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(517 St. Clinrlcs S . , Ki. Lonli , Mo.
A niK'ir ( ' < ! < > ' < i * ' JllCii 'ft. b | i rnl oirtt
tnffKrtdln ih > Ke fti trtimmiif CHEO IC ttrAtl. ) BK
flea I LAnn tlfvRirrAt nnvt other TliTIfUn In HI , Lottlt.
rllr ftpm rhuw unu n 1 rf' triM ni. kbow.
Nctiom piostrallon. Gelililly , Mental and
PhrslcnlWiadnejs , MticurUlnnd nlhor Aflcc *
lions ol Thronl. Skin or Doncs , ( Hood Poisoning ,
old Sores and Ulcers , i-nini niih rriraii i < 4
nrr < - > ionl > lc > -lrnlll | rliirr : < F Vlr.rrltmly.
Diseases Arising ( run Indiscretion , Execs * ,
Exposure or Indulgence , * Mth tntac * Mn or at
lollowlnit eltctu > - dtlllllr , din m r tlcM
nil drrctlti > taemtitf , I nl l l t\ Hit r M rV'l" ! < ) ( } ,
Mrtrtlontathe orf tor r m tocoofi Ut nt IjrtH& ,
rcnilorlntr Mnrrlnse Improper or tmutppy. > ra
Krmitttettjjetirca , fim.hltit6 | tKei ) ntb0 ftt tfeM
iklM tnTelor * , itff t Kh Adilrrtif. C4alOlllltlonalt
noflnrhyronl1frr . nilltitlUjJ. WrIK for < utitlmi > .
A Positive Written Guarantee
( ttre * In all enr 1 le tttri. Urdleloei dent eitrjwhere.
I'amphlcti , Enollth or Herman , O4 pacei. tin-
oriblnff aboro dlieaios in male or female , FilEa
rfOftgfi , KttMn. lllnilntKl In eloih tniltlllklnaioi
ijet&oDe7 ri it c t itmp.iHpfr eoTcru , XV. Thli bAi
e BUloi all the enrloos , doubtrul or laauUltlfo
X book r inn Inttrut la all. Ueillii ,
atM art nrameuU br
Science of Life Only $100
! *
Kihitutod Vitality , Norvons and rhTslcnl Dobllllj
rrodutare Decline In Mm , Krrors of Youth , And the
untold mlMrio * resulting from lnJI crotloni or ex-
COMM. A book far every nun , young , middle agrd
and old. It oonUlns 1S5 prcsorlptlnns for all aoal
and chronlo dlioMO each ono of which liIn\aluablo.
So found liy the Author , whoso oiporlonca for 17
yonrs It Bucn M probably never Doforo foil to the lot
of nny phvalcian. 200 J' ( to , bound In beautiful
French muilln ompoesed ooven , full , gilt piarantoo
to bo a finer work la ovcrv lonso , machanloal , 11
orary and profcanloral , than any ether work loldl
this country for fllO , or the money will bo rotunda
In every Instance. I'rlco only f 1.00 by mall , pea
paid. Illustrative Mmp ] 6 cent * . Send now. Ool
modal awarded the author by the National llodloi
Araoclatlon , to the odloerg of which ho rotors.
The Solcnoo of Lite ehould bo road by the voun
for InstrucUon , and by the afGIctod for rollcf. It wl
benefit nil. London Lancet ,
Tncro Ig no member of esclety to whom The So
cnoo of Lfo will not be tuoful , whether youth , par
cnt. guardian , Instructor or clorgrm a. Argonaut.
Addroaj the Tcabody Medical Intitule , or Dr. Ti
It Parker , No. t liulQnch Btrocl , Itoaton.Mata. , wh
may bo consulted on all diseases requiring ( kill an
experience. Chronlo and obstinate diseases that hav
baiflod the BUIll ol all other phys-lirII clans
Bncclalt > : Such treated sucoons _ fall
irltnOot an InjUnce of failure. TU'VC'CI P
In Invited to pcnil Die !
nddrcus to TUB SWIFT SrEcino Co. , Drawer 3.
Atlanta , Ga , for a copy of their treatise on liloot
end Skin Diseases , which will bo mailed free.
Cancer for Many Years
A ( imlly servant his been nlHctoJ for many joar
with a cancer on her none , and wns treated by eons
of I ho best physician * , and the old remedies use
without benefit Finally wo ga\o her Swift's Hpc
clflo and Bbo bag been completely cured.
JOHN lint , , DrugglsJ ,
Tliomson , Ga. , August 10,1881.
John Naves , a jouop man nrar hero , 1'ad a cance
on bis face which bad eaten awaj bin nose and jiar
ot his cheek , and waa extending up tohlaoyos. A
a la t resort ho W B put on S llt' Bpoclllc , and I
bag entirely cured him. Illsfaoots all healed ore
with now ( fcsb , nnd his general health Is excellent
Illsfooovcry wu wonderful.IF.
IF. F. CnUMI.XT , M. D. ,
Oitlothorpo , Oa. , Autruitl8,1884.
> >
Oor. 16th and Capitol Avenue , trcata all oaaoa Clip- a
plod or Deformed , alsodleoasoa of tt , o
STervous System , r o
Blood , and u
Urinary Organs h
All DAMS of Curvature of the Spine , Crooked Fool a :
Ixiru and Anna , Diseases of the Dip , Knee , and
Ankle Joints Also Chronlo affection ! ofthoLhoi ar
Kboumattsm , Paraljfili , Plica , Ulcers , Catarrh , Aath r
n > a and Dtonohltl ) are all treated by now and euo- al
oemful methods. All dlsoaeca of the Blood and Urin
ary Orxane , Including these rouultlng from lutlscro- 01o
llou.or oxpoeuro , are eafoli and luoooaafullv treated 01f
and a euro guaranteed. Youni ; men , mlcullo aged , f
and old men eufforlng from Weakness and Nervous
oxbauatlon , produoluk indigestion , Palpitation of the
Heart , Despondency Ulizlnesa , Los ) of UcmoryLaok mi
of Energy and Ambition , can be restored to health
nnd vigor , U case Is not too long neglected.
The Burgeon In charge ! a graduate ot Jeflor- ; 1
Bon Medical College 1885) ) and bat etudlod bll
protection In London , Par la and Dorlln. n afflicted , W (
call or write full description of your oaao , and incdl- n
bo Bent . Consultation free. Ad nft
clno may you. drci ft
Omaha Dhrpenaory , Crounao'a Block , Omaha , Neb , ftu
Officebonra 10-13 a. m.l-S and7-8 p. in Bundajs , ftn
10 A m. n
ta.8end for treatloo either oa male dig f
a a
Goseial Dtilcrt In
Dftvo lei ut 130,0(0 aeiel oaierolly wleolod landl
o E * tcrn Nebraska , at low prloo and on eaay tcitru.
bcpiorea larme lot Halo in Douglaa , Ilodse , Oolfox
Clatto.Doit , tmmui ; , Barpy , WutilnttOD , aloiioi :
Bauodem , and Butler Oountlei.
Taiefl paid In til parts of the State ,
Ifouoy loaned oa mpiored fumi.
Uotiry Pnbllo alwavi In offio * Corieopond
Will purify Iho BLOODi-rcinu
late trio LIVIHI ana KIDNCY8.
mid VICOH of YOUX1C. lljf
li ) | ) la.Viuitof ApiiylHo , jn-
UlK'llon , J.atk ui ntruiiRtlu
\ uinirlliiKatH > lulcly
Korefl , musclesnnu
ii'rvpurc Jvonuwiorci' .
_ a J lllCIIO tilt ) III ) id UllJ
- ' tupiilics ifruln 1'owir.
8eGBnflirfimiroiiicoiiiil | liiti
ty line Jlliu-to tliulr cx will
Had luXiIi. ly.HZBtt'UIJMm VQSllO u iah unil i
* 'T/elfnt'iit ' > crJitsft ? ? [ * ' ' " . ' $ $ * $ $ * $
, . . „ . . . - . . Douotesiicrl * t
" " - -
. " _ " ,
Mo..forour"DMKAM , JU001f
rupiat > 4 tue > ol.iularm > U u.ttbe.t > J
Cost of EqnipDiDg a YonDg Laflyor /
Marriage ,
Thnt AVII1 MnkoKnlhcrfiOnel
Up Thcli- Hank Accounts DC-
Calls of tlic TroiiKscnu niul
I ho Kxpenso ol'
Iho KcniR ,
Naw York Mail and Kxprcts.
"Getting ready to bo married" is , per
haps , the most fascinating employment
of womanhood. The bridu's trousseau is
concededly the most important feature of
the wedding preparations. .Every young
woman oxpoota to bo married aoino time ,
or ought to , and oven where the prospect
is not immediate the temptation is Irro-
sislablo to devise costumes and make cal
culations of expenses In anticipation of
destiny's demand. From the point of
view of the shops and mant < m-makcr ,
brides are divided into throe distinct
classes : Those with whom money is the
object ; these who muat bo moderately
economical , and these restricted to the
essentials of a bridal outfit in ordinarily
well-to-do and respectable society. The
trousseau of a young woman of wealth
and fashion may bo , and usually is , a
thing of bewildering oxponaivonoos.
The father of the family is made to fool
that the occasion calls for the display of
unwonted and excessive liberality. An
easy nnd comfortable method in ouch a
case Is to send the young lady to Paris to
bo gauged and fitted by Worth. She
will have her costumes selected and con
structed with regard to her figure , gait ,
complexion and ntylo , and regardless cf
the expense thereof. In eight or nine
weeks she receives the bewitching boxes P
in which are packed to perfection the c :
twenty or moro trlumpha of art which h
shall bo the envy nnd admiration of her ti
Friends for a year to como. A chock for1 tiii
520,000 will cover the cost nnd inoludo ii
the bridal dross. The rest of the outfit 1
it is impossible to estimate , nlnco with 1a 1n
unlimited moans nnd luxurious taste it a
may bo made to cost almost anything , S
riio richest of lace and undergarments , o
Lho finest of silk hoao , the costliest of c
embroideries , the rarest of jewels , the d
marvels of boots , gloves , bows , wraps and t
bonnets , the traveling paraphernalia of 1
trunks , eatoholo , dressing cases , toilet $
attachments and ether articles ot taste h
nnd luxury can bring the cost of the Ti
trousseau up to § 50,000 , without waste Tia
ful extravagance. a
But now young women must bo content h
with trousseaux of a difl'oront aort from iisi
that of Alias Jerome nnd Mica Astor , nnd sicl
can bo quite as happy without unbridled cl
magnificence. Indeed , when calcula- &
tioua of cost must enter the composition , acc
wedding outfits have a certain personal cc
sharm the chic of taste , convenience siai
md ingenuity which ought to make ai
them doubly precious. The sort of Rl
modest ostimatoa in which most young atw
women can have n personal nnd possible w
ntorost is the best basin on which to tlid
proceed in trying to find ouf what It d (
ioata a young woman to got married. A in
shock for § 1,100 from n dutiful father be
nil fix out his daughter very handsomely ta
ind completely , and an odd $100 can bo al
cnockod oil without serious complications , ar :
this would furnish n moderately luxuri- ar
us trousseau , suitable for n church wed- ofWl E
ling and reception , nnd including all the Wl
locosaarics to n woman of good social po- ch
ition in receipt of the hospitalities not- ar
irally shown n brido. The wedding siiAi
TOSS , the most sacred vestment of all , Ai
rould bo of first importance. A hand- arwi
jmo whitosilkoraatlugarment , trimmed wimi
1th oriental lace , elegantly made , could mi
o procured for $100. Duchess lace
uld bo substituted for an extra $50.
suitable veil , gloves , white satin boots , cu
to. , would probably cost $50. The last , fu
owovor , oould bo brought within $25. th
When the wedding dross had boon dia- in i
33od of two moro costumes would do- Ot
.and attention ono for traveling nnd Or
lothor for calling. Both could bo pro- Or
irod for $150 , nnd each would cost Or
jout $75. The dross pattern of eight On
irds , double width , at $2 25 , would TV ,
ist $18 , nnd this would jjlvo the very Oil On
jst material. There are tailors and tail On
's , but an elegant and well made tailor On
lit can bo made for exactly $38.33 , in- OnMt
udlng buttons , trimmings , linings , Mt
tread , oto. Lining of silk instead of Ui :
nnor'a satin will cost $5 more , and the On
irinont may bo finished in n way to On
ring the coat up to $75. But fust-class On
lloro for women are charging loss than On
rmorly , and furnishing trimmings nt On
ist price. The $38 83 rroto the figures Tw On
an itemized bill recently rendered by Lui
Brooklyn tailor to n lady about to bo Toi
arrlod. The name artiat made her call- Jo\
g costume for $28,37. ( t was of uoarl JoFm
Ik nnd brocade velvet to match , to bo Fm
orn with or without the detachable | HO
aiu. Its whole cost was $72.85. This
mo lady had hats to match the first
id n bonnet for the second , and boots
id gloves for both , The traveling hat "
soft brown felt , ornamented by a lot :
ldou brown bird , coat $14 , a bonnet of no :
jarl gray satin nnd ostrich plumes coat BOl
18.00 , two pairs of boots were made to On
dor for $10 , nnd her costumca were On
implotod with gloves for $5 , On
A black silk suit is desirable for call- On
ig or house wear. It can bo made for Tw
35 , with a very fine quality of silk. No On >
ride need bo reminded of her need of a Tli
lOrnlng-ROwn. Beautiful gowns can bo On
nviiod of delicate shades of auran silk , On '
ilo pink , baby blue and hollotropo being I'll Mt
to most desirable shades. They should Tw
made with a long Watteau train and OnWi
to front ono mass of laco. They coat , Wi
om § 25 to $50 or oven moro. Soft Col
ishmoroa with fronts of shirred silk In Tel In
irmonizing shades of less expensive and On [
rvioeablo. Ono can bo beautifully
oouted for $18. Perhaps it would bo
oil to have two such gowns , if possible ,
no moro house dreas of cashmere and
Ik or velvet oould bo made at homu for No
SO , and would provo moat useful , and lot
1th this the Hit of dresses might end.
But wraps and dresses , gloves , nhcoi las
id bonnets by no means constitute a tri
oddlng outfit. There are hundreds of a c
ether minor but oasoutlal articles oil
Inch every woman will at once supply , bo
hero are corsets , for instance , ono of bowe
itiu at $15 and ono of cotton nt $2 , SCI
lalf a doien palra silk hose will cost we
com 815 to $30 nnd a dozen of cotton fri
0. Blunlin undergarments , of best qual- ho
handsomely embroidered nnd trimmed wl
iuy bo procured for almost any thine from po
20 up. In her underwear it ia said the
olinement is best shown in a woman ,
id very many well-bred girls hod much
athcr Dtint themselves hi their outorgur- Ml
lents in order to got the softest cam- TU PL :
rica , the finest muslins and the choicest y <
mbroiderica in their undergarments. It : yoi
in the lingo-io of her toilet that the trt
Crouch woman moat prides herself , nnd pa
may bo ( aid that the pride is very jus-
ifiablo. Onohundred dollars will not J
10 too much to bo put down on th'u ' no I tn
count , A woman's laces como under the
dame rule , The aoftcnt , finest webs are
luxuries dearest to every elegant woman's
heart , and though these may bo had from
$10 to S5CO , it Is likely moat cirls will
spend $100 for laces if they can take the
money out of something not so prized.
Under flannels nnd two llannol skirts will
coat about $18 to $20. For such
parts of a w.cdding outfit as jewelry and
toilet articles no estimate can bo made ,
as they may coat the smallest or the
largest amount. A fan and a shopping
bag are essential , and so is a dressing-
case , with the thousand and ono litllo
conveniences of traveling and toilet dear
to a woman's heart. Fifty dollars would
bo a fair estimate , exclusive of the jew
While the above estimate : ! are very
close and based on the actual bills recent
ly paid by the father of an expectant
bride , they are at the same time much
boyound the power and perhaps the am
bition of very many young women In respectable -
spoctablo society , who expect to marry
and maintain social relations , and have a
full intention not to call on their hus
bands for dresses within the orthodox
year. Such a woman at ono stroke would
sweep away a largo item of expense by
making a part of her garments herself
and getting the _ rest made under the
supervision and with the aid of a visiting
dressmaker. The moro opulent young
woman did no sowing. Our present
subject does nearly all of hers , and prob
ably docs it as capably , as enthusiastical
ly. She will bo married in her cloth
traveling suit- , which need cost her only
830 , and bo very pretty and becoming.
If possible , however , she will have a silk
; ostuaio the chef d'cuvni of the ward
robe and this will cost $50. She will
nrant a stout , serviceable otroot costume ,
\t from $20 to $40 , and a cloak at $50.
3ho , (05 ( , will have a morning dross ,
irotty and graceful , of silk and
ashmore , costing only $15 , and
lor drois bonnet will cost but $8 , and her
raveling hat $5 , for uho bought tLo
natoriols , stole the styles at a fall open-
ng and imdo them triumphantly herself.
Chlrty dollars will cover the cost of her
nualin undergarments , and collars , cuffa
md ruches will take the place of lacca.
3ho will content heraolf with three pair
if gloves at $1.50 a pair , ouo-hulf dozen
iotton Blockings , costing $3 , one-half
lozcn cambric handkerchiefs at $5 , and
wo pair of corsets at $1 50 per pair. [
L'ho flannels will cost her no moro than
8 and her toilet articles $5. When she
IBB acquired a traveling bag at $5 and
vatcrproof rubbers and umbrella for § 0
nero her outfit is complete at a cost of
ibout $250. _ Yet many a nwoot Ri'rl has
eon married on much less and boon
loppy and made her husband and friends
mmonaoly proud of her. Wonderful
torics nro told of what may bo done with
lovorncBs and $50 , and the man would
ot a prize in the bride who gave herself '
creditable outfit for that amount. But )
prtaiuly the last estimate could bo con-
idorobly reduced. The silk costume is not
a absolute necessity , and the traveling
nit may bo made to la t n year as a
kroot drees. Nobody knows , too , what
'ondorful artrgainn ; may bo picked np in
10 smaller rticlco , and thoao muslin un-
ergarmotita may still bo heavily cut
ito. Gloves need not cost $4.50 , nor
Diinols $13 , Besides the above figures
iko into account nothing the bride may
Toady possess. They give her every
ticlo now. But , of course , all women / '
ro moro or leas well supplied with most
the articles named , and very many
ould not consider it necessary to pur-
iaso any more than a single now drees
id bonnet , with gloves and boots , be-
dus patching up glaring deficiencies ,
nd for the comfort of all whoso puuoa
o limited It may bo said that no woman it
ith ono decent dross need to refuse to itdi
arry the right man. diP'
For the convenience of such as may bo cl
intotnplatlng matrimony , and also aa a clol
md of reminiscence and comparison , oltt
10 following list of articles In two at
assoa of wedding outfits are appended ate f
a form convenient for cutting out : Ti '
no wedding nnd reception dross 8 100
no calling costume 70 in
no tailor suit 75 a2
no black silk suit 03 IK
no morning gown 25 IKE
( ! homo dioss , 30 tit
vo pairs shoes at S8 10
10 pair slippers 5 ar
lu-lmlf dozen cotton hose G isod
io-hnlf doton silk hose 15 od
10 satin corset 15 so
10 cotton corset 2 soU
tislln undergarments 10u U
vo llnnuol BkirU at S3 5 " "
10 pair evening gloves 5 ba
lo-hulf dozen street glovcu 13 Wl
lu noalsltin clonk 150 all
10 brocade mantle 100
10 cloth jacket BOre BU
ro do/en handkerchief D 10 pb :
10 Incn handkerchief 16
ccs..v. 100 ph
ilotarticles. . 25 in
welry iudofmlto ; traveling convon-
C11C33 , " "
.ro , r. It !
opping bag D Oil
Uniul bonnotu 60 Di
' us
1'otnl $1,022 Sa
\Vhilo the above may bo road with $1
uging nnd perhaps a touch of envy , the Tci
xt will have u much moro vital and per- $1 L
n al interest for most young girls : ab
10 cloth traveling suit , . ? 30 00 aa
ID silk calling coatumo 50 00 ral
10 street costume 10 00
10 morning dross ID 00 pn
ro pairs shoes , ntt > 5 , 1000 thi
10 traveling hat 500 thi
o drosa bonnet 8 00 pv
iroe pairs | > lo\ea , nt 31 CO 4 50 in
10 cloak 50 00
in-half dozou stockings 300
nnnols , ( I00 CO !
uslin uudorgaruioiita 1)000 ) Pr
vo palra cornets , nt 81 60 8 00 lei
le nnd one half dozen handkerchiefs. G 0) ) no
aterproof nnd rubbers. 3 00 then
liars , culla nnd ruchea 203
llotnrticloa 500 on
Avellng bag , 6 00 SO'
0 mubrolln. , 300 pr
Tot l
HIM FU-HJ , Vacation. sir
iwport ( H. I. ) Morcnry , Nov. 8 , of
Mr. Benjamin U. Oarr , the veteran to >
tor carrier , has dolled his uniform , and
id aside his letter pouch for a two
joka * vacation , commencing on Monday
it. Mr. Carr has boon a faithful and ,
listed carrier for upward of a quarter of j
oontury , and this is the first regular va-
lion ho has taken , Of course ho has ,
ion necessarily abtout , occasionally , but
are informed that a total of his ah- 1
ncoa during this long period of service
ould not exceed ono month. Ilia
iende , and their namols "legion , " hope
may enjoy his vacation , a part of
hich mill bo apout'abroad , to the fullest
Iclilirou , olfer to nenil their colnbratwl KLEO InUs
no VOLTAIO UKLT and other Kuumuo Ar
trial for thirty diya to ui :
.UNOIUI on : , men
oung or old ) alllicted with iicrvouu debility. ill
m of vitality nud manhood , and nil kindred
ouliloa. AUo for rheumatism , uauralglu ,
iralyilu , nud iimuy other duoiuoa. Compute . . -
3torntlon to hcultli , vigor and iiiaulood | J
lorntitecd. No risk incurred , iv > thirty di\j a' I ° '
iol U allowed. Write thara t once for Ulna. I J'1 '
, Irou , lu
Value anil Universal Medical Use
What It IP , uo\v It Ii 1'repaiecl , and
' ( h-cat
AVhatlt la I'scil lor-A
of 1'ilcc , Sl/c
of Doses , Etu.
1'rnlrlo Farmer.
No ether subitanco in the whole range
ot the matorla incdica has bcon so great a
boon to the human race as quinine ; and
in later years it has boon administered to
many ailing domestic animals with do-
elded benefit. A vast amount of aufTor-
ing has boon alleviated by it , and many
hundreds of thousands of lives have boon
saved or prolonged , during the settle
ment of our now country , where there
has been constant exposure to decaying
accumulations of centuries of vegetable
growth. "Ague , " "chills , " "fovor-and-
ague" have boon the thing , cf all others ,
to bo dreaded by thoao going into now
regions , especially those covered with
forests in somewhat level conntrles. Wo
well remember that when our neighbors ,
in families and groups , emigrated to the
wilds of Michigan , the first inquiry made
concerning them whether they had yet
had , or how they got through with the
inevitable intermittent fever , or "fovor-
naguo , " as it was usually termed. Dur
ing the late war probably moro men were
placed hors du combit and came homo
with health shattered by malaria than
perished from the rillo and cannon mis-
silos. It is perhaps safe to say that the
amount of auUoring from thia would have-
boon doubled had not quiniuo boon a
loading article in the army medical sup
The largo increase in the average length
of human life during the last forty years
in duo in no small measure to the In
creased production of quinine , and its al
most universal uao by physicians. The
writer of this can but speak with grati
tude , and feelingly , on this subject , after
sufi'ering moro or loss for a dozen years
from the ofiocts of malaria brought homo
From long day and night service in the
liospilal camps of Virginia during 18G3-G1.
Finding little relief from any otner
treatment , excepting when residing
tmong the mountains of Switzerland , no
began the use of quinine in 1870 , by the
idvlco of the late Bishop Simpsom. The
change was wonderful. With the ex
ception of a temporary prostration by
lioat in the summer ot 1883 , ho has not
loat a dozen days from ill-health since
taking the bishop's advice ; and to-day by
iho continuance of very small quantities
jf quinine only , ho is moro vigorous than
sven in "tho prime of life" period ,
Between forty and fifty. Ho goes through
'ourteen to oixteon hours a day of vigor-
ua work , and oven enjoys it. Wo
ittributo this almost wholly to quinine ,
md ono reason why will bo seen further
in.A little history of quinine will bo in-
oro3ting. The natives of eoino parts of
South America , particularly in Peru and
Ecuador , had long known the beneficial
fleets of the Cinchona tree orahrub. Por-
iapa from its having boon found larger In
Joru , it received the appellation of "Po-
uvian bark , " It has , in ito different
arioties , boon called Cinchona bark ,
/'all a ay a bark , and a score of other leas
ommou namoa. Ono report ID , that the
Spanish Countess of Uinchon , whoso
luaband had boon Viceroy of Peru ,
irought the remedy into Spain on his
oturn in 1G40. After its introduction it
VT.H sold by the Jesuits for .its weight in
ilver. It only became generally known
a England and Franco just about 200
oara ago. But the powdered bark , or a
ocoction of it , was employed np to the
resent century , and In leading medical
rorks of only 40 years ago the bark was
hicfly specified. Since then the work
f extracting quinia , or quinine , from )
tie bark has cone ; forward with rapid
tridos , and during 25 years past the use
quinine has very greatly extended ,
'hero is now made and used double if
ot three fold the quantity of 20 years
jo. The English Government cstab-
ahod the culture of the cinchona tree in
liat India possessions , and those planta-
ons are now supplying an immense
mount of the bark from which quinine
extracted. The present unprocodont-
How price Is largely duo to thia norr
turcp of supply.
Quinine is an alkaline substance ob >
lined by chemical processes somewhat
idioua and expensive , from cinchona
irk which yields 2 to 3 per cent of its
eight. This quinia , or quinine , ia now
moat universally used in the form of a
ilphato a union of the alkali with sul- '
iurio acid and whenever quinine ia
token of without qualification , the sul- ;
mto of quinine is meant. The reader
is doubtless noticed that in all proscrlp-
ona the sulphatp of quinine is specified ,
,3 ofiocts are quito similar to the powd- >
od bark , or the simple quinino.
uring the war when providing It for these
so of the United Spates
mitary commission , or for private uao ,
cost , if wo remember rightly , about
LOO a pound , or $ G to $3 per ounce ,
D-day it la quoted in Europe as low as
an ounce ( -137A ' grains ) , and can prob-
ly bo bought in'largo quantities as low
that in Now York , This very low
to , as stated above , is duo to the
csout over stock , resulting in part from
o production of the cincliona trees by
0 English government. It is said that
ron with the recent great improvement
the processes of manufacture or exaction -
action present prices are below actual
ist. But it ia doubtful it the wholesale
rices will over rise to $2 an ounce , mi
ss it bo during some temporary "cor-
sr. " Formerly there were only two or
iroo manufacturers in our own or in any
10 European country. Now there are
ivoral ; nnd competition ia likely to keep
rices within reasonable limits. The old
largo of 3 to G conta a grain may bo
aintainod by druggists dealing it out in
nail doses ; but any one can got an ounce
sulphate of quinine for from $1.50
'Wo do not believe in recommending
iv medicine to promiscuous use. Wo
fuse all medical advertisements , bo- n
usc , however good a mcdiclno may bo ,
unprofessional person can Bay that
lis or that may bo used or useful in his
,80. What may bo highly valuable to
10 may bo injurious or even poisonous
another , and no ono but a quack will [
lor to euro or prescribe for a distant
jrson on his ovrn statement of hla &ymp-
ails. The best physicians will not pro-
ribo for themselves- knowing that
toy cannot duao safely when their own
idgmont Is distorted by ill health and .
tereforo unreliable. But wo consider
jlnino , in small doses , to bo tested and
tcroased only after carefully obsorting
ollect , as ono of the ttafouc and mutt
uivoreaily useful medicine * for ordinary >
Anjjootwa Ulitorn. the wnrM renowned ! :
ipotlzer and luvlgorator. U otl now over I
to whole chllUed woild. Try It , but bewaio 18
ImlUtiom. Aak your grocer or drupclst for I '
10 prenulno article , umnufpcturcd by Dr. J
15. Sle ert & Boiu
A KAncllul .Study In Slat lit let
untile to ( lit ) Ijl
St. Louis Poit-Digpatch
Iloro are facts and figures not usually
appended to election returns. The his
tory of past elections teaches that this
vote of the nation advances from presi
dent to president by ttonj measured in
numbers "by 10 per cent. The total vote
Inl8G8was 5 724,051 ; of 1872 was G-
465,805 ; of 1870 , was 8,412,733 ; of 1880 ,
was 11,210,970. Add 10 per cent to this
last total and the estimate for the vote
going into the ballot-boxes to-day will be
10,132,007 , an approximation berne
out by other calculations , and which
will bo found not far _ out of the
result. A ballot is a picco of paper
averaging four inches wide and ton and a
half long. Ono hundred and fifty ballots
will weigh about a pound. Two hundred
and fifty ballots laid on each ether will
measure about an inch. To prepare these
bita of paper at a reasonable profit coats
ninety cents a thousand. If the ballots
cast to-day were placed end to end they
would roach in a continuous line from
Washington , D. 0. , to El Paao , In Texas ,
or they would stretch from Eastport ,
Mo. , to Now Orleans , as the crow flics ,
If ono end of the lonn line of paper were
made fast at Capo Flattery , the extreme
northwestern promltory of Washington
Territory , the ether end would pass
Kansas City , with enough miles to spare
to roach Sedalia.
This has to do only with the ballots ac
tually voted. The number of ballota
printed , of course , ia tremendously larg
er than the amount voted. In St. Louis ,
for instance , the democrats have had
500,000 , the ether parties in all 700,000 ,
making for this ono town a total of 1-
300,000. It ia generally admitted , however -
over , that the vote of St. Louis will not ,
at the outoido , make moro than 50,000.
Hero , then , la a surplus of twenty-six
ballota for each ono cast. This makes
the total of ballots ofl'drod to the people
throughout America at thia election 200-
000,000. It would require eighty-
live freight cars to move thia
load of paper , whoso weight is 1-
710COO pounds. The white paper and
printing of the mass has cost $234,000.
Pasted end to end there would bo paper
to got entirely around the globe , leaving
19,000 miles to spare for a gigantic double
bow knot , which would cover a greater
part of the two Americas , or if ono pre
ferred , to keep the string in the United
States there would bo miles enough to
wrap the streamer thirty-nine times
around the state of Miasouri and ntill
leave enough to reach from the Post-Dis
patch building to Governor Cleveland's
private ofiico in the State House at
A sure euro for Blind , Bleeding , Itching and
Ulcerated I'llos has been discovered by Dr.
Williams ( tin Indian Ilemedy , ) called Dr.
William's Indian Pile Ointment A single
box has cured the worst chronic cases of 25 or
30 years standing. No ono need suffer five
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
ing medicine , Lutlous , Instruments and elec
tuaries do moro harm than good. William's
Indian Pile Ointment absorbs the turners , al
lays the Intoneo itching , ( particularly nt night
after getting warm in bed , ) acts as a poultice ,
ghes instant relief , nnd is prepared only for
L'ilos , itching of the private parts , and for
nothlno clso.
Kead what the Hon. J. M. Coffinberry , of
Cleveland , says about Dr. William's Indian
Pile Oointment : "I have used scores of Pile
Cures , and it affords mo pleasure to say that I
iao never found anything which gave such
immediate and permanent relief as Dr. Wil-
iam'a Indian Ointment. For sale by all drug
gists and mailed on receipt of price. COo and
Jl. Sold at retail by Kuhn & Co.
Wholesale Agent.
Election Beta In New Haven ,
ow Haven. ( Conn. ) Paulludium ,
One election bet calls for the loser to
lack his opponent's boots twice each
voek for a month. Another calls for the
oser to make his weight equal to that of
ho winner , the present difference being
18 pounds ,
Hornford'H Acid Phosphate
Dn. DANIEL T. NELSON , Chicago , says :
'I find it a pleaoant and valuable remedy
n indigestion , particularly in overworked
non. "
Demented Gcrinnntown Druggist
AVho Set Out 10 Kill UieFreM-
'liilado'phia 1'ecoid ,
William Connor , a well-known drug-
iat of Germantown , in a fit of temporary
naanity on Thursday last created a very
locided sensation by taking a Remington
illoand _ seeking the reaideuco of Father
. V. Byrne , pastor St. Vincent do ot
Jaul's Catholic church , with a view to 0.
inding Protidont-clcct Cleveland and
hooting him. Mr. Conner is ono cf the
iost known citizens of Germantown , aud
hold in high esteem by the people
hero. Ho has once before lost his men-
ill balance , but waa not so violent as ho
ocamo on Thursday , when ho conceived
lie idea that God had commissioned him n
o kill Governor Cleveland , and that if
o could sco Father Byrne ho would bo
irooted to a place where the governor
Quid bo found. Police Oflicera Wricht
nd Currier succeeded in capturing Mr.
lonnor in a wash-shed in Father Byrne's
ard after a terrible struggle with the do-
lentod man. Ho fired at the officers
nd cut the clothing of ono them with a
agger. Mr. Conner was taken to his
rionds , and has eiuuo recovered from the
ttack.1 * *
Young and middle-aged men suffering )
rom nervous debility , premature old ago
ass of memory and kindred symptoms ,
hould tend three letter stamps for large
llustrated treatise suggesting sure means
f cure. World'a Dispensary Medical
issociation , Bull'ilo , N. Y. .
It MiiHlicd Them AVolK
tocUUud Curler-Gazette.
"You like the paper , don't you ? "
tnirkcd the editor , a&tho woman in the
tripod shall paid oix months in advance ,
"Very well , " replied the woman In the
tiiped ahawl , puardtdly. "During the '
inumtr I have liked it bettor than
taual. " '
"Ah ! Indeed ? " the editor happily if
hirped ; " 1 suppose you have beou in-
created in iuy denunciations of our do-
iraved opponmti , the. opposite political ;
.arty ? "
"No.o,11 said the woman Blowly ; "it '
vasn't exactly that. "
"Then what wan it ? ' the editor aakod ,
miling ; "let mo know what other feature
f mA yapor r < n Jero it BO indiaponsible to
uy valued lady constituency. What did
ou like the paper for ! "
"Dtcauee , " the woman in the striped
l explained , SB sbu put her receipt
where elio never would find it )
igalu , "becauso it ii BO etron' ' , and ia ea f
uica to nm h tUes with. " 1 1
= 1 1 = 1 lrl . > * l l 4 Js rif =
medicine , combining Iron with pura
ulo tonic * , niilokljnnd completely
t nrri , Dyiiirtiiln , jtiillm-Mtlnn , UTnfdiCB *
[ miiiirolIlnoitiInliirln , < JlilllNiimI Fever * ,
Ills an unfailing remedy for Diseases of tha
Klilncyn nnil l.ltcr.
It Is Invnlunblo for Diseases peculiar to
tVntnon , and nil vho lend sedentary 1I\C1.
It doc j not Injure the tcttli , cause liciulnchc.or
produce constipation oAcr ( Iron medicines < lo.
It enriches anil purifies the blood , ctlmulatci
Ilia appetite , nlds tlio n lmllntlon of food , re
lieves Hcnrtlmrn nnd Dclchlng , nnd strength-
tni the muscles nnd ncncj
. Tor Intermittent Fevers , v jssltudc , tnclcof
fliers ) ' . Ac. , It has no equal.
ey The pcnulno has nbovo trndo murk nnil
rros cd red lines on \ > rapper. Take no other
2\d.o i7iir nnono tiiEstciL en , IIALTIJIOIIK , en.
indnillsputelifltiieDROAD GLAIN'e
Ever oJTcrca to the public.
Iho GtconKhlps cf thlo well-known line are Lnllt of
Hoc , In water-tight compartments , and are furnish
dajsandaaturdajsfor Pljmouth ( LONDON ) Cber
baurir , ( PARIS ) nud nAMHURO.
Kates : Steerage from Europe only 518. Flist
Cibln , $ { 5 , { 65 and ? 76. iitcc ; Ko , $ 2C.
Uonry Pundt , Mark nanaeo , F j : . Itoores.M. Tof ,
tRcntaln Omaha , Oronowc r & Schcentpcn , cgentaln
Council Blufla. 0. BniOHAnD & CO. , Oen. Pasa
Agts. , 01 Broadway , N. Y. Cbas. Koimlnskl & Co-
Qenctal Wtatoru Asrrcta , 170 Wfcshlccton St. , Ohlea
'oaorrnoM , '
nils in all their
also all
In and II
" .V11 iff/A ) Vi/P' * . rcrrnaneni'ycureaDyrenje
k" ? u' < < / / VWr .A dicstest/-dinai'orirrenr
H SU > Jit > yiiAj ; > ecJc :2'rac re. Seminal
Wex\n ss. Nirhi Lossr. by Dreams , Pimples on DI
o'niiftrffinienitndt The appropriate r > ; .redy
t OIRC ti'iiil In cacht-cs : . Consultations , per- ac
oiial cr hy letter , sacredly confidential. Med. acd
-I7C1 Hint bv Mail and Express. No marks on d
ui-acc to indicat : contents or sender. Address
* f..MMESr.'o. ZUWashinglon Sf.ChIcagoll ! ,
For Men. Qnlck. ur * . nfo. Book fTM.
Clt'-li ' ; . . lBOFiilt usl..Na York. st ;
P <
Vlctlmsof jouthfulimpradonce.causinKNonousDo- w
illty , Premature Decay , and all duordcre troJsht oa
y Indlecretlon or cicf sj.wlll Icara ettaplo remedy.
nea.byaddroBalccJ. II. itKKVHa. oOhatliamsUN.K
fill cnro Ii'orvutittucB , 1 umbH o , llht-t matlsm Tarilyslg ,
ivnrulKlu , 8 : lHtlca , HiUno } . ( iltiu niul I i\i > r illKtiu-ua tt
out , Abthmn * HLIIIi dUt-iute DUivphl * nlibllpntl in , 1 i
Ipelat , rntnrrh , riltM. I itU ( iiHy IiuHiteiu | v Itn , b At-u
rol.iHIII | UliTl Hi Olilj ( liMlluli i ( - Ir II U h. An .r tt
M tlmt f tnU the 1 lourli Uy iniil innjni sin tlitnii li .ho
Otly , uuil cau bu rbclmr vil la ua Insluul by thu | t vileut *
Winter Ia coming , the season o the year for achea
Ddpnlna. Invlowct this Uetwosay buy ono of
r. Iloroe'a Flcotrlo Helta. By BO doing you \vlll
void Kheuinatlxm , Kidney Trouble and other Ilia loS
lat flesh Is heir to. Do not delay , but call at our )
ffloo and cxarnluo belta. No. K22 Douglas street , or
F Ooodinan'B , 1110 Faroani8t.Omaha , Nob. Or *
DTK fllleil 0 O D
S (
crcnli Areoiicea Oo. , ol 03 , Out )
Allots S f * , l01
e tctaorW. T. , CipKil L'M.OOC.
eokteroriants , of Nuwok. N , J. , Oaul'.U Ii76,005.
raid 71/e , I'UUadeli hie , plU > . . . . I.ttO.OCD
emen'itlTirrl CaEittl . . .
Royal Havana Lottery I
rawn at Hnvana , Oubn , .Every 12
to 14 Days.
10KET8 , 2.CO , HALVES. II. 00
Subject to no manipulation , not conknollod by ti
artiraln Internal. It Id the lulvoi thlnif In th
atnro ot chauos 1 exintence.
For Information tail jiartloulam awply toBHISBY ,
O..Qcn. ARonta , 1X11 Broadway , N Y. city.
KAUB & CO. , 417 Walnut dtiooi , St. tout ] , Uo
Kiank Lobrano , L. P. , 10 Wvandotto , Kan ,
w Iv
Da. 1C. 0. V/DM'S NLRV pr
d uncdflo for Hj surlx. I ) tzlneii , Convul-
us )
Urns , Hba , Niinoua NeuralrU , lleadachi , Nertooi
/oetrttlou caused by the UK of alcohol cv toblacoo , TV
Vak fuIueM , Mental depNwlon. goftcalng of tha
U , rtniilkingln Insanity and ( caplnr to mlN > } , cr
Icrty anil diath , Promatjm Old age , iuroneau , foi
power In cither an , Involuntary Lcnaes and hpcr-
DatMhoacauiwd by oiir eiertloutoMho lirr.ln , Bell *
kbuauoiciTor IndulfecM. K vch bu , contain J ono
couth's treatment 71. W ft box , or eU botlka lot
fW > , lent by mallp > 9ald oa receipt ot prliu.
I'o cute iny cue. With jach ctder rcocltod by ta
or nix bottleraccompli - h d with (5.00 , we will loud
h purchaGeroaiwntienguuantco to refund the
vicney If tha trtatmeucdoea not eflect a cure. Quar-
Lcteix luued wily by JOHN C : WtST & CO. ,
jy SS-m.U rr (02 UadUon St. , Chicago , III.
Physician & Surgeon
Roillilenca No. HOT Jonea St. Office , No. 1609 Far
rum itrwt. Ottlct hours 18 in. to 1 p. in. and horn S
Lu 3 p nu Ttleimnno ( > r oiUce 97 , ictldecc * 15 ,
The roraarkablo growth of Omaha
during the loot few yonra ia a matter of
great astonishment to thoao who pay an
occasional visit to this growing city. The
development of the Stock Yardo the
necessity of the Bolt Line Road the
finely paved Btroota the hundreds of noir
residences and costly business blocks ,
with the population of onr city moro than
doubled in the last five years. All this
is a great surprise to visitors and la the
admiration of our citizens. This rapid
growth , the bnsinoss activity , and the
many substantial Improvements madn a
lively demand for Omaha real estate , and
every Investor haa made a handnotno
Slnco the Wall Street panto last May ,
with the snbaonuent cry of hard timna ,
there haa boon loss demand from specula
tors , but a fair demand from investors
seeking homos. Thia latter claea are
taking advantcgo of low prices in build
ing material and are securing their homos
at much loaa cost than will bo possible a
year hence. Speculators , too can buy
real oBta * 3 cheaper now and ought to take
advant present prices for fntur
profi o
Th few years promises greato
jvo'opments ' in Omaha than the par
1 > jcjirs , which have boon no good at
ira could reasonably desiie. New m aa
ufacturlng establishment ! ! and largo an-
bing houses are added almost weekly , job
ill add to tha prosperity of Omaha , and
There are many in Omaha and through-
ant the State , who have their money lu
the banks drawing a nominal rate of n-
torest , which , if judiciously Invested in
Dmnha real estate , would bring them
nuch greater returns. We have many
Bargains -which wo are confident will
jring the purchaser largo profits in the
tear future.
We have for sale the finest resi-
lence property in the north and
vestern parts of the city.
North TVO have fine lots at reason-
hie prices on Sherman avenue , 17th ,
.8th , lth ? ) and 20th streets.
West on Farnam. Davenport ,
'urning , and all the leading streets
a that direction.
The grading of Farnam , Califor-
ia and Davenport si roots has made
ccessible some of the finest and
lieapest residence property in the
ity , and with the building of the
reet car line out Farnam , the pro-
erty in the -western part of the city
rill increase in value.
Wo also have the agency for the
yudicate and Stock Yards proper-
7 in the south part ol' the city. The
evelopments made in this section
y the Stock Yards Company and
lie railroads will certainly double
lie price in a short time.
Wo also have some fine business
ts and some elegant inside resi-
Bnce ? for sale ,
Parties wishing to invest will find
omo good bargains by culling on u
13 Houth 14th St ,
Bet * oen Faruhcun nnJ Douglaa.
P. S. We n k wb > have
roporty for snle at a bargain to give
it callWe v/nnt only bargains ,
? o will posiiively not handle prop-
tv at vx'orethan its real value.
* '
n niliiriiilii