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X rotnblnaHon of I'm
tojftile of Iron , JYnirinn
.If a rlt a mil 'hosphonis i n
a italatablo fonn , Jh'or
IMAUtv , Jjoit of Ant
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&K V.A.I.J
_ After n thorough trial of the . PURIFIES
IRON TON1O , I take pleasure
in atatinir that I have boon.
Uj ienofltod by Ita LDDD _ moat excellent remedy tot
080. Ministers and Pub the debilitated vital forces.
lic Speakers will find it
of the greatest valno
where a Tonic Is neces
sary * I recommend It
* a reliable ) remedial
went , possessing1 nn-
doubted nutritive and
restorative properties.
\ tcvtmllt , XV. , Oct. J , isa.
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H-H ;
! H1
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"ff Ji ' * Wfit /
Lath , Shingles , Pickets ,
& , : . rtt-Vi yet ttawAOufca CKHEKT OOUFANT
Uiiioii IHtcSflc 'DepotOMAHA
On a cold December night some
twenty years ngo , when the earth was
bound In n black frost , nnd Iho bitter
wind blow strong and shrewdly , I w a
rotnrnlrg homo from upending the
evening at a friend's house , situated
sorno three or four miles out of town.
The sky was so black , the country
lanoa were BO dark , that I was truly
thnttkful when the scattered lights of
an outlying suburb began to twluklo
in the distance , and It was with a sigh
of relief that I stopped nndor the Grat
lamp post I came to , and looked at uiy
watch. It was no easy task , for Iho
lamp glass had n pane broken , and the
strong wind blow the gas in all dlrcd-
tlons and almoat oxtinguiahod It.
I road thu time at last three min
utes to twelve and , looking up from
the watoh face , 1 atnrted to see a man
standing close uppoalto mo. I hnd
haard nothing of hla approach. Wo
looked nt t-noh other but a moment ,
yet it wsa nufliolont time to imprint
his features indelibly on my memory.
A tall , nhubby man , in a threadbare ,
black frock coat , and n needy , tall hat ;
his face lantern jawed and nalloir , hla
oyea sunken nnd luatorloaa , hla board
long and ill trimmed. lu n touo of
elaborate civility ho asked mothotlmo
thanked mo for my answer , and , giv-
lug mu good nluht , paused into the
bluak darkuecB , whloh nconiod to engulf -
gulf him like a giavii
I turned tor a rtoinont to think of
his lonely walk lu that grim obscurity ,
and resumed my lonely way , laughing
at myself for the atari ho had given
mo , und reflected that the strong wind
had blown away the sound of his ap
proach. I thought of him SB I eat nitd
smoked my plpo over my fire , find fait
a comfortable shudder steal upon mo
as I imagined him facing the bitter
blaat lu his InaulHclont clothing.
In the course of a week or two the
Incident trifling onouph , heaven
knows faded from my memory , and
I thought no more of It ,
In tnoso days I was actively engaged
in the timber trade , nnd the oonrao of
my business took mo agreat deal about
the country , and brought mo largely
In contact with the agents of the dif
ferent noblemen and country gentle
men of the district. With ono of the
agents , who realded near the country
town of L , I had numerous transac
tions , and I used to often run , down teL
L to moot ; him , for the town was
ouly fifteen miles away , nnd was on a
line of railroad. It was a dull little
hole enough , that only warned up
into life when the militia were out or
the aialzea were on.
Ono night I returned from L. , bar
ing made a largo purchase from my
friend the agent , whoso matiter , a
sporting nobleman , waa reduced to
cut down the family timber. WhonI
feel aaleeo that night I had n verj
simple but vivid dream. I though
I WUH ttandlng on n lofty hill. By my
sldo stood u veiled Sgnro , who , with
a cnmmandlng gesture , motioned me
toward the town of L. , which lay in
the far distance. Then I nwoko.
Of course I explained the thlngt o
myself easily enough. I had bnt-u a
good deal engaged in the neighbor
hood of the place , and had a large ven
ture more or loss remotely connected
with it , Still ttio dronnf WRB an vivid
that 1 could not dismiss it from my
thoughts dutiog the whole of the
day , and when I went to bed at night
I wondered if it would again viilt mo.
' It did bomo again ; , precisely the
same dream , ' In precisely the name
manner. Once more I found a con
vincing explanation. Doubtless I had
been thinking too muohr about the
first dreain , and this had given rise to
the second. But my explanation did
not convince me In the least. Again
I waa haunted by the thing through-
oct the day , and when I came homo
at night my preoccupation was so evi
dent that it attracted the attention of
my wlfo. She questioned mo upon
the cause , and , only too thvjkful to
unbosom myself of whit w a nbw al
most a trouble , I told her about the
dream and its repetition. She had the
tact not to laugh at me , but wan evi
dently little impressed by the narra
The third night it came again , il
anything more vivid and startling than
before. This time I waa utterly un
hinged ; the pale face that fronted me
in the looking glasa was hardly reoog.
uizsble for my own. I wont down tc
breakfast , filled with a foreboding ; ol
Bomo misfortune bad news In my letter
torI know not what.
The maid ° nterod with the lotto
"Thero , " said my wife , uasalne ;
letter on which was the L. Postmark
"that breads yonr dronm , John. "
I cponod it hurriedly. It waa fron
the agent , requesting mo to meet bin
at L. that day at 1 o'clock to arrangi
a difficulty that had arisen In the per
formance of hla contract.
I was Intensely relieved. Here wa
an opportunity to go to L. , and per
haps tho'very faot of going would pn
mo right. There wore'two fast train
to L-Tintho morning , but I decided ti
go by the first , regardless of the fao
that I should have some hours to wait
So I found myself speeding awa
toward my destination.
The train waa full. Pipes exhalei
their fragrance. Newspapers wer
turned and flattened , and there wa
that leisurely kind of morning con
versatlon that prevails among mo
going off by an early train to thol
day's work. I soon discovered that
had fallen among a party of barrister
and their chief topic was a peculiar !
, , interesting case , which waa to b
finished to-day at the L. assizes.
"Ho must sum up against the prl
oners" said a gentleman with a fa
florid face and long sandy whisker
who wore a light overcoat and shej
herd's plaid trousers. "Tho defoni
waa a complete failure and deserved
be. "
"It waa certainly rather audacious
returned a clean shaven young mi
with a double eye-glass , who eat opp
site mo , "but I don't like clroumstai
tlal evidence. "
"All evidence Is more or lew cl
cnmsUntlaV- answered he of tl
florid complexion ; "and thla man It i
clearly guilty to my mind as If the
had been a dozen witneosea to utai
by andW blm'do the deed. Thai
my opinion , Hey wood. " And tl
oraolo disappeared behind his news-
Feellnp plad to discover any topic
that would divert my thoughts from
lliolr I'looniy foiobodings , 1 addrcssud
myself to lloywood. the ) ouoj { b rrl .
tor , with whom I had a slight ac
"Yon seem much Interested in this
trial that Is going on , " I nald. "May
1 ak if you are engaged unon il ? "
"No , " ho answered. "Hut it Is a
cutious else. A man , n clerk dla-
mlssod from his employment , it aconeod
of murdering the cashier of the firm.
The evidence against him Is entirely
circumstantial : but the defense broke
down at the most critical point , and
c so certainly looks very black tor the
prisoner. "
The train was now Blackening speed ,
and there waa a general rising. I
rose , too.
"Aro you going to got ent here ? '
said Mr. Uoywood , opening the door ,
as wo glided into the station. "Ilavo
you come down so early on buslnuae ? '
< iYoB"I said , wishing to goodness
I knew what the immediate business
wns. "Nothing very urgent , though , "
I added , half to myntjlf , RB I got out.
"It you have the time to spare you
hnd better turn In nnd hear the end of
the trial , " aald lloywood. "Tho
court will bo crowded with ladles , no
doubt , but I can emcgglo jou into n
corner. " '
Not knowing what to do with my
Bolt the next few hours I accjpttd tlio
other with gratitude. I waa soon seat
ed in an obtcnro corner of n dingy , ill-
lighted , ill-veutilntcd court honso ,
which wontd have been ill smelling ,
had it not boon for the scout wafted
from the numerous ladles who wore
present. Ono of these , a buxom fe
male obstruction , who ought to have
known better , was just In front of
mo nnd blocked my vlow with nn onor <
raous bonnet. I conld'nt ' sou the prlso
HIT , his counsel , or oven the o'ock over
his head , at which the people kept
looking eagerly as the hour fixed for
the recommencement of the trial ap
preached , '
At last there was a stir and bustle ,
caused by poiajno invisible to mo ,
then a call for silence , and after a few
preliminaries the summing com
I listened the nioro Intently because
I could sco nothing. The clear , cold ,
tolling sentences cut deep Into my
consciousness. How distinct and con
vincing it all wasl How all those
mlnuto facts , the mute testimony of
footmarks and the like , arranged and
distributed by that powerful intellect ,
grouped themselves Into the damning
proof of guilt.
I cared nothing for tbe prisoner , hnd
no peiaonal interest In the trial , but
my mind waa wonderfully fascinated
by his tale of horror. At length thi
weighty tonea coasurl , and a murmui
of relief and expectation rnu round thi
assembly. At this moment the wo
man with the high bonnet shifted hei
scat , and I obtained n fall view of the
prisoner. I started involuntarily
Where bad I sonn that f.ioo before ?
The jury returned after a short ab
sence ; the verdict waa guilty , acooin
pauied with a recommendation to
mercy. Again the j udgo's solemn tones
Bounded through the court ; again they
ceased ,
There waa dead silence. I sprang
to my foot as if compelled to do ao by
some unseen power , and looked
steadily at the prlaonor. His face was
averted from me for the moment , but
the looks of the people nhowod mo
that ho waa about to , npunk. Slowly
ho turned around , , and , ia a voice
whose deep , ' earnest" toacn could bo
hoard nil over the assembly , ho said
"There lives but one man who can
provo mo lunooout and there he
stands. "
With whlto faoo and outstretched
arms ho pointed at mo , I gazed at
him with a sudden look of recogni
tion. It was the man I had seen nn
dor the lamp And , by a strange co
incidence , at this moment the court
block struck twelve.
The plea that had been got up by
the defense was an alibi. But there
waa a space of aomo two hours that
could not bo accounted for , and the
theory of the prosecution waa that the
crlmo had boon committed during thie
tlino. My evidence supplied the mlss
ing link , fir the place in which I had
seen the man waa so far distant from
the aoeno of the murder that it wai
impossible for him to havn been any
where near at the time of Ita oommla
And the dream ? Only a coinci
dence , yon will say , perhaps , or a
of indigestion , or my timber contract
Nevertheless.B I have told you , so 1
. happened. Explain It away who can
Doctor' * Endorsement-
Ur. W. D. v/rlxht , Clnclnnntl , O. )
end * the nubjolnod professional endorse
or : merit : "I have pretcrlbed DK. WM
In a great numbeJ if caaos and nlway
a i with success. Oue cate In particular wa
, given uu by several pbyilcUus who bai
been called In ( or consultation with my
self. The patient had nil the symptom
of confirmed consumption cold nigh
sweats , hectic fever , harassing cough , etc
He commenced Immediately to get bette
and was soon restored to his usual hoilth
I alii found DR. WM. HALL'S UAI
BALI FOR THK LUNGS the most vale
as able expectorant for breaking up dlstrest
ir- log coughs and colds that I have eve
irnt oted" 81-dweodlw
. How It la a BloselnaandHowItla No
y ;
BurJett * ID the Uawkoje.
ed I talk about homo because I ai
re. rarely there and men llko to tnl
'as most of what they know least abou
n- "There Is no place llko home. " Eire
non : those who live In boarding house
olr tonchlngly warble that song. Hou
tl Is more to a woman than to a mai
, A man who has no homo Is a socl
rly tramp. With a woman it Is dlflbren
boIs she wants a homo , bat does not n
ways h vo a chance to got It.V <
Is- man foods npon afFdctlon. She
, never happy until she gets her Ide
rs , man , and then she Is cast down
op- find another woman's photograph at
ISO love letter in bis overcoat pocket.
Lto Bat a man gets his homo la
house mortgage , mechanic's lien at
" all. Be has all but the mortgage , ar
urn the mortgage baa him. All of a man ,
po- life , except what he upends at tl
an- store , olab , caucus , lodge or pray
meeting , la spent In hla homo. Mi
la great in his own boose ; if ho b a
the a king , he Is at least a prince conaoi
a i * Many are llko the man who , on bell
ere nominated for lieutenant overnc
ind said ;
ftt'B "You Have nominated the right mi
the for the place. I hvvo boon * . Ueute
ant governor over since I was mar *
It Is said that every homo has a
skeleton ; but I don't ballovo it. It Is
only n thing of the imagination.
Some regard a poor relation as n skel
eton ; bat that fs wrong. No man is
pjor for fun ; ho can't help It , and Is
entitled to yonr sympathy. Homos
are brighter and bolter than they used
to bo. Our wives make thorn so.
When a wlfo buys her husband a diamond
mend pin for Christmas , It brightens
homo and the husband la made happy
by receiving the bill ton days before
Christmas ,
Did She Diet
"No ; Rho lingered and suffered
alonp , pining away all the tlrno for
years , the doctors doing her no good ;
and at last was cured by this llop Bit
ters the papers say 10 much about.
Indeed ! Indeed ! how thankful wo
should bo for that medicine. "
Bow the Vandorbtlt Bull Looked to
the Now York Qrnphtc.
.Americana nro not given to envy ,
but they nro sympathetic. They do
not worship wealth , but they have
cousldorablo respect for It. They do
dote on parties , however , and there is
no Vanderbllt ball which they would
not llko to attend.
"I guess wo had bettor go , " said
Charles to Maria.
"Um , " said Maria , laying asldo her
knitting noodles. "Well , perhaps on
the wholu wo had. Wo don't want to
spoil the party by remaining away.
But I must still Insist that Mrs. Wil-
Ham is the stuckuposted thing I over
BOO. "
When thcso distinguished guests
reached the mansion of Mr ; and Mrs.
William it waa about 10:30 : o'clock.
Thu night was clear and cold. The
sky was ornamented with a delicately
ornamented moon and a few stars , the
stars extremely expensive and out with
thu utmost dexterity. An aristocratic
ulr of sombronesH prevaaod the vault
of heaven , which wan composed more
or less of moire antlq'io , with slight
suggestions of old old In the lower
end moro atmospheric portion of the
horizon. In the far north the aurora
bjrealls was Invisibly ozhlbitod , and
the Imagination ot the thousand
guests was permitted to feast upon the
songs of the angels an they will pres
ently bo hoard. The hum of the
slightly distant street oars and of the
elevated roads on either side came to
the oar In undulated muilo , and mln
gled pleasantly with the monotone of
the carriages that wont cuuaHy by ,
the same being engineered by drivers
of exceptionable dignity nnd sldc-
whiskur , and drawn by horses which
must hnvo cost $1,000 nplcco.
"Why don't they ntrolko up tin
lolghts ? " suddenly Inquired a Vonc
tlan prlnoaos In a silvery voice , at thi
same time Inadvertently swinging ho
fiklrta and thereby exhibiting fair bro
gana and undordress of the most expensive
pensive factory fancifully onnmollod
in what appeared to bo very old gold.
'That's thj use of a houeo wld no
candles in il ? "
"An' that , " Bald Mr. Patrick
O'Jr/laharty , of Canal street , who waa
attired In knoobroooheo , the continua
tions thereof being in Scotch without
Iho Blockings , nnd whp were a high
hat in thu style of ono of the English
kings iftir lua tntijfsty had lost his
huad ; "ait * Uittt'n that I WHS about to'piilf. . It's thu quaar thing , la
this. A house in the uolghtvldout a
otndle , nn' this a nolght for a ball.
: Did yi u Ivor hoar of a wako that was
dismal llko IhoU '
" Perhaps , sir , " aald Miss McPhor-
son , who officiates with the utmost
elegance In a millinery store in Eighth
avenue , and whoso bright oyea and
brilliant complexion have been the
admiration of all beholders who waa
attired In bombazlno out bias , arid
whosp'bonnot ' , slightly tipped over the ,
loft oar , was evidently made for , Eu-
ter , and.has boon generally admired >
' 'perhaps , air , H' the custom of the
"Py shimlnotty , dot vos so , " spoke :
up Mr. Israel , of Chatham street
whose gold earrings were the envy
< all beholders , and whose hands spark'
led with diamonds. "But I shposo del
Inslto vas covered mlt curlings to shul
der light end , and dor gas vas bloom'
In' poantlfnlly. But you valt and sec
'em blue von she's turned on achmart
1- Votyou dink o'dot hoj ? "
13t The carriage came and wont. Thi
men on the box sat straight and looked >
t.It , nhead as If there waa something there
It The adjoining and the opposite man
n. slons hoked brown and cold. Thi
lavender sky oontlnnod to bo econom
icul in btars. The noise of the rail
. , roads was subdued nnd respectable ,
18- "Maria " said Charles , "have
VI. , yet )
13 ! on yonr green plush with the satii
ja trimmings ? And are yonr diamond
as and rubles qntto safe ? Be caution *
my dear. When ono gets among mil
iy llonaires ono znnat bo ointiouo. Am
bt ho ir are thu bilk stockings with thel
to. diamond bracelets ? '
er " comfortable dear " sad
h. "Quito , my ,
L. Mam , but I do wish you had won
yonr hat with a plume In It and gel
gs- lace for a band. Whore Is that seven
rer cluster ring I gave you ? "
"All safe , " oald Charles , > nd yo
will likewise notlco that I have in
swallow-tail on ; or rather tbe iwalloi
with the tall omitted. Yon remombei
Ot. dear , the little arpnment I bad wit
Thompson of the Ninth precinct , an
how ho pulled until I got away.
m There was presently a crash of me
ilk sic that split the leaden sky. The cm
nt. rlages had deposited much of tbol
nt.on precious freight , but the pavlllon- i
JOS therotumior aa the ntal wart pollcenu
mo politely called It could not receive ,
in. all. It foamed outside like good boa
slal and spilled Itself over the near an
nt ; further sidewalk and the intorvonln
al- pavement. Mary Queen of Scott ,
Jo- attired lu a sowing girl's dross cf an
Joit porior fit , hobnobbed with George tl
oal Fourth , who were tight pants , carrlc
.to 1 a cane and said in elegant English h
ind wanted a glass of beur. EUzibctt
In a diminutive collar that stood uj
lot , winked to Sir Walter lUlelgh , whoi
ind cloak wan a dress coat , and who ca
md rled his hands lu his pookctn wllh
n's nonchalance delightful to behold , Tl
the sleeping princess cf fairy land , aui
ycr denly awakonad by Prluco \Vha''o-th \
an Matter of Sixth avenue , si * 1 la Urn
not tones tint what who Wv ( cl wa to \
rt. home , nnd ImmediVuly wtnt. Tl
Ing old woman who lived In a uhoo gat ,
erod her children togeUiorj and
Ing her chin tfrioo aa long ui .
nan Mrs. Jndy , wont slowly down towur
en I Third avenue , dragging her ho'ols In
meat delightful manner. BIu'o Board
and hit many wives were there , none of
the latter in n state of murder , and sev
eral blasts from a largo bugle were fol
lowed In quick order by Stonewall
Jackton and Kibln llood and their
inorry mon.
A Xilfo Saving Sorvioo.
Mr. M. K , Allison , Hutchison , Kan.i
Saved hi * Ufa by n simple Trial Bottle of
Dr. KDR'II | New Dliojvory , ( or Consump
tion , which caused him to procure n larvo
liottlo that completely cured him , when
Doctom , change of climate and everything
else had failed. Asthma , Bronchitis , Se
vere Coughs , and all Throat and Lung dis
eases. It Is KU rant cod to euro ,
Trial bottles free at 0. F. Goodman' *
dtug store , Largo size , SI.
SI.Bprl2ood&w lw
The Onlof of the Kuatlora.
Santa Fo Now Mtilcan.
John Klnuoy , leader ot all the Now
Mexico ruitlora nnd the man who hes
proven such a terror to the cattle In
terests of the territory , Is about 32
yearn o ngo , five foot , seven Inches in
height , stout , rather bloated , weighs
105 pounds , florid complexion , light
brown hair , blue eyes , full , round
facn and light inonstaoho. lie Is a
braggart , talks loud , drinks hard ,
lacks prudence , has killed two mon ,
brags of killing others , Is bold , but
lacks norvo. lie Is believed to bo nn
Irishman. Ktnnoy has boon operating
in Southern Now Mexico , Texas and
Old Moxloo for three yearn , lie waa
formerly a soldier In the Eighth Uni
ted States cavalry , lie has a ranch In
n cottonwood grove u.iuth cf ll'ncoo ,
whore ho has spent most of hie tlmo
since leaving the army , butchering
and shipping stolen cnttlo. Ktnnoy is
a sort of major general , having com
maud ever all the rustic * , s ,
WASHINGTON , D. 0. , \
May 15 , 1880. J
OKNTLKMKN Having boon n sutler-
or for a long tlmo from nervous pros
tratlon and general debility , I waa
advised to try Hop Bitters. I have
taken ouo bottle , and 1 have boon
rapidly getting bettor ever since , and
I think It the oost modlolno I ever
used. I am now gaining strength and
appetite , which was all gone , nnd I
was in despair until I tried yonr Bit
ters. I Cm now well , able to go about
and do my own work. Before taking
It. I was completely prostrated
'gar * Onr for all WBA1V.
NliHSKH , Inclndlna LcucorTtorn , Ir *
. rccular nnd I'lilnfal nien tro tlon ,
Inflammation nnil tllccrntlon of
the Womb , Floadlni , 1M O.
- ! J.AI'HUS UT1III , &o.
it ( VrTlraiuittothetiuito.efflracIoui nl ( ImmodUK
itd ith IU effect HUftgroithelpln rronnancy , nd n
net rln daring Ubor and at rrrular periods.
rorsicms rs * ij ixDrntsinins IT IHKIIT.
CTTo * AiiWlAnressni of theiffntratlM ontaol
isd Ithf r 101 , It U second to nra remedy that li- r
d tn before the publloj and for all dscM of tN
pnrri It U the artatut Rmtdy in tin Worlit ,
- r-KHlNKY COM W < AWTH of Either S
sd Find Grea Itellcf In In Uie.
IU Srmdlca& err rcstlge of lluniom fnnn , Ul
bed at tlMHuno tlmn wllftrtTO tnno and rtrrnitth
o oj tem. 5j arTeUousl result as the Cunn-ouud
, t rBoththeOomj > oiindiuid Blood mtifler are pn
ol r d at 133 and 35 WMttrn Arenuo , I rnn , Ma >
rice of either , $1. Six bottles for $5. The Comp < !
c3t sent by mall In the fonn of pills , or of lotcngei
3t jcelpt of prioo , $1 per box for f Ithrr. Mrs. rink
It ely answer * all letter * of Inquiry. Enclose Sq
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HotnCBOViatblo OtiomlaM ,
& uiKiu > fly London ,
Farms ,
15th&Douglas St.
. ID Full ot anil new houio , t3Vroom > , two
RNo. and ono up-main. Right ( oat celling below
ami raven alKiro. Ilclck foundation , cellar , etc.
A bargain , gCOO.
No. 18 LarKo two story house , 10 rooms , two
lartfo collars , irnoj well and cistern , bain , etc. , on
Wibstor and ! Ud struct , $0,000.
No 17 Lot 60xlR5 ( cot , now house Of two
rooms brick ( emulation 100 barrel cistern .on
Hamilton street near 1'oor UlaroConvcnt ) ' 0.
No. IB House and lot on 17th near CVi k St.
IIOUBO 0 roometc. . $1200 ,
No. IB House of 3 rooms nil to on Plorco SL
near 10th $1000
No. 21--Nowhousoof 7 ro corner lot ,
half mtlo wiet of Turntable troet can on
Bat. tiers Bt. 81000.
No. f > House of eight earn etc. lot
Vacant Lots.
Mo. 253 Two lull loti on 10th Street near Ltkej
Bt. I1COO.
No. Sil Twenty flve lota In Parkers addition
Just north of the end of red street car Una 1400
each easy terms. ,
No.SiO Four lotion Delaware St. nearHan * .
com | < ark , 1650 ,
No. 831 One half lot on South avenue , neat
Bt. Mary's avenue , 650.
No. WO Elifhteon (18) ( ) lot * on Slst , 22nd , 23rd
andSaundersstreet , near Oiacc , 1500 each , and
on cosy terms.
l NO. 340 Six beautiful residence lota on Oalhtf
Ine street , near Ilanscom park , $4,600.
Twelve beautiful residence Iota on Hamilton
itreet , near end of old streetcar track } high and'
J lrhtly , S60to700. . _
Sevttal acre and hall acre corn oil on Cum-
log , Hurt and California street * Lowe's i o-
end addition and Park PlaceAcademy ot
Sacred Ilcart.
II Lots in "Prospect Place * on Hamilton and
Charles street , Juit west ol tbe end ot Bed Street
Cartiack and Convent ol the Bisters ol Poor
' Clare , ono and one half mil * from poetofflce , and
' ono mlle from U. P. shops , flSO to 1500 each ,
only B per cent down and B per cent per month.
Lots la Lowe's addition one-half mile wstt ol
endot Red Street Car track near Convent of
Poor Clare Sisters tn Shlnn's addition , 1125 to
(300 each , and on very easy terms.
Lots In Ilorbach'i 1st and Snd addition * ,
Bblnn's , Park Place , Lowe's 2nd addition. Btnuri
Lake's , Nelson's , Ilanscom Place , Bsdlck'i ad
dition etc. , ere.
Loti In "Credit Fonder addition" lust on -
quarter mile south-fast of Union Pacific and B.
and U. B. B. depot * , 1260 to 11,600ech , very ewy
term * .
n Business Lots.
Three good business lot * on DodgeTnear12th | |
Street , 2-2x120 lent each , 11,500 each , or § 4,800 for
all , easy terms.
Two good business lots on Farnara struct , 33x
66 feet each , with frame building * theronrouting
( or about (600 per year each ; price f-i.260 each.
44x132 feet on Varnam near 10thstreet , corner
Hplendld Warehouse lot on Union Pacific right
ot way , north of track and east of Nail Works-
being 132 feet north 1-onUae on Maaon street ,
by about 100 fed neat frontace on 18th st.
Farms a'd wild land * In Douglas. Sarpy ,
Dodge , Washington , Hurt , Warne , Btanton , and
other good counties In eastern Nebn&kafoi sale.
10 Taxe * paid , rent * collected , ani money loaned
10m ou Improved city and country > proi.ertj at klow
m rate * ol Interest.
EACH. $6.OO '
tai , Estate
Wl ) > Agency ,
115th and Douglas