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Omalm Oflioo , No. t lO Famam 8f.
Council Bin Its Offlco , No 7 1'cnrl S
fitrccr , Ncnr Brojitlway.
New York Office , lloom 05 Trlbnno
Building. _
PnMlnhod Tory rroranir , Tt
only Monday Darning dally.
ntri BT HAIL.
Oat Yt r . ? 10. 00 1 Three Months . 13.00
Kit Uoutni , . . . . . . . B.OO j One Month . 1.CO
Per W 1c , 25 Oonts.
ros TiretT in , rutusaiD ITMT
82.001 Three Uonlhl. . . I t
Six Months. . 1.00 I On e Month . „ . . S
ATT.C rlwm N w > Company , Sola Agentr , Newodeal
eti In lh United State * .
At Ocmmooloatlone teliitlnif to Now and Edllorlil
ut rnhenldb addressed to the KDITO or Tni
itnnKisa trmus.
All Bnalnos * Letter * Knd IlemtUanooa should be
Uddrwisod to Tni Bin runusmna OOKPAST , niuni ,
Drifts , Checks and roetofflco orderi to b madepay. .
able to the order o ( the company.
B. IIOSBWATBR , 1 or. .
A , II , Fitch , Manager Dally Circulation , F
O. Box , 483 Omaha , Neb ,
IF Church Howe decides to locate in
Tonncossoo ho might eventually repre
sent that state in the Unites States sen
ate. It would bo a question of time and
a little "aoap. "
THE man who macla those estimates of
the result of the coming election for the
Lincoln Journal ought to soak his head.
f Do estimates the total vote of Nebraska
on the 4th of November at 04,000 , when
at the last election , in an "off year , " it
was 100,000.
Tun Missouri river commission is now
at work in examining the plans proposed
for. the protection of the banks of the
river at certain pointn. The commission-
era are at Kansas Oity , and will probably
visit Omaha on Saturday next ,
TUB prosecution of Sunday ball-players
does not meet with much encouragement in
a city where saloons run on Sunday , whore
"floored concerts" are given in variety
dives on Sunday evening , and whore
there are a dozen violations of the Sun
day law ton times worse than ball playing.
Tins Chicago Daily News having referred -
forrod to the editor of the Tribune aa
"tho rascalMedill , " the Zr/iune / colla the
editor of the News "a disreputable black
guard named Stono. " The editorial
amenities of Chicago iournalism would
loadono to suppose that some cowboys from
"tho rowdy -west" are now doing the
heavy writing In that city.
Mil. WEAVER is traveling around in
this district explaining his congressional
record. Will Mr. Weaver explain why
ho ignored the time-honored custom of
giving all the young men in the district a
chance to compote for the West Point
oadptshlp appointment 1 Appointments
to the military and naval academies have
'Hover been regarded aa public patronage
to be given as personal rewards to favor
ites for services ,
Two years ago Mr. Laird publicly
pledged hla word every where in his dis
trict that ho would out loose from the
. railroads and servo the people. Thous
ands took him upon honor and gave him
their support. Their trust has boon be
trayed , and every pledge has been ruth
lessly broken. Now Mr. Liird is asking
for a renewal of confidence. If a man
fools you once it Is not your fault , but if
ho does it a second time you are to blame.
GBNEUAL HAZKN , the signal service
chief , who refused to penult Howard
Green , a colored man , to bo examined for
admission into the signal service , and was
promptly sat down upon by Secretary
Lincoln , has just mot with another ro-
Ibuke , as Green has passed his examina
tion and boon assigned to duty. It is
said that his high-toned white associates
propose to persecute him , but wo venture
the opinion that they will be as promptly
squelched as was Bazon. Tim notion of
.Secretary Lincoln in regard to Green Is
commendable , and is heartily approved by
the public ,
Piurv platforms proralsonoarly | | every-
"thing , but the promises are hardly over
carried out. All sorts of promises are
made in order to catch votes , and when
the election ia over the platform having
served its purpose is shelved as a thing
of the past. It ia not taken up as a guide
lot the future action of the party , as it
should bo , and for which purpose it is
apparently constructed "Jeoiily romo-
1 * dy that the voters really have is to elect
good congressmen , for It is to congress
that wo must look for legislation , and
not to the president. The people should
pay but little attention to the glittering m
generalities and promises of party plat o'
forms , but should exact definite declara o'a :
tions from congressional candidates on all d
important issues and measures. dsi
ia about to upend $43-
592,500 for public improvements. Tbo
Philadolphiana are nlive to the fact that
public improvements add materially to
the general prosperity and wealth of the
city. No better illustration of this can
ba found enywhoro than in Omaha ,
wlicro our navomouts olono have done
moro to advertise the city as an enter
prising , progreasire and prosperous plaoo
than any one thing , and when the
etranger learno upon inquiry that vro have
a complete oyttim nt waterworku and
Borrerago ho ia atill more convinced that
there are but fov placeu , if any , that arc
better equipped irith public improve-
moula and gpnvonioncer. What Omnlm
must do is to keep up adding to her im
provements each yo > r , and to keep those
that wu Jmvo in good con Jitioii , The J t
tlua spent IB well invested. j i
Wo have bonn asked to tay what we
think of the recent decision of Judge
Uamor on the Keith county school land
frauds. Wo hare also boon supplied
with a copy of the decision by the friends
of Judge Ilamor , and requested to ex
onerate him from any suspicion of
sympathy with the perpetrators of those
fraud a.
In our opinion thla decision partakes
very much of the nature of tha famous
decisions delivered by Judge Dillon on
the Union Pacific terminus , and Judge
Pundy on the forfeiture of the Union
Pacific lands. Judge Dillon it will
bo remembered held that the
Omaha bridge was a part of the
main line of the Union Pacific and had
to bo operated aa such , but it was not a
part of the main line for purposes of rev
enue , and the ownois could charge a spec
ial rate over that part of the road because
it was a bridge on which congress had au
thorized the company to issue a mortgage
in addition to the bonded debt of the
road. In the jug-handle Platt case ,
where the Union Pacific furnished the
lawyers on both sides , Judge Dundy hold
that the railroad company by mortgaging
Its land grant had disposed ot it , and
therefore the lands wore not subject to
forfeiture , although the charter -
tor did provide that th
lands unsold within five years after thread
road waa finished should become Eubjoo
to homestead and pro-omption entry ,
Although the court in this decision hold
that the lands belonged to the Union
Pacific , it also hold that they did not bo
eng to it sufficiently to become subject
; o taxation like the lands belonging to
mybody else.
Now , Judge Hamor finds that the tea
.imony establishes the fact that Dorn was
indoavoring by corrupt means to procure
in appraisement of the land far below its
ictual value , for the purpose of leasing
t , and that if Dorn had succeeded the
ichool fund would have suffered is 'cor
; ain , but for all this Mr. Kendal
md the school board have not been
proven guilty of conspiracy. It is difii-
: ult , says the judge , to BOO any reason
or disregarding the plain provisions of
ho statutes which say that the lands
nust first bo offered for sale and not sold
'or want of bidders before they may be
oloasod. For all that Judge Hamcr
onoludcs that Kendall and the board are
lot chargeable with criminal intent , but
aildly suggests that they made souio mis
ako in tranaaoting this business ,
t strikes ua that the judge
j trylng very hard to straddle
bis whole question. Ho ia anxious
B shield Governor Danes nnd
bo board from public censure and at the
itmo time ho darea not disregard the
ublic sentiment in a matter of such
rave concern. Ho makes the injunction
ormanont , thereby confirming all that
as charged concerning the lawloaa man
or in which the leasing of the Keith
aunty lands had boon carried on by the
oard. Ho is very severe on Dorn , a
rivato oitizan , who waa engaged in a
> ocnlativo enterprise , but ho is very
indor towards Kendall and his asso-
ates , who wore criminally culpable in at-
impting to dispose of the lands in open
oGancoof the law , which the judge
imsolf quotes in his decision.
The republican party of Dakota , in
invention assembled , passed a roaolu-
on to the effect that "as there has boon
ready a liberal appropriation made for
10 survey of thoMiflaouri river , with the
) joot of its improvement , wo ask of
ingress for prompt legislation for the
nrposo of such improvement , not only
i the end that our natural advantages-
r commerce may bo beneficial , but that
iluablo lands , timber and othorwino ,
ay bo preserved from destruction.1'
ho convention also passed n resolution
that as the demand for homes upon the
iiblio domain Is greater than can bo imp
lied from lands which can possibly bo-
irvoyod with the present funds allowed ,
0 ask that an appropriation sufficiently
rgo to survey lands to moot the demand
r homesteads , pre-emptions and timber
aims , " and the convention , in another
solution "deprecated any swooping
edification of the present public laud
WB. "
The so-called ropublicanconvention of
akota must have boon largely made up
that class of highwaymen who prey
) ou thu public domain and are engaged
robbing the government by systematic
homos of plunder and spoils-hunting
rough the surveying department.
ticso plunderers do not want the pre-
nption and timber-culture laws repeal-
1 simply because they nuvo organized
mgs of laud-sharks , after the Stinking
rntcrplan , for the purpose of gobbling
i vast tracts of land and depriving the
: tual settlers of any ahow whatever to
itaiu homos without paying to thorn
jy speculative price they may BOO fit to
omand. Wo thought the land-grabbing
ihomcs in Nebraska were bad enough ,
ut those In Dakota are ton times worse.
lOwhoro iu the country has tha
ubllo domain bacu so boldly and oxton
voly gobbled up fraudulently as it has
DWI in Dakota through the pre-emption
nd timb-jr culture laws , The latter os
ocially ia a villainous fraud , It provides
tat by the payment of it nominal sum of
lonoy , and the planting of a certain
umber of trees each year for a certain
orlod , land may bo secured. Everybody
news that all the treo-plonting in D.iko
i is a glgantio swindle. It has boon done
y syndicates , tor whom a lot of cotton
oed sprouta have baen stuck in the
round by contractors , who certify under
nth that the pruvlsipns of the law
ave boon oatnpUud with. Whilit
10 claims are apparently planlaJ
i thu namoj of ditlereut Individual ) ,
luy are really owned by syndicates , and
i thia way the greater portion of the
public domain of Dakota has passed in'o
kho hands of a comparatively fovr speculator
later ! ) . And now these aharkaj through
the republican convention , which they
controlled , and ot which they were a part ,
ask for moro appropriations for public
surveys , when in fact there are already
moro lands surveyed in Dakota than
are now neodcdjfor actual settlement. Had
not the surveyed lands been gobbled up
by land sharks the people would have
plenty of land. These land-gobblers are
a great detriment to Dakota , and the
sooner they are checked in their plunder
ing schemes the hotter It will bo for that
SEKATOU MANDEUSON has received a
dispatch from Mr. Droatch , of the Mis *
souri river commission , stating that the
commission will bo in Omaha on Satur
day. There haaboonan inclination on the
part of Major Suter and other members
of the commission to confine all the im
provements to that part of the river below -
low Kansas City , and progress from year
to year up the river. Thia certainly
seems oolfiih , and while it may bo gooi
engineering it does not meet the nocoa
sity of the situation at Omaha , whoa
river front , for the protection of whicl
nearly $200,000 has boon expended
might meantime bo ruined , It is esscn
tial that what has been done should nebo
bo lost by neglect or failure to construe
further works to keep the river in chock
So far the work done at Omah
remains in position , while at points below
it has been moro or less cut out by th
river. There is acme danger , however ,
that the river at Omaha will cut in above
the Union Pacific shops and take out tin
rip-rap unices additional walls are buil
to protect the bank. If any such serious
break should occurs it miqht do an im
mcnso amount of damage to the railroad
shops , the smelting works , the lumber
yards and other industries , aod also iso
late the waterworks , pumping house and
settling basins and cut off our water sup
ply. The lovco has now become too val
uable to bo loft unprotected at any point ,
and in view of those facts Senator Man-
dorson suggests that a mooting of
the board of trade , the board
of public works , and representatives of
the Union Pacific and B. & M. railroads
bo hold to discuss this important matter
and ngreo upon some tangible plan for
the improvement of our river front and
present the same to the river commis
sioners on Saturday , and at the same
convince them of the necessity of the ex
poudituro of some money for improvements
monts at this point.
THE average voter in Omaha will have
t perplexing job before him on election
lay. In the first place ho Is asked to
. 'oto for presidential electors , otato
iflicors and congressmen. Then next
in the ticket come the members of the
egislaturo , county commissioner , justices
) f the peace , and other small fry. Then
; here are two constitutional amendments ,
> no to raise the pay of the legislature to
p300 for a seaaion of sixty days , and the
ithor to create a railroad commission and
a create any other sot of state officers
hey may see fit. Besides these , there is
t proposition from the county to bo al-
owed to sell the old court house prop-
irty ; also a proposition from the city to
rote ? 50,000 paving bonds , and a
reposition to grant a right of
ray and franchises to the cable
ar company. Finally the board ot
iducation brings up the roar with a
( reposition to vote bonds for additional
chool houses and sites. The 'candidates
or olttco will occupy one ticket , each of
ho amendments another , and each of
ho propoaitiona of the city and of the
loard o ? education another , , making
t loaot six different tickets
rhlch will have to bo stuffed
nto separate ballot boxoov In
rdor to cave time on election day , wo
dviso every voter to niako up'hia mind
ho 'lay before just what tiokata ho
rants to vote , and then got up early the
text morning and fix them acccording to
o the way ho has decided. The variety
> f tickota certainly will bo puzzling to
ho ordinary voter , and It will tuko some
ittlo time to work out the puzdo to a
atisfactory conclusion.
Tun citj council has paesod an ordl-
lance regulating the running of tha street '
ars , whieh will bo appreciated by the
mblio. The ordinance requires that the
ara ahall bo run as often as ton minutes
m every line between the hours of G a.
n. and 6 p. m. , and aa-often as every
wonty minutes from 7 p. m. until mid-
light , The ordinance gooa into- effect on
November -ith , and it willi bea big im-
irovomont over the old order of things.
? ho street car travel has increased very
opidly during the last yoarand the com-
iany lias not kept pace with it. The ao-
iommodatlons are insufficient at certain
lours of the day , particularly at
loon and between C and 7 p. m.
riio now regulation is intended
o remedy thia matter. The running of
.ho . oars until midnight Li another im
irovomont that will not .only bo appro
slated by a largo number of persons , bub
will bo a benefit to the street car compa-
ly , as the increased business that it will
; am will uiorothan compensate it for tbo
ate runs , Omaha it no longer a country
allago , and rro are surprised thnt the
itrcot car company did not long a o do
what it ia now compelled to do by ordi-
nauco. Councilman Behm , who intro-
lunodtho ordinance and worked hard for
its pauago , doborvoa the thanks of the
people for hia elfirta in their behalf ,
TUB city ut St. Louis la now reveling.
la Us ammU holiday pageantry , tl-.o
"Veiled Prophets , " a rUal attraction x > t
the tiuioui Now Orloaua Mardl-Qrus. fes
tival. Vast sums t f money and a. great
Joal of time ere spent caoh yeut upon
thiB fit , Loula maiquerado , nd U is about
] the only thing that attracts visitors t <
that sleepy old city.Vhethor It is n
paying investment ia nil open qutaliori.
It deems to ua that if St. Louis would devote -
vote as much money nnd time to the de
velopment of its commercial interests and
various industrial enterprises ns aho ox-
ponda on thia holiday mummery she
would bo moro sensible and reap an
incalculable benefit from the invcatmont.
Why St. Louis , which hi immense re-
aourcca and the command of a vast extent
of territory , should dcsiro to imitate the
laiy , southern holiday city of Now Orleans -
leans ia something wo cannot understand.
Such mnsquoradcB aa the "Veiled Pro-
phot" and "Mardi Graa Festival" are
well enough for such old nouthcrn cities
as NoWjOrleans , but St. Louis ia too far
north to indulge in such tomfoolery. It
ia about time that aho waa taking advan
tage of the many opportunities afforded
her of building up her busineso interests ,
and becoming a really great city. St.
Louia it is true ia an old city , but aho
should wake up and infuse nome now life
into har system.
TUB Nebraska legislature might profit
by the example sot by the Omaha city
council , which has passed an ordinance
regulating the running of street railways.
The council 1ms required nothing but
what ia reasonable and demanded for the
public convenience , and the requirements
while bonofitting the public will work no
hardship upon the street car company.
This ia juat what the public demands of
the legislature in the regulation of rail
roads throughout the state. The people
demand only such legislation na ia fair
and juat to all parties , and laws that will
glvo to the people their just dues would
work no injustice upon the railroads.
Bottled foreo ia what the campaign calls
for ,
Benjamin F. Bunting is the way they apell
it now ,
A tricky politician should never quarrel
with his tools.
Hendrlcks is sixtyfi TO years old , and ough
to liavo known better.
5'Jolm Kelly ia said to keep a set of plumes
loskod up In a secret drawer.
General Butler knows n hoe from n hand
organ when the wind ia southerly.
The political barbobuo is now ripe , and the
peripatetic tramp has n regular loast.
Elizabeth Cody Stenton favors Blaino.
Slio like * women , but not as presidents.
It [ 3 totally unnecessary to 611 a. man with
load lo make him solid for a party ticket.
Wntermnn , the nominee for vice president
of the American Political Alliance , la a born
25 i Wall atreot brokers have como out for
Cleveland. They evidently think ho is a
"lauib "
No barrel in the republican party only n
Imnjjliolo and zircus lemonado. [ Waterloo
No woman can bo president while bustles
remain in fashion. The presidential chair is
not big enough.
The sugar Interest in politics IB very treat
now. AH the boya want homo. [ Now Or
leans 1'lcayuuo.
This is a free country. If n candidate has
no money to hire a hall with ho can open hii
inouih in the open air. [ Now Orleans Picny
uno. ti n.
Tho-pooplo of Ohio are in imminent danger
uf being talked todeath. . Does the army of
itmnp orators know that dead men cast no
rotea ? .
Trying to convinae ft politician that ho h
wrong U like trying to maks a woman think
icr shoes are too small for her. [ OH City
Candidate Bolvn I/ockwood ii
/ very confi-
lent of rucccas. She has already called nt the
IVhito Kouso to see if it has closets onouch.
Philadelphia Call ,
The republicans ot the Eighteenth district
if Illinom have nominated Needles for
! ongro38and in the Eighth district of Missouri
hey have put up Pins.
Mr. lloudticka sat on a stool at the station
n Buffalo the other day , nnd , without mur-
nur or complaint , nto a railroad sandwich ,
lore is true patriotism and simplicity. [ Gin-
linnatl Enquirsr. i M
Cleveland la now alluded to by democratic
wparsas "tho new Moses. " It will bo re-
nembered that n the end of Moses' cam-
lalgn hn was buried ao duep that "no man
: now where ho lay. ' "
When a drummer runa nearly a Pijuaro to
eo a torchlight procession pass nnd arrives
here nil out of breath only to find that the
nlorod troops nromarchi up , ha doesn't aweir
lor Binlio , but roianrfcs "sold again" nnd sneaks
Man died In Delaware of lockjaw. Warn-
ng to stump speakers. [ Philadolpliia Proas.
\ot much. Ths slump rpenkors horokaop
heir jaws going BO fast It's i inpo'usblo to o itsh
hem shut long to lock thorn , [ WI1-
alngtjn Star.
The St. Patrick's Soclnty , of Brooklyn , do
lot propose t6 allow politics to interfere with
ho pleasures of n clara bnko. They settled
ha vexed question , of the day by giving three
heors for "Jamas G.-Grov r-St. John-Bolva-
Jutl-r-St. Patrick forovcr. "
"Wo urs perfectly willing to let thojgroat
\merican poopln decide whether liluiuo or
31ovolind or Butler or even tit .John , for the
nutter of that. w > H make the beat president , "
nya the New VWJc Journal. After thii lib-
'ml concession what is tliero to hinder thereat
; roat Amoric n people from going nhend.
Mr. HciidricliJaajB ho would rather have
ho second pluue on thu ticket. Oil , undoubt-
dly. Man enters the railway station hur-
ledly , and nut'Aes to the Pullmanwindow.
"I wnnt a Ibwur bsrth on the NVnshiugtoa
leepor. "
"Can't llav H. sir ; lower bortlla nil froce.
) nly ouo.upp r left light ever the forwrxj
rucks , worst place in thu car. Give ; iou
hat. " '
' Oh. mrjiy thanks. That h the oaa I
witodl I'urufertho uppur liorth over the
onvnnltrucks. " [ Burlington Hawkoyo.
Dlsnonsutlunu ot g i'r.ivlrtoncri , .
Dotrcibl'jto Proas.
"Wo hov summer"said , the orator nyi
10 pulled down hia veat , "in order dat
.volormvllyona . may ripea , an * vr hev
.viiitnr dat1 possums niayv fatten up. Wo
lov 16,450 chrmges of weather in do.
: oursp of a y'ar , in ordca to nccosoraodat ?
ill minda as fur as pauiblo , Wu hov
moonlight nights fur slob pusaoas ai am
bohiudhand 1)1 ) hoein'born or Bavrin'wocd
n * wp huv dark and iloudy nighta fur au
benefit of burglars , cats an'pn \ ] ootupa *
uieo. Natur" didn't inaku do kontrp nil
mountains nor nil prairie , kooo she vaal-
izzd dat do scenery would bo moaoto
nuus. Had do nile been all sau < l
could have raise J uuflin bub awoet tore
( lad ib ben nil clay wo ahsuld hoi run
largely to whmt , an * crouded de price
down to 10 cojito per bushel. Do oooaii
wan made salty BO dat dt corpses of bora.
oj , cow * , dogs a V catsVlumpod into it oft
Oompy Island wouldn't interfere wld de
r.eatidu hotel bizuw , Do likes win
imvlo frcih in orderdat Ohicaqo an' Buf
fal i might once in awhito change deiv
drinka. Fmknni , my heureiH , man tun
( t mishly Bllinsy grain of ottnl when coin-
pircd to itatur' . While she has undo
uburytliin * fur do bos' an" in do bw * w y ,
da wi. < u t man on uirth had ho boon gibcn
de job of inakin'nysllor do ( ; would hov
guo dn fore ns' liiud Ifgs * U mixed up au'
fft do tail off nl'ogptlcr. "
About the OongroBEion
al Campaign r
Ro Ucmliicnil ,
Nebraska City Noire ,
Two yenra ago , w'icn ' the railroad ram
pany priucntcil each member of the lt < jia
laturo with paesf3 , Oharlea H. Brown vn
the first tnombor to return his. IIo wil
not accept or use a pass , preferring to
pay his faro.
An Adnilrnlito Nomination ,
Nebraska Watchman.
The Hon. Chaa. U. Brown for congress
from this district is nn admirable notnina
tion and eminently worthy of support.
Caimo for Dlaaflicotlon.
Gaga County. , Kagle.
The causes of this disaffection towards
Weaver , among the republicans , are
numerous. The appointment of Riley
CrooK ns postmaster at Fallo Oity and of
Dare Stephonaon , an illiterate corrup-
tiouiat , as surveyor general of this dis
trict , and his falsehoods to the Widow
Dailoy in regard to her interests , are
facts thnt are hurting Ajar wonderfully
among the republicans. The procurement
mont of enormous pensions and back
pay to the amount of thousands of del
lara , to able bodied political favorites , is
not helping him any among the pooplo.
But the main cause of dissatisfaction
among the republicans against Wearer is
his Bullishness , dishonesty and falsehood.
Old life-long republicans when naked
why they could not support Weaver , re
plied , because ho was totally unreliable ,
a traitor to his party and his friends , a
lolfiah bigot , the god of his idolatry was
A. J Weaver.
Never Bctruycd a Trusr.
iVphon Indcpeddcnt.
Never won a man nominated for any
petition that has so mot the unanimous
approval of the people aa has the nomi
nation of Oharlea H. Brown for congress.
His record aa a public man stands open
for inspection by his oasmics , and while
nil of them have boon unable to lind the
first Instance where ho has betrayed a
public trust. The workingmen of this
district need no urging to vote for Ohar-
lie Brown. His record for fighting the
convict contract labor fraud and in favor
of prohibiting the employment of omall
children in work chops and factories is
so forcibly imprceaad upon > their minds
that they will give him their undivided
Wo have hoard assertion * from hun
dreds of republicans that they were
going to vote for Brown for con-
press. This gentleman needs no intro
duction at our hands. Ho ia too well
known. Ono thing the republicans can
put down as a nettled fact , ho will got
JJ,600 majority in Douglas countjt and at
least 1,000 majority in the district.
Some of oar readers have asked for the
appearance of the republican ticket at
the head of this paper nnd it appears
this week in full with the exception of
the name for congressman. As Weaver
was about as near a blank in congress as
any man couM be , wo leave a blaiui line
in the ticket in order that republicans in
the exercise of their tree judgment may
write in the nameof some houoat repub
lican and so rebuke the arrogance
of 4 the "machine" in this dis
trict aa run by the office holders'
brigade. _ Wo .deliberately ailirm that the
nomination of this man Weaver by fed
eral ofUco holders mainly , who depend
upon him for official pap , is a disgrace to
the party which can only be properly
mot by scratching his name froma true
republican ticket. The beat thing , fer a
party sometimes is to boat a bad nomina
tion. Such a coarse may save tho-party
when nothing else will. Thisis our
judgment as to Weaver and while other
good republicans may work for him if
they cheese , wo do not propose to do
'Vnnllltt.Uemon.Ornnitc , etc. , Rnvor Cnlcc ,
C'ic m > , l iidJliii ! , . { : c.ii > tlrlluritolyuiul lint-
irnllynitUotVult from \vhlcli thovni-uiniide ,
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chlco 0.l < l. ot. Louis , Mo.
uiK t or
Dr. Prics's Crea-ji Baking Powder
Dr. Pt'ico's Iiipiilin , Yeast Gcma ,
Hot ltr-jt Iloit Rcxut.
Vnd Ji'.rovis Ifof
-hoonhniry | of
tour growing fluid t
i lah' , change tallldge's
Food U will tully
laurlsh , c nrot caus
icklltv or wiuil , and
ll ) bring quint anil
rott tu the llllle nneis
I dee ) i nt tax the ill-
citi\ocrt'aoii. A hap
,1V , Joyous "Mldhood li
awuied by the UMI t f Kliive'lt rood , i'o ia lici 3fo. Diwll 7 So'dbyAlldiujgi&rnaud ' many
grn ontuu to WDOLUlCH \ . Cu.t.l'cfmer , 1U J. ,
f > r twmimle'
Aiturtutu ( Ju. , ol ba , C U
, M , T. . Orn ,
t auiiturmtiitt , of NtwtiV , K.3. , C pUJ 1,171,1)1
lrilptiUuitihX ( , . . . . 1.M3 , ( (
t-Jftd < l r ' , "el'
At the old ttarid ) 1417 Farnarn Street Ordr/s t , .
tut'gr ! nh < ildt ) d &c rrou'J'tlr ' wttmded to , '
1'bcni ) t\a. V. & ,
. rrspoclalo vcfll Pojltlvoly noS bo
Imjcrtocl unlcod paid in advance//
TO tOATr-M/l v
OMIY loaned 01 chst'tH. Uillro d llckets
M RiiJ gold. A ParttrAD , 213 8 , 19th
7 Hf
] VfOH7 TO LOAN I r. nutns of WOO. nu ni > w ir
1VJL 0 , F furls and Co. , Uotl toil 1,3
151 ! F rnam St. 332-
small lc 3 tn i ] on upprovcd serurHy , 1617
Doiiglaa Itroet. 812lm
WANTED-A ysoil , rnpH i-cnraan , ho fcM Mr
kno Icilgo U dni ( , U'rnp In conipouml tltnplo.
prwrrfiillont nnd do trcncrnl wrltlntt ftiiJ A > sp In
n olRce. WwftsffTtytlollars tier month. Aiftrcss-
"riiy Un"BcneraJdclltery , Omaha. 02-10
WATKp-3 girl * at tha Ma rn Hotel , .SouVH'
101 * t.
WANT'D Oneflr t-claii cobb'er , full | ' T for 6A
necks In tliojcar. Jltnt beK > l > cr , etcailyinin.
Also a stcaiV m > n competent to take charg * or heat-
IIL' bullillntr. Inquire nloncoat th"oldrcllabloono
[ irlce shoo t e , " Fourteenth and tarnatn St.
WI-0 A. I ) . MOnSE.
CAUl'l'.N'Tn : AND lUIMEU-IIenry ! CadJclln.
No. 034 loiMilTth street boh\e n JacVsor. an
" ( Oatonuortli , ilcrire.i to Intronr the puldlo that ho I
low jitcparcd to do all kind of Carjwntcr ork , mid
a lioubcg , barns , ellcwalks &c , on nhort notice am
reasonable tirico , Oidcrs by mrJl.wllI rcceho iironip
uttcntlon. 1M4
\1TANTK1I A boy Irom fifteen to eighteen jca
TT old , must understand the ciro of horses an
know how to milk a cow. Sucdish orUernran | ir
f rrcd. Immlroat Jlb lm& ErickBonroppo Ito 1
0. D15-1
A solicitor , none but first clwa xltl
references need ap)4y ) at J. F , Van Sickle , IM
Douglas , up-sUln. 614.3
\lJA.Tni > Immediately , a competent hired
T T at South-east corner 23d and Cosa Stu
WANTKD Sewing machine hands at Omah
Ehlrt Factory. 619 I
WA.N1iil An assistant adtanco apcntat J llth
ojraph hanger lor ttareUn ; Uramatlo com
puny Address " .ABont"bGx 702 , dty. "
WANTKD Olrl for general housework. Appl ;
at 2 U Douglas. 487-tt
VyANTKD A second girl , 1817 Capitol avenue.
40i-8 ! ]
WANrED-Shovelcrs , wages St.Oi ) per day. Cal
at 7 In tVo morning , Fouth 17th street , betwcc :
.caieuwotth aud Jac&son streets , llrlcg thovuls.
W/JTIKD Cook and second gliL Applv 181 :
Farnam Jttcct. 4SO 8p
WANTKD A good girl tn general housework I
email fitully. Apply 420 N. IB'.h St. 81S-8
WAXTF.D alrl for general house-work In smal
fanitiy , M15 north Ihtli St. 4 i-tt
rAMKU Nurse girl 110 south 25th St.
L\7AN"TKD olrl a good ok , washer and ironer
t > 28J4 DodRo ttraet. Good wagep. 470-H
WANTKD-A barber , 700S. 10th street.
T\7ANTED A clerk at Edholm& Krlckson'8.-Mu <
Bivo Rood icforoncea.
J A'girl for general houeenorx. Appl
nt Edholrn & , KrickponV , 16th and Dodco. 40J-S
WANTIJD Immediately , a girl * o do dining room
work at'Nebraska Uouso , North Piattc , Neb
aaodw.ges. II. OboHt , propiletcr. 460-lOp
WANTED Laborers to-work on Lincoln \Vae :
worUg. Wag > 8 $1.EO ner day. Apply to Mao
lichie k N-ehoIs , Lincoln Nrb , 447-10
TlJANTLTJ A Kood'Klrs't ' ' 1621 Capitol aio.
jl/ANTED Travtlicg salesmen to carry cample :
r of s'anla goods In connection with their rci uia
no to cell on commislon through the west am
orthwest. Address "E. D. ? . " this oillce , 43018
WANTHJ- Gorman Irl U or \oiraold to
learn the hair'trade at'y-thinson'e , 16th street
Creighton Block , near rostoJ'co 431-tf
T17ANTF.D Clcrman- girl for general housework
n 1322 raumm street. S03-tf
Til ANTED Agtntfi to sell Kately'o Universal Edu
Vr catnrcimioothly payments Call on nr ad
rets W. D. P. Lonrj , icoai t , 119 noitli 10th kt.
maha. 371-lm
or country , to take nlci. light and pleasant
ork at their OH n borne ? ; $9 to $5 per day easily and
iilUIy madefnork icntby snail : no canvassing ; no
amp for roplv. PJoaso addosa licllablo Matifg Co. ,
hlladolpbia , 1'ju 803-lm
-ft ANTED A' eltuation by an expert operator
vV ou tpcwriterBest city icfcieucoghen. Ad-
ress "is. V. II. " care of Ilbe. 518-10
.JtTA . TfiD By a machinist , a nituatlon cither in
VV manufactory or to take thargcof engine or
icating npiiaratus. HcfcrenetB gitiu Address
Kngincer , Ileo office , COO-llp
iTtTANTED Kltuatlon in adlnlng roomina hole !
VV or ) > ri > ute boarding liount , or to do general
louse work In a email family. S'all at No. 1010 Mason
t. M5 8p
Bj a gentleman , a lady withemal
ircansas partner In the Notion and Novelty
u < slne i Address with pmlculars , "II. " Bee office ,
490 Oj )
WAITED By a sober Industrious young man , a
famllt jiUco or aiy ithcr where no can make
Imiclf gcncially useful. AdUkcea "J. K " Bee olllce ,
4S5 8p
HITANTED Situation In a drug store by an expo'
VV rlencert druggin. littfr cf gl/eu ,
Adilrt'si "SI " Beu offioc. 431-9ii
ITU ANTLD-y ] ) ayouiigananof pleasins addre n ,
T Mtiiatlon. llaahcuiexpencnco niclukln ilr >
goods nnd grocery storot Addeces "A " Ike otHce.
' ) lly a joun and well educated tna'i ,
( German ) ogca 0 > wj and of pleasant address
ia acqualr.ianco of an luttlll ent and woaltliy jcunif
ad ) , tu praci'co f cur handed piano , and to en t r into
o-rctimndentcorjectckontually , matrimony ttrict
ifcretlon guaranteed. AdJress "A. B. " care Bee
< eo 8p
VS7AhTt D Situation by a lady ae booh-koqier or
TT uiihler. City refojouiej.11.11. . " Bee ofhce.
L , mMblJ A ixjblnon by a ladr to rio clJMnber
T > work , towing or tuVe euro of n child , or do
icmcworlc In a tinall family. Apply at ttiolllgh
" riool .
lA/oN'lEO / A j'UR man 21 3 cars of oge , with D
TT juiro expcritncuin Oti'gliunntBswarisn po
tion. Ailflie < stt A. lisulo , WCO Oiruid
WANTIIU I'ositlon In blorebv a jounomtn wll
lifiKtovtork. "A. X. Iloo olllco. 4IUHl >
A out.gii airi aui n wants situation ia nook
i. keeper , In whoknolo tfiUbllohmcnt In Omaha"n. . . " rare riee. S3-tf
WA.MM u M 11,1 ul > lurnl > lira roois. in prlvAte
l mll.Addio'iiW . P.O. , th'tfiller. '
D Kilty ton si w ilcll\uiul at the Bari.
r e\i \ . IiKiiuo | of.Joieph Kcaiun , jcthand
r.rlbt.tq- .
WAMTD-VlOOfcronojittr. Qj dfepurijy. Ir -
tercfct 1'J peri'dBl. Aildriks I' . 0. Uox 468 rlty.
TAhTLD Abajlierihop In vlivc tov < n. Any
T one having a tbnp for tale. Addrchs ltl | inr
' " 'art ' ) , "iwln-r , " JM8 Farium clrcct , Oiualin , t ell
'XrANTPD Armall hou c < tt part cl ojje ) far
V > nVJiclcr. nnluinWicdtr. UamilvcJ-tw. . . Ad.
reM.-p. A. j' . " 213 south IMft St. 11-jLrcjKei 1
lu' ' ( "
1 a nlcrotlx wanvwttazo with-
, , .
are Kta ollic * .
J J BV-acun , ! . t n loto.
6,0 IU
frout r.omyK.
I6ls UudK'
71011 ItKNT I'uriils ! ( d loom U'fl ti crd 5 OJ
1 ' M ntr
wee' " , Vtrjbixtloca'Un. 4gj ,
OU UFNT ftle tntleoltoomj furnhlieil or tin
F lur&lthed , rtfnitniolor ! o411 noithUthSt
. llVJ 'T-fJ30ilfilie ! t tf > M rr > Drn. rornirfith
1.10K 1 flicki'in lArrttj. Alco tll rurmihcd r-cin
atNo 7 9N W corner 1Mb ami It-arennoith St < ,
AfV'J on prcmljes. J. \VifI.SHAN3. . 49Mf
: \ llEJi'T riino and or , - * * from two dnllurl
T\fjjj A. Hfjpe , 1610 Dodio. 439-lm
T70II RKflT A iit < e now cotUTn ( south 10th Sk.
i ? tot ill. r rnion li. Ati'ly ' t I' , t. JCllch , at
llenwtts Orocery toro.
KKWT 'I o 'o\ miJ cly fiirilM.-d , location
ttKNT FnrnMieil parlor ncl be ) rowi In
Foil > > orth c'lcrniart | cf the cltr. "Mth bcnnli
pro\li ! < il Alfnlhr eiinfumMirilrooiinls tftilldlng :
N E. corii/r 10th and Imcrport S ! InqUrBatlal-
ter pHc , lJTtwc n 12JO anil fJOp m. < 4t-tl _
"I710II -Tworoonsfnrmsheif for light bouts *
J ? kotplEff , Btomor's bltck , Sth riid How rJ Meet ,
-KUiNT ; : AhouBOnJh elgWiooinj. Wawon
JT 3KUiNT ' J4th Jtntt. 3-3
\OR \ KKNT A itw olpht isom hoetoInnulro > i <
Mrs , K. hoddls 25th , lolnrtn J reDpon AbiU
ChlB [ r > streets. 400-fl
T fix noj hurte , tor. 2U1 nil Web-
J' sterttiect , $3i.6upermonth. Inquliwiail Cast
Mot. 403-tt
TpOlt-KIUiT HotisoaMtatn , tn > l < er mc-nth. ID-
JD iiulre 1518 r rnam. 333-U J
' IttlllT Half of iVjblo hovUfl , fbur TOOIM ,
bhlln' * id addition , ( U. ft month. AYptyroom
21 , Ouiana National Dank. K81
KENT HanJsointt.'tonlslied rJWM 3)Si ) 3
FOR Rt ! art. JI y Hpejcer. 372-tt
Oil KENT Pleasant furaWhed'rooms ' 1707 Cxi
F 312-10 ?
FF FE 10R HKVA-Hlccly furnUhrdeultc otTTrooms ; 310
E . 13th 8M 07i..K\ >
F Ion IlKNT A inrnlshed room -looa-ramm Stt-
F OR UEmt Ona gnnd erjuaro piano. Inqulrn
ofEdholm and' Erlokson. 44Cr-tt
SALE A tnvr typo-writer afa dftcoutjJ. Also-
all kinds of Tjpo-WTiter and CtVifjraph DUpplfes.
Stripe &Invl > , Hboni 10 , Union Blocx , opposite'
Opera Ilouee. 6U tf
F > OH hALE Cheapwrcetaurant li.'gooJ MiScatlo
nt 220 north 10th st , C07-a3p-
FOU HALE Compl'to ' Innndry nutSJ suitable for
hand laundry 411 norUi 14th St. 403 Op
T7IO11 BALK Guod horse for ( Jcllvcrr wagon"2H(7 :
Jf CalllornUBt. 485-0'
FOIl SALE Furniture on J fixtures r.t a bargain,1-
Commercial Hctclgood home , three fkdrlcs higli ,
everything t or. On nccountof health of'proprletOr.
Will icll but dtntrlf dcsfrrd Call at hoteV cr address *
I'rnuk r.lllott , llanogt r , Falls City , Neb. 4S5-21p
170B RENT Bed room.-tO * rr.ou'11,1016Chicago. .
J ? 454.8p
FOil SAliB Good cow. aim of en buEgyhOr80tiiid
liarniis Inquire J. Mlchalj Mall Curler. 4CMC
FOR3ALK Second hand loitllsr scat top plnrton
also four spring do'i\cry ' wtjan , cheap. W. J
WuHhiM & Co. , Cl y JIllls. 274-tf
TT'Olt ' HAL" > A good team of matched ponies , har-
J1 nesoaml dclherr wigou. Abe grororycountird ,
shelvlni ; and general fixtures.- Inquire 1717 Cats
street S S-p
TjlOH SALIC 100 pianos and organs , boxes sultiblo
JL } lor coal or feed boxes. A. Hospe. 883.1m
FOR BALE A good frame house , 5 roons , all In
good order. Must l > o moved atoace Appl } to
the iVi torn Newspaper Union , cor. 12th and How
ard streets. 3H-tl"
UK SAXE A good tide bar bujgy 217 13th
street. i 20J-tf
TOH SAiK Wholcsa'o notion wagoi , horses , har-
J ? iicsn , alicomrleto , Itli established route In wes
tern Iowa. Will bo eoldcheip. Satisfactory reasons
for tolllntf. Imiuiie Bee oltloe. KTS-lOp
FOll'SALu Drug stock in Southern Nebraska , in <
good-town with good trade. Will Invoice about
1 6 Q'doll ri > . For particulars aJclrcsa L. L " care
of the Deo. 231-Sp
FCU SAliH Chctp a Bccnna hand high lop buggy.
Inquire at Simpeon'a Carrlairo Inctoiy , DoJge ,
between 14th and 15th. 2SO tf
T7 OIl'SAijE 620 acres land on Middio-Bcavcr , in V
JT1 Smith- county Kansas , 260 aero ii > lcr fence ,
plenty-of Hv ! ! . „ water for stock. Good frkmo house
10x20 , with kitilicn 12x20. 200 acrca in cultl\atiori ,
price $1,000. Terms i cash , balance on tiaio to suit
purchaEers. Will also fell 00 head cattle ifpurclmfccr
ileslrci. AdJre Thomas Jlitcheli , Smith Centre ,
KansasorKuton & ; Gro\e , lllterton , Neb. ' 267-liu
FOH SAL3 A ftock of general merchsndlse , ami
store-fiSr r/ast in a thriving Nebraska town For
Particulars , address "Q. IL" Bee olllcc , Omxha.247tf
Ti'OIl1 SAKJ-ieo.OW brick on cars at Bolk TOO. II.
17 T. Claiko. zis-tf
FOlt SALH Nellgh House , brick , three stories ,
only hotel Iu town , tOrooms. to leaf o forS orb
} eara. 1 he nraprtctor of the Ntllgh House wishes to
; cll the frjrmtuiD and fixtures of thU hotel on easy
time ami terms , and lease tha hotel for time stated
ibo\o Also would sell hotel outright , If * [ jjecablo ,
for pirticulure Inquire of Jolm J. Klrjg , Ageat. West
Point , Nebraska , -n..e
P OU BALE Loosa hay delivered In larga cr small
quantltlea. A new line side bar top buggy anda
wholesale notion or peddlers wagon. U , 1 , Cnnao& '
J ° - 176-lm
FOR SALE A whole stock of clothing , Jjoctsond
shoo ) ; arui'jlings at cost , retiring from liarinei *
3II. . I'etenon , 804 south Tenth street. 116 2m.
FOR SALE Two second hand planoe , at Edholrn
& Erlckson'd Mnslo Store on Iflth St. 8M-tf
FOR SALE Boiler and engine. I havainearly
new boiler and engine aud Knowle'a puap 49
sopov.-dr , fer ea'.o cheap. T. S. ClarksonCeJiuy -
FOR DAIiE Northeast corner 20th tnj. r.uii
itrcoiOi F. Davb & Co. , 16C5 rornain 8.i et ,
EfiOR HALB-Chup , a nlco oottiRO. fall In' , city
wa r B oJork from to court hou e IK Leu
rocer/jad acd Lcavonwortn. -lmo
TjlOIUJALE-Enginos ne v and oecond huid 10 h. u.
, , 5 n'p' , find : o " portable and EtaUnnarj : also
JOilcrs of any size and etyle. RIchRrd H Clarku. U , P
11. Y. bet 17tn and 18th Ma. OmMiit , nA rf
TT OU HALh A prtrtlng oHlco HUitnbiu lor foial
W" Bo11 tot " ! > "
erty. Address " 3. i n"
fj\OR BALE Two open lououd-oand buzglc tu i
JisStf WS * ° n' Ch"tp > * ' J819 " " " "j1 ' "
, i VKU f0'1' " ' thr" ' 8i ttni1 ° "o
Jrod ltn whltdiicck. '
will n > MB return
eco , ct7thand Jones street. Acton Tlmme" .
_ _ _
OoT-On Friday ocsiing , OotsbwSd , palrtt
Cper Ehwen Tno fuder will be icwar ed by .
uhe /72-8p
lOU.NU-Ajdlowhojse.had been hitched to e
ard , rC.l' ? ' "iascn' . " ' "ol'aiKoubi , brick.
strett ncur dty liaJts.
. JI. llaasen , lIB-luwiiw
> * tho' ' l taj taij > ct
t I2 i 9dtermar '
J"raa"l7afcla om ° ° "n-lreil.
a. oojOMlStt fcnd Uu curtl
102-1 m
, cof P ° ol oleaneJ with ,
, J. T.-.ARftlSTnONG , M. D.
rncttco Limited to Difceases oil the
% o and Unr ,
03 Fatnm Street , . .OMAHA k
* l