Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, November 12, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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tsnftnenti for all the Monthly end Stmi-Atmut
ff > uwtn } ntke Iimiitfana f > tau IjnUsni Oomfani
end in vfrttn mtnttit and oond'cJ l l l > ratrtnyi
* < msff , rtri/i / ! is , tmf orf emttueled Mi'
hmttlli.faimtnt. mwl in floods ( A ( ou.ird nH | ior
fiM , rtnct iv nuAHtA ? company to
rii1 ( r , ( , triA/i Mimil < o/ cur
< ) Ml dwr/t ttii nJl. "
, K A MIM.III.V msTiiinimi : )
Louisiana Stale Lottery
ilSWfif t y by4heU1l4 ln ,
111 pdOMtlcool and ch rit bIa pnrpocet vlth 1 rrv
IU1 oft 1,008,000 to which 6 rwcivs [ unO ol or *
VHO.C90 b j uliiM IXXMI urtdoil.
By an ovrrwhelmlni popular veto Ita frMuhlw
vta modi n part ol tin nroMnH vUt < oomtltallon
dct d I > Mmber id. A. b. 1B7C.
Ita grand oluglo rmmbor drawings tai a
place monthly.
It nctw ecilon 01 poMoonrf , Look at the follovtln ) ,
175th OUANI ) MON'TIILV , ]
Extraordinary Semi-Au ual Draw
In the Academy ot Music New Or
leans. Tnesd-y , December
10. 188J.
ITnilcr the personalstiier | l lon and inaiifiKCiiicnt o
UKN . ri T liAl'HK ! < l.MCOof t.oul'ljiuiiml
UIK. .miA ) i. A. icAiu.Y , u vtipi'in.
CAJ'lTAL PitlZB , 8150,000.
XinNotlco. Tlcket are Ten Dollars enl > . IIlire )
K. nrtht , t-.Tentlu , l.
MHT OK i'lllZKS.
CAPlTAtPHIZn _ _ . . . .UIO .111
1 Grind do 10,301
1 > li do 21.CCK
o LMlOEPRIZEb Ot 110,000 iO.OOC
4 < do TiKX ) 2i > , OOC
.0 I'ltl l S of 1900 U 1,001
luu do .IX ) : tioo (
S09 do L'W 4I.OVX
fl-0 do JO ) C3 OOt
19 JO do 69 lO.COt
jirraoiiHATiON r nut
100 Approximation prizes of (101 2000
] 00 do do 100 20,0.1
100 do da 71. . . . . 7 M :
V.iQ Filici anonntlng to. . , IM3tOf
ApplIoatlOD for r tB la clubn ihould be rntdn oali
o Iso office ot tfao Ooinpany la How Orlcino.
For farther Information write clearly giving ( nl
dlrcf , I'OSTAL NU1KS , KxprcBU llnnoy Ordvrn , or
Niw York Kxcbango In ordinary letter. Currency
by Kxprcss ( all sums of W aud upnarun. nt our ex *
penEe ) addrca ed
orl f AvDACrtlUl , Wow Orlor.ns Li.
( W7Smenth Dt , W ahliittou ; 1) . CL
Mftko P. O. Men07 Orders paytblt arid aJJrcss
KcRlstorc-l T.ottora to
Now Orleans , I.a.
Science of Life Only $ 100
Kxhioslsd Vitality , Nervous nJ PMeloal Dehlllt )
Premature TJoolInu fn Man , Krromof Youthami the
untoM miseries resulting from IntllicroUona or ox
cemcn. A hook for every man , young , mhlillo afd |
ad old. It contalun 12& prescriptions for nil ocul
* ud chronlo diseases each ono of which Is Imaluahlo ,
So fount ! by the Author , vvhoao oxperlonctf for 11
y oara IB Buch aa probably rio > cr ocforo foil to the lot
of any physician. BOO pagcn , bounil In beautiful
French muslin ounpOTScd out era , full , ( ( lit guaranteed
to bo a finer work in every aeneo , machanlcal , lit
erary and pkjfoBSloral , than any ether work uoMIn
tbla country for l2.t ! > 0 , or the money will bo refunded
In every Instance. 1'rloe only tl.OO by mall , poet
paid , Illustrative amnlf > 6 centa. Bend now. Oold
medal awarded the author by the National Medical
Association , to the ofllccreol which bo refers.
The Hclcncool LHo should bo read by thovouur
( or Instruction , and by the nflllctcd for relief. It nil
benefit all. Ixmdon Lancet.
Tliero lifno member of s'cloty to wliou. The Set
nco ol LJfo will not bo useful , whether youth , par
cnt , guardian , Instructor or rlciKyuma. Arxonuut
Addrcsi the Peabody llvdkal fnbkituto , or Ur. W
II. 1'firkor , No. 4 Itulllnch V.trcnt , | l04toriMaea. , uhv
iuy bo cunaultod on all dliwaaos roiiuliliiK skill and
exucrlouoo. Chronic and obelln&tif illsi aaeu that have
U&od the cllli ol fell other l' ' ! > > " 1.1 C A I iJpi.n ,
'lit ) : Such treated BUtxxniH IILr'.L fully
an liuUnoo ol fullurc. "TUV F ! P
I f. DAV & . ,
flcnuul Bolcrtlo
Have foi Wl J3S.WIiwn > t uitluUv MUdfd
n KiBtorn l(6Vir ul , t Icn prlco nd OD euy torcu ,
ImptOTM lanni lor lilo In DcnjUi ) , Dodio ; , Gel )
-Flatte. liart , Oninlnp , Buryi Withlcglco , u'tilc
fiinujira , cd liutlor Jsoiuftii
Tnea pildln ll p rt ol tb Ht l *
Uoaoy tonneJca raprovid fira'e.
Hutuy l"uMlo iJwkfe In o&ft Oorropond
t ,
Will imrlfr the nLOOD.Tciru.
Ute thii ) KIOrlEYr
LIVCft bin < t
will Jil Mroittt THE HKvUj'iJJ
unil VJOOU of YOUTH. ! > >
iifptlu , WmitorAiniulllo , 411.
L - ' ' . blriMicth.
-'KU'lloii , l.nek of
curuil. llcinr. ,
_ JJi. linns - iho jnl'id anil
. . " ' I. jr"ii.- ! ' . ' tuilti | | llralu 1'oviT.
B fBTh L ( iff tffiSnfltr/iis / Ironi sou pUliiH
fe AU' ! CEZiVlSiiuciilJarlo tliulmcx will
tlTA la I > 3. 1. i' MBJlf J JEOlf "IQVIQ u Hif > . nI
f. fuv ciiru. omuu clear. l.c < ufny coaijilvxloit.
Prtnueiit i.f.ur.jfilo ul i " ' "f-1' Jiiit onlyudcl
to ibai'i.iiuiryurihuorlKliii | > i. Du Jiut ciptrt"
. . .
) ouriuati. . to'J'j | < 'r. '
l/ouf * I'o.f ir C' -
Them are ] ut nn oven 103 inmates of tli
Sioux VMt j-cnitcnlinry.
.Vftrgo clnltni n , rx > | mlrvlion of 21,000 , and
the IsrppU town In the territory.
Jcrauld county lia n population of betwuei
1,00,1 ami 5 000 , and an nssofwtl valuation (
of $515,00. .
The 1'rotwtfttit l ! < ilir > iiiUn , twclvo mllM
foutli of Scotland , Imvo church huilillng o
stolio tip ntul enclosed.
Kntnq ono unknown Imi hcon jmeliing tl
" ( inter' ' In Simix Vnil' , and the tills of ntimc
out butinc * * men MO < irnainr > nt < d with ljofi [
silver dollar * .
1'rnlrlo fur * hnvo < lavnttali ! il Inrrjn flection
of ctmnlry iicnr I'.lsirmrk. lfoii < i"8 , barns nn
liny haxo been liiinied , nnd It i < fnarail tlm
innny have milTrrH hca\y Io es.
The Vallier DeSmcl inino in the- Hill * ha
ihclmcil its Ihirly-olghlli dividend , onu o
twenty cents i ir Miaro. nRRrcRntlni ? S20,0ui (
Total of dividends thii jonr SlfiO.OW. Tli
Homefttakn uill pay Its Me % ( > nlytliii < l mice * "
nvo monthly dividend to-dny , ono o ( ttvcntj
centanitliari' , nfrgnwitliKf gWCO ) . Total o
dlvldoniU thin joar SL'VLOJ. ) A total o
SI10 03(1 frmn two mines Is n pretty pom
lr.\w , nhowlng Hint milling In thu JJIack Jilll
Is a ruofititblu Induntry.
Tlio incrcaso of votu In Chpyonno ovrr twi
you * ngo U 607 , which Indicates nti adilillui
of 'J.OOO people.
Tjiu Ilaptlsl ] of Choynnno Imvo built nni
dedicated n now cluucli , thu cecnnd belonging
to tliu denomination.
The ] llllndilo I < nnd and Cattle company
capital S.riOO 00) ) , has filu 1 articles of Incorpurn
lion In ( Jliojeniio. Homo of thn gieat cattl
mon of the territory nro iitockhulders.
David Tlmmai , an old nnd ronpectod citizen
of Carbon attempted to commit milcldoat Ilia
plaeo l.-ut week , by ( hooting hlnnolf in tin
head , The woapan unsil win a Inrgo nrmi
pletol. The xhot wannot fatal nnd Mr. Thomas
was alive at Intl accounts ,
Over nil the ranges of Mon tana and Norths- !
Wyoming wohos are increasing with sucl
rapidity and nro milking such depredation :
upon cattle that utock ownom nro nlarmod ,
Tlio commissloiiori of Johnnon county , Wyo
inlng , oiler to Inrnifh frcu strychnine tu wolf
Imitcrfl. The wolvca formerly followed tlio
liulfalo hcrdii , but on that branch of Itduntr ]
Is now out of thuir leach , they take ravenous ) ;
lu range cattlo.
During October the pollco of Denver cagci
170 crooks of varying grades ,
The Nellie inino in San Miguel county pro
duced $10,000 ! In nineteen days of taut month ,
The Wcs by the recent dcetrnctivo fire at
Silver 1'lumo foot up S7fi,000 ; innuranco ,
Tliu Denver NOWH Intimates that nineteen
inch collars will nrovon great attraction on tl
white house clothes lino.
An electric who rot fire to Iho celling of n
clothing ntnru la Denver the other day. The
blnzo was nipped in tlio bud.
Kvorythiiij ( In said to bo overdone in Anpen ,
nnd many think of emigrating BOSH to Wliilo
1'ino , believing It to bo u butter cinip.
Itucont nssjiy test from the Dora Kail , n
[ iropvrty near Irontpn , cnnylng carboimtcH
oiul binilders of solid galena , yielded -Ot
luncoa Hilvor to the ton.
The roller nkating eru/.a rases with increns-
ng vlrnlunco In liouldur , and accidents nmlti-
ily. I-net week ono of thu proprietors apralned
iis ankle , n lady broke her arm , r. prominent
Icmocrnt hikil his feU knockud from under
dm , the sudden Rtoppago jarring the base of
ho brain , nnd cauiu nuar rcbiilting In very
erlom injuries. Still the fun goca on.
A good htriko was made rccsntly in IJrown's
Illicit , in West 1'lacer between J/incoln City
> nd Swan , nuar Hrccklnriilga. Thu cruvlco
twulvu foft wide und thu mineral is all
It. It ahKjys $2i.lhi : : ! and milliuiiH
1128.-11 , both by 3\lr. liurllngamo , of Dunver.
Vn afgny of ? lilil.83 WUH inndo by Mr. Doty ,
f Drecliinridgo , which resulted , gold SI2.05 ,
llvor ! 5'252.7U. Thu owners nra Mr. Jninoi
Hbbcrt , of Denver , Mr. Wiloy Youiif , Mr.
ohn Oyphcrt , Mr , John .Incloon.
. JJo/.emnn Is to huvo n now four atory hotel.
A recent fire in the territorial penitentiary
Imniigcd thu buildluga ti > the ox tout of $2,500 ,
Society Item in thu YullowBtonu Journal :
) vcr 110 acrubby Crow Indian ? , buck ? ,
qunWH , pappoofcv , with iianlus bringing up
ho roar , punned over the railroad ountward
uetutday for their homes in Dakota. The
nrmlulH huvo been vlaltiug western relatives.
A few wceka ago 1'rof. Marth , of llulena ,
ladu nn Important discovery of coal in the
lountnliis n fowiiiilcn oaut of Townsend , The
oal is of n very line quality nnd thu vein ii
igliteeii feet thick. 1'rof. Marsli hat a force
f men at work developing his find , The dU-
every is situated about thrcu milus from the
A ack of line specimens of rich gold rock
roni a now discovery in Emigrant Uulch was
eceivcd recently by Mr. uovo of Jlclena.
'ho rock Is bright with the precious inttal ,
nd will nsuay away up into the tuns of thoim-
nds. J\lr. \ Ciovd does not know thu natnis of
ho foilunaln discuvcreiH , a the specimens
/era sent thro' gh nnotbur paity. Thu ere
iody Is Huid to bj thieo feet wldo nnd so far as
puicd Is apparently of uniform richness.
Next year the camp of lintto will produce
n silver mid copper not lets than $20,000,000
vitb the piuhunt facilities ( or mining , milling
, nd mnolttng , The cnpabllilloj of ere pro *
luction KCtms to lucrcnau with < ! o\cU > pmont ,
md this fnU la best , illustrated by the vxten.
Ivu additions now being inudu to thu Aim-
londn , L'airott , Mont.imi ; ColuMi , and Clnrk'n
olusn concentrating ivnd biiieltlng pluute.
Thoio Is ivgrai.d oiiuntng for moral ufoim
n the territory , 'jhu liulo liitcr-iMountnln
ajti ' 'Tl.o next Irgirlulmu of Montana , If
t bo oomiio ud o ! honorable iLcn will lm\u u
; loiimn oppoitm.lly to impriAo ( hu publlo
norals In the t ribcipnl uitlcH of MonUna. Thu
uural Hcnlinient uf thu tenltory will inbku
ti-elf full and thu rcHiilt will bu that a cctt iln
ints of people who li.odlf the wngea ui.d folly
if others w til bo compelled to curn a living
linnout toil their " " ouV
jy or ply "profmUm" ,
restrlctudfcalu" ,
81 ! ATI Kit I NO NOTUH.
Thn ICit Car2on mouimiL'ul U to be crcctod
at Bantu Ke.
Tlio propoity in TiiCBon , A. T , , in nnscniii'd
nt S2,0i7l ( 7A70.
An olil crater oil the wi'tt tlilo of Ml
Davidson In eald to bo warming up ,
The Koxnilu and Oregon railroad contriirt
ractort will HOOU liuvu live mllu * of road nrjd
Ono thousand man nro now employed in
coniDloting thu Camudu division o.r the Ntr h
eru I'acilic ,
Four Bort-hum mlllii are now running In
Ham'a Valloy. Southern Oregon , v > itU a capac
Ity of 100 gallouH per day.
A man gathurud off of hia place In wrnlt'rr
WoiihiuRtoii territory , thin mt non , 1,100
barrbla of cranberriea , worth ? 10riOO.
Thn bum of ? . ' ! " > , ( .00 him boon | > ald for n con
trolling Interest in tliu Hilvor Lining mine , In , Nov. The Itodlu men are aninug the
compjiiy that ] ) i cltai d.
The lun'ffoil vnluo f the taxiblo projxjrty ,
real anil piT onal , in Klko county , Nevada , for
Iho yrur IBSi , WIIB $ y , 00U7i for the year
IPKil. it wa t3,087,401j for the your 188i It
( Jreat nmthy exlctn at 1'arin , Hear I.ako
county , Kuv , , ircarding fduc.itlonul mntturf.
Tim tltlzi'iu of that pUtii icfiitid recently t <
> nto n lax of ono pnr cent to rendiT their
rchuol liuutu Imbltublo am ing the winter
inontliK , ,
] .a(7iundo , Oroson , got tiicul of so many
ambleitf , loupjitf uud thle\i'i ( , aii't ' the othui
duy nottcuii were iiottrd winning "llu-horr
uambli'iH , op inn lienda aid trxFluiii" | t
Vftvo town within twenty-tour houiu. Al
but two left ,
The Tiinufl ) Los Acgdlu IB lnfpiiit < i
with u largo punp of petty lutccny thiov n
bunko-ttecrerti , tin-horn gumUnj | ( , roiilulunce
men , Hdfu-crjcU'rH and biir l.tru. 'INio poll i
force liau btim nearly doubltd within Ilia past
few dayH tincu the advent of thU flats.
A rovwond lecturer from India , at the clew
of his iiUconrto lit M'icKtilD , Ctlifoinfa Hun
day ovuilng , nflur dilating mi the fully o
wearing it' ' " ulry , tuok up a cnlh ctlon and u .
hortedluilloiiRiid men to put thinr | uweU in
the oontiibutloii bin , Lut It won u fitilf-nfcked
Hinllencu , uud adhciiil to their wurld'y trea
urea ,
lh i Ti mbnto' u ( \ . T ; Mil & Miwutj tuui
p.iny produced SO.fiOS 89 ton i of ore , vieldlni
an average of ! )5IKJ ) ) ouncr * nf nlvcr , and W
ounce ? of gold per ton , Mining la < t year < a
? ! I. HI par tonj milling , $5 flj ; concentrating
81 * > 7 ; Mneltlng , $18 00 ; sundries nd n-linlnn
trntion , SI. 77. The ere product l t year wa
] " MO tnM. ThomltiMlmro prndticad bnl
In two yenri vnluwl nt Sl.Wi.'jn'.ZO , jot its
b mdod ebt is only SlOfl.CO ) lufa than it wa
when d\idcndft ! ceaied ,
Skflcioim In Mm TOM-IT l
The London Standard , in deecribinR
the progroai of the work of "restoration1
nt the townr of London , han tlio follow-
ins nbnut the historic church of SI. Polor
ad Vincnla , which la nituated within its
bounds : In the cjo of Iho Englishman
this ohnbby little church in 0110 of the
Bicrod places of England. Within it lie
the remains of s > mo of the most illustri
ous , many of the best , nnd , taking them
all in nil , n few of the woret of thoao
vrlioao imtnca nro most prominent in our
chronlclea. Oppoftitu tlio door is the
spot whuro private cxcctitiona for ntntu
olfenscs formerly took place , and on thii
blood stuitivd bit of f/roimd , now rnnrkoc
by a largo oval of clnrk Hints , pcrishod ,
iiinong others , Anne Boleyn , Lidy Jane
Gray , and the carl of Eioox. In the floor
of Iho church , and in the crypt , nro the
bnncs of Bcoroa of unfortunntos , many ol
thorn nameless , hurriedly Blftin , often
without trial , and huddled here without
any record of their offense or thuir fnti ) ,
with the knowlodgu that dead men
nnd dead women tell no talcs.
Tlio entire soil of the toner is , it ;
truth , ono vast graveyard. The work
men nro constantly turning up bones , to
which thu records of the place afford _ no
clue , and n few years ngo , when making
some repairs in the tloor , they came 01 :
numerous skeletons , as though people
fiad bean pitched into a pit without any
regular sepulture. Largo quantities of
charred bodies most probably those of
[ lemons burned for heresy were found
: lese to the church of St. Peter , and between -
tweon it and the crypt. During this
disarrangement of the dust of agestho remains
mains of Annu lioelyn , Catherine Uow-
ml , Dudley , Lady Jane Gray , Somerset ,
Monmouth , and the countess of Sails-
jury or at least skeletons which , from
: heir positions in the chapel , wcro bo-
iipvod to bo theirs with many other
listorical personages , were lighted upon ,
and decently rccoflinod and rointored ,
, ho undetermined remains being buried
n the crypt. The original interments
scorned to Imvo boon hasty as , indeed ,
wo might except from the well-known
'act that Anne Boloyn'a body wai toesnd
n to an old arrow chest , which chest ,
vitli some arrow hcada hard by , was
'pund holding the remains of * 'a do-
icatoly formed woman" when the grave
van broken open. So , too , much quick
tmo was found in the graves mentioned.
VntI You. Sly I'YIiMul. Hnvo t l
llccn ; ( ) ( ) ( for JIIinToo ,
When the Wild West show wna in
own , n big man , wearing a oombrero on
load and a gruesome scar on his face ,
valkod into a ealoon and gazed scarch-
ngly nt the congregation , eyeing each
inn in turn , says the Boston Globo.
"Whom are you looking for , John ? "
nquirod the gnntlcman who ntood with
is back to the bar , both elbows resting
n the counter , and ono heel upon the
oot-rail , while ho explained away the
lulllgan letters on the hypothesis that
lulligan wna an illiterate brick-layor ,
nd probably hired some irresponsiclo
ohomlan to write the letter for him.
"Oh , I'm looking for Somebody , " ro-
> licd Arizona John. "I've been looking
or him the laat two years. Why , I've
unfed for that follow from Skowhogan
o Siskiyou , and oflarcd big money for ono
quiiro look at him. Ho works for our
howdoctJ moro'n anybody elao in camp
-but I can't got on to him. Ho isn't on
ho calory list , but I'd like to work for
mlf what it costs to keep him. Ho'a
Iwnys doing somothinH. Ono of the
julliilocn got into a man's garden up in
jpringliuht and hoisted the man over a
encu , nnd when I wont to the camp and
ski'd who lot the bulF.ilo loose , they told
to S 'inubucy ' did it.
"Y-obut who in thunder is ho ? " 1
nid , " 1 don't know him. 11 o isn't on
hu salary list. I never hired him.
how him to mo. If ho's doing ail thcso
lings , why don't 1 over moeet him ? "
"Somt'budy left a oandlo on the table
no night and burned [ the house down.
omubtdy lut go Iho drag rope of the
alloon too aoon the other day and wo
jst the balloon. Somebody forgot to
ccd the horses Somebody loft the barn
ftho coiral down nnd all the stock
tampeded. Now , whnt I wnnt to know
a , who in this Air. Somebody , where IB
o , what docs ho look like ? Somebody
ut mo Bcems ) o Unnw him. I'vo heard
ion tell their wives thut they'd got to KO
own town to meet Somebody. Gentlu-
icn go out between the ncis nt thu
licatro to ace Somebody. TJutt fellow
iomubcdy gives mo inoro trouble , does
nero dainuge , and couts morn ni"noy
Imii all the rest of thu outfit. I'm look-
ng for him. 1 want to iind him. I just
vmit to st > o him a minute only a luin-
i'o , I'll die hnpiy | if I over got u ecjutro
lunco i\t Soniob dy. "
"What in you ? " : iskod the bar-kecpnr
ue'nuatingly. '
"Givo mo a beo'n-uwing. I don't
mow who'n netting 'em ' up , hut hero's
uck to Somebody. "
Ho Did Not Not I co It.
'ittnlmrc ; Cbronloo-Tolurapli ! ,
A PitUburg oportsman came back from
lunkakoo n fuw days ugo. ITo had boon
hero duck hunting , and on the morning
if his return ho met the man ho hired
iis gun from.
' lltllo , when did you get back ? "
" ' "
'Smorning ,
"Have a good timer"
"Well , I should Binilo. Shot ducks all
lay and played a quiet little game of draw
n the gloaming. Say , that's a first-class
; un of youra. I'll ' want it again , I ex
icct. "
"Oh , yes ; I'm sorry about that mistake
about the stock. 1 suppoeo it gave you
'What stock ? What do you moan ? "
"Why the yun stock. Wo nmda u iris
tnko itnd put a Ao. 10 stock on the case
with No. 14 birroU "
"Did you ? Thunder , I didn't notice
it. "
"Aha ! "
1'olillcn III
"I utuloiutnnd you and Smith had a
fight ycsti'rdnj ? "
"Yt-s , > vo had a littlp dilHculty about
polit'Cf. ' "
1 And ha drew a pistol on you ? "
Y .l"
"IIu must Imvo been drunk. "
" 1 giiCHi litwar. . Al luaat , that is the
opinion of the ooronor. "
Soil of North Oaroliuu Smokmg To.
w UCJ .A t U b t\ ,
anil Kaily nist < n7 " ' ' ' " *
Omni. _
h II has t'n-
( ICI'lfOMO.
Now York Commercial-Achettiscr.
"IJavo you any idea by whom or when
the g.-uno of fnro waa invented ? " asked n
reporter n few days ago while talking
with Ohnrloa Dunn , the well known gam-
"Well , that is n questnn , " replied
Dunn , creasing hia legs with a grunt of
supreme comfort and lighting another
cigar. "Faro , my boy , ciatoa back to the
inventors of almost all the games that require -
quire thought. 11 was invented , I Imvo
heard , by the Pharaohs after they had
got tired of playing chess and backcam *
mon , and all the other innocent little
gatmia which brought them so much en
joyment. But the now invention w s the
ruining of the Pharaohs , for they gambled
so much that finally the shepherd kings
wont for thorn and pulverized them , na
\ro say nowadays ; so tnro was temporarily
forgotten. The Ptolemys revived it , and
then it crossed over into Italy , where
mosaics in the ruins of Pompeii IMVO
been found representing two players
deeply absorbed in the primitive game ,
No , I'm not joking. 1 never joke about
any such oorlous matter its faro. But ,
honestly , no ono knows when the game
was really invented. It was ono of those
things which partook of the nature of
Topny nnd 'simply grow'd. '
"Tho earliest record wo have of the
game is in the thirteenth century , when
it had assumed considerable popularity
in Italy and Franco. I am inclined to
bellovo that it is of Italian origin. From
the Italian wo got the word "parlco , "
which ia used in the game now , and
moans to lut the stnko lie and doublo.
The Italian origin ia paroli. To miiko
paroli as it was originally called , a player
was required to bond ono corner of the
preferred card over , It was alwaya his
right to withdraw a bet after the tlmo
when ho had won hij first stake , but pre
viously to that ho had to lot his money
remain. At that time there were no
lay-outs. ' Every player had his own
and made his bets on thn cards that
o himself turned. When ho won ho
simply showed his card to the dealer and
ho was paid. A century ago no box was
used. The dealer dealt out his hands ,
and so ran a great chance of showing
most of the cards. The box la a great
protection against the inquisitive , and it
is really the only protection the player
has against any possible manipulation on
the part of the dealer. If faro was dealt
out of hand , as it was in former times ,
there would bo a decided number ol
shootings in this policoridden city.
"It I'M hard to say when faro was intro
duced into this country. The probabili
ties are that it was played in England
long before any ono over dreamed ot
colonizing the now world. Wo know that
it was played in Virginia long before the
revolution. Thu old planters wcro not
chary about hotting their slaves on the
turn of a card , pnd had none of the
Puritan narrowmindoducea which kept
faro out of Now England. The game
was played : it that time without n box.
The players choao their cards from thuir
own decks , and had nmplo opportunity to
manipulate it as they pleased. They got
no benefit from a split that is , when
two cards of a like denomination are
turned up and the stakes nro equally
divided between the player and the bank.
They didn't even have the advantage of a
'cuo box' to check off the cards which
had been dealt. Of course , there was
raeh betting in consequence , and manip
ulation was common on the part of the
bank nnd of the player , and you may bo
sure both took advantage of thoia changes
to the best of their ability. "
"Have tnoro been any recent changes
in the game1' ?
"I should think BO. And they all have
Iind a tendency to make the game much
Fniror than it was originally. Thirty
years ago , I remember that it iras a rule
that if n man put abet down on the table
! io was compelled to leave it there until
it had lost or won its equivalent. Now
lie is able to change his bets as many
times as he chooses. At that time when
a man sat down nt a faro-table ho sat
down only to bet to win. Now ho can
bet either to win or to loso. At that
; imo there wasn't any such a thing us n
copper ; now a man can copper the ace
and bet that it will lese nnd still win on
a loaing card. Then there is coneidorn-
) lo diflercnco in the way faro is played
n the west. If n man puts his chips at
.ho corner of the king heading to the
dpuco in this city the bet takes in tlui
dug and the deuce only ; but out west
uch a placing of chipa would mean the
dug , queen , ace nnd dcuco. Checks
lave only been used during the
aat fifty years. Previous to the ivory
3iska which represent so much money ,
coin waa used , and oftontimea the faro
able would bo strewn with gold and sil-
cr as the game went on. The first time
are wns played publicly in Now York
vns in 1827. It increased to an alarm-
ng extent untl ) 1831 , before the great
ire , when that calamity loft the city nl
most without money. The distress of
ho following two or thrco years almost
ailed the giimo , but , ns business revived
and money again became plenty , faro
arose from the ashes , as it were , and returned -
turned ita sway. In about 1810 the legislature -
islaturo passed a bill declaring faro to bu
illegal gambling , und thenceforth when-
n'oraman wanted to 'buck the tiger , '
lie had to do it on the sly. Virginia
look action forbidding the game in iho
last century. In 1750 eho passed i law
requiring 'thn subjects of the king to ro-
fratu from playing the game of faro. '
The penalties fur breaking this old law
were very severe , including heavy line's
and a long term of imprisonment.
Slimy MtiKBca of "Ijlvi'r" AVtiloli Be-
ooiiio Clean mill Dry ,
The sponging Hoot ia composed of
imall schooners ranging from tcu to forty
tons , or oven smaller , writes a correspondent
pendent of The Now York Times from
Naisau , Eioh schooner carries from four
to six men , and makes periodical trips
out to the sponge bodv. Around Abaco ,
Andros island , and Kxuma are some of
the principal fisheries ; there are hardly
any of vftlun in the itnmcdiato vicinity of
Nassau. The mon do not diva for them ,
as epongo fishers in tlio Mediterranean
do , but use long-handled things like
oy tor-ton s to fish them out of the
water. They do not "go it blind" and
probu in tlio mud , like oystormou ; in thu
clear wntor ttuy can see every Inch of the
bottom , make up their minds what
sponges to take , and coizo hold of each
ono oarofolly , dotnth it from the rock to
which it clings , und lift it into the boat
They are not tlio uica , delicate , und
light-colored things wo ecu in uhop win
NVIinn fint taken fron * the water they
look and fool inoro like n piece of raw
liv.r than euything ulso. They are slip-
purr , slimy , ugly , nud smell bad. Thuir
* i r .s . j Lcr.itl > nciU uf brown , very
much like the color of gulf-weed , only
little darker. Most people are taught , i
the days of their freshness and innocence
that the sponge is an animal , end whci
they vielt Nassau they expect perhaps t
RCO the epontjes nwimmlng about tli
harbor , if indeed they do not surpris
some of the more athletic ono
climbing trees or making little cxcur
sions ever the hills. But they are dis
appointed when they learn thai the nni
inol purt disappears entirely long bcfor
the spontfo roaches a market.nna that th
part wo use for mopping up fluido is only
his house , the many roomed residence it
which ho sheltered himself while at nea
a regular marino tenement house , buil
with great skill nnd architectural proci
BIOII , in which many of the little bciat
lived and died. After the sponges roac !
the deck of Iho vessel they nro claanoc
nnd dried and go through a curing pro
COIP. They then become the sponges o
commerce , and nro divided into t-igh
varieties in the Bahamaa.
Some , calle d "lambswool , " are as fin
and ooft na silk nnd very strong. Others
although large and perhaps tough , are
noarao and comparatively worthless
There are , too , boqnot sponges , sill
apon ca , and finger nud glove sponges
The process for curing them h to keep
them on dock for two or three days
which "kills" them. Then they are pu
in a krawl nnd Iccpt there from eight to
ten days , and are afterward cleaned am
bleached in the sun on the beach. Whci
they reach Nassau the roots are cut ol
rnd the sponges are trimmed an'
droased for exportation. Nearly every
darky in Naesau understands how to do
tliis trimming part. The symmetry o
the sponge must po preserved as much a
possible , nnd if there nro any place
whcio coral sand has adhered to tin
sponSo , these plncca muat bo cut out , fo ;
no amount of skill or cote will got rid o
sand in a sponge , and the sand is sure to
scratch anything it touches. The
trimming is generally done very oxportli
so that nnovlco would hardly BOO that
sponge had been cut.
An Amiaclniis Lltlgantl FojU tlie
Sheriff and Dance * "With tlio
Hells of the Hull.
Commercial Advertiser.
"Shoot Iron Jack , " an audacious brig
and , fifteen years ngo , was a terror to
several counties of northern California
Ho waa well educated , handsome , tall ,
the son of a minister , so all accounts
agreed , and hia name had been gained by
the immunity from bullet-wounda that ho
appeared to possess , Men did not hesitate -
tate to declare that they had soon good
shots fire point-blank at hia breast and
miss him squarely , lie became knowi
as the most expert horse thief in the re
gion , and innumerable exploits of hia are
related in Shasta nnd Tohama counties.
On ono occasion ho threw his pcrsuers oil
his track , assumed a disguise , met the
ohoriirs party , delighted them with hia
aongoand stories , put up with them at a
little village inn , and during the night
escaped with three of the best horses in
the party , after having turned the others
loose in the woods and leaving a saucy
and funny letter of thanks ending with
an apt latin quotation for the sheriff ,
whoso wrath waa of such an abiding seri
that brief would have been Jack's life-
loasa had ho been overhauled ; in
lees than two minutes ho then ircro
suredly hauled over and dangling from an
oitk limb.
Ono of the most characteristic feats of
this fellow was performed at a mountain
ball in a log cabin. Young people had
assembled from many milca distant , some
of them coming a day's journey. The
ball had hardly begun when a tall ,
black-haired , well-dressed , handsome
stranger appeared and excited much
comment. A particularly handsome
young girl wns taken out on the floor by
her partner , und suddenly the stranger
stopped up und with great politeness re
quested the gentleman to resign the lady
in his favor. lie whispered his name in
the young man's ear , paid a compliment
to the young lady , took her forth and
led the dance , The word wont around
that Slicet-Iron Jack had como to dance
with all the pretty girls ; that ho had
several revolvers , never missed a shot ,
and probably had friends bid within call.
The loiig and the short of it was that the
thirty young men present were terror
ized , and , ono another , the handsome
brigand dauccd with the prettiest maid
ens in the room. Then ho bowed to the
excited assomby , stood in the doornray a
BRcnnd , said mockingly that it was a pity
the mon were not as bravo as the ladies
wore handsome , and diaappcarcd in the
llii' Dlost Powerful Boat of lh Kind
In Use.
Xow Orlonns 'runes-Democrat.
Capt. Eids' now steam tugboat wau
launched on the 27th hist , at the yards
uf Neaflio & Levy , in Philadelphia. This
jottt , vhen finished , will bo the most
powerful one of the kind in the world.
3ho ia 12i ) feet lonjj , 22 feet beam , and
1 1 fcvt diiphth of hold. The entire hull
a built of the best boiler etetl plates.
Her engines are compound , ! )2 ) inch
stroke ; the high-pressure cylinder is 22
ind the low-pressure ono Ii8 inches in
diameter , turning a nine foot propeller
wheel. She will have two steal boilers
of great strength , each 8i feet front and
13 foot long , designed to pass United
States inspection for a working
pressure of 157 pounds per eqnaro
inch , which pressure will , however -
over , bo limited in practice by Mr.
Enda'a ordora to 125 pounds. At this
pressure the engines will develop 700 in
dicated horao-powor , or four times aa
much aa his other well-known tugboat ,
Ella Andrews , develops. Capt. Eads
does not believe the Unlthd States in
spection formula a safe ono. The boil
ers of his great iron drcdco-boat Bay ley
and those of the Ella Andrews were built
to pass inspection for ICO pounds per
tquaro Inch , but only 125 is permitted on
them. This boat Is designed for uao at
the mouth of the Mississippi and in the
gulf of Mexico , and will bo made useful
in constructing the ship railway , and in
the harbor works of Galveston if con
gress places the latter in charge of Capt.
Eads. This superb tugboat will bo nt
Now Orleans about thu time of the open
ing of our gtcat exposition , and will boar
the name of ita energetic director-general ,
15 A. Burke , under whose ordora she
will bo placed for an excursion to the
jetties. _
A "Women's
The Elgn was displayed , und somebody
wont in to BOO if u man who win tired ol
his wife could go there and trade her oft
for another ono. Found it was im
practicable. The host kin * of uxchauno
for women ia that which is pcom aed by
Urown'a Iron Bittora. Exclnngo pool
health for tfoou. Broken down nnd de
bilitated ladles with impoverished blood
find vigor and joy in the enrichment
whioh this priuco of tonioi buetowa on
lii * medicine , comMnintf Iron with jmrn
t'MiiIjlo lonlr , ginrkly nnd rninnlptoly
t'utvb HyxiiriKiln , uiillir lliii , U mUm'ftM ,
tminirc illciixi , .llitlurliM hillsitiiill < 'ct < > r ,
niiil Ni-urnluln.
II l nn unfnlllnR roin-Jy Inr JMsrnresof ti3 !
KIi1nrH nnil l.bor.
It Ii Invnlnnlilo ( or l'l oii oi prnillnr to
\Vmii 'ti , nnd nil vlio lend fodentnrv lhc
It iloos not Injure t lie tcctlicnn clicndnPlic , it
firod'iro ' constipation o/A'r / Iron ma/irfiifi tin.
Hcnrirhctniul purifies the Mood , ctlmnlntri
Iho npnctltc , nlds the nvlmllntion of food , re
Mrvri llenrtlmrn nnd Heir-Mug , nnd strength-
M - the mu'rlo * nnd ncrxr *
Tor IntormltU'iit rovers , .assitndc , I.arV of
Knonry , Ap. , it lias no cqnnl.
11- The ernulnp lins nl > no trnfir rnnrk nnj
fr < n c < l red lint-son wrapper. Tnkc iiuotlicr
piiif-oniriir mumMiiKiiirji , to. . im.Ti.ipitr.r.-v.
Andundlspntciintne BROAD GLAIN
liver offered to the uublic.
The etcctDBblps of this well-known line are bnllt o
Irou , In water-tight comportments , and nro furnleh
ed with every rcqulalto to make tbo iM3igo botl
! ( o und ngrccablo. They carry the United Etato
and European marls , tnd leave Now York Thura
dajsundbaturdaj-Hfor ri } mouth ( LOXDOli ) Chor
bourc , ( PAUIS ) and n/iMllUUO.
Rates : Stecrego from Europe only F1S. Flro
Cabin , ? 56 , * OB nu.l J76. GtoeriKe , ? 2U ,
Ifoury Pundt , llark llauten , F .C. Moores.JI. Toft
vgentsln Ouiaha , Oioncwor & Schoontfrcn , ngcntaln
Counsll Eluffs. C. BlRICUAUD &CO. , Ocn. Pass
Afrta. , 61 Broadway , H. Y. Cbas. Kozmlnokt & Co
Qenrr * ! Western . * B9nta , 170 Wnehlngtcn St. , Chic *
i Charteredby thsStatsofIlil
: appropriate rc.r.edy
.ntnnce utedin cnchcitc. Consultations , per- cr by letter , sacredly confidential. Mcd.
" cnt bv Mail and Express. No marks on
& .E.ICC to indicate contcmo or sender. Addres *
. JA WES.HO. 204Wa3hinfllon SlM
Men. Quick , lore , life. Itook fr * .
VIGOR r , lliOFulloua
Victims of jouthfulirnprudence.causInBNcrrousDo-
ility , I'remnturo Decay , and all ilisold. re broiiebt on
y indiscretion or cxcpb .wlll learn of a i , vlo remedy ,
rte.byaddres | pgj. 11. itUEVKiOjUhatlianieUNTy
? lll euro Nervoiisnotii * , I.nn .
si > nritlKln , hLluti n , KIIIK\ | , Spine HIM ! lu. ii
nur. Anlhrau , Mi'iirr tltht ii- * , ' PI * pl t. ' "li-'l i'l
Ipt'lils. ( lUftrrh. I'll , ' , } 1 ill | < * \ Iii | > ! ii i I lit )
ri'l l ] ) "i Ltfil oti OMl , ti n iitiu I .LIIH I
ca that H'lula Iho l.l < t irU tl. tin I m Mit'tlnm l . ll.t
uilf , uud cau Lu rocharKud lu uu Iribuuit b > the j . .iloal.
Winter Iscnrnlnc , the soaeon o the yrar for nclics
ndjinl/19. \lowof thla fact wo say buy onu of
> r. llor c'a Electric Belts Ily FO doing you will
void llhouinatitm , Kidney Triublca and otliir Ilia llcsh Ii liclr to. Do not deliy , but cell ct our
fflco and examlua belts. No , ll'J'J Douclas ttroot , fr
, P Onrdnmn' , 1110 i'aruatn St. , Omaha , Nob. Or-
CHfil'l ' l 0 O U
i oa,0 eb
estonejtar.N Y. , Caplt&l . , CWCC : ' .
ao WoruiuntP , cl Nowut. N J. , Utpltkl 1,275,000.
rardjrire.IhUidoljhla , * pilU . I.Sro.COfl
ernen'rivad Ctt'lil . l.ltJ.tlt
IS DK01D 1)V
Royal Havana Lottery !
Drnwu ot Havana , Ouba , Every 13
to 14 Days.
riOKCTB , 2.00 , . HAtyE3. .00
flubjott to no manipulation , not controlled by th
irtionln Interest. It la the fairest thug la > h
.iturc of chinco In eiUtonco.
For Information and p ticulan prly to8HI8Ky ,
JO.jaen.Agenta.lSlillroadKav , N Y. city.
Z. KAU114 CO. , 117 Walnut otrcot.H * , Loalt' , Uo
r Frank Lobrunn , L. D. . SO Wyaudotto , Kan.
y Ul-m&e & w Iv
Health is Wealth !
< uarcntrod cncdtln for IljucrU , D ttluoeii , Convu ) .
ilc'iia , Kits , Nervous Neuralglt , Headache , Nervous
'rottratlou caun-d by thu use ol alcohol rr tobbacco ,
Vaktfuluei.1 , Mental doprconlcn. EoftcnlnK of the
brulii , rcaultlne In Iniunlty and letplng to mlrery ,
iL-fiy aud death , Premature Old ngo , Ilaionob * . IDAS
oliii | erlu tlther itx , iaioluutary Lents nnd i > tr
rcatorhoia cauted by over exrrtlontcf the brain , Belt' '
itbure or o\er Indulgence , K&cb box , coctalna ono
month's trratmcnt. f l.tO a boxer til bottled ( or
IMO , Bunt by mall prepaid on roculpt ( i ! prlco.
Toonre inr caio. With each ordfr romUeil by tu
'oi ' elx bottles , accorarllth.d with J5.00 , wo will wnd
iba purchaccr our written puaianteo to refunu Ihb
mcuey If the tre&tmontdo s net effect a euro , duor
utcca Irtuod eely by JOHN C : WKKT U CO. .
] y S-ui&e-rr ffl2 Madl < on St. , Chicago , 111.
Physician & Surgeon
Rfeildcnce No. 1407 Jomi Ht Oilko , No. UOO Far
niluMrott Otl'co bom * Hm. to IP m. am ! fiomS
( < tf | > 1 , . T | l 1' L9 ( r I' It . ' T ll li * l.'J.
The rotnarknblo growth of Oraahcv ,
durlny thu laat few yparB J3 „ inattsr of
great astonishment to these who my nn
occaaional visit to this prowhig citv. The
development of the Stock Yards the
necessity of the Belt Line Head the
finely paved Btroota the hundreds ql ao r
rcflidencoa and costly business blocks ,
with the population of our city moro" than
doubled in the last five years. All -thlfi
ia a great ( surprise to visitors nnd lo the
admiration of our citizens. This rapid
RroTrth , the businens activity , and the
many eubstnntial improvements made a
lively demand for Omaha real estate- and
every Investor hao made a handiwinQ
profit. i
Slnoo the Wall Street panic last May ,
with the subsequent cry of hard timim ,
there has boon less demand from specula
tors , but a fair demand from investors
necking homos. Thia latter class are
taking advantage of low prices In build
ing material and are securing their homos
nt much loss cost than will bo possible a
year honco. Speculators , too can buy
real oeta * a cheaper now and ought ta take
advant present prices for fntur
profi s
Th . few years promises groato
ovol pmonta in Omaha than the par
ft i years , which have boon us good st
wo could reasonably dcslro. Now rd ns
ufacturlng establishments and largo 'nn- '
bing houses are added almost weekly , job
all add to the prosperity of Omaha , atw
There are many in Omaha and through
out the State , who have their money In
the banko drawing a nominal rate of n-
torest , which , if judiciously Invested In
Omaha real estate , would bring theirt
much greater returns. Wo have marly
bargains which wo are confident Trill
bring the purchuser largo profits in tKe
near future. ft
We have for sale the finest
_ _ _ _ _
dence property in the north aud
western parts of the city. V
North -wo have fine lots atreasoii-
fiblo prices oa Sherman avenue , 1 7th ,
18th. Iflth and 8 th8 ; reolB.
West on ITarnam. Davenport ,
Cuming , and all the leading streets
.n that direction.
The grading of Farnam , Califor
nia and Davenport streets lias made'
iccessible some of tbe finest and "
iheapest residence property in the-
: ity , and with the build mg of th < ? t
itreet car line out Faniuui , the iiro-V
perty in the western part of the city ? } * *
iVill increase in value.
AVe also have the agency for the1'1
Jyndicatc- mid Stock Yiinls proper- !
y in the south part oi'the oir.y. The |
[ evelopmen s made in this section
iy the Slock Yards Company ana
he railroads will certainly double ,
he price in a nhort tinn-
v\ro also have somf business
ots and snme elegant , inside rcsi-
ence. < > for sale ,
Parties wishing toinv will find
omo good bargaiua t > \ cuhing on u
513 Souijli 14th S
Bet v'eon Farnham nnJ Douglas.
p. s. We ask those who have
iroperty for Bale at n bargain to give
IB a callWe want only bargains.
, Vo will positively not handle prop-
rty at more than ita real value.