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The Daily Bee.
Thursday kffornint ; , Nov. 10.
\Vei > .thcr . . . . .
(1'ho ( followlnff observation" retaken at
the mime moment of time at all tbo aUUona
ts modt )
TICK , OMAHANov. 1 > , 1882. ( IMPp.m. f
Denver. . . . . . 11 OS DrlKK
Cheyenne. . . TO 12 Brink Cloudy
Wuhntle. . . . II VI Ll ht II Hr.ow
Finite 30 10 llrl.k Fair
Oniahn. . . , 2-J 08 Drsk Fair
Yank ton. . 21 Si r.oh Filr
Dea Molnoa 30 OS Clear
Divcnpcrt. TO II llrisk Clear
a 07 llrl k Clear
BLLoula . 30 21 M 8 Kreth Clear
Moornnul. 07 HE Fresh
Vincent. . , . M M KK Cloudy
Bbimarck. . 30 Id NW Brink Clear
Dolord. . . . . . 30 07 W II Ink Clear
Caster. , , . . 30 28 W Light Clear
3116 LlSht Cloa y
AMinabolce. iOM Frosli Cloudy
filter 6 ( ml 0 tacbei aboro low water mark at
Ottthi , 1 ( eetlOlnchm at Taakton. Mlsilulppl C
feet D Inched at IHvcnpoit , > t feet Sinchei nt
Ht IVul , 10 I ot 11 Indies at til tioul ,4/c
0 Inchei at lACrono and 7 feet 0 Inches at
, C - -
- -Tbo weather la crowing considerably
Park Goodwin's majority In the dis
trict iaaliout.100. ;
Tlierojwcro two doatba at St. Joicpb's
hospital Tuesday.
" Wesley Ltnton was arrested yesterday
for threatening tbo life of John Mnlllnger.
f Lucy Kyau and her husband Tony
have made up nnd left towu together.
A force of mon baa resumed the work
on Douglas atreet paving with well advised
Thanksgiving services will Inaugurate
tbo use of tbe now Swedish church on Caea
_ The fonoral nf tbo late Harry 8 , Far >
rnalee took placs nt 2 p. m , yesterday. H *
loaves a wife and ono child.
--If our good people know bow cheap
Frederick , the Hatter , is netting hla Winter
tor Oapa they would all glvo him n call.
The E. M. A. will bold their monthly
social on Thursday evening , Nov. IGtb.
All members are requested to bo present.
Tbopiico of boor is raited to $2.25 per
keg by the Omaha brewers In con <
Hoquonco of tbo advance la the coat of
Fonihn. Bro n , who was BO badly hurt
by Gorman last Friday night and wna acnt
up to Bt. Joacph't ) hospital uu Sunday in a
critical condition , is reported much bettor
and able to appear in court and testify
against tbe prisoners.
-Two or three colored men have been
arrested on suspicion of being James
Oloott'a aBadllant but bo was unable to
identify either. It was BO dark at tbo time
that it ia probable bo did not coo the man'a
featurMn toll ,
Tho'w ! ' 0. T. U. will hold'thoir
weekly mooting in the parlora of the Bap
tlst church on Thuraday afternoon , Nov.
ICth. at 3 o'clock. Every member Is re
quested to be present. . By order of the
Secretary. | * J
An excitement'WMocoaaiQ.ned onBaun *
I dorss | posTyoBterdijr b'yV boras falllngtnto a
trepcbT dug by the water works company !
Tbo tronoh was exactly aa Ionic n . the
hone'syb dy and so , oloson fit that ho stood
upright In it with bia bead routing outside
on the surface. Oao end of tbo trench was1
dug out and tbo bone extricated blmaelf
without Bcdoua injury.
IonlFfnk : Colfelzor , representative
elect from Douglas county , doaires TflK
DEE to porreot tbo atatement made in Mon *
day's iaiue that bo takes hla certificate by
virtue of Jefferson precinct being thrown
out in the canva ' ' 'It' seem * that hla ma
jority would have been Increased Instead
of dlinlnlahod had tbo vote of JofToraon
boon counted. Mr , Colpotzer aaya ho
would not take an olllca if bo could only
KcUt throuch n , mistake.
Horhort Leavltt , the accommodating
and oiUeicnt deputy clorkof Doughacoun
ty , waa absent from hi post Tuesday , n
very unusual occurrence , nnd hit friends
feared that ho waa alck. Uo did not give
any explanation yesterday but a BKI
reporter received the Information from an.
other eoiirce that'ho ' bad stayed at homo to
give a reception to n now son and heir ,
which arrived Monday. It was a ton
pounder * Both mother and child are do *
Inn well *
Aa will ba Boon by a diapatch publish-
d eliewhtro the eiocutivo committee of
tlie Irish National Lund League hna ad-
vluod the reorganization of the League
with n view of giving preatlge to the na
tional movement. It will be remembered
that A few weeks ngo iho Omaha branch
met and determined whatever the rest did
they would not disband aud A prominent
member said toTiirBta
reporter yeatorday j
"Juut wait and you ehall see the Omaha
League booming under Ila now aunptcea
\ery aooa.
Ona of the wgular periodical boardern
nt Uje. chy and county jail \ra * brought bo
lore Judge Deneko yesterday on the eld
charge of Intoxication , He kad just com.
pleted a term of
waa about to leave
town the Judge ga\o
him 30 daya at hard labor and suspended
entetioe untH 12 o'clock , with tlo admonl
tion that if he waa found within the city
limits ataln in the year 1882 , lie would be
ent up to aerw ) out LU time. Aa the
prlaoner went down i'arnam atreet „ .
turned a wistful look at the Jail on Uw hill
jind remarfced ' 'Ftrewell , my home , fare
well. Ob It fa hard to bo boUiahod from the
place w love , "
The fifth annual ball of the Pioneer
Look and Udder company will be held tt
Maputo boll oa Koveiu'jer 29th. Tue
committee on arrangement * la composed cl
L'd Wlttlsr , Ohaa. 1'lshcr , J. Jtothholz , T.
U. Kooeter and L. Kroetioch.
-'Hoe. Joseph Itedman waj nulled In.
marriage to Jlr * . Llbbio Huca.ll ou Bun-
day evenlug , Nov , 12 , 1882 , t th resi
dence of David Harper , . ] { ( . , Her , Q , F ,
Btelllng | . | ) , oIlcUtIp ( ,
'Ai' the board of public worVs , atari
Informal meeting linmecllxwly alter the
- ent ofitlio clty fljuncll 1
it , let ibf contrasl lit paving
direct with Blotix Fall ) atone to Mr , Mnck ,
that v ed qncHlon may ba tegnrfled nn
nettled. A good chance to tee tpeclmcna
of the new paving material la offered by
a pile of the granite blocks In front of
' and Fifteenth
Kuhn'admg ttiroon Douglas
th , while the limestone blocka near by offer
n'trilling contract. 11 is propood to be
gin the shipment of the atone to Omaha nt
on co.
- The atorm doora now being placed In
front of entrance to Boyd'a opera honao
will be ornamental aa well as useful during
the vrlntcr months.
The number of the aspirants of the
Sliteraof Mercy in tbla city , yesterday
at the convent OD St , Mary's avenue , was
decreased by the death ( < f one of their rrmtt
promising member * . MIsi Lucy Fllrger-
aid , a young lady both of brilliancy and
accomplishments , nnd but recently arrived
in this country from Ireland , wni the vic
tim , Buccumblrig nftcr nn Illness of but a
few days to an attack nf typhoid fever.
Miss Fitzgerald wan admitted nmong the
nsplranta to the order of the olstora nbove
mentioned tn July of the present year , and
bad almost passed tbo perled of probation
preparatory to being admitted ainonic the
novices , The deceased has friends living
In New Castle , Neb , , to whom a telegram
of the event has been sent. The funeral
will take plnco this morning from
the novlthto on St. MnryV , arcnuo to the
cemetery of the Holy Sepulctre.
A Cnallongo Accepted.
Mr. Jack Utvnlcj :
Seeing your challenge in yesterday
morning's Republicanstating that yon
would like to spar mo for $250 a side ,
and would prefer mo to all others in
the city , I hereby accept your chal
lenge , and to show you thai
I mean business , I have de
posited a forfeit of fifty dollars
with Manager Nugent cf the Acad-
amy of Music as an earnest of
good filth , so as not to interfere with
your engagements , I will lot you
name the time and place , time not to
exceed two weeks from data , I do not
claim the championship of Nebraska ,
and as a spatrorl ceased to appear before -
fore the pnblto two years ago , but as I
have n few friends in the city who fool
confident that I am a match for you ,
I will contest with you for the two
hundred and fifty dollars a side.
Yours respectfully ,
Which Is doslorod for presentation to
ox-Suporlntondont bob Law.
Mr. Robert Law , so long a popular
division superintendent on the U. P. ,
and recently appointed to a responsi
ble position on the 0. B. & Q. , is ex
pected to make another viiit to Cheyenne -
onno previous to his departure to his
now headquarters at Kooknk , and his
friends propose to make it the occa
slon for an expression of their 'good
wishes for his future success and pros
There is now to bo soon in Iho win
dow of n Ohoyonno jewelry establish
ment a magniticont sot of solid silver
ware , consisting of 132 pieces , of an-
tiqtio design , as follows :
One dozer gilded led cream spoons ,
all of different patterns , one soup
ladle , ono oyster ladle , two gravy
ladles , ono augarjadlo , tiah knives and
forks , berry spoon , proaorro spoon ,
aalid spoon , sugar spoon , gravy spoon ,
a not of but tor'knives ' , one pickle fork ,
ono dozen 'doaefct' ' knives } oho doion
coUoo spoons , ono carving sot of five
pieces , qno oyster tureen , throe ton-
Inch donblo dishes , one dozen tea
spoons , ono dozen desert spoons , ono
dozen table spoons , ono and a half
dozen table spoons , ono and a half
dozen desort'spoons. *
All of iho above are engraved with
tho'initial ' "L , " and are contained in
an elegant cabinet marked , 'Robert
Law ; from his 'Ohoyonno friends. "
The silverware is valued at $760 , and
ia a handsome tribute to Mr. aud Mrs.
Signal Service Transfers The Sudden
Change of the Past Week.
A great many of our citizens will
remember Mr. L , M. Boy , who was
the observer of the signal oilico at
this point about a year ago , and loft
Omaha to go to Pike's Peak , where
ho wished to make some scientific ob
servations and have greater loiauro to
pursue his studios. Wo learn that
Mr. Doy has again boon transferred
at his own request to Louisville , Ky. ,
having loft Pike's Peak station on the
Oth inst.
Mr. Dudley B , Notson , assistant
observer at Omaha station , is await
ing orders for transfer by promotion
as observer of some other station not
vet designated. Who will bo sent
hero to take his place as Observer
Pollock's assistant la not yet known.
In connection with this subject it
is pertinent to remark that the
weather for the past week has been
phenomenal as far as the sudden
change from summer's heat to win-
tor's olast is concerned. On Friday
nitiht last the temperature was 74"
and intense lightning prevailed from
six o'clock in the evening. At 10:30 :
loud thunder was added to the lightn-
imi und soon after a heavy rain began
to pour down , inlnglod at first with
hail , which continued all night
and until 10 o'clock Saturday morn
ing. At first the wind was from the
south and quito moderate but when it
veered toward the north and the wind
increased to a gale of Si miloa au
hour , the falling temperature was
rapid and attained a dilloronco of 63
within 24 hours. Thenceforth
the weather remained cold , the coldest -
est being on the morning of Monday ,
wbon the muroury stood at 14 * and
never rising above CO" , which was the
temperature indicated at 2 p , in.
Tuesday ,
BYestcrday light anowa were re
ported from St. Vincent , Minn. , and
iJuford and Bitrnarck , Dakota , with
slightly M7her temperature , wliieh
would indicate somewhat warmer and
cloudy wtathcr shortly huru.
Do Not Move Blindly.
Go carefully in purchwlng medicine.
Mauy advertised tomedlo * c u work great
Wood BHltri are purtly a veget l > la prep" I
"f-tlpui the au-jilUat clild can take them.
I hey kill < Uir , M and puie the pttfcnt In a
mla nud kindly way ,
Something tliat Takes the Cake
for Novelty and Hallway
Comfort ,
fho Union Pftciflo Proposes to
"Seotbo Dinintr Oar
System and "Go It
One Better. ' '
Organization bf the "Overland
' Opera Houan Com-
pany. "
Latest Tbinfc in tbo Wny of
Railway Advertising nnd
It is an opnn secret that iho mo-
nopolics wiih which "antia" have to
deal out ia this western country ,
whutovor may bo their funltn , are not
aoulloBs , and that they do all they can
for the amutcmont and trolfaro of
their men , from setting up a fall
( lodged hospital for train and shop
mon . to supporting a first class base
ball club for their clerks and sanding
thorn t out over the main line and
bronchos tt t tr to entertain settlers on the
railroad lands. la feet there is noth
ing I small about the U. P. folks , no
oven their foot , which are usually ox
copied by courtesy ,
The latest stroke of philanthropy i
foreshadowed in the
organization of a
company to bo known as the "Over
land O era House Co. , " whoso article
of incorporation state that ita objec
la "tho carrying out of a plan already
devised whereby the best plays
operas and oratorios can be producci
with the moat desirable and elaborate
surroundings in cities and towns
where , because of the lock of facilities
such performances have not booi
given , "
The capital stock is fixed at $250 ,
000 in 5,000 sharca of $50 each , which
will enable employees in every depart
mpnt tn invest their ( surplus earnings
with this company.
The headquarters of the company
will bo in Omaha but operations wil
extend over the entire territory cover
ed by the U. P. track and provision
is made in the
articles for even ex
tending it to the Central Paoillo am
other roads if the directors shall deem
it advhablo.
Just who originated the idea Is not
stated , but it was most likely the
president , as the scheme was finally
decided upon during his recent visi
to0maha _ , and is certainly an enter
priao , which , if successfully oarriec
out , will call for the warmest gratitude
of all who have como out to grow up
with the country and give the Union
Pacific an ad van t ago ovot other lines
which will bo hard to overcome.
It is a well established fact thai
most small cities , while they have a
so-called opera house , soon tire of the
place , and m consequence it ia & hare
matter to attract
anything like1 a pay
ing audience in thcso towns , Tno
causes are constant uao of the same
scenery ( and oftener than otherwise
it is poorly pain ted ) , nnd rapid dilapi
dation because of a , lack of use and
consequent lack of proper care. Good
companies , therefore , do not like to
chance a stop at such places , and the
result is the theatrical taste of many
communities la neglected and pro
mises in time to bo mined if not
looked to.
Those facts falling under the eye of
iho originator , who is u oloso observer ,
caused him to set his wits to work and
after much study and engineering ho
completed his plan , had drawings and
estimates made and then let the matter
rest , until recently , The plan , com
pactly stated , ia an opera house capa
ble of holding 1,000 or 1,500 people ,
which can bo carried on and is partly
formed by a train of eight cars ,
oachfifty foot long. The details , briefly
presented , are that the cars are to bo
made elongated and raised by a tele
scopic process when in the uao oa an
opera house and closed when in transit.
The plan has been submitted to nn.
mcrnun architects and railroad men ,
who prononnco it petfoctly feasible
mechanically , while faith in its finan
cial soundness has boon shown by the J
fact that the
subscriptions already re
ceived indicate a necesaity for'water'-
ing the stock at an early day.
There are also many simple but
handsome details of construction and *
ornamentation in the design , which
ombracosja largo stage with the traps
and other machinery , llato , wings , set
pieces and boarders of a first class
theater ; a parquotto , dress circle and
gallery , all of which is carried in the 8
cars. The building can bo put together -
gothor inside of five hours after the
train has boon drawn to the lot
selected for the exhibition , and in or-
dcr to reach a lot away from the rail
road depot a portable track half a
milo long is arranged for. The work
of moving the train in a town , and of
setting up the home , will bo uono un
der the supervision of two foremen
one sot of mon working on the stage J
and the other in the auditorium.
The cars which are to bo used by
this company will ba constructed en
tirely at the shops in this city , and
will bo as finely tniiahod as anything N
of the kind in tbo United States. The
services of first'claas artists will be se
cured , and they will bo given heads of H
departments in order to put their
silary to the requisite rounds of the
ladder , and some of the best trage
dians , opera singers and so on have
already signified their intention of ac
cepting the offers made them. It is
the intention to get into the field not
later than February and work west
ward over the main line so as to reach
the mountains by warm woather.
Should the enterprise fulfill the ex
pectations of its buckora , other trains
will be built , or perhaps au opera car
attached to each regular paeeenger
train , which would knock the sox off
of the dining cars for novelty , and
draw like one of Aloock'a porous
The exclusively private Hatzard-
Ellen wedding is the sensation of the
hour. The privacy with which the
uffab yru ( consummated gives rise to O
much Cfi&iatn , all of which , however ,
ia favorable , owing to the stand'
ing ot the parties , which ia the very
beat , together with the fact of their
both being highly connected with old
residents , well to do and highly re
spectable , making adverse criticism
oat of the qaustion.
It i surmised that George thought
It best to make sure of bin bird while
ho built hia caite and as the firat is
aeourod and tno later nearly com
pleted , they have the congratulations
of your correspondent nnd the good
wishes of the community In general.
HOP , .Tame * II , Kynor and wife loft
Tuesday for Bo'uo City , on the Ore-
'gon short line , to bo absent until the
The first Lyceum meeting of the
season Init evening ,
Secretary Ilowsor , of the.Y. M 0
A. , is expected to nssist at the Union
Sunday school concert next Sunday
evening. CDCKOO.
Magnificent Eooeption at tlio
Paxfcon by Mr , and Mrs ,
Levi Carter ,
Wedding ot Warren Bwitzor
and Mies Mamie / . Wilson.
The Brilliant Forimnclcz-rnlconojr
Nuptial *
The Paxjon hotel was last night the
scone of a brilliant gathering , perhaps
iho most successful in many respects
over given in the city. The arrange
ments were an complete as could bo
devised , the surroundings as elegant
as the moat fastidious could wish and
every resource of the Paxton thrown
open freely to the guests to make the
occasion thoroughly enjoyable.
The reception was given by Mr.
and Mrs. Lavi Garter , and the list of
invited guests was very largo , indeed ,
and included the most prominent
citizens , the belles and the beaux > of
Omaha society.
The office , dining room and parlors
of the Paxton were put in festive
dress early in the evening , roses of
evergreen being festooned from the
chandeliers to the windows , balcony ,
etc.indontwining | the'pillarsandjrails.
In tno parlor flowers were banked up
on ail sides , and the handsome marble
mantel pieces wore covered with
beautiful calla lilies. Ferns wore to
bo scon everywhere , and not to enter
into too great detail the profusion of
those , delicate and lovely decorations
gave the house the appearance of
some tropical palace.
About 9 o'clcckt the guosta began ,
to throng the parlors and carriage
after carriage rolled up to the broad
entrance and deposited their load of
richly dressed ladies with their escorts.
The Musical Union orchestra , from its
station at the south , end of the Main
corridor adjoining the parlor , soon
filled , the house with ( delicious music ,
th , ] subdued light shone upon
a scene that : was brilliant in every re-
snecti and vha visitors having paid
their respects to , their hosts , soon
joined in ] the dance , which , was in fnll
progress at 10 o'clock.
A bout ill o'clock , sapper was servoc
in the dining room below , where ar
rangements were all on the same scale
of magnificence thatcharacterized , the
affair throughout. The largo table in
the center of the room groaned
with Its load of delicacies , and
was i lavishly covered with or
namental designs and dishes.
In the center a donblo arch of fine
Oalifornia grapes and other fruit
overhung a mass of budding roses in
ni bed of equally beautiful flowers.
This was flanked by two'largo blocks
of ice , carved Into the shape of huge
punch bowls and filled with oysters.
Pyramids of macaroons , and pastry
of every description surrounded the
whole and were in turn supplement
ed by aome other delicacy calculated
to tempt the palate.
t After supper dancing was resumed ,
and continued i to n late hour. Among
thoao. invited who wore. present or
aouti their regrets were the following :
'Mr ' nnd Mrs J 0 Cowio , Mr and Mrs
A CreJghton , Dr and Mrs V H Coff-
man. Me K B Cbindler , Mr J T Clark.
Mr L Drake , Mr G M Darrow , Mr and
Mra F H Davis , Mr and Mrs O F D vU ,
Mita O U Doauo. Mr and Mra J W Gannett -
nott | Mr nnd Mra B Gallagher , Mr and
Mra ( t I Gilbert , Mr and Mm O J Green ,
Mr.anJ Mri U U Guloo , Mr U 1' CJorUah ,
Mr ami Mra O W Hamilton , Mr W iW
ilton , Mr 0 If Ilendrix , Mr Bert Hitchcock -
cock , Mium I jams , Mr and Mra W L
Aduma , Mr W K Annln , Mlta Nora Bal-
comb , Mr N Uukalow , Mr and Mra
D Barkalow , Mr M W Barkalow , Mr
and Mra D V Barkalow , Mr acd Mra II
Brownion. Mr aurt Mra Joseph Barker.
Mr and Mr * M T Barlow , Mr J M Bair ,
Mlw Marv Barr , Mra Baall , Mr K S Ber-
lln , Mlfa Berlin , U It Blerbower , Mr and
Mra 8 It Brown , Miss H Brown , Miaa A
Hurley , Mr aril Mra 8 S Caldwell , Mr 11
Carrier , MUa G Chambers , Mr .Taa Cham
bers , Mr md Mra B U H Clrrk , Mr and
Mra 1) O Olark , Mlea NetUn W Collln ,
Mi Oarrle Gonedon , Mr .T K Congdon ,
Mr and Mra G K ! Goutant , Mr nnd Mra
N H Patrick , Mr 11 W Patrick , Mr nnd
Sirs A J 1'oppleton. Ma ! B Pounletou.
Mr nnd Mra ( I K i'ntchett , General and
Mr * Corblo , Lieutenant onil Mra Price ,
Major and Mra Powell and Mlia Powell ,
Mr and Mra A 0 Powell , Mr nud Mra O
llama iy , Mr and Mm Jno I Kedlck ,
Mr Will A Kedlck. Mra KJw Kobblns
aud Mlaa llobblnf. Mr und Mrs L S Heed ,
Mr nnd Mra T L JUopwult , Mr nnd Mra
K UinKwnlt , Mr. J H Kiujwalt. ( Mr
nud MM Lynitn KlchartUon. Miea Minnie
Kidurdson. Col nud Mm Btanton , Mr
Jninea M Hoar , ? Jlaa Itona 1'oss , Senator
and Mra Haundere , Mlia Mamie Siumlerj ,
Judge and Mra Bnvase , Miaa Jennie Jew
ett , Mr Goo K Jewutt , Mr and Mra S B a
Jouee , Mr nnd Mr * T L KImliall , Mr Tom
Kiuihnll , MIM Bell Klmbil ] , Lieutenant
And Mra D 0 KIngmnn , Mr and Mrs II
Kountz , Mr J H Lebmpr , Mra Lshraer ,
Mr nml Mr < M A Kurtz Mr and
Mra 8 K Locke , Judge and Mra .
Miw Mamie Lake , Mjsa Florence Linin'
Ker , W B Coring , Mr and Mra J JI Lacy ,
MIta I.Yonn , Mr and Mr * W II McCoid.
Mr W M Maeulre , Mr and Mra J Wither ,
Mr and Mra J K Webster , Misses Wilson ,
Mr and Mm J JI Woolwortb , MIta Woolworth -
worth , Mr and Mra 11 U Wood , M rait
Wood. Miai Mamie W ud. Mr V War-
rack , Mr and Mra IIW Yatea , Mr aud
MM O B Yoat , Mr S y Woodbridge , Mr
Gee Lake. Ma ) J 1) Peltuteey , Lieut U
Ilowland , Liaut t < P liruwn , Mai U
Neide , Lieut 8 It Adami. MrW 11 Scott ,
Mr I' 1' Slielliy , Mr ana Mra K Sheltou ,
Air P N oheltop , Mr Chat Baundem , Mr
njd Mm JSUcors , MteaShearvMr and Mm
Shlveriik , Mr and lira A Bwartzlander ,
Mr W SwHrler , Mr and Mra K O Squlrei ,
Mr d V Knvltti , Lieut and Mr * J A
Plavden , Mr , T ( S Taylor , Jndpe and Mrs
B Wnktley , MM ! Wnkcley , M sera Bird
and Arthur C WnVeley , Mr W Wnllaw ,
Mr and Mra Jns M Wntnon , MlMpi WH1 ,
Mlanes Wilbur , Mr W II Wil-
tnir , Mra and Mra L M Bennett ,
Mr and Mr * Frank D IJrown , Mr and
Mra Gporge P Bemis , Mita Joan Brown ,
Mr nml Mrs J 13 Bojd , Ml Boyd , Mr
nnd Mrs Guy Barton , MlfeeOIartrm , John
McChrmlcV , Charles McGortnlck , Mlts
Woodlo McCortnizk , Bitlnp nnd Mra
Clivrkflon , Mr nnd .Mra W J Connell , Mr
JOB 11 Ciarkaon , Matt Glair , Mr I Loin ,
F G Leon , Colon * ] and Mra McCorrclsh ,
Mra t umrnlne" , Colonel nnd Mrn J J
Dicker , Mr L DvU , licv nnd Mra Dough
erty , Major and Mrs J V Furay , MI'g
Fannie Gronhow , Or nnd Mca Grossrann ,
Miss Mollle Morbach , Mlia Htmtcom ,
Mr nnd Mra George Ilotnnn , General nnd
Mrs Howard , Mr nnd Mrs J B Kitchen.
Colonel nnd Mm M I Ludlngton , Mr nnd
Mra Metcalf. Captiln nnd Mra C B P.u * .
tin , Alrn W B Smith , General Mend ,
Ms ! e Mlllard , Mr and MM G II Mater ,
Mr nnd Mrs 0 P Manderron
Mr and Mra George L Millo' ,
Mr W If McMIIlen , Mimes Morgan , Mr
O C Morgan. Cot and Mri T O Mason ,
Lieut und Mrs Manon , Mr W K Morris ,
Mr ftnd Mra W V Mono , Mr nml Mr B
JI Morwman , Mr Frnnk Mttrpby , Mr
nnd Mra T M Orr , Mlei Ogden , Charles
Ogdci , Mr nnd Mra H I' Peck , Mr Oeo
L'atenon , Mr nnd Mra W A Paxton , Mr
nnd Mra MT Pntrlck , Mr A B Pntritk.
The 'nuptials nf Warren Swilzler ,
Eiq. , and Miss Mamie D. Wilnon ,
olduat daughter of Gen. Thomas Wil
son , U. S , A. , took place at the Pres
byterian church at G o'clock.
Thn iutorior of the church < vns
beautifully adorned , an arch beinfc
erected in front of the pulpit ,
chrysanthemum and other choice
flow era displayed on either side , and
vines and evergreens twining around
the shaft of the light standards.
Promptly at C o'clock Prof. Mayer
sounded the notes of a march from
Tannhauser , and the party of relatives
of the bride and groom proceeded up
the aisle and were seated at the front.
The party included Mr. and Mrs.
Morton Wilson , Col. Svritzloi and
Mrs. Meredith , Mr. Irvin Srtitzler
and wife , Mr. Frank Henderson and
Miss Royal ) , Gen , and MK. Wilson.
Presently the wedding march from
"Midsummer .Nights Dream" was
heard and the bridal party .advanced up
the aisle in the following order.
Messrs G M Hitchcock aud John Nor-
rle. unhers. „
' Miss Mngglo Wilson nnd Mr W F Gnr-
Miss Mary Barr and Mr Cnrtia B Kol-
Mies Henrietta Wilson aud Mr Wm F
The bride and erosm.
lilttle MissesWynnio Kennedy and Ger-
The bride was attired in white satin
brocaded in tnlips , with square cor
sage and court train , trimmed with
Duchess lace. A veil and orange blos
soms and diamond earrings completed
the charming toilet.
The bridesmaid were cream-colored
nun's veiling , the only ornament bo-
Rev. W. J. Harsba performed the
ceremony impressively.
When the vows were spoken and
the ring had been placed upon the
hand of the bride , the party
retraced their stops to the music of
the wedding march , the petite at
tendants preceding them and strewing
their path with flowers.
, A reception at the residence of
Gon. Wilson followed
The presents were very many in
number and wore remarkably unique
and rich.
The bride and groom left last even
ing on a wedding journey to the south
and east.- THE BEE joins with all
friends in congratulating Mr. and Mrs.
Yesterday was quite a gala day for
the Scottish population of Omaha.
The event that caused all this conster
nation was the union in marriage ef
Mr. Edward Fernandez with Mica
Tiny Falconer. Rev. E. B. Graham
tied the nuptial knot. The wedding
took place at the residence of Mr.
James Falconer , and quite a large
gathering assembled to witness the
About 9 o'clock lost evening the in
vited guests mot in the rostautant
under Boyd's opera house , and there
were ever one hundred persons pres
ent. A very magnificent spread was
prepared and everything wont off in
fine stylo.
At the conclusion of the supper the
guests adjourned to Mr. James Fal
coner's house , whore singing and
dancing was kept up in lively stylo.
Mr. Sanders entertained the company
with some charming melodies , and
Mr Jack Hey kept the party alive
with comicalities. Mrs , Kaufmann
created considerable amusement by
her recitations of Irish ditties , Irish
songs Banff by a Gorman lady are a
rare treat.
Mrs. Thomas Falconer sang several
Scottish airs very sweetly , and was
loudly applauded , as was also Mrs.
Jack Hey , who rendered good service.
Mr. James Falconer sapg several
songs , which were received in a most
enthusiastic manner.
The presents wore both numerous ,
elegant and ornamental , The Hot is
follows :
Mr and Mra Meldrurn , albino ; Miaa
Hey and Mr Ltddell , silver bailcut ; Mr
Moodio and James Murphy , silver water J
eervlor ; Mra Fleming t > ud Mra Caeaidy ,
hanging lamp ; William Kuox , ullver knife ;
MldS Aggie Scott , ten eet ; Minnie Fernan
dez , toilet set ; William Fleming , bottle of
bay r"m ; Mra McPherfcon. gla pitcher ,
etc ; Mra Grny , elnia dish ; Mr ; Cum-
mlngp , ten let ; Mrs David 11 Knox ,
fruit plates ; Minn Tinle LIddell , pltcbtra-
Air. Charles Thlemau , table cloth nnd
napklna ; Mra. Wlllumfl ( , table cloth and
napkins ; Messrs , Thomas nud William
Falconer , aewing machine ; Mrs. Fer
nandez , table cloth , etc ; Mr , William
LIddell , bed apiead ; Thomas Fal
coner , two large oil painting * ; Mra.
Thomas Falconer , two panel imlatlngp ;
Mr William Gentleman , dish ; Mr nud
Mri Fleming , aet of spoons ; MM Fred Lea-
fenteln , pair of diamond earrings ! Air Sam
Frazer , bride'a cake ; Mra Fnnnie Liddel ,
splasher ,
This wedding will long bo remeiu *
bered in Omaha no one of the pleas-
auteat episodes in its history. Irvine's
orchestra discoursed Home of itsowoet- $
out music during the venlng.
There is hardly an adult person
living but is sometimes troubled with n
kidney difileulty , which is the most 1 I
prolilio and dangerous cause of all dia-
eaio , There is no sort of need to
have any form of kidney or urinary t
tronblo if Hop Bitters is taken occa- "
eionally ,
Army Orders-
During the absence of Captain
Charles A. H. McOauloy , asaitant
quartermaster , United States army ,
depot quartermaster , Ogden Utah , on
leave of absence , the commanding ofli-
cor , Fort Donglae , Utah , will cause
First Lieutenant Charles O. Penney
Sixth infantry , post quartermaster ,
proceed to Ogden atsuoh times as
bo necessary for the purpose of
ceipting bills of lading in Captain
Ciuiloy's name for the public property
pasting on the various railroad lines ,
on flats. "
Clears out r.ita , mice , roaches , flics ,
ante , bed bugs , skunks , chipmunks ,
gophers , 15o. Druggists.
Tables supplied with the best Iho
market otlords. The traveling public
claim they got better accommodations
and moro general satisfaction here
than at any other Jbouso lu Omaha.
Rote , 82 per day. ouRSltfm.
UnssiA Salvo Is unrivalled for Its optedy
deviling qualities. Aalc your druggists for
il. 25 ct * ,
Mndo frorr the wild flowers of the
ll is tlio moat fragrant ot perfuiu t
Manufactured by H. B. Slavon , San
Krancicco. For sale in Omaha by W.
J. Whitohouao and KonuBia Bros , ,
HUB PUNCH , prepared of pure old
liquors and aromatic Jrtiit juices , surpasses
atiy punch or L tltly made on the pur of
the tnnm-nt. Trade supplied bv M. A ,
McNnraara at manufacture ' prices.
Kaniiliei supplied by A. U. Gladstone ,
Omaha. Neb.
ONKY TO LOAJi On chattel tuortffago
M curlty. A. U. Tuttun , No.tHlB llouglia
ttrcet , iront room , uji-ttalr . 430-tl
i At b per Gentle.
Ij/cot In rnna.of M.500 ana
uinxui' , for 3 to t yc n > , on Or t-clr > ra city ncd
farm property. Bma Uiib E i/x od Taut
AO ROT , Uth and Uourlio fii
O.NEV TO liOAN Ctll t LkW im < cc Ot I ) .
M L , TbcranM Room 8 OrIzhton Clock.
pNEYTOLOAN On personal property of
M nny ( Uscrlptloa A. C. " Trouii , Attorney , 213
( south Hth Street. 128-lmo
PfTtTANTED Ton pliwtcrors and 25
YV Apply to A. JOHNSON ,
Ittn&o , Crclghton House.
W ANTED Two barlicrs , at Cossley'H , 210
14th St None but flrst-closs need < pply.
WANTED Girl forRcncral housework ; must
bo good cook. Good w ages w 111 bo paid ,
at'EOUtheast comer 22d and CliicagJ. ITJ-lOt
WANTfD A jcood girl about 14 years old , to
help In a family of tuo ; permanent place.
Apply at oncaat A. Polack's Clothing Store , Far-
nam street , between 13th and 14th e.reetS.
185 1C.
WANTE" Tweiity-flve men logosoutli for
work on the Jllsiou t Pacific. Enquire at
014 south lutli street. .Ship Wednesday morning.
WANTED A lady room mate , with refer
encc. Call or address JI. E. fl. , 014 Nor.h
18th St. lCM6t
r ANTED Woman cook , California House ,
llth and Doug as. 189-16) )
ANTKD Two mon of good address to can
\asa uml scb goods. Steady tmplojmcnt.
Call at 421 South Tenth street. 158-10) )
A good g rl at the Albany houeo
WANTED 10th street.
WANTED A few day hoarders by the day
and week , $3.60 and § 4.00 , 1011 Davcnp rt
acrcct 153-17 }
iNTED A good dining room girl at the
Emmct House. 152-17t
Two experienced serial book solic
itors for Colorado , llooms U and 7 > , erei t
IJlock , Council Bluffs. - 141-23
ANTED A llrst-class prcbs-iccder at Tb
Omaha BeoolHce. tf
WANTED Help at the employment offlco ,
! 17 N. ICrh ftreet. upUlr S5tf
girl lu10 Kencral housework.
, , tend references. OooJ wayea paid Ad-
droea F. O. arable. K earner Hex 689-tf
TXrANTKD blluatltn by a joungman , willing
YV to workhard.and'can furnlah references.
Address J. 'JJ. ' K. . Bee offiifc. ' * 173-ISt
WANTED B , a first class dress maker sewing
of all kinds or will yo out and do work at
modeato prices. 217 N. ICth street 138 llit
WAN ED A portion a clerk In grocery
store or assistant book-keeper. Not afraid
of work. Last position o\er five > cars Good
references. Address F , S. C. , Kco oillcc.
170-15 *
'ANTED Sltuatt nas cnshlcr or saleslady
In dry g nds or notions , had experience.
Addrcesforono wick.F. 11. llccolHco. 177-lfit
MF > JT Mounen AND
FOU It NT A iiow boutiu , furnUved , eight
roonn , ba'h room , f table , etc. Ono of the
nnest locations In the city : ? : x ) 00 per month.
Inquire for three days , Reims' real tstato a cnuy.
15th ndiDouglta strueU | i ' noyin-tf/ / " i
l.KNT Two furniahoil roonn. 1814 v\cb-
tttcr street. 180 30
FOIt RKNT A tfood room , southwest corner
llitli and rarnani streets. 178-47
011 RENT A' largo , wtll furnished front
room , with alcove , with or without board ;
rtfcrcncis required , at northwest corner 18th and
Davenport street * . 180-lBtKl
011 KENT House of alx rooms , bay wlnuou ,
icllar , ilstcrn , well. Alllngood repair. S1U
jier month. 1221 north 16th street. 178-tf
KENT Unfur lulled rooms III brick
house , 14 Itt Chicago street. < fOtf
OR RENT A neatly furnished front parlor
an bedroom , sultabl&for ono , two or four
gcntleinen , 27U Harney ttrcct , betmen IMh and
lUh streets. 176-17J
T0i : KFNT Kurnlthcd room with hoard 180S
} California street. _ 1T1''i _
TJOH IliTKiuuilsh : l room. 61116thfctroet ,
JJ upstalra , t8-0
riOll UI'NT KiirnUho' rooms for ( renllciucn ,
Jj Southwest corntr 18th and CapltJl a\cnuv.
nril If1 NTFurn'shod room with lioard , gas
U tt-.d bath room , 1718 Dodge. 1411U
171011 HKNT Two 0 room houses ; tto\c In
I' kitchen , bolh ; laundry , dumb wal tre , hot
nnd cola water , cellar , woodwork , luuiiUomo
IXittlako llnUli , painted and glided , lliO baud cis
tern , tarn. I"ark a cnue ; per montn. ? 35
iiU I rick houstu 0 rooms bcsidos eomplcto
tlonet and btoro rooms , furdacc , hot and cold
water , marble mantels , commodious and ik- ant
residences. Tucnt-fourth ntar Dodge ; par
ritorooui hou < o Jitstreiulrol ; corner ISth and
Wulwtor ; i r month , t25.
Eight room liouno , turn , Just repaired. Slier-
rn'xn auTiue ; i > er month , J27 ,
So\tn roomliouso , corner 18th and Mcholasj
per month , M.
Kltfhtroom house , new , barn , east fr.-nt ; per
month , t"J5.
FUo etores , Capitol a\cnuc ; 2ixCO ; per month ,
$3.1.AMES ,
Nnle j * ( * + .
tf IftOB Fnrnam bt
011 KENT FuniUhed room and board 1D10
J Chliarfo itrtct. 127-tf
TfOH RENT-A hou o of three room , iclar ,
i' well a d cistern , northeast corner of SUMII
tfonth and MiholM ttrcet' . Inquire on the
prcuiUci. * 13115.
17(011 ( RENT I'arlor and two sleeping rooms ,
JL1 uiuoly Iurnlslicd , * 2J per month for the three
rooms , 120U Jaeksan Street , C2- in
RENT A new cottage , with three rooms *
FOR \ ) W per month , 30th St. , be ween Farnani
and Poujlaa street Apj > ly on premises.
ICStf. Jo J
UENT Furnished rooms with or without o
ITlOR . In Slaltcr * ' block , 10th and Cali
T710R RENT A nicely furnlihcJ front room
JL1 cheap. Apply 1706 Hurt. 140-161
T710R KENT Oood honfo Hth 6 noaa Rood
L1 well And cistern wnter 853 outh 17th Bt.
Kent 11.00 month. Inquire at Uhlctgo Store
oppoMUi I'mt O.fice. 130 U
Ij KMI8' New Mip of Oiimh * , liit completeilawl
) rfmlyfordclhory at W each. li 4 feet wide
liy 7 feet long , largest and mo t complete mnp
bf Omaha c\or ptiblhhed. Otllcial innp of the
dtv , Sen column. ,
T-Op ilalrs , 1417 Farnhm
* 6if _ JOHN U.
ITIJKRENr llousa 6 rojm and rgo turn.
J ; liqu ro i ctiglaa , between Bjth nd
1710" REN1 ICUM of 8 rooms In flrtt-.KM
Jj trdcr , 10 blo.ka from opcr * homo ,
cheap . i. . . . . . . . . . , $ J6
House of 11 roftnj. Ml convenience , 8
blkifrm opera nouia. . . . 40
Homo of 6 moms , 23d and NIchalM streets. 18
Store on Karn m , S floor ] , , . , . 125
torn on 14th , 2 fljora . , . . . „ . . . . . , . . 71
Sf ell i rout letldtt' ' tci.i. . . . . . , . . . . . ? ) ta66
pOU UKNT Furnished fiontrtom , "Becmtrt
lllick.cor Klchtlnndll.wa d fB tt
| , v RIIRNT A very pleasant furnl hcd room
r t 721 south 18th St bctw ern St. Mary' * Aooa-
lie aud Lcavemvorth St. 1 ! U1-tf
IjiOK RENT IIousso ot a rooins.wth ana Uou-
JL' jrlas street , $18 a month.
o 4-tf _ , nOCJOS&illLL. _
FOR RENT Elegantly turnMieff ro : > m. vltn
pis ni < heiter. Uiferenctg required. An.
ply at northwest ctrncr of J3d and
_ _
nOR RENT A furnished House , J301 1'odmj.
JT Spq-lmt
_ _ _ _ _
| 7\Olt \ MEN ! ' 2h > us ma 6 and ono e room v
JU IrquIrocornofChlcagoaudlpthSt. 'I , Swlfr ,
AOil HbhT Housertx rocms , luiinshed , lu-
JD qnlro otD. lljdo * office , Mlllard hotel.
EOR REN1 A pleasant furnished room. Call
atdi7t N. 17 St. with rtfcrenca 873 tl
,1Oa HUM A boardUK rioune , at 108 To til
street , bctwten Djnglaa aud Dodge. Inquire
at lor.of 12ihand Dounlai. 811-tf
FOll UKNT Two new dwellings and two othoi
dwellings tn dculrablo loo.llty. by MeKoon
No. 1614 Pouulas street < ;
TJOR KENT 'A cottaga of flvo room * , luqulru
X ; at Northwest corner IGlh ai > 0 Chicago street.
TJIOR KENT Largo office room or half stow , .
JJ 1020 Farnham Bticut. 707-tf
T710R RENT A Btoro m Balcombo block , nn
JC , 18lh street , near Davenport. St A. ' D.
lulcombo. 500-2S
FOR RENT Furnished rooms At 1717 t'ass
street , bet 17th and 18th. 456-tl
T710R RENT The bnlldlrg at present occupied.
Jj by thoWtstern Union Company ,
career of Farnam.and 16th it recta : Apply
Barker Bros. , doa office. 877-tfg'
fen SALE
U OTEL FOR SALB-FIrat class hotel fnrmlot
rl In a ll\o western town , lias ft'l the first
cla'a trade , Reason for Belling other butlncoa.
1'or particulars , address , Hotel , OMAHA BKK.
-filOU SAI.KCUEAl'-Bakery , wclllocatodipood
L business In i nc of the liveliest to * nn In Ne-
bratka. Reason for eel Ing , poor health and
must get out of business. Inquire at HER ollioo.
ls4-lu >
. " XCELLENT DIUCK for Bale , J9.00 per thon-
sand. Yard , ICth street , two blocks south
ot llcllcuo road. LORE.NZO DIBDLK.
ftlUH SALK Barrels and krgs. Also hoop poles
J ; _ bought at cooper shop , cor. 18th and 1'fercc.
IGOJccll * jEunvSKVMOui : .
TJIOR SALE 210 heating stoves from $3.00 to
jt ? S10.00 each. Great bargain. E KcudU ,
712 13th St. , between Jones aiidLcatcnworth.
l > G-18t 1
FOR SALE Handsome set of parlor furniture ,
ret of bedroom furni uro and some fine cn-
gra\lngs , cast fciJo of 18th street , first door north
of llodgo. 10S-18t
T > Ell IS'New Map of Omaha , Just completed and
J ) ready for d.lUerj'a'ST cadi. la 4feotwido
by 7 feet long. Largest and most complete map
of Omaha o\cr published. Olliclil map of the
dty. Sea column.
If OH SALE Aflrst Clasaspan of mulce , h
_ } and wagon. InquireFaulconcr Opera H
I7\OH SAL. An "ArganU" aoube heater ,
JJ lorgiO. 1 hey coat now $65. 1) . B. Bcomor ,
cor. Eighth and I Iowa u. 40 tf
TTloa RrNT Crick t tore , Inquire atdrurstoro
JJ corner 10th and Douglas. 936.U
S ALE-A "RootV b'asl blower for foundry -
FOR or machine t hip. for half coat D. B
llcomer , cor. Elgh h and llt > rd
I/O HALt Three thouiarid nestcrn wetbera ,
Jland2je4rao.d. Weight about BO pcunda.
F. C. Q1UBLK ,
] IX2tf ! mand o , Nob.
"TTlOlt SALli Oao orfrai < or$30Ooe oran ( or *
JL1 $55. Ono Pi&no , (05. Oaaii or monthly pay
m ° "
023-tf A UbSPEl
FOR SALE Inquire 0. M. Wood.
TJIOR SALE Hou o and lot , N. K. corner Jg'th
J * Btreot and Capitol oronue. Inqufre on p
mlar. 801-lu
OR SALK-flooJ butldlner , brlclc. Call at
! Water Wrrks office liO-tt
A rod Irish se'tcr ilog. 13 m-nths old
LOST on breast , a 1 ttle whfto on all fore foot
Last seen on Sixteenth and .Calif rnla etreot.
Answers to the name if Sanko , A liberal re
ward will be paid for ills return to north-oast cor
ner Cumin ? and Center street.
109-15 S. 11. HATHAWAY.
mAKEN UP One small roan cow , about five
JL J cars old ; has on two bells one , xmall and
ono largo. Ou iicr can lme same by proving pro
perty ami paying charges ,
03 emEM Bloek 2 West Omaha ,
SO. mtAINARDiT4xderml ! tt'Uth ' and How-
. ard. 65-n3-2m
. JCTT House id ) Carpet Cleaner Store
I'ollshor. Lo o orders at Republican office ,
ISth and DouglM. 821-U
rnO FAUMEllS-The highest caob prlco paid
JL ror Hye , Bar ey and Corn Krob'o Vlotgar
Works , Joneeatreet , betweenOth aid 10th , Oma
ha. gOG-daw-U
TI XAUbT198 Tenth street , between I'arnam
and Ila ncy. Will , with ho aid of ( iuardian
iril9 | , obtain for any ono a gUnco at the i ji
anil present , and on Lcrtaln conditions In thij > < i M
tnre. Hoots and S hoes made to order , I'erTcct
sati-fattlon iruiranUcd ,
Absolutely Pure.
Tbli powder never varies , A murva cf
purity , strength and * wholeaomenea *
More economical than tbe ordinary kinfc
and cannot be cold In competition with tie
multitude of lowf test , abort weisbt , alun.
or phoaphatepowders. . Bold only In CUDS
Wall St. , New Yorx