oltica rooms In lluili-
.C1 man's block. Apply to W. > t. Uushman O'li and
Douglas. 28-15p
FOR mm Elegantly lurnlilied ( tent room suit
able ( or 2 Koutlcmon or roan ana wife , 61 ? North
7th. 585-lOp
ITMui RUST Hous9 ol 3 rooms , kitchen , cclUi , at
L1 OCa tfrrth 13th St. ZSMCp
] T\OR RENT A suit ot elegantly furnished rcomi ;
1 tcnni reasonable to doslrablo lurtlcs. Inquire at
01 South 18th it. ISi-lSp
a RUNT Handsomely furnlsleil rooms sttllalile
for gentleman and lfo cr two Kcntlcnicn at
Fen RKSI-A nicely fumlshcd and well ventilated
front room , with bath room attached , In pihate
amllr : First-class location aud rosldcncc. Aiiply
o 1'auhen & Co. , Mo. 1513 Ftroam St. 20-Si ] >
FOR RF.ST A handsomely fuinlshej room , bnth
room ; 1720 Capital ao SOO-ISp
OR RR1 ! ? Very i > lcft ant unfurrjlihcdT ro"ms Tu
pilvito hou > u , E07 N. 17thSt. 232-15p
[ 7 < ORRENT-Nlccly ( urolsbod frcntroou 10Z3 Dodge
JL1 Street. 228 13p
[ 7V > ii RK.\r Newlv furnllhcd rooms 1701 Capitol
L1 a\enuo , corner 17tb. 21M7p
[ T < OR RUNT A furnished loom al 1011 Dodge St.
21 ° ' 1
. ,
TtOK REST Furnished room 1017 Chicago St.
- 220-tf
TV RUM Twonnfurnlsh.d ID DUD and a stabta at
1019 FJrrmm Hi. 223 13
7on RENT A 0 room house 7.22 south ICth Ft.
J S71-10p
T'OR ' RKSI One latRC front a'cove , room , K iOMfand
. e\ory convcnlcnco , 11'2) Ftrnam St. iOMf l
? I OR rtr.xi2 furnished room ; , 1714 Cilltarnla.
/on RKXT FurnlshkJ rooms ,
J 183-JulyB
TIOR BRVT 2 nicely furnished room * , suitable for
. gentleman nnd wife or ironllcmci , with orlth -
ut beard , Brio locatlou 2020 St. Mary's at o.
on RKVT 3 roc ins furnished for houcckoeplni ! .
1010 CalifornU St. 103-15.
? IOR RKNT-KurnUhcd and uofurnlshcd roomi at
1510 Hartley Sb 107-tf
7on RPNT Elegant y furnltheJ room , gaiand U'o
/ of hath room suitable for two gentlitncn , 1421
ones St 10M5p
T ort RRNT KIcoly furnished lar o South front room "
. with board ; first-class rosldenco ana IJCitlon ;
odera Improvements , homo comfort } , 635 Tltasant
FOR RKXT-Centrally locabil furnished rocms at
_ Oi < lBouthJ5tli t. 125-tt
If OR RBNT For manutic urlnp paroosca or hall , ;
JL1 Urge room 44x75 , Sdlloor.No. llo 8. 14th et ,
enquire at 1409 Dodge tt. Slmuson.
F. :
f 'OR : RK.VT Hioely furnished room euliable for two Dlai
gentlemen , gaa end bath , * Z225 Dodge. 054-tf ai
roa ' BUNT Furnl-hol largo front room with alcove aiP
? gratu bath , etc. , 1710 Cass street. 040 tf P
70R HKNT Room with board suitable for ono or two
f cntlcmnn , 1812 Dodge St. 704-tt
, 'OR BEM Lirge front room on first floor with or
? with board ; inquire at 1DOI f arnam St.
/ OR KENT Furnished lo m and board fho dollar
' per week ; best locillty 1814 Davenpcrt. H-13p
Tl 00Mb With boarddeblrable for summer. Apply
\it Bt. Charles Hotel. < 633-t
T\OR " \ HENT Severa flno offices In Crounse' block ,
Inquire Ed , Norrie , room IB Crounse blooi
IT OR WALK Improed farm 210 acres ; Ca > ? Co.Nob. I
JjAliotcn acres within S block" et Pott oulca ,
WecnlnR Sv'ater ; will tell cr trade for Omaha pr.p.
o-ty. W. H. Green , Omaha Neb. 233-tf
TIOK " BAH Good farm m Washington Co. ; 171
acres ; 0 acres cultivated ; good buildings ; flno F.
cbard ; running water ; all fenced. Edward Norrla
Co. . room 18 Oiounse Ulock. 835tf
70R8ALB 33 feet oaCuming between IBtband70th
wltn house$2,700. Bedford & Soucr. CBO-tl
TORHALK Hklf a section of land In Loup Valley ,
1 Nance Co. , well Improved house , good barn , corn
II ) and growing crips ; oeo agood IIOUEO and lot In
ullerton. Aply to H. lldngbam , Omilia.
70RBALK V870aerootojli andgiain f r"J , all Im-
? pro\od ; four hours' ride Irom tac O.naha 3tolc
'ards ; seven miles from the o'ty cf Fremont ; two
allroadanitbln three miles ; 300 acres under plow , [
10 rot In pasture ; b > ard fenoo , running stream T.
trough pasture ; honao with ton rooms ; will bo a ild
icapif sold iinmodlatclr ; on terms to suit. For
urlber particulars Inquire of Qeo , C. Qrodfrov , Fio-
raont , Neb. 8Sfi if [
JOR HALB Uousj and lot 6 rooms , 2 closeti end 2
7 pantries , cellar and cittern , nearly lmpro\oj ;
oed Ice tlon , < aat front. Call a' 8228. ISttt.
P80 Hp
on HALB vonr lota on Oeorgli av , n
. ' | lice , gooJ locatlan ; nil ! fell In a body or fopi-
al l c ! y a t bnr 'il J. Terma to euit AdJrP 8"A"
i eomje. _ _ . _
BALK -Full lit on IFth ttrcor , three e lt co
Foil lot , 3 cisterns , well oio. , wou'd rent fir < SO
per tnon h ; if seld in 3J daya 9ZM , Potter &
; ebb , 1H15amam etieet , 2S5-21
rron HALE-Cheap lots on 2Ut flrect In lllllard
P ) lica.catt front , otly JITOO. Potter and Cobb , §
5161'urnimHt. 231-10
fjlon BALK Store and lot 12tb and Will aim street ,
I * ono from itrcctcir ; can be used aidwell-
ng house , Oooilosatloi ; terms easy. Inquire F.
, Kaspr , 1122 SouthISthst.
SHUT A new convenient 8 rcom houeo on
Caldwell street , one block cf Saunders St. Apply
, t 1607 lurd Bt. ! 60-lSp
ON Kouth 10th street , earner lot CdxllO feeeaet
front ; 7 room home , barn , all improvement" ,
hrubery etc. , for SJ.50) , Must bo sold. W. 11
Green , our lit Nat'l Hiuk. 231-tf
FOR BALK largo house , newly built , 9 rooms , all
modern Implements with J lot , at 171G Cass
it ; Inquire at premises. 128tt
8 iK A choice lot In tUnicom 1'lare on
( leorgia Avenue ; will soil at a birjaln on term
oiult ; address D C. A. , IliepQIco. 120tf
SALM-Five lota 4'ilStTftoKether on Leaton-
FOR atreet ; beautiful location , $1,000 One-
ouith cash , balano ) on long time , easy tormi.
; ralle & Jones. 210-tt
BAIK Tnico bettitltul rcsidunca Shlnn's
Fen ' . Splendid view , $275J. Ecmlf , 16th
and Douglas. 978-tf
V /M > BALK The < * hiinAflf bts In the cty only Ik
FOK north "eat of the I'osl offlco , prices ranting
rom $ i2GtolOOJ each ; terms to Bull. Demls , llth
aLdDouilu. 078-tt
Tpon SALK L its In Credit Fonder odd , and email
I1lew ct , near ' . 1 > . and n & JrdeclUS50 and
upwaiJe. liemlj , 15th and llouglis.
( -Business lot on 13th ttroot 123 feet ea t
froatage.S12.6CO : also a ware him' , lot near
Nail works Vi MO. llemla , 16.h and Douilas 07B-tf
- . a half In l'irker'i JJ8ltX ( > or
fiO ) for half Iota ; two loti In Bhlnn's SJ a > l > i:00
oocb. llemls , 16th and Doutr'a ' i 078.t
ITtOK HiLBTwo lots In Uko'n adii il.OOOauU * l,8lO
1 ? each ; three lota on Hamilton , > vea cf gauudors
sticot , 8560 , t003 and { 903 each. Bemb , nHh mid
- ' Q7&lf
/ - lot on Coming ulieet fronts on
tbiuj Uriels , NW
Ttrtoquirtera ot an acre on California etreet.ncir
Sicrod Iloirt Acidcmy , Si.lOO. lltniii , 15th aud
Uouglas. 878-tf . _
u-Lots on Snurulen street , 81.0J8 cash ]
c iy terms , liemli , ISlh and Douglas , 078-tI
FV < * BALK Beuiisnow n < apa ol Oiuabt , (5 ( acb
fc'nli. 16th Anil Diiigl r. t7'-'t '
VJK bALI lUC .IC'U | jt. Ill ti.u4.OIU pUce VII
1 Ueorgu ava. . ono block ent of Parkiote ; corner
lo ) , fenod , ust tiont , nait cub , Addr eta ' 0. " P ,
O.BW483. J93-Up
TVTirlcrCTiofroims at.vJ t bl wit * full tot on
i.1 Hamilton , nrarSOth an- ) west of Sarrndtrsstrjct ,
$ IM ; ev.rterrrn toeiiit pardswr. HBMM , 16th
tnd Dorvlu streets. EtS-tf
Hotnnaod lots In any part of Oinalia , ( I , (00 to
S16.CW. Bemls.lStnanil Dou Jas. fc78-tf
Fen BALit Good & room hou , lot 60x13 ] feet , mst
( rent , $1400 ; $100 cash baUm-0 tlJ pot month.
W. n. Oroon , pier 1st National bank. SMtf
FonsKji-lIouM full lot , Trftll , clitorn , Inrn , all In
Rood condition , ono bloch from street can II BOO
caiy tcrmi W II G'roen , ovtr 1st NafclBanh. S53-t (
tOR BALK Forty lots for We on Hurt tnd Cumlnes
X1 Ixtnren S9th and 3st ! cheap. Inside prey rty
cdford A Boner. MM
< OR LILISI Best unoccupied ground In ttie ly for
JL1 warehouse hoa o,87 feet front MI Leareilwort ,
north bet 10th aad 1 libwill Icaiefor D9 yeani. lied-
ford & Souor. OCA tf
Fi I OR BALK Twenty-two feet on F rnam street a
bargain If taken Inmedlatolr.T II Oreon
irpRSAi.i ! Jersey cows at auction. 19 head , ItlRli
JL1 class and rcRlsterd Jctssy cows wilt bo sold 'at
auction. Wodco'day , July 1 , 18i5 , at2 o'clock , with
out limit or bv bid Ha\lr > | f coocludad to tell my
entire herd cf 18 cowhand giro my whoo ! Rttontlon
tohrecdlnKhlnhbrcdnttlrostKck § nd ehttlaml tin.
nlcs , Is my o tuc tcr tclllne. Terms cash N I. V.
Solomon , SpilBg Valley Stock farm , Omnln , Ifnb.
SS2-JuJy 1
T pii SAW-At M J r Crott's Sfck yard' , a car
JJ load cf fine critic- ! cow * nlth young calve J. Or.
Jers taken far giaded and full blooded yninit bulls
and heifers. ST.I-lC
Tf ) SrOCKMEN-FOll SAI.E-A Mrload f very
rtno half { U'lowayandhaH ' Bhoithorn bull ! for
sale at Uulon Stock Yards , by Wainor , Savaje &
Sanders. S48-15
FOR B UK-A good hone suitable for a lady to
drive , chtsp , as oncncr his no use lor lilm. C. J.
llenters. 111 ! Capitol avo. X43-18
WAKTRD A first chstfrish jounir milch cow , not
over 4 years old ; glvo breeding andprlcn , Ibck
Dox 617 , Omaha. 210 tf
FOR BALK Valuable Checkering grand rlatio nearly
new and llttl used , nt largo dlssouQt nt 1710
Cats street. 019-tl
F Ion SALB WsRon umbrcllaj , flno new stock at
1403 and 1411 Dodtjo st. 672-tf
lORSAl.itA four hundred dollar piano LI a
gain. 1818 California St. | i.i-
JOR SALR (1 ( wo No 1 phicton.ono soconl hand buff.
gy. AqtiHr H09 n-l 1411 r > cxlTn Mi
FORSALK Cliolco lots In I'aulscn's odd , on strutt
cnrllne , onojtj tormi for patties w ho want to Im
> r > M ) .
2 to at ere lot ? , 2 l-2mllus from cllv , 8123 per acre.
It ) ncres sdjcil Ing fort , SS.SOO.
lactcljtlaNcwUrouUin , 11-2 milcf from city ,
D cr 's 11-2 mllca from fort , $ COO.
SO crc94 tmlcifrnin city , well improved , 81,310.
110 ncro improved farm , coed orclianl , licarlnp ; , 8
miles from citj , $ M per nirc
B crc < ionSiaULdcr3st. , lull improved , licirlnr or-
tbard , S3OOJ.
3.EOOacres , mpstlf cultivated hn-I , Hna Imlnnd
ivith tame gras > , timber , good pasture , 10 miles fence
tnn tenant homes , two mlUj from niter Sioux
itUlon In IlirrUou and Jtcnoim county , Iowa , S26
per acre. Best I lock farm In Iowa.
51,000 acres wild land la Central , Woitern Kob. ,
Ironi $3 to $7,50 per acre on easy terror.
A l rgo numburof improved farrrs In Sirpy , Doug ,
is and Washington Co. , at law ii'lccs.
An excellent firm Jolnlr lUaor crossing , a thrlv
np countty town In Howard Co. , containing S40acrej
"M timbered and watered and highly Improved ,
For rent Desk room * No 1613 Farnara St , and a 0
oam house. Faulsen & Co. , 1613 Farnam Sr.277lt
FORHAI.K Tencottajtep and floe resHenccs In dif
ferent patts of the city , from $1,600 to ? 16,009 ,
ach ; all on oaty termn.
For Sale At a sacrlQcc. two lots la Shlnii's 3d ad-
For Sale Four lots In Towe'snddltlonvcry cheap.
For Sill Six bu'ino-slotn on S. 13th street.
Patterson's ub-divit Ion has the Dcott lits to the
ity at 200 each , on monthly p&vmcnta of $10 ench ,
'n83na . bujiDR hera will be furnlsh'd money to
sulld tight away. HAVK nrar , buy In this addition ,
ind thus havejour own homo Only a few lots lo't
Fcrltont Four houses at 320 , $2 ? , 825 and$27. 0
wr month.
Threonlllcts to rent ; call on or address K C. Tat-
o'83ii , ISthand Farnnrn. 20S-1C
FOR BALK Bj Billou Bro , 317 S 13th St.
Corner lot with house on Darcncort st. $3,250.
Corner lot with housi on Burt st. . 83fOO.
Houao arid lot noir Long Echool , S 1,600
House acd lot on Division Bt.$1,000.
House and lot near 23d and Leavan'th , $1 000.
Honso and corner lot In Prospect 1'laco , $1,009
Fifteen lots near Lcavenvroith and I'ark Av.e > ch
Flno cast front Uan > oem Place lots , $000.
Desirable lots Burt and T.OTO Av , S30. ' .
For rent , 7 houecs from $7.60 to $26.00. 178-10
FOB BALK 7 roam oottige , wo'l. barn ani cistern ,
on ISth street 0 blocks ( rom shops $2,600 , on easy
e rns. Potter & CobS. 1515 Farnam Sb 052-tf
? OR ( ALS-Onsouth 22-J ft , DOC 1 room and ono 6
? room ootfngo , burn , will , cls'orn. & ? , on came
Ot , rent for J35 pormonth , only $3,100 ; would Kelt
leparateh. P.ittor& . a h. ISHFVnvn 8t. 610 tt
. A full corner lot , two blocics west of
rcdctrlme-550. This Is positively a bargain.
. E. Hlley k Co. , tlB J. 11th St.
ForSale Lot 60x110 , 22d St. , near Grios , $000.
rbia is also a bitgaia. J. E. Riley & Cc.,2153 13th St
KcrSale Tbroa lots 60x140 , south ( rant. 4 blocks
rom street C H. 8350 each ; birgilns. J. K. Kiloy &
3o. . 216 H 13th Et.
For Sale T olots on Georgia vHoi1lolt'i' , dd.cast
front , no priding , near Farnam , 76xt40-$2000o ch.
Iheau are rewonablg. J. E. Itlley & Co,215 * 13th St.
For Sale Nine Iota on Virginia avc.,8SOO to $060
each. J. E. Itlley & Co , ! 15 a 13th et.
For Sole Ten lets on Cum'n ' ; st. , and nine on
Burt St. , fourblocks from military bridge. J. K. 111-
For Sale E'ghtcen lots on Vinton et. , ono Woo k
rom terminus 13th street car line. Positively cheap.
. E. Illl y& Co. , 216 313th It.
Wo doalro to Bay to our patrons tint In the above
list wo can give assurance of Eato ami proflUblo In-
tcstmgnt. A'o also liave property In almost every
iiutterof the tltyorthy of InvottlRttloD.
J. E. UILbr & CO. , 215 813th et.
SALS Lots n Ulllaldo add cnearcst and beet
Fen lo's In the city , 8760 to $9JO axclusive
nscnta Puttrr & Cobh. 051-tf
BALK - Tliroe choicest lot ] In 11 in B0 < m place.
FOR OJ4-tf Potter & Cobb. s *
rues fl fraod lots In this addition with-
MAHIOS . street carp , can bo had on easy
ternia. _ W a Preen , over 1st Nat'l Bank. 827-tt
\T ; K orrxR ron BALK East hal * of block 3 Smith's
W nilil , ( UO fu t front , tivo acre lots , nicest la y.
Omaha , full view ot city nd DIufTd , lUiLlou 10 lots j
1GS leet oich , M III soil ball or all.
Lots 41 andOO , N'fbonVailil , 8700 each or nlll
ell half ot dther ; feta BPj.146 Kouclz'8 Zdadd. near
Oth azJCunlor , 8100 each. v
Lo56 , blocltl.Kaintz'iiJth add , beln ? toro en *
10th et , full lot ? 2JCO , also lot D eimo block SI,350
Two loti In B iuth Omaha , by Qoodnun'e , with
hcuao , orchard , cittern , and well , all 8100.
16 hi o acre lots In Vlneland , G miles north city
limits overlooking city and lllulls , ? 36 per acre.
Lots 10 ami 11 , block 19 , Hanscoai j > Uve very
siitbtly , 81,203 for both.
Half acre 130 f set front block 6 , Park place , with
bouse , barn , well , and cistern.
Corner , 2 lots In Uawtborno on Cass it , 0(0 for
both ete oto.
Call and see us , Dex'cr Tt. Thomas [ t Bro , Heal
Eattta ; Itoom 8 Crolghtoa block. 678-tf
TTVlR fliLK-By 0. F , Davis & Co , 1605 Farnam St ,
j Omaha.
House and lot on south Eighteenth St. , $1,000.
! Twentieth " * 1,400.
2 homes " Dodge near : eth St , $2,200.
ft old In Uansoom Plico , each , $625.
Homo and lot on Park avenue , $ t(00.
" " D venfOtt8tl2000 ,
n 11 n n 3 2.COO.
" " ' south 18th " 4.000.
16,001 acres of land In Boone county , > 7 to 810.
20,000 " " " Stanton " $7 to $12.
Land In Uadlson , Wa ) ne , 1'Utto aud Ilall counties
on easy term' ,
ilin I me 1 ai loir me , 6fla-t
AW rARTNKESinp A lawyer ct several years piao-
L tice In Pennsylvania , and familiar with the bus-
Incia In Washington I ) . 0 , veuld like to form a
rtrtncrshlp a lawjer In Nebraska , whose pr c-
tico requires additional help. B tt of reference glv.
en auto ability and character. Addreis "J. I ) " til
D. Btreet , Washington , D. C. _ 2l P
TTVia BALK * One of the boit located meat markets.
V Inqulraat Obcra , Ilooiick & Co. , olllco 519 South
13th St. S5fl-18p
ITITAMKD EU8tnes > , ActheTourgman will In.
Vt ve8tlronj00 ! to $50) , with t-rvloef , In good
payioB buelioja ; addrcsi O. U. C. , llee olllce.
To exchange SCO icroi coed farm land
WANTED Co. , Neb. , for stock of iceneial mer-1
cbaudlso. t or full paitlcu'.an , addrcit "J W U'
Icck box No S , W > mere , Neb. &I1 22.i |
, nulls , einVs and ooMpoota cleaned at th
PH1VY outlco and Bitblietlou guaranteed by Jf ,
\bel.P. I ) , tin i l ) -nip
'OH HiLK TToitT ; a im"e enull b < < tel , good locti on ,
cheap real ana loug leMc. Apply "t h" Ike
17 > eu HALE At a bargain , on account ol my health
L1 ( tiling. 1 with to dlpnie ol ray billiard hall. It
li in tbo best location In the city , nnd doing a grod
pnlntfbiiilncm at all time * . For lull pirtlculars
, U Herman , I'liUimoutu , t < eb.
1 " * - * z _ " " " " " Tr * ? * * * * * ' " * * > * ! Miii ir-- " jt
Kuhn to Bat
Messrs. D. M. Steele & Co.
Gentlemen : Since I have had the "V"
cigar my sales have increased daily and are still
growing. It gives the .best general satisfaction of
any cigar I have ever sold. The "V" is bound to
increase the trade of any dealer who has it in his
case. Respectfully Yours ,
Omaha , June 13,1885.
Maybe you think this is the ONLY recom
mend we have. That's where you make a mis
take. Just you wait and see. We can't afford to
buy the paper or we would fire off a dozen at a
time. But just you wait , and while you are wait
ing treat yourself to the finest in the land for the
money , straight , honest goods , the
Kuhn Co. ,
15th & Douglas Sts.
John "W. Bell , ,
820 South 10th Street.
Field &
2115 : .
: J , Whitehouse ,
N. W. Cor. ICth and "Wobstor Sts ,
Jas. Forsythe ,
N. "W. Cor. ICth St. and Capitol Avo. .
Foster & Bro. ,
Council Blutfs , Iowa. .
DEALEBS will receive GRATIS with First order for 1000 "V" Cignrsf .0110-
beautiful 7ixl3 advertising photograph in stylish hardwood frame. ; re
tail value 2.25 , and one striking street sign.
CJEND your order , put out the sign wo furnish nnd if the ' 'V" does not prove-
kj the best selling cigar you have over had , you can return within : iO days. ,
ill unbroken and clean packages. PLEASE MENTION THIS PAPER. .
'Write for price and terms. Orders by letter , postal card , telegraph or
TELEPHONE NO. 3O4 : will receive prompt attention.
BALK. A first civs mloon , looted lu the bjt
Fen of the city ; the present proprietor ( jolnrj to
: nrope ; la "II Unit to Ulapoge cf It on rcatonalo term ; ,
; inquire S. Tiottlcr , 03 H IStn et. 133-13
8ILK Drugstore In a desirable locality , wll
FOR about 81.600 U O I'attcrson , NE corner
3th and Farnam. 4SS-tf
T/OK SALE Or uxchanee a full etock ot clothing
1 ? boots an J shoes , cent' furnishing Roods , will er.
: hango for Nebraska Lands. O. II.retorscm.801 8.
10th Bt. , Omaha , Mob , 01C-U
TTOB8ALB In Oakland Neb. Orel-class meat market
I ? alto the furulluro ol the St 1'aul hotel. Foi par.
Jculara , Inquire or write Vliggen & UohlluirOakland
tfeb. 07i-mlB
O OAL John Uamlln , formerly Nebraska city ,
L ban opened roil estate office at 8118. llth St ,
S52.18i |
llrs. E. U. Hooper , trance cltlrvoyant ,
PERSONAL medium , over 718 North lOih fit.
T\K. A CHEBTsariELD M Kncllo phyilclan , test and
\J developing medium , oter BIS north 10th St ,
TMJTiruiii Hotel , formerly Crdphtoa bouse , newly
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