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Closing Proceedings Yesterday in Both
Honses of Congress.
The Prohibitionists y Moot at
Pittsburg as if in Earnest ,
The Indiana Englishes Endeavor
to Explain Their Bribery ,
Indiana's ' Candidates for President
Looming up for Other Offices
Gresham and Drummond Being
Named for the Judiciary ,
Vnaloiis Political Matters of National
ami Political Importance ,
WASHINGTON- Juno SO. Mr , Slater from
the committee on public lauds , substituted n
report to accompany the bill forfeiting the
unearned lands granted the Northern 1'acifio
railway. Tha report , ho said , WAS not twain-
inous , and the minority would submit its
> iows.
Mr , Morgan , from the committee on public
lands , reported adversely the bill to survivors
oi the Mountain Meadow massacre. Kir.
Morgan said the committee was satisfied that
if a valid claim existed against the Rovarn-
mcnt rising out of tha massacre it not
that their claim should bo compensated with
public lands but In money. Calendared.
Mr. Cameron ( rep. Penn. ) called tip his
resolution heretofore submitted .discharging
the finance committee from further considera
tion of the bill for the retirement and recoin-
age of the trade dollar.
On n motion to agree to the resolution , Mr.
Merrill called for yeas and nays , which result-
txl : Yeas 21 , nays 23 , so the resolution was nol
agreed to.
The secretary of the senate was directed to
ask the recall upon the kouso of the bill to
grant the right of way to the Southern Kansas
railway company through the Indian terri
tory.Mr. . Cameron , (1'enu. ( ) , introduced a joint
resolution directing the secretary of the
treasury to purchase not to exceed ten million
trade dollars , at.faee value , paying therefore
standard silver dollars , providing the pur-
.chase bo made prior to September 1st , 188 i.
Merrill objected to present consideration
ana the matter went over.
Mr. Coke , from the committee on commerce ,
reported favorably to bo acted upon licit sos-
lion , the bill to provide for the improvement
of the channel between Dalvoston harbor and
the Gulf of Mexico. Adjourned.
Mr. Washburn submitted the conference re
port on the bill authorizing the construction
of a bridge across the Mississippi at St. 1'aul ,
Agreed to.
Mr , King introduced a bill appropriating
$200,000 to prevent the introduction of cholom
ante the United States
In the contested election case of Fredericks
vs. Wilson , the house committee on elections ,
by a vo'te of C to 5 , decided to report in favor
of Fredericks.
Mr. Randall introduced a joint resolution
providing that all appropriations for thoneces-
sary operations of tha government under the
existing laws which shall remain unprovided
for after Juno SO , Ig&l , shall be continued , and
made available for the period of fiveycars from
and after that data , unless the regular appro
priation bills now pending shall have been
previously enacted. Passed.
Tha house went into committee of tha
whole on the fortification bill. After debate
the committee rose. Kosociaus presented a
conference report on the bill to provide for
the disposition of the abandoned and _ useless
military reservations. Agreed to. Adjourned ,
'WASHINGTON. Juno 29. The opponents of
the up propriation of ? 250,000 for the Nicara
gua concession are renewing their activity as
the bill is taken under conaldor tion in con
ference. They now allege that the 8250,000
In point of fact is a corruption fund designed
In indirect ways to secure a renewal of con
cessions which have lapsed from the Nicaragua -
, gua government. Friends of the appropriation
ay wry emphatically that all of its opponents
.nro interested either in river canal schemes erIn
In a nan railway concession across Guatemala ,
and that the government can now sccuro for
9250,01X1 something which it lias been for fifty
years endeavoring to secure without auccess.
There will bo much opposition to the sundry
civil bill in the senate. It propoioj imino
useful reforms , among them one forbidding
the use of revenue cutters except for public
uses. There Is ono provision which it is
claimed would have the effect to close the
bureau of eugraung and printing In tha In-
tereats of private bank-noto companies. This
is being strongly opposed by the bureau of
engraving and printing.
There is a very sharp differencn 'of opinion
{ n the cabinet on the Fltz John Porter caso.
It is said that Frcllntrhuyson and Browpter
are the only members who favor signing tha
bill , and that Chandler , Lincoln , Teller , and
Greslum aru especially hostile to it. The
friendship of BiowBtcr and Frelinghuyson to
Porter h attributed to local Influences , and
the president is paid to bu in a quandary what
to do. The last day for the consideration of
iho subject will bo Wednesday.
Owing to a misunderstanding of the opera
tions of the newspaper law , the postmaster-
general has found it n ce > > * &ry to IBBUO tlio fol
lowing additional circular :
Tim act approved Juno 9 , 1881 , provides
that the rate of postage on now epaparj and
periodical publications of the second elms ,
when Bent by othera than publishers and iiows
agents , shall be ono cent for each four ounces ,
or fractional part thereof , and shall bo fully
.prepaid by postage stamp affixed to such mat
ter. Thin act in nowise enlarges the rights of
piibllaheru or iiewn agents. All persons not
of these glasses are entitled to ncnd through
themailij , without regard to place of mailing ,
dostjnation , or distance , newspapers and pe
riodical publications of the second class ,
weighing not more than four ounces , by affix-
leg thereto a ono cent postage stamp ,
Til 13 niSMOOKAO Y.
NEW YQUU , Juno 30. The county democ
racy resolved to-night to eond450 member * the
Chicago convention. They start Kilduy
next , by tha West Hhoro road. The Palmer
house will bo their headquarters ,
.and the anti-monopolists resolved to form a
national'antl-monopollst league with branches
in every city in the union , Theodore 12. Tom-
llnson made a speech advocating the nomiiia
tion of Tildon andThurniMi , at the Chicagi
convention. The Jcffcrsonlan democrats , o
Brooklyn , will send sixty members to the dem
ocratlo national convention at Chicago. They
lea\o Saturday noxtj their headquarters wil
bo tit tha Lolaud hotel.
PirrsDURa , Pa. , Juno 28. Ucportsrecelvei
at the prohibition headquarters indicate that
the national convention which will assemble
in this city the 23rd of July will ba ono o !
the largest temperance gatherings over holt
in the world. Over 1,000 delegates arei "x-
peeled to bo present. The convention will bn
hold in Lafayette hall , where the first national
republican convention was hold. Arrange
ments are being inado by a committee of 200
local prohibitionists. Tha expenses will bo
met b > private subscriptions. The local leaders
talk most extravagantly of the prospects of the
party. Many firmly believe that the con
vention will name the next president of the
United States. Secretary Swoger said in an
interview to-day : "Wo contend that
ara already pronounced Prohibition states ,
and that in calculations of the present domi
nant political parties they should bo left out.
By nominating such n man as Clinton 1 ! .
Fiiko , of Now Jersey , I believe that Now
York , Now Jersey , California , Kansas , Iowa ,
Pennsylvania , Massachusetts , and some of the
southern states will give their electoral votes
to the prohibition party. " The canvas for
the nomination is quite animated. Gideon T.
Stewart , of Norfolk , O. , Is probably the load
ing candidate , and will coma to the conven
tion with n very strong support. In this lo
cality however. Clinton B. Fieko , of Now Jer
sey , is the loading favorite , and in Methodist
circles is being strongly and elloctivoly urged.
H. 11 , McDonald , president of the Pacific
bank of California , is urged by the western
and Pacific-slope prohibitionists , and \\ill
coma into the convention with the unanlmou *
support of the delegation from California.
Gov. St. John , of Kansas , will have the sup
port of the delegation from his state. Thcro
are- other names mentioned , but Fisko for
president and John Russell , the veteran pro
hibitjonist of Michigan , for vice-president
Bccms to bo a very satisfactory combination ,
WASHINGTON , Juno 30. W. n. Knglish , of
Indiana , appeared again to-day before the
special house committee appointed to investi
gate the charges inado against him for using
Improperly the privileges lof the house floor
while the Peoll-Knglish contested election
case was pending. English said before the
committee on elections made Its report in that
cose , ho called at the homos of Turner , Cook ,
Converse , and Lowry , members of the com
mittee , and talked with them on the subject.
.Elliott , another member of the committee , ho
saw at ono of the city hotels. Ho also had
interviews regarding the case witli other
members of congress , including Springer ,
before the report was made. In his conversa
tion with these gentlemen , ho tried by fair
arguments to influence them in favor of his
HOU , and to get them to use their influence in
his behalf with the committee.
Queitton Did it occur to you that any
action you might take before the case was re
ported was improper ?
Answer It did not , I honestly believed
my son was fairly elected , and that there was
no Impropriety In my merely presenting his
side of the case.
Springer was called to the stand. Ho satil
Knglish requested him to see Cook and have
him consider the _ caao in favor of his eon ,
WitnofB did not thiuk Cook was present when
the vote was taken , and did not know whether
or not ho was paired. Cook said Springer
and a dozen members had spoken to him in
regard to the contest , but such was the com
mon practice in election canes. Springer's
interest , ho said , was personal , as ho had been
intimately connected with English.
Indiana Statesmen.
WASHINGTON , Juno 29. Indiana republican
statesmen hero manifest considerable anxiety
that Postmaster General Grcaham should suc
ceed Judge Drummond. Indiana republicans
are troubled with an excess of great men , par
ticularly in view of the fact that the eUto is
carried pretty often by the democrats , and
thus they have a chance to decide the offices
not moro than half the time. Harrison , Now ,
Porter. Dudley and Calkins had uomo trouble
n finding scats in the party omnibus , aud
wbon Judge Greeham loft the bench and en
tered the political world it became painfully
apparent that somebody would have to stand
up. All of these gentlemen were talked of
md each of them , except Calkins , is supposed
; o bo wondering how ho would look in the
lonato if the legislature elected this fall would
19 republican , and if that legislature should
iloct him. Furthermore , the admirers of
Jresham and Harrison had rather a warm
time at the Chicago convention trying to decide -
cido which was the favorite son of Indiana ,
md could settle the question only by deciding
Jiat the state had no favorite son. Now
md if Groshaui retires from politics , and goes
jack to the bench , the friends of Now , Por-
.er . , Dudley , 'and ono or two other IloosiorH
vill feel moaa comfortable. Dudley was a
eng time making up his mind whotne to on-
, er the huts for governor or not , and when ho
lecided to entur , Calkins had been there for
omo time and had been doing effective work ,
tfaw Is euid here to bo recognized at homo as
an excellent political manager , but ia not on-
iccially popular. Gov. Porter is said not to
JO vary aggressive , and while ha would not
lecline the scuntonjhip is not likely to make a
trong fight for It. Dudley is a good politl-
: ian and personally very popular , and has
ju n supplementing his military record with
a course as coirminaioimr of pensions thatU
calculated to endear him to the soldiers. If
ho uuxt Irgialaturo should bo republican.
Jommiusioner Dudley la eqpectod to succeed
Senator Voorheea.
LOWISTOH , Maine , Juno 30. 0.15. lioutclle
tan resigned from the republican utato com-
How a Plymouth tilfu Convict Scour-
oil JJIu Release.
PJ.YWODTH , Juno 30. While n gang of
weuty-livtvconvicta wore at work , ono of the
number throw a largo utone at the solitary
rardeu , which struck him in the head , Inflict-
ng a stunning bloir , Thu untjro gang then
rushed for him. A life convict named Slov
ens out-stripped the others , selrod the war
don's rillo and ammunition and fired uponlthc
advancing convicts sKof whom _ ho pctionsly
wounded. When the ammunition was ox
haustcil , Stevens clubbed five others with a
rifle , and when iwistanco nrrlvod wai completely
plotoly exhausted , Details of the affair were
promptly reported to the governor , and the
homo secretary gave orders that Steven * bo
immediately released from prUon and reward
ed. When the good news was luftdo knowi
to Slovens ho famtod ,
AlOllUOW ,
To Bo Brought Before the General
Court Martial.
WASHINGTON , Jtmo 30 , Lieutenant Cobne
Albert P. Morrow , of the Sixth United
States cavalry , will bo brought to trial bcforu
the general court martial appointed to assem
ble iu the city of Washington , September
10th. The following is the detail of the court :
Major General J , M. Schotiold , Urigadlor
General W. 1 $ . Rochester , Brigadier General
S. 1) . Ilolabird , Brigadier Ucnnral ( tobert
Murry , Brigadier General John Newton , Col
onel 0.11. Smith , Nineteenth infantry. Colonel -
nel K. L. Andrews , Twenty-fifth Infantry ,
Colonel M. P. Bradley , Thirteenth infantry.
Colonel H. U. Ayer , Second artillery , Colonel
U. S. Otis , Twentieth Infantry , Colonel II. M.
Black , Twenty-third Infantry , with Major A.
B , Gardner judge ndvocate.
Uo\v a Will's Terms are Said to Have
Boon Severed by a Prlcbt.
CHICAGO , Juno 30. Suit was brought to-daj
by Mrs. Aimio L aiming against the Kri lr
Kovcrend Patrick Terry , ptstor of St. Patrick's
Catholic church of this city. The complain
ant alleges that her uncle , Kiphnrd Lnnning
died 20 years rgo , leaving a will bequeathing a
portion of hli estate to her ; that Father Terry
Las concealed this will over since , aud thai
estate went to her as the uncle's hcirs-at-law
She nays Father Terry but recently told her o
the bequest. Father Terry says when Lannlng
was voiy ill 33 years ago , ho attended the sick
man , that them was a will then ; that Lannlng
recovered and lived 13 years ; that he ( Father
Terry ) went elsewhere and does not know
whether the will existed at the time of Lan
mug's death or iot.
A Banlcrnpt Boole Frm.
CHICAGO , Juno 30. Fairbanks , Palmer A ,
Co. , the book publishers , were closed by the
sheriff to-day. The failure is duo to the failure
uro of G. W. Borland & Co. , whoso paper the
firm held to the extent of $12,000 , Liabilities.
? 10,000 ; and assets for nearly the ful
A Dry Goods Fall nro.
MOXTREAI , , Juno 30. II. n. Merill , dry
goods dealers , have assigned. '
Snlo oCAVahaBh Property in St. Ijonln.
ST. LOUIB , Mo. . Juno 30. The Equitable
bnildlnp , in which all the Gould and Wabash
railroad general officers wore located , was pur
chased to-day by the Equitable Lifo Insurance
company , of Now York , froin the Mercantile
Trust company , of the same city. The price
is ntated to bo between $375,000 and § 400,000.
The building was formerly owned the Equit
able Lifo Insurance company.
The AVcathcr To-IJay ,
WASHINGTON , Juno 30 For the upper Mis
sissippi valley : Slightly cool nnu partly
cloudy , with local ahoAtors ; light , variable
winds. 1'or the Missouri valley : Generally
fair weather preceded , in the southern jwrtlon
local rains , variable winds , probably shifting
to north east and south east , cwler weather
in southern portion. Stationary barometer.
A IJoulBTlllo & NoshTllIo Resignation.
LOUISVILLE , Juno 30. Mr. Bradford Dun-
ham to-day resigned as general manager of
of tlio Louisville & Nashville railroad , the
resignation to take effect July 1st. Mr. J. A.
Harahan , gonbral superintendent of the south
ern division , has been appointed to succeed
Mr. Dunham.
The Cholera ,
MAIWKILI.H , Juno 30. The Peninsular and
Oriental Steamship company will discontinue
running vessels to London and Bombay for
the present , owing to the outbreak of the
The Money Wo Make.
PHILADELPHIA , Juno 30. The coinage ox
ccuted by the United States mint during Juno
aggregated 31.77M25 , including 1,1W,000
silver dollars , 200 half dollars , 2CO quarter
dollars , and 250,000 dimes.
Killed at u Plcnlo.
DynUQUK , Juno 30. At a Catholic church
picnic near Little Port , in Clayton county , on
Sunday , a man named Sheclo was killed by a
man named Cowloy.
S1OOO. Given
f alum or aiiyjnjurloua tubt.luiicea cuu l < o founa
' " ' " ' - * ' - -
ivi-l/l .
eccfvi-J _ . . . .
an ; M. Dulafontalnc , oft'hlcuKo ; ami Ciiutuvug
Soilc , illluaulieo. Never kolil In bulk.
837. to'J it Wl K. Water fet ,
The "Bee's" ' Dailjf Reports from Chicago
cage as to Grain aM Stock.
The Pine Weather Has n Dopros-
ing Effect on Oeroal Prioosi
Wheat Drops Several Oonts---
Heavy Deliveries ,
Corn Follows the Leading Grain
in Prioooand Ooureo ,
Hess Show but Idltlo Favorable
ChaiiRO Other Market Matter.
ClIIOAao , Juno 20. The mnrkcUsold down
rapidly to-day , cash and No. 1 ! spring wheat
touching 83J under the inlluonce of the fine
weather for growing crops and the incroaset :
receipts. Trading wai on a fahly ncthc
scale , but there was the usual great scarcity ol
now orders.
opened with the closing figure ! ) of Sa urdaj
fairly unstained , except in near deliveries ,
Ki\rly transactions made the best ligure ol
the morning session , Heavy olferincof July ,
which woto in such quantity as to force dales
nn a declining market , caused a steady dropol
about 1J , the lowest quotation of the mnrntnp
being current about ton o'clock. The genera'
( liapostlon was to close out small holdings nnc
get even on the market before delivery day.
It may bo statin ! with considerable certainty
that ttio deliveries of wheat to-morrow will
bo very heavy. On the afternoon biurd pricon
wcrq again depressed ; July cloeos at 83J ,
August at SO , and September nt S7J.
followed about tha same OOUHO , and wai sub
jected to the same influence * . Tha markal
opened weaker , rallied go , then bccamo weak
again , and declined about lu for July , tfa for
August and September. On the afternoon
board the market continued weak , Juno am
July closing 51c , August , > 2io ; September
ruled lower , closing at 30 for July , 2GJJ fol
August , 25jj for September ,
was\ory dull , showing little change , closinf
at HADO for Juno and July , 1'J 0 for August
17 70 for September.
fAIU > ,
weaker with the latest quotations 7 10 foi
Juno and July.
The large percentage of fresh arrivalx wore
Texans. There was n" fair demand for besl
corn fed and grass nativss at about the same
ns last \\eok. Stillera were again lower , soiling -
ing at 0 ' 1'1 to 0 CO , showing a depreciation o
20 to 250 during the past ten or hundred days ,
About 2,600 Texas on sale , part of which ar
rived late Saturday afternoon.
They sold nt 3 00 to 5 30 , largely at 4 00 ti
180. Tliodoninnd _ was strong and prices ful
ly-IJoas highaH at any tii-io. There were t
few excellent droves , and hey inado equally us
high figuroj ni grass nhi' > naHomo Toxnt
oxen sold ns low M 3 Oft Thcrif were nt
sock era or feeders on sale , and ecarroly any
buyers. Common and low prades of butchers
stock continue to sell at very low pricea ; goo <
to choice shippincr , 1,200 to 1,200 pound ? , 0 OC
0 00 ; grass Toxaus , 700 to 900 pounds , 3 25 to
There was a fair , steady demand for best
heavy from packer * and shippers aud those
sorts sold at steady prices , namely : C 00 to
6 CO. Light wore rather neglected , tha few
Hulcd inado , howo\er , eliuu-1ttio ! or no change
as compared with Saturday , the raugo show-
lng-1 'JO to O'SO forcommon to choica lignti
180 to 210 pounds 4 00 to 5 30.
Thf ? Missouri Paulflc.
'New Yonic , Juno 2 ! ) . Tlio Herald prints
the following to-day : "Tho position of Mr.
Gould'u pot property , the Miisonri Paclflo
railroad , is exciting A great deal of intercut In
financial circles. In Ucw of the recent depj-
siou of the United Status supreme court , It
seems likely that the road will bo taken from
Mr. Gould aud restored to the stockholder * of
ild cor oration , from uhom It wna captured
> y Mr , C. 1C. Garrison eight years ago. If the
'orecloeuro under which Air. GarrU'on obtained
the propeity declared
VOID nEOAUSK 0.K 'rilAUD ' ,
, ho ? 51,000,000 of pecuritioa issued upon the
roj > erty by Mr. Gould will bo worth only
.limr weight an waste paper , while ho and his
directors will bo Jiablu for oil the earniiiBrs of
, ho road during the past eight years , inclini
ng the dividends paid on the 930,000,000 of
stock. The opinion of the miprcmo court ac
companying the decision , and written by Mr.
histico iilutchford , has vary much depressed
Mr. Gould and his friends. It wax Judge J.
1' . Dillon , in tha United States circuit court ,
vho Issued the decree of foreclonure , It wax
10 who Hubswiuontly denied the appeal of Hjo
atockholdera for a hearing , and it wa he now
'etlred from the bench and acting an counsel
'or the Gould roads who oppourd the appeal
which has just been decided by the eupromo
: nutt. Thin decision places the nocuritles
usued upon the property of Mr. Gould on
A rnxoAiiioim fOOTiKa
fat speculator ! * and inventora alika have
laiitened to got rid of them , AH for the
utocJt , Mr. Gould is credited with holding ,
> ractically , the whole of it , Moro than it
'ear ago no Hworo tliat ho held nearly half of
t , and it in Hujiposed that in order to steady
ho etock market hu lias boon coiiHlantly ac
quiring It ever einco that tlmo , and moro par *
icularly ninco the deoinlon referred to was
rendered taut month , That nearly all the
tock is In hlxhaudu Is ehownin various ways.
) no morning lout wecV , when the general
nurkot wan "ulialcy , " he marked the prlcu up
rom S'JOn nharo to 8'J. In half an hour , and
in the next HAlo to 9100. The very next
raniactionummado at 5W and the follliw-
ug ono at 1)5 ) , The proceeding wax
md showed no clearly that th utock wai In
ho haiuU of ono niftn , that | M > rnoiis carrying
t on lonns to Gould's brokers hastened to do.
nand their money1 and uurnmder the danger-
JUD collateral. Several of tha most Important
banks and bankers down-town now rofuro to
lend n dollar on Missouri Pacific ftccuntlca.
tock-commls < ton houtot refine lobuy or ell
thorn on margint for customers , and the bar-
dull of carrying the vat mans of bond * M \\o\\ \ \
ns stocks is being rapidly concentrated tnuin
the pliouldcrsof Air. Gould and hU Immediate
agent * . "
NKW YORK , Juuo SO. Tlio Missouri Pacific
hnn nrrautrrtl with the Marcantilo Trust com-
iwny for tlio ole of the New Orleans fc Pacific
baiuU and will hold them uncaueoltcd subject
to redemption.
The ClmrniluK of the Chlhlron ol
Uninaolln by tholMcil Piper.
LONDON , Juno 30. The citizens o
Bolln , Dnmswlck , Germany , celebrated with
much pomp and parade the GOOth mmlorsary
of the Charming of the Children of Hamdolln
by the "Pied Plpor"yostonlay. Bandi parad
ed all morning and there was a general jollity
preceding the principal event of the day ,
width waa the procession after the general
scmhlflgo at two o'clock In front of the old
houseIn which the Piper lived and who lured
the children into a cave and disappeared with
them out of ro\onpo because the town authori
ties refused him n reward of 1000 crowim for
luring away the rats. Hundreds of children
dressed In tlio costume of six conturica ngo led
the procession following Urn strains of the mi-
ciontptpo to the ftpot oil Koppolborg whither
tlio legend iloclarei the plod charmer
disappeared \\ith those that followed
him , The niioctaclo wan oNCoodlngly pretty ,
iiolmul the children followed chariot * drnun
by mottled horeos after the style of the rude
vehicles of tha plod pipers' tlmo. Kntghti In
armor , men In louft luwo and buff gherkins ,
women in graceful robes and finally all the
handicraftsmen of that time wielding their
primitive tools , made up tha rest of a pea-
Koant seldom rivalled In thia generation for
historic ] Interest and plcturosquoness.
The Dnatlly
M'AIISKIU.KH , Juuo IKi. 1'lvo deaths from
cholera last nlRht. Capt. ISollot of the navy ,
whoso wife was seized with cholera , committed -
ted Biilcldo , M. Itochord , chief ot n nava
health department , declares the cholera wan
not brought to 1'ranco by any transport with
troops for the oast.
AlADIlIP , Juno 30. Minister Foster has re
turned. lie arrived In Spain in time to es
cape the quarantine at frontier.
Troublesome Western llnllroads ,
Ni\v YOHK , Juno 80. The olllclala of the
Denver & lllo Grandorofuso to state nhotlior
Interest < 4i the company's bonds duo tomorrow
row , will bo paid or not. The Oregon naviga
tion aud Northern Pacific negotiations stand
03 follows : Oregon navigation inado n propo
sition to the Northern Paclllo to lease its road
the latter to guarantee the Oregon naviga
tion I ! per cent Ion stock for two yearn , 7 per
cent for three yearn , and 5 per cent thereaf
ter. TliOHO terms have not yet boon ngrootl
upon by the Northern Pacific directors but
- ! ! ! bo considered thin wouk.
Down With the Fcncoe.
CllETOl'A , KB. , Juno 30. There Is great con-
etornatlon among stock men having ranchen
In Indian territory , The sheriff of Cherokee
nation , with n squad of Indians , have boon
taking down all wire fencing that en
closes longer tracts thun fifty acroR.
that being the limit allowed by the acl
of the Cherokee council. Tin
xhoriff confiscates Ml wire ho taken down
The sheriff bngan work south of CofToyvllli
and IB talcing It down clean as ho comoa east
Thousands of miles of fencing" hhvo alroadj
been removed. Tlio Indiana eobih to meat
business ,
Domino or the Dlnllnjjuialicd Advo
Nnw Yonif , Juno 23. William A. Beach ,
tha distingiiiHlud advocate , died thin after
noon of heart disease at bin liouuo In Tarry-
town. IIo had been Hufforlng from the disease
fc'overoly of late , but no Immediate fatal term
ination waa looked for.
Mr. lieach was born in the village of Bal
aton Spa , Saratoga county , December II ) , 1K01' ' .
His earliest legal practice waa confined to Sar
atoga and in tlio spring of 1851 ho removed to
Troy , where ho remained until 1871 , Among
the important cases in which ho engaged was
the defense of thr state agent and others , who
under Gov. Soymotir'H administration were
uimmoiiod before a military tribunal at Wash
ington upon a charge of tampering with nol-
diora' vetcH , The jofanso was Biicceasful , anJ
ended in the dlHcontiimauco of thin sort of mil
itary Inquisition , Mr , Donch defended Cole
on the Colo-lliucox murder trial , and uocured
his acqiilttnl on the second trial on the ground
of emotional insanity. He defended Canal
Commissioner Dorn before the court of Im
peachment In 187i ) . Dorn waa acquitted. Ito-
moving to thin city In 1871 ho appeared for
the defendant in JCrie'a 9ri.000,0)0viiit ( againxt
Comtnodora Vamlurbllt. Ho W H imposed to
O'Conor In the Jtiinel litigation , and WOK on-
{ aged for the people on the Kocnnd tn'al of 1C.
S. Stokes for the iiiurdr-r of James l-'Isk , Jr.
[ fo assisted I'Vunlc ' Wulworth , who wan a
( irandson of Chincollor Wai worth , of .Saratoga
{ pringi ) . and who killed his father , Mansfield
Tracy \Vidu'orth , ill tha Sturtovant IIOUHO. In
ho'lilton agahiKt.lJoocher case ho waa lend-
ig ) counselor for the plaintiff.
the Nutlomil Kricainp-
inont Mi bo Hold In BlInncuiK-
Us tlio Iia'tvr 1'urt ol
MlNNBAi'OMH , Junu 2'J. Public Inlorot and
attention la now being directed to the nation
al grand army encampment tu open July 22d
and to continue to the 2Cth , Tlio committee
laving charge of the arraniramoiita are ox-
iocting30,000 grand army men to bo present ,
md are boxing preparations nn that number.
About 830.000 hoH already been mibHcribed
oward defraying OXPOIIBOH , and fully 810,000
nero in to bo secured. Tno programmu au
outlined to the Tribune corrcupomlwit to-day ,
t at follows ,
Comrades will arrive .Monday and IHJ assigned
to quarters. Tuesday at 10 a , in , there will no
t public reception , with speechoH of wolcoma
ly tlia governor , mayor and othern , followed
n the evening by n general camp-fire at which
.hern will ba vpoocliotf hy Home of tlio moHt
irllllunt oratorrt In tlio order , u recitation by
Mrs , Kliiabeth Mansfield Irving of an origi
nal perm , written for the occasion by MTH.
ICato ll.Hlierwood.ot Toledo , imislo by bands ,
Kingof the old time HOtiga by the com-
Wuduwday mornloK the grand parade
nllltakoidace. rw..rtod by Uio two roslmcnt *
of the SiinniNoU National . ' -Jnnrd. Thocn <
campmcnt will bo called > order at
12 o'clock in. t the Colliot M'lWixltiM ' -
day Menlng thn PInmbonu club , coim-owl ol
lucmliera oflhc Grand Army of T < Mx > ka , Knj. ,
\ \ \ \ \ glreonnof tlu-ir exhibition- fireworks
while iinrchlnir. The location of l"ho camp
IIM not Ut'ii ilccidtd on. Two place " > ' . " >
dor coniiderntlon. Ono in the un Ucrtity
grounds and the othrr the fair prnundn. Jioth
i > lacc nro in the city limits. Comrade * * I
uo expected to bring n blanket each , * nd
meals will bo provided t .15 cents for ct wtt
lircakfast or nuppor , and Rl ) cents for
while mnny of the i > oit propone
ll the roads iimnhig Into Mln -
noaiiolinill RIVO rntss of ono fara for the
round-trip to Grand Army mm * . The annual
lounlonof tlu < I'lrxt Mimicxota regiiuontill
occur un the tint day i > f the oucampiucut.
Droxvncil la tlio
Special Dispatch to the DEE.
OAKLAND , Neb. , Juno 30 , Sunday nbout
11 o'clock a. m. , fovoral young mm were bathing -
ing In the crock near town , when Fred Fagcr
dove in and pushed himself along with hi * feet
until he ronchnd n deep hole recently washed
out and of which lie no doubt .had 110 Knowl
edge , ns ho could not swim. Ho beg.tu uplash-
Ing hi the water and POOH Rank and did not
rise again , Those who saw the HplaMiingnup-
posed It was douu purposely until it was too
ate to save Ida life. Diving \\nt immediately
legun but the water was HO deep In the hole
as to renilerRraphlingjiecossary , and the body
was not rccoveii'd until about 2 p. m ,
The deceased waH n laborer In tlio employ ol
Ins. Askwig , of this place , aged 21 yearn ami
unmarried , WOH a native of Sweden and hail
10 relative * in thin country excepting ono
mithor. Tha bnrrlal took pliico nbout sun-
ilowu of thu same day and without an Inquest.
Kuropo niul the Gholora ,
VlKNS'A. Junn 30. The livenintrPoit s.iya
the nowa from 'I'oulou and Maraolllos. in re
gard to the cholera , leaven no doubt but it ia
. < > ulatlo cholera. Tliepiipcr statoa Unit Aus
tria and Hungary have been ordered to main
tain the minutest Inspection on all arrivals
from the south of Franco aud Algiers , The
Peat also iuys that arrangement ) * are making
for the medical inspection of ratlw.iy'tia\eleru
and for the fumigation of hoggngo.
.I.M. Juno 30. No deaths hero from
from cholera between the hours of 1) ) n , in. , and
( ! p. in.
DALUXZO , Juno 30. A workman from
Lyons > \ as Boizod with choloia hero audnoou
TOULON , Juno 20 , At 7 o'clock this even
ing one death from cholera occurred tlnce 11
a , m.
TOULON , Juno 30 , It Ia generally admitted
that the worst of the choleru crlms in o\er.
One feature of the disease linn boon the short-
IIOHH of the tlmo between the duizurn anddnath.
This would indicate tout tha malady in Asiatic
chalet a.
The KiiBllMh MnrkctH.
LONDON , Juno 30. The Mark ! Lane Kx-
prcsH , in iU weekly ro 'lew of the corn trade ,
nays : "Tho weather continual favorable for
improving the strong and helping weak cropu.
The wheat markcta generally are weaker ,
although the scarcity of ] CngH n wheat cmisen
ocoaBional locul advance , Tlio ralna ef ling-
llsh wheat laxt week were i > U,305 quarters at
37a. 'Id. against 41,4' ' < > 9 mmters at 42n ild
for the corrtHpoudiug week lust year. For
eign whuat l greatly dopa-sned , heavy ro-
cetptH causing unusually low rateu , In the
oil coast trudo a largo portion of tha over duo
upply has been received. Twentythreo car
BOH have arrived ! ton worn told , eight with
drawn , and eight remained. TwontjMllnc
cai gos nro now due. Flour oxccediiifly dull :
Maiza is weaker , Jiarlnylirmer.
French Kloclloiilllotfl.
MADKIIIA , June 30. The elections in thli
Island for inomborH of the chamber of deputies
resulted in a victory for the government candidate
didateItiotlng occurred dnring the voting ,
and novon peraoiiH were killed ,
ALQIKUH , Juno 80. The rlota continue , The
committee of Spanish residents threaten all
SpanlnrdH who took part in the expiileicn ol
thoJowH. Troojis occupy various paita of tha
city. _ _ _ _ _ _
French Politics.
tiH , Juno 30. In the chambcrH of depu
ties to-day Prima Minister Furry opposed the
amendment defining tha rovieabhi point H in the
constitution without binding the chamber to
tu action to these point * , on the ground that
, ho govornmunt projiosals for the rovisiou
wiiro an onsuntial uart of the programme of
iho miniKtry , who would bo unable to continue
n ofl'ico if they lacked confidence. The chain-
icr then rejected the amendment 2'JO to 23D ,
LONDON. Juno 30. Three motions to ml-
ourn were inado in the cimunona by connorva-
lyu memborn and rcjuctcd. Sir Charles
) ilko censured the ojipoHltion for their nt-
empta to obstruct business when the loader ef
he opposition did not Hympathlzo with Huch
Hold GtiDtlvohy the ICiiliJnli.
LONDON , Juno 30. Thu British nloop of
var IVgamias ban boon orderul to prucd'd
rom Smgapan to Achocn with iinivision and
hithlng for the crew of thu ] ! iitlnh ttuumor
iscro , wicckcd December lust off the Achoen
oaut and Htill hold captive by the llahjah.
A 1'nntlllcul
Itoxu , Jiuiiii W ) . Count Sodcrln and
Hone , of Pliiladt'lphla , wore mnrrlod to-day ,
Cardinal Jacobltii , the pontifical secretary of
) f otalo , olllclating ,
lho(1Voto ol'CoiiHiiro" Inild Aslilo ,
LONDON , Juno 30. In the commoiiH Glad-
Htonu moved the vote of censure of the gov >
iriimonlV ICgyptlau policy bo given precedence
iver all other bu incH > . Defeated , 1UO tu I'lO.
The German Navy ,
lliau.lN , Juno SO. It ! M aiinouncdd that
at thu next session the government will Hub-
nit to the rriclmtiig u scliemo greatly enlary-
ng the navy.
Moro OraiiKO OntruitCB ,
8r. JoilNH , N. F , , June 30. AK ueonsland
larbor four southern vessels took rcfugo from
hu Houtlnvott gale , and the floating hild ice.
'ut'Hilay lait thd Orangmon attacked tlio
raws when on bhorn , maimed them brutally
md punmcd them t their veaaloo with largo
ullait MtoncH , umaehing the comiaiilon | duoru ,
kyllKhts , cabin , utoven and furniture , break-
tiff the bulwarkH and forcing the vcHxclri to
uuh out into the storm.
A. Cuban Conflu/rrutlon. /
HAVANA , Juno 30 A tire nt to
lay destroyed three warehoused , 1,700 hoga-
lo.ul of migiir In the buildings burned , and ih-
OSH reported ia 91150,000pai ; tially Insured , o
Between Snl-
and MiichBll ,
It Doesn't ' Oonio Off Before 6,000
and 6,000 , Popnln.
Sullivan Appears in td runken
Condition to Ape IT : oi
Mitchell Makes a Foils , marks ,
Eeooivod with Srj m ,
Other 5'lntlo and Sporting liters ot ,
flloroICoal .Uesil ' *
i .
NKW YORK , Juuo 30. Between 5,000 nndl
0,000 people Including hundreds from Boston
and Philadelphia , and largo delegations from
Baltimore nnd Chicago went to Madison
Square gardens Uvnlght U BOO tlw glove con i
test arranged to take place between Jolin L.
Sullivan and Charles Mitchell. The storloj
circulated thu lost few days concerning
did lint xliako the belief of the good usturod
publla that the man meant to have n boua ( idu
and exciting contest. In the cnrly evening
it was reported that both boxeni were iu good
condition. The first part of the nlght'a pro
gramme , in which appeared covoral inemborH
iif tlio "Sullivan Combination" and others ,
paused elf pleasantly , the npeclatora giving
hearty encouragement to parrcrd. A fo\V
minuted bofoio 10
In Btroot costume , staggered up the step ? , *
loading to the platform , accompanied by Billy
O'Biien and another man , who was said to
bo Dr. W. 11. Vaiidat-pool , ; of the Ashland
house. O'Brien annoimcod too the anxious
crmul lint the doctor had positively stated
that "Mr. Sullivan waa to ill to spar. " JIc-
Hftld that rather than have the people disap- '
iiolniod , Domlulck M , Catfroy would spar
thun the great Sullivan inado his way to tha
edge of the ring mid tmpporting himself bv
the ropofl , he made a few rcnurica IIo looked
like a "terrible exmnplo , " his hat was un-
brushed a\d hia clothea soiled , lie waa
and features were led and distorted almost :
beYond recognition. Standing in i ho attitude
of n lounger at n bar , ho mid in n hoarsa
voice , that could ba heard but a few foot awnjv
"I can not spar to-night. I am too sick.
Von may think mo drmik , but L ain't. Tni
sick. I ( lout think it fair to ( thii you a.
ftiomlly set-to with M r. Mitchell , for jou
didn't como to too that. " , 81
Then tlio renowned "Mr. Sullivan" .was
heartily hisiud. Mitchell , who had ascended
the iilatform while " M'r. Sullivan " was
Hpe\kiug , now came to thu ropes nnd had his
'little Bay. "
looked pomowhat jtalo. nnd thin , nnd
were swollen and coro-looklnf ? . The KngIUh
man said t ' ' I'm in no condition to spar myself - ,
self , I have liad it very' had with malarlaT
and ! don't think It would bo fair to Mr , Sul ;
llvnn to have this match , nn I am feeling
pretty good to-night , and I came hero to do
the best I could , That la all there in In it. "
and hiescd and _ dhouted ' 'Sullivan , youv'o
lost your reputation ) " nnd then slowly and
sadly left the building. It is estimated tha >
$1-1,000 was taken in by the management and
that $3,000 coven all expanses , HO the Sulli
van nnd Mitchell combination have $12,000 to
divldnan the result of their much talked of
aud extensively odvortiiud combat.
Snildlofoaus nnd Sulkoy.
ClIIOAao , Juno 30. The Ins t day of the run
ning inoetlng of the Chicago driving ?
ark : FirHt race , Belling purse inllo dash
StarkH won , Troublor second , Niuiblo l'ootv .
third ; time , 1:11. : \
Club purBO threo-quarter mile Dudley'
Oakit won , llolianthua xi'cond , Pastor third ;
time , l:15j , , t
Snmmor handicap milo and one-eighth
Vallet won , Ascender vacond , Topsy third , v"
ilino , 1:651. : ?
Coiipolatlon iiurHO milo dash Sweeney i ? *
won , Boatman wcmul , Pilot third ; time , 1:1.1 : .
Hurdle nice milo and a half Athelstiiro
won , Ciilt ICdge Kccnnd ; time , 2:50 .
Half mile dwh Premium won , Blue-bird
necond , P. D. Q. , third ; time , -I8J.
CONEY 1HI.ANI ) COUllhl : .
SllKiii'HiiicAi ) BAV , June SO. Sweepstakes ,
hrco voaiH old , three-fourthu milo JCxllo
won , Theodore Hecoml , Lulu third ; time ,
, oil ngCH , mile Aranza won ,
iiiglo Ki-cond , Marklo third ; tlmo , 1:4 ! ) .
At Chicago Providence , 4 ; Chicago , C ,
At Baltimore Unions , Baltimort-B , llj Chi-
At Mlnncaoplls Gnmo poHtponed ; rain.
At Bay City Bay City , 14 ; MtiBkcgous , C.
At Toledo TolodeH , : t ; Alleghonya.1. .
At Cleveland Now York , 0 ; Clovelands , 2 ;
At Philadelphia-Uuiom ! , St. Louis , 0 ;
Koyetonos , 0 ,
At Chicngu Pixjvldonco , 4 ; Chicago , C ,
At Olovelujid New York. Oj.Cloveland , 2.
At Detroit Boston , 11 ; Detroit , 2.
At Buifalo-Buifalo , 10 ; Philadelphia , 7 ,
At Detroit Bostons , 11 ; Detroits , 2 ,
At ( ) ulncy Quincy , 11 ; Pcorias , 8.
At Buffalo-Buirufos 10 ; Philadelphias ; 7.
At Boston Unions liobtons , 10 ; Cinciu-
nattiu , 0 ,
The Thuinpors.
NEW YoitK , Jimo 30. "Bill" Kugland , the
Knglish pugilist who carao here a Bhoft tlino
ago to try to make n match with John I * .
Sullivan , WPS given a benefit this afternoon.
Jlia sot-to witliQeoi-go KooVo showed Hugland
to bo no match fur bulllyan , as Itooko fought
him all over stage , dialing him n numbur of
shipping blo\\B. 1'our lounda lined up Knf {
FlrcH In Canada , '
QOKUKO , Juno 30. Three h'eavy buhh fires
iu tha Sugui'iiav district , Keurtoeti house *
wore burned at Bale St , Paul. ' -
CA&1 lls&Osiss !
j mftwsn-w l
' Mitiis ± * aiUi * .
aiUis \
: B