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Mr , Crtigulon's ' Resignation Kot Ac
CBBteOy the Council ,
An Attempt Made to Oroato an
Acting President of that
Other MlBccllniicotis Ituslucss Trans
nctcil ,
At the regular weekly mooting of th <
city council Tuesday ovoningmomborsAn
dorson , Bochol , Bohm , Ford , Ilascall ,
Kaufman , lludfiold , Thrano , Woodwortl :
and Murphy were present. The roll
was called and tlio minutes of the last
mooting road and approved.
From the nctiug mayor , giving notice
of hia upprovnl ot certain ordinances
passed at the last mooting of the council.
From the same , giving notice of his
approval of certain ordinances nnd hia
veto of the item for $30,000 to the
Barber Asphalt company for the reason
no funds have been raised for thin pur-
poao. The veto was sustniuod.
From the same , giving notice that ho
had vetoed r.u item for $11,000 in the np
propriation to Hugh Murphy it Co. for
the reason no money ia iu that fund.
The veto wna sustained.
, From Jnmrs Croighton , chairninn of
iho board of public worka , presenting
his resignation its such chairman. Mr.
Haocall moved that hia resignation bo
not accepted , and was oeconded by
several members. Mr. Buhm Ihon
moved nn an amendment that Mr. Croigh-
ton bo requested to withdraw hia resign
ation and not cDinpcl the council to
Tote upon this measure. Several peti
tions were then road from the beat busi
ness mon in the city , requesting the
council to bo alow in ita action of accept
ing Mr. Croighton's resignation. Mr.
Anderson then moved to lay Mr. Croigh-
ton'a communication on the table.
Mr , Kaufman then took the floor and
said n great ninny thought ho was opposed
to Mr. Creighton , but he was not , but on
the other hand Mr. Creighton waa op
posed to him ( Kaufman ) . Ho did not
want to see Mr. Creighton resign and had
aUted thia fact to many .who had come to
Mr. Ilr.ijcall nezt said ho waa opposed
to tha acceptance of the reaipnation.
Creighton was a good executive officer
and although he might bo a little "thin
jkinncd" ho is the bast min for the
place to-day.
Mr. Lcodcr arose and asked who knows
Mr , Croighton's business best , Mr. Creigh
ton himself or the council. The council
had aeon fit to whitewash him after ho
nad seen fit to kickoutbehindliknacow.
If lie wanted to resign , accept hia resig
Mr. Ford then expraased his views in
n few short remarks and wua followed by
lladfiold who said Crolghton was under
obligations to the council as ho had given
hia bond , $15,000 to serve in hii pres
ent office arid if itroro nor accepted ho
would have to go on with his duties.
Mr. Bohm said Creigh'on is not a child
and had sent in his resignation in good
faith and aakcd the council to vote upon
it. 'When the matter came before the
council ho would vote to accept it.
Mr. Fury said ho would , as he repre
sented a constituency in thia city , vote
against the resignation. Mr. Croightou
hud been educated to what ho now is ,
and hia services were of great value to
the city. The amendment was lost and
the original motion waa carried by a vote
of eight to four.
From J. W. Harris and others , that
Turner Hall , Buckingham theater and
Adams' place , nro reported disreputable
houses , nnd asking that they bo investi
gated and if found to bo BO , to have
them suppressed.
Mr. Ford said ho waa opposed to the
committal of thin communication , as
there were many other places much worse
that those above mentioned , nndato sin
gle these out was not right. Mr. Furay
called upon him toimontion them , nnd ho
would have thcso places listed with the
others. Mr. Ford did not refer tn nny
but spoke nbout the Sunday night dances
in Bohemian town , nnd that many pros
titutes were now coining to Omaha from
DCS Moinea. lie afterwards referred to
the the saloon on Capitol Avenue and
Eleventh street
Mr. Lcodcr then referred to the bad
administration of juatico in thia city. A
man found on the otreots with ono drink
too much is taken before the police judge
and fined $13 55 , while othor.s who com
mit greater critniu go free.
The communication waa referred to the
mayor and marshal.
From City Engineer : Stating that the
B. & M. railway company was disposed
to adapt itself to the wnnta of the city
with respect to the grade at its crossings
over Tenth and Eleventh streets.
Mrs. Mary A. Dugdall and others :
Protesting against the present grade of
Bodge street between Eighth and Ninth
ITfe. streets. Referred.
fe. The monthly report of the pound-
master vras placed on file.
The city physician's report for Juno
was placed on file.
From 8 , Shears : Protesting against the
payment of 23.25 assessed against the
hotel association for public works done.
From City Attorney : Giving his opin
ion that the city is not liable for damage
done to W. T. Soauian by sewer overflow
lass September. Filed.
From city prysiciau calling attention
to the fact tlmt the eastern cities are talc-
ing measures to prevent cholera and to
several places in the city which should
bo attended to. Referred.
From D. Cooke , asking that contract
for grading the alley between Eighteenth
and Nineteenth streets south of Leaven-
worth , bo lot aa soon as possible. Re
From Walter Walker nnd others , ask
ing that the council do not grant 0. F.
Flora a license to sell liquor. Referred
to licence board.
From James Croighton presenting the
final estimate of the Furnam street sewer
amounting to $18,283 GG as approved by
the board. Approved.
The sidewalk contract of John E.
Knowles was referred.
By RodCold , that the council sit aa a
board of equalisation July 10th and 17lh
Several sidewalk resolutions were introduced
troducod nnd adopted.
Finance , recommending the nllowanc
of certain claims.
Rules , forms and printing , recommend
ing that the contract for city printing b
lot to the Herald.
Mr. Furay stated ho WAS no friend i
the Boo but ho wished to see the print
ing done by the pnpor which would roach
the greatest number of people. The Boo
ho had boon informed hnd twenty-two
carriers nnd the Herald six nnd ndvor
tiacmenta in thoio papers would reach
proportionally thcso number of pcoplo.
Mr Anderson favored the Hernld am
Mr. Bohm , thought the Br.r to bo the
proper organ in which the city should d
vortiso. A motion to recommit was
lost , as wns also the adoption of the report
port of the committee , the vote standing
4 to 4 , the president casting the deciding
_ A motion that the city advertise for
bids ono week , each ono to bo accompa
nied by n sworn statement of the circula
tion , was carried.
Police , recommending that the city
, aku immediate otcps to abate Schwartz's
lacking house ns n nuionnco. Adopted.
A resolution by Rodfiold that the city
discontinue the publication of the appro1
iriation oidinanco was ndoptod.
Mr. Furay then aroao to n question ol
ligh privilege. The city of Omaha by
the death , lomoval or resignation of the
noting mayor would bo loft without it gov1
ornor. Some means should bo taken by
, hia body not to leave the city without n
icad. Mr. Fur.\y then sitd nn acting
resident of the council should bo olcctcd
ind Hnscall ouggosted the name of J. B.
Thcao gentlemen were declared out of
order by the chair , and no appeal waa
nkou therefrom.
An ordinance granting the right of way
o telephone and telegraph lines , and reg
ulating them. Passer. . * .
An ordinance providing for the grading
of California street from Twenty-second
to Twenty-sixth street , and the alley in
block 40. Paased.
After passing the usual appropriation
ordinance and the electric light ordiunnce
the council adjourned.
Ito er O. Gutlirlo's Altornoj- Files a
Motion to Set Ankle tlio Verdict
* mul Grant a Nerr Trial.
0. A. Baldwin , Esq. , counsel for Es
Marshal Guthrlo , filed Tuesday a motion
to set aside the verdict and grant a now
trial. The text of the document shows
the following exceptions upon which this
is aaked :
lot. The court erred in overruling the
motion of defendant for a continuance
of the caso.
2nd. The court erred in overruling the
motion of defendant for n change of
3rd. The court erred in permitting any
evidence whatever to go to the jury under
the indictment as it ia.
4th. The court erred in the admission
of certain evidence on the part of the
state against the objection and exception
of the defendant , aa will appear from the
reporter's minutes of the oviaonco , ns
taken nnd reported by John T. Boll , of
ficial reporter of this court , and reference
is here made to the testimony and ezcnp
tions taken thereto , ns nppuars from the
record of the evidence , as so takou nnd
reported by said reporter.
5th. The court erred in refusing to
sustain the motion made on the part of
the defendant , to-wit ; That the court di
rect the jury that no conviction can bo
liad iu this case for the reason that the
indictment charges the bribing and the
payment of money by poraona whoso
names were unknown to the grand jury ,
when in truth and tact the names of such
persons were known to the grand jury.
Cth. The court erred in permitting
the state to give evidence of two or more
distinct oifenaea when there is but ono
count in the indictment.
7th. The court erred in instructing
the jury aa to its own motion , found in
paragraphs 2 , 5 , 8 and 10.
8th. The court erred in refusing to
charge the jury as requested by the do-
'endant iu paragraghs numbered i , iv , v ,
vii , viii , ix and x.
'Jth , The court erred in refusing to
lonnit the defendant to give evi
dence to the jury offered on his part and
objected to by the state , ns will ; ilno ap
pear from the minutes nf the testimony
na kept and reported by the official re
10th. The verdict should , under the
low and the evidence , have boon ' 'Not
guilty. "
Ilio Mayjr's Orilnr.
MAYOR'S OrriaK , \
OMAHA , Nob. , July 8 , 1884. J
To Thomas Cumminya , City Marshal :
DEAH Siu I am informed that a num
ber of saloon-keepers are openly engaged
! n soiling wines and spirituous liquors in
; ho city of Omaha , without having paid
; o the city treasurer the sums required
ay ordinances now in force.
You nru hereby instructed forthwith to
ascertain the names of all such dealers ,
and to obtain the evidence necoaaary to
entabliah such unlawful sulo nf liquors ,
and to mnko complaint against such
dealers , as often na they may violate iho
provisions of said ordinances , and to
cause them to bo punished ,
Respectfully ,
P. F. Muitriiv , Acting Mayor.
Iho proof } t the puilrling ia not In chowlng
the string , but in having an opportunity to
teat the article direct , hchioter & liocht , the
DrupglsUi , have a free trial bottle of Lr. ) Bo-
Banko'a Cough and Lung Syrup for each and
every 0110 who la nflllctod with Coughs , Colds ,
Asthma , Consumption nr any Lung Affection ,
Duflr'a lloply to Gibuon.
OMAHA Neb , July 9th 1881.
To the Kilitor of TUK HUB.
In answer to Mr. Gibson's challenge to
ran mo a foot-race , of ono hundred and
fifty yards for ono thousand dollars a
side , I wioh to say that at present I am
unable to nccomodato him , but will in
the near future , viz. ono week give him
a race the distance ho specifies , and the
amount named , or as much more as lie
desires. Ho can rest assured I am na nn-
zioua to give him a race as ho is to have
one. Yours Truly ,
TlilovcH 2
Dyspepsia and debility are two big thieves
they creep in and fctoal our health nnd cotnfori
before we know it. Let us put stop to their
Invasions with a bottle of llrdock Jll ° od UU
kr , to bo had at any drug uUre.
The Eloquent Infidel Ingcrsoll's ' Talk
The Bolieiless Bob Tolls What Ho
Knows About "Orthodoxy , "
A L'asclnntlnR Fimltiulo Foment
Our Faith ,
The largest lecture audience over as
semblcd in the Boyd greeted the priuc
of orators nnd the master of Englishstylo
the lion. Robert G. Ingorsoll , last orcn
ing. The people assembled there were thi
leading minds ot the city nnd thonpplauao
returned to the orator's keen thrusts a
orthodoxy was lone nnd frequent.
At twenty minutes to nine the speaker
appeared upon the platform. Ho was
greeted by prolonged nnd continued clap
ping of hands , and without any formal
ntroduction began Ins lecture entitled
"Orthodoxy. "
Most people imagine that what they bo
iovo is going to last forever. They
.hink they have found the absolute truth.
This is n world of perpetual change ol
jirth nnd deaths of
Only n few years ngo the people bo-
iovcd in the supernatural. Only ashorl
inio ngo the astrologer existed , now in
iis place wo find the aatronomornnd the
world has lest nothing by the change.
There was n time when the prophol
could road the leaves of the future , in
IliaKtend [ wo now have the philosopher
who rends the things of the past , and the
world nas not lost by the exchange. The
preacher will sooner or later bo sup
ilantcd by the teacher and the world
will loose nothing by the exchange. This
a a world of change : the planets nre dy
ng , greater nations thnn ours have gone
down to decay. Even language dies. On
ono aide wo see the cradle of n word nnd
on the other its cemetery. Wo all re
member the dear old doctor , the bleeder
and blistoror , who took on the end of n
ancot his patient to the verge of oterni
y and then spent his time in bringing
lim back. There is only one thing thai
will keep the mind from thinking , and
: hnt is fear. Fear is
; ho bastilo of the soul. "I am , " snid
, ho speaker , "doinc' what I can to kill
the jVlor. " Religion dies hard , but that
s because intelligence is a creature ol
alow growth. Oiio great reason why
Protestantism does not die is because the
ircachera do not toll their doubts. " I
wish , " said the orator , " that ministers
would tell their doubts. I think doubt
s the bud of nn idea , nnd let it blossom
and it will fill your brain with the per
fume of sense. Doubts are the smartest
things about you. They nro the wincja
of the intellectual eagle ; lot her fly. "
Ministers are taught to sit under the tree
> f knowledge and pluck off every green
eaf to keep the tree dead ,
s dying of two things softening of the
irnin and ossification of the heart. They
) cgin to believe as as did of the dogma of
loll , which ho would fight as long as there
ras a flame , a coal and oven as long as
lie nahes were warm. This doctrine has
mriicd the world fora thousand years in-
.0 a very hell. No good man or woman
liould give a dollar toward teaching this
erriblo end. There is enough trouble
n this world without borrowing from an
ther. Ho had uovor talked
with a minister about his
eligion who wna not ashamed .
f it. A few years ago the Congregation-
lists conluded that their creed needed u
ovialon , and some old superannuated
musters , upon the backs of whose
dens moss had crown , and from whoso >
irains could bo blown the dust of the
liddlo nges , were appointed to do the
work. Mr. Ingorsoll here took up the
evised creed and analyzed some of its
alient points.
From the very nature of God It would
> o impossible to plensohim. He hoped
lero were a million of Gods for he al-
vays thought ono vrould bo BO lonesome
lone. Everyone who lias a God has
Jvery man who believes in n devil has n
nvil factory. Every man makes his
wn God or devil. There is only ono
eligion , nnd that is , to help humanity ,
lulp some one whom you can do good ,
Ho then road from the creed's doscrip-
un of God , being without body , parts
r passions which ho said was the best
ion picture of nothing ho over road. Ho
ind been told he must have faith. Hu
niiot believe ho could pnrform no mental
.rick , to make himself believe it would
> e so much easier to hnvo a fact first.
What is there to show that this earth
ms boon governed by an all iriso Godl
low do you account for the fact that
> abes were sold from their mother's
rins , that the industrious have not been
ownrded and vice travels bedizened
? ith jewels and crowns , that the bravest
icarts h vo languished in dungeons
hained to the floor with the iron eating
o the core ! They toll us wo should
THANK 001) . WHAT FOIl ?
Should the idiot thank him for being
n idiot , the lunatic for being n lunatic
r the deformed for his condition. Jt is
aid "how can God forgive man ? " but ho
would say "how can man forgive Godl1'
wish I could govern this country for
while , 'Iho first time n man struck her
whom he had sworn to cherish and pro-
ect there would bo u case of paralysis ;
ho firat man who sent the leaden bullet
.o its destination would bo another caso.
'ho present condition would last only
hreo weeks , just long enough for the
news to spread.
The idea of special providence is rapid *
y being done uw y with. "Just think , "
aid thn orator , "only last week the
fomig Men's Christian Association room
n Washington wore struck by lightning ,
while my oflioo is in the same block , "
Man is an imperfect being , There is
only ono right way and many wrong
ones. They say we are alienated from
God Every man who fills the out
stretched hind of honest want gives the
ie to that idea.
Every man that has done a good deed
s to the extent of his influence the sa
vior of this world. Ho hud
on another man's credit. Ho did not
wish to bo n winged pauper of the air.
All joy comes from the consciousness e
doing right. You cannot Iovo your fo' '
low man because you nro commanded t
love roses from the soul like porlum
from the flower. According to the IJibl
( iod stands over poor , weak , fallen ma :
with n club nnd says , "love mo or 1 wil
knock you
The speaker hero took up the subjoc
of miracles nnd discussed thoirnttributcs
"What is a miracle , " said the speaker
"it is something that never Impptnod
Fraud is always n silent partner of r
miracle. The now testament is ns mucl
worse thnn the old ns hell is worao thai
slavery. In the old , when n man WM
dead his troubles had ended , but in the
now they have just begun. "
Ho then analyzed the three miracles ,
the conception of Christ , his crucifixion ,
nnd the resurrection.
There in ono thing worse thnn to bo
eternally lost , and that is to be eternally
saved without a heart for thooo who
loved you. The boat men this nation
over hnd nro in hell. Franklin , Jolfor-
son nnd Payne nro thoro. The men who
loosened the shackles from 4uOO,000
nouls are wearing their 'chains in hell.
Diderot , who attempted to compile
knowledge so that the peasant could bo
on nn intellootunl level with the prince ,
has been in hell for more than 100 years
crying for water ]
n fiend nnd the nlnvo of God. He ob
jected to the bible because it denied
human love. If there is to bo n resur
rection , ntid ho could not see those who
had lovnd him here , ho would say
" Gabriel , lot mo nlono. " Ho would
rather be in hell with those ho loved than
in heaven without them.
"In conclusion , " said the speaker ,
" wo read that Orpheus went down into
hell nftcr Euridyco , where ho played so
beautifully with his harp that Sysephus
stopped rolling the stone , nnd Tantalus
ceased for the time to pursue the over-
fleeing waters. The gods had promised
him if ho could
to the sunlight without looking back , eho
should again bo his. After repeated
trials ho abandoned his efforts , nnd so
truth iacontinunly ) clipping away from
us , but sooner or later this fickle goddess
will bo brought to the sunlight , whore il
will remain forever.
Kcul ICstmo
The following transfers were filed for
record in the county clerk's oflico July 8 ,
nnd reported for the BKB by Ames' real
estate agency.
M. T. Patrick and wife to F. M. Phil
lips , lot 2 , Dlock 4 , Patrick's addition , w
d. § 050.
Caroline Blumld nnd husband to
Joseph Sandhoefnor , n f > 0 ft of ei lot 57 ,
Hartman's addition , wd. § 200.
M. T. Patrick and wife to Francis A.
McOnll , lot 2 , block 1 , Patrick's nddi-
tion , wd S030.
Saml E. Rogers nnd wife to Woivo , pt
lot 2 , block 14 , S. E. Rogers addition ,
wd. § 000.
J. J. Stewart nnd wife to Henry Heit-
holt , lot 10 , block 12 , Millard , wd. 830.
Henry O Jones and wife to S W. Itoo ,
lot 8 , block 2 , Etkhorn , qcd. § 25.
A. J. Hnnscom nnd wife to Dow H.
Mnyno , lot 10 , block 2 , Hnnscom Place ,
w d § 550.
0. 0. Housol ot al to W. J. Connell ,
lots 1 and 4 nnd w of f OriU'm & Smith's
add , q o d $1000.
W. N. McCundliah nnd wife to Mnry
0. Voudorio , lot 10 , McCnndliah Place ,
w d S275.
E. D. Titus nnd wife to Robert B.
Cunn , undivided | lota 1 , 2 , 4 , 5 , nnd 8 ,
block 123 , Florence , wd § 1,600.
Milton Footo nnd wife to Margaret
Grady , lot 2 , block 520 , Omaha , w d
Samuel V. Niles and wife to John
Brady , w d , lot 0 , block G , Parknr's add ,
John I. Redick and wife to Mary
Murphy , w d , lots 3 , 4 and 5 , block 4 ,
Brighton , § 500.
T. W. T. Richards and wife to Omaha
t Southwestern railway company , right
of way 75 foot inside their lot 32 , in 27-
25-13. Right of w d , $3,000.
W. F. Laing to Charles Iloppin , w d ,
.wo acres in so , ow , section 4-15-10 , $50.
"What causes the Rroat mall nt Schrolor &
Bocht'H UniR Store1 The free distribution
f B ample bottloH of Dr. Bosanko'H Cough and
jwng syrup , the most popular romudy for
ougliB , Colds , Coiirttmiption nnd Bronchitis
low on the market. Kegular size ( JOconln and
CloHo Gull lor Carl ,
A. Gorman by the name of Carl Unlike ,
vho resides at the corner of Twenty-
econd and Pierce streets has been on n
preo of eovernl days duration , TUOB-
lay ho made HOIDO threats and sharpened
iis ax , doubtless with the intent of hurt-
ng some one. Ho abused his family
light after which ho visited his uon's
louse nnd threatened violence. The son
ailed the police nnd oilicer Kuboo re-
ponded. When ho arrived ho found
hat Kiill'o hud taken refuge in the cellar
if his house , and dolled any ono to get
lim out. Kuboo called upon several
loighbors , among them Thomas Grocox ,
highly respected citizen , to help him.
Ilaflko started out of the collar with an
x , declaring that ho was ready to die ,
ml would kill any ono who came after
lim. Kubeo slummed down the door
ipon him , but HafTko omashod his way
ut and advanced with his ax upon Gro-
ox , who happened to bo the nearest
nan.Grocox uaw that it was no time for par-
eying , and drawing a revolver flout a
roll-directed shot at Unlike , striking him
ligh on the forehoau and stunning him.
'ho wild Gorman was then secured and
edged in jail. Dr. Loisonring droised
ho wound , which proved to bo a mere
calp wound and not at all dangerous.
Had the ball struck him an eighth of
n inch lower down it would doubtless
iavo crushed through his skull.
Yesterday Grocox was taken before
udgo Boneko and placed under $500
jonds , which ho readily furnished.
Tliclr Name la
Legions of people have had their lives
made miserable by Piles. This painful
lifllculty is often induced and always ag-
jravated by Constipation. Kidney Wort
s the great remedy for all aflcotions of
his kind. Jt nets as a gentle cathario ,
iromotes a healthy action of the bowels ,
n id BoothcH and heals the inflamed Bur-
aces. It han cured hundreds of cases
vlioro all other remedies and applications
iavo failod. Sold by ull druggisUt.
Cream Soda at Dell's. jl-lm
An independent cyetem for begin-
icrs in musio at Woodbridgo Bros , A
thorough and advanced method for teach
ers , by Prof. Howe at t
Woodbridgo Bros , j
Smoke Seal of North Carolina Tobaoj j
co , 11
The Trial of William Snell for tbo Kill
m of Jessie Wri hl ,
Which Occurred at Major Croft's '
Head House Lust January
A Coinni'ltoo Appointed to Vlsl
Ctinno ami Itoport HlH 1'liynlen.l
Condition to the Court ,
In the district court yesterday before
Judge Neville the case of the atnto
ngninst William Snoll , chnrgod with the
ailing of Jcssto Wright at Major Croft's
road houao on the 12lh of Jniiuaty Inat
consumed the attoutiou of Hint tribunal
'or ' the whole day. The dotonoo having
rested its cnso in chief , the greater par
of the forenoon wan taken up in the ex
nminntion of defendant's witnesses
When court convened nt 2 p. in.
ook the stand in his own behalf. The
10fondant , who lias boon in jail ninco the
) th of February Inat , looked piilo nnc
blenched from his continued confinoinont.
lo was examined by General Ootvin , his
> rinoipal counsel in the CMC , nnd testified
as follows ;
His name is Willmm Snell nnd ho in
ho party charged in the indictment.
Witness had been in jail five months nnd
a J)2 ) years old. lie had known
JKSS1K , T1IK Ml'KDlUir.l ) ( IHIL ,
about six months. Met hi r first nt Ynl
entitle , two or three days after aho came
.here. S ho wan 10 or 17 years old. She
van small of aizo and came to nbout the
.op of his Bhouldcr. On the night of the
L2th of January , Oagnou , Lizzio | IIow-
nrd , Jessie Wright and witness wont out
o the road house. When the party or
rived at Major Crofts' G.ignon nnd do'
'ondaut ' walked into the bar. Lizzio wont
, o the piano. Major Croft was nt the
> ar. Shortly after ho came in Major
3roJt left the room. lie served the
drinks , porter nud ale. Witness was
standing at the south end of the bar ,
with Gagnon just north of him. Witness
tad a conversation frith Gngnon nbout
Sngnon's woman. Giynon said , "you
lave the best of mo. " Witness asked
lim how. and ho said : "You have a
) iatol " Witness took out his revolver
vith his right hand and passed it into his
eft , withtho , muzzle toward himself
Somebody came up bahind witness nnd
icized the pistol with both hands , turned
ilm quarter way around , when
lie saw no ono nt the time and did not
enow who had approached him. After
.ho gun wont ofT ho put it in his right
nn pocket. Mojor Croft camn down nnd
aid ho did not allow shooting in his
louso. Defendant said ho would do it
10 more. lie looked around for Jessie
Snoll , and wna told she wns in her room
and was hurt. Croft said she was playing
'poaaum , " but when ho went to BCD how
eho was
Ho then gave up his pistol to the boy.
Vitnoas did not pull the trigger inton-
.ionully , if at all.
Ou cross-examination ho said ho saw
o person after the pistol went off until
ossio Snell went into the room , and
lion did not know it wns she. ITo had
talk with Gngnon because ho
Snoll ) had abused his woman Lizzio
loward nnd
rom his hip pocket nnd throw it into
ils left hand with the butt from himself ,
jianyon snid : "You have got the best of
mo. " While ho was standing in that po
rtion Homebody came from behind and
with both hands clasped the pistol and
urnod him quartering nronnd. The
> istol went off nnd ho .saw n form disap-
tear into thn side room , but did not
enow it was Jessie Snoll. When ho
vent in she wns dead. The witness
: ion detailed at length the history of her
mprisonmont and gnvo his reasons
or not viewing the body while lying at
10 morgue ,
This closed the evidence in the raao ,
Hr. Godwin then rnndo the opening nr-
iiment for the prosecution.
' Wlillo Snell was being examined Mr.
'onnell ' came into court nnd stated that
) r. Couklinij ; wlio had been placed upon
10 commission to examine Mr. Chano
ml report upon hit ) phyHical condition
o the court was objectionable to the ex-
Upon being naked why , Mr. Council
: ated ho was notional nnd had talked
pen the street corners. Dr. IJjdo wns
nally agreed upon as a n substitute for
( inkling. Doctors Peck , Tildcn and
[ ydo were commanded by the court to
isit Mr. Chase and report to the court
; its opening this morning. Mr. Chase
as soon but the result of the oxnmina-
on could not bo learned.
farNlml GiitnlnmliiKH Orders AH tlio
JIounoH to Clofjo AVilIi-
In " 4 Iloura ,
City Marshal Gummings visited all the
ambling houses last evening and inform-
d their proprietors they would have to
ese up within the next twenty-four
lours or bo closed by him.
The marshal says the order w s issued
in ply from hia desire to carry out the
rdmnnco regulating hia duties. The
amblers look upon it as issuing from
Jhnao , who has taken these ineuna to
iring them to terms regarding hia trial
n the district court to take place soon.
tlio Day.
Hon. M , B. Tiffany , uistrict judge of
lie Tenth judicial district , arrived in this
ity from Fremont last evening. Mr.
'illany , who is chairman of the central
oinmittonof the Third congressional di -
rict , waa in attendance at n meeting of
hia committee in Dodge county's capital
-otiUirday. August 20 was fixed ns the
imo for holding the convention , Colum-
) un was agreed upon na the place whore
t will bo hold. _ _
NESH DlUP.UTOUY to bo JBSUOd ill July ,
8b4 , price $1 50. J. M , Vfourx , pub
her 1'20 S. 14th St. . Omaha.
Bool of North Carolina Tobacco la the
boat. J
[ Continued /rom first page , }
nil thin broad union , , Vrom our west , mon < i
tliuI'.int , va Imvo Allied rtatu after atnle ,
See w hmo w have not the democratic liMinc
in nhnoat every CiwtiiOM of raptibllcnnlnm II
the tUirthwcMt. So IOIIR ni pntriotlum dctn.iml
am ! Ihnolroof the convention oitlnitifi , wo
will ntlll follow you uteftdfftst nnd tnio. lln
if ) ou will fortfih yanr nuppoit tliU bravo
true , wcitorn democrat , wo protntiut you \ic
tory , [ Clieor * , ]
Till :
1'ri-viotiH to Mr , ltnrri > on'n speech recording
Clovelnml'n tumiiuntion , 1'rcdorlck Winston ol
Illinois , .ild the ntnto of Illinois Again naked
tilt' indulgence of the convention , that the
nomtnixttrut nf tro\cr ! Cleveland may bo BO no-
emitted by Carter llatmon , of Chicago.
The Chair -Tim gentleman from lllinnl
kn Icavo fur the < tats of Illinois to nccond
the nomination of drover Cluvolandt the otati-
of Illinois Imi boon called luul pasnotl. IB
there any objection ? If not , Mr. Morrison
will bo rocoUotl.
Mr. Oraily of Now York -Will the Ute of
Ivow ork bo called ngtin ?
The Clmlr-Tlio gentlemen from Now York
will no rrcogui/iMl.
\Vlillo Mayor HarrUm was bciiip rucortod
to Iho platform , an untlniMiwtlo ilt'lt'sato nrtwo
nnd propo'iul three chcorn for the next nov-
ornor of lllinoli , Carter II. Jluniaon , which
"OMi given with n will.
The Clmlr 1 ueod hardly name to this con
vention thn
NU.\TOVKIl.NOU ! OP It.t.lNOlll
Mayor Ifarrlsou Mr. Cliainnan , mul pen
It'inoii of thn convention : 1ni imkod iv lit
.lo while npo to second the nomination , bo-
'aiiBO the dlfrUng isliiul pontlcinau hi ) wni to
iavo tlono HO is alisont , iiy reason nf iiulinpo
Otion. I will detain yon but n few moment'
oglvoyimthoraiBOMH why t think lllitmn !
vants linger Clovctiml for iti cantliiJato.
Al > | il.tnHO. ] ( lUiitlomon , In 1870 was that tor-
ililo eriint' , no graphically tlcucrlbod Iiy your
einporary chairninn , cominitti.'il. Ho told
on in l , nguiiio with which 1 cannot compiro ,
lint that etinio la yet to lie aveiiRotl , and that
mtil the tlenmcracy won it presidency , it
voultl not lie \\lpotl from the iiagon of Ameri
can history. _ llo ttilil you that that crlmo wni
text to juilticinliimriu'r the iuurii > r wan com-
nittcil by the rt'imlilie in party. He incinbf r ,
inly writ BIIJ-H , "Whiwoover Hlu < dd th innn'fl
ilo.xl , by nian'H hand phall liin bliKnlbo nl < vtt. "
i\ppl.uift > .j Tim deiuociAcy niu t
MJHTUOT THE lllil'tllll.U'AN 1'AUVT
, hia fall , or the erlino BOOH four ytiara Ionrr (
mMvngcd , Kiglit wookw nun wo ht-anl ,
coming from nil oor thin land , a name that
wo know would w tuo out the crimo. From
ho north and from the itouth , from thu i > ant
vnd wtt , came ono nniiio. nntl that numo wns
Samuel J. Tildru. [ Vociferous npptauso. ] [ A
\oico : "Anil lloinlrick * . " ]
Mr. HnrrlHoii I will roach the other end
f that ticket in n moment. [ Appltuho. |
Samuel J. Tildon wo oxpt'otcd to hit pitHonteit
tt thU convention , and wo hiul oipcctoil no
lomliinliotiH and no ballot. It would Imvo
) uun tlimo by nccl.tinntion [ applan > u | , and it
\oiilj ha\olt ) cti followed by utiotlifr name ;
1110 , who ox un yet , if w D cannot iigrco , nmy
10 inontlontil hero [ applniiHo ] ; but with trtio
chivalry , tine to his friemlvhoin ho IIIM nom *
iiatod to-tluy , Tom lloiulri lc nifuftcH to Imvo
UH nniuo nit'iitioiifd lioro. [ Applamo 1 Now ,
{ cntloincn , how is Iho erlino coninntted In
' 870 to bo avtwgcd ? The cry came eight
ou ngi ) for Tildon anil rrform. [ Apphuiso.J
'lint IH t-chocd hrro "
cry "Clovoland nnd jro-
onnl" [ Appluuso.J No man linked the noni-
nation of Mr. Cleveland boauino of hi-i mug-
ictlBin. [ Lnnglitor.J I lo neither attracts the
K'oplo , nor do corporations nttniet him. ( A
okp : ' Nmuiintii JloiulrickH."j Mr. Jlarri-
on ( not heeding the interruption }
B on the other Bide. Wo want the man whoso
iitina will bu the Hiiyonyin of hoim-ty nnd ro-
orm. lApplaiiBo j W bi > liovo , 111 IllinolB ,
hat thn in.vitlu of Ciovornor Tildcn lint fallen ,
ind rlKhtly fnllii , nnd routs gracefully upon
ho BhoiiltlerH of ( i rover Cleveland. fAp-
) laiiHo ] Wo bullovo that the lofit closiupr
vonls of that great letter from our grand
fader , nlmni brain is yi't as cloau. a boll ,
hough Ajnlghtv Ooil lia puriuitj"il hla hand
o bo ptli-iid and hlx volco to bo nl KH ! still
wo bulioro that that ntturuiico of Inn , that the
ry of the dtmiocratio party thin fall imint nnd
! ndl bo "Ueforin , " [ UrluH of "Ooodl"
( looill" mid rdioucd applauuol , and wo have
10 doubt that Mr , Cluvolnml will give UH 10-
orm , ( Juntlomou , wo nro hoio to tloliberntu ,
do not want to nominate Mr. Cleveland If
10 cunnot o'oct him. They toll UH wu cannot.
' 'actional fightcomo ? ami HUVH ho han cnuinieH.
Vlioro JOOH Iho light come from ? They nay
A ( llltAT C'lIl'llCU
'ill ' oppoito him , on religions groundn. I know
mt church novcr 1st itH inlnmlur'ii voice bo
in tli pulpit. [ ChooiB. ] _ And tlio ciy
lint tlntt church will not permit Mr. Clovo-
and to ho olui ted I'M n hlandur upon u church
lint him in hiHcinpli > y Bomo of ltn bent and
nest noble Htanilnrd hoarum , They pay
lint thn Iiinh will cut IIIH throat , that thny
will knifn him. Jhl ) you over know thu liinh
o knifu thn domocrutic party except for Rood
eVM : > tm ? fLoud npplanso. nnd a volco behind
rieH "yea ! " 'yenl' ' ' ] [ Great confusion. ] Mr.
lurrison- ( continuing ) No. no , [ LomlcrliH
nd crieH of "J'nt him nut " " 1'ut him out. " ]
'ho Irishman buliovvH In the democratic party
iccaufco Iho democratic party in true to nvory
ppru'Hod ppoplo nnd toovury Iilahman. They
ity Mr , Cleveland did not pardon Hoinubody
ml thercfoie ,
TIIK iiiiniiMI.I , IHII'I : mi. CI.KVU.ANII.
Vim will theyknifo him for ? Kor lilaino ?
\yc , do you think that the liirlimi.'n will forget
luSwiiinlo. lyint , ' In a foreign dungeon , [ Ap-
Inii'o ] AlcSwiunii' , wluMU wife ha.l idmont
ln'd tiar.s of blood boforn Jamm 0. ill. line ,
mil lie turned u ( loaf ear to hur Implicalloni
'ho Iiiuh will net dei-urt Clovulund , lieO'imo
li > i IiiHh bul'ovo in the doiuocratiu party and
110 democratic p irty I'H ri ht. If wo nominate
\lr \ Clovolund wo will bu right , and thu Irinh
will stand by in. | l < oud appUurtO.J They
I'll UH that Urn wnrkinguioii will divert Mr ,
/luveland. My friondH. who art ) the friend
f HID workinirmen ? ft id the tlomocralic
111 ty the puityof the pcoplo trim to the
vnrUnginon founded on thu workingmun
party founded and
H upon n roclc which will iindnro for ever ,
, end upplaiiHQ ] Thny toll UH that Mr ,
Jliniilund vetoed muni ) bill hoslilo to the
orldng man , Ifni tliero baon u whisper that
HMD vulotH or that veto wan brought about
or corrupt piirpuueH ? Not ono. It in an
nault tn the working man to my ho in gel g
o bo caught by a catchword or carried uway
ly idle dniiuiiciation , [ Appliuim.j My
riends , there H unothor great party in thin
mntry. Tliero IH u natlouality , nnd thown
iriing from it , who bollovo iu luinetty , I
> cnk now of
TUB (1KRUAN riiOl'Ltf ,
f tlio United States , [ Apolauno.1 All tlmy
itmand in tin ollicor In thin government is
ifinotty of purpoio and hontiUy of iiractlco.
ivo uu CJoveriior Cleveland and I bollox )
mt 00 per cent of the ( iornmn-HpoakluK rn-
iibllcunH of thn pant will bo found Hldu by
ido with the democrat * this full in electing
Im. [ ApplaiiHo. ] Un thin account , Mr.
minium , I link that thia convention will
lomiiiutoCirovor Clovnland becuuBi I bollovu
ID will help uu tu win Illinois next November ,
ApplltUHO ,
OAICACIO , July 'J. In to-day' * proceedings
after the resolution against polygamy WM In
troduced nnd reterred , lion. Carter HarriHon ,
of IllinolH , mid : "Hero in it resolution I want >
to n'lid to the clmir. "
Tlio cli rk Tliu resolution offered by the
gontlomim from IllinolH will bo rend.
JtoHolvuJ , That tlio nioinboiB nf the Damn-
cnitlo Nutlonul Votpruu uH'ocitition , now iu
coiifoicMuo In tliU city , who I'avo not already
liccn HiiiiplluJ vltli t ckota of adiiilstion , liu
nlioweil In ( inter iind occupy the vacant m'.iU
in tlio B"'lel'y' ' [ I'Oud cries of "Uoodl"
"Qoodl".ind anplaimo ]
Mr , lliirriuou uekcil thu adojitlon of tliut
roaolution ,
Tlio resolution WAN uimnlmomly Adoi > tcd ,
[ Loiul aijluiiHii | ) , ]
The followliw current rumors are croatlne
Krout oxoiteniunt : It hiw been sBcortalnod
from n ( { entloiiiuu occupying confidential re
lation * with miuiy uieii bem of the New Yvrk '
delegation , that commnnfwtloni n/ts now bon -
n ' fxchntigod Iwtwoon Crotelftnil's followers
In the Now York delation nnd his trlentln
at Albany and New York City with n > Iew of
all factions uniting upon the name nt flomo
> ow York man nnd the withdrawal ol Clove-
vi , At ono ° 'cl ° clc thla nftflrnoon Mr. John
KoUny rocolvod ft tftlegram from A gentleman
In Now York occupying A high position of
inimical tnist In Now York City pollUc * , enquiring -
quiring whether the name of Abraham Hewitt
would ho received latlsfactorlly byMr.JKollny.
No reply IIM yet been mado. Thin
enquiry. coming from such con-
tidontlal source Indicates that
Cleveland g own frion.hlwTO suggested Hew
itts namo. Mr. Kelly In represented iw not
unfriendly to Hewitt , It Is gald Cleveland' *
inanagorB ; sought ft half hour Interview with
( .eiioral IJutlerthts morning nnd tomleroil
him the ixwltlon of eecroUry of the treasury
under Cleveland If ho came to Cleveland's
support on thn first ballot. ( Jonoral Butler
promptly replied that ho could not consent to-
hold n cabinet office under n man BO unskilled
In politics AJ Mr. Cleveland In making Un
reply to the o\orturo Uoncral Butter's Inn-
gungo WM moro forcible Mian elegant , but It
3onveyod the contemptuous Idea abe > o mon-
HAI.TIUOIIK , .Tilly 0. The Haltlmoto M anu-
'actutors Jicconl will
puhlish to-morrow n
semi-annual statement of the progress of the
south , Mum ing that during the last six montlw
icarly 70,000,000 Imi been Invested In now
tulnstrial enterprise. * and In enlarging tbofo
ilroady ostabllshetl.
Uoncrnl IJOUO'H Ilonao
ami HtirroiulorH nt the Knil of
a Revolver.
Lnat night about 12:30 : the alumboraoE
Oouornl Lowe were disturbed by foot
falls in hii dining-room , and the Bound
of dishes dropping upon the floor. Ho
rose from his bed quietly , nnd , in
forming hia hired man that aomothing
waa wrong below , told him to stand by
; ho window of the dining-room on tha
outside. Mr. Lnwo then wont into the
apartment whcro the noiaca were hoard
with pistol iii hand. The room waa dark
nnd nobody wns coon. Thinking aorao-
ono might bo there ho commanded him
o hold up h'is hands nnd the reply came
rom n man in the darknosa hia
innda were nlrendy up. Mr. Lowe then
old him to open the window and got out.
So noon ns the burglar hnd put his head
hrough the window ho was seized by the
lired man aud'n doapcrato otrugglo on-
niod. The burghr wna finally secured
mud nnd foot by the two men. The cries
of the women who heard the encounter
were hoard by Policemen Bellamy nnd
iVhitmaok on the corner of Dodge and
Sixteenth nnd by Ofllcor Conuiolc in the
) olico atutiou , who ran to Mr. Lowo'a aa-
liatnnco nnd afterward brought the burg-
nr to the jail , where hu gave the name o
James Hng4u ,
The burghr ia ono of the tramp spo-
iioa , nnd when caught had on nothing
) ut shirt and breeches. Ilia face wns
) lccding considerably from cuts received
n the struggle. The jailor says hia f.ico-
a familiar and that ho has served a term
or vagrancy iu tliii county jail.
The burglar , to tflect an entrance , had
> rokon out a pane of glass , and unlocked
> ho door from the inside. After entering
10 raised a window aa n moans of exit iu
CIIBO of nn emergency , but wna tnken by
Rurpriao nnd could not mnko his cscapo.
When caught ho waa loading himself
with silverware from the table , but
everything miasod waa found on hia per
son or rccovored by the oflicorn.
irc.Htcrduy'w Base unit ,
Ycstorday'a afternoon's closing game
) otwoon the Union Pacifies and the Chi-
ngo Kcservoa was witnoaaod by about
00. The visitors presented Crosby and.
) epangor for their battery , and the Un-
on PnelGca Salisbury nnd Dugan.
In the first inning the home nine
iaoo three runs nnd whitewashed thoir-
ppononts. The Chicagoi were unable
o overcome this load but fought .stub-
lornly to the finish. In the fourth in-
iig , Salisbury being unable to pitch ti
ongor , wsa replaced by HcKilvoy , who l |
litchod the rftnaindor of the game , in a
nest acceptable manner , retiring Hillary
on strikes iu the fifth innintr. IJiiidlo-
ilayed second to thu finish , his place in
'ight ' field waafillod by .lamiaon. In the
ifth Whittoley , in attempting to alido to
list base , sprained his auklo and waa ro-
ilacod by Onrr.
The game waa nlmoat rpmnrknblo for
ta heavy batting. The brilliant feature
of the game , and the finest play over
undo on the ground , waa Loo's ' running
eft-hand catcli of Handle's line ball to
oft center.
Below ia the score by innings :
1 a 3 4 5 0 7 9
Chicago KeBervea. , , . . 0101010 a 0 5
Union 1'ucilica U 0 1 1 0 1 1 1 2-10
Ladies should reflect before using any
iroparation that ianpplicdto aodelicato
lurfuco ns the skin. Any cosmetic will
t first impnrt'a bonutifying t-flcctixnol not
ppnrontly injure the skin , but in a very
hort time little blotchca and diecoloso
.ions appear on the face which ccnclu
ivoly ahow the poisonous druga in that-
composition. It can bo softly said the
more than two thirds of the face powder
contain those injurious ingredients , PC2
oni'a medicated complexion power is not
nly absulueoly free from all dolutoricuc
natter , but ita principal ingredient ia aa
ctivo curative for ull diseasts of tho-
kin. It has stood the teat of years. Sold
> y nil druggists. mo-codyl
,1s , warranted to wear longer. Ut
tba form nealtr , nixl vivo beltf *
' all r ctlcm than any oilier Con :
la thn market , or price uolil will
* > refunded , TlinludonnmcnUat
NOUUP" ChloiKu'ii Lent phytldajij ,
inn r each Cor et price , llc.t Hutcca Jean ,
weuald , I . .ML A k rour merchant ( or them.
* UsiI8OJIH.n , JOMKPII A OC , .
J IMT uiiLclurkin , ilU ! H 'Jt'l liuudululi tit..kjalc
"j. H. F. LEHpMANN
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