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England Outlines Her Sim
Future Operations ia Egypt ,
Guaiilinp ; tbo Gnnal and
prDeemg Sltivo Traffic the
Objicca cf Her Heart.
Brilliant Future of the
rnrnell Party Suggested
by enton ,
Th * frfnuo ofiiittr < clilsti Fiends
fir Llfjnud Social 2t
Dublin Cftstio Elfitud Over the
Oaten cf Gonn > lrutora
Dispatches to Tim HKK
ON , Juntmy lf The Brititli
notu in ro ard to Ejfpt proponed
iu order to rvoid tmy ubuao of the
fropdmn nf the SJiz cu al , ic dull bo
enacted that in timu ( ifvar , u limit *
turn bt placed on the tuna during
which vcBscls of a belligerent power
are permitted to remain in tlu canal ,
and that no troops or munitions of
war shall bo ditemharltad end no hos
tilities bo permitted in the cannl or
its approu.chi.-s , or ai y where In the
territorial watera of E ypt , ovnn in
the event of Turkey bolng one if the
belligurontn. The recurrence tf an
emergency resembling the la'o rolvl
lion IB providtd far by a clbute , ex
cepting racaourea for the dufcn u of
Egypt from the above rustr.ctionB.
Every pow shall ba bound to bear
the cost Oi immediate repair c f
any dama o itn vessels ma >
cause in thu ctnnl. Kjypt ohall
take a1 ! measures in her power to
enforce the conditions imposed upon
shipi of belligerent powers using the
canal. No'fjriificntinns-to bo oncied
on the canal or in its vioinity. Noth
ing in the agreement chall be con
atrued us curtailing the territorial
righto of ilgypt further than ia rx
presaly sKpulntu Among other sub
jocta thu uoto declares tbo question rf
euppree iou of slavery and aiavo trade
to bo ono in which the British govern
tnont hao much at heart , aud that it
will mini no opportunity of advising
the khcdivu to take r.tcpa calculated
toiiUtd i thy end in view.
Doubter , January 15. Threat moro
arreB H to diy : for conspiracy to mur
der (11i } ia. \ . It ia s\id : the police pur-
poaaly loft to some persona named in
the warrants the opportunity of ( pit
ting the country.
Douurs , January .15 Smo of the
porpotia arrested recently hae been
watched by detectives two yours. Ev-
Idenrn will ba given of the existence
of a ! Ftmian armory , alao of the for
mation of n , plot to murder Lord
Frederick Cwendloh , Eirl Spencer -
cer and other government
cfihess. Proof will bo aub.
mittod of the companionshio oi
some .prisoners . with persona fiund
guilty of murderous outrages. There
ia a perfect panic among the couaplra-
tori ; one informer h a man recently
convicted. The police secured a re
volver .purchased along with ono will
whloh'tho attempt waa made on J odgi
Liwoon's lifo. It ii believed the gov'
ornment will bo able to prove the ex <
latonse of n conspiracy to murder gov <
Setton , M. P. , speaking at Mallow ,
said the day waa coming when Par
nell'e party would bo supreme In Ire
land &ad that at the next election foi
members of the home of conimom
they will have tiro-thirds of the ooati
which will make British rule in Ire
land impossible.
BEKMK , January 1C. Mr. Maren
sky , a German missionary twenty.twi
years in Suuth Afrio * , declares thi
SMUU Africa confederacy under thi
British flic ; is the only safognan
against anarchy. He advises Qurmani
to emigrate tnither.
PABiKJaHUiryl5 Da CJIorc atatoi
In the chamber to.riiy that during th
Egyptian hostilltiea the attitude o
France was torEngland that of a con
fiding iriend , separated by tomporar
divergencies After suppression o
the rebellion franco favored there
establishment of the status quo , pane !
lug overtures from England. The lal
ter having wished to alone asumo th
task of regulating the situ.UionFranc
resumed her liberty of action , the gov
eminent betug .cjrtain this cours
would meet thu approbation of th
Teisaerona DoBort , republican , w
elected fourth vice prnsident of th
The Republiquo Franciiso congra
elates the govonnnont upon docidln
to proceed with the Totiqain ei pad
LYONS , January 10. The preslden
of the court tryiug the anarchists ri
cekred nineteen threatening lottrn
BeToral boiiii ? from Switzerland , GJe :
macy and Russia.
Lax DON , January i5. A gooc
train collided with a passenger trai
near B epney railway junction to-daj
Thirty iijured.
BLl/.l.SO A ULQiOfS.
MOJUTHEAL , January 15. Ti
McOill university authorities ne'ze
832 003 belonging to the estate i
MIBB Barbarn Sjott , to meet the le |
acy Icfi by her fo finnd a chair in tl
university , but which the ttotuto
would not p y
rnr PRINCE'H n.Ei.
LYONS , January 15. At the tri
of the anarchists to-diy Prlnoo K.T
potkine , addressing the court in hewn
own dcf Jtuo , sought to show that tl
jso-called international did not cue
Anarchlat Ideas , he deckrcd , we
enreadiog , dcupito 11 cffjrtfl to su
pecE * them. If ho were candemn. .
the result would be to attract pro
lytoa to the onus. H < Ind been P
rcsUJ , ho averred , bwiuao lie wu
foreigner and bucauio U nas thom-
dcelrablo to Ribbot an tlfi y
the internatimml. The oy > of all t
workmen cf Franco and abroad w i
fixed upon this trial , but urbeoi ih
found the international did not exist ,
they would recognize it as merely
ppraccutiou by another mm ; . Prince
ICripotkhio concluded by predicting
that ten years would not olausn with
out occurrence of social revolution.
EIo conjured society to avert it by
studying the social question lastead of
persecuting anarchists.
LONIHN , January 15 The Times' '
Cairo diipntch tatca a toltgtain from
aiiolHHul in C.iiiataniiiioulo ropiris
that SJBIU C.rcnsjlana attempto'l Sun
day to nemtHUia'o the eultttn. A
wouinn divuloJ , th < 3 plot. The Alba
nian bodygn\rJ mot and defeated the
Circmiaua in tl o vicinity cf the mil-
tail's upiu'iniunte , Siworal moil were
killed in the encounter.
LONDON , Jarimry 15. The Duke
and U choasof Kimburgluvn atarttd
f ir Horlin to nttcnd the nllver wod-
dmij of O'nwn Pnnco Frederick
Willhrn. Tn Duke of Minuter
' avcs Thursday and the Prince ( f
Wales Siturday.
VinNN.i , January 15 A man in the
anifc rin ot a general of BtaH'auccAoded
yeatotday in cntnring the i tlica in
Strnsobur whom etcrot military docu-
uiunta are kept and had almost
iiuiahod copy ing ( ino when the iUior
in charge akcd lilm who had ordered
the copy. Owirg tohla confuaed
anavrera he was fcuapcctod and on in-
veatigation ho waa found to be an im-
pojter and was arrested.
PESTH , January 15 Six hundred
houses m Mohaua are iljoded and
half fallen in ,
VIENNA , January 15. Crown Prince
Rudolph hna ubandonod hia trip to
the east , and resolved to devote a portion
tion of the aum for the trip to the
flood sttl'jrers.
LONDON , Jauuury 15. Michael
Divitt , the Iiiah agitator , was ontbu-
eiaatically received laat night at Uaa-
tingdon , where ho waa reared.
PESTII , January 15. The Danube
IMS subsided everywhere above the
Mohacaon that river , but fugitives
cannot return to their homca as the
houaea aru doatroyed or filled with
LONDON , January 15. The env
ployoa of the Caledonian railway havu
atiuck. Only ton of the f jrty ouginet
in the il.umltou depot c.iu bo used.
Five hundred men paraded in llnmll
ton to day prior to quitting the tow't
for Glasgow.
PARIS , January 15. The Rippol ir
referring to the Prince of Walto un
veiling the atauto of the Prince Itn per
lal , at Woolwich , atigmatizpa the Eug
lish nation an a herd of ctttle and the
English arniy as an army of women ,
Tiie other ruwapapcra make spitofu
comments on thoaffuir.
The Panic Felt Among the Trav
oiling People ,
The Paxton Takes Timely Pre
The Newhall house horror has created
ated a general panic among travelers
ors , and the exaggerated report
which reached hero at first Rundtv
of the burning of the Planters' houa
in St. Louis , added iuol to the fhmea
The conveniences of our own hotel
for fire escape were generally dlscu :
eod , ono gentleman remarking to
BKK reporter that ho could not in future
turo ba dragged higher than the pai
lor floor , oven if a log chain was a !
tachod to him. This rule , if gonorall ;
adopted , would result In a necesslt ;
for enlarging parlor il aura so that the ;
would cover two or three blocks each
Yesterday the 'Kitchen Broi
gave ordera far the perfection at one
of plans which will make It forove
Impossible tor guests of the Pax ton t
faar fire.
They had already a door leadln
out from the third floor to the rocf c
the old Herald building , from whic
0 S. Ooodrich's building and uthoi
cf ino'i height would afford escap
from the three upper floors
The now arrangements contcn
plato the cutting of anotht
door from the fifth floor ot
over the old Herald ttfico and tli
construction of a stairway from thei
down to the roofit. This will give eae
exit in two phcos from the west sic
above the third Moor.
The must striking featured in th
line are , however , to bo adopted f <
tha Farnam and Fourteenth strci
fronts It will be remembered tlu
thoBO two Rides are adorned by maa
ivo porticos , ono at ench story , extoni
ing from the first to the fifth. Thei
were looked upon as affording raeai
of escape by ropes ur la <
dcrr , but the proprietors propoi
to make them much moro avails bl
They will cut a gangway through oa <
port'cj , beginning with the fifth stoi
and ruuning down to the second , ar
will run a stairway with iron rallir
down by successive QlghU , BO th
ladies could descend without the lea
danger or exertion. From the fir
story porticos ladders would at at
time ctfjr a moans of escape and tl
arrangement described wuuld alfoi
the Piiton the most complete eccurl
of any hotel in tha country in th
Krlly and To mm any.
Special Dlnpatch to Tux linn.
NEW YojtK , January 15. Jol
Kelly was ro-ek-oted chairman of tl
Tammany committee on rrgauizitio
Resolutions wore adopted tlmnkli
Mayor Edsou for his appolntinonl
plecginghim support and congrat
luting the people on a mayor who pt
Ri'saes the courage t < ) stanrt by hli oo
victiona , even 'against a prejudia
BncJclm'a Aruicti tJalve.
I'tsr .SALV * In the wotld for Cn
, BOMB , Ul r > , Silt Rhenm , J
er Soren , Tuttcr , Ch ! pped Hamln , tl
hlalnp , Gome , uuM Mn crJi'tlonp , a
tmUlvcly cureflpJJt * . It i fMrwtcfri
iiho aatldactfon i tt < ooy rclandi
i'rlw , 15 ceut < pc ? .ci. tci n\t \ \ > r
An Arkansas Bonius Formulates
a Plan for Railway Regu
By Providing a Hugo Junket-
fj Tour for the Preatu :
Ocmuiieal nor ,
ThCnlcultted Cent cf the Ntw
Nuval Vtasiis Sout to I ho Hunio
Proceedlusa of rousroia and Other
Sx | > .l. l DN | > utrh to Tins IKK.
WASIIINC.THX , January 15. Tl
joint resolution otTored by Mr. Dunn ,
f Arkansas , and referred to the c-nn-
uiitteo on commerce , provlden f ir in-
veatigatlon cf the subject of railroad
Tansport.itlon in all its rolattona to
.ho agiiculiti'al , commercial and in-
diftrlal intorestaof the United Stnti'S ,
directs the commlssionor of railrosdti
o consider aud luvcstigato the sub
ject and inqniro jjmorMly Into tlu >
: onditiona hll'ecting commorca with
foreign nations and among the ctaton ,
: ho character and extent of discrimin-
itiona made by railroad corporations
and the ra'cn charged by them
whether nxhorbitnnt or unequal
and Bufliciont for the tratllc
throughout the country , to ascertain
ua nearly UH may bo the coat of con
struction and equipment of roads ,
amount of stock issued by the com
panics , amount Issued in excess of
iost of construction and equipment
and the rate and amount of dividends
declared and paid. The resolution alao
directs the pommiasioner shell have
power to send for persona and p.ipore ,
; o administer oathu and oxaniino wit
nesses in the prosecution of hia inqui
ries , and vUit such portions of the
country as ho may deem advisable.
niiTEit inox LANCJS.
The secretary c f the interior decides
; hat lands in the Bitter Hoot valley ,
Montana , are not subject to the grant
of the Northern Pacific railroad. Thla
land ia oc cupiid by eettlels.
with Si.oretary Teller to-dsy. lie
urged pjjmout of horses taitcn by
General Crook. The money was ap
propriated to pay for those horaoa and
u letter has been sent to the third
auditor of the treasury , inquiring il
any balance of the fund remains ,
The sub committee of the republi
can national committee , to which war
referred the subject of representation
at the next national convention of the
republican party , will meet to-morrow ,
The chairman invites all members ol
eho national committee to bo present ,
The aenatc in executive .session do-
elded to postpone further considera
tlon of the treaty with Mexico whict
provides for retrial of the Well ant
La Abra cliims until the tar ill" bill le
disposed of.
The letter of the secretary of tin
navy , transmitting a supplemental report
port for the nival advisory board t <
the house , recommends a change ii
the monitors Puritan , Amphitrte
Terror aud Monadnock. Breech load
ing turret guns of great length , am
the substitution of a roller for tin
spindle baao ia fluzgedted. The esti
mttod coat for the Puritan Ia piven ai
? ! ) GO 000 for the hull , § 455 ! )76 ) fo :
tno machinery , and 5253,150 f jr ord
nanco. For the completion of th
> ther three monitors the cost will be
Amphltrlte , $1,21)1,220 total COB
$1 801,43a ; Terror , $1,291,220 , tola
out $ l,8-5(4'J2 ! ; Monadnock , $1,434 ,
43t ! , total coat i.083.7.75. ! Tno Pea
ay a it is understood the secretary o
ho navy has decided to close fou
rards on the tilat of March next.
The senate committee on aporoprl
ations will act on the paste ill Jo ap
> ropriation bill sometime during th
lay. The sub-committee which ha
charge of the bill retained the olauH
irnviding for the reduction of lette
> ostago to two cents per half ounce
3pecl l Dlapatcb to Tim Btx.
WAHIIINOTON , January 15 In th
senate a number of petitions wet
presented and bills introduced. A
, ho close of the mnniicg basinets
fir tharelief of Ben Hjlllday wa
taken up , The question .being o
L'lutnb'a motion as a substitute for ii
A bill to enlarge tha powers and dt
ties of the department ot agrlcultni
wai put In.
Davis ( \V. V. ) spoVo in fjvor cf tl
agricultural bill.
ATorrill spoke in opposition to th
llalllday hill , and waa f jllowod b
Oimeron ( N a. ) , who demanded th
reading ( f trio report of the comrnitU
oi ) claims on the Holladny cane.
While the report was being ren
the morning hour cloHed and th
tariff bill came up aa unfinished bus
Senator Fryo Introduced a joir
resolution , directing the president <
the United States to give notice Jul
next of our intention to terminate a
tides 18 to 25 and article 30 of tl
treaty of Washington , relating to tl
ulehoriea. Adjourned.
Mr. Bragg endeavored to have tl
y Fitz John Porter bill cinaldi'rod , bi
objtctionn wore rai f'd by Daweti ai :
Taylor , cf Ohio. Under the call i
states a number of bills were Intn
dncod and referred. Curtln ,
Pennsylvanis , preaontod A petition i
the subscriber * ( I the Philadelph
centennial etock , atiklnj ; for an n
propriittlon to pay tha deficit of t !
The inotal sohodula , as repr rtod t
the seuato fiifanco cominlttco In thn
tariff bill , haa provokud BO much cell
cism from various interest that t
day , by order of the committee ,
telegram was nunt to Oliver , ft mci
her of the tariff crnnnlnalon , who pr
pared thia schedule , tu conm to Waa
ington at und explain it.
At the conclusion of the call
stated the apeaker called on the coi
mittcoor motions f > r
rules ,
> Hr. Dutttrworth , from the Pad
' the roBolu
, moved to adopt
tion fixing Wednesday , the 24th inst. ,
for the consideration of the moaautci
from that committee , the objust beins
to oi nsidcrtho bills prnvldliw for the
aiuklng fund for the K nsas Prtcilic
mid HUtlmrizlnn thn consolidation ol
the Southern Pacil'u and other rail ,
After a spirited debate , in which It
wan contended' that the cotifolldation
bill would deprive the Pncith coast
of hnalthy competition , Mr. Bailor-
worth's motion was loat 10r ,
1100) flli
On motion of Mr. Sherwin ntoio-
Intion w.\ adopted , 120 t 27 , making
the cjiiimittuo on education's lull f it
the support of the cjinmon tchuolt
the special order for the JJOili in t.
Mr. Giluon ( Li. ) Introduced i\ > i' ' '
to repeal the civil norvlcu livw of l.s.i ,
and to repeal eoctlon UHUO of the Uo'
vised S Atulcn , giving the preaid' nt
authority to appoint and temovt
A bill was introduced by Mr. Vnl
enJi'io ( NTol ) ) concerning swain )
latida It provides that the liitf whicb
noiv controls the posaefisiun mul
reclamation cf such lands in Arkan
sas bo oxtt'iidud to owamp latul in
Ivantar , Nobnvska , Colorado and No-
? lr. Kio ( ilo. ) from thn committee
on pcUBlons , moved to suspend the
rule * and adopt a resolution makiig
the bill ijrantlog pensiono to survivore
of the Mexican end certain ludian
wara the special order for the lirut
Tuoaday in February. Adopted
yeaa 157 , nays 01. Adjourned.
The State Convention of County Su-
Superintendent J. T. Points , ol
Douglas county , returned on Satur
day from attendance at the Countj
Suporlntondouts' convention at Liii'
This convention was presided ovei
by II. S. Bowers , of Lancaster county ,
E. E. Armor , of York , waa electee
Superintendents preaent A. A ,
Crusmaii , Boon ? ? Michael Dolany ,
Butler ; Syrus Alton , Oasa ; S Rod
gera. Dodge ; E. B. Barton , llamilton
0. W. Scott , Howard ; E B. Cowing
f'-raou ; O. A. Noble , Johnron ; 11 ,
Bowers , Linoastor ; B. W Biker
IerrlckMrs. ; Ella T Shlok , Neuiahn
. K. Mencriof , Platte ; A.V. . Nando
nan , Saundeis ; E. Benson , Seward
. T. M llaliou , Buffalo ; 11. II Wil
ianiH , Nucknlla ; J. B. Lenis , Fillmore
moro ; K. E. Armor , .York ; J. J
olnta , D juglas ; O. D. Cowa , l\i\ineo
Objuoi of the meeting as stated b ]
ho chairman , to oonaidor neceasir )
ihangea in the school lawu and recom
mend action thereon by the lugioli
Moved by E. B. Oowlca , of Jclfer
on , that we approve the organizuioi
if precinct high cchoola andrecoiu
noud the passage of a h\v providin
; horefor. Motion loaf , after a length ;
discnsaion , by a votoof 12 to 5.
Moved by ( I. L. Bowera that wo a
convention recommend locislatlp
requiring county text-book uniformit
and prohibiting frequent changes
Cii'riod without oppotitiou.
Committees on the question c
holding the annual mooting roporte
recommending in view of the uumo
oua diilicaltieB to bo met , that n
changa bo asked for. After an an
mated dieouseion the motion provai
Moved by A. W. Vandorman tin
the term of oliiao of school dlatrict d
rectors bo made to expire on July . '
instead of ton days after the aunu
mooting. Motion loat.
The committee on the qncatic
of teachers' attendance reportoi
recommending that section j
subdiviaion X , of the school law , t
so amended as to require the counl
cummlailonors each year that an ii
stitute bo hold in the county to ad
25 from the general fund cf t )
county to the Institute fund theroi
and bo glvon discretionary power '
IncreasQ the appropriation notexooo
ing $103. That suction 7 e f Hild aa' '
division read : The county euperii
tendent mny , at hia discretion , r
voko the certificate of , or n fuse
grant a certificate to , any person wl
neglects to attend the county ins !
In the cioo of _ normal graduat
from the elementary course , ho in :
report their failure to attend to tl
president of the normal school , ai
such report shall bo adliciunt rca (
for the president of the normal echo
to revoke the normal certificate ,
That dlrectora , on receipt of not !
from the county superintendent , slu
cloao all schools of the county durh
the time the institute shall reimin
session. Tie port accptetd and adopte
Resolved , That wu recommend tl
legislature to amend tno Bocond ai
fourth chuacB of section 25 of the 1&
relating to counties and county c ( Hoc
so an to ioclu'lo the woids "coun
BQponntondiMit. " Carried.
litd\xlt \ That this convention di
approve nil propoaed legislation pr
hibiting the state auperintondent fro
accepting railroad pauses , unless pi
vision bo made for the payment
the travelling expenses of that ollici
0 irrled.
Jiesnlvtd , Th t wo auttiorlzo t
Htat nuperlntendont to rcoommend
the legislature , in ciao of the pri
a o of theeo amendments , that
"tnorgonoy clause also be attache
( Qllewli-el , That thia convention oar
ostly rtcommonds school boardc , cit
town und coun < ry to close their tcho'
during thn ocseiou.ot the S ate Teac
era' usaooiatiou , and urge their teac
era to attend. Carried.
On m itioti n coinmittco of sr.v
was appointed tj atsist the state B
, jorinttndpnt in securing the passa
of theuovoral'itnqn'lments rontldere
ojiislxtini' cf J. J. P.iriu , II. S Bo
( ird , M Di'laiiny , J. K M&tlulieu ,
Benson , A. W. Yandeman and
W. Hiker.
A Vnl o Worn thn Munaum-
Spcd&l Dltpatcli to Tim UKK.
BihroN , January 15. Tim mayo
clerk wai uunt tu thu | atnflijo to-d
for u letter dutrvlni d for postage , 11
letter wai pontmarkud January ] ! ]
and ro-ul : Mayor I'ulmar , I am t > oi
to kill old C ) V. Butler in five rnnnt
and twenty eight days from to-dr
Then I will chooeo you ftr govern
of old Mu itehu otts. I gent him
warning I have sworn It.
'd ] CiiAitir.s GUITBAU.
Horrible Murder tf
Brush ,
No Poeitive Glow to the Forpp.
tnitor , but Sovorul P.-raona
Suapeoted of the
Oflrup ,
Whom Are n tmv.r anil n.
Slstpr uf ihn Viulim.
rinUdalpltli I HIM
NKW HAVKN , January . ' ( O ui of
the most mysterious utitl brutul of
Ujinucticut'a many murdi > rs occuriuu
in S-ratfurd lint Saturday tug'it o-
Sundny morning , and in perplexing
the local ntithurltiua , who htiyo called
to their iiiniatiuicn thu nailatnnt atiite
attorney f T Full Held county and Do-
tojtivo VfuoA , who figured in thn
CratiiiT investigation. Thu victim
was Mm I'iioobu Uruth , who aopiiuit-
od from her husband , Win. Urush ,
mid was einco divorced from hi.n , mm
who was receiving the nttontions of
Henry Fromuon , < I Mcrldor. At 4
o'clock Sundny ( if.urnoon her donrt
body was di-onvorod by u niirty who
Intended to Invite her to a Now Year's
Eve watch meeting in the Uaptiai
church. Her head bore alx dlatinut
wounds from n bloody axe found in
the room where thu body waa und her
he ltd hud nearly been aevurtd fioin
her nock by a terrific slanting blow
uudur her le t our by the aamo inalru
luent , wh'oh ' was lufjuled with blood
and hair.
The arrangement of the room show
ed that oho had partially prepared her
Saturday night nuppor and had c.\t
down to knit. The knitting was still
iu her ham's and the lamp burned on
a table. There was nothing in the
room to give u clew to the murderer
Numbers tf lottorH wcro there from
Henry Freeman , who had promised to
marry her , worded in extravagantly
fond language. Oa the table wns hur
picture , addressed to him , but the
ouppoaed letter in the envelope con
touring the pioturo had boun extract
ed , nupponcdly after thu murder.
Nothing found in her correspondence -
once to indicate present lioatilny between -
tweon her currcapondenta. Ono lottui
shoivod thnt Frooinan had former ! }
bion j nloim , but FroL'iniin has istab
liahud an iilibi i\pparontly to the Batls
faction of the investigators. There 1
no ovidimco that the missing huabani
has vieitud Str.v f > rd rocoiitly.iilthougl
heiaBiiapcctod. Boston White , un admirer
miror of Mre. Mrucli'n muter , Deln
Gilbert , who quirrolud with Mra
Urush , is clnimcu to have an alibi.
Dolin Gilbert formerly lived wit ]
Mra. Brush , and they hid not bee ;
mi the most friendly terms lately
S'lo w'as nhaont from her home Situi
day night long enough to commit th
murder , and the authorities thin
aho may bo the guilty pirty , but n
motive for the crime on her part cloarl
appears , although jealousy in allecot
The wounds on the top of Mn
Brush's head were so slight , consu
uring the nature cf the instrnmon
I that it is thought probable they woi
dealt by a woman.
Delia Gilbert tolls contradiotoi
stories , and on n sleeve cf a aacqi
worn by her Saturday night a
stains which a Bridgeport miorosco
t 1st Bays nro blood She wnshed '
aacquo Sunday or Monday , but sa ;
this was that eho might have som
thing suitable to wear at the fuuora
No ono haa yet boua arrested.
The Brush house stood In a I one !
place in the woods. Frank Lilly an
Michael Illakey passed the pi too Sn
urdoy night , saw a light burning at :
hcatd a woman's voice cry "Olil"onc
as if in pain , but they did not invest
gato. Thcro is a more or loss apochr ;
phal story that a iiinn resembling Mr
Hand's divorced husband was set
about thu housp SUurday. Thla mo
were a dark shirt , stripud pants and
nlouch hat. Ho is being looked fo
Mr . Brush was poor , and only r
vongo or joaloujy could have boon tl
o motlvo fir murder. Freeman , tl
o lover , did not attend Mrs. Brush
funeral , which Is considered suap
cious , when his mauy ardent vows t
love are rucullud.
ii David MoWllllama aud Robert T < wlt
iiil In n "Purr"Ttwluu
Mice u LDtf.l
[ 1 Bp clal to thg Clilcitf > HeraU.
I'liiLiDKM'iiu , JanufTry 12. D.wi
McWilllivnip , n coal miner living i
Pjymuuth , Luzurno county , and Rol
ore Tdvlsh , a naloon keeper of Mam
yunk , were matched eomo tlmn ago i
"parr" for $250 a aide. "Purring
is known ua-ong aporting men as BC
or.tifio chin lucking , and thu contui
nut who is most ngllo and be
\tilo to ctand pnniahmeiit wins. Tl
battle was fought shortly after ml
bight Thursday ( " 'gat , in Oamdou , at
wu3 won by MoWnlmms in thu two
ty-thlrd round Thu men were bar
logged from knee to ankle , and eai
wore No. 7 brogatis. Both were ve
much exhausted. In thu twenty sc
end round Tavith'a aocnnda could n
step thn ibw of blood. Tluy waiiti
tj apply bandages but went n
allowed. MoWilltitms kicked Tavl
five tunes in the tironty-thlrd roun
and then the latter dropiiod like a 1 refused to go on , This ended t
c ntost.
PEHSONAL "I'artjtof thu hii mi lw
uuUr til , cititul' poil un I Btru Ktno1 i l , " cte
un iilcrLitln ) ; a I trtrrreit I' ) K ' ' ' " In '
lupcr In ri'U | to I < | ii rle < wu will ray tl
tlivra IH noivl en ! ( IniiiiljiU'ili ui
: o thu uontrnr } , Ihiailtcrtic ru ar. > ur > hl'il | )
Cor oil Inturoi irl pvri'iiin nagat H ai il >
culaM fc'Ulm ; ull parrii' * . ( 'Ulinr all | rtl.
hf li > a'Mrei > i < irirli : > M ill nll.u , I * . O. I
G13 , lluir.lo. N. V.o'wlu i V. ill ig Iko.
(4.1 ( ll-l/ _ _ _
UEAIUED TO NO. till 10TU t
j a
Kotlro U cru\ * . \t-nthitUn atintnl tmit
of thu Kto-k to'.duri nf I' o r'lrvt Nut vn\l Hi
of ' [ taau Inr 'hu e'fct ' o i ' ( 'Urrctom w II
litt d at tilI I an' ' enl < jt illj I' Imiuy , ll'td I
at 1 1 o'-lorl. a. in
Omthu Nib . 13ii ! lty K 11. DAY 8 ,
Farms ,
No. 10 Pull olaiiil n v luunii3 rooine , Im
tie OH un I one iii htnliH. Kl.lit font cel > liii ; b a\
unit ( ' \rnalimu. lltkk ( oiinilailon , nllnr , tto
A bargain , ( K )
I\o. Irt Uir o twontor } hnnso , 10 rooan , t
Inrut' crllarn. t ; Oil \trl uml diiem , lain , etc , o
Wi lister nnil ii'Jil ftnot , M.OOO.
'o 17-lxt f.Uxl . ( fit , n IIOUHO ol tw
rooini brck laiuiiKtlnn KKI luirel eiiU'rn o
Ilimiltrn ntnit iinir Poor C'livrcL'oi.U'lit < iOO.
No. 10-lloiHo nuil lot mi ITlli near darn 8
llOHKC ! ( i rOIIIII Ctc $ illW.
No. lf > llomuot ; i rooniH lull lot on I'lrrofi lUtli l.Oll
Nu II ! New rouscof 7 rootimltlioonicrlo
Imlf uillo w. Bt n ( Turmnhlo of rml utrctt cam c
Km ilcritRt. $1(1 ( u
No. ft HOUHC of il 'tit itemii , birn etc. I
iW\IOifntftlCK ! ) .
Vacant Lots.
No. 252 T o full lotH on 19th Htrcft near U
8t. 8IWK ) .
No.yil Twenty flrolot In 1'arktn iwlilltl'
Jiwt tiortli o ( thu end ol tud Btruct car Hut (4t
Uiich tuuty tcruiK.
Ko.SJU 1'uur lot on Pctnwarott niurllai
coin | &ik , IG ! > 0.
No. 331 Ono hall lot on South avenue , in >
Ft. Mar > 'a MOIIIO , 85 0
No. -KlK'htoon (18) ( ) lots on 21st , 27ml , i."J
anu Htundcrmtrcvt , i.uir ( ) acn , iMO each , a ,
en iRHyrrrnm.
N. ' . 3l < l Slxb iutiriilrc IilencelotiioiiCath
Inontnut , near ll'innc'mpark ' , jl,500
Twelve bo utllul ri'Hlilcin'u lotH tn llamilti
B'rupt , nrar enil ol old ttroatcar track ; hljli at
tlulitly , tfjfoto ? ; 0. ) .
Hov.ial acio an ) Imlf aie corner lota on GUI
lit , ' . Hurl a il California Hiccts , In LTWO'JIC
ojul nildltlon and 1'ark I'l-eo near Academy
Baciod Hutrt.
I , itn n I'ro'pect Flaco" on Haiilltin ai
Cliirlni fitroi t , jn t writ of the end of Hod Hue
Cur tack and ( Join put of the tiiatiri of To
Clare , ono and one half mlle f' ( > mKttillko M
! ! < mlofiomu I' . ahci > H , JIM ) to $300 > ac
only ft per cent down amtfiptr cmt per mont
I , > til i Lc o'n addition ontvtulf inllu went
rna of Hod Nlro t ' 'ar tiack nur Gouvont
I'.iorClaiflSitcril In Khlnn'n addition , 4126
HW < ach , and nnury o y terinu.
19ti In Hoilnch'i lot aud ! nd adHltlon
Hhlnn'K , I'.tk I'lacu , Loua'aUudiddltirn H < a'
Ijikci'rt , Ncliton'n , llinecora 1'laco , lUdlck'i a
dhljim uic. , vo
L'.ts In Vro It Fonder nddltlon" lust or
quttter m'lo ' mnlh-tait rf 1'nl'in I'jclfla and
itnilil. II. IU ilciOt , ? 2Wto8lMKeath , vcryta
Business Lots.
TnresKOid tiuxlreo lotn on Pols' near II !
utioet , H'lU'HittMcli , < l,60Uvach , crfl60JI
al'.uwy ' li.riin.
Two K " "I lnHlncis I it' on Karnixm iitruit , 3
00 feut uitll , Hltlifrnil ( i buildings Ihoron.rontli
for.ibni' sfil'-O ' jcr , jfartachj pr co tl'J50 , MC
4lxlU ; tint on Farnam nvar 10hntr : u. , corn
Hplrilillil Warchou i lot on Union I'idflo rlK
n' wa > , i.oitli of track inttcf Null Woikt
btlntf 13 ! fmt north f'Ontun oil llimn ttiot
) > y uboi t IM fo t wi-st front i-o on IDtti lit ,
Kunn a M | ul'il ' briln In tuiipm , Satp
1) > I ( { , Wjihlniitoii , Hu't , Wivi.u , H anton ,
othur KIX > < count uin IH-'LTII N brjukafir u >
ln\m | mli : , rontH uollictuil , an 1 money loam
nnluiproto cllj ami country , j > io , trty at 1 <
$5.00 EAOII.
15th and Douglas S
Om\ha - Neb.
In n I'mlllvo ruro
fto romnion to our bent female popiilatlvt.
A Mfdlclno for Woman. InTfntcdbjr a Woman-
rrtpiroil lijr a Woman.
rlrr thtf tlrooplntr vplrtts , InTlfrnnktM and
ti mania function , glitt cltntcltr " <
flrmnpiito th itrp , rontoivnthonntunil lintm jodx
uilHnt.l on ttui | Ui > ohook of tronuui tha frrth
nf llfo'n f prlnj &mt o&rtf miiuuicr tlmo.
C'fTPhftlclans Ujh It and Proscribe It Freely -eg
H remoTM fftlntn ii , flitulf ncy , ilntrori nil c t big
Tor ntlmulant , fuul rollorai wpiiknos of tb * iWm h ,
Tlmt fcrllnj ? of bearing ituwn , cnilslne jvilii , wtJjM
find Imckarho , U nJurAj i > cmmncntt7 cure. I t > y Ito u v
Cor the cure or Klil cy Compl lnt of rllkcr
tliti CoidpounJ In auiurpuMcd. |
will rrnillcnto nvcry VMtlKw of llumorii m > m th
lIlixKl. nml k'l < ( > l ii" mil utrrneth to Ihu IJTSWBI , o
luiui woman ur child. lu l t uu L lnl IU 1
Iloth the fomponml ami Blixxl r\irlBcr
at S13 anil SM Wfrtrrn Avenue , Ljnn , M M.
cither , | 1. Bit bottli-a for tB < ntij \ mall In the font
nf | illls , or of IOII-HKM , on nvc'lpt ot prltv , ( I ptr trai
fori'lttirr. Mn. 1'lnkliain f n > 'lf nniwer .III tt < ric4
Iniiulry , Kncloiw i.t. pUnip. Bond for painphlrt.
No fnmllr ulioulil l wilhout J.TDIA E. IMXKnAWt
I.IVKll I'll.US. Thpr euro cunMlrntlan , liU < jiuiu i
utd tiJi'iiiiUty nt thu lln'r. S.'i ci'iitu per l n.
Abttract nd lla * Littta.
L. UoCAQUK , oppOBlla Poit Office.
W. n. nAUTLF.TT BIT South 13til Street
Architect * .
Room Ii , OiclsUton Clock.
A. T. LAUGK Jr. , tloom S. ClcUhton
uooit ana tinox.
Fine Hoots mid Bhcri. . A KOCI ! uocrtmool
tccio work on liiud , corner riHitnd n > iD9y.
. KUICItaO.N. a. K. cor. leth nd DcuttU
JOlI.i F011TUNATU9 ,
ui , ii.urMHiti-s lo orrttf iccui vn k
. -tr.lrtnr ) don'
floe | irlnJH
M > 'inf r nriir. 16t ? Oonyltmt.
tlooHi New and
J. I. I'fltlElIADl' 101ft Fttnhtni
Uut'.cr and
UUSHANE A CJllROK.l.iil : , the olilcoi H. .oO K.
u. In Nol.rr.aku . wtaUlflntl Ih75 Onulxl.
UarrtaZM nd Rom
5NYDF.ll Wh MX ) Hvntv Xt
J HAtllllo wl ) ; i' v hWitistCiShfirKe 10i I oa
Curner 10th nd
rug * . Plnti ana Ulli.
rium cl ! i , ? lnj Vauo Uooun. nor um tai
Dmislit .UcuX
7.J. WIIITEHOU K , WbolMilo.iBuiiU , ItlbH ,
0. ITIKLI ) , Wi Korib Hlao Oaulni ; titi * * * .
PAKH lril fl t. lOih * ml Hnwir.1 StnvW.
U. PAUL Uioca Uoi. Itto it U < Mt.
oivin ana Uunrovura.
ANUUSW UO.SKWATKa. > . . - . . Block
Town faur ya , Gr > 1o and K \ flraje ;
ury uoo < s * Notlonr , tic.
JOHN (1. IT. LKuilA.SU d ) Oi ) . ,
w Tort Ury Oown owr . 1S16 ted 1111 * r n -
hini utr.r * .
u. 0. Knrwoln lKi hooui and tnc *
< OIIN W AUNK iaONii cof Uth * Jacknoitt
Jnwa era.
loan IIAUUKH U14 rarnbam BtwU.
Undurt K r
QUA * . K1RWK , U'lt fornnaiu Del. Illh A lltd.
UttTlKLU UOUUK , Oeo. CtnflcM.UIh A n a m
30HAN HOCSK , ] II. C.ry , 8)3 K rnham BI
ULAVlCN'il UUTKI , " "lv i ' i f .
/ou'.bcrn Ilotol Ou i . . . / . vi. crt >
RfSTAi i ,
klKfl. A . . - _ . .
. uthweil cnrptr ICtl.iu.l Dei * * .
t5i c Hoard lor Ui '
XttlaUclt. . i..i > i.
l all llsiirn.
Do rJ by the Day , Went oi MMI u > .
Oood Torit * r Catlt.
Itirnl'hnl Hn/iTH
l-inuiur .
L ST. OROSB. I.ow anil Bejund tin ,
3d Btoroa , 1114 PoUKlu. nighmt caib
tld for aecond band guooi.
.BONNEIl 1EO ( Uourla II. fin * rocnf
JOJT , HUE84CO 1S1B Darnoyei. , Icifjor.
d Ice lioxei , Ircr an.l Wood Fencee , 0 o
( ilmflonntf t Pltie anJ WilouN.
ROI.K KKM ) ICtb Bt. . but far. t Utt
RefrlKoratort , C nn ld' Patent.
< i ( ) > y > i
fKITBC'HKU , manut toieiB ol
iud Wauliule Uualurs a Tobacco ) , 1SC4 Duuca.
H t LOUK.N7.KN minnfaclnrer UlRParnhan'
QiodUn. .
0. UF.HTHOLI ) , K gt and ateUl.
Lumbar Lime and Cement.
ft UK\f cornet Bth and DoiulM .
Lautpa ana
/ . BOWNKK 1809 DonelM BI. Oood Tirktr
Merchant Tailor * .
ot ( utoat poi < ul Iterchanl TaQoii U r -
.Vvlng the lateet dwlxna foi lipilri and Bammai
oodo for K'utlemen B wear StylUli , danlue ,
< ' .v n v r l"cn Ftrnain strot.
Millinery ,
VlUi. b A. R1MUER , > Sbol * altiaatlIUittll , tta
V Clcoilt t ( ( real variety , Zvyhtrf , Ctnl Uonlj
t' lrry , Cllou , Cornet * , ic. CiiN et llomt la
hr , I'lTctitwr * B V S3 t > rr otnl.
. V t'
rvnn ,
t. UTEVEKS , Hit betvcuau Coming and laat
t. A. McSHAl.K Con M4 nd C\\n\ogatueU. \
Harilwaie , Iron and Stael.
OtAH H LAKO'A'OUTJUY , lYbcidMlt , lit
tl'l Hb atiuil
A nniMRit corne 11th ami fHMhrola
Phutogiapner * .
Oimd Central OcJlcrV ,
! 1J HlxtMnlh Strttt.
DMr Muwnlc nll.
I'lumbliiK , a t and eteam Fitting.
P. W. TAIU'V 4 CO. , S16 IS Ut , b l.
aaJ Doaglai. Work prouip yatteujodto.
D. yiTZPATRlCK. L ouglM BttMl.
Mtrnoai , Saddles , &e.
B TYE1BT WUth Et. let Fam-