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The Omaha Bee
FnbUabedercry moral nf , excep
flfea only MonJy morning dally ,
V8M. . . . . $10.00 1
Months , 6,00i | ne
TOT WBKKLY BEE , pnblkkedi
tr Wednesday.
One Year. . $2.09 I ThreaMonthi. .
UMc Un. . LOO | One , . .
or Ncwideolsr * In the ? Tnltcd SUtss.
Htlons rolnUn ? to Nown nnd KdltorlM mi
in ilionld be nddreiieed lo the EDITOR i
Vta Bit.
ettom and Remittance * fthonld bo t
roiscd to Tne lies rtrnHBiiiNO Co
ART , OMAHA. Drafts Chcclu nnd I'o ,
Bioo OrJorB to ba made parable to t
idor ol tba Comp.-vny )
fhe BEE PUBLISHING 00 , , Pro ]
ti ! RO3EWATCR. Editor.
TJIK following appointment <
speakers for the Third district are ai
nouncod :
Senator Win Wyolr.
BSohuylcr , October 28 , 7:30 : p. in.
I Columbus , October 30 , 7:30 : p. m.
Albion , October 31 , 2-00 p. m.
CoptJ. . H. Stickle.
Sahnylor , October 23 , 2:00 p. m.
Madison , October 30 , 2:00 : p. m.
Albion , October 31 , 2:00 : p. m.
The Schnylor Mention.
In addition to Senator Van Wyck nr
Capt. Stioklo , the following name
gentlemen will address the people.
Hon. John Kosicky , editor of tl
Bohemian paper of Omaha ; Hon. I
Boaowator , editor of TUB OMAU
BKK ; Hon. 21. K. Tunier , the farn
era * candidate for congress , and Cap
J. H. Stioklo , the greatest farmer enter
tor of the west ,
Capt J H Slloltlo-
will also spaak at Albion , Boot :
county , Monday afternoon , Ootnbi
30th , at 1 o'olock ; at Genoa , Nan <
county , Monday ovonititj , Ootobi
30th , at 7:20 , and at Orand Islan
Tuesday , October 30it , at 7:30 : p. n
Ohairmitl Conjjrosoional Central Con
EVKRT voter in Omtvha should mal
it hia special business to roRiaUr hi
fore election.
YAL is playing to empty benches i
his district. The only thing that i
full about his houses appears to b
auvcral of the speakers.
WE have hoard Mason's bollingngat
against Van Wyck. General Va
Wyok's forthcoming iromarks o
Judge Mason will bo full of pith an
1 , LKRH than two weeks remain hi
fore the election. Hard work m
wind will carry the day. Ever
voter has some influence over anothi
voter. Lot it bo exorcised on boha
of the peoples' candidates and auccci
is certain.
haa finally wri
ton a letter advising colored voters t
abandon the radicals to whom ho sa ;
they ewe nothing and to join thor tn
friends the democrats. It in aboi
° time that Wlnttakor's oars were cro
DEB , the Brooklyn pastor who h
tendered his resignation with a vk
of accepting a call to the IMymou
Congregational church of Chicago ,
B letter to his congregation says : '
feel unable to endure the prcasu
of my woik hero. The strain is ti
Kreat ; the burden Is too heavy. I ha
longed and prayed for relief , and nc
that It has come I ought not to dcolii
it. " Mr. Sauddor neglected to sta
that the relief CRUIO in the shape of
$2,000 incresse in salary.
A WASHINGTON dispatch announc
that Sam Randall is very busily ei
gaged in laying his wires for olectlc
as speaker of the next house. II
scheme Is to raiuo money from tl
rich democrats of his acquaintance
Pennsylvania and Now York and ui
der the alleged direction of Iho dem
cratio national committee expend iti
close districts. It is asserted that 1
ha * raised 9100,000 this year to 1
expended in cloia congressional di
trials and hopes to secure a strong n
clous of votes from grateful congrw
men around which to gather BUC
western and southern men as can 1 :
induced to abandon thdir prefern
candidates ,
QENERAL CROOK 1s the best Indii
4 '
ft persuader in the army. Arizona
once more quiot. The Sin Carli
agency has been inspected und vent
'ktedthecKoutdismisaedundthodiBco !
tent among tbo tribes quelled withoi
the expenditure of a dram of po\rdi
or an ounce of load , The general hi
traveled into every section of tbn to
ritory , visited every agency , hold GDI
feroncet with the different India
tribes and listened too recital of the
grievances. Ho was the first to di
cover the frauds at Ban Carlos and 1
insist upon the dismissal of the agen
thereby checking whit promised to 1
* a outbreak. At the saino time tl
)1 ) outlawry among the cow boys hi
Mated , and the territory hi roporte
M being in a more orderly conditio
tb&n it baa been since General Crook
4prture from It five yean ago.
The people are demanding ropi
sentatlvo government. That govcr
mont is not roprcsontativo where pol
ical barnacles .voice the wishes of fi
tlon , or vote only in accordance wi
the dictation of corporate tnonopol
Representative eovornmenl in wh
the outrogad republicans of Pen
sylvanla are fighting to secure , ai
which they will accomplish even if tl
heroic treatment of the defeat of i
publican bosses is necessary to occu
that end. The revolting ropubllca
of Now York are contending for tl
same principle , and will bury Jud
Folger under 75,000 majority , to she
tint republicans cannot bo tricked o
ot & voice in ptrty management av
then whipped into line to register t )
decrees of the tricksters at the poll
And NebrAskans are making asturt
fight for the eamo principle again
the combined foroca of nrrognnt parl
loaders nnd the politic * ! managers '
itill moro arrogant corporations. . '
looks as if the time hid uomo whc
.ho ( jUGition of the future existence <
-ho republican pivly as n vitalizing ii
luonco in American politics is to I
put to the test by its own member
Fho moment the usefulness of tr
party is doatroyod , the sooner it dii
the hotter for all concerned. It
jnp of the boencs , the barnacles an
the corporations must b'o shake
from off ita throat , even if the parl
jets a little black in the face durii
the operation. If the treatment
not succcosful the patient will die t
unnatural death. And 'Throttled 1
the bosses" will bo the motto inscribi
> n its tombstone.
The eastern trunk lines have a
Danced their rates on paving slot
'rom the seaboard to Chicago , and th
cads the Trlbuiic to remark that tl
root is now furnishing us good a qun
ty of granite for paving purposes i
: an bo oocurcd from the Maaaachusot
Grauito is preferred for paving ovi
dl other stone blocks bccauao it is tl
lardost. It ia composed of quart
nica and feldspar , but other minora
iUch as hornblende and talc frcquon
y enter into itn composition. Th
imullor the proportion of foldsp ;
Uid mica , U3 a i < oiutral tliinf
lie denser and moro dun
> lc the maloriul. Granite
ho hardest of all known stones USD
or building purposes , and rosisl
> est the notion of the atmosphere. I
rushing teat is from 2,300 to 13-lG ,
) ounds a cquaro inch , and its wcigl
ibout 10(1 ( pounds to the Equaro fee
> r two tons to the aquaro yard. Fi
lavinR purposes it pooscases this a
, 'antngo over trap rock , that it do
lot wear into a smooth and elippci
lurface and unlike sandstone docs n >
sasily chip or flake when oxpoaod :
; ho action of water ,
The specimens .of Sioux Fal
jranito shown to the board <
public works are of a roi
Jish color , which is duo
irceonco of iron. The stone is don ;
> nd containa a smaller proportion
nica end feldspar than that from tl
ainoy quarriva. It has every clia
icteristio ot un excellent paving aton
I ( Omaha can bo paved with grani
u cheaply as now seems probable , i
other mutorhl ought to bo accept (
for the business portion of the cit
It makes little difference where tl
granite comes from if up to the sta
dard , or whether it is furnished 1
Stout or Mack. The cheaper the be
tor. But no other atone can boar
moment's comparison with gr&nito f
paving purposes.
The attorney general has issued B
ii'on-clad list of instructions to Uniti
States marshals in the south for u
a * , the coming congressional election
They are informed that in some of tl
districts , laws passed to protect + .1
ilactivo franchise have boon gross
violated by fuud and force , r.nd th
practices so dangerous to the oxiston
of popular government cannot ba tc
orated. Thin is good as far it goc
The right to n free ballot ought to 1
maintained , The ballot box shou
bo protected in South Oirolina.
should receive equal protection in N
braska. The United States maraha
need not confine their attention to tl
South. As diagraooful election fraui
have boon committed in our own sta
by the political managers of corpora
monopoly as wcro ever recorded i
Alabama or Mississippi under tl
bulldozers jwhip or the ox > slaveholi
or's shot gun , It makes no difTdroui
irhut form the fraud takes. So Ion
is it nooks to defeat the wi
Df the people it is of litt
3onji'jucnco whether it
lorpotrated bv voting strikers c
Jo ad men's names , packing tl
[ Hvoincta with votora from othi
parts if the country and geut
liuta of u "lay off"1' in caaa tl :
irrong ticket is voted , or whether
: nkca the form of tiaiue ballotj ni ;
x > ldvr intimidation < , § ! * the m uth i
i navy revolver or a'shot gun
Lot the United Statai , maraha
ook nearer home , where newapape
vho parade their republtcaniam an
leuounco In thunder tones the friui
n the south ure , aupporting tl
) ohcy of organizatlous which hu\
'or yoaro m&do our olutious in varioi
parts of the ttato a iiockory and
free ballot * u uuluobi quantity i
4ie hands of their uployei , \ \
caution the railrond altornojfi toste
their cards with ciro in the C'jmii
congressional contests. If dutcct
In their schemes upon the Inlk
which have often been Biiccessful
state contents , the arm of the miUon
government is long enough to rea <
thorn as well as the unregenora
southern bulldozers.
OUR. laws require that registra
shall at least a month before ultctii
glvo notice to the public of the tit
and place at which they will ait f
the purpose of registering votoi
They also rcqulro that the lists
votora thus registered shall bo pu
liahod in order ahat they may bo i
apcotod and corroded to prevent frau
ulont voting. As usual , tno law
being ( Unregarded in Omaha , and t
same rascality is bt'ing pcrpotrat
trhich occurs before every election
this city. Rogistrora wait until t ]
taut possible moment bcfo
publishing their notices ni
the lists are given to the papers n le
lioura before the election. This is
ilain violation of the statute , ai
lofeats the intention which is to i
'ord n scrutiny of the lists in order th
ittomptod frauds may bo detected
> rdcr to prevent their perpetration.
But what can bo expected from
governor , who has disregarded eve
protest that haa been made fro
pear to your. The present re
.Htrars are worse as ti tin
ivor. Some are notoriously incoi
potent and others notoriously di
tionost. Thcro is a radical chan
needed in the appointment of thu
officiate , who brnzonly defy the pr
tests of our citizens and perform th <
duties to suit themselves and not ti
THE Republican roprovco the Li
uoln Journal for condescending to n
tico the charge that E. K. Valcntii
eras dishonorably diochargad from tl
irray and commends a "policy
silence. " This reminds us of tl
jtory of the Arkansoa gentleman wl
ipproacho'l n well known politic ! !
vnd mid , "General , Isuppoao you sa
that article in the Bine Wing tb
inorninc , in which the editor calls y (
lisr and a thkf ! "
U3fcs , I Biw the outropo. "
"What are you going to do abe
t ? Answer it , E suppose ? "
"No , I shall treat the fellow wil
-he contempt ho deserves , A mi
iho would willingly assail chsrr.ot
s below the notice of a dog. "
"But your constituents will ,
lourso , expect to eoo you defend you
iclf. They do not believe the charge
jut they do not wish to BOO you re
luiolly under such ubnso. "
"I think the bosc plan is to kei
Blear of such contemptible mon ai
not notice their vile utterances. "
"Why do you think so1
"Booauaethat ecoundrol has got tl
proof against mo. "
"Well , if that's the caao I'wouldr
uotico him. "
The troubls with Valentine is th
TUB BCB has the proof against him.
TiiK next houao of rcproaontativ
will bo composed of 325 meuiboru.
majority will bo 1C3. In the la
houao the domocr.Ua had 13G. Tin
will therefore have to gain 2i ( qo
groBsmon to secure a majority. Tl
party leaders are already claiming li
votes counting a gain of 0 in Ohio ,
In Pennsylvania , 5 in N w York , 2
Indiana , 3 in Illinois and 2 in Calif c
nia. Those added to the democrats
the present house make 1(13 , to whii
are added 10 , one-half of the incrca
of the ra&mberjhlp of the next hou
over the present , miking in nil 17
Small gains nro counted on in oth
tales to make to make the numb
182 , Thiii la counting the chioko :
before they are hatched , but th
there will bo a democratic majority
the next houao few are foolhan
enough to deny. Suoh a majority ai
the lesson which republicans a
teaching to the bosses who are ridii
the pirty to death may poaaibly j
eult in the election of a republic ;
president two yoara hence.
dent that the Elmunds commiea !
will result in accomplishing any ii
mediate results in changing the po
tical complexion in Utah. "Tl
worat feature about Mormoniam
said the senator , "is woman suffrag
Abolish that and the Gentiles wou
soon outvote them , as you eoe tl
vole would then bo much Jnoar
equal than now. "
RKVIVAUST PKNN prayed fervent
for the death of two Texas ruflia
IT ho disturbed his camp < mooting , ui
xs one died next day , the followers
Penn believe thai the prayer w 3 a
iworcd. If the story is true , this
m instance where the Penn w
nightier than the sword.
MONEY end men are being poun
nto the Third district by the ra
roads , But money can't bt > y hone
rotore , and it will takosomotbii
more than special pleaders and $1 <
ipeochcs to convince- the produce
that Valentino Is fit to represent ai
xmitituonoy in the next congress , .
INDIANA grow nearly 47,000,0
bushels of wheat this year. Next
manufacturing and importing dom
; ratlo voters , wheat growing appea
to bo the great bonanza of Indiana.
Keep It Before the People of 11
Third District-
Valentine's Discharge from tl
Army for Ewindling.
The Evidence of HUGnilt Tak. .
from Government Kooordi ,
lu the last issue of iho Columb
Journal , ft paper published by Hon. ]
K , Tumor , there appeared a chat
that a gentleman residing in Oolu ;
bus had in hia possession a scrap bo
containing the following extract :
The war department hm endued tl
the following nomc'l ullicura bo dithon
bly mii'tcrol cut of the service for fran
ulcnt ( iructicoi against the United Stat
"Among the nnniea appearir.
twenty-two in number , ia that of Fii
Lieutenant and Adjutant E. K. V ;
entino. "
Now , Mr. Valentino in hia spec
at Fremont 01. Thursday , donounc
thin extract as an infamous slandi
and moat emphatically denied tl ,
thcro wua nny foundation whatov
for the charge. The Omaha Kepi
lican , the organ of the Union Pad
and the mouthpiece of Mr. Vale
tine , hna issued : \ defiant challenge
any man or journal to produce t
prf ) that Valentino's army roco
had the slightest spot upon It. Th
also published a letter from Oaptt
Cramer who , as Captain of compa
0 , Seventh Iowa cavalry , vouches 1
Valentino's fidelity and intogrl
while In the sorrico.
Now , wo have in our possession
official transcript from the records
the War Department , which effi
tually nailo Mr. Valentino ua an i
pester who is trying to cover a mall
of record that should forever reti
him to private life.
May 11 , 18GO.
By direction of the president t
following named oil ! sera are here
dishonorably muatarod out of the s
vice of the United States for frauc
lent practices in connection with t
appraisal and sole of horses , the pr <
erty of the United States :
Brevet Brigadier General H.
Heath , Colonel Seventh Iowa Cavali
Major J. B. David , Seventh lo
Captain E. B. Murphy , Seven
Iowa Cavalry.
First Lioutonaut E. K. VALE
TINE , Adjutant Seventh Iowa Ci
Second Lieutenant Thon. J. Potti
Seventh Iowa Cavalry.
Lieutenant G. P. Boldon , Seven
Iowa Cavalry.
Lieutenant I. S. Brewer , Seven
Iowa Cavalry.
Lieutenant W. II. Northri
Seventh Iowa Cavalry.
Lieutenants Ormsby and Lowon
Seventh Iowa Cavalry.
By order of the Secretary of War.
Assistant Adjutant General.
The facts in the case are that E.
Valentine , with others , was implicat
in frauds upon the government in t
appraisal and anle of horses. T
Seventh Iowa cavalry wore doing s <
vice on the plains against the India :
and also guarding the surveyors a
construction corps of the Union I
cifio. The adjutant of the regime
was in collusion with the spoculati
who were buying and selling an
horses. The conspiracy was disci
ored by the secret service departmc
of the government , and the result v
special order 220 , issued by order
E. M. Stantou , secretary of war.
When the regiment was about to
mustered out throe months later ,
of the officers implicated lu the fra
inclnding Valentine , wore whitowai
od and the chief mustering officer v
authorized by Special Order No. i
to furnish them with an "honorable
discharge.1 The oilicor chiefly inst
mental in saving Valentino from p
potual disgrace was Major Goo , ' .
O'Brien , of this city , who was la1
brovottod brigadier general. Yet
cording to Captain 11 , W. Cram
dealer in railway auppli
Valentino had as ituu a m
tary record as any man
the regiment , and the captain , w
his wonderful memory , tolls us tl
Valentino was mustered out with ' ,
rogitnont at Fort Loavouworth , Ka
In 18GG , The war department recoi
show that Valentino was mustered c
at Davenport , Iowa , August 101
18GG , several months before the re
tuont was disbanded.
This ia the truth of history , whii
within itself , stamps Valentino as
terly unfit to be the representative
any respectable class of citizens , le
of all of the gallant soldiers who
name ho disgraced.
TIIE moralist eayr , "Every man
occasionally what ho ought to 1
perpetually. " Sorao men are porpc
ually what they ought to bo cccaaio :
ally. That's what has boon the mater
tor with Valentino.
Anti-Monopoly la Anti-Slavery.
Anti-Monopoly is Anti-Slavery tl
protection , education and elevation i
the weak , scattered and defonsoloi
many against the aggressions of U
powerful , organized and unscrupulji
few. The slavery is not the less rta
the aggression not the less dangeroi
because it is upon the civil liberties i
the people , and perpetrated under tl
form of popular government. If a
aristocracy of vu > ulth can rnako tl
mae&t'o tributary through a Bjstem
o rtupted legislatures and courts ,
practically enslaves them. Justice.
[ Continucdfrom First Page ]
of the authorities that dynamite w
be used to Wow it up.
CoNHTANTiNonu , October 2G. Ge
oral Low \\allaco , Unked States mi :
istor , has boon invited to a priva
audience with the sultan Saturday
this week. After that ho will lorv
for a trip to Palestine and the Ho
Land ,
PESTII , Oitober 20. The Austi
Hugarian delegations to-day oponi
the budget of empire for 1883. Tl
expenditure is estimated at 117,01
000 florins , of which 99.902,000 flori
is lor military expenses.
PAWS , October 20. An intorvii
has occurred between the British ai
bassador and M. Duclerc. It is i
ported in official circles that there is
growing understanding regarding tl
settlement of the Egyptian queetio
The initiator of justice has applied
the court of cessation for a transfer
trials of mining rioters
Monccan to a tribunal at Paris on t
ground that the government has d
covered the existence of a vast Socii
iatic Ravolutiouary association , divi
ing Franco into a local federation ,
which Moncean is one , under dire
tioh of the Geneva committed. Tl
being the case it would necessarily ii
podo justice and- prevent the fa (
being elicited if the trials were co
ducted in the section where the tro :
enable agitation has so strong a foe
A mixed legion composed cf Alt
niau and Egyptian troops will oppc
the Soudan rebellion. The pre f uctu
of the police has obtained 41)0 ) dope
lions , the greater put of which a
from. European residents , sustain !
the accusation of Arabi Pasha th
Toulba was alone responsible for t !
burning , pillage and massacroing It
summer. This fact increases t
E. glish and European sympathy f
the chief rebel which has boensloadi
on the increase since his capture w
ALEXANDRIA , October 2(5. ( Sin
the of the season there have arriv
from interior p n'nts G8.000 kantari
cotton , The government has docidi
to appoint British * officers as instuc
ere in all regiments which are coi
munded by natives.
PARIS , October 20. Placards re
omtuendin" the assassination of lea
ing poli.iciuns are posted on the wa
in Marseilles , St Etinno and Grouse-
VIENNA , October 0. The woma
Matkowitch , who attempted to aasc
slnato King Milan maintains the de
waa entirely her own and she had it
contemplation four days.
LONDON , 0 jtobor 2(5. ( Daring Tue
day's gala a bark was wrecked <
Great Yarmouth. The crow of thi
teen were all drowned.
BERLIN , October 20. The Empcr
has returned from Baden and 1
health appears to bo excellent. T ,
Emperor gave an audience to Japane
Priuca Arisuga yesterday , which w
supplemented by a banquet in 1
honor ir. the evening.
A fire broke out in the foroisn ofli
yesterday afternoon , but the dama
was small , causing only temporary i
convenience and alarm.
Owing to tno increase in roven
from Import duties the hope la ente
tained that the government will si
pond the levy of the fourth degree
the income tux. This ia particular
desirable as that tax if removed wou
relieve a host of classes and great
increase their comfort.
General Von Moltko on the occasi <
of his 82d birthday , which occurs t
morrow , Friday , will receive the co
gratulatioDsof the Emperor and ot t
principal officers of the government.
BERLIN , October 26. The found
tion stone of the now Reichstag bull
ing will bo laid with imposing coreir
nica on the Emperor's birthday t
22nd of next March. Herr Soho
minister of finance , has Arrived ire
Varzin. It is reported ho bears i
atructions which will conclusive
prove that Prince Bismarck adheres
his former schema of economic rofori
A conference of farmers and poasa
proprietors of Hanover have united
an expression of full concurrence
Bismarck'a fiscal schemes.
CAIRO , October 20 , The whole
Egypt eouthof Khartoum is in posse
sion of false prophet.
At a civic dinner Wednotd y nigli
Lord Charles Berusford , who coi
manded the gunboat Condor at tl
bombardment of Alexandria in d
scribing the events occurring after tl
bombardment , characterized the Ann
lean marines "splendid fellows. " I
said "they rendered valuable assis
auce in saving many buildings durii
the conflagration. "
LONDON , October 2G , I'arne'
McCarthy , Sexton and Healoy will !
on the committee to bo appointed
Gray's case.
CAIRO , October 2G. The EnglL
Koastors and Qrindors of Coffess and Spices , Manufacturers of
Clark's Double Extracts of
H. 0. CLARK A CO , , Proprietors ,
1403 Douclas Street. Omaho , Nob.
3UESX3 ,
1108 and 1110 Harney J t. , OMAHA , NEB.
204 ITorth Sixteenth St. . - - OMAHA , WEB.
1005 Farnam St. , Omaha.
counsel has refused to take part in the
defense of Toulba Pacha aad Mali-
moud Barodo , because in addition to
other charges that of incendiarism is
ono of the matters complained of re
garding them and the evidence auemc
strong. They will , however , defend
Arabi and other insurgent loaders.
Malot has taken fresh stops to prevent
the prisoners being tortured.
PARIS , October 26. La Paris han
publi&hcd details of the Auarchlst'e
conspiracy. They show it is composed
of a small number of staunch tupport-
era in all the towns and manufactur
ing villages of Franco. Its members
are mostly young men who distribute
revolutionary papera. It moots
monthly at Geneva. Letters in Prince
Kr.vpotkins' hand writing show him
to bo a member of th ? conspiracy.
ALEXANDRIA , October 2G Col.
Warren , who has been searching fet
Prof. Palmer and party , who , it Is
feared , have been murdered by Be
douins , reports ho has seized a lettei
at Akba , written by the governor o !
Nakhl , pioving that the governor or
dered them to bo attacked. The let
ter elates they wore kiliod.
LONDON , October 2I > . Davitt ,
apoaking at Glasgow last night , de
nied there were splits in the Irish na
tional forces. Ho said there were dif
ferences of opinion between Parncll
and himself , but not differences ol
BELGRADE , October 2G. Congratu
lations to the king upon his escape
from injury when fired upon by the
woman Markowitch are pouring in
from all portions of Servia.
PAHLS , October 20. Two republic
an newspapers at Lyons have been
warned that their offices wore to be
blown up.
* * * "Too late to whet the eword
when the trumpet aounda to draw it. "
But never too late to whet your appe
tite. by taking Kidney Wort , restoring
health and making yourself a well ,
strong hearty man. It is unequalled
as a remedy for all liver , bowels and
kidney diseases. All druggists keep
and recommend it.
Judicial Ouiivontlou-
SpcclM plapatcb to TUB U .
DAVKNI-ORT , October 20. The la-
dependant judicial convention of this
( Seventh ) district was hold to-day at
DaWitt , bclnt- slimly attended. J.
II. Fliut , of Clinton , wa < * nominated
for district judge.
EpocUl Uitpatcb taTui BKX ,
PirrsuuRa , October 24. A copy of
the resolution passed , at the iccent
labor c Dn vent ion , demanding that
election days be declared legal holi
days in order that Ihe laboring masses
may bo enabled to use the right of
suffrage untrammelled , was to-day
aent to Governor Hey t , signed by four
hundred and seventy labor organiza
tions of Allegheny county. At the
same convention a proposition was
made for n labor demonstration to
take place on the evening of Satur
day , November-4th ; as yet nothing
haa been done in the matter , but it ia
strongly urged thrt a parade bo put
on foot by the Knights of Libor and
that the Amalgamated association be J
requested to co-operate. '
Hpvclal Dl'patchei to Ta Bn .
WAHIUNOTON , October 26. Firat
race , miln and half-Checkmate won ;
time 2:157. :
Capital atakca , two-year-olds , one
mile , Wanderer won ; time 1:44J ,
Third race , mile and quarter , a walk
over for Monarco.
Extra selling racu , throe-quarter
mile , Buster won ; time 1:17j.
Steeple chase , regular course , Be-
thuno won ; no time taken.
BiiinuioN BKAOU , Octobtr 20.
Pirst race , three quarter mile , King
Fan won ; time 1:18 : .
Second race , ono mile , Nina won
time 1:44.
Third race , ono and one-eighth
initen , Bouucer won on foul ; time
2:00.j. :
Fourth ract' , aovun-oiahth mile , Lit
tle Minch won ; time l:30j. :
NEW YORK , October 20 3:00 : p.
m. acoro Fifzg'crald 400 , Hoghua
303 , Hozaol 393 , Nororaao 391 , Row-
oil 377 , Hart 372 , Herty 303 , Yint
33G. At 5:23 : Rowoll retired to his
tent and all sorts of rumors concerning -
ing his condition were in circulation.
At seven it was generally known he
had given up the race , and at e'ght '
Hamilton Busby , according to in
structions , had his naino stricken
from the uial& , and the ex-champion
quitted the race with a score of 384
miles , 23 laps.
NKW YORK , October 27. 1 a. m.--
Score ; Fitzgerald , 431 ; Noremac , 422 ;
Hughes , 420 ] Hart , 408 ; Herty , 402 ;
Vint , 384.
Rowell's stop is duo to irregular
action of tin. heart , He was found
after withdrawal lying on hii cot with
his feet pr ppetl up , lie V/AS anxious.
to continue- the race , expressing confi
dence iu hia ability to 'win , but hia
trainers and backers recognizing the
seriousness of the cao refused to al
low him to do so. When Hazel re
tired hia score was 414 miles and 1
lap. Hia knees had given out. Hatel
and llowcll slept in u tent all night
and will bo taken- away in the morn
ing. Among betting men Noremac ia
the favorite ,
Arrrut of nn Indian Agent ,
Spec-Ill Utepatch to Tug Iltn
NEW YORK , Ostober EG. J C ,
Tiilany , formerly Indian cgout iu
Arizona , was arrested this afternoon
charged with conspiracy to defraud
the government of upwards of ? GOCO ,
and embezzlement and perjury , Thoie
are five indictments , Tiffiny gave
ball in $0,000 for examination.
Tiffany says he resigned his position
last July and has bptn engaged in the
steel business in this city since April
last. Ho said he bad heard of the in-
diclmonla but dii not think they
would ever be pressed , as it would
not do tor him to "tell some things
he known. "