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Elaine's ' ConiinnGil Tonr of Ohio acfl
lost Viratoia,1
"Brilliant Popular Demonstrations
at all Points ,
The Bitter Looal Campaign at
Olevoland ,
"Standard Oil" Payne the Work
ing-man's Enemy ,
Straightout Missouri Republi
cans Cleveland's next Trip ,
Tlio Pocte autl Hcnlcj Squnbbla Tlio
Situation In New York
ana Ohio.
ST. MAHTS , W.Yu.j October 7. After re-
Tiowing the procctslon nt 1'nrltersburg last
night , Blalno went by special train to Mariet
ta to nttend a meeting thoro. Ilo made n
ihorl speech in which ho midu au Intcrtm'.iug
Jkllunon to thuorUin a 11 uirly hilt try of thu
place. Ilo rein lined ull ulghc ut NTnrrion and
woo ferried ncrosj the Onio at AVilliiimstown.
C NTON , O. , October 7. About noon the
train arrived at Whoallng. There were about
1,000 people nt nnd around the depot , who
cheered Blaine rs he came out of his car.
There was n large mooting In front of the state
house , and Blaine win oscortul to the stand
by the local committee aud by a body of
"Plumed Knights. " The chairman of the
meeting WM Mr. II. Heard , who has been
until quite.recently n democrat. Tlioro were
a great many ladies in the audience. Blniuo
was very warmly received , Uu madu a short
speech , in which ho again presented protective
tariff as the leading itsuo in the campaign ,
and declared that no state in tha union was
more interested in maintaining it than wns
West Virginia. Ho was loudly uud repeated
ly cheered. From the meutinir his carriage
wai again escorted through Wheeling nud
across the rirur to Bridgeport ou the Ohio
iido , hs ! private car having been transferred in
the meantime. All 13ridg port was out to sea
him. After a few \rords of thanks and ent
couragcmont the young min of the clubs tha-
Lad escorted him , ho bowed to the crowd nnd
entered his car , whereupon the train started
( or Canton.
Stops were made at Wayward , Flushing ,
Freepjrt. Urichsvillo , Now Philadelphia ,
Canal , Dover uud Massdlon. Attach of
these places there was n wildly enthusiastic
crovvrt und at each , Blnino appeared on the
rear platform and fpoko briefly acknowledg
ing the compliment piid him aud urging the
importance of the tariff question. Thu tcheer-
ing , yelling and general d monstr tion wore
energetic uud Bus.aiuad nil nlnng the route
tliU afternoon than on any previous pat t of
Ulaino'u tour. About eight o'clock the train
arrived ut Canton , the end o the day' * jour-
usyi .A .Uigo torchlight proc'stion
ot 'plfcrnfdknfghtB'Jpand ) bhiine aud LOKUU
clues escorted Mr. Blame to the hou-o of Mr.
Aultman , 0119 of the load in , ' busiura-i mnn of
the city , whore he tuok tea. Ho then went
down to the pe.ikor'd stand , n'ind uhich
several thousand iicoplo wcra ussernbled.
When ho nppeared upon the stnid there WAS
great checiing. Hu mviou-ed thn procoebion ,
and in response to the itlla of the people
made a very brief speech , in which he cn.o-
pized McVintey , the piesent republican rei.-
rcsontativo of th i district in congress , nud
rargtd hts ro election. To-morrow ho will
Tisit Mnsjilon and o'.h r neighboring places ,
\ returr in ? to Canton in tin evening. During
Iiis stay here ho will ba the guest of Me Yin-
Pi'JOK'a 1UIO.
A Qeml-Pohtlcal-Porsoiinl Row In tlio
UtiG Dopnrtmcnt ,
AI.DANI , N. Y. , October 7. Darid Ilenly ,
thief clerk of the buraau of labor statibtics ,
to-day wns removed from office by Commis
sioner Peck. The reason assigned by I'eck
for hia action is thnt his subordinate has violated
lated his oath of office aud had been guilty cf
malfeasance in office , tha latter charge con-
albting n his telegraphing pome fortyix me1- !
rugaj amounting to ubuiit $10 nnd charging
thu same to the depirtment , Ifealy indig
nantly denies the fhurgo i nd will daniaud in-
vcstl > ; ntion. Healy'sfnendi claim that ho re
cently presided at I'ntler meetiik' against
the udvico of commit'Bloiisr Peck. Kollowing
m the letter of diamiestd :
You arj hereby notibed I liat on nnd after
tliH date your sorvicn will not hu required in
thii dennrtment. Under ordinary circum
stances I hhnuld feel willing and indeed justi
fied In allowing you tu resign , but conscious as
I nm , nut only of jour baio and unwarranta
ble treachert to mo pon-onal y , but of your
litter lack of manhood , decency and honor In
thu performance "f your sworn duty , I am Im
pelled by sense of my official oath ti > remote
yon for groas and dishonest practices und de
nounce as unworthy of thu confidence of any
man. ( Signed. ) Charles F. l'eclt _ , roinmls-
sfonor of labor statistic * . Peck , it seems , Imd
told Healv ho had no desire or wish to inllu-
once his ( llealy's ) politicd a'-tlon in any way.
Ho thought ho ought to see the propriety of
not ( residing at a Butler mooting which how
ever , Ilealy did. Silica then commissioner
Peck obtaino I copies of dispatches sent by
Ilealy and charged tothndepjrtrnont Betwemi
April 29 and August C , forty-six di-pitclies
WTO diecovcred , many of thorn eignud by
Htnly or "Damon , " hla nom do pi me , nnd
all ou private bit-lnces or in connection with
political Jalior muroinent- ' . They had been
jmld for by the department , 'Iho custom ha. )
been to pay the tcKfjraph hills montlily , tliono
that vsoro privatn being paid for by die parties
f-onding them , Tills in the custom In all state
departments , fany of the forty-nix dis-
r patches we/e In ciplmr. Peck etatis that the
bills wore presented to Hettly nnd ho certified
they were on department bu < iocts. Ilenly
denies ti.a charge , and declares thit hin re
moval was for political rei sons Peck states
thnt nritber Governor Clevrlird nor any
other itato officer knew of or uivUed the r.i-
mo\il : which ho made on hia own p
and official responsibility.
Crnslicd and ! Maiiflcl.
HOCK IHLANW , III. , October 7. Osc-ar
WIckman , a section hand , was killed In the
CIl. 1. &P. yard this afterhoon. Ho was
un a flat car egainut which other cars were
suddenly thrown and ho fell down ou the
track. Fivaiara paused orer hh head , crush
ing the ekull and scattering the brains. The
coroner's jury cen.uted tha company for
iiegllgoucuin not having a man on thu cars
that caused thu mUchief ,
Ni\v York nnd Olilo.
Special Telegram to Tliu BKI : :
CHICAGO , October 7. Gen. ACBOII G , Mo-
Cook , of Now York , clerk of the United
States Senate , who is at the Grand Pacific ho
tel , spoke very confidently thla morning of tha
ruccus of the republican ticket in Ohio.
Whether we roll up a l 3 majority In that
itatoor not. " eaid ho , "ivo will cirry New
York. If Ohio g'ouldgo democratic , Irliould
undoubtedly feel preat doubts about the re
mit in Niw York , hut knowing Ohio will do
iiothlnz of Iho sort , I am eutUUud about
New York. Oar majority in New York
liowovir doptndf , I leliovo , on the majority
In Ohio. I am to picMdo nt n republican mnM
m-otiiiff nt Stenbonvillo in Ohio next week ,
iiiforo 1 left Now York 1 told .Inmus 1) . War-
nn , chairman of thoitfito commlttur , thnt I
was coming west , I nskod him what I rhould
e.iy to Ohlo.vis. "Toll them , ' ' said Wnrrmi.
"that if they will pivo ns . Gl ) 0 lunjnrlty Oc
tober 1-lth wo will gunrAiiUo to miry New
York for lilalno by n majority of 100,000 , but
If Uoy can't glxnislifi.OlA ) , nnything Milliter
will do , though Ntw York's majority depend
In u great iiioaMito on the rcpult thero. " ( ! on ,
McCook Eald that the repMblicAiii would losd
some votes in N w York city , hut the et to nt
1 irgo would pivo five democrats In leturn lur
every disatfccted rcpublicMi in the city.
n JOY.
An Open Iicttcr Conocrnlii ; ; lllnlno's
Speclnl dlspitch to THE Uin.
NEW YoitK , October 7. In U. 12. Joy's de
nial thnt Blaine over offered n commit tco to
suit him , Henry Ward Doccher comes to the
front with nn open latter to Gen , Alper , in
which ho says .Toy evaded the point in Ida
answer which his been published. Bceclier
says hi dlnod with Joy in September , 1877.
Toward the clojo of tha dinner political mat
ters were introduced , rmd among other
things , Blaiuo'd failure to receive- the nom-
nation that wont to llayei. Joy sroko with
contemptuous severity of Blaine nnd gave this
statement : ' ' When the difficulty occurred in
regard to certain lamia in the eouthnost lu
which I was interested , n committee
was about to bo appointed by con
gress to examine the matter.
Blaine being pponker of the house , through n
friend I risked Mr. Blaine tolia\o ono Hound
lawyer appointed on that committed. I did
not cara of what party. I simply wanted a
sound lawyer. In n day or two Blaine sent
me word through a friend that he had certain
depreciated bond ) and that if I would enable.
him to place them utpar I could hn\o my
committee o.a I wanted it , " nnd I cannot for
get , c.iys Beecher , with what cutting scorn
Mr. , Toy leaned back in his chair and snid ,
' That ia the man Blftino is , " aud ho added ,
"I refused the offer" nnd na the courts soon
settled the matter , no committee was ap
Tlio Oonuiiuticuc Election ,
llAOTfonn , October 7. The majority for
the constitutional amendment ia likely to
reach 15,000. The vote against it five years
ago was over 2-1 , COD. The railroad Interests
worked for the amendment , nnd ether cor
porate interests have favored it , ai they dceiro
to bo less frequently exposed to hostile legisla
tion. 'Hi ere waa no organised effort to de
feat the amendment. The compensation of
the members of the legislature will be $300
und one mileage nf 25 ceuta per mile. There
is no party sicrnificanco in tha vote on the
amendment. In the ( .lections for town officers
the republicans fully hold their own in the
btato geutrally , compared with la t your.
In Hattford the Democrats
united on candidates fur town clerk unci ipgls-
: er. The democrats elect the majority of BO-
ectmon which , with the town clerk , comprise
, ho board of registration of electors. The
vote in this city in about n two-thirds regia-
, ercd vote , nnd thnt will probibly 1)3 abjiit
the ratio throughout the st'ite. _ Hartford
voted for liquor license by a majority of 1C3
Dities generally vote for license , while many
smaller towiHota against it. These will
iiobably number considerably more than half
: ha towns of the state. In Hartford the
women were to all the palla distributing "No
license voted. "
MACO.V. Ma. , October 7 , The republican
Btite convention in opposition to fusion mot
and orgnuizod by electing John JouVy , of
iioone couuty" chairman , anil Win. T. Beech-
at , of Mccon county , secretary. The follow-
ng state ticket was nominated : Governor ,
Ador Guitar , Boone ; Lieutenant ; Governor ,
Thcordoro Bruce , St. Charles ; Secretary of
State , N. 0. Burch , Cole ; State Auditor ,
Benj. M. Pock , Hamsor ; Stale Treasurer.
Slias. K. Hanrood , Greene ; Kecorder of
hands , Benj. F. Heinz , Adnir ; Attorney , Ji'mea Y. C , Jackson ; Judga of thu
Supreme Court , ,1. 15 , Hender-on , St. Loufa ;
Itul'road Commissioner , J. Milton Turver , St.
houia , Tha republican .1 lectors chos
en nt the Scdtdia convention were
reinstated and the f union with green-
backers repudiated. Thu last reso
lution of thu platform is as follows : "With
charity for all. with malice toward none , and
firm in the belief of n successful future for tha
republican party in Alitsourl , wo present a
htu'.e ticket competed of dUtinguUhed , honor
able nnd capable men , for Iho suffrages of
those repub icauti who rofusa to follow tlio recent
cent fusion loaders donn Into the dark va'ley '
of humiliation , wheiu Ignomluoiun defeat
awaits them ,
[ Cleveland's Ulit * r Campaign.
Special dsratth ! to Tin : BKI : .
CI.KVKLAND , October 7. The local political
fight here is more bitter thin has ever before
been known In the history of tha city. Senator
Payne , ono of the stockholders of the Cleveland -
land rolling mills , was charged with being a
party to the reduction in wages of 2,000 men.
Ilodenles it iu n card published this morning.
IntTviews with William U CheBholrn , who is
I'ayriu's partner in the rolling mills , show that
Payne was the first one to propouu the reduc
tion of wages. Thi ) Loader thin morimif
charges--eiidtorPa > ne wl.h being a falsifier ,
The editor cftha Loader lust night received
an unonyomous lottsr In which tnreats were
made that both the Leader und Herald build
ings would be burned became thpapjrs were
opposed to Tovan , the democratic candidate
for congrusu ,
Fleiirn-l'/icuiiKjiilii In Illinois.
Sl'RlNGKiELD , October 7. Gov. Hamilton
lield a consultation with Stain Veterinarian
Puarson to-day on the subject of plcuro-
pneumonia. It was decided to accept the
proposition of the Chicago Live Stoik 1'x-
change , refused by Dr. Solomon , chief of thu
United Status bureau of anlmil Industry , to
expose ton head of tiealthy caUlu to Infec tion
by pkura-pnournonia , in order to decide
whether er not It ia contagious , quarantine in
thu meantime to ba strictly malnt-dticd , Tha
aotcraur also Instructed the vetoriuar an to
lodge complaints u'uimt all periuim who have
Hold cattln from in'ectod heidnand refute to
exhibit their tales book a , whereby such in
fected cattle may bu tructd.
Polltkml Dobnto.
FT. WATNK , Ind. , October 7-Tio first of a
series of joint discussions upon the political
issuej of tha day between Culkhu , candidate
for fiovernor of Indiana on the republican
ticket , nnd Gray , democratio candidate for the
amo oflicB , wni held here this afternoon , A
vott crowd assembled at and around the court
houieyard. Both candidates hold on informal
levee upon the platform , shaking hand * , etc. ,
after tha close of the debate ,
An Editorial Nominee.
Special telegram to TJIU BKK ,
WEST POINT , Neb. , Ooiober 7. P , T. O1.
Sullivan , editor of the Pro/rens , wan nomi
nated to day for the loxlilature by tha democrat -
crat . Thu dUtrlcC is ut prudent ruprossnted
b. M , Frarue.
SOUTH IlKTiir.EiiKW , } ' . , October 7. The
opna home at thU p'aca ' and u row of brick
buildlriRii Hiljoiulci ; it burned thiu morning ,
LOB7 , § llfi,000.
Hen's ' Reply to the Democratic Con-
ycnlioii's ' Resolutions.
A Sample ot tlio Old Man's '
Rhetoric ,
Shocking Fallacies Couolied in
Exquisit Diotiou ,
Illogical Bon-Bons of Bourbon
Braggadocio ,
His Old Howl of Ecpublioan
Citing tlio Nollo Sires ot ! 7c > : incrno
J't'iuaorncy Tlio Argument
of Dcntl IBBUPB ,
' 1'IIiDKN'S Ii
NKwYoiu ; , October 7. Tlio following is
Mr. Tilduu'a response to tlio committuo of the
national democratic convention , comcying to
him tlio resolutions of that body :
UttA\STO.NK , October C , 1SS-1. Mr. Cluir-
mnu Mid Gentlemen of tliu Committee : I
thank jou for kind terms in which you havu
communicated the re elution coucoroiug niu
nduptod by the la.ii' democratic national con
vention. I that o your conviction that reform
in the administration of tliu fodcrr.l govern
ment , which IB our great national want , mid
Is , indeed , otsontiiU to the restoration mid
preservation of the government Itself , can
only ba achieved through the ngoncyi f the
democratic party and installing iu represent-
ntivo in the chief magistracy of tlio United
States. Tlio uoblo historical tr.iditioua of the
democratic party , tlio principle ; in which it
was educated and to which it ban ever boon in
the main faithful , its frooilom from corruption
which grows tip in prolonged pos
sess on of power r.nd the nature of
the element ) which constitute it , all contribute
to qualify it for that mission , The opposite
charr.ctcrlstlcs and conuitioua which attach to
the republican party makes it hopeless to ox-
poet that party will bo able to give better gov-
eminent than the debasing system of abuses
which , during its twceuilency lias infected the
jjllicinl and political life of this country. The
democratic party had its origin in the efforts
of the inoro advanced patriot ! of thurovolu-
lion to resist the pel version of ourRovuinmout
from tlw ideal contemplated by the people.
Among its conspicuous founders are Benjamin
I'nuiklin and Thomas Jefferson Samuel
Adams and Jchn Hancock , of Mv pachuictt- ,
Jeorgo Clinton nud Ilohort Li\ngstono ! , of
Vow York , and George Wvtho nud
Tames Mudlson , of Virginia. Fiom tlie
election of Mr. Jefferson , is president , in IbOl
ror fixty yenia the democratic party mainly
dhectud uur national puhcy. Ir extended the
JoumhritB of the republic and laid tlio foun
dations of all riatloiud greatness. While It
iirtBented the liinitutipna imposed by the con-
titution aud maintained a eimplu und puio
system of democratio ndjnlnUtrntion , On the
other hand , the lopublican party ha * alwnyj
lioon nominated by priticiplea.whichffavor leg
islation for the bundle of partieidnr classc3 at
the expense body of thoJpSJplolt ha bo.
come deeply tainted with the nbu'es vhich
naturally grow dming tlio long possession of
unchecked power especially in the period of
the civil war and tlm establishment of
fa'so finance. Tha politic and
virtuous elements in it are now unable to
emancipate it from the sway of soltuh inter-
fsts , which subordinate public duty to "per"
sonal greed. The mctt hopeiul of the bust
citizens it contains despair of iU amendment
except through its tempoiary expulsion from
power. Itluabcon boottinply umrte'd by a
modern Massachusetts statesman , utrncgliug
to reconcile ) himsfllf and Ids followers to their
presidential candidate , that the republican
paity contains a disproportionate eliaio of the
wealth , the c Ituro , and the intelligence of iho
country. The unprincipled Grafton when
taunted by James II. with his per
sona ! want of conscience , onswernd , ' 'That is
true but I belong to a pnrty that hns a great
ddul of conscience. " Such rcasonors lorget
that the t-ania claim has I een made in all ag H
and countries by defenders of old
wrotgs against new ri-formi. It wan
alleged by the Toiirg of the American
[ evolution ng.iinst the pitrloti of tint day
[ was jeportud againet Jtffuison and aftyi-
wurds against Jucucon nnd It is al cgod by
; hu torisurvntiicsngiiinst thoio wlio , in Kng-
land nro now endeavoring to i nlurgj tlio pop
ular eudiazo. All history chows that reform
in government must not he expected front
; hose who tit s rtnoly on the social mountain
tojn enjoying the benefits of the existing or
der of thing * . Even the Divil o author of our
rolLrion Irnnd Ilia follower n t among thu
elf-complaciint Pharisees , but among the low-
ly-minded lUlinrmtn. The rei.iiblican party
is largely made up tf those who live
by their wit > and who .vpiro in politics to ad-
\antugnof tin lest of iiunkind , fimilar to
those which thtir daily lives nro dovetail to
miming in private tusinei-H. The democratic
party cniii-lstB largely of IhoBU who livn by thu
work of their handd , and wliouo political ac
tion Id governed by their sentiments or imafii
nation. If. resul'H that tlio democratic party ,
more readily than the republican party , can
bo moulded to the support of reform iiioumrcs
which involve a mciilico of selfish intcrubt ,
The indispensable mcei'Blty of our Units i * a
change of udminiutrution in the great exccu-
tUo 'jllicoi of the country. This , in my judg
ment , can only bo accomplished by the elec
tion of the democratio candidates for presi
dent and vice president ,
To II. II. Henry , chairman , li. li. Omalley
andothers of the special committee of the
democr.isic national convention ,
A Hcrloua ColllHNlMii on tlio ilnolc IB-
Ifind in lotvn.
Council lilufTd Kvenlng Globe.
Train Iso , 4 ; catt bjund from this city , col
lided with a freight train near Commerce ,
I own , ten milts west of Ii s Mointjs. The
pitBsui gir did not utjp ( it Commerce ) , hut ouly
BUclctiied tpecxl in older to ullow th'j wctt
bound train tu sidetrack , and then j asecd on
at u rapid late of spued. On a curve a quar
ter of u mile from the station it struck the
freight. A difference ) of opinion i-murig r.iil-
\\uymcnexleUastu tlio time. The licight
men say that the | ia 8origer train wiia
two mluutea uhoad of time , while the
unglueer and otuera on tlio pmsengur
uuy that they weiu exactly on time. I he
freight conductor says that when he lett the
junction , three milcn thin itido of thu collision ,
Hi ) wu.i jubt ou time , but on cccount of u Blip-
l > ery truck , from the ruin , ho lout three or four
minuted. This freight is u regular train , and
Bido-tracked at Commeico for the pawenger
It roenifi as though Homo one ml ht have
known that eoinethlug wus wrong when the
frtight wa Vnowu to to oil time. No word
of this kind was givou the paBaeimer
conductor at Coinmera * , and he
pulled on fur le Molncs , The
trelght wan doing i.s best to make Commerce
knowing that it was very nearly if not quite
uu the time of the pai > iougtr , Tin ) iliapatth-
er at. U a Mnino * had Btirted ill's freight , and
knowing that Hi regular time got it to Com
merce , and tmppodlng it to ba there , tent no
orders for thu pumenger to w.dt. No danger
being untluput.ud , tha two tiuina went llyin/ / <
on tlibir way und in two minuUs front thu
time the ( .assenger lift Commi-rco there win
an uw/ul cmeh ami a tcniblu wifm , tliough
f j tunuttly uo pBoigeni were hurt.
As soon uj : thu PJI-Bng'T engineer , J&mes
Sheenan , KUW thu freight , ho icvrmcd hiu i n-
( jine uud did all hu could to check hi ) timn , i
but Rcolng that ft collision w s Iiin > it' Mo him-
elf and airman , John KHly. r ch iumpnl
from the iiriRino and cscaiunl injury , TIiotMin
ran nn until the two engines ttuck. None of
the coichci l ft the trnck. Tim Uo inon in
Ihn mail cor , Mr. .T. K. AVilli.MiH of Pea
Moinci , end Mr. J. M. llolton , of Atlanli- ,
wtrohoth In the front end of tln-Ir ou , atul
bcln t busy did not tu.llco the > heckmg of the
train fo that llmywrro not In llm li > a t pro-
H nil for danger The tender of thucngiiu
was drixen buck into the car imd caught both
inon m such n wav an to hurt tliom imtt' ] cori-
ooitly. i lr. Willinitis had liia Ml firm cvioht
between the doiir and ono uf ttio ho vy
tablo-t , and it wai b.idly inifiiliml. Mr.
Unltou rocilvod two cut * on the lioul
Tiioy wrrfl ntti-ndi-d by Jts. U co tivl Cum-
mnrco , Lncv of thN city nn J Hninw.ilt of Uo *
Moincs , The fro'pht uiiRlnP < > r Joint .1 , hnson ,
anil fltcmnn John Woodward , jutnp d , M did
a brakeman and were not injured , lllght cits
Moro wrecked and both ucoinotlu'i bally
damaged. Conductor Cnroy was in cliargo of
the p.wsenenr and conductor \Viulnco of thu
frciKht 'Ilia passenger duo nt U o'clock nr-
rlcd at 11:1C.
THE II. & 0 , YTKU ,
Uctoboi : T. Tha onlor of
the IVnniylvania Hallroad company , rcfmlup ;
through business to thU city nud Now York ,
01 if-inntlnij with the Baltimore Uliio , ap-
plio3 for the present only to pasionger buii-
lias. Through freight ia not Uilcrfurod with ,
and it l-i stated that the clasp bu.iincm coming
from the 11. A O. is of urn-ill' amount. The
] > emi ylvUii.i ! rnvt Invn hoard nothing on thu
Mibjoct from tha It. & 0. managers.
IIALTIUOIIE , October 7. In .n nnl to ( ho
order of the Pennsylvania railuay , Hubert
Garrutt and hisastint'intH paid tlioro wasnnth-
ing for them la state. ThoysMd no reply hud
been made to the Peiiuajlvauiiconipany. The
matter will probably como up t the board
meeting to-morrow ,
NEW YOIIK , Oclobcr 7. A njiulic.Uo in
Amsterdam and London has taken $3,000,000
in stock and $5,000,000 in bonds of tin Louis
ville & 3iVhvillo railroad at twenty n
share. The company reserved the right to of.
fer the bonds und stock nt given prices to its
s-ockhohlorH , the syndicate tiklnir whatever
tlm stockholders do not tuko. Tlio proceeds
will li. ulilato tlio unttro flnatinir debt.
53Tho directors of the Louisville k Nashtillo
huvo decided to issue now recuritUa.
OTTAWA , October 7. The Dominion gnv
eminent granted subsidies of C 400 ucicm per
mile to the Manitoba and Northwestern and
and Manitoba and Southwestern ,
CHICAGO , October 7 Hallroad ticket scalp
ers have become frightened at the rapidity
with which pnpsonger rates to Mi ourl river
points have been c-omg dawn and fearing that
the cut would be BO low nn to leave them no
margin for profit held u moating to-day and
decided to clinr o fix dollara to t' ' ma points.
They were soiling jetterday at five fifty. Thu
pricu over rni way counters to day waj tix.
Theio la no open cut in ra'tcK to Si , Louu nud
ocaipers ate Hulling ut two fifty.
MoLnMinHealovrdcllnir ,
WABIIINCTON , October 7k John H. Mc
Lean , editor and proprietor of thu Cincinnati
Knquiror , and Miss Kmily T.'iBealo , daughter
of General KJward T. BailO , were married
this mornirg at ths residence' of the brldo'o
father , Lafayette place. , fhfiCerenoiiy ) took
place nt 9 , o'clock , Hev. Dr Leduord officiat-
iq < ? . - No rd-'f-ondino iViKiSlfiwflnt. * The
ceremony was witnessed \ty. \ iutimato"TFnends
only. Thabridu word a travelingdi > c3D , nud
Immediately after tlio cersnr-myMr. and MM.
MoLoauJelt for Philadeljiliia , whciico tbny
RO ty tha gtoom's home in ( 'incinmiti , which
will > tba their residence henceforth. The
mother of General Horde , ind nunt , Mm.
Ueal" , aged 87 and 81 year * . witiiMtcd the
ceremony. The others were General and MM ,
Uealu , parents of the bridt' , Mr. Wa-hicgtun
McLean and wife , parents of groom , General
and Mrs. _ IIii7.on , Captain and Mrs. A. II.
Huyhcr , Cincinnati. Tlio loft two ludic ? : uo
bifiteraof the gioum. Mr. Beak' , brother of
thu biide , anil brothers of lUr lleale. ' 1'wo
old colored crvaiits whohnvo boon with Gen
eral Uo tie's family over forly yearn , nluo wit
nessed the curomony. TJia marriage was u
turjirito to tha fiionds of bjth jcrtieH , ns the
cngagemont was not known. Miss Koalu wan
one of the most popular belles in social circles
General John A. Logan rrrivml hero from
White Sulphur Spring * , \Vett Vlrr-inia , this
morning. lie will leniain in WnHhington
dining the dny and loato for 1'hiladeliihia to
morrow morning.
itliiliio ,
NKW Yoitt , October 7. Julm 1) , Warren ,
of the republican state- committee , received
the following yesterday :
"jSir : I wish to tender my icslgnation us n
republican elector in this etn'e. ' I am sorry
to nay that I cannot conscientiously support
the republican candidate for president , Jamca
G. Blaino. I nmain ,
Yours tesppctfullv ,
( Signed ) \V. K. I'oitltKHT.
Forrest id n prominent doctor in thU city ,
Ilo rediji-a to Miy anything beyond the con
tents of lliu letter.
All the employes of thu Oliver liroH. and
' ' mills ' havu decided
I'liillipn' at 1'ittiibiirg to
strike. This thiowd it.OJU men out of employ
lien Butler spoke at Kalanmoo , Mich , ,
Monday night.
Itcfcmog to ( ho agricultural criUs in Kur-
opo , which has arisen Irom computltion with
tlid produce of America , the 1'ain Hupubliiuu |
Francaleu says that thu na iom of Kuropo will
not allow tln-mjeivcH to ba devoured by thu far
went , but will r. 8crt tl.eniH'jlves , und Krancu
will load thu way. Loon Kay provided ut thu
mouthy banquet of the Societa de.-i
JCcouiiiiiHti)9. ) Kpeeches worn delivered
denunciatory to > roucli protection toiidun.
clrs , and claiming that the only remedy for
the agricultural distress of the country Is in
lirerty and reduction of all clulieo upon
food ,
Dr. Clnir , of Calcutta , h ronvincud that thu
bacllius discovered by Dr Koch in cholera n t-
tii'iits in liannleiH , lie bwallowtd sovcral
microbe himself. '
The lioilin corrd pendent of the "Lou-Ion
Dully Nnwu nvy i that tliu German colotii/.ing
fevir is dying i tit. All hopes that tliu acqui
sition of largo tracta In A f lien _ would divert
emigration tu America hava vaiiislied ,
The twenty-fourth unmnl fair of the Kt
Louis mechanicjl nud neriiultural umociatiun
opened Monday with MI mm-nally lurgu at-
tundnnco. The utriot ilhiiniiiitlou was tented
Monday n'ght ' und proved hUccoFsfu ) . Over
thirty-Mx tbiniHiud g < m jets in various cnlorfd
t-hjlwc , boiides hundred * of eloctrlo lightu
were burning.
PJTTBIIUIIO , Octoltcr 7. The lockout of the
Oliver liros , k Phlllip'a tolling mills began
this morning and threa thousand men wmo
added to thu already Urge number out of em
ployment in this city , Tha mou positively
rufuxbd to accept I''i per cent , reduction and
tha linn gave orders to not lifht thu firen u > >
that lnUud of a nrlke it is u lockout. Thu
afternoon there will be u conference uf anial-
gamstsd olliclals uud the linn , when the for
mer will endeavor to Ii \o the licatem anil
rollers' htilpor , wluinow ur < ] inchi-Jed In the
reduction , classed mnoov thu ukillucl ecilu
laborerM. If Hiicontitful the mill can tenurne
at once without the im llllcd laborura.
Limit. ( Jrerl'H Hrultli ,
N H. , Oct bur 7. Lieut ,
ly lo > en for \Vf > * lilngtoii Nmun.btr fith.
I lili health M tluwly iuiproifini ; ,
Latest Atolces frwn tlio SCSDO of
Nance Ccniity
forriblo Mystery of the Horse
Oreok Murdorsi
Six Human Lives Saorifiocd in
tlio Orimo.
NTo Oluo to the Wrotohod Oriini-
unl's ' WhareaboutSi
Unauthontio Evidonoo that ho
Loft Fullortoui
Coroncr'H tlary Holil Secret
liitcrustln Kvlilcnuc Tlio Ijntcst
IMIiuito 1'urtluiilnrn.
Spnclnl to THUKK. } \ .
The deep mystery Unit involves the "llorso
'reck" ' tragedy his lifted but little since i IB
ditcovcry , n week ago , although every clfoit
s been put forth by the ollicisls ,
BBCUUT Jl'llT HlyslON.
The crronor'a jury , c imposed of I. A. lion-
o , OrHluney , K 1) . Gould , George Kojr.erH.
ngo Vojln und S. II. I'eunoy. foreman , hohl
n hocret bcwion nil day Monday , examining
\\itiiPuFUJ. Jjtttlo UJiild bo learned M to the
developments nmilo but thu following
avidoiice ngaliiKt Kurnival .was tlitcloicd.
Monday , Al , lijrd , an Insurance tigcnt from
L'dar Itipida , visited tin kccuu and dellvorod
.o I'uriiival , at hti n Idence , nn insur nco
tollcy. KunHval stated to Jlird that ' Malr
md gene tx ) Fullerton with Porclval , " ( u do-
.iborato falsehood ) , and contrary to his habit
did not invitu Jilrd into tha house
urnivid expected ICd. Clarke on Tuesday
,0 gi > t a mow er , and wruto n note on the hack
uf 11 novel B.iyiuir "Von can tnko the mower
uul welcome , but buwaru thn tongue , lictsy
[ a nlcknauio tor Mnlr , his partner ) , and I aru
jomg after duur. Youra. G. li1. "
The til fit supposition was that I'urnivnl and
Malr had on Monday gone deer hunting ; thn :
Muir had returned iind 1'unmnl gene on and
iiospltily been killed in thu hills , but an invus-
Ligation Sunday ditclosed Kurnlval'H Win
chester under hU matrtss where ho no doubt
lid it. Thr coroner's jury is In scHjton to-day
examining wltnesius and investigating
The father and brother of Mrs Porcivnl
arrived Sunday and Monday respectively from
Minuesota. Mr. Tanner Is n brother of the
celebrated Dr. Tanner , and n man of high
etandn g. Deing nskcd by THE llii : ; corrcs-
londunt , if ho know of any estutu cominir to
uiy of the \icti m , ho said : "Harry P .r-
cival's parents are living , and us far an I know
.here wiis'nb estate , that could have influo cfd
; ho murder , coming to. any of tliem'y" llo
telegraphed Sunday rrrght to Mlnnosnta to
lave Kurnivul's t.ioturu obtained , if iiossiblo ,
and sent to ShfrilT Zihbol nt.QmnhaTitvlbi gf
- f , FUnHlVAt'BjlTMaHT' ' MKH
KTnrlw Jlogoon siyt thftttoa.Tiie8day.morn-
ing'lie nw n mftn'"driwod 5n'"jrlont ' co t
[ uviaently a rubber coa'y belonging to Ualrd )
uul n white hat ( Malrs ] ) , .running across the
iirairio to tha depot , lie Joniarkod at the
nno that ho would mtu tha train. This It bo-
iioved to Imro been li'urnivul. A horse belonging -
longing toPcrcival was left nt Itob ° rti' livery
stable by a man annwcrlug to I'lirnlval'ii ilu-
Bciiption. Several dtftettlvea nru m fcivin pot
ting what evidence is pobibn ! in thu case. The
rouanl proclumatiou w\-t published in yester
day's Biut.
1''d friends say .Unit ho was an intoli-
nt young man of ono of tlio first families of
I' ngland They iiiBibt tint ho could not have
committed the crlmu and some still beliuyo
lilm murdered at Horse Creek or in that vi
cinity , and are elill eearchlng for hiu body.
iioimiiu.K DLTAII.S
A miflscarrlago occurred after Mr < . Pcrcivnl's
death making nt victims to the remnn of boll worked etich doxtiuctiun in these two
uoautlful hnppy Lomcn.
A loving iotter written by Hugh Mair to
liix mother in England wai found on the table
end mailed to her with the sad umvu.
arry Percival W.IB U > yoira of ato. ( Mr .
I'crcivjil B 1.8 jeaiH of I'ge , and their child
8 months old. Huph M.nir ayud 11) ) . liaird
nged ! - . All except Mr . Pmciwd ( who is an
American ) nro of KnglUh birth.
roi-ui.AU jaciTuiiuNT.
The excitement in still iutiin u. Sunday ,
over fiOO people vhitod the nceno of thu mur
der. Gioupx of men may hu uuun uavurly dis-
ui blng the development on uvury conuir.
Mrs. Percival hud not been ravluhrd ns first
stated , and thu object of the wholesale butch
ery ia etlll unknown.
Tliu Prohibition Executive Committee )
Ucureo u Day of
Cnic'iao , October 7. The following will bo
Issued to-morrow from the headquarters of tin
national prohibition party :
Chloigo , October ? , 18H1
To the people of the United States :
In view of thu mliery uud crime resulting
from alcoholism , and of thaguilt fattened upon
the people by Government , municipal , state
and national laws permitting and uvon licens
ing thu trallic In poison drinks , thu .exocutlvu
committee of tha prohibition party call upoi
thu people of this country tu obiorvo Wednes
day , October 2'J , 18/il , us a day of fautlng , hu
mlliatlon und u.mfeiielon , tnd In view of thu
fact that many all over the country nro arousei
to rrah/.n tlu > eriorrnUv of thu liijuor crime um
iiru willing to ba at thu cost and jiaini to put I
tiwuy , wo call on nil Christian hulluvrr/i l <
iinlcu In praierto Almighty God that Ills aii
may bu Kiven to thoxo mt'onureu which will re
milt-In the upuadv putting away of tbU guil
and thu kiipprecuion of thu truUlc in blcoholiu
Ou hf'hulf of thu caininltten ,
Hlgnod , JOHN I ) . I'lKUII , Chairman
A. J. JurxiNH , Cor. Hoc.
\u\v Oliurcli.
WAHIIIMIIO.V , October 7. Work will bu
begun to-morrow on tha handsome now Pres
byterian church on Connecticut avonuu for
which , Hubicrlptlons were made nyear and n
half ago uud ara now in progiua * of collection. the principal Miutcnbura are JiHtico
Stanley Matthews , of thu supreme court ,
K .Instico Stti > iir | , $501)0 ) ; Jumes G
liluinvJl'SOOj Suimtnr .1 Dnnal 1 Cameron.
31010 ; Samuel licllubjr er , 8100) ) and euvurul
niiu'reuiduiiti $10 0 ojch including thu wid
ow n { thu latj Govcnuir Murgiin. of New
Culfbtllll HIU'lilVllllONH ,
HAN l'iiANOHOO , Octolur 7. A largo niim
bur of Chinoio paHJcngeij by tbo steamer City
of 1'clcliiflately nrri\e < lurn tukliutdvuutagi
of .lustii'o 1'nld'rt rnUmr tbut Cliluuvu born li
tliu Uulr. d Stalux art ) ciilxeni and imlltlml ti
laud. Tinny wiitH Iron taken mil li
the hut few duy * by Chluoeo who claim tu beef
of Amc-ilcuu birth ,
> f Trnilf M ,
CIIIL-.MIO , Illinoli October 7. Tha f > dcrn-
ton of trades and labor unions cunmllng of
eire | < ciiUUvo < from varlotti labor organizu-
Inn uf tlm Unite I Slatu and Cann In , bcfian
o inn here at noon to-diy. P. II. MoLoizan ,
if ChKngo calhvl the meeting to order , nnd
, he niMru'R ol welcome wan delivered by the
ity attorney Grinm-ll , on behalf of the city
n the nbseneo of the mayor , The object of
ho numial assembly Is to dUcitfH ipieiiionn at
f < um botvuvm capltil nnd labor , nnd to dls-
emltmtu such view < among organize ! work-
ni { i > ciiplu of the country an will recrlvo rocog-
ilH.pii . for tht'in.
The delegates numbcrod fifty nnd claim to
oprcwnt nearly n million wngo worker * .
Pulltlci will form no put of their deliberation
although Its probable there will bo omo dlv
ciiwinn cane unlng thn tnrlli , Tha nnmlgx-
nati-d IMMK latinii of iron utid steel worker *
wa loiincrlyiDprosmited in the fedurution ,
nit withdraw owliut to the rnlnml of the lat
ter t" retain in Its declaiMtloii of iU princi-
pirn n high tariff plank.
After Hiu nddrcM by the chnirnun , recess
ivas tikcn in order to givu an oppor unity for
thu c.immltteo on cr < denttaU tu make up its
ex | > rt. On reconvening the report wai madrt.
IvoprwrntntlvtHof Iho nation il ciir ( { makers
mum objcctid to the ndiilH < ! im of roprosen-
jitlves ot the progrefcsho cigar makers nnd
ho inattct wui leferrod b.ick to thu commit-
OP. The following < IlicoiH wore ulcutnil :
Prtnido it , W. J , ll.vnin ml of Now Or-
oannsioo ; pro > ident Hiehnrd Poworn of
Chlc.ig ; secretary , \\r. 1) . Oji nelly of Cln-
iimitliiwlstint ; tocratarv , KniH Lny of
{ \ntiH villa lud. ! aujitorn , .1 W. Wnto boil o
of Cincinnati and .1. 1) . Smith of Spriimlluld
IU A motion to consider A nyntom by which
ono tradocan ai'l nnothur liuiitoially when In
roublo T H roferrort to the committee. Ad-
ourncd till tomorrow.
ItnllniiH Allotlllood ,
TAMUIIIT.II , Out. , October 7. Yostenlay n
ontractor on tha Napanoo , Tnmworth k
Juebeo railway notitlnd forty Itillnnn that
' .ley would not bu required longer anil to pro-
tare to move to another contract on the
CingHtun k Pembroke railroad. Tha Italians
efusod to go until paid nnd with clubs , reveler -
er * and knives drove away n ( inall gang of
vorkmeu who remained , nho attacked John
Vltrlcn. brother or ono of the contractors ,
h.islng him about the \ lllngo , threatening his
ife. The county council , In cession nt tha
hue , camu to O'lirlon's roscuo. Villagms ,
dl armed with club. ' , guns , RivonU nnd lire-
nuns , joined in thu rescue , nnd n lively fiuht
iisued. O'Erienvai nlightly Injured. Two
tnliiitiH wnro badly Injured with clubs und
.wo with gunshot wounds. Several others
llKhlly. Of thu vilingcM woru in
Ito\v 111 Mrxlco.
NUEVA LAUISDO , Mexico , October 7. A
.ell pouted party ariivod from the interior nt-
rlbntos thu rent cnniu of the icceut bloody
riot In thu town of Sabinus to thu high state
of pillticul fuollkg exUtiog between Tre\ino
and Nnrargo parties , both of which have can
dldatos in the field for thu governorship of tha
state of Nuova Loon. Thu Alcidu Santos
uul ! > H father were prominent ndhnronts of
liu Ucneral Truvimi party. It is thought HI
Joyntu the bandit ; , was Incited to lead tha
ill ick by tha adherents of General Nnrurgos
autlnii. AlcnVln wai killed in the presence of
ih wife and uged nn/tlu'r. ' AH Into ai SuiKJny
October 7. At a
corporation of Dublin , Monday , the diecnsalou
was renewed to substltuto the Irish national
'or thu prcHtmt I ngllsh mid foreign names ol
streets in tha city. Liberal and Conservative
member. " of the corioratlon [ oppoicd thu prop-
ositioi , "an absurd , Irritating and unneceH
nary. " It was pointed out by on'speaker thai
"Americans when they achieved their inde
[ lendenco did not descend to any Biich nucril
ity , " It was areertud that thu people of Dub
in would rise bodily in their indignation i
such n motion wni c irried. Thu m.ijority o
the bii'ird being uutlonnllnts , ultimately piitsei
a leialntion Instructinga committee to picpan
u plan fur ru-iiuinlng the streets.
In K/yi / > r.
CAIKO , October 7 , Lord Northbrook , Urit
ish Higli CoinmiNiioner , jiroposcs to abolish
the ICgyptian army , and t-ubitituto. nlno thou
sand police. The J pyptlun minietry oppoflo
Lhu plan.
October 7. The cnmol corp
whkh talcoH part in the Gordon relief cxpudi
Lion baa urilvod hero.
CAIUO , October 7. M. 13arreri' , 1renc' ' .
diplomatic ) ngunt , reccivud n tulugratn statlni
tliutM. Heibin , 3'iench onnul at Khartoum
VMS killed nt thoxumu time with Col. Stewart
Hid party woru iiiiutmcrHl by Arabs.
Train ItohhurH
Ksiroitu , ] Cs , , Octobar 7 , Karly Eunday
morning , ten miku west of hero , an nttsmp
was mn'Ju to rob thu Santa 1'V patuongor trail
The robbers evidently intended to ditch th
train , Two tails were uimpiltoj , but not ru
moved when the passenger train c.imo nlong
running ut nuch npcod that it postal safely
over the tails. When thu robbers Haw th
train Hying by with rich booty they evidently
became enraged , fired n volley afto. ' it , th
bulliits striking thu curs in several places. M
ono was hint. Following the paiBunger cam
a freinht which wui ditched. The lireme
vnsi killed and llieongineer seriously injurei
Mitlnu Uutlorltes ,
PoiiiXANn , JIo , , Oetobor7. The state con
vontlon of the people's party met thla mori
ing , 311 delegates present , It was callci
to order by Jowott , of Portland , George \V
McGregor was mudo chairman. After op
pointim ; committees Jolm M , Todd mldreiHut
tlio convention.
All IllhlirilllCt ) HllHpOMHldll ,
SrniNnriKui , JIais. . October 7. The oil
cers of the Hampton Mutual ] 'iro liiBiiranc
( jinpuny havu decldud to COHU uj > buslneHS
PolUIis nru cilled In which nuinbor uven o
eight hundred , The policy holders will ru
ciivu their return premium * .
Olovolaiul Qolnf ; to Nuiv York.
AUJANV , October 7 Cloviland poss t
New Yoik in pr vuta btulo > ss Wcdnenda
noit. JIo will niiiuiu until Thurdday after
noon , and has promised to bo present at th
demonstration in Brooklyn ,
The Itiiiiib I'liroworn ,
LIONB. October 7 > A bomb wax malicious
ly exploded Uut uvenlng whllu six gen d'urrnu
were In thu barracks at thu liallcnur ijuartor
in this city , WinduwH were broken out u
ono was hurt ,
It , ot U U.
SAN I'ltANCIHi'O , October 7. At to-days
session of the Brotherhood of Locomotivu
ICnBlnoiru , ] 2. 8 , Ingraham was rueluoted
tlibt , gniud engineer und J , II , Spraggd of
Toronto second grand-
IrcliiniPH IjoiU Ijluiiloiiant.
October 7 , The lord lioiitenant ol
Iruland left the queen ut Italmoral. It ia
rumored that hu lutuuds to olfer hid reuigua
tlon. _
/ry QuixU MrtrUot ,
Nmv Yoitic Oet 'her ' 7. Dry ( JotnU Tlu re
bun been u fair y ucttvo iliitriuut'on of goodi
vt Jubbing liuuUn bat the dtmiuid o ( agents is
JiKht ,
te at tliG s
Yarfls and ou GiiaiG ,
-Woathor and a Poor Oattlo
Day ,
A. Generally Dull and Daj
Hog Market ,
Wheat Drops Under thof /
Supply ,
) orn Options Ilule Unsofy / and
Weak , /
Tlio Oolil AV.-xvo t'orous Selling Oats
Firmer I > > rU Wcnkor
Ijard Stondy.
pocinl Telegram to TUB HKK.
( Jilli wo , October 7. Tnu receipts of west-
TII cattlu and Texuus continue heavy , roach-
ng U30 uara to-d ly. On eupoly , natvp < ) seem
.0 grow lesi each week , thwto being tcircoly
000 to-day out of receipts of about 10,000.
'lie general market WAI rather quiet nnd out
oor tmsinctm win Hnmowlmt inlorfurod with
n account of the ruin , A few unlives tint
vi ro clasaltled n ) goid ) Hold ready ut xtroug
iriccs nnd thu best may bo quoted at 6 75 ®
10. but there wurn nuno of that class ou the
nnrlcct . I'Vur and medium
to-day. ' socond-
lass natives , 0 75ftf t ! ! ? nnd common nt 4 80
ar > i5. ! Cows and bulls nru felling nt2 fX ) @
1 50 ; stockerj nt 8 00 > : t 7C ; feeders nt 3 tD(4 )
00. Thorn were eijjht uars of stock calvci
> n sale , among which wore tome iliolcu lots
rom western Now York. Good lots nro mak-
ng 13 70(12)14 ( ) CO and finu assorted lots 10 00 ®
7 fiO ) > sr head ; export graded , 13 50@1000 lt > 3 ,
> 70@7 00 ; puor to fancy shippers , 10 00t > a
I 5j ll > , 4 t)0 ® ( ! GO ; wcutom cattle , 37o'o )
ili5. The s ilui ronortcd wore 141 Montana ,
1,318 lb , Oifi ; IBS Montana , 1,103 Ibi.O'.T ) ;
80 Montana , 1,127 U" , 4 05 , 1M. > Montana ,
ixport , 1,1110 HM. 4 15i i > 37 Wjoming , 1,120
1.3 , 3 00 ; 100 Wjoming , 1,101 UM1 11 ; 70
Webrnskn ToxatiH , 93-1 Itu , 4 10 ; 417 Wyomiog
IVxauB , 995 Ilu , 3 75 ; 377 Montana , 1 L'uO Iba ,
( ij.
lioa.H ,
There was little or nothing now In this mar-
lot and no change of any importance. Ku-
.cipti are about tnu same as last week so far.
'ackiiii ; sorts sold equally ni well at jester-
lay , but light wore r ithur nt-glectod nnd dull.
iTorkuM wore slowat-5.)0&S. ( ) ) 40 lioss heavy
S'LVV Knglnnd sorts Huld nt $ . " ) .5.8).CJ. and
'hiladelphias at 63.70. Fair to good mixed
lackott at ? j.20'aSj.-iO. Skip * , scalawags
d graziers at SI 00 al 80. Heavy , averag-
ng LMO to JiulJ Hu. , § r .40g95 ( I * . J-ight , Itil )
o lU ! ) Ilu. St.8'JiiS. ( > .r.O. Mixed , UJo to 300
There was n wrnk toiu : in thu wheat nnd
: orn market to-day. Tha vniblo supply of
vliuut hhowed an incrolKe of nearly twn und n
fmUll < mr'durbgvtliopi5ti'W ! < 5ck' ' and' thla :
> er ut SO'January"
"VVnn imaettlfd nnd ufejik"antl closed 4
nwor. In early trading the -rnrkot was Hrm ,
S'ovembor advitniing'tu f > 5Je , but during the
list half of thu session thera was free idling
nnd pi ices shaded rapidly. On thn nftetnoon
jopril a steadier" feeling wan prevalent und n
slight rally occurred , Thq novrs of a coming
cold wave was thu moving" muse of free tell- ,
ing. LattBt.figuroH wera57ofor October , 5-o ) |
: ur Kovcmbor , 43o for thu year , nndlUju forrr
May ; * ; t
SA" ' " y \ OATH
Itu'led fii-tnur , ticking nt 2C o for October ,
"or'Novomber , 2Do for thu year and Z'J'xc tor.
Woskcr.'clotlnK'nt ' $10 50 for October , S12 50
for the j-ear-aVM 512 52J lor May.
Advanced nhirply for ( 'ctobrr , with other oj ?
Lions lit in nnd cloilngat$7Ci ! for October , and
S7 SO for Novomber.
Onnumli > u Orniory n.t O'Neill. :
Special toTiiEBKi ! . *
O'Nllir.r. , Nob. , October 7. Congressman.
Dorauy , Itobertji.n , of Madison , and Colonel
Johnson , of lotvn , ppnku hoio last night to ft
crnwdi'd honsu , evoking much enthusiasm.
lnri < oy mudo miny friunds hero , who will do
good uork for him tliia fall. Our people nrnt . x
thoroughly urousPil , anil can assure you of ,
guod reports in November. *
Auollicr DolaullLT.
NEW OAHTJ.U , October 7. N. W. Cotteral ,
of Henry county , had arranged to meet thu
cnmmlealonerj to pay § 3,700 , School fund overdue -
duo on settlement ol account. Ho was uiiabto
to make tha pajment and has lied.
AV. o. r. jr.
PKOIIIA , 111. , October 7. The state conven
tion of thu Woman'H Chrlntiau Temperance
Union opened hero this evening. Over thren
hundrrd delegated were present. The o , en-
ing nddresi ui mudo by Mies Frances E.
willunl , pre idiint of tbo National Woman's
Christian Temperance Union. The conven
tion will bo Insert-ion three diiys.
A l-lbcfiil Call.
LosroN , October 7. Earl Granvills , Secro-
taiy of statn for foreign affairs issued a circu
lar to the libuiuls , urging thtni to attend th
opening of parliament.
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