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    VHF - All I
TliB Sohemo of Beviving Amtri-
can Shipping on the High
Seas Reduced to Writing ,
Several Novel Propoaitiocs
involved by the Minority
tf I ha Ootnmittoo.
The Odorous Klug of the Kna-
vey Poo63 Before the Public
no iv Great Reformer.
Neither Power Nor Obloquy
OBD Block Ilia Labora
for the Paople.
The Cry of Oivll Service Rr-
form totill Echoes Through
the Capitol.
Bidn for the Slur Honto Bcrvloo
ui U-wltU tbo Rc
Appropriation !
Procoedlngo of Conffross Qonorat
Special Dfip&tch to Tim liis.
WASHINQTON , December 15. The
bill presented In con gross to-day by
the joint select committee on the decline -
cline of AmortcAii shipping contains
theEo ctiotions : Firat , that no vessel
on iixiid iu cjmmerco with the domin
ion of Oiinada nh ll bo subject to tonnage -
nago or duty , nor shall consular cer
tificates ba r < quired from the same ;
second , that individual liability ot
ship owners ahull bo limited to the
proportion uy or all debts or liabili
ties which hi i individual sharp of the
veeeel bcara to the whole ; third , that
when any veaaol , whether otoam or
sail , ah nil bu constructed and equipped
ia the United States for foreign trade ,
including trade between the Atlantic )
and Pacifis portaof the United Staio ; ,
tbo ownur or uwnuta of a'.iuh vcssola
shall bo un'itlad to receive uud collect
from the United States a drawback
or the sumo equal in amount to the
duty which would have been collected
updn imported matericvlaof like descrip
tion tuid of equal quality with American
materials used in the construction and
equipment , engines , boilers and other
appurteimucei } of such ntcarn or suit
vessel ; provided that on ascertaining
such drawback the duties on oush ironer
or steel material shall bo computed on
iron and ntbel advanced in manufaotnre
not biyond the point of platoa , angles ,
bars and rods ; and provided further
that thia section shall apply only to
vessels commenced after the passage
of this act.
The minority report IB oignad by
Senator Voat and Rjpreaentatiros
McEano and Ooz. The report de
clarer that the war which began in
1801 waa not in any aaziso tha cause
of the a.nnmorsial phenomana under
consideration. It wai aooelorited by
the COUIBB of events which , if the cir
cumstances existing from 1855 to 1861
had continued , would htvo bon inev
itable oven hid there been no war. It
would ba a'great miatako to infer ( is
many thus have glvon the testimony
baforj j ) int cointuttsea oaem to Infer )
N that if ull obatruotlous and barduiii
upon the iujtrumantatity of no mujh
of the commerce of the United States
a ) purtaitm to the ocean were removed ,
wo should bj a iiu at no distant d.iy
a great ship building and ship us'ng
nation. Such a result is impossible.
If all obitrustioas were removed , and
if the s vi of the moat improved
pattern and modern construction and
fully equipped were aiven us and
placed aa fro a gifts at our wharvoi , it
is doubtful if our ocean cominsnip and
shipping wonld be materially relieved
and developed , One reason of a general -
oral nature against auch a revival ia
the preoccupation of our people In
ether more attractive and ramunarn-
tlvo omploymenla. It ia not likely
that ary gruit iaoroajo or ravival of
our ahip-buildiog and shipping inter-
esta will tuko plaoo until wa have
rofcbod a maximum production in our
lines of labor , especially in ngrioul
turo. When that point ia
reached and our energies are
devoted to oth'jr pursuita the
ocean may have ita olden attrao.ion
atni remuneration for ouv people.
Another more practical and tangible
raaaou M thic all trad-j and cammorco
is ouDiitiAllj' birtor , pr.duat buinij
given for pcodiuc and oorth-j for aor-
vluo. la ordur t'i sell wo must buy
and in orJur to buy wo must neil , and
ho who will not buy oinnot eoll and
he who will not sell cinnot buy.
Again , shipi have baon truly called
tha children , not the parontr , of com-
The tnerahnnt mirtna languishes for
lack of libjrty. Its revival must oomu
from onlarrfement ot our freedom.
The minority , whllo o > ncurring with
the report as to measures reported by
the committee , dpairo also to present
two other propositions ; firat , for ad
mission tree of duty of all materials
finished and perfected and ready to b )
put together in a ship , and bocond ,
forfreo admfasion to American registry
of ships built abroad.
8p cal DUpktcb to Tai Uir ,
Dac. 15. Tnongh the
contraota to ba made in January are foi
atar route mail service on 34iOOC ,
milea of routes , principally iu tha
west and touth , not moro than 100
bids hivn boon reoaivod. The dcp&rt-
mant thinks the cause of ao few- bids
ii owing tn the fact that there ia note
* o much money in the business at
formerly ,
The president thla afternoon sent to
the aenato thu nomination of Ool.
RobU Murray , surgeon , to bo colonel
and Assistant turgeon general U. S. A.
Thia makes several promotions tn line
The houao committee on foreign
affairs hopa to reach final settlement
of the Hawaiian sugr question at the
drat mooting of the committee after
the holidays.
Nothing important tranapind be-
lore tbo cabinet at thti meeting to-day.
The treasury to-day purchased'50-
000 ounces of silver tor coinago.
The war department ia informed
that tire aergennta of cavalry and two
Indian icouti struck the camp of half-
breeds nnd Oreo on Milk river , Mon
tana. The puriy fled with their horses
leaving behind P8 carta and hnrnau ,
20 hldo > , 1 , ( > 00 pounds of meat nnd
other proparty.
With a vtocv of guarding ni far ns
[ )3atibto ngainst such Liud frnndn ns
1 t osu rec-ntly ronnfted from Dakota
and other parts of the vrcs1. , the com
mUiioncr t.f the general laud oflJce ,
with the approval of Secretary Teller ,
lui itaucd u circular letter to rcgia-
ior nud rocoivcnof the United States
lund ollicps Mlth r.'gard tn dt-cUritory
statement t of homrntfad npplicanls
reported to thu tcnato since itu pus-
l > o by the house , IK increased In the
aggregate amount $150,200 The n | ;
irecrato ; amount appropriated by thn
bilfiu reported to-day is § 5,303,100
The committee on ways nnd means
to day continued its work upon the
report of the tariff commission. Iron
iu pigs , wrought and east iron , aornp
Iron , and scrap steel of every descrip
tion , including old iron and old stool
railway barn , threo- tenths of ono per
cent , provided that nothing chall bo
deemed scrap iron or acrap ateol that
las been in actual use , or that ia fit
only to bo manufactured by romolting
or remoulding it.
Special Dlipfttch to TUB 11" .
WASHINGTON , December 15. At
; ho oleo ot the morning hour the con
sideration of the French npoiliation
bill wni resumed.
Thn French upoiliallon bill pissed ,
and the senate rtaumod the oonnidor-
ation of the Peudleton civil scrvicu
Senator Miller said tha senator from
3jorgia feared that thh bill , if panned ,
would tend to establish a lifo tenure
of ofiico , but in faot i : would nimply
put back the tenure of appointed rill
: oia to whera it was during the firat
Ifty yeura of our national life.
Senator George thought the passage -
ago of thia bill would Inaugurate n
most important and necoeaary reform ,
'or the ovila which it sought to remedy
were of thu most momontoua character
affecting doepiy the purity of our gov-
ernuiontal udmiriatratton and oven
thaoatonhur the stability of our innti-
lutlons. Kapubliciua wore nowso
thoroughly con'cioua of the guili of
political asnosumeuta that they osmo
to oongresa on the firat , dny of the
session and by their president aaked
the apoedy yaasaqo of n law to prevent
them relapsing into sin. Thn senator
from Georgia ( Utown ) tsaamed to think
there would ba no chance for the
democratic puty unloaa it could prom
ise its members the apoila ofDcoe. He
( George ) repudiated the idea. Ho de
nied the democratic party WAS de
pendent upon "cohcslvo power of
public plunder , " and slid it would go
into the citnpiiim of 1884 aa it wont
into that of 187G under the mete of
"reform , fidelity to public trusts ,
eaonowy in administration , " and not'
with the mitorable battle cry of
" to the victors to the
"Booty , woo van-
O i motion of Senator Pondloton
the lira : section of iho bill wai amend
ed so iia to require the civil nurvico
commfajionora to ba einfirmod by the
The question waa on Senator Alli
son's amendment providing there shall
bu three cimmiasionors instead of five
and they shall not bo connected with
any department.
Senator Bayard spoke of the im
portance of reforming the civil ser
vice and the demoralizing rff.cta upon
publio men of the "spoils" system
He would support the pending bill
and W4 * quite ready to meet the
responsibility to which the oonator
from Gjorjla ( Brown ) paid the demo
crat who supported it would bu held.
Sdnator Mor aa offered t-vo amend
meats , which ware orderol printed
Ono of them rfc munandi lh > it no ad *
viia or rocomtnindntion of any upplt-
Cint for oi'itnl/i'Uion / or upp intment ,
von by n aanitur or roprdanutativo ,
shall bo rec-lived or conaidirod by the
uxamlnera , unloij it shall hiv/a buon
previoutly tskod in writinij by one or
more of them. The ether a'lthorinai
the commission to designate in oich
state five ox-sminriM not in the service
of the United State * , mid not moro
than throa of them belonging to the
aumn party , who oh ell examine appli
cants residing in ouch * Utu.
Senator Blair offered , \ resolution ,
which wa agreed to , directing the
aucrutary of the interior to furnish the
latent and fullest information in the
poBBesiion of the bureau ot education
in relation to schools endowed in
whole or in part by the government ,
and liUo iu certain other aohoola.
HOUBK I'ttcc-EEmxas.
Mr , Kisson ( lovn ) , from committee
on wayaand means , reported bok the
bill amuuding the act to repeal dis
criminating duties on goods produced
in Eiat Oipo of Good Qopo. Paaeed.
The bill relieves from a payment ol
duty Buch goods ns may be in bondad
warehouses or on shipboard on 1st of
January , 1883 , the date when thegon-
eral relief qooi into effect.
Dr. McLean , representative of the
Ninth MiHsouri district , abort term ,
appeared and was sworn in.
The homo , in committee of tha
whole , resumed comidenUion of the
poitofflse bill , Mr. Calkins ( fnd ) iu
the chair.
Mr. Townsend ( III. ) delivered an
argument in favor of the amendment
which he proposed to offer for the bill ,
abolishing postage on second data
Mr. Uobeson ( & J. ) cloiod the dis
cussion. The bm proposed to rodnoJ
i stigo tax on iudlvldiiRl people 33 }
: ier cent. It was a roduotion which
he experlonco of the world had
shown to bo In the interest of the
spread of intelligence nnd dinaomtna-
; lon of knowledge. Wh tovnr dan
ger there might bo in the exp -
p riraout for hunsulf , and for
; | IORO who were associated 'with
rm , ho accepted the responsibility
asforo the Amerioixu people , Thin
WAS a moatufo iu the interest of indi
vidual people , nnd if nn > Additional
: ix was to bo levied for ita support lot
i : tall on the g4tt < g < xtod capital ot the
country. Ho hnd been diieotod by the
ojinuoitlon on approptiMiona to offer
an amendment to the bill providing
.hat compensation for curry 1m ? mails
oa the rmlro.ids of oompAiitcn i nt roe
o ivcd govprnment nld in boi.d siibt-
dice as well M land grant. } , alull nut
xjocd fifty per cent of tbo amount
aUotrod hy law aa compensation for
; ho Bimo ucrvlco by railroacla whinh
lad not received government aid. Of
course thia amendment was for the
jaucfit of the people. Whun a man
undertook if benefit thn individual in
; iroit ho must recolvo the bloxia nf the
consolidated potter whom ho ultnck-
jd , but he ( Robcsoii ) for ono should
3a contout in the reootdi of history
.f it were understood Unit no long an
10 held the key of the position ho
was neither overridden by power nor
[ rlphtenod by obloquy.
The bill waa then road by noctions
'or amondmonta.
Mr. Oiswoll ( Wk ) , on behalf nf the
committee on uppropriationr , offered
nn amendment Increasing the appro-
niation for "atar" sorvicafrom $5,000-
UOO to $5,250,000. Adopted.
Mr. Robinson ( M.kst. ) offered an
amendment appropriating $600,000 for
lecossary and rpecial mail facilities.
Mr. Hiacock ( N. Y ) offered an
amendment to the amendment fixing
ho amount at $ 200,000. Pending no-
ion , thti committee rt-aa.
Mr. Dunnoll ( Mtnn ) offered a roso-
ution reciting ullogationa that aomo
collectors of cuatoma all along the
lorthern frontier are in receipt of
arga fees from the axle of bhukc ,
which are not turned iuto the tronaury ,
aud that eniJ collectors are In the pay
of impovtora and corporationr , and
directing the romtmttou on ways aud
inetma to inquire into the truth of
; htse allrgitiuim.Adopted. . Ad-
Spccixl Dl.-p tch to Tlix Bun.
OUIOAOO , Dicembcr 15. The ses
sion of thu American Agricultural nsao-
ctatiun oloood tc-day , Ulrich Block-
endertor , of Pennsylvania , read a
) uper on under draincgo. J. Sterling
Merion , of Nebraska , made a reply to
Ge . llanm'a apecoh. J. S. Slaiiger ,
of Colorado , read a paper on agrioul-
; uro in Colorado by irrigation and
drew a glowing picture of the future
of hia atata. A resolutirn waa adopted
.hat part of the tariff ommusion'a
report which recommends reduction
of the tariff on wool , while retaining
: ho tariff upon manufactures thereof ,
a unjust to the farmer and in the in
terest of manufacturers.
At the _ evening renion addrensea
were delivered by Hu&Vy 'J. I'uilpot ,
of Iowa , on "farmers markets ; " Oon-
reaemau Stevens , of Now York , and
Prof. Johnson , of Michigan , both on
"ensilage1' ; nnd Prof. Van Buron
Dinalow. of Ilinoia , on 'Tho wool
wing interests of the United
3tatoi. " The question of protection or
free trade crept into the discussion of
tholftat subject aud created quite a
etirrlng debate , on which it was evi
dent the farmora were radically di
vided , At the evening aeasion a reso
lution van pataod calling on congress
Lo leghl.Uo for the suppression of
plcuro-pnoumonia in cittlo , Arrange
matitn with referonoa to the proposed
national agricultural exposition to beheld
hold next year were further con
sidered. Adjourned sine die.
Hlyr ctnnmor Barucd
SpooUl Dl p tch to Till llm.
SUREVBPOKT , La , , December 15.
The ateamboht Kite Kinney took fir j
in the bayou at the ferry landing to
day. The boat and cargo are a total
loaa. Thia waa the first trip
thia season. The boat was valued
at 820,000 , Insured 810,000 ,
The [ cargo consisted of 2,000 bales
of cotton oil cake and
ether freight. No lives lost aa far as
known. The fire from tbo burning
vessel spread to the adjacent build-
ga , being driven by high winds ; loat
ulnut $130,000 , Several buildings
near the ferry landing were destroyed ,
r.rnong them O. M. Oaamberlnin'ts ma
chine shop. Captain P. M. Whito' *
residence , Knbinson'o boat uhnp and
George L. White's residence.
The tire originated in the deck
room , CMiso unknown , and spread on
rapidly that the paisengnra and crew
lest nil their baggage. M. W. Apple-
gate , U. S. local inspector of steamboats -
boats , lost hia valise containing all the
papera of the trip of Inspection.
Yon Ott and HU Brldo-
BfvAtl Dt [ tcb to Till Hem
CUICAOO , Daoembsr 15 Socrot&ry
Folger t'j day made a decision ou u
novel point made respecting the oper
ation of the Chinese law. Some
months ago a Chinaman , then living
in Pittaburg , left for the home of his
birth , announcing that he was about
to be married and that ho proponed to
raturn with his brldo to this country.
Mr. Foluer aa)8 If Yeo'Ott , for auoh
la the ufleatial'a name , returna to this
country with a nou-residoat , uhe will
nut be allowed to remain , even though
nho ba thu wito of one who would be
if he returned alnnn ,
Run Down nnd Killed.
Special Dispatch to Tun Dm.
PrrTHUtJitci , Diicomber 15. An Al
toona ( P * ) epeoial rayj ; A terrible
ucoidcnt happened lait night a few
milea from thia city , by which four
persons were killed. The parties wore
J. Parks , Wm , * 1 meron , and two
young ladies namt d Flora and Alice
Erwin , They were returning from a
prayer meeting , aud while walking on
the railroad track were run down by
an engine. Three of the party were
tilled instantly and the other died in
a fjiv minutei ,
Tbo Oauo of tbo Reoent Sonro
and Increaoed Vijjtlncos ,
Barglarlo * Planned , Hut
Hot Executed.
1tucl\\ \ the Vo > t-li p tth.
Nuw YOUK , December 14 In *
op : ctor Byrnc-n nioortnliud jc ; cr < 3ay
l at t. Wi > ! l-orjnniroil ; plan was on fotit
o rob ono of the , biu > kn in tlih city
; lo wau unablii to McirMlu which
Milking inatilulioH was to l > a attacked ,
ao hotdi kmensuren lusMi'g it * * horiib > > '
ha pjlica oiptains'ttatloni'dau ofllotr
ai thu ontrixnco to tver , * bi.nk in their
r'Kpcivt5 ! ] ) recinc'tB. Ti- ! order wna
ibayod to tha letter nnd eurybank
n tbo olty wns gttiirdod thrnughout
ho niftht. The matttr . adl cuted
> y Snpcrintosidont Wallmi ; with In-
pi-otora Murray , Theme , Hyrnea nud
Jilkc. Several poltco captnins wcro
hen BUtnmoned , atid about 5:30 :
o'clock the comniAiidcrn of prccluo's '
were summoned to the in *
spoction dlaUiot iflhes nnd
received private iuntruotione.
3oon nftcr roll call and nflor the pa-
rolmoti wont on duty the superior
olRcora Trent around , tnkiug sonio
nen off puafc nnd sending them to
various banks immediately , or tolling
horn to go to the tntlo house ,
ohango their olothos and tike ordora
from their oomm nding cfl'nor.Tim
) nata thus uncovered were doubled ,
, ho man on the next post covering the
ono loft unguarded. Every n * ving > ,
sUto and national bnnk in this city
83iith of Fifty-ninth atreot wnsgu.ird *
od by n police officer in uniform or in
oitizsne' garb. The majority of the
oflhcra thus on dnty wtat of Rrond-
way nnd Fifth nvcnuo were in uniform ,
while thoeo on the east aide were in
ciliz'ns' clothoi , j The police nu-
horitioi would give no oxplana-
Jon of this .jtinwoutod vigilance.
L'ho most that any o fiber
would nay w.-vs that ho was obeying
ordotd from his nuporiora. The man
on guard apper.rcd to know nothing
of the object of tbo movement. Thoeo
who did not uny that thny would not
submit to interrogation declared that
> ll they knew about the matter wno
hat they wcro takcn off pest , nE-
oignod to H "fixtd poal" near tlio
bank , where they kept guard , nnd
were tild to keep their toycs ouon.
Nothing in the inatruirna ! ; given
ndicatud whether riot , robbery or fire
was feared. A policsmnn who stood
* ith his back against the entrance of
: ho Second N.jtlonnl bank , being aakod
f hu was stationed thort > for the pur
)030 of guarding the bitik , nnnworcd
n the nflitm&tivo. In rospoiiBo to
'urther [ tiuostions , kiho polloennui aid
hu guarding of the bank was an un
usual circumstance , nnd that ho had
hero until ho was relieved nt mid
night by another officer. A police
man who paced to and fro in front of
, ho Excelsior savings bank wns' nlso
asked it ho was assigned to special
duty thero.
" What riant .have you to ask me
, uat quB&lioiil'Nio"retorted enapptshly ,
"It is a civil ono , " remarked tbo reporter
porter , "and as auch deserves a civil
.nswor. "
'Well , " replied the policeman , "I
won't answer it for anybody but my
superior officer. My orders nra note
: o nnswer any qucatluna an to why I
am hero. "
In cases where two or three banko
were in adjoining building * , us in
several blocks in Wall mid Nassau
ntreots , one policeman w&u instructed
to watch all the , there baintj no
uecotaity to place two or thron ollicnrt
a few feet from each other. At 1:1)0 : )
o'cfock thin morning two policemen
were quietly walking back nnd forth
iu front of the sub-traasury builiiin/ ;
nt Wi ll and Nassau alreulu. The
patrolmen unnt on duty nt the banks
duting the "tout" which ends nt mid
night were relieved by other patrol
men who appRarcd to hnvo the eamo
vogue instructions as tlionp who preceded -
coded them. The captains of the
precincts in which banka were guard
ed were marked on the blotters mi "on
special duty ; " that i ? , thuy l d not
gene to bed , and those whc
have homes were not auppozcil
10 bo thoro. They were
believed by the eergcantu on duslc
dnty to bo going the rounds of the
banka visiting the inon ntationcd nl
them. YVhtlo no public explanation
would bu given , ono police < tlicialsald
that from what ho hud heaid and coon
ho had coniu to the conclusion tbnl
the ofTu'mla at police hnudqunrtcrn hai
learned that u cliqcp of expert bank
burglara , " . \ mob1' in pulico parlnnoo ,
had been kept under surveillance bo-
cftuso of Information that they woulc
plan u bank burglary. Theco gnntry ,
like the nvcrago policeman , Icnvo i
trail that a blind man can tracj , nai
they were kept in view and their plant
were investigated until it itppuircd
curtain that they and thtir tools woru
ready and thatTHK
was to bo oonsumatod , Thisinfornu-
tion came too late for the police to
give notice to every bank In iho city
and the police oflicora for oncu adopted
od tbo axiom , "Prevention ia better
than euro , " nnd unarded the bank
buildings. No explanation could bo
obtained in regard to the wearing o
uniform by somu of the officers am
the wearing of citizens | ; aib by others
Ssmo olticora on the r st sida hut
special inttructiona to keep their HH
slgnmonts eecrnt , und they wuro tok
not to recognize any officer hish o
low , but to keep to their "fixed posts'
and watch clcsoly , Not even the
bank odijera were apprised of poaaibh
danger. Many bank presidents nut
bank ofiictira were called on to
ascertain why their banks wttru
specially guarded. All declared
ignorance of any reason why extraoi
diuary guard should be placed ovt-
the'bauks , and nearly all eiprcutti
ignorance alto of the fact. Many bd
t rayed great netonUhmont , and on
gentleman , when the icf nmition wa
imparted to him , started immediate ! ;
or the b.ick , although midnight wai
Icso nt hand. The reporter ticcom-
) tnied him , and on the way pointed
mt the policemen on guard over two
mnki" . There wnn no policeman ,
towovor , on watch nt his own bank ,
ml niter having waked up his wMoh *
inn and obtained the iuformvton
Imt no policemen hnd boon there
uriug the night ho hurried oil to the
unrest pulloa station with the remark
hit If nvory ether b\nk in town WAS
o bo guarded by a policeman his
jftnk sliould nlso have the banofit oi
iiloody Work i\t MUlnlRht.
peclM Dljjwitch to TUB llin.
GKAOJ.VILLB , Minn , , December 15
-.Kihii CallnghAD , nnd con , twclvo
cntfl old , wuro ftally nhot nnrly
ul 1'acstUy moraine ; . Chlln litvu hnd
von nn .1 rproa in tottn nil uicht nnd
lis non lln\lly : gut him to pUrt for
umoabcint ono o'clock. JohnNoonnn ,
lie vil ! tu ? marahal , tiiei. to arrest
CUllnghnn , when n young nun nnuud
ohn Mortia oipottnlutcd . < i'h thu
nnrahr.1 nnd vouched for Oallnhan ) ;
nomptly ntartiug for homo if
; lvcn nn opportunity. At this
ioonnn roldAJcil G.ilA ! hnti nnd
sliuchcii MotrIff. Oallnghun , tu'sing
ho opportunity Ihrm alLrdcd , ulimbod
ute the nnftou ith hin boy and
tnrtcd the team , but hnd proceeded
mt n few rodu 'ihvn the bjy dieoov-
red soiuo nr.u following them , Just
a ho called the attention of hia fnthtr
o this f not the puty following tirtid
it thorn four shota in quick cuccjssion.
'ho firat won hnrmles * . The ncctud
ent a b.\U th oug'i the br.\in of the
ither , the other two pJhiiug through
Kobcdy.of the boy. An outcry
nude nnd n man rnshtd to the spot
where ho found Nuouan nnd
ilorris clinched , cich charging
ho ( ithet wilh thu ahootlog
nd both were nrrcotod , In u short
imo the excitement of the aitizons
WAS intenao , nnd nothing but iho un-
ortnlnty aa to who via the porpo-
r-itor of the daitaraly deed provonto'l
irlmo beiiif ; added tootimo by a lynch-
ng. The boy , though tcrnb'y weund-
d , w.ia iillvo nt lust nccounts , nnd in
Very clear manner tavo his evidence ,
vhich wna nuppoaoJ to bo hia dying
Clo tnnnp ; JJiioUot Shops-
peclnl Dispatch to TUB Una.
CHICAGO , III , , Deocnibor 15 Sonio
irao tinco the aeprotnry of iho bonid
of trade ur.nt notion to the telegraph
onipmiiea doing bunincai on the
inurd trntlu thnt rfcor Jan. lit , 1883 ,
10 operator would bn alloivod on the
ward who trinsmittod maiket quotn-
lonu to "bucket shops. " In confer-
nco with the committee of the board
; o-dny , Ool. 11. 0. Oloury , g'eneral
URorinttindnnt of the Western Union
ulogruph company , stated after the
Into mentioned no such quotations
would bo transmitted ever the West
ern Union wires to nuy partcf the
country. There are about 270 bucket
hopa in the country doing business ou
McaEO figurca nnd It is believed this
otion will close them all up a the
> rohibttun ! extends to gold and stcck
ickors which furnish quotations to
> ucket nhops.
" A Wlnnlpmc Fire-
Special Dkpitch to Tui BEX.
WINNIPKO , Dicembor 15. A fire
which burned two hotels last night
iad moro disantroas rosulto than first
anticipated. Richard Howbridgo , an
uvalid living in Iho Oanadian Paoilia
lotel , waa burned to death. His ro-
mikina were found this morning. Mra.
? cntt , ii.jurod by the fire while trying
: o BAVO the cowing rauchino , ia more
nuriouoly injured than wns supposed
and may dlo. Loud complaints uro Rgatunt the firu brigade. On the
whole , h.wover , Ihii mun worked
iflhlcnUy , but roriouj defootH in thii
appnr ttuu were made apparent by this
juU-r , Smcu the ruorgoniEition ol
.In ) atrvlce no opportunity had oc
curred for n t&oticnl tort. It is now
jloarly until whora Iho fruits ure , and
, hu citizens will probably insist on
their being immediately remedied.
A Myntorioni Arrcit-
Qpcelal Dlipatch toTui Bn.
NEW YORK , Daoambor 15. A close
ly veiled woman was brought to police
headquarters in n hack to-night. She
was vuited by a number of people.
The viiitorn and pulioo refused nil in
timation < > f who uho waa or why ar
rested. It ia regarded a un impor-
tint arrest.
A Bit * Fire in Toledo.
Special DUpatth to Tile IlrJt.
TOLKDO , 0 , , D ciiinbor 15i The
I fall block , t.ituiuvd nt the curnur eSt
St Olair a d JcU'virnn streets , cm
thu ( incut bntiii'jim blcok in the cil >
waa totally dedtioytd by fire thii
morning ,
The loiiaea nro very heavy nnd fnl
priuclpilly upon ft few wholcaih
nouses. Taylor , Uoduora & Ou ,
whnleualo boot , shoo an'l rubber liouso
had a stock worth $300.000.upoi
which loss will ho ever 8200,000 ; in
cured for 3280,000 , The building
coat $225,000. liy u foreclosure of H
mortuayo it beoiino the property o
the Connecticut lifn inauranco com
pmy : , upon whom the loss fills , I
WMiusurndfurSllO.OOO. The tola
lots in 050,000. The total insurance
Is about 8500,000 , _
Tbo JcaunnttB Inquiry.
HpecUl Dliiat | < ti Dim UK * .
WAHHISOTOK , DaeombJr 15. Ii
the JeivnnuttJ inq'iiry ' Lteutonnn
Waynrlght was permitted to question
Ntwoomb on behalf of Dinuihowtr , i
Kiver rttfumer Huuk.
Upeclal IXapaUh to Tilt DEI.
PKTEiisuuua , Vii , , D.omnber 15
The btejinor Carrie , owned by th
IVternbnr Btoambiat company , aun !
this uftiruoon in the Jjimes river
Bho hadii largo oirgo of freight. Th
pmongtrs und crow had a narrow
tiiojpo , _
Beautiful tkin , and fair oomplexion
robust health , and powers of undur
nro a follow the USD of Brovrn'a Iroi
Bitten ,
Twin Evils Wliioh How Afflict
"tho Isle of Saint sand
Scholars , "
A Brnoo of Bloody OrgnuiBi-
' ioo.i Eovorilod to the Po-
llcu of Dub'in.
L'ho National Ls\i > uu
Paper Piano to Reliuvo
the Dietreeu.
liroo Uoro Mon
Dantk at Qnlwny.
Msauaelon of the French Budget
Vartoun Other Events.
OptcLU Ultrttchit to Tut llti
DUIILIK , December 15. The jury ,
niter deliberating : in hour aud a halt ,
tailed to aircu ; upon n vcrdlot in the
OABO of tha murder of thu fiMitur ,
Thonns Brown , who shot dead ou
October 3rd last near his own house in
OaMlo lalnnd.
PLYMOUTH , Dacombor 15. The
atoamolip Nile , from Kingston , J&-
mate i , having on board Weatnatp , the
epU-aocuaod participant in the murder
of Cavendish and Burke , 1ms arrived.
\Voatgnto wn sent to Dublin. The
pasBOiiRoricjiialder Wostgatonluiintfc.
The Nile cxpuiiefcjd such terrible
w < M\thcr Motuky last that the vessel
waa given up for loat , The boats were
carried awny and the water Ibodod'tho
engine room , extinguishing the lower
Grea. The pationgora were panio-
stricken nnd heart-rending aobncs
were wltnoisod.
GAUVAV , Dtxomber 15. Patrick
Joyce , Milts Joyce and Patrick Oisey ,
the thrco men oouvictod of participa
tion in the murder of thu Joyce fam
ily nt Maarortrninn , were hanged in
jikil hero at 8 o'cldck this morning ,
'ho prison innido nnd out wai heavily
; unrded , Miles Joyce protected lib
nnocenco to thu last.
The three prisoners hoard miss
hortly bcforo the time act for the ox-
cut ion , . They refused break fast ,
ihoy necontled the scaffold with firm
topa. Oaney , who hud uttornd ti
moan at iirnt night of the gallows ,
nounted the steps two nt n time. Bo-
ere the drop fell Myles Joyce apoko
n Irish , ao follows : "I am going bo-
nro God. I waa not there at all and
iad not n hand or part in it. Thu
jord forglvo them that swore against
no. " Hu continued to reitcrnto hin
nnoconro to the end The drop foil
at 8:25 : , simultaneously for all three
of the men. My lea Joyce nlone
struggled slightly , .there being nome
litch with .ho ropo. Hia dying
jpqoch was delivered with oxtraordi
mry vehemence. Ho/was still apeak
, ng when the drop fell. At the In-
qUeat following the exception it w a
proved that the nooks of Of soy nnd
Patrick JOTO werefraoturod , and that
Myloa Joyce died of atrnngulation
Vlylca Joyoo must have struggled two
or three rninutea After the rope had
3L'on ndjuatod around 'his neck ho
urnud nnd nddreaaed the roportora ,
hu disarranging the rope The jury
severely censured M rwooJtho hung
man , for curulesiiiocn.
DUIILIN , December 15 Thoorgnn-
zing committed nf the Irish National
league met to day. Among thnuo
areacnt were P.irnell , who provided ,
3ir J'rttriok O'Brien. Loamy , Hualy
md T. D. Sullivan. It waa announced
, hat the rucciplH to the prnsont time
amounted to 820 Harvin ton , n < c
rotary of the committee , read n report
stating that , of 250 branchoi of the
league formed , 70 had forwarded sub
scriptions. The propoEal to merge the
Homo Rule association , with ita funds
of 7,000 , in the National league wna
accepted. It wai resolved to form n
central branch , of which the oflhurn
of the various local branches would ha
ex-ofllcio member ) .
Par neil proposed a aerlea of resolu
tions which were adopted.J } hey con
demn the decision of the government
to alleviate the existing diatruit' in
Ireland by menna of thu poor lintircn
instead nf by pnblio iroika enterprises -
prises ore insultlm ; to the Irish pro
pie ; declares that in t lit ) recent utt r
ancea of L rd Djrby favorinjj umiurn-
tion from Ireland , the cuimnluuo
dtecorna the intention to fi'.urvu
thu poorer inhabitonta out nf thti
country and revive the wars' , tradi
tion of " 4G ; " ntlirtn thnt if public
workn and enterprlBon nro not uv once
resnr'ed to , it Is tha opinlnn of the
committee that a bynloin nf outdoor
rellul ought to bn atartud and rccom
mend that a bill to amend the laud
act bo introduced In Ireland.
, Dacumbor 15 Jenkinuon ,
director of the criminal invostigUion
depurtmunt ; Qurr&n , ( jueon'a aounsel ,
and Millnn , auporintondont of detec
tives , reaumod their privuto inquiry
to-day. They have received iiiformn
tion of the existence of two eucrot
orgnnizationa in Dublin , the object
ot one being the overthrow of the
government in a fuir fr/ht ami of the
other the assassination of informera
The duclojuroB laid barn an extraordi.
nnry atuto ot tl inga , but thu polloi
are resolutely silent an to the partiou <
lixr facia rofealed. Br&dy and Huu <
Ion were to-day ugain privately examined
amined before a magibtrAto.
, December 15 In the olmu
ber ( if deputies tn-duy dircuta nn nl th
oxlrnprdiuary budget win rotumeU
Herrieon , lulniot'jr of pnblb worki *
iiialeted upon tbo comblotioti of olovo
raiUay lines alruudy cominonced , H
considered the Irgtolature would con
init a urnVH crrnr if it reduced th
grant of 280,000,000 frrno * uuw kn
for , A uemi'dtiictal statement In th
owspapcrs dcclareo' that Admiral
nurrqu berry hi > . < neither reelgiiul
or hnc hu nuy intir.ition of fn. doit x-
OOLOONK , December 16Tho Oa-
ettu publishes a litter enumerating
Ight Milwnys being constructed on
la western frontier of Russia , which.
o far as can bo necn , are not required
or commercial purposes.
BELFAST , December 15 A watoh
ro nnd four < M > i pcrt hod ,
BntLiN , } ) ivinb.r 15 Th" bun-
amtli has definitely rejected the mo
on favoring the abolition of com *
ulsory militnry ecrvico.
oflitloin proclamations hiva : been
natcd in luo strocls S vorul prrtota
iavo been nrru'ed Vim u. . % n6l do-
angnniont of the eultnit ) a bLComttig
note iippnrent dully.
LONDON , Deormbor 16. The Ool-
guo Oiizolto iu o 'a inning itn rovoln-
ona with regird to the Anstro.Oor-
mn nllinnco BAV > : "The teims of the
Ilinnco nro , if cither empire la nt-
ockcd from two nidoi the other shall
cmlor sa
Abduction. Elopornont nnd Dofa'cu-
pocUl Dlipktch to Tni UIB.
MILWAUKKE , December 15. R. D. .
Vhltthoad , of thu humnno eocioty ,
ho went to Nebraska to look nfter
laggia Honnenko , tolrgrophod to the
athcr of the mitsiug ( ; irl to-day
mt nothing could bo learned in
[ nstings and that Brown , who c'nlms
0 have found the ihrco duetor \ ? ,
tad gone to Iowa. Whitohiud left
tastings f r hnnio to-dny in company
ith n dtti'Ctlvo. Tlioy will stop at
hennudoah , la , \a \ louk up Brown ,
'ho ' receipt of the diopnloh wna first
oniod by Hcnnecko , who shortly
f tor left the olty , Ruing secret tn-
: rnotons to keep h a noparturd ro *
ret. I' is surmised ho nlso wont to
owa. Potitivo ttilinyti i\r < i not oxpeot-
d baforo to morrow.
Nothing Ivvj boon hoard jot ftcin
Id mun lloiscr , formerly of Carpels ,
loisor & Go. , trunk minufrvouir.mi ,
vhn disappeared Uoidbor 14th , taking
vith him $25,000 , leaving un < > gnd
vlfo destitute. It hat been found
hat Hotter left iu coinpauy of the
info of n saloon keeper.
The third mysterious disappearance
1 that of Mary Nelann , ; tn atlrcc.ivo
nirried woman , aged 25 , ivhj lof . on
November 21nt , leavim ; \ huibnnd
ud three children , ana of whi01 is a
nursery babe. It is thought she
Mlracalom Kacapes from Sorloua In *
pecUl Dlipktch to TIDI nil.
NKW YOUK , DccombeT 15. A fire
iroko ( ut iu the baok room of the
irst floor of the nl * story trneincnt ,
Non. 170 and'172 Scffilk Rtroit , thU
jternoon , soirid upon the ntainvay
ind Cut'off th r ecnapj of tenants in
> ho second nnd ih rd ulorhV The
others favnd themaolvoi by Uight to
ho rouf. Tflero win great px itoment.
\lra. \ Caroline Soharor and MM. Milltr
hrew their throe children from the
window and leaped out uftor ihom ;
escaped injury. A thirtjlivonot /
adder fell with ihruo riremen who
wpro rescuing tenauto ; they esc. > psd
with slight hrultic * . Onnpitr-ttivoly
slight damjgo wns done by tbo flames.
M A Pnpnr Rua bf Lunntlos-
NKW YOBK , December 15. A now
ilnnetary body has appeared in the
inivorsu of journalism. It Is culled
"Tho Moon , " and i prepared untiruly
by the lunatics contincd in the Witrd'a
[ aland neylum Thu ongravad huad *
ng is u view of the atiylnm , and
though iri is not rqunl to the produc-
ion of the beat artists , It is tiovc-cthy-
iusi n fair work of ait , with tnu oxcep *
tion that iho epiros ur > ruther larger
him nooosa ry. Dr. AlacDaimld says
thtrj is plenty of U'oiu ' iu thu asylum
to supply matter. This bears ouc the
ttgu tmt ! it rrqairi-H a mn of brilna
to make a lunatic.
K'nor Stnmp Fraudii-
Special Utip&tch to Till IIi .
NEW YOKK , D-oumbiT -Qjorfje
Biynrd nnd Gustavo 'F. Poiimond , .
liqnor dunleri , chikrgod with rousing
revenue atanips in coniu'Ction vith
the proprietor nf Bush's distillery ,
vi ) withilriwn the p'va ' of not gui\ly \
nnd cnterod that or guilry Bahr
ivns riilovmd on (75,000 bail to appuir
for nontoiH'.t ) . It is rupjtted they
huvo offtred to aomi/romico with U'O
govtirnment by paympnt of 8100,000.
A Dead Roliol.
Special Dluputch to Tun linn.
iiioiiMDM ) , Va. , Djcember 15.
ll'jburt Quid , thu a ti tant secretary
if war unoer the confederate govern *
mont , is dead.
A Verdict in tbn hturla CB * .
Hpudal Dlsvwtch to TllH U .
CniCAOO , Ditcumber 15 , Thii morn-
ini ; I ho jury in the Tereea Siurhx caao
camn into nnnrt nnd rendered a vor-
diet that BtnrU ' .n gniliy of man *
slaughter , and ( hat the punishment b
ono yonr in thu pumtentiary. A.
motion for a new ( rial wart onterud bjf
the defutinu.
Slnninfi N t'lUlui'Oii.
SjH'clil nivpuUh to Tun Km.
Ntw YI.JIK , Drtcembsr 15. Thu
bnuuosH fAilurea f > r thn past seven
d yi number 208 , aa compared with
11)0 for last week.
many childitm itre punished for boinu
uncouth , willful and iiidiOerent to in-
fitructions or ruwatdv , simply beoausd
tuey are nut of health ! An inUlli-
cnnt Udy aid of n child of this kind ;
' Mothers should know tint if thny
irivo the littlw one mndnrato doees of
llop Bitii-m for i > v v ur thr e wet-V *
ilia ohildren would bo ul ! u parent
could dectre. "