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607 , ( Maud Formally Mafle
of foe Nalional Democracy's ' Aiiion ,
Goli Vilas' ' Speech Supplemented
by the Committee's ' Address ,
The Candidate for President
Makes a Felicitous Boply ,
A Number of Notables Present
Aotion of the Gominitteosi !
Ton Thousand Bourbons Gather at
a Barbecue Near Lexington , Ky ,
Ilopubllcnim PURO With Green-
Imclccrs In West Virginia
for the Consideration of
10,000 Votes. b
ALTIANV , N. Y. , July 29. The committee a i
of notification mot at ton , Vilas presiding ,
It was arranged that the commlttoo visit the
governor at 3:30. : After signing the olliclid
letter , adjourned until three , The commlttoo
leave to-morrow morning for Saratoga to noti
fy Ilendrlcka.
The national democratic committee met at In
Uio Delovan house and was called to order by
Secretary Prince In the absence of Chairman
Bornum. On motion of Miller ( Nob. ) , lion. . if
Jno. S. Harbour ( Va. ) waa chosen chairman
protein. The roll WAS called , and all
states were represented except Connect ! :
cut , Maryland , Kentucky , Michigan , i
Nevada , Dakota , New Mexico ,
Utah and Wyoming. The proceedings of the did
mooting of July 24 wore approved. Dawson ole
( S. C. ) , on behalf of tbo committee on organi
zation , made a report which was adopted but
the commlttoo decided not to publish it at
present , the matter being loft In abeyance
with the chairman and secretary , they to de the .
cide what portion , if an ; shall be given to the f
nowspipors. The executive committee will
meet in Now York on Thursday of this week. the
Mr. Thompson , of Now York , in behalf of
the committee on hoadquartore , reported pro
gress and Asked permission to inaka a final .
roiwrt to the executive committee when it boei
moots In New York. ovei
The following were announced as the otoc- itsv >
ulivo coinmiltoe : W. II. llarnum , of Connec lion
ticut , n-odicio ; TA. . P. Gorman , Maryland ; elec
hour. Virginia ; W. F. Vilan , Wisconsin ; Aus dial
tin II. 1'rown Indiana ; M. M. Ham , Iowa : re
H. D. McIIenry. Kentucky ; J. P. II. Kelly , oftl
Minnesota ; Bradley IJ. Smalloy , Vermont ; J. fron
A , W. Sul oway , Now Hampohire ; V. W. upo
Dawson , South Carolina ; W. W. Armstrong , ing
Ohio ; Miles llosj , New Jernoy : S. Corning lice [
Judd , Illinois ; J. B. Barnaby , Rhode Island ; tob
John G. Prather , Missouri. tobWi
The committee adjourned to moot at the ( Wi
Dalovau ifouse at 3 o'clock when , they will ( Mil
accompany the notification committee. Fre
ALBANY , July 20. Noon. Among those M.
who will bo present at the notification to ( Da '
Governor Cleveland this afternoon besides the .foff
membura of the two committees , will be Judge Gee
Abbott and B. F. Hilkbury , of Boston , ox- ( Ma
Speaker Randall , Speaker Carlyelo , Comrresa- Iho ?
man IJorahoimer , Lester B. Faulkner and the
following ladies : Mrs. W. K. Hoyt and Miss
R. K. Cleveland , sisters of the governor , and
Misws Mary and Carrie Hastings , daughters mit1
" of the governor's slater , who is a missionary in of f
\ Ceylon. The daughters have been born there , oftl
and are in America to bo
educated. The ad- ( Jem
is dre a of Col. Vilas and the reply of Governor listc
Cleveland will both be brief. The reception sent
at Uio Fort Orange club will bo entirely in- grea
formal. the
ALHANT , N. Y. . July 29. The rain , which real 1
ceaHod at noon , set ill again about 2 o'clock. that
Despite the weather , Pearl street and Broad
way were lined with jnoplo standing under puil
the shelter of umbrellas. part
About tha head anlei
of the Phalanx , on State street , the bilit
crowd was the greatest. A little before H
o'clock the Phalanx formed on State street ,
120 strong. They were attired in dark suite ,
high white hats and carried canoa. Preceded upo
by the Albany City band , they marched beei
through State street into Broadway and to full
the Delovan house , where the part >
that the streets and sidawalks were almost im- citlz
passable. Hero carriage * ! to the number of dem
forty were provided for the
distinguished gen sent
tlemen composing the committee. At 3:3. : " ) ,
headed by the ban J , the Phalanx marched up lore
Broadway , followed by tlio committee in car and
riages. The procession turned up Clinton sent
avenue , up Madison avenue to Ruglo street him
to the governor'd residence , which wus reached that
about 4 p.m. An immense concourse of people - shoe
plo had assembled around the execmivo man oft f
sion , and the polica were Htatlnnod about to
prevent injurlon ) tro pats upon the grounds
surrounding the residence. The guonts wore
prompt hi arriving , and when the members of been
the two committees won ) provided for there the
vriu very liltlo extra space. kepi
took place in the largo handsjino main parlor 11085
of thu mansion. The only attempt at adorn plo
ment suen wan in hugo banks of flowers which liter
rusted on the mantel * of the parlors and
library. The cewmnny was brief but exceed kee prin ;
ingly , impressive. The arrival of the commit- Him eep
teen in a body wan the signal for concentration btci
in the main pailor. There the committea of the
notification took positions In the south end of iaus
the room , and the members of the naticmu
committee on the north. Space wan reserved
In the centre , and IM soon as the preparations
wore complete liar
through the main hull way. islanding with his > !
back to the flnwer banked mantel , The la
dies of thu party stood psar the governor at
hid left. Hi * appearance was the signal for a
hearty utulnpoutanociis outburst of handclap- nest
plug , which continued weveral mimes. When
thin subsided Colonel W. F. Vilas , of Wi-con. : an
sin , chairman of the late democratic national .0
convention , ( .topped forward
Colonel Vila * spoke as follows :
Grover Cleveland , Governor of the Slate of of ji
New York : Thane gentlemen , my associate hurt
here present , whoso volco I am honored with trill
authority to utter , ars a committee appointed veil
by the national democratic convention which eon
recently assembled in Chicago and chartrud ncr
with the grateful duty of acquainting you has
otliciully and in that solemn and ceremonious gla <
manner which tha dignity and Importance of cauill :
the communication demands , with the Inter ll
esting result of IU deliberations , already
known to you through thejordinary { channels witl
of news Sir. that uuat bxly , convened by the
direct delegation from the ill mocratio people ipon
of the several ftUoi anil territorial of the re The
public , and deliberating under the wltueaa of but i'he
ovf'r gathered to ouch a conference , in fora- : ere <
thought of the election which the constitution ; | U1 |
them to make the current
Impose * upon during wore
year , have nnminated you to the pe pl of nf ,
these United Ktatoi to bo their president fur Kort
thu next ensuing term of that great ortice , and \n \ \
with grave consideration of its exalted ro pou
sibllitim , have confidently invoked their Btif-
fragui to invest you with IU fuirtions ,
Through this committee the convention' * high pos
retjuirement Is delivered , that you may accept rue
that candidacy. The choice carrier with It
but It has been in no manner the first of the o
lentitucnta. The national democracy neck a
lircwidoiit , not in compliment for what the man
ia or reward for what ho lias done , but in a
just exportation of what ho will accomplish
as the tnta servant of a free people , fit for
their lofty tru t. Always of momentous con
sequence , they conceive Uio public exigency
to ba now of transcendent lm | > ortanco ; that a
laborotn reform in administration as well us
legislation ii imperatively noce * ary to the
prosperity and honor of the republic1 , and a
: tettt chief magistrate must ba of unusual
roudpawor. They have observe i with
joti have , hold , especially of that with
which you Mb now to hrnoiably Invested. They
placa their reliance for the usefulness of the
services they expect to exact for the benefit of
till nitiuti upon the evidence derived from tlia
irvicesyou liavo performed for the state of
New York. They Invite the electors to mich
proof . of character and coinpstoncy to justify
their cbnfidonco that In the nation , as hereto-
forfl in the state , the public buiinosi will bo
administered i with consuminato intelligence
and ability , with flnglo hearted hnno ty and
fidelity , and with a rwoluto nnd ( taring fear-
lo-sncna which no faction , no combination , no
power of wQillh , 110 mistaken clam
or can dismay or qualify. In
the spirit of the wi dom and invoking the
benediction of the dlvlno creator of man , wo
chnllongo from the sovereignty of thin u-ition
his words In commemoration and ratification
of ourcholco , "Well done , thou good and
faithf ful nan ant ; thou hast boon faithful over
few tiling * . I will make theo a ruler over
many thing * . " In further fulfillment of olir
iKty , the secretary will now present the writ
ten communication signed by the committee :
The address of the committee of notification |
was read by Secretary Boll :
NEW YOIIK CiTf , July 28.188l.-To lion-
irabla Grover Cleveland , of New York : Sir :
acoordnnco : with a custom befitting the
latura of the communicationtho undersigned , .
epresoating the several states and territories
thounlou , wcro appointed a committee by
the national democratic convention , which'
issembled at Chicago on the 5th day of the
urrent month to perform the :
ileasant i office , which by this
nvins wo Invo the honor to execute , of
ufonning you of your nomination aa the can-
liclato : of the democratic party in the coming
iletion , for the ollico of president of the
Jnlted State * . A doclaratlon of the piinci-
jlesupon which the democ'acy go before the .
pee nle , with a hope of establishing and main- by
aining them in the government was mndo by :
convention and an engrossed copy there-
cfli submitted in connection with this com- soil
nunication for your consideration. Wej trust ity
opproval of your judgment will follow
examination of this expression of opinion .
and po icy , and upon thoi | > oliticnl controversy
now made up wo Invite your a"ceptanco of
the exalted leadership to which you have
wen chosen , The election of a president is an
ivont of the utmo it importance to the people
America. Prosperity , growth , happiness , (
eaci' , and liberty oven , nny depend upon of
who ordering. Your uinniuiniiH noniina- legi
la proof that the democracy believes your tiveK
lection will moat nontributo to nave these
roat objections We assure you that in the for
nxions responsibilities you must asmimo 0,3 a but
anilidnto you will have the steadfast nnd cor- th.I
support of the friends of the ciuwyou will nat
eprcHont , and in the execution of tha duties in
the high ollicu which wo confidently expect
rom thu wisdom of the nation to bo conferred
ipon you , jou may securely rely for apjirov-
aid uponthe _ patriotism , honnrnrd intel-
pence of this free people. We have the honor
bo with great
respect :
The address is signed by W. K Vilas the
Wisconsin ) , president ; Nicholas M. Ball
Missourisecretary ) ; A. P. BnntonAlabama ( ) , orgj .
'VedFord'ca ' ( Arkansas ) , Miles Soarles ( Call-
ornla ) , M. M Waller ( Colorado ) , Theodore jud
iI.Walter ( Connecticut ) , George H. Bates inand
Delaware ) , Atllla Cox ( Kentucky ) , James and
'effries ( Louisiana ) , 0. A. Osgood ( Maine ) , of >
Jeorge Wicks ( Maryland ) , J. K. Abbott
Mamaclmsotts ) , Daniel Cospan ( Michigan ) ,
homaa 1C. Hauan ( Minnesota ) , 0. E. Hooker resi
Governor Cleveland replied as follows : quji [
Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Cotn- exit
altte * : Your formal announcement does not , mer
course , convey tj me the first information eacl
the result of the convention he d by t ir
lomocracy of the nation , and yet when , OH 1 Tfl
Isten to your message , I ice about mo repre- end
entatives from all parts of the land of the com
rout party which , claiming to bo the party of par
people , ask them to entrust to it the ad- i an
aimstratlon of their government , and when
consider , under thu influence of the stern
eality which tha present surroundings create ,
I have boon chonanto represent the plans ,
luijKweB and the policy of the democratic I
larty , I am profoundly Impressed by the
nleumity of the occasion and by the rtsponsi- sam
ilities of my ] iosition , Though I gratefully fash
ppreciato it , at this moment city
pan : the distinguished honor , which has hart
conferred upon me , because my mind is by
of an anxious desire to perform well tha Jud
which has been assigned to me. Nor do Jiltu
this moment forget that the rights and Tin
aterest of more than TtU.OOO,000 of my follow tors r
Itlzena are involved in our efforts to gam for :
emocratla supremacy. This reduction precuts - sioai
to my mind the consideration which
than all others given to the action of my
arty in convention assembled its most sober
serious aspect. Tha party and IU repro-
entatives which ask to b. entrusted at the
tuds of tbo people with the keeping of all and
concerns the r welfare nnd their safety , repi
lioulcl only ask It with the full appreciation delii [
the ) nacre < lnot of the trint , and with a firm arm
Bsolvo to administer it faithfully and well. natr
foundation : of true democracy. I have
tha faith because I believe if rig' tly and f
anjy . administered und applied , democratic
octrinos and ineasuro" , will insure the happi- f
s , uoutentmeut and prosperity of the i > eo-
, If , in the contest upon which wo now orm.
, wo steadfastly hold to the underlying
irlncipIiHof our party creed , and at all tunes
| in view the paople'n good , we shall bo A
trmig , becaima wo are true to ourselves and Ion
cause the plain and iudepenilunt voters of mill
land will seek by their xuffrages to com- lnl
their the
iVhern there nhnuld bo submiHHiou to the pop-
will and their protection from party cyr- if
uption , tliero nhould bo devotion to the poo-
O'B luto.'oat . Those thoughts lend a couse-
ration to our cause , r > rd we go forth not
nerely to pain a partisan a ivuutago , but
jledged togivo to tluna who trust u < the ut-
benuhta nnd humut administration of
latlonal sffalrs. No higher purpouu or motlvo 3ol. /
stimulate us to a supreme effort or urge us w' '
contlnuoip > p noHt labor and effective w'Cai
mrtyor a bation. Let tun it fall in this , and Ha
may continently hopn to ton
patriotic services wull performed. I have
callrxl to miud Homo tlmplo truths , and
rilles though they are , it eeoms to mo wo do r
to dwell upon them at tlin time , I bhall one
, I hopu , ilgnify in the formal man- tal
my acceptance of the nomination which has
been tAudornl me. In the me mtlma I loina
lladly greet you all M co-workers in a noble IflVi
ause. udv
ithdeep airnMtness , lie seemed to realize | ? ( how ;
weight.of the responsibility which runted moi
him ai the standard bearer of tlio party off
oddro-HB wax not only a model of thought
KK (
WKM delivered with rarn grict > anil effect inadu
congratulations that wcro showered upon
by miny dlntlnvuiiihod leaders of tti to
tli1 close of tlio ceromonim were ln
and lieirty , After HO mo time spent In so-
interchanges the dnors of the dining rui > m
nwung open nd relrushinentu pirtukim
An Informal raceptlnn was held at the dee
QraiiRe clul > , Waahin ton avenue , late nf
thu aftornopn. Kri
I'UI.IT EII ON II I. A I Mi. An 9 i
Mr. Pulitzer nail ] one of hi * reasons for op- Mi
potting liluiiie , was the letter's Know Nothing nat
record of years ago. Jilaine advlbod and aided Imj
in framing tha law In M ! ne < , which virtually
mode It Impossible tat any foreigner to become
a citizen. All mono | > olisU arc supporting
lllamo. The Issue of tlio CMiipntgn , bo Bald ,
was not one of a iwrsonal character. In
the democracy tried to rodex-m the povrr ;
and succeeded but were cheated by fraud and
theft , If success did not coma now when
would It. Trotting out Jnnioi ( ? . HUino as a
w.'rklngmon'fl ' candidate , was one of the grtwt
e t humbugs of the ago.
CHICAOO , Juno SO. At the meeting of tha
national labor committed to-night the follow *
ing ) resolutions were adopted :
We hore'by affirm and adopt the demands
formulated and pro.ienUil by the independent
labo'r party of Uw state of Now York , which
were adopted and incorporated initn platform
byM the tlomocnttlc party of that Ute In 1882 ,
M follows : "Wo allirm the policy aluayo
niaintaiuixl by the democratic party that it Is
OfHID the llr t Importance that labor uliould be
madeiruo , healthful and sure of just roimmor-
atlon ! ; that convict tabor should not come Into
competition with
tlie law-abiding citizens ;
that the labor of children should bo sur
rounded with such safeguards M their health ,
their rights of oducatioa and lliuir
lutii-o as useful members of the community
dei that workshopi , whether largo or
sm , should ba under such sanitary
as will insure the health aud comfort of the
employed , and protect all against utivvholo-
HOUIO labor and surroundings ; that labor shall
have \ the same right * oa capital to combine for
its own protection ; and that all legislation
which cramps industry , or which enable ] tbo
powerful lo oppress the weak should bo re
pealed ; and lo promote the interests of labor ,
wo recommend the collection of sUtUliuiaiid
information < rcxpactlng thu improvements ,
neeils and abuses ot tha various branches of
Those demands for rcformi.mado by the workingmen -
ingmen of Now York , have been accomplished
through their aooptanco and endorsement by
the great reform governor of the state of New
Vork in the follow ing measures : Kstublinhing
abor bureau statistics ; prohibiting ttho manu
facture of wojl haU in the state prisons , poni-
centuries , etc ; prohibiting the manufacture of
igarn : In tonomeut houses ; prohibiting the
na'.tinir ! of contracts fur convict labor ; making
aboring men preferred creditors In the aitign-
nenU of ompioyerx ; prohibiting child contract
abor < ; providing for commission to examine the
lanltary condition of tenement hoiHes.fuotori0.1 ,
etc. , which are commended as vital issues to
the people of the United States , and are hero-
declared ( principles of labor in the whole
ouutry , where tbe interests of labor are best
lervod when the principles of labor upon a
lolid foundation of secured rights and prosper-
ty ore presented and urged _ as IBSUCH in the
lopular representative bodies having const- !
.utlrnal existence.
Reeolved , That it is not the duty of the
vorkiugmon to present candidates for presi-
dun and vice-president but that it In a sacred
luty and obligation to organize for the purpose
Becuriug us muinbors of state and national
egtslaturo4 earnest and faithful represents- da
tive of labor ; therefore ; bo it
Ke-olveil , That v\o muku no iioinluatious
tha offices of president and vice-president ,
nit leave to all our members a free choice , and
. wo do hereby adjourn thu meeting of the
luttonal ! labor convention to July 'Mia , 18SS ,
the city of Chicago.
Wn A. A. CAIISKV , Chairman.
Secretary of the National Committee.
The following was subsequently adopted by
commlttoo :
WHEUKAH , The national labor party , duly nil
irganized at Philadeli > hia , January llllb ,
188 , for the purpose of effecting wlao anil
udiciouB action by existing political parties
the interests of labor and anti-monopoly ,
to influence as fur as possible the adoption
our principles , and
WIIEKBAB , Our platform aud principles
wer submitted to the national conventions Im
espectively of the political parties , and duly bee
tdopted , ana cit
WHBHKAH , Our methods of procedure re-
ujro us , where our principles are adopted i by
ixisting political conventions , to notify our inyar
nembera of that fact , and in such cases leave yar
member free to consult his individual
party preferences ; therefore. od
UesolveJ , That wo uccept tlio action and Inc
mloruement of our principles by the national
ouventlona of the democratic and republican
larties ) as progressive and beneficial to Amori- >
per [
industry. the
LEXINGTON , Ky. , July 29. Over ton thou- the
and enthusiastic democrats attended an old , hav ,
wbloned Kentucky barbecue given near this |
to-day by the democrats of I'ayetto couii
The entire crowd partook of burgoo and
arbocuod moata. The crowd waa addressed vcti
General Dtirbin Ward , Dou Piatt and per
udgo Hunt , of Ohio , Senators Beck and liot
Slachburn , ex-Governor Blackburn and lion , allli
'lumas L. Jones , of Kentucky. All thu ora- GDI
predicted a rousing victory in Novi-mber in
democracy. There Is the greatest eiithu- spit
iaum in KentucVy over thu ticket. . whi
KEl'UIILICAN-fl. D. is
PAUKKasiiuiio W. Va. , July 29 Two thou. 1in
| are
people are already hero for the state true
epublican convention to-morrow. It is now and
elinitelv known that there will ba n finion oav
rrangemout , whereby the groanbackora will ere
iamo a portion of the ticket. The f union at- bell
the republicans ten thousand additional
otes in the state.
PARKKnsnuwi . va. , July 2 ! ) . A caucus can
all tha Went thli
Virginia republicans to-night
locldcd Hto endorn thu greenback nomination boli
Mdnin Maxwell for and
Judge governor , Thm TVi
nakoa tbo nomination to-morrow a mere I !
. _ 'm
World'H Fair. , -
At a inb ting of th'j International com ant- fuv -
of oxonition | nnd fair association repro-
tail VCH held hero last month the quonlou nl Ijlll |
I'llding world's fair In commemoration of con wh
discovery of America , and to celebrate mwl
100th anniversary of that evunt w-s ills chn IMO
nisNud end the project wus iippruvod , the
ircHident of the convention , Julius S , Walah ,
thin city , was directed to appoint a com-
nlttee tn devimi a plan of org.mlz.ition and will
nanugament , fair tlmui and place , etc. , Mr , wb
iValsh bus njipointed the com- per
nltten as followa : ] { ' < bt. P , con
faussy , St. I/oula Chairman ; Meair * . K. herd
r/ocko and David K. lieatty , Jernuyville , IU , ; it in
. A. I. Johnson , Topeka ; II. it. W. Hart- day
, St. Joxoph , Mo ; 11. J. Hill. Toronto , p
Canada : Daniel I ) . Gillfiam , Alton , III. : Kdw , horn
ilaren : , ICansas City ; Hubert Mitchell , Prince- sold
Mhid. . , and L. M , Kumsuy , Iticharu Green ,
Samuel M , Kennurdof Ht , Lnuln.
"Wlro AVorkM in
DRTKOIT , July 20 , The Barnuin wire works , Ku
of the most extensive plants of ornamen Cn
and wire works business in the country , To
anslgniy ) . This action wan precipitated by they
stockholders who became frightened and rail
levied attachment * on the prtifwrty to He and
itdvaucits made by them. Nn statcmont , the
A rough estimate by the huino ! s Vc
'hut ' HaMllticH of all kinds amount tn nit
J8 fKK ) , with assets coimlstiiig of the im- del
inotiH'J manufactory of the conij any , a stock ox
fgoodnon bandH arid accounts receivable ,
t'rotr ting SlliO.OOO , Kvpry iilfurt Isbcini ?
to ailjuot existing ilillicultios , and it in
lioped In a few ilays full.'I'1 '
work in full.
resume .
Tim CJiolnr * , | wr
July 89. Thn clanlficUlon nf we
deaths friiin cholera according to nationality nil
victims given thu following rwinlts : tin
French 7W , Ilulian , 31" ' ; SpanUh. 13 ; ( irt.ok , .
Fntli li , 1 ; Auxtrian , 1 ; Germany , 1 ; pr |
American , 1. Nine dnaths of Cholera in
rnsilles la t night. 13 in Toulon , The sit , r
nation iu the infected dlstr.ctu to continue to { Ai
luiprovu. lHi |
Teslenlay's ' DBTdopincnls Rclaliyo to
the Sick' Cattle in Chicago ,
Dootors Diaagroo as to tlio Nature
of tlio Fatal Malady , ,
Whether - Alkali , ' .Toxas Fever ,
Bloody Murrain OEfLooo Woods ,
Kansas Olty Stronudnsly Denies
the Disease Originated There ,
Olainiing the Stock Ocimo Through
There From Indian Territory , .
Stontntm Onttlo Men Unltuif ; Tir
Tliclr IntorcBt Thoy'OcsIro tlio
'bow '
20,000,000 ACI-OH of Indian
KoHorvntlou Ileiluocel.
_ _ _ _ , v
THE 8IOIC nATfrliK ,
CIIICAOO , July 29. The arrvnl of nick cattle -
tlo having boon rot > orted at tl)3 Union stock
yrvrds of tills city , an examination won made
by n number ot veterinarians , , this mornlug.
who'aro noc yet ready to submit an olliclal
rtiport , The fact is known , howovnr , that they
Imvo ngrood that the disorder III Texas favor ,
Buporlnducod by drinking wafw strongly Im
pregnated with alkali. The tattle Imro been
securely quarantined and Isolated. Those
in the yards that are Infected * ire to bo ( laugh-
torod , subject to inspection by , the health do- pro
portmont. Those that ore ijnablo to move
are boiog shot , and these thatare droopy will of
bo held for further dovolopiu'dats , oacl
Another train oonsUUng of twelve cars , con- ion
talnlnc 210 head of cattle , arrived thia morn
ing They were branded thu Hmo as the herd nth
wh were found to bo dUrftsed yoiturday , Stat
am are from southwestern Kanios , Fifteeu ficia
were found ( load in the cart ) flfty-flvo had into
been thrown out dead on the way and a great kini
ma ny others were sick and had been tramuod
on. Dr. Poaren , state veterinarian , and Dr.
on.Do Wolf , city health commiBsio'nor , declare the
trouble to be -
The ontlro herd , including thoaaof yesterday ,
wore : ordered killed , making about live hun driv
dred head in all. The ofliciah ( Irclaro that the fine
cattle were evidently dlsoasad before ahJp.-uont
aud from all that can bo learned the entire kept
herd was in tlin Kansas City stock yards thirty Ion
jays before shipment to thiH'clt'y. In view of
the fact , ckttle nro thoroughly uurantlu6d be soar
fore killing. It' Is not believed tha trouble , bier
whether it It Texm fever or blpoJy murrain , bierM
Mil extend any .u. uoi. . , long
NOW IT'S L-CO sfciw. time
KOAD HOCHK , 111 , July i9A-SIxtoon ! carloads - '
loa of cattle from Indian torj'fry arrived a Nin
the Chic-tgo & Alton stock vatii Hera Sunday Jncl
night. Nineteen head dim ! on' the road from
Kunsan City and it was bulk . r4 tbo whole lot
was Infected with Texas fever. All that could
stand up , twelro carloads , vvqre forwarded to dn
Jai .
denied that they had Toxa < i ( r. '
they were poisoned by
the train , but L. U. 1 . . : -
„ mile
goon from Jacksonville , pronounced the dls-
ease Texas fovor. " .
After a careful Investigation the Llvo Stock
Indicator etaton the following : There hoa not
been and is not any Texas fever .ntninfr tha -
cittlo at thia point or in tu . neighborhood. '
The - cattle shipped from' ' tba'jndlan territory
has developed , pasasd vinrough" the
which so called , Toras' /lover
yards , but while bora' did riot exhibitany ;
lymptomu of the disease. It wis not contract-
by \ contact with through Tyros cattle In the
Indian territory. 4 >
KANSAH CITY , July 29. Concerning the ro- „
ort of Texas cattle fever in the stock yard ,
ollicials state that the consignment of
cattle ' received hero from Indian Territory
affected with Spanish or ToxaB fever ,
though it was not known at tlio , time , A portion .
tiot of them went to Manhattan , Kansas , aud
remainder to Chicago. The yards hero
liavu l > een thoroughly disinfected. _ So far as ills
known there are no other cases of disoiso bore ,
CiiiciAGo , July 21) ) . Dr. N. II. Paaren , state 10
retennai ian , hag not yet made hln ofliclal ro-
wrt , but ho assorts to-night tli t bis investiga 10
tions have developed the fact thwo cattle arei
illlicted with splenic , or Texas foyer , Health
3omrniiuiouor Do Wolf , of thli city , concurs
thia opinion and exhibits In hid ollicu the
tploen and kidneys of Home of those cattle
which died , and they are found to exhibit
itrongly-markod slgnii of fever. On tbo other
liand , many stockmen and Home porsoiiH fa-
inillar with Toxai favor ilo not believe it Scvi
that disease. They a sort that
all cases of Texts fever the animal excreta
very hard , and the name Is in a measure
of sickness from drinking alku'l ' water ,
that the deaths In this instinca could not Ln
aavo resulted from either of tlitsq , an the ox
rota I are entirely nalurul. They profess to
believe that the deaths wore caused by inoul
' >
auoJ by drinking too much water after lorg ' IH.-IOI Illlm
thirsting and being over hoatml , _ Tiieno ciltlu hoaJ
to Vrayier & of ICansug
belong Ulurly City , Stuu
are brought from their rancho in Indian who
Territory. The entire number received ix CdO ,
which 19 J arrived this moininp. Of HIOH < J 102 K" , -
have died or I eon killed to relieve them of otlie
agony. Nine were killed by the veturenarian men
to-day , and he says all Nhowcd M'gnx of Toviu Thoi
fuvor. The living member * of the herd are
iiiiiraiitlneil and the pouu in th y ATA iove
confined will not bo again iiK'd for cattle , bill'
when uuiplicd will be scrnbbixl , rcfloored and
for hugs. The hea'tli departiuoiit ban Bl
'liargq of the entire drove1 , and tha health ! < < lV
lertakos to n y that fo r
not ba allowed to gu into the market
while there is the laaul danger. Ho 1ms givnu
pormidHion to the firm to which the herd ia
' ' ' tiell non-infected meinljcrx of thu
, subject to inspection after ulaiightor. A C
Biiull number were told and Mlau/htered toj vca
' , but an a matter of precaution were not con
permitted lo bo put on the market. It is said Tin
that twonty-jlvo head nf th wo cattle were
at Kaunas City. Inv
MANHATTAN 1 , Km. , .lulv 29. There have nat
( lit teen additional deaths by Texas fever ning
the shipment of cattle rccaivxj here from the
Kaunas City. The herd lull been driven from pic
Ciniumrron river to Caldwell , crossing the since'
Texas cat tie trail. On the way from Ciildwoll nav
were tent to Kniiia * City by
, when ) they worn bought by Major Adunm
t once shipped hern , Tha nokne ! < 8 of
animals first aiMieurod on tha way here.
Veterinarian Holcuinb in cxpoetcd hern to-
nlglit , Kiperts hero deut anticipate un epi
demic , hcliuving llio disease not coinmtmlsublo tlu
oxcejit < thiough Texas cattle. re'i
HIAWATHA , Kan , July 2'J. The Texan or
.Spanish fever has iipjniared In this vicinity ,
number of unlmula have diutl , ueveral were Bend
, tjo.'no wcokH agu a train loaded vvith "
Texan cattle pwsin iioith WUH p < itiully pil
h ( ' <
. . . '
wrecked near hern and tome stray milmalH Itf
were left liehiuil , H in supp > sud they coiiimu- "
nicutod tlio ili-oane , which was lirnt obrurvod Is
punt few dtyK and t' ) vprexl rapid IM
KveryelFort in being made to chuck IU
irorross , |
PToi'KKA , Kaniog , July 2U Major N.A | , only
Ailaum , uwnor of the cattle nftllctod with
HpariUh fever at Manhattau orrlvoJ thU after
" " < in Mid Mid ho thought the worst was over.
Hi IOM , up to thohotir of leaving Manhattan , 2
o'clock li. m. , vrns M head , and tin thinks
about 20 morn will dio. Tlin hortl WM thor
oughly qu > , mid stockmen , who pro
fess to IHI ncipmtntod with the disease , say it
will not bo comminicitcd from thoto cattle
to others In the country rounil ,
Mr. Adami conimoncod feeding his cattle
pe u cam this morning , a diet that IB said to
bo tha best thing they can h vo.
. .Stockmen nrn ixwllivo In their nnortions to
night that thora Is no disease In tha yon"
hero. The In foe ted herd Miiplxv.l t
( Chicago arrived hnro oa stated
from Indian territory , and wen
through to Chicago In the usual course o
shipment. Tha catllo not held hero , i
the outbreak of the dlsowio had m > t appnv
ituiong thnm. Ofliclals aud other * intervlewei
id-ntght ! generally hold to the ballet that tin
reports from olhor points are oxtggrrAtoiI ; HI
that it in not rwtAbliihod that the dlscn oii
FexM fever , and the matter will eon subside ,
is did the recent fi > ot-aiid-inoutli scaro.
.LINCOLN , Nebraska , July 2'J.Infonuatlon ' I
tha cattle diseaio , said to ba Texas fever ,
irovtvleot at Maxwell , Nebraska , was ra
wived hfrfl this morning. ( Jovornor Oawos
tnmellUloly . _ _ _ * dlspntcbed . , . , , a . . commission to in
. 4 L - rt
e.itlgitto , which will report to-morrow. Com-
nUsiouer luring has also ordered Dr. T uin
lower , of Illinois , to Maxwell.
HII.VNA , Montnu * , July 27. The Montana
Itock ( ! rowers' association has boon Insoislon I
ho past two dnya , and adji > unu < d thli after-
toon. The dlllcetn elected are : 1'rosldont ,
Iranvillo Stuart ; treasurer , J. Woolman ;
ocratary , It. B. Harrison. Members were
irrsont from all portions of tbo territory , rep
osonttng cattle herds aggregating half a mil'
lion head. In vlaw of tha ravages of the stock
liloves , the association decided tuusolUiullu
onct for the election of moinbem of the login
iatu who will work for the passage of a
W to afford tbo stock interests Utter
! from thlovoa. The association will
irgo the reduction of Indian reservations in
lontann , which comprise twenty xiillionacroi
grazing land , or about six thousand acres for
ach Indian. The association. Indignantly
eny ; the statement Ia Manitoba , the Ioinin <
in of i Canada and. through the United Stulus.
the cattle herds of Montana art * directed
foot and mouth dlsaaso. Tha Uoltod
itatoi commissioner of agriculture and tha of
clols of other countries iiro invited to inquire
ito tlio roport. There Is no disease of any
ind among Montana cattlo.
" "si'OHTS.
nnd Sulky.
CHICAOO , July 29. Thu attendance at the
riving park wua very good ; the weather was
no ; ; the track heavy.
Milo and a half handicap-all ages -Thady
opt the lead from the start * und won by two
irtfcths , CMilso2j , AthlunoUd ; time , 2:54. :
llllnoii stakes mile and a ijuarter throe
oar olds Berlin won by two liiufitlm , Trim-
Ier2d , Kunpun very bad 'Id ; time , : ) .
Mile purse all agoi Nlphon won by eight i
mgthi , BaJInnl 2d , Adventurer a poor dd ; I In
imo 1:501. : '
Stcoplo chose mlle and thrca-quartoni -
'in.blefoot won undttradrlvo by two longtlm ,
aokeon 2d , Dutchman 'M ; time , 8:19.
MONMOCTII BARK , July 29.r-Tho track was
pvvlth | elash. Jiljleand n furlong Fro
audio M > sweopstakoa Heel and Too won ,
Ihlckaelee 2d , ATanza 3d ; time , 2:03. : .
.Three-quartern of a mlle Freei handicap
WMpstaked - Two-yosr-oldo Kiiclma won' .
HUonSd , Bush Filly 3d ; tiino , 152UJ.-
illiyaboth stakoa Threevyear OlJ - llloil--
lilo and'ft - ftirlofiK OJ'rea'A won , 1111110 B 2d ,
Wor Lilllo 3d : time , 2:02. :
Ifreohold i takes Mile and a lialf Role
on , Droko Carter 2d , only two ran ; time ,
'nr '
- - -
Seven furlonga - Dank won , Lutestring 2d ,
'alloy Forgo 3d ; time , M.
Handicap hurdle Mlle and throo-quartarx
Bally won , Manhull 2d , two ran ; time , hui
Base Uall.
" " " -ChtcDgo , 10 ; Dolroitg , 8 ,
, ngton No game ; rain.
At Cincinnati Cincinnati , 5 ; St , Louis , G ;
hirteen Innings ) .
At Toledo Toledo. 1 ; Columbus , 3.
At Philadelphia No game : rain.
At Buffalo Buffalo , 1 ; Cleveland , 0 ; ( cloven ing
.nlngs ) .
At Loutiville , Ky. I/ouiavillu , 2 ; Indiana- ,
, 1 : ( tell innings ) .
At KansiH City Unions , St. Lnls , 9 ; Kan- : if
CltVH , 1.
At l.Jst Sa Inaw , Mich. At n monting of jf
diroclora of the Soglnaw IIJAO ball club last
zoning , it was unanimously docldod to carry
orgunUatlon through the season of 1RSI. & Ixi
At Plttiiburg Rain : no game. the
At Brooklyn Brooklyns , 1 ; Metropolitan , I
I boil
At Baltimore No game ; rain. the
tft f
RVCII of Tlioni round BiiHponded to ilc
Trees In Montana Cowboys Ab
In fc'ruroli of More , ' (
! Co
LKWIHTON , July 2'J. ' Seven horso-thlovos tion
found to-day hanging to trees at the ion
outb of the MuM < oliihol [ , Two men named The
ouno and I-Vlix were riicognized among the flHl
imbor. The thieves urn all supposed t't ' have iut
long to the IJoiinn and Felix band , who had
jaJquaitura in the nelghboihood. Granvlllo
ttiurt'rt cow hey i < are out after another band A
made for thu Woody mountains. They
1 prepared for all ouiurgoncloH , and if tliov
-crtaki ' ) the liorso tliievin there will be an-
hanging boo , as the nottlorH and stock-
aroileHperiti ) over thu IO < H of their liormw , clu
here havalieuii over one hiinilrwllioriion re- tin
jvered tlm p t wcnlr. bo
fOP blllVtttloillHtH. HOI
BlillKjEi'OitT , Conn , July 29-Flvn of the net
Ivathiii Anny vvero sent to jail for four days nu
violating a city onllirince by paradliig I
ml ' ay. I 7 "xl
Care for the Children
Children feel the debility of the changing thi lia
xcasoiiH , even tnoro than adults , anil LJiPJbtv 1101
fomo crnjis , pcDvIih , and itiifblitrolluule. io
blooil nliould lie cleaiibcil and llio nystcm enl
InvlgorntcU by tlio use of Hood's Harsaparllla. cy
"Last Hprlng my two chllilrcn wcro vacci Dttwe
nated. Hoon after , they liroko all opt with run bei
gores , fcii dreadful I thought I tlioiilil lobo
' eured them com-
tliem. Hoocl'H Harsaiiarlll'i
lilctcly ; nnd they liavu been healthy over
' . I do fuel that Hood's H.irHapirIlla ;
waved my children to me. " Miw. C. I * ing
West Warren , Mass.
rtrl I bo
PuHfy the Blood CO
I bo
Hood's 8-irsaparllIa IB cbnrnctcrlrcd by
I'l'fiillarltles ' : 1st , llio < v nMnu cm of
remedial amenta ; 2 < l , the projmrtlon t 3d , the
jirorcst tit securing the active
ijualllles , Tlio result Is a mcdlcliio of unusual a
i , I'flcctlni ; cures liltlierto unknown. y ,
for book containing additional ovlilencu. hj
"Hood's fiarhnnarlll.t tones up my system , til
purities my lilood , sharpens my aiiit'tlio | , anil Oil
. | > 'tcrii'u'c'u''i''lVovvell1 lo m.ikii mo ' ovci. " \tntlU J. 1' . . Tlloui-HuK , ol1
"Hood'H Harsapnrllla liealH all others , and
worth ilsueiilit Infold. " I UAUKINUTUN ,
llauk Htiuet , Nuw Yuik City ,
Hood's Sarsaparilla in
by all driisl | : t . < l i ' * f'1 W-
by a I. HOOD & Co. , ixjwdl , Muss.
IOODouos Ono Dollar.
The OoniliiR Crtijis of lown , HH Korc
liilil by the HccrotAry of the
Btnto AarlotiltitrAl
I'AIliriKU * , lown , July 20. The following
ofllcial stfttoment from Jolm H. Shaffer , nccro
Ury of the stale agricultural society , shows
the inn.litlon of crops in Iowa M reported bo-
twoan Juno Kith to July Blltb , Inclusive !
Corn -Savon hundred ml two tow
rojxirt the condition at 11" per cent , an in
cro HO of 5 per cent over the former report and
ftv > par cent bettor than
ono year a < oIOWA
farmurs never Imd such a promising outlook
for a magnificent corn hnrvnst.
Broom corn-Tho condition of thn
crop ro
ported from 103 townnh ! ) s Is 80 per cunt for
Hi ) township * it places the condition of ; the
crop at 102 per cent , a of A per cent
from the Juno report ,
BtWIntcr wheat 168 township * pltvcolts con1
ilillon ' at UJ | wr cent.
Spiing wboAt 018 townithitxi plnco its
condition at IU percent , a piomuoof a bolter
crop by nearly II per cunt than in June. A
few report some damage dona by chinch bugx.
The crop IH too far advanced to create
alarm from their ravage * .
Winter barley The condition reported
from 10 towimlilpH is .18 per cont.
Spring barley The condition reported from
331 towushlpj ulOl ( icrbent per cent better
protpocti ) than oiui month ago. Tliero are
( oino cuinplainU that the grain will Ira cot
Winter rye 5DI t < iwinlilp rojioit its condi
tion at ! > 3 per cent.
Sptingro82 towiishliMrvport it condition
at IKI | HT eeut. In seine localltioii the rye crop
uouiowhat bllghtod.
Oats ( " 03 towinhipi ropurt its oondi tion at
09Th ( Mr cant , n decrease In pnuK | > ctof 4 \ > ar cent.
The croplH badly lo igod in some localities from
wind anil rain storms.
Klnx 1 3ti2 townshipK report it * condition at
9rf i > or eent , or I percent elecroaMo in n month
Timothy The condition of the crop repott
ed from 031 towut-hlim in ! 'G per oont.
ClnvnrTho coudltioli reported from 030
toMiiMnprt In US per cent , In certain localities
the grabs crop h.w sufforoei from drought.
* " " m " '
Millet The condition reiwrtod Irom 251
townships is 97 .
. per _ . _ cont. . . . _ _
The cnndltlon ! !
of ether cropn nro reported
on follows :
] 'oaturea , 100i per cent ; Irish potatoes ,
101) ) ; sweet potatoes , 9Sappios ; , 89 ; Uboproi-
tiect for a line apple crop has been materially
affected within the post month bjv wind anil
hail ptorms ; ] pnachoD , f 8 ; poani. 77 ; plnnii ,
OS ; chorrloa , 10U ; grapex , 87 ; currauli , 5
100 ; atrawbarrlci 100 ; rnupborrioa 103 ; goose *
beirljw 101 ; and blookberrlon 101.
Wind aud hail storms are ro ] > orto < l from for
ty-one counties an doing damage to the ctowi. |
ui soiiio localitlofl the destruction has boon
complete , but M a gtmeral thing it lias boon
in narrow belU. Much of the corn blow down
will , with favorable weather , recuperate and
ba davod , aud add materially to the final ro-
Woiliinuton Special to the Chicago Timei.
WAHiiih'uroN. July 28. Congressman Hyan of
says there is no disaffection among republicans
" KaUian. Blaine and lAignn will got the
usual mojority. Oov. St. John's preuidontial
candidacy , will not hurt the republicans at nil.
As to thoinilepondontsliOB.-vvn : "Thoho-callod
Indopaudont movement has not fthovvcd Itself
anywharo ; in the went. Dluiuaand Logan will
carry every woatern ntito , including Indiana ,
Thu ticKet ia gottlug , ttrongor and stronger to
every ilny. " , _
OVIEt An Ohio democrat explains the ) Cincinnati "
Kiumlrer : "B troutiin-nt of Cleveland by s ying "
that MoLean is not really opposed to ClovoJ
laud , but fours que result should It chanca
that he should b'o cloctod/ lie has Icirncd
that tha ( chemo IB that if Clovolatel should get
tliero , Senator I'cnrtloton. the author of tlio
civil semen bill , would bo iu bin cabinet.
Tim prospect , though never eo small , of his
arch enemy being elevAted , is moro than Mc
Lean can stand without vgoroiw-kicklug. |
Colonel Morrison la hero on big way homo
from Now York , Ho sayi this will not bo a
hurrah campaign , but ono of active , steady
work. He believers from what ha ban heard
that Tammany will full in line and that Clave- will carry Now York. In tha west , and
particularly in Illinois , ho sayH tliero are many
acoealana to tha democracy. at
Clonrlnc HOIIHO Precaution ! ) ,
NEW YORK , July 29. The Clearing House
MKoclatlon to-day adopted the following :
First , No inomborH of Ilia Nuw York Clear
House asHociutlon can pay intercut on or
allow compensation for deposits after January
Second , To Hocuro uniformity intholnisineHH HID
banks , no checks can pans through the
clearing house except drawn upon a member at
tlio association.
The following was laid on the table :
Third , An Infraction of the above rules will
regarded os a forfeiture of membership iu
association , subject , on complaint of iny
member , to an investigation by a clearing
liouso committee in the manner provided iu
Shadow BnatoliurH In Convention.
CINOINNATI , July 29. The photographers
the United States opened their fifth annu ty
convention at Springer music hall to day. All
About a thousind delegates were pruHont representing -
resenting nearly every state In tlio Union. nf
procBodingn to-day were roullno. W. II.
Kent ( if Hocboutor , N. Y. , says the convou-
will bo open to all vluitnra and will bo [
somewhat In tlio inituni of an exposition. tive
Hosslou will last four dnys. A grand
illsjilay of lire-works took placit to-night. Tha
visitors will bo shown about the city and thu
uuburbri to-morrow.
filolc HankriiiU GuauIiHl In Jpltt "
Kooin , " " w |
INIIIANAPOLI , July 29. Late thh after- but
noon Calvin IT. Itnokar swore out a warrant 'I0
charging Jnlm C H Hurriuon , proprieter of
recently defunct Harrison' * luiilwitli em-
lio//liincnC of $95,0110. The war runt was
surviidnii llnrrisoii while at hlsliomo. llivrl-
; , already 111 , WM further i nntratxyj by the
ucUoti , and it being dotnnwl iiiikdvls > tb'o ' to
move him In hid present Inulth , n ullicnr WUH
pliicod on guard in the chamber . . , . Ball . WON
iixed at $0,000 , but wa not furiiiahed up to wi
o'clock. 0
.1 Groonlmokors ,
PT. JOHEPII.MO.J , Iulyitrr"At ! the green-
buck cougrcirilemat conv. ntlon hold In this city
UiiiTafternooii , rosolulions won ) parsed dn
nouncing the a tion of thu Chicago democrat
convention recommending the unity of all
anti-bourbon olemeuU to ilef.iat tha democra
of this state. It won decided not to noml <
Dttto a candidate for comrresn , but roaolutlons
were parsed n-qnestlng lion Nicholas 1'ord to
becomoan independent candidate ,
Trial of DynnmltcrH.
LONDON , July 29.Clroat procuntioiis Imvo
been taken at Wurwisk to prouarvo order dur
the trial of Daly , Kgau und O'Dounoll ,
uipHcted dyiiamltors. Strong barriers have
boon erei tnd to protect the appioachex of the
court. Constables armed with revolvers will
placed on guard at all public buildings ,
The Mno Hour Kirllcn ,
NEW YORIC , Jujy 29. Tbo building trades
Htiika Is still progiciisliig. Neither nlJo shown
( Hup * Hltlou to > irlil , Tha Ktrll.iTH say ilnco
yecteriliiy aiipllcniloni for bilcklayeiH mnilu
three bulliloru and men worn neiit tl em ;
that ( inly 17C men remain out of work , Tliu
oinployuru , however , claim thu number of uu-
jinployed to bo much lirger.
Tlin lil/v.lo Hrnilley Oulrngo. if
riTTHimmi , July -Thirty-lino Itallani- hi
arrnhtcd it Htro t'3 Ituii for buiuff ooiie'ernei '
the l.l/.iio Bradley aiuault , were relea'ei.
thin morning , the nviilenca hiiwing that they
were lint Implicated in thu affair. Twenty
otlierH were lureuted imil held for hoarlng
Knduy ,
InWWcli Constant Agifalion is Necessary
IcMctoBntlerforBDllorBear ,
The TrafEo in Oattlo Proceeds Not-
witlistandinc the LOGO Wood ,
Texans Soiling a Shade Stronr or
Prices Than Last Woob
The Hog Market Aotivo , Stronger
and 5o Higher ,
Trading in Grain Aooompanio
Unusual Excitement ,
AVhe-nt , Corn nrt OntH
Up n I'OR Iinrd Also
Special DUpatch to TUB BKB.
CiuoAdo , July 2'J.Tho bulk of the receipts
wcro at least -IWX ) Toxatuout of the 5.MXfresh
arrivals , BO it will bo noon that natives wor
Marco ; not over eight or ton load's 1h t woulil
pass fur prime. Ilcnco the few good onen
were quickly disposed of at strong prices.
Grousers nnd medium sorts romairi about the
Bamo ox lost week. Cows and other low grade )
of natives ara not wanted ; Btockora and
foodora continue ) to neil at very low fignros.
Texans are selling A Rhode utrongor than last
week ; heat natlVou , ? ( J 00 to 86 76 ; second
dahi , ? 5CO to $5 75 ; groanore if 1 50 to ? 4 90 ;
choice thlpplng , 1,200 to 1,300 pounds , S5 80
to SO I0 ! ; common to medium , 1,000 to 1,200
pound * , $4 60 to S3 40 ; grass Texons , lOa
lower ; 700 to 8.10 pounds , 93 CO to $3 " 0 ;
AinoricauB , $4 25 ta S"i OJ.
Vll'J HOllH.
Tha ' market was actlvo and strong and 5e
hlghor ' , with axsortod light making 6 10 to
frfi. and heavy 5 2T to 0 70. The bulk of
parking ' ! grades selling at 5-10 to 5 CO. The
market closed steady , with nearly all soldi
light , ICO to 210 lbs..6 3T to 6 80.
Trading on 'Change to-day in the grain piU
was accompanied by a dash and excitement
which had not boon witnessed before in
months , The aggregate trading in wheat and
cornvai largo , and prices as n rule were firm ,
with a Irlghor tendency. The vlaibla supply
statement published showed little cha-ngo in
wheat , a reduction of 88,00i ) bunhold only haring -
ing , occurred during thin week. A prediction ,
a million bushels both ways had been pro-
pluvilcd , and the fcliowlug , therefore , had little *
effect on thu market.
Knn 1 > i > oan odvicu * indicate a firmer tone and
reports I nf wut weather in the went aud north *
west also had a utrcmgthouing effect ou prices.
The market on tba rngular boartl elood aboub
| Jcit hurhor for tieptomiber than yeetorday. On
the afternoon board thu market was again
lirm , A\iguit cloning nt S4boptoruber \ at
o 8j > ( ! ; October at 874- -
. Trading In corn WOH fair on ipecuUtivo and
shipping account , with the fooling itomowhat- . .
nutetUo4.1 , Tiifmttxk6t | opened J'to go higher .
ruled -firm , then cased off ic , afterward pd.w - > '
vancud i to go , foil clF agoln.'iluctuatcd.i'mul'
lojliodio higher fpr August riiinfyestcrday , . .
Onthb , .aftcrcodn , board _ thlByprefiircncoori'V
August was Io t,7and the niorkot closed about.r. r. ' "
t'O same AH yesterday ; Mgo for August , 65a
fop September , OUc for October.
Oata ruled firm , . /lid higher. , Tlio latest .
quotations were .11 jfa fur July , 27jo ! for August , . "
aud 20Ju for Hoptembor.
Fork was marked up a peg , only mcdirata
trading , however. July was quoted at 24 60 ; >
August at 2.1 DC ; September at 18 00 ; and the.
year at 11 'JO.
Lard wan fairly native , 10 to 15 higher ; closing-
7 30 for August ; 7 42& & for September ; 7 62 -
Progress of llio 1'lniruo.
PAHIH , July J.0 , 9 p. . Tlioro were idr
deaths from cholera at Aries tha past 21 hours ,
and two doatlm at Aix ninco noon.
i ) r. . Twonty-tlueodoulhfl at Marseilles
pant 21 hours.
Seventeen COSOH of cholera have appeared1
Poncalieri , Italy. Thu patients are mostly
workmen from Marseilles und Toulon. Moas
urort have been taken to Isolate tha district.
The renewal of cholera Is feared at Toulon
owing to a return of fugitives.
At Marseilles tliero were seven deaths be
tween noon and 7 p.m. .
Tlio Army of tha Tennessee.
ST. PAUL , Minn. , July UO. General Sher
man is In St. I'aul conferring with the local
committee relative to the reunion of the socie
of Iho Army of tbe'lVnnoasoo , August 13.
arrangements have boon perfected nnd the
reunion will take plnco on the beautiful banks
Lake Minnotonka , near Hotel Lafayette.
Ladies will bo admitted to the banquet. ThoHO
Intending to attend should promptly notify
iouoral J. 1) ) . Sanbornchairman of the execu
A Virginia Cyclone.
Nonrai.K , Vft. , July 23. Yesterday after
noon a cyclone from Uio nouthwest visited the
neighborhood of Hickory , ( irovu county , de
stroying everything in its path , 200 yards i
wide. Several person * were budly ihjured ,
no lives were reported loct. The largest
tioos were carried away , llou-ea and barns
wcro destroyed acd cattle killed.
Tim " \Vo.-uhor Jor To-rtny ,
WAHillKdTON. July SO. Vor the ITpptir
Mlmnumppi Valley : 1'artly cloudy Wathiir ,
occiinlonal rain , yatlablu winds and stationary
tninparaturo , l or tbo Ml.s-tourl Valley : Local
nlmwiTH , partly cloudy wimther viirlablo.
windH ! and utiilioiia'y teniporaturo.
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RffiPl'rr ' ? - * < T I r : TT
S1OOO. Given
aliiin ) or nny Injurious mlisluncta can Lu found
Androwi' i'carl Jlnklnt ; 1'owilor. Is po * .
'iM'ly PU fJE. Jlvlnuuiiilnrbeil , unit U'Mlmonluli
rwt'lrwUniin JUchehemtslsasH. Diuia Hayi.llos.
; M. Di'lafontalne , e > rClileiiRi > i end
liixlo , JHUvnn tiv. Never nolil In bulk.
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