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The Daily Bee.
Saturday Morning , April 7.
'Wonthor Report
( ths. following observations wore take
at the same moment of time ftt the statioi
mentioned. )
The Union Paclfio has reduced tbi
tariff on emigrant mcvenblos and tocV
from Mlisourl river points to the principal
points In Utah , Idaho acd Moitars. frotr
25 to CO per cent ,
Mrr , Litonosky , n reliable clnirwrant
has taken parlors tt 322 North Thliteentti
street , near Chicago , Omaha. Telln patt
preieot and future. Advice In business or
arally troubles ,
Sheriff Miller took the prisoners con
victed at the present term of court down
to Lincoln yesterday ,
This evening Mr. Barrett will
produce his new and powerful tragedy ,
"JPrancesca Da Illmlne , "
The Nebraska City and Lincoln folks
make an excnrilon to Omaha next Tues
Sixty army recruits passed through
Omaha Thursday for various points en the
Pacific coast. They were In charge of
Lieutenant Hardy ,
Masonic hall was filled Thursday
by the guests of Engine Company No ; 1 ,
the occasion being their annual ball , Ir-
' vine' * fall orchestra furnished the music
ad the affair passed off most pleasantly.
There will b a meeting of the board
r of managers of the Douglas County ) Atfrl-
cultural society on Monday , April 8th , at
Jp. m , , at the sheriff's office in the old
court house building ,
A threatening Cro started about G
o'clock Thursday in tha storehouse on
the premises of E. A. Mills , Twonty-Qfth
and Douglas , and charred a part of the
inside , but was dluaovarjil Iu tlmo to be
About eight I undred unclaimed pack
ages remaining in the olllca of the Ameri
can and Wulls Fargo express companies In
this city will bo fold under direction of
Mr. U , H , Browning , agent , on May 8th.
It Is tha largoit uesortment uvor loft over ,
and the auction will bo , as usual , very in
Mr. EJ. Maurer , the genial proprietor
of the popular Farnam street place , cornea
to the front again , The Bis about a year
ago chronicled his marriage and now it Is
to be recorded that he is father of a fine
girl , which put m on appearance at. his
home Thursday , Ed. always was lucky in
whatever be undertook and among the sub-
sttntlal tokens ot his prosperity this Is not
tha least ,
In tbo district court Thursday , before
Judge Neville , the case of Perry Shotwell.
who killed Eborllng on Thanksgiving
night , was brought np on a motion for a
MIT trial , A motion was made by Cole ael
Brnythe , counsel for tha prisoner , for a
new trial , but this was overruled , The
court then proceeded to pats sentence upon
Bhotwell for manslaughter , and consigned
him to seven years in the state peniten
J. H. Villard. president of the North.
em Paolfio railway and of the [ Oregon
Hallway and Navigation company , armed
in the city Thnriday with a patty of
friends Irom the eait la his private car ,
and started on to San Francisco ] by a
special train. The train left this city at
11:30 a. m. , and wss expected to reach
Ogden at 6 p , m. yesterday , running at
abont ferty-three miles an hour.
Tbo Lateac Dlvoroo Suit In tno Die-
trlct Court.
A petition was yesterday filed in the
flho of the clerk of the dhtrlot oonrt
by the wlfo of Judge Weiss , a
well known oltlzon and moghtrato of
this city , General Gowiu appi'aHug as
the plalntliTs attorney.
The charges ogalnst the defendant
are qnl'o numerous and serious , and
the suit exoltos no little comment
among thote acquainted with the par *
A -rogstoro in western Iowa , popu
lation abont 3.GOD , stock from 86 000
to 168,000 , sales f 18,009 per annum ,
only two drng stores In the town , a
largo country trade. Inquire of Frank
ll'gers , Millard Hotel drug store.
Hqnford'a Aoid Phosphate
I * a preparation of the phosphateo of
llmo , nngneslo , potash nnd Iron in
such foim as to bo readily assimilated
by the system. Descriptive phamplet
sent free. Rumford Chemical Works ,
Providence. R. I.
. . , OP PUNCH KS Ii
"Hub Punch ' compos * ! f old , fine j(1. |
non aud luicious fruIU It can be uted
clear or with water , lemonade , etc , , and far
tnrpaeees any punch brewed at altera
the largest assortment of Rtnges
"Sd . ° 0 < lk .Stovc Barb F < 5CC ° Wire ,
u of which yon can buy chespar than
! ? 7.P'oe ' ta town ftt ° 16 and 617 H.
> treet- .
- _
_ p.
wfc B Uby bas pains al dt d ol nUhl.
.HMfcf U a Irlghl , fattier In a pught ;
fssi t m do MU , Uby mu t err ,
TlMf MU fa , baby BUH el * .
An Important Demand on Property
orty Ownais ,
Only a Day More in Wnloh t <
Deeignato tbo Material ,
Owners cfpropertyin thopavlngdls
tricts , for which contracts have boot
ordered this spring , will have to tak
very active steps at once to maki
known tholr wishes as to what kind o
pavement they want.
Under the law thirty days are glvot
the property owners on any street t <
bo paved to designate the kind of material
torial with which the streets on whicl
tholr property abuts la to bo paved
The ordinance ordering the paving o
1 Dodfio streets , waa paiacd on the slxtl
of March and approved on the 8th
Thu thirty days given to property
owners will expire Sunday , which
moans toally to-night , bj
which tlmo they must file their poti
tlons with the city clerk.
Should they fall to do this , they
will have no voice in the matter aud
the council will act for them , choos
ing whatever paving material thej
may think best ,
Of course the council may bo fully
competent but , In the first
place they would bo bored
to death by log-rolling contractors ,
and In the next place , most people
who have a paving tax to pay would
naturally prefer to have thoirohoico of
paving material. It is all important ,
therefore , If the property owners de
sire to do anything , for them to move
at once got tholr petitions up and
file them. If they do not those who
want stone may find a wooden pave
ment , and those who want asphalt
may got A stone or micadam pave
Since the above has boon written
wo learn that the parties who control
the asphalt pavement have boon on a
itil hunt among the property owners ,
jotting petitions to have these streets
paved with asphalt. According to our
Informant , the petition requires the
council to let the contract In accord-
inco with the specifications and meth
od of A. L. Barber & Oo. Since this
5rm controls the enliro Importation
if Trinidad Asphalt and no limit Is
fixed In the petition as to price of
paving , this firm wonld sot the con
tract at tholr own prlco and on their
3 < rn terms. This may bo something
that the property owners who signed
thnt petition may not have thought of
ind It may bo well for them tc look
ate it at once and If misled they can
avoko tholr signatures by a counter
fho Lincoln Folks Como Up to Con
fer With the Missouri Paci
fic Manager.
In' our Hat of personals will bo
'onnd the names of J. J , Imhoff
md party , of Lincoln , who
tame np from the capital
yesterday to confer with General
Manager Talmage and others of the
Missouri Paolfio offiolaln , who were
at the Paxton , In regard to the
oonneotion of their city with the Mis
souri by a branch UUP.
Whether the line waa to bo built up
From the south or down from Papil-
lion was not learned , and the confer-
Bnoe was not concluded at the latest
If your watch falls to keep correct
tlraa leave hat EDHOLU &ER10K-
30N'8 Jewelry store to be repaired.
Mrs. Montmorenoy'a Funera * .
Fanural services over the remains of
the late Mrs. Alfreda Montmoronoy
rrere hold at the residence on Park
wenuo Thursday afternoon at 1:30 In
iho presence of a largo concourse of
friends of the family The boantiful
bnrUl soiv'oo ' of the Episcopal church
iras read. After the rendition ofaev
sral touching selections by a quartette
) f male volcoa from tbe B. &bf. headquarters -
quarters , the remains were convoyed
o the depot and taken to Burlington ,
irhero the final services took place
The grlef-strlakon husband and sons
iVero accompanied by several friends
'rom ' the B & M. heac1 quarters.
Hade from the wild flmrm of the
t is the most fragrant. i > f porfumo.
Manufactured by 1. U SUvon , San
Francisco. Fomlo In Ooitha by W.
) ' . Whllehuuso and Kuunard Bros.
Real Eutato Transfers.
The following cuods wcro filed for
-joord In the county clerk's oflioo
\prll 5 , roportoi for TUB BEE by
& .mea' real estate agency.
W. F. Inning to A. A. Cooley , q.
> . d. , n o } of s w I and lots 3 and 4
lection 7 , ID , 10 ; 8032.97.
A. E , Tonzalln to A. U. Turnoll , q.
\ d. , lots 33 and 34 and 120foot south
: ido lot 25 , To trace addition ; ? 513
M. W. Ensign and wlfo to U M.
rurnoll , > r. d. , lot 8 , block 3 , Etins-
: om Place ; $000.
0. 0. Houfol and wlfo to R. Allen ,
1. o. d , , lot 2 , block 221 ; $000.
J. A. Oroighton , ot al , oxooutota ,
to D. T. Mount , o half of section 25 ,
10 , 12 ; $9.005.
D. T. Mount nnd wlfo to J. D.
Orslc-hton , W. D. o half section 25.
10 , 12 ; $9,305.
G. P. Bomlaand wife to G. Oaktor ,
W. D , lots 7 and 8 , blook "F , "
Lowes 1st addition ; $225
G. Oaldor to , T. L. Lowls , W. D. ,
lota 7.and 8 , blook "F"Lowes' 1st ad-
dttlon ; $250.
O. Petoraou to A. and L. Unroll ,
vr. d . parent in w A lot 4 , Reagan's
addition ; S325.
Merchants National bank to P. L
Simmons , w. d. , part lot 4 , block 91 ;
Geo. P. Btmls and wlfo to E. Kayaer
w. d. . lot and blook In Lowe's first
addition , $100.
Ludwlrf Kappenbah to Mary Da-
ea. w. i. lot 14 , block 4 , Kouatto'a
M0r4 addlUaB , | 17G.
GfM * 0. L 4bofOBgk and huUnd
to Sarah Walker , w. d. , ) ot 1 , 2 am
3 , blook 8 , lltubcom Plum , f J 800
Law W , Hill to Ilnbt. D. Duucan
w. d. , lot 2 , bhck 2 , B gg4 A ; Hill's
sooonrf addition , $1,100.
Andrew Tr ynor and wlfo to Alrl"
Swobo , w. d. , p rt of lot 5 , block 7
Krdlck'a snb-divlsloti , $1,100.
Geo.V. . Corliss untt wife to Reboa
co M , Bftllotor , w , d , , lota G at.d 7
block 20 , Waterloo. $176.
Rsbecct M , Baliotcr and hnabani
to Thos. J. Donahoo , w. d. , lots flam
7 , block 2 ; , Waterloo , $300.
Oharlos B. King and wife to Th
Pobllo for a iitreot , * . o d. parcel In se ,
of section 17,15 , 13 , $100.
Henry 0 Jones and wlfo to Goer
Ginsdalo , w. d. , nel of sec 18 , 15 , 11
Alfred MoKonstry to Robt. E. Onp
son , w. d. , all of lot 4 , blocn 254 ly
Im ; north of north line of sec 27 , $2.-
A Slick Individual Caught a
the "Film FJamt' ' Eackefc. *
The Police Report for March
A man named Garroty , portly,2wel
dressed and intelligent , was arrestcc
on Sixteenth street Thursday foi
practicing the old change racket knowr.
as "film flam. " His game wan to gc
to a store nad ask for a ten cent plug
of tobacco , handing out a $2 bill and
receiving $1.90 In change In return ,
Then ho would ask if they wonld give
kirn a dollar bill for some of the
change , as ho did not wish to carry so
much abont in his pocket. The dollar
bill was obligingly handad over , thu
giving him $2,90. Ho now busily on-
jaged them in talking , aud suddenly
aking a dime from his pocket ho
would soy , "WM1 , 1 guess I'll just
> ay this for it and give yon back your
: hange ; , " paislng back the $1 90 and
laving left a dollar and his plug of to-
IBCCO. Hn played this on three or
our different parties before
he swindle waa detected , but
was finally nailed and yesterday he
was fined $10 and ooatn and sentenced
o 20 days on bread and water. This
wilt glvo him 36 days In the county
M In all. Garroty cUIras to be a
allroad engineer and to have been In
Oillfornia for the past two and a half
Three women were fined $5 and
oats each for prostitution , which they
One case of disturbance of the
toace was continued.
Din Oallahan and Pat Kearney ,
> oth old < { Tandem wore sent
ip * for ten days each at
laid labor , for drunkenness. Work
n the court house is to bo returned
nd hereafter hard hbor will be added
o the sentence -instead of broad and
The report of poliro bustnoim in
larch , which ahtmn a pretty nctlvo
month's work for "tho force" and
ndge Bonoko , is furnished by Mr.
oromo Pentzei , clerk of the court , as
nuisance . 2
ntoxicstlon . 69
btalnlng goons under false pretenses. 2
Msturbauoe of the peace . , . 34
Intelty toanlmala . 1
Q rrvlng concealed weapons . 4
Assault and battery . 7
tecelving stolen property . 1
Itabblog with Intent to wound . 1
Asi&ult with Inteat to malm . 1
laspeclous chsr cters . 63
) efrandlnj ' , hotel keepers . 2
'restitution . 28
} mbllDg . 4
jaylnf ? sewer pipe without license . 1
Icting as runner without llcens * . 1
Mscharglng firearms . 2
lobbery . 3
Aroeny. . " 0
Total . . . . . . . . . 241
A KelUUouti Contestant.
The Interest of the gospel meetings
ontinnea at the Baptist church under
ho snperintondance of the evangelist
tan Hogan , and U seems true also cf
Omaha that it Is to bo numbered
mong the cities of religions revival
ame. List night the testimony of
no man was very similar to that of
lie ox-pugllUt. He had boon an
otor and a lover of the chalice of
loasure , and after looelne his money
y gambling , in Danver , he went to
ho saloon-keeper with whom he had
ecomo acquainted on account of pat-
onlzlng'bis bur , and told him his sad
onditlon , but the "member of the
ar" laughingly said , There uro mauy
ow In the same box as you are. " |
Aud when Omaha had been reached
nd the gospel meeting at the Btptist
huroh attended , he found thu bible
was not a myth , or Christianity u
His family then oamo to the city ,
nd although they had no resHou to
oar him In the past , ho aiked his wlfo
or the blblo and had family worship ,
nd promised ( he person to whom ho
hould have been more devoted , that
n the future by the help of the ono
who made the world and who upholds
t by his infinite power , that he will
icncoforth bo a fathfnl father and a
ovlng husband.
There were several who confessed
hat they found the potrl of great
irloo the Saviour nnd it cauies use
o ask the question , Is this a reaction
f IngoreoUiimt
Thcro will bo a meeting in the study
f the Baptist church at 8 o'clock this
vonlng for those who have been con-
ortod during the past r/sck and on
Sjtbbath evening there will bi a nniou
mooting in tkn audlonco room of the
hurch ; at which a Inrgo choir la rx
icctod to bo prespnt.
Card of Thanks.
Mis. Henry Siort dcnlroa to return
icr thanks for the token of respect
liown her late hutbind , Hemy Siort ,
> y the committee and members of
? lanot Lodge No , 4 , K. of P. , and
others , In the publication of the reeo-
ntions of condolence , and aho to all
who showed their sympathy by various
act * of kindness during her rrcent bo
reavemont. MBS. HENHY SIERT.
If yon an not married , write tbe Mar.
riga Fanl and Mutual Trust Assocl * .
IOB , Oedtr Rapids , Iowa , foe circulars
explaining the pltn. fS-Sm.
A tree tonic medicine , a blowing In
every household , U Brown's Iron Bit
Sadden Demise of an Oman ;
Special Polioaman ,
A Sad Case Beported fron
; South Omaha.
Thos. L , Illll , who reside * on Slxtl
and Msrcy streets , wag for aomo tlmi
past a special policeman appointed b )
the mayor to do duty on South Tent !
atreot. Mr. Dill had a family con
listing of a wlfo and tire children , ADC
they have Buffered a Rood deal tor tw (
years back from illness , and recent ) ]
Mr. Hill himself was taken with eon
throat , bat wonld not giro np to It ,
and remained on duly as uanal.
Abont , 6:30 : ycatatday after IK
had gone homo from his night watch ,
ho was sitting with his foot in a bnckei
ol hoi water , when ho was sudden ) )
taken with a choking spell nnd died
almost instantly and before medical
aid conld bo summoned. The doctor ,
who came afterward , thought the de <
osascd hud had a boil In his neck and
that its bursting had choked him tc
Hill was about 31 years of nge , and
leaves his family in very destitute cir
cumstances. A nnmbor of kind
friends were busy yesterday cir
culating a papar and obtaining sub
scriptions for the relief of the wife and
children , In which they were fortun
ately quite successful. The funeral
vrill probably tako. place to-day
The Doctor' * Endorsement-
Dr. W. D. Wright , Cinclmutl , 0. ,
Bonds the subjoined professional endorie-
ment : "I have prescribed DR. WM.
n a great nwnb&i of cases and always
with success. Quo case in particular was
[ ivon up by several physicians who had
> een called in for consultation with my
self. The patient had all the symptoms
of confirmed consumption cold night
weats , hectio favor , harassing cough , etc.
le commenced immediately to get better
md WAS soon restored to his uiual health ,
I also found DR. WM. HALL'S BAL.
8AII FOR THE LUNGS the most valu-
, ble expectorant for breaking up distress *
OR coughs and colds that I haye ever
uted" 31-dweodlw
U. O. L. A.
The Union Catholic Library associ
ation held a very interesting enter-
lalnment Thursday evening. ' The
rooms were crowded , which proves
hat the entortainmants of this popu-
ar society are highly appreciated , and
hat a larger hall is necessary for the
numbers that attend.
That evening the proformancoopen- ]
od with a piano solo by Mies Lou Ar
nold , which was beautifully preformed.
A reading by Mrs. M. J. E gen showed
sarefnlly ulccatlonary training in that
ady. An essay on O'Connell by John
lush was loudly applauded. Reading
by Miss Sherll kept the audience's
closest attention and was highly
( leasing. Mlaa Fannlo Arnold's sweet
Inglng earned for her an oncore.
Miss Mary McNamnra sang "Whnn
, he Tide Uomes Flowing In" in such
a creditable manner that she com-
ilotoly captivated the audience Mr.
1. Blair closed the programme with a
Great credit la dno Miss Maggie
McCarthy and Miss Lizzie M. Cart-
ney for the success of the entertain *
Did She Die ?
"No ; she lingered and suffered
ilon ? , pining away all the time for
years , the doctors doing her no good ;
, nd at last waa cured by this Hop Bit *
era the papers s y so much abont.
indeed 1 Indeed ! how thankful we
should be for that medicine. "
It. J , Johnson , Lincoln ; Mrs. K. A.
Colllni , Fremont ; W. D. Matthewp ,
VNelll ; Mrs. Sheldon , Grand Island ;
Mrs. J. 0. Fool , Columbus ; A. 8. Baldwin -
win , Dawson Co , and . C. Bartlett ,
lumphreys , were among the Nebraska
iruests at the Billiard yesterday.
A. B. Smith , Lincoln ; W. M. Leonard ,
itncoln ; E. H , Warren and John Hamlin ,
Nebraska City ; T. 0. Matteson , Sntto ,
nd W. W. Me Henry , of Tekasaab , are at
be I'axton.
Miss L A. Piper , of Fairmonnt , siiter
f Mr. J. B. Piper , book-keeper of the
Millard , and Mm. F. M. Hall , of Lin.
oln , are meat * of the Millard.
J. W. Eggleston and Hen. P. Wlckes ,
f Chicago , are at the Metropolitan ,
8. H. H. ChvrVr , of the Union Pacific ,
aturned from California yesterday.
James Harrison and J. Donily , of De ]
ance , are at the Millard.
8. L. Ellis , of Fort Dodge , la. , is a
nest at the Metropolitan.
W. L. Cook and wife , of Chicago , are
registered at the Paxton.
0. B. Wilson , of Denver , was a gnest of
18 Millard yesterday.
8 , Newhoff , of St. Luls , Is registered
t the Metropolitan.
E. M. Baths , of York , was at the Met
ropolitan yesterday.
Geo. L. Draper , ot Burlington , Vt. , Is
t the Millard.
Go. W. Bedgwlck , of Kaunas City , Is at
ho Millard.
J. N. Cornitb , of Hamburg , la. , Is at
he Paxton.
Oscar Andrccn , of St. Louie , is at the
Morris Mayer , of Norfolk , is at the
John Martin , of Sioux City , Is at the
M Cohen , of Chic IRQ , Is at the Metro ,
L. M. Jono.i , of Crete , Is at the Metro ,
H. 0. Hathaway , of Chicago , is at the
It. B. Conger , ot Rawllns , Is at the Pax.
Ora Haley , of Wyoming , Is at the Pax.
ton ,
A. A. Talmagvs , General Transportation
Manager of the Gould Southwestern sy
tern ; J , 8. Talmage ; M j. K. L. Wentz
retldaat earfiiow .Missouri Pacific ; 0. L
Dunham , Superintendent Nebraska Dlrl.
lon Missouri Pacific ; F. Tufts , tuprtia ,
teendent of bridged and buildings , and ( . ,
H. T.iltn Kf , civil imclnccr , of the sam <
line , weru ( ; ufft ut , MiI'jxton yesterday ,
J. J , Imbotl , A. Humphrey , J , L , Me
Connell end 0 M. Leigbtoo , of Lincoln ,
are at the Paxton.
Gee , L. Shonp , Mrs. J. Shoup and child
and Mrs. McCaleb and two children , ol
Idaho , are at the Paxton ,
Edward Limhofer , of Hchuyler , Is at thi
G , 0. Brmim , of Columbnt , is at the
8. W. Powers , of Kearney , is In town ,
0. W. White , of Cheyenne , Is at th <
Paxton ,
Mrs. J. M. Evani , of Kvanstoa , Wyo. ,
Is a guest of the Paxton.
They fiing the Ohimes for Twc
Happy Cellos ,
The Latest Newa in the Mat
rimoniol World.
A very pleasant wedding was that
celobratcd by Rov. Father ShnefTel a
the chnrch of the Holy Family yes
terday morning.
The happy couple were Mr. E. J.
O'Haren , for the past throe years with
Mr. Wm. Gentleman , the Sixteenth
street grocer , and Miss Nellie Doan , a
Deautiful and accomplished yonng lady
of North Omaha.
Miss Marie Dean , the brldo'a sister ,
aatod as her attendant , while Mr'John
0. Roltomeycr performed a similar
service for the groom.
After the cervices at the church the
party repaired to tholr cosy residence
on Eighteenth street , near Clark ,
whtrj a reception was held , which was
argely attended , and was maiked by
all the delightful features Incident to
such occasions. The presents were
very numerous and were costly , usefcl
and ornamental. Mr. Guntleman
was especially liberal .in his
offerings to the young conplo , and this
waa probably not less owing to his fa-
ror for the groom and his winsome
Slide than to the fact that it hisn't
> een so very long since Billy was there
ilmself , and ho therefore knows what
< ught to bo done on snch occasions.
THE BEE jilns the host of friends in
offering Its congratulations to Mr. and
Mrs. O'Haren.
Invitations are out for the marriage
of Mr. Ohas McDjuald and Mies NHII
Xynn , nelco of Mr. and Mrs James
? . Farrel , on Tuesday evening , April
LOth , at 8 o'clock at St. Patrick's
Cathedral , Fifth avenue , New Yoik
A Iiifo Saving Sorvloo
Mr. M. E. Alllatm , Hutchison , Kin. :
Saved bli HfH by a simple Trial Bott'e ' of
3r. King's Now Discvery , for Oonsump-
ion , which caused him to procure , a laree
lottlo that completely cured him , when
Doctors , change of climate and everything
etsa had failed. Asthma , Bronchitis , Se
vere Coughs , and all Throat and Lung dis
eases , U is guiranteed to cure.
Trial bottles free at O. F. Goodman's
drug store. Large size , 31.
31.aprl 2-eod&w Iw
* Whea People exchange Molal
greetings , oouvivialty is oromoted by a
glass of "Hub Punch. " This admirably
prepared punch , Impromptu , is delightful
either with water or lemonade. Replenish
your sideboard with it.
.jar-Millions of packages of the Diamond
mend dyes have been sold without a
single complaint. Everywhere they
are the favorite Dyes.
A FiendUh Attempt-
Special Dispatch to TUB Bss.
ST. Locis , April 5 An attempt
waa made to wreck a train on the Mis
souri Pacific railroad , sixteen miles
north of Daiton , Texas , yesterday
morning , bat no harm was done. It
A thought it wan not the design to
wreck the passenger train * but to stop
a train en ronte to Mexico having on
board $100,000 to pay the construction
hands on the Mexican Central road.
A negro waa discovered near the ob
struction nnd jailod. This is tbo second
end time the track has been obstructed
at the same placo.
A P/iz Fight.
Special Dispatch to TUB Him
NEW YOHK , April ( i A prlza fight
ocurred on Long Island at day break
; hla mornir g , between Harry Wetson ,
commonly known on th * "Black Diamond
mend , " and James M Ltnghlin. Sev
en rounds were fought in seventeen
mlnntos , when the "Diamond" was
declared the wlnnor. Wotson hails
irom ( J.Dotnrm'i
Burned to Deatb.
Special Dispatch to Tin Bin
ALBANY , April 6. John A. Wilson ,
wile and two daughters were buruuo
, o death ir. their house , three miles
Tom Hnrtwlok , Otsego county , this
Loss of Apnotlto , Bowels costive ,
Fain In the Head , with n dull sen
sation In the back part , Fain under
the Shouldar blade , fullness after
cutintrwith a disinclination to ex
ertion of body or mind , Irritability
of temper , Low spirits , with a feel-
Intr of flavins : neglected name duty ,
Wearineos , Dizzinosa , Kluttcrin at
the heart , Dots before the eyes , Yel
low Skin , Headache [ renoraily over
the ripht eye. Itostlessnoss , with flt-
fal droamii , highly oolored Urine ,
C ° NSTI1 > A'rlOH-
T'M I'IX < Z < 8 ro especlallr
natitcil ta surli dose ef
fect * ucli a , clinwae of fcclluu ( to
tuiiUU tlie uffurer.
They Iitcrc e the Appetite , and caaia
the body to Take oa I'lMli.tlus theeyi.
torn la i ourl hfa , miii t > t their Tonlo
Action on the l
Ooir HATB OK Vfmtffta ecunga to a OLOSST
Iluicrby lnKlpanpllLtIonof ttiUDtt. It
lmparts natural color. Ac u Init antanpon-
ly. BoU byDru atcor cn bjrupruM a
rcoelptof. . . ! . ! .
f ICE. SB MVltKAY BT. . K. T.
j Admiration
. . .
Public Boncfaotross. MS , -
A. ALLKN ban justly earned lhn title ,
and thnuvind * are thU day rejolcmc
ever a fine bead of hair produced by
htr tmeqiial J | ir paration for restor
ing , inviBonting , nnil beautif ) inu the
Hair Her World's Hair Restorer
quickly cleansct the scalp , removing
ItatuimfT and arrests the ( Ml the
luir , if Kr y'n clianRctl to in natural
cr.lor , inine it the B.imeitiHty and
luxtmom qmntily a * in jouth.
hair is now restored to its
youthful color ; I have not
a 'jr.iy hair left. I am sat
isfied that the preparation
is not a dye , but acts on
the .secretions. My hair
ceases to fall , which is cer
tainly an advantage to me ,
who was in danger of be
coming bald. " This is
the testimony of all who
use Mrs. S. A. ALLEN'S
"Ono Bottle < Hil tt. " That is the
expression of ninny who have had
tlicir gray Incr restored toils natural
color , and tlicir bild pot covered
with 'nir ' , after usme one bottle of
KKSTUVEK. It is not a dye.
" \TrANTFD A girl to dj fren ral housework ,
VV Must be a good cook , wither atd Ironer ,
References required. Apply cj. K c r. Oilifor
nlaand L'O'h etrnt. 19J-68
i ED A fuinls ed houteurtwj nke' ' >
WA fur 1 bed rooms In good locatlo , S'ate
pries. Ado reea Y B. office. 8J1-7J
A BlrFto wash st ver at ratal tlm.
WANTKt bond at ( the St. Chines flote1
Ilaimy St. s 3 8
W A good gir for general houre.
uorknortbne t corner tf 2rd & Hurt St.
WANTED-GU1 In f mt y of two , 1223 north
19th street. 8l6-9f
- ' t haroomhop 1413 Far
WANTEO-I'ortef lltliand 15th Sin.
A Good Lurseglrl wanted Imm dla'.elv Reel
J wanes given , at Nor'hwist ' c r. Ilamlltor
atd I'.er strait , Salnn'd aldltlon , 778 6 }
W ANTED 1 dining room klrl , 1 chambei
mild Apply at f Jant > r's Ilouae , cornel
ISih. 802-1CJ
WAN I ED Good Laundry girl at Omahi
Houo. 811-7S
_ _
yk aiNNFKWANTED-Theundcr I
r * ai.oodman tuiuaa tin chop. Orod uage :
nnd siouy work tbo tear atouuil. Address
781-71 _ Ssward , hob.
'ANTED Dining ro'-m girl at CielKhtoc
W ilonso. 788 0
WANTED 0 lit ( or general housework. Dine
orSwolo preferred 8. E. cjr. 16th Ciil
[ ornli street : 783-01
YXrANTED A dlntn ? room lrl at Ktlneke't
VV Restaurant e038. 13lhSt 7906 !
Girl for hcusa work li small ( am-
WANTED at No. 1 Crelghton block ID
morning. 769 9
TTTANTEU A neit girl ( or RCDfril houseworl
VV Mu't bo ko-d cook , waster aril Ironer
Ur > . It. I'utvlj , 23d ' d St Mtry'i avenue.
WANTED A hitol cook , womai rrtferrert
Apply or Kldresi Central City Ho'el Cen <
tral rit Nebra-ka ,
A girl to wa't on th > table , a-d
sew , at tbe CccIdonUl Hotel , 6)0 tf
WAMKD Situation hy flistclat cook , In
private faml y or boa-ding house. Apob
ISlSJackroa street. 73365
-To ao dress maklaf In prlvuti
WANTED . Address Dress Maker ,
B office , Council Bluffs , Iowa , AB-4t
ANTED Within two blocks of Horse cai
line , two or tnree rooms , suitable for light
housekeeping. Address K , Bee office. 8'06J
- pilvy vaults , sinks , and ces' .
WANTED-600 with sinitary cleanrr S > t
isfuctlon guaranty d. J. M. HUITH ,
771-lmot Lock Box 422 , Omaia.
TTTANTED-Efonbjdy sutTcrlni wl'h tooth
YV "id hiadocbe , ti call at 1421 Farnam ttreel
aud bo cund fieecf ciaige by Homo's E ectrlo
Uelt. 613-liu
I7OR HEST IIou u of Or joins , r aril and i oft
JP water , goo ! c il r In ) wncliw. ill Iu rood
renlr. Reaton b o rent. 12 > 3 north 19t i at.
817-12 !
T710IIUKNT On cr t o ro mi In brst floor
JTJ furnlihed or unlurnieha . Aptly at 2412
barney St. 818 12
fTIOR RENT Furnlabtd rcom tulUbli for MIu
JD 1718 California St. 8U7 *
RENT Furnlihsd rronueultable forreu-
FOR , at 1019 Farnam Street .CO fit
TJV5R RENT Sfra-r om and futures complete
Jj fine opening for dry goods or clothing home ,
010 N. 16th St. Iiqu'ri ' nixtdo r. r T. An
drew sbcot acd ihoe houe b2'-I
BEftT Thiee nicely furnlihed looms.
EOR o : without board , at 1318 Jackson St.
7M1 | _ _ _
FOR RENT Front room en louth 18th 8t ,
near Lta > enwartn E30-05
HBST Housj and ttabls nn Chicago ,
FOR , llth tnd 15tb. Apply ta John Swift.
cor. 15h ! s nit. 782 Ct
J710K IttNT Mco furutthwl room H. H coner
litb and CMS. j c 9 }
1. Da.inport street. 32 ro ms.piili to U.
\V.Giay , 211 twelfth atrect. 7Bl 101
itrcet , JuBi above 19th , south side , 1911.
787-t > 1 *
E10KRENT Ahouioof crojma with all con-
\eclerces , rn ttreetcu Hue. Inquire 1140
nor Ji 18th struct , b t Nlcholisand Paul. 701-98
RENT A new 5 room cctttgo on Dou.Us
FOR . 1'EO. , oppoetta 1 * . U. 7VO-7
Jj coav.Dlencca , 1B10 Bodjet'ro t.
nicely futnlahed front pulor a d bed room
A tigentlaxtn and \ fa w In no c llJ
ked li" rd wlthla a block 1713Chk jo St.
RENT Newcottajis , 10th and Hickory
FOR Apply J. 1' . Ro * 1512 touth 6th.
TtO LET A nice furnished room with piano ,
JL alio other rooms 1015 l > edge St. C5l-0t
RENT A itoro SOxM In Bolcombe blo-Jt
FOR 1 6th street.
RENT ro rooms acd kitchen , 3 cloiets
FOR llir , at comer 13th and CililornU street.
Inquire at 60S N. 13th ttretU 733 71
n\OR \ HUNT f utnl he < l room with" bay win.
dowandbowJ. Htde/nlmprorcmenti , 1T18
RKOT Furnl h d room 1811V * "t rai
FOR twern 10th at d 17th n. 700 PI
HUNT HouMsand lots at philterand
Foil ' . Rent tureau , oppislto l'itifllei.
703 * tf
I.lOIinENT Furn'dhed and tmfarn s'Hd rnnni ,
I1 inidirn c Lvetiicntef. gicd loiatlon , 1H8
t. 7-7-ti1
MAO [ jHT One room wlthbotrd , UUSCo I fort U
J ttKct. tU7 Im
rOK RENT Mir m > rght pltto , fine Klui-
JU ballurgtn , 1M Do lge Mreet.
641I A. HOSPK , Jr.
I'KNT ' Two double itores , sult.ble lo.
FOR ; bouse , grocery , butcher , cr saloon ,
sltua'ixl to as to command a good farmer trade.
Inquire of Mr * . F. Lange , 8. W , Cor. 13th and
Jack'on Sis , SCO-lmt
TTJ01SlECott io and corner lot In fine lca-
P tlon J2C50 Hsritaln n ust be sn.d "efnio
May 1 t. McCAOUK opp si H I' U. S 4 tf
T.1011 SALK Two sto y home N , W. corn r 12th
JD and CMiMKO bv llildwin fc i til n. t-2f ) t' ' {
S ME S room h'Uj ) , good order , cistern
EOll , lur" , lull lot , mile Irom jot
oUl e Very l-iisy Tcru B , $ lf 00.
804 tf A411S , Farnam &t ,
LototiZO'httrco * n t lainani ,
FORBAU . JIcSAGUK oppoelto I1 O
t/Urt SALE & r out huu e , tnllar. ( .lit rn , ito
( and 3 rocm nctlfo , lo ( Cxi3J ails Hue haJi
trots , b'cci tiom bt M rj's a\tmu cars talt
mlle from | ojtofiliu , (3,3 0
fc05 tt AMI ; ? , Farnntn ( ttect.
SAllK lloaeo and lot on Itouglis rtteet
FOR ( iW. . McCAOUK cpl > o ito 1' . 0. H28 tf
POttSAIE-7roimhoti-.p , lot Cl'xU2 ' , 1 ode
trees , go tl cellar aul clj < rn , Una location ,
unit net car line PnjiuiutH tosult , $3,5CO
FObtf AMKS , Farnam 8t ,
"niOR RENT Ion hous > s In gocd location *
JD M CAQUhopiojiter. O. 825-tf
EOR 8 ALE-F. w c > > ( Ice acre lots , west Omaha ,
flndy located , cany terms Five n re and ttn
acre lot ; , hcu esand l.isln all locations , at pri
ces and terms to suit purchaser * .
E07-U t.r AUhS , Farnam street.
"WOB 84LE-1 ot 44x32 feet and grocery store
I * with llvlcg roomt above 15th strtet near
HiBcall'BtHOO. McCAOUE opposite P. . O. 821-tf
T710R \LK-Oood lion grey family rony , T
JU years old It quire 1214 Dodge St. 792-10J
SAT.E A set of heavy single hirntia at
FOR N 18th stre t. 774-7 !
TJiOR SALE Cottage and erner loIn North
r Omaha 11350 Bargain , McOAQUE rpooslte
P.O. / S22-H
FOR SALE A rare chcnce , a ni w ntrre 22x10
feet and Tot ccntdnluga ccmple o ititk ot
genera merchardix , nd enjoying thhea > fit of
abukltbyaad sttartuj Inc.tM n/buslntee , loca
ted In ceraro of one uf tha bo't igriculiU'tl dls >
trcta In wiBtnn Ioft. letms liberal , writs P.
O , box < 6 , ? m'Ki > iie , la 713-121
J paper , In a > OM \ < > nd pro * It g town In Eua-
tern Nebraska. Address U II. Bee Office.
FOR SALE Nev/houso , 12 rooms. 8 cloaeti ,
cellar , nntH tbO per moi th , one-third corcer
lot $ < COO. Aew hotU'Grooaia , itarrtt12x40 ,
cellar , cMirnund well , lot C x66 for 12,700. 3
houiei. 4 room , each , telUr. ciettrn , well and
stable , lJt 36x132 , S2,7fO. Xll within 6 blocks Of
po ioffice. Inquire iiu. 60S North 13lh Street.
579 { > {
BALK Oil KENT Vose Piano.
S23-i ( C. J OANAN.
T > EMIS'New Map of Omaha , lust completed and
J > ready ( or delh cry at . $0 each. . . Is 4 ( eet wide
by7 eet long. Largest and most complete map
31 Omaht ever published. Official trap of thi
city. See column.
TOU 8iLE CHEAP Choice unimproved bus-
r Inrai lots on Farnam Ilariey , Doucl'S ,
andD dgeitroels. DAVIS&BNYDER ,
Real Agrnts ,
UO-eod-K 1605 Famam St
IJlOn dALE A first CU93 second band r.baeton
E CttllatiaiOlTarneySt. < :97-t : <
* T7IOK aALK I'ocicta maps of Nebraska VOc
JD each. For bargains In Uir aha City Improved
and untmnravcd property , cell on Wm. t , Shrt-
ver , Keal Estate Agent , opposite poatofflce.
-On Monday last a cow , 3 vein old
STRAYED blue with right ear split. Fin
der wilt be well rewarded by the owner. B
KELLNEtt 1515 HOWMM St. 620-125
WILt. toke children of ny age glvo th 5---
iriothcra care for a liberal aompensatlon.
Arfdiees Y. Z. Bee office 3C8-lmo *
SfOLEN-mrk rein cow , me-
STUAYEDOn good f liter very gentle , about 7
cr 8jcam olrt. Kopj ar. urd reck when last
seen. L beral reward for a-y Informntl n laid-
Inirloh r recovery. J. E. BONEWI1Z ,
1623 DodK Htieot.
QTOLBN OR STRAYED-F om the nelghbir-
O hood ot i Ik horn < Ity , o i Tursday ! . * ( , one
brown , o > e bay and on oirel coloied mare ,
Aluo bay hotae Information as to thtlf where
abouts to be * cdrw eJ to C E.VandIver , Valley
Btatlon , Neb. 812 Ct
T AT1K3 SuflttIng with cores etnbecu ed br
JU calling on Mia Spencer Hours Irom 9 to 11
a in , ana 2 to 6 P. m. { to. 707 Aorth 18th 8'rtet ,
Omaha , Neb. _ _ 777-71
MRS. HANSEN , Mldwlf his moved from
9th and Jackson to I6h : and Marcy Sis.
689-1 ml
T ADIK3 Uhlng a qule- place during confine
U ment , with nure will address W , B. Ree
office. 369-lmo )
mo EXCHANGE for city prrperty In Oaaha ,
L ten Hrst-daa Improved futma A'so 1500
head o > she4)i f r Mle Cotrotpond wlihN , . O.
t hr tlan n , huciameoto , Neb. m 9-lra
TIONALIST , 498 Tenth street , between Farnam
and Harney. Will , with iho aid of Riurdtaa
spirits , obtain for any one a glance ot the pan
and present , and on certain conditions In tbr fu
ture. Boots and Shoe * made to order.
satisfaction niarantned.
- .nt'B-1oltB-r An ri ntIS * N If VAL-
El. " IKA8l Ou fUMNAQL/SS'fH > T
N. B-ln taklre SELTZER APERIENT I hot
water , wait until the effeivcscence has entirely
erased. Tbe water ihould be h.t not 'tpld
or lukewarm.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies A marvel of purlti
Jtrengtn and wholesomeness. ilore econoScil
than the orplnknr kinds , and cannot b jSS
compeUtlon with the multitude of low teil .hnS
welit , alum or phr phaU S > w4er Sold on i
cans. _ BqTH DiKUfft Pom is. On. . Wall J i.tir