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Tie Second flag's ' Session of the Na
tional Lviislatnre.
The Senate to Investigate Indian
And the Fonoinc of the Public
Nebraska's ' Distinction in the Per
son of Mauderson ,
A Honso Kesolution to Imuoaoh
Marohal Wricht ,
i * HOIIHO A < o Occupied With Im
portant Hnitwny ( JucBtlons
News ,
J ; , Decnmber 2. Shoflield , the
now senator from Utiodo Island , was sworn
In. The chair laiJ before the senate the re
ports of the eeciotary of the treasury and controller -
troller of currency. Mr. Vest offered n reso
lution directing nil investigation into nil the
leieo.i of laud in the Indian Territory for
grazing or ether purposes by the Indian
tubes , tho.numbcr of acres embraced In said
leases , their terms and persons or corporations
becoming leasees , almo circumstancea und-r
which the lenses were made , means used in
obtaining tbem and whether nuthoil/.fid by
WASHINGTON , December 2. Veat said ho
had information that thesa loasea were ob
tained from Indiana by conuptlon , fraud and
bribery. Maxey , Harrison and other * also
advocated n icjolution , aud tlio procoedingx
broadened into a eouoral discussion on Indian
hinds and sup pi 108. Da < voa said theo leoteH
of Indian lands , while wrong , w ro no moro
outrageous than authorized enclosure
by wira fences of thousands of ncrea of pub
lic lands. If remedial action U not taken in
time the public domain would pasa irrecover
ably Into the possession nf largo land owner * ,
foreign and native. Ho hoped th matter
would not bo allowed to end in talk or bo
confined to Indian lands nlono. Congre H
hijd power to clotlin the executive oflicers of
the government with ample authority in tie
premisoa and should do BO. At the request of
Conger the matter went over ono day. Ad
Republican senator * in caucus selected Sen
ator JNIauderaon for the chairmanship of the
joint committee ou printing. Senator Hawley -
ley introduced a bill to-day appropriating
quite a largo eum for the relief of the oflicerB
and crew of the Tultapoosa. The house com
mittee on commerce decided to report nd-
\eraely on u memorial from the National As
sociation of Fire Kngineera asking the ap-
poiutuient o a commission to investigate the
.11140 of enormous lots of lifo and waste of
property by lire.
WASHINGTON , December 2. Wilson , o !
Iowa , presented the credentials of Smith ,
member-elect from the Seventh Iowa district
to till the vacancy occasioned by the resigna
tion of Kasson. Smith took the oath of ollico.
Fellot , 03 n question of privilege , presented
a resolution iu which ho desired to impeach
Lot. Wright , United States marshal of the
southern district of Ohio , of high Crimea and
misdemeanors for usurping nuthority in violation
lation of the law by appointing special and
general deputy marshals to i. rvuat _ the several
voting precincts in Ciucini.aliuuring the Ohio
election , encourajjii g fraudulent voting and
intimidating Icpul vi/tsis.
Keagan cillml up th * inter-state com
merce bill , ami itio Mon- decided to
consider It no Aviih tjmdi iir tlu effort of
O'Neil ( Penna. ) r..j ; i diciiiston un
til to-morrow Jvifrati olitiie t ni H inatituto
n bill reported i > i ilin vommirt > .u on ccm-
merco last n" * ' av , bill ieuer.dly kricnvn IIH
the HsogNii bi.l iud entero ; ! iutian uvhaiu-
tivo compaiisnn of th't two mofnurcs. Under
thd committee bill , ho said , the Ihbilltv of n
railroad eorporaiion to auy pewon suffering
wrong by its iiutum was un i-ctud damagi )
bustaiuuj , wlillu under tinuliintut it was
liable for throe liinoi tlvj amount of tin dan.-
Hgea. The hill ot the cumniittorf did not pro
hiblt disci-imina i-m in freight chargus but thu
Kubstitutu prohtbi'.iil companiar ) from charg
ing moro fur ( -hoi'.ei thuu for lonuer dijtanco
for the eamequalicy of freight. The Eiibsti-
tuto gave complete legal nnd eimittblo
remedies to citizens lor every injury
without dtiby thniugli the courts of tha coun
try. The coinmitteo's bill fnilfd to do this.
Another great iipprovement in the Biibatituto
over tlia cjnimittoe bill lay in the f tut that
while the latter directed tiio cjnimiseioii to in
quire into the method of pooling and to report -
port whit legislation wan neuded on thia sub
ject. the former absolutely prohibited Mich
pooling. At the conclusion of Keagan'n re
mark * . tha luiiso adjourne i ,
AVASIllN < ; j'O' < NOTES
WAHUINOTON , December ' _ ' . The house
commiltoo on rivfis and liarboraw 111 endeavor
to liavo a bill providing an appropriation for
tlio improvement of rlvrtrs nnd harbirs ready
to report to the lion < o January 16. Tin orn-
mitten decided to m.tko as prauiicablu an up-
] iropiiitionof 25 per cunt , of tliu entimntoa
inida by the corpd of army engineers and to
limit , if possible , the aggregate to S8,00l,00.l )
The eluirmnn of the executive committee
on improvement of Western water ways has
ievned n call to the committee to meet hero for
c.nisnlt.ition . January 13 , 18)5.
I'lllK i\T.
Special telegram In ili'iliKf. .
Scili'vixu , Ni-b. , Drciinbr 2. A de-
dtruutivo tire luulv ) i i > cj li ml- iii.jlit. It
began in Htifiheu' Jivt-ry bta le , fiiid twenty-
HX ! hordes were burned. It tprt-'id to thu
bubiiuHs ttro-it ni d biiruul n qiuiter of a
block , except the Firtt Nttional bank , which
is btilt cf brick nnd was saved. The
hms Is r.bont t.Tj.OLO ; liijiirauce nearly $10-
000. The owners Havnrt about $ .r > 000 of gooJu.
The actual losi is not to great aa the ftr.r of
cocetaut inccadinriHin ,
Nntliinai Trotting AHMiiultillon ,
NKW YoitK , DecembsrL' . Tlia board ro-
review of the Natioual Trotting association
met at the Fifth Avmms hotel tins uvcnfug.
It was composed of the following named gon-
tleiron : I'rwidonc .liidgn Ja'/iin CJrint of
D.iveiipurt Iu a Vr.-e-prptldent len. ! W L > .
Tillcin , nf lin.tJii ; Lojiuis nt Hurt-
furd. Colin. , li > 'i. , iSturvili of J'hil.'v
iluhij ! [ , If C M \ > i M , ui hwingtou , Kv ,
\f LT ( J. . Juki ) , ui Uednr Kftjildn , IOWA ; N T.
\ Smith , of .Sun Krancieoo The evening v/as
i-pont In organizing and getting ready fur the
trial of disputed cant P.
The f polling entertuinmotit for the benefit
of the Hocking Volley miners' fund , at M'td-
Uon Square gaiden to-night netted about f I-
f < lO for the fund ,
ND t-ctifiiiMit | Armed At.
Cnr : ADcccujbor J. The general manager -
ager * of tlfj Mi f"uri river lines hold another
teuton t-i-dty and ivdjuiirnwl till 'I o'clock
without airivi. g u1. uny oeUleuent : c f the put-
nerijtr rate war. A prfdictlun i * offered thut
if a settlement U tuached that it will ha on
the bnfle uf Urn dullard to the Mittc-vri < iver
At the ulternooti session Manager * McMur-
p > iy , of the Alton road ; 1'otter , of the Hurling-
ton , nnd Cable , of the Hock Island , whoto
lines hwo been the le ding belligerents , pa
tented a bat.U of agreement , the discussion
which o.cupiod the remain Icr of the session.
Several clauses were adopted and the re t
put over till to-morrow. The Impre.sMoii in circles ( seems to bo that an Agreement
will bo lunched. During the progrocsof the
meeting joint telegrams were sent to S
l , lis azents to restore the two dollar rate
from St. l.omsto Chicago under n penalty of
dismissal , ' and It is ordered that this rate b
not cut either way between these cities pend
ing the present mootliiR.
I'Altts , December 2. The election of Oar-
micr , lon | i.trtlat , to the deputies , nnd the
recent outvoting of the government in the
deputies together with the public discontent
in relation to Chinese tilfaira have rovhf tt a
belief that n cabinet crisis ia Imminent , The
Ganlola , Flgiro nnd other monarchists orgnna
in their comments nin upon the Tonqmn
question , The budget of deficits tind attacks
upon the liberty of conscieiica and thus im
pressing tlm public mlud that these arn thfl
leading danrora of the republic. Woldcck
Husseau , minister of tlio Interior , hisal eady
signified Ids intentions of resigning. An im
portant cabinet council will be Mil WednvM-
Io\viiH Kvlilblt.
ST. Louts , December 2 , The Iowa st to
commiiston to the World's Fair at New
Orleans , aftar spending n day hero loft for
that city to-night. They were given a recap
tion on 1ChanRO and afterwards vlsttad places
of note about the city. Iowa will bo well
represented at the exposition , over eighteen
c.\rloads of products and exhibit ! of woman * '
work having been rent tharo. An accident
to two carloads of goods near Uiirlington
Sunday is not BO had as first vouorted , a largo
part of the exhibit having been suved and
forwarded in other cars ,
Barl for I ho Bucket Hhopn.
CHICAOO , December 2 The D.\ily News
says that nt the meeting of the board of trodo
committee on mnrketa lo-dsy it wna resolved ,
In accordance with ndvica of Iho ooard's at-
tornoya , to furnish lulegraph companies witli
ita market qnotationa under tlio otato
low. Thia moana that qutatinm are to bo
made in private messages which can only bo
sent to persons whoso hddreca appears on the
meisages. Quotations liavo heretofore been
unaddressed , be ng font to lists furnished ,
The object of thin la to cut off bucket shopa
from market ( [ notations.
Tlio Hint tihtH
I'ITTSHUIIC , PA. , Dacember 2. Tim flint
class workers mot to-night to consider the ad
visability of accepting or rejecting ten per
cent reduction in wages , which wont into
elfact yesterday , but adjourned till Saturday
without taking any definite action. llo.solu-
tions were ndopted recommejiaiuu tliat the
manufacturers cloao down their factories two
montiia instead of reducing wages.
NKW YOHK , December 2. The committee
on organization of independent lush-Amer
icana decided to continue the assembly dis
trict organization under thu name of the
Irish-American Protective Union , nud ndopt
ed an address urging their fellow countrymen
to organize Irish-American protective cluba
everywhere in the United states to resist
Knglish freo-trade.
A Tcxatt LiynctiiiiK.
Sui.i-HUit SPRINGS , Tex. , December 2 ,
Perry ileilly , one of the two negroes who fa
tally n'naulted F. P. Jonea and wife , waa
lynched to-night by a crowd of citizens.
Ilsil y confessed to the robbery of Jones's
home , and told how Jbnos and wife were
struc.t ou the , liu-vl ivith n hamm r. Oflicera
HuccoaduJ in bringing the other negro to town ,
whoio he iu IHIW incarcerated.
A iJijii't ! > UL'iMiiii ,
CAIKO , December L' . Ia the case brought
by Cainso Da hnDelto I'ublicj'iel ngainst the
giivi-rninont to pravent the latter from divert
ing c-jitaia tuxea from the siukinc fund ty the
( jeiie.inl cruoi nry , lite court to-day decided
; i ait ) > < : the. government. It held thuminislers
and railway directors responsible for the aiinia
pud tlio government , which ought , by law , to
liavo gouo to the sinking fund.
ti. , Pa. , December 2 , It is claimed
by John Jarret , gonoial ngent of tnu Amur-
icin lia plate asicchtion , that he baa discovered -
covered a direct evasion 'of the tariff law in
New York and ISaston where galvanized iron
and steel sheets are baiug impelled throiKh
the custom houies at the natno reto aa tin
aa tin plnte.s. Duty on thoiu nheeta ia : [ ; per
go mm moro than on tin plates ,
Sr. JOHKH , N. 1' . , Dec , 2' Tlio Orangometi
nnd lEibbonmen of Conception liny mo in new
trouhlea. They barricaded the house of the
Catholic pi ieft wlio was aaaa ilted with stone. ! .
Arcliui benting Orange banuera and symboU
weru erected near the Catholic church and the
Cutholic proccd&ion compelled to pa under
Item ,
Itaiik l''nilurj.
liusliNKM. , 111. , Djcambar 2. The Daily
Nov/d ways that the Ji'anner'u Nation > 1 bank
clotod to-day. It is thought that it will bo
able to pay the depositors In full. Its capital
stock is SW.UOO. Tlm oiueo of tbo failure iu
not known ,
An AKad Divine's Dentil.
lilMJHAMrON , N. Y , , December 3 , llov.
Luke Davis died to-day , aged " . Ho was a
graduate from Madison university in 1810 ,
* nd preached in t-evtirbl prominent Pnptidt
cliiirutiiis ' in this state , Aliclpgan , Indiana ,
Wihc cein and tlhln.
hl.-.i.u . < „ . - . ' .
SAN FKAM'iM.-j , Deuoinber . ' ' , . The Xc.x-
Jandift , wich Sydney and Auckland uJ vices
' Novnb r li aud 7 , arrived this morning.
Thu lurk Clyde , from Monitlno , was wrecked
Novtmbsr , ri near AkariM. The cipt4Jn , hi *
ife , tlireo children , the ollicerj und u'i but
one of the craw were drowned ,
MlllH Slim Down ,
MONHON , December 2. A depression in the
woulen Imiinois in exteiiiivcly felt liero. Jt-
M. & T. Reynold * , employing 125 himli , begun
gun working seven iuuri n day , The JCIll"
milli are running sliort time , and II eery fi
Co.'rf North MOIIHOII inilh liavo BEiit duwn al-
- Colliers
CIIICAI.O , Decamber ' . ' . Tlu D.illy Newi ,
Bprltijb'flil ( III. ) fcpaslul siyi- : Tbs \Vuluth \
Cuul toniDinv , which hu < been Jiaying thrco
C9iit , tu day reduced tlia priun ttwo unit H
half , the Mine na othei compiuieK have bon
paying , and the tniaet vtciit out on a htilkt-
/V Kliot Gun
I.ot'lhVll.ltf Dfosmber 2. The Couri'n-
Journa' Jft Sterlin ? , Ky. , npnoinl ayn Dnvu
Atidernonani LfVlggonton hvl ainiiun
dcrstaiiding. Tuey mston n put lie roa-1 and
fought , shut guns being tliH weapoiui nsod ,
Both were mortally wounrlwJ.'i '
\Vcnlhor To-lny
WASHINGTON , D , C , December 3. Fur'tlm
upper MUotulpiit ; Fair weather , wimU > hllt-
ing north and weit , ftluht fall of teinneratnre ,
For the MUtnurir Slightly c-older , fair
weather , northeily winds
I'rcss Coinuionl on iln
NKW YOHK , December 2. Tie ! world Mieers
xt tba president's mes'aro , but admit' * nt tlio
condition of its editorial iirticlo that ho
might have dona worn * . It cmcludes :
"Thousands of republicans now regard hia
defeat nt Chicago n < < i faUl blunder. Ills ad-
mini'tration has been dignified , and for a re
publican administration , honest. It has been
disfigured by 'Chandloristu , ' but as" compared
with the ndminUtrntionR of Grant nnd
Hayes , it htv < won respect nnd
approval The 1'residout bat cer
tainly xli appoiutod tboto who before his
accession to the otlko know him only to * n ina-
chuit ! ptilitlcian , thu uxtollcr of the 'saving
Dualities of Iho soap' and the boon companion
of Hartley Hlglln , Johnny O'lirion and the
rest of the 'boys , ' but dt-jpito the batter qual
ities ho has shown , ho had bitter oncmlet _ In
hia own party. He will certslnly carry with
lilm into private lifo a better record and n
moro houornblo nnmo than any living repub
lican ox-prejidont.
Tlio Tribune , Henild and Truth praise tbo
meKfaeu a ? n satMcious lnislno. < s document.
The Times findu iittlo to admlro and con id-
erablo tu condemn in it ,
THK TltlllUNK.
The ' 1'ribuno nays about the meeting of
congress : ' 'Cougrt'Ks moots again under cir-
cnniatanceg which have not oxlstnd lieforo
Mnco December , I860. The p uty which has
beun I'litnuted with the government for twen
ty-four yoara has been defeated in u presi
dential uleotion , and U now about to lese the
power no long hylii. Hut there are upvcral
thinga which it ia qulto safe to say will not
now occur , though they did oc.urtho List
time the people RAW lit to transfer the power
from one party to thu other. Tha party now
holding tlio power will not go to
work to wreck tlm government beforn
its term of control oxpiuu. That party
will Jnot proceoddJ to _ | bankrupt s.ltho
treajuty , to fend the navy to distant seas , to
scatter the army on useless errands nt far off
ami innccssMblo points , to plunder the arsenals
and the navy ynrds , or to run nway with
trust funds iu the treasury. It will not do-
liberntoly conspire to got uparobollion against
the governor , nor will ita enators and repre
sentatives peraist in holding their scats and
blocking the wheels cf government , while
acting lit the snmo time as public ngonU or
secret ouihaaries or hired spiss ot an armed
The Times says in ruUtiou to the opening
of congress : "L'ho first day of tbo forty-
oightli conere < ! H > eocond eesaion waa passed In
liateuing tn the reading of the president's
meeaaco , in grootinps and baudahakiugi be
tween members , and the contemplation of tliu
largo aud elaborate floral constructions with
which the desks of many of the nati'Mi's law
makers had been decor.ited by vrateful _ con-
etituenta or ailmlring friends. No business
w.ig transacted to-day. To-morrow the actual
work of the session will begin. Should it pro
ceed at thu puce , the day of adjourn
ment will doubtless ha reached bofpra more
than two or three of the many important
mo.isurea now awaiting action or mig uited ,
have become laws. "
How Tluy Are Kacclvotl.
Special to the Chicago Times.
WASHIKOTON , December l.-The president's
message and tlio report o { tin Bocretary
of the treasury are , upon the whole ,
well received by congressmen , although tha
protectionists were startled by the strong
leifning of the secretary toward tariff reform ,
and express regret that the presidents recom
mendations leave nn opening for largo i educ
tions of the piotcctive duties in order to
lessen the revenue cf the government. It U
romnrkoU by certain ardent Blaine mon that
tha president's recommendation with re
spect to treaties with South America
powers for the regulation of monetary nnd
commercial oichango js merely a tardy accept
ance of Secretary Ulnine's project of a confer
ence with South American countries with a
view to the extension of our trade in that d'-
rection , and tbo practicality of Mr , Arthur's
suggestion , EO far as it relUei to coinage ex
changes , is quoitioiicd , The same class
of critics also remark that tbo two
state papers laid before congress to-dny HO
nearly concur witli the democratic theory of
non-protoctivo duties that they may be re
garded as shedding some light upon the apathy
of tbo administration in support of tlio repub
lican ticket in the recent campaign , There is
no difference of opinion with respect to the
wisdom of legislation for the purpose of avoid
ing disputes concerning the
in fnturo elections , but the wldo difTorunca be
tween the tcnato and ho ceo as to the method
of removing the dangers that are liable to
nri'p under the oxiitlng law ia believed to be
Biillicient to warrant tlio belief that the task
will bo left to the next congros- * . _
A western democrat , whose viewn nro very
decided against a temporary KtHpenaiijii of thu
coinage of silver , express's the opinion that
some action is likely t ) be t ikon tills winter
to accomplish the < ibect | of Secretary McCul-
locb touching the question ; but tin's opinion in
not concurred in by many of the majority
party in ongres. ' . The cecrotary's recom
mendation fs warmly tecojitod by eastern
democrat * .
Conversations with democratic rcpies&ntn-
tivea iiliow no change of sentiment concern
ing the removal of the intermit rev
enno taxes , and la no indicition of what
is likely to bo the nation of eingrms in
roipect. It It observed , ho vevr , that there
lias been a singularly rapid growth ot'run-
cervatiam among the domocrntn. Tney neom'
to feel ik neiiM ) ol increnned rusponnlbiliry , and
when they are milicited for opinions on im
portant piiblio questions thny refer to thu ap-
proflching cliango of administration as reason
fqr dnfoiring legislation until Mr. Clavol'ind'a
jiollcy shall bo defined.
Senators Aid rich , Angiu Cameron , and
Manderson , ropublicana , mid Senators L'ondlu-
ton and Moigan , democrats , warmly com
mend the president's me sigo as n whole ,
without dlfeciHxing tha dot'vtla ,
Codli , Hint.
NKW YOIIK , December 2.-Tho Trinidad
Jhrouiclo gives an account of a Coolie lint In
that colony. A long apprehended etniKglft be
tween the couli'ji and tlm unthorities occurred
at Sun Fernando , The ntlitudo of the
Asiatics waa ir.on iii ° nacing , Aimed with
xtout sticks they dc.Urmiued to march on Sun
Fernando , although wnrnail to confine their
peregrinations within the limits proscribed by
law. The police In fence mot thorn and were
onhm-d to fim , A teluvrain received by a
gentleman in town from San Fernando , re
ports fifty Coolif-H It Is currently repelled -
polled that thu C'johej worn Incited to riot by
uome LiatliaiUn rowdies.
BOSTON , December 2. The presidential
electors organl/ed thia afternoon , Hev. Mark
Hopkins , chairman. The committee on cre
dentials repirled all inembnrs present , The
committee noli ol the governor that the
electors warn ready for bnnlnoiH. Tim ntHnlon
adjourned till morning.
\VNou ihlu TurfIIIIMI ,
MlM\\i KK < , December 2. A ineetlui/
jir inl'ient hoiyimen of tha state wan holil hero
tliU nftfinom , und tha Wisconsin association
nf troctfnif hui o breedeu was fcumwJ , with
H , L , Ddus'iian , of I'raiily Du Chleii , presi
dent ! J. I. Cute , of Undue , vie president ;
and H. D. Torruy , of Uicine , hecrutnry.
| ( ; E AWII COAL citJtenzon Alira.J in
WAIT FOR BTxjTs npeuing Satur-
r ) y , bdfnro liuyini ; yinir Ohrittmte cirdj ,
Finest Itnt. ( .rcr ixltibiftd in
Important tour Yeslcrflay Evcnts
at all Points ,
Kentucky Dospoadoes Defying
the Courts ,
latoroating Report of the Utah
Commission ,
A Proposition to Disfrrmoliiso
Mormon Polygamists-
Latest D .volopmonts in the
Brand-Lomnu Contest
Tlio Now OrlcitiiH itcooriler Itnlltvitya
initl Coinnipi'CR OrlntoH mul Gnu-
mill Irs VordK" News.
WAIl IN I.KTOlir.U l-f DNTT.
I.OUISVILI.K , December I ! . rTJio pouritr-
Journnl's stall correspondent wlioTsInvestigat-
iug the plngiio in ea torn Kentucky , sends
the following to-night regarding the w.u now
in progress in Lutchor county Ky , : Hon.
Jamoi 11. Tiusley of Uarboursvl'le ' , nnd Col.
liobert F. 15jyd of landon , returning homo
from Whitesburg , Lotchercouiity , where ha had
been in nttendaiico nt tlw circuit court , gives
information of a very warlike fltnto of atfaira
ut Whiteuburg , the town being filled with
armed men nnd n bloody Hunt Imminent.
Judo Flnlny , ofyiili m'v > urj ( , a famotn
mountain jurist , in juiljp i f tins circuit , and
for two yearn past has i.e\tr durod to go t >
Whitcsburg to hold court btcamo of n threat
made by one of the moat desperate mt'ii In the
county to kill him if ha over entered It. le- !
cently Una man fell a victim to the prevailing
plague , and alter hia death Jiulgo Finlay
again wont to hotelier. At this term of the
hutcher court a man wai to bo tried for mur
der. Ho win out on bail , and hii friend ? , nil
men of tliu sumo deapornto stripe aa the mur
derer , determined that ho ehould not bo pun
ished. The case waa sot for Wednesday , and
on that day the accused came marching into
tjwii , carrying u double-barreled shot-gun nnd
bolt full of revolvers , followed by n ecoro
of bis friends armed tu the teeth. The nrrl-
vnl ot the murderer nnd his band wai fol
lowed almost immcdlntnly by ( mother gang of
the aaino she , nil carrying shot guna nnd | > ia-
tola nnd composed of friends ot the victim ,
Tluy went into camp on the blulf overlooking
the town. Meantime n third baud , composed
of citizens who thought tlm law-should be id-
lowed to take its way nnd peace preserve 1
"even if they had to kill every desperado in
the county to secure thut end , " organised aud
armed themselvoa and went ou duty to stay
until the court adjourned , Tha bands are
composed of the fiienda of the murdered man
and hia murderers nro wntehuiif each ether
\cry closely , ono to keep the * ) the.r ia town
and the ether tj keep their fuea out , whllo
the citi/.ous' band htands rculy Jo aUompt to
clean out tlio entlro l' * * * 7hnn I
tronblo begins. The party coir * ' v
murderer nnd his friends hiv. , ; ' uii > j fatf
riotous nnd drunk over finco thor arnval , and
there has bonii several gory engngomontH ba-
tween mombora of it and outiideuV Another
incident of thic stormy session 'it court was
thu killing of Kill Hall , one of llio most des
perate character. ! ia this section by two guards
from whom hu tried to ui-capj , Ho belonged
to one of tha bands ligurlng in tlio above dis
graceful affair , and waa iirroitoif on a cliargo
of grand larceny committed In Wise county ,
Va , , just rcrnsa tlio mountains.
WASHINGTON , December 2 : The report of
the Utah commission made public to-day ,
nays the duties impoaod on the , commission
were at n recent election successfully perform
ed nnd that nil polygamidt ] wcro excluded
from voting , "After moro than twd years
labor and experience hero , " tha commission
Hijs : "It liecomes our duty to advise Iho
government and c-juntry that although thu
law hni Luen niiccenKfully administered in re
spect to the disfranchiseniont of polynomials ,
the effect of Iho name upin Ilia preaching and
the practice of polygamy have not' buen of n
cliaraclertolmpro.n tlio former or decrease
the latter. During the present your
then ) appears U have been n regular polygn-
mic rovivid , The Institution Is boldly nnd
defiantly defended and commanded by uplift-
iial teaihcra , nnd plural marriages fir a report
ed to hava Increased in number. " A considerable -
erablo portion of the report ia devoted to the
recent tiiiil and conviction of Kudg < ; i Cluweon ,
which the rniiiinlitolon think will 'huvo a in
straining influence upon yoim ; Monnens , "It
H not likely" says the report , " that the
federal government will lind it , necesanry
to _ take into its own h nd nil the
civil power in this territory. For ( jio present ,
however , the commlBsion ndvisoi only that Iho
ofllciM of terntoiial auditor and 'troasnror ,
comniissloner.i to locate nnlvar jily lands ,
probate jndgei" , county clerk , coqnty unloct-
meo , county iiNneniors , cud colluctors and
county tupmiiilendenli of dutriclfcchools , bil
made by net of congress nppuintaUle , and all
thene niter nomination. 'Iho governor nlmll
rcqulrd t -onlirmcd by n majority votn ( if
thu commission before liolng uomtn < > ioiiod.
Confirmations lire nt present ventd in tlm lig-
Islativo council , whicli is always
overwhelmingly Mormon , Various minor
improvements In the law ogainit
polygamy are suggested , nnd the ropoitcon
chides with the following recommendation :
"It should lo a iienal offenno for any woman
to enter Into tlia
mtrrlago relation witli n
man , knowing him to hnvo a wife alive nnd
nndlvorced. This should bo coupled with n
provision that in CUHCS where a polygamous
wlfo was called ns n witness to any prosecution
ugulnst herself , with like provision at to Uatl-
iriony ui to her husband , called at a witness
In a witneM in a prosecution nxninnt hia
polygamous wife , "
anil Jtntiid ,
Olll'Aii ) > , December 5J. lU'iiry Vf ,
roimbllcan candidiito for tlio ttate uonato from
the Sixth c'intrlct , in which chargoi of fraud
liavo Ijeun HO freely in udo , makes public to
night IIH ! reply to an opsn lutt'omenLJaiittiight
by Kudolpb Jirnml , hh ileinocrAtla ojiponent ,
proi > o lni { a recount of vntcu thronxliout tliu
ro district , and funl determiimtlcin ui c-jn-
by teHtlmony of votn H. homnn doclincs
the propoiition , claiming that tlm procoo-iing
p'Mod | u illegal , and v/oiihl bo void If c.r-
l , nml concludox by Hiylng that. Inasmuch
Hi , governor hid declared him legally
eluded nml will Uuo ft ccriilio tu tililin , JIB
will Miibirnt l no except tliu
CHIOAIIU , Duccmbcr 2. The grmd
jury this afternoon lotnrned u irp'/rl
noveiing the Investigation tlniK far made by It
with renpect to the alleged frauds In the Sixth
M-natorlul district' TJio rt-purt < Ucure ! thut
MI domination of tlm poll book bud tully
sheet shown undnubtecl ( ividcnco of forgery
and fraud. From examination of ballots In
connection with the returns tlm report SUJD ;
"H becomes at onoo njijturent tout that a
crime , whoso boldne s and wicVHdue k
Wai only e/juallcd by Its ronnueos hvl U'on
committed , In other ward * there Jiael been
abstracted over 200 ballots cant at the uid '
election , und l > 3ariii | { the name of thu reprc
ntatlvo In rnngrcM , Irorn thd onvclupa la
which the hu'lotx cant In laid precinct weie
enclosed after and ou the nigl.t of said elec > <
tlon , and there hid been substituted ID pluce <
thereof an cijuul number ( if npurioiui hud faltH
ballots which wcro nnvcr voted. The grand
Jury returiK-d a nuuibor of Indictments , but
the unmet ) of those Indicted were not made
public during the afternoon.
It U reported to-night th.U none of the in
dictments rctutnod by the grand jury tn-ility
had any connection with the nlh'god election
fraud. That thus far no such Indictment *
liavo been presented to the court , and that the
Inventigatloiu of yesterday nnd to-day liavo
none far to convince the jury that
the indlctnu'iitu agreed upon l t
\vcolt , but not presented , against
rprtaln of the judges and clerks of election
ro not warranted iul will bo annulled luilcm
they mo further Implicated by nulwi pic nt tes
timony. Tlio Times will uny to-morrow that
8 , It , Wright , of the printing lirm of llaimcom
&Co. trstllicd bofoiu tht' grand jurj to-day
Hint J. C , Mnckiu , sccretiry of the dcmoerntlo
county committee , gave the tinier lor the bo-
gua clghtoontli ward bVlot , that they weto
priuU'd in ] Inntn-onu Co'Rrstnbllihmentand
delivered to Mackin In hU room nt the
1'rtlnipr Himno nt 10 p. in. , Xovemhor Hint ,
At n mooting of thocommittcc of thirty citizen -
zen this nltcrnocn , npjiointod to pniKocuto in
iinlrica Into the nllogeil ballot box stulling in
the ncond prucintcf the eighteenth ward , it
was resolved tolticronso the number to eighty.
to rnijo a fund ofSU'.UH ) for the purpose ot
lt < work , and to lifer n reward not Iocs tbnn
$ o,000 for information lending to
the conviction of the guilty pnrtiCM.
Omavtio , December K. ,1 , C. Atackin. being -
ing inter slowed In regard to the supposed ten-
tlmony before tlii ftderal croud jury wnid
that ho ordered the printing of bocun High-
tonntli ward balloto , neither nlHrmod nor do-
tiled iU truth , but noid tlut U would give him
great plewuro to bu called on by the gr.ind
jury tu testify on lltst point.
A niconmii : : AND TIIIIKE I-OUHT OITICKIW 111:1.11 :
I'Oll MUlltlKIl ,
NKW Olll.mxs , December ' - ' Itecotder
Ford , hia brother , brother-in-law and three of
hia court oIlicorB wore charged with tha mur
der of Capt. Murphy yoatordny. 1 hey ap
peared biiforo acting recorder Sniiiboln to-dny
torn preliminary nxnm ! nation , nud plo.ided
not guilty , The state nttornny was not rendy
t. ) proceed nnd the C MJ was postponed. The
prisoner * were ramandod without bail. In
dications nownro the assaisluH of Murphy wilt
escape piiniihnient , No ono can bo found to
identify them , although twenty or thirty wit-
iicnsod the nlfair.
INIHANAI'OI.IH , November 2. A niortgiiRo
was i guoJ by the Woatern Klnvator company
of this city , on its property , drawn November
10 , 1883 , In favor of Houston and Couklin ,
of Middletown , Now York , to pecuro the pay >
inent of 310,000 and by them assigned on the
following day to the bank In tint place which
recently collapjed , was filed for Vouord tir
UOHTON , December 2 , The IJoslon and Al
bany adopted the same rates to Chlcigo and
St. Louis ns the Fitchburg k Went .Shore reader
or $12 nnd $10 respectively. Via the Central
Vermont Mid Grand Trunk the rate to Chica
go wan reduced to $10 from Uonton.
Tliu Journnl has a dispatch from Chnuucoy
M. Dopow denying that ho baa withdrawn
from tha sonatail.U race In favor of Lavl 1 * .
AVool Orowurs In * , '
to consider thu projct nf making 8t , Louis
tha central and controlling wool market of the
west was hold at the Cotton Kxchango this
afternoon. A goodly number of wool and cot
ton dealers and general merchants were pres
ent , all of whom heartily nndorsud the movo- .
inent nnd announced a readiness to assist In
furthering the rchcmo. After di'ciuning the
subject of gradimr.'o impressing , warehousing ,
freights , ntc , , committees were appointed to
arrange details and report to
another meeting ? If the project ia carried
out the wool dealers wilt become members of
the cottou exchange , and use the hall of that
body jointly with the cotton men for the
transaction of their business. The scheme U
strongly endorsed by several oxlonslvo Texas
wool growers , and material assistance In mak
ing this a great wool market , where that nrti-
clo can bu bought by grade , and where auction
and call sales can bo made , will come from
thnt tonrce.
A ( Jlovo Context nt , O'Neill.
Special toluxrnm to TUB HICK :
G'Nmi. , Nob. , December 2. Articles of
agreement v/cro signed hero to-day between U.
H Smith , of Omaha , and P. F. MoNalJy , of
O'Neill , foi a four round glove contest , ftlnr-
quis of ( Jnoimburyriiloa , for100 aside and
thu winuOr to ttko two-thirds an \ the loser
onn-third of the g > to receipts. The content
will take pluco iu O'Neill nex' ' . Silurdnv and
ia creating conslderabloexcitomeiit. iMcN'nl'y '
is six feet , two inches in hoighl ; 2. ) old ,
and weighs 11)3 ) pounds in condition. Ho is a
quick nnil | clover nparrej nnd will give Smith
u mining fight. Doth men mo in training huro.
MuNally Ia being backed by a prominent bu-i-
inecrtinan of O'Neill and Smith by Prof. Mil
ler of Omaha , Considerable money will
chanKo liandu on tlm remit , MuNnlly being
the favorite in the billing.
Spcolnl Teloxram to TUB Um : ,
WAHIIINOVON , December 2. It was decided
to-day to plnco Senator Mnnderpnn nt the
hond of the committed on printing \Ico Sena
tor Anthony , deceased.
A Itupo Kleiitl Hunt ; ,
SAI.KM , N , J. , December 2. Howard Sulli
van was hung nt tha county jail thii morning
for tlia murder of Klla Watson laU Aiiguit.
Ho nttacVfd her on H lonely road , ravished ,
then murdered her and hid the body In the
bueliuB , Al hia til 1 ho ploa'Jir.1 gnl Hy.
GCIH llio DuuuiiiiMit ,
) , III , , December 2. - ( Jove'imr
Hamilton has jiut renJored n decision in Ulu
T/eman-Drand coso , und nftar on olabornta ro-
vlow of the iividcnco and a citation of an-
thorltluH , awards the certificate to Leman ,
republican candidiito for f > tatu cenator In the
Sixth district ,
/V / Kulliur'H Voiii.'iuii | ( .
LINCOLN , 111. , December 2-Win. H.
liurntf , father of / oru Iliirns , murdered hero a
year ego , shot at P , A , Carpenter , her sup
posed murderer , to-day , but mimed him , N
nirestB ,
JOIeclorw , t
llli-i MoiNKH , December 2 , The Btato
electoral co llcgu met ut noon to day. All the
membeis prcnent , and adjourned until to-
liirrrow , wlien they will CJBt the vote of the fur lilalno nnd LOMI : ! ,
Nmv i'urk J'iroiorh
, December 2 Tno colluxe nf elco.
tori mot to-day. All the momhoM weio pien-
out , Thu uitlt u ( ollios wn udmlnlnterod by
Secretary of Htato Carr , ICngeno Kelley was
uhoxin cnalrmnn. Chun. W. Daytou nnd W ,
F , Ciecl Hocrfltaricn , Tlm cMh-go udjunnun )
until 10 o'clock to-morrow morning ,
Florida Kleclor * Ilu6'iirn tliu Hojult
JACKHONMI.LU , Flu. , December 2 , The
ulato board of ran TaBOr declare tlm renult in
Florida : Cluvuland , ; < t,7U'J ; Jlluitio , 2ri,03U ;
St. John , 7-1 , Clevulnud'o plurality , 3JM.
Illinois1 K
III , , Dnceinber 2 Tliu
electoral uollego will incut here fj-moi row to
cast tlio vote uf the ttate for ptetldent of the
I'Alilt , ' December 2 , l.nrgo nalea to-day of
I'.ummn UAIIA ! khares nro the rolilt of 1'resl-
dent Arthur'ri stAtement to the American
congress rolntivo to the Nicaragua.
HKII.NR , Dcci-mlx-r 2. M , IhioMol WM
elected prwmlcnt and M. Itezr.oln , vlco-prwi *
dent ol the national council to-day , lloth wo
radicals ,
TiONDON , December 2. Shanghai tlispatcheii
to the Tlinivi niiys the native pros * Is certain
that China will succeed In rccovcrlngTonquin.
The Chineva tatlce seem to bo to retire nnd
allow the Vroncli to follow thorn Into the
deadly pjuues of Toiiquin , thug weakening
thi'ir lengthened lino.
LONDON , December 2. The Associated
Press is infurmod upon tholwst authority that
England hai recognbed the African Iiuernn-
tional association ,
ninl (
DKIIMX , December 2. The convention ca
tered Into with Germany by the International
African association , bj which tha latter guar
antees freedom of imports In transit fur the
Congo country. It also gitnrAiitoos right * of
roililcnco and trading to ( lormau Riibjcota anil
to any power acquiring territory In Congo.
The atsoclation has bound by the convention
in return that ( lOrmany shall reoogair.o tlm
Hag of the African International association
with froutioiH oxttndlnr from lower Congo
tow.u-d the PO.I ,
The Ficrnro xays the fimt roeultH of the
Congo Gonfcionco contain small Bati factlon
for Franco at all recent French acquisitions
on the rlvi'r .Marl , nt lioniiDO , nt lirnzr.orvlllo
and In the country of lung Maknko h.ivo'
now been placed under the African Interna
tional ntHiiLlntion regime. Arrangements ,
onya the Figaro , nlw nnuuU Iho vnluo ol
Franco' * right , to nbuorb tha territory. The
association Is now constituted into a free
state , but under purmaiiont Itileruatlonal
control ,
S | > tcial to the Chicago Times.
WASHINGTON , December 1 'Iho recom
mendation of Secretary McCulloch that the
subject of tariff revision' bo referred to a com
mission ' to bo composed of the members of the
present honsa of topraHOiitatlws who have
been ro-olected to tlm next congress ia vo y
favorably received by both parties. It is now
conceded by m st republicans that thu tariff
should ' bo roviaod. It in oaid that the failure
of the taut tarllf commission to xatiufy the
country was duo to the fact that it wna not
composed of men who could bo hold responsi
ble to their constltiientK for what they
did or omitlud to do , and Unit n com
mission composed of the members of the
present house , who will hnvn tha opportunity
to vindicate vhtir action , and w 11 boeiibject
to parHonal responsibility for their ioommen-
dations in Iho next congrciw , will ho moro
likely to arrive nt conclusions uatlsfactoiy to
the country than would any olhor buly of
mon that might ho holocted. Thin was the
plan DUguestotl by Speaker Catlislo to a niiiui-
nor of the torty-soveuth coiigrors , but ho was
overruled , and the memboru of the comicia-
dlon wcro Eolcctod outoldo of congress. It iu
the general opinion thnt tlm nnlv nation tnkon
vl 1. . . .jciit k ii > ( in UIMII the tariff , n u
whole , will bo to icfur tlm subject to a cum
mission , such as Secretary McCnlloch
rooammomlH , who will bo Instructed to report
to the next homo i > y bill or othorwhu
tJI'KAICKK ( JAlir.l.Hl.i'rt : Vli\VH. ;
Spnokur Oarlinlo raid to Vi'ht | It waa not
probnblo i hern would Iu any general tnrll ?
legiitlatiori this Humion. Tlieroin not time , ho
said , and , owing to the fnclthatn now admin-
istratinn ii about to coino in , dumociats mul
republicans nllko are dininclinod to attempt
nnythhig like a general revitinu of tlio tniilf
now. Tlio discuosiori of the Mexican tn'ntv
will , bo thinliH , open up the gouvral tariff
qurKtion , and lead to some tulle upon it , but
no hlng further. Ho mid that it wni POKSI-
blo that Homo attempts would bo mndu thij
session to romudy ccrtnin incipialiticn in the
proiont tariff , but H waa too o.irly
to predict the lecult , With roipect
t" any general iKvisIon , I'D said
that , oven Hh'.nld they nil ngrco that such
revision should bu iiindo , when they came to
Ht-ttlo upon the details thny would find such
dilforoiico of opinion that iiioiilha wou'd ' bu
ncoded in whl h to complete the work , Ho
wni equally convinced that nothing would bo
done in the matter of cutting down internal
revenue tnxcn , becnuaouhbiild such an attempt
bo made It would precipi'ntu tha whole quo-
lion of lax reduction ,
Spending of the repoit of the nccrctwy of
the tnnniiiyMr Onrllulo vnti'-.fac-
tnnniiiy , - exploded ' . - -
tlon with the position tikon by Keorotnry Me-
Culloch on the tariff question AH to 1m
rnrnmmendntion that n new tarill'commlsaion
hhonld ho njipoint'id , Mi. Carllslo said that
Iho present housa would not consent that
another communion nhould bo ajijuilntud by n
republican pn Kldcnt.
PllllllKlt'lIjltWOll'ri HilOOL > HlI- .
] , ONlOH ) , Decomler 2. H Ii reported that
Abnim 8. llowitt of Now York , will bo the
prulnlilo Micc.wyr nf Minlnbjr howcl ! The
1'all Mnll ( > a/.eltt sayx Hewitt's nminenl p. si-
tlon ai a | ihilaiilhrnplflt , d Ida free tradu
viowH fit him oxceediiigly for tha po.'iltion , but
who over ciinics to Knglu'id will liad Lowell u
very dillicnlt man to nncccnd. l owoil miin-
tiiins dona rcHorvo upon the iiuealinij of hin
retirement from the embauay ,
'I'lio IMonct i'y Unlo'i.
ItuMK. December 2 , Thu Oplniono states If
thu I .an [ i monetary union is maintained , nud
especially if tlio government ) ! of ( Jormany
and Holland rofiiHo to Hell their silver the
pr'opnKuls nf Mr.Qulloch , Kccrutary of the
treasury of the United rftaten , made in hia
report to uougrCHH , would bo moro or lens
harinlnHH , The Uulnlono rooogoizos tha
gravity of thu question , but douVta that thu
American congrewj will ondorte Secretary
McO'nllcch's Kiiggcatlona ,
Nim YOIIK , Docombar 2. Uailroal reuro-
benUtives from all parts of the countiy nro In
socsion to-day at the railroad commlenloni-rfl'
oIlicoH , and dhfvuaiod the qnoitiaiib of Chciago
| ierceiitaeH ; and latin of freight forllvo ntoc k.
I'risHengdr rates to the wett are quotud at
88.CO to Chicago , S7 t < > Cleveland , nnd $7 to
Detroit , I'luuiiugera going west in many in
stanced find UIOHU ratcii nominal , nnd miiko
their own liguros ,
NKW YOIIK , Iecmb3r2 , In cottoa good * ,
irregular demand continues to take a very fair
quantity of utulf , with moderate demand con
tinuing and Block cleaned up , Some improve-
miiut may bo uxpcctudund buyera can uperato
with a certainly that prlcon will now bu
lower ,
- In liiun ,
H , Jj. , Ducemburi. ' . The StUo
ltegl l < ir , OtilfalooM , npeclol cnya .fiunoi I'ow-
ler , it farmer living twnlvo mlloa eiwt of O.da-
loom wftH murdered thin evening by u j-oung
man named Hockett. The ninrdorer WJH
jilacttd uniler arrout , I' rtlculara not known
CllllllTU III I'OIIIINylVHlllll ,
I'ennuylvania , Dec. 2.Hog
cholera prevails in the vicinity of lialubildgo
to an alarming extent. .Somo butcher their
hogH to nave them from dluo.Bo.
Decsinber S , William II.
Smith , chief clerk in the ollico of auditor < > j
gublic occmuitawtti airotted to-uigbt , cluuijed
with cuiU/zlrmcjit of Ute funjt.
Yesterday's ' Bnstes on the Gin'cap
Bind and Grain Markets.
Oattle Dull in Both Supply and
Demand ,
Hog Market Generally Firm antl
Aotirn *
Wheat Heavy 1ti U Average
Lower J , s 3Bi
Oorn Firm With ! 3m Shading
O tH lUMitnlii Stcnil 5 ; [ poi-k
nnil IllKlicr ,
Special Telegram to THK Unu ,
CHICAGO , December 2. There were only
small number of Texnns nnd westerns among ;
tlm fresh arrivals , but there were a largo
number carried aver , so that the supply wan
nuout up Lto the prices. Tex an a nro the
lowest for this year , but the quality is about
tlio poorest f.r the year so that the drop is
not no much in the prlco as in the quality *
Thla unusual simply of Texans had the effect
ot bringing down prices ou native cows anil
common native ulcers , nnd they may bo
quoted IM almost at the lowest prices for tha
year. The general inatkot to-day was quiet , ,
the supply light and the demand limited ,
there were only a few loads of cattle on sal a
that \vokld neil for over ? 1 C0@5 70 , anything1
above tlyiso prices would have to be primu.
Livornoal cattle may bo quoted at 50 00@0 26
and fancy holiday ntoera 1,000 to 1,803 aver'
ages at ? 010@0 ! 7C , while the bulk of fat
atoera averaging 1,200 to 1,200 may bo quoted
around about § I25@525 , and there were
plenty of low grade native steora selling at
31 25(3-1 ( GO. Good to choice , 1,200 to 1,350
Ita. , 6 < 0@0 00 ; 01111111011 to medium , 1,000 to-
1,200 Ibs. , S-t OJ@5 00.
Market generally fair , active and prices
steady with turn in favor of Bollcrc , market
closing firm with about nil sold. 1'Aokora
wore quick nnd liberal buyers on account of n
sharp up turn in provisions. Common nnd
nmgh packers sold ntI lOtt-l 15 nnd fair to
Rood -120St35 ( ) ; heavy nt1 30&4 40. „
Light aorta outsidoof those needed hy pickers
were neglected , aa there was no shipping do-
inand. Boat bacon gradon averaging ISO
pounds nnd thereabouts , sold around about
11C@ < 1 20 , and the T. and li. sort , averaging ;
210 aud thereabouts 25-l 00. Packing and
shipping , strong ! 2-0a5U ! pounds , -1 " 0 ©
4 HO. Light , IBOgUlO pouadf , S ! )31 ) 80.
The market during the Bunion of tha reg
ular board ruled heavy nnd prices avornired
lower. A vinibla supply ehowcd another iu-
croaco of 1,700,000 , m tiling n grand nf
wheat in ntoru of13 , Ifil.oUJ biuhels Arzivals
continuu llbohil , and there Is a promUa of
heavy arrivals for to-morrow. Thesa influ
ences caused frooipciilativo offeriugi , under
whicn pilcol declined fie , hut Jat2r uider im
proved demand from tlm sumrs prices ini-
jir\ed 't'c ' ' , fl'icluated ' , nnd fiiuOly closed on
n ; iilur hoard about thi snniy in yesterday.
On the afloinoon board tlm tuelinirwai lirm
I'gidn , thd market ohniug ntiyj ! fir IJscaiii-
lur , 7 ic fo' Jaauary , 7-lgtf for Fe'iruiry ' , SlJc
fur May.
Coin ruled tir.u arid prices ruloil a shaOn
higher aad continued small , S. psrcjntsfo of
: ontriet : corn oroatod a hotter dimiand Iwiidcn
Ih'i estini'ited rocclpta fer to-morrow were ro-
[ ioi ted iglit. Altrkct opened ftj.idynnd ro-
ecdcil iu | , rallied fi@jfo , llnctuttod and cloned
in ri'gulnr bcuut H@Ko over ycstordav. On
thu iifcurii'jan b'inrd the fooling contimis'l lirm ,
the ninrkoulo'ing ! at Sfiju for yeiirj Hie for
Jimiiaryj llljs for Kttbrinry ; 372o for jSIay.
Steady , closing at 2'i , for December , 2TiJ for
May ,
nnd higher , clo.Hing nt outhido
ll 2ifor January , 1115 foi Fobni-
J''iriu nnd higher , closing at (1 ( 77i for Decem
ber , ( i 85 for January , fl 1)5 ) for February , 7024
for Murch ,
MIDKI.KTON , N. Y , , December 2 , A. W.
Dlyo , of Syracuse , la ajipolutod receiver of the
Mlddleton National bank. Ho took pouuesslon
thii morning , Kxamlnor I\Iuy \ will hayo hlx
statoircnt ready In a few days.
Tlio Krlo Cutting ltiiten.
NKW YOIIK , Ducomber 2 , The Krlo lias
ju t made an additional cut In rates to al
points went , of ono dollar. Thu rate to Chicago
cage ia now S'.I.OO. Drnkors are soiling at
.CO , The Now York Central has not cut.
Mr. liliitno's Movements ,
liOBTON , December 2 , Hon. James Cf.
Bluino , Jnmeu G , lUaiiio , jr , , Mlea
Dodge , Mlm Shcrinau and ra. and Mlua
( ioodwin npeiit lust night in thli city , nnd left
thla afternoon for Noir York.
Woollier llcpnit ,
WAHIIINOTON , December 2. 1'or the upper
MIt i3nippi valley , fair woither aud eouthweut
winda with slight clmnecj in temporatura.
Wn doubt If thrro Is , or can bo , a specific.
rfltncdy for rheumatism j but thousands who
IIAVU siilfered Its pains liavo been greatly ben-
cflted Iiy lloud'd Sar apirllla. ; It you have
failed to llnd relief , try this great remedy ,
" I was iillllcted with rlienniatlsin twenty
years. Previous to 1B83 1 found no relief , but
grow worst ) , anrt t ono limn was almost lielrw
leBM Jlooil'H ParB.iparlll.v did 1110 moro good
than all the other medlcliio I ever had. "
If. T. IIAI.COM , Bhlrley Village , Mass , "
" I had rheumatism thrco years , and got no
relief till I took I food's Sartmparlllu. It lias
ilono great ( hlngri for me. 1 recommend It to
utlierH. " M\VIH : IH'HUAMC , DUldcford , Mo.
Hood's Marsaparllla ( A characterized 15
tlnco peculiarities ! 1st , thu combination ot
mnciltal agents ; Sd , ( ho jirojiorMony 3d , the
jiniccsi of occiirliig the nctlvo mcdlcluiJ
mialllles The result U a mcdlcluo ot unusn t
strength , effecting cures hitherto uiiknov\a.
Heiid for book containing additional ovldeiie.4
"Hood's Barpanarllla tones tip my tystern.
purllies my liloou , eharpcns my iimictlfc , and
recms tu inaUn mo over. " J , r , TnoiU'Bim ,
Jtelhter | ; uf Deeds , I.owvll , Mass.
" Hood'H Harsapnrllla beati nil others. n.nd
! M worth UM weight In jold. ; " I. lUiutiNtmut ,
lao UauH Btrcet , New York City.
Hood's Sarsaparilfa
Bold by nil druggists , gl ; alx for ( S.
t'Uly ' by U. 1. 1IOOI ) i CO. , Lowell ,
IOOcDqso8 Ono Doilnr. . ' }