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Ballad of i Brave Cattlo-Man.
Arrow the bro d brown Texan hllh ,
With blosootnd to onr bronchos' knees ,
With singing birds by broken rills ,
We rode through seas of dowsy bees ,
WeUlked. The topic ! Guess. Why ,
Three-fontths of n man's wliole time he
To talk , to tbinlc , to be of nr.n ;
The other fouith ho sleeps.
To learn -what the mighty know of love ,
I Inughed all constancy to scorn.
"Behold ynu happy , changeful dovcl
Behold this dav , all stortn at morn ,
Yet now 'tli chadgoJ to calm and MIO ,
Yea , nil things change-trio heart , the
head ,
Behold on earth thnre Is not ono
Tint chsngeth not , " I said.
He drew a glass , as If to scan
The plain fur steers ; ratted It and sighed.
He craned his necK , this cattle-man ,
Then drofe the cork homo and tcplled :
"For twenty years ( forgive those tears )
For twenty years no word of strife ;
I have not known for twenty jears
One folly from my wife. "
I looked that Texan In the face-
That dark-browed , bearded cattle-man ,
He pulled his beard ; then dropped In place
A broad r ht hand , all scarred nnd tan ,
And toyed with something shining there
From o .t his holttor. keen and small ,
I wan convinced. I did not care
To argue It at alL
Th9 ardor of my speech grew still
As wo rode on that perfect dav ,
The brown lilrdi pining from the hill ;
The crickets had It their own way.
I wondered , marveled , marvo'cd tmich. jv
Was the of Texan growth ? Wes ho
Of Baxon blood , that bonded such
Eternal constancy ?
Well , wo fell weary with the day.
God's bars of go'd across the west
Before us drew and made us stay
Beside a blossomed rill nnd rest.
But rest I could not. Know I must
The story f my Texan Rt'lde ;
Ills dauntless love , enduring trust ;
Ills blest , Immortal bride.
The camp fire blazed , the bronchos grared ,
And belly-deep In bloom and fcnvsa
Would blink as by the bright flame dazed ,
Or sniff to smell the panther pass ,
The massive Texan stars stood out ,
Bright camp fires of po-ir , woa-y souls ,
Bound Ucavenwaid. While all about
Couched Peace , with white patrols ,
I would not sleep until I know *
'Nor twenty yearmy man , said I.
"Is a long tune. " Ho turned and drew
A short pipe forth , also n sigh ,
" TIs twenty veari or more , said ho ,
"Nay , nay , my honest man , I vow
I do not doubt that this may bo ;
But tell , Ohl tell mo how.
" 'Twould make a poem true and grand ;
All time should note it near and far ;
And thy fair , vir la , Texan land
Should stand out like a winter star ,
America should heed And then
The doubtful French beyond the sea
T would make them truer , nobler men
To know how this may bo , "
"It's twenty years or more , " urged ho.
"Nay , that t know , gjodfciend ot mine ;
But load me where this wife may bo ,
And T pllarlm at the shrine ,
And kneeling , a a pilgrim trtio"
Ho scowlin ? thoutod in my car ;
"I can not ehuw my wife to you ;
She's dead this twenty year ,
The Independent.
A Washington woman files her claim for
$200 for lUfwotiug that GarrJold bo fed on
rico and milK.
Scarlet cloth with eider-down woven in
it is a light and comfortable fabric for win
ter underskirts.
Hound andovul-ahapea brooches are im
ported now that every lady U shipped with
long , slender , lace pins.
Pleated capes attached to a yoke-like
collar complete some of the most tasteful
cloaks worn by young i Irla.
Furrowed plush with the rldgca across
tire brentltln makes oletjaut ulclrta to wear
under brocaded overdresses.
A iaih-bow at the hack is not aa fash
ionablq aa when tied in front in long loopt
with the ends banging to the foot of the
White felt poke bonnets trimmed with
whlto uncut velvet , white Authors and
seine gilt braid will bo worn by. young
Mrs. Howe Bays women do not fall in
love any more. Place a woman in front
of tbo milliner's window and BOO if nho
A woman's bonnet Is usually an affair of
on her , but as much ns aholoves her bon
net , lovely woman rather prefers an affair
of offer.
The Oriental cloaklnga most fa hlouablo
tb ! wlnti-r r of mixed silk and worsted
in fine camera-halt shawl designs , and of
rich und uumuou coloring.
The leg-of-mutton ilcoves have not
proved nuixossiul. but the close coat-
Bleevea are now slightly cushioned at the
top to lilt them above the armliolo.
White gloves and
wblto bonnets an
once more in fatblou and will bo used , to
gether with a great deal of Lice to brighter
dark drentes at the theatre uud opera.
Copper-colored allk and vdvet ojinlma
tjon dresses are among tbo most atylUh o4
the season. Embroidery on velvet ant
jnulti-colored beaded gimp * are tbg trinj
NoiV ulstcru are made of Scotch twcod in
colas-board blocks , trimmed with wide
woolen braid and cylinder-shaped buttoni ,
A painted hood may bo added aud re
moved at pleasure ,
Morne , who invented the telegraph , and
Veil , the Inventor of the telephone , both
had doaf-inuta wives , which loads a wag to
observe : "Just tee what a man can do
when everything la quiet. "
A Boston cltrgvmen'i ' wife being over
charged by a liuffalo backman for the trip
between two railroad ktatiime , bad him ar-
retted , appeared agalnit him , saw him
fined 812 60 , and got back in time to take
her train.
} '
The fuhionable dance in Hungary la
one In which every man dancing huga two
women at the same time. It will be the
rage at American watering placet where
there are not men enough to go around ,
It' * very eaiy to start falio reports.
Just becauio a Philadelphia woman while
buying a broom wanUd one with a heavy
aud itrong handle , It was reported arouuil
that abe in the habit
WAS of beating bei
husband ,
They were talking about the Frlzzlt
Bills and the effects they make to keep in
with the fathlon with \tiry little cash hell
from their parents , "Whv , " said one of
the goulp * , "Fannie , Frlrziu actual ofy !
palnU dinner canU fur mvneyj Isn't i1
awfull"-Ntw ) York Mall.
A Hartford dressmaker tends homi
dresiei when they are promised , fiuUht
them as neatly as tailor-nude cnstum ' >
and fends all the pieces that are left , Kin !
thould consult a physician at once. Th
good die young. Philadelphia New * .
BThe visile , with largo open sleeve * , i
one uf the nioat elegant cloaks uf the sea
con. It I * made of reupeduillc utrewnvvltl
large brocaded plush feathers , flowers o
ball * , aud is trimmed with a ruche if mai
about f' hera or chenille. *
Grlfrliu , one of the most fasl
lonabii lines of the wiuter , was ery
generall "rn a generation ago , but the
new color lu which it now appoiu du not
harmonize with that of dresses that ave
been preserved aa heirlooms.
Chasseur jackets , with box-plalU dow
the front aud back , are worn with clot
ccwtumes. liatket braid Is a t on the edge
of the plait * in corkscrew designs , aui
wide * bralds > trim the skirt * . Rifle-green
cloth ii the fathionable color for such
Matolasie ( llks are revived for winter
Ireises where they most often appear as
lellMOd. The new designs have very largo
jgnres , and are puffed out as If padded ,
3ords and tatsela of satin and jets are
ned with cock.i'-feother borders , or fur
lands trim matelanse garments.
A two-itory building is to be erected In
[ 'armlngton , for , AS a traveling Item says ,
'the marmfactura of ladies' and misses'
iecln. " TJio building will evidently bo
dgh enough for the purpose , Lowell
Kmily Faithful has quit bringing servant
girls to this country , dho found that few
of them retained their situations over thteo
Months , some fell lute evil ways , and all
soon became too independent to thank her
'or her philanthropy.
When a man rpcaks of a woman ha rnvon
over her beautiful complexion , her deli
cately-cut f cAturtf , her glocty hair , and all
hat sort of thing. When n woman wishes
o describe one of her tcx f lie tlmply tells
what she had on. Etch particularises
what each values the highest.
Mlrabeau htvtt of felt have a high taper
ing crown with a band uf velvet fastened
iy clasp of billllant stones , and a tuft of
leather curls over the left nide. Hussar
blue , myrtle green and terra-cotta are the
colors and the trimmings are of the same
Blnls are cunnln gly poised on a bunch
of roiobmli on the bonnet topi as If lured
there by them. A largo bird with the
head thrust upward in full relief is on
severely plain bonnets , and Its tall feath
ers arn made to curl around the crown.
Ureas t feathers of yellow-green shades form
tli 8 entire brim of a bonnet with pale pink
velvet cnwn.
For traveling , shopping and penerally
useful costumes the tailor-made c sloth suits
find most favor , and this favor promises to
last , as these dresses are worn two seasons
without requiring change. Nut brown
and myrtlo-grcen tricot cloth nnd rough
finished English cloths of small , dark
checks and blocks are the materials used.
A charming finish for the neck of dresioi
conslats of n bias velvet band of either
red or blue , with ono end lapped over on
the loft sldo and fastened at the throat by
a buckle of silvered bronze or of beaten
silver. Plaited whlto lace falls below the
buckle as a cravat bow , and the whole may
bo worn with a military collar of embroid
ered linen , or with a puff or veil ot crepe
do HSBC.
A correspondent thus describes Mme ,
Bernadakt , the fair Itu-slan who aspires
to be known as the most beautiful woman
in Paris : "I BOW her at the opera , looking
the very typo of perfect , If noulloii , loveli
ness. | In features she resembles greatly the
portraits of Mmo. Kecamfer. The eyes
are of a deep b.uo , the nose aquiline , the
mouth small and shaped like Cupid's bow.
The exquisitely shaped head Is set to per
fection on the whlto rounded throat , and
the shoulders in mould and in coloring
would put to shame the most artistic form
eyur sculptured in marble. If her face
were only expressive it would be divine.
She will bo next season ono of the queens
of Parisian nocloty ,
Chanfrau is doing South Carolina.
Frank Mordaunt is in New Mexico.
? .lisg Thursby nang In New York , Fri-
Me I too Hankln was in Cincinnati , Mon
"Homany llye" drawn well in Now
York- .
Modjeska will play in Albany on Tours-
Blind Tom is again playing in New
Emma Abbott was in St. Louis during
this week.
Miss Kellogg will open in Boston on
November 14 ,
The Pearl Eytingo Company went to
pieces in Chicago.
Lawrence Barrett entertained Chicago
audiences this ween.
John McCullough played last week to
big business In Cincinnati.
Mad i wo Modloska hoa made a great hit
as Konallnd at Brooklyn.
The advance sale fclr the Boston Ideals' '
engagement ut Cleveland was $1,000.
Mme. Nilsson'a concerts in Boston have
aroused on unusual amount of enthusiasm
in that staid city.
Signer Campanini was the most remark'
able endowed ginger the public has known
in the past ton yearn. Next to him cornea
Joselfy was the soloist at Thomas' First
Symphony concert in Philadelphia last
Wednesday , and played a concerto in G
minor by balnt Saenu ,
It Is said that Patti will make only ono
tour ufter her American engagement , urn !
that rene In ( Brazil , where oho baa been
offered $ 00,000 for three months.
Mr. Jefferson's professional matinee at
the Union Squire Theater last week was a
decided success , and brought more players
together than auy similar entertainment
seen In New York.
Miss Bessie Greg , who Is the prlma
donna of the Old Philadelphia Choir Eug-
llth Opera , has made a decided success at
the n w Mount Morrh Theatre in the rolea
of Patience , Boltlna and Olivette.
"Taken from Life , " the great sensational
play which is soon to bo produced , has fur
Its principal incident the blowing up ol
OlcrkcmvollPrisonLondon , whlihatt > vti .i
the whole world In. 18fO , Jt i-j - .ftt ( ] t'0 be
i ploy f r suporlor lo eltliel"Youth" or
"Tho World , " having a much better plot
nnrt more chanced for BJ len-ld ! scenic ef
Mary Anderson is on the stnaklng ques
tion what a bibllornaulao is onTfouks. She
must have a ton of stockings , all exqul-
eltsly embroidered or clocked with line
feathor-Btlchtng , They have been gath
ered from all purta of the wortd , many be-
HIT purchased by her privtte costumor.
'hose fcr winter wear aru heavy silk ,
iand-knlt , or finer goods from the loom ,
Ined with white lleoce ,
Almee is never withotiX now oboes. The
qneak of new leather'3 { r.we'uter to her ear
ban is her own tquealt'rt ; to the auditory
lerves of her friend * , A pair of red slik
tassels always doable from her boot tops ,
md a myrtle greca Stocking , nlw ys worn
in commemoratlua-of a Spanish lover who
presented his heart and a box of the above
novelties at the aarne time. He turned out
to be n perfidious wretch , and although
she grouad his heart with her foot sh
never changoit the stockings.
Of Mme. Modjeska'a performance of the
. character of Adrieiine , the actroa , the Bus-
ton Herald says ; "Certainly it Is not like
ly to be forgotteu by nay ono who has ever
witnessed it , aud until the proves ttio con
trary in a new character , it ( tauds beyond
mifgtlon a the best plecu of work the has
dunu in this country ; for , among all the
parU Mie bos played here , it biet illustrates
the > iucerity of her methods , the delicacy
of her art aud her t > ossct > lon of that Inde
y ] finable Cuullty | culled , for want of a better
it name , magnetism ,
The lliptlfts of Kngland have had built
a imiall Btannier for the use of their in In-
flouarlek iu the lutcrior of Africa. It lais
n-med the "Peace , "
- Tlie Inillana HaptUt state convention
was organized fifty year * ago iu n ! OK
or HcbooMinurethat had no floor Iu it , located
- about oue mile northeast of the town ol
Talrland. This year it will celebrate the
. Beiul-centeuuial of it organization at I 4\
layette , in the magnificent temple of tin .
First Uiptltt church.
A curious band uf religious ciithudaBt
haye recently emigrated from Chicago tc
Jerusalem , The wife of a lawyer iu tha1
: city a few years ago lost three children bj
the wreck cf a ship , and the misfortune so
affected her mind that
ahe became a prej
to delusions aa to the ej > cody murrectloi
of her children And personal revelations I
from the Deity. Strange to say she hai
lernundcd her husband and several other
> ersons to share her delusions. Not long
tgo It was revealed to her that she and her
ollowers should cell their possessions and
set out for Jerusalem. The parties have
recently arrived at thi Holy City , and pro-
f ess to be making converts lo their own
eccentric faith.
She Got Two Bites
'Your girl may be pretty , " said Harry ,
"M y be , as you call her , divine ;
A girl any fellow would marry ,
But wait , Chtrlle , till you've seen mine ,
Ah ! then , my dear boy , you'll see beauty
United to sweetness and grAce ,
With such high notion of duty-
Why , candor h writ on her face. "
"Indeed , " replied Charlie , "such graces
Might well adorn maiden or dime ;
'TIs seldom we look on such faces
Pray tell me. old fellow , her name. "
"Her " " 'tis Etta
name , replied Harry ,
The daughter of old Deacon Stone ,
And 1 would bo willing to bet a
Small sum that she loves mo , Mono , "
" \7hat , Ettal" cries Charlie , in passion ,
"You can't mean that sweet little oil ?
She knows not of flirting the fashion
Twos Etta I spoke of mytolf 1"
That sol "muttered Harry ; "thensuicly
We've both been deluded 'til plain ,
And ore nhe had hooked ono securely
Sho'a got lo co fishing again , "
Georgians use onions and whisky to euro
Once a candidate , always a candidate.
There Is no such thing ni an ex-candidate.
New Orleans Picayune. '
The only way to convince the inventor
of n patent car-coupler that ho won't make
n million dollars out of it Is to send him tea
a railroad man ,
The fact ( hat nulnino Is most easily
taken in a glnvt of whisky has not tended
to diminish Itu popularity among men who
suffer from malaria. Boston Star.
A cow at Pltlson , N. Y. , ate up a sec
tion of a spring bed belore her owner no
ticed that she had a wiry appearance.
Some men are BO abicnt-mlnded , you
Speaking of the popularity of "comet
parties" in Cnlcapo , the Tribune says :
Married men who attend them fre
quently find an earthquake in the homo on
returning homo. "
Since a man at Italclgb , N. C. , found
several thoueand dollar * under a stump
there has been tuch a grubbing and dig
ging for several miles around as would
have raised $20COO wurth of cotton.
It has been discovord that wherever a
cyclone has ttruck a neighborhood every
person in four counties around baa become
a liar , while the effect on the newspa
pers has been simply appalling.
Ono of the patent Ohio crave torpedoes
was tried on n mnle In Indiana to eec how
It would work. Ho lifted up ono foot
when the oxplobion took place , but never
stopped munching fodder.
Now that the chilly winds of autumn
are blowing cold across the moor , the
thoughtful road agent has begun to warm
the Loadvillo stngo coach passengers by
covering them with revolvers. New York
A Milwaukee woman his kept a kettle
of boiling water on the stove for the pose
twenty-two year < in order to scald burg
lars. It is gratifying to know that ont
man in this country can elmvo when be
wants to.
There is on exhibition in New York an
armlecH negro youth who plays the piano
with his toeu with the ski 11 of a veritable
Blind Tom , We have nothing to Hay
against the colored youth , but the people
who taught a being BO well calculated by
nature to keep quiet to wrestle with a
pUno nunimed a horrible responsibility ,
Boston Post.
A New York piper says that "a mem' '
her of the Joanuotto expedition gave a
prune plo to an Indian , who greedily de
voured it , while his wife stood by. After
he had cracked the stones and eaten the
kernels , he kindly presented the shells ti
his wife , which she gratefully received. "
The Ohio idea seems to bo popular every
where this season.
Over seventeen yeara ago two farmcrj in
Bayham township , Canada , quarreled
about a boundary line , and in a tight th t
ensiieiloue'of theurhcrthfs'jawbb''e LroVeu.
During the long years the fence bad oc
casloned a dozen encounter ; , bos been sev <
era ! times moved and removed at oigat ,
prrvokul three lawsuits , and almost pro
voked uaaaBslnatiou , Ono day last week
a third party brought about a reconcilia
tion , A surveyor was engaged to locate
the line , and ha discovered that ono man
had an inch of the other man'n ground.
The fence baa been moved over , and the
seventeen years' war brought to n tenniu
Old Ike got up at 4 o'clock yesterday
morning and went out into the wood-shed
to ehoot a chicken-thief , Looking up into
the sky he saw the comet. Soon as hla
eye caught sight of it ho throw down his
nun , ran into the house , nud woke "do ole
ooman"ip by yelling : "Git up , ole
"ooman ; nit up an * day yo * pra'ra quick ,
kaso do ilobbii'rf gene to fro win' red-hot
balls o' fmh at do ear'/ , and de 'bellion dun
commenced. Git up an' go eco fo' yo'so'/ ,
don cum back an' pray , Hanner pray
loud , an' don't fo'git ter mensbuu me as
yer gwlno 'longnnd the "ole man" step
ped outside the door to ehow the old
woman "dat ar elm ryot ob fmh. " when he
fell into the collar , and "do old 'oomnn' '
fainted and foil in nn top of htm.
Fashion now decrees that a bridal tou
need not laat over three daya , Most uny
sort of n cuunlo can rtrnaln within doom
that long. Detroit Free Press ,
The Canadian papers are telling of an
heir-ecu who married Iho bead waiter of a
Montreal hotel. This i-Irl had evidently
decldod to got something to eat.
Mr. Itodgera , of the cavalry , whose en
gagement to Senator Don Oameron'x second -
end daughter was announce : ! last spring ,
Is still in the Indian country , and ,
though ho has been in many of the fight
with the sav&gei , has as yet not bee ;
Itria stated that Mme , Pattl was ngali
narried a few woekn ago in London t
Jlgnor Nlcolini , This second marriage I s
supposed to be neo < ssary since the passim
of the new French law of dlvoice and t
irevoutlhemaiquUof Caux from claim
ing the eatato Mme. Pattl may have at he
death ,
Mtsa Ellard , bn Irish heiress , baa jus
been married to tub-Comtable Sheeby
Mlsa Kllard bad becu fired at during thi
Limerick disturbances , and bad eecurec
the service ) of two suo-constatilea to pro
tect her , Sbe wan so much pleased will
ono of them that she married hlui. He
Income is $50,000 a year.
Miss Faith Gray , of Burlington , Yt ,
about eight mouths nno married an ol.
man of GO and wnrlh S'2.000,000 Ho hai
the reputation cf bein ihe immiru nui
in the Mate , By tonio moima tliu got th
bulpo on him , and ho made uvi'l ' leavlu
her his whole estate , and Ihen died. Thl.
U another inttauce of Faith working wou
de , although be had to wait until aftc
slid was gray to do it.
At the KpUaopal church in Frankfort ,
- Ky , , last Friday ovetilti , was performed
novel wedtilug ceremony , joining together
Mr Campbell Casey ami Miu Maggie
M < : Koo. Both are deaf mutee , and the
ceremony wan performed in the sign lan
guage lined by the deaf and dumb by the
Key. Mr. Eddy , of the Kentucky Institu
tion , for Deaf Mutes. The ceremony was
both Interesting and impressive , The
' minister read the sen ice the same as in
ordinary ca > oj , with the exception that
Higui wviofcubtftitutcd for spoken wordu.
The ullent partiripauu repeated after him
in the came way. The signs used were in
many instances very graceful and beauti
ful , and in cane a word was wanted for
which there uas none it was spoiled ontou
the fingers by the munual alfabet , forming
lucid and fully connected Beutencos , Thut ,
without a word being heard , the happy
couple left the altar man and wife.
Gay uniforms abounded In a wedding
assembly In Christ Chnrcb , St. Paul , a few
evenings ago , when Lieut , Wallace was
married to iMisi Catherine , the daughter of
George L. Otis. Inside the chancel and
spanning the altar-cushions wai a beauti
ful arch of evergreens , foilsge , and flowers ,
while the font and lecturn were masses of
blo'soms and dark-green leaves- The
bride wore n whlto moire with full veil ,
ani the bridesmaids white satin and half
veils. The officers were in f ill uniform and
the civilian , of course , in the conventional
black. "Tlis party was exceedingly dl -
tlngulahed-looking , writes the lover of ad
jectives who reported tha ceremony fet the
Plonotr-Press , "and sighs of admiration
could bo heard , ag they gured , from many
fair lips along the alalei. "
What U described at an "exceptionally
beautiful church wedding" occurred In
Covington , Ky. , one evening last week ,
the pirtles to the marriage being Mr.
Whlttaker and Miss Spilman. The local
papers report that the elite of Covington ,
with many notable society people from
Cincinnati , attended , A ch.iln of pure
silver inclosed the part of thn church set
apart for the clergyman and the bridal
pa'r. ' Pendant from the chiln wai n gar
land of flowers , Kach it'her were some
wedding f vor of silver. The groom nnd
his attendants entered by way of the chan
cel , Fiom the other direction first c ma
the .ushers , then little Minnie Spilman ,
sister of the bride , who was the ring-
bearer. She carried theclrjlo on her finger
and bore in her other hand a wreath ( I
while flowera. Other little girls followed
with floral novelties. Then came the
bride , Her costume was mode of white
antin. trimmed iu front with duchessolace.
A volt enveloped tha face and figure. She
were a pair of mstive solitaires , the gift
of her affianced husband , Her sisters ,
who acted as attendants , were pretty
dretscs of whlto mullo and lace. When
thn ushers reached the altar they laid the
silver chain and garl.\nds ol roecs at the
foot of an easel bearing n book of fiowoH ,
surmounted with a design of Cupid bid in
rotes and holding In his Innd a pencil of
flowers , apparently having just finished
recording in the book the names Whittaker-
Spilman , with which the book was in
scribed. The service , "which very much
resembled that of the Episcopal ritual , "
was performed by a Presbyterian clergy
Talmoge has lately shown eigns of fall *
ing , Hia congregations have refuted to
The Philadelphia News has ascertained
that moths alone prey on the faahlonanle
prayer rugs.
Pennsylvania has a mini-ter by the name
of Hornblower , and although his congrega
tion have offered to pay the expense of a
change of name ho Insists that the old one
is all right.
llev. Abljah Green , of Now York state ,
preached a sermon on "Fools , " and then
blew out hia gas atthe hotel , and went to
bed to be autnoUed. We are gltd to hear
of a man who practices what he preaches.
The Jnpnneaa do not believe that Adam
was the first mau. They cl aim it was a
chap named liu Sing , and that bo made
bia wife of olay and baked her for forty
daya before she was done.
A Judge in Hampden county' , Massa
chusetts , baa decided that a saloonkeeper
has no more right to pu5 up screens before
Ih i door and Iho bar nn Sunday than on
any other day during the week. This is
right , The balance of the week ought to
have an even chanca with Sunday.
A well-known and eccentric minister of
Nowburyport was many years ago being
ferried over to lling island to eoe a sick
brother. The night waa elormy , and the
timid divine waa praying audibly , when
the ferryman said : "Parson , I shouldn't
think auch a good man aa you are wouldbe
afraid anywhere. " "Good gracious ! " aaid
the minister , with considerable display of
temper , "yon don't supp iao I want to go
to heaven by water , do you ? "
Mrs. Wallace , Buffalo , N. Y , , writes :
nervous and buioua headaches , and have
recommended , them to my friends ; I be
lieve them tjbe superior to any other
mjedielry Ihtf vii.iind..can > rccommend
tuSrl ! J * J'yoiitijlfijTuIrfng ' u care for bil
iousness. " Price SL.
A great many people are aslcirg
what particular troubles BROWN'S
IRON BITTERS is good for.
It will cure Heart Disease , Paral
ysis , Dropsy , Kidney Disease , Con
sumption , Dyspepsia , Rheumatism ,
Neuralgia , and all similar diseases.
Its wonderful curative power is
simply because it purifies and en
riches the blood , thus beginning at
the foundation , and by building up
the system , drives out all disease.
A Lady Cured of Rheumatism.
Ilaltlmore , Mel. , May 7 , iBSo.
My health was much shattered by
RheumatUm when I commenced
taking llrown's Iron Blum , and I
scarcely had strength enough to at
tend to my dally household duties.
] am now using the third buttle and I
am regaining strength dally , and 1
cheerfully recommend it to all.
I cannot say lee much in praise
' 73 1'rcitmansU
Kidney Disease Cured.
Chrutlansburg , Va. , > S8r.
SulTcrln , from Udncy disease.
from whlnjt I could get no rcllrf , I
tried IJnmn's Iron Jllttcrs , which
cured me completely. A child of
mine , recovering from scarlet fever ,
lad no appetite and did not teem to
lie able lo cat at all. I gave him Iron
bitters with the happieit remits.
Heart Disease ,
Vine St. , Ilarrlsmirc , Pa.
Dec. 3,1881 ,
After trying different physicians
and many remedies for palpitation
uf the heart without receiving any
benefit , I was advited to try llrown'k
Iron Hitters. 1 have used two bot-
tic * and never found au > thing tlut
( ave me to much relief.
ilra.JuNWK Hess.
For the peculiar troubles to which
ladies are subject , llROWN's IKON
Lirixus is invaluable. Try it.
Be sure and get the Genuine ,
Thelntrlnslo merit and enperloi quality ol ou
Gold Hope Tobacco haa Induced other ma mUc
market lOoJi bloiilar t <
turer to put upon tba
cur brauJin name and .tjle Wch are oOere.
nd told for lew inocvy th n the geauluo Ooli
Uopo , We caution ttio t ade "J consumer w e
that our naiuo and trade mark are upon eac
lump. The only Ecnulno nd original Quid hop
Tobacco U manufactured by
Four pFeet Wide
t / BY > '
Seven Feet Long ,
ompiled under direction of An
drew llosewntor , City
Engineer ,
jid Examined nnd Compared by
George Smith , County
Thereby making it the
OF THE orrr.
Over Six Mouths work upon it at
n Cost of alioufc § 1,500.
aid out up to this date. Also all
public and private buildings of
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