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The Daily Bee.
Ttioaday Morninp , Jan. 10. |
Weather iloport.
( fbt following observation' are taken at
ftfar KKOO moment of time at all the stations
WAS DspABTMnrr.'rj. 8. SIGNAL 8 n1 1
not , OMAHA. Jan. IB.ima < l-M n.m , i
g I S
Paaror , . . . rahn CIcir
30 07 Kresh
30 Ot HE Kreih Clear
rUtM. . . . . < > 30 HEV Mlfht 21 oar
O-r-.n . . . to n I ' IJKht
Y ntton . . JO 21 ITil.lKIlt Jenr
D * Holnos JO 37 S K ll/t'lit lOU'Jjr
P T ) port , TO fl S E iK.o h tlr
10 31 H E ll'rc h c ] ur
: n 32 SEr.drt 1't mow
Mnorbead . 30 27 HE cre > h Icar
Tin cent. . . . | .io a 8 W Fair
Jfcmtrck. . so s K > ar
Bnfnnl 30 M NW Vtinov
21 0 < S W Kr Clear
30 15 E l.lRht loir
AHtBAbolne. 30 13 Cloudy
Hirer froz'n at Om.ihi , frozen at Tanktor ;
Ulmlmlppl frozgn at Daitnport , froren at Dt.
Tmi , frozen at Hubnqar , frozen at I.a CrotM ,
Af.-rt , 10 inches at HI. Louli.
The Social Art club meets at 8 p. m ,
The I'lo&sant Hours' club party on'Krl-
day evening.
The Knight' * Templar of Mt. Cavalry
eommandery will confer the order of tbo
Ked Crou at their oiiyluni to-dsr
-There were 1,820 hogs slaughtered at
teoyA't packing boueo yeaterday. Can
Council Bluilt , Sioux City or Nebrackn
Cltr beat that ?
The Sana Ceremonle club give another
party at the Millard this week , and will
probably have a german for its closinK
party of the season after Lent.
Kosannn Saiauor ban filed an Mnlgn-
rncnt of her property in the county clork'n
vifioe , Frederick Davii being named an
anlpnoo. Her creditor ! are to have the
bocefat of the canh proceeds of this prop-
The Tlv.ili nkntlng rink was ojicnod
Saturday nUlit , and thown up fine with
its brilliant illumination by Cbiuoeo inn
torn * . There waa quite a crowd there last
might , and the iikatlng is fino. It is a
long-wished for luxury.
lion D. C. lllnok , foreman of the N.
1 * . local freight department , has no far re
covered from his lone and painful llno ! H
as to again reMimo the duties of tills h h.
aad recponslblo pcNition , Ills bright and
cheerful countcnmco seems IR natural a
The oommlttoo appointed by the
Om\ha board of trade to appear before
the state board of ncrlcuHuro at Its meet-
injj on Tuesday , consists of II. G. Clark ,
John A , McShono nnd Ihomat Gibson ,
They will confer with the board on the in *
tareita of Omaha generally , and its ad van-
Ug64 as it location for the utato fair in par-
tint ir.
t W
| In police court yesterday the cvie of
John Lucas , charged with assault end bit-
ftery , was continued , as there was no ono
present to prosecute. Two individuals
woenrraUnod for drunkonnesp , and ono
wont np for three dtyn , while the other
cate was continued. Two men arrested as
anapicious character ! proved they were all
trtJght and were dUcharged. Two men
t ' were np fur vagrancy , and ono got Un
dajs on bread and , water , while the other
was allowed to go. Sllvenparre , u Colorado
airil engineer , was in the city Sunday
on hit ) vray to Chicago , wheroJio has lu
pitta n new map of Colorado. The map
M BAld by experts to bo a very valuable
addition to the topography of th < | atateas it
Include * all the now towni , uilulnt ; loci-
Horn and other features which have oo-
' currtd up to tbo present tin.o.
There has been a one-aided controvory
in oni of tha local pajOM for weeks with
the avowed purpose < , f f.rclus the Anheu.
jo'-Uusch lirowinv ; associati'in to retire
Irom this city. This will not bo d mo , as a
lottr from Siid firm to their agent , ( ieorga
Ilennlog , will plainly ( how. Tney are
even dUpoied to give a baud to each of
their customers in Omaha and the west
lor the purpose of assuring them that
thty are nnd will reiniiu in Omaha , They
already have bought property enough ti
erect u branch brewery , and , if it should
ba oontttcred necessary to uvluco their
Mtieriarlei , tbey will not heaitato to bulk )
see IQ idyle , inttead of only erecting un
eSoe , warehouses , Ice houses , etablcs , etc.
DlbD '
WKIIJHT January lllh , JosMe M\y , in
fnt daughter of HlUa andSa.He Wii ht
XK * ! month ,
Funeral at 2 p. m. Tuesday , January
16 , from residence on Decatur , between
Irene and Campbell streets , Shlnu'n addi.
The Best Company Ever Engaged nt
that Popular ftotort.
The German theatre was Suudsj
crowded on two ocoaMone , the firsl
being at the t ored concert in thi
iiturnoon and thn eoaiLd at Ihu pto
d net Ion of the cxcellHiu play , 'DI
L'oder dcs "
Mnslkuutatt" in the even
iny , when Theodore Pcchtol , the noi
etwr , made hla oppoarauoo In eomo o
bit favorite character acting. Her
IVchtel ia ono if tbo moat uc
ted German actors that has of
paired in Amur'ci , and I
iiuin IJainbnrtr , Germany , irhor
ho achieved coiiblderablo fain
in the leading theaters. IIo nntr u [
pura In Omaha with a company the
larpaatea any crer tmforu put on n
iho Hadt : theater. The star and hi
support arc engaged fjr the seaooi
nd the patrocs of this popular plsc
of amutomeut have some rare treat
head ,
We aroglad to ace that the Music ;
Union orcheatra plays at Turner ha
jr ln at the Sunday evening theatr
cab. ThU alone Is a feature whio
icf tcuici a largo attendance
f ]
_ , - , l Ertat dlntingul.hing Teature i
3J ddingi Kuwl * Hal.e U iti power to r
58ms fnflatrmaUan ,
A Bold Attack on the ( fault
The Plucky Pursuit by a Oour-
ageous Lady.
Minor Attacks frcru MidulRlit
Mrs Louis MjCoy , the wife of the
proprietor of the Giult house , near
tae now government depot , was the
heroine of a thrilling advontnro on
Monday morning between 2 and 3
o'clock. Mr. McCoy Is the old gov
ernment scout who lust year wont out
to Sidney and made the succtHsful
search for the remains ( if Mr. Aust ,
the Omaha butcher , who jumped from
the stage In a fit of insanity , wandered
off amid the sand hills and perished.
On Monday morning at the tlni'j
named Mrs. MaOoy hoard a noise in
tno bed room , which she thought was
ciUiod by the dog trying to jump
upon the bod. In trying to push the
dog elf she sat up in bed and saw a
man In the room , and at once dropped
to hia racket , which was probably to
go through the cntlro house , several
of the lodgers having recently boon
paid til.
She was afraid to awaken her hus
band lest ho should attack thu burg
lar and bo shot , oo she jumped up
herself and gave chase to tno intruder
who at once fled. She followed him
to the back door , which ho had un
looked but closed after him , and
then , being cornered , the follow
turned on her and fired. The shot
stunned her and she fell down on the
floor , npon which the thief made
good hla escape.
Mr. McCoy was awakened by this
time and learning the atato of aifiirs
ran out in pursuit of the burglar , but
stumbling over a chair OD the porch full
doirn ana his revolver was discharged ,
the ball grazing the underclothing
acrocs his stomach and narrowly
escaping the infliction of u fatal wound.
Mr. McCoy returned to his room
and , having drocsod , trucked the bur
glar for some distance in the snow ,
but finally gave up thn chaso. Thu
ouly things necured by the marauder
WAS n pair cf old pantu mid a pair of
non suspenders belonging to Mr.
McCoy , and thu moat interest
ing foaturca of the whole all'jlr
wuro the narrow escape of Mr. and
Mrs. McCoy from fatal injury and
the boldnenti oxhlbitod by the heroic
woman in following the fellow out of
the house , shu nt onu time actually
Imvli g his coat tnils in her grasp
Mrs McCoy thinks she could identity
thu man , who answered the descrip
tion of ono of the trio who made the
attempt on Baldwin & Oo./j / safe Sun
day morning.
Three other attempted burglaries
Irivo been reported silica our lait is-
a no. The Saratoga homo , the West-
urn hotel and the residonoo of Mr.
John Shelby In north Omaha , wore all
visited by thieves. In the former
they wont through thn roonu but xot
very little booty and In the latter
they broke open the front door but
got no further than that and only sue-
rccdcd in frightouing thu family.
The gang evidently means business
und the police ehouid enforce the law
against suspicions characters to its
fullodt oxtmit.
Army Orders.
Paragraph 2 , special order No. 1 ,
current series , from these headquar
ter * , is amended to road : Ilecrult
Charles Morgan , onlistad at Fort
Douglas , Utah , is assigned to company
F Oth infantry.
Il"oruit J urn en Tynen , enlisted at
FortOmahu , Nub. , lo unsigned to , the
till sufantry.
Tables supplied with the boat the
market atlorclo. The traveling public
claim they get bettor accommodations
and moro general satisfaction here
than nt nny other houau In Omaha ,
Rate , 82 pur day. aug21tfm
Tbo Royal Arcanum und Ita Irtlondly
Greeting ! ) .
The following resolutions and invi
tations have boon received by Pioneer
OjunollNo. 118 R A , , of thin city :
No. lf > GU , , A.COUNCILHLUFFH Ia , , V
January 5 , 1881. J
Whcrent , On the Oth day of Decem
ber , 1882 , Fidelity Council , No 150 ,
Royal Arcanum , Council Bltll i , Ij a
on the invitation of PidliPor Council ,
NJ 118 , II A , Omaha , Neb , madu
thi'in u fraternal.vleit , und
Whereas , At said visit wo were the
recipient of many kindnesses and
were right royally entertained both as
to minds and bodiuH , and
Whereas , Many of our members
were detained at homo by the inclum-
onoy of the weather and other reasons
too numerous to mention , and next
morning were "" by the ra-
ports of the hospitality of thu Oauh.i
brothers , and
Whertae , Wo had n vay-up qood
Urn" , then fore bo It
Ktsolvtd , That wo us a council
g'utliy retrgnlw the fraternal f.oliup
txhibiUd by Pioneer Council in in
nugnrating these visits as onotf thi
if faudamontal principles upon which
our order is founded , a continuauca o :
which will make ns each moro whai
our order intended wo should bo i
band of loyal brothers working f jr thi
wolfirocf each other and striving t
Resolved , That wo return to Pie
near Council nur thatiku f n the manner
nor in which \HO wtro eutertainod.
Iloiolved , That wo will yo ncx
time 100 strong or more.
T. K , GAVIN ,
I. M. TUKYNOll ,
Commltteo ,
Januiry Utb , 1883.
To the ciliji-rs and members of Piouot
Council No. 118. II. A. , Otnohi
Neb <
DUETIIUKN : Fidelity Council N <
ini ! sends greeting and extends to yet
onuncil an invitation to meet with ua
FiiJay evening , January lUh ! , 1883 ,
whan wo will endeavor to make it
ploaaAnt for you.
1'luMo notify ua at your earliest con *
venlciico aa to your action , that wo
mny complete arraDgouooutn to now
Wishing you n happy Now Year , wo
are , yours In V. AI. 0.
T. E. CAVI.V ,
Pioneer council have accepted the
invitation from their brethren of
Council Illulfi and will crnsi the river
on Friday next , making the journey
iu aleighs if the woitlior is favorably ,
A Pen ioneil Printer Takes Sud
den Leave of Omaha ,
Ovfrcominfj Serious Wounds
and Giviug tbe Boyo thn
The readers of THE BKK will romom-
ior that about the middle of last No
vember a printer named Jatnea AI-
catt was attaelcod by a negro , at the
; ate of his boarding houao and
terribly beaten , hia jaw being
Broken and hia noeo nearly
eovorod from hia face. Alcott'a assail-
uic was never diacoverod but ho lay in
U. Joaoph'0 hospital for a long time ,
jolng ouppprtod ut the expense ) of the
typographical Union and finally com-
ng out fully recovered.
On Suturcl ly last Alcott received a
chock from the govurnment for hia
iiMininn and back pay , amounting to
$1,700 , dip3aiting all but $00 of the
amount in the Omaha Saving bank
and spending the $00.
Alcott was watched by aoveral of
ih frlonda , who were anxious that ho
ahuuld not bo allowed to squander the
L'ntiro amount for drink , which was
ilia well known failing. Yesterday
morning it was learned that ho had
driwn the balance out of the bank
nd disappeared from hia quarters at
the Eminott Ilouau. It was auppoaod
that ho had the money in cash on his
person , and a conplu ( f the boys fal
lowed him across the river to
neo if ho could 1)3 found. They
( iitcovfred him on board a train for
Chicago , having pii'.nhaeod i\ ticket
for St. Johnsburg , Vt. Uo claimrd
that ho had been diainhnrotcd by his
family on account of his dis
solute habits , and waa go
ing back to break the
will It is probable that ho will go
broke buforu ho pats there , as he is
hardly ( It to travel with ao largo a
sum < f money on his person.
Uo gave hla frlonda here the
"dead shako. "
Tbo Flac-Flyht at tbo Academy Labt
Considerable- Interest was felt in
the fight arranged to take place
last night at the Academy of
Musio , between l\xddy Ryan ,
the famous pngillat , and Jack
Uanloy , the champion of Col
orado , who has boon the loading ex
ponent of the manly art of aolf-defooBO
on Umaha boardn f jr aorno time past ,
and was considered well nigh In-
It was understood that it was to bo
no put up job nnd that Kyau hud"put
np a hundred dollars to fifty that ho
could knock Uanloy out of the rit.g in
four rounds , Uank Hornbarger back
log Uanloy. It , appeared to bo a
qmro fight and was all one sided ,
lanloy's leg waa eprainod ao
int on the third round ho was com
arr.tlvoly helpless and fell btfjro the
uworful arm of hla antagonist like a
ralrlo cottage before a Nebraska
lizztrd. It waa supposed by the
rowd tint his log waa broken , as
a kept calling to his time
coper to pull hia foot. Ho clinched
lyan bravely several times nnd held
n like grim death to u dooauacd col-
red citizjn but all to no purpose ,
lyau's time keeper finally
laimod the fight but the ref
iroe , Mr. Wm. Me Ouno decided
h t it ws a draw , as Ilanley had not
> eon knocked oat of the ring , although
to wan unublo to come to time on the
aat round.
At the conclusion of the fight llyan
presented Ilanley with a gold modal
.s . thn bout boxir proeont and gave
Ur. Da Girardn the colors ho won in
us fight with S illivan , as the eecond
; est man.
A silver cup was presented the two
ittlo Nugoi.t boys as the boat ama-
eur bosurs.
Second Vmlt of tbo Fnmoua Burnt
Cork Artlata to Omaha.
I eavitt's minstrels arrived In the
city on the U. P. overland train from
ho west yesterday afternoon and
made their street parade on the way
up to their hotel , atopplug nt the Mil-
They appeared at Boyd'n opera
honto last night to a light andiencp ,
and gave about the aauio performance
aa that of their laat appearance iti
Omaha. The time which has elapsed
eince their recent visit ia to short
that an extended notice of the enter
talnmcnt ia unnecessary. The then
waa a coed ono In many respects but
It must ba confessed did not coino U [
to the h'gh ' standard of some com
panics which huvo played on the sami
\Volcorao VlBltora. "
Dr. John L. Wiggins , of St. Louis
accompanied by his brtdo , is in thi
city on a visit to the parents of thi
latter and will remain for a week o
ten daya. Mrs. Wiggina ia the daugh
ttr of nur well known citizan Mr. J
J , L. 0. Jowott , city clerk , and has i
hoit of friends axd admirers here
where aho U well acquainted. Th
happy couple will receive a warr
welccma and all the hoapltality th
city affords.
The Eu-lmgton and Eio Grande
Osnsolidation Indicated ,
A Collision in the Snow on the
Missouri Pacific.
The much mooted question of n
consolidation of the 0. , K & Q and
Burlington fc Mitaouri with the Denver -
vor & llto Orundu ia again brought before -
fore the public nnd thin time in a
ahapo more tangible thnn over. THE
BKK has , upon information almost
official , insisted from time to time
that thcso two roads would nt un early
day be merged together , thus giving
the Q. a through line to Salt lake
City , and that at that point a connec
tion would bo made with the Central
Pacific. The foot that the D. & II
Q. will lay a thiri rill from Salt Lake
to O den , and that the 0. P. will
at once begin runnniug its trains Into
the capital of the kingdom of
brigham allows that all preparations
are bolug in ado to oifsot the advantages
of the Oregon Short Line , which will
rnako the Union Pacific independent
of its old connection. The Central
Pacific fmnd it necessary to take
step * to bo equally free from dependence -
once on the U. P. , and no other route
afforded such an opportunity. Tnuro
is not a question as to the design of
tliu two great linea , and the coinplo-
tlon of the Oregon Short Line will ace
iti consummation already accom
plished. The proposed corsolidatiou
of the Union Pacific and Wabaah in-
tereats is in furthurauco of the plot
which will add another Pacific road to
the list , already large. A special dis
patch from Denver to the Chicago
Times Bays :
It is expected hero that the Bur
lington and Grande railroads will
soon ba consolidated. The straws tf
railroad ovontn are all blowing that
way. At thin moment General Man
ager Potter of the Chicago , Burling
ton & Qaiuoy , and General Manager
Dodge of thu Rio Grande , are on a
trip of inspection of the road which
is operated by the gentleman last
named. Recently Mr. J. B. Orraati ,
of Pueblo , the chief contractor ( f the
Rio Grande , introduced a bill in the
house of representatives amending
the act relating to corporations , so
that railroads operating under char-
Uraeecurodinadjolning states and ter
ritories inny have the right to merge
or consolidate , each retaining its orig
inal rights and franchises. The only
roads which are denied the right to
consolidate in this proposed bill are
those which run parallel and compote
with each other. Those things ore
significant. Mr. Potter does not
make trips cf inspection over road a h ,
which ho in not interested. The
duties of his office are so pressing that
ho has no time to mokq pleasure ex
cursions over foreign roads. It is rea
sonable , therefore , to suppose that
ha has some business object in joining
Mr. Dadgo in a rldo oVer the lines of
the Rio Graudo company. In intro
ducing the bill referred to , Mr. Or man
may have had no other object than
the general one of befriending the
railroad laws of the state , but there la
one reason why one may think that
the bill was prepared for u special ef
fect. Mr. Ormau ia well known as
ono of the richest railroad contractors
in the state. Ho has done more of
the construction work of the Rio
Grande than any two other contract
ors. His interests are largely with
the Rio Grande , and it is rumored
that he had some object in view other
than the bonofitting of the state. Un
der the existing laws the Rio Grande
could not ba merged into the Burlington -
lington if it wanted to. Legislation
was needed to put matters on a plane
whore unimpeded action could be had.
Under this bill the two roads could
consolidate , and each could still retain
all the rights and franchises which
had been granted to it when the com
pany was incorporated. It is said on
good authority that Gen. Palmer hns
given the Burlington permission to
name the directors who will bo elected
at the coming meotinc in Mivrh.
In the list of railroad accidents
published in THE BEE of Friday , the
breaking of an engine WAS mentioned
briefly. The Papillion Times shows
that the trouble wua much more seri
ous than was stated. The Times
saye :
"Owing to drifted unow in the cute ,
the Missouri Pacific passenger tralna
southward bound Wednesday night
wore aide-tracked and held here all
night , while those coming north were
delayed at Springfield. A work train
was put on and about 0 o'clock a. in ,
yesterday finished clearing the snow ,
and reported a clear track for the
trains waiting horo. It then backee
up to the big cut between her <
nnd Springfield , and stopper
fca do scino moro work. Th <
passenger train that had been 1
standing here all night , having u firo' '
right to the track started south , anc
as the engineer expected to find mori
or Iocs BUOW in the cut , ho put on i
full head of steam and dashed forware
at a lively rate to force a passage
Upon entering the cut the p&sseng :
collided with the work train. Botl
engines wore disabled , the cabooco r
the work train smashed into plcc.'i
and buriu'd , nnd considerable othe
damiKo done. Fortunately no ono wa
Injured. Kxtra engines wore cent fet
the track was soon cleared of tin
wreck and trains running as usual.
Made froir the wild floworb of th
It ls the most fraprant ot perfume
Manufactured by U. B. Slavon , Sa :
Francisco. For sale In Omaha byV
J. Whltohonso and Kennata Bros
& 0o.
Police Court.
There wore no important dovuloj
monts in the robbery case yesterdaj
Of the three men wrested Sundaj
Henry Johnson was sent up for to
days on bread and water as a vagranl
J. H. KIrkham waa held for furthi
examination and Charles Boabring ws
not brought Into court up to a 'at '
hour. The officers express the opii
ion that nothing will bo found to cot
vict either of the throe. Deputy Ma :
ahal Doty arrest d a fourth part
about noon , yesterday on susploioi
It ii not probable that any
clue to the real culprits will turn np to
secure their arrest and conviction , but
it is n good opportunity for the author ,
ities to fire out of town a few of the
roundern who have congregated here
of late nnd have no visible moans of
A Remarkab.'y Successful and Pleee-
ing Entertainment.
The sticrod concert given at the
Tamer hall Sunday afternoon by
the Oinuha Musical Union orchestra ,
assisted by Kudolph Giwort , cornet
soloist , and Richard Kohl , solo bass
clarionotist , was n fine entertainment
in ovoty respect. The programme
consisted of twelve numbers , and em.
braced some of the best selections of
music. 'Tho piece , "Young America , "
which gives full play to the ability of
n Drnctiat , waa admirably rendered
by G jtvort. Ia response to an encore -
core ho g ve a very good selection.
Thu technique nnd range possessed by
Mr. Gowort gives him u place very
near the celebrated Levy and Ar-
The selection fromtho | Pirates of
Penzance , arranged by Profeaaor Hoff
man , the director , was well rendered.
The first number for Mr. K hl was n
selection from Donlzetto for the bass
clartonetto and wni well executed by
that gentleman This instrument is n
comparatively now ono in orchestras
and adds much to the volume of mel
ody , it having a heavy sonorous sound
which gives emphasis to the rendition
of the music. Mr. Kohl well under
stands its unu , as appeared from his
performance yesterday. The duett
tor cornet and bias clarlonotto
wan exceedingly well rendered by
the two gentlemen and the
orchestral accompaniment was also
fine. The foreign , nrtis B were on-
thushaticilly applaudtd audrosnondcn
a good humored manner. No. 12
of the programme , a march entitled
"A Greeting to Omaha , " composed by
Prof. H ( ti'jian , was artistically ren
dered and evinced a correct knowledge
ot mualo by the union and ability on
the part of the profeeuor. The maich
was BO loudly applauded that it was
repeated , which closed the entertain-
mont. Tnoso concerts have become
qnito an event in musical circles nnd
are of a high standard of excellence.
A. good house listened to the concert
yesterday nnd left , moro than ( mtittijd.
Too much credit cannot be given to
Mr. Julius Meyer , the manager of the
union , and Prof. Hoffman , the direc
tor , for their efforts to famish the
music loving portion of Omaha with
these rtilnod and elegant concerts.
Mike B. Leavitt is at the Millard.
11. Marsh , of Laratnio , ia in the city.
F. K. White , of Plattsmouth , la at the
Paxton ,
D. C. Adams , of Salt Lake , ia at the
Pax ton. A
CK. . White , of Valparaiso , ia at. the
Hon. J. C. Crawford , of West Point , is
in town ,
W. B. White , of Tekamah , was in town
Leavitt'a Minstrel company registered
at the Millard.
D. A. llolmep , of Oakdale , was in the
city last night.
U. S. Marshal Bierbower went down to
Lincoln yesterday ,
T. M. dowdy , of Council Blufla , KRIS-
tered at the Pnxton last night ,
D. W. Oiborn , of Blair , and Win. Uoyr ,
of Valparaiso , are at the Paxtou.
Theron Nyoonl W. H. Dorgan , of Fre
mont , were in the city last night.
G. W. Wilkinson and K. J. Da Boll , cf
Wiucebagn agency , are at the Millard ,
Frank M. Northup , of Wayne , Neb ;
M. Mftckoy and wife , of Orleans ; B. F.
Chamberlin , S. Draper and Johu Savage ,
of Niobrara , are at the Millard.
Itev. J. M. Smyth , of Grenly colony , ia
In town.
W. B. Loring , of Wyon'lng , is at the
Mr. Jos Stonecipher , from the far west ,
is in the city.
J. W. Speer , ( f Hiawatha , the big
grain detler , is in town ,
M. Holluian and Albert CMm ha\o
arrived from Now York.
Mr. Matthew ? , of Holt county , went
don to the capital at noon yesterday.
'A. W. Waters and H. W. . Lewie , of
Denver , were at the Paxton yesterday.
Mr. J. B , Oloulai , special agent for
the Queen Kce Mill of Sioux Falls , ia in
the city.
Mrs. B. W. Howe left yesterday on the
noon train for Lincoln toislt among hei
D old friend * for a few days.
Mr. Gso. J. Jones , representing the
t lieu Acme Opera company , was in the
1 city n few days ago on hia way east.
W. G. Hemenway went went at 12:1 : !
over the Union Pacific railway on irnpor
tant business for ono of hla law client * .
Hon. J. H Hunter , elate agint for tin
Continental Life Insurance company , led
KrLincjln yesterday to witness the sen
atorinl druggie.
M5 9 U'laSturuy ' , ulster of Mrf. 11. Don
and Mrs. KJiuund I'ejcke , arrived lad
' we k fiom VIenua. She will make a vial
of two or three montha btfjro she return
to her native country.
Samuel L Savldge , of Kearney J. D
Seaman , of Kanney ; J. H. D via and S
0. Ayer , of Gibbon ; C. L , Urving and J
H , McL'oll , of DiWBun county ; It. K
Uobey , of OrfallaU ; Henry Garn , o
Grand lihnd ; S. W. Powers , of Kearney
B. I. Hinman , of North 1'la'te ; J. N
Keynoldn , of Nance county , and J. S
Packard , cf Schuyler , were among th
prominent Nebraakans at the 1'axton y w
Win. M , Grunebaum , of the well
known Nebraska firm of Grunebaun
Bros. , ii In the city making arrangement
for opening uo a firt-cUs dry goods hous
in Omaha durlnc the coming fall , What
erer this firm undertakes they general ! ;
„ . c rry It through in good style , and Oraah
may exi > oct to have another added to th
litt of fine stores , which make the cit ;
n. notable among all who visit here.
The Now Company Preparing to
Dairy Out Their Agreement.
And to Supply Consumers by
Next December.
Negotiation ! fjr tlin ParoUnsi of
the frfseut Wfiru
A Talk With Manayor Glbba
Manager Gibbs and Mr. Jackson ,
agnnt of the United GAS Im-
prorement Company of Philadelphia ,
arrived yesterday in Omaha and are
guests at the Millard. The gis com
pany to which the right to erect works
in this city or to acquire them
by purchase WAS given , is cow
in negotiation with the officers
of . the present gas company
for the purchase of their works. An
offer to this end waa made yesterday
and is now being considered. In case
it Is accepted the United Gat
Improvement company will become
proprietors of the existing gas works
and will enter into agreement with
the city to t ? furnish gas to the city
and consumers at the rates specified
in the late ordinance. Should the
Nebraska Gis Light company ro'iuo
to sellmains will at once be putchasod
and preparations acivuly bouuu for
the immediate erection of now works.
In conversation last evening with a *
reporter of THE BEE , Manager Gibbi
said , "Wo have inndo a liberal ofFar
to Mr. Murphy , and feel aatUGed thut
ho will see that iv is to his advanta ute
to accept it. There seems to have
been an impression in some quarters i
that the United Uis Improvement
company had something to coll. Wo
have nothing to sell but gond and
cheap gap , which wo can manificture
under our patents at a profit , and
furnish to the citizens of Omaha , at
about half the price they are now
paying. Wo made every tffort to pur
chase the present worka before secur
ing our ordinance. Having sicurod it
o shall certainly , before the
oar is out manufacture and vend
as in thii city at the
a'.es wo have agreed upon with the
ty council We propose to do thin
urael ois. Wo have no pitonts or
ights to sell. To save time and
rouble wo would like to purchuao the
iroiont worka , but if the gentlemen
refer to retain their plant we shall
mincdlataly begin the croc'ion ' of
ulldings and prepare for the laying
f pipes. With no wish to destroy
ho value of their property wo have
mrdo the present company what wo
; onsider a generous offer fur their
> Iant and ore only awaiting the ru-
ult of the negotiation ? . "
"Supposing you pnrchaso the
works , Mr Gibbs , " asked the re-
iorter , "what effect would the ordi
lance have in restricting your charges
or gas manufactured under your
"We shall sell gas for what wo have
greed to and are ready to make thnt a
londitionof the purchase of the woiks.
The ordinance would hold n < * to that
under any circumstances. You can
> ay that just na sure as the sun shines
within nine months wo will bo selling
a better gai in Omaha than that now
vended at the rates fixed by the city
wuncll. We moan butinots , wo have
lie procctsflB and the capital to put
hem into execution and the people of
Omaha phall certiln'y ' have a part of
ho benefit of the now invention. "
A Gran a Success.
The fair of the Swcdiah Library as-
ociation , given at their hall , closed
u Saturday night with a grand ball.
The affair was well arranged and draw
a line patronage , being most on joy a
bio throughout. Wo are glad to learn
t it was a succecs both socially and
On Saturday night six prize } were
voted to the most popular ladles and
entlemon na f tllows :
Mr. John Nordwall , a valuable
rocking chair ; Miss Guitavson , a aet
of bracelets and chain ; Mies Bon * '
strom , a splendid music box ; Mrs
Nordwall , handsome toilet set ; Aug
Peterson , Turknh pipo. to accommo
date both himiolf and friends all at
: nce ; Mi's Sindberg , n lovely hat
with bird trimming.
TO L' ) AN Call at Law office of D. L.
MONEV room 8Crt'lithtou Cloctt.
' . LOANOn chattel morttroge fa
MO'.KYT A. D. Tutton , No. 1510 OouRlas
strco' front room up > tin . t35-tf
TO LOAN At 8 per cent. Shrlver'b
MOSEY Ijtito tnd Loan Agency , oppodte
postolllco. 707 tl
(2.di ( AAATO IOAN At 8 per cent Ii
O-CUU.UUU tcrcat nsumso ! J2,000andup
\\irds , for 8to 5 J care , on first class city and farm
propcrt ) . IlKMis Ilr.Ai , ESTATB nd LOAN AUBNCY
16th and Douglas .Sin.
nicur rMrt i C.LJ
Ktrl about 12 to 15 , years of tue wanted to
A laid ) c\rj o' little chl dreu Inquire ai 315
. 0 tM6tti 3treo : . 701.10
. W'NTKDyoun * innn of ( 'oojiul.
OI.KUK , who Id a fair | niimn. !
.Sum girl , 1711 Jft'.kson street.
AMK , A good girl 21.5 Davenport 8t
"ANIED-A eood girl 'or the kitchen t U
W 18 Ilo ardHtr et. liood w je . 74MSJ
IKII H s. . . . . > . city reference Ad-
UaootHce" 7J3-2it
ANTED A Rlrl to do lltchtn wrk mrst
W tc < o "I ccok haUof refoni.ce nqulrtd ,
toed ( { p.U. Apply S E earner JO h MU
C llfornU St. .4M t
> KOU CAHII-Cheap residence lo
WANUU tbrru b ocks of d ri-ot iar . No fan
cy price r > ild. rtii'eloc tlon nd price. Adln-u
Jeofflce. 73S-irJ
AAfANfEll "Suit of furnuhod ro ms ll
YV board for Kl ! and m k'rlitlj prhat
hmllv , llrst c'a locution. I cut tf re t-rcnce g1\
en. Address M. A. Armstrong MllUrd 11 te
- Hoarder * t MM pir weik o
WANTEU- mouth , at fr07 lltrne > , bct i
ANTED A u > k a so womtn In laundry
W I'acllli' Hotel ColunibuiNeb
vi > o underitaodn thorough
ly to dia - m p , p'o'f , etc . nai.ti cmploj
ment. AJdte "UuuKUtimau , " otBce ol Ihl
paper. 7 17 {
W ANTKD Erery one to leivo ortlrri for help
at 217 N. 16th utrte. , up-sUlre. 332 W
Unturned 'oo cs f r rent in brlc1 ! hoive
llteChugoS te-t. 7M-20
rANlKU-A ( Civ ooro iff ctarle Agent * *
W cv > .t tei9 , | l | i > oy exciptictd | ten (3.
to | 5 day ni i new men ( c m (1,75 lo | 3 , y.
AJdren m\\i \ g experience , Woittrn Agoutu Sui/-
pi Co. K ni.Sc. y MJ. 762 18 }
nIvNrRt' ( i o crT o buar.cMnni icomcrt
nt 1C10 t ) \.ni ) rt st ce . 746 IM
MMri inaMn < ant plain Rowing at
W HIS IVnim 8t. frlit-t niodoratf. 737-iht
WAMKO-Settlntfln prUftti ftmlly by the
dn.M.ll work cheap. Acdresa MrO. .
II. Port fitllto. 763-35
S11UATIO 4 WASTED lly yiuntf mn 21
jtr.rsolngc , in clxik In dr gwAt 'lothl'n
or h ot ' il 'hoc nt re H ye r < cxpt rlinee. Kpc U.
Knull h niil ( Jcruiin. Addieu it. W. lhl < , ilico.
750-15) )
fpOK KKNT To unturjl'bed rcotuti pp ilrj
I1 Into each ih r u upln a hll. Il' nrr'g
block , cjr. Sts and H w > r ) , 741-171
oil KEN M i-trontroim with ale x aml
clo ct for ; 'ntlcin.n.l4 ) ccrocr ; R h and
705 20
J1 U U N T IHO nlce'y lur I'sheJ ' tion
J 1 door uor Ii c ( D ; < Ua on 18ib. 7 9-20
71011) ) room , hua'vd lij re-
} 1st r. Ho Idrnce 8tn ri'er , eiJo 0 Bt
out north of Chlcap . 7 < 7-17t
71011 KENT -it' , hflUBi. , 2 ti 11 rooms , ftt ? . ! to
; 8 fl per m nth ; 8 and 2 aero gnnl n , ltn
IOUSB , bnrn , etc. , o > ? I and 3 2 p.r
lO'iih. Shr.U'r's Itent
i ureiui , oniwsile post-
OU HENT roiiiwlh board also fiwtihle
b ardors 1713Didg < > H . 7h-10t
.j Olt UENT Fivj ffnfurnlslHxi upper roims ,
C front and luck cntraucj. II fennces S. K.
corner 17th and Chicago &t. 721-I7J
FOU U NT Two n rely f urn fch d rooms S. E.
corucr 20th aLd IXmnpoit wither wlthrut
o'ard. C50-151
Ji\.i > nl ( boscmmt of hu IJInpr No llllFnrnam
sirett Inqu re \tdoor > ca t. 732-17
I.Oil KENT Stneral snu I houses , 5 rooms
I1 cock. DH. C. II. 1'AUL.
TIOK'UENT Two 11 gc rb"Tii ( it 2201 WcWc'r
: atreit. 7 J15t _
A HK-JT-TlioCnd
AA of building Jio. 1111 Kur um strict. Inquire * .
t rtoor t. 73n *
T7IOII IlENF A good furnUhcd rj in. AUs
J ? rooms nultab'o ' f r hoa'ekecplnjr , fur' Inhol
or unfurn shed , i20 North ISth rtrei-t. 731-iC )
FOH llhNT I'our comfortabh hiscmt-nt
rooms Ftiltnhle for houseceiiiiiK al-n food
barn. Icqulie ImmulliUIy of F D. COOJUT
noith wejt corner ot 23rd nnd Hurt St 730-lm
P OH KENT-Poublc otllco In Jacobs Wees.
I71"lt Hh'sT Up B.airs , 1417 Ka nh m atn .t ,
E Oil It NP Oan lirife rl'oiy fur ils > > od room
wl'h h jonl for t o a ; leOS Cnliforul S5.
707-ltu .
7IOU KENT mContintttr'-ct ' St Murj'i 8 av-
J cnue , a c no Btor hou'.e ' bix rooms ai il two
jrs s abl , Inqtiin-liark I L-roj.Uai's ' ollice.
OJ > 2 *
rjlOfl KV'i O -tcublo tno store b il illug
JD Bultabefic ro cry. ! n , hutchoi tliop.
nr any rth rlia liics < . Locit d i-o ihu u > ou
firiuer'a trite can hcfccurod. Kivin'rer-f ' Mre.
M.'tan o , c rnir JaUujn and Will ttrctt.
( .1-dl9 1m
BHJIIS' New Map ol Omaha , Just completed t nd
road ) for dcllt cry at ir > caon. Is 4 feet wiilo
> y 7 feet Ion , ; . I.arifcst and most complcto map
[ Omaha c\cr published. Olilclal uiap of the
Ity. See column. _
[ "poll ENT ' liousis of8 rOoune eh. In-
L1 quire 1019 F. rnliam ttro t. & 05-lttl
JtO't ' SAKE-Sjun o young ir.uKHvnhw ' on
' anl lisr cs'ct't.uj 8 en at L wry s ablj on
3thbo' etu llowarJ and . .liijkan .Sir , its
_ 7liMC (
I710U ALK-r i ets mip * of Ni raska rOc
1 lach. Kjr h-r alns In . ha Cits' Iniproxcd
nd un' mpr % i-d iiropertj , in 1 on W in , Shn
CT , o > i Estate Afrent , oppoa Ic po totliee.
7h3 1
iS Cbuipfcr cilh ono gocd family
! ho'te sil b u fnr p aeto.J , mly orclllctu
iho.orridiT nl'O ono \i\gf \ tip i'haclon\
didi rmm rend new Inrnis , a BO oi.o prc-
ium J. . ry co , .jAg rj old fnai thla 'all , a'so
ny re''qeino ' - t a
nrnerlOh aid I/\id. A ply li.u.cdl tcly on
lie jrcml'tn , roino for ne'.lln'j.olni' ' ucnth
.rlhowlnttr U. > ' . ' . \lthu-ll. " 53101
PU SALE -Small house on leased lot S.M.
corn- Oth and Jackson. I'tpilre ' on prem-
SL3. 717-23) )
KO ALH CHEAP-G2 mil s west ol
Ouiaha , on 111) Vnlon 1'jeillirailroad. .
Irlck larn , twort rj hoto and fiu-t lluri- , three
o > uClu2 KOOil stand , go d busmu'S. Oo d
I'as-onj for u. Imiiilro of subsc-ilcr.
AL KOltllH ,
713-lm-mo Keith Htnd , Neb ,
O' ASO" Un lnei < for Sjlo-A
torr.l ctoc'x ri mcrchanill'e , in r. g ode
o n , OT tin II. it M. mad ; ' ' \r.i \ n jed tu I-
t88bid cjrry n il n ocUd stoei. Ciuo fcr
fl i K , t. ( h ipr > 'tis iiB ii V i f Tiber i'fo/-
n atlni. nd'rs "Md e. ' 11 Olll * . ] > C-9t
SAi E Six room cottaito lth bam tni )
FOH lot on Chicago strict , near Illsh School
Only , * . JkCAOUK ,
COll do i7-tf Opii. I'oi oifioo.
FOR 8\LK A Orrt C'IUM ' iccond tun-l phaeton'
Cell at l3L9HarmySt I > 07-tf
r nuric FOR SALK-IO oo per
ll th u and , YarJ 15th btruct , t o b octa
outhcf It ) Uviioroid
pjc23-Jmt I/JS.1' 550 DinBriE , _ _
BKMIS Now Map of Omiha , Just completed am.
ruady for d. ll\cry at i.'i each. Is 4 foot wide
) > 7 feet Ion ; ; . Largest and most complete map
of Omaha over published. Olllclal map of th
citj. Sea column.
I'M IK da > bo rd at ho CrdK'Uon hoiisti it ) ro-
. due nl to JVOO iler u t-n 72116
ilHY The llofntr StarlJed bpniumanutactur-
1 edand warented by f. T Bonbow 71G South
3th St. Omaha. 028 dtc ISMw t
TI NAL1HT , 498 Tenth street , betw ccn Karnam
and Ha ney. Will , with ho aid of cuanllan
spirits , obtain for any ono a glance of ( he past
and present , and on certain conditions In thr fu *
ture. Hoots and Shoes made to order. Pitted
satl-fictlon truarant < ert
Absolutely Pure.
ThU po dcr neur varli" . A innnel of punty ,
htrcn tn and uholtitomeneu. Moro ivotiomlcai
than the orplnarj k lid * , and raiuiot bo sold In - [ .
( . oinjKtl Ion with the multitude of low test , ihoit
ueUht , ahru or ph rphato pouiltr , Bold only la
can . Itov.a HAHSU l'o lirR Co. , Wall Ht. , S l
New York.