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a Correspondent Sizes Up the
Second District Congressman ,
JHis Poreonal Immoralities and
Guerrilla Political Mothodsi
His Subserviency to the Railroads
and to Other Corporations ,
"The Strident Boom that is Walking -
[ ing the District for Gaslin ,
The Judge's ' Magnificent Follow
ing from His Own District
His Splendid anil Vcarleas Jndlolal
llccord All Tilings tn Ilia
wni IIB wir.i , oirr tir/r.
r rroripondonoo of Tnn BBH.
HAHIINOH , August 3. Shall Jnmea Laiid
bo Touoirinttod for oongra > a is a question that
vill bo decided in the next ten day a. la most
of the counties of Uila district the primaries
trill bo held nest Saturday , and the county
conventions n week later. Mr. Laird in just
book from his fret eo' Ion of congress , and
with very little to ehow 03 the result of his In
bors for BO unart a man aa his frionda claim
him to bo , The only two counties that liavo
hold conventions BO far are both Against him
* fdr blood. la the west
. , , - JUDOS
5'trilt have the solid following from his judicial
district. | The nowu is fairly oat that lie will 1
uoocpt the nomination , nnd that la enough to
make his friends round op the delegates in
good ntylo. Jim will bo in luck if ho goto a
"dingle maverick from wostnf Adams county. .
will have at least f ortyonoote8. _ . These with
, Gafilin'a ytrcngth will certainly control the
convention , leaving Mr. Laird to hold the
bag. The causes i hat make Mr. i atrd a weak
ciodldatc , aiidofrom his feeble congroaaional
. record , may ba atUad in brief : t
> niaperBonal imtnoialitioB , bull Ruerilla po-
liticxilinotbodH _ , hia subMrviencjt to' the cor-
[ xiratiotis. Air. Laird's lifo , bou/1)'fuio nnd _ ejection , has been marldu by grosa
. Immoralitioa each aa ought todotcatanycandi-
date for an important and honorable position.
Thin fast is notorious and is the cause of the
deep-seated hostility to Mr. Laird taut almost
unhorHolly axis' * ouviiig tlio best poonlu
when > he is known. His
roLmoAt , iiLTaoDa
are well illustrated by bin course two years
ago. In order to cairy liin own county ho en-
tttred into a oump act with the democratic candidate -
didato for the legislature , by which they were
* to help each other , and the cmdidato of his
own party , who unstated Mr. Laird materially
tu procure his nomination , wtu deliberately
fctibbod in the b-iok nnd defeatsd. Of a piece
* with this wat hiaji rgaiu with the democracy
x > f 'IfranklinTcbunty , which roiulted in tho/do-
feat of the republican candidate for the legis
lature , Mr. IJflClork , one of tha best mon in
tbo county. This in the k ! ud of a rejniblican
, -hd jnan Mr. Laird iaJle dooa 'not ' hesitate
to slaughter" his bcat'friend and most inthhato
political acsociato on the altar of his own
iivlinlly selfish ambition.
It is well known to the people of this dis
trict that Laird owe * his nomination two
jean ngo , to railroad influence In congress ; ,
whenever ha had an opportunity to make it
effective , he cast his vote with the corporation
intorwts. Ilia close sympathy with the polit
ical managers of the railroads of Nebraska ,
and hli dependence on them for support , is
known to every man familiar with tlio polit-
ic.U history of the staUi. Said a prominent
it to bo wondered at that tha people of Ilia
3ncond district itra preparing to repudiate the
gorgcousV AUAMa.
G > rrc8iondenco of TUB BKB ,
MINDL.V , Augiwt The l > oem for Jutlgo
( JiMlin Is a'numlug a formidable shape and is
grithering strcngtn aa it mo70H from ono end
of tbo Second district to the other. Soldiers ,
iitizeu , everybody is falling into line and
hon the 20Ui of August coined Goblin , from
tha present outlook , will have a walk away.
Whu IK thlB man of whom everybody is talk-
iug at pru ent ? _
iludxo Goxlin U from Maine , n former
townsman and claiuinato of Jamen G. lilniae ,
* liu ncit president , dunlin came to Nebraska
mill ha been on thn bench for ten yearn , and
brit full tha ] xx > po ! suiil well done good and
faithful eertant , enter into the thlra term of
oUiui without oppoeitlon
OasllnhiH projldod for forly-nian murder
tiLi H , and his name hoa become a teirorto the
liotho thief , the cow-boy and the murderer.
] i < > IIBH prohldpd in court when hln lifo wa. in
danger every moment , and where thu United
.Stittrt troojM were called out to protect justice ,
f Ho hai made it posniblu for a person to
Iravol from the Missouri rtvur to the Itocky
tiit/iint > .in3 In peiftct lufuty and necurtty.
With that fnr rexiiug and dutormlnod spirit , a
eixmd .lainiM ( . Itlaine , ( Ja-iliu liiti Mtood at
tin- judicial helm , when wave after wave of
< liMX nl and danger hioko at his _ fctt , until ijion
utiw tim ocenn IK calm and civilization is
uiovingun : in ! . It U hut fitting and to the
iutoreits cf Ntbnuikn that cam
( iu-lin , Miould r Nebraska in the
lio-iBii whilt ) Dlalno in jirojidont , and it id not
n ewwiry to sav thut Ntbriwka ill get her
lmro of the rigliU of hUtos and her iutera-itH
will bs looko'J after and her H IdiuiH will not
lu forgotten Mhcu Gailln cucupioj , 04 ho will ,
tin ) chuir of the mlsreprtfioiitntive , bo
lio.v. JAKIH LAIHD , in
W Ktliskingwator uotgrlcty ; OH Tun HKK long
igo lot di > light through thd coupool of tha
latin Frenchman J ( inly to my In puKHJug
( but thu citl/ons and HoMieiw liavo nut forgot * prlc
urn tha fact that Laird nttemjitod and did
outnigo the-ir pro-itm tion houuuttead and tim-
\ - > ir claim light , and it la properly known an
ihn "Stinkingwator aifalr. "
What ban thn lion. Jamivi Lainl done in
coi'griMn ? HuVotod for tha restoration of J-'itz for
-fobn i'orter. While the sold lera nil conoodu
J-iutrn right to vote _ mi ha pleuncd ,
they riutvrvn thu right to vote
an they plea e , and peed men
lu o found exciiBoi for Portur'n conduct at ary
. - < xii'l Hull Huu , thn Foldior seen but ouu nido
utul there is no convincing auy koldier tint of
Laird did tbo fair thing in voting in dlmct
unHiltloii | to the iriohiw of his couMitumitH.
'lie hat introdiinid magnificent soldiers'
ji Tiion Wll , " y hit * frlendH , Yes , at the
fjitranth hour Laird did latroJuco a pension was
bill lie well knew noror would pw , congrocu , day.
l.Hlrd' < t bill were it a l w would bankrupt thu ma.
'oternment , nnd ivory bounty juniw r and
itea < l hind Kildler would feaxt on thu blt < dlng
Jead cftrcAfci- ( thn Kovtirnmuiit. No noldif.r bury
1ms lii-en caoght or will be caught by thin
chatr. Wliy did not Lilrd mtruiuco thin bill
ttbnberlnniug'of ( bia earoer tu u congre ii-
iijunl e-in-or , 10 that the bill would have utood
iLo t of a olnnco of patn&gelf Oh Jiunon , ulioir
thu op won't wa h down. Tha fcoldieru cf
.IfJorw-JU tounty horu bpoken la no nnoor- r > r
vi r st > lium tbojr prlnj tha key uotu wtxk
ohd against Laird , And Aak for a fihn repub
lican , A friend ( .film soldier nnd one that will
vote tha wtshoi of his .constituents , Instead of
t them ,
Tito fight has narrowed dow-n between Lnlrd
and Gaslin. And while Laird is looting
strength every day , Gailln la gaining it in no
uncertain measure.
The friends of La'rd ' ate lagging nnd threat
ening what they will do if lion , ilntniM H not
returned to congress , and they sweetly HIUJ ( , ' ,
Gasliu ean do mniu good on thi ) bench than in
congre H. Ye * , ho that IIM held the scales of
justice equipolw between tha high and the
low , the rich and the poor , for ten yc.iti. will
not fall tu vote right In congress and look to
4 t ai\rv" i rrr 11 an HTATK *
nnd especially to hin conpn-nslnnal district.
And with the two men from 'Maine , onn In
the presidential chair and the other froni o
brnskft , our rialU will not bo neglected.
The nlwo is tha voice in rounded mcashrea
uf thu pccond cougreixional district ,
Wliy Do tlio Irlsli.amortomns Vote
Jnst ns the Tories WlsliV Blftlno
In 18SO , just before the election of Gen.
Garfield , Mr. Itlnlno wrpto the following let
ter to an Irish-American in Iloaton , in reply
to Home inmiiries :
AudfHTA , Ho. , October27,1880. MY JKAU
Sin : I received your friendly letter wllh
much pleasui-o. Lot mn Hay ia reply that
tlio course of youn-elf and other Irish
voters is oua of thi most extra > r-
tllnary anomalies in our political
history. Never , prob.iblyslnco the execution
of Hubert Kiumet has the feel ing of Iri > hmeii
the world over been BO bitter against HngUnd
nnd Englishmen .is at this hour. And yet thu
great mnss of the Irish voters will Tuesday
next vote precisely ns Kuglishman would have
them vote for tfco Interests of JCnglancl. Hav
ing Been Ireland reduced to minory and driven
to doipair by what they regard an the unjust
policy of England , thalriihmun of America use
ih ir Biiffrages in though they were the ngouts
and servants of the l'ujlis ( torios. The fioe
trulem : of Knglnnd desno uothlng HO much na
the defeat of Garfield nnd the election of
Hancock. They wi .h to break down the pro-
tootivo tariff and crliipln our nmnufactuiesi ,
nnd uino-tciiths of thn Irish voters of. ths
country responded with alacrity , "Ybe , wo
will do yonr bidding nnd vote as you please ,
even though it reduce our own wages nnd
take the bread frun the mouths of our chil-
drcn. " There are manv nblo mea nnd clover
UTi'turs aiming tha Irish in America , but
I ha\e noUT met one nblo enough and cluver
enough to evplalu this anomaly on any basiK
of logic ati't ' good honHo. I nm glad to HOO
froin your esteemed favor that the subject Is
beginning to trouble you. Tbo mure you think
of it the inoro you will bo troubled , 1 nin turn.
And youwill bodrlven finally to the conclusion
that the pio'perity of the Itish in this country
depends as largely as that of uoy other cliyss
upon the maintuinanco of the financial nnd in
dustrial policy represented by the republican
party. Very truly yours , J. G. BLAIJK. ;
Quiet Election in Alalmnin Al
most nn UnruilmniiH JDciuo-
cratlo Voto.
MoNTaoMKBT , Ala. , AugQHt4. In the elec
tion throughout Alabama to-day tharo was no
opposition whatever to thq democrat ! ) on the
Btato ticket , and very little of a party charac
ter in any of the countjr contorts. In conse-
nuenca there was no excitement excnp't where f
cundidate.8 were- running in cjunUen that
trade no nominations , and these were many.
Thus thn local insuen of democrats brought
out a fair voto. Thu hottest fight was ia Mo
bile botwooa the democratic nominees and the
independent ticket and in
, Birmingham be at
tween the democrats nnd n combination be
tween the republicans and grconbackers.
These two points were tha battle grounds of
the state. Not half a dozen republican legis
lative candidates were running in the Btjto.
Tha yoto of this city won about 1,800 , nil
democrat ? , nud was no opposition.
MOBILK , August 4. The independents ob
tained by the help of the colored voters a
largo majority over the regular democracy.
A. Nnniljor ol Tliom at tlio Elections
KAl ) , Ky , , Augunt ! . In nu alterca
tion between Win. Truinbo and H , G. Price ,
the latter WAS Mlghtly wounded , Simon Brad
ley was killed , Kd , Hiinmermnti fatally
wounded , Jolin Martin and Allen Fulton were
hurt. Mr. Bradley , n prominent
citizen , wits trying to stop the fight when ho
was phot. A lutgu crowd win ntundiog mound
and o.therH weio accidentally shot. It ix not
known who did the shooting. the
SoilKlWET , Ky. , August 4. JarneH Lay , 00
yuars old , and Bart IMlton , agtxl liO , met at
thn election to-day and rouowed an old ( | uar-
r.l. Ualton wan hhotaud.killnd. L.iywusni-
JiNTCKFitisK , Augufit 4. In nn election are
trouble K. Al. Gnlfy shot two miknnuii men
nnd tecnived a t > hot in thn head. All throu
were fatally woundo 1 , the
Tlio Colored IV , G. Jtciinion. thu
IVAKHAH OlTV , Aiigimt 'I , The inaugural
meeting of the colored national puard * ' ie-
union wni held to-iiight at Kuinpfj hall. An
iirldrcss of wclcomo WHH made by J , Dalian ,
iditor of the Gnto City ; reHj > auBa by Mayor is
Albert Burgess , of St. Louis , Addresses were
wein ulho made by Mayor Talbatt and ox- li
CotigreHirnnii Van 1 let no. Through a com
bination of untoward circumstances the NOD-
does not give promina of huccess , Thu iu
attendance is Binaller than at any previous
luuu'ou , not justlfving thu establishing of a and
] ) to-morrow. Tin programme othurwibo ,
huwevor , will bu carried out as projected.
Tlio Iron Worker's Convention.
riTTBiiuito , August . Nearly all the dole- arm
RttOH to the national convention of the Amal
gamated association , which begins hern to
morrow , have arrived. The convention will
In Ben-lion three or four days and ovary ntato
the Union la which iron or utcel are manu Mere
factured will bo represented , when
Mho Klba Iron works cloaeddown to-day , all
departments except the bolt factory , on ac
count of clock orlors and unsatisfactory
YOHK , August 4. The Commercial
Bulletin ot August6 etiniate.H the fire lotses In
July in the United State * and Canada ut
83.SuO.OOii , the heaviest July \OM \ tiucu the -
Portland lire in July 1800 , By thirteen ( ires shops
nlone , 83.2.rX,000 ) worth of property was de- terns
Htrofuj , Tlio nggiugata file lortu t > Ioco Janu 000.The
was 502,0.0 , nu Increase of about 810-
OOj.OjO over tha vorrospouding novea months
1883 , a year of extraordinary Qrn wnsto. for
Imitation Yellow Fever , by
New YOHK , AuguRt ! . A caw of midilei ,
death from u dl oaiia resembling'ynllnw fuvnr
Investigated by the lienlth nfh'ci'vlit Batui-
. Thn victim un < u mi lor ou the etpamer
Acipulco , which had coiiuulii ct fiom I'ana-
. Aflor a Uiorouuli luxHtigiition , the (
liDilth authuiltii-H nay tha C > M > uan ono of
ohagrem fever. Orders liavu ifi > imnto \
Uu < body nt unco. con
Tlio Clourlnjj Hounea ,
IkWOK , August 4. UUnatchm from tb '
leading clearing houses of tha UniUvl Stat 4 H
tuat tbo rJoarancx-rt for the wuek miding mltteo
Augut 2 were 8744.032-19 , wdocreoM of fi.l to-day
cent. oouipaitKl with tUu corrosi ndliig j for
u year PIO. ? I Scei
SwecpiDg Fire in Jersey Oily Depis
and Fcrry-Honses.
The Damaged Property that of the
Pennsylvania Oontrnli
A Number of Piers Destroyed Tomul
gother With Much Freight ,
The Disastrous Blaze Oausod By
an Explosion of Gas ,
Tlio Fire Department Unable to
Successfully Fight the Fire ;
Tlio F.'iniCH Under Control i nt
u Unto Hour Tills Morning.
NKVV YottK , August ! . The Pennsylvania
Central railroad depot at Jersey City Is ablaze ,
and.just now twins doomed.
KKW YortK , August ! . 11:45 : p. M. Thu
firoat tha Pennsylvania railroad depot in
Jersey City is spreading , and the heat in M
grout that the fitomen and employes are pro-
ventixl from saving anything on uhoro while
tug boats cannot gut uoar enough to tow out
tlio ferryboats and freight boats , and tboie
must go iu" the general dostiuctldn of tha depot -
pot , The piers are also burning , and thi ? In
volves tlio loss of nil the freight mid earn upon
them. Tlio wind if ) light , but sufficient to
glvo the fire a northerly direction , The laid
will bo very heavy ,
NEW-YORK , August 5. 1 :30 : A. M.-Tha
Pennsylvania railroad ( If | > ot and furry houses
nro destroyed. The llainm , however , bum fu
riously yet , and liavo attacked the Adams express -
press , pier. That portion uoarrwtlhu shore is
on fire. The firemen nro laboring hard to nave
it , but fear the shod whldi covers it 'will ' car
ry tha tUmos throughout Its length and
breadth. The entire fire department of Jersey
City is at work iwuring water upon the tinmen
while the river boats
are contributing a num
ber of heavy streams. The Pennsylvania rail
way depot and ferry house lielng of wood and
stocked with overj' sort of combustible mate
rial , the flames made run ) nnd rapid work ,
mocking tha company' * lira detriment , an
organ i7.itlouof _ employes , and defying tin ; la
bors of thu city fire ( lep.irlniPiit , while there
wnh a stick of wood to feed the flame * .
1 A. M , The fire was canted by an explosion -
plosion of gas In tbu ferry entranco. The
names spread rapidly to the ferry slips nnd
the rnih o.itl depot. Taylor's ( hotel is saved
thus far by tbo favoring wiud. The Brook
lyn annex slips nnd four ferry slips of the
railroad and ferry oflicos , with tlio wait
ing idams , weroburned. . The flamej
nro advancing upntho ( , main dcjxit.-
Theexplof ion of gas is said to liavo been
canted by a leaky main. It blew up thu floor
ing and overthrow the ticket boxes by thu en
trance to the Pennsylvania ferry IIOUHO , at thu
foot of L'xchango pluce , Jenoy City.
illobeit M. Jones' , night ticket ( taker nnd
vV m , C. Backus were selling nnd receiving
tickets nt the time ; both were
and slightly hint. An unknown lady nud
gentleman were pasting through the entrance
the timo. The woman "was'jinned down
by on overtuniod box and badly burned be
fore being rescued and taken charge uf by
friends. '
Tbo force of the explosion was such at to
blow the plass from the roof and sides of n 00.x
100 waiting-room beyond tn entrance ,
The llamoi shot up in all directions. 'J he
alarm was promptly respondedto by the city
fire derailment and the file-boats of New
York City and the Pennsylvania railroad ,
A strong southerly wind was blowm 'at the
timu and u-irried the fire to all portions of
thejwaitiug room , and the five slips of tha
ferry and tn immunao railroad waiting room.
Thu entiiostiuctuiu was frame , single story ,
with the exception of n few office * above the
ferry entrance.
The steamboats Hlchnrd Stockton , the
Pennsylvania railroad Nuwburg excursion
htuanier , snd the Thomas P. Way , of Stool &
Comlit'd l ! < ty Jtldge line , were lying ut the
dock adjoining the most southerly of the livu
nlips , with two ferry bints laid up for the
night. They wore pulled into tbu strwuu by
tugs uninjured.
Thocaisintho depot and on tlio Adams
express pier north of the ferry ihpa worn
pinled out of danger.
The lire has now consumed five slips nud
tlieds connecting them , thu ferry and rail
road oflicos mid thn waiting rooms with their
contents. Thu main de ] > ot has brick walls
ii on and glass roof and will probably bo
landed at Washington street , lliren
blocks west of the ferry , arid trains will start
from the imno point. It U underload tint
ferry boats will land nud rccelvo paxson-
nt llaiminui Cove freight yard , vhuro
company have several lloatiut' bridges.
toaroH can bo transported until the ferry
rebuilt ,
The fire will bo confined to the present
limit * . Tlin nhcxl on the Adams ICxpreis dock
slightly damaged. About ono hundred feet
tha main depot is destroyed ; the lemuiodor
Dr. U. II. Velnlango. of No. 313 , l.Vt
Kighth street , Now York , is the man who WHS
the ferry entrance when the explosion oc
curred , Ho was htruck by timberri and glass
badly injured , llix lady friend WUH Mjri- oiio
lounly burned. They ere tal.ou to Cliriat'rf
Henry Thorpa of Marlon , emjiloypd on the but
Brooklyn annex , had nn mtery of thu right
uoverod by the breaking glass. So far as ly
Kevei al hundred guetiU of Taylor's hotnl
greatly alarmed , but wore ( piloted down
ubuwn there wau no danger ,
The occupants of the email ( .tore * of Kx-
chougo 1'laco moved 'their olfi-cU into the
titiuet. and are now letuiniiig. Garden ing
truckmen and abattoir ) mte.h iii are ming tip ;
Chumberi ) street ferry ,
Kllltl ) IIY M01I1NI.VO.
PIIILADKI.WIIA , August . A fire broke out
the engine room of the lialdulu locoiuo *
inotiyiworkf , Broad nud Hamilton Hireots.
to-night and destroyed the uiachiun aud tool
nnd a largo number uf valuable pat
, The total lo.i is intimated at SlfX- )
The fire is * uppn ed to bavo boon cauiod by
lightning' the uogines had been shut down win
Eorne time before the discovery , Part of
lioiler huiiMi was bul equently dittrnytd
falling wall * ,
Hey ton's Holdlcrs' Homo , tad
( ) , , August i , Tha congressional
Investigation of tha Soldiers' homo Is now in
progress here , The committea conuMs of
ieiurulu Koinorana and Blocuin and Hi-pre-
Htutntivis Murray , Steele and Cutchen. A
ntmib'Tof witnoiHCD have been examined and
> lder bn ! important tf.itimony huK luon
up. thi
GrocnlmukcrH ,
BOSTON August 4 , Tim oxecutlvnm. .
of tha f Utn gre'inback committee met ro\
and decided to call a htuto convention ly
September4th , at 11 o'clock , at Melnoin , ou'
.Secretary HutcUo oa aI4 tkit Uetwral ButIU
ler had told the committee who apprised htm
of hi < liomlnatlon , that ho accepted the tmtixi.
Thn pef plo might put nny construction they
pletned on the gclie-rfcl letter of accoptinco ,
and tiultiM ho dlrd b fern electioo , tlnj nntlrii'
Alt party would put In nomination n straight
ticket of electors.
Tlio JttnKnlfloont Demonstration nt
FortHinouUi In Honor of tlio
Koturneil Arctics ,
PoiiTswiiTli , Auguti-l. Tha city is thronged
mul public and priyntj buildingi ore decorated
and "Welcome to ourjArctic Heroes , " plac-
ardixl on bunting everywhere. The harbor is
filled w ith crnfn lad n with people. At lli0 : !
amid considerable > nthu iniui Comrantder
Hchley , LUutonnnt Emery and Commander
Colllti disembarked , > W following thesn worn
other uilioors of thoJGreely expedition and
pallor * of thoThotlBonriiud Alert. They
were entluwiaalically.greeted as they landed.
The crowd pressed forward to ylmko hands
nndn roarof vvolcomKwent up when nt 11
o'clock , Oreely wa discovered with comrade *
iming to ward thelniVdngintueadminil' ! bi > rve
Greuly was clothed lu , whitii with slouched
tint ami wearing spectacles. As ho and com-
mtiioiH alighted , nil crowded to welcome him.
-Sroelv loaned upon Lioutonaut Powell and
languidly lifted lilt bat. Ills every move
ment indicated woakncffl. His comnvdes re
ceived much attention. All ware placed iu
coachei and driven tp the Itockiugliam houso.
it ! having been decided they should not ap
pear In the prucetalon. At the hot 1 crowds
gathered to c.itchiX'ftlimpio of them. Lion-
tenant Greely laid to the associated picus rep
resentatives that ho fqlt very well this morning
and ho look , d It. , He expres ed himself
muchmnvod by tll , cordiality of the recep
tion. Mrs. Greelyjuiuetl her Imsbund nt the
hotel. At 12:20 the procession began to
march. Applause i doted the sailors of the
relief squadron. Au ovation continued
through thu unurn , route. Commander
Schley , Lieutenant" Greely nnd Commaiidor
Cotlin were rcceiVM with tremendous ap
plause. Ho were Secretary Chandler , General
Hazen , Commodore \Vollg , noting Admlnd
Luce. As the bead of the procession neared
Hockiiiglmm house , whcro Greely nnd tlio
survivors wero' vailing to rdvlow , the
promuro of the crowd bccnino < o
great tbat tbo "column was delayed
several luinnteH. Lieut. Grecley and comrades
were sotted on a baloony. Cheer after cheer
greeted him. An tli.i crews of ThctLs , Bear
nnd Alert passed , Orceloy bowud nud seemed
to look his gratitude-to the mon who BO re
cently rescued him fipm an Arctic grave. The
ttueno was affecting.
Commanders Schloy.jBiid Coffin and Lieutenant -
tenant Kiuory raised ilToir hats 09 they pascod
the hero. Aftyr 'thu procession Greeley and
party werp driven to tba grind eland , wlicre
they again reviewer ! the procession nnd re
ce'n od tup plaudits of the multitude. Among
the prominent men ca the ttand were Secre
tary Chandler , General Union , Governor
Hole , Mayor Lathrcp , of Dover , the uuyor of
Ncwuuryport , Samuel < T llandall , Congress
man KobliiHon of iJConr York , the oillccrs of
the relief oxKxlille.u | and North Atlautiu
squadron , and niom.bera of the city eovcin-
ments of many Novv. Knglaml cities. Thii JITOter
co-hion Mas dicinlbstkl at 2o'clock. Shortly
after , the invited RUOsts were enteitalued at
dinner by the city of Portsmouth.
PoitTWMOUTJi , August ! . The meeting cf
citi/ens this oveniocr to e\tcnd an ollicial wel (
come to Greoly iiDd.MH companions was la ge
ly ntteiidixl ni.d enthusiastic. Un thn xtage.
were the officer * of 'the North Atlantic squad '
ron Arctic relief fleet ; in thu front tiuta
thu crews of tha Thetis , Hoar and Alert. Tlio
sailors , were nithuaHBtically received while
entering the liall , rlso the oQlccrs who fol
lowed. Secretiuv- Chandler , Gonornl Hazen ,
Admiral Luce , Gen ral Butler , Congressmen
Kaudall nnd lioV-idiiiti , aiid'Govornor Hale ,
oj New Ilamushirt' , ' smd Senator" Halo , nf
Elaine , 'oj--upJod. 'U.'jo tlie'plalfonn. The
meetliig 'vV > ca'lSis * order by JR v'V. . A.
ArdtJitetry. Ituy. WVlT , Alder m.ide pnvyer ,
followc-l by nn address of welcome by the
mayor of the city uf Portsmouth ,
Secretary Ghaudlpr was madu chairman.
Coming forwardhewan warmly auplau ed , >
and when ho icferred to tliu ( ilforts oE Handull
in the house of iepr > * ( entativcs and Senator
Halu in buhalf of the Greely relief bill , as wiill
an the iiohle work of Commanders Schley mid
Coflin and Lieutenant Kmery , the au'dicuca
liocnmo almost wild with antliusiaxm. Chand
ler told the ttory of thn organization and ob
ject of the Greely expedition.
Chandler then related thu history of the
Bucceenful effort of Commander Scu'ev and
comrades to itMClie Greely , nnd paid n deserved -
served tribute to nil concerned , dwelling
Sd ; ;
mournfully on the suffering nnd foititu Jo of
those who jie/Iilicd , and oxpiessing the satis- .
faction of thn nation iu the Hiirpaxsing sucoeKS " .
of Greely nud his rescuedcomradeH. * "
Tim governor. Senafor Halo and Congressjjuy
an Kandnll follpwtd with nhort addrecsen.
Secretaiy Chandler hero announced that It
WIIH impoBxiblo for Lieutenant Greely anu
party to bo preoout cwing to thu fatigue inci
dent to to-day's cvremontes. Hn then iotro-
ducixl G. A. Nesmitb , brotbur of Mrd. Greoly ,
who with much cinotioii thanked Secreta-y -
Clinudler and CmnmanilnrN Hclilcy and Collin
and Lieutenant Kmtry for their work of the
General Butler tvaji Introduced iimld tro-
meudous upjiliuitu. llo nrxiko feelingly of his
arly acquaintance with Grecly , wlium he described -
scribed H neod'ijycd Htudeut of exploration
and travel , llo mln thn tluiikh of llio nation got
were duo to Qtionnristoi in for thn gift of the
Alert. AH to I'cilur explorations , General
Butler paid hn thought Americans would
nfl\er rent until the , north pulu was n > ached.
thought a party ought to bo xont
tlio Arctic to ntay , nnd ndvauoo
nlowly , ectablishlrii/ supply depots as they HanT
moved. Tlio north poln Ixilonged to the
Unltud HUti-M. He wild
, and ho pri < dlcted :
their territory would 1-0011 embrace the en- 1:21C
tlio wctti ; n hemle'pliero poles and all , In Cim
cloning ho caldnll Americans needed to enable 'M
them to renl(7i ( nil their possibilities was a
thorough kuowloJgo of the principle ) " of their stri
governmont. 1:03
The meeting cloned about midnight. 1:03A :
WASHINGTON , Aiigmt 4 The dead lx ly of
Addlu Klotclior , colored , head chambermaid ,
was lecavvrttl from the lulus of the Unitcul
States hotel thin rmrniing , It is bollovnil but
victim remains to In found. This Is
Henry Holt , colored. The main part of the
hotel , that fronting on tint nvonuo , Is intact ,
under guardianship tf the juo ! ! . As
largo a force of laborers can bu advantageous
employed mo ut wifrk removing tbo ucbris. 2.
Thn large crocks in the rear walls uf that per
tion of the bulldjng'which remains Htanding
makes tlio work of thn laborers one uf 1 '
TvvoDontlm attlio Koiituclcy Pollfl ,
LIIMKOTON' , Ky.j Augimt 0 At OKI court
Jiousn to-day , vvhiln Uie cluction wni < progrcxs- 0.
ndli'putu Ixitwren ( longo towait , dojn-
ocrnt and J. Open , republican , resulted In
Gnois fhoPtinjr fttewarc through thu head ,
killing him limtautly. Another row occurred
between Jack C/e. / ry aud Dick Murphy.
Clcary wuxdUmnboweu d , nnd has since iliod.
Clnarv and ilurphj4 had nu old grndgo nud
were Itoth drunk , _
Tlio Clioltru'M Course. * TMO
Torixjh" , Atifciint'4 , 0W : ! p. HI. No deaths
from cholera hi ru to-day. Total nutul r uf
ciiHi'ri iow under troatniunt , 10 ! ) . There
one de.ith to-day fct Leiioyiio , and two at
Montfort-sur-nrKuo/ .
MAIIKKIM.KM , Augudt- ) p. in. There have in
beousovon ditatliH fiom chr > ler slnco eleven wlin
morning. Only throe cased were udiuit- art
into the J'haro' hospital to-day , Sixty
being treated thnio now ; tou
to-duy. tale.
Ilullan Ctieap Labor. wai
UOHTOK , August --Thirteen J.Mtero left
Walker , HCiong k Carroll's factory , at 1' ist
AVuymoutb , this moniinr , rofunlug to loot
shoes for lUdiaus who had beeu noouruU to fill
> plociM of utriklnir stitchers ,
"I''lri ' ) Jllui Out. "
to -
ThU Is a common remark whim roualiw and cf
rowdya Insult pubJIo daconcy by tbtir nnneerc.
vs , Uynporwiia U u horrid l ofo , P Ira It ry.
' nrlUi Dnrdvti til > sl JUtltrt , You * ua Af in
Johnny Boll and JotaCrapcan Now
Doing Consitoablc Talking
And Which May Eventually Ro-
Eult in a Clash of Arms ,
Paris Papers Especially Warm
ing Up Against England
"England Has .Not Yet Evicted
Enropo from Egypti"
French Constitutional Convention
Opens Lively at Versailles
Gladstone Moving to Rolloro Gordon
IIOO.OOO Reformer * ABRomblo
In London ,
Franco nnd KiiKlnntI Warming Up.
PAIUB , August ! , Ou Hoctlon of thu press
oiuBuds thu tocull of W ddlngton , the
L'ronch ambassador at London , ax thu author
of tlio Anglo-French agreement which WM
defeated in thu ICgjptlnn conference. It in
ruiwrted Waddington olfen to re"ign. The
'aro , referring to thu subject , B VJVml : -
dlngton'a pueccPHor nuiiit dl'pluy greater
energy agninit the spread of Knglieli povvar ;
French and Knglixh lnterr tH are now com-
| > 1etely unposed nnd a conflict i-t i editable in
the near future " The mptura of tin confer-
suee , thu | iner Bays , Is n gmvti enough ijvpnt.
but IthopeH It will iiut ha\o to mmounco that
tliu latent conflict Ins jwssoJ into oiton hottil-
La Uenublltjuo IVflticaiso maintains that nl-
though the agreement has elapfccd , Knglaud
lias admitted the claluin of Franco. " .Franca , "
the paper nay , "must vindicate her rights ,
Kngland has not yet ovlctad Kuropo from
t. Kiujland's axciirted freedom and powav
er of notion are a ilelniinn . "
Rovletnc tlio French GonKtlltitloii.
PAIUB , August 4. The opening Hussion of
the cougro's eomixiiod of the two IIOIWH of
uarliament which iiKHomhlud t Vewaijles to-
lay to uudertnku a revision of the constitution
fiat cxonediugly uprcarious , and hioktiupin
? reat di-order. After n stormy tumult , Le-
roycrs * jro | osal tn adopt the standing orders
of the n 'oraby ] of 1871 was ngrced to. Both
right nnd left took pm t in thu interruptions.
As soon ns this matter was dispo'ed of Minis
ter Kerry ascended thu tributin to Introduce
tlie bchom < ! uf revision. Andrioux and others
at moo protested that ] i"orry was out of order.
It was coutcuded tlio evmmlttue ought to bo
. looted first. As Andrieux wiei RKcen < ling the
tribune the members formed n rcmi-cirelu
around him nud n Kci'ne of thu wildest oxcito-
inent eiisund. Mho prenklunt thereupon put
his hat ! on uml tiuspeiulud the Hitting ,
LOSDOK , Auguut . Cilnd tone atatad in
the coi&nionH to-day that ho would
ask. the houu > to-morrow for a
vote of credit for an expedition to relieve
General Gordon. | Ie will at tlm cainn time
lonko a etufement of tha steps the govern.
input prop-wen to tikko'Iu ' coilnpuoiice ] of tLd
fniluro of thu Egyptian conference.
L'OO.OOO Kn lHU Itcformcrs'
LONDON' , April-I. Two hundred thousand
> oplo assembled to-day on tha grounds when
the reform demonstration took place. Thu
meeting comprised nine divisions. Tliero was
excellent order. Weather line ,
Saddlebags nnd Bulky
SAriATOrtA , August , Milo and a furlong
Albia ] | , , 1st , Nettle 2d , Cardinal McClonkoy
j. : timu 1:674. :
Mlle | and half and furlong-W. H. Woodward -
ward , won , Powbattan "d , Manitoba ltd ; time
Tliroo-quorter mlle Galaxy won , MB * lo
aj-Buro ad , Mlnnio Melon 8d ; time lliL ? T.
"itoeploch'so nil ages ; over , a frAtnonnl
run Kickott won , Miss Mwilsoy 'dl Abra-
liain M ; time 4t4. : :
CnioAno , August . Thiec-fourthi miln
4-year nldn Wliispurine won , Actor 2(1 ( , Mn-
ria2d ; time , 1:111 } .
I'lvo-eighU mileheah 2-war oldn-Gor-
innnla woi , Lady Ciaft 2d , YnultorSdj bent >
Mill ! nnd n iuailer | All nges-Cetitrnvlllo
won , Sidllvnii ad , Chintll'y ' iij llino , 8:111. :
Mlle and sixteenth selling all ages Kr-
wou , Manitou iid St'irtlo 3d ; timu , 1:51 : . :
Tin eo-fourths milo 3-jejrolds Avorywoii ,
Sawyer'2d , ConkllngSdj timu. 1:161. :
AT union JON.
_ . _ . , Auguut-I. Tiikck heavy.
Three-fouiHis milo - noil-winners Aiiuliii- I
Han won , Medusa 2d , Itetert lid ; timu , l2'.l\ \
Tliree-fourthi mlle non-winners Tony
ister won , HoHtagu "d , Columbia 3d ; time ,
Culver railroad rtakoH mlln and a half
Clmilio B won , Dizzy Blonde 2d. Brunswick
Sdtime ; , aIOJ. :
Mlle and furlong celling allowances Ten
strike : won , Kiln Burk 'M , Ghost M ; time ,
) . A
All DRCH inilu and a furlong Arneiilc won ,
Frank ft 2dcna ] Ud ; time , 2:011 :
M'aldniiH doven furlorgs Cnrllulo won ,
Will Dulu 2d , Florence J UJ ; time 1:311' . M
llano Kail.
At Cliicogo Chlc go , V ; Clovulnndn , 2.
At PltUburg Alleglicnya , 2 ; Bropklynn .
At Wnfhlugton Unloui * , Baltimore , 7 ;
At Milwaukee MilwaukiiM , 10 : Still watem ,
2.At Kvansvlllo-Kvnusvillo , 4 ; alii
'At Philadelphia No gamej ruin. K
At Inulonupullft-JadiaiuipolfB , ' 7 ; Tolodn ,
At Tejro Haute SiiginiiWii , 6j Turro I finite ,
At Qiiincy Quinvy , 12 ; Mlimc-apoli * , la.
Dutiiiit Detroit , V , Buffalo , IH. A.
The Oar , at
i TSKtlKIl AND I10HH 1IAT011KI ) AUAIN , .
BoriioN , August . A livu mlle sculling
match for 51,000 a sidii him bscii Arranged lui- nitHt
tweeii Fcomurimd KOHU , Thu ( imu uf tun
in yet In abaynuci > .
Alor , T. Hiownrt , Jr ,
NKW YOJIK , Aunuit 4. Judge Jfilton
ocutor uf thu A. T , btowart citttto , filed in thu
Unlti-d KtilfH circuit court today au aiiNwor The
the suit cf Alex , T. Stawart , nt Vermont , Tlio
claims tu Uj ilia legal heir of A , T. Blew *
, ami who eluii-joM tuut lii'ton , taking ad-
vantogo of his linlx'oillty , billud him toHign a ly
roleaMi from niiyclaim ho might have to 114
. Judgu Hilton KHHcrts tiiut thu claimant
| > erfectly rivfpomiblu when lit signed thi
rtilciibi' , and reei'lved ' ' ! OUO for
* - * i > lining , am
that If tim 821,000 ba paid back by thn
clalmuut he will regard the rcleann M no1 but
having Ixion
HIII\I.IA : , Mo. , Augnnt I.- The UaziM >
to-iiioriow publUh fircfully iirep.-trr.d reputt
thu gmlu croiu in tlis stales uf Mis oviii
KuusaM , Nobroitk/i. / TOIJW nnd Indian Terrilu
Tin ) ii'lorU iihovr nu Jucmuo ( if ucrmigt
Miuouri of 20 per wjit , and nu InrM.un u to
, lu iMt civj/j , oi V ) p r c ut | HTU HVl
, 21 per will. Kantn , Ineren'o nf
crungc. l ! < per cent ! yiild , 12nr \ cent ;
lock , 25 | * rrent , Telncrfa e of ivcteago ,
0 per cent : yield , U per cent ; live ktock , SJ
ierceit. ) f\elirakn , Incrcn'o of acreage , 14
> or cent ; yield , 30 p r cent'i \ io utock , 10 tier
ent Indian Territoiy , 10 IM.T cent IP < H
kciviigo nnd yield ; live stock , f > 0 per cent in-
Tenie. In Kaunas , AIi , < ourt , mul MIIIO liarts
if Texai the cropi have ln > n injunxl by
leavy rains , while in the territory nnd part
> f To < n , the ilnmylit hm provitn ilotrlinen-
al , but i ho ptomidoU altogether for the lar-
; eit yield ever recorded.
Jln.for Ilcnynril'H Annual ltcl > ort Upon
tlio AVorfclmltl Out ,
WAttlllNoni.v , Augiut . Major Betivard ,
n clnrgo of the river and harbor Improve
ment ! nt Chicago h
, made his annual re | > ort
ip < ntlio \ wprk ns follows !
tllrvny Hennepiii .uul enlargement Illinois
> "d MlchfgAit cnnnU : amount available ,
llllpi'is river improvement : amount availAble -
Able , 31(0,135 ( ; amount n-lml , .Wll,000.
Chicago harbor Foim tlon harlnir : amo\int
vailabli ) , ? 107,10lnmoiintnRkoil ; , 5' ! r > ,000.
Culumot liarlxir Provide en trance to Calu-
nut I liver and port of Mouti ! Chicago : amount
avnlhblo , Jj2000 ( : amount alkod , $21,10t > .
Cnlumiitrivor l > rcdging : amount available
860.000 ; amoiltit asked , 31Ui > , OOl\ ,
The projectnow In tlio coiir n of execution
'nr thn iuiprovniicnt of thu Illinois river ,
Benyard tayK coiitomplntcs the construction
if fn luck nnd ( lain nt cjich of Hut sltm select-
d , LngraiiL'e and KauipHvllle , and tlio
It-edging \ of thu i'haimel from thn ttatn lock at
'nppircrrekto ! thn mouth of the river , llo
nrther sayn that ni thn niinmnt nppmpiiated
Inly I Tith will , bu Insullicieut to uontiuun the
vork nt lutli points , it in pixiponed to discou-
.unto the work for a KC.IHOII nt ICnmpivilln to
lliiw the colfeiduiii at that point to remain
looded , and roiieentrnto the force nt La-
rrAtigr. Tin fumlx will IHI npjilicd to raising
, hoMr luck , vtnlls to thalr rnquirvd height and iu
mrcha itig matt rial for and constiuctinir
gatu , vnlviM nnd oilier fixtures. Tha
funds now avnilablu will eompleto the wnlN
mid g.itts of the Livgrniifo lock ,
and bo oxhauntcd at thncloioof thoprcxeut year Should additional appropriations
lonmde. ' ' the plant will be transferred to
* ivumpsvlllu ] for operation at that | toint. J3uf-
icicnt fundi xhould I o appropriated , Bcuynrd
2ontiniiei4 , K > there whall bo nu delay In com
peting the wnrk in order to open the river to
invigatinn > throughout the boating
Bewont :
Btonn and other matt ri < tl miulrod liavo to In )
> btained ; a neanon in advnueo , and duo provi-
on should bo made there for ; otherwiao delay
only ' add to tbn oxpcnsu of the nuik ,
IntcriistliiK Gntherlnff of VotnrniiH to
Tnko I'lnoo nt dr. Imln.
lloba Democint.
Tlio fourth annual reunion of nld-tlme tel-
'grnphers ' and the United Stalls telegraph
COI-IIN , which taken pluco In this city August
! 0 umlUl , will bring togethrr omo of thu
test known telegrapher * in thu country. lx t-
.erajinvo . been received fiom vnteratiH iu thn
ervicu from nil nectinns stating tlmt
heir : prcseiico might INcoimtod up-
in.tor Mr. O. ( J. Hine , now ril-
itpr of thu Insurance Monitor , New , ,
ity , writes : l'I Imd clnrguof the ( list instru
ment : in St. LouU when t ere was only 0110
wire batwoen 'that oily and theeat , the
'O'Ueilly lino. ' nnd atslHted In laying thn firtt
cable that wns put ncioHthn Mwistilppi. 1
opaced ' tho'tlrst efflcu lu I'cm , Ottawa am'
jomo'of the small towiw between Chicago pud
Ht. Louis T think 1 wrote th first aiticlo
calling attPiitlon to tlio dinturliaiieo of toleg-
roliy | ) by the aurora borealic , and publithed
t in t IjoulH iu 1818. I ham in my
iiina _ picturn ( .f tlio cinpi of .
r > ouis iiilice , iw it was constituted in 181 ! * ,
only ono ui'inbvr of which sttrvivr s In St.
f i.ut , P. Af. Colburn , ticket ngeit of tlie
Vnndnliu railroad. "
'Ilia above is only ono of many winiilar lot-
iH and gives au iuea of what material the ru-
mien will be ( niii | > osed. The two nocictiex
ivill unlto in au excursion on the river August
0 , nfler Ilia adjournment of the Old Timem'
lusInoHH meeting. Th > LncIedo Intel will bo
he lifndqimrtci-H of the members. The ofli-
oars for I8SI of thn Old Timers' nsHoclation
are president , Guorgo M , Dtigan , of Jack
on , Tennessee ; vlco president , K , Itosowater ,
) mnlia , Nebraska ; si > cictarvand treasurer , 8.
i. Fuitx-hild , St. Louin , Sliasouri. United
Uates military telegraph corps : President.
Y. K. Plum , C'hlcnRo ; vico- president , Ociiorul
. U. Gllmoro. New York ; Bocratary and
leasurer , J. K. Pettlll. Chicago
Tlio Tliuinos ImnHt r.
LOKHO.V , August 1. - Particulars of thouol-
Islon and sinking of the steamer Dlono , In the
mmes Saturday night , state chat them wore
great many pleasure passengcrx on board.
t was , a clear moonlight n h' . Thu collitioii
ccurrcd nliout midnight with the large Iron
Hteamor Cnmdfln , just oh Gravesend. The
Dlonoa port sldu was Ktovo In , the vessel keel
il over and sunk ia two inliiutex.
'J'linnoBavod rushed on dock , jumMid [ over
ialf dreKSud ; inil worn rescued by tups. Thn
Kconoi vvoru hcartrundlng. Ladles implored
mi'ii to savi ) their clilldren. Many women
voro carrying infants. Ouo mother placnd
lor Infant on a lloatlnj ; crate. Tht crate
loutul elf , but was found later off Thamex
fayqu , the | nfant aliva The captain of the ;
LHytio VIM saved , but was badly hurt.
, lenth nf n riitHliir Vntvrnn ,
PITTHJIUIIO , August I.Lowls Pi 'otorseniSr. ' ,
ono of Pittsburgh earliest and mist promi-
niint Imslne/ui men , died this morning in liin i
nlnety-thlnl y ar. M r. I'etorscn was ono of
tin' proprietors nf thn Ponnsylvaiiin Dally
Ad oca to , tha first daily published huro. IIu
Termed ; thu first board of trade , innuufacturod
the lirtt cotton , and was laigoly interested in
the Iron Industry of this city , llo joined the
MaHcuilo order In Phlladuljihln iu 1812 , and
came to Pittsburg tlio year following.
Atl'uh-H In Kij > pt.
T-omiO.v , August . According to thu lutiwt
advlceMthoAfahdi IH now fightiug the nogru
trlU a iiroimil Ueb Kl Uadir who rofiiHod to
uin him , ft In asicrlod ho dinpatchod n force
Khurtonm under ordoiH to take Cordon
allvoordoad , llo orderixl thu wells betvveer
ICoBoko and liorbur filled up. The Bultaa ol
nzibiir Kent u mivtuago tu Gordon Invitiuf
liim to Xiu/.lbur : ,
Gnneral lutuaii In Now Yorlt.
4NmYOHK. . Augint-1. fJeneral Logan iir
rived in ftnw Yoik to-day in oumpauy witli
. IJ , Hill , IIH ! piivatontcrfltary , and \V. 1J ,
CrooliH , < > l I'hlladnlphlii , llo Imu taken rconn
the Fifth Avenue lintel , and refuct-H to tall >
withrejiresoutathoi oftheprew , KCHUJ-H In
email to the city entirely UJKIII privuto liiwl
, nml that thu vinit him nu political xlgai
NKW YOHK , August"A ! Htwclnl
reports thu lynching nf'tou negrus iu Nort
hampton county , A'a. , by a g.uig of Italian * .
story is linprolublo and unconfirmed ,
pinto U remote from talon raph.
llAi/iiiipm : August M , Tlie dory uf tha
lynching in Nottliampton county in nlwolut
Tniioinitiit li'lro'
YOHK , AugiiHi ! . Twenty-thrna us-
ciip.uit/i uf a ti-nvmi'iit hoiiHo on Charltou
Htnct were oiidangeieil by lira this morning ,
irtrrowly i oiH l in thmr night cluthert b ;
ladders from thontrnet and by floulnK tii tha
rtuif. Ni'iiriy allweio slightly burned , but no
livid wcio lout.
Tliroo . In '
Cy.nw n BIllo.
Hr , PAUL , August . Tlio Oumhn rood ha
luued n circuluc ntutiug that the i
rutex OUT itit ruid in luwa lr vb been
thrvii coiih \ : t uillo , to cuuforiu to tbu
Very Ltttlo Slrength stiowu in tk
Chicago Markets Yesterday ,
Oattlo Plentj - - ' Compar
atively Cheaper T1 J 'atives ,
logs Drop 10 to 201 j = arSomo-
What Heavy ) | " pts ,
Only a Fair Degree ; jtivity in
Grain Ma'f '
Although Wheat Makes a Gain of
Ono-Fourth of a dent ,
CoruOnliiH an KlKlitli Oatn Qnlct
Tork Nominal Imnl Kaslor.
Special Dispatch to Tim DIR.
CIIICAIIO , August I. Tliorii wai . fair de
mand for fiit iKxtlvoi , nucli M would suit the
or tha ( hipping export triule , : nd
on these sort * , HO long n < < thu deniMid
asted , tveru fully -w strong rw on Saturday ,
invaril the close , and after urgunt orders hod
ecu filled , there Waa an onsicr fcellrg.
ho bait madti C CO to 0 70 ; nnd second cluu
60 to tl : )0 ) ; nnd other wiria of native steun *
rum thcwo tignrcH to 4 00 to 5 t5. ! The pnpply
coinnnn na tiveo , including cow nnd bulk
van ratlior light , nnd there was ban-ly sulfi. ,
ient biiblncM to make A market. Then ) wo.4
ut a ( light show , however , for thcso aortn t < >
lake any better jriccn than formorly. for
Vxanti are plenly nnd yet comparatively
honper than foinimin nntivrw. Them were
bout 2.01H ) Tu.xan" , nnd thAy nold a Miadu
lialior at It COS1V'About all the Texans
vero cold. Good to cqmmnn ihipplng ; 1200
to 3100 poundi , 000@0 SO ; common to
medium , 1000 to I'-'OO ' pounds , < 1 0 5 tiO ;
r ngo cuttle , 525o higher ; grals Te in ,
-00 to 800 pound * , II 20@3 75 ; Toxanr , ! K)0 ) to
1000 pound , U c.Kal ( ) 40 ; corn fed , 5 00@5 70.
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o-iluy ! , SalOH worn at Ti 00 to f 80 for assorted
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ni Ik of tha ] ackorn' hogs felling at iibnut ! i ( JTi
, u D 70 ; light , IfiO to 200 [ xiundi , C SO to 5 90.
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; ro of activity tij-day , but values gen-
rally firm. Wheat wan quiet butstpady ;
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iiit opened Htf.'uly , declined about 3o , ensed
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ho ifgular boiird Jo h'gher tbixn Hatuiday.
3n 'tho afttruoon Iwaul prlciM were ( igtvlii
inn , August clnBlrj ; ut ' H.'lr , Heptuinbor at
H.lio , October nt&IJe. - - - *
A modei-atii ImuincHM WJH trituneti il In com.
The opening wn linn , but' pricen reiedivl Ac.
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narket breami * etrouirer , price.s ailvinciiig'j t <
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or Siptcuibor , nd Jo higher 'or October than
juturuay , On thn afU-i noon board the mar-
.11 ogam IKJUUMO rtiimger , August cluxi ing
tOT , Si'pteml > cr nt 6IJc , and Uctolxii aU
OiitH Mere igiitet and etfulj'Augmt : elcning
, t a'n'u ' ! > d September : it JMc.
Pork nomliKil.
lifttil u ( hnilc eiuii > r , closing ut 110 fur
Auguht , 7W for HeptenuVr , 7 07J for _ Octo
' .
AT 1UIIN. . ,
N , August 1Hut nr higher ; regular
41,2 ( > 0 iwundH , nt 23g23Jc , clo Ing voiy
inn. The supply i * nhort of the demand ,
hoe so unchanged ; no regular sales. IVivato
Hiili'H : 12 ,010 jioundH of butt r , 3,300 bo\e
if che < f e.
Tlio Weather To-day.
O.V , Augiiht fi. For the npin-r
vullev : Generally fair , north
easterly uindri Incoming variable , nlight
hangeH in U'tnjx'ratiiro ' cml lower liarcmetcr.
[ ' 'or thn MHioiiri vnlley : Slightly wanner.
'air , MtriablunlmU generally from tlm sautli ,
mil lower barometer.
Alllnlno Koy'H Skull Fractured.
CiNt'iiiSATf , AugiiDt 1.Wm , Holiiiec , a
Kiy IU yeain old , wna beaten < m thu head tn-
night nt the Vine utroct ojiom homo fi r chout-
ng frr Jllnino during the performance. JIi <
skull wart fiactnrod and it is thought the lxiy
will die. I'rivato Wutcliinaii Young , who di < l
ho Ixatingva orrdsted ,
Tlio Cotton Crop.
Niw OIII.HANH , August ! . The National
Cotton exehango report * July mom favorubla
for the cotton crop , wlijeh han improved
ibinit ton | HintH , bringing it up to tf7 , ugaiiHt
! > fur June and ill for May.
Bouthoi-n Goal ,
, AugtiBt ) . Thn leading coal
iin luceis of Kentucky , TOIIIHISMHJ and Alii-
iiamn met heie to-day. The meeting an
lareo ; forty eompnnleH uero reprexcnted . Tlio
object U to form a. gouthera cnil : iis pciitiin. ;
Duly preliminary himlneita to-day.
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, Me , August J. Bla'na ' in-rival
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