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The Wes'crn ' Railway Managers Fail
Utterly to Agree.
"Wo Have Fought Ourselves to a
Standstill , "
The Tripartite , a Bar to all Sot
A Ninety Day Compact of Mutu
al Ooufidonco-
Organized With Joseph F. Tuoko
as General Eoforee-
Tlio only Itcsult of tlio Cnnl'crcnco i
tlicIMaliitonnnco ot tlio now Cal-
ICornliv i > i
( . 'il tc M.o , September 19 , The v\eatorn tail
uay in in igers held another long session toda ;
and filially decided , after five d.iya of consul
tatmn , th it auy joint agroeiuent with u viov
of th > formation of pools on Colorado , Utal
and Xebraika business was not possible in tin
pnent temper of the roads. As ono of tin
I maiHgoM tonight expressed it , "We havi
fought ourselves to . i standstill. " As it via
tliuiifht probibloat the outset the tripaitlt
iignement has proven
vvh. 'i ' would be satisfactory to the Burling
ton and Northwestern roads and tlio Mil
vv.mkoo.iud St. 1'aul and Hock Island road
holding out for its continuance , prevented tin
foi million of any new combinations. Thi
was conceded on all aides at the secret boasioi
of tha general managers to day and the reso
lutinii of yesterday to adjourn aud leavi
nutters in statti quo , was a ain brought for
vard and carried. It was decided by
nmmlnous vote to leave matters as they now
me tor ninety days , but in the mo. ultimo U
Another ' -ession will to held tomoirovv
ili-clde upon a tariff , The meeting also de
cidul to appoint Joseph V. Tucker as join
representative of nil the lines , lo sea that tin
taulf rates are maintained. An agreament to
nuUiu the rates carries with it no penalty
The matter being loft lo the integrity of th
saieial lines. In the msautimo , it any furtho
: itti > mpt is inndu at aibitration it will uecessa
rilv to bo at the suggestion of one or inure o
the toads hereafter , as no time been
named for any further negotiations. As :
itsult of the conference , however , it is ex
pected that tha newly formed
the details of which are now being perfected
The line- , interested in the trans uontmenta
juisiicution held another iOSiou today perfect-
in , ilit. ula of that orgain/.ttion.
diicsi.o , 111. , Sentember 1'J. The Atehi
son , Topi ku & Saute Fe road gav o Commi
ioijbi Daniels notica today Unit ituuli
withdraw from thu Colorado and IHah pool1
September 30. _ _ _
YOIIK , September 19. Rindskop
15io-&Co. , clothicu , ( i8 Uroadivay , assign
c-d to Jacob \V. Mack.
The crime for which .lacobiou was hung1 , oc
cturod April 27,1881. At 7 o'clock on the
morning of that day ho stopped quickly up lo
> iieurfte Jiedell , liU former employo and diaiV'
ing a revolver hhot him in llie held. His vie.
tun died llie follow my d iy , Itedoll waa pie
I in i tot of a carpet beating establishment and
ilajiih-on was in his employbut was discharg
ed on account of drunkenness. When liedoli
p.ud him elf there was a dispute as to the
amount due , < l acubion claiming > ! iu addition
to ibe amount paid him. Ho went away ,
I mi jluscel a revolver'reappeared ne\t mom-
ing and committed tha deed vuthotit any
warning , iwhatavcr Jacobjon was formerly
a anloi and inco bin conv ictmn he clinics ho
had been drinking heavily und waa on-
in Iv leipjimble for his acts.
NKVV YoiiK.Septembi r 1 ! ) Kailuicthrough -
uiit t'.e country foi the last HOVCII
c nnii ired with L'O lust vioek.
Among tin ) ineferred c'oditors are the fin-
p i tors' and Tr.ideia' Xati nml bank , & 111OUO
filth AvonuabanU , 110,0)0 ( ) ; Max X.itl
MOJ.OOO ; total amount of piefeicnceH , V
Morib Rmdakopf , of the firmin willknoun
foi his chant iblo bequi = U to the pour of this
city. Hois treasmei of Iho Umcod Hebrew
Chanties aid alnj of tlio Hcbieiv Orphan
Asvlnm. Siinoii Itiudsuopf in also highly
lonnoctid and well known. R ipluel liuck-
man U director of tlm Importers'and Trndira
ISitiimul Dunk , and beus a goi.d reputation.
The assignee , Muckiii seen t.iry and tieabiirer
uf the Nalioual ManiifActunng cumpiny.
SU.AILSI , N. Y. , September 111. The
v\h ilesale diy Roods linn of I'erers & Co. , late
Chadwick. l'eti-18 , & Co , failed lo-d iy. hia-
luliliiK , fel'Jd.UOO , mostly In New York.
IhnMollio Mii nlreH Again.
I'jTT iiLiii. , I'a. , September 19. A Locust
dap i I'a ) special naj > : In tha districts of Le-
Ingh , Schuylkill , Iiii/orne , Northumberland ,
C'aibon , Wyomiiiff and Lackawaua theio have
been di > co\crod unmtstakablo ovideneo of the
existence of lodgei of a notonous brotherhood
an oath-bound organisation. Jtegnlai meet
ings aio sacretly held. The feeling agiinst
the Hungarian lab irers is extensive. Yes tor-
day tlu body ut ono Hungarian was found
lieu Cloufield creek , with tiiiiblo Htibs and
KUiinliut wounds upon it , Ho win probably
a 9 id-mated. A Ifungatiiu named M ugloi.
mitish husalbo been fat illy shot at Contralni.
C.ipt. Williams of dcliuyJklll and Capt. K . ) ,
l.lndon , sup'rintcmlent of the I'enn. ,
mgi IHV of 1'iukuton s buroue , says the state-
mi lit * relating to rein/aul/itiiin of the fain-
on * MolliaMaxtilrOhOLic'ty IH trm > A mini
lier l piomiuent citi/eiiK , railroid opeiators
and mine bosses hivii Leon threatened , and
their names Dlaead upon the Mollie Mugufre
dt.itli list , and their annihilation set iluun for
the Hi ai tiituro. While there is no direct evl-
duice to connect the Mollle M iguuos with
lecoiit murders , cert nn elrcumstancei ccrt.iin-
U dim C miiicinn | toward them , aud recent
lujhtoiiotis incendiary burnings of olllery
projurty in different eec'imis of the coal
count ly4 \ nttribuled to the brotheihood.
l rnnco anil Oliliin.
I'AIIISoptomber 19. Voltaire eays China
isindiiLctly trjmg toretumonigotiatioiiHvitli
I rdiice , M. I'atanoutre , French inlninter to
China ha asked I'rimn .Mininister Kerry what
attitude to assume in c.uo Chlim adopts a
iiioio direct courfo and has baan informed tliat
Chlnoio overtures should bo reseiyed with ov
treine caution , i > s it M not believed they are
e irniot , but only munn uvors fur the sake
of gaining time ,
and Iiiilnui Grain
Kami' ,
\S vnlllNi ro.N , KeUniber | 19. The September
ber icport of the dcpaitimrit of agriculture ,
jiiot out , devotee cotisidoriblo | uco to the
nubjcct of "wheat in India. " and H.IJS among
otmi ihlui ; * , "as regud fuiglit charges , uo
h ive a advantage over India , not
oul > in this comparative piotlnnty of our At
laiitlc pnrt > to IJurujiean markets but alau in
the i mipirativo cho.tpnc * < of our trnn porti
tiun by rail. Itvdnrliig Indian weight * anil
nionoy lo American equlv alenls the rates on
wheat by rail on lending Indian rnilwajs in
March , lSs.a | § n liltlo lejs than ono e'out n
mile per ton as against ICM than two Ihirdj ol
a emit nil lines uetivecn Chicigo and Now
York In orher winds the average of Indian
rates is fully lifly per e-ent higher than the
rales on American wheat botwci n thi"c two
ciliSK , while the advant'Ko ' on the Mile of tlu
United States la much greater ilill. Indian
rules ate compared with our rates by like atul
canal , or oven by lake or rail. The former
brings but little more than ono thlid of a cent
and the latter lesj than oue half per cent per
Tlio Onl.V Thorough ? le-tliiil ( or I2n
llcf > icct for iho
Sp-cial Dispatch to TlIK HKV.
ATLANTA , CJa. , September 19. 1'or sevotal
days Mr. Thomas M. ilackson , proprietor ol
the Atlanta box factory , has imagined that hi
could detect a hindkercliief Ilirtatioj between
his vvifo and Mr. Will McDonald , a saloon
keeper across the street. 1'or fourteen years
ho has lived in bliss with his wife and live
interesting children hid been bom to them.
He tiled to repress the suspicion , but in con
tinned to grow upon him. Ho determined
yesterday to sot a trap , aud announced to his
vvifo that ho was gjing north i
the evening train. Ho secreted him.
self dining daylight aud arming himself
with a shot gun and roudvei ho awaited
tuxht's developement. No sooner had Mr.
Jackson departed that the following note was
hastily i-nt across the street by the vuwiaii.
"Mr. Willie McDonald : Sir : If you wish
yon can call to-night. My husband will bo
gone. Call at IU o'clock. . Conio the back
way. Let mo know if you are coming. Yours
truly , M J. J.
Hastily diving his place of bustncis tit
o'clock , JIcDonald prepared to meet the wo
man. Ha jumped the back fence and a dark
object followed slowly nftor him. At the door
McDcotmtd was met by Mrs. Jackson who foil
into his arms. The door was closed
and the guilty ( iair were on Iho
inside , while the avenger won peeping through
the chamber blinds. Soon the revelations
were sufhciont to confirm his worst suspicious
and raising his shot gun , a charge of buck-
hot told the couple he was nt hand. With a
scream they jumped out of bed and McDonald
wildly fired bis pistol in the direction of the
window. Ho attempted tntescapo but found
the doors burred and locked. In the mean
time Jackson hid rim to the front to give
McDonald a parting khot as bo emerged , and
us a while figure came out ho bla/od away.
Hib wife , whom it pioved to bo , sank down
on the step > moitilly w untied. Mc
Donald came directly after , firing
his revolver wildly in his i right , when Jackson
vuugcd him again with a miiidcrouu
volley. 15y this Umo half a do/en police and
fully five bundled people , who had been
awukenid by the fiisilade of musketry , had
t'.itheioil. The wounded vvomau in hei death
agony was taken to hoii'-e acrosj the street ,
while the two men wcio taken to the station
bonce. Inside .l.iekson's lesidenco a fiightful
scene was piesented. The bed was covered
with tlio blood of the guilty pair. l'i\e little
childien who h 11 been put avN.ay in the i
cribs for the night by their mother , were run
ning mound the room in then night clothes ,
all unacoii'Llouu of Iho disgraci of thpir dving
moth'r .mil the deed committed by their des
I crate father. The wounded couple cannot
live. Mrs. Jnckeon was a member of the
Jiipti t church , is highly connected , and her
family has always moved in llie best circles.
Loc'Isvm.K , September 19 Trackf.iir , all
ages , selling allowances , mile and five hundred
yaiils Sihia won , Adams 2d , time , 2.20.
One and an eigth miles , Helling allowances
Whisperme won , Knos 2d , Yirgio lid ; time ,
2.00 i.
Walnut hill stakes Two yeai oldi , winning
penalties , maiden allowances , ono mile 1'e-
g.i-us won , Jim Client 2d , Thistle 'M ; time ,
Ono anil one sixteenth miles , winning al-
Ic-wanco Malaria won , Madison 2d , Admiral
3d : time. 1 r > 3 ! , .
Five eights mile Hill Owens won , Leonard
2d , lleluke.'W ; time , 108.
w > nr r\iik IIAI h- > .
MVMIO PvilK , September 19. 230 and 21"
weio unfinished , owing to darkness. In the
J25 race Young Wolfe ( favorite ) ruptured .1
iloiKi vessel and ho dropped dead on the
lome stretch The her o was valued at 810-
OU Li//in M. won , ( Jeoige A 2d , Dickard
id , llroe/e Medium Ith ; best time , 2 2JJ. Kreo
: or all piling , Jewett won , Woatmout 2d.
IJillySJdbiwUiiiio ; , 2-lli
Oni ! THuiilorer IIPHB.
Cllii AI.O , Scplembor 1' ) . .Isaac Jacobson
was hanged in the county jail hero to day at
; hreo minutes after the noon bout. The
; ) rinonor pissed a quiet night , letlrmgal ono
'clock and Bleeping until five , viln n lie arose
mil ata a light breikfast Ho walkelcom
[ losedlyle the scaffold No hitch occurred in
my of tha Hiuritf's arratiRoments. The con
demned man's neck was bioken in the fall.
Kiflecn hundred puiple , nriii' social-
> ts , held a IIIRHS tt\fi \ ting in Mai kot xquaro to
night and g.aiu vtnt to n number of fiery
speeches and losolutioris icgarding tlm execu
tion of Jacobgon , whom it vias asserted would
novel h ivo been hung had he not been utleily
inor and fnendless A poslnioitom oxami
ialioniif Jacobsons br.ainis demanded in new
) f his alleged ti mporary im-atiity. to uncertain
whethu a judicul nmidji has not been com-
Vonlllfi.I.i-niiin.Oriiiufo . , nnvorfnllri ,
ffiiin < , I > iiililliiir < , .l.i-ii. ili-iiciilil ) unit init
ially in Ilialrult I nun \\lili h ( In \ mi mi' ile.
Price Baking Powder Co. ,
Chicago , III. 6t. Louie , MO.
Or. Price's Cream Baking Powder
) r. I'rico's Liiiiilin | Gems ,
licit Jrj ! Iii | > Yi-iiit.
r-ora 0 .3103 33- -
vvt MAM ; UIT USB cuiLiii.
A scries of Earllmnakcs ThroiiEli
Ceuiral Stales ,
Michigan lufliotod With Shocks
and Forest Fires.
Ohio Shaken From the Lake to the
Eivor ,
The Hoosier State Visited With
Violent Shocks ,
A SlichtKipplo Extends to Dtr
buque , Iowa ,
A General Slinking up Throughout
IlilH District , Fortunately
Without l''ntnlltleH or
An K\teiiRlvo
DKTIIOIT , Septc-mbc'i 111.At 2 : 15 this forenoon -
noon nn anrtlniuuko shock was felt wry forci
bly in jmrts of tlu < city. Tlio Western Union
building , Huhl block and Collision bltiuk vvoro
nil xhakun np , driving ninny to the street from
fright. There was no damage reported. It
lasted ten ve-eoiuK
CIIKLSKV , Mich. , September 1U. A bhock
of an earthquake was felt this nftornoon ,
Four WAV..NS , Intl. , September 10. ! A
slight shock of earthquake was felt hero al II
p. in. this ntteinoon , lusting but a minute.
Oiuss LAKK , Mich. , September 19. An
cartlinualiu was felt here thin afternoon.
School children fainted and school hnd to bo
dismissed. |
TOLEDO , O. , September 111. A shock tf
c-irtliipiako wua distinctly felt at " . " 0 o'clock
tlm afternoon , lasling fifteen ininutoj. 1'lm
noise resembled that of n distant blast. ito-
poi ts from surrounding towns in o\ cry direc
tion uro to the effect Unit the shock was
plainly felt , in some places rocking buildings
and displacing their contents.
TOI.KDO , Ohio , September 19. Reports
fioin various i > oints in thin viciuity showthut
tha shock of euithqn.iko which occurred
this afternoon has boon quite general through
out noillivveatorn Ohio and southern Micln
gan. Thi' duration of the shock was from ten
10 thiity seconds mid Hi eouraa waaappai-
ently from south'veit to northeast. It wua
most \inlout at Defiance , Ohio , where the
sw.iyniRof buildings coined much constoini
tiun , and the psoplo hastily ub.iudouod their
houses , and tht < Methodist conference in sen-
Mull alouu of the churcheri nnmoiliately ad
journed to the utreet. The meeting of the
lj lilies' Missionary society in progress at the
tune was also quickly dismissed. GheH
broken in 11 iiumbLr of buildings , bill nt > serious
damage vwig dona ,
At Cecil , Ohio , the goods in a store were
thrown from the shelves , and pissongi'rs ai
the r.ulway station inn out , thinking the trail
had -.truck . the building. At Napoleon , Clyde
liryau , Archibald , J'oxtoii.i and mtermedi ik
point * , the shock was distinctly felt , lattlinc ,
wimlouH and crockery , but as fji a * reported ,
duiug no damage.
iv roi.Ho
In this city a largo building , occupied bj
theMilburnVftffon eninpiny , was perceptibly
shaken , the employes HiipposniK it to have
been caused by thy moving of heavy nmchin-
eiy. A ii' ibo similar to produced by a
( li-tant explo-iou in tnid lo h.ivo been heard
in tome paits of Hie city , while in other poi-
tions thu shock was miiioticed.
Drat IJDK , lown , September 19. An oaith-
quake was felt hero at ! i.O ) a. m. by the
printers in tiniippei Htory of tlm lierhl
ofhco. Tin- building was felt to tiemblo .mil
VN nv 1 1 .
Cl mi AND , September I ! ) . Tluoo distinct
but not uiy heavy phockw of earthquake were
felt hero lit - ' 17 this nftoinoon. 'llie largest
buildings ruilci'd slightly. The motion was
felt plainest In the upper stone'iho tele-
( 'raph and other wires ( juiveieil HO i\s to at-
traet attention , anil many persons felt the Hen
sntion of di7/incss pceulmrto mich terrestrial
commotions. The vibratlonn extended nver.i
period uf ton to fifteen necondn. No noise
was noticed and no damage done. Tins si ems
Lo hiuo been ncir the ojHteiu bo uder of tHe
oaitliinuhi' , UK it extended vvejt an fur an into Jndiana , at least , and north into
Report * this oiining say that Akron ,
Jenna , J'nrt Recovery , Kavennn , Louuno ,
Sidney , Marion. Saudusky , 1'ibaiia. Konton.
Creitlmp , Cold Watar , and Upper Handmky ,
Ohio , Union City mid Muncie , Indian i felt
tlio earthquake slightly. At Alliance , not at
ill ; htiong in Uillefiuilaino mill l.mia it shook
the Jargent buildings in tha town. At Ottawa
it rattled the table ware and almost canned a
panic nt the reunion being hold in the court
liou-e. At Dupont the shock was lelt plainly ,
knocking down crockurv. At Kindlay then-
vias a sevensliock. . At llolgata it was felt
plainly and it stopped clocks. At Norwalk it
guvo a good shake. At Clyde it rattled the
window Blind scii cd women. At Itiwsontho
sliock was plainly felt , accompanied by a rum
bling iiniHi ) . It IH all the talk of the town.
At Jlliiffton , it was plainly full. It shook
house * , making windows and doom rattle.
The people woio I iidly frightened. There
was a H mm ! hko dlitint tlmndci. At Ar
tadm the HBIIIC experience was fi It. At FOB-
toiluitfclioolcotuytlmig , eamtlnggieal i xelto
mint. .Jan In ding stores were knocked
from slit l\es.
At I'orOuni ] , slight shock ; at Itod Key ,
-light shock , and njM'inl biifiiusH mon HIM
into the streets to si e If the buildings were
falling and to a ° cirtain Ilia cause ; tliero win oscitunent for a few moments. At
Albany , it shook Inigo buck buHillngi < , MI
that the Inhabit uiU thoiiidit they wirn going
to fall to the eaith. At JJeavor Dam there
vt an it very feviiofhock , and everything w.n
omiiidi rnbly Nlinkou uji. ( Juat oxcltomeut
iiravailed ; no damage t\cept to glasswaio and
Kindred rutu li s.
1IOBP MltllKlAV lil AVKI1S.
YIMANTIMich. . , Septeinboi I'l. A Htrong
ulii/ck ( if earthquake was pi rcelveil luiutliU
ikttirnouii. Jt liihtul abolition secondr. I'eo-
ran for the streets.
Ai'itiAS ' , Mich. , Soittcniber ! ! . At half-
pant two ii clock tliU alteriKion a Ntiong shock
of ntitliiiiaka | w.-n felt hen , which lant < d
nearly a minute , and was succeeded by n
nun'illng ' unite. Itouua fiirmturo was moiled
uljout mi i tinware tattled , and dirhcs wi ro
elulu n. 1'ooplo riiHhcd into the Htrtnti and
MIIIIO fcaicd that the linal rackd had come.
Kic m the icjioitH , tlm checks was geneial In
linn neighborhood.
A lOlll.orol ! > HIIUKIi.
CisiisNAiif O , Sepleniher I'l. A vnry
ighthhock ul Oiiitluiiitko wan ohiuivod heie
11 tun n 'i and , l o'clock thuafteiiioon , which
'ubtod ' fcjrcely more thun a second , and was
lot perceived at all exccjitbv peiions in high
jtillduigH ,
ISIHAKVIOIIH , Seiitemhar lit. At L'.lf ) this
aft > moon uviry pruceptlhlr nhock of oarth-
Hiuke wu f' It m thin city , ClmndelierH wui
fofki n by thu ojcllhitiynj/f / the building , The
ihock wai moon i' < perinlly n it cd hy per Min
in the upper slotto of lilsh bidldinr-i. Tin
dlnuk was not nwto ononrli t d inv ilim
nee , but created coii'lden'iln ' il irm ouniiig
the children of the public ix h ilTole rinn
indleitK thit similar i-h ks wore felt
throughout the northern nn 1 i isti rn poitions
of the state.
C\VAt V < 1L VM .
l.OM'OV , Out , , Kontombor I'lA shock of
eirthquiVo w s felt In thl iil > thii nftornnon
about , i' ' " ) . At Desdon the hock was dltlinct
like n distnnt nvploiton w huh repined to fol
low the rivel nnd vary In firco m soinn In
stances canning qntto n rntthtn ; of didi&i and
tHsiiu ; of furniture.
hoi isv H.I v , September 111.Au'lght shock
from onrthqunko W.T ? felt here thii afternoon
about 2 15 o'clock. No thmngo.
WIIVH.IVU , W. Vn. , Reptunher 111. A
ollRlit sliock of earthonako vvna felt hero at
' . ' 10 this afteinoon. The motion was south
w est to northeast.
CKDAuKvriiis. lo. , Septoiulier 19. About
_ ' this inoriutig tlio door of tlio lie-publican
composing room nunjr violently upon. The
building In milled , and tha p.ipors on the e\
changi ) table tumbled to the Moor. Theio
was no appiront causo.
Miolncau ForcHt l''lrcH ,
I\ST : T\\\AS , Mich , , Hopli'inbcr 19. The
town is surrounded by forest drew , and the
air is hot and sulfocatUg , A bri < l. uiiul
ppte.ula the flames rapidly.
I'VST SvoijfAW , Mich , , September 19. The
Michigan Central railroad bridge at White
Feather was bnrnod In the forest fires , Work
men ate now rebuilding it.
Kjjyptlnu FlimnecH
CAIRO , September 19. In accordnnco with
the decision Monday of the conference icgard-
incr Tg > pti m finances iu which Loid North'
brook , Sir Uvolyn Baring , Nubar 1'aslm and
otliors took ji.irt the ministry of Franco
has given orders Hint the revomiDR
assigned to the Caisio DoM \
Dotto Piibllquo for the redemption of
the nniflod debt by purchases in open market ,
should bo temporal lly paid into the 1'gyptian
ticasury. The purpose of this action is to enAble -
Able the treasury to pay tlio current expenses
of the government and the tribute to Turkey.
Such payment is HCJJV Impossible owing to the
heavy deficit. The members of the Cnie o
protest aguinst this action of the finance min
istry. They any that tlioy vrill hold the gov
ernors of the prov incoa answerable for payment
made without receipts from thoCaisse.
PAIIIS , September 1'J. The action of the
Kgyptian lin-xnco ministry in diverting the
revenues assigned by the Caisso to the lgyi- ) |
tian treasury cieated n profound sensition in
Paris. The newsp pcra vigorously denounce
the policy of Kngland , Lo Paris sunrnons
the povvCMS to protest against such audacious
violation of inter-national law and liquidation.
VOUNQ MEN , UtiA.1) THIS" " .
THIS Voi TAIO BILT : COMPANY , < jf M'nrshnll ,
Michigan , offer to send their celnbratod Kl.KO
THO-VOLTAio UhLT and other ] iiKCTino Al1-
rtlANCis on trial for thirty days , to men
( young or old ) allllctod with jenotn debility.
Ions oi vitahty and uvinhooa , and all kindled
troubles. Also for rheumatism , nouralKia ,
paralysis , and nianyotherldiic'xse8. Complelo
rCHtoration t j health , vigor and manhood guar
anteed. No lisk incurred , a3 thirty dayo'
trial is allowed. Write t 'rm ntonco for illus
trated pamphlet , hen. 4
Unprovolreil Pliinlcr.
l vciliiuifJra , S'-ptenilxi 19. ( < ox-
citi'inout exists in Anihoits county , over the
unprovoked minder last night of Samuel
Mitchell. A sixteen year old hey in BO.uch of
COWH. Jfe arrived at a huntor'a camp in the
woods occupied by three mon. Gooigu For
tune , one of tha men , ordered Mitchell to
earry a fjeei keg. The boy refused and 1 or-
limu shot him dead ,
Civil Sorvluo IJMimlnatloiiH ,
WASIIINIIION , September VI. The civil
ser\ ice commission toport.a deficiency in the
list of males in Illinois agd Wisconsin for up
pomtmont to depirtmonUl work. Examina
tions will bo In Id in thoie st lies prior to the
middle of October , of the candidates foi posi
tions in tlio various departments.
Flour Mill Iturncd.
NEW YOIIK , Spploiuber 19. Tha big flour
mill of Win. I1. Payne , 129th street , wa des-
trojed by fire this morning Loss , siO,000. (
On the H ° cond floor of the null weta the of-
hi os of threa locil newspapBrs , all of which
with then contents were desti oyed.
Covi. CEMIIK , J'n. , Seiitemboi 19 The
suits against the miners' wivoi fet conspiiaey
II.IH boon withdrawn , on the condition that the
women will kiep tin peace and not interfeio
with the non-ii oiomsts ,
Kiltlsli Gold Inr
LONDON , September I' ) . It is asseitod that
Kiigland is going to send to Kgypt , i'H.oqDOOO
topiy the lloatimr debt and th > ) Ale\andrii > in-
lomnity. Tlio bahnce will bo used in the
construction of iiriguthm works ,
The iiroof of the puddlpg h not in chewing
thoBtiing , but in having , an opportunity to
list the article dliont. Mclirotor & liocht , the
Druggists , have a free tind boltlo of Dr. ] ! < >
eanko's Cough imd I. ting .Syrup lor each and
every one who is ullltctcd with Coughs , Colds ,
Asthma , Consumption or any Limy Affection
CKDMI Jl\nns , Sojiteinbor 19. ,1. It. Mar-
son's 1'ggs huii'H was pirtlally binned this af-
Leinoon. Loss s 1 5.000 , '
Catarrh Cured
C.atnrrh Is a ury prevalent disease , with
distressing and tillt'tiiivu hjiiiptoins. IIooil'i
hnsiparlll.i gives le.idy lellef and Hpeidy
cure , { join tin ) It a < ts through the hlooil ,
and Ihtis i e.iehes ovi ry parl of the BJ stem.
" 1 niiireriilwltlic.itarrhfitleenjears. Took
llood'H hari > ai.ti | Ilia anil 1 am not li ouliled tiny
ullli catarrh , nml my gemial heallli Ismiicli
In Her. " 1.V. . I.IM.IH , Postal Clerk Chlc.igu
( S , hi. Louis It.illlond.
" I .snlTeridlthr.itnrrhOor8 years ; tried
UKiny wuiiili'rfnl cures , Inhalers , ete. , tipeiiil-
lui ; iie.n Ij one hundred dollars Ithout benefit.
1 tried Hood's Hirsup.iilll.i , und was greatly
Improved , " AI. A. AliHIiV , Worcester , Mass.
Hood's Birsrii.'irlll.a | H cliaraotnrl/ed ) J
tliri o peciillailllLM i 1st , the comMniittim ol
leincillal agents ; lid , tlio jirnpnrtloni 3d , the
jiroceii of Deeming the acllvi ) mcilli In J
in illtles. The result luaineillclno of imusiii'
xtroiiKlli , t'lfi cling cures hllhcrto iiiiknonn
Hend for book containing itdilltlonal rvldenux
"Hood's HirH.iparllli ( ones up my Kysliiu.
pin files my lilom ) , Hhirpi'iisiiiy , IIIH | llti , .mil
M i IMS to m iko mo ovi i " J. 1' . 'i'lioiirnoN ,
jein-til ( of DmlH , I.uivi II , Mass.
"Hooil's Hirs-ipaillla beats all others , anil
Is worth us weight In pilil " I 1I.VJIUIM.1ON ,
\ . Hank Htrccl , JS'uw V'ork Cltj ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Bold by all drugKlsts. $1 ; six for 85. Maiij
( inly by 0.1.110O1) ft CO. , l.owt-11 , Mass.
lOO'Dosoa Ono , Dollar.
Glaiic's ' Lifo Hislory iu a Lctlcr lo
William Walter
A Glorious Oominentary on his
Nohilityof Oharaotor ,
The Ahsoluto Purity of his Mar
ital Relations ,
Questioning the Validity of His
First Marriaco ,
Ho Honorahly Seouros its Formal
Hopotion ,
The I'roof ofKnutH Whluli Vindicate
Uliu niul AVII1 Win lilit Ijlliol
lllnliio'n I jet tor.
NKW YOIIK , September 111. Hon. Wllliim
Walter I'helps takes the responsibility of
giving to the public the fulliming piivnto
letteiaddressed to him nearly Iwo week's ngn.
"At e.l SPA , Mo. , Soplember li , 1HS | . My
dear Mi. 1'iielps : 1 have jour favor of the
4th , advising me thnt 'Iho continuous Inven
tion and wide clrcul.ilion of evil u polls ren
der it adiisiblo ( inour juilgmeut ) not to
wait the sloiv piocess of the law , buttoiipiaU
directly lo the public in my own vindication. '
In tills opinion many other * , on whoso juilg
mont I rely , concur. I shrink instinclivoly
from the Mipgostiim , although 1 fool uie I
could Btrengthon the confidence of all w ho fool
friendly to mo by bringing to view the simple
tlnoad of Until , which is concealed in thin
udless tissue of falsehood.
You can nn igme how inexpressibly painful
t must bo to diBcuss one's domestic life in the
presa , although I think vulh you , Hint under
the circumstances I could count upon the
generosity of tlio public. To justify a statement -
mont which othoi wisn might HI om objection
able' , I can m any e-veut safely commit the
facts to you for personal cominttinuitiiiii to
thine friend * who have Iiki'tt no delicate and
no eomdder.ito an mtoro t in my affairs , The
leisure houirt of to ehiy , when oiireimpaigii in
ended and wo wait only for the oloclloii , gives
mo the opportunity for this prompt reply , and
foi the follow ing usaentinl details ,
inMM.'ri i n i. sioiu.
Al Georgetown , IContucky , in llie Bpringof
ISIS , when 1 wns but eighteou years of age I
ln t met the liuly who lor mgro tliun tliiity-
fonr > curs ban been my wife. Our acquaint
ance losiilted , ut the end of B ! < C month * , in an
engigemout , which , vi ithout thu pi aspect of a
specify marriage , wo naturally sought to keep
to om selves. Two yours hiti r , m the spring of
1850 , whin 1 was inntuinig plan * to lo vo my
profession in Kentucky and cst.iblUh mjHelf
ulsewlioiu , I was suddenly Hitmmimod to
I'onnsylvaniii by the death of my futhui. It
being1 very eloubtful if 1 cjuld letiirn to Ken
tucky , I wan threatened with an Indofinjto
separation fiomlher who possessed my entire
m.\ijfr-'s MAiiituiii : .
My ono wuli was to tocuro lier to myself by
an indlnBolublo tie agniiiHt every ponsiblo con
tlngenev. in life , und on Iho IlOth day of June ,
Ife'i I , just pnoi tinny deputuro fiom Km
lucky , \\o were1 , in thi ) presence ot 'lumenanil
liuslod friends , milled by what 1 know vuis ,
in my nutivo state of I'tniisylvanla. a peifoct-
ly legal form of marrliige On reacliing homo
1 found that my family and especially my be
leaved mother , Btiongly discountenanced my
business plans ai invdhing too long a separa
tion from homo mid kmdioil. 1 compiled
witli her icqucst that I chimld resume' , at
leant for a tinio , my occnjiation in Kenttuky ,
whither I lotmnod in thu lattei part
of August. Dining the ensuing wintoi , in
duced by misgivings which WIIH incroaiod by
le-gal conutillatioiiH , 1 became alarmed lent a
doubt might bo tlnown upon the validity of
our mariijge by reason of the HOP compliance
with the lawn of tlio stito wlii-io It hail oc
ciirred. I liaJ li-arned that the luvis of Ken-
lucky niAilo a llei HUD coi tilled by the clcil. of
tlio county court an mdinpoinablo n qmnlte of
alcgd iiiama i' . Aftui much dollbeuilion ,
and with an anxious ileBiio lo gunrd in the
mostelfectual ni.mnrr , against any I'lnb masH-
mi nt resulting from our position , for which I
ulonn VMIB roiipoii ihle' , we decided that tin
Hiinpleil , and i.t the fame time Iho xiircht way
wan to lepiii to 1'eniiHylvaniii and hiivei
'J'his wan done m thi ) priMOiico of witnesm s in
thi ) city of I'ltlslmrg , in Iho month of Match ,
1JC)1 , but wus not otheiwixo made public for
obvious leiHiitin. It was KOI | mm/oil only to
Htcmo an indiHputablo yalnlily , Iho first mar-
rliige being , us my vvifo und m > nolf always
hold , Hacrod. At the mature ngo of fifty-four ,
1 do not defend the wisdom 01 prudence ( if u
M'Ciot marrtiigo suggested by tlio aiilor and
Lho Innxperlencn of jouth , but its honor and
iu pmity WOIK inviulatoim f believe in the
Mi lil of ( iod anil ennnot bo made to appnnr
otheiwihe by the wicked dovicm of men , II
brought to niu a ( innpitiiiotmiilp vihigh ban
iCcn mv chief happme'ss fr mi boyhood'it yearn
Lo thin lionr , and bun crowned mo wKh wlnil
ever of auccert4 1 have attained m life.
in n iiuir cm in ,
a HUH , was bum in his grandmothers house on
Ihulsth day of .lime , IHM.w tlm city of Au
gusta Muino , nnd died iu h'r arum tlucu
yuuiH littur. HIH ashes rrposo in Iho cemetoiy
of bin nativocily , boncatb a nton which ro-
conloil Ids name und Die hunts of htx innocent
life. Tlmtslono , whieh him stood for almost
agfliieiutinn , Inn boon iccmlly defaced by
Inuta ! and MicrllegioiiH hiinds. An a candidate
Tor the pioitiiJency , I knew 1 nhoulil uiesiuntor
many fornm of c iliimny and peiHomd dufama
tiun , hut I coufnsH I did not expect to Iwcalleid
tipon to di fniid tlm nmno of a holovad and
lionon d vvifo , who U a inothoi and a grand-
muther. Nor did I expect that the grave of
ny litllo child winild be 11 nelly deneciuled
Against Hiich gr.isa foiiiiH of wrong , the l'iw
{ ivcs no adiqiiatu ledreBS , and I know that
in the i ml my most tlfeitiiu appeal against
the niispoakalilo outiiigcH , whlih 1 texlst , must
lie to the ) nohlo manhood and uobln woman
IOIH ] of Amoiica. Vour filuinlory unicoie
ly. .IAVIKK ( j. Hi VIM "
THI ; Her < i > ii < ; iS' HOMIO.
A. Hliovv of Iiounl Vanity Ncliruwlcu'is
1'riiHpeolH ,
] J\tfos , Ohio , KeplomlKr 19. Tno boird
of jwinniii mnf Iho iivtlonil homex foi dUabled
MolellLinliit uol ( to-day to the nigiimentl of
thn Lommitti an for th CHtublUhinent of the
vehtiin branch liomc. Half .in hour wus
given to each utiitit nml tin mlnutis to ouch
city. Nebi.iaka , Iowa , Arkansas , jMlKHouri ,
und Kansas presented claims , Kiith deli im-
tiun duiinod tha fiiu t health , ugniulluial ,
mining , nimend ' piinri-l ; fuel ,
and building nmtoiiid in Ann nca ,
All wi ro cintrnlly loeated and furnished the
groatidt proportion of mildiciri to tlu wai. All
tha day wus occupii d in llttimn lo tin HO
tlainiH The boaid mot to night lo decide tin
linlui. lx-iovoinor ! ( Anthony ] ire -nted thu
claimof Kuii-iiw. Hou'iuortji ! ji | irui nt *
od Iowa A rlnlni Senator \lrttidorson spoke
In Iwhnlf of N.lirukn. Conpn smati I'oiln
o ntodrkiiHnsclalins , le ! > tilrice. Nib.
ixonwiirtli Ks , Hot Springs Arkiumi. . ,
Spnitlskn , llutlmglnn , CoitMll Ululfs ana
'i vcral I'thci iltii'i olforid great indiiremoitU
llioh > Miii > will pinbal-ly locatitlRt Hoittic" ,
l.i > a\enwortli , or in low.a.rkauis has lnt
little ho | - . but Nobrn ha and Kansas ate
lonndent , Tlio hoard loaves morning -
ing vMlh tinInllcr stale's deVration ,
In Oliln.
" \OUVI.STOWS , September I'l. ar-
riled hrrrt this ovemiig fiom Kocheslcr , N.
Y. , by a special Irani bearing lngnn and his
e ncorl. A commiti-oo from Yeuiugslovvn loft
Krlo a 11-30. At Oiraid , C'onntautville ,
l.imesville , Jamcsville , ( trocnavillo and
Sh.arpsvllle Logan undo spcei'hes to large
eiowds , At Shiiion , I'a. , l.ogan cpoko for
thitty minulos to 12,000on Iho fairgrounds.
iU Wast Middlesex and 1'ulasit i there were
imiueim' crowds. At Nowcastlp , ( ionoral
Logan aud oseort lelt the tiiun and weiocnu-
veel l In carriages to the public tquato by f > 00
members of tlm Hlniiie and Logan elulu. .
fivethousiitid iH-oplowpro addressed by Logan ,
tludge King and C. II. Andrews , of Youngs ,
town , At Lowellville station , the ovation
tendered l.e'gati was luagnllicont. At Youngstown -
town 10,000 people had ns-i mblod and escorted
liim to the residence of C. A. Andrmvs , who'c
Riiosl Logan l while in the city. To-moirow
nfternoon Logan , Kelly , of Pennsylvania ,
1'owell CJlaj ton , of Aarkmisas , ( Joneraf Nojes ,
of Cinciun itand ! 1'rivato Dul/sll will address
llie people em llie fair gioundi ,
The Tnll to ItoIvVn Kite.
NKW YOIIK , September 19 Mrs C. S. Lo-
rle'r , M. D , , chairman of the Now York stale )
the woman suffrage pat ty , to-day
Issued the lowing caul : "Tho wornnng suf
Irago party of New York state h ul no ulniro
in nominating , the woman's rights ticket foi
the presidency , and the use of the iiatuo of the
undersigned us a candidate foi vico-pri'vldent
la vi ithout authority. While the wrller ap
preciates the kind intenlioiis of the friends
who have made this use of her imtno , nho sees
no need of a special woman'rt sulfr.igo ticket ,
when nil the candidates for proaideut are
friendly to woman's sngr.u'o.
( Signed ) Cl KMKM'K S. LO/IKII , M. 1) .
Illolnn in Now York.
NKW Yoiik , September 19. (5rant ( called
mi Ithdno to lUy and a lung conversation en
sued. Afterward , lllniiio drove through Central -
tral pirkwlth William Walter 1'helps. Vholps
lined with lllaino on their return. To-tnor-
low ISlaine will visit the nitional republican
liondquarlurs and tlien receive a o mpliment-
iiiy serenade. Arthur is oxpccttnd to-monow.
Monday , lUnuin will go lo I'lnladelphia and
will loitnii lo Now \ ink , TueHilay , mid Wed-
nesduy leave foi tlio wont , via llultaln.
I'lillutlclpliln i'l-e'parliu ; Cor Uliiinc.
I'lill'lMK , I'a. Septomboi 19. Chilr-
iiKin Coopei , ot 1'ennnyhanla state eom-
mitti'e has completed anangeiuoiits foi IMainc
to visit Philadelphia Tuesday next , and to bo
leccivcd by tha I'nion Leagini Ho Is c\
rci led also to laviow a loich light parade of
all Iho republican clubii of I'hiladolphi i and
neighboinif ; towns in Now Jersey , Maryland
and I'ouiisylvunfa. I'Xcursion trains will bo
inn inlo tlin city at loiiuced rates foi thu night
1 ( Jjimllclnlo'ri Calamitous CuiivnHH.
CllAltionK , N. C. , September 19. ( loneui
Scales , the democratic cauilidvlo for gincmor
while canvassing vio-tein North Caiolina hid
horse lan away in ciossing the Cowoo moun
tain , Jackson county The hoi so fell down a
pieeipico n hundred feet hurh and was killed.
Tlio buugy was um ished to atoms. Scales
caught in a tree mid barely escaped with his
dfe. Ho reached his home at ( iteeunboio this
moi ning , badly biulsod , and 19 now In bed.
Ultll' , I'a. , Soplembcr 19. A committee rf
republicans met General Logan at Dunkirk
this morning and upon rea < hing this city nt 9
oMock wan Kirrteil by the plumed knjghts
and other lopuhlicin clubs anil escorted li ) Iho
Kecd housu whole thu party breikfiistod.
Meanwhile n ciowd of 11,000 n-emlilccl in
fiont of the hotol. In response to calls the
general U.H inlroduced by Coiigressiiiau liiai-
nard and made a brief addieas.
"i'mvorlilnl HoHjiltnlliy" to Clovoliinel.
AIIIVNI , Septcmbei 19. Mayor Jacobs
liidgollokoaud I . Dlnkelupiel , nil of Louis-
villa , Ky. , called on ( inventor Cleveland lids
ifloi noon and cut diaUy invited him lo attend
.ho LouiHvilln uxiOHitiim | now in [ impress in
that city Tlio governor , while expressing
loHiroto neo the seuth , could not give Iho
'ommilteo miieh I'licoiiiiigement at piesont.
The duties of hix executive ofhcn are too
tiexamg ,
Itcttor ,
Ism vsAi'Oim , Ind. , Suplcmbi r 19 , Kx
voi nor Hendiicks ictiirnod lo this city from
111 now to da } ' . Ho is somewhat bruised and
stilf from llie shaking nxpononccd in the iad-
, uiy wrpck of Wodnundity , but will go to Ham-
lion , Ohio , to-moriow , and deliver an ml
ilrcss. Ho goes lo 1'lonHunt Luke , Stuubi n
county , on the 2.IJ , and Shrlbyvillo on the
( Jlirlloil'H I'OHltlllll.
CAIIIO , Ke | > tomber 19. Two moro telegrams
lave been received from General ( lOidon. Ho
complaiim of the slowness of the authorities in
sending the lollof expedition , ami states that
tlm number of rebels begetting Khartoum in
A | ralo in Yabnhniim , Japan , yesterday ,
canned coiiKlilerabh * loss of life ,
The prufceU of fifteen differentdopartmonls
of 1'iance have io > al committees
( jcneiid Wolseley htiuts to aKcond the Nile
Octohi r 1I > , foi the n lief of Gordon , at Ivliur-
toiim ,
The I'oiinsylv'ania coke i nmiianies ab olute-
ly refiiHU to riduee llio price of coke to 4 1,10
pei Ion ,
The slakes of the western rai Ing cnciiit ,
which were to eloBii today , have ) been e\
Itnded until Octobei Iht.
Thorn IH Saxton retires from pirllament us .1
ieni < < seiitallvo of Sllgo , and will -.onteat an-
olliei rent.
An immi'iiiio temperance mooting In liohton
last iiighl wus addiesfiil by l.oid Aicll-ltliihoi ]
of Rrichoitei. Kngland , and liUhoi )
A mob ychtordny In the Ntrentn of Warsaw ,
I'nlnnJ , uttaokod a party of pdiceiiion nrntt
ing HOIIIO iiihilUlN , The police used their bay-
oiietn and lapulsad the erowd
A Itiiinorcit Treasury Tlioll ,
W\HIIIM.IOV , Seplumbei 19. There was a
lunioi thin > lfiCOO was stolen
from the treasury yesterday. All olllcialu
omplmllcally deny It and asafinlhei mldonco
of falsity Tioasurci Wjniun went tu Mount
Vernon this morning , which ho would not
hat o done hud then been any trouble in Ins
dipAitmvnt ,
Till ) \Vunllior To-ila. ) .
WAHIIIM.TOS , September 19. Uppei Mis-
hlnBlpjii fair with variable winds und lowot
li inji latuie Missouri fair , noith to taut
wincU with lower tvni | > eraturtf ,
A Day o [ Intense Excitement and Ac
tivity on
The Wheat Market Frisky and
Irregular ,
A Wild and Panicky Day in the
Corn Pit ,
3ach Corn Forced up Almost to
Wheat Prices !
Dattlo and Hogs at the Stook
Yards ,
llnnorltt on Ontn. Pork , and Lard txnil
Other I'rj 3 nml o Deo.
3cr - AN ( IK.
Cmr.M.o , Sept ( D 19. The day was ono
of almost llurco ) ' f on "change to-day ,
caused by the ( } ongth in wheat and
heavy advance ill
The aggregate I i In wheat was large.
The market opetr . . .ong fit j@lc { highei.
iamxl off n trifle , rallied rfc , lint about thii
line ropoiUof two largo mcrc.intlo ! failures
n the east cnmo in and nndor increased of-
erings to rcall ? ! * , prices fell elf a cent , ruled
[ iiiet for n while , but ng.iiu drsiro wai shown
to realize tnd prices dropped elf jc , rallied ic
and closed on the regular board at about j :
nnder yesterday. On the afternoon board
ii icon wi te firmer , the m irket closing at 7 "IP
" 7So for October , 79Jc for November , 80 lor
[ December.
The market was ono of the wildest witnessed
n many months. Cash corn was pushed to
> vithm ton rents of the price current for No. 2
sming wheat , and apparently without any
pocial clfort could have been hoUtad to 70
cents. ThophoitR were badly alarmed and at
aines apparently panic Btricken. September
rose to u7 > but foil again to 03 , rose again to
'ilj and closed at that figure on the regular
> oaid ; October and November also outfit S to
over yesterdiy , while more distant futures
were a shade t.iMor. On the afternoon board
noaily the best figures of tha day continued to
rule ; closing imtatlona being 05 for September ;
6lf for Octobei ; l"l for November ; 3 < J\ \ for the
KecelpU of Texans were light , including
only about lilScais of all sorts through , and
these from Kan as City. There were but few
westerns mixed in with the Texans. The gen
eral market was fairly active , with a better
demand for medium natives on account of thu
seal city of Texivns and west am. I'rices ,
however , underwent little or no ehango.
dinner's stock , either natives or Texans , sold
a shade higher. TUero were few load * of
choice natives Tlio market generally closed
steady. Corn fed natives , 0 80 to 'I 50. Knnge
cattle are selling at about the following : Texans -
ans of 7M t J Kx > , ! t 7fi to I 2fi ; of 900 to 1,000 ,
at I 10 to 1 61) ) ; Wyomingx , and
Nchraskas , I " , > to b .10 ; r.inga tailings , includ
ing CO\VH and bulls 2 CO to 3 fiO ; peed to choice ,
1,1'CO to 1,350 poundu , ( i 09 to ( > 60 ; common to
fair , 1,000 to l.'OO poundu , I 75 to 5 90 ; ranpo
cattle linn , Wyoming * . J M to C 50. Sales ,
710 Texans , 92 ! ) pounds , I S5 ; 22 Texans , 870
pounds 10.
HOOf ,
Thu general market was rather slow , and
must of the salesmen reported a decline of 10
to ] fic on common and mixed packing grades ,
and also on assorted light , but the range ot
sales on tha best assorted heavy shows about
os strong pi ici s ns yesterday. The shipping
demand was light. I'nekerH were limited
bnjerH , and speculators hnd no faith in tlm
future of the day. Skips mid grosser * sold
at 150 to 5 25 ; H8801 toil light at 5 CO to Ii 20 ;
common and mixed packing , 5 10 to fi CO ;
, fi 25 to 5 75 ; and best heavy , tOO to ( i 35 ;
light , 100 to i 10 Ibi , 500 to ( i20. i .
OA rs
ruled dull but steady , closing at 20 for Sep-
Lenibe and October , 21 ! for November.
showed little change , clo'ing at Hi 75 for Sap-
( unhc ! , 17 00 for October , 11 35 for the yo. r.
I Aim
film , closing at " 20 foi September and Octo
ber , 7 01 for Novemboi.
Ueul Ksratn Xraiislars.
The following transfer. ! were filed in
, ho county clork'a ollico yesterday and
reported for TUB BKU by Amoa' real
catato agency September 18 , 1881 :
Auj. ( Droato. otal to Aug. Woi , w
lot 121 block ! ) , Kouutea and lluth'a
addition , S2-1UO.
0. 13. Davis to N. 0. Davis w d , west
half lot 2 Kigali's addition , § 500.
E 1) . Titua and vvifo to 1' ] . Aniacow , w
lota in Florence , $100.
Dr. Jos. lloi.T , Now OrloanB , Ala. ,
Bays : "I linvo frcqnontly found it of os.-
collont aorvico in cuaoa of debility , loaa of
oppotito , and in convaluaconoo from ex-
huuutivu illness , and particularly of ser
vice in ( ho treatment of women and chil-
dron. "
lfalumorimyinJurloiiHtuh . umccac' n \ > o foniA
uii : JI. Dilufontnmo , of Chicaijo ; uil
Uoile,31ll iukcv. NevcrbolilIubulV