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An IntorcstltiR Story nl Youtlifu
aoelcty (3os ; li ) A Solcntn
They were pretty enough to attract a
least poising attention as they occupiet
the faro-box corner in a Saundora ant
Twentieth street car. Hoth were at tha
charming where
skivt-at-the-shoo-top age
for a season , tha altouiate pleasures o
youth and social maturity can bo , with
prop.-loty , enjoyed. Both were model
of maiden grace and both were , oh , so
&iddy. Each pnir of oyen , brown nut
blue respectively , utidor crests o
cho3'-nnt and golden frizzoa , flashed
in roguish sympathy. Aa the
ropjrior entered Iho car and took the
ppp isito seat "Brown Kycs" was chok
jug m a vain attempt to toll her compan
ion something funny and their bond ol
sympathy was again betrayed in the lat-
tor's convnisivo giggles at the anticipated
"Oh , its just too funny" gaspnd 'Ha-
zol Optics , ' ns she made a valiant ofTort
to Cjiitrel horaolf , " but you must promise
never , never to Rive it away. You know
\Villio , my Willio. Well , last Wed
noaday night , Ma made mo RO to prayer
mooting with hor. Well , as wo
were coming out , there stood
Willie on the cidowalk. My ,
1 was just paralyzed , but I didn't lot
on and didu't ' look at him. Willie never
calls on mo fit homo and'don't know Ma ,
'sides she had her veil down. Well ,
Willie , foolish thing , followed us. Wo
liad walked about two blocks , when Ma
noticed him and guessed what it meant.
Goodness she was mad. Ma is awful
spunky anyway. While wo were
crossing a street oho picked a big rook
and hid it under her shawl. About half
Tray down the block , Willie caught up
with us , and walking up by us ho took
off his hat and says 'good evening , ladies' .
I drov.up to Ma's side kind a haughty
like , but Ma she just banged away with
the rock and hit Willie right in the mouth.
Mercy mo , ho jumped about six foot
straight up and then ran away just like a
atroalc. I felt kind of sony when I saw
Willie next day with hia mustaehoshaved
off and a big piece of plaster on his lip
and the gold lillinc ; knocked out ot his
front tooth. But it was just to awfully
funny after all. And trhat do you think ,
Willie don't know it was Ma and blames
ino for going out nights with a circus fo-
inalo Sampson. "
Have you aeon the Campaign Whips ,
at Moore's , where the lion roars for the
cheapr-it nnd best goods in the west.
Come iind see them , it will do you good.
Mr. Bahm Framing nil Orclinanco
Looking Toivnrtl u
Mr. Uehm , councilman from the second
ward , Las boon at work for some time
past framing an ordinance by which it is
intended to do away with , if possible ,
Fj/cao of the diflicultiea that have arisen
rom tlio assessment of city property in
Omaha. This ordinance provides for the
creation of the oflico of city assessor tak
ing the place of the six now elected an
nually. It further defines the powers
and duties of the incumbent and pro
vides for the appointment of deputies ,
who are to bo appointed by him as ho
ahull doam best.
Itjs feared however by the frarncr that
the ptito statutes may interfere with the
; ality of this ordinance and prevent it
coming the law of the city. If this
should ho the case measures .will proba
bly bs taken at the next session of the
legislature to induce the Douglas county
legislators to secure the passage of a law
prnvidiii" for the creation of such an
tiUoa and laws governing the same.
The ordinance will probably bo intro
duced tj the city council at an early
The President of the Cambridge ,
Mass. , Fire Ins. Co. , recommends Hood's
Sarsaparilla as a building up and strength
ening remedy.
A Meeting of tlio Uonrd ,
A Meeting of the board of public works
was hold Saturday ovoniug at which all
membtra were present.
The ordinances passed by the city
council at its last meeting authorizing the
yi.vine of Ninth street in paving district
No 23 , and Sixteenth street between
Izard and Nicholas , and St. Mary's avenue -
_ nue betrt-oon Twentieth and Forest , were
4) ) read by the clerk. It was decided by the
i board that the paving on those parts of
streets should , bo laid upon a broken
stone foundation one half foot in thick
ness covered with a layer of sand to the
depth of two inches.
After taking stops to comply with the
, j _ " . irection of the council in several matters
ol minor importance the board ad
Notwithstanding the great number
who yearly succumb to this terrible nnd
fatal disease which Is daily winding its
fatal coils around thousands who are un
conscious of its deadly prosanco , Dr.
Piorco'a "Golden Medical Discovery"
will cleanse and purify the blood of
scrofulous impurities , and euro turborcu-
lar consumption ( which is only scrofulous
dijonao of the lungs. ) Send throe letter
stamps and got Dr. Pierco's complete
trcitiso on consumption nnd kindred nf-
A fections , with numerous testimonials of
' cures. Address , World's Dispensary
A Medical Association , Buffalo , N. Y.
Orders ,
A board of oflicors consisting of Lieu
tenant Colonel Onus , E. Compton , 5th
cavahy. Captain Emil Adam , 5th cav
alry and First Lieutenant \yilliam P.
Hull , 11. < 2. M. 5th cavalry will meet nt
Port McKinney , AVyoming , September
29th , 1884 , to examine into the qualifi-
cations.of Q. M. Soargt. John 0. Mar
shall nnd others.
ffiiconsuting of Major loaao D.
/ 'joy , 4th infantry , Captain Jacob
. ' /es , 5th nrlillery , and Firat Lieuten
ant llonry E. Robinson , 11. Q. M. , 4th
infantry , iu appointed to meet nt Fort
Omaha , Neb. , on Monday , the 2'Jth dny
of September , 1881 , to examine into nnd
report upon ( ho qualifications of y. M. S.
Frahk C. Ingraham , 4th infantry , end
Sergeant Major Thomas J , Wigging , 4th
infantry , nnd others.
Ditlo consisting of Major Djingerh'old
Parker , Oih infantry , Capt. Geo. M.
Downey. 21 infunlry , and 1st Lieut , Jas.
Ilogan , It Q. M. , 9th infantry is appoint
ed to moot at Fort D. A. KuBsoll , Wyo. ,
Iho 20h day of September , 1884 , to ex-
amino into and report upon the qualifica
tions of Ohaa. 1'fahlor , lUh Infantry
( fuainv IV Ling" , 7th infantry , Horace
K. Myrick , ! > th infantry , and .lames
Howater , 21at infantry , and Sargean
Majors Charles llemi , ! ) th infantiy , KIU'
Kdvrard O'She , 21st. infantry , and oth
era.Tlio commanders of the different posts
are required to order the men named to
the localities.
Qimrrol Over .1 Division of tlio
"Sway" nntl Ij.iiul In < 1nll.
On Thursday night Ofllcsr Mostyn
picked up James Thomas near Thirteen ! ]
and Jackjon streets , in an intoxicatet
condition. Ilo cluimod to have boon rob
bad and showed n cut on his wrist thai
lie claimed to have received from the
robber who attacked him on that corner.
The ollicor thinking ho was a suspicious
character , a-3 ho know there had boon no
Tight therearrested him , but no evidence
being forthcoming ho was released next
These facts coming to the notice of
Mr. Joseph Nagl , who Imd boon robbed
by two burglars of clothing , wlno and
other valuables , at once v.ui o < .l him to
suspect that Thomas was otio o' the par
ties , and that the cat on his wrht was
: ausod by his breaking the glass of a col
ar window In his house , lie at once had
i warrant issued by Judge Bonoko for
iis roarrost , which was served by Ollicor
The oflicars say that the fight Unit
Phouias spoke of occurred between him-
elf and his pall over a division of
ho swag , but at a different
corner from Iho ono where ho was first
irrestod. The officers have albo arrested
lia pal and think that they have sufficient
evidence to convict them.
Great Success of "DIo Kolilcnsour/'n"
Last Nl lit.
Last ovoniug the German theatre was
rowdod with an enthusiastic audience lo
witness the representation of Michaolis'
'Dlo Kohlonachurz'n. " Old Sir. Grosst
man appeared aa Baron Von Baeronklan ,
nd many of the frequenters of the
heatro were delighted to aoo the old gon-
leman on the stage again.
MM. Lindemann as Iduua enacted her
> art excellently , and Mr. Molchin as
icatram olicitcd much applause. The
harming Miss Spahn personated the role
f Anna .very cfluclivoly , nnd Mr. Von
i'iolitz showed up well aa Von Berg.
\Ita. \ Bucfiser as Loontino
schulze was well received , and Mis ?
'cchtol as Lottio was a great success.
Mr. Pechtel represented the character of
Scharnwobor splendidly and was vocifer
ously applauded.
Mrs. 1'iils-Ahl showed up in immense
hapo as Batty , and I > Ir. Puls aa Jean ,
eceivod quito an ovation.
All the minor parts were well received
and the manner in which the pioce'was put
on the boards , collects great credit on the
management. The musical union orchos-
, ra rendered some valuable aervices dur-
ng the evening.
Thing * ) AVorth KiiowinK-
There nro a great many such things.
Olio is , that there is no use in having
dyspepsia unless you really like it and
vant to have it. It is an established fact
, hat Brown's Iron Bitters will conquer
liis disease in short order and complete-
y. _ Mr. Daniel L. Nlckam , Springfield , (
Ohio , says , "Brown's Iron Bitters cured
mo of dyspepsia , nervousness and vrako-
Ulll033. "
_ _ _
Council of Three ,
The county commissioners mot on Sat-
rday and appointed Thomas Nolan
uporintendent of the south road district
n Douglas preccont.
Julius Schroedor's bond to sell liquor
n Millard was approved.
The following claims were allowed :
Icnry Kusar 857 DO
P. J. Nolan 7GO
Jetlif Kar , ' ! li 00
X P. liedman L'O . )0 )
Vra. Doolinc (57 ( 00
Vugiist Nelson 30 CO
Tainos J3roa & Co 1000
lonry Tent/ 28 CO
0. D. Thomas - - 335 \
1. M. Simon 3 < ! 0
" 055
V. ni.Ci.iinos ( as clurk of commission of '
intanity S30.1 00
T.JI. Watt 50500
I. M. Stouo 1000
Icnry Ditzeu 2 50
! liss& Isaacs 2100
S M. fillbort 12-10
P. K. Moore * 710
Mrs. S. How-oil S 00
ainea W. Havugo ( as jiresidunt of 110
commission of insanity ) 2000
W. Preston WHO
I. C. Creighton 200
f. G. Clarke & Co fi 85
i'lireo witnesses ! ! 00 /
Six jurors li (10 (
Seven \vltii9a8os 7 00
iiuinoi : i'f.N'1) ) .
Adam Strlnglino 8100 57
A CAKD. To all who are suffering from errors
nd Indiscretions of youth , nervous weakness , early
ccay , loss of manhood , cto , I will send a recipe K [
hat will euro you , FUKB 01' CJIAHOK. This L-rcat
eruody won dUcorcred by a inlasloiicry In South , it
America. Send iclf-addrcuiisd onvelojio to Iw. Jo-
Ki'ii T. iNilAX , Station D Now York. ' ? .
It may not bo generally known , but ,
nevertheless , it is a fact , that quite nn
intelligent gathering nssomblos ovoiy
Sunday morning nt St. Coorgo'a hall to
discuss questions of more or less import
ance to the entire community. Yester
day the subject was "Tho Tariff , " in \
the discussion of which some able speak [
ers took part , and among them were
Mr , Potter , Gen. O'Brien ,
J. J. Points , and Messrs. Emery , Quinn
and Bartlett , . The question was vo ry
exhaustively handled and great interest
was evinced on the subject. These so
cial talks do more good than h common
ly supposed , and a morning spent at ono
of the liibera. meetings is calculated to
benefit thoao who attend in more ways S'
than ono. il
The finest inayouiidu dressing for nl [
kinds of salads , cold nienti , raw toma
toes , pickled snlmon , cabbage , etc , , is
Durkoo'H Baled Dressing. It is besides ,
moru economical than home-mado.
Mr. Henry U. Jlichter , Iho well-known
fur.iiT , celebrated hia fortieth birthday yea-
Imhiy ami entertained a number of Jiiu
fricmla , Mr. Itiehtcr has n Jiont if frionJs in
the went whu are not confined to any c
or nationality , M waioviucod yaHorday byjfr
Iho numerous tokens of friendship ho received I c ;
from our citizens of every kind , I fr
Yesterday afternoon Luoins Stotaoi
and James Uinghura , two yoxnig men we !
known in Omahn , wont out riding I
Kort Omaha. After viewing tlio sight
they slotted for the city. It appears Urn
a couple of other "citizens" whoso uamo
could not be learned , from this city , ha <
nlso been visiting the post. These Ins
two men hnci become embroiled in i
qnnrrol with soldiers tit the barnvsks , ntu
left the post T.-ith n Hying start , the nn
tion'a protectors in hot pursuit.
The soldiers getting close on the pur
sued ono of thorn pulled out n pistol am
fired It nt his pursuers , but failed to hit
nny ono of them. Tlio ttvo lleoing mei
being hard pressed turned out to pass
Stetson and Hingham. The wheel of tlio
buggy containing the two men was
struck by the passing vehicle , frighten
ing their horse and throwing IHntjham
out upon the ground breaking thrco ribs
upon his left side.
The injured man was hero sot upot
by n lot of noldiora who supposed him tt
bo the party who did Iho shooting nm :
handled him cpiito roughly. After lho >
hud satisfied lliomnolvea that ho wan nol
the man they allowed him to bo placed
in a carriage and ho was brought to hia
room in the city. A surgeon was called
in who pronounced his injuries not of r
jerloua nature. Stetson was not injured
in the least.
D. I' . Temple , of York , is quartered at the
William M. Willis , of Hastings , is at the
, T , J. Cox , of Lincoln , is registered at the
Metropolitan ,
Michael 1 > \ McHrido of Wood Hiuor , is
it the Metropolitan.
J. T. Corknecs , of West Cheater , I'd. , is
\t the Metropolitan ,
Frank Kingaloy , of Montreal , 13 quartered
it the Metropolitan.
N. 1' . Ifockwood , of Milwaukee , is stopping
it the Metropolitan.
T. V , Martin came in from Albion , and is
topping t at the Metropolitan
lid. ] ' . ] < 'llintt of Auburn is in the city , and
3 sojourning at the Metropolitan.
E. 13. Coons , private secretary of D , K.
Thompson , superintendent of the B. & M.
pout yestordavith friends in Omaha.
II. D. Jones and wife of the Metropolitan
lotel , left for Minneapolis , Minn , , on a visit
o friends , and will bo gone about a week.
Mr. J. ] ' . I" . Drowsier , a prominent banker
f Boston , will arrive in this city thU mom-
ng and stop over for a day with D. 0. Hull
Csq. Mr , llrewstcr has been in the west
ooking after his extensive cattle interest in
LOUISVILLE , September " 0. Threo-quar-
ors of a milo heat Conkling won ; Kovoko
eoond , Best time , 1:15.
Cash handicap mile and a quarter. Mati-
100 won , Taxgathoier second , Long It night
bird. Time , 2:12. :
Mile and a half handicap : Lewis won , Lat
in pucond , Loiiian third ; Time , 2:41J. :
, Three-quarters of a milo 2-year-olds Anna
Voodcock won , Mary Hamilton second , Ida
lope third. Time , 1:17J.
SiiKKrsiiKAnlUv , September 20. Tin's was
ho closing day. _ Tlio attendance was very
arge. A sensation was created by Miss
Voodford in the second heat for the Long
stand states making the fastest tinio over
. corded in two mile heats. .Tames Howe , "
Jwyer Brothers' trainer , refused to start
lies Woodford , claiming she was not fit to
un so soon after her two and a half milo race
'hursday. 1'hil Dwycr oidered her out ,
owover , and Prank McCabe , the assistant
miner , took charge of the mare. The result
f this may bo that Itowo will leave the
Handicap sweepstakes , two-hoar olds , ono
nile. Kliz ibeth won , Havefoot second ; time
rf3j ( .
Non-winnerj' handicap milo and three fur-
ones Hica won , Chanticler second , Jiuono-
ny third ; timu , 2Uj' : ! .
Great J eng Island stakes two milo heats
staitors , Drake Carter , Modesty and Miss
Woodford. The latter waited until tho.
trotch was reached in each heat , and then
wont ahead and won as hho pleased , Carter
ocond in both caaes and Modesty thiid. M iss
Voodford won the second heat in a canter by
hrae lengths , Drake Carter twenty lengths
ihead of Modesty ; tiinu , 3:3 : , 3:31. } .
Handicap sweepstakes milo and a quarter T
Duplex won , Perpf Kyle second J loyal
\rcli third ; time , 2:0'J. :
iookK tlio Happy Hiiinin Ground.
BHOOICLVN , Iowa , Kcjiteinboz 20 Standing
'Ik , a war chief of the Sioux tride , who was
ngagud in the Cuiler masjaero and has binco
een the loader to a band of Indian i in a cir-
us , dhd near this city this morning. Ho
wnod two teams and wagoin and had consid-
rable other property. At I'eora in faw weeks
go ho left the circm and wont to Iowa City.
lololt thorn \Vednoday morning with his
earn and driver ? for Omaha , where ho uxpcct-
d to join hii wife and members of his tribe ,
hey camped about six mlles enss of Brooklyn
nst night , and this morning ha died about 8
/clock. Ho was over sixty years of ago.
Major Nowall , the India urgent , tolegraplis to
iiavu him buried hero and the ronmini will bo
interred to-morrow.
ST. Louia , Hoptomber 50. The Golden
'agio clothing store owned by Browning ,
King , & Co. , Now York , was destroyed by fire
3:10 : this morning. Loss in slock about
150,000 , insured for 110,000 ; loss on building
ilight , fully insured ,
. ( KKI-KIWONVILLK , 111. , September 20. At
mo this morning the church of the Holy
lihost an d Nchool liouso burned , The fcliool
was not quiU ( joniploled. Knpposod to have
been the work of an incendiary.
An Un/oumled Kumor.
CHICAGO , September 20. Inquiries from
Detroit and other lake ports as to Iho where
\bouts of the Bteatner 1'eotless and intimating
that bho has boon wrecked near Dnliith , a tel-
gram from the latter city to the associated
press states there is no foundation for tlio
rumor. .She left Duliith after the rumor
started and is now on hur way to thin city.
llnynlty'H NiKlitnmrn.
VIIIS.VA , Snptembur 20. The nnurch'st '
inurdiTor Kammc-rcer , was hanged there thU '
morning , a cordini ; to tlio Hentonco of the
military court. It is olllvi.illy stated ho con-
' ' d to have been in colliHiun with Stlllum- ,
her in all the liittor' * eiimon. It is stated
line that ho made a dUchmiro of unaichiet
AIl'airH in I0 ypl.
CAIUO , September 20 , Conflicting rumors
roach here of ovonta in Soudan , nccordlng to
llio latent of which brought to Dongula thU
morning by nioMioiixer , ( j'oii. Gordon ha
ivltliin the punt fmv day valued two victorieri ,
mil the solgo of Khartourn had Ijeen raUod ,
Tlio Oliiilcru.
MAIWKII.LEH , Sejitomber 20. No doatlm
From cholera heio yonturduy. But three frorfh
case * developed on board tliQ ship Lwcsoln
Victoria's ' Leap Causes the Kolhcr t
Attfiiimt Suicide ,
TtioConclininu'rt Urltlo to Goon tin
8tn o AVlillo t ho Kiuiilly ( Jo to
Special Dispatch to TitK 15 K.
NKW YORK , September 20. It hiw Irani
pirod UiAt the lllti of Mm. Mor < ' ini , whirl
\VM for several tlnyii expected t" tonnluato fa
Ul.y , wns the rcsnllof Ihroontlei.iptM. . . com
mlt stticido by Inkltifj laudanum. On Uu
night of ThursJuy , September llth , tlia dn >
after the elopement of lior dtu.Rht'r Victoiia
she swallowed .1 tlrniight froinn torn mmco vin
uonrly oinilyilig it. She win dolpctod In the
net by her son Atillis , who look the \ lid from
hrr nnd summoned n , physician nt onco. The
draught proved nn overdoao and Ihn lady w s
soon out of danger. On Friday , mul ng.iin on
on S.ilimlay , Mio renewed her ntlomi > U lokil !
herself , dospila the wntchfnlnes * , , f her
family ntul servant * . The prompt u o of
ftuoiic * nnil n stomach pump , lion-over , pre
vented fatal results , and the phyMi'nmi ro *
inained with her until ( ho hocanv oiimahs
edit mid her mental condition wa * KMtnrod.
H is now known Unit Mrs. Morositii , with her
two rmiiniiiiiiB daughters mid two norvnnl * ,
( Itilotly embarked on an ocean strainer oil
Wednesday last fur ICnropp , their , to < tinntion
lining Vloioiuo , Italy , and it is wild tli.a Mr.
Mot-mini nndhis two sons will follow thrm as
noon an the former can dispose of lin Imsinois
inleresls here , never to tetutii. Mrs. Schol-
ling said to a reporter last night that if her
father does not relent within n weak iho will
accept the oiler mndo her by Toul A. tlil-
moro , the lessees of JSiblos garden ,
to ( tins in concert for twenty nights at S.'iOl )
per night. This she will Probably do aa < die
oxpro ! < od to a ropoilpr her boliet that her
athor has fully determined not to racptvo her
> aek or recogiiuo her in any way unlcii ho
ibandonoi her husband , which eho declaim
she will not under any circumstances do. It
s behoved that Mrs. Scholling's intention of
going upon the stapo is induced by a toalizv
.ion of her husband's inability to support her.
Schollntg drew SSOO from the bank to-day , all
the money ho has , and with this sum the eon-
ilo went to homokeopini ? for the winter , in a
lat on West Twolftli slroot.
President KKHH Kuslics Into 1'rlnt
"With Another Political Ciml.
LINCOLN , Neb. , September 20. The slato-
meiit having boon widely published that llitr-
teoii members of the Fort Dodgobinnch of the
National league had withdrawn , I'ntrieU Kgnn
lo-day sent the following letter to the Btalo
Democrat , i dative to the matter :
To the Editor of the Daily State Democrat.
Sin-ln : your issue last evening you give
prominence to n letter signed by lliirleen
Irishmen who dosciibo themselves an mem
bers of Iho Fort Dodee ( Iowa ) branch of the
Irish National loaRiie , .and who fire so trou
bled about the personal opinions of Jov. !
Father O'Ueillv , f Detroit , Mr.
Alexander Sullivan nnd myself , that they
have taken the extreme of withdawinp from
the league. I5y reference to tin books I Iind
that the interest taken in the cnuso of Ireland
during the past year by the oiltiro Foil Dodge
branch of which no doubt thirleou Rcnllonin
ave honored members , was just
four dollars and ninety ivnla ,
Ilia amount transmitted to the _ geneial
treasurer for le.ii-uo purposes. I'ormit mo to
reasauro these gentlemen regarding the safely
of their investment uud to inform them in
Ilio must positive torma that tbero is not the
moat remote danger of the lor uo nellinu out
to either ono or the other of the polilical par-
tics. I remain , sir , yours truly ,
Stcnmbonts Burned ,
OINCIXXATI , September 20. A fire
started in the panlry ot the Bte.imer "AEorn-
ing Mail" shortly before U o'clock this morn
ing and communicated to the steamer
"Bonanza" nnd United States Lighlhouso
Lender ' "Lily , " lying alongside. All were
burned to tlio water's edge except the''Lily"
which escaped with the losi of her upper
works. The boatu were lying at the upper
landing in i'lilton , where a number of oilier
ntoamera were lied up during Iho low wator.
The steamers Gall' and Skinklo were cut loose
and lloatod out of danger. No ono in able to
tell how the lire started. Tlio Jjonanza and
the Morning Mail were owned by the Cm-
climati , I'orlsmouth and Uig Sandy 1'acknt
comiany ] , the former was built in 1S70 , nnd
was worth SIJ.OOO. ! The Morning Mail was
built two years ago , valued at yiiO.OOO , in
sured in Cincinnati companies SHO.OOO each.
The Lily's damage i ? 810.000. No lives lost.
Til rnl > ulI'M In ru Now.
CniOAtiO , September 20. The published
tatoinont is made hero that Mis' JCtta Turn-
lull , tlio only daughter of N , S. 1' . Tnnubull ,
wealthy jiork jiacker , li.ii eloped with AIox-
mdor Norvon , employed in Tininhiill'g pork
lacking ostablishmcnl for a number of yoarx
is a slaughterer. Sha is described as a liind-
oino member of the south siilo J'Ipiscopal
church choir. Nervon is declared to luvo ac-
jiiired suino moans of his own and in a man of
mo'physical nppearanco. The alf.iir beuamo
mblictiiroiih ! Mr. TnrnbuH's' piwuring the
lervicos of detectives for thoostonslllniiurO80 | )
> f ascci tabling Iho whereabouts of his daugh
The domocratH of the Fourth Illinois dis-
rict nominatuil John I * . Altgulilt for con-
; recs.
The reimblican campaign at DIM Moines
viw formally o ] > etied Saturday night > vith a
, oich. light procession of . ' ( ,609 men.
Colonel Dudley , commissioner of pensions ,
las resigned and will enter the banking firm
if ] ! aleman& Co. , \Vunhingtun. .
In J'ittsburg Saturday , throe fraino dwell-
ugs and four stables burned , Three liorsca
vcro cremated. Inuondiary. LossSi9,000. (
A boiler In Kmorson k , Collondcr'n mill , at
VinconnoH , Jnd , , oxiilodnd Saturday , iiring
ho building and fatally injuring Collcndcr'H
on ,
The Merchants' woolen mill , of lioston ,
mrnod Saturday morning. Loss § 715,000.
' ' hundrccl employes ore thrown out of
vork. Tlio mill will not bo rebuilt. No in
Seven convicts wpro whipped at Now Cns-
.Io , Delaware , Saturday morninir , in the pres
ence of four hundred people. Kclward Itod-
Ion ( white ) was pilloried for an lumr in ad
dition to twenty lashes.
Saturday morning Commodore < I. K. Jow-
ott , United Stiitos navy , proceeded t- > the ( lag
ihip "TenneHjoo , " Nowiiurt harbor , and m-
Icvod Admiral Lucu of the commund of the
' , 'ortli Atlantic squadron ,
The prohlbitionistH of Seward c uiity , Nn-
inmka , met in convi'tition Satuidny and
nominritcd a full county ticket. Delegate *
vero iilso selected for the congros.ilonal con-
'cntlon at Iln-Htingu , Suptombcr ! ! 0.
At Davwipoit , Iowa , Saturday night , W.
f. Foster , ii'iiiililioaii candidatQ for prcsldcn-
lal aevtfir ] , and M. V , ( Jannon , iloinucmtio
aindidiita fur attorney fontral ; , engaged In
olrit debate ,
Tlio ( rand Trunk car wnrka at London ,
) nUrio , biirm.'il Saturday. Perhaps four linn-
Ircd nun will be thrown out of employment ,
Must of the men lust their toaN. J. ' tj ( uhtj.
natod ) SIOO.OOU ; lusiirancoiinl known ,
The fuhcdjilo in alignment of ( lovcinr.iir
'aulding , Uovfrnuur Jvcmble , . .lamesV. .
'auldlnii tn .1. NouiKii Jr. , v/liich wa * lileil
n Now York Saturday blimvn : liabilititM ,
WOU',000 : mitm'ual aswots , 3,000 ; actual
Tlio ioublicnn | campaign in tlio Mulionlng
alley , the crrat iron and coal diitrlctof Ohio ,
ras opened Saturday by the preBcnco-jf General 1 }
joffan , Jlon. U'la , D. Kollcy , ( imiend NoycHl/
md other { Tuiniueiit apeakeid , Tlio di-uion-'c '
sir il" > n u.H the l.iifro t ur witni.i > l In
( Mil.- . .
Tha inftjoiity of tin.upm'ie mnri of 1X.U <
ula liW ! ili-cidcd In fium of the loRntlty of Hit
o.ipltol roimnl l ut net and not * a-ido thet'md
IIIR of Ihn dialrict cavrt , ,1ii tVui' Kilcorwot
diwmto. Thig i < tse en i ) Involving tha ro
movtvlnf.jlin capital of UikoU from Vanktoi
lo Dutnnrck ,
The ono hundred hour walk nt Ken Cily
wliieli rlo ed at midnight Snttmlny , wnsvoi
by O'l > nry , Who in8 < le JSO milni nwl om
lap. Millw of St. 1xmis , slid Water * of 1 > on
vat , walking nltcrnntely , making atai nnlcw
O'l ijiiy WM InaHlnlto walk (00 ( mile * UK
well M bout hi * opponent * .
An ftltotnpt t ar on In ft 1inii o full of prr
plr > w * dl ow mrd in Now York Snlnrlay
i.tit one prrKon wn ; kl'led ' , the wlf-i of UK
man whom Iho police arfwted oharp'-d ' will
the olTeiKO , Tito police olFiears < li roero.l tin
lire , nml aftflr ivna i ( exlltlRiii'Oif'il Coal nil
found ovcrywlii'i-o * iul nil tlio R.II ttirnod on.
The court of linuity | A ) > p > lntid t < > lnrp tl
. . 'Alo Iho collision between Iho "Tftllapooon'
and Ihn Italtlmoro scluwner liutls lhal llr
"Tallapoos.V did all In her \ wcto nxoid a
onlli'iou , complied with the luw In all re
spfetfl and that the blame n t with th.
schooner. Tha depnrlment approves the find *
if ? of the court.
llileliman llros , , clnthtom , of Ciueinna' ! ,
slcned Saturday aftonioon. 1'roloren
S200.COO. The firm lini boon Mlobll.
for twanly yonw , nnd succeeded KimNkopf &
ro. , of Now Vork , who failed a few days ago.
It'iphaol lU-iclunaii ia niaii.iRDr for UiiuUkopr
Co. at New Vork. Lii biltie ! < , ( ottimatoil )
? IOOOOOj assota mainly nbaorlH'il by prefer
At I'O : Saturday morning' n c > lii < uiii of ,1
treight and p.isiimgor Irain occurretl eleven
milrs .south of Albiuiuerque , N. M. , on the
Atchisou , Topeka it Sautn I'o rallroml , ro-
suiting in Iho death of Iho paisougor engineer ,
W. K. KWier , the fireman , Itobort lUvter ,
and n freight , brakeman , namn not learned.
The paiJongerH were Ihorouphly 'shaken up
but eswped Injury ,
The Vntuunn Canal eompanv has signed a
contract with Iho New York Dredpiiig com
pany for cutting the last section of the canal.
The work lo bo finished in l.SS" .
Tito pov | In token of Im Direction for the
Honmns , hai grunted S'JOO.OOO In oilnlilinh a.
hospital near the Vatican. If cholera bleaks
mil in Homo ho promisen toiatt Iho hospital
The French havo' added lo Ihetr provlou
compllciitions by destroying the polieo junks
In the Mln river , which noted for the sup
pression of piracy. lleoln nro now
compelled lo suppress the pirntei.
Timolhy HitiTlnglon , member of parlia
ment , has written it loiter lo the Farmer's
ilournal In which ho pays Iho evidence upon :
which Joyce anil four othoiH were convicted
was fabrlcaled wilh the connivance of the mi-
IhiiiilloH and lhat the men were innocent ,
Austria , Franco and ( "iermaiiy have inslruclcd :
their repnwentativos at Cairo to pru > out n col
lective nolo lo Nubar I'mliii , Kgyptian prime
miniilot' , proloatiiiR ngaiiiBt the suspension of
the biukinp fund which wan ordered. M. Mer
rier , French diplomatic agent , prolralod per
sonally to-day against tlio
Stealing tlio Wldou-'M Mlto.
iKU ) , IMiiiii. , Heplonibcr 'JO. The
Vidow Gntt was Rapged anil robboil In her
wn honto at Heath last nii ht. The robbers
blained a largo snin ol inonoy. No clue lo
lie burglars.
Cil.vnnov , Ohio , S.iplcnibor 20. I'mx-iit
rt's aio niRinp ; Iwo miles from thin city.
'housantJs of dollars' ( UmaRe has bem done
7\DU PAtl' Sto.-.k , IKturos , liorso riul wnKoiii
1 ( it Hr t-claH ) Ktoeeti tftoru , n bargain. Apilr"A. |
. U. " llua ulllcu. 160-tt
' '
TKMT'BA'lJs - A Rooil , Biilistnntial I'orso porter. >
* Kliici' putting In * tuim have IKI furtliur u o fnr it.
: r . J . Iluunnn , a' Culuulbln llrawory. lon-tCii
OK SAL1' Hv tovn , two linrbos , \\aj-oii nml
J lurnum trca JliiehloS. 12. cor. llth iunl I'.ir-
am Blructa. IbOtt
fT < OIlSAIK Alatgo Hlovo ( Onrhii 1) ) for nalo at n
i ? li.trKaiu. Inuulru ot Huyn , Itun Uoimlaa Street.
7101. SAW ; Wall p.iicr | liuslncsa ami ktoro for
I rent , I'M nml 111 N. ISlh St. 14l-20 ) | >
[ 71011 fi.VLK A line larRo c.irrliifo "r con'h liume.
L1 InqulroriCUiuu llnrn , lOUi St. , Lotucun Indiu
ml Cailtola\o. | 1'JJ-tl
InOK SAMS At Jcirerncm 8.Utto : barn , n trooil top
. '
ImggitartXi. llO-'JOp
* 01t SAM-16B,00'Jbrick. : II. T. Olarlio.
1 121-tf
J OIt SAljK rninltiirii niut lixturus of n h '
1 liouxndnln ; ; ntiooJ liuslnc' ) ) . Host locatlnn In
own II Mitiumeliur , SOThimth llth Ht. 1 0 2'2p
7 ' < OI18AT.U rino lot , ( .ast ( rout , In Mock Uuce , oil
OoorRli avenue. IniMiliulDOD llowanl street.
00fl.22i |
'T'OUSAI.K ' Amnnll , lint coinpletu stock ol Irosh
,1 grocurlci , with ft ifmnl trajo , inn Kooil locality In
ity. Aililrcsa " 0 " lieu olllju. 100-li |
'TTOll SALIC A whnlublock of clothlui ; , Imotn nnd
i1 uliofi , biillilliiKH ut. ciist , rutlrliw from liinlnem.
. II. I'utcraon , Nil south Tenth treet. 113-3ni
SAI.K OH TUAI > B-IIarilwaro toro for Neb , jL I
170lt . W. K. SpurrierVlotn lo a. o w4tn
17011 SALK Cornur 8th and l > 'ariiniii , 00 < 132 fool
1 ? now cccuiilod by C'lty illlls. Anplv on preniNns
077-tf W. J. WKLhIIAtiS. Z
171011 NAM-Sixty : lilvci ) of lUllan Hco < In Roml
I ) conlltloMury rhoai > , cnrnur wiulli ICtli and
lartha. 'Ihu owner leaving Nutiraiku , UhO iMp
1TIC118ALIS A water power unil i-tono ( | iiarry with d.
ten acreH ot land , -ir , cnlilo Inchuft of wntcr nuil
> 0 feet fall , with easy ( acllltlcH for ailani. aJJolnliif , '
ho city of I'UttHinuuth , CHHS county , Neb. Ad > lrii i
j. II. UaM > , No , fill u nitli l th struot , Omaliii , Noli , J
\ SALK KuriiltuiM nnd ttovoH miltabla for
1 liinrdliii'limitfii. Inijulru 16th fauil JaakHon Htt ) .
. Nelson. HIM Sip
IMll HAM : -Holler and DIIIIIU. ; | I have i.carly
i1 now holler ami etiKlna and Knowlu'ii iuniii > , 49
lorsopiiwor , for oalo cheap. T. H. C'larkson , Sdiuy-
cr , Neb 922-1111
SALK No-tlioiBt oorner 'Jntli ami
FOIl . 0. 1' . luls : & Co. , 1500 l''nrnani mrmt ,
875 tf
, 'Oll HALK Ono half Intoiost In nifnoilcreamery ,
F al ' > nineteen lain , ror ] > iirticulir.iuclJrueK lock
bjx Wi , Vork , Nrb , 8IO-2lp
J7IOH 8AI.K Cheap , a nlcu csottmo. full lot , city
' water 6 MocUa from thu court liouso. .M. Lou ,
racer , 'J'2'l anil I.cnvcnwortn. 8fi7-lina
\ HALK Aliutchcr eliop anil t'lalalii Hchn > | cr
1r\OK , with u tru.lo . nml In n oo < ]
locationnbji'Lt In Boiling , pour lioultn. AildriHn ,
Vranticr& | Hurlirlolr , iicliujlur , Nub. B31-2U
HAUC-KntliluH iiuw anil Beooiul liaml 10 li , p.
15 h , p. ami W h , p. inirtaMo anil stationary ; algo
Iiollcrn ol any blzo and fttylo. lllclianl & C'larko , U. 1'
It. Y. bet. 17tn and Iblli Ms. Umalm. tlS-tl
TlOlt HALK A iiilntlnK ulllco mntalila lor a tmal
J 1 nowspnpor or job otllco. Wll ull fur cauh or ox. .
clmiiKofor Oinalii. City property. Adilrumi ' 'X. 'i. Q'
Ilco ulllou. <
SALE Two oiieii Htcond-nand hu gioii uid
one delivery Ma ou , clieup , at 1810 Ilirnuy Ut.
United Statoa Depository
Oor. IStli and Farnam Sts.
77/0 Olilost Banking Establishment
in Omaha , 0HI
TO KOUNTZK iiitoiuiinir.
" '
in 18BC.
Or unltod HS a National Bank in nu
OAI'ITAfj S.200,000
UiBiU'4 Ko'jRn * . I'rwldor.t. i !
Jouji A. UitmuJioN , Vim I'ritulilont. ti
A uiwri'D KUVKIH , 2d Vlco Yioetdtcl ,
A. i. t'ofruion.
F. K. PIVH , CubUi
IT n , Uiu vim , Aw'stint ' C thlcr.
Tinnm.Kif ifiiural luiiKlni , ' blulncn , ItBit.ia time
rcitllln .ki ) bt rln ; { luU'iu'.t. Pruwn ditttd < > Han- Jl
Knnclno ud iirluHiftl | iui.ti > 9 In lliu United HUtm. &
" ) Mn Ion , Iliinl'.t ) . i'jlnj'ir | | ii mil tilt ii.iicl'B | ' 11-1
tl-c continvut uud Kuropu. 2
Iho Orealol | jn _ jiral Triumph of tha Ago'
vr , I'ntnln
tlio limit , nltli 11 dull Hon.nllnn In thi ,
Illicit imvt , I'nIu ntiitnt1 tlio xliouhlrr-
lilitili' , KulliiruM iiltrr rnfliig , wlllinilU-
Inrllimiloii in cvrrllnn of linily nrmlnil ,
Irrlliililllty oftptuiirr. Low [ > li llvllh
It rrrlliianCli.-.vlnRtirKlrdiMl noindiliilj- ,
UVarliint i Il77liiiHuttii Intr nt Iho
Itenrl , Item lirPnrp tlic oyc , llcniluchn
over tlio rlnlit ryille < llr < ne , ulth
litI'nl ilrcnitin , lllKlily colnrril I'rlnc , iind
TTTT'S I'lLr.S are especially adapted
to siii-li rasri , ono itfiso oil'ecu such a
clmiw of roelinijaslrt astonish tlio sull'oror.
Tlipy iKrrrnnn tlin A Itcllltiiiiii1 r.iiiAcvltio
txvly li > 'I'n111' on Vli'ili.tltin ttin nivtrm ti
ii iirintirilinnil l > yihrirTnnlr Arilnii on
tlio l l r lMrrgniiflIti-iiili\r.HIil nri
irmliKVil. TrlcnaSr. < l I . Inrrnv SI..IV.V.
( JUAV 11 in : or \ \ tinunm clmojjeil to n.
iJuitsv lu.u'K liv ti MIIKIO iipiilieiitlon of
this UVi : . It Imparts < x natural oolor , nrta
Innttltltnuroilily. Sol.l liy l > nigKl.1t8 , or
font liy uxpre."u on nu-nlpi of 01.
pfnco.tia IViurrny St. , Now York.
tVuthorixoa Capital. - $1,000,000
Paid-up Capital , - - 100,000
Surplus Fund , - - - 70,0M ( )
V. If. Cor , Farnam ana 12th Sts
. I Hin'tit. Uoomig , V-P
U .N. II. WOOD , Cishlcr. | I.UTIIIH Duim , A
Frank Unrphy.Giinmol K. llogcro , Don. D. Wood
Chitrloi 0. llmiHol , A. U. JOUOB , Luther Ht lo.
Tran . .ct K Ociioul llMiklng Uuslncas. All nhi
linvouny llAiikln ? buslnoe * t ? transact are liultcj
11. No matter how Urco or amull the tramwotloa
It will rooclvo our careful kttontlon , und no piorulsi
tluaya oouiteous treatiuont.
I'n.VH particular attention to business for ] iMtt <
rosldlnx outaldo the city. Kxilmngo on all the prln
lpal oltloi of the United States at very lowest r ioi
Aoounts ot l ) nku and Ilmkora received on fivoi
iblo terms.
limioonCertlflcata of Dcj'oalt bearing 8 pel cot
llujunml eollj Foreign Exchange , County , Cll
nd CJofOrnn.nnt soctultlcn
S' , W , Cor , Farnam and 12th Sis ,
- - 3100,000.00
, .
3. W. HAN.ll.TOr , , Proo't.
S. . CALDWELL. V. Pros't.
Pfl. T. BARLOW. Gnahlor
. S. OAMWEM , , C. F. Suisn ,
Accounts nollcltur * . and kept ouh
octto eight chock.
Sort.flcntoBof Dopoolt laouoii pnv
able In 3 O nnd ISmonthn bourlnp
ntoror.t , or on domnncl without In-
Acivnncoo nr.ndoto cuototnoro on
approvoc ! socurltlosat rnnrkot r tc
sf Intoroot.
The Intorooto of Cuntomors arc
j'ouoly guarded and every fncllltv
jompntlblo with principles of
lound banking freely oxtondod.
Draw olght drafto on Kngland.lro
and , Scotland , nnd all [ jnrtcofEu-
'OPC ,
Quit Curooonn lsnnon o Tickets
Cor. Itfth nntl Douglas Sts.
Dnpitnl Stoclc , - - - 8150,000
, ability of Stockholders , 300,000
F.TC Per Ccnl Interest Paid on Deposits
OiUcoartsd t
IAM1M B. IIOVD I'lo 111
. M. DEHNKTT Vloo I'rcMdonl
VV. A. I'AXTON Man KliiK Director
IOHNB.WlU.Ull Cnnliloi
31IAS. 1 * . HANDKHSON , TIIOH. I. . KIM11ALI , ,
IN 1870 H'rofiilous Ulcers brnko out on my body
until tny lircrmt win onu inaix ol corruption
Homo ot tlii'so iiccr ; wcru not lean than < ino and onu
bi.ll Inclioi In illaimitcr , tlio nd u ruti'li ) > ra'K ( d , am
' ' ' ileail tbu . tbu lionv
Hi'L'iiiliiK'ly , f.ivlty open to nin :
tilled with oiruimUo matter. Kvcrythl'iK ' known to
tliu mudlcal faculty wan tried In tain. ( Jrvilually tlio
bono ItBeUjliiirjiiiiu iilaeaHC'1 , nml thu BiilTcriiiKlicKan Ilono Ulc-cru U'k'uu to talio the placu nl
Iliotu blllurto un thu mitfucii. I btcnmo a mere
wrerli. I'our montln at n tlmo conl.l not urct my
htiidit to my lioul busausu of ustrumu ttomiobu.
Uould not turn In bed. Knuw not what It was to bean
an hour iivcn free from pain. Had reason to look
njion llfultvclf nu aciirru. In thu tuininer of 1880 ,
alter ten yenmnf thin wretched oxUtciico , I bet'ai :
iibo Cutlciira Itemrdlotf , and niter two tcaru * per-
tMont iiho ol thorn thu laot ulcer IHH liuiluJ. 'Ilio
dread ill ua o hax miccunibcil. All over tlio bruniit ,
wheru oiieo unxn mam nloofiiijiUoii ID now u health )
> ln. My uuiilit lian Increaned from nnu hundret
ami twunty-tbreo tn oiiu hundred nndllfty-sU poiindi
and the t0l work in Btlll olni ; on. 1 feel inyuelf n
now nmn , and nil through C'litlcnra Komo ile .
Uustom I lull 50 , Now Orleans.
.Swornto before Unltcil HtatoH Couunlitioner ,
J. U. CllAVVHlllll.
fiurofuloilij , Inherited nud C'ontai'luii4 IlutnorD ,
mid thin roinuvo tno iiioet prollllu run u of hiinini
milTurliiir , to clear Ihu tkln of dMlpinn ; , ' hlotehen ,
ltchliiK'1'ortureii , llnmlliitthi ) . ' Kriiialuniiuiid l.oatli
Honin Nort'H cnti od by Inherits ! MrroluU , tu purlf )
mid t/ejutlf ) thuHkln , and rmtoru ll.u hiilr uu that
tr&coot i lienita reiniliiH , ( Jiulriira lleaoheut , the
nru Illoinl I'linllur.anil Cutlcuri aiidJiitli urn Soap ,
thu great Nkln i uri'8 ami Ikuuliilcru , nru Inlalllblo.
Croat Blood Moclloinon.
Thu hiilf haj not buen told as to thu Kruat curr.tlve
urn i'l the Cutlcuia Iti'iin'cllcn. I linopahl him-
drodii ol il'illaru fur itioilirluea tu turi ; illtiiuiuui of tin
blood and Hkln , ami inn IT fuund niijthlni ; jut to
uqual tl.o Culk'ura Itumedlea.CIIAS.
1'rovldeiico , H.I
1'rlcool C'utlriira , ( null hoioi , f.0ci largv boxca
; t'uliciiru Ituwilient , . ' 1 jwr bottle ; Outlcura fioup ,
&c t'litiuuru Hlnuliii ' , Hoaji , 15c. Sold byalldrujf
1404 Farnam St.OMAHA
b'armint ? Lands , Improved Farms and
Stock Farms in Douglas , Ca s , Cedar
Nanco , Thnyor , nnd lloward
( Jountioa.
For Sixlo BSxdfl foot on ISth ntroot , near Hu
ncy , room for a brick Mock , of fourgtorcahlch
would rent readily. If not noli ) wltliln 30 days
It will bo withdrawn mul built upon. South
4 1 ft. , corner alloy fJ.SOO. Insida 4 1 ft. , ? .r50.
143 Kor Halo A liaivaln , 83x132 ft on 14th St. , near
Jones St. Call ftiul sea tia in regard to this prop.
city u o have a bargain for you ,
111- For Hale -'Good business lot on Cnmlng St. ,
0(1 ( v 132 feet JO.OOO.
101 For Sale InijirovcJ Farnatu strcotpropcrtyncar
ISlli street , 17COO.
117 Per Snlo-40Jxl32 feet , splendid brick Improve
ment , ai good luishicss an la In the city 1 10,000.
123 Kor SnloKlcitant corner on atreot car line , 33x
( Wetoto , two story , and basement ! Si40. Good
location , $0,009.
US Fur Halo Hplcudld Imslnona corner on 13th St. ,
lot 00x125 , Bloro liulUllnir and barn bargain
, .
7 For Sale A buslnesi property fet ? 4S,500 yield *
Ing n rich Income of 16 per cent , net on Invest
153 For Sale On California , cloeo to licit line loti
84x132 , Iwo ntory housaand barn , (3.500.
For Sale withiBIilo n Halfof PostoH'ico
315 Homo and lot . 9 0,000
383 - Housoand lot. . . . , . 3,600
332\-lIOU90 \ and lot . 2,800
.132 } Hm o and lot . 2,600
300Homo and lot . 2,000
2S9 Ilotiao and lot . . 8,200
202 Housoand lot . , 12,000
501 Two Uanici . . 12,000
103 Housoand Int . 3,603
1S > -House and lot . 2,200
-lloiipoaml lot . 4.000
172House and lot . 3800
llouBoand lot . , 4,500
103 Ilousoaml lot . 2,500
IM ) llousonnd lot . 0,600
157 Houscand lot . 0,500
1(13 ( Hoimiand lot . 4.EOO
335 HntHOiuid lot . 0,000
ii-Ilouaoniiil lot . ' 3,600
155 Housoand lot . , 6,000
1551 HOUBO ami lo ; . 3,000 ,
140 Housoaml lol . 12,000
133 Iloubonml lot . 0,500
Residences for sale within a mile circloof
PostoHieo and outside of Half Mile.
350 IIouso nnd lot . $2,800
107 House and 3 lots . 0,000
133 HOIIBO and lot . 3,500
? M lliniTO ami lot . 3,000
33i ! IloiiBoamllot . 2,500
J31 House and lot . 2,000
3U9 IIouso and lot . 2,100
323 Houjoamllot . 1,700
115 IloUHoamilot . 2,250
170 IIOU30 and lot . . . . 3,510
SOS House anil lot . 1,550
300 IIouso and lot . 3,009
30CJ 1 louse and lot . 2,000
176 llousu and lot . 2,800
130 IIouso and lot . 3.300
203 House and 2 letH . 3,000
201 Housoaml lot . 1.700
273 Homo ami lot . 2,500
i > 3 IIouso ami lot . 4,000
! S1 Homo ami lot . Z.COO
fJTltcsidcnco lota In all parts of the city and all
addltioiifl. Acre property near tha city. Trices ami
. .no WITH i Mr ( UoonApHror TMH rout-
( StfFMS tTZrtK. & & - a A
By ilooniral poalttou of ita line , connects Iliu
sast itnrt inj Wcjt ijy the Lhortcot route , nnd car-
r-H i , , i i , nirtTS , ivitliout clnusro of cirn. between
'in .111,0 nrt KIIUB.IH Ctlf , Lc'imcll lliullu. IiQnvcn-
v rtli.tchiaou. . ltllnuo.ipciliB unil Ut. Paul. It
01 i. > u iu Uulaii Dfi > oi with nil the principal
im u of t otwecn tlio Atlantic nnu thu Paciltu
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