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HIM tbe People's ' Prouerty is Being
Amiromlatefl in Keith CoDnly ,
Thousands of Aoros Leased at the
Lowest Nominal Valuation ,
"Ona Doran , of Omaha , " the Vis
ible Instrument in the Steal ,
How the Appraisers Sold Them
selves for $250 to $500 ,
The Lanas Leased at 6 to 6 1-2
Per Oont on Nominal Valuoi
The Question Arises , What Has A. G.
Kemlull to do With the
T1J13 STEAI- .
Special Dispatch to Tun BUB ,
NORTH I'LATTK , Nob. , July 31. The North
1'lattn Telegrjph of to-day has the following
editorial : Un list Wednesday an injunction
wan served on the county treasurer and cleik
t of Keith county , restraining them from issu
ing leases of the school land in Keith county.
This injunction wus sued out in behalf of
prominent citizens of western Nebraska with
.v view of heading off ono of the moat stupendous
deus frauds that was over attempted in the
state. The history of thsso leases as shown
by tha petition filed in the district couit of
Keith county proacn s a pictuio of wholesale
bribery and corruption rarely witnessed. It is
. dlejjed that
A. G. Kendall , commissioner of public lands ;
H. G. Bleasdale , county clerk of Keith , nnd
others conspired fraudulently together to secure -
cure for thcninclvc1 all the school lands in
Keith county , over 100,000 acres , ut nominal
figures , and in defiance of law and justice. In
furtherance of this scheme II. C. Uleasdale
appointed three appraisers , who for a nominal
cousideiation signed their names in blank tote
to the appraisement , and the values in said ap
praisement wcro afteiward filled out by lorin
Ono of these appraisers boasts that ho m-
ifivrd over $500 for signing his name. Xo
doubt the others were paid in pioportion.
jiloasdal eadmita that his nharo in the tran
saction ww § 210 in cash and several sections '
ut' the land. According to the le-iess these
l.inds Ii.ivo been leased at from ti to GJ per
cent , on a v.ilue of 40 to " 5 cents per ncie , a.
mere fraction of thuir real value. Their real
value would bo from 3 to SO per acre , and .
they would be readily taken at that price.
The injunction that has been sued is only
injorder to make it effectual
it .will bo necessary to take steps to amend
the-e fraudulent leases. Kvoiystep in the
U.insaction in r-gaid to the leasing of tlie.-o
land-i shows fraud ou the p < rt of all concerned.
The law requites that these lands shall be
olfcred for bale after proper notice , nnd if not
cold thty shall then bo leased to the highest
bidder. Now these lands were never advertised -
tisod for nalo and were never offered for sale. !
No notice of any kind was given to the pub
lic that these lands were to bo leased , An
.ihstr.ict of the lands was received by the clerk
from Kendall , thruo appraisers were appointed
by tlm clerk , who , instead of performing their
oworu duty and per.soti lly viewing the lands
nnd making their own values ,
yon A DitiiiK
appended their names to the blank appraise
ment , and instead of turning the appraisu-
ment over to the county treasurer , whoso duty
it would havn been to ma'co ' H record of tha ap
praisement and forward the oiiginal to the
. onmmisiioner of public lands , this man Doran
h pei milled to deliberately carry off this ap
praisement and make his own v.duo nn the
> ame. There iiau abundancn of proof to Hub-
rt'.tntiatn the iibovo charges.
Hits to g ( t out of the bn : not transpiiod ,
but it undoubtedly something h.imKoliie. '
This matter of nchool land leases lun bocnmn
a burning throughout the ntato and it
is time that summary Htejn wnro taken tn ein. . '
briug the guilty to justice. The t-cliool fund 81
had bei n defrauded out of hundreds of thous- 81U
ndn of dollurri by a ring whoso hi'adintartorri \ \
jro in the- capital , Onn clerk at the capital
made his boast that his share in one transac
tion win % 10,003. It will only bn by the mint n :
tneigutic measures on the p.irt of ( lovurnor 1n
J ) \vert tu bring the HIW
jnd rtACUO the moiety of our cbildn ii's horit-
: igu not yet in thu clutcht'.s ' of the thieves , that 111
ho will Ixjablo toH.iti fy the people of the tlIII
> tate that lie alno in not it member of this III 111
' ring. ill
OillRAr.o , July 31. First race Mile , all
. gtj-rvighon won , Centra M , Afrcoli 3d ;
turn1:5 : / . '
Second raco-Milo and an eight , maiden
thrco year olds-Alad won , flodaway ad ,
HeontSdj time , tSli ; ; , '
Thiid race " Ihrco-f-mirtontof a mile , "Ju-
> emln spikes "tvvo } < var olds-C'elsns won ,
Court 1J..U 2d , Lady of the Jukn 3dj time |
'Koiirth rftcoMiloor bo.itou hornon
Au tr.than won , 3nx L'd , I.'astcr 3d ; timi- , '
Fifth racn n lf milo hrats Transition
wi , Wrflliigftl , 1' . J ) . < > . 3d ; | Jt tin , 8.
The Oar.
WAHHINOTOK , Ju'y ' 31. All MCOH ono and n
Inlf uiik'M t < traightaway ,
Kirrt race Junior singles Smithson , of
tun 1'otomacn , won ; time , 12lj : ! ) | ,
Four-oarod nouiord-l'otomaci iy > n ; time , |
' * > IQ *
Junior fouw Columbian w < m ; timn , 111:1 : ] ,
Four-oared gig Pommyl VB niuH won ; time ,
f Li hl-wt ight fourd-1'otomac.s won ; time ,
.Siniior Hinglfi ) .Sinithson , of the Potonmci.
on ; time , 11:60 : ? ,
KiRht-onred rdw-Columbitti
cu ; time.
HO.VHOITII PABK , July 31. The track was
lusiry ,
Ulirco quartim of a mil o all u -Glide- -
way won , Canimil second , 1'inafore thiitl ,
Time , MSI.
Hitl Hunk take 2 year old . three-quar
ters of a mile , Phitnera worn , Guano fecund ,
Cholula thiril. Time. 18 : * .
Newaiki-takes mile St. Savior won , Bur
ton Heeotid , Kndyminn thiitl. Time , IMS.
Mile nnd a quarter , nil ngen , Aianza vyon ,
Bondholder M-coiul , Trafalgar third. Time ,
I ! : ! ! ! ) ? .
Mime veiling allowancc-i , Itn ka won , Kan
Iv fccond , Hmtfonl thiid. Time , 1-1SJ.
Steeple chase , Chailey Kpl > wnll , Tnmi-
bumicond , Aurelian third. Time , 1:3(5. : (
OALVLSTOV . i.irn.i : HOOK.
Lim.K HOCK , Ark. . July 31. The four
mred liargo race nn the liver this afternoon
" 'tween thn ( lalveston crew and tlm Little
Unck Travollent a mile and a half and turn.
was won by Galvvston in 10:61. :
UHHO Hull ,
At Pittsburg No jrainn ! rain.
At Chicago Detroit * 0 , Chii-asos 1.
At I'eorlaMinneapolis 11 , 1'eoria 8.
At Baltimore No gaine ; lain.
At Philadelphia IJoHoin 9 , Phil.idel-
phias 1 ,
At Now Yoik 1'rovidenco 3 , New York 3.
Darkness stopped the game at the end of the
ninth inning.
At Quincy Ouincy 13 , Stillwalar 3.
At Krokiik Ki-okuk 25 , Peorla li.
At Cincinnati - Cinciii"att 1 ! , St. Louis 3.
At 'J'oledo Toledo 'i , Columbus I ) .
At Ii"iiia\ille'-Louisvill ( ) 11 , Indianapolis 2.
At Milwaukee Milwaukee 2 , St. V.uil 2.
At Terre llante Terre llauto C , K\ans-
villo 12.
At St. Louis St. Louts JO , Kansas Cjty 1.
At Fort Wayne -Sacinaw 6 , Fort \Vayiu 1.
At Philadelphia Athletiu'J , Was shington 2 ,
Belief That the Tolls AVIH Bo Abol-
ishcd Wcllnnil Cnnnl to
bo Dcoponcil.
Cliicago Tribune.
The Dominion government has apparently
lieen aroused to tlio neces-ity of removing
> oino of the heavy burdens from her lake.
: ommerco. After allowing her shipping to
Ixvindlo away to almost nothing , she is now
trying to win'it back. Thi abolition of tolls
in the Erie canal diveited the bulk of her
, 'raiu trade , as Canadian carriers could not
jompeto with the \essels of this country
uid pay the excesfivo tolls levied by
.lie Dominion government. It re-
pnred a gieat deal oft porioia'on
m the part of the transportation companies
uid vetisel-nu-n to indiico ttio Government to
nako n reduction in canal toll" , but a move-
nent is now on foot to abolish them entirely
md make both the Wellnnd and St Lawience
Canals free water-routes. A piominent
Chicago \esnel-owner u-ceivcd a letter from
Montreal yesterday which stated that the lead-
ng fornank'i-s at that port w ere firmly con- :
incod thnt the Canadian canah would be
nade free before the ) > egiiiniiig of another
ca ou. The letter also stated that the Marine
Ocpartment had beeomo convinced that the
iVellan Canal should * bo * onened HO as to gi\o
ourtc-cn feet of water on tne Killa , and that '
his important work tho'ild be commenced nt
in early date in order that it might be coin-
ileted by the opening of navigation in JSSti.
ducli work has nlreadv been done with tint
'iidinuuw. Port Colborne and Port Dal-
lousio ans not finished so that vessels drawing
onitoon feet of water can enter. 'J ho faun-
latinos of all the permanent Htiuctured of the
anal are at the pi opcr depth , and what is
leedcd in in seine places to rai'o the banks see
o alfnid iv requisite depth iof water. When
.hn w\ik is completed the r.uial will have a
iniform depth of at least foiuteen feet , so
hat \ofsels can-ying fiO.OOO bushels of grain
r uiWarda can pa s through the canal with-
ut lighterin ? . This will decrease the cost of t :
raiHjiortation considerably and mnko the jVI
anal what it ought to lx to enable < 'anada to VIh
oinpote with other c.tnals and transport ser- h
ice for the grain trade of the went. vtl ,
The Cholorn.
I'AUIK , July 31. At Marseilles this evening !
liero have been four deaths by cholera since
oon. Two deaths from the disease at Toulon
i-dny. No serious cases in the hospitals
ifre , and there are fears tlio epidemio will
reak out again after subsiding. Ono death
nm cholera at Creiix St. Ueorge , ono at
lontfoul , and ono at Susargens.
I'ARIK , July 31 Onlv 12 deaths of cholo-
i in larnoilles for the 21 bouts ended at 9
night. _
Franco anil China.
SIIAMIHAI , July 31. It is reported here to
ny that France and China will make a treaty
f peace. China is to pay France an indemni-
of 5,200,000 tacls , aim $7,380,000.
Orovy ConviilcBOont ,
PARIH , July 31. President G levy has recov- >
ed from his ilhicH. '
The Prohibition lMujvviiiiipM.
NK\V YORK , July 31. Tlio prohibitioniits
irmed a county organization to-night The
invention was attended by 200 pcrsonx , and
as held nt tlm Seventh street M. K. church.
. G. _ Kllnvvuithvas _ chosen chaiimau. A
iinmittci' on I'tedcntials rejiorted 23 societies
'presented. A general committc" , consiiiting
ono from i ach a-wmbly district was chorten.
esolutions wen * adopted condemning the
: eiihing and H.iln of Intoticatini ; diinks , and
idorsing the platform and candidate * of tin ;
itional piolubition cnn\Hiition. Chauneiy
lialfer predicti'd that the p.irty would win in
Stt8. Tlif nomination of county candidates
as po'tponed.
lllliiou WliUUcy i'ool.
T'FOIIIA , 111 , , July 31. A meeting WBH held
i thm city to-day for the purpose of organiz-
ig a western export BMKociation of about
( vrntydistillers in the county. Fifty-fivi'
eio reprenented in peoon or by proxy , A
ooling contract wan presented on it biinln of
< per cent , of the full running capacity , mid
1 but four of those pra cmt signed , and it is
loustht tlirwj will yet do xo. Kfforts w ill lia
iadc to tecure tlm Hignatiirc's of absentees ,
tid if this is accomplished the pool will go
ito effect September 1 , The hi.-lief among
KMH piesent is that all will sign. ac
Hot Sprin-iH DpsolntcO , I '
HOT SrniNd.s , July 31. A lire , iiriyinatinff |
om the explosion of a coal cil lamp in w
men's restaurant on Central avenue this
lorning , xpread to tha surrounding buildings
iistroyinfr nearly the whole block , The
ni'ktH of the Commenial were foiced to IIv in
leir nfcht clothing , losing most of tln-ir
k-cts. Tha gretttvr part of Iho biiHiness por-
on of the town wai wiped out. I WHj3 ( ; -
) lj ! limiiind for one-fifth. , V
and ltd Tolcuropli K
CIIIOAOO , July 31. Tim Mutual Union
'elegraph company to-day filtered int/i HII
'reeinent with the city to liegin the work of
tying iU wires under ground within fifteen
ays , Tlm city v\ ill tit-morrow IK gin n cuit
ailixt all other companies in the city for the
iolation of tint ordinance forbidding the wire *
i run on poles ubovo grmmd. The penalty it
10 per polo per day ,
'igllant la Protecting a Murderer.
MiNKKAitii.ii > , July 3) ) . Ciintering , the
imdeierof Officer AtcLaughlin , was brought
i from St. Paul jail to-day , waived iixumi-
itioii and was In Id ' - > tthe grund jury.
lit ) ( invent wherralxiiits ji - .4 mvntery. lie
Imliiived to have U-en taken hack tu St.
aid to | < eu.-nt lynching here.
The Hliudiivv-Houtchoru ,
OJ.SLIN.VATI , Jul31 The NatinnaJ enliven
, , , - . , : - : . . . . . . . . . . . .Jit ,
icrotery ,
( ivsurer , ( i , 11. Cnrlisle , Providence , mem I IK
2H of tlm cxecutivo committee , Joshua In
niith , of Chicago , uud W. A. Anndtrtmg , of I A
roviilcua' , lu
AflflTboy Declare Themselves Enlisted
UDflertlicBaDuorofBlaiDt ) .
Elizabeth Oady Stanton and Susan
Bi Antliony Openly for Him.
They Declare Butler Powerless to
Help Their Cause.
And the Prohibitionists Merely nn
Effect and Not a Cause.
But with Elaine and a Bepublionn
Congress They are Sanguine.
Clovcl.-.ntl and Ilcnclriukt Itfoot tor
the First Tl mo at Albany-
Other rolltlcs.
NK\V VOMK , .Inly 3L-Kli7alhUh Cady Stanton -
ton and Silvan IJ , Antliony , president and
vice-prosidentof the National Woman SulTnigo
association , have i sucd an address to the
members , making suggestions to co-woikew
"why they should remain steadfastly with the
[ tolitical paity that for the last imarter of a '
rcntury most faithfully represented the fundi-
mental jirincipals of republican government. "
The address says : "At the opening of the
loxt cession , with our bills and reports await-
ng their turn on the calender of both housen ,
t , is to the republicans wo must look for our
lif-cuesion mid division on arguments ; and did
hey constitute a two-third majority we should
lontidently hope for the passage of a resolu-
ion to submit the ICth amendment. Hut wo
lavq nothing to expect from any of the other
larties now btruggfing into o.vistance. AH _ to .
ho greenback and
anti-monopoly parties
I'ith their cp.iasl it-cognition of woman's
quality on their platforms , and the I'.mk and
ilo of seceding democrats and workingmcn ,
t'ho constitute his supporters , Hon. li. F.
intler would bo powerless to help u < . "
n1 thus disposed of :
"To make woman suflrago a tail to their
jte is to defy the laws of gravitation. Pro-
libition cniild not secure woman suffrage , but
iiiman suffrage is the only povyer by which
irohibition could bo made a pixsibility , "
Tho-o demanding the recognition of God in
he constitution are reminded by the addre.s.s
'the best recognition the men uf this nation
an make of God in the constitution is to
L'cure exact justice to their mothers. "
Continuing , the addienH say :
"tho recent defection of Mime of our most
lominent friends from the republican patty ,
ho have upokcn bravely and eloquently for
lany years on our plalfoim , must not mis-
; ad the memory , as their action has been in no
' influenced uy their interest in the woman
ullrago question in fact , their reniarkablo
iner-ault , an far as wo can see , is not to
ilusfrato any vital principleri , but merely to
nitify personal pique. It is not thov
hatkuch meii as Oeorgo William Curtis ,
ames Freeman ClaiKo and 'Ihomas Went-
itirth Iligginson have come down from tin i'
igh moral platform to swam" their vntii .
iththo democratic paity. The lesult of
liis last K'cessioiijVvero its projioi tions equal to '
s viituotis pretentionfi , would bo tu throw ibe
dmlni'itratiun of our government
ito the hands of the democratic
aity , not into those of Cleveland , vUio.
iongh he W-M pos en-ed of all tin eaxlinal
iitues claimed , and in addition theitto thn
rowning excellence of adhesion to tlm great
rincipln of freedom for women , ho could do
othing for any reform with a congie.-H and a
jnstituency nine-tenths of _ whom arc blind
ml bitter < ipj > onrntn of all liberal measuri'H.
ujipoie , on the other hand , the republican
Qinineo , James G. lilainu , were wanting in
II public and piivale viitues. with a tiingici x
nd coiiHtituetuy thiee-foiirths of vvhomato
ir friemln , he could do nothing to hinder the
u < f < agf > of iimendmentH. But ho is friendly ;
is name stands
i all quostioiiH alTecting tin inteiest of woman
roiight l 'foro cougress for inany jears. Tims til
Mr Itlaimt wehavo _ a nominee in harmony
ith the icpiiblican mnjoritj * in congress.
ence our hope of soeuting the initiativu step ,
n )
maktiiiiffiagn for woman the Btipiemii law ji ,
the laml lies in the
triumphant siiccn < .s of in
10 lepiibliean party. For tliecn
reaaons , as ot
o have no votes to offer , wo should gi\ooin otwi
irneat , conscientious support to the reiutili- ] 1
iu paity , whoso chosen lender is one of the jir
iiVst statesman our country can boast , and Krwl
ho , if elected , will , with the iiiiblo women of iei
s f.imily circle , honor tlm Whitit hniiso and tli
10 highest oflice in the gift of thn AmA
tl. .
CiaYTO.V , 111. , July 31. A grand barbeqne foof
id love fen"t of thedemocrats of Adam ; , til
rovvn and Pike counties took place to-day nt I'l
ellrrvilh ) . Adams county , Them were at of
aht 7 1)00 ) pijruoiiH .
Jiresent. Three beeves 1' .
itl thirty fheej ) were killed to feed a multi- Hi
ide. Aini'iig the Hpiiukcnt weru W. ] f , HiTl
arm's of Jackmiiiville , Bcott WiLc of 1'Ike , Tlwi
idgn I'hilliiK of Ca H , A. Drendorf of San- wi
imon , J , M , Itlggaof Scott , and II. Arntzen wiCl
AdauiH , Tlio day was iilciHMt , the sjieak-
d I'loijuent nud tlio cntliUHiiiiui all pervrtd- cite !
AUIANV , July 31 , Governor llendrickH , of
icomp.tnied by Col. ( J. D , Ilannihtcr , of In-
ana , and Judge Gen , W , Cothran , of Chi- ril Ir
go , arrived at 2:20 : p. m. , from Saratoga. th
fltr . a fliort stnp . at the Deiiivun. c rria rs V'e
! / Al.
tra taken for thii exc'cutive mansion vtluirc V'emi
overnor Hendricks met ( . 'ovmior Cleveliind th
r the time in his
life. The meeting was tii
ira. Govt-rnor Jlundricks returns tu rfiuii-
iikatO p. in. , vv hero he vfillpnibjblyji'inain I'l '
foitnight , I'lffJ ,
nt Ghlukorlnj- Hall
8i > ecchcs liy Sir , Ponpor ,
tIni > K Urennan , and Others
Itou8lii ( ; Ciicerw lor Jtlainu
The gathering of Iriith-Anierican Independ-
its Monday in Chielcering Ifall , New York
ty , to dii'larii fur Ulniim mid Logan , was one ;
the largest jHilitical n-suiiblu * held iilnce
iu campaign Ix'gan.
The meeting wan called to ordiy by A. K. I" !
urd , uf the liirh World , who introduced tin )
floorgii W. Pepjwr. > fr , Pi ppi'r , lifter
: no introductory rcnmrkK , cuid :
In thii timu of K
extraortlinory cliaii ex , when
1-rme.H and royalties am falling in the Old th ir ;
'oild M f stniek by thunderlKiltii , thin grand I
tjmblkvm ] party net ls a mighty leader. fir
demands tlm gi rater t patriot and the
fAttst tliploinutitit and combining
> th characters in oua pernoii , the tnont emi-
jntcltiieu iu the whoJn country. Jtiieudj
patriot who lores his country on tha Hoinau crt
vod the City of the Bmu ] I tils , or thv AtU-
cnian the City of the Violet Crown. It needs
the etatuiman w hess brilliant reconl n * the
ch Mnpion ( if American principles in known
wherov or the name of his cuimtrv Is mention-
rd. It need the loaWator who in the spring
tide of In * youth nnd in the slronRth of h 1
manhood placed hinwlf Mora htn fellow eit
izens in thn mo t dov6l d nnd fe.irlf-s of his
country' * defender * . It iiml * the liTowho
delicti the slander * tif Mils enemies , and who
shook elf their infamou * charges as a lioness
the raindrops. It neftN thn lcndi > r pi-wnino
strength of intellect , indomitable will. v Urn-It * ,
mid vigor of c rcHiton , fervor mil
cournjpof convict u iiiB. It needs the thor
oughly ti Allied dlplnmalist , skilled logician ,
and licry-tongueil oralori whom the | wople
love to It n > eds the philanthropist , the
ooenn nf whoso sympathies has no lmro , n
man whom 1'arnMl would greet witli wvl.
cnmo | tarklnin the eye , nnd lliight would
recogum ) ns n brother iu the broadest inter-
protiitinn of the word. It needs tin-noldier
whn ha * shot the arrow which h s piei-ce I the
proud Brit m to thn heart' . In a word , tlm
vvhnle. country demands at this RI eat tinman
AHUM ican who has left traces of his presence
aii'lI ' impiii sinus nf liis hplrmliiltower upon
millions nf his countrymm bv his rich , preg
nant wonN : his pro-emlneiJtly stimulating
and miggestivw .thnuglit" ; by the generous
glow of.Ins Kinnt , Ins gonl nature
and Ins electric entlm-iiMn his rock-
Jiko . finnne-s of rcpuhlicanUm ; the
hi-tnnan who can throw upon his
jMj-es the great deeds nf thn Iwt twenty years
m gulp-tun groups and splendid coloring ! \V
consc ciitinuslv and solemnly bclievn thut nil
thcxi ; xplmulid combin itinns of heirt nnd of
brain , all these ccordnnt nud eh .MCleristlc
iiccninplishmeiitsmeetBiid g m dly hirmonire
m the IKTXHI nf . ( miles G. Iflaine.'llm repuli.
IHM.II . stiiiidar.l-bearerfgie.Unpphiuie. ] mag.
net'e man , endowed with M vivaci'y ' which
never , mi energy tint is indomitable , n which Is queiichles- ith his hea t in liis ,
lend , or his head ill his heart a conjunction
if Miming qualities which qualify him tn Im
h'i lie-it president of lliu Umted'States. I Ap- ;
illume. ] '
Wliv linger on tlm details of his vast and
'ploiiiliil history ? Behold him on the platform
efnrt ! assembled thousands bv bin burning ; or-
itniy i-ecjilling the eloinience'of the great im-
noit'il * ! Dehold him in the homo of repie-
cutativei , the most dating and logical of do-
. . " . ' . * . it , his passionate and brilliant words fair
y tumbling over each other , striking out for
iimelf a path sujH'rior tn every competiUn ,
nmbining ill his npcoch the rich exulH'ninco
f Umko's ' .
imagination with Chatham's con-
Icii'ed dignity of thought ! Ilehold him as the
hief and trusted adviser of the lamented Gar-
ield , watching with zealous eye thn interestK
f this magnificent country , wiiting bravo ami
.oiteful to sister republics , pouring
ignt and hope into the dungeons of Kuropcan
bcrty-loving exiles , making them feel that
lieir chains grew a little lighter when they re-
lembeied that thoj' had a ftieiid in Ameiica's secretary of state James (3. lilainc.
lYppliuiKt' . ]
Antmnss 01 * .luixii * IIHUNXAK.
Jiidgo John Brennan , of Siouv City , la.was
lien introduced and received with loud cheers ,
mg continued. Ho said in substance :
\Ve are told that this country of ems is Mif
fing for a change. And whn are cl.unoiing
iraehango ? I'll tell you. Our biethren of
tie lain confedeiato ntntes are anxious fora
liange. If Kentucky , Louiinnn , or Georgia
romiirering fora change , why do they not
onetimes elect republicans ? If changn is
ich a healthful diet why do they not have in-
ublican governors and ( -end us oncein a while
republican senator .or congiesuman * ; 'Iho
lobdeii club is i'dfeiing for a change , and sere
ro its allies in America. When the Hnrpers ,
ml thn 1'uckf. and the Joneses , nnd thu
chur/es , nnd the Beeehcrs join hands and ch >
in to the left [ laughter ] , aiUl aHsmno iv sanctl-
lonious vis.igo [ moio laughter ] , and set thorn-
. Ives up as holier than the rest of mankind ,
nly simpletons nru likely tnlto deceived. They
K ! alfected vvith the free trade form of ins-an-
y , with which they andthfcollege ( ) profes-
jrs arc wekiug tov aebauch the minds
f American youths inWild , lean colleges , nnd
ithihicb they mo liiKlpng to int > u't ' and in-
lid the fanners , mtisiins , nnd JalKiieis nf
.mericii. They , weie tmies in 1'"I ! and 181 ! ? ,
ml they nrn lories to-day. A turv is nn al-
'ged American who wears u Miigln eyeghmi1 ,
ml who sentimental , y till H iilmnt " .Mother
oiintry. " A dude is somiithing in the sluiie |
f iv nun , with narrow pants and naiinvver in-
llect. Tlm dude must have a change. [ Con-
nued laughter , jeera and. iipjilniise , ] The
arpi'ir * , nnd tha Joneses , nnd the I'lickn ,
id all these joinirils of civilization w.'int
change. Call Bchurz wants a change.
0 bring about tlm changn for
hich nil.then ) cliimcntK arc suffering the
ngln live issue of the campaign is smotheied
the. dust and cobwebs of faUo inMicrt.
And who is the god they have tet up for
ir wninhip ? The piescnt goveinornf the state
New York , tlieoneiniiii of .all men obnoxious
the laboring fl.i-M's. Ho is said to b anian
ithout n rocoid. Unfni tunatcly for him he
i tint much of a i coord , nnd it is written nn
loheaitsof tint wniking people uf thin city
id Htjte. I will not recite the lecoid , but will
niply lefnrynu tothe indictment piefened by
ID labor nrgani/ations of Now Ynrk , eniiHist-
g nf ten cnmits , which indelibly stamps him
the fii-nd nnd tool of monopoly
id the fee nf labor. Wo will not nwudnw
m \Vn will h.ivo Ouri-voiy
terest , hiNtinct , and feoiing ini'rlnu to the
h'Tside , und in thogieat cnnllict liefuieus
1 Ahall vnto fnf Dl.iimi mid Logau. 1'or
sident we sball have Jmneu G lilnfne , the
eatcht living American , thn most gifted man
10 walVs the continent , the frieul of Amer- H
in i.idnsiry , the advocate nf nationality , and Hm
o incar/jution of "thn pulley , a
ismarck nnd a Gambetlii" cninbii ed in one m
an. " And fnr vicn-pre-iidi'iir. vtv nhall Imvo m
i A , Ij'gau , of Illinois , Ihn Holili. . . . . , . , . . . , ti
u Marshal Key , of Ameiiea , the id I nf tin- titli
ihmteerarmy.Vn lovn Itlainn and Logan
r the eii'mies they havn maile. Anil mi era Hth
M-acc , lilierty , nnd jironjierity will follow , h :
o most glorious m Americnn histoiy. [ Ap- 1"u
HUM' . ] u
SpeccluH wereoltKi made by JftniC'S CVrthcry Cl !
'J'reuton , Captain I'M ward O. < nnilnn , and W
T. Barry of Chicago. The necretary , nil
ichard Murphy , rend a numlierof telegrams ,
in nun that called forth thu louili-rt apjiUili-e w
is the following : stai
KM * HAIUTOI , Me. , Julv 28.-A. K. Ford , ai
lickering Hall , New Ynrk. Accept my cin- aiA
in thiinkH fur tlm friendly a siir.iiiceH of your A
legrum. ' JAMIH : G , HL.UNK. w
The following Hsolutioi ; ' * were adopted : .Tim
We , Irish-Aiiicricaii citizens of New Ynrk , m
iihful to the bei > t traditions of thn ICepublie ,
licit was founded , and xuritainud by the aid
our race in Ami'iica ' , duclare :
That tbtt nliject of this meeting if not login-
y nny political jnirty , but to evpresa an
uli-American citia-nn our condemnation of
o uctiiin of tha Dumociatio National Con-
ntiim in truckling tu an un-Ainericun senti-
. lit HH expriwied in the free.-trmln policy of
o Democratic platform and in thu minima-
m of ( innIT Clovulnnd ,
Jicrolud , That tliw meeting indorseH em-
tatica ly the iioniinatioji of Illninn mid I < o-
n ; that it demaiidi ) nti American policy ; and
ut the mtj-rehtK nf thn w-orkingmen and thn
iilings nf tlm i-itl/enrf ( if nvdry mitinnallty
id uxtraction IMI rfujwcU'd mid n'gardid lx > -
ro nil and alunc oil coiuidiinitioiif.
Chfen , ' " ' I'oiiiihttlon ( ltf > , (
Cllll'A'U ) , July 31. The lionnl of e me u > m
in junt ciuiipleted the census of thn city. It
.ovvii a population nf ( ii.lWO ( or Jin im'ie.Mii
tlm ratii of ulxmt 12J J T cent per itmiiim
ace tin ) United KtiitcM o IMIH of 1880.
ThoAVimilinr lor To-Onj- .
Iiidie.itloiM the Minsiseippi vnlloy to-day !
ical rains ; w nidi * Khiftlng to Huutheily ; tu-
iiiary temperntiire ; slightly warmtr. '
MithoiKi valley : Fair weather , fnllnVMd by
rtly cloudy ; occaslonnl rain ; noutbcily
ind ; stntionary temperature ,
Iowa H , of I' ,
IV.MAIIIHOV , Jul > - 81 , Hon. J. I ) . M.
-iniilton , of this city , grand cluinc-dlnr nf thn
nightx of I'ythi.'H of thi
* HtaU'H , has issued u
nclamiitiitn to nul irdiimte fudges changing si
D ilatu of the mt-etint * of th Kr-n'l ledge to siai
huld nt Hioiix I'ity , from thn fourth to the
A WdlntKilay in Uctohi-r of this yiar. ill
The War'M ln'Huuy ,
WAIHINUTOM , July 31. Tlio iwtimati d do-1 ti
HMO of ttio publiv deb * , fur July it about
,090,000 ,
liy the Texas Foyer.
Although the Grain Transactions
are Traded Eegardlossly.
Chicago Claims Her Skirts are
Now all Oloar of the Contagion ,
Wyoming Explains the Difficulty
Occasioned by Texans There.
Report of the Nebraska Gornruis
sion to Maxwell and Brady ,
All Accounts Attrco In Chnrnlne ; th
JJUcndo to Grn/.itiK Over TC.XAH
Cut ( to TrnllH.
Special Dispatch to TUB BEK.
CiltCAao , July 31. The market gunornll *
vns slow , with prices rather weak , yet no
mutably lower. There were fewer good nn
ivn cattle nn sain than yesteiilay and out n
' arrivals there were liarely 2,000 native
ill told , the 4,000 being Tinaus and olhe.
vestern stock. Best natives would not hiim ?
tvcr 0 50 to f ! 7i5. Second claia eattln may Ix
noted at 5 50 to 0 23 , and gr.isurrs at 4 50 tti
i 60. Native butchers' stock , especially olt
lows and lean bulls , are making " 10 to ! ! 50 ,
mil nit ) slow at the o prices. . Th * stncker
rado wcro ahriost nl a hland still. Prices an
.o low that there me. but few- coming , niul
hoio uru but few wanted As soon ns tin
L'exoH fever Hcnru pasi-os out of tlm minds nf
nen , then ) will lx > n b tlcrmarket for stockeis
mil feedern , and not until then. Texas ) cattl
vero slow ami prices leuiain nt the low tigme
iurrent for the past week.
Nebraska Texans are making 3 50 to 3 7 > " ,
.nd Moutnuas - ) tn ! 50 : good to choice
200 tn 1350 pound untile , G 7S to (5 ( 30 ; com-
non to fair 1000 l .l200 pouudHI 50 to 5'id ;
nilf breeds , nverngiug 1053 ! pound * , -t 25 ; grass
L'exnns , O'JO tn 1000 pounds 2 ( JO to 1 00.
Receipt1 ! l.ight ; a quick demiml nnd n Khiinu ;
tronger prices worn tlmloiding fo linen of
ho (1-iy. .Towiiril the clnie , however , them
run an easier feeling , ns Homo shipping eiders
iiul been rnuntc.imandod , yet all weio sold at
Jo to * ! l t for ilk-sorted light. I'lid 5 20 to 5)0 ! )
nr.issnrted he tvv , the Ix'St mixed making 5 50 .
o 0 70 ; light 15J to 200 Ibs , 0 3D tn (5 ( 00.
There WAI a fair degree of activity in all
iiiM of trading nn 'chango to-day. 'I ho feei .
ng in wheat wa.s one nf woakiu , influenced
iv line we.ither in the vv > nt and iiiuthvveHt mid
fearing weather in ICnghind. 'IhoSeptem
cr option at ono time fell off to 8lj } , but r.d-
iid Jc , closing nt 8l. \ . On the nfto noon
ioaiil September declined Jc , closing nt Stjc ;
) ctobernt8 c. hnlwlief that parties who
iad been long on tlm m ike.t had sold out WUB
Illo of the f'UtmvH of weakness ,
Only a , moderato biisino H wan transacted
H oorn. The feeling enry WIIH
asler , b i toward the cloNe the maiketnd
anced rather hhaiplv , eloping J'o higher f"i
Vugust , and Jc hiulier f r yepti.'inbnr , the
car ami Mnyth _ n yeaterd.y. On tlm after-
( ion board p ices hi low d litxlo change , Aujf-
st clniiing nt fi ° ijje , Si'iilember nt filji1 , nnd :
Ictoljer 5 K
Trnding In u.its was br'sk. Cash and July
ecllned 1'j to 'Jjc. At tlm decline u good <
eniaiid f > pnuih' up. Defened dehveiieMWero
ules.'iiul Ktendj-at about yest rday's ligures.
'hohit st fUmes were 30Jc for July , 27jc | for .
LUgust and -'i'c ' for .September.
Cadi ryu fell o | * to Pile.
KcJitembiT barley was ( tunled nt tiTiJi , ' .
Trading in pink was very limited , and
rices showed no change.
Laid wus moderately nctive , prices show ing
little channe. The latest quotations weru
32J for August , 715 for Septemlier , 7 5"i >
ir October.
KW YOHK , July 31. About 7i ) , ( 00 bu-ihels
F No. ' 1 red w inter wheat was found out of
mditioii in Coiiimen-i.'il vvhnrF , ( Pinto & Kx-
'lrfior tore-l , hciiix musty itndhavi > igaHtn.iig
KIJI-OHT lit' TIIK ( .1)MHI > M10N.
tate Journal , 31.
J , M , Hoffman of Lincoln and J. C , Kir-
iy of Crete , memheru of thu coinmis"ionHOiit
it by Governor D.iwr * on Monday to inves-
gate tlm rt'jioiUd Texas fnver amonif eat-
u in the vlciuity of Maxwtll and liiady .
atinii , rotiirneil , after having madn an ex-
initive invectigatlmi , last night. They 10 *
ut the dinnuo the Komiino Tux/is fever ,
hich oiiiiion ) is a'xu ' Hustained by Dr. Wi- !
ix , M'terimiry mirg-on for Wyoming , who
KM on the i/rnum ! and icndcrcd the commit-
im vit'iinblti ' vervieo iu its impiiry.
Arriving at North 1'lattn the commixHiun
in met by a delegation of about twenty-live
nek men , reprexenting SS.OilO.OOU in cattle ,
id from hero the party proceeded to
t thin point two herds wern found infeetid
ith thn di'-ease. Thn largent was that of
ihn Mi'Ciillough , who has lint seventy-five
it nf a herd nf f-00 , and will jirnbably line
M more.
At ISrady Station thn conmiinhioit found
tat Thomas l/yncb had lout thirty-Hcven
ad all but ono nf his entire herd.
A number of tin ) animals that had died
om tin' disease were dissected bv Ur. Wil-
ix and iimpected by the cnminisHioii. They
lowed that nvcry oigan in their 1 HI. I ies went
fectcd and in sonin cases it amounted almost
i putrid iition.
'I he i iiiniiiisHinn learned that the disease
as introduced in the state at Itrady slat ion
i the "lith of May last , by the importation of
lot of cattlnditiect
Thn rattle weie lauded nt llrady Htatinn ,
riven Ui Maxwell , Ogallala mid the grazing
nils beyniid , It upp'arrt that they hrnuglit
K < guniiM nf the diseasn with them , which WIIH
I'lioriti-d on the ground nverwhiih they
IMZI d by drupi Ings flnm the innutli and
irniigh thn nxiiai channe ] < i. Wherever
iey went they left thcHii ilist'iiMi
niM , which weie ciiiiinmiiicatcd to thn nit-
vecittle gru/id ovcrtliiiHamngnmnil
tin eomi.iU | iun tie thoioughly convinced
mt thn di'eifo in nut cnntagioii" , neither do
in infected cuttlfl Ifavi ) thn germs nf the din.
iitn for others , No cuttln havn been iittucked
tcept thono ( hat gr4/cd over thn narrow stilp
F gioiiud jMMxed over bv tlm Texanx , and i
lien thn sick cattle havn IN-CU tunnil in with
in well OUCH , the latter have not been infect-
I. Tlie-e facU liiivo bet-n liscertiinml by ev-
rimi'iits M wc\\ \ \ its by the xtatcmcnU nf
niiK'iit vi-tprlnaiiniH anil they ran IHI relied
[ > on. The coiiimlNidon rcjHiit that almut
i fur have died , nnd thn probabilities nru that
i many moio will peiinh ,
Tlm fctockmuii am finiMiilerably ixlinviil
om their anxiety hincn they urn convinced
mt the diheatm IH not ( nnt'igioiis , and urn
iking me.iitiiieH t ruaiantinn | nil stuck from
m infected grounds until after fret , vli < ini
iu dlHeaxn gennn will IHI killed. I
It appear * tliatTuiw fever ii ) jiei/octlyj'1
Uural with thu Te.tiw wnimal uud. dwi iwt "
ulTi'ct tlii'iu iu tinlrii t. When diivin
thrnUL'h they iN-cnme acelimated liefotT get
ting till'far mirth mid get lid of the IMIMIHI
It is only uh < n brought heie bv rail that the ;
briii ) * the di ca < e , and the lot snipped to Max
well in May in thn lint intiiilucetl in Xehnu
ka by that method.
'I he utocKnieii have mad" arrangement-
with the iailmad < not to ii'i-eivcany ninn
Tevas enttle Kiiim ! fur Xfbnka ranees , and
if iiiiv more are landisl it is pmhuble that tht
will IH > "hot.
lxs : * * : , Wyoming , July 31 , L.iw m..j
n bunch of Texin c.ittlo herded at Ogallala
17-1 mili'H en t nf hern. The placn whenthej
went bedded was afterwards feiued in , nm
there a Miull herd nf native cattle contincttx ;
the dl iwe. About SO , ) have died , Ho far as
the ft'O k iiosocintion know
there is
, nn ca'e n
ntllhted To * H niltlo in tlio teiritnry. /
bui\cl \ of unlive bulls which havn I urn gram
at Ogallalh Tim now affected t Ituurliu * .
Twcu.y lwHj died , nnd the remnining seventy
five mo ovpcoted tn. AH
thn di whei
contrnctetl/hy'-iative / cuttle fnttiiTnxns i * mil
coiiimunicAb't , no fear in felt here. Tlm Union
1 * eillc railroad pens along thn line nf thn Him
and nil tiitt Wears urn thoroughly cleaned niu
disinfected , ) '
, > IN OIllUiVUO.
'CllliUdO , July 31. Nn trore. diiu-flx-d eattl.
arrived at the stock yards to-day. There was
n minor whi h could bo tra ed tn nn leliabli
source that tlm lu eotcd herd diiginally con
tained 16,000 head , nud It was the Inten
tion tn nlup them to marliet an fast as the cars
could IK ) secured. U vins leainetl during 'he
dav.'hat ' ngeiitmif thoTcias 1'ucific in Mis-
MMiri wei-n refusing to lec-eivu cattle for ship-
meiit to Chicatd and St. Louis. H. M , Houe ,
of the WaliaiOi roatl , wns telegniphed cnn
ccruing thn matter , nnd replied that tin * ne
t'on was thn result nf n misunderstanding nf
orders , and that it had lieeti remedied. Thn
live stock a\ehaiign met Ibis nfteinnnn and
nti'minted u conimitteo tn prep.U'j lor publica
for thn Ixmcfit nf shipper * . Its ropoit has not
yet I c 'ii made , hut the cnmmittet ) gnvn the
following -HI.nts to n-piesumtntives of thn
pro * * : "The ennsignment already received
urd thn only infected ciitth ) brought tn these
yards : that tlu-so cattlj h.vl a pivpnndcrnneo
itf i.alive blood and wnro. nro knnwn as
"thrnquartis or high Mood Cnloradns. "
Iliat they were taken finm tlm ranhaiidlo tif
1'oxas , tn near Fort Kenn , Indian tuirit'ry '
\udwintered there , crox.Miig
in the way ; that had they been kent on good
feed and vvatt'r , the ( linens ) would not have
levrlepeil in them ; that other eatt could lint
lave becomeiiifected from contact with them ;
hat thinfe.ited cattln ut MauhvUan , Kim. ,
iiere sold fiom the s.ime honl nstho o brought
icie ; that none of these infected nuimals wcrn
Kinght by memberH of the exchange , and
Ji'-iuf .in tliei-o Is nndaiigoinf the rlupnieiit
if any nf their catenates to other cities ns
.lu'SKc I beef.
fniHt Day nt Dnylon Snlitier Itc-nnlnn.
DAVTOV , O. July 31 Thn grente'it day nf
Jiosoldleis ri'-union dawned bright and cool ,
.hn mint'iKO H.vlnUi brnuglit people to the Ktieet.
Continued firing from navy mid cnpturnl forts
X'tokened n gnuid day. Geneinl Ilavvloy ,
-tenatorSlicimnii , Justien AIiithevvM , Oovern-
lor llnadly came In-day , irnveiling day had
Is distinguished guests nil present. 1-lxcur-
ilonsnioltti ging trains nf penple. Thnsi ) ill-
ready horn could not hn bom-vil. Mnny Hleit |
in hotel chaiiM , but all-vveio fed. At ten th'a
morning bandn , l\fe \ ami , druuiH led
lhii _ . u-jriuiizntions " " "tfl" ' { lie" . ' jilaco
iifli-niiezvitiiM , and tlm grand prnce sion wa
rninied by Grncial T. .1. Wood , cnmmanrler *
in chief nf the G , A. K. , who carried 2(10 ( tat-
leii-d lings saved frnm thn wnr , vih'ch weio
iteted eM-rywho o idoiiff tliu linn with Jiews.
Vt half ( 'list twn numberless cinwds Hirrnund-
d thn mnnumenl and thous 'lids ' are going
iw.y unable to hear. Fanmrl Cdiighen.d is
inliOerof eeiemoui's. ' G. W. Hnuck dnlivnr *
d thn monument nuil ( Joveriinr Ilnailly ne-
cji cd in iM'hidf of the citizen * , and unveiled
hn uinimmcnt amid gre.vt cheering
.ml a hundred gmiH salute.
? nl. I'arrott delivered thn memorial nf
kloiitgnmery coimtv Hitldiers , ( ! en. J , It ,
law ley , orator ( if thn day snokn elixjurntly ,
idling yoini ? men todtity nml pntiio'ism ' ,
Iluyes , She man , Itn'ernms , and Kennedy
esponded to calls with thrilling [ ) eijoheH. ( Jon.
CHinedy pns-ed nn eiuomiiim on Mrs , Hayii' .
fe fiiid : You have heaid fiom thn great mni
f Ohio , but nn\v I vvniild iutroiliico a women
thorn wo nil lov-n than whom them is no
randcr VMIIIIIIII in the world. " Hn then in-
iitinihiC'd her confiiHed , reluctant , to the mi-
In thd evening tin llrovvnrks on thi river
rern wiliKUHi-d bv fifty thoUHnnd pcopln ho
ined oneitlier siiio nnd itiesented u ningnili-
out Hjiectncli ) for tvMJ lioiirs and which cnn-
luded the reunion.
Our Knlunco of Trado.
July 31 , Thn report nn the
orejgn ciiinmeici ) nf tlio United States shnvvri
balunii ) nC tivuln in f.-unr nf this gnveinment ,
ho IiijJUiM-Jjijvar , nf S71,7SKW ! ! ) , against a
ialaiio < | < lii Imr favor nf JKli.-.l8H ? ' ) ; ! tlm prn-
eediiwyeiy- ; . The total vnlui ) uf exports of
lerehamliKe fur thn fienlenr jiint closed is
7-1 JMi,0 ! O ; ng.iin-t < W2JK'VI04J ! thn jireced- i
ng IUe.'tl y.Mr , d fulling nil uf $ ! > 3 , < ! ! \HI > .
'ho iininirt , * * nf mereliaiidi-e iiniiiiinted to
.ifi.7.71l'U3. , ngnin-t JL'3,1KO,811 ( the preued-
ig ( lis'i-jii , n falling off nf M I , Hiti.Sfil.
July 31. I'mler the new law col-
iers itn < id'oHeil ' to kill pen-linn who ri'xist iir-
r' < t , 01 nfler lning ; captured , attempt escape.
'he rov'dlutli'uitry fmces in ( luerics wcro ID-
ently attncked , and Cieiieral I'ln/.aii , vv ith fix
ilillurs killed while attemitllig | tu e > inipe ,
'wo general oflicoix were also kiitiul in Yuen-
in , and mm in the town of Meiolia ,
"I/lliorty KnllKhtnnlriir , " Kto.
NliW YoilK , July 31. Tint liarthnldi Htitlun
iimmitten has decided to have tlm laying of
liiicninerstiinn ( if tlm pedestal August < th ,
c ti p. m. , thn ceremony to bo iterfimned by
ID ( * iind ; Master A. K. k A , M. nf the stntn
f Now Ynrk. liiHlioji 1'otterwill inaku the
r.vjer and pruntiuncii thn benediction , The
rater bus not yet been Hi-leclcd ,
NuwYoiiK , July 31. Chairman IJarnum
art not pnwMit at thn menting of thu demo-
ratio mUloiiMl nxccntlvo I'oinmittw , nnd Sen <
tor ICiiliKiim piesidcil U , li. Hmalley , of
Vrinnnt , was eliosen decretnry. Tim siibjii t
f a permanent heailijujitew w us not decided
Tlio Tmxhiiin-liljon
MAHKIO , .Inly 31.- Captain Nun ton , a
I'liger nn thn HteamefLaxham , vvh'ch ' sunk
fter thn.ivillii'inii with the
. Oijnn , CH >
aM'd | with fifteen Spaniard * and lamlnl at
ilcriM. UK reports that immediately after
ho cullliiinn thi ) c ( itiiln of thn Oijuil shot
lim-ejf ,
A H roe/i ! nt liiiltlmnrc ,
ItAJ.TliHWK , July 31. Tli'fc ' city and vicinity
an visited thi < < iifternnon ) > it Kuvcrd Htnrm of
rind , ruin , thumlur and lightiiiiig. Ilnuses
u the luoni depicKMsl ji.irts nf thoclty-arti
Innded , Hnvcral buildings in arourHtnf erec-
inn vu-rti thrown down. Much other damagn
i'iH dnnn ,
The l < t N. A. At O.'H O. T , jr.
LOCMVIII.K , July 31. A. II. Hmithnrd , gen.
ral tnifllo iniinaRer of thn Lnuinville , Is'evv
Ulmny .1 Chit-iigo mad trnt in his nwi
n-ilay atvtliu roimcst of tha diiectoiy , U'n
iK'ceHoor H not known.
Thn Kuli.'ldal
WAmiiNoniN , , lnlv81. ( ) -
mrtson lit butter to-day , and thoiu id luiny of
The Secret History of Recent Union
Pacific Legislation ,
As Shown Up in a "W"1 ' Page of *
the Now York ! J > is.
1 1 i ,
Senator Edmunds'Asi ' g ing Bo-
port Suppressed in tl 2 natoi
1 * " * *
The Hoar Oompromu illon's
Eatiroinont Adams'1 ' Horn
How the Buin of a Maguifioont
Bailroad was Aooomplishod.
Goultl ItroiiKht tn Kdtiutndn1 Feet *
The Status of the monopoly
froiuOniolal ICocurdB ,
Ulntnry of Union Pnolllo
Special Dispatch to TllK UEE.
NKVV YOHK , July 31. ThoTlmci prints nil
entlro P RO \VnsMiifton ; dispatch giving thu
history of the Union Pacific , logislati n. It
givnj Kdinunds the crodlt of liitvin had moro
todo with drnftin ? thu Thurmun bill than
Tlmrinnn , and says last winter his bill calling
for the semi-nnnual payments by the company
to the government brought Gould tnKdmmids *
foct , nud led to the hasty substitution of
[ Jharlf * Francis Adams , Jr. , for Dillon as
irt'nithmtof the road. Edmunda made a com-
irolioiuivo report which haa uovnr reached the
iBiiato nor the public ; that paper WIIH subinit-
cd by him to the commlttoo. Some of Us
nemticra domurrcd , but lil.s logiowasso en-
msworablo that finally all of thorn gave their
it-sent. Kdmuml.V report , bt > glnnin ? with a
( iviow of tlio govoinmcnt aid tj the Union
aclfic rortd , went on to ( Hncuss the nocd and
lonstitutleiuUty nf the provioiona of the Thur-
nan act. Thmo jiliia provisions
no recited , aibnlttln ? of no equivocation
ir double manning. Tha icport cloiod with a
osolution calling thu president's attention o
heso facts , nnd asking him to ord or tbo at
om oy general to proceed to have executed the
leiulticn proscribed against the Union'Pacific
llrectors for ollcgally declaring dividcndii ,
'nny officer who shall voto. declare , make , or
< ay. nnd anv atockholdAr who shall recolvo
my such dividend shall bo liable ) to tha United
itutos for the amount thereof , which , when
Delivered , nluill bit paid Into the flnkinc ; fund ,
nil every Huch ullicer , person , or sCXicklioIdert-
vim shall kniivvliifily vote , decl'ire , or pay
inch dividend hall bo iloomcd guilty nf mU-
lumo .nor , and nn conviction thuicof shall bo
muiditd by it line of not oxcnoding $10,000
mil by imprisonment not exceeding ona " That was tlio rcfloliitlon of the HUiato
iudlcuy coinmlttso , and had it over reached
the KCiinto that body would havn adopted it.
Could their diroclnrs have refunded to the
-inking fund tha $ lOCOOiCO thus divided ,
to gay nothing 'of the pirt of the penalty ?
IMimindd had thin bombslioll randy , but the
Union I'acilie''p0'I > ' < ' went to Washington ,
JOKRod for more time through Unas. ' 1'runcls
\damN. Action vvaa suspended , nnd then
: amo the Juno panic. Senator ifonr aftcr-
vards went to Boston and tluro agrtcd with
ho directors , First , that no moro were divi-
Irmls to bo paid until after cun ress ognln
nedti ; Second , all moneys duo nr to beeomo
Ino for govcrumtnt truiiiportatiun tciboro-
alned In thn treasury , both for subsidized
ml uiisubsldlzed parta of the road ; Third ,
ho couipnny to pay forthwith into tlio
rea'ury & 71H,811 , bring the amount claimed
intler thu Thiirman , act lor the ynnr
R83 ; fourth , the check for * G9-
ij'.l go long lying unaccented to be taken
n account. The road WAB brought to terms.
Shortly aftorwai da Mr. Dillon resigned and
vdiuns 'was elected to the vacancy. A few
Uya afterwards the 8718 000 WUH deposited
nth tlm sub-treasurer at Uoston.
The Timoa further Hiys ; The road la al-
no t bankrupt. I'arruUclcd by Hnoa toOgden ,
vlth three comiieting truns-continental lines ,
t is hardly able to earn UH bonded charges
iVciKhtcd with HUvnl di-bta It la staggering to
nsolvoncy , tha earnings art ) falling away ,
r-iiim are tM'hig t ikon elf , the country IB being
nvaded by rival lines and the rates of faro and
rtiphtaro fulling Competition with roadu
laving ono thlnt the debt , the Union Pacific
las seen Its best dnyw. Kobbod of its blood ,
ionld now hot'ins ri ady at hut to throw aside
ho wreck , provided ho can escape the penal-
ICH olfmod liy law to this wreckage. The
tockn and bonds have boon largely disposed
f to other hi Idorrf. They must tufl'er from
hrinkngn , whkh ha.s reduced the stock to ono *
liinl of itH fnrnier value. Through all tblu
lot tha govornmtnt with the law on it ) Hide
is been put nlf nnd scorned by nretexU HO
Imsy that tbov must have been tmdoistood.
Kilitoiially the TImcH uayH : "What- would
avu been the effect UIMUI ttio Union 1'acifiot.
nad or upon the fortunes of Us directorH had'
ho report prepaid ! by KdmundH been actu-
lly submitted to and adopted by that body ,
lay well bo left to cuujn.'turo. Mr. Jay
ionld and bin accomplices , v.-ho have made
nols of moro cr lo.xa innocent diicctora osso-
iuted with them iu'thelr managrment of the
ailioid wtilch they have HO long made a
lotont Instrumeut of plunder , will road with
urprlto the account wo glvothia morning of
lieir narrow escape from grave otlicial and
itraonal iiinbnrrassuiontH , can readily bn Im-
gincd. They thought the fooret aafu , no
oiiht. "
A MisHlswIppI Hteunuir Snnn Cl.
HAION Uouoi ; July 31. Tho. steamer Ci'jy
f Yiiioo Htiuck a snug iiino miles below tlus
ity this morning and immediately sank. N'o
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