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The Daily Bee ,
Tuesday Morning 'OT. 21.
U UMtlrr. - - - - - to ttnl perw l
HMMI . - . - - - JIO.OO { XT Yc l
OlTlco : No. 7 Pcmrl Street , Non
IL(1. GRIFFIN , JUnifter.
H. W. T11.TON. City Editor. 9
J .Mueller' * r lneoMu : lc Hall.
' . - ± SIlk mite only $1.60 fit BlUs' . n7 8
Birthday , Holiday ftiul Wedding Gift :
at II. K , Se man' .
The ChatUauqua club met as mua' ' ovcnlnj ? .
Subscribe for ncwapapcra find pctlodl
c U at II , 13. Seaman's book store.
New lot nicely decorated , 50 piscnjo !
lea mis , only 58 ( it M outer & , Craig.
The Hound Table meets thin evenlnf
at the residence of Mr . Hewitt on FJnl
avenue ,
Hand.painted china , art tiotlery , nolid
silverware , bronzes , &o , at Mnurer fi
" The new meat market of Shull & Mul-
Irn , 700 South Main street , gucranteo best
of meats and prompt attention ,
L HoccUioff , of the Junction cigar
store on Main street , baa just received a
large full sleek of meerschaum goods and
smokers' articles
A fine assortment of Boots and Shoos ,
sufficient to supply the demands of all , at
George Blaxlm'a south Main etrcet.
Cheap liailroad tickets to nil points ,
Bnsbnell , fivodoora north of postolfico , tells
them. Entrance , Main or Pearl strcc'ls.
W. 8. Smith was yesterday fined
$9.GOforbonBdiunkand scratching the
varnish off the furniture In the calaboose
and breaking n window.
-Joseph Keller makes the If best Quits
in the latest styles , at the lowest possible
prices. His merchant tailoring establish
ment Is at 310 Upper Broadway , Council
K'ncue engine company have arranged
for their sixteenth annual ball to bo given
at Bloom & JNIxon'H hall on the 30Ih inat. ,
Thaiikigivingday. Music to bo furnish
ed by the Little Gcnnan band.
There was a spirited foot race yeater-
day forenoon between George 'Kcllogc and
Bob Kooto for n $10 nnto , the distance
being 100 yards. Kooso Rave Kcllogg ton
yards of a sUrt , and then managed to win
the race.
Yi The Jolly Bachelors are to give a
social at the widens e of Mr. A. B. Wal
ker Thursday evening , to which tha public
Is luvitcd. Amonythe novelties is "Oyni-
notus , " whatever that Is. An oyster sup
per and other treats for stomach and head
are promised , and a good time for all.
Among the late permits to wed are
those given to John Smith , of Neola , rind
Lizzie Hitter , of Garvcr township ; Georga
Paglnyton , of Kansas , and Leonora Wll-
san , of Macedonia ; James Hartinan and
Mary Jane McGlnuls , both of this city ,
- Mike Marrney was brought in from
Ncola yesterday and lodged In jailhere tu
Awult the action if the grand juiy on the
charge ol ' { { jmblln ? . Neola is belnj
prttty well reprciented in jail here , there
being now tlx In jail here from Ncola. , Ai
there are only eighteen p'lsoners ' now ,
Ncola has just one-third of the total u nv
bcr , and yet Neolu gave a big majority
against the building of n now jail here.
Ncola evidently thinks the present quar-
tcrs good enough for its citizens ,
Tom Hughe' , who was arrested tome
days ago for playing Qollceman with the
star belonging to Sweigort , ( of the Call-
fonm homo , who is a special , had his caia
disposed of yesterday. On looking up
the law it was found that there w .i no
city ordinance covering the cflcuic , and
under the state law the penalty is very
sfcTere , it being a choice between $1,000
fine and a year In jail , Tom claimed that
ho meant no harm in wearing the star , but
was jutt In fun , It seems llkt a heavy
penalty for n joke , and the matter was
finally dropped on Tom pleading guilty to
being drunk and paying a fine ( > f $7.GO.
Ilu won't try to joke any more.
Mtn. Joseph Smith , upon whom a sur
gical operation was performed a few days
8go , by'which an ovarian tumor weighing
twenty-five pounds WAS removed , died Sun
day afternoon , She has miTered from the
tumor for ten years past , and the opera
tion seemed the only posBlble chance for
prolonging her life , and that clmi.oo was
but a sllmoneT iMr'sTSmlth was aged 4G
yemv andjwlth herhiubandlijs lived here
for the i-ast eevtnteen yean , being known
by many and rejected by-ull , The fu.
ceral tefvlcfB ute to bo 'h jdthli forenoon
Tromjtlie Uatiioljo hurch , tlieTrpmls to
meet at the house at 10 o'clock"
A middle-aged men from Ouawaspent
Sunday , In thli illy and took in tlid city ,
The city took him in also , according tc
hlistoiy. Ho nays that ho went Into n
Brondway saloon , even if It was Sunday ,
and at down to flay for the drink * . lit
got full , and claims that he was drugged ,
Any wy be w as so boozed that he let the
. fellows he was playing with get hl . pocket
book , Including MO. He lays one fellow
objected , and salct that vnmu't right , ami
. the i them kicked him out of dotw. Tliej
then went out the other way nd let theh
\ictiiuBnooioltout. He was rather mor
lifted and preferred not to prosecute be
cause he did not ewe to be drugged inti
publicity ,
J. B. ) tinman , of Chicago , to at the Og
den ,
W. I1. , Sapp has gone to Chicago ou
brief stay ,
George H. Warden , ol Chicago , la at th
Ogdcn ,
KMIu Mamie Wood , of Omaha , la her
Tiling FannGTWood. flrT\ViU"Wobd I
- also in the city ,
Dr. White , of Sidney , who hag locate
here for the practice cf liii profeesiou , I
one of the tmeUes f the College for tl
Physicians say it combines all tl
desiderata of every ferruglnovu1 toni
pn-Bcritod by evtry chool of raed
cine. Brown's Iron Bitten.
A Poor Victim Pound WUM Foot \n
Honda Bndly Frozen.
Yesterday morning there wa
brought to this city ftoni Undcrwoo <
in Norwnllc township , nbont sixtcoi
miles from the city , an unfottuimt
man who wa3 in a terrible condition
[ If g feet and hands wcro very bad I ;
TOzon , and the man presented other
wi o a piHablo appearance , ho havini
a atarvod look of the face , his clothe
, orn and thin , and his only posGC.'nini
Doing a few dollnr raited for him b ;
oubBcription at Underwood by thoti
hero who took pity upon him on ace
ng his condition Uioro , and ono o
ho rcaidonto brought him In hero fo :
ho county authorities to look after
Us light hnnd was in A particular ! ]
) ad condition , and Dr. Bellinger , wh <
oxamitiod the unfortuuato'n conclitiou
eaya ho ftara one &t least of the fin'
jroro will have to bo amputated , Thi
man in a llusninn and unable to npcal
iny Knglloli , but can spcnk German ,
hough poorly. In Gorman hn nu\v \
ifittd to tell hie story to the ofToat thai
10 had boon at work thrcohing for f
man about eight miles from thin city ,
and after working for him about o
rook trna turned out in the cold hat
Monday night , without being paid oil
rcn. IIo tried to got a chauco tc
Icop at oomo of the other houeca , and
ran rofuood , and had to sloop out ol
ooro. Ho thus fro/.o his hands nnd
oat. Ho crawled the nrxt day from
10U30 to houno , and by bogginji
lis way aucoootlqd in getting to. the
ttlo utation of Under -ool , fr m
wlionco ho was brought hero. >
IIo hnj evidently received no rdrdi-
al or surgical help durlnc ; the whole
week and hence his hands r.nd foot
were in a moat horrible condition , IIo
van taken ycatcrday to the county
louao vrboro ho wan taken care of , and
ho authoritioa nay that aa floon ns ho
3 well enough to travel they ) will
ale him back to where ho claimn ho
waa at work , and BOO if ho con ; point
> ut the man who , ho says , inhumanly
urnod him out of doom to freeze
'ho man caya ho ia unable to toll the
trmor's uamo exactly , ho claiming
imply that ho is a German ' 'called
Tonky , but aaya ho can point him
no Young Husband ot an Old Wo
man Elopou With n Well-Known
A man named Da via , Trho came
lore about three months ago , haa sud-
only loft for parts unknown. Ho ia
man about thirty-five yean old , and
s the husband of a woman of about
iztywho ia hia'second wife , and
moiig whoao attractions to him acoma
o have been a small forluno of
1,000 , It ia said ho managed to got
lold of moat of hia wife's money for
in own purpoBOA , and that when ho
Uuppearud ho had in hia ponacaaion
bout $1)00 of it. The money waa not
( in only thing which ho is said to
lave taken with him. The rent of hio
> aggago conaiatod of a hale , hearty ,
muacular young woman known aa
llrs. Barbara Bush , and atill better
cnotvn aa Ella Harris. She will bo
emomborod aa the woman , who a
tiort time ego got couaidorablo free
dvortiaing for oliootiug several times
t a woman in Strootvillo , of whom
ho became jealous on nodpunt ol
otno man whose aolidily each doted
n , She failed to hit her target , but
uccocdod in getting in jail , where
ha became noted as one of 'tho moat
iltby mouthed and noiuy , persons
ho jail over hold , She waa afloat
oloaaod on his own recognizance to
wait the action of the grand jury
lezt month. Now that she has a
refill man with $000 in money , aho
will probably not bo anxioua to return
o find out what the grand jury think
boat her caso.
It ia natd that ono of the inciting
ausoa which led to Davis thus dlsap-
joaring , ia tlmt it waa discovered by
mo of the o Hi sera of the connty that
) avia voted on election day , when lie
tad * no right to do BO , . having
inly been hero three months. It wae
ntimated to him that the next grand
ury waa to look into hia case for
legal voting , and it is thought thai
i in frightened him , and not wishing
o travel alone , ho took the luaty
moxon with him ,
The wife who haa thus been bereft
f man und money haa not decided
vhethur to protocuto or not. She
ias no means which she cares to ox-
) end in getting htm back , and the
air will probably bo allowed to con <
inuo their journey westward without
A Oolorod Oatnsol Arrested foi
Uolnar Druclc la Boiooeod uy
Bocomlner a Oriao.
On Sunday two colored girla , Mln
lie Holmoa and Lizzio Dixon , wen
treated and looked up in jlio nov
larlor at the calabooao , thuy boinj
> roty ( fall of boozo. After gottiui
oraonlmt sobered up a youiif | colored
ollow appeared on the Boeno. Hi
ave hia name an Mark Lowry , am
xplainod that the girl Dlton wai
\bout to booomo hia bride , ibut hoi
getting drunk interfered with hci
seeping her engagement , Miiyoi
iotTtnan , who chanced to bo present
otl'ercd to marry the couple rlgh
'hero and then if they wantot
.0 bo joined. The colored , youii (
man showed hia Ivory moat merrilj
and haatonod to got ont a license
while the mayor waited for hia , return
On comlni : back with the noccssarj
document , the fair and blushing brldi
) elug well sobered now , waa callui
ont of the calabooao , and , ( standing U |
reside the dusky groom , Mayor Bow
mail proceeded to perform the ceremony
ny , It waa the fuel tlmo the mayo :
lad over acted in thia capacity , bu
tie performed hia duty well and dldn'
tnako u break or a akip until ho hac
inado the twain one. The bride wa
given her freedom aa a gift , and th
only fee the mayor received waa
polite "Thank you1' ou the part of th
groom. The city clerk > lookc
aroaad wltk a hungry lee
forotke , but in vain , and w a BO dlt
appointed that ho failed toaaluto th
bride. The brldo'e female oomradi
who had boon with her ou her aprei
WM bailed oat by Mollle Wallace , an
yesterday waa civcn $7 CO fmo in
atcad of n hnaband. It ia now
fiuory which of the girla got punishe
Iho woraf.
Trapped for Thloyory.
Ycatorday afternoon a young man
'who ' refuses to give hia name , was ai
rested on the charge of having stoloi
a horao and buggy , Ho came to thi
California houao yesterday and wa
recognized there by the proprietor
Sneigort , as having boarded there las
spring for eomo time. Ho said IK
had juat aold a horse and buggy , nnc
had the harnoea ntill unsold. Hi
wanted to get rid of that , no ho couh
start for Chicago. Sweigort finally
bought the harness for $5 nnd at
unpaid board bill againftt a obum , noTi
in Chiojgo , of whom ho thought h <
cnuld collect the money , Swcigorl
also bought of him a lap robe foi
$1 CO. Afterwards lie found that the
properly waa stolen , and on tackling
the young man about it the young foi
low gavf > him back moat of the moiuj
paid. Officer Hirhyto and Swcigori
ihon took the young man to jail and
ocltod him up. Swoigcrt found out
whcro the horao iwd bu py were , and
; ho olllcorn took poBscaaion of them tc
await the discovery of the owner.
* A11 ladies who may bo ironblod
with nervous prostration ; who suffoj
from organic displacement ; who have
a sonco of wcarlncsa and a fooling ol
acsitudo ; who are languid in the
morning : in whom the appetite fet
oed ia capricious and sleep at propot
loura uncertain , should have rocourne
o Mrs. Pinkham's Vegetable com-
Further Facts-
To the Editor ot Tim Cm.
PJcuao make corrections in your
morning paper about the coee of com-
itiation in the alley back of Woia &
) Jau3on'n store. It ia not back of
.heir utoro , but on Franklin avenue ,
ictweon the residence of John Clau-
on and tlmt of the chief of police ,
where the heavy ralno of laat summer
washed holes in the middle of the
treat to the depth of twenty or thirty
eot , and the city , Instead of fixing
ho street , fenced it up. Since that
iruo several hundred loads ol manure
iavo boon deposited in thcao holes ,
md laat Saturday somebody set fire to
t , to the great annoyance of the
neighborhood , on account of the offon-
ivo odor it sent forth. X.
The Roturroction of Xinzants
VRB a miraculous operation. Mo one
hiuka of raising the dead these times ,
houtli ; some desperately close to death's
opr have been completely restored by
iuitnocic BLOOD BITTKRS to genuine and
astlng health ,
Eye and Ear.
Dr. Monghor , ocoallat , auriat and
pcciallat in chrnnio diaoaau , offora hia
orvieia to all nllhctod with diseases of
ho eye , ear , or chronic dhtouses of
riy character. Warrants a care in all
h.ounmtio affections. Can bo con-
ulted by mail or in parson at the
lotropolitan hotel , Council Blufio ,
! owa. nov7-2t
Turner Hall.
Grand ball iu Turner Hall , upper
iroadway , on the evening of Satur-
lay , the 25tU inst. The masio will bo
urniahed by Prof. Olkor's band. A
; rand tirao is anticipated. All are
nvitcd. Admiesion for gentlemen
und ladies ia put at fifty cents.
I'iio Tony Pair of Confidence Men are
Released On Bull.
Yesterday the two men , Connorton
and Howard , who were locked up
lore for an assault on the crippled
illlia , secured bail in the amonnt of
$500 , and were released to appear for
ho notion of the grand jury at the
December term of- the district court.
L'om Ilatllflb became their bondsman.
Cilia will cause a atop to the further
iroccfidiiiRa In regard to raising or
oworing the amount ot the bonds ,
which waa to bo further considered
o-morrow morning , on a motion made
ast Saturday to increase the bonds
rota S300 to S500.
* * . * "Mon are but sorry witnesses in
heir own cauao. " The praise of Kid-
icy-Wort comes from the mouths oi
lioso who have been made strong and
loalthy by it. Listen : "It is curing
everybody , " writes a druggist. "Kid-
icy-Wort ia the most popular medi
cine wo Boll. " It should bo by right ,
or no other medicine haa &uch specific
action on tiio liver , bowels and kid-
' Photogrnpbinir a Ballet Dancer.
"Tho other day wo had rather an
umising inatanco of posing , " said a
ocal photographer , "Mile. AstogRi-
ano , the premiere danioueo , gave us
aoiuo sitting * . Ono of her drcsaea
was the cpsturno she wears in the bal-
ot of natious. She could not apeak a
word of English , and BB there were no
Inguiats in the establishment wo had
great difficulty in conversing. She
: amo out of the dressing room with a
top , okip , and a jump , and pirouetted
In front of the camera. The artist
tried to explain to her that aho waa
,00 near , but aho did not understand
and immediately began a mazourka
movement with lightning rapidity all
over tlui studio , Iaud \ out of the
chatra , around the camera stand , up
and down the room , wont the nimble
dancer in every possible attitude oi
grace , except that of repose , but a
photograph waa not feasible. Finally ,
wo sent tor an interpreter , and while
twaitiug the advent of that person the
Dallnt-quoon continued her dancing ,
looking at the artist from tlmo tc
Lime with a puulod and Impatient
expression , Talk about a paa-do-aeul ,
what I witnessed that day was
the moat wonderful exhibition ol
log-agility you ever Imagined ,
Finally the Interpreter arrived ,
and Mile. Aateggiano pauaod foi
bretth. "Ia ic finished } " aho askoc
in Italian. "I am tired. " On It beIng
Ing explained that she waa expected
to remain still for a few minutes ahi
laughed very heartily. 'Dear mo !
she exclaimed , 'hero I have been per
forming a complete ballot in front o
the camera under tha Idea that all mj
movements wore being Instantaneous
ly photographed. However , I an
mdy now. Bho gave a bound in th
air and landed ori the tip of the bij
too of her right foot and romainec
motionkaa for over half a minntt
while the picture waa being taken ,
[ Philadelphia Prcea.
Is Homcthtnf ? to be avoided. Babiei
with cold , babioi with croup , babies will
roams , burn * , bltef , nches , sprain * , oi
pains nro bound to become nol y tennnti
of the liO'ijchoUl ' , lr. THOMAS' Eouzcrnu
On , will cure all these complaints.
Uow she Caught Him.
New Yorlt Trllmtie.
Night In St. Louts.
Soutnd in the patlor of her father's
mngnifioQiit residence , Lurltno Looao
hnir nllowod her Uper finRcr * to wander -
dor idly over the koya of the piano ,
nnd , obedient to her delicate touch ,
fioro floated forth upon the air the
strains of that beautiful miserere ,
' Since Papa Tore Ilia Parts. " And
aa she sat there , absorbed in the
sad rcflcclionato which the mudc gave
rlao , the door opened softly ,
atd Berwyok HothcMiigton entered
the room. Lurlme , all the Ronecs of
her passionate nature absorbed in the
mu'ic , continued to play , not knowing
that the man bho loved , and to win
whoso pookotbook in return she
would have hustled around nith
iroad carneauicas , wan standing by
tier sido. But at last Borwyck placed
iiia hand grntly on her shoulder , and
by that Indefinable acnao that tolls us
of a human presence , although wo aoo
it not , aho knew that somebody was
around. Turning quickly aho aaw
Mr. llothorlngton.
"I did not know you were hero , "
aho caid , n bluih Hooding the face
that such a little time ago was pale
and calm , "or I ahould not have
ilayod ao confidently. "
"Oan you favor mo with something
more ? " ho aaked.
Tlio'bluah grows deeper and more ,
vivid now , and the drooping oyoa are
moist with toaru. But in an inatant
> ha recovers her solf-poaacssiou , cud
ooka at him in the frank , honoat way
n which Cincinnati girla ask for more
"I cannot play any other piece , "
oho says , half sadly , half defiantly.
"Aro you sura of this , Lurline ? "
Borwyck asks , bonding ever her in a
oving way. "Think well before you
speak , " ho continue. ' , ' 'for on your
anawer may depend the future happi
ness of two yonng lives. "
"I am quite euro , " she says.
"Thon you must bo my wifo. " And
is ho speaks these words Borwyck
BLothoringtoil's face lights up with a
rapturous SchuylerColfax smilo. "Do
yon love mo ? " ho asks.
For answer , she puts her arms
irouud his nock , kiseoa him coldly
> ohind the loft oar , and then a great
nilcnco falls upon them.
Presently Berwick rises to RO.
'You will como again to-morrow ovon-
ng ? " she asks.
"Yes , " ho replies , "yo'umny tie the
dog at eight. "
"And you will not regret your
choice ? "
"Never , " ho says , in clear steady
ones. "I have spent the best yeara
of ray life looking for a girl who
oould play only ono tune on the pi
ano. "
your old things look like
now by uaing the Diamond Dyea , and
'ou will be happy. Any oi the faah-
enable colors for 10 cento.
Ho other dlccnso la so prevalent la thii
j ; country as Constipation , and no remedy O
G hat over equalled the celebrated KEDKKJT-
WOHT aa a cure. Whatever tbo cauae ,
however ofcstlnnto the coco , thla remedy
n-111 ovcrcomo it. _
THIS dlstrosslns complaint -
plaint In very aptto be
frith constipation * Kiducy- ,
i : \7ortttrcnfrthcn3thowcalccnodparta and
a quickly cures all Itlndu of Piles even when
ti phyalelana and medicines havobeforofiiil'
< ed. drTryouUavacitherorthaaotroublcs
All Shippers and Travelers will need
; oed accommodation and rcaaonabl
Council Bluffs , - - lo ra.
' Proprlatorg.
Rich Out Qlaaa , Fine Prono1
Silver Wore 3 c. ,
I , 0 IDUOKD10N , I. L. BHUaiBT. A. W , BTRBBT ,
rresldent. Vlco-Prei't. Cwihler.
Of Council Blnffs.
Organised under the law * o ! the Stite o ! Iowa
Paid up capital 9 76.000
AuthotUcd caplul 200,000
Interest p&Id on tlmo deposit * . Dntti Issued
on the principal cities of the United State * and
Suropo , Upeclal attention ( riven to collectloni
and corrotpondeuc4 with prompt roturna.
J. D. Kdmundioa , K.L. hufr rt , J , T.Htrt ,
Attorney and Counsellor at Law ,
Offlce Broadway , between Mala anil 1'ea
Street * . > VU1 practice la SUtd aud Vttt
DeuUchtr Aril.
Council Bluff * .
4/ljMM6i ot women and children a ipoclaltj.
14 Pearl Street , Oeunoil Bluffs.
Extracting and ailing a ipecUUy. Flnt-clar
NOTICK. Kpcdkl ndwrtljetaont * , sue
Loil , Found , To Loin , For flile , To Renl
Vttnti , DoirJIner , etc. , will be Interted In thl
column at the ow r ta of TKN CHNT8 PE1
MNE tu ths flrsl Innttlon tnj FIVE CENT !
PRU LINE for each eutH ] U nt Insattlftn
Learo dv ertlwmtnts ai eur oflleo , No. ' ,
Pestl Btryt , ftcar Ilrovlff r.
WA STKI ) . llrooivitiaker ; n No. 1 hrooni tlei
w-nntcil ImmpillMclj. Am > Iy or cnll or
Cowon | Ilrooin Co. , .Mahcrn , la.
WANTKD A ixwttlon lo do general rtl ! a
- a } onus man \rt\t \ rfconunetuleil.ancl good
penman Inquire At tlic oltlc-e of John Llntlt , at-
omcy nt l.iw , ollkc on I
WANTKI-At tbo \ \ tcrn Home , a cook !
ono who understands the lWit s ; none
oilier need ftppl , > .
-COO Imllcllnns to move. Wo mike
ntped'lty ol tnovl g Iiou c8 nnd Kitesl
AddrcM w. r. AIcsHortli , box 870 , Conncll
lllulT. ' , la. _
-ITTANIKD ETcryboily In Council Klutla lo
W to take THR lite , SO ccuta pot vcck , ae
IvcrW by carrlora. Ofllco , No 7 I'a rl Street
nc r Dri ;
For Sr.lo and Rent
HINT. : rurt'Micd room , No. COO South
Foil . With or without b-ard.
HUNT Small liouso n o room * , ( food
; collar , well , &C. At ply nt Merchant's Uest.-ui-
rant , corner Ilroailwnj nnil Fourth street * .
nll-atf J.A. 110SS.
FOH BALKTho Western Hou e , Xo. 303 Up-
per llroadu nj ; ortill t < ndo for tnipro\cil
city orfann property ; or will sell furniture ami
rent building ; icason , III health. AildrcM J. S.
2. JlcOAtLiirrR , fo3 Upper Ilroadua } ' , Council
JlnlTs , Jo\\n.
FOKSALK A lunibsr and coal jnrJ , dolnprn
goo ! Imsncsx In a now ow. DJ the Chl-
cigo , Alllwwikco k St. I'aul railroad.
. . . KENT My new two-story brick Btorc
ju building , on South Main street.
SALE My twelve-acre Inilt larm , on
FOR rir.t street. I'ETKU WElS
KENT Furnished rooms to rent , with
board , nt 730 Mynstcr street. Day board
J3.BO per week. , ocutl"-lt
rjlOH u7TLhIoautimi rWaVnco iota , 5uti
Jj each ; nothing down , and Krcrmonth only ,
QTlLLi AHEAD Great eucccia. Call and see
O new accessories and specimens ol pictures
taken 1 the reliable gelatine bromide process ,
at the Kicclslor Oallnry i 00 Main street.
Dn. W. L. PATTON PAyelclan and Oculist.
Can euro any caoo ol sore eye ? . It Is only
a matter ol tlmo , and can euro generally In
from three tc flve weeks It makes no difference -
once how long diseased. Will straighten cross
eyes , operate and remove Ptyreglnnis , etc. , and
Insert artificial eyes. Special attention to re.
movclnpr tadconna ap5-tl
Council Bluffs'
Business Directory.
Art Gallery.
Excelsior photograph ga'lcry ' , South Main St.
Instantaneous process.
0. GEISE , Upper Broadway.
Bottling Works.
B. H AGO & CO. , East I'lcrco St.
P. AYEUS.C17S. Main St.
Bathing Houses.
MRS. E. J. IIAUDING , M. D. , Broadway and
Glenn are.
DR. STUDLEY , Bethesda Bathlnj House ,
Books and Stationery.
II. E. SEAMAN , Middle Broadway.
OFFICER & PUSEY , corner Broadway and 5th
CITIZENS' BANK. 5th street.
Broom Factory.
MAYNE& CO. , avenue A , and Cth St.
Cigar Manufacturers.
TEMPLETON li LAMB , 232 Broadway.
F. H. LEVIN , 308 Broadway.
L. BOEKIIOFF. 631 Main St.
A. n. MAYNE & CO. , 31 Pearl St.
J. ROSS , 015 East Broadway.
SINTON 4 : WEST , 14 Pearl St.
Dry Goods
IIARKNESS , ORCUTT & CO. , Broaduay am !
4th street.
Eggs Shipper.
0. F. CRAWFORD. B19 Main St.
Furniture Manufactory.
E. R. STEINHILBER , cor. 7th ai e and 12th St
Furniture Otofe.
0. A. BEEDE & CO. . SOT and S09 Broadway.
Groceries and Provisions ,
BUHVAN & FITZOEltALP. 343 Broadway.
OLUVER & GRAHAM , 5th street. Good ;
sold at eastern prices and guaranteed ,
Harness and Saddlery ,
CHAS. WALTER & BRO. , Middle Broadway.
CHAS. BEKMAK,33t Middle llroadn ay.
Hair Goods.
MRS. D. A. BENEDICT. 331 West Broadway ,
MRS. J. J. GOOD , 29 Mil street.
Livery Stables.
A. COMPTON , 230 Broadway.
W , 0. HOLLAND , 700 South Main St.
H. BEEOROFT , pup. P. 0.
OGDEN HOUSE. Upper Broadway.
KIEL'S HOTEL , 501 and COT Main street.
Meat Market.
E. W. T1CKN011 , 530 Broadway.
Millinery ,
J. J , BLISS , 328 Broadway , Come and examIne -
Ino tor yourself.
MRS. J. E. METCALF , 643 Broadway.
Marble and Granite Works.
CONNOR tc GUANELLA , 117 Broadway.
Merchant Tailors ,
JAS. FRANEY. 372 Broadway.
CHAS. RICE , Devol'a building , Bth and Main
JOS RE1TEH , 310 Broadway
Real Estate and Abstract , ,
KIMUALL & CHAMP , opposite court house.
J. W. SQUIRE & CO. , corner Pearl and 1st at e ,
SMITH & McCUEN , 401 Broadway.
Stoves and Tinware.
R. D. AMY & CO. , COO South Main ( treet.
Bhlrt Factory.
_ F. F. FORD , corner Bluff and WillowSt.
Undertakers ,
MORGAN , KELLER & CO. , 310 and B17 Broad-
WD' ! M. CONNELL. 17 North Main St.
Fresh and Salt Meats ,
Poultry and Game in their season. Wlenei
aud other Sausages a specialty.
-MBS , fl , J. HILTON , M , D , ,
RKNE88 , OEiGUTT & W. ,
Broadway , .and Fourth Street , ,
Couucil Bluffs , Iowa
Headquarters For the Cele
CM :
Weber Pianos
Toys and Fancy Goods
Wholesale and Retail ,
Address ,
> *
i aa
Guarantees the Best $1.50 , $1,75 and $2.00
Bluff and fillow greets , Coimcil Bluffs.
Orders Oiled in any part pf the city. Orders by telephone promptly attended to.
We make the following a specialty ;
JZTMail orders and correspondence promptly attended to. Office and Manufactory
S. E. Oor. 7th Avo. and 12th Street , COUNCIL BLUFFS. IOWA.
The finest quality and largest stock west of Chicago of wooden and motallo cases.
Calls attended to at all hours. We defy competition in quality of goods or prices ,
Our Mr. Morgan has served as undertaker for forty years and thoroughly understands
hia business. WAREROOMS , 346 AND 857 BROADWAY. Upholsterin ? in
all its branched promptly attended to ; also carpet-laying and lambrequins. Telegraphic -
graphic and mall orders filled without delay.
Council Bluffs , Iowa.
' Bear nnd malt In any quanfltjjlo suit purchasers. lifer 58.00 per barrel , Private fimlilca sup
plied wit ! ) small kcgt at gl.CO each , aelacrecl froa ol cbargo to uy part ol the city.
Wholesale Dealer in and SOLE AOENT TOR Joseph Schlitz Brewing
Company's Celebrated
No. 711 Broadway , Council Bluffs , Iowa. Orders from the sountry elicited
Citv orders to families nnd Jcalere delivered free.
G. A. EEBE & CO. ,
WholcttloonJ Uctall Dealers In
iSTos. 207 & 209 Broadway. Council Bluffs.
Merchant Tailor
Always keeps onhandthBfloestaeaorlp'entotmatf riallor gentlemen's wear. Satisfactioncmrantttd
Millinery , DroBsmatlner , Etc. Cutting nnd Fitting a Bpedlalty.
No. 543 Broadwav , Opposite Reyero House.
Laces , Embroideries , and Ladies Underwear ,
Handkerchief , bow ol all Klnd . thread , pint , needles , ets , Wo hope the laaleg will call
and see our stock ol eoodi.
- - ; ,
Merchant Tailor.
( Late Gutter for Metcalf B . , ) .
Devol's New Building , Main Streex.
Council Bluffs , la ,
SulU to order 818 and upwards. _ _ _
( Succeesors to J. P. A J. N. Cossody. )
Abstract , Real Estate and Loan Brokers.
We have h only complete set ol abstract booki to all city IcU aad UuJi In PotUwt-tUml
county. Titles examined and abitracts lun Ithtd on short notloe. 11 onT to loan on dtj and farm
property , short and lonjr Um , la tumt to lult the borrowir. Kealcsta bought and tolJ. Offlcs
U th old lUni oppoiltt cout bou .