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Blaiae's ' Remw of tbB Plain and
Outlines of the Cause of Defeat ,
11 His Protestations of Disinterested
! Party Fealty ,
' 'His ' Deepest Eogrot for Repub
lican Disaster , "
Damaging Mugwump Vote and
Prohibition Detractions ,
He Congratulates Himself Upon
Irisli-Amorioau Support
And Discredits the Allogec } , . Ger
man Dafaotion.
How a Tree Trade Policy Will
Kill Democracy ,
Burohard's ' Suicidal "Rum , Ro
manism and Rebellion , "
Tke Fatal Bad Weather All
Through Now York ,
ItKvinerl June 17 , 1315 : It
Rained Nov. 4 , 1884 ,
The Vsinciuirrtic'cl Ijcnilct'rt ISodily
lloallh nnd. CliccrJ'ul Sllon Pros
pective Plans for the Future.
Special Telegram lo the BKE.
1'oiuoN , Mlnss. , November 10. The Jour
nal's special correspondent at Augusta , Maine ,
had : t long conversation with lion. James C.
Blaine on Saturday afternoon , which will
be published in to-morrow morning's ifsno of
that paper. The defeated candidate , who by
the way , appeared in the beet of health , said
that whatever might bo the final result of the
count in New York , ho had had from the first
no ether desire than that a fair count should
ba made. So far as ho was personally con
cerned , ho would ba tontuit with either vie *
toiy or defeat. Success vvouid not date him
and dtff nt would not dtpress him. Ho was
tigjgidinn congeLial and profitable work
-whim had been mtoriupted by the campaign
and the deep regret that ho would feel at a
democratic triumph would bo altogether for
his party and for his country , not tat himself.
"I livoJ too near the preudon'uy in 1SSI , " Mr.
Hlaine .uldud after n long pau o "and
hav3 too keen n Fcnso of U
burdens , its embarrassments and tin perils to
bo unduly anxious for the olhcp. " Whqn
asked how ho accounted for the closeness of
the result in Nuvv York , Mr , lilaino said :
"Well , consideriug the lum by
of tha independent republicans nnd tlio far
largei los.s from the action of the republican
prohibitionists , the wonder is at first sight
that the deir.ociats did not carry the state by
a larga majority , ns _ they confidently expecte I
thev would. This lesult was prevented by
the great accession to to the republican ranks
of Irich nud Irieh-American , voters and work-
ingina'iuen of all elates , who sustained ma be
cause of my advocacy of a protective tariff.
They believe , nnd believe wisely , that free
trrdn would reduce their wages. "
"You r-'iilly think then that you got a con-
Mdeiablo Irish vote in New York ? "
"Oh , I had thousinjs uuon thousanila , " 10-
plied Mr , IMaine , "and should have IrvJ many
more but for the inUlerant and
which vv as quoted everywhere to my preju
dicp , nnd in many places attributed to my-
.vjlf , though it was in thu h'ghost decree dis-
ta > toful und olfonfivo to me , bub a lie you
kuotravojs very fasS , and tharo was no
tuna befoiu the election to overtiko and cor
rect that ono , and fo I eufferuil for it.
.Mr. Itlainu was than asded if bethought
11IK Iltlbll-AMIilllUAN VOTK
was nrpiini7ed at all or liad competent lead-
oi"Yes , " mid 1 c , ' 'I was deeply im-
priaM ( i by the nbilv , tlm eimesc and sincerity
of tlu-io vvlioiu I iii'it. There , for iustince , Is
1'atri k 1'ord , of the IriehVurhl , ho is n nun
of th ) nio-t niuol h devotion of tha causa he
cspo'i t's. 1'osjfisBinp it gr at fanlty for or-
gam/.ition , with m-xiky 1 abilUy and untiring
I'lietgy , and ( Jeneral Korwin has in a 1 irge
degieit the same cturnsterislics , : rid la n farsighted -
sighted nnd able man with a fmu roconl
Union soldier , and Alexandui Sullivan und
John Finerty were v-ry powerful
on the stump nnd did royal service , ISot'i nro
iiaturnl oratnra of tlio fi rvid Irish typo.
Sullivan' * tarllf speech in Toledo contributed
very largely to the defeat of Frank liurd ,
Theau iiiuu with oUoHwhoin I did not per
sonally moot have niido a break in the Irish
democratic vote , ono that I btliovo will widen
and increase in the future as tbe full signifi
cance of the democictic party on
becomt'H understood nnd appreciited. Our
Irish und IrMi American cili/.ens will In time
get tired of v itmgin nccurdancini with the
wlshdii of thn IJugliah tree tradun "
IsnidtoMr. lihlne thut thu Jrlsti in BOH-
ton thought ho nudm stood thn character of
their people borter than any other lepubllc n
1 eadprMr. . lihurit ) replied ttiat it would ba
egotistic for him d axsainu that , but said thorn
was perhaps u strong leani-ig 01 the Irish cle
ment toward him l > c.ui)0 of thu fact that nn
hid motiior'u side ha was of Irish dufcont. In
1'oLinylvania , his ratlvo etato , ho h&d rn-
ccivod an cnonnoiu vote , somn counties luth
erto strongly democratic having beeu com
pletely ravBrned in their popular majorities by
the change of the Irish In his favor Thin , .
bouover , was of co.ireo duo in part to { the fact i
thit he stood BO distinctively ss the ropro1 1
uentrvtlve of protutliou to American Indus '
lrl K , .in iiloiv which prevails with moro force
in 1'onnsylvftnia thnu in nny other stnto ,
"But,1' sold I "did you not lo o corrofpond-
ingly m
"Not ni nil" replied Mr. Ulalno , "All
through the wr t tbo ( tnrnniis supported mo
nobly. How else could 1 have cartlod Chicago
cage by nine tluiwmJ , Cmcinmvti by five
thouaand , Cleveland by fivj thousand , Ohio ,
Wliconsin , Illinois und In va Ii vo the largest
Gorman population in the west and I carried
them by splendid mniorltie * . Sm-h able and
Influential Orttmn ulltora ns Markbrelt in
Cmrintinii , in Cleveland , 1'roolor-
iuui in St , J < < uis nnd m my ethers brought
great strength to the rep ihlicsn c me. _ Thnro
was nn ImmonFo clfort made to prejudice ) the
( ieruinns against mo but it failed. They nio
a wonderfully cool bended people , lulloxibly
honed In tlioli conelusiona nnd just to their
judgments nnd I hnva abundant reasons to
thank them for the generous support , l _ shall
not soon forget it. At dlfletont points in the
west 1 found Herman nnd Irish club ] cordially
wailing in publh demonstration ! ! .
The corrt iondcnt then brought the con
versation bick to Now York , asking Mr.
Illainu If he thought
wcro honest in the support of St. John ,
" 1 liava never the campainu , " te-
plied Air , Blulno , "rollecto l on the motives of
nny mn'i , nnd 1 shall not do so , 1 content my
self with snj im ? tint I think the prohibition
ists wera nl ! slodand that they did not cor
rectly mea uro the pofsiblo results of this
course. I received from many of them the
nssurnnco that mycaudldacy mailo their action
dlllicult because they really wanted to vote
for mo , but they seemed to bo under the
stranjo dohiMon tint the temper.iuco ciuso
could best ba | romoted by supporting their
own presidential ticket nnd by their course
they inlluoncod prejudicially the national
issues , which were really at stake. "
"Veu attribute the close vote in Now York ,
tl on , solely to the action of the independents
nnd prohibitionists ? '
"No , not solely , " replied Mr. Blnino. "Ac
cording to numerous kttora I have received
from central nnd weatTn New York , it vvouid
eoom that the rainy day lo saucd tha le
publican voto. The democratic majorities hem
m the cities , where , by u tow minutes' walk on
n good mvcment , n man reacluu his polling
place. The n publican majorities He in tlio
country , where larco numbers live throe , four
and even fivs miles from the polling place ,
which on election day had to bo reachml ovnr
muddy roads , and in n rain 6torm. _ .Had the
day been fair , the republican majorities in tbe
rural counties would have boon increased. Ono
good judge writes me , probably by ten thou-
ennd , but all agree by from three to five thou
sand ,
of the putiea in the finnl count will
not exceed u thousand. About the one-
twelfth of one per cent of the total \ oto , or
ono voter in every twelve hundred for the
outlro state. So if the democrats have really
cariiod New York by this small margin ns _ the
latest news indicates , you can BSO how easily n
fair day might h we reversed the result. But
great political battles , like military battles.
me often lost or won by an apparently triv lal
incident or accident which no human fore
thought can guard atrainst. "
Special Telegram to THK DFK.
NEW YORK , November 1C. "Ifovv does
Blaine take things ? " queried a correspondent
of n prominent member of the National i
publican committee.
"Like a duck t'vkes to water , " was the r
ply. "His courage is insurmountable. Ho
looks things right airtight in the foco anil
never flinches. I know nil about lilaino. I
served in cotiKrosa with him und Raw him go
through tlio investigation of 1170 , which was
the greatest event in Uhiino'rf entire career.
I Fat in my seat in the lions' ) when ha raised
his hands nlme his head .nil said : "I appeal
to OJ.OOO.COI of my countiymon , " and I tell
you I thought hm hugors vvouid teach the
dome of the cipitol , Juilgo Thurnnn told
mo afterwards that it was the greatest event
ho ever s&w In the house of congress , and a
democrat who cat near lilaino when be stop
ped down the nislo told me lately that if
Blaine had advanced another foot ho bplieved
he vvouid have sunk under his desk No one
in the sound of bis voice dnred question his
integrity or doubt his innocence.
"I do not think , " said nn Augusta friend of
Mr. Blaine "that ho will take it so much to
heart ns many think ho will , because ho ia a
trained politician , r ndy to nccept the fortun
es of war. You will find he will yield grace
fully , ns the lander of a great pirtv fhould. "
"Io ) I think ho will retire from politics ? "
' No , I don't believe ho will. His Hplemlid
lend iship in the Into canvaes has given him n
strong hold on the affections of his party , nnd
they will not permit him to be relegated to
piivate life.
BOSTON , November 13. A special lo the
Herald from Augusta says : "Blaine regards
the count m New York as practically
Bttthng thu presidential question , lilaino , it
is fctuted on nutorlty , received a mcssapo this
afternoon from Now York announcing the
completion of the official canvass in tint city ,
and informing him the plurality of Cleveland
in tint , 'itato would be 1,137. The name au
thority status Blaine accepts thu result vtry
cheerfully and has no r gd'U grovvlrv i f
his connection with the campaign. Ho feels
he has made- good light , and gracefully bows
to tliH veidict of the American people. Ho
behoved thu republic in party will provn triiu
to Itu grand pa t and will increase in strength
with th'i coming jiurs. Jlo expects that in
Ih H it will aguln be oillol back into power ,
Blame leaves foi Wellington thu middle of
next week , where ho und family will upend
the winter. Ho hus leaded the Sargent house
in Karr.ignt rquare , and will shortly resume
Ins work on thu second voluiii' ' ) of "Twenty
Years in Congress. The volume will ba ready
by Juno next for pnblicavion.
WAHHlNfiT N , Nov. 15 , The Star sajs :
The following reply to an inquiry sent to
C corf o William Curtis by a government em
ploye hero has been received :
WIHT Nhvv HiuaiiTOV , N. Y. , Nov. II.
Dear Sir : 1 hav lecoivul your letter of thn
I'Jth nnd there is no doubt but Cleveland will
encounter u tremendous demand for a clean
sweep , but I think vvhi'e changes will ho and
ought to I o made for perfectly legitimate
reasons , ho will roepoct the letter and nplritof
the reform law , and that non-political offi
cers , who have bion honest and effective In
the disihargo of dutyf nnd who'havu not mis-
mud their positions for party 01 pohtioal mnU.
will not bo arbitrarily dismissed for political
reasons. Of conr/to , I have no authority to
speak for Mr. Cleveland. My faith is found-
ed upon the solo kuowlodgo of his character
and convictions ,
Civil Service Commissioners Eaton
and Tliomaii Predict ,
Cleveland Will Observe a Con
servative Policy ,
And'Maintain the Present Civil
Service Law' ,
No Andy Jaoksonian Spoil
t3iu Anticipated ,
Some Vry Gracious Compliments
to Grover ,
Ills Sli'rllnii Iiiti'jjrity nwt ICvi-cit-
li\i > Ooniiis Citations to Ills
l'a .t Career.
WASHIMITOX , Nov. 11 ! . The vluvva of lion ,
Dorman B. Baton , president of the c\ll ! torv-
icocommi'isiun , in regard to the probable of-
tocr of Cleveland and Hondricks' election
upon the imlntotiince of thu civil service law ,
lias been obtained by n representative of the
Associated 1'ross , nnd nro given in the following -
ing report of the interflow !
"You nro from Now York , Mi. Commis
sioner , nnd know about whnt Governor Cleveland -
land has done there for civil neruco reform ,
please pivo the Associated picas the facts nnd
your ylow ns to what ho is likely to do relative -
tivo to removals nnd the civil service not nnd
These are \ory delicate questions for one in
my position to answer. 1 lia\o tnkcn to part
whatever in the Into campaign. 1 hive not
thu least right to assume to speak fur Governor
Clovolnnd or his party. Having tcted with
the republican party from it * origin I can
Inudly speak without some partybias. Never
theless , I will frankly tell you what 1 think.
We shall have nil admi istration absolutely
democratic in policy , but whether with u
member representing tl.oso without whoso
vote the democratic party would hav o failed ,
I will not guess , but the civil aoruco net will
not be repealed either at the coming session or
during this generation , Governor Cleveland
and the statesmen of his party would oppose
any attempt to repeal it. The republicans
as a body would resist and the senate would
defeat such nu attempt. The rules will not
be abolished , they will be enforced
under the now president but
not , I fear , with such enlarging
breadth of application nnd such moral sup
port from the party in power ns would have
been the case , certainly , had 1'residont Ar
thur boon re-elected nnd probably had Air.
Blaine biiccaeded , The disintoranodnois and
patriotism ol the country nro nut very un
equally divided between the great pirtipa , but
in my opinion my party 1ms micli tha larger
put of the intelligent conviction winch has
thus supported civil Rorvico reform. Great
numbers cf persons in the democratic ranks
are R > prejudiced and uniformed on tha sub
ject that th-y will clamor fur removals for the
siiUo of patrontge. They do not comprehend
that a party which could elect its candidate
only by the ail of the lepubhcan friends of re
form IMS no chance it itulicnntes those fiiend-
in the future when they nra sure to bo far
more numerous and powerful than now. They
still bnhovo in the old proHciiptivo spoils sys
tem , lint comprehending Unit it H doomed ,
nnd caring more , as do nuny republican ? , also
for n four years Saturnalia of spoils than for A great struggle
over the reform issue in the ( lemccr.itic lanks
13 therefoie certain. The statesmen of the
party , Biynrd , Pondlcton , Latnar , Gnrland ,
Carlisle , Knndall , Cox , Morrison , Tucker ,
Hewitt , Willis and others , each of whom has
already gpjkcn and voted for the civil
service act will stand by the
new president in its support : liut
in my worthy democrats and all
demagogues , spoilsmen , nnd the rabble of the
party will be against it. The republicans will
stand together lor the act tiud rules , unxiously
waiting lor the demncratu to ruin themselves
by their abrogation. Thu president will lead
thu loform element of his party , and his clear
convictions , his high BOIISU ot duty , hi * cirri-
ago , h B strength of chirocter , will so.uru vic
tory. There i i no public man in thin country
who lias n higher senuo of moral obligation
in olliual life , or who is more certain to with
stand mere partisan nnd Holfivh appeals , than
Governor Cleveland. This is thu grunt ele
ment of h H powei and hid popularity too , as
thu peop'o ' tow feel , and leat my
motives bo misnndorstoud let mo add
that ho has never done mo n favor nnd that I
vvouid luilliur i > sk nor nccept one nt his hands.
Many olhcern outside of the rules , mid Homo
within , will doubtless tie removed for no verv
good reasons , but so far ns possible Governor
Cleveland will prevent mere political pro
scription. He cannot nttonil to everything. '
Much will depend on the members of his min
uet and especially on the .postmaster general ,
If them IB , as is charged , sumo ollicers who
have used their influence to enfon.n nst.o-'s- .
menls and neglected their duties nnd violated
the pr < prietiex of their stations to cngago in
party warfare , thu fnto they liavo challenged
may very likely await them. If pcrtoiiH urn
to bo selected for public work irrespective of
politics they had butter attend to Unit woik
und not meddle with the elections.
1 What has Governor Cleveland done in
Now York to warrrnt this estimate of hlinj"
"Buffalo was n city almost as partisan , law
less nad badly governed ns Cincinnati , Upon
being made sheriff , Mr. Cleveland exhibited
those qualities which nro being moro and more
needed nnd appreciated by the people. Thny
comprehended nnd npprovtd hU Hjiiril. Jlo
wns ekLtod mayor by voti H from both parties
In thut lepubhcan city. His 11 fo as mayor was
n continuous struggle for lionoity nnd fidelity
In the office ngainst jobbery , hpjilmnen , and
partisan * who had _ long preycit on thu city ,
Hu mustered the uitmtiun and becatnu known
II K the veto mayor. His fearless way of deal
ing with them is shown by the language of bin
vet'ios , "
"ommiffioncr Datcn hero quotes from Gov
ernor Clovoland'H message , from his Jottir no-
cr-ptliig the gubernatorial nomination nnd
from other communications which show bin
dicisivu and unequivocal endorsement of the
civil nervlco act , and pay a high tribute to tha
honesty and non-partHan business capacity of
tin governor ns evidenced in Ins administra
tion of affairs In the state of Now York , und
continues as follows :
"Tho raf Idly growing reform sentiment of
the country has been demanding moro honoity ,
courage , and administrative capacity with
IBM politic ] In fvecutlvo plates. lov ! mr
Cleveland has thtfflldinrtion of b"lng the first
mMi unco \ \ nshiiiKton who has iron circled
president bccnuio ho p i'c ed these
iniollttes in pro-eminent degree. They
have advanced Iflin mon < rnpidly
to the bend nf the nation than
nnlltnrv glory ever did niv nnff of he favor
ites. Tn behove eiich n mm with such n hit
lory who nnvor sought nn ollico will mnin to
the national cipitnl to repudiate his pU'dgcs
nud all that is be. l of Ins nfliclnl Ufa to be-
t.-nv those who have most tni tel ; him to
maKe hostlld nil republican lournals which
now mpport him , to ruin iho procprcla of his
party nnd di'grnco himself nnd Ma conn-
tiy by iiverlurnlntr n work of it-form ,
Mmhcd to tint upon which
his own dlttlnctlon restx , only to secure t frco
field for pitronnno nud inongeiing nnd the
spoils sjstem of dtbiiuchoiy ; that mich nn
assumption should bo'made by nny ft nmblo ,
well Informed mail , Is to nm simply Impost ,
bio. If 1 nm mistaken In this vlmv 1 hope
the tides will bo utterly ovcrthrownboforothe
March winds nro ov rr. If tbe democrat s onfnrca
the spoils system | > ohcy they mutt tnko thu
coiiHipieucou. No true friend of reform
would liavo any part in a perfunctory nnd
deceptive ooforceinont of mica mutilated in
all essential parts. He would rather nvvnit
thilr certain icsurectlon four jiars hence ,
over Iho grnvrs of their enemies.1'
THOMAS' * ( iriMos.
Thn viovvfl of JudRo 1 , , 1) . Thonns , the
democratic : member of thu cominiislin , vvtie
also obtained on the same Hiibjoct ditcumd
by Mi. Union.
"What do you think will be President
Clovoland'8 pulley ns to civil urvieo reform ! "
was naked ,
"I dii not know , but it would Boom that his
past public utti'ranctg nnd nets nro Hulliclent
guarantee that hU policy will ba conservative
and in thorough sympithy with the p'escnt
civil service law nnd rules. "
" \Villthorobo many removals of govern
mtnt olliciuls ? "
"Yt , nnd many will remain. 1 nm untie-
fled t'int n thorough ndiniuistiatlon of reform
will cnuao the removal of many olllrlnls whoso
places mod not ba filled , nnd if tha policy is
pursued by which tlio business of thu govern
ment will bo conducted on biifunocs principles ,
thu bi-eunial resistor in two yuara from now
will contain several thimsam1 ' P names than
it does to-day. As to di ( ' llwc I'lordlnato.s
in thcso public ollicfs , n ueh wl .d ipond uijoti
the heads of dopartmoi U ba eiua and divl-
sionB , and also upon imir efficiency
In the places they occupy. There never his
boon Mich n thing ns a clonnsvvcnp. The
power of reniH al in not abridged by UioclvII
service law , but places made vaciut cinnot
bo filled within the classilicd servlco vylthout a
roqiusitson en the commission , thus it is that
the motive for removing utllciont clorlca is
gone. "
In thn course of n further conversation
Judge Thoman took occasion to say that had
Mr. Blaine boon elected , ho would have moro
removals for * political moth us thiin
Mr. Cleveland , because in a po
litical lilo _ of twenty-five _ years ,
much of which time was given to Hooking tbo
presidency , many pledgei and promises nave
been made , " and as u second rinson , "Until
his letter of acceptance appeared the public
had not boon advised that Mr. Blaine was in
Bjmpathy with a leform of the civil service
und in no speech during the campaign , al
though ho made seivornl hundred , did ho icier
to this question. "
'Governor Cleveland , " .Tudeo Thomas con
tinued "had declared hjmsolf on every oc
casion that he addressed the public , in favor of
the system of reform that now is being carried
out under the yrovisions of I'miilleUm's bill
nnd the rules promulgated by President Ar
thur , who at nil times huvo given the com
mission n hearty and unwavering sup ; ort
Special telegram tXw
UKliUf , Ncyrinl .r 1C. Since the reichstup
election in Germany a Ills been ascarUinod
that thuro wora no less than 050,000 ballots
cist for socialist candidates. This remarkably
larRO vote for a party v/hich is not only in op
position but which hitherto hnnlwn enppoaid
to number only u handful of m diclous mal
contents in each town , lias set the ov eminent
to tlnnUirgTcu Imperial chancellor soon
nftei the ulection , ordered close analysis of
vote , with thu view of learning the character
of a laigo number of the electors who evident
ly voted with the sochlhts this year
f r the hrst time. The result of
this inquiry is taid by the government
olllcials nhovv tliat n bulk of iho now rtcniits
toHodalism nrs moderate nun who will bo
satisfied vvilh the redress of the moro crying
evils which resulted from the too /uttlous en
forcement of ioiresslvn | Invvs Thu opening of
the now reichstag is eagerly nwaitod. Great
curiosity nnd no llttlo anxiety as to the effect
oltliolarga luivun of Koualism m that body ,
which nt lonet has nut always been tractable.
liisnibrcl ; hopes to bo ubla to nulify thu suc
cess of the socialists by pi ov mitlug unity of
action on the pirl of their deputies It is waul
that a fcpht in already menaced among the so-
tinlists , and th it many are willing to support
the government in return for some modi-rate
conclusions which the government Is willing
to make ,
is I > IS < ; USTI > ; I .
WnBhington Special to Chic.igo Dally News.
Mike Cregan , ono of tha not.d republican
loaders of New York city , came over to Wash
ington Wodne > diy ulcht it is supposed on
some legal mUaion. Talking to nn old Now
York friend in this city , Mr. Cri-gnu paid :
Of course vvo'ro beat. All the boys know
that last week. I gave up S.,700 ! I had on
ISlalno , and Johnny O'liricn ban pild over to
the winners ij-IOO ( ! ho had up m bets. "
Cretan charged thu republican dtfeat to the
national committee. Speaking of Chairman
Jones , K , 1 ! Dlkins , and otheru who con ti oiled
thu national republican committee , ho eaid :
' They nru the biggest chumps 1 ever saw In
politici. The tnyB all know that. Why , wo
lost Now York becaiiDO they wouldn't give us
the 'ciigar' to carry It with. They only guvo
up S3HJO ( , when wo ought tu luvo had ut least
§ 150,000 "
Hu added that f o continued claim of
lilalno'ii o'ctlioii ' ill tbe face of thu returns was
moro foolish work on the part of the chump )
of the national committee ,
Special telegram to TUB I'm. '
vU > , N. Y. , November 10. The bun-
day News , u paper which Is responsible for
the gubernatorial boom of Grovci Cleveland ,
and which bin boon hlx homo organ over xinco ,
ban made a canvas of the western part of thu
Btatti on the question of returning Conkling to
the United Status uoiiato. It will nditorlally
claim that the stalwart assemblymen will
unite with the dmnocials and nccuinjilibh thin ,
It finds thirteen republicans , or enough to
uhct , will mil to with the democrats ,
'S ' LUCK.
Fits New Yoc ; ! liy 1,147 , ,
Evary Ooimty in No 7 York Eo-
ported Officially ,
The GK'oat Agony Over find tbo
Country Survives ,
No Additional News Sinca Sat
urday Afternoon ,
Two Oity Dislriota Not Yet Of-
fioially Eotnruod ,
Not Hnlu In Ihn
1'JO Ticss Coiicossinn of Dcin-
iivrnth' A Ictory ,
rikVk VNI ) WIN'S.
NMVV YORK , Nov. 15 , 'J p , m , A hasty com-
pntitirn by thn clerk in charge of the city
returns of tlio canvass which bus just boon
completed , glvnnCl veland a , plurality of 1117
In the entire utate , Blaino'n not gain in the
city by the canviixs was lL'9.
NKVV Youu , November 15 The board of
supei visors rusnmod Iho cvuvass this moriitng.
The I'lflco'ith assembly district was complet
ed without any chance. The Sixteenth as
sembly district was teferrod to the committee -
tee on corrected returns on account
of n slight error ,
Monroe countJ'H official count gives Cleve
land 1H,2II ! , Blnino 18'tt5 , plurality for
Blaine 5,07(5. (
The Seventeenth assembly district was cptu-
etnd nt 11:15 : n. in. The count of tliu Eigh
teenth nsBcmbly district was objected to on
the ground that the total number of votes as
read , was shown to bo IDS , whereas It was
claimed 'JJO votoj were really onat In the dis
trict nnd that the re-publican electoral ticket
received SI Instead of 51 , n ) recorded. Thu
vote of thu district was tberefoio rofoned to
the committee on corrected returns. Thu
Tvvunty-lirst election district of tht ) 1'ighteenth
assembly district was reached without dlscav
cry of errors.
Krie cminty , olllcinl Blaine ! 2i-l ( ! ) , Cleve
land 'Jl,7fi'J , Burler SCO ! , St. .lohniW ; Blaiuo's
plurality ll l ) .
Tlio canvass of the Ibth nnfombly district
was fmishod nt noon. No othnr errors wore
found thin thn one in the _ first election
district. Thu I'.lth assembly district VVIIH com
plottd without incident. It was resolved to
Hipiest the cominiltoo on corrected returns to
give preference to the t'lectoral ticket. The
canviifs of returns from tin liOth assembly
district was completed without incident
First iiHFOinbly district , ullici'vl , gives lilainn
2,275 , Cleveland I.UrS , Butlar DO , St. John 15.
Fifteenth cfsembly dihtrict. otlici.d , given
lilaino 1,17'- , Cleveland ( i , I Hi , Butler 21ft , bt ,
John tl.
Sixteenth twombly district , ofiicKI , gtvos
BHluo 2,718 , Cluvoland fiHl : , Butler 11.7 , St.
John 17.
Hovejitc.entb nnsombly distiict , complete ,
gives lihiiio 0L'i3 ( , Cleveland (5,30 ( * , Butler ,
21I , St. John 57.
The olghtuontlmssonibly distiict , complete ,
gives Blnino 52,785 , Cleveland ( il"i.'t ! , Butlei
i0 ! ! ) , St. John li.'i.
The nineteenth assembly district complete ,
gives lilaino I,5b0 , Cluveland ( i,5hO , liutler
10' ' , St John Wl.
The Twentieth assembly district complete
gives lilaino MMl , Cleveland u Oil ! , Butler
155 , St John 8.
Tlio Twenty-first assembly district con.nleto
gives lilaino 1,080 , Cleveland 1,010 , St. John
1. Butler 53
The Twenty-second nsnembly district complete
ploto give ) Blaine 5m : , Cleveland J,1UI ,
Butler 1H ! I St , John 01.
The Twenty-t' ird assembly district com
plete Rives lilainn L',7111 , Cleveland Hti\l , \ , But
ler 1'J ! , . St. John IM.
Tlio Twenty-fourth assembly dintrbt complete
ploto gives Blame 8,015 , Clovulnnd 5iOU , : ,
Butler 112 , St. John 'J8.
The Muvonth , iNiuth nnd Thlrtoonlb as em
bly dlhtncls uro vet incompleto.
NhW YoilU , Novi-mber 15.Tho national
nnd state hoadiiiarterH | of the republican nnd
cleinocratle commltleos are cloiTil to-night.
Chairman Jones , of thu republican national his rooms early. Secretary Fees'
onden nnd Coinmlttivinan Klltius ruinninuil
during thucaily oveningand wi'nilnconvnri'a-
lion with Walker Blaino. All conceded
Clovoland'H eliction , Aefiitant Secretary
l.oomisHnid ; "It IH all over ; wo only await
the action of thu stnto board of caiivasbers on
Wodni sdav nuxt , but wo have imi'lu n good
liKlil , coiisidering that wo did not have ono-
thud of the amount of fundn controlled by
tlm r.atnnal Lommlttoe in the CJarbuld cam-
palRii. "
Thu democratic national dnmmittci n head-
iuartorH ] were dmeitc'd. SonatotB Gormin ,
.lonos and Bftrnum hud left thu city , fooling
that their work was ended. Smith , of the
itato committee , lias gniio homu to 1'Jatts-
burir , and Seen tary Biimi loft thin evening.
There wan little to talk about in the hotels
aim public resorts about the i lection , those
few who know that Cloveliuul'H < Ihciid plu
rality in this city was 13,0 I alone f.paking .
on that particular subject. 1'rnfosslonnl bol
ting men have not settled their wugorH. but
iiwiiit the decision of Kelly nnd BlUs , book
linkers , which will bo given nftur thu
action of thu Htnto board of c tnvuttsors.
Tim Trilnmo given Cleveland a iilnrallty in
NfwYork Btatoof 1.070. Thu World gives
Cleveland 1,107 plurality In Now York state
' " . The Sun mnk'-i
The Times' figures say 1,10"
the plurality m the utato for Cluvoland 1,087.
BKIII. ! , NovcmbLr Ifi. T Congo con
furenco v no formally openud to-day by ln !
murck In the dining hull of Ills rt'feldenio , beIng
Ing the 'time room in which tin * conference o
1878 was bold. After thu usual pr llmluarleH
Blsmnrck dcllvored short Hpeech to the dele
gatea , pacific in tone , and evidently glvini
Keneral aatlsfaitlon , At ( ho Miggittion o
Count do Launuy , the llalhiu deh-gato ,
was Ulwiuiinwly plrctrd
of the onnftri tu- ' . It limlio , the
tinI'tMirh rmb tiy } Schmidt , Ortinnn view
ronsul nt St. lVtor < linrg nnd Count William
lli'inurk uoro p | Mtitfd cf.-r.tiilcfl. It was
tniTdmninly rirrci'il lint tbo in-ocoMllugs bo
Kept 'ccret. Tim IK 't IIH cling of the dole-
atos vi ill piobntiiy Im on the I'Uh ' in t , The
ciinforencK M llnblo to conliniu' ' * ovornl weeks ,
Alnrgomipcl Afrlci linnga from tlio wall.
rxblos nrn covercil vilth pnmphlrts , brnks ( xnd
mnpi rcloting to Africa. Htault7 will not bn
ndiniUa ! ID thn dt llbc'rAMonit of Iho eeufoi-
TllICAiniJilKON 1 > - < l HUI
, November 15. Advlros tvtm
Sli uiyhnl i tntn th it ininnrj of tlio full of Tron
Sill nro cuuMil there.
SIIVNOIIAI , N < wembor D ! t'ertain Kiito
man firms hero liavo nceivod tolo/jrams / ntit-
lift that Tnm Hill hns bum cnpt'uod by the
Trench The Cbiwo hnvo the wno iifur-
nation from smr.'sj which ll.iy eoneVIcr
Tiistvvorthy ,
HUM K fMi nix iioosK.
I.ONiiov , Nmrmbcr 10. The Hlivnglnt err-
Tipniidont of The Timoa tolegrap'ls that \\r \ \ >
iMsleirned frum n Kuropriin SOITCO dalii
llai 1'hong , Oct. ClOtli , Shut Aninmt.i ! auxll1-
inrins of the 1'roncli nrtuy Im 1 bohen t l llvu
itmtlnt l Cliliin opiifoniim utICep Knolon is
mt oontpii d by thn Vronch. ThoKrcnch
invo foitltied Ki > 1 > ni Tittu und fCwi ng
Yen , In the Noitli HviKiifri ) delta tbo I'Vuiuh '
vill ruiuiro luigu ryliiforrpmi'ntn to coi mi'nce
iporutloiH. The IIWIH of till J'nmclfll < pass
ow da > i havu been 500.
Hi KM )
Special Telegram In Tin :
LONDON , Nov. Hi C31xd tiiii" nud hisjnp.
lortcH still oxpri-'t hopes ' 'f" iii'nprotiriiii
vlth the lories on the subject of the
> 111 and Its eventual pnsnw0 by thu loid .
i'ory If ulera in both housas hnva boon Mm- :
uonod to thn conference nu thn uubjcut at t le
Carleton clubTuo duy. It Is probable , however -
over , tint their decision will bv deferred uutvl
vltpr thi ) xpruial election Wednesday tor
uccesior to the lain llonry Tftwccttait menibcv
or llncknoy. If the tones iihouM , by nny
Lhance , bo victorious , or oven if thev largely
educe the bbrral majority , U will ur.donbted-
y Htilfi'ii the oipoMtlon | to the franchise bill.
[ f the liberals hold their own , voi < u > measure
of a caiupromUo will piobably bo olft ctod.
I/MON , Novi'inbor 15. A diipaKli from
3airo enys n letter from ( iordon , daUnl Khar-
oiini , NoviMiibor , has biion ri-cuvvod by
iVolse y , which states that the slimmer bo r-
ng Cidonols Svvnrl ? , 1'owor nnd Hitrbin. the
Aonch onniinl , nnd HHUO fJreoks- loft Khar-
,011111 Hoptomlwr lOlli. Mossrs , Hniwol and
.ondes are safe at Khartoum.
Special Telegram to TUB IJhK
1.0NIK1N , November 17. The lottt-r from
Oord' > n , dated Nov. , I is not accepted an con
clusive evidence tint ( ! onion was eafo nt that
iimo ami nnxioty ns to his fatu is by no moans
iiulcd. The b ° st oxpdrts of 1'gypthn < lliceni
in London cny it is iin possible that the mes-
Bonger could fmvn got ton from Khartoum to
Dongola in ton days , ns lie must , have dime if
[ Jorilon vvroto the letter on the Itb insti , nnd
It was delivered t > Wols.loy yesterday Somu
insist thtt the munt have been Oat. I.
Too lirHttolcgram received regarding the luttor
Hinted that tbo dnto was Illegible. Tories do
not hmitiito to say that the dnto is October I
nud government olhclnls In giving tin letter
to thu press falsified the date for purposes of
their own. Mllilny critics say if the nicvun
or mntln his way from Kb n tcmii to Bon ola
in ten days , u nplnudld opportunity [ H o Toied
Wolneloy , vvhldi bo would bo prompt to tnUf
udvautngi ) of. Ho will , they Hiy , organ'.vo iv
Binnll and swift corps of cavalrymen , mounted
on camels , niaku n dash acron < < thn dusort on
the r.iuto taken by Oordon'H mo sonuor , ontcr
Khartoum nnd hold tin ) titv until the arrival
ot the main body of the Nile expedition.
1IIK1 lllVCk A TK\VH Cltlll I Oil TKX TKOU i.MI
Bitv vv , Tois , November ! ( ! , Between two
and three o'clock this morning thn oliicn of Ihn
Texas uxpro s com cany nt this t'niowas '
nntsrod , nnd the H.ifo robbed uf Ion thoii'ind
eight hundred nnd fifty dollar * . Tliu theivon
were nviduntly well p iH'.ed us both the door of
iho ollicu and eafo woiu opuMid wuh dnplic. ito
veys. It Is ulrfo nvident ti ; it
thu < thiuvcs were nwarn of the ro-ipl
if inoincy by the lalt train nnd the _ fncti th v.
t would not bu deliver d till buikiiK ho in
I'i'ii tlioiisind of tlio money WJH coiiHlgned'to '
Clark Bryan & Howull , binki'i' , and ihu ro
inaindor 1 \nrioni pirtlcs. The finding of n
< nfo ! beating the i utids of n yomif Spam-vnl
lamed Barnvt , 1 d to his linmiuliato arrent
Dfltectlvi'snioon thu trail of others gupp-Miod
.0 belinplt'.itod.
Xcltrnt-Un'H lj Due.
Chicago NUWH : It is hoped thai' Dr. ( inoriro
\j. \ Millet , editor of thu Ornuliu Herald , will
loolltid to succeed ( ieoigo B. l.oriliff. as
: ciiiimi i inner of agriculture. Wo have hud it
ugli opnmin of Millfii'n sup'i-mo fitni-si * for
Jin phioiw r slnco wo ron'l IIIH Inttor to tl'n
LHicn Observer on iho subject of the tnltiuro
> f cali.lpa trecM
Tlwt exceedingly ills'ijjrn'ablo nnd
prov dent disease , i at.irih , 11 caused by tieroi-
nlous t tint In tliu blond. Hood's Saisapnrllla ,
by Its powerful pitrUjliiK nndvltull/liieiietlon
upon the blood , spc-Lily | ] lemoves tha ruiiso ,
ami thus cllects u radical and permanent cum
of catarrh. Those vvhoMifTei from It t vailed
symptom : ) uncomfortable How from the nose ,
offensive breath , ringing nnd ImnUlnif nolBus
lu the ears , ( .welling ot the soft parts of the
throat ncivous prostrationetc. should take
Hood's Karsaparllla and uo cured.
T.ho Best Medicine
" I have MiITend with catarrh In my lieail
for years , and paid mil hundreds of doll.u s for
lucdlelnes , but h.ivo liurolofori ) reix-ived only
temjior.iiy relief. I lirg.m to tuko IIood'H
Sarh.ipullla and now my eit.inli Is nearly
ciiri d , iho wi-akiicss of my body Is nil gone ,
myaipctltulsgood | InfarUIfDclllkoanulhcr
person. Hood's tiarxapikrllla la the best med
icine I haVD ever talten. " MilS. A.
IIAM , 1'rov Idriice , It , I.
of llic Wctlc Duoir tit World's '
Principal Marfccl& & .
The Chicago Money aiid Produce
; q
Ml Wheat " 'ions Break and f
Olos rcoping ,
i * l'
Corn Crushes | , der the Threat- i ! >
flnod 4 If y Supply ,
"rr- . _ _
Money Matti ind the Board of
Trail ! Wings ,
t anil r.tmilmi' Grain
Itow Bull nntl' Iti'ar Oiornfli > nM
tinV ir Kilrcrl
C'n ir.MMi Novombar " , Tin | ) cculntrve
m-vrki tsou ch 11140 to-day looked : -sther n'clc ,
TM heavy Purvigii fnllrn'H wcro reported.
K"7fif'tB ' wcro lingo nnd ihs ccilj'rs wen *
"le ! > r out rather than cn'iy the ttulTuver
. . . .uriivj. Whe.vt broke le nil around unit
closed 'oak on the down gndo. Not Jours
was -iVxint thu moat prominent boar. He sayH
that hi Ids opinion tliero will bo no permanent
cbanrM t ir the linttei In thu ijuin ; trndo until
enerivi b iiainess improve" .
Cert c'eclbipd ' nbout fie , the chief cnuso
Doing thn probation that the receipt ) will in
crease Isof ore the end of the month to such nn
gxtont > s to swamp * nny cl.iiio | tb'.it has been
formed yol. Only thirteen cara of contract
cnmo in to-day.
The pri vislun crowd wiw doiti ( { very 1'ttlu. '
Vnrlc oamjolf 74c : iud lard -\c. \
The wrric closes with good unpply of loan-
r > blo Innd.\ Inch bniika hold Bteany atGrt3
pir cent , thn hulk being at 7 per cunti Docu-
inentaiy ckrrl.'nf e\cb ingr Is ( [ iiiet nnd firm at
C4 78V , nmlNow Y rt ( mint at GOrpieinitmu
Thn nsHOPFod I ) ink cleminss f ir the day were
$7iii.00i : : ) , iop the vv okSVt.tU 1 , 000 , a
from tlio correspondi'tig vieek last > aar/ This
weak' * bonid nt trade oli'niings foctad up to
Sl , < ! H,077B2fainst.S9J7)22.'V tor the
I tvorpool Whunt and c rn . qnlat' nnd
steady. Ulf coast : \Vb'nU : dulli corn nn-
chntined. Tc > arrive : \Vbu.ii dull ; corn not
much doing. Whoac nnd 'corn for tlic-Unlted
KiiiQdom and continent > . ! n moclcrnta Demand.
I . .omloiilient , rather moro liupiiry ; corn
steadily hold. Cargoes of oowit : xVbivit trail
corn dull. Cargooj oil pna3a,7 : Wh'jaS inac
tive ; jorn ipiiotx
NKVV YOHIC rvovembjf ICi Tha block
minUet lost to-dnv the it
- strengtb gained yes-
teiday , Now York Cuotral , J jtko Shore , St.
KouU , Central I'.i ilic , and Illinoia Central ,
In olco nbout 2 pf cent , vvhi'o ' thn ba'nrxjii ' of
the list cljsud nhimt 1 pel ci'iit lf. Tlio support -
port "is withdrawn this r. > ir.HTi r , to sudden
y nnd c mpletoly , a to crevto tliu
that tl.o bulU vvevo willing touen u temporary
uecllno nud w in plnnmng t > t > Xn ttio market
iubandMtgiln next vv < elt The large opera
tors i.pp'inred t'l ho doloe bi > livtle on ether
slpo. Wo t fhoro this inornln < tut Chicago.
tntes to $ ! ) nnd thu Cciitirui jjctt the reduc
tion. jTiio bank alatoiuenc i < hov\a that nionpy
keeps piJinK up in Ntivv Yerlv The doppfitil
Incritased i5.OUO.OoO anil thu roi rvu ov r3-
COO.O/W. / 'Jho llontiiifr debt of tha Union
Pacific jf to bo nil p-iid by JaMiuiy 1 , mid G
per lent divlilum'u- ' will IM runexrul tit ( ho ex
piration of llio Ih.'t qiiurtur o. tlia now year.
XurtliwcjHtein iiefriitd w n di p esstd near
the clono-by FOIIIO largo n Jes of tivck that had
I icon hold for lnvo' < tu ent , nnd IK v as paid that.
there waj Bomutliliij ; beh'iid ' tl'B no'nns which
had not jet como out in rqard to the ruaili
Mr Guu'd thiuKs thu ronlidi.nco is being roil -
il and thut pifces will uo Nihcr ; { , but iiou
Ktiddeidv . ] , onnm rnt'-s rro ( : v.iur.
t ILV'riAN ; CKLl.lj I .
Sprunl ToU'ginm to- the ItKK.
WAHIIIIWITOV , November 10i Many deino-
crats who liavo beeu ImiiRoring and thlrsliug
or frder.vl HtHh pnU for so muiy yeais liavo
dready , in a li iuvitivti SIIOKO , lakon up the
moot nurcli tor the national otpltal. It will
HIIVU thu over nn\'i ' > us ones lonbidcrub'o labor
and worrhnent to bo Informed ) thut Governor
jlovohmd has jiontively lust. ' ictfd his secre-
.nrieH i.t Albany to dtstro > , witluiub uliovvlnfp
lim , ull letters applying for I'hce.
I ) , Hint
I'AVVNUI ClTf , November If. l
J'bo Cli'voland anl llendiiclis meeting hero
; o-niRllt WIH a gmnd nlfnir. 'IHio ' display of
iroworlu HiirpiiHrail anythiix ; uvor teen hart , .
coiivqiii'iiccf amllalJo tnenstiolt
I citarrj ! U nut .itteiuleil Lo in 'i/nson. 'tlio freipitntly destioys the eiuuotsmell
i .mil flUn ilrvflopiHlulobionchUlaor-puJinc-
j nary ixmsiiiiiiitloii. Uml/jiibtoUl uiuuycoscj
of consumption orljjlnito In uatiirrli llood'H
UarsiiaillU [ cures e.itanb and has oven
rlleclwl remnrKablo rure.s of consumnllon
llseir , In Us early ht.ifcs. AliootccunUlnlng
st.iti'uiuntaof many cm es by Hood's S-irnapa-
illl.i , will In ; .sent fun lo nil vvUnseml address
to C. I Hood & Co. , l.ouell , Mais.
Catarrh and Impure Blood
"Hood's hsui lielpcil me iiimo
for c.itanh and linpino Mood than anything
rNo I cvei used. " A. llvi.i. , S > rjcnso , N. Y.
"I snllcrcd tlucu je.ns with catarrh , and
my general health , poor In coiiseiiivncc. [
When I took Hood'a Saiuaparllla I found [
hud the right rwnoily. Thtu .itarrb Is ylelillug ,
as Ilood'n H irvapjrlllals clejjislDBinyblooil ,
nnil the geiieial tone n ( my system Is Improv
ing , ' FiiANif WASUUUUN , Uucboster , N. Y.
Sold by all ilniKuMs. ? Ij ( ,1s for y > - Mailo Hold liy all UriigKMs. SI , six for $5. Made
only by U 1 HOOP & CO. , Lovvill , Mass. only by 0. I. IIOQI ) & CO. , l.uvv oil , Mass.
EOO Doses Ono Dollar. IOO Doses Ono Dollar ,
ere reco gaizeel