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Mondap Morninc October 20
A swarm of becsmadoit Iholylntho
Wlchenof Holly's restaurant , Friday noon
The biscuit shooters made tracks.
A pollcsman remarked Saturday I
ho grand Jury hold n few moro sessions City
Clerk Jcwott will have to go to Lincoln to
call the roll ,
Peter Sicck , farmer nt Mlllaril , nnd fo
morly ft hostler at the Ooos Hotel , Friday
rewired notice that ho had drawn $0,330 in
German lottery.
Tom. Murray is making n desperate effort
to put nil the material lying in the street into
his now building before the thirty days allowed
by the court are up.
Cards nro out for the marrlago of Mr ,
.7 , McGuirk nnd Mt s Hannah Donaghuo , nt
St. Phllomona's cithodral , Wednesday , Octo
ber 22nd , nt 9 o'clock n. m.
Councilmen Bchm , Kauff man nnd Lcedor ,
Indlctedfor bribery appeared injcourt Saturday
morning nnd gave bail in the Bum of S500 in
each indictment for their nppoaranco for trial ,
The people of the south part of the city
nro complaining of the mail delivery. Mail
received nt the Omnlm oflko nt 11 n , m. , is
not delivered until nearly noon nn the follow
ing day.
In the dlsl ti : t court 1 > of ere Judge Wakoley
Saturday tha jury t\a \ the case of Perry ot-
al , vs. Berthold ot nl , announced that they
were unable to agree nnd they were dis
charged ,
Marriage licenses woio isiuod in the
county court Friday ns follows : Svond P.
Thorsen nnd Miss Matilda Bookman , Kmil
Thompson nnd Mtss Klga 13 , Olson , Patrick
II , Tobln and Miss Klizaboth Smith ,
In txjltce court Saturday four men
wcro fined $5 nnd costs cadi for intoxication.
Two vagrants wcro discharged with orders to
Jeavo the city Immediately. Frank Jackson
was held pcndlnc examination for 'petty
The executive commlttoo of the Blaine
nnd Logan club request all persons having
torches belonging to the club
to return them to the headquarters.
A largo percentage of the torches used in
Thursday's parade have not boon returned ,
A pleasant surprise party wao given on
Friday evening last nt the residence of Air.
Thomas Price , on Sherman avenue , in honor
of Frank Iloberti , who was so recently mar-
nod to Mlis Lizzlo Edwards. The evening
was spent In dancing , after which an elegant
supper was served.
On Sixteenth etreot , between Webster nnd
Burt streets nro two bad holes which have
been cut in the pavement for the purpose of
putting In sewer pipes and have not been re
paired. Several carriage springs have been
broken by sudden drop of the vehicles in these
holes. It would ho a good schoinp to have
them fixed up ,
The contract for grading down the now
court house lots has been let by the county
commissioner ) ! to James Duffy for JGJ cents
per yard , the dirt to go to the county , Tlio
work Is to be completed In twonty.dayg , 0.
H. Brown has the contract for grading Fi'.r *
nam street , west of the city limits , for 14
ppns per yard , nqd wjjl cornmenco operations
i/i'inebaugh & Mcrrlam , of the Union
elovntor , Friday received their first carload
of now corn. It was shipped by A. L. John.
son , of Sti IMwards , Nebraska , and. Is soft
and unfit for market. It id A great deal ear
lier than last year , the first car In 1883 being
received In December. When this year's crop
gets started U will make business lively as
there Is a big lot of it to market.
General W. B. Hnzon , Chief Signal Ofli-
cer.arrivnd hero yesterday from Washington on
an official inspecting tour , lie registered at the
f axton hotel nnd then called nt the M , S. sip-
halollloo , remaining there until train titno
\vhoi ho continued h1 ; journey to Silt LtVo
City. The general was much surprised nt the
rapid growth of thia city slnco ho last visited
It about a yeir and n half ago , nnd had many
n pleasant word for the enterprise , public
Hplrit and high Intelligence of Omaha people ,
On Thursday n man named H. II , Bui
gor { .was nrrestcil nt Fremont by Postal In
gpoctor John Stein , for sending obscene matter
tor through the nulls. It ii said that Bulger
had been living with a woman named Brown
and that she had got tire j of him and loft
him. Tals nngcrod Bulgor and ho kept send'
ing her mall matter filled with the worst obscene -
scene stuff. She got tired of this and turned
the matter over to the post ollico n thoritie
who ca jBod Bulger'B arrest. Ho was exam
incd before United States Commissioner An1
I i dorson Friday and waa held under $200 tu
appear before the UnltoJ States grand jury ,
It Is said that the woman Brown is endeavor
ing to reform nnd if such Is the case she
Miould bo given tbo hand of charity.
Friday evening a number of the older em
ployoj in the Union Pacific shops wont to the
homo of Mr. 8. II. II. Clark , Into general
manager , to wish many roturas of the nnni
vornary of his birth , of which yesterday was
tbo18th. . Councilman Andernon made n neat
little speech wh ! ) > was roapondcd to by Mr.
Clark , with n volco full of emotion , An hour
or more was spent in social Intercourse am
talking over old time ? when Mr. Clark die
not occupy so exulted n position nt at the
time of his retirement , The visitors thoi
sang B ivernl old tongs , the last ouo being
"Auld Lang Syne , " Upon taking their do
pirture Air. Clark informed them that th
doors af his bouso would always bo wid
open for thorn.
10,000 bushels Choice Winter Apple
for sale in ear lota or loss. You r bu
ness Bolicitod ,
e27-lm Nnhrnskit City , Nob.
lion , a. Htorllng Morton ,
li Dear Sir : -Wo , the members of th
"Blalno and Logan club of Louisville
Nob. , believing that the public oxproseio
by democratic orators , of such sentiment
as were uttered by you in your speech o
October 2-1 will hav a tendency to avvol
iho republican ranks and greatly aid u
in pUuiug at tbo huitd of Uiu nation th
LrillUnt statesman and gallant soldier
do hofphy pxtmid to you an invitation to
speak again in this place before Novem
bur 4cli Upon your consenting to com
wo promise you a torchlight iirocoeBio
end will boar the eipenncs of your trij
BUino and Logan Club.
B. II. Djujl < iB .uiu aims' Capsicum
Cough Drops are manufactured by then
eolvea and are tbo result of over fort
joari expuriouce ia compounding con ?
mixtures , ( I
Zs Passes Through Omaha
on His Way to Australia ,
A Uriel History of Ilia Cnuo Prospect
of SUCCOR * Still Held Out Ho-
fore Him.
Ono of yesterday's trains from the oas
brought to this city a man whoso nam
has boon upon the lips of every lawye
living within the last twenty yoara , and
whoso wonderful oxporionca in Englisl
: ourts has furnished the theme for many
an evening's conversation about the
tioarthatono. What this mnn'a name !
: s a matter upon which the opinion o ;
: ho world is almoat evenly dividedbut h
s bettor known among reading people as
the Tichborno claimant. This gentle
man arrived in Omaha about G p. in
rcstorday and remained about the dope :
intll the Denver train at 8:2fj : carriot
liim out of the city. Ilo was on hia way
from London , England , to
preferring to go through the Unitcc
State to his destination than
talto the Indian routo. Ilo
is traveling almost alonn , being accompa
uiod only by a gentleman who came over
on the steamship with him and wh ese
destination is n ranch on the Big Horn
in Wyoming. The claimant ia apparent
ly about CO years of ago , and his whole
presence bospoaka that of a man who haa
inured himoolf to many of the asperities
of life. Ilo is now gray and the furrows
in his face indicate much mental sutler-
ing and bodily pain. Ilo was not in the
least reticent and was willing the ob
ject and purpose of his journey should bo
made known. An eastern paper com
menting on his arrival in thih country
gives the following brief summary of his
case which for interest , intricate legal
points involved , and contrariety of testi
mony haa no equal
IN TUB iiuiTonv or ENOLIHII juitisi'iur
"With the release of the claimant to
the Tichborno estates from the convict
prison at Portsmouth , the most celebrat
ed case that has occupied the English
criminal and civil courts during the past
century enters upon a now phaso. Do-
fore proceeding to explain the further
developments that have taken place in
this sensational case since the day when
the gloomy doors of Nowgato closed upon
the burly form of the man whom
ono-half of England firmly believes
to-day to bo Sir Roger Tichborno ,
while the ether half is equally
positive that ho is the erstwhile Wappinp
butcher , Arthur Orton , it will bo need
ful , in the interest of American readers ,
to review with all possible brevity the
Tichborno case as it was developed in the
courts of law hero something over a dn-
cade ago. On April 20 , 1854 , young
Roger Tichborno , heir to the Tiohborno
estates nnd title , then twenty-six yearn
of ago , sot nail from Rio , in the Bella ,
Young Tiohborno appears , from the
ovlu nco of members of the fnmily and
others , td have boon n lad of curious dis
position , extremely backward In his
education , and somewhat eccentric in his
general behavior. Uo was brought up
principally in Franco , and in 1815 enter
ed Stonyluirat Roman Catholic College.
In 1810 a commission WM purchased
for him in the tith dragoons , but
ho appears to have had no great
liking for the profession of arms , and in
1851 ! sold out and loft with the purpoao
of making a protracted tour abroad. As
has boon said before , there is no doubt
that ho took passage in the ill-fatod Bel
la on the 20th of April , 1851. It is quite
certain that this vessel was lost , as was
generally supposed , with all hands. After
a year or two had elapsed and no sign
cimo from Hogor TVnborno , the family
were forced to the conclusion that
> ut , strange to say , his mother , Lady
llohboruo , continued to insist and believe
iiat her son waa still in the land of the
ving. From time to time , It is believed ,
jady Tichborno advertised in various
papers for news of her lost son , and it
would appear that in 1805 ono of thono
oticos came under the observation of a
man named Onbitt , who thereupon in the
Lugust of that year Inserted a notlco ad
Irossod personally to Roger Tichborno , if
10 were still in the land ot the living ,
oqucatiiiR him to como forward. In
response to that letter , ho received a com-
nunicatlon a month later from the man ,
who has now coma to bo known as the
claimant , declaring his identity
vith the long missing heir to the
Plohborno estates and titlo. Some
correspondence took place , and finally ai :
ntorvlow was arranged , when the claim
ant showed such an intimate knowledge
of the history of the Tichborno family
estates and other cognate matters that
Cubltt waa convinced that ho waa the
nan ho professed to bo. Subsequently
Boqlo , who had boon a personal attend
ant of the undoubted Tichborno , mot
and instantly recognized the young man
aa his old master. This was in July ,
1803 , and a month or two later the claim
ant , accompanied by hia vrifo and child
sailed for England , where ho arrived 01
the 25th of Do comber. Three days
later ho was soon and at once
recognized by n man named Bailey
keeping the Swan hotel at Alrosford , win
had known him , Roger Tiohborno , ns
young man , and by n number of otho
old residents on the Tichborno estate
A few days later ho wont to I'arla , wlior
the dowager L dy Tichborno was thoi
residing , and that lady , with the alight
oat hesitation , at once
hOV ,
and m\do a declaration at the Britis
embassy to that oflect. The claimant re
turned to Kngland and took up hia res !
donco at Eseox lodge , Oroydon , whor
hia mother wont to reside with him , am
made him an ample allowance up to th
day of her death , which occurred o :
the 12th of March following. The doatl
of Lady Tichbonio was u genuine nilefor
tune for the claimant , as , had that lad
lived and gene into the witness box an
aworh that ho waa her eon Roger , it mus
have produced a powerful ulfuct upon th
jury. As it was , the ether members o
iho family refused to recognize him a
the long lent peer , and treated him as
rank impostor. Several wealthy people
however , who had heard of the caao
bocaino Interested in the man , and f uiu
were aoon forthcoming to enable him I
! nrncoodiiiKB for the recovery of th
Tichborno estates ,
WOltTll BOMB $125,000 A YJUU
which bad boon tor some years hold i
trmt for the next heir to the title , the
an infant of but a foir yean old , An ao
tion itm commonocd with this object ii
vlow in the court of common pious , an
the C&BO cnmo on for trial in the Inito
end of 1871. After the case had laste
10U days , Sorgt. Ballantino , Icadin
counsel for the plaintiff , elected to b
non-sultod , and the plaintiff was ordoro
into custody for perjury. In this case
dozens of people who had known Hope
Tichborno ftfl a younger man , swore tha
the claimant was none other than he
while , on the other hand , a powerful nr
ray of wltnossoa declared their ccn
viction that the claimant waa certain ! )
not Hogor Tichborno , uomo of thorn
nvorrinn that they were positlv
of his identity with Arthur Orton , Hi
son of \Vapping butcher , who wa
known to luvo emigrated to Auatrali
flomowhoro about the time that the claim
ant stated ho first wont to that country
After upending a short tlmo in Nowgat
prison , the claimant waa roloaacd _ on
very heavy bill , and in the foliowin ]
fear ho was put on trial before Lore
3hicf Justice Oockburn , Mr. Justice
MollorandMr. Justice Luah , on a dua
ohargo of forgery and perjury. Thi
trial lasted no less than 100 day * , and
ended in the claimant's conviction , whicl
was followed by a sentence if fotircoor
roars penal servitude , seven years being
nfllctod on the forgery count , and a llk <
orm for the offence of perjury. It wll
) o remembered that subsobuontly Judal :
Jonnjmln moved the courts to have the
lontonco reduced to seven ( years , plead
ng that , the o/Toncoo / charged being iden-
ical , the sentences should bo
'ho judges denied Mr. Bonjamin's mo
ion , and the claimant , who waa recent ! ;
released , has served hia full term , losi
ho romiaalou of three mouths in oacl
, wolvo , which is granted to nil convicta
whoso conduct ia good while in confine
mont. In the short space it Mould bo
mpracticablo for mo to enter into the
uostion as to whether this long tria
roved that the claimant was an impostor
ir whether it waa demonstrated clearly
line ho was the man ho
laimod to bo. The whole ox
lenses of the prosecution were paid by
ho government , and It is understood tha
ho affair cost the country no leas than
il.000,000. The machinery of the homo
flico and the detective department al
Scotland Yard was pushed to its fullosl
xtont to convict the accuaod. The the
ory of the prosecution was that the clai
mant waa not Hir llogor Tichborno , but
hat ho waa Arthur Orton.
The above is a moat brief summary oi
lie caao which at the present time is as
rosh in the memories of men aa trhon il
waa before the court of England.
10 thpmo of lawyora and subject of con
The claimant ia known by the name oi
'ichbomo and assumes it to himself.
lo ia now keeping a splendid saloon in
jondon near Trafalgar gquaro known as
10 "Tichborno Arms , " This place waa
itted up by friends and ho ia now boconv
nfc rich.
Ilo related sovejal curious circutnatan-
os which wont to provo that ho was the
tial misasng heir ? Among thorn was the
nding of Arthur Orton in the aaylum at
'aramatta , whoso identity with that of
10 alleged Tichborno waa the great
) olnt upon which the crown
'cstod its prosecution Ho waa
lot only recognized in the aty >
nn by hia brothers , but waa able to
vo , in his tliun mental ubborration. the
ate , tlmo and circumstances under
hio'i the claimant , they having boon
ese neighbors in Australia. Many
ther inoidonta of hia trial were mention-
d by litin but space forbids.
Ilo oaid ho waa going to his old homo
n Australia nftor evidence which at
iroaont it would not bo prudent to di-
ulgo. Ho , however , has lost all hope
rom the courts , the rights from which
10 has lone ° K ° sl ° pt upon.
During hie confinement his friends ,
irominont among whom were the late
jord Rivers , Gurilford Unalow , member
[ parliament for Gurilford and Mr.
luatiormium East , since than high
inrlir of London. Thoao men have boon
ircctpd in their efforts to catubliuh him
u the hV
YtWlflK * " * * " " iv v nit tl All WU u
Their only hope now ia nil appeal to
larliamont. In conclusion , said ho : "My
rionda are not a little hopeful that aomo
lombora of parliament will bo found to
oopon the matter 'in the houao of com-
nona. but in this direction I am afraid
lipy may bo disappointed. Still 1 do
liink that the weight of public opinion
will put such pressure upon the authori-
ios that the Arthur Orton now in Pira-
notta lunatic aaylum will eventually be
brought to England , and , if this bo the
aso , I do not aoo how in common fair-
ices the government can rofuao to fur-
her investigate a caao in which ic ia
loarly shown that the claimant is not the
nan they , at least to their own satiafac-
ion at the trial at the bar , proved him to
> o. If a man's own mother's recognition
if him ia not oulliciont to provo hia idcnti-
y , I must confess I do not know what ia.
Pcnioornt tnkon Tor n small
Iloy at tlia Council ISlutrn Dem.
.oiiHtratlon ,
While over the rlvor Saturday night
lartioipating in the domocratio demonstration -
stration , a well-known Omaha gentleman -
man mot witli an amusing adventure that
reminded him of Ills umallnoas of ataturo ,
( ho being lets than five foot ) and which
occasioned oonaidorablo fun for hia
[ rionda who witnessed the opiaodo. In
company with two others , lie waa walk
ing up street , when ho suddenly foil
hand laid upon hia shoulder , ant
at the aniuo tlmo ho waa
pushed hurriedly to ono side , to nmko
room , evidently , for aomo ono who re
garded the Omitha visitor aa a amull bay
who waa occupying more sidewalk than
ho really noodod. The HUlo visitor hur
riedly turned around with n view o
demonstrating with whoever had thus
ruthlessly pushed him aaido to give aomo
aolMmpcirtant uudo perhaps , the right oi
way. But ho was taken back to uomo
extent to find Iho pusher to bo
none other than a well
dreuscd good looking lady ,
who Boomed in an unusual hurry. AVhoi
slm caught a ( limpso of the boarded face
of the little follott- from Omaha the lady
seemed to bo taken back , also , but after
blushing a rosy hue , aho auddonly in
creased her ratu of spued , and with nlao
rity dodged into the first dry goods
store baforo the reduced man from
over the river had time to bog her par.
don of being BO email , and for being In ho
Smoke Seal of North Carolina Tobao
FOR BALK A good family horao
buggy and harness , L , A. lUxu ,
Tojt Oilico Box SO ,
Sorrnon of Dr. Hnrlold
At the Jcwinu Synajjoguo Saturday
Dr. Unrfold delivered hia inaugural aor-
inon aa follows :
JIv DEAII FntENDs : The aubjoet cho-
aon for to-day's aormonja
Mil HE ,
from the following toil :
"Thon all the elders of Israel Rathorcd thorn-
Bolves together , mid cnmo to Jlnmuol , unto
ICnm.ili , nnd Raid untolilm , behold , them nrt
old nnd thy Roiia wnlk not In tliy wixyaj now
mnko us n kin ? to jinlga ua like nil the nn.
tiooB. " 1 Sam. , VIII , I.
Ilimah waa an insignificant villaco , sit
uated in the woatern part of Benjamin ,
midway between Jerusalem and Bethel ,
noted only aa the homo of Samuel.
It was hero where a delegation waited
on the prophet to ask hia consent and co
operation in the selection of a king ; from
which time the name Ilamah might have
boon seen on the pages of Jewish history
side by side with Schcchom , Ilobron ,
Giboon , Jericho and Jerusalem. Thus it
is over , an event , oven an occurrence , will
ralao the most insignificant to the pinnacle
of renown. It ia none the less ao with
mou than with places and things. Abel
would not have been known to sacred
history were it not for hia gocd qualities
in contradistinction to the aolfiahncsa of
hia brother. No ether especial feature
have marked Enoch's career than that of
walking in God's path , and were it not
for hia goodly propensities , the name of
Noah would bo unknown to ua.
Abraham was but the son of a manu
facturer of idols , and if ho had not
proved himself an iconoclast , his lineal
descendants would never bo distinguisha
ble among the many cosmopolitan racoa.
Truthful Jacob fought with false Esau's
angelic representative and overcame him
fit midnight hour and the name of Israel
bath outlived very time itaolf , and now
basks in the noonday sun of enlighten
ment ; and , though hia children claim no
auporiorlty , they will not brook epithets
} f inferiority. In modern time , profane
listory points to a Cromwell , a D'laraoli ,
\ Montofioro , a Napoleon and a Wash
ington. Because the latter dared to conquer - ;
quor himself by tolling the truth , ho
dared to moot an Irrepressible armament
md vanquished it. Thus it waa , also , at .
; ho time to which the words of this text
ofor. Because Saul , being cognizant of
ho reality of . hia ataturo , had absented
ilmaolf lost it bo insinuatingly construed ,
10 waa hailed the first king by acclama-
.ion. Palestine had hitherto shown obei
sance to ono crown Kothor Torah to
.ho majesty of the law , and her inhabl-
ants , tooling its cystlineaa by tbo strin
gency of its demands compared with thoao
of surrounding monarchies , would have a ;
second KotherMalchus akingly crown , fen
Che theocratic crown waa deposed , the
mrthonaomo heavenly yoke shaken off
and the delegation at Hamah the result ,
3ut the thing vraa displeasing to Samuel
naamuch as it served to discover their
rebellious propensity ; yet notwithstand-
ng , what waa the nature of
jod'o reply to the prophet's enquires ?
Did hia just ire kindle toward annihila-
ion ? No , my friends , ho simply said :
'II oarkon unto their voice ; hosvboit , yet
irotcat solemnly unto them , and show
horn the manner of the king that shall
oign over them. " Thoirmoat promising
ions were to bpoomo the guardsmen ,
heir loveliest daughters his palatial sorv-
nts and a tenth part of their own prop-
rty waa to fill hia private coder. His
roivn would bo composed of the most
ricoloau gems prlnciply power , faith ,
md they from whom they were plucked
ffould bo compelled to fawn hia every
tnovo. Sucu would bfj the demands of
their king ,
That ia to say , the dethroning of the
law of right and justice would boat the
coat of personal liberty , and contention
and anarchy would reign supremo.
For two thousand years our race has
had no king , but his demands might still
bo , discovered in the abjoctodncsa of our
llcgianco to King Mammon. Woo unto
uch who still claim him as solo king ;
TOO unto such who put their whole trust
n his prowess , for , verily , when the cry
f "vi loun do maaun" cometh , that is ,
vhon the time shall como that they cry
'woo unto us that wo must die , " ho will
> o powerless to aid !
King Mammon haa boon good to all
mankind , nevertheless , but hia regal om-
> loin being derived from the theocratic
rown.lio must necessarily bo considered
s a tributary , and , hence , aa ono of Ciod'a
noasongors. Ilo haa boon hviah toward
our raca since its dispersion and hia
gifts often time proved n life talisman in
ho fanatical middle nges. Ho found
nany followers in thia country and bopi
them. l !
stowed special favors upon
lie did not alight our brethren in
Now York , Philadelphia , Chicago , Cin
cinnati and Noiv Orleans and ho did not
brgot thoBo at Omaha. In order to
demonstrate their gratitude they devoted
some of their tlmo and money toward the
erection of houaoa for woralnpiug , ador-
ug and extolling the Great Giver of
Liifo. Our brethren in thoao and kindred -
rod cities nourished since then , spirit
ually aa well aa phyaically , nnd their
palatial homos wcro all the moro ao since
like Solomon's ' cariiago , they were carpeted
potod with love , and peace , the Aaronia
tic crown the Kothor Kohuno the
crown of Priesthood , swayed in those
apaciouB halls , nnd the father bloaaod hia
children with the benediction , nnd the
child kiaaed ita mother in happy contentment -
> n relieving amendment wni
introduced' between two conflicting laws , '
and the standard of tlm priestly crowr
was planted on the hearth of _ every
Jewish homo again , through which the
medium majesty of the loyal crown once
moro assumed the purple , and , it may
safely bo said , no country on the face o :
the glebe now enjoys moro personal
and roliuious liberty than this.
A delegation waited on Samuel at
Ilamah and there vraa a delegation oj
elders waiting on Religion at Omaha ,
Religious zeal assumed supremacy over
fascinating gain ; you would in the
words of the text have a king to
judge you like ether nations. There ia
where the wrong lay I They would have
a king because the surrounding nation :
had ono. But you , my friends , you dk
not deairo a house of worship simply because
cause the surrounding denominations
were daily transplanting you.
You longed for the priestly crown be
cause "Jowish religion was getting old
and too feeble at Omaha and his son
walked not in hia ways.
You have nobly succeeded in this ,
your praiswortby enterprise , andyou hav <
spared neither money nor energy. Man'
strong arm planted the supporting pil
lars , woman's taste decorated its _ intorio >
nud the child's prayers paved its aisle
with lovo. You have engaged a minister
too , for a king must have his cmbassador
to toll you the will of the Buprem
King , lib Master , as declared iu Ilia law
But lot mo toll you , thia King , Priestly
Religion , is very exorbitant to his subjects
jocts ,
lie domandoth constant attendance up
on Ilia parson and will permit no retro
gresaion , in the event of which , Ilo be
comes a jealous power , visiting the iniq
ty of the father upon the children , li
will take your children into Ilia rcaidonc
to minister to His incessant wants , am
your moat promising maidens and youth
to sing hia praise ; but in requital wil
weave for them a garland , through fli
ambassador , which shall vie in roaplond
ency with the triple crown , for they shal
have quenched their thirst wit )
knowlcdgo and appeased their hungo
with wiadom to understand the will o
their Father who is in heaven.
Then , thoono _ who shall , reversely b
the most abject in serving Him shall b
coed naymon , "ft faithful servant , " and
ho shall have n koliltiforoa , "a glorious
mitre , " which shall vie in brilliancy witl
the triple crown , for ho will carry with
him through hia earthly pilgrimage the
respect of hia associates , the world's oa
loom , and aboyo all , the knowledge ol
having done hia duty , hia whole duty , ho
will have a kothor sham-tob , "tho crown
of a gooa name ! '
ToeHoot _ thia lies with you alone ; you
mv friends , the paronta. You are to
sacrifice aomo of the precious time em
ployed in waiting on King Mammon and
employ it in serving the holy ring hero.
Ho ia not too exacting , twice a week wll
suffice. If you will call on Him Ilo will
return it ; will accept no card * nnd no re
grets Ho must have posonal calls , if it
bo only for fifteen minutes of time , and
rest assured , Ho will not proas upon you
to upend the evening.
I need not remind you of the houao-
hold adage "Liko parent like child" if
you will not attond'divino service , your
children will have the beat oxcuao in the
world for absenting themselves. They
will say , ' 'My parents do not think it
worth their while to attend , and why
ahonldl ? "
It doponda upon you alone , you who
built thia holy edifice , whether Omaha Is
to bo read on the page of American Jew
ish History aa waa Ilamah. Like Ilamah
It is situated midway between the Met
ropolis and Bethel's Golden Gate it de
pends * upon you whether , in the city , the
nroary Jewish traveler shall find an over-
jpon Abrahamio door to spiritual refresh
Many of those who breathlessly entered
hose portals during holy Idaro not say
Docauso they were holidays I do not see
icro to-day ; but perhaps it is bocauao
.hoy are hiding from their own goodness5
iko Saul of old.
Perhaps they are ministering to the
rants of some poverty-stricken soul. If
10 , may heaven speed thera , and when
icxt those doors will bo opened for the
reception of the holy Sabbath may their
iraiaoa and prayers bo heard from their
iccnatomod places and the calm of the
Sabbath rest around them.
In conclusion , permit mo ladies and
ontlomon , to offer my acknowledgements
or the honor you have done mo in a
election ; and Thou , 0 thrice crowned
ving of the king of kings , direct mo howe
o minister to this congregation to Thy
atisfaction , and how to weave for thorn
ho Glorious Mitro of a Good Name
Bnso Ball ,
8ATUIir > AY.
KANSAS CITY. Kansas City 1 , National
Jnions 5.
ST. Louis. St. Louis Unions 11 , Uoston 7.
Absolutely Pure.
this powder no\er v tlea. A marvel oi purely ,
trenxth nJ wholcHomoncsa. Moro economical than
ho ordinary Uml9anil cannot be fluid In competition
with the multltuJo ol low tcst.uhorl weight oluin or
pbonilmto powilora. Bold onlv In cans. UOYAL
JAK1NO 1'OWDEK CO. , 108 Wall street. , N.Y.
The scholnetloyctr commences on tne
First Wednesday in Sentemtier ,
rbo course ol Instruction embraces all the Elomon
larynml higher branches of a tliitshod education
LMBerencc ot KolMon la no ohttaclo to the Jm9- !
ston ol younz ladles. l > upUs ro received ftt ny
tlinooftho > car ,
Including Board , Washing , Tuition In English ud
French , uao ol booka. 1'Uno , per session ol
Five Months , 9150.00
EXTIU OHAHOK3 Drawing. Painting , Qcrmk
ITarp , Violin , Guitar and Vooal llunlc.
llotori'iioen arc rouulrod frota all persons unknow
to the Institution. For lurtnor Information apply
tha . .lADYBUl'ElUOU
Ic tdc * the uh&uUjr ol a rolld Kngljh * nd
cal education , iiwcl eire Kill ba devoted to tbo
Practical Surveying
, Banking and Commercial
Flve nei i > rolci oralmo been added to the faculty
for this purpose.
tf Vocal lluslo , Oornun and French , optional. JH
NBW 8TUI1ENT3 mutt preieut themselves dating
the wtck endlnz August 31 , between 0 ami IS . m. ,
nd they limit Do ready to stind examination to d >
cl Jo their rank In the oourne
1'rof. latubdjt will s\\t \ > due notice lor the resump
tlon of thoe\eiini ! ; course In Clmnlitry. Tuition
ee. No distinction on account of creed.
r u . 19 tu thuri lut 8t
Himebaygh St. Taylor ,
Buy your Fine Bronzed Hardware at Home for
less than Eastern Cities Can Deliver it.
Send for Our 250 Page Catalogue , only one issued in Neuraask
Counter , Hay , Stock and Railroad Track.
Orders for * ho Indian Department given for Buffalo Scales ex
clusively. Scale
[ 405 Douglas Street. OMAHA. NEBRASKA
Visitors to the State and others in need of Men's , Boys' audildren'a
Clothing , will do well to call on
The Strictly One Price House in the City
And examine their goods and prices. They carry the largest stock , anfl
sell lower than any other house in the city. Merchant Tailors
don't fail to call at
1216. FARNAU ST. 1216
I'ASSKNQKR KLEVATOUS TO ALL FLOORS. | 1208,12C8 Rail 1210 I'arnam St. , Omaha , Neb.
W" S W g" a B e
w § s 31 W
rJQw g O
B o ? oy ar ! cnr.T
! sasS.A1 "lklslltil ! . Omaha. Meh
_ _
J03 BRADY ST. , DAVENPOHT , IOWA , U. 8. A. EatabllBhed 1878 Catarrh ,
Deafuosa , Lang and Norvonn Dieeases Speedily and Permanently Oared. Patlenti
ur td at Homo. Wrlto for "Tjis MEDIOAL-MISSIONAIIV , " for the People. j
nonaaltatlon and Correspondence Gratii. P , O. Box 292. Telephone No. 26. i
HON , EDWARD HDSSELL , Poatmanter , Davenport , wys : " Physician of
ttet. AblUty wid Marked Snccees. " CONGRESSMAN MURPHY , Davenport ,
writes : "An ixonorahlo Man. Flno Saccesa. Wondorfnl Cures.1 Hours 8 to 6. |