Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 27, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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| fr Connecting In Union Depots nt Kansas City ,
I Omaha nnd Denver with through trains Tor
, And nil points in the ( Ircat Wcit.
Connecting in Gmml Union Depot nt Chicago
with through U-nlnn for
I'- ! NEW YOUK ,
And all ClHc * .
; AtPcorla with th trnlni lor Indlnnnp.
oils , Cincinnati , e , nnd nil points in
the South.Kast. At xiuU with throuijh
trains for nil points
Day ( Joanhos , 1'nrlor Cnrs , with Ilo.
. ( seats tree ) , Smoking Cnrs with
lltovolvlng Chain ) , Pullman 1'alaeo Sleeping
iUnrs nnd the famous C. II. > Vj. Dlnlim Curx
run dally to nml from Chicago nnd Knnnoa City ,
Chlcnfroand Council IllulU : Chicago nnd De ?
Jlolnex , Chicago , HU Joseph , Atuhlson nnd
\v \ Topclm without change. Only through line
runnl.iB thulr own Inilni between Chicago ,
Lincoln and Denver , nnd Chicago , Knntmi
Oltv nnd Denver. Tlirouph cnrs between
Indianapolis nnd Council Hunt's , via 1'corln ,
Solid Tmlns of Klegnnt Day Conches nnd
I'nlliimn 1'nlaco Sleeping Cnrs uro run dally to
' nnd from St. Louis ; via JIannllml ; Ouliicy ,
$ Kcokuk , Ilurllngtou , Cedar ItnpidH nnd Albert
" J.reitoSt. Paul nnd MlnncaiMills ; 1'nrlor Cnrs
, It" with Ilccllnintr. Clmlra to nnd from Ht. I.oul
nnd 1'corlo. uiilyonnchnn oof can between
Ht. Louis nnd DC * Molncs , lown , Lincoln , Mo.
liraskn , nnd Denver , Colorado.
It Is nlso the only Through Line btlwcon
Ills known ns the jrrcnt TIlltOUUK OA1I
IjINK of America , nnd Is uulvers.dly ndmlt
ed to bo the
'lincst Ejulppoa Eailroaa In the World foi
all classes of Travel.
Through Tickets via tills line for wile nt ni' coupon ticket olllcoa Intuo UnltodSlnto !
Vlot-1'rca.jLOtn.lltuactr. Otn.J'
o ox
The Pioneer Mutual Benefit Association In the
State of Nebraska.
It Is co-operative In Its working and all members
havoavolooln the management by vote at the an.
Its aim Is to benefit Its own members , their widows ,
. and orphans , In cato of death , accident , sickness or
I. total permanent disability of & member , at Actual
ooet with economical managcmint.
Arcllilrfo homo assoclttlon. Active and reliable
aconts wanted to canvass for members In NobroaUa ,
Kansas and Colorado. Address ,
Secretary and General Uanagcr ,
* i \TRIUB , - - - NEB.
HON. U. W. 8 , a SSIITir ,
President. Treasurer
rpni ? nil ! BPTTAUTl ?
iiHi ULIJ MLlADLli !
( SUCCESSORS TO THE J. M. B , e B. 00. )
The mod extensive manulacturen ot
John Hocketrasscr General Agent or Nebraska aud
Western Iowa.
f 6088. Tenth Street 1 . . . . OMAIIA , NED
eSTtlcoi of Billiard and Pool Tables and materials
lurnlshed on application.
Western Cornice-Works ,
b " d , SPEGHT , PROP ,
till Dooglu Bt. Onuba , Nib.
Galvamzoa Iron Cornices
tSTDormcr Windows , TitiUlu , Tin , Iron and Slate ,
noonni ; . Bneont's 1'atent Mctalilo Hkyllght , 1'atont
adjusUid Itochott liar ami llraoket HhuHIng. I am
the ( -enrral icunt ( or the above lluo cl coodi. Iron
Cretilngl , F nclnlUluitnuli | ) , Veraodon , Iron l ! r.
OMAIIA , Nrn. , Kcptcmbvr IBtli , 1831.
Scaledpropound , In triplicate , lubjoct to the illual
condition ) , will buroceUud at tmijollleo until U a ;
ni. Saturday. October 18th , 1831 , at which tlmo and
place they w 111 bo opened In prviciico ol blkdvrsfor
lumUhliiL- material * and coottructlng In accor
dance with plain , Bpoclflcatloin and drawings , , tbo
follow Ing described building , viz ;
0 Oompany lliuracka ,
B Beta Non-oominUiloned Odlccri Quarter * .
1 S U Held OHlccn Quarter *
0 Hot * Captain * Quirier * .
1 Ooiumlwury llul'dlniiR. ' .
1 Quartc-rinaiitcr lu.U Uit'
1011 Howw.
\ Kimliio llouto , and
1 liikc Ilou to bo ol brick. Altu , the following
1 Uulliiuig for Workihopi , and
1 Ion House.
Thc o bulldln ) ! tolw locatul on bltei to IKI
tul M i'ort 1) . A , lluiui.ll , Wj oiuliiK , Tim work tu
Ixj comuienuod by Octolr 2Cth. ur ni 10011 thorvaftu
M CODtractaare cornilitixl. | Two K'U IlarracLi , and
two rein dtiitalni Ovurton to lie o > iii-ic-t | | l liy
lice. 31 t , Ib9l , and the tviiuliilng hulldluiri by Junv
30 , Ib85 U practicable.
IVopukalaiiiaybenuidoforfiUicrorall of the build-
CK , ' the jirlco of cuch to bo UUil ( ojiaratcly ,
1 jick jiroiKual inuit IKJ accoimuiilod by R guaranty
In the vumof 1 5OCO , executed In accordance with
fnnua furnUhod bythUcjttloo. I'rdvruicu k'ltcn * °
siilcloi uf domotlo pioductlnn and inanutacturu
rouJILIoiui o ( price and quality bvliiK txual | , and until
jiftlcrtncotjlifu tourtlUco ( American production
undnuiiiufiicture produced OI1 the 1'jcllin coast to the
titout of the cii > uuij > tloi < rixjulridbtlioputllont -
\lw tbcrc-
Ttic Uovtrnmtut rv criat the rlgV.t to reject any or
all l'lil vt | < arU tlitrtol. I'loim and tjKdIlrutlouii
liny bo HH.II and cxanilucd at tlilaolllfc.
liliiiU prciotoiU and liutructloni at to biddin g ,
tenui vi luintract , payment , and circular gttliiK ull
iufDriuation ki blddi-rii , will | )0 furuUhed on
tloii to thU ulllca. . , .
KtmlojH * containing proj > oxa'a to l < o inurkvd
'uropcwaU for cotutructlun at l-'urt 1 > .A. lluwcll ,
IrywuIuK Territory , " and oddruutod to the iude
flijuBa. aiJ. IMN1JV ,
Chlif Ouirtvnuutcr ,
0. flum
( I . .
( Faculty 1'rlto Medial College of Ohio.
And other Dboatot o ( the Anas and Rectum.
120 S. 14th St. Cor. Douglas
ere ediuid wtf
The itcamahlni of t.Mi well-known line are built o
Iron , In water-tight compartments , and are furnlih
ed with every requisite to make the passage both
lalo nnd agreeable. They carry the United State
and European malls , and leave Now Yorks Tlmra
days and baturdaj-B for I'lymoiith ( LONDON ) Cher
bourfC , ( PAUIS ) and 0AU11UMO.
Rates : First Cabin , 9.15 , (06 and $76. Steerage , t2 <
Henry Punilt , Mark Hanson , K .E. Toft
agontaln Omaha , Oronowlcn a 8cioontgcnaffcnt ) lr
Council Bluff. . 0. ] ) : RI01IARD & CO. , Oou. 1'ag
ARU. , 01 BroaJwav , H. Y. Cbas. Kotmlnnkl & Oo
Qencral Weitein Aginta , 107 Washington 8U , Cbloi
Anil Uodlspntcd In the BROAD CLAIM ol Wcgtle
Ever ofTcrcil to the public.
Wlllpnrliytlio DLOOD.'rcira.
lulo the LIVER mill KIDNEYS ,
and VIGOR of YOUTH. Uyi-
ant of Appcllto , In *
ii , I.uck or Btrcimth.
and Tiref ellHK absolutely
curud. Hones , muscles ana
nerves rccclva nuwforco.
JJi.Mvrns tlio mind and
Snlfcrlnglrom coinplulnu
9 pciuiillnrto their BPX will
Ind InDK.IiSiatTEH'fllJ'.ON TONIO nrnta nnd
pocdy euro. < lilvca u clour , liuolthy comiilvxlon.
1'roqiiont attempts at on''Wrfi'UInK only add
o tlio popularity of the original. Uouotoxpcrl-
UOIIt guttho OltHIINAI. ANIllllCST.
f Hcndyournddr aitoTbfllr. ] Iartn
IStIx > tili , Mo. , for our"DIUA I I1OOIE. "
llof BUtuyjornjdUBoIul.lnlonnatJon.freo. ,
Boyal nnilTT.B , Mall Btoamors
TheltMnt , Oermtny , Italy , Holland and Franct
Steerage Outward$20 ; Prepaid from Antwerp , Us ;
excursion , 930 , Including bedding , ete.Jd Cabin , $60 ;
llound Trip , { 00.00 ; Excursion , 8100 ; Saloon from JSO
lo (90 ; Exourslou 110 to 8100.
VPetor Wright ft Sons , ( Jon Agents. BO Broad'
nay N. Y.
Caldwell. Hamilton ft Co. , Omaha. P. K. Fled
nan it Co. , S03 N , 10th Street , Omaha ; D , K. Klin
all , OinahaA nnts. od-ly
Horlloi' . roe < l tor Iifaatt htl
tared tuaav llfei , " wrllil
.v.lip erju . ,
, .
" ' ii n.
" and Jlccnli. Bent
- btuall fur amount lu
ampa. Ilorllla' > li > i > dl'o.Ilaflai.)1U.
Cor , IDth and Capitol Avenue , treats all cases Crip
pled or Detormcd , altodUeasos ot the
Nervous System ,
Blood , and
Urinary Organs ,
All casca of Cumturo ot the Spine , Crooked Feet
begl audArms , AUoChrnnlaafTtctlonsofthe IJter ,
Hheurnatltm , 1'araljili , riles , Ul i , Catarrh , Abth-
uia and Bionohltli are all treated by new and suo-
cesiful inetbodi. All illaoaBes of tno lllocxl and Urin
ary Ortfauf , Including thomi rimuHIut from Int Iscro-
tlon.or exposure , are aleli aud suocoutully tieattd
anil a euro guaranteed , Youni ; men , uiludle agml ,
aud all men suBorlnir from Weakness and Norton *
exhaustion , producing IndlKotlon , Palpitation ol the
Ifcait , Dvipondeucy r > ltzli\esi , Ixin of UeuieryLack
ol Kncruy and Ambition , can be [ ( stored to health
and vigor , If cato Is not too IOUK ncjloctol.
Tlio Huruton In cbaiu'o l H graduate of Jcffor *
ton Medical College ( IBBi ) atj bas studied hli
profctjjlon In I nJun , Paris and llcrllu. II alllUtod ,
call or rite full description cf j our ooae , and medi
cine may t o sent ) ou. Consultation free. Addreis
Onuha Uliiionsary , Crounso's Hlock , Omaha , Neb.
Ottlco bourn 10-1S a. m.,1-3 aoid 7-8 1 > , m .Sundays.
9-10 a m.
irOxdvn llouto , Council Bluffi , 6aturda > i to 7
p. m
M , U ,
Ilosldenea No. 1107 JOOM St , Ofllw , No. IUX > Par
am 8 .OffiM hour * IS m. to I p , m. and rout S to
p.m. 7 lcpba lit o2c V7 , r el'lenc , 1-6
Tlio Xcst ot Fitness.
Decjily Icnrncd , fresh from ncliool ,
Cdintd mynll-nccomiill'licrl daughter !
Newly freed from booll li nilf ,
Kny , u-lint wtrdnm have they taught hot ?
'Olopiw I cnro not for ,
Myftio tciunce , clfi'Mc lore ,
Ko flio It but ftkillcd tuotigli in
Homely nrts to bnl < e my inullin.
Knows i > lie , ni lior mother knew ,
Ittclpcs nnd quaint tllrccUons ;
How to Imkc , to boil , tu flew ,
Dainty foods nnd nice confections ?
Or , nn others of her PCX ,
Jiorn nnd nurtured but to vex ,
Scarcely known thn of nidi ntulf In
Nixturn nn unbnkcd mndin ?
Hnvo they Irainod her to pursue
1'iutimcs merely ornnmenlaU
And , with jirinccly rotlnnc ,
To oxpnnd n KoUichild'a rental ?
Can the nothinf ? do but dnnco.
1'nint on china , dream romance ?
Well , perhaps I grow too rough in
Expectation of my mullin.
Came , thon'pretty maid , nt once
I'rovo my jealous fears unfounded ,
JInkn mo own myself the dunce ,
All my RlboA on envy groundo/l ,
Yet ono warning word believe ,
Mind of man can naught conceive
So unconqnerablQ tough in
Human ken , as half-cooked inullin ,
[ Philadelphia Journal
The Rcnlnkln eacquo approaches ,
All shades of brown are in liign favor ,
The iongpclliso.slyllshlymado'nnd trimino
is a favoillo autumn wrap for the llttl
mMdono ,
1'okcH nro going out of style , but n vor
pretty little bonnet , Romcwhnt almilar , haB
box-plaited rim.
' Waist makes want , " tenderly warbled th
yomitf husband when his wlfo asked him tor
§ 15 pair of corsets.
Man proposes , Gnd disposes ; but it taken
woman with her hair down to be Indispose
when anybody calls.
The man who will mlnplaco his wife's ben
Rwjtch no that tlio kitten can got to play wit
it is a monster of the deepest dye ,
L'all styles in dress goods and hats nro jus
coming to light. Cnmol's hair goods an
cljoviota give promise o ] attaining fnvur.
A thing of beauty may bo 'a joy forever
But no irmn thinks BO when ho sees his wif
fUli the picture of a beautiful actress out of hi
Intldo pocket.
A northern Toxaa editor complains that th
number of inarringeH Is lidictilously Binnj
when compared with the tlmu squandered ii
buggy-riding. | ]
' Alpaca is again in faohion , and the very fie
and ( excellent quality of the now brands wil
doubtless Insure the material against long-sua
tallied unpopularity.
Illusion , pain and dotted , U worn about th
nock and arranged at the throat in th fern
of n butterfly'swings , The pins used in the
center nro bugs and butterflies.
Now styles in jewelry are in the form o
birds and animals for pins and hairpins. J
neat brochccis a small silver scroll , with r
marine , view oupravcd on it and inlaid will
gold ,
The latest thing in note paper is hem
itltched. You would almost take a shoot o
t for a fine linen hemstitched handkerchief
5omo have letters in the corner to rcprcscn
A Cincinnati lady is trying to "cqualixo
, ho Boxen. " Wo don't know exactly what hei
method is , but pr.'sumo it consists in teaching
.ho men how to pull hair and the woman how
.o thrown boot. jhHH Jii : . .i. , . tn- * * . .
Kmbroidorcd muslin dresses will bo worn
> vor colored lininga by young ladles duriup
ho winter. Iho nrotticst among dresses ol
his nort have wlilto Bilk linings , and are
rimmed with white ribbon.
Pall liats are very much the eamo shape as
hose worn during the summer , and are
.rimmed mostly with feathers. The bonnets
nro small and neat , with Bivtln , velvet and
ilush. Some are made wholly of flowers ,
"No , " wrote 'a , Mills seminary pupil , "wu
lon't sea n man over hero once n month , but
hero's u French girl just coma who has a dear
Ittlo mustache , and wo nro training her to
moko cigarettes nnd swear. " [ San .Francisco
Post ,
Some ono has discovered that the high-
louled shous worn by women produce soften-
ng of the brain. It was not generally known
hat the brain of women who wear such shoes
vaslocacod so low ; but it seems plausablo
Another now and pretty fashion is an nr-
angumont of silk illusion worn at the throat
roru like n bird's nest , A broocho of gold or
ilver eggs is in the center , or a gayly-colorod
rtlQcinl bird. Humming birds look the prot-
lent , as they are small.
Prossc8i are very simple and plain , mostly
rimmed in the eamo goods the dress is com-
> osod of , though frequently plain and brocade
oodsnro combined , or plain and striped and
laid. Black silk and colored brocade are
vorn together ,
Kmbroidery is still used M well asgalloo ,
nd nil kinds of metal ornaments. As there
s as yet little novelty in Autumn fafihicnn
orsoys in all colors are worn over skirts. The
nest favored among thcso are bteol grays
rorkcd with Htcel braid and beads. They
orm cuirasHoa over satin mcrvcilloux skirts.
Klrst young lady. "Why , Jennie , you dear
tlio swootl I've not mot you in a year.
Vhero hnvo you been ? " "To Chicago , Laura. "
Anil did youllko it out there ? You married ,
idu't yon ? " "Oh , yes , " Bid yon do wellt"
I'rotty well , though not BO well ns I expected ,
'ho court only allowed mo ? 150 a month nit-
louy. " "Wlmt a Blmmol"
They have boon quarrelling about his next
mimer'a clothea. She wants him to have
w light milt clo.incd up for 1885 , and ho
vanted u heavier Bull. "What's the nso of
ghtuiR about thisl" ho said iinally. "I mav
o in the cemetery next summer. "I think , * '
! io replied , "you will need your summer
lollies wherever you may bo. "
A jeweler In St. Louis lian rendnred him.
elf an object of Interest by selling garters
vith bolls attached. Depending from each
niter Is a liny silver boll. "Tho tintimmbu.
ition of lids pretty pendant , " Bays the jewel-
r'x advertisement , "sounds delightfully mo-
odious. Ladles wearing tlicfco carters nio no-
ompauicil by n musical tinkle as they glide
racofully along , "
Many combinations of plain cashcmoio or
ergo with skirting will bo worn this autumn ,
'ho skirts are of skirting over a Hat lining ,
'ho draparles of the tuniquo nro of plain
oods. The loose jacket opens o\or a full
ilk trlmmiug lu u color to match the stripe of
tie eklttliie , Full lilain skirts are to bo worn ,
'hoy are very suitable for heavy winters loaks.
mull curinss waists will be employed with
IIOBO skirls. They have short points back
nd front and are cut up over the hips , Tlii'so
urloKscs are for dressy purposes. For inoro
rdlnaiy wear small plaited violets or tight
ttiog jackets are more appropriate ,
KChovoit will load thls > utumn aa a stylish
nntorial for general wear , nnd is already Im-
wrttMl in a diversity of pattern ! , In the llnrtt
mnUtios the checks arc small , or If wide , falls
iniier what is termed Inviiiblo plaids. Indei'd
.ho striped and plated materials are likely to
: ouio in for no small share of patronage , but
.ho now creeds appear iu such uncommon
noda of coloring nnil arrangement of design
hat they will pass for gouulne novelties. For
luy but young ladies , these materials will
orm thonklit and tunic only , the jersey bod-
co In ouo of the leading and darkest fihados of
ihild invariably forming the waist portion of
i toilet of this kind.
Felt hats and bonnets are to bo much worn
his Autumn , Ono ot these of a line brown
elt has already been neon. The brim is lined
vlth brown velvet. On the outside of the
irim , Mirrouuding it nnd less than ou inch
ibova the lx > rdcr , Is a bias band of velvet
.bout two lingers deep , with gold work on
ither aldu. The capo U open. In the center of
hobakkund turns up ou either bhlo. The
: ape is open in the centra of the back uud
urns up on either tlda to form email velvet
overs. The front of the crown is very high
uul trimmed with a largo brown velvet bow
idd thadod pruwn blrd'H w lugs with gold In-
It Is an oyiienco | of great prosperity when
ihe milk man orders n ( team pump.
"I'm going to take the stump. " said the
iuda4 the farmer put some dynamite benecth
the lice ,
For the pa l few days the bank cashiers
Imvo bo en very quiet. Canadian hotels ar
closing in consequence.
"It goes pgalnet my grain , ' ' ni the Kancn
former observed when n cloud of grasshopper
swooped down on his wheat field ,
A MniflnchiiBctts sowing-machine ngont 1m
dropped n few atitchoi in hta accounts am
kti | | > cd out. lie was probably hemmed In b ;
A man without hands was charged In Net
York a few days ego with stealing n watch
The nnmo of the policeman who wns obllgoi
to club him , in pelf-defense , Is not given.
Four hundred girls In a Now ITnvcn factor ;
struck because they were not permitted theist <
hoist the windows on n hot day. When :
girl in a railroad car hoists the window on :
cold day it is the man behind who fee Is Ilk
Atnn inquest on the body an nn tinknowi
man found dead near n railroad track th >
other day it was discovered that his pocket
were full of presidents ! ballot * , evidently col
loctcd on n passenger train. Verdict , justlfi
able homicide.
lilsmarck always shaven himnelf. So dooi
Dusonbury , "Wo great men , " ho Bays , "can
not trust our naked throats beneath the bar
bet's glittering steel. " Dusenbury'g onomlci
say that the trust troiiblo isn't on Dusonbury'i
Bide BO much M it Is on the barber's. [ liostoi
' Yaa f" said nn old settler , "wo ran hossei
In Texas , " "Then you take an interest in thi
noble sport ! " asked the stranger , "I wai
engaged in a hess raca some years ago in
which I took n tight Binnrt Interest. " "Ilun
ning race ? " "Hit war. " "Mile or half track ? '
"Hit war a fiftyfivo mlle track. " "I novel
heard of such n thing. And did vou win ? '
"You bet. " "How much did you win ? " " ]
won the boss , B Iran per. "
"You needn't como up hero begging nnj
inoro , nr I'll scald you , " said n ladv living in
the fifth story of n Now York house to r
tramp , who knocked nt the door. "I don'l
usually lower myself by soliciting aid from
persons living nbovo the second floor , but ]
thought you paid BO little rent up hero thai
yuu could afford to bo charitable , and I Racrl
licod my Bolf-respect to furnish you with the
opportunity , retmlt mo to retire , " and re.
moving his hat with the grace of a Cheater
field , ho withdrew from the canvass , [ Texas
Atlvlco to the Bonux.
Some follows think that nil the bliss
Is taken by ono little kiss ,
And novcrstop to linger when
They might na well have nine or ton.
Now , take advice , nil you young men ,
Whene'er you got the chance again ,
Just take as many as you can ,
Then she will think you are a man.
And if eho Is not BttisQcd ,
.Tiut draw her closer to your side ,
KifH her till you raise a blister ,
Then go and try it on her sister.
Mine. Kietori leaves October is for hoi
American engagements.
Calender's mlnistrols sailed from Liverpool
for Now York city Tuesrday.
Edgar L. Davonpoot has just becoino a
member of Kate Claxtoa's company.
Snrdou first wrote "Dora , " then "Fedora , "
and now ho has named his now drama "Theo
dora. "
Aimec who queened it so long on the local
French opera bpulTo fctago , now picks the bane -
| o and dances jigs like any other American
Mine. Albani comes to this country for an
extended concert tour in January next , and
will bo supported by a strong combination of
; alcnt.
Terdi , the composer , Is Boventy-lhreo years
of ago. Ho has enow white hair and mus
tache. Ho has written and published 125
operas ,
Tim report is that Verdi will go to Paris
th ! winter and conduct the orchestra nt th0
mo hundredth representation of' 'Aida" nt the
jlraud Upeta.
A delegation of musicians is preparing to
fo to Vienna on October 15 , for the fortieth
anniversary of the celebration of Strauss' first
"Tho Seven Havens" is enjoying n most
irosperons run at Niblo's Garden. It is the
ineat show piece over ecn on the boards of
.hat . thoatro.
II. L. Downing will lenvo Joseph Jefferson's
company on January 1 , and star in n play by
Joaquln Miller called "Inlly-Ho. " It is of
ho western type.
Frank GIrard , who has been so many years
with Tony Pastor , will , somotlmq in Ostobor
or November , start on the road with a combi
nation of his own.
i It is reported that Minnie Maddern hns net
net with success in Boston. She has notified
icr company , which is playing in "Coprico , "
hot the season will end in two weeks.
Milton Nobles has laid nsido his two wlays ,
'huinix and A Man of the 1'conle , to appear
n a new play written by himself , which on-
oys the alliterative title , Love and Law.
Mary Anderson hns very eeneibly declined
o receive floral offerings on the stago. Mary
eservos credit for her courageous example in
rylnp to abolish this absurd nuisance.
Whoa Patti used to sing at the Tuilerion
oncorta eho received $ f 00 each time , Nilsson
ecoivcd 1MO. Mmo. Oarvalho and Mr. Fmuo
200 each , Capoul Sl'-'O , and Marie Hose $100 ,
Miss Lottn has been since 1808 , when she
iado her first professional npycarnnco in Sac *
amcnto , Gal. , "tolerated" by the American
ubllo as the spoiled child among its sou.
Berlin lias produced a novelty in the shape
: n Lillputian oporn company. The artist ?
ango from twenty-two to thirty-sovon years
: ago , _ and from twenty-four to thirty-two
ichos iu height.
Colonel Mopleson has engaged for the corn-
ig season In Now York Mini' . Stoiubach , the
'lennoso mozzo-eoprnno ; Miss Adorno , of
< rankfort , n light soprano , and Messrs , Can-
Idusnnd Arditl.
It is stated on good authority that Miss
T'nnny Dayenport has ougagou Mr. Henry
.co as her leading man for the season , to tnka
10 loft vacant by Mr. Mantel ) . This
111 break up the JCUaler-Woxtern-Loo com-
Ination. Mr. Loo'sanlary with MissDavcn-
ori is to bo § 200.
Miss Kmina xhursby's concert tour of Nor-
vay wns n complete triumphal progress , yield-
ng n Bolondld harvest of plaudits nnd coin ,
lor great success Is attributed partly to tlio
ivnrma of cholera-scared American and
Cnglish tourists , who have been unusually
umerous in Norway nnd throughout Nor th
ru Kuropo this season ,
Fran Materna , who weighs 250 , is styled
10 songbird by nn enthusiastic admirer , Aa
10 weighs 250 it Is dlUicult to Imagine what
ort of a bird the writer had in his thoughts
hen ho wrote the sentence. An ostrich
omos nearer the matter of avoiduijois , but
ion an ostrich never sings , A mocking-bird
irolyveifhs aver eieht ounces ,
They Are Hero.
The melancholy days have come ,
The saddest of the year ,
When Ice cream signs nro gathered In
And falls the ginger-beer ,
[ Detroit Free Press ,
IJeii'a ttonnnzn ,
Give Blaine the forks BO sharp nnd thin ,
The knives so dull let Cleveland win ;
I'll Icavo inch thing's for luckless loons ,
Hut ns for me , I'll take the spoons.
Brooklyn will open Its thirteen night schools
i October.
In the city of St. Louis there are thirty
ireo kindergartens.
The freshman class of the Kochester nnlver-
ty la a little larger than usual.
The study of type-writing has been Intro-
ucod in Boina of the public ecliooln at Chicago.
PeiMijr dinners for school children have been
istituteU under the direction of the London
chool board.
A Kentucky teacher writes to &sk whether
t Is Mtha Duty of a teuelir tu vvhimi a pupil !
ard n Null to cut the blud out or Nott. "
"Professor Adolph Colin , who ls tbo Amort-
an corre8x > ndout of the Jeimbli ! < iuo Fran *
else , of Paris , leaves Columbia collrgo. Now
rork city , Sentemder " 5. to accept the ap-
wintment of French profcasor in Harvard
nlverslty ,
President Hobluson , of Drown university ,
L'rov idenve , K , I. , alludes in his annual ro-
port to the trustees of 'Iho failiira of Hi
nchemo for general rfgulatlon cf athletics b
the -lltgos jointly , and urge * that th
mown nine bo prohibited from playing will
other than colic-go nlnoa if requiring nbstnc
froin.eollrgo duticp , nnd that Mily two game
with any other college in a foason bo ptrmit
ted , nnd that no ganes bo played w hero th O1
rcqttiro more than ono day's absence of th
Btiidcnti ,
St. Louis hat led the movement in the d !
rectlon of kindergarten , BO in connection will
technical education this city hni determine !
tojirovo that an intellectual training of tin
mind , for any career , Is greatly assisted b ;
manncl rxerciscs as ft part of n colleglatl
course. The workshop practice in the schoo
is cqcellent , nnd is sought by nblo instiuctoi
in each department. Mining nnd metallurgy
nro tnught by the aid of complete laboratoric.
and n largo collection of Bpoclmens. A grad
nato of the school of mines , Collumbia college
is the head of this department. Professoi
Woodward , tLo earnest nnd nblo principal o
the pcool , lias made Industrial training n epocl
al subject of investigation nnd experiment
To him is due this excellent snstltntion , tin
benefit of which has already been felt in en
couraglng the starting of such schools else
Shall I learn short-hand ? is a question now
considered by many thousands of young men
and women. And it is a point upon which
unbiased advice is extremely rare , either as
touching the expediency of learning short.
hand at all or the best system or method tc
follow If its study bo determined upon. All
calculations of the tlmo requisite to learn
the art of short-hand arn fallacious , as BO much
depends upon natural skill with the pen and
so much upon what is meant by "learning" it.
As In learning to spenk n janguage , tlmo is
a most important clement in learning short
hand , and ono hour practice n day for five
years Is infinitely better than five houri a
day for ono year. It is quite safe to say that
the art cannot bo well learned In ono year with
any amount of practice , nnd ono must have
great natural skill with a pen as well ns proat
application , to becoino n fair reporter oven In
two years , and oven then his reading will
probably fall far short of what it should bo
for n lawyer or author.
Serene I fold my hands nnd wait ,
Nor care for wt nd , nor tide nor sea.
I have no moro "gainst time or fate.
For lol my own shall como to mo.
I ptay my haste , I make delays ;
For what nvnils this eager pace ?
I stand nmld the eternal ways ,
And what is mlno shall know my face.
Asleep , awake , by night or day ,
The friends I seek are seeking me ;
No wind can drive my bnrk astray.
Nor change the tide of destiny.
What matter if I stand nlonol
I wait with joy the coming years ;
My heart shall reap where it has sown ,
And garner up its fiuit of tears.
The waters know their own and draw
Tlio brooks that Bprlng in yonder heights ;
So Hews the peed with equal law
Unto the soul of pure delights.
The stars como nightly to the sky ,
The tidal wave unto the sea ;
Nor time , nor epace , nor deep , nor high.
Can keep my own nwny from me.
A girl in Lewiston , Mo , , has
recently become the mother of n child which
weighed tlireo pounds nt birth.
Mr. Shaw , n Colorado surveyor , claims to
have discovered n mountain of solid nlum , n
mile fiyuaro nt the base , nbovo the bp.d of the
Gila river.
A pear tree in Amador county , California ,
liss on it n quantity of ripe fruit ns largo as a
man's fist ; also n second crop about the size of
a man's thumb , nnd is likewise in full bloom
While the teller of the Uank of Montrea
wns fishing In the St. Lawrence river a stur
geon four feet eight inches long nnd weighing
forty-two nounds jumped into his boat. Ho
killed it with an oar.
The largest bell in the world is now enid to
bo that at Kioto. Japan. It is 21 foot high
Mid 10 inches thick at the rim. It Is sounded
by a suspended piece of wood , like a battering
ram , which strikes it on the outaido , and its
booming can bo heard for miles.
Cheshire , Mass. , has two largo bald eagles
which fly every morniiig over the reservoir to
their nest high up on the side of n rocky cliff.
rho hunters leave them unmolested , and the
: own Is BO proud and patriotic that it will go
aard with the man who injures thorn.
The microscope reveals that there are moro
; han four thousand muscles in the caterpillar ,
md that the eye of n drone contains ono
.housand mirrors. There nro cpldors ns small
is n grain of sand , nnd they spin n thread BO
mo that it would require four hundred of
.hem . to equal the size of n slnglo hair.
A strnngo Insect , which is called the ephor ,
md is described by n naturalist , lays its eggs
n n hole in the ground. It then , flies off nnd
inds n spider , which it stings 111 the main
icrvo center. This has the effect of paralyz-
ng the Bjiider without killing it. The sphox
hen carries the now motionless spider to its
iiirsery and buries it with the oggs. When
lie eggs hatch out the grubs feed on the para-
czod prey , which is then still olive and thore-
> ro quite fresh , although It has never been
bio to move since the tune it was buried. ]
Boston Journal : Another Florida lake has
isappoared through n subterranean outlet.
'encode ' lake in Suwanoo county , n favorite
3sort for picnics and sportsmen on nccount
f its beautiful surroundings nnd the nbund-
nee of fine trout has disappeared through a
ole in the ground , leaving thousands of dead
sh for the buzzards to prey upon and conta-
linato the air. Athoiigh heavy rains have
dlcn In ho vicinity the lake has been slead-
y receding all summer , and has probably
ono to swell tlio Suwani'o or some other ad-
icont river.
There is ft sunken forest of white cedar In
few Jeraoy which has been mined for timber
vor Boventy years. Tlio industry of digging
lie sunken logi is carried on by the poopla of
> enmsvill ( > , n village which was brought into
xistonp ) through the buried wealth ot lumber
i its vicinity. Over the sunken forest trees
f large size nro growing , and in many in.
tances those are cut nwny to reach tlio moro
aluablo timber three or foiir feet below the
iirfaco. Tlio sunken trees are of enormous
iz,4. Their ago is n matter of curious conjee-
nro. It iu probable they were burii'd many
i-nturiM ago by the notion of an earthquake
The annual Universalist general convention
rlu bahcldinPeoiia , 111. , opening October
Molt of the clergymen who have been nway
uring the summer have returned to their posts
f duty.
"Tho Lord Mayor of London" Is a Motho-
ist , and ho recently preached the sermon at
lie opuniug of one jf their churches.
The lint of the vacant Congregational
burchea in Illinois hat been reduced from
ovonty to forty within the pabt few months ,
wing to the largo numbers of men who have
uccntly coma from other states and from En-
land ,
/Die Boston Young Men's Christian Asse
rtion held its first business meeting since
tune September 4 , Mghty new members
. ere reported. The employment bureau hasHed
Hod forty three permanent aud twenty BX
omporary situations.
For the lost thiity-four years the bible soci-
ty of Kuropo and America have printed over
0,000 copk'4 for each business day , nnd at nn
utlay of obout 50'2,000,0'JO , over 1-15,000,000
opifu of tbo scriptures have been published
y the town societies elnco their formation Jin
SOI and 1810 , the dates of their respective or-
aulzatioiiti ,
Tin Kvangelical alliance meeting , in the
) aniHh capital , neotm to have been u miccess ,
qual to if not beyond , expectation , Thu
Dcipty , which reptcst'uts n wry largo section
f 1'rotestaut Christendom , hat held meetings
t Intervals biiccessively In London , Pails ,
! orlu ! , Amsterdam , Now York , Basle , and
low lu Copenhagen.
Miss Louisa S. Baker , who has been tup.
lying the pulpit of tbo North Church in
I'nntuckut , Mass. , for the past four year * , haa
eon installed , Mies Baker could not admin *
iter the order of baptism or the Lord's Hup.
er , became rho had not bo ju ordained , it be-
ig contrary to Conprugatlooal usage. The
Imrch at a locent meeting passed n resolution
degating the authority to administer theso.
icrameutd , and to admit members to the
Imrch aud all other other ministerial duties.
( a August 31 one of the deacons gave to Mies
laker tlio right hand of fellowthip nnd nfter
auto othercxercisea the was ordained . '
medicine , combining Iron with pni
vcRclnMo tonlci , quickly nml complete !
Currn llyM > rHln | , ImllKriitlnnVriilinr *
I ntniiro Ulnnd , ninliirlnChills nml Fci en
mill Nnirnlnln.
It Is nn unfollimr remedy for Dlscnscs of th
Khliicyii nnil I.lvcr.
It is Invaluable- Diseases peculiar t
Women , nnd nil who lead tcilcntary lives.
It docs not Injure the teethcause Jiendnchc.o
produce constlpntlon othT Iron medicines di
It enriches nnd purifies tlio blood , stimulate
Ihonppctlto.nlda the n. = Imllntloii of food , n
Ilovcs Heartburn nnd Belching , nnd strengtl
cm the musclci nnd nerves.
1'or Intermittent Fevers. Lassitude , tacit c
Energy , Ac. , it lias no equal. r
JB3- The ponulno hns nbovo trade mnrlt nn
crossed red lines on v rnpper. Tnkc no othci
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Exhanotod Vitality , Nenrons ind Physical Dobllltj
Premature Decline In Man , Errors of Youth , an tb
untold miseries oaultlng from Indiscretions 01 01
099S60. A book for every man , young , middle-ago
and old. It contilns 126 prescriptions for all acut
and chronic dlietses each one of which la Invaluob !
Sa found by the Author , whoso experience for E
yearn I such as probably never before foil to the o
of any physic an BOO pages , bound In boantlfi
French muslin maoosedcoveri , full gllt.frnarnntooi
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In every Instance. Price only 81.UO by moll , post
ptld. Illustrative sample 5 cents. Send now. Ooli
medal awarded the author by the National Sledlcn
Association , to the offlcoro of which he refers.
The Sclenso of I/If o should be road by the yoonj
for Instruction , and by the aflllcted f01 icllef.
It will bcnofll alL London lancat.
There Is no member of oocloty to whom The Bel
cnco of Llfo will not bo useful , whether youth , pai
ont , gutrdlan , Instructor or clergyman. Argonaut.
Address the Peabody Hodtol Institute , or Dr. W
rkcr , No. 1 Bulflnch Street , Eonton Mans. , wh :
o consulted on all dlacaaos rcqulr'-ig skill am
ence. GBranlaandobstlnMeduioaijgthat liavi
the kill of all other phys- P * I clan
oltyi Bnaa Jreatod encocsa-flCfll. fnllj
n lnsS nce failure. TUVCCJ C
Of the Northwest , Detroit , Minn
li. country of WOODS AND LAKES , 200 miles wes !
> f St. Paul. Thrco trains dally on the N. P. K. R.
Uth 30 Day Excursion. Tickets at about onc-hbl
in elegant house with accommodations for 200
meste. R. R. COLBURN. Proprietor.
rill cnro Norvousncgn , Lumbago , Itlionmntlim rnr lyBl ,
.euralRln . , Bclatlc , Kldnoy , bjilno nml J.lver < ll enki. ,
lout , A lhmn. Heart ( ll L-HS , OI > m.p > l , rnMktlmtlimJ.r- |
Ipclm , Catarrh , 1'llos , Kpllciisy , Inii > tciirr , Dumb AK e.
folnpim Uturl. etc. Oiilj' Kcluntlllii Klrclrlc lie-It In Aiucr-
: thatmnJslho Klcrlrkllj uud macuetMii IhrnnKli tlio
odj , ana caa bt > recharged In an lastaut bjr tbo putlont.
Winter Is oomlnff , the season of the year for aches
nd pains. In view of this fiot wo say buy one of
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. . . , , .
ostohsster.N. Y , , Capital . OOO.OOC.n
wMercliants , of Nnwut , N. J. , CpU I 1,276,000.
Irard yire , PhlUeelr. hla , ipIW . 1.500 . ( CO.
larantecd enecifla for Hysteria , D zziness , Conral-
) ns , Kits , Nervous Neuralgia , Headache , Nervous
ostratlon caused by the use of alcohol or tobbacco ,
akofulncss , Mental depression. Softening of the
aln , resulting In insanity nnd leaping to misery ,
cay and death , Premature Old ago , Baroness , losa
power In cither sex , Iinoluntary Losses and Spcr-
Jtorhoracaused by ovoroxcrtlontof the brain , self-
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ri ( Ular graduate oM o medical Collftei , bai been longer
ifjtgetllu tli kpceiiitreatiiiciit of CHUONIC , > 'taiol. , SKIM
iii HLOOD Diftiiii * than iu } cllier I'bj.lclan In Bt. Lobl
rltj riper * > > ? and all olJ rrild.nukDovr.
Nervous Piostratlon. Debility , Mental and
hyslcal Weakness , Mercurial and other Alice.
ons of Throat , Skin or Done : , Blood Poisoning ,
Id Sores and Ulcers , um treated with unp.raiiticd
c iioaUUili < lcutlOoi > rluclrU'i. BaVljr. l'rli tllj.
Diseases Arising frum Indiscretion , Excess ,
xposuro or Indulgence , vMtu rrodnte wo or th
lluolnc effect , i utrtoniotn , iltl'llllr ' , dlu n of ilstil
, Jef ll > e lutmorj. pluiplf. oj ito fioo , rt/ileildoeair ,
ctiloulolb. lodttj of icnulti , conruijca orldea > , cuu ,
rniiorlni ; Uarrinaa Improper or unhappy , are
rniau < Dtl ; cured , I-.mplilti(5n ( r.gtijcu tlj akore , lent
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ie or lij luall free , and luvllid. Wrlla for iueilloDi.
i Positive Written Guarantee
elvf a In all eonula cam. llrdlclnei lent eicnrwbcn.
PamphUti. L'liBllali or Uonnan , 04 pace. , do.
irlbiuz above UIea e , In male or fomaU , i'iUJE.
0 pag i , floe plaUlllmtrateU In eloib
, inoncjrcrfoiUltl nuir. | | COIIT , , 2io. TWi t.oi
> atala all lae eurloui , dvubtnil or laaalklllra vaut to
jow. A tool , of trial Inl-.reil tu all , UcalU. lluulr.
are nuujltjj \ Hi Lilvlca.
Irlanger , , . . . JLtavarm
ulmbachor , , . . . .Bfivavia
ilsnor . .c Bohemian
! aiser > . . . . .Brnmou.
> Vidwoiser St , Louis.
.nhauser St. Louis.
lost s. . . . Mihvaulccp ,
chlitz-Pilflner ililwaukoo.
'rue's Omujin
Alo. Porter , Domestic and Rhine
7ine. ED. MA.UKBR ,
1813 Vatmva. St
Owing to the increase
in our business we've
admitted to the firm
is well and favorably
will enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
those who1 have desi
rable property for
sale , to place the same
Brians. The new firm
South 14th St.