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The Omaha Bee.
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The BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Props ,
Toil KIM HALL'S ropabllcan organ la
appealing to loyal democrats to stand
by Dr. .Miller. Oarlons , Isn't It ?
MB. WYMAN'B promotion was a atop
towards real civil service reform. The
test man and the place mot in that
TUB Bprlngflold Republican warns
the people of Massachusetts that Bon
Bailer it in training for the presi
dency. Bon Is as hard to knock ont
of tlrno as his own Bay state granite
quarries. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
WK shall presently publish a chapter
of political history that will amuse
an oh democratic hoodlums as Wm. A.
Pazton , James Orolghton and Charles
E. Brown , and may bo an eye-opener
for a few others of the dangerous dais ,
TBB press monopoly organs at
Omaha.and Lincoln will never ooaso
kicking abont that now telegraph law.
No rogue e'er felt the halter draw
With good opinion of the law.
MR. JAMES E. BOYD most fool
highly complimented by the fulsome
pralio of the soft brained hyporcrlto
when ho remembers the handsome
support which that honorable blk
gave him during the recent senatorial
WHEN a worshipper of mammon
like Dr. Miller , who , according to ex
cellent U. P. authority , never meets
Sidney Dillon without begelng money
from the autocrat , talka abont the
dangerous alliance with money-bags
he only gives himself dead away.
"TiiE Orolghtons" have become a
dangerous gang of hoodlums In the
eyes of Dr. Miller since that honor
, able bilk cancelled the $1,800 debt
„ he owed the late Edward Orelghton
* , with a counter claim for eighteen ban
dred dollars worth o ! editorial soft
/ SK .
p. . _ _ . „ _
- WIIAT an Instructive spectacle la
, presented to honest republicans with
. whom party principles still moan some
thing in the . .Omaha Republican's
patriotic appeal to the Nebraska
democracy on behalf of Dr. Miller as
' a true and trusted champion of demo
cratlo principles.
THE jumping-jack that turns the
" crank on the U. P. organ with a re
publican label strikes up a solo stirring
ympotium for the brass collared pup
pet that grind * the U. P. organ with a
democratic label. This Is in perfect
ftocprd with the eternal fitness of
' things.
BY the way was it devotion to demo
cratic principles that prompted Miller
and Morton to make that compact last
rammer with General Superintendent
Olark to deliver the democratic vote
to Mr. Clark's preferred candidate for
U. 8. senator whose surname is
Joseph. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
DB. MILLER has not yet answered
whether or not ho justifies the assess <
Bent of Miller & Richardson's lands ,
worth $75,000 Ktt4GOOandHanaoom'i
fCOOlotsat $25 , while such men 01
Pnndt , Steela & Johnson and othon
pay on their Improved city property a
rate of from five to ten times tha
THH steel bar and fishplate bom
of union that links together repnb
Uoan and democratic organists in No
braslca is more binding than the vlti
ligament that united the Blames
twins. Compared with this the tie
of political oreed are mere wisps o
traw. No sooner has the man ths
discovered Cronln been struck in
tender spot than the signal of dlstret
goesop fromU. P. headquarters an
chorps.of sympathy rises in refr&l
from ft score of brass-collared ropnl
llcan throats , Tray , Blanche an
Sweetheart yelping as If they had lei
their , grandmother * . Prominent doc
ocrahrwe savagely taken totask I
thvi Omaha JttpulUcan for robellli
against the leadership of Dr. Mlllo
and , presto ) the Omaha Jlirald at
Lincoln Journal ropnblfsh this U. ]
homily on the very same day as tri
gospel ; and the Wahoo bullfrog , wl
opouU railroad republican doctrli
like a whale doe * ocean brine , folloi
salt and beslobbers his bourbon cc
league , How good and pleasant
1s for brethren to dwell together I
For nearly fifteen years Karl Marx ,
the philosopher of modern socialism
and the founder of the Internationale
has almost disappeared from pnbllo
notlco. Interest In the career and
opinions of ono of the most remark
able figure of the century Is excited
afresh by the news of his death which
took place in London on Thursday.
Porhajps no ono man , if wo except his
distinguished pupil Lasalle , is respon
sible to the same degree as Marx for
the social revolution which have aclta-
ted 'Europe for the past thirty years.
Ho was the brfclna of modern socialism.
A man of ideas , ho possessed the
power of organizing , joined to a trno
missionary eplrlt which carried his
theories into every country of the
continent , awoke discussion and raised
up apostles to dlssomlnato the germ of
social reform , Born at Oologno In
1818 , and educated in two of the
loading German universities , ho en
tered upon his work at the period
when al ! Europe was vibrating with
the demand of an oppressed
people for constitutional ( { overnmont.
Driven from Germany as a dangerous
and radical editorial writer on political
subjects , ho flad to Paris where he
devoted his attention for several years
to the study of economical questions ,
and especially to an investigation of
the causes of the wrongs from which
society suffered. Men of ideas are
always dangerous to tyrants and Marx
was driven ont of Franco at the re
quest of the Prussian government and
sought refuge in Belgium. Hero he
developed his theory of communism or
the govornmant of society In communes
or small aggregation of individuals
whoso property should bo moro equal
ly distributed and the rewards of la
bor divided moro impartially among
the wealth producers. Marx's idea
was a purely philosophical theory , de
veloped with great power and based
on a profound and searching investi
gation of economical laws. The
learned and brilliant pamphlets
of the great social agitator found
willing readers. In Germany
and Franco a score of pupils
rapidly attached themselves to
the now theory sf socialism. Every
university soon boasted of its little
band of disciples each searching for a
further development ot * theory
whoso aim was the amelioration of
society joined to political liberty for
the Individual. Socialism soon became -
came divided into three groups which
still exist , the radical or revolutionary
party , the moderates and the conservatives
vatives , the last , in Germany taking
the name of "socialists of the chair"
from the fact that Its leaders all hold
seats as professors In the great univer
It was Karl Marx's chief glory that
he recognized clearly that socialism
could never become effective in regen
erating society ao long as it remained
a mere speculative theory. Accord
ingly , ho bent all'hls energies towards
impregnating the mosses with his new
doctrines. Realizing that the nxm
who hold society In subjection were
not likely to be the apostles cf the
now sociology , he began n
system of organisation among
the worklngmon and trade unions
in London which spread with
great rapidity on the continent , In
1847 the Communistic party was
formed. In 1848 whun the revolu
tlon In Germany seemed to promise
the dawn of personal liberty , Marx
returned to Oologno and resumed-his
editorial duties. Billed a second
time , Imprisoned in Paris and pro
scribed In every continental monarchy
ho returned in ' 40 to London where
he has since resided. Founding the
Internationale In 1804 he directed
its councils until 1872 when ho was
deposed from the secretaryship at the
congress of the Hague , because of his
too ooutervatlvo views.
Karl Marx was a philosopher , a re
former and an enthusiast. Ho never
was an anarchist. His theory con
templated the regeneration of society
by a peaceful revolution inside of so
ciety itself , by the dissemination ol
intelligence concerning the wrong !
under which the masses suffered , bj
the diffusion of a knowledge of cor
rooted sociality , and by an organlx *
tlon powerful enough 'to put suet
theories of socialistic reform into prao
tlcal operation , To Marx the ideal o
I socialism In politics was republicanism
in economics , communism. The re
form In the line of constitutional gov
ernment which the people of half
score of European monarchies havi
wrested from their rulers have beoi
largely due to the socialistic agltatloi
which born with Marx's advent ha
boon taken n ; by the most brllllan
philosophical minds of the continent
The canso has lost in Carl Marx'
death a sincere and consclontion
loader and a brilliant and poworfo
advocate. He was both a thoorle
and practical organizer , comblnln
two oitcn antagonistic elements inh !
mighty mind.
The trouble with European soda
ism to-day is that Its ablest thoorla
are too wrapped up In their theorli
to bo practical , and its practical advc
catos are too radical to appeal wll
success to the moro conservative mi
die classes. Midway between the
stood Mark , and bis death loaves
ap which U will be hard to fill
TJU Earl of Dalhonsle , who Is tl
ehlef promote * of the bill legalising I
England marriages with deceased
wives sisters , han addressed a letter to
the governors of the various states
asking their observations on the work-
in ? of the sister in-law buiinois In this
country. Ho It greatly exercised by
an orliclo ia the Church Raviow from
an imcrlcan clergyman in which it is
stated that the practice of marrying
sister-in-laws tends to create jealousy ,
family diicord and social heart burn
ings and that the moro kissing of a
wife's Bister In America has boon re
sponsible for any number of family
Wo don't know who "tho American
clergyman" is , but his experience Is
evidently very limited , The ovlls
wbioh ho complains of do not oxlst
generally in this country as the result
of second marriages with sitter-in-
laws. The fact that a jealous woman
may bo jealous of her own sister Is
nothing in point , and families like the
ono cltod by "tho American clergy
men" whore a man can't kiss his
sister-in-law in a brotherly sort of way
without creating a domestic'insurrec
tion are , so far as our experience goes ,
rare in Nebraska. Wo do not claim
to have much acquaintance with the
families of clergymen , in ono of which
doubtless the incident referred to took
place , but among ordinary sinful mor
tals , outside of the church , such cases
are curiosities. Wo hear ot moro
Instances of husbands being jealous of
clergymen's attentions to their wlve
than of wives jealous of their sister's
attentions to their husbands ,
To bo serious , there seems no reason
why the rollo of the dark ages , the
statute forbidding snob marriages ,
which ia still a law In England , should
not be repealed. In the last parlia
ment It failed In the honso of lords
by only four votes. The united op
position of the bench of bishops was
chUfly responsible for that failure.
The dictates of common sense would
urge that an aunt , whore a family is
involved , would oaro more tenderly
for orphaned children than a perfect
stranger and this has generally been
pioved to bo the case In this country
with ulster-In-laws
where marriages - -
have been legal for many years. As we
said before isolated cases such as that
mentioned by "tho American clergy
man" do undoubtedly ecour. But it
would have to bo a very. Utopian so
ciety in which jealousy was entirely
absent. It ia certain that no statu
tory enactment can either banish or
decrease it. Wo hope that the exec
utive observations of American family
life which the earl of Dalhonsio will
get from the 38 governors to whom
he has sent letters will result In no-
curing enough data to counterbalance
the dreadful Incident mentioned by
"an American clergyman , "
Tni attempts of the railroad organs
to antagonizs the different social ele
ments in Omaha on the question of
the coming olty election will fall.
"Moneybags" and "hoodlums , " as Dr.
Miller U pleased to call our men of
wealth , and those of more moderate
means or of no means at all , will not
divide on the subject of good govern
ment for Omaha. The only ( foot of
the howls of the apostles of monopoly
and tax shirking will bo to excite
greater interest In a contest which
promises to be of moro than ordinary
importance. All classes In this com.
munlty are * equally interested In securing -
curing a strong and able city govern
ment for Omaha during the coming
two years. Wo are abont entering
upon extensive pnbllo Improvements
requiring an outlay of largo
sums of money. It Is Important that
the disbursements shall be made
judiciously and honestly. In other
words we want to profit from the ex
perience of other citioa in paving ,
sewering and otherwise improving oni
streets in a systematic manner. St.
Louis and other cities have sunk hnn <
dreda of thousands of dollars in rock'
loss experiments carried on by jobbon
which would have been saved under i
capable and honest city government ,
Omaha has made a good beginning
and every tax payer is interested it
continuing the good work.
Our worklngmon are equally Inter
oslod In securing a mayor and'cltj
council who will see that the mono ]
voted for placing Omaha abreast o
other cities of her alia shall ba honest
ly paid ont. These projected 1m
proTomonts will create a good demani
for labor for several years to oomo am
the mire careful its disbursements th
greater the amount which will be 01
ponded in wages. The money whlo !
stick to the fingers of jobbers an
thieving contractors is in reality take
from the wages of labor.
For those reasons and for tbe addl
tlonal reason that we need a olty goi
ernmont that will deal promptly an
efficiently with the law breaking olocsc
in this community , every ] citizen c
Omaha Is equally interested that ou
local legislation shall bo placed in th
hands of able , honest and pub'io spli
Itod , men. Any alllanca which will ai
oomplUh that end ought to bo wo
corned oven though It bo an alllanc
of "money bags and hoodlums" <
which Dr. Miller is so afraid.
TUB only clement that seems satl
fled with the onloomo cf the late leg !
laturo Is the railroad crowd. Ti
beet republican papers are warnlo
the party that they mode a fatal ml
ie take in preventing the leglslatio
n demanded by the people. Allatteapi
to shift the responsibility for their
capture from the majority paity
upon the anti-monopolists will
fail. There Is a largo class of re
publicans who were honestly In favor
of every measure of reform demanded
by the ant , ! monopolists , but who
buliovcd that the party was willing and
able to moot the emergency. The
result of the legislative session
has opened their eyes. It will bo very
difficult to persuade those voters that
anti-monopoly republicans can bo
trusted to influence the party within
the party linos. Nothing but a rousing
defeat will bring the republican party
in Nebraska to their senses. That de
feat must bo administered before tbo
producers of this state can hope to
make their demands effective in legis
lation that will right the abuses under
which they are now suffering. Reform
must oomo from without the party.
The party has proved itself incapable
of reforming itself.
S. S. REYNOLDS , of Butler county ,
has boon hung in effigy. This will be
very humllattag news to the "mops"
of this county. Aurora Republican.
Any act of jackasses can hang men
in effigy , But if the disgruntled
scalawags of Polk county should
attempt to hang Mr. Reynolds in any
other way they would find him a
pretty lively lead man. As a matter
of fact the t ffigy jamboree happened
about two months ago , but the wide
awake homo orgin of tag Nebraska
magpie hoc juat made the discovery ,
TUB olty engineer's interview which
appears elsewhere in this edition
shows conclusively that the old hue
and cry that an Increase of assessed
valuation means an increase of state
taxes is a moro fabrication. It Is only
a cloak used by wealthy tax shirkers to
shield them in avoiding their just *
share of taxes for pnbllo improve
Gov. Dawes has issued a proclamation
organizing the county of Brown , locating
the county teat at Ainsworth and ap
pointing trie following officers ; Commis
sioners Thomas Peacock , I N. Alder-
ftD , D. G. Carpenter ; county clerk D.
, Dort. Also isausd n proclamation or-
anfxlng the county of Terry , locating ihe
ounty seat at Valentine and appointing
ho following officer ; : CommUeloners
Y. Mears , 8 , P. Stanley and John
Ihoroi ; coanty clerk S. II. Warren.
A man who contlders hiuj elf well inurned -
urned sUtea that the iouz City & i'acifio
lad. when it extends its line wast , will
How Just south of the Dakota line until
reaches the corner of the reservation and
111 then tear north. A branch will ba
milt to the Black Hills.
The new hook and ladder truck of the
ork fire denartment occupies the solo at-
intlon of the boys who run with the ma-
bine. A dress par&de occurs in the town
LOW regularly twice a week , and too men
, re as proud of the trace as boys are with
brats monkey.
M. 0. Keith , of North Flatte , was re-
intly married to a yonng lady named
'assy. ' Before the ceremony was per-
bnned the bridegroom settled $10,000 on
ia ! Intended wife , which was a very'pleas-
ant feature of the contract , for her at
' ast
A man giving his name as W. T. Win-
all arrived at North Platte last week and
tied to get up a staging olasi. The tame
ndividual was at Kearney , where he was
mown as Jones. The people are warned
against him by the local papers ,
The citiiens of West Union and vicinity
are bound to have a brldpe across the iioup
lear that point , To this end a private
inbscrlption Is being taken among the real-
lent * ot the vicinity and finite an amount of
money has already been raised.
After a ball last Friday night in the
Germanla hall In Stromsburg , a female In-
ant half clad and dead was f snnd near the
mlldlng , where its unnatural mother had
eft it. No cine has been obtained as to
who Is the guilty party.
The brick makers of Plattsmonth are
making ezten Ive preparations for the
manafactnre of an extra large number of
"irlok this season. The supply will be
lealt out to surrounding towns as well as
w home consumption.
Recently a couple of clod hoppers living
_ .t Elk Creek wrote a very Indecent letter
to a young lady there. She gave it to
her father and be recognizing the writing
: aued the arrest of the two idiots who will
> e properly dealt with.
The 8 year old daughter of Chauncey
Evans , of West Branch , near Pawnee
O.ty , was burned to death last Thursday.
"t got too near the stove daring its moth'
t's absence , and 1U clothing taken fire , re-
lulled in death
The gentleman sent to Chicago by
Plattsmouth to Induce one of the pork
packing establishment ! of that olty tt
entabltsh a branch in Plattsmonth has come
back without attaining any definite reaull
to his errand. '
The farmers of Thayer county spent con
slderable time and money last year in set
ting out hedge row * and planting trees ,
This year a still greater amount of monej
and labor will be nsed in the same dtrec
A Welch paper called the Y Oymr <
Gorllwlnod has jnstlmade its appearanci
at Bine Springs. It is a pleasant sonnd
Ing name and on that account probabl ;
will be well patronized by Intelligent pee
H. M. Smith , of Oakland , Iowa , own
a 1.300-acre tract of land near Lonp City
This spring he Is digging a well , puttlm
up fences and otherwise making impron
ments preparatory to moving on the place
The village ot Stromabnrg feels ag
grieved that it did not get the Lutberai
college , which was located at Wahoo. Th
p opleif the former place say they ha <
more c.tah to pat np than the Wahooltei
Numerous yonng hoodlums of Falls Ott
are b ln * arrested by the authorities an
summarily dealt with. This is the enl ;
way to bre k up the hard gang of youth
with which that to wn has long been cursec
William Smldc , a married man living s
Elk Creek , Luar Dakota City beep me wear
last week and tried to end his life b
strychnin ? . Ho was pumped out and no <
stands in this vale of tears as of yore.
A three year old girl In Dakota Olt
nameti Minnie Bell Conkllng , died lai
week from wearing colored stockings. Tb
vanity of the sez was shown at rather a
ewly age in this Instance.
Work on the new Presbyterian churc
at Auburn has been commenced and tt
structure will bo completed as soon as po
slble , the society baying the reqnisll
amount to finish it.
There U a claiivoyant at North Platl
who U being consulted by the people , an
rendnrlng them all ott of. Imaginary r
lltf from the numerous Ills with whk
they are afilloted.
, society otllara has been organized i
SB . The members are all so adapt I
the art of prevarication that It Is thong !
the usuclatloa will .BOOH disband on u
count of eavy.
ValenUa * , on the Klkhorn Valley roai
will probably remain tbo termlnun of the
road f'.r the next two 3 ears. Inconsequence
quence the place Is having a healthy
Farmer * nbont Dakota City eay that
whf n they market grain at certain places
In SI uz City , loom they are cheated by
the dealers who do not giro them fair
The village board of Teenmseh pttsed
an ordinance last week Imposing a fine
on all penons who hereafter hitch a team
of horses to any awning post In the town ,
The enterprising buitneis men of Jack
son are doing much to add to the appear
ance of the pUce by grading the streets ,
laying side talks and putting out trees.
The Nemaha district fair association at
a recent meeting decided to buy a tract of
land for fair accommodations , nnd the
property has already been ( elected.
An Iowa man haa arrived at l.oup City
and will Immediately erect a flouring mill
there if suitable Inducements are offered
to him In the way of a bonus.
An oil well has been found near Salem ,
Richardion county. Prof. Aughey , state
geologist , pronounces the Salem oil super
ior to that foutid In Pennsylvania.
Unadilla baa a half a dozen boys from
five to eight years old who can beat cow
boys swearing. The youths are regular
attendants at Sunday school.
" The outlook for a season of prosperity at
Rising City , Butler county , is good. A
number ot now buildings are undar way
and others are contracted for.
Thompson , of Plattsmontb , tbn inven
tor of the now fire escape , has left for the
east where he ban already secured large
orders for the contrivance.
Immigration is pouting into Jefferson
county this spring In one continuous
stream , and the Immigrants are an intelli
gent class of people ,
The galvanized Iron ornaments on the
Catholic church at Tecumseb were placed
In position last week , thus virtually com
pleting the building.
Both the elevators at Undllla are filled
with corn. From 18,000 to 25,000 bushels
of corn are awaiting shipment. A lack of
ears causes delay.
The Burlington and ( Mlsronri river road
is fortifying Iti bridges against danger
from spring freshets by putting In stone on
the abutments.
The officers of the Buffalo county agri-
cu tural society are arranging for the pre
mium list and otherwise preparing for the
fair nezt fall.
The great cut for the Chlcigo avenue
cnlvert at Plattsmouth is being filled up
and tie avenue being put m presentable
Something over 100,000 tons of steel rails
have been ordered by the Sioux City &
Pacific and they will be laid aa rapidly aa
The legislative bill granting the right of
way to the railroad from Tnatcher having
passed , tracklaying Is now progressing vig
The prlnclptlshtp of the Stromsburg
school Is vacant. It is only worth $75 per
month , and nobody seems to be anxious to
fill It.
The horse market at Kearney in a very
profitable thing a * over a hundred head
bavo already been sold this spring at good
The bridge over the south fork of the
Nemaha at Cincinnati has been raised
four feet to prevent its being washed
A number of brick buildings are being
erected in Falls City which will give the
pretty llttlo town quite a metropolitan air.
Seyeral carloads of seed corn were ship
ped last week from Alexandria to towna in
lln is , in response to requests made forit.
Illinois parties contemplate building a
oheofe factory at Stella and are there lookIng -
Ing over the ground for the purpote.
The Sarpy County bank has just enter
ed Its now building at Springfield. The
banking room ia described as a daisy.
The Burlington & Missouri road la mak
ing a nnmber of substantial improvements
in its shop yards at Plattimousb.
A subscription of $160 has been raised in
Grand Island for Ed. Scull , who recently
lost both bis feet by freezing ,
On April 1st the First Commercial bank
will be one of the institutions of Odell in
the southern part of the state.
A good deal of horse stealing is going on
near David City , and no trace oan be ob
tained of the guilty parties.
Two car loads oi fine horses which will
be used for breeding purposes were received
in David City last week.
The liquor dealers of Beatrice have been
doing business without licenses and are
now all under arrest.
The Episcopal church at Oakland will
be dedicated in about three weeks by
Bishop Clarkson.
A Methodist church was organized at
Ozford last week , with a fnll quota of
The thieves have struck Kearney and
are doing a good bit of work in a small
A large amount of land has been Bold in
Dawson county this spring at good ngurea.
The elevator at Rising City has been
sold to the Omaha elevator company.
There are three livery stables in Una
dilla , all doing a good buslneea.
The Kearney cornet band will erect t
band home for their own use.
A Congregational church will be built al
Ulysess this year.
A parsonage for the Lutheran church al
York is being built.
The streets of Teonmseh are lighted by
lamps at night
Waterloo wants a creamery.
Louisville wants a , bank.
A Qnlok Reocvt ry >
It gives us great pleasure to state thai
the merchant who waa reported being al
the point of death from an attack of Pnea
monia , ban entirely recovered by the u <
THE LUNGS. Naturally he feels grate
ful for the benefits derived from using thli
remedy , for the lungs and throat ; and ii
giving publicity to this statement we an
actuated by motives of pnbllo benefaction
trusting that others may be benefittec
in a similar manner. On site by all drug
gists. t _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ >
A Fatal Prayer-
Special Dlipatch to Tns Bis.
BBIDQKFOBT , Conn. , March 17.-
Whlle Mrs. Ann Roland waa kneeling
in front of a stove yesterday saylnj
her prayers a live ooal fell on he
clothing , setting it on fire , She wa
shockingly burned and died thl
morning. Three daughters won
badly burned trying to extinguish th
1Cn 1Ce
; e
; .8d .8e
ht Rheumatism , Neuralgia , Sciatica
, t Lumbsgo , Backscht. Heidicht.Tootlucht ,
n l.n ThTMt. w.lll.M Br..i ,
wmt. H al < U Frwt BUM
WHU4. IMn Uuli
* .Tr -
Steam Pumps , Engine Trimmings ,
Cor. Farnam and 10th Streets Omaha , Neb.
Growers of Live Stock and Others. i\
Ground Oil Oake.
It is the best and cheapest food for stock of any kind. Ono pound la oquafc
to thrco pounds of corn. Stock fed with Ground Oil Cake In the fall and win
ter , Instead of running down , will Increase in weight and bo in good market
able condition in the spring. Dairymen as well aa others who use it can tea-
tify to its merits. Try it and judge for youraelvca. Prlco $25.00 per ton ; no
charge for sacks. Address
ol-eod-mo WOOODMAN LINSEED OIL CO. , Omaha , Nob.
Hellman & Co.
1301 and IS03 Farnam St.Cor.
WhiskieS !
in Eond or Free , Also direct Importers of v
Jobbers and Manufacturers of Fine
Agents for Jos. Schlitz' Milwaukee Beer ,
Bottled and in Kegs.
214 & 218 S , 14TH STREET , - - - OMAHA , HEB.
-And Window Glass.
. . . .
Carpenter's Materials
Stair Railings , Balusters , Window
and Door Frames , Etc.
Eint-oUss facilities for tha Manufacture of all klndsa of Mouldings , Fainting aw )
matching a Specialty. Orders from tha country will b promptly executed.
mMr M ll iwntnnntnatt n to A MOYKR. PrnnrN
Fresh. Salt , Smoked and Dried , at
0 , OOMEHS , - - 1716 Bnrt Street
Choice . Cuts competition In ptlco and a thorough undeisUndlog of the business. Patronrga .
ollflted. _ _ m B-m.w-Mm
On Long Time Small Payments
A. IIOSPE , .IK , , 1519 I > od < > , Omaha ,
Wade , The Confectioner.
Buy your Oandies at Wade's. All Goods perfectly Pure-
Largest assortment in town.
Orders by Mail Solicited Opera House Block , 15th St. ,