Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 25, 1884, Page 2, Image 2

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Proposal ) ) for District 1'nvlni ; Doiula
CmrTRKAHujiim'aOmci- 1
Omaba , Neb , August 20th , 1881. )
Boalctl uropoaal * will ho rccolvoil at this ofllea tin
til August 30th , 1831 , at 12 noon , for the mirchano o
-ril.COaof Dutrlct 1'ailnir Itonds of the Cltrot Oma
ha Said bonds are dated September 1st , 1894 , on
and will bo due hi o otnothrooand four joars fron
date , on equal amount becoming due each ) oar : nn
In sums of ono thousand dollars oah , and boar Inter
cit from thtlr dito at the rate of elx per centum poi
annum , patablo annually. The principal and Inter
est arn both payable at the olllco of Kountzo Ilroa. U
Kovf York.
Hald bonds are Issued under the chartirponcr o !
said city , and will bo dulhored o purchaser ! , on pay
inont therefor at the City Treasury In Uinaha , 01 :
September 1st , 1831.
llldi will ho addressed to the undersigned anil
marked " ' for ' " ami
"I'roposals District 1'avliiK ( loads ,
must etato the full i amo and adtlrcm uf the bidder
the amount of iald bunds doalrud ( an equal nmounl
due In ono , two , threoand four years ) and the prlou
propOHed to ho paid.
The light IB resorted to reject any and all bids.
aujf 20 d lOt city Treasurer.
The scholastic ) oar commences on tno
First Wednesday in Sentcnilicr ,
The oouroo ol instruction omliraces all the Klenien
tary and higher hmmhuii ol a llnlihud education
Uillcrenco of Ucllglon IH no ohataclo tu thu admls.
slon of youii ; ladiea. 1'upllt are received at any
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Including Board , WanhlnR. Tuition In KnirjUh aud
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jy ll.roto
C17 St. CltnrloH S ( . , St. Louis , Mo.
A rrcultr crtduitaof t olft < lleal Collrcei , li lici u longer
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Nervous Prostration , Debility , Mental and
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lions ol Throat , Skin or Uones , Blood Poisoning ,
old Sores and Ulcers , > ro Ur.if.i ith miortiiiioil
utteiionUuilitUnUn vrluelpln. Mt'rlr.I'llolfl/ .
Diseases Arising ( rom Indiscretion , Excess ,
Exposure or Indulgence. bich imdno mu. or thi
fcillooluc eOxlil Mrivniucii , dctllllr , dluiuiii el ljbl
u4 aeftcllre UJtraory , | Imnlf en Ilii li , | U > il ldcc r ,
vcnloulolln wclflj ol ( cmilii , rou'u ! o ( IJi iil < x.
r nilorlnij llmrrl KO Improper or unhappy , an
j < rui utBUjrcurcJ. t'.njplltt ( W Hfilcullte ilwrt , lent
lo italM covilftf | , frrctu uy addrr.i. CvDiulUtlou at ftl-
tocort/iu lllrix , ndlutll.d.rlt \ fur iUciUoiii | ,
A Positive Written Guarantee
tlrulo tllciir > Mic > iei. WoJlclDcinol > rr ; Lro.
1'ainphleti. Entllih or Oerman. ill paeei , do.
orlbliJL' aboro dlteaios , In uialg or remalo , i'ltEli
va i MCI , floe pl t . llluilrnnl lo cloib mil
too , moucj cr i ilkct t niuv , | . | ' r cotvri , > &e. Tlili
couutui * 11 tb curloui , itouttful or laauUlltrt VKDI u
know , A bock of irnt lulcrmt lo ill , Ut lltl. Uuulr ,
Ui | > iiM art iruuikUnl t > / In de |
Will t-uro Kervou ni-M ,
Luiiujiign.uheuiiidl in , | 'ir
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Klilnthplnu nnt Liter
dlMK - , , '
iatlLrll. fi\.iiila , Calorili
lKi | . | > IIii | > r , Imp otent j ,
Dumti AUIIO . . - . . terl , . ! inl ) >
Iricllfltln Am rln < lint emU thuKlcilrlilty mi initic
XrtrtlMin thruui.-ti IliuUi'dy * anil LKHlHiiuiliarw lu alt In
t ttut by tint Millent.
SI.OOO Would Not Buw It.
Winter U ooioltiR , the f taion of the jtar for achoi
and pilni In view of this face , wey. . buy onu ol
Doctor lloiov't Kloctrlo Jtclts , by no Jolnf , > uu will
kvold Hlieumatl iu , llldnev tro'iblii acj otlur 1IU
that Huh Ii bc'r ' too. I'o ' uot iSvlav , hut call at out
cilice , and cxAtrduc the tvlti , H22 l > oulaa Ut. , Ouu
h % J.'eb ,
x r/ornaleitc. V. OoodmJio'i DruzBton1 UK
ftraunBI , OauJu.
Odtn flllod 0,0 D
Reminiscences of Old TimoaDflMililai
Operators ,
Skotoh of the United Stales Mili
tary Tolograpio Corps.
1(8 Hcrvlccft During ( lie Civil War-
An Old HWCI-'H Jlccollcctlons
llnccs I Jot \vcon BtcninlxmlH
nnd TclUKrniiliy In
St. Ioiiln.
, LiouU.l'ont-DIsrntcli.
The rotundn of the Lnclodo hotel wn
filled this morning to ovotllowing wit
old-time telegraphers. No 0110 is oligi
bio to membership in this organi/.atioi
whoso ncqunintanco with the wires doc
not extend back of the troublous time
when the civil wnr was nt its height
Nona of the old timers are young moii
but many of them nro in thoprimo of life
nnd others have reached the lmlf-wn
Rtation nnd their hoary heads nnd ben
forms indicate that they nro going dowi
Lho hill on the other aide , nnd the hand
that once deftly manipulated the kay
ire too slid nnd foobla to keep pace will
the vigorous young men who nro tnkiti ;
their places. There nro two distinc
organizations represented in the city
iho United States Milltniy Tolegrap !
Corps , which is the smaller body ? an
members of the Old Titno nasociation
nnd their bantjuola nnd programme o
entertainment nro common , but tin
business meetings nro distinct , the Olt
Timers meeting to-day nnd the military
operators to-morrow. The members ol
the two societies spent the morning renewing
nowing acquaintances nnd
of cnrly times in the telegraphing busi <
ness ,
THE riiFsinnNT or Tin : coins -
s Mr. Win. II. Plum , who is nt prcaonl
nn attorney in Chicago , but who wnt
dontilicd with the milltnry Borvico during
hu war , TIe has written n history of the
Tork of telegraph operators during the
wnr , nnd of the first organization of the
corps , nnd probably has taken moro in-
orost than any ono else in the labors foi
recognition of the corps by the federal
government. In n chat with n I'ost-Dis-
latch reporter Mr. Plum gnvo a sketch
if the work of the corps. lioforo thu
ate wnr there had boon but little use of
t telegraphic service of the warand none
n this country , although the telegraph
vns used with oll'ect by Germany , En
gland nnd Franco to some extent nnd in
, desultory mnnner. It remained for
\inurlcati operators to form the first or
ganized corpsand to prove that a regular
rained branch was absolutely essential
o the proper conduct of the operations
of war. The first man to suggest and
iut in operation n plan to make use of
ho wires in nctlvo service was Thomas
Icott , the assistant secretary nf war un-
or Cameron , nnd the president of the
'onnsylvanin railroad. At the breaking
ut of hostilities ho called to Washington
ivo of the most skillful operators on his
oad which formed the nucleus of what
ftorwards became the telegraphic corp ?
f the federal army.
Jon. John 0. Fremont , who was sta-
ionod in St. Louis , called to his aid
JporgoII. Smith , superintendent of the
vires hero , and directed him to form the
> aais of n military telegraphic battalion ,
several companies were enlisted and reg
ularly drilled and these companies built
ho earliest military lines nnd city lines
n and around St. Louis. At this time ,
lao , Anson Stager , superintendent of
ho Western Union nt Cleveland , was
made superintendent for military pur-
loses of all the lines in Ohio , Indiana
ud Illinois nnd in thpsp parts of Kou-
nucky and West Virginia comprised in
lie military division of Con. McOlcllnn.
Vhon it was soon afterwards found
ccossary to have ono head , Mr. Stager
was called to Washington and was
> laced at the head ot the telegraphic war
orvico. This was in November , 1801.
lo remained in charge throughout the
war and was commissioned a brigadier-
general nt its close. No commissions
vero made nt first , but it iras found
iccusaary afterward nnd Con. Stngor was
nado captain. Later lie was comiuiaaionod
oloiibl and his subordinates were com-
uissioned to the rank of captain or ina-
or. Nona but the ollicors had uny mili-
ary Hiatus , the operators being retained
oil the civil list and retired nt the close
v ithout recognition. Thcrorrns in the
orvico altogether nn aggregate force of
,1200 operators and twice as many
milders nnd repairers , who constructed
nd operated thousands of miles uf tele
graph linos.
Every general in the tinny has testi-
iod to the value und brilliancy ot the
olegraphie service and lo the patriotism
nd devotion of the men. As nn illu-
truUon of the responsibility of their
Hiskions it may bo mentioned that the
coya of dispatch ciphers were placed in
lie hands of the operators , and no ono
ho , not oven ollicers , were allowed to
oo . .or handle them. Ono brilliant
chlovoment of the corps was the con
traction and operation of lines in battle ,
o that the dilleront divisions could coin-
kunicata with uach other during an on-
iiKomont. This was frequently done
nd lines wore removed and put up with
very change of the army. The military
olegraphora are almost as full of romin-
scenses of danger and narrow escapes
roni shot and shell as the soldiers. Sov
ral operators were killed at work and
rcquontly in the building and repairing
f lines lives were lost
The organization of the corps was
rat broached in 1881 , at a meeting of
liu old timers , and the first mooting was
eld in 1882 , nt Niagara Falls , with nn
ttendnnco of fifteen members. The
ext mooting was hold nt Chicago last
'oar and the membership now numbers
1J1 men ,
Since the organization of the corps of-
orta have made to obtain suitable recog.
ition from the government as a regular
rm of the military soivice. At the close
f the war the operators , who had been
s much in the military service as the
oldlora , were dismitsed without recogni.
Ion. At the last session of congress a
) ill was introduced for this purpoio , and
10 society moans to push the demand
'or the same rights nnd privileges as sai
lers. It is asked that the operators bo
ccognizod as officers with the rank cor-
oipondlng with the pay , and the build ,
rr nnd repairers ns soldinra. Thu moot-
ng of the corps takes place to.morrow.
The Old.'i'imo Tolographors'nsaociatioii
ras called to order at 11:30 : in the ladies
rdinnry of the Lacledo , by President
3eorge M. Dugan of Jackson , Tonnover
ifiy members being present. The proa ,
dent briefly welcomed the association , re
lowing its nrogreas from its formation
t Cincinnati in 1880 , up to the present
titno. The object of the union , ho ssi
was not to discuss politics but to me
old friends in social reunion ,
The minutes of the last mooting wo :
read and approved ; after which .1. !
Burton , C. W. Hammond , Chss. J. 0
berne , Henry L. Uall , 11. llohlo , T. .
Whitehead , F. Harvey , A. Prcscott , 1
H. Uoyd , H. W. Dtigtmi , A. T. llnrvo' '
F. Smith , II. P. Hall , II. C. llonedic
L. T. Sheldon , .1. M. Fortonbury , A. I
S. Bliss , Ji M. Fairchild and Goorj
Gardener , Letters of regret were rcn
from mony absentees , among them froi
0. C. HincB , Now York ; Col. Clowr ;
Chicago ; John Van Horn , Now Yor !
Superintendent Compton of Naahvilli
Tonn. ; Col. Von Duzor , Michigan ; . .
I ) . Hold , E. 0. Bush , F. M , Colobun
and from other prominent tclographoi
in various parts of the country.
Vico-Prosidont Ed. Ilosowator , of th
Omaha Ilr.i : , delivered nn eloquent at
droas , reviewing the perilous sorvic
performed by pioneer operators in tram
porting the first wires across the Kockic
nnd in serving at the army front with th
fidelity of soldiers. Ho suggested the
the old-time telegrapher bo requested t
furnish reminiscences in order that n nit
toty of telegraphy could bp written , an
the chair ndded that specimens of ol
style noparatus ought lo bo procured. j
committee consisting of Messrs , Plurr
Taylor nnd Buntull was appointed fo
the nbovo purposes.
Mr. Plum , chairman of the committo
on resolutions , spoke feelingly of th
death of 0. 11. Booth , of Mansfield
Ohio , George W. Trabuo , of Nashville
Mo. , nnd L. M. Painter , anU resolution
embodying the sentiment of the sociot ;
were adopted , nnd will bo engrossed nm
forwarded to the families of the deceased
The following ollicors were elected fo
the ensuing year , President Chas. W
Hammond , St. Louis ; Vice President
Chas. E. Taylor , Frankfort , Ky. ; secretary
tary nnd trorsuror , S. B. Fairchild , St
ON Till1 HIVElt.
In the afternoon both associations won
down the river upon the Charles Morgan
The saloon was tastefully decorated foi
the occasion nnd there were about 10 (
members of the association and thoi ;
friends present. The boat ran down the
river as far as Sulphur Springs , where t
largo proportion of the party dobarkot
and drank of the waters for which the
place is fninou ? . The steamer loft Sul
phur Springs shortly before 8 oclock , ant
as soon ns it was under way , the gucstt
aat down to what was rcpoiicd to bo t
sumptuous banquet.
The boat stopped at the barracks for up
wards of an hour to give the orators ol
the party an opportunity of enlarging up.
: m the marvellous achievements of the
alectric telegraphy. The festivities wore
brought to a close by the singing ol
"Auld Lang Syne , " nnd the homeward
journey was resumed. The city wat
reached at 150 : ! o'clock this morning.
51. Louts Republican.
The society of the United States Mili
tary Telegraph Corps mot in annual reunion -
union at 110 : ! this morning in the ladies' '
ordinary of the Lacledo hotel , the presi
dent , W. II. Plum , in the chair , and
Mr. E. I' . Whitford acting aa secretary.
Hioro were presontE.P.WhitfordO. : M.
Fnrnham , A. II. Bliss , H. W. Plum , J.
NT. Crittenden , A. W. Nohr , and W. 11 ,
L'luin , of Chicago ; Cain Culbortson , pi
'racy , Iowa ; J. 13. Crinso , D. A. Wil-
1 ams , W. D. Gentry , II. Lothgow , ol
Kansas City ; P. J. Murray , of Jackson ,
Tonn. , II. Benedict , Marshall , Texas ;
[ 1. B. Hoover , Springfield , 111. ; T. B.
Knapp , Paplllion , Nob. ; Chas. H. Pal
mer , Jeflorson City , Mo , ; E. Ilosowator ,
Cornelius Dwyer , Omaha ; T. B. Fair-
uhlld , C. W. Hammond , Sol Palmer ,
L. E. Macklind , of St. Louis , Mo. :
E. 0. Armstrong , Omahu ; H. Browor-
inun , Kennard.Nob. ; L. F SholdonMo. ,
I. 11. Bunnoll , Now York ; T. Barwick ,
I'loasanton , Kan. ; U. P. Hall , Little
llluo , Mo.
Having called the mooting to order the
: hair made an address in which ho said
: hat they were a peculiar fraternity , and
; holr corps was unique. Tholr service
-vns an era in war and the example of
.heir work in the civil war had been
: opiod since by the armies of Europe ,
several members of the corps had died
linco their last mootinn and there wore
nany who wore moro ( load from hard-
ihips endured in the service than alive ,
jeing unable to earn n living or to
ind it was the silence of the iiovorniiiont
> n this subject , the manipulations of un-
ust discriminations as well as a longing
; o renew the friendships of the days that
.ried moil's souls , which occasioned the
organization. A bill had been framed
ind introduced into the house for the ro-
ief of members of the service who had
itillered in the war , and the speaker had
ireparod in support of it a report which
ihowcd that during the war twelve of the
irmy telegraphers were killed , twenty-
.hreu died in the serviceton were wound-
id and Ifi 1 captured. There was no
loubt that many moro tluui the number
nciitloncd died in the service , and prob-
ibly 100 moro were captured , making
.ho IOEHOS of the corps i22 ! , not
lounting deaths occurring out of
.ho service in consequence of diseases
ior.tractcd therein. A history "of the
lithorto unsuccessful effort to secure the
lassago of the bill was a veiy interesting
mrt of the chairman's address. The
Mil stands on the calendar for the next
lossion of congress , end it was hoped
.hat sooner or later , perseverance would
osult in its passage , and themselves and
.heir . comrades , ( toad and living , rocog-
lizod do jure , what , according to Oou.
jlioriiiau , they were do facto , n part of
ho army of the I'nited States in the war
if the rebellion.
The following were elected members
if the society : 0. F. Bart , Now York ;
I. E. Xoublin , Chicago ; 0. Culbortson ,
[ 'racy , Iowa ; L. E. Mucklind , St. Louis ;
V. W. Smith , H. B. Hull , II. ; 0.
Sprague nnd Thomas Barwick , of Kansas
Mr. Ed. Ilosowater , chairman of ( Jio
ongtessional committee having in hand
ho care of the bill in recognition of the
orviccs of the United States military
iilograph corps ,
hewing that they had mot with many
illicultics , but oxpresaing n belief that
hey would still succeed in their object.
On motion thu present committee on
on rossional action , consisting of E.
losowator , W. 11 Plum , Win. B. Wil-
un and John 0. Van Duzor , was ro-
loctcd. and they were authorized to
raw upon the society for uucli money as
hey might require , such drafts to bo
Dokod after by the secretary.
On motion of Mr. Uoaowator it was ro-
olvcd to ask the luombois ot the society
o contribute $ L each to the woik of
lolpiiiR cm the congrcgas bill ,
On motion the annual assessments of
ho members were fixed nt $1 each.
Several letters of regret for absence
roro road , among them ono from J. B.
Toi-gati of Fort Scott , Kan , , inclosing
ho following from
LONO BIIANUH , N. J. . July 23,1881.
I am in receipt of your
latter of the 18th inst. , asking somothtn
from mo in acknowledgement of the so :
vices of thu telegraph corps during th
war of too rebellion. In the course c
sonic articles I am now willing for th
Century Magazine , I will endeavor t
show how indispinaablo the tolcgrap
was to our success , and how uniform !
well the soryico was performed by th
operators ( sic ) in the field. The tele
graph and the signal sorvsco , its c <
ordfnato , were as necessary to the su <
cess ns the railroad is to commerce. Ver
truly yours , L" . S. GIUNT. "
"J. P. Morgan , Esq. "
The following telegram was receive
during the session of the society : ]
"LouisviuE , Ky , , Aug. 21. Trai
dispatchers assembled nt Louisville son
greetings to old timers and United State
military telegraph corps , and toll C. W
Hammond to BOO that their battery mn
torial does not run short.
J. B. CI.AIIK. "
An answer was sent expressing n hop
that the railroaders would not bo aid
tracked for moro than twenty-four hours
The election of oflicoufor the onsuln
year rciultcd as follows. President , W
H. Plum ; vice president , E , Koaowatcr
secretary and treasurer , Jns. E , Petit.
_ A committee was appointed to confo
with the old time tolcgranhers' asaccia
tion to nrrango for the place and date o
the next mooting , The place will bi
Now York City but the date has not yol
boon decided upon. The convention thoi
A CARD. To all who are Buttering from oiror
and Incllscrotiona o ( youth , nencms wtaknosj , carl ;
decay , loss ol munli-wl , etc. I will send n tccl.o | Ilia
will euro xoii , PUEK OF CHAHOK Thli K'c t remedy
edy was mscmorod by n mlfslonory In South Amcrl
en. Hcml soil addressed envelope to Knv. JOSKI > II T
INUAV , Station U. Now York. dy o in & cod
TlioBcautlriilllonio Secured Tliruunl
In I'ubllu Jjifc.
Senator Shorinon is just
ono of the finest country residences in
Ohio , at hia homo in Mansfield. It i :
dark red brick of two stories nnd a man
sard roof , finished out with a tower and
many corners. It has roomy porches at
the front nnd side , giving shady seats
nnd beautiful views at all hours of the
Oiy. The windows of the house , built
on the French order , open like doors on
to those porchns , and their ceilings arc
of polished wood. The trimmings of the
house are made of a remarkable stone , a
quantity of which underlies Mr. Sher
man's farm east of the city , 'lhat used
by the senator comes Irom a quarry on
nn adjacent estate. It is a reddish sand
stone , mottled nnd grained with many
dilleront coloreel reins. At sotno places
it looks like a section of knotted , gnarly
wood , and at others like the veins of a
half-rotted stump carefully polished.
The voina nro of dilleront widths and
they wind and twist themselves around
into all conceivable shapes. Now a
number of them will run in parallel
curves , now they twist themselves iuto ai
many rings as the snakes of Lacoou , and
now they stand out in all , directions like
the hair of the Medusa. 'Well trimmed
and polished and cut into beautiful
shapes their color matches well with the
dark rod of the house , and in front ,
where they show out prominently above
the door and hold up the great porch ,
they form n finish moro rich and beauti
ful than any stone that can bo procured
anywhere olso.
The interior of the house , howeverwil1
bo its chief feature. It has many rooms ,
and they are largo , airy nnd high-ceiling-
od. The halls are so wide that a wagon-
load of hay could bo driven through
them. They run through the center of
the house , and arranged with a sort of L
at the back , so that every room on each
floor opens into its respective hall. Thr
carpenters were busy at work hero sovorr
days ago when I paBaed through the
house in company with Senator Sherman.
Wo went together through the throe
stories , carefully stopping up the partial
ly made stairs , stooping low as wo movjd
around through the scaffolding , and going
through n number of largo-windowed
rooms , giving a series of views which ex
tended far and wide over the rich farms
and wooded hills of Ilichland county.
The house itself is situated on some of
the highest ground in the state of Ohio.
It has a largo lawn filled with shrubbery ,
a line orchard and fields surrounding it ,
making up nn estate of about fourteen
acres. It fronts on Market street , the
finest in Mansfield , and is well to the
west of the city. Several of thcso windows
dews overlook the city , and there are
none of them but give beautiful country
views at well.
The largo halls and easy staircases are
finished in beautiful rod-cherry , highly
polished , and in places elegantly carved.
l ach of the rooms is finished in n differ-
3iit kind of choice wood , and each of
; hoin contains n fir jlaco nnd mantle
irimmcd in the same material , The din-
ng-room for instance , is of a rich oak ,
ivith its sideboard to match. Thu kitch-
311 is finished in yellow pinu of a boauti-
'ul grain aud highly polished. The sit-
.ing-room , 1 think , la mottled or bird'c-
> yu poplar , and the library in BOIIIO
nlier rich wood , The shelves of the li
brary are built close up against the wall ,
ind their chief ornamentation is the
> ooks resting upon them. A lirgo libra-
y table aits in the center of thu room ,
uul this to-day was covered with books
ind papers. Before this time , Soritor
Sherman has had his libra'/ the third
itory , but now he has removed it to the
ground floor , putting it In the northeast
iornor of the room adjoining Mrs , Shor
nan'd sitting-Boom , which lies between it
ind the parlor. It is a largo room , well
ightod and aiiy , with several windows
ookingout upon the lawn. Etrery room in
ho house has an electric bell , und nil
ho chambers are furnished with modern
lonvonloncos. It will bo a splendid
> lace for entertaining , and it will con-
iuuo for many years ns ono of the historic
ions of the country. It la n remarkable
louae and Is rich , without being ox-
ravagant or gaudy. That which con-
titutea thu soul of the homo is still to
10 added. Aa yet no curtains have
> eon put up , and the glitter and polish
if furniture nnd brass work are absent ,
n two weeks , however , nil will ba com-
iloto. Thu pictures will bo on the
rails , the fine rugs will partially hide
ho woll'joinod floors , and bright chaud-
llora will throw the1- rays over a
houaand and one tilings which , so much
lore than woodwork and masonry , go to
ell the character of the inner life of a
oiiip or the tastes of its inmates. As it
i , it compares well with the other
oiues of great statesmen. Clay Web-
tor and Calhouu had but ordinary
oiiioa , and Buchanan's Whontlaud , near
mncaator , though located much the
11110 as Senator Shoiman's homo ,
ossessod no elegance worthy of ro-
tark ,
The combination , proportion , and pro-
ess ill preparing Hood's Saraaparilla , are
eculiar to this medicine , and unknown
a others.
Gnrcrr of .lolin King , Jr.
There will no doubt bo a great deal <
surmise indulged in ns to the induci
ments offered John King , Jr. , to acco ]
the presidency of the Erie. Mr. Kir
has time and aqaln stated that ho woul
not take the position if It were offore
him , and that ho had given up railron
work altogether. His Itng nnd very nb !
services of fourteen years as vice prcs
dent 04' the Baltimore it Ohio road hnv
shown that ho is in oveiy way fitted t
perform the duties of his now ofilci
but the impression gained nftcr h
return from Europe , that h
would nccej.t no position thoroafto
tendered him. Ho said then : "
have been esked t : > tike promincr.
positions at different times with ono c
moro foreign railroads , nnd with Amor :
can railroads PI well. 1 refused each an
uvery ono , and if 1 continue a sane mar
In full possession of my faculties , I wl
continue to refuse any nnd nil such ol
fers. I broke down my health and neat
ly killed myself by overwork as vie
president of the Baltimore it Ohio.
have recovered my health , aud I do nc
propose to sacrifice it again. I have an ;
massed aufilciont wealth to enable mo t
spend the rcit of my life in ease , comfor
nnd quiet , and so I propose to on
thorn. ' In the light of these statement
there is no doubt that Mr. King mua
have boon offered something very hand
sotno. The salaiy is 830,000 n yoai
Mr. King is n portly man , c
commanding prcsenco with genia
face. Ho was born in Baltimore
was there educated and is now C2 year
old. Ho wi brought up in a hardwar
store , nnd was afterward for two years ii
the office of the Adams Express company
In 1851 ho entered the employ of tin
Baltimore nnd Ohio railroad na ticko
ngont nt C.unden atation. Two yeir ;
later ho was made paymaster , and om
year after that ho became auditor. Subsequently
sequontly the duties of general froiglv
agent devolved upon him. In ISO" tin
oflica of vice-president was created foi
him. Ho continued in that oflica foi
fonsteen years. Ho retired in 1881 , or
account of his health , and went tc
Europe. At the time of his retirement
ho was _ receiver of the Marietta and Gin-
cinnati nnd Ohio and Mississippi rail
roads , and president of the Pittsburg
and Connolla"illo railroad. Mr. King
returned to this country July 4.
.Another Lilo H.i\ca.
About two years ago , a prominent citi-
Z3n of Chicago was told by his physicians
that ho must die. They aaiu his system
was so debilitated that there was noth
ing left to build on. Ho had made up
hia mind to try a "now departureHe
got some of Dr. Piorco's "Golden Medi
cal Discovery" and took it according tc
directions. Ho began to improve at once.
Ho kept up the treatment for some
months , and is to-day n well man. He
says the "Discovery" saved his life.
The Mexican Ijlur Scores One.
Two Uojmblics , City o Mexico.
The following stoiy comes rrom Mi-
choacan. An Indian went outside the
( own of Chernntxieurin , state of Michoa-
: an , to look for some fuel in the moun-
tnin near by. While cutting up a diy
oak ho felt a bite on iho calf of his leg ,
given in the fraction of a second. A mo
ment later ho felt coiling around his bodj
the terrible folds of a boa constrictor. In-
atinctivoly ho leaned hie head over to
ward the wounded leg , and was almost
Fascinated by the glare of two bright
basilisk eyes that gleamed like fiery
seals in ho head of the serpent. Quickei
than a flash the Indian ducked his head
jnd caught the neck of the reptile in his
tooth , clinging to it with the desperation
of the dying. The hugo serpent lushed
its tail and tried to twist his head tc
bury his fangs in she Indian , but the lat
ter clung on and began to chow away at
the nock of the boa , which is the thin-
neat and softest part of it anatomy. Af
ter chewing for a long time the Indian
succeeded in beheading his antagonist ,
the folds dropped off , and the Indian
ares free.
Bellevue , - Nebraska.
a. .
I'ntll otllco3 nro repaired 'rom result of flro , olllco
Itlilir. 1'irkcr , lloum D , ( 'rcl hton UloK 16th mid
The molt extensive manufacturer of
n 8. Tenth Street OMAHA , NED
f JTI'rleo ) nf Illlllrd and Pool Tablet and materials
riiihoJ on applloitlon
hlcap , St. Paul , Minneapolis and
The new extension of thin Una from Waleflold up
through Concord and Coleridge
lachiil thu best portion of the State , Special ex >
mlon ratci for land teckera o\er tblt line to
aj no , Norfolk r.nd Hartlugton , and via Illatr to all
Inoljul | K > li.U on the
Trtlni over tht 0. , Ht. P. M. t. 0. lUllwav to Cor
{ ton , Eloux City , 1'ouca , Hartlngtou , Wajno and
oifolk ,
Ooza.xa.oot .t 331 .lr
Frauiant , Oakda e , Nolljn , and through to Val-
tftoi ratei and all Information call on
r I1 , WHITNEY , Ocncra Acent
-THE g
Ttifa medlflno , combining Iron \ \ Ith pure
VcRctnblo tonlM , qulrlJy nml completely
< nrcH l > ; | iriln | IiiillKi'Mtlnii , UVulinr- . ,
1 inpiirn llloilniiilrirlut hlllNinn ! I'c > cr ,
nml Nnmilulii.
His nn unrnllinr ; remedy for Diseases of the
Klitiirjn nml I.IMT.
It Is invnlunblo for llen rs jiernllnr to
Women , nti'l ' nil Mho lend fcilrntnrj ll\0' .
11 iloei not Injure the teeth , cmi e lienilnohc.or
produce enmtlpfitlon of/iT Iron mttliclnn tin.
lUnrlelicininl purifies the blood , ftlmnlntei
llionppotltc.nlda the -ImllfUIon of food , re-
Hexes llcnrtiiurn nnd llelrhlng , nnd strength
en' the nni'dcs nnd ncr\e .
Tor Intermittent rovers , Lassitude , Lnckof
Energy , v c , It 1ms no cqnnl. > .
Kf The comiltio Ima nliovo trndp mnrlt nnd
crossed red lines \\rnppcr. . 1nl > c no other.
tUJoiMiljlinilOM.MIIf.jmU (0. , im.TI1HIHKIHl.
James KsdioalhilU
Chartered by theStateoFIll' ,
neil far thccxprcsspurpos
of Rlvlngimmrdinte relielll
all chronicurinarynnd prl
vale disccr * * nonnrtbn
i"lVeiJ.5a5i < t > olct-ta"d:5yP1"llslnollthel
, f7Ti A > M/R eomPllcalei1 forms' nlso nl
k "t.oPK.i" ? ? > diseases of the Skin nm
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\S c.ikncss Nipiit LossTcsby Dreams , Pimples ot
iNM'tre.Lent Manhood , JitiilttvrliictintlTlicri
iminrj-L'friiitrnlhiit. Ths nppropriate tc.r.ra\
; tnncs uselin each case. Consultations , per-
< i"ial or by letter , sacredly confidintlal. J.icd-
'it's sent bv Moll and Express. No marks or
.iCiML'c to Indicate contents or sender. Adores ;
us.l.lMESNo.204VVa3hinfjton5i.Chicagoll !
VIll purity thp BLOOD.Tcpii.
l.itu the LIVER aiKl KIDNCYS ,
uini jti XT-OKI ; TIII. IIIAX.TU
nnd VIOOK of YOUTIL Or *
pslii. Wantot Appnlltc , Jn-
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to thupoiHilarltyot thuorlKlmi. Donot c.\i > url-
UlCIlt pet UlU OlllOIS Al. AM ) IIKST.
/Send 3 our nildre gto'lhflllr. HmterMod Co.V
Ist.IXuls , Jlo.for our-'IlKKAM ; BOOK. " H
Etraneoaad usufulloIorLaaUonfn < o. > ' J
Health is Wealth !
truarantced ppcciflo for Iljsterl.x Dzzlnoss , Comul
Bions , Fits , l > cr\ous Neuralgia , Headache , Ncnoii ;
Prostration cau cd by the use of alcohol or tobhacoo
Wakcfulncss , Mental deprc'slon. Softening of thi
brain , resulting In Insanltj and leaping to misery
decay and death , 1'rcmature Old age , llaroricsi , las
of power In cither SOY , Imoluntarj Lopsosand Spet
matorhoracaused by o\erc\crtlontot the brain , sell
abuiouro\cr Indulgence. I'.ich box , contains om
month's tieatmcnt. § 1.00 a boxer six bottles foi
$3.00 , lent bj mall prepaid on receipt of price.
To euro ny case. With each order received by U !
for six bottles , accomtilUh-id with ? 5 00 , wo will sem
the purchaser our written guarantee to refund thi
mcncy If thotrcatmenidoesnot eOectacuro. Quar
ontccB Issued only by JOHN C : WU3T & CO. .
Jy 2S-mio-ry 802 Madison St. , Chicago , 111.
"Horltek'i Fool for Infant , hit
tafeur Hrei , wrltci
K.V. rooter , J// ' . , SoUtij-
fill druffglitp , 1'ricA
< Uii,17Jcfnti Sect
_ _ tj mall for aiuount In
Kiirpi. C7iouiicnirrr < ; . llurlltk'il ooU lo.IUilne.nli.
1617 St. - Omaha
Dodge . , ,
E * .olK.ot C3osaa.j3w.xi.-3r.
Tlio steamships nf this well-known line are built ot
ron , In watertight compartments , and are furnish-
> dwith every roquiaito to nuku the inssage both
late andagrteable. Thin carry tlio United States
ind European malls , and leave New Yorks Thurs-
lajsand&aturdajsfor I'lvmouth ( LONDON ) Cher-
jourg , ( I'AIUS ) and IIAMUUMQ.
Hates : First C'ibUi , 8'iB , < J5 and $75 , Ptcerago , ? 2fl
Henrj I'undt , Mark Hanson , F K. MooresM. Toft ,
LKentsIn Omaha , GroiicwIrK&Schociitgen.aKcuti'in
Jouncil niutTa. C. B : UICIIAIID to CO. , Clou. I'nss
iigts. , 81 lJro d av , N. Y. Cua * . Kozmlnskl & Co-
icui-ral Weetojn A ) its , 107 Washington St. . Chlca
Kuynl amlU.S , MallStcnmcra
VhtRhint , Ocrmawj , Italy , ITuJlaml anil France
Steerage Outward , 020 ; Prepaid from Antwerp , $ IR :
Ixcurblon , ? SI ) , Including heddini ; , etc , 2d Cabin , 8SO
lound Trip , JSJO 00 ; Excursion , 3100 ; Saloeu from 850
10 890 ; Excursion 110 to 180 ,
XSffTetor Wright & Sons , Don , Agents. 66 Broad
iCaldwolt. Hamilton & Co. , Omaha. 1 P. E. Fled
nn 4 Co. , 203 N. 10th Street , Cmaha ; D. K. Kim
all , OmahaArxntii. od-ly
3rlang r , . Bavaria.
mlrabacher , . . . . . Buvnnn.
ilsnor . - .t Bohomian.
tudwoiser . St , Louis.
inlmusor . St. Louis.
olilitz-PilBiier . Milwaukee.
'ruc'fl . Omaha.
Ale , Porter , Domestic and Rhine
Vino. ED. MAURER ,
la Leading Agricultural and Live Stock
Ji rtrnal of tbo West.
H. S. SMITH & CO. ,
3N > KOBT. W. FUKNAS , Secretary State Board
of ArlcuUuic | , Amoctate hdltor.
rnscilllTION THICK , 1.00 perjoarluaa ance. !
nd 103 8. llto Street. - OMAUA , NEB
Owing to the increase
in our business we've
admitted to the firm I
Mr Edwin Davis , who
is well and favorably
known in Omaha.Thi@
will enable us to han
dle an increased list
of property. We ask
those who1 have desi
rable property for
saleto place the same
with us. The new firm
will be
313 South 14th St.