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Iho Ooming Crop of Wheat Don-
sidorol by the Bureau of
Sass and Sugar.
'The Civil Service Beformert
Prepared to Toss Their
Shingle to the Breeze.
Small Cyclone Brewing
Olooe to Hazen's Head
'The Overshadowing Check oi
a Counterfeiter Darkens the
State Department.
The Revised Tariff Forwarded t <
Collectors War Claims
* Settled ,
v >
Special Dispatches to.Tun UBS.
, March 12. - There wai
much excitement among brokers hen
to-day caused by circulation of a re
.port . that Jay Gould waa Borlonaly il
at Jacksonville , Fla. , that worst wai
feared. Uneasiness subsided npot
receipt of a dispatch from New Yuri
stating Gould had telegraphed he wai
In excellent health.
Secretary Folgor had a long inter
view with the president this after
noon in regard to filling the vacancy
occasioned by the resignation n
'United Statoa Treasurer Gllfillan. N <
person was determined upon for thi
In the court of oJ&lms to-day jndg
meat for $19,535 waa rendered for i
claimant lu the case of Stephen Dan
can , executor , In anlt against the gov
ernment fur cotton destroyed on thi
.Mississippi during the rebellion.
The chief of the secret service dl
vision made a report to the secretary
of the treasury In regard to the caai
of George Albert Mason , the notorlon
counterfeiter , recently released fron
prison , whore he had served the greatu
part of a term of twelve years , am
who has made a claim against the gov
ernment for. $50,000 for false imprls
onmont. He made the claim as i
British subject , through the Britisl
minister. The claim was referred b ;
the secretary of state to the tieasur ;
department. , The chief of secret ser
vice makes a strong argument againa
allowing the claim , swhloh ho a ays 1
It is understood the Malagasy am
baasadors will visit the state depart
ment officially to-morrow and have
conference with the secretary of stat
upon the subject of expediting th
exchange of treaty ratifications , ii
accordance with the * wishei of th
government of Madagascar. It wa
stipulated in the treaty recently coc
eluded that the exchange of ratine *
tlon ( should take place lu Madagaacii
As this exonanga la a mere formalit
the Malugassy ambassador dealre t
waive the stipulation and have the ej
change of ratification taka place a
once In Washington.
Jnitlce Uiller , of the United State
Bnpreme court , waa slightly indiipose
to-day. He did not occnppy the sot
upon the bench.
The following changes In statiot
and duties of officers of the corps <
engineers are ordered : Major Burlo
will relieve Lieut. Culheny M. Robei
of his duty In connection with In
provements on Lake Superior , taklc
the station at Milwaukee ; 0 pt. Ja
B. Qainn will be relieved from dnl
by tbe last Domed officer , and wl
relieve Gipt. Edward Magntre of h
duties In connection with the improv
ments of the Yellowstone and Ml
ourl riven , taking the station at S
Paul ; Chpt. Daniel W. Look wood wl
be relieved by the last named pflb
and will relieve Major David 1
Heapp , taking- the station at Grar
Riplds ; Oupt. Albert H. Payson wi
be relieved from duty under 1mm
dlate orders by Ohaa. 8. Stewart ,
the board of engineers for the Pacll
The charges made against Supervl
ing Architect Hill wore made 1
March , ot Maine. They cover 07
twenty pages of legal cap , written wl
a type writer. Murch haa made an
complaints before , but never In tl
shape cf' formulated charges. Snpc
-rising Architect Hill says It la J. <
Mills > who Is said to be pressing t
charges against him ( Bill. )
Members of the civil service coi
mission met by appointment at W
lard's hotel this morning , and then
proceeded to Inspect the apartmei
offered them as headquarters. Jud
Thomas , ono of the commlislone :
said : "Wo want three rooms for t
commission proper , and a large roc
In which to conduct examination !
After the commiaslonors socc
quarters they will prepare for t
work for which they are appolntc
Hales for the government of the co
mission will bu adopted , and the me
of conducting examinations will
agreed upon , The commission ho
not yet formally considered the mat
of appointment of an examiner
J. R. Dodge , statistician of the ;
rlonltural department says no repo
ot damage to the growing wheat hi
tbeen ( received * by him. ( UIo si
future disasters alone can Injure '
Information haa been received i
Mrs. Senator Harrison , who haa bi
In Now York for some tlmo , is In t
critical condition.
Secretary Ohtudlor denies that hi
will bo a candidate for United Statei
senator vlco Halting , whoso term ox
plros. Ho says ho Is In favor of thi
ro-olootlou of Ilallins.
Senator Don Cameron bad a success
fnl surgical operation performed Sa
tnrday under the direction of Surgeon
goon General Wales. As soon as he
Bains more strength ha will go south.
The secretary of war has requested
the president to order a court of in
qniry to investigate Gen. Ilazon'i
administration of the signal service
The detail for the court has not been
madn yet , but may bo expected In i
few days.
The treasury department to-daj
mailed copies of the now tariff act tc
all collectors of customs , together will
Instructions that itootions [ 7 and 9 ol
the act RO Into effect at ones and np
ply to all goods in bonded warehouse !
as well as to goods imported aftei
passage of the act. Section 7 rcpeali
the duties on charges heretofore
addocl In ascertaining dutiable value ol
merchandise for the purpose of as
sooainout of duties. Tills action wil
causa considerable reduction lu the
amount of duties collected , which re
daotlon in estimated by some at 5 pei
cent of the entire amount collected ,
Section ' . ) of the tariff act changes the
manner of ascertaining the value ol
merchandise consigned by manufac
turers in foreign 'countries to ogonti
In the United States and for whlct
there is no foreign market value foi
the reason that the goods are
specially manufaotntod for sale in the
United States only. The law author
izes appraising officers to asoertalt
the cost and value of the materla
composing the merchandise at the
time and place of manufacture , to
Aether with the expense of manufao
taring , preparing and putting uj
the merchandise for shloment anc
makes the value so ascer
talnod the basis for assessment
of dntlos , The- sections of the revltec
statutes repealed by section 7 of the no *
tariff bill are sections 2,907 and 2,908
and section 14 of the act to amend the
customs revenue laws and to rep
moetles , approved June 22ud , 1874
Long combing or carpet wools are li
part oxcoptod. With this exception
however , the operation of these pro
visions is nulform , and extends to al
Imported goods on which duty is laid
Section 14 of the revenue act of .Tuni
22nd , 1874 , makes these provisioni
still moro strict by authorizing colloo
klon when charges are omitted In tbi
invoice to make his own estimate o
them , and then collect a duty of twlc
that estimated amount. All those
provisions Have ceased to be law since
the 3d of 'March.f
* 51 § the * p mV urt-to yfcleoi
slon waa rendered In the case of th
United States , appellant , against th
steamer , Noustra Sonora Da Regla
Toil was a suit for damages brough
by a Spanish corporation In Havan
against , the United States on aoconn
of the seizure of their steamer , th
Noustra Senora Da Regla , at Poi
Royal , during the war , and the appro
priatlon of her by order of Gen. Shot
man as a prize. This court is of th
opinion that damages should be award
ed aa follows : For unnecessary am
unusual delay In proceeding io ad
indication , 175 days at $200 per day
$35,000 ; for value of vessel , $30OOC
total , $ U5,000 , with Interest at 6 pe
cent from June 20 , 1863. Oplnlo
by Chief Justice Walte.
WASHINGTON , March 12. E. "V
Smalley , of the Northern Pacific , wh
la In the city , says the refusal of cot
gross to consider any of the bills lobl
ing to a forfeiture of a portion of th
land grant of that corporation is r <
garded by the company as a final an
conclusive settlement of all questlot
concerning the validity of the nntli
grant. The main line of the Nortl
nm Pacific road will be completed bi
fore next fall and that by the 1st <
September the whole line will t
opened for through traffic between 8
Paul and the Pacific coast. The-no
wheat bolt beyond the Rocky Mom
tains is as productive aa that of tl
Red River Valley , and it has advan
ages of climate which is no more sevei
than that of Ohio , and a short route
to the sea by way of the Oolnmb
river and Pugot-sound ports.
The statement of the United Stat
treasury shows that the gold and si
ver of the United States In the troa
nry to-day Is a * follows : Gold co
and bullion , $179,685 008 ; silver dc
lars and bullion. $105,251,198 ; fra
tlonal silver coin , $27,668,472 ; Unit
States notes , $45,584,368 ; total , $35 (
188 93G ; certificates outstanding , gel
$12,585 8GO ; silver , $68,714,830 ; co
rency , $10,595,000.
Folger la still suffering from bjs t
cent attack of malaria. Ho will pro
ably make a short sea voyage so <
unless an Improvement In heal
should render It unnecessary ,
The lesuo of standard silver della
from the mints for the week nnd
March 10th was $269,000 ; for the cc
responding period last year , $24'
Lieut. ( Jol. Brown , of the First I
fantry Is dead.
A Railroad Accident *
0 SpcUl : Dlipitcb to Till DEI.
CINCINNATI , March 12. A Oc
nersvllle , Ind. , special says the wre
on the Whlto Water road , five ml
south of hero , was caused by a brok
rail. A dozen passengers were hu
but none seriously.
Tha Chester Safe *
Bpeckl Dlipttch to Tni Bn.
NEW YORK , Maroh 12 , A dlspal
from Halifax reports that the dlsab
Iriman steamer City of Chester re o'
there at noon ,
Ho Reifls the Starry Heaveni
and Pronounces the Doom
of Worlds ,
Breakers Warring in the strootc
of New York and Florida
Wiped Out.
The Ottawa Prophet
Special Dispatch to Tun Unit
OTTAWA , Match 12. Wiggins olaitni
hla prophecy is literally fulfil lad. lit
nays hundreds of thousands of livoi
porlahui on the afternoon bfjtho 10h
owing to the great tidal wave in tin
Bay of Bengal. Ho expresses fonr foi
the city of Chester. Ho charnotorizoi
the etorm ns the greatest that oat
possibly occur on this planet , makoa c
dash at the Canadian and United
Statoa authorities for not hoistiug slg
nals till the storm was actually beat
ing upon the continent- , and showi
himself a fool generally.
OTTAWA , March 12. The follow
ing is Wiggins' theory promised nftti
the storm : "This storm satisfied nit
that the theory of opposite tldu which
I advanced in 1804 is correct , namely ,
that tt la caused by the vibratory mo
tlon of the oaean Irom the east to th <
west. I know It to bo an absolute
fact that the hour at which great
storms will ailao at different points or
the earth's sutfioo ; also when severe
cold , plorcod like that of January
jnat passed , la to occur , when remark
able floods will take plaoo and whei
wintora will bo distinguished for greal
quantities of snow , can bo prodiotoc
for any length of time in advance. '
Then ho gives long , weitd confabula
tions of planetary con junctions anc
the moon's phases , and s tys the tlmi
will'come , bat admits it may bo the a
sands of yean , when the whole Amer
lean coast will ba put under water bj
a tidal wave , "and should Venus and
Mercury happen that moment to be a1
inferior conjuotlon and Jupiter , Man
and Saturn at superior CODjaction
breakers will war In the streets o
York and Florida will bo no more. "
Mntdtr and Suicide-
SpecUl Dlspitch to TUB Un.
PHILADELFUIA , March 12. Thi
morning John S. Syren shot hi
brother's wife , Lizzie Syren , in thi
breast , and then shot himself througl
the temple. Syren , the husband o
the Injured woman , "keeps a bakery
John Morrow , a neighbor , hearing th
quarreling and the two pistol shots
ran to the roar room and found Mrs
Syren wounded. A struggle onsuoi
between the two men , during whlol
Morrow wrenched the pistol from th
infuriated man's grasp. The latto
then fled to the yard , and drawing an
other pistol shot himself. Doctors sa
thMboth will die. '
The Telegraph War.
SpecUl Dispatch to Tai Bi .
CHICAGO , March 12. An agree
meut has been entered Into betwoo
the city and the Mutual Union tele
graph company by which the , latte
will bo permitted to reunite Its wlrei
The agreement stipulates the mayo
shall have the right at hla option t
cut them again ; that the oompan
shall apply to the city council for 01
tension of Its privileges and shall prc
ceed to gather its wires into cable
and string them on short poles pent
Ing preparations to put them undoi
A Garner in Gra.
Bpecltl DUpatch to Tni Bin.
CHICAGO , Maroh 12. Upon roll
able Information It Is ascertained the
a corner in May corn is being run hei
by the firms of Robert Llndbloom (
Go. , and Henry Richardson & Go ,
who are the same parties who run
successful corner on January con
The latter firm run a great wheat coi
ner in the summer of 1881 , clearin
about $3,000000. It is estimate
there Is about 3,000,000 bushels of N <
2 corn in store in Chicago that oonl
be delivered on contracts , and froi
the best information obtainable tt
market is short from 30,000,000 I
40,000,000 bushels for May deliver ;
being the largest short interest In cor
for any one month in the history i
the board. With the corner rule r
peatod It would look dangerous fi
short sellers.
Sullivan and Bit da.
SpecUl Dispatch to Tin Uu.
BOSTON , March 12. John L. Soil
van has been invited to spar at tl
benefit tendered to Elliott's mother
New York. He agrees to spar if tl
mansgoia will have Blade on ban
the exhibition on any other evenli
than the 10th , when hla own bonel
takes place , and arrange .tho older '
events so that ho and the Maori mi
appear In the same sparring bout ,
the managers will not consent to tt
arrangement , then Sullivan will r
fuse to spar , but will join with at
other boxers in making up a purio
$100 oaoh to be given to the moth
of Elliott.
Tn International Baby.
Special Dispatch to Till Ii i.
MONTEREY , Mox , March 12. Tl
International baby was christened tl
evening by Monalgnor Montez Dee <
bishop of Nnovo Loon , receiving 1
father's name , Geronlmo. Ge
Trovino preferred to have the chrli
onlng conducted quietly ; thorefc
the ceremony was performed in t
oratory of the bishop's palace , in t
presence of only a few civilians , ml
tary dignatarlos and the Trevlno a
Ord families. Ex-Priest Diaz a
wife ware the god-father and g <
Traffic in Stiffs.
SpecUl Dlipttch to TUH.DBI ,
BOSTON , March 12. la regt
to the charges in Governox Bntu
message that the traffic In bodies
the pauper dead at tta state a !
house has been curled on a long tii
The Journal prints A statement to
effect that of'2,800 death * in
ye u , 58Q bodies were delivered
the medical colleges according to law
There is no record of the diapoaltiot
of the remaining 2,200. It is snp
posed that they were burled in thi
potter's field , but it is alleged thn
some graves have no bodies
Charges are made that the bodin
have boon preserved In pickling fluid
and sent to distant points In korosom
barrels. The superintendent statoi
that this was done in a few instances ,
at the roqnoat of Harvard college , in
warm weather.
Situation ot tbo Deluge In the South
MEMPHIS , March 10 Specials frotr
Helena , Ark. , to the Western Asiocl
utcd Press say : The river declined
half an inch , and will oontlnuo falling
slowly for several days , when n in on
rapid dec ino is expected. The IOVOM
are still being strengthened , and wi'l '
bo ruado thoroughly eoouro in thia vl
clnity. The back water la still rising
In the overflowed districts belovr ,
Thlu will continue until the daelino in
the river is great enough to draw tin
water btck through the crovtiscto.
Mcab terrific ourronte , the rViar from
which can bo hoard huro during thn
atill liouni if the night , are tearing
through the country below , carrying
d 'structloa with thorn. In the Old
Town lake region the water is hlghm
than over known , the planters
ors being greater than ever btf jre
from the MUUO canno. 0bini , fences
and dead caruassca of nnima'H ' nro seen
floating down the river in great uum
bora. Th'o weather is clear , with o
strong wind from the northwest. The
southern express has boon transferred
to the Midland road , owing to tb <
stoppage of trains on the Iron Houn <
tain ronto
The greater portion of the town is noM
out of water. Trains are running
again. Many houses that.weathered
the Hoods are now.falllngHolal or par
tial wrecks.
MEMPHIS , Maroh 10. A sppcia
fromSldpwith , Miss. , says : The effort )
to stop the Elalot break have beet
without effect. The three gaps arc
about two hundred and fifty f eot wldo
The velocity la six to seven miles ar
hour and three feet deep , A weal
point has boon reported in the levee
on Richardson's plantations neai
Mound Landing. The levee board hai
sent a large forc3 of man to protoo
that point. The protoovion of thi
maln.lovoo is still considered safe.
LITTLE ROCK , Maroh 10. The rlvoi
at Arkansas City has rlaon an Inch it
the twenty.fonr houro ending at 5 p
m. to-day , and is still rising. Thi
water is eight inches below the hlghes
flood of last year , and the back wate
is only four inches below.
HELENA , Ark. , March 10. Thi
river Is stationary , having fallen les
than an inch. The decline Is * attrlbn
ted to the cessation of the eastern g l
prevailing tall day ThuroHay ani
throughout the night , fell Urtrtby th
ttettird'bror.sir 'of estr.rtdf/iT'wiiis !
carried the tide away from this shore
Nothing short of Wtggin's storm conl
effect us injuriously.
liouisviLLE , March 10. Mayo
Jacobs and the city engineer left lae
night by s'oamor to visit the town ? 01
the lower Ohio and distribute mono
oontrlbnted for the relief of thos
places and placed in Jacobs' hindi
He will examine into the damag
done at various towns where supplie
are needed. Ho will probably ro a
far aa Shawneotown and ]
and return Wednesday.
INDIANAPOLIS , March 10. Goi
ornor Porter , with a committee o
the board of trade relief , left hoi
this afternoon for an inspection tri
on the river from Lawrencebnrg t
Oairo. The steamer John Halifin wo
chartered for the trip. She carries
fall load of provisions for dlatrtbutiot
This lathe closing of the oommltte
work Indistribution of supplies. Th
remaining portion of the f qnd will b
distributed to towns needing aid fc
bnlldlng purposes.
. ti i
The River Still Declining.
SpecUl Dlipatch to Tni fen.
HELKNA , Ark. , March 12. Thei
waa another Inch decline in the tivt
last night , making a total of thrt
inches since the decline set In. Tt
weather is clear and spring like. Tt
sufferers by the flood within our bo
dors will be cared for by the stati
and the aid cannot come too quiokl ;
There are between 500 and 700 negi
refugees , , who are wholly un provide
for , and are powerless to help then
solves. The Jovoos around Helet
were never more secure.
MEUPUIU , March 12 Tbo wati
here has fallen nine Inches since tl
decline sot in. It will fall more ra
Idly aa aoon aa the river gets with !
banks. Two negroes were drowm
last week at Austin , Mississippi , I
the capsizlrgot a dugout The brei
In the Totten levee , thirty-five mil
below Friar's Point , flooded all tl
country in the roar aa far .down
Australia. Two men , nameunknow
were drowned Friday.
Briber Sentenced.
BpecUl Dispatch to Tui 11 n.
GOLUMUUH , 0. , March 12. T
motion fur a now trial In the case
J. D. Watson , convicted of oft
Ing bribes to Representative Bloc
was overruled to-day and the aeons
sentenced to one year In the poi
1 would like to inform the pub
that I am no longer connected wl
L. H. Yandonburg. Will continue
carry on business at 1713 , Ghloa
street. J. M. MARSTOH.
$10,000 WORTH OF DRY GOO :
J. J. Brown & Go. will contli
their retail department foi the n
30 days to close out at a great sai
Coo 910,000 worth of Dry Go
slightly damaged by r movaf at
recent fire. Come early and sec
bargains Store open until 9 o'cl
Puncturing the Bubbles of Sen
sational Writers ,
The Invasion of Adjacent 1'or-
ritories by Mighty Hordes.
The Southern Settlement of the
Saints Few end Par Be
Trial of the Murderer Of Young
Correspondence of The Bee.
SALT LAKK CITY , March ! ) . It it
bacowlng popular to magnify Mor <
monism ; tu enlarge upon what it it
doing , and moro particularly what II
U ( ping to do. Souio of the sensa
tional writers who tnako up in ogony
what they miss in facts , are just at
present dilating upon the injury that
must inevitably accrue to Arizona and
New Mvxlco by a threatened Mormon
invasion , It la confidently stated that
500 families have been ordered by the
church lenders to at once leave for1
those southern roglono , to bo followed
by others as policy shall dictate. Tnis
report has little foundation in truth.
Your correspondent has taken pains
to Inquire Into the matter nnd can
only find two families whom the church
authorities have directed to settle In
Arizona , and that booanso they wished
to go there. N j doubt others will
follow of their own volition , aa > some
parts of that territory are regarded by
the farmers of Utah as
Tnore is no' doubt , 'on ' the other
hand , but that the Mormons are grad
ually increasing in all the surrounding
territories , but nothiug like to'the extent -
tent geueially supposed. In Northern
Arizona there is little chance for t
foothold ; it is either Included In the
Navajo Indian reservation or formt
part of that most undesirable and un
cultivated region , the high Coloradc
plateau , than which no more sterile
and forbidding region exists south ol
the Arctic ocean , In this region the
Mormons have two way stations ,
at each of which may proba
bly bo found a dozen souls
and then all is desert , sand and ruck !
until the neighborhood of the Little
Colorado Is reached. Here the first
Mormon settlements founded in thai
district were established , but appeal
to , bo gradually growing smaller. The
country , * . - hard a one even foi
Mormons , whom come .thinkcan tllv (
where "a "wKUoJiiati' * would perish
Higher up tho" river , that kijfarthoi
the ooaa't , are several ne < r settle
'ifts ) ! ! Bui , H , ttmT-thwj cottiuu
dotting the mountains hero and there
until the borders of the Apache roser
vatlon are reached. Those all lie it
the range of the mountains' or in thi
valleys contiguous thereto , that rut
parallel with the dividing Una of ; Arl
tona and New Mexico. Besides thos
the "saints" have two ,
, %
two on the Gila , and one on the Sai
Pedro , the latter the most southern o
all their colonies it bolrg about fort ;
miles north of the Mexican lino. A ]
these little villages , hamlets anc
ranches put together would not maki
so far aa I can learn an aggregate o
more than 3,030 to 3,500 souls , no
much to bo feared in aa rapldl ;
growing a territory aa Arlrons
Besides It is altogether probable tha
a majority of these places would neve
have been'settled had not the Moi
mona done so.
In this city we are in the throes of
murder trial , A yonng man name
Turner , son of the sheriff of Uta
county waa brutally murdered nea
Park City , without cause or provoci
tlon , he having hla head
Two men have been tried and con
vlcted , one to death and the other t
Imprisonment for life. The one aet
tencod to death , named Hope or We
come , through some Informality in th
proceedings of the former trial , has b
the decision of the supreme court i
Washington obtained a new tria
which is now going hardly sgalni
him. A very romantic Incident toe
place with regard to his arrest. Tt
man who arrested him was the mu :
derod boy's father , and the same tral
that brought tbo dead body to th
city also brought the murderer and h
keeper , At one station along the lie
ol the Union Pacific so Intense VM
the feeling of the people against tl
prisoner that loud throats of Ijrnchlc
were made , and Sheriff Tnrnei hodi I
stand revolver In hand in front ofi tl
prisoner to protect , aa an cflioai til
murderer of his eldest son , at a. bin
when to make the toolings of tl
father got more agonlzod the doi
body ol that sou was lying a. fow. fo
away. But
regardless of his paternal feelings ai
brought the prisoner safe ai
lodged him In the penllontlasv , ai
then attended to the funeral of 1
child.Wo have very few notlvoaef la be !
Franco amongst us , yet wo uo groi
ing a community of fxog caters. 0
restaurant keeper clnlmstohave coc
ed and sold two hundred dozen. T
creatures are caught-nour the city a :
aa the prlco of this , luxury Is going
as the demand iniro&sea , tt is bocomi
a profitable occupation to hunt the
if "hunt" Is the correct expression ,
Wiggins notwithstanding , wo i
having the ccost delightful wcaih
But for all of present appp&ran
there are nyiny who thick we shoi
not crow until we are ouk of 1
woods , "Last month wo had such
furious storm a day or two after I
time h predicted , and aa storms g
orally reach ns two or three days aJ
they deluge California , anoh per *
\hlnk he was pretty nut right , i
that next nook wo may look out foi
squalls. WENO.
SpecUl DUpatchra toTim Dm.
Datum , March 12 , It Is stated before
fore Eagan quitted Ireland ho handed
the L nd League funds and document !
to Parnoll , Bigger and McCarthy.
Stephens , ox Fenian head centre , ln <
formed an Interviewer ho was novoi
applied to in America to patronize
LONDON , Maroh 12. Lady Florence
Dixie denies Shoiidu 's statement
that in writing to the Timtt , charging
Parnoll and Bigger with not having
ncsonnted for i'152,000 of that land
league fund , she was acting merely at
the tool of Pcggott. Bho says she
does not know Poggott , and never saw
him In her llfo.
Tlio report that Forstor would sue
cced the Mntqnts cf Loruo as governor
nor general of Canada Is discredited ,
lu the commons Qladstono stated
Enrl Spencer had retired from tin
rflicoof lord president of the council
The castor reoons will bo from the 20il
to the 20th.
PAUH , Miroh 12 Total arrosti
yesterday 8-1. Thirteen priaouori
were sentenced to punishment , vary
ing from a line of 10 francs to foui
months' imprisonment.
Tiio chamber of deputies will ad
journ Saturday for n mouth.
HAVANA , Mai oh 12 An explosion
upon the plantation of Mercedes So
bniila do Guarolvas caused the doatl
of six negroes and ono Chinaman anc
wounding six negroes and fonr China
man. Tna engineer is also dead. Thi
sugar boiling house is a heap o
The roof of [ the northwestern wlnj
of the Payroo theater crashed through
the entresol into the coffee houai
bolow. Several families escapee
HALIFAX , March 12. The Olty o
Chester wan to wed hero by the steamo
Missouri. Captain Watklna , of thi
Olty of Cheater , glvos the details o
the accident and the trouble goltinf
into port. Ho says the passenger
were much concerned when the Ser
via steamed away. The City of Ghos
tor continued toward Halifax and ni
the morning of the 10th the Missoui
found her and towed her to port.
HAMBUUQ , March 12.Tho law foi
bidding importation of pork , oto.
has not yet boon sanctioned. ]
sanctioned at all , It onmos into fore
thirty days after publication.
LONDON , Maroh 12. Betting on th
Oxford-Cambridge raooa for Thurada
next at first favored Oxford , but no
7 to 4 on the Cambridge crow , owin
to the better condition of the lattoi
At a mooting of twenty-one delegates
gates representing the South Yorl
snlro and Lancashire iron trade , !
was resolved to restrict the ontput c
finished iron. The duohosa ot Marl
borough ha nlvon to the Lukes fun
3,000 , which remained over from tt
fund jme raUe'd for the relief .
distressed In'lfeknd"dnriug thb yea !
1879 and 1880.
LONDON , March 12. Intelligent
from Paris states that the Emenl
there waa due to the fact that 00,00
persons are out of employment. Th
2\'mw correspondent at Paris sayi
For the past few. days many forolgi
era have kept away from the city , bi
cause of its nnsottlod condltlot
There are now at Rome many Amor
cans who were ubont to atari to Par
when the demonstration began ,
MADRID , March 12. The toti
number of persons arrested In an
about Alerala for complicity In tt
Anarchist movement la 1,200 , and i
this number 300 > are charged with mu
der and agrarian outrages and wit
being abettors ( of i the "black hand
society. Sixty of the prisoners hai
confessed complicity in fonr ninrder
PARIS , Maroh 10 : The election fi
a member of the chamber of depntii
to.fill the vacancy canted by the deal
of Gambetta was held yesterday wl !
tha result : Slg , Ismond Le Grolx > r
calved the largest number of votq
bat not the requisite number to 016
and another ballot'has to be taken , .
BotcUl I > lip > 7ui DKK.
Gr ( En & Co. , merchant * of Now To j
assigned ; llabllitttw , $135,000.
, Vtenldent Lawrence , of the Now Vo
Stock KxchaoKO ) , refuses to nnawcr < ] fu
UODS and product the mlnuteuoMhe niei
intc of the RpveraioK committee nt whl
it WM voted to txpel William J ( HuU
Inson , who ia.nuw seekldg to rogala 1
The west bound parsenger trainoa i
I. . 15. & Hi nm into the Almo , hack , t
mile * weit-.oft Crawfordiyillcv Bod. ,
ntntly killing Joieph Green , delves ,
Milton Busk and Kllzabetb Glark , p
senger , andideaaollthlng the hftclt.
The MnnMchuietta senate committee
port adrexMlff upon the petlilon ot llet b allowed to cria ornul tor
Cape Cod wit * foreign capital.
The superior court of New York
Mat a no t In the stock exchange * Is 'p
of the assets of a bankrupt firm ,
Judge DaTld Davis haa made public i
fact ofihU wedding , to take plac Wodn
day , , thai lib , at lift , nu
Tha ship laborers of MontitAl are
gloitur the agitation oi higher wages
tb coiuUvg bummer.
After an extended oonfw nce the C
cage Union Iron anJ Bte l compai
Btockhtldera , owinp to the abaenco of i
vr two heavy hoUk > , , the meeting
Jpurnod to the lliUxlust. , without rec
las t&y decision oa the proposition
iaauo $1,400,000 paefentod stock wit !
flow of opening tkja works.
The Now Jenev senate passed a2a
uuanlmoufily a bill prohibiting the sal
cigarettes or tobacco iu any foxm
minor * , under psaalty of $20 for each
Salvation Hurrah-
SpecUl DlipAtch to Tin llsi.
NEW YOUK , March 12. The tl
anniversary the Salvation Army
celebrated by a parade with dru
banjo * , guitar , accordoona and '
llns. In Brooklyn to night , at
city ball , a small boy dropped thro
the biff drum , a uddlo waa bro
and a female ptlVfcU rolled dawn
atepi ,
A Tailor Oats His Last Suit and.
Invites His Friends to
the Funeral !
John Here , of Omaha Suicldea
in Chicago.
BixxUI Dttrntch to Til * ! ! .
CiiifAoo , March 12 , John Hora ,
a Bohemian years of atfo , of No.
710 South Morgan street , has boon a
bad husband alnco ho was married
eighteen yoara ago. His conduct was
so violent whan in Omaha two yoara
since that TUB BEIT prophesied ho
would never bo happy until ho killnd
his wife or child. Ho was n tailor and
cutter and made good money , which
ho invested with the saloon keepers.
Slnco Friday ho haa boon particularly
convivial and gracioui with hla friends ,
standing drinks and invltiug thorn to
his funeralwhich ho said would occur
shortly. Last night ho arrived homo
late nnd as his wif j opened the door
ho hit her a blow in the face , Bho
was terrified and with her three chil
dren passed the night with a neighbor.
At 8:30 : this morning she fouod her
husband deal in bed. A revolver lay
by his side with which ho had shot
himself In the heart.
He Wants a Rntnra
Epoclal Dbpatch to Tim Ilia ,
BOSTON , March 12. Patrick Levy ,
a passenger on the steamer Samaria ,
waa arrested on arrival of the steamer
to * day on charge of killing Patrick
Hurley , a farmer , In Mullingar , Ire
land. 'Immediately after leaving
Qaoonstown , Lovv informed the offl"
cars of the Samaria ho committed the
deed two years- ago , saying Hurley
hired a farm over the head of an
evicted * tenant and ho waa Induced by
payment of twenty pounds ( by whom ,
he would not sttteto ) kill him Itovjr *
says ho was never suspected of mur
der , and loft Ireland to seek employ '
ment hero. Levy now denies- the
twenty pound story , but says In a-
drunken quarrel ho committed the
deed. British Consul Henderson ad
vised letting the man proceed to his
destination in Now York and bo kept
under surveillance until advises from. .
England are root ivod.
Down With thu Bucket Bhopo.
Special Dispatch to Tni Du
CHICAGO , Maroh 12. In the United , , '
States district court this morning a
decision waa rendered In the pending ;
cases between the bucket shops and
the board of trade , to the t fleet that ;
the board of trade , aa a chartered. In-
stltatlon , has fall jurisdiction over , ,
4ls'ra rket reporUkand can dictate
iwhom these market reports
Bp oi Dtepatch to TunBu.
jKU KTOiTY , March 12. Two boy
Were arrested buying tickets fortGhU. (
oago going west to annihilate the-
Indians. They , ' had four revolvers , , ;
two bowie knives , 1,000 rounds , of
ammunition andt84 in gold.
Tie Brooklya'Brldg * .
Spit 11 DIip tch loTtM bM.
NEW YOUK , Maroh 12. At a moot
ing of the Brooklyn bridge trustee *
jto-day , the committee on faro reported
'allowing ' foot passengers free , bat foe
'vehicles the following' rate * : : Ona
home and man,5 , oents ; one home and
vehicle , 10 cento ; two horsea andrvehl-
cle , 20 cent * ; two horses and * truoksy
30 cent * . It wa * agreed to- have a-
public celebration at the opning.oft
the bridge , and the legislature will b >
aaked to give the control oft it , ' when
completed , to three men.
Special Dltpttcb to TUB BBS.
NEW YOM , Maroh 12.Noimor "
cordial or euthnslastlo reoaptlon wa '
ever received on the stage of- the
Academy of Music than wasglvea
Mme. Albanlon on her first entire in
the character < f Martrherlta to-nighb.
Thn Jewe > song waa received wiak
tumultuoo * manlf estatioo of approv
al. The' bipport waa orollent , partic
ular praUe being glvea to the Slebvl
of Madaaae Sohalohl , which may be
said to have never boeu equalled in
this cltju _
For M ] pxv > v
flptiUl DtopOch toTniBu. /
CoLxnanuB , O. , March 12. The republican - t
publican * have nominated .General 0.
0. Walcatt for mayor.
Z < O88 of Appptlte , Bowola costive , !
Pain In the Head , with a dull sen ,
nation In the back part , Fain under
the Shoulder blade , fullness after
eating , with a disinclination to ex
ertion of body or mind , Irritability
of temper , Low spirits , with a feol-
inir of navlnir neglected some duty.
wearlnesa. Dizziness , Fluttering at
the heart , Dots before the ayes , Yel
low Skin , Heodacho generally over
the riffht eye. Restlessness , with fit
ful dreams , highly colored Urine ,
TUTT'.S PIZiI N are especially
ntlnptrit to iucU c i .one tloie er- .
locti iiieli a dmiiHe of feelluK ta
untouliU the aunerer.
TlieyIucrraietheA i > etttean < 1caaM >
the body to Take on Jb'leili , tlm tlioiy-
tcni ! nonrl lidt and by their Tonlo
Action on tha l > lueU ve Ortcnui . It ec
rd ulor Stool * are produced. IVIro S3 ! cuiU ,
our HUM on WHISKIES change to Oi.p rr
ULXCKUyailntila ppUc tlonotthVjDiK. It-
jh ImparUftD&turelcolor. Act
If. Ould by DrubrUti , Or den
he MCBHA.Y 8T. , H..Y